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09-10-2001: John: I am in New York, I am at the WTC. Answer: Where exactly?


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10:45 200 people on flight 93 evacuated to NASA hangar in 28 minutes and killed.

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FOR THE CRIME OF JOURNALISM or "Тотальна ганебна зрада!"

I used to be the "Voice of Russia"

Before Snowden there was Robles

John Robles

Namely for exposing highly illegal operations worldwide, naming hundreds of agents, outing front companies, publishing documents and evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, interefering with and stopping operations, interfering with the destruction of Russia and the genocide of Russians in NovoRossiya, outing 3 black operations airlines, telling the CIA fuck you, exposing the fact that "America" is an illegitmate country and those residing on it are squatting on his people's lands and generally being an incalcitrant, unrepentant, honest and unbuyable son-of-a-bitch. 


All my work on the Voice of Russia


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Living (dying) in exile in the former USSR amid the rising tide of racist nationalism

The Russian Government whom I work for, to whom I pay taxes, who has been kind enough to grant my family and I permanent political asylum and whom I have supported and cooperated with in my work, for some reason continues to force me and my family to live marginalized as refugees and ignore our applications for citizenship. This is a disgrace and a violation of our basic human rights. No official wants to address our constant requests



Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Не будь рабом коррупции!  




















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Bloody Blog

My Personal Daily Hell as a Refugee


I am not an animal or criminal, I am simply stateless and refuse to pay a bribe. What I am going through is insane, I am a Russian patriot for God's sake, but the America lovers and racists with the money want to keep me silent. Since Project Ukraine started and with the appearance of Edward Snowden my application for citizenship was placed on permanent hold, I have been poisoned, lost my job in the media, had my marriage destroyed, have not been allowed to see my newborn daughter, have had known MI-6 assets writing letters deriding me to Russian intelligence, had a new company openly demanding I provide my personal information to the US Government and then terminating me and finally the only family and contact I had has been arrested on serious drug charges in an entrapment operation and continues to be held and treated as if he is a dangerous criminal even though he was set up to let a known drug addict free. Since I have asylum from the United States I can not seek any sort of international legal assistance and all refugee agenices refuse to help me including the UNHCR which is the only body that is SUPPOSED to help. I am getting too old and weak to fight much longer and they know that. Even after my public renunciation of US citizenship in front of millions nothing has changed. There are those who will keep me in limbo until I die and I will fight them to the end. Since I live in complete isolation with no friends or human contact other than work and live under a state of self-imposed house arrest for my own safety I am keeping this blog as the only channel to protect myself and my family.....



2017 Year 10 in Exile


The Next One Showed Up: Or Just a Fellow Asylee?


                Living in hiding with asylum and being hunted kind of changes your perspective on life and the world and those around you. When the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD are targeting you everyone who shows up, asking you questions, prying to find out how much you really know they immediately become a suspect. In fact I am like an Intel trap and it is always just a matter of time before the next "friendly" agent shows up to try to gather Intel. Of course with completely unusual life story and unique status normal human curiosity has to be taken into account and not every "curious" girl can be immediately classified as an intell violation of my perimeter but there are always the signs. One is my Spanish which the CIA told me, when they came out to the Cuban military base where I was being protected, was not in my file, during my only direct contact with the Agency.

               The latest "curious girl" was Caroline Olsen, supposedly a Swede with asylum in Iceland. A perfect choice given that there would be no one else I could possibly trust. She wanted to know more abbot my connections to WikiLeaks and Snowden and the kicker was she tested my Spanish (which is of interest to the CIA and MI6 as it is "not in my file that I speak Spanish", a quote from the CIA agent in Cuba) and wanted to know what personality type I was. So just to give her a little test I posted the pictures of some nice looking Russian girls including the one above and she reacted as any normal woman will do when entertaining amorous feelings or intentions. So was her interest in me purely personal? That was the test. Apparently it may have been. Sorry about that Caroline but you made the mistake they always do, they always think they are smarter than me just like you do and that really irritates the hell out of me. My perimiter is militarized so any sort of "contact" even personal is not really possible with me. Good luck and have a nice day! 

              And thank you to the cute girl above who helped protect me))) 



Dealing With Preconceptions, Prejudice and Exploitation

          When you are dealing with people who are prejudiced or have preconceived notions that they do not want to change it is almost impossible to maintain a normal dialogue and continue to relate to such people as humans or deserving of respect. I am talking about everything I have been through in the last 20 years.  

          I woke up a few days ago with this thought in my head about the entire injustice of it all and remembered how I have in fact been simply used by everyone I have come in contact with in the last 25 years. Especially by all of the materialistic, money grubbing people who I thought were my friends in Lubertsy. How many flats and cars did I buy for landlords and business owners and people who simply exploited me for their own gain? And these animals will not let me go. They want to suck the last drop of blood out of me like the leeches they are even blaming me for their own failures in realizing the rain of gold that they had thought I would bring them.

            I was looking at rental contracts and documents and realized that all of these landlords and "bosses" had not even paid taxes. Everything formulated so they would not pay taxes. Like the people who took my car trying to make me out as if I owe them something when what they did was simply illegally seize my property. Then these scum have the nerve to get upset because now the police called them and because they can't sell my car which they thought would be worth hundreds of thousands of rubles. So their own greed has fucked them and this is good but I still can not get my car back. Imagine you owe some guy a hundred bucks and he just seizes your car. That is what happened to me. How these people rented flats and garages for 20 years and never paid taxes is beyond me but that is what they do. That is how the bandit rich stay rich. They find some dupe like me to pay and pay and pay and then when you need help they just tell you to fuck off and act like there is something wrong with you.   

             The reality is that there si something wrong with them. They are useless parasites and their host ran out of blood. 



Scum Who Stole My Car Calls Me After I Called Police! Just So You Know Mafia Trash I Sold My Truck Too! SO F@CK YOU! 

Я продал джип уродов! Не надо меня больше позвонит! Теперь что вы будете (разкулачать) украсть от меня мряз?

          Part of being a refugee and an American is that the scum think I have no rights, am stupid and have a ton of money. Like my ex-wife and her family who thought putting my name on a document would get them a ticket to America! Like the bastards who stole my school where I worked for 13 years. Like the scum who fabricated a case against my son and wanted me to pay them millions of rubles. AND THESE SCUM WANT TO SAY I AM SOME SORT OF CRIMINAL! Read it and weep scum bags! I patiently recorded and put down everything and the real police have it now. Have a nice day!



The Western System Doesn't Care About Facts or Reality

          Why simple justice has become an impossibility to obtain in the modern world and how Russia has been duped into accepting the irrational as the norm that has to be respected.



And of Course Something Bad Happened - MOSSAD

          When there is a concerted effort by people being controlled by Western Intelligence Agencies and Zionist interests to discredit and destroy you it is very hard to trust anyone especially in the Jewish controlled media. When you have been poisoned and have had your son arrested as the target of an MI6 CIA MOSSAD Operation and have even had agents sent to further discredit you and silence you and have even had a global broadcaster destroyed to shut down your message and that of your country putting two and two togehter is quite simple. Judging from my hundreds of hours of talking to this guy and his reaction to what happned to me when he was supposedly my friend can only leave the conclusion that he is a MOSSAD agent.   



How the Western Media Fabricates Terror





The Crucifixion of the Robles Family

When I asked for asylum I thought I would receive protection. Instead my family and I were used and crucified.

          I am starting with Pelosi right now. It all started with CPS child trafficking. I thank God for pizzagate or I would have never made the connection


How the Media in West Portray Indians as Terrorists


There is almost nothing we can do



Warning and  Now the Answer to that Question!

In my Previous Post I Asked: Where are the Defenders of International Law? And Now I Ask Where Are the Defenders of Any Law?    


I have scarificed my car and do nothing to get it back to expose the chain. Now it is exposed. Even the Mayor of Lubertsy is in on the Jewish plot. The Khazari mafia is who runs the city now.



Pizzagate, Human Rights, Rule of Law and their Absence!

In my Previous Post I Asked: Where are the Defenders of International Law? And Now I Ask Where Are the Defenders of Any Law?    


TO BE CONTINUED... Edits in progress     STILL WRITING .... Trying to muster up the strength after 3 years of marginalization it is hard




The West is Driven by White Supremacy and War: The NeoCon/Zionists Still Control the Agenda. Next War, Russia!

Where are the Defenders of International Law?    

          The Central Intelligence Agency has to be mentioned first and foremost in this article because it is the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America that is responsible directly for almost all of the war and bloodshed that occurs and continues unabated all over the world. It is vital to understand who is behind everything that is going on worlwide because in order to bring about peace in the world it is necessary to attack the problem at the root.

          People all over the world and especially in Russia have been watching the American President very closely, with many hoping that his promises of change and "draining the swamp" might be more than just empty words and many more hoping that perhaps he would be the one to finally reign in the military industrial complex and the warmongering neo-cons and make steps towards healing and peace, but sadly that once again (as it was with Obama) is something that will not happen. The Shadow Government that wholly owned the failed Clinton dynasty have been allowed to become so entrenched in the United States and in the West that it appears that no matter who is ruling politically, policy and war will continue according to the dictants of the Shadow Rulers.       

           Back in the fall I wrote about the plans that the Clintonites had for starting World War III and they would have already been fulfilled had Clinton come to power, and as I said back then, regardless of the victory over that monster, the Shadow Government would still proceed with their plans, and all the world did in effect was buying a little time. Obviously I was right again. They will continue pushing forward with their agenda for destroying Russia and bringing about World War III in Europe and to Russia once again, and now I think for a minute and think "why am I writing this?" What difference does it make? Is anything I say or write going to change anything? Probably not, but there is always the hope that one or two people can be helped to understand and thus be informed what is going on in the world. Whether that is done by enough people, or people powerful enough to make a difference is another story. 

 If you would like to see this article continued please e-mail me or make a donation with the message BLOG 



Russian Media Under Control of the West

Russian Media is Completely Missing the Boat    

 Distractor Attempt!

      After making this Tweet https://twitter.com/JohnARobles/status/831692517112438785 that I would be blogging I got several notifications about this fake WikiLeaks account that was miraculously activated. Do not believe it! Julian Assange is almost certainly under duress or god forbid dead.


And now what I wanted to write about!



     There is a problem I always have when writing about what is happening to me here in Russia, well actually there are several but the one I want to write about first is the one that always tempers everything I say. I am always afraid to say how really bad things are because what I am going through is so beyond and outside of the normal lives that most of my readers enjoy that I am always afraid that I will either scare them off as I usually do or they will not believe and mark me off as a crack pot! There is also the problem that I fear that I will have a problem here in Russia if I speak out too loudly. I am always afraid and I always live in a constant state of fear, but then today, I realized one thing, after having to take down the blog in order to try to get a job and being told anyway that my site scared someone, I realized that I have something here that no one in the world has and I am actually in a position that no one in the world is and by that I mean that in reality I can say whatever I want here. I have already lost my job and had my life destroyed and had everything taken away from me, so I am free to express myself in anyway that I want and free to say whatever I damn well please! So that should fill me with energy and joy and I should be overflowing with information for you but even with this knowledge, I still live and exist in terror.

      Yesterday I began collecting photos and memes of journalists that had been killed for exposing the truth and I came to the realization that no matter how bad things are for me I should count myself lucky because in reality the only reason I am alive is because I have asylum and live in here in my beloved Mother Russia. I should be happy that Russia has never once blocked or attempted to shut down my site and the people that I have had problems with are not what you would call Russians per se but agents of the West and the United States and Zion. It was these agents that attacked me and destroyed my family and my life and with an interesting incident that occurred yesterday, well actually two, it became clear that they will never stop until I am dead or completely and utterly destroyed.    

     My problems are not therefore the fault of Russia, and that became crystal clear yesterday but I am even more convinced now of the Neo-Liberal Zionist influence that has so infected the country and which is going to be difficult to cut out while saving the patient and there is where the question becomes difficult. First of all they occupy such high places of power and are so widespread that gathering together the political will in order to bring about the security operations that are necessary will be close to impossible. They obfuscate and lie and cover up and deny so skillfully and expertly that even when investigators know it is day, these sly and cunning monsters are able to convince them that it is night. Are you following me? I hope so because I maybe bouncing around a little bit.

        Just to give you the background now for the issue here. Last week I had an old friend contact me about a job at RT television, basically doing exactly what I had been doing for years at the voice of Russia as one of my minor responsibilities, correcting and editing and stylizing text. As I have been looking for a job since 2014 I did not get my hopes up but this "friend" did give me a little hope so I sent in my resume and was told I would have an answer on Monday. On Friday I also went to a job interview in Moscow for a job that seemed it should have been easy to get, teaching in a small startup school, and this person also told me that she would contact me on Monday, but lo and behold Monday came along and no answer until Tuesday, which led me to the conclusion that I have reached reflected in the headline above.

        The reality of racism is something I try to ignore yet one which I could use to blame everything that is happening to me on but I refuse to do that even though there is more to that than I want to believe, this is also clear now, especially after what happened recently with my car,  but I digress and what I had wanted to get into was what happened with RT and the other job and the areas where I feel the Russian media is making a huge strategic mistake and has in fact lost the information war before it actually ever started even fighting it 

         So the answer as to why I was not given this basic and simple job at RT, simply proofreading and editing other people’s texts, was quite stunning actually and left me shaking my head in disbelief all day. My old friend, and I say old because he was a friend from fairly long ago, who was acting as the mediary and actually put in a good word for me (I think), told me that the reason they were not going to give me a job was because my site, this site, “had scared them”.    

          Given that I had been careful to delete and wipe everything from my blog during the weekend and from the point in time when I sent my resume and then until after I got this answer, I was more than a little disturbed, and I am still wondering what could be on my site that would “scare” RT? Could it be my criticism of Snowden? I am sure that when the day comes that it is “discovered” he was working for the CIA (a fact I am absolutely convinced of) there will be holy hell to pay for all of the top figures in the Russian media who have jumped on the Snowden bandwagon and failed to do any of the critical analysis or questioning that even lowly “bloggers” like me do. Or could it be that I try to speak out in defense of my son or to expose 9-11 or all of the other illegality of the United States or the CIA, or perhaps my work on Crimea and Donbass and shedding light on illegal nature of the nazi junta there, which I thought was exactly what RT would like. Whatever it is, it is probably the same thing that scares other people. The truth I suppose.         

           I have mentioned what I am about to say before but have not done so as openly as I am doing now and I am doing it not because I want to hurt these media outlets or cause their credibility to be questioned, what I want to do is inform them and warn them, that the editorial policies that they have taken are lacking in certain areas and hopefully they can be fixed so as to better represent Russia and be more effective in light of the recent changes in the media sphere worldwide.

          From working in the media and observing the Russian media it is clear they all use the same methods of disseminating information and are controlled by the same group of people, mostly neo-liberal Zionist apologizers, either actively or passively, and those who are targeting the western audiences, even RT, attempt to cater to the audiences by being in as many ways as possible, the same as what they are used to watching. This is what killed the Voice of Russia in the end and it is what will see RT go downhill unless they seize the current initiative and have the journalistic fortitude to become the storm rather than wilting lilies who massage their message to fit the sensitivities of their audience.                 

          Given the entire collapse of the Western MSM and the almost universal distrust most people have of them, what I am saying is that now would be a good time to seize the initiative. Now would be the time when what we did at the Voice of Russia, which was destroyed and marginalized by calling it and us, “old broken propaganda”, would shine like a lighthouse in a sea of darkness.   

          Anyone who remembers it is almost the same now as it was before the collapse of the Soviet Union when all people heard was how evil the Soviet Union was and how evil Stalin was. There was no word of the rich Russian culture, or the historic Russian achievements, or the positive things that the Soviet Union had done around the world. The same today and the Russian media should be doing more to promote those very things all over the world but they rarely do and to be frank I can not name one outlet that does so in any meaningful way, not in English and few in Russian.

          Now in the time when people in the West can not trust their media and their leaders it is the perfect time to start giving them the fresh air of truth and honesty and let the world know the great and wonderful things that Russia and Russians have done throughout history and today. It is time to stop being soft on the Ukrainian nazi filth that is slaughtering civilians and stop being diplomatic and call a duck a duck it is time to expose the bloodthirsty war machine that the West has become and call them out on their illegality and their aggressive wars and their attempt to take over the entire world. It is time to finally wake up and fight back and stop pretending that the West wants some bright future for Russia. The West wants Russia's resources and wealth and that is all and they are ready to steal it or kill for it or start World War III to get it.    


Done for now

Next posts: why my "friends" from Crimea want to exploit me and throw me under the bus, what it is like to live all alone in complete and total isolation in the bunker and why greedy thugs who are only interested in a dollar can be allowed to steal my car. Also WikiLeaks and why we are sure Julian Assange is under duress or has been executed.



I Can No Longer Be Even Passively Supportive


      I do not know how this will be received by those who hate me because of my race but I know it will not be in a positive light. Racists never like to be called out on what they are and the targets of their racism are supposed to be afraid and silent and compliant when they own and run all the levers of power and control, it is that way in America, it is that way in apartheid Israel and it is that way in every country where one group seeks to dominate over the other on the basis of race or ethnic origin or religion.

     All of my life I have suffered at the hands of racism and racists. Even from my first memories as a toddler of being hit with a piece of rebar by some older kids because I was not like them and I have learned that there is no way to change them. There is no way to explain to them that we are different merely because our ancestors lived in a different climatic zone or region of the world. They do not care, there is no reasoning with them and there is no way to reason with the racist mind that is programmed to believe misconceptions, falsehoods and all-out lies. Racial hatred is an irrational mental condition that due to the irrational and reactive nature it possesses is impossible to counter by using logic or reason and as with many of the modern societal and government planted and programmed psychoses the Cognitive Dissonance that occurs in the subject is almost guaranteed to negate and erase any attempts at reaching the reasoning person inside. The programming of racism like any other mental disorder is especially effective in subjects with a lower level of IQ. The less the IQ the easier it is to program, for the reason which should be obvious being that critical thinking and those who seek reasoning for their world view, can find no logical and justifiable reason to support racism. All such reasons are always proven to be false given enough time.

     My goal here was not to analyze the primitive, reactionary and sick and demented working of the racist mind but to convey to you in the clearest way that I can what it is like to be a victim of racism which should be of interest to racists as well as to anyone who is really concerned about human rights and social justice and human beings. Although I am afraid that those sorts of people almost do not exist anymore among the non-affected populations. Being as such and due to the fake media all over the world, who are all under the control of nationalist, fascist or zio-fascist forces there is really and truly, in 2017, which should be an age of enlightenment and peace, no real mass platform to speak out against racism and even worse there are no leaders or activists or movements fighting against racism on a large scale. When I say fighting I mean really fighting to eradicate and end the problem rather than staging acts which in the end further only serve to demonize those who are fighting for their own rights, in this case I am referring to the "Black Lives Matter" type movements which only exploit and serve to demonize the people they purport to defend, and are run by the worst form of racist scum people like George Soros.

Why I am Speaking Out Now

     It is no longer possible to simply ignore the elephant in the room and the unending list of coincidences that have served to destroy myself and my family, and that elephant in the room is the specter of racism that was once again rammed all the way home to me by some son of a bitch who wants to sacrifice me and my family in order to meet some little political end or get paid for some project.           

      There is no way that my car was allowed to be stolen, my property taken, my phone stolen and now some guy wanting to smear me and finish me off if my elementary rights were being respected and I can no longer look for reasons why they are not being respected other than finally face the one fact that it constantly staring me in the face! My race. I am a racial and ethnic minority of one and rather than protecting me for that they circle me like soulless sharks waiting for the smell of blood. Fortunately this is not everyone and it is still better than having the KKK burn my house down and try to kill me but I still have human rights. I can not blame the entire persecution on my journalistic work or complaints, I am faced with a wall of racism that there is no way I can conquer, especially and most importantly, as there is absolutely no one who will help or even pretend to champion my basic human rights here. 

       It is almost a daily occurrence that ignorant and hate filled idiots try to demonize me because of my race and I, in my kind and respectful fashion for all people, am seen by them as weak and stupid because this is what they are taught to believe. I even pity these brutal fiends who would dare treat me as their intellectual lesser when I speak four languages and have forgotten in the past day more than they will ever know in their lives, I feel sorry for them and because I do not wish to harm other human beings or damage people, allow them leeway. The problem is that they then do not appreciate the kindness but see that as weakness and a sign of stupidity.   

To be continued....


Due to actions going on in my defense and in order to not give the enemies of JAR2 information to further harm us all information has been temporarily removed from this blog by the blog owner for security reasons.

Mашена украли

January 22, 2017 Sunday

Post #1: Помогите 10:34 Microsoft Lumia 950 XL


Меня зовут Джон Энтони Роблес II. Я арендовал гараж №199 в гаражном кооперативе, расположенном в Городке Б, г. Люберцы, 3-е Почтовое отделение, 57 примерно с 2008 года. Я платил 9 000 рублей в месяц и по его желание не заключал договор аренды с владельцем гаража Сергеем К.

В связи с потерей моей основной работы и частичной занятости я не был в состоянии платить арендную плату за гараж в полном объеме с мая 2016 г. В результате я накопил долг (по словам г-на К) 68 000 руб.

В понедельник 16-го января я встретился с г-ном К, и он поставил мне ультиматум: освободить гараж и выплатить долг в полном объеме до следующей пятницы.

В четверг 19 января после согласования по телефону с г-ном К, я освободил гараж с помощью грузовика, который он представил, и при содействии двух человек, которые пришли помочь мне, так как количество вещей в гараже было довольно большим.

Событие первое:

Мы загрузили все мои вещи в грузовик, предоставленный г-ном К и поехали к моему новому месту жительства в г. *** Московской области.

Водитель сказал, что не знал как туда доехать, поэтому попросил меня включить навигатор на моем телефоне Micorsoft Lumia 950, подаренном мне дочерью. Он идентифицировал себя как Володя, 46-летний выходец из Одессы. Так же во время пути он сделал несколько странных ненавистных комментариев о России.

После прибытия в **** и разгрузки моего имущества, Володя начал торопить меня. Он был очень зол из-за того, что все это заняло так много времени и говорил что ему пора уезжать. Мой телефон все еще был на его приборной панели, так как он использовал его в качестве навигатора во время поездки. В спешке я забыл забрать мой телефон с панели приборов, и он уехал с ним.

Я сразу заметил пропажу и попросил телефон у одного из тех кто помогал мне, чтобы позвонить на свой номер и обнаружил, что обе мои SIM-карты (+79782281455) и (+79651315479) были вне зоны обслуживании. Это значит, что водитель выключил телефон или вытащил из него батарейку. Тогда я позвонил г-ну К, чтобы попросить его позвонить Володе (его водителю) и заставить его вернуть мой телефон. В это время (было около 5-ти утра) Г-н К спал, поэтому помощи от него никакой не было.

Позже он позвонил человеку, который помогал мне и с телефона которого я звонил ему ранее, и попросил передать мне номер Володи (+79670219636). Тогда я позвонил Володе и он сказал, что не видел мой телефон (что невозможно, так как он находился на его приборной панели), а так же пообещал проверить еще раз и перезвонить, чего в итоге не сделал. Я перезвонил ему самостоятельно, и он сказал, что телефона в грузовике не было.

Это невозможно, так как я звонил ему сразу поле того как заметил, что он уехал с телефоном.

Таким образом, он просто оставил мой телефон себе или продал его.

Событие второе:

В субботу 21 января 2017 года я пошел в гараж снова и г-н К, который забрал мои ключи от гаража в понедельник, встретил меня с целью открыть гараж, чтобы я мог завести свой Chevrolet Caprice и подготовить его к продаже.
Г-н К сообщил мне, что он собирается продать мою машину. Он преказал мне приехать в воскресенье, 22 января 2017 года и привезти ему документы на автомобиль, чтобы он мог его продать но я не согласин.

У нас состоялся спор, в ходе которого я сказал господину Кузьмину, что не отдам ему документы на машину. Когда он начал выглядеть так, будто собирается физически напасть на меня, я перестал с ним спорить и согласился со всем что он сказал. Он заявил, что если я не принесу документы в воскресенье, то я никогда не увижу свою машину снова и что он продаст ее в любом случае.

Событие третье:

Вскоре после этого прибыл его механик (новый арендатор гаража) и г-н К ушел. Этот человек сказал мне прийти в воскресенье, чтобы попытаться завести машину. После этого, механик (предположительно Сергей Б, тел. +79260280772) и его друг предложили подвезти меня до метро, и по дороге он повторил, что если я не заплачу, то я просто больше не увижу свою машину снова. Он сделал телефонный звонок господину К, после чего сказал, что буду застрелен.


Я прошу провести расследование этого вопроса. Я не отрицаю, что я должен г-ну К за аренду с мая 2016 года (за вычетом частичных выплат, которые я делал через Сбербанк на счет его жены), но прошу расследовать кражу моего телефона, обещание украсть мой автомобиль и открытую угрозу того, что я "буду застрелен", так как все это является явными и серьезными нарушениями законов Российской Федерации и всех моих прав.

Я прошу вашей немедленной помощи в этом вопросе. Со мной можно связаться по телефону + 7-965-131-5479 (мой номер, который мне удалось восстановить).


anuary 22, 2017 Sunday

Post #1 11:27 This is why I asked for donations((((

I am now being threatened that my car will be sold without me in order for the owner of the garage to collect his debt and that I will be shot. This is unbelievable and illegal and I will be contacting the authorities.


My name is John Anthony Robles II. I have rented garage number 199 in the garage cooperative located in Gorodok B, Lubertsy at 3rd Postal Zone Number 57 since approximately 2008. I paid 9 000 rubles a month and did not have a rental agreement with the owner of the garage Sergey K.

Due to the loss of my job and my partial employment I have not been able to pay the garage in full since May 2016. As a result I have amassed a debt of (according to Mr. K) 68 000 rubles.

On Monday January 16th, I met with Mr. K and he gave me an ultimatum to empty the garage and pay him in full and informed me that I had to do so on Friday.   

On Thursday January 19th as agreed upon by phone with Mr. K, I emptied the garage using a truck he provided and two people who witnessed the events came to assist me as the amount of stuff in the garage was quite large.

Event one:

We loaded all of my possessions into the truck provided by Mr. K and proceeded to drive to my new residence in the City of Pushino in the Moscow Region.

The driver said he did not know the way and asked me turn on my Navigator which was on my phone, a Micorsoft Lumia 950 XL which I had been given by my daughter. He identified himself only as Volodia, a 46 year-old native of Odessa Ukraine, and strangely made several hateful comments about Russia on the way.  

Upon arriving in Pushino and unloading my possessions Volodia began rushing me and telling me had to go and was very angry that we had taken so long. My phone was still on his dashboard as he had used it as a Navigator for the trip. In his rush and with his comments I forgot to take my phone from his dashboard and he left with my phone.

I immediately noticed and asked one of the people who was helping me if I could use their phone to call my number and noticed that both of my SIM cards +79782281455 and +79651315479 were not in service meaning the driver had turned off my phone or pulled out the battery. I then called Mr. K to ask him to phone Valodia (his driver) and have him return my phone. Mr. K was sleeping as it was approximately 5am and he was no help.  

He later called the person who helped me and from whose phone I had called and gave him the number of Valodia +79670219636. I then called this Valodia and he said he had not seen the phone (which was impossible as it had been on his dashboard) and he went to check and promised to call back but did not. I called himself and he said it was not in the truck.

This is impossible as I noticed right away that he had driven off with it and tried to call him immediately.

He has thus just kept my phone for himself or sold it.

Event two:

On Saturday January 21, 2017 I went to the garage again and Mr. K, who had taken my keys on Monday, met me to open the garage so I could start my Chevrolet Caprice and prepare it for sale.

Mr. K informed me that he was going to sell my car and told me to come on Sunday, January 22, 2017 and give him the documents for the car so he could sell the car.

We had an argument and I told Mr. K that I would not give him the documents to the car. When he appeared that he was going to physically attack me I stopped arguing with him and agreed to whatever he said. He said if I did not bring the documents on Sunday that I would never find the car again and that he would sell it anyway.

Event three:

Shortly thereafter his mechanic arrived (the new renter of the garage) and Mr. K left and his mechanic told me to come Sunday to try to start the car. His mechanic (Sergey B +79260280772) and his friend offered to drive me to the metro and he repeated that if I did not pay I would just simply never see my car again. He made a phone call to Mr. K after which he said that I would be shot.   


I request an enquiry into this matter. I do not deny that I owe Mr. K for the rent since May 2016 (minus the partial payments I made through Sberbank to the account of his wife) but the theft of my phone, the promise of the theft of my car and the open threat that “I would be shot” are clear and serious violations of the laws of the Russian Federation and all of my rights.

I ask for your immediate assistance in this matter. I can be reached at +7-965-131-5479, my number which has been restored.    


There is an investigation going on about my phone and car, hence everything deleted here for my own safety

February 10, 2017

The scum who destroyed us are not human. I love Russia!

21 years in Russia. Worked day and night. Was married twice to Muscovites. Worked for the government and the security services. Was the first American with asylum. Applied for citizenship. Waited 7 years. Refused to pay bribes. Ande they simply crucified me and my family. For nothing. To show how fucking great they are? Or sadistic? I am done. The site will go offline soon and when it does it will be forever. I am starving. I owe rent and I have no support. No benefits. No income. No property. No nothing. The mafia scum who wanted bribes promised to take everything. This they did. Curse them to hell. Goodbye. As if to spit in my face here is a nice news item.


Большинство 'н против упрощения процедуры получения гражданства


February 08, 2017

Human Rights?

As the first Native American to have received asylum in Russia and a public figure I believed that putting all of my personal information on-line in the form of a diary, this blog, was a good thing to do to show how life is really like here in Russia and to expose the treatment that refugees, journalists and whistleblowers receive from the US and their agents here in Russia. I also thought that it was a good defense against corrupt officials and people serving the interests of the UK and US and their related intelligence agencies who are not happy with the fact I have been publishing documents exposing their illegality for years.


As there is no one fighting for my rights this was the only way I believed to defend myself and it worked to appoint but the fact is that the information I was putting on-line was being used to target me by the very scum I was exposing, and sadly, and this is a hard reality to face, no one really cares. Despite the fact that I was the first person from the US to receive asylum under Russia's asylum laws should have been interesting for anyone whishing to do the same or anyone interested in Russian law or human rights but even that is not the case.


There is no one concerned with human rights in Russia, or the law, or the protection of refugees or the development of civil society and those who do pretend to be are only fakes using the aforementioned areas to organize political theater to serve their own agendas. In reality nobody cares, SNowden is a great example, he has never had asylum but the media lies that he does to ignore me and my family who really do have asylum. Thus they serve their masters in the West. Disgusting traitors and subverters they are all but nobody cares and in reality Russia patriots and those who love Russia are punished and suffer why neo-liberal scum continue to subvert and destroy the country.


I tried to fight but I have no support and because no one cares if we live or die I removed all the 14 years of collected information from this page. If you do care and would like to read what I have been through you can send a request to jar2@list.ru and make a donation and I will send you the archive and if there are enough people who want it to continue will re-open the blog. 


It is a real shame Russians in particular do not understand that the only way to fight for one's rights is to have a voice and it is a shame that my voice, as a member of the most voiceless segment of society is not wanted nor appreciated nor listened to.


February 07, 2017 Tuesday

Demanding a Bribe and Paying One Are Crimes


        The evidence against the "officials" in Lubertsy could not possibly be clearer and the phone call I got two days ago from a familiar voice should be known. Given that these bastards appeared in my life again and all these new threats and problems started after I published the names of MI6 agents it would not take a genius to put 2 plus 2 together.  

        After the first attempt to arrest my son when he was beaten and then drugs were planted on him but we were lucky to have obtained CCTV footage of the whole event and the whole things was simply brushed under the carpet, it was obvious to me they would come after us and who was gunning for us. Given that I had never spoke out against Russia nor done anything to anger "officials" other than refusing and then reporting demands to pay a bribe I have a clear conscience and know I have not done anything wrong and that it is scum that has done this to my family and I. I bring this up because two days ago I heard the same voice that called me after those eventsm this was a person claiming to be a policeman and saying some serious complaint had been filed against me and then demanding I pay him 10,000 rubles, transferrable by phone. I remember he was very angry and when I refused to pay he told me I would get it, and the very strange phrase "Why aren't you letting my people work?" well two days came the same voice and the same phrase telling me my car was gone and that I could have it if I bought it from him. He told me to come and get because my car was not "letting his people work."     



Part one of 2017 JAR2 Blog


2016 Year 9 With Political Asylum: Humiliating Poverty, Could Not Find a Job, Worked for Free, Knives in the Back






2015 Year 8 With Political Asylum: After fighting a US installed 5th column being run by Zionists, being poisoned, suing Rossiya Sevodnya for illegal termination, publically renouncing US citizenship, fighting for Russia, exposing the Ukraine junta, and attempting to expose the truth of US illegality, 9-11 and Color Revolution plans for Russia the owner of this site and his family are being destroyed by US agents allowed to operate in the Russian Federation




2014 Year 7 With Political Asylum: I Fight CIA Subversion of Russia CIA Sends Multiple Agents, PSYOPS Officers




2013 Year 6 With Political Asylum: Открытое письмо к Президенту Российский Федерациии 




2012 Year 5 With Political Asylum: CIA Covert Surveillence




2011 Year 4 With Political Asylum




2010 Year 3 With Political Asylum: McFaul Attempts to have me thrown in prison and returned to US (TWICE!) On False Grounds




2009 Year 2 With Political Asylum: Parlex, CIA Asset Ukrainian Yura Salogub, Organization Stealing Money Meant for Refugees




2008 Year 1 With Political Asylum:  




2007 Year 0 With Political Asylum: Robbed on My Birthday By CIA Asset Vampi, CIA Station Chief Joseph Moone Revokes Passport 




2006 Diagnosed With Stage 2 Hypertension




2005 Ukraine/US Citizen CIA Asset Vardan Kushnir Killed




2004 Continued to live and teach in Moscow and Malohovka




2003 Published MI-6 list on JAR2, birth of JAR2 com, MI6 appeared




1995-2003 Robbed by 2 Ukrainians in 1998 of my US Passport (First Op?) It was replaced by Embassy. 1999 Published MI-6 Lists




1966-1995 Born, taken from mother, experimented on, abused, MKULTRA, STARGATE, dozens of strange near-death "accidents"

MKULTRA Facility SUNRISE HOUSE Fresno California

(Any Survivors Please Contact Me)

My whole life was ruined and the lives of my children by this one clerical error by a corrupt "official".

Pizzagate: Late Nancy Schaefer; TheCorrupt Business Of Child Protective Services

Book: The Corrupt Business Of Child Protective Services by the Late Nancy Schaefer

Pizzagate/CPS Fraud: You Tube Video On JAR2's Own Fight With CPS





Some of My Fiction or Almost Fiction






Renouncement of US Citizenship

It All Started With The Birth of My Children and CPS

What I published 7 minutes before server was taken out!

What did Nancy Pelosi want with my children?

And there was this the MKULTRA graphic above

More CIA Spooks and Provocations

Gregory Krasovsky. Remember him? We do.... We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget.

Finally a Serious Answer to our Hundreds of Letters

But will anything change? It is going back to FMS which has been the problem all along. Actually I am not hopeful but it is the most serious answer to date.

CIA and USGOV Attacks on JAR2

Small Victory: USAID/CIA Hit Job on Me Called Extremist

3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);


The hit job on me to make it appear that I was against the Russian Orthodox Church happened when the Voice of Russia published an article I wrote in September 2012 regarding the manipulations of USAID in Russia. In the article which is still on-line there is no mention of the people I am accused of insulting and there is NO MENTION OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH which is amazing. But the hit job and the lies were put out there and no one defended me in getting them taken down. I wrote multiple letters to the authors and they did nothing. I also asked the Chairman of the VOice of Russia and he did nothing as well. The article was published on the VOR site. The problem is that for some reason Google and Yandex promote it and in any search for my name it comes up on page ONE! God Bless the Russian Orthodox Church and all of its leaders and members and thank you Russia for seeing the truth here. By the way the author Andrey Maklakov has been deported from Russia and has made many statements against the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church and in support of the Ukraine junta. http://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/2012_09_25/Russia-s-says-no-to-USAID-s-meddling/

06-14-2015 Answer to Andrey: The Smear Campaign Against Me Continues; After I wrote about USAID and their attempts to influence the Russian Orthodox Church, an article brought about by the arrest of the US religous affairs liason at the US Embassy here in Moscow, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in America decided to try to damage me here in Russia by writing lies about me in attempt to make it look like I have something against the Russian Orthodox Church. Nothing can be further from the truth but his accusation Episcop Andrey reveals that certain members of the Russian Orthodox Church were taking money from USAID. As I never once mentioned members of the Russian Orthodox Church in my article not did I insinuate anything against the Church, my entire article ws in exposing USAID subversion his accusation is clearly a smear campaign and proves his allegience to USAID and McFaul and the CIA. His "answer" to my article is full of slander and insinuation aimeed directly against me and as I said a clear attempt to dmdage me personally. While he hards on about the right hold demonstrations etc, he never mentions the right of jounralists to be free of harrassment and intimidation. I wrote to all of the people publishing this slander and to Andrey himself but they refuse to take down the material and have obviously never read the article for if they did they would know Andrey is nothing but a US backed liar. I thought this would go away but it is almost in number one position now on web searches rahter than all my work in expsoing the CIA and USAID and 9-11. The most insidious thing, other than attacking a refugee, is the fact that nowhere do these people include a working link to the article and any commentary on the baseless attack in closed. They know it is a fabrication and if anyone reads the article they will see that straight away. I attend the Russian Orthodox Church and have nothing but respect for the Russian Orthodox Church and have written many articles against those who attack it and they record is clear on that point. Andrey is a disgrace to Orthodoxy and attacking a marginalized person at the behest of CIA masters can in no way be in keeping with Christian values.

McFaul 2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0: More CIA Attempts to Shut Us Down

07-22-2015 - 01-15-2015 McFaul 2.0: Another CIA Attempt to Shut Us Down and Get Us Expelled from Russia: "Russian Intelligence Officer" Self Destructs Threatening and Attempting to Blackmail JAR2
Westward Bound Fuck

03-31-2015 Gregory Krasovsky. Remember him? We do.... We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget.
Ambassador John Tefft and His Continued Subversion of States

My lawsuit against the 5th Column at Rossiya Sevodnya has already been decided
All Documents I filed with the Courts, the Prosecutor General, the Communications Ministry and the Investigative Committee  
Although I presented a montain of evidence the prosecutors have officially declared that state run and owned Rossiya Sevodnya did absolutely nothing wrong. My work was censored, I was forced to work as a slave, I was forced to work like five people, I was forced to work illegally long hours reading the news while I was undergoing dental reconstruction and had no upper teeth, I was poisoned and then illegally terminated the day after I informed them that my wife had had a baby leading to the divorce which I wrote about.

Part of my insurance package    Insurance Package
USDOS/CIA Uses Michael McFaul to Attack JAR2  
Meet CIA Moscow Officer Joseph Moone 

Joseph Moone CIA Revoked Passport  
Proof CIA Revocation Reason Was False     
Evidence the US lies and frabricates to get whoever they are after. Even the letter to the Russian Government saying they seized my passport was a lie. They punched two holes in it, stamped it revoked and handed it back to me. I blew the whistle on million dollar fraud and murder in Woodland California. And then this site.

2005 A Ukrainian provocator ended with his own demise. He was actually a US citizen and agent who actually showed me his US Passport one day. 

Michael McFaul continues to attack me 
McFaul finally leaves Russia, I told him his days were numbered in Moscow   
11202013 McFaul (ex-US Amb.) mad that (I) media covers his  
attempted subversion of Russia I am angry at Russian media" – Michael McFaul By John Bowers for jar2   

CIA: Operation Snowed-In - Snowed-Under


MI6: Michael John Smith

Interview With John Robles Banned from Russian Media 

Interview after renunciation of US citizenship

Completely Useless to Address Russian Officials

Open letter to Russian officials

Forbidden Arrest

The entire history of the persecution of the Robles Family in a nutshell with a couple of surprising revelations

Forms for You to Renounce US Citizenship

All the actual forms you need to renounce your citizenship in the United Genocidal States of Amerika. Be warned being stateless is a living hell

Russian Law on Refugees and the Black Hole of Statelessness

My renouncements of US Citizenship were done due to my own political beliefs and in protest of US actions worldwide. I had hoped they would give the Russian authorities some impetus to grant me citizenship but that appears to not be the case and all my letters to President Putin are being ignored. I have political asylum in Russia and have had such since 2007 but my application for citzenship was put on permanent hold without being processed and without a reason being given. Now it is clear why this is "LEGAL". The following clause was removed from the Russian law on refugees allowing for my situation exactly. According to Russian law my acceptance of asylum does not require a renouncement and in fact is a renouncement of US Citizenship in and of itself. However there are idiots like the people at Alpha Bank who continue to pressure me to abide by US laws which I am not obliged to do and which I will not do. I abide by and follow the laws of the Russian Federation ONLY!

Статья 9. Приобретение беженцем гражданства Российской Федерации Соответствующие органы государственной власти и управления оказывают беженцу содействие в приобретении гражданства Российской Федерации. Гражданство Российской Федерации приобретается беженцем в соответствии с Законом РСФСР "О гражданстве РСФСР".

Russian Law on Refugees

UN Convention on Refugees

More Idiotism from Alpha Bank

Last repsonse from FMS

JAR2 on Channel 1


"I renounced my US citizenship in protest of the NWO, the godless CIA/NATO/MOSSAD/SAUDI conglomeration and in support of President Putin, the Crimea, the Donbass and all indigenous and peooppressed ple's everywhere being wiped out by the United States. What have you done?" - John

Video - Time to Wake Up: A Call to Action

Why I support President Putin from a real asylee and a member of the Russian World

Отказ от гражданства США на 3 языках: СМИ молчат

Raw home video posted on YouTube in three languages

Press Release and Statement by John Anthony Robles II on Renouncement of US Citizenship

2nd Public Renouncement of US Citizenship by John Robles

During the Bike Show in Crimea I was given permission by the Surgeon to renounce any US citizenship I may still have in front of thousands of people. I will be releasing a statement, video and photos of the event soon. When I got home I was informed I am no longer employed and am looking for a job again!! I also have Alpha Bank attempting to gather personal information about me for the US Government!

Press Release and Statement by John Anthony Robles II on Renouncement of US Citizenship

Уважаемый Президент Владимир Путин,
Прощу дать меня и моя семя Российский гражданство, умоляю(((

The Last Year of Hell for JAR2 John Robles Speaks Out

Report on jar2 dot come regarding the past year and the continuing attacks on John Robles by the CIA and enemies of Russia

Please republish and spread this file around

After renunciation site was hacked and my employer let me go

September 02, 2015 Will be writing up what happened after I take a time out to gather my thoughts. It is unbelieveable!

Press Release on termination after renouncement   My Resume

После отказа от гражданства США меня уволили. Ишу работу.

Press Release on termination after renouncement

JAR2: Academic Resource for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

08-04-2015 News

After almost 20 years in Russia during which I have been unable to successfully obtain citizenship and normalize my status other than obtaining asylum, which was in fact a historic feat in itself, I have decided to turn JAR2 into an academic resource which my be useful to whistleblowers and anyone seeking asylum here in the Russian Federation. Recent threats by an official who I believed was working with me to resolve several issues, have made it crystal clear that I will never obtain citizenship and that the reason can only be one of two variants: either my race or the fact that someone high in the Russian Government is a CIA mole.  I honestly believe my days on this Earth are few and want to help others so as to leave something positive behind and ensure that my life has not been in vain. I have no funding, little time and am growing weak and ill but I will do my best. Much of the material I have posted regarding my own struggle can be used as is and read in order to make conclusions yet I hope to be able to organize it and add more material in an academic manner in order to formulate a more official and legal picture of what it actually means to be a refugee in Russia and in particular an ex-US national who fled and fought the corrupt and criminal US system. It is is a fruitless task and in fact no one cares but if I can even reach one person my work will not have been in vain. 

They Supported Me. Same story, one day fine, the next day dead.

In my old "hometown" Dr. Carl Jensen, the founder of the organization that gave me the above award, has died.

A memorial service will be held for Project Censored founder Dr. Carl Jensen at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday, July 25, at Cross and Crown Lutheran Church in Rohnert Park. Jensen passed away April 23. Memorial contributions may be made to Project Censored, PO Box 571, Cotati, CA 94931 or to the Sonoma County Humane Society. 

Here is a link to a piece written in Carl’s memory by Dr. Peter Phillips:


Below is the obituary, published in The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, CA: 



Project Censored

Yury Reshetnikov

Karl Watts

Eugene Nikitenko

Natalia Feodorovna

Michael Ratner

Vardan Kushnir





ENGLISH John Robles Speaks about the CIA and the Lubertsy network that they devoloped

Survived Multiple Attempts

I Supported Them


The Rothschilds' Cabal Killers: Asteroids, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD.


McFaul 2.0: Another CIA Attempt to Shut Us Down

Agent Westward Operation  

American Refugee in Russia Targetted

By Doctor Kevin Barret

Former Voice of Russia Asks Putin for Citizenship Again

Former VOR Announcer/Analyst/Political Journalist/Newsreader/Editor John Robles Continues Begging Russian President Vladimir Putin for Citizenship

Открытое письмо Президенту Путину

04-13-2015 Ещё Один Открытое письмо Президенту Путину.

More CIA Spooks and Provocations

Gregory Krasovsky. Remember him? We do.... We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget.

Ambassador John Tefft and His Continued Subversion of States

Voice of Russia Liquidated and Me Terminated and Censored by 5th Column (After the appearance of Edward Snowden. Coincidence?)

Very important documents and part of my insurance package with more to come  







The Same Group Killed This Young Man I Believe

 "Experiment" on the Robles Family Continues: Next Phase Extermination. It All Started With the Refusal to Pay a Bribe. This Could Happen to You.

John Robles III


Gov/Human Rights Groups/Media Continue to Ignore Our Plight

Letter sent to over 1,500 media outlets and human rights groups and completely ignored

Petition to Presidents Putin and Obama to Free John



You Must NOT watch this video #ANONYMOUS #WikiLeaks #Assange #CIA #NSA #MI6 #FVEY



EMERGENCY John is being transferred to the zone where he is to serve the term any day now. We do not know where he is being sent and I was told the trip may take as long as 6 months. This is almost beyond belief! He will thus be completely out of communication. He needs at least 5.000 rubles for supplies, food, personal hygiene items and warm clothes. John said his health continues to worsen and he is expecting beatings and worse. THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE! Please help us!

The Case of John Robles III (JAR3)

US Supports Murderers, Silent on Innocent Son of Journalist  

Read all of the bloody details here: FREE JOHN ANTONY ROBLES III

Contrary to European and internationally accepted standards and in violation of his rights as a US citizen and a person with political asylum my son was targeted in an entrapment operation and simply used in order to free a known drug addict and police informant who had already done the same thing six times.

Corrupt police then demanded first 9 million, then 4, then 2 million, rubles to make the whole thing "disappear". The trial took place with no defense witnesses, no proper counsel and the father has not been allowed to see him once for almost a year. His health is deteriorating, he has lost weight and is subject to beatings and constant humiliation because of his race, national origin and political status.He is never given enough to eat, is kept in overcrowded conditions and there are constant demands for money from the father, namely so he can eat "normally".

The prosecution claimed John sold 2 tablets of ecstasy, which were already in the possession of the addict. there was no recording made and the defense and John were not allowed to see the evidence against him because the prosecution said it was "secret". We maintain it was because it does not exist.

Even were it true for a first offense and for the minor quantity the 5 year sentence was extreme.We demand a proper investigation take place and that John be freed immediately.

The "police" in the area are already known to have run such schemes for years. They plant drugs, then demand huge bribes, take cars, flats or whatever they want from the victims. Many of the people in Lubertsy and Zhulebino where this occurred have lived in terror of these police for years but there is nothing done to stop them. They are even known by the name "Werewolves in Uniform"

The longer he is kept in such conditions and I can not find the huge sums of money being demanded I am certain my son will probably die. He continues to be kept isolated and incommunicado. We were just informed that after his appeal failed he will be transported to a prison colony yet know one knows exactly where and it may take 6 months during which he will have no communication whatsoever and no one will know where he is.

Again we are afraid he may be killed and that the entire persecution was an attempt to secure a 9 million ruble bribe and silence the father who has been undergoing a political persecution of his own. They do not want the world or anyone for that matter to know the real story or for John or the family to make any noise. The father was being threatened both physically and through communications channels to be silent or he will lose his asylum. The father was also beaten, his landlady threatened until she evicted him and could not find employment. The father was also threatened with the fabrication of a criminal case and had to flee from the area where he lived quietly for almost 20 years in fear for his life. 

Given the fact that the family has had political asylum since 2007, are not allowed to obtain citizenship, have been the subjects of arbitrary persecution, are literally being destroyed for political reasons, are citizens of the United States and are people with official and internationally recognized political asylum who should enjoy the protection not only of the Russian Federation but the United Nations, we demand that John be freed immediately.

Again the younger John Robles has never been politically active, he was just a young person about to get married and working in a company making applications for Android and other phones and his persecution was a way to get the father, secure silence or obtain a bribe.    

US Supports Murderer Savchenko, Silent on Innocent Son of Journalist READ ABOUT CASE HERE: 




Meet the Werwolves in Uniform

Press Release by JAR2 on Court Hearing Tomorrow  

Please help to save John Anthony Robles III

My son beaten and had drugs planted on him twice.

The first time we fought it because we had video

the second time we could not and he got 5 years. Why? According to police because he is not Russian and they

can do whatever they want to us because we have asylum.

We obtained video. This CCTV video shows the cops going off to buy the drugs and then returning and placing them in my sons possessions, namely in the pocket of his jacket. They then proceeded to put his jacket back on him with the drugs in it and then searched him and lo and behold found drugs and then arrested him.    

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GZJnW5myDII       ftp://www.jar2.com/video//       

COMPLETE VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_NKSbMUGQY

Irregularities in Case of the Son of John Robles


Wrote 100s of Letters Pleading for Help for My Son John Robles III

As always the great champions of Internet Freedom and Journalism WikiLEaks Ignored my pleas as has everyone  else    FREE JOHN ANTONY ROBLES III

US Supports Murderer of Russian Journalists,

Silent on Innocent Son of Pro-Russian Journalist 







Read About the Werewolves in Epaulettes: Narco-Police

Meet the Werwolves in Uniform

BOOK PREVIEW: Lubertsy CIA Police/Drug Gangs



Прошу РФ показать милосердии к моего невиновному сыну

Если Вы люди пожалуйста освобуждайти моего невиновному сыну, нет у меня 9 или даже 2 миллион

John FlyingJohn and KaylaZhirinovskyRobles Kids




Crimea 2016

Article cover.Crimea Russian Federation

Crimea Tour and Bike Show 2015

 Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation

John and The Surgeon

Alexander (The Surgeon) Zaldostanov a True Russian Patriot and JAR2

First Series: Motorcycle Convoy into Sevastopol Proper

Photos of motorcycle convoy by JAR2

Second Series: Presentation on Stage in Sevastopol

Photos of presentation in Sevastopol Proper

Third Series: 800 Steps to the Sea

The Eagle's Nest: St. George's Monastery and 800 Steps to the Sea

Fourth Series: Road trip, Sea of Azov, Crimean Ferry and more

Photos from my 2015 Crimean expedition

Best Bike Show Ever! Bike Show 2015

Official Site and Blog of Night Wolves Motorcycle Club    http://www.nightwolves.ru/nw/    http://nightwolves-ru.livejournal.com/

Extreme Winter Tour of Crimea, New Year's 2014-15

Photos and a report regarding another New Year's trip to Crimea

My Current Work Is Now Available Here

Some of my work can now be found here

FREE JOHN ROBLES III Sign Petition Please Support



US Supports Murderer, Silent on Innocent Son of Journalist  


Visit our donation page

John Robles on VOR, CIA, Russia, Zionists, Ukraine and Snowden


Video in 3 Languages of John Renouncing US Citizenship


Surge of Refugees: Russia Prevents CIA/ISIS Genocide - JAR2

Why is it that only now with Russian bombing ISIS, after 15 years of US/NATO/Israeli war in the Middle East, that refugees have made it to Europe?

Swallow's Nest, Yalta, Crimea March 2016 by John Robles

If you like these photos please donate to our Sberbank Visa 4276 3800 4543 8756

Exclusive: Tour of Abandoned Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile Site

Abandoned Russian Anti Ballistic Missile Site

Victory Day 2015 Photos from JAR2

Photos taken by JAR2 during Victory Day Celebrations and a Communist march in Moscow on May 9th 2015 





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