25 Years of US Gang Stalking of Whistleblower and Asylee

When I first started this Blog it was supposed to be simply a way to
commincate with
friends and family and anyone who was interested in life in Russia. What it turned into
was a public record of attacks, stalking, threats and the destruction of my family and I.
It was only recently that I myself realized that what is detailed herein is organzied
Gang Stalking by Intelligence Agencies who will never forget I published agent lists
and exposed thousands of their agents. Other than revoking my citizenship, attempting
to have me arrested twice on false charges here in Russia, paying for and organizing
the arrest of my son here in Russia and making threats against me and my family, what
they have done has mostly been covert and falls into the realm of palusible deniability.
Yes I am an enemy of the USA and Western States and being thus I am a real Targeted
Individual. Not by radio waves or esoteric technology but by Covert Black Operations ala
FBI COINTELPRO. This is my Blog and this was my life. - JAR2 June 22, 2020

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09-10-2001: John: I am in New York, I am at the WTC. Answer: Where exactly?


.: 9-11: An Inside Job :.


PNAC=9-11/Endless War



We Have Password Protected the Blog Because of Our Enemies On-line 

BLOG - JAR2 - 2019 C

December 01, 2019 - The DCIA/MI6/MOSSAD and the NSA continue monitoring and using the information I post to profile and attack us. To continue reading and to access the blog make a donation. Any personal information that you or I post on the Internet can and will be used against us by the out of control Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

The Real History of the Great Patriotic War - World War II

Президент РФ Владимир Путин

считает безосновательной и беспардонной ложью выводы резолюции Европарламента, в которой ставится знак равенства между нацистской Германией и СССР как странами, спровоцировавшими Вторую мировую войну.

Путин пообещал заткнуть рот иностранным деятелям

Surprising News: Putin Fires Entire Russian Government

Путин подписал указ об отставке правительства России


January 16, 2020 - Правительство РФ 15 января 2020 года объявило о решении уйти в отставку после оглашения послания президента Федеральному собранию. В нем, в частности, речь шла о внесении изменений в Конституцию, которые наделят Госдуму правом утверждать кандидатуры премьера, вице-премьеров и министров. На должность премьера президент РФ Владимир Путин предложил главу ФНС Михаила Мишустина, кандидатура будет рассмотрена в Госдуме 16 января. Премьер-министру Дмитрию Медведеву предложена вновь создаваемая должность заместителя председателя Совета безопасности.

RoblesTiny 04-21-2020 John's Pardon Request Was Finally Received

03-27-2020 Answer to Letter to Kremlin Regardings John's Case

03-12 Просьба о помиловании JAR3 наконец отправлена в Кремль - мы ждем

For security reasons I will not go into any of the details surrounding our attempts to obtain a pardon for John. I will say that there are currently several open investigations going on involving several different investigative and security bodies of the Russian Government and that I do hope that the Kremlin is being properly informed as to the real details of his fabricated arrest on orders from the US Embassy for my journalistic and other work against the attempts by the US Government and the Western Black Operations Community to overthrow the Russian Government and destroy the Russian people and the Russian World. I remind all my readers that we are, in reality, at War. World War III started on September 11, 2001 and is a Hybrid War of Global Domination being waged by lunatics against Mother Russia and all of mankind.  

CV-19 Posts:

07 We are in the Middle of a Pandemic and They Must Be Suicidal or Believe It Is a Joke

May 07, 2020 - I am beyond being disappointed in all of the people around me who regularly walk with their children all over the town taking no safety precautions, no masks or gloves or social distancing, and continue to do so as if there is absolutely nothing going on. Would I have gone for walks with my children during a pandemic? Absolutely not, yet these "parents" continue to do so. In some countries they would have lost their parental rights.

The television media continues to mention the USA every 3 minutes. However it is nice to hear that Russian Officials whose only partners should be the Russian people have stopped calling American New World Order freaks "partners".

Treason continues through "business and financial means" and other levers. Such as RT and their attempt to compete with the likes of CNN MOCKINGBIRD for a USA based award for their journalism. Someone should tell RT we are at war and collusion with the enemy is treason, but it won't happen, just like the 5th column got away with liquidating the Voice of Russia World Service, Kisilev and his mafia who literally poisoned me in his office, continue to operate in the interests of their Western masters while sucking up money from the Russian taxpayers who they keep in the dark feeding endless garbage rather than truth. Yes the CIA and NATO have taken over the world, and you let them. However as we are still here there is a faint hope. 

06 Destroying Russian Patriots, Self-Isolating Russians and Andrey the Racist 

April 09, 2020 - Difficult situations always bring out the best and the worst in people depending on whether that person is good to begin with or rotten at the core. For some reason I always get these rotten racist little apples falling like decomposing rotting fruit all around me and when the going gets tough these little scum monkeys get really nasty. Take Andrey the racist piece of trash who lives nearby. I mean where does he think he gets off telling me in what room of my own domicile I can smoke? Andrey is a wallflower. He has such a sensitive nose that he is offended by passing airplanes because they pollute his air. Andrey'a nose is so sensitive that he can smell the fart of a mosquito from 3 kilometers away, I am not kidding. This is why Andrey came to my door and called me a Churki Ne Russki while attempting to provoke me into a fight and telling me to go out into the street with him while we have a quarantine going on. Andrey probably has some serious manhood issues and thinks threatening an old man with a fight makes him look macho to his wife but I would beg to differ. Andrey, when you knock on people's doors and terrorize them you have to pay for that. When you call someone a Churki Ne Russki you also have to own those words. So here you go. You now own them forever. Have a great day. As for my housemate instead of getting me something for my birthday or helping me celebrate she just moved out. Of course blaming me because I am soooooo bad. How you could do that to someone on their birthday I don't know but I don't understand racists or heartless scum who have no conscience. Nor do I want to. As for my friends I want to say thank for the BIrthday wishes you are sending from all over the world and thank you to SWEDEN for supporting JAR2! I love you all. Except the aforementioned.   

05 Russian State Media does NOT support American Indians NOR Recognize Our Genocide

April 04, 2020

POST TWO: Lock Down Day Seven - The measures seemed about to be increased but in fact they were just relaxed.


Russia 24 is running a special on a Smallpox epidemic that was stopped by the USSR in 1960, yet they do not mention the genocide of the American Indians through the use of Smallpox Blankets while reporting on other cases around the world.

Then they run ads promoting the banning of historical revision proposed by amendments to the Russian Constitution. Revising history by deletion is also historical revisionism. Again Russian media is protecting the USA's crimes even against the Russian people.

«Россия 24» проводит специальную програма по оспе, но в них не упоминается геноцид американских индейцев с использованием одеял из натуральной оспы. Затем они запускают рекламу, рекламирующую запрет исторической ревизии, предложенной поправками к Конституции РФ. Пересмотр истории путем удаления также является историческим ревизионизмом. И снова российские СМИ защищают преступления США даже против русского народа.


04 The New World Order's Depopulation Operation is Backfiring

The 9/11 Cabal and their New World Order operation has taken a strange twist and appears to be back-firing on the perpetrators. Or is it?

There is no possible way to ignore the connections and the circumstantial evidence between the full scale attack on China, Iran, Venezuela and other countries which were being targetted by the US/NATO and their Cabal masters and the biologically engineered and weaponized Coronavirus.

03 Prepping. We will survive. We will not be your victims.

02 Watch Out for Fake News

March 27, 2020 - There is fake news being spread around Russia that troops have been deployed to close off Moscow and that people are not allowed to travel wherever they want. These are all lies. There are no such restrictions in place.

I do recall a couple of years ago on Twitter before my lifetime ban calling for a protest movement against the New World Order Cabal where I proposed a peaceful yet complete global shut down of their system, where people simply stayed at home, withdrew all of their money from banks and carried out ZERO financial transactions. I even wrote an article about it. Now is the chance and with oil prices falling and "big business" collapsing, right now is the perfect window of opportunity. Next week Russia has a day at home, I propose carrying out such an action starting on Monday. Let the New World Order 9/11 psychopathic lunatics know that the world will not tolerate biological attacks on the peaceful peoples of this planet. It can happen. We can take our world back! God bless you all.  


Нечего особенно страшного: Не верите фейки


Current Restrictions:

Расскажем об основных ограничениях.

1. Под временным запретом - любые массовые мероприятия в помещениях и на открытом воздухе. При этом - объясняют в Оперативном штабе Московской области по коронавирусу - НЕ ЗАПРЕЩЕНО гулять в парках или скверах в одиночку или семьями.

2. Ранее губернатор уже попросил перейти в режим самоизоляции жителей Подмосковья старше 65 лет, а также людей, имеющих хронические болезни - и те, и другие во время карантина по коронавирусу входят в группу высокого риска. Их просят выходить из дома (в магазин или аптеку) только в случае крайней необходимости. При этом насчет доставки продуктов и лекарств могут помочь соцработники и волонтеры. Попросить о подобной помощи можно по телефону 8 (498) 602-84-50.

3. Требование о самоизоляции не распространяется на пожилых медработников (от 65 лет и старше), а также руководителей и сотрудников организаций, чиновников, «чье нахождение на рабочем месте является критически важным».

4. С 26 марта (и это тоже временно!) льготным проездом на общественном транспорте не смогут воспользоваться те же граждане от 65 лет, хронические больные, студенты колледжей и вузов, а также школьники 5 класса и старше.

5. Стоматологии могут оказывать помощь только в экстренных случаях.

6. Временно закрываются общественные бани и душевые.

7. Временно закрыты библиотеки, досуговые центры, кинотеатры, детские развлекательные центры, игровые комнаты и ночные клубы.

Cases of Coronavirus in the Moscow Region of Russia

Warning: Link to Yandex

01 Welcome to Isolation

March 24, 2020 - What can I possibly say here? I told you so? I warned you all? I tried and you spit on me and ignored me as I was crucified for trying to stop the lunatics who are carrying out what is being done today? I have been forced into living in isolation and never going out for years, should I now feel sorry for those of you faced with what I have been put through when you spit on me? Should I laugh at the irony? All of my "Conspiracy Theories" are now coming true. Next REX84 for the USA and the attempt at continued global genocide. Should I gloat and say I told you so or dance around because I was right? Perhaps I should write some long investigative article detailing the ways everything I wrote about before are coming true? What is the point really? You did not listen then and you will probably not listen now, and even if you do, it is too late. Not for me. I am fine really, but for you. What about the younger generation? Maybe I should try to educate and teach them? What is the point? You have allowed today's youth to be brainwashed with their apps and become so dumbed down that the only thing that passes for "Critical Thinking" for them is which new phone to buy. However here I am. Writing to you again. Why? I can feel you out there. Scared, alone, isolated, wondering what to do. So I am here. Again.

So what shall we talk about? Let's try something neutral and something that more likely than not will be tearing your world apart in the very near future if you are not prepared for it. Let's talk about isolation. Yes, isolation, a topic I am intimately knowledgeable about. Let's talk about isolation because in the near future you may lose your job and be confined to your domicile just as I have been for five years now. Of course your problem is the Coronavirus and mine was trying to warn the world of the creators and implementers of it, so our problems have different superficial causes but we are the victims of the same lunatics I have continuously warned about. Isolation. Let's get started.

First off, if you are going to survive you must do one very important thing without which you will perish. You must now put aside your normal understanding of life, your social status and your daily routine and perhaps more importantly set aside your normal human emotions and responses and concentrate only on one thing, survival at any cost.

If you are isolated and have a job that you can do from your domicile, or if you have a substantial amount of savings then your biggest problem, an income, is already taken care of. However you must be prepared for the termination of your employment under these extreme conditions. Make sure you have a dependable method to obtain your income and if you have money in banks accounts withdraw everything, leaving enough not to close the accounts, and convert everything you can to cash.

Food supplies

Batteries, Electronics, Coms, Gps, Net

Bullets Knives Dual Purpose Weapons

Medical Supplies

Radiation, Iodine,

Living Quarters

Plan B, C, D  Sorry but I am stretched too thin right now. Be strong and don't turn on the TV or drink the Kool-Aid. Be back later.

First and foremost check the fuel pump pressure. If it is NOT giving at least 55psi it will NEVER start









03-12-2020 Нужна помощь ополченцу первой волны Виктору Бутнарчук


Update: 04-17-2020 We have just learned that on April 11, 2020 Yvgeny was

deported to Kazakhstan where he is facing 20 years in prison for his efforts in Donbass.






04-06-2020 Yvgeny Finally Gets Some Media Attention!


04-01-2020 Yvgeny Denied Asylum - Will Appeal

03-24-2020 Documents Being Processed by Court

03-20-2020 Ещё задержан

03-14-2020 Евгений Щербак награждён.

Ждет документ из суд для его освобуждение

03-10-2020 Экстренное сообщение из Челябинска про Евгений Щербак


Update 03-12: Eugene is Still in the Immigration Hold

I am in active contact with Eugene and as of this writing he says he is still be held in the immigration hold although yesterday he was supposed to be released as he has received temporary asylum and a legal brief was filed against his deportation and detention.

Why is this important? Eugene was on the front lines protecting the people of Donbass from the USA/Nazi junta and the puppet government in the Ukraine which is carrying out genocide on the full frontal attack of the Russian World that is currently underway on all fronts. For his defense and fight for the Russian World rather than be rewarded and seen as a hero he has been arrested and detained and threatened with deportation because he does not fit in with the documentation set up by the Corporation to control and manipulate Russia. As with me and my son and millions of others Eugene's history and his valiant deeds have been reduced to a "registration" paper and as he is from Kazakhstan they Corporation demands that he be deported there where he will face decades of imprisonment, torture and his complete destruction. Just as my son is facing torture and a lifetime of imprisonment in the United States and I myself would face execution and torture for my decades of service to the Russian State. Again the same reason. We are not allowed to legalize and normalize our status by the implanted rules of the Corporation. Eugene was not granted Russian citizenship although like myself he has more than earned it and is to be deported on a registration technicality and a warrant from Kazakhstan for his defense of Donbass where he has been classified as a mercenary. A day after we posted his story and wrote to the Kremlin about Eugene President Putin met with the President of Kazakhstan and we hope Eugene will be freed today. 

Я нахожусь в активном контакте с Евгением, и на момент написания этой статьи он говорит, что он все еще содержится в иммиграционном изоляторе, хотя вчера он должен был быть освобожден, поскольку получил временное убежище, и было подано юридическое заключение против его депортации и задержания.

Update 03-11: Eugene Has Not Been Deported - Actions Behind the Scenes


Reader Asks How to Contact the Illuminati 

To one of my readers who asked me how to contact the Illuminati. Seriously, why?

Answer: Contact the Illuminati? Try the Security Service of the IMF, the World Bank or any of Rothschild’s Companies or any of the people on my Illuminati list.


Reader Believing the Fake Assange "Torture" "Slow Motion Murder" Talpiot/Hasbara Drivel

To one of my readers who wrote:

02 MORE: If you want to be disappointed in me, that's OK, because I am disappointed in you. But I do not claim to know anything like you claim and I do "get it" even if you prefer to dismiss me. I was not questioning the murder of wikileaks sources or the fakery of snowdon, and I supported you and believed you about assange but it is very difficult to believe that the man will endure years of siege at an embassy and now prison and psychological torture just so his supposed superiors want to warn other whistleblowers. In addition, as you can see with the coronavirus, destroying china is disrupting commerce and supplies all over the world and it is difficult to see how the conspirators who want to depopulate the planet will benefit from that. They already made the world too small and too inter-dependent to believe that destroying the huge powerhouse of china will not destroy them too.


Assange makes millions and is paid by Rothschilds media for promoting his image. He is a total prop and tool. I on the other hand am a real Truther and no one even mentions me

You are dealing with powers that you still do not fully understand. The Rothschilds/RedShield/Zionists win almost on every side of any equation, that is how they rig the game. They already have more money than they can ever spend. You forget that (or you did not know) that China secretly owned(s) about 82% of the Corporation of the United States. China buys US Foreign debt. Who is this debt to? In a singularity, the Rothschilds. So if someone owns your debt and you can convince your debtor that eliminating this debt holder will eliminate your debt then it is a win-win. No debtor no debt. The goal here is to destroy and weaken China and Russia. They do not care who else get hurt. The USA has long been bankrupt except for the Trillions lost in the Pentagon.

You forget Assange is a millionaire. He had a comfortable elite apartment he was staying at for 7 years with round the clock protection. He makes his millions by playing the victim. He will make profit in prison where he is treated better than everyone else. It is MI5 that finally took him out because he was running an illegal (against UK/EU/FVEY citizens) COINTELPRO Operation for MI6, the CIA and MOSSAD out of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

01 Hello:

Why shoud I believe anything you say any more when in the past you kept telling me assange was a cia asset and now we all see what the zios and their lackeys are doing to him?


IT is a show. If he wasn’t an Asset of Rothschild, MOSSAD and the CIA he would be dead. Like everyone else. Including hundreds of WikiLeaks sources and associates, like Seth Rich and Michael Ratner. Even Jeffrey Epstein who turned into a threat was wiped. Assange is a media show. To warn away anyone who thinks about exposing their crimes… I guess you don’t get it. Same thing with Snowden… They are shows. Real leakers and whistleblowers are killed or destroyed or have their families destroyed or their sons sent to prison on fake charges.

You disappoint me


A List and Organizational Chart - It is Finished

February 15, 2020 - The following is my final report and a list of indivduals and organziations and a graphic representation mapping all indivduals and structures


RoblesTiny They Will Try to Just Ignore Us Until We Die or (How do you kill a journalist and destroy his entire family when the CIA offers a reward of ~$4 million?)

RoblesTiny 3-12 Долгожданный ответ от Казакова. Еще одно пустое уклонение от действия

Updated March 20. 2020: For security reasons I will not go into the details as several investigations are currently active. Kazakova refused to answer the lawyers direct request for information about our applications for citizenship. So the lawyers sent a second request the answer to which I am currently waiting for. As of 20.03.2020 there has been no activity.


February 25, 2020 - Inactivity. That is their tactic. With my son and the same with my citizenship. They intimidated and terrorized my son so he would not continue to try to get his pardon sent. Then they wrote that the pardon was never written even though it was. They just never accepted it. Here is the pardon below. I have tried for 6 months to get the Warden to send it. They won't. As I was told he is the King there and even the President can be ignored. I have written to every investigative body in the Russian Federation and every organ of power which can help merely to allow my son's letter to be sent to President Putin. This is completely outrageous. If you are reading this please spread this letter! Thank you.


Update on My Son's Pardon Coming Soon (See March 12th)

March 09, 2020 -

After 6 months of trying to get the Warden to forward my son's letter, they began to wake him up at all hours for snap inspections. That is torture. As you see I will not give up on my son!!!

February 12, 2020






For Those Calling Me a Traitorr

February 12, 2020 - On Being Called a Traitorr

I am not a traitor. I am a Caribbean Taino Indian born in Puerto Rico which has been occupied by the United States of America since 1898 after pronouncing my people, the Taino Indians, extinct and being given to the United States by Spain, in France, under the Treaty of Paris. Although I held a US Passport as Puerto Rico is not a sovereign state but an occupied colony and does not have their own passport or citizenship, I did not swear any allegiance to the United States of America, its laws, Constitution or any of its other instruments of power or control. I never served the US Military nor worked for its government and never signed any documents regarding secrecy or allegiance. Nor do I, in any conceivable way owe any allegiance, support or collusion to an illegal genocidal hegemon which on a daily basis violates ever law known to the civilized world in its insane drive for global domination. In this regard neither do I owe allegiance to the illegal genocidal Zionist State of Israel which controls the USA outright. Nor do I owe allegiance to a Corporation (as the United States of America is not a country but in fact a corporation registered in the City of London) which is guilty of the continued genocide of my own people and is now beginning steps to commit global genocide as this is the only way it knows to continue its parasitic existence on the resources of the world. To continue I do not owe allegiance to a fake state or its fake leader or its fake Democracy which only exploits and brainwashes its citizens with endless garbage culture, military grade psychological operations, fake media, endless surveillance and endless terror by murderous police who execute people at will for the most minor of offenses and then get away with it. Further, I spit on this country that destroys cultures, societies, governments, countries and entire regions, with sanctions, endless war, false flag terrorism, psychological operations, endless financial manipulations and now biological terrorism. Many Russians believe in the fake American dream and the endless propaganda of what an exceptional nation it is. How is that? When the country killed 2,000 of its own citizens on 9/11 for Israel and can not even provide simple healthcare for its own citizens. If you support a racist genocidal country based on genocide and slavery which is waging endless war and slaughtering millions on a racist basis, then the traitor is you. You are a traitor to all of humanity, to God and to the human race. I am not a traitor. I am a person with a conscience and I serve Russia..
February 12, 20200

Называется предателемм

Я не предатель. Я карибский индеец тайно, родившийся в Пуэрто-Рико, который был оккупирован Соединёнными Штатами Америки с 1898 года после произнесения моего народа индейцами тайно, вымершего и переданного Соединённым Штатам Испанией во Франции в соответствии с Парижским договором. Хотя у меня был паспорт США, поскольку Пуэрто-Рико - не суверенное государство, а оккупированная колония, у которого нет собственного паспорта или гражданства, я не клялся в верности Соединённым Штатам Америки, их законам, Конституции или любым другим инструменты власти или контроля. Я никогда не служил в вооружённых силах США, не работал на их правительство и никогда не подписывал никаких документов, касающихся секретности или верности. Я также никоим образом не обязан верности, поддержке или сговору на незаконным геноцидом-гегемоном, который ежедневно нарушает все закон, известный цивилизованному миру в его безумном стремлении к глобальному господству. В этом отношении я также не обязан верности незаконному геноцидному сионистскому государству Израиль, которое напрямую контролирует США. Также я не обязан верности Корпорации (поскольку Соединенные Штаты Америки - не страна, а фактически корпорация, зарегистрированная в Лондоне), которая виновна в продолжающемся геноциде моего собственного народа и в настоящее время начинает предпринимать шаги для совершения глобального геноцид как единственный способ, которым он знает, продолжать своё паразитическое существование на мировых ресурсах. Продолжая, я не обязан верности фальшивому государству, его фальшивому лидеру или его фальшивой демократии, которая эксплуатирует и промывает мозги своим гражданам бесконечной культурой мусора, психологическими операциями военного уровня, фальшивыми СМИ, бесконечным наблюдением и бесконечным террором со стороны убийственной полиции, которая убивает людей по желанию для самых незначительных преступлений, а затем сойти с рук. Кроме того, я плюю на эту страну, которая уничтожает культуры, общества, правительства, страны и целые регионы с помощью санкций, бесконечной войны, терроризма под фальшивым флагом, психологических операций, бесконечных финансовых манипуляций и теперь биологического терроризма. Многие россияне верят в ложную американскую мечту и бесконечную пропаганду того, что это исключительная нация. Как так? Когда страна 11 сентября убила 2000 своих собственных граждан для Израиля и не может даже обеспечить простое медицинское обслуживание для своих собственных граждан. Если вы поддерживаете расистскую геноцидную страну, основанную на геноциде и рабстве, которая ведёт бесконечную войну и убивает миллионы людей на расистской основе, то предатель - это вы. Вы предатель всего человечества, Бога и мира. Я не предатель. Я человек с совестью и я служу России..

12 февраля 2020 г..

You Can Not Reason With Those Promoting Hidden Racist Agendass

February 11, 2020 - It looks like our 6 month battle to simply allow my innocent son to send a request to President Putin to grant him a pardon is done. Those who were paid by the CIA and the US Government to have him arrested have successfully blocked and denied him the possibility to send the letter. The have done so in such a way that it all looks legal..

After my last trip to the Colony they started to wake him up at all hours of the night for surprise inspections. He was not allowed to sleep normally and as far as I know this situation continues. The last word we received about him was that they were telling him that they would secure him parole instead of allowing him to send a Pardon Request to the President..

I have contacted every single body that could possibly help and the Official version is that he simply did not give them the letter. The same letter he gave me and which is posted below and which has been my Avatar for several weeks now on VK.. https://vk.com/johnrobles22

I will be posting more documents on this issue later this evening so stay tuned..

In related news (See yesterday's post) my foot was run over as a warning to shut up.     

Racist Lunatic Runs Over My Foot, Lies About It, Police On Scene Do Nothingg

While having my human rights violated I was called an Uzbek, as my son was called a Dagestanii

Personal Security: What to do if there is no one to call because you are not the right race??

This may have been a warning not to keep pushing for my son's pardon..

February 10, 2020 - Sometimes there are things that happen and their is absolutely nothing you can do about it, no one you can call and absolutely no one who will help you because nobody cares. This is not new, this is a disease that has infected the world since 2001 and beyond. In today's world people are used to the idea that someone can be attacked, imprisoned, killed and destroyed for any reason whatsoever and there is almost no one who cares, unless they are told to care by the media. Normal human morality, a sense of what is right and what is wrong or even simple conscience have become abstract concepts that no one even wishes to hear about..

In today's world mass-murder, racism, genocide and almost every evil in the book have been normalized and with the endless assault on the senses by the media and the Internet there is almost nothing that shocks or disgusts people any longer. There is no longer a human rights struggle, an equality struggle or even a workers' struggle. The world has become crass, amoral, cold heartless and soulless with the only respected value be one's wealth and ability to escape prosecution while committing horrendous crimes. This is a disease that has been spread by the corporations and the criminals who have taken over most of the world and is directly ties to and a direct result of the horrendous Criminal Cabal that has taken over the world after getting away with 9/11..

Yes it is a global disease and it has been orchestrated and programmed into the citizens of the world. I am saying all of that and want to make it perfectly clear right from the outset. This is not a "Russian" issue, this is one that affects everyone of us who for some reason or another have been labeled "undesirable" or "less than human" or "demonized" for any number of reasons or lack of meeting the criteria that has been set by the programmers pushing their agenda and their image of what an ideal race pure world must look like. I mention race because what happened to me was a racist attack and one of the very few that I have suffered in Russia. Escaping endemic American racism was the core reason I left the United States and did not want to raise my children there and now, with the active spread of Nazism and the insane fratricidal war in the Ukraine that was organized and carried out by the CIA, American style racism has come to Russia and it is the media that is controlled by those we are not even supposed to mention let alone criticize that is responsible. Is there anything we can do? No. The machine is too far corrupted and too far gone and we are too few and too weak to do anything. So why am I writing this? I am writing this because what happened was simply wrong on so many levels that my silence would only embolden and increase the impunity of those who are actively seeking us out to destroy us..

I am writing this because of the utter helplessness I have found myself in. Even the police who arrived on the scene were completely out of line and there is absolutely nothing that I or anyone can do about it. Also being as I am currently involved in attempting to save my son from being handed to the CIA by corrupt officials and CIA Agents here in Russia, ANY attack or threat to my security must be looked at as a possible organized hit or operation by any of the numerous intelligence agencies or criminal groups who do not wish to see me continue to exist on this planet. Judging from the "operation" here, there are several indicators that tell me this was not an accident.    

So what happened? Well since my last expedition to Crimea I have been having several issues with my vehicle and had to replace the crankshaft censor which I had to order and wait for. Last Friday, the 7th of February, after finally obtaining the part I went down to the vehicle which is legally parked on a four lane divided city street in a residential zone 10 meters before a cross walk, the weather was clear although the surface was slightly snow covered as it had snowed during the night. That should give you an overview and it is luck for me that there was in fact snow on the ground because it is clear by the tracks left by the vehicle that he had intentionally cut so close in an attempt to cripple me..

Had this just been an idiot who accidentally swerved to close I would have let it go but it was clear that it was a planned and carefully carried out attack on my person who I must protect..

So, I am getting ready to install this thing and opening the hood and laying out my tools when I see the Mitsubishi Lancer in question drive by in the opposite direction and slow down taking a real long look at me. As my vehicle is sort of unusual and I am as well to some degree I do not think anything of it. So I go ahead and get under the vehicle and am lying on the ground changing the censor when all of a sudden I feel something grab my boot and flinched my leg away. Luckily I flinched quickly enough and was wearing very heavy boots and the wheel went over the sole for the most part so I escaped serious harm. At first I did not really understand what had happened but when I did I got out from under the vehicle and looked around and there was the Lancer. I limped up to the driver's door and looked in and there was a guy writing a message on an Apple phone..

I knocked on his window and he rolled it down and I calmly said, "Do you know you just ran over my foot?""

I had expected him to reply that he was sorry, or he did not see me or something of the sort so his response was completely unexpected..

He asked me, "Where did you come from so beautiful and such?", "Where are you from?", "Are you a local?" and "Where do you live?""

No "I am sorry", or even, "What are talking about?" He immediately tries to find out if I am a local resident, which being as the place where is live is a very small town and everyone knows me and know my vehicle which has been parked here in one place or another for the last three years, tells me that he is definitely not from the town. If this was not bad enough it gets worse.        

As you can see from the picture above and given that he traveled another 20 meters before he parked, he swerved so close on purpose..

Number 2 shows where the edge of his wheel was which means the mirror on his car had to come within 2 centimeters of striking my car. Given the width of the road and the light traffic there was no need for such a maneuver..

Number 1 above shows the area where my boot was and the point of contact between his wheel and my foot. Number 3 shows where the edge of his wheel was as well..

Number 4 shows the distinct tread pattern of his rear tire..

Number 5 shows a ridge of snow that my boot made when I jerked it back..

Number 6 shows the inside edge of the tire as well which is inside the area directly in front of my vehicle which is important because he could not have parked in front of me as it would have been within the 5 meter limit in front of the crosswalk..

After hearing his questions and seeing the way he is talking to me I understand that this was done on purpose and decide to photograph his car. So not answering him I turn around and walk back to my vehicle and get my phone. I photograph the back and he gets out and again starts asking me where I live and where I am from..

"You just ran over my foot. What is wrong with you? What difference does it make where I am from?", I say..

"Go to hell black ass!" he tells me..

"No," I say, "you go to hell!" And I turn and walk back to my vehicle..

He follows saying "Where did you learn to talk Russian? Where are you from?""

I ignore him and think this is the end of it..

I proceed to get under my vehicle again as all I have to do it tighten up one little bolt and the repair is finished but it did not end there. I am under the car and see another vehicle has stopped inches from my car and someone tells me to get up. I do so wondering what is going on and for a second am happy to see police. Except they were not there to help me. There were there to help this son of a bitch who had run over my foot and was now parked behind them blocking traffic in the road..

I say, "That guy just ran over my foot!""

They are looking at me as if they hate me with all their souls and I understand that this is all a set up. So I go into complete cold and calm mode..

Meanwhile Mr. Lancer is screaming that he will send me back to Uzbekistan. Apparently in his ignorance and complete racist hatred he decided I was an Uzbek who had to be deported. The police tell him nothing..

Officer one who did not identify himself tells me that Mr. Lancer said I hit his car, threatened him and even manhandled him and then tells me that he will throw the book at me for everything under the sun..

"I have done nothing wrong," I tell him, I was minding my own business and this guy comes out of nowhere and runs my foot over and starts calling me a black ass and trying to find out if I am a local and where I live.""

Neither of them says anything to Mr. Lancer. Of course. He is their buddy. And they still have not identified themselves or shown badges..

He then tells me I should put out the emergency triangle which is ridiculous as I am in a residential zone and legally parked and not obstructing traffic but I try to comply anyway but their vehicle is so close to mine that I can not open the door..

He says, "Okay forget it. What are you trying to do?""

"I need to change the crankshaft censor.""

"Close up the car put everything away and if we see you here in 5 minutes we will throw the book at you!""

Wonderful ,, I think,, these are the guys who are supposed to protect me and uphold the law.  

What was strange was that they did not have badges in visible locations and they did not ask me for my documents or even for my name. As to what they were going to throw the book at me for they did not say, nor did they say that I had broken some law or did something wrong. This guy running over someone's foot ten meters from a cross walk was normal I guess..

Later after investigating I came to the conclusion that this was the same scheme dirty cops use to entrap people such as those who fabricated the arrest of my son while beating him and calling him a Dagestani..

Given that the road police who patrol the little town where I live are not from the area as they travel in from other locations in the Moscow Region, as one officer explained to me, and that Mr. Lancer was also not from the town, as everyone here knows me, I was immediately suspicious. However it was the less than three minute reaction time that the police arrived with him and his statements that he would send me back to Uzbekistan, that cemented my belief that they were working as a team..

The scheme is simple. A provocation and then they hammer down on the victim using racial epithets to terrorize the individual whom they proceed to charge using the lies they have agreed on in advance with the provocateur, in this case Mr. Lancer. Apparently this trio targets Uzbeks and others who are not "locals", hence his multiple attempts to get me to say where I live and asking if I was a local, and they squeeze every penny out of the poor Uzbeks or simply arrest them and add the notches to their belts. Regardless what they are doing is criminal if that is in fact the case. That is what it looks like to me. At minimum a racist attack and an attempt to know my real address..

So there, just like that, you are minding your own business and all of a sudden someone comes out of the blue making outrageous accusations and lies and you have to worry about your own life. Just like the Lubertsy grouping first stole and then legalized my car and my phone a few years ago, but this is not Lubertsy and these people were not locals. So they were not on their turf. Other than a traitor there is nothing worse in this world than a dirty cop, because they are supposed to uphold the law, not break it for their own benefit. Unfortunately these "clever operatives" are too many, even today. How many lives have they destroyed?       

Corruption and Separation: Church, State, Business and Criminal Structuress

February 02, 2020 - December 19, 2019 I wrote about the lone terrorist who attacked the FSB connecting it to MI6 and Bistritsky and the Higher School of Economics. December 26, 2019 I get the a book project from someone in the billionaire class. December 31, 2019 while everyone was celebrating New Year's I was writing about the mafia in the Moscow Region (Lubertsy, Malahovka, Zhulebino and Reytov). During all of this I have also been attempting to finally have my citizenship application and those of my family sent to the Presidential Administration. Since September I have been active doing that and trying to secure my son a pardon for a crime he did not commit so he is not handed to the CIA where he will be tortured and I am certain disappeared or killed. My fight is my own but it is involved in and tied to the guarantee of the survival of the Russian State. I have also been in contact with the United Nations but that has so far proven useless with the only result being a lawyer who called who may help me if I can get to Moscow..

After literally dozens of letters to the Kremlin and President Putin with the result being zero on January 16th, President Putin fired the entire government and announced changes to the Russian Constitution which you know was literally written by the CIA and their post Soviet assets. This move was long-awaited and over-due but where does that leave us? So far, two weeks later, it leaves us nowhere. Nothing has changed. Announcements of more McDonald's and hundreds of arrests for corruption and crimes of office but for us, the weakest of the weak, there has been no change. We the little people, the disenfranchised and the victimized, need a savior and I had, for a few minutes, hoped that it would be perhaps a representative of the billionaire class with a conscience but that seems unlikely..

There are members of the billionaire class that was installed by the Globalist Cabal and the Masonic Structures and wish for an end of the Russian State and all States. Like the TPP they feel governments should be subservient to corporations. They want no governments, no sovereign nations and wish for complete obedience to them as a power. Their model for the world is one filled with mindless consumers and slave like workers who do not complain and countries which only serve as free resource donors and open markets for their garbage products. This is wrong..

Here in Russian the State has been being raped by corrupt individuals since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In an attempt to install Capitlism officials have been allowed to engage in business and Government Institutions have been turned into profit making corporations by the greedy individuals who control them. There is no revolving door, nor are there any screams regarding conflict of interest. President Putin did the right thing to guaratnee the continuity and the very existence of the Russian State. Those who wish to end the Russian State and all States are are nothing but bought and paid for USA Imperialists or part of the Globalist Cabal, and calls such as these are nothing but calls for anarchy and submission to a foreign master..

As a member of a genocided people I see the same steps being taken by the Globalists as those done to my people and my lands but even from a simple practical perspective anyone promoting such philosophies as an end to States and and an end to Governments must answer the following questions: who will build roads? Some corporation? Who will collect taxes? Some Viceroy? Who will build hospitals and schools? Local mafia bosses? Who will regulate banking, business and everything else? Representative of the New WOrld Order? And who are they? And the questions go on and on yet the Globalists have no answers that would in anyway serve the people. Finally who will protect the unwanted races and people from genocide? The Cabal??

President Putin understands this but perhaps he has not considered the importance of Separation. I would like to comment on one issue for now and this is the most acute and pressing issue for Russia. Corruption. There are two key solutions for this, one is eliminating the possibility for bribes and two is excluding all officials from engaging in ANY sort of "business" while they are in power. Government is supposed to serve the people, guarantee its continuity and the working of the system, serve the defense and protection of the subjects and facilitate the provision of social needs. The Government is not there to serve as a piggy bank or a means of enrichment for those who seek to be rich and powerful. That is where Russia has gone wrong and President Putin knows this but when you have a cult of brutal, ignorant, criminal "elites" who have made their millions acting as parasites at the throats of the people, progress and everything else that guarantees the advancement and ascension of a people, a state or a nation which controls almost all of the levers, it is almost impossible to eradicate the problem. President Putin's first move to place the head of the Tax Service at the head of the government was brilliant. Taxes are the lifeblood of the State, they are the right of the State and unfortunately for the poor and the common people, these taxes have been stolen and misappropriated for so long that it has become a matter of State Security and the Continuity of the State..

I will be continuing the story below from December 31 and wish you a good night dear reader.   


02-02-2020 I am doing everything I can((( Ministry of Justice and Investigative Committee have been duly informed in writing..

Anonymous Sends - Private Prisons Criminalized Rap - Please Spread

February 01, 20200

Hello JAR2,,

After more than 20 years, I’ve finally decided to tell the world what I witnessed in 1991, which I believe was one of the biggest turning point in popular music, and ultimately American society. I have struggled for a long time weighing the pros and cons of making this story public as I was reluctant to implicate the individuals who were present that day. So I’ve simply decided to leave out names and all the details that may risk my personal well being and that of those who were, like me, dragged into something they weren’t ready for..

Between the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was what you may call a “decision maker” with one of the more established company in the music industry. I came from Europe in the early 80’s and quickly established myself in the business. The industry was different back then. Since technology and media weren’t accessible to people like they are today, the industry had more control over the public and had the means to influence them anyway it wanted. This may explain why in early 1991, I was invited to attend a closed door meeting with a small group of music business insiders to discuss rap music’s new direction. Little did I know that we would be asked to participate in one of the most unethical and destructive business practice I’ve ever seen..

The meeting was held at a private residence on the outskirts of Los Angeles. I remember about 25 to 30 people being there, most of them familiar faces. Speaking to those I knew, we joked about the theme of the meeting as many of us did not care for rap music and failed to see the purpose of being invited to a private gathering to discuss its future. Among the attendees was a small group of unfamiliar faces who stayed to themselves and made no attempt to socialize beyond their circle. Based on their behavior and formal appearances, they didn’t seem to be in our industry. Our casual chatter was interrupted when we were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement preventing us from publicly discussing the information presented during the meeting. Needless to say, this intrigued and in some cases disturbed many of us. The agreement was only a page long but very clear on the matter and consequences which stated that violating the terms would result in job termination. We asked several people what this meeting was about and the reason for such secrecy but couldn’t find anyone who had answers for us. A few people refused to sign and walked out. No one stopped them. I was tempted to follow but curiosity got the best of me. A man who was part of the “unfamiliar” group collected the agreements from us..

Quickly after the meeting began, one of my industry colleagues (who shall remain nameless like everyone else) thanked us for attending. He then gave the floor to a man who only introduced himself by first name and gave no further details about his personal background. I think he was the owner of the residence but it was never confirmed. He briefly praised all of us for the success we had achieved in our industry and congratulated us for being selected as part of this small group of “decision makers”. At this point I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable at the strangeness of this gathering. The subject quickly changed as the speaker went on to tell us that the respective companies we represented had invested in a very profitable industry which could become even more rewarding with our active involvement. He explained that the companies we work for had invested millions into the building of privately owned prisons and that our positions of influence in the music industry would actually impact the profitability of these investments. I remember many of us in the group immediately looking at each other in confusion. At the time, I didn’t know what a private prison was but I wasn’t the only one. Sure enough, someone asked what these prisons were and what any of this had to do with us. We were told that these prisons were built by privately owned companies who received funding from the government based on the number of inmates. The more inmates, the more money the government would pay these prisons. It was also made clear to us that since these prisons are privately owned, as they become publicly traded, we’d be able to buy shares. Most of us were taken back by this. Again, a couple of people asked what this had to do with us. At this point, my industry colleague who had first opened the meeting took the floor again and answered our questions. He told us that since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice. He assured us that this would be a great situation for us because rap music was becoming an increasingly profitable market for our companies, and as employee, we’d also be able to buy personal stocks in these prisons. Immediately, silence came over the room. You could have heard a pin drop. I remember looking around to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and saw half of the people with dropped jaws. My daze was interrupted when someone shouted, “Is this a f****** joke?” At this point things became chaotic. Two of the men who were part of the “unfamiliar” group grabbed the man who shouted out and attempted to remove him from the house. A few of us, myself included, tried to intervene. One of them pulled out a gun and we all backed off. They separated us from the crowd and all four of us were escorted outside. My industry colleague who had opened the meeting earlier hurried out to meet us and reminded us that we had signed agreement and would suffer the consequences of speaking about this publicly or even with those who attended the meeting. I asked him why he was involved with something this corrupt and he replied that it was bigger than the music business and nothing we’d want to challenge without risking consequences. We all protested and as he walked back into the house I remember word for word the last thing he said, “It’s out of my hands now. Remember you signed an agreement.” He then closed the door behind him. The men rushed us to our cars and actually watched until we drove off..

A million things were going through my mind as I drove away and I eventually decided to pull over and park on a side street in order to collect my thoughts. I replayed everything in my mind repeatedly and it all seemed very surreal to me. I was angry with myself for not having taken a more active role in questioning what had been presented to us. I’d like to believe the shock of it all is what suspended my better nature. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to calm myself enough to make it home. I didn’t talk or call anyone that night. The next day back at the office, I was visibly out of it but blamed it on being under the weather. No one else in my department had been invited to the meeting and I felt a sense of guilt for not being able to share what I had witnessed. I thought about contacting the 3 others who wear kicked out of the house but I didn’t remember their names and thought that tracking them down would probably bring unwanted attention. I considered speaking out publicly at the risk of losing my job but I realized I’d probably be jeopardizing more than my job and I wasn’t willing to risk anything happening to my family. I thought about those men with guns and wondered who they were? I had been told that this was bigger than the music business and all I could do was let my imagination run free. There were no answers and no one to talk to. I tried to do a little bit of research on private prisons but didn’t uncover anything about the music business’ involvement. However, the information I did find confirmed how dangerous this prison business really was. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Eventually, it was as if the meeting had never taken place. It all seemed surreal. I became more reclusive and stopped going to any industry events unless professionally obligated to do so. On two occasions, I found myself attending the same function as my former colleague. Both times, our eyes met but nothing more was exchanged..

As the months passed, rap music had definitely changed direction. I was never a fan of it but even I could tell the difference. Rap acts that talked about politics or harmless fun were quickly fading away as gangster rap started dominating the airwaves. Only a few months had passed since the meeting but I suspect that the ideas presented that day had been successfully implemented. It was as if the order has been given to all major label executives. The music was climbing the charts and most companies when more than happy to capitalize on it. Each one was churning out their very own gangster rap acts on an assembly line. Everyone bought into it, consumers included. Violence and drug use became a central theme in most rap music. I spoke to a few of my peers in the industry to get their opinions on the new trend but was told repeatedly that it was all about supply and demand. Sadly many of them even expressed that the music reinforced their prejudice of minorities..

I officially quit the music business in 1993 but my heart had already left months before. I broke ties with the majority of my peers and removed myself from this thing I had once loved. I took some time off, returned to Europe for a few years, settled out of state, and lived a “quiet” life away from the world of entertainment. As the years passed, I managed to keep my secret, fearful of sharing it with the wrong person but also a little ashamed of not having had the balls to blow the whistle. But as rap got worse, my guilt grew. Fortunately, in the late 90’s, having the internet as a resource which wasn’t at my disposal in the early days made it easier for me to investigate what is now labeled the prison industrial complex. Now that I have a greater understanding of how private prisons operate, things make much more sense than they ever have. I see how the criminalization of rap music played a big part in promoting racial stereotypes and misguided so many impressionable young minds into adopting these glorified criminal behaviors which often lead to incarceration. Twenty years of guilt is a heavy load to carry but the least I can do now is to share my story, hoping that fans of rap music realize how they’ve been used for the past 2 decades. Although I plan on remaining anonymous for obvious reasons, my goal now is to get this information out to as many people as possible. Please help me spread the word. Hopefully, others who attended the meeting back in 1991 will be inspired by this and tell their own stories. Most importantly, if only one life has been touched by my story, I pray it makes the weight of my guilt a little more tolerable..

Thank you..

The Globalists are Going Insane: Trojan Horses, Mass-Hysteria, Endless Distractionss

DARPA/CIA/MOSSAD/MI6: Launch Global Biological Warfare in Mindless Attacks on Chinaa

January 31, 2020 - The sick and twisted attempted takeover of the World continues as the dumbing down of the people and the mass mind control and brainwashing reaches heights that are approaching the absurd. With the complete and total conversion of the World's media and the Internet into an Orwellian MOCKINGBIRD global mind control and censorship grid finding any real truth has become impossible. Documenting what is happening is also dangerous as they will use any and all critical analysis to further teak and refine their operations. The world has been taken over by demons..

I'll be back soon. I have just got through translating a book which had me at the computer almost 24/7 and has taken up all of my time for the last two weeks. While being a wonderful exercise in reviving my writing and editorial skills it has left me drained and exhausted and I will be taking it easy over the weekend while I catch up and decided on which path to go down..

The situation with my son's pardon continues behind the scenes but the standing order to eliminate us remains unchanged. It would appear that those whom we thought still had some resemblance of a conscience and the waning vestiges of morality have also gone done the path of selfish materialism. personal comfort and self-enrichment. I had mentioned the United Nations but it may be that the "lawyer" may be connected to the same organization that helped the Malahovka/Lubertsy criminal group steal my school in 2008. Therefore the exposure of this criminal grouping will continue as planned..

Thank you for reading and remember, YOU ARE THE RESISTANCEE


TO SCUM WE ARE THE UNTERMENSCH -  We are screaming, you are deaf!!

Basically We No Longer Have ANY Human or Other Rights and Need to Just Die, After all according to them we are untermensch and do not deserve rights. A True Success of the CIA using the "Document/Registration/Propiska" System in Destroying Human Lives. As we are (American Indians and mixed blood) not Jewish or white and are part of a group of humans targetted for extermination and genocide, the media and the world will ignore everything that is done to us and we will be quietly eliminated and erased from history. That is what is happening today. That is why my son's pardon will never happen, that is why you have never heard about me even though I was the first American with asylum in Russia. We must be erased. (There is one other reason.))

January 26, 2020 - The story about Lubertsy below will be told in ever single detail. Unfortunately I am busy with other work and simply do not have time. That story is one that I have already told in broad detail but it must be re-told in finite details as it is part of the real historical record..

  United Nations Called and Another Letter Received from the Kremlinn

January 24, 2020 --

How Human Rights Watch Distorts Realitiess

  More Surprising News: CIA Snowden Plant Figure Greenwald Indicted in Brazil

Reality Check: Why is a CIA Planted Reporter Exposing Corruption in Brazil Not in America

Brazil indicts The Intercept founder Glenn Greenwaldd


January 22, 2020 - It is like Christmas in July over here))) Are you and Omidyar sill laughing over there Glenn? Me parece que los Brazilenos estaban leyendo jar2... You could always just stop the lying and fakery and admit you were all working for the CIA and actually succeeded in planting an Illegal Agent inside of Russia to run a Global Limited Hangout and takeover the Truth Movement, decimate real whistleblowers and blow all kinds of fake shit up Russia's ass? That is your specialty isn't it Glenn? Putting things up people's asses. How the hell you convinced the CIA it would work I have no idea but it didn't and in these matters you will definitely pay a very serious price. How many good people have you and your CIA controllers killed? You can't run operations on that scale right out in the open and expect them to succeed Glenn. Not today, not tomorrow. Hope you and Omidyar wiped those ass licking smiles off your faces. LULZ Glenn))) As for the clowns at the CIA, and surely any "Spy Agency" which allows agent lists to get out and be published by some spic in Russia desrve the name Clowns. They are dropping like flies over here Glenn. It is just a matter of connecting the cover agencies and the cash flows. I gues Edward Greenberg failed in protecting the cash flows there Glenn. LULZ))) Be careful there Glenn. You might trip and die of multiple bruises like Blum... Go on now Glenn blow the whistle on the CIA cuz you are now in their cross-hairs.))) I'll be back later. Gotta run and get some major amounts of pop-corn))) LULZ     

Yandex Allowed to Continue Stealth Infilitration With Impunity: Obfuscation, Stupidity, NWOO

Not only is Yandex not a Russian Company as it is based in the Netherlands, but even if it were its practices are egregious and anti-Russian. The most blatant examples are right in the faces of every user but no says anything. First they track you through GPS across all apps making punitive targetting ever so easy, then they actually make it impossible to not only save your own data like waypoints on Yandex Navigator and the favorites from your browser and a host of other violations of privacy and user rights including manipulating search results, throttling sites and installing code on web sites if you install their search but the most unbelievable and outrageous is that all of this user data (Russian user data) is stored on servers in the Netherlands. And who pays for all of this? They make money from apps, ads or advertisements? Of course not. Is the Russian Government paying them billions for user data? No. So who? Remember the Netherlands is now an NSA partner. Who pays billions for user data? If you said the US Government then you get the point..

By the way we had another "Yandex Moment" looks like the "look but don't touch policy" was violated again.   


Officially Doing Nothing, Transferring Responsibility, Avoiding Real Issue, Negligence = Stabilityy

My letters concerned real issues of corruption, negligence and ten years of our petitions for citizenship left to simply be ignored. The tone of the letter below is obetter than the last one where they wrote to us as if we are retarded. I guess they saw I posted the last one. The last paragraph is rich. They tell me due to the contents of our last letter we should just go to the local office. Which is more poppy cock as the local office will not help us because we have asylum so we must go to the office where Molodievsky and all of the figure who remain in their positions depsite the collapse of FMS and the recent liquidation of the government by Putin, are sitting issuing orders to threaten and interrogate me and not allow anyone with asylum to get citizenship..

So what are you gonna do with the Werewolves? Nothing? Killing peoplem, planting narcotics and threatening agents is normal? I see you gritting your teeth and getting your panties in a bundle.  

2020: Continued Attempt to Obtain a Pardon for John - Year 5 - Sentenced on Orders of the CIA and McFaul and Sentenced on "Secret" Evidence - For refusing to plea guilty he was actually given an extra year, now he is being tortured through sleep deprivation, as we attempt to obtain a guarantee that he will not be handed over to the USA or the CIA where he will be tortured and when no longer needed, killed. It's not that it's all racist, it's just racist..

2020: Removing the Demonic Parasites in Power (Phase Two))

No Real Results Just Hidden Threats and Avoidance: Month 5 of trying to get a pardon letter sent, year 10 of trying to get our citizenship petitions simply forwarded to the proper body. Unbelievablee

We are publishing every answer and letter. Three more instances have yet to respond including the United Nations' UNHCR which is a proven USA tool and will never help real asylees. I have been stripped of every possible human right yet the UN will do nothing. We recall that the USA left me, Puerto Rican Taino Indian stateless and the UN is supposed to protect us on MANY levels. Failedd

Я помню эссе, которое мы должны были написать о Великой Отечественной войне. Все, кто написал исторически достоверный патриотический статей как я, были уволены. Это настоящий Дмитрий Киселевв

January 20, 2020 - I accidently turned on the first federal channel. As a former federal Russian state employee I do so out of habit. But then I quickly turn it off. Dmitry Kisilev, the pedophile Jewish mafia "journalist" who infiltrated the Russian media as an agent of Putin and is continuing to work for the CIA and the BND and the SBU, is trying to trash some woman for marrying some man. The absurd freakiness of it is too much to bear. This son of a bitch who had me poisoned in his office, who called me the opposition for supporting Putin and who openly stated that there must only be nine voices on the world media and he is one of them after attending a CIA/US State Department recruitment program with eight other individuals, has the audacity to continue pretending to be a journalist and continues to pour dirt on others for the liberal demonic swamp creatures working for the lucre of the enemy..

I am aware of the entire structure of the Russian Chabad Lubavich and the CIA Network and it is massive. It includes people in almost every ministry and every single federal government body and although President Putin has valiantly attempted to cut the head off of the hydra, it is the heads controlling the lucre which must next be chopped off. It is their infiltration of the entire economic and socio-political system and their almost unlimited tentacles which must be chopped off at the source..

I am now fighting to the death thanks to Mr. Shulepov and his orders from Molodievsky. They should have known me enough by now to know that I do not rattle. I am not one to intimidate or scare off and I will not be silent until justice is done or I am dead. For refusing to pay a bribe and for working with the proper and real Authorities of the Russian Federation, these ignorant guerillas and scum destroyed my family and received payment from the CIA after orchestrating the arrest of my innocent son. Where did "journalist" Kisilev get the money for a brand new Mercedes Brabus number o026oo 777 in the weeks surrounding my son's arrest? From the Black Money coffers of the CIA is where, that is what my research has shown, funneled through Germany and his contacts in the Ukraine. It would be a simple investigation by the tax authorities if there was anyone honest enough to go after him but there isn't. That is a problem..

So Phase Two will have to see all of the interfaces to the zams and those making real decisions for money cut off completely. I know about the bouquets and the dark blue VW vans, that would be a good start. Also while CIA Agent Gorbachev, Chubais and the rest continue roosting over Moscow pulling levers and jerking strings and issuing orders and controlling from the shadows, there will be no justice ever.  

The simple truth is that mafia scum serving the CIA managed to have my son arrested and destroy us here in Russia on orders from the CIA and Michael McFaul. Yes I investigated 911 and reached the end of that rabbit whole but for what? Not one person has been arrested. So I am focusing now on those who are paid by them here and if I were you I would be very worried. No Shulepov I will not pay a bribe, nor will I sell out my service, nor will you terrorize me into silence. In reality it is you and your cronies and bribe-taking criminal grouping who should be afraid right now. You are all guilty of multiple murders and decades of false arrests and illegally appropriating property that was obtained through criminal means. You took away everything I had, now I am what you must most fear, a man with nothing to lose..

For those of you who are reading this and do not understand things, such as the pond where bodies were disposed of and which was bulldozed over to build the new headquarters and apartment blocks, do not worry, these posts are not for you. For 17 years I was a teacher for the "elites" who are in fact mafia scum in Lubertsy and who received lucre and instructions from the CIA, MI6, the SBU and anyone with enough cash. I was also the lead announcer for the VOice of Russia World Service and carefully recorded the activities of the 5th column who toiok it apart. I carefully watched, recorded and documented everything I saw, heard and witnessed. That has all been reported on, including the Right Sector coming to my apartment and the narco-mafia police destroying my son's life on orders from Micahel McFaul and Gina Haspel. They read my blog. They visit every day. I know this post will get to them. We are beyond making deals. You had your chance which was quite simple. All I wanted was my son to come home and finally be left alone. Unlike you I am reasonable and merciful. I feel for your children who will know their fathers are nothing but killers and scum but since that is what you are they must know the truth. Your problem now.   

For those who know: Phase Two must take place quickly, quietly and completely.   

Detailed here::






2019: The Interrogation by My "Protectors" - Redactedd

January 18, 2020 - They are preparing to erase me and my children from history. The ignorant racist killers will do whatever they want to protect their own positions and claim we are stupid, ignorant and it is us in fact who are criminals, even though this is far from the truth I live under a state of house arrest in total terror to even go out for fear that one day they will come up to me and do what they did to my son, but to the racists who support each other do not care. I risked my life exposing the crimes of the CIA and the US Government and all of my colleagues and "friends" who were supposed to support us turned out to be cowards and rats whose only interest is appeasing America because that is where they all want to go. I then risked my life exposing the CIA backed and installed 5th column in Russia and what do I get? Threats and terror from officials who are supposed to protect us. There is no protection for refugees in Russia, there is no protection for journalists and those fighting for truth and justice. There was only protection for those serving the US State Department and the CIA as is evidenced by active CIA officer Edward Snowden who does what he wants while I, the only real "American Refugee" as to live in hiding. My last cards are already in play. My attempts to expose the entire network which put my only son away in prison for five years for a crime he did not commit have been taken to the last instance. The next day the entire government is fired. Is there any hope? Or will even more brutal and ignorant beasts takeover? There is one more fact that nobody knows about me and that could have saved my son but it also could have killed us all if I were to reveal everything. Why would MI6 and the CIA have attempted to take me down so many times? For exposing and outing their agents? Sure that is understandable but that is journalism. IF they were stupid enough to let agent lists get publish all over the Internet it is not the fault of the publishers but their own historic failures in Security. I contacted the United Nations and as it was before they will do nothing to help us because they are a US tool. The person I talked to would not even give me her name although I was supposed to tell her everything about me. I have no more illusions. I will die soon and before I do the truth will be released. Almost 1000 pages of truth. Please download and watch here or on my VK for the password which will be released soon. As soon as my last hope is taken away or if anything happens to me or my family the password will be released. I curse every one of you who reads this and laughs and does nothing to help us. You will rot in hell. That includes all of you scum who pretended to be my colleagues and supporters..






Citizenship Catch 22: "With asylum we will never send your documents to the President because they require his signature" "You need residency. You can't get residency because you have asylum""



January 14, 2020 - MVD Responds to our complaint of 10 years of inactivity on my family's official submissions for citizenship. This is critically important because I have written now what are hundreds of letters regarding their inactivity and the return of our applications for citizenship with no explanation and no reason given after I complained about demands for bribes. This is critically important for the forecast of law and order and justice in the Russian Federation. When the law on police was passed and the FMS was liquidated there was a hope that the corrupt, negligent and criminal elements in the MVD and FMS would be eliminated. However all that has really happened is that they have just changed uniforms. Amazingly the person who illegally ordered that refugees can not obtain citizenship, and the person who ordered our documents returned with explanation or consideration were not gottten rid of but instead made general in the MVD. These people were at the upper levels of the bribe pyramid and now they are quoting me the law while of course ignoring a justified and legally based grievance..

I am not a criminal, nor am I simply a refugee and when the truth comes out, which it will very soon if I continue to simply get the run around and if my son continues to be tortured through sleep deprivation, possibly something positive will happen..

You can not get rid of corruption simply by changing offices, losing documents and putting on a new uniform, just as you can not get away with simply labelling an innocent person a criminal and destroying them, even attempting to drive them to suicide as has been done to me. In the 1990s thugs and killers working for the CIA and MI6 and prospering because of the CIA came to power. It was these criminals and traitors who destroyed the Soviet Union, they continue to try to hold on to their power but it is waning. We have lived terrified of these ignorant mafia scum for decades, now it is time to tell them goodbye and return to the people the hope they once had. My story is just one of millions.  

The problem that I already filed for citizenship and it is being ignored for ten years now is never mentioned..

January 10, 2020 - Kremlin responds to our letters regarding John's torture..

2020: Torture - We Will No Longer Be Your Victimss

January 09, 2020 - Everyone has returned to work and the news about my son's continued detention has become alarmingly worse after almost four months of renewed efforts at actively attempting to obtain a pardon for him. This post is for anyone who is still human and continues to support and uphold the law if such people still do exist..

My son is now being tortured according to the definitions and determinations as set out by the UN Convention on Torture. There is no other word except torture to describe what my innocent son is experiencing right now in the prison colony in Mordovia where he has been held for almost five years. Anyone who knows about this and fails to take measures is an accessory to torture. The nature of the torture and the exact tool being used is sleep deprivation..

My sources in the prison colony state that after my multiple letters to President Putin and the Presidential Administration and also to the warden of IK-12 where he is being held, the "Special Section" of the prison under the directives of one Larissa Slavovna, a decision was made to do everything possible to block my son's letter from reaching the Presidential Administration (all of the details of the pardon procedures and the story are written about below), this has included blocking the mailing out of the pardon, making my son re-write the letter multiple times for no reason and now torture..

The form of the torture "sleep-deprivation" is being applied in the following manner: he is constantly being woken up at all hours of the night in order to undergo "surprise" inspections. The "officials" in the "Special Section" believe he has some form of communication with me and are using that as their reasoning. This was stated by my sources there..

The real reason for his torture is so we will be silent and we will cease and desist from attempting to obtain a Presidential Pardon for him. However that will not happen. We have started the process and we will go to the end with it. Their first attempt to block his pardon was the same "tool" that the CIA paid assets in the Russian Government have used on me and my family for over 12 years now, inactivity. They attempted to just round file his pardon request and simply not send it out as was requested by the presidential administration. This inactivity by officials charged with fulfilling duties is criminal in its nature and those guilty should at minimum be relieved of their "duties" since they actively refuse to carry those duties out..

This issue will not be resolved on-line and by posts here, and thus being such I will be off-line and dealing with this in the real world..

Again this post is for anyone who is interested in upholding the law. My phone number is +7-901-718-8391 . Thank you.           

January 01, 2020 - I am on hiatus and will finish the stories below AFTER the 9th of January when all Russians go back to work. Oh an LO and BEHOLD, Assange is "dying" as he is looked after 24/7 and even allowed to make calls out. HASBARA fails again..

Silence, they want us to be silent, and of course why not? Why would your victim need to have a voice??

Negligence, Demonization, Abandonment and Unbelieveable Cynicism - How the CIA Destroyed Internationally Recognized Asylees and Investigative Journalist Using Their Russian AssetsNegligence, Demonization, Abandonment and Unbelieveable Cynicism - How the CIA Destroyed Internationally Recognized Asylees and Investigative Journalist Using Their Russian Assets

December 31, 2019 - Time to cut the niceties, the diplomacy and the skirting around the issue. There are hundreds of individuals in the MVD who are either serving the mafia or the CIA, if there is in fact any difference. The mafia robs from the Russian State and the Russian people and the CIA uses them, recruits them and allows them to have their twisted dream of America, if that were not bad enough the CIA actually planted their agents and assets in the top layers of most government bodies and embedded their assets throughout the Russian Government after the collapse of the USSR.

The cynical and egregious corruption and negligence that has led to the destruction of myself and my family is a story that must be told and will be told in full and with every detail. The ramifications for the Russian Federation if the people I will detail are allowed to continue their subversion and illegal activities will be historic in scope and will eventually lead to the end of the Russian people, the Russian State and the Russian World.

The same criminal mafia groupings that have targetted me for the CIA are also continuing to work in the shadows to destabilize and in the end overthrow the government of the Russian Federation. They have not stopped and continue completely unabated.

Threatening refugees, demanding bribes, stealing cars, arresting innocent people, filling orders for the CIA, pretending to be FSB and GRU agents, attempting to obtain communications data about the FSB, attempting to obtain the nature of intelligence being passed, bribing officials,

If you are not familiar with intelligence operations and agent networks, let me clarify a few terms I frequently use.

Citizens one, two and three are we.

After the publication of the above material and the material below the result has been pressure being applied on my children again. My sources tell me that my son is now being awoken multiple times during the night while they conduct searches of his person. My daughter is being threatened with eviction. I am being informed of this so that I shut up. Which is not possible and will never happen. My son's treatment amounts to torture. 

The Real Story: Criminals Have Infested the System - How the Odessa and Lubertsy Criminal Groups Entered the Police and Government and Now Run the System, or Do They? 

I Had an English School, I Taught EFL: The Mafia Scum Decided They Wanted It - That's the Story

BKC-Ih (1996-2008)

Okay. So we start with 1996. As a founding teacher of the employment agency Vakansia which became BKC-Ih, I had the distasteful task of opening an affiliate school in the town of Malahovka in the Lubertsy Area of the Moscow Region. Doing business in Russia is not something I would ever recommend even to my worst enemies especially in the '90s. The business was a great idea and much needed at the time but the common problem faced by all businesses in the 1990s is part of the hidden history of the post-Soviet collapse and it is with this hidden history where our tale begins.

The CIA, MI-6 and the criminal profiteers ala Browder, Berezovsky and all of the assorted "business giants" and Western connected CIA lackeys ala Anton Surikov and his Far West LLC were having a field day raping Russia at the time. Everything was up for grabs and it did not take much brains to get a piece of the destroyed USSR, all it took was brute force and violence and pay-offs to the right people. MI-6 Asset, fake journalist and total wanker Luke Harding had it partially right when he wrote his "Mafia State" smear job which in fact attempted to protect the likes of Browder and other MI-6 scum who were stealing everything that was not bolted down in Russia at the time. 

In the 1990s to start any business in Russia you had to have mafia protection. It was a given because that was the only way to be safe from bandits and rogue officials and police who would blackmail businesses for bribes and if protection money was not paid businesses could be destroyed completely. It was also common practices for all business men to open restaurants as a place to meet and to launder money. This was why restaurants were so expensive in the '90s. The owners did not care if the establishments made money so they over-priced everything to keep attendance low. Restaurants were ideal for money laundering and legalizing black money because the client flow was never fixated and any illegal monies could be attributed to anonymous customers. Amid this environment I was one of the founding teachers of BKC-Ih.

BKC-Ih became the biggest language school in the Russian Federation, and in fact an MI-6 Front, and had an excellent "roof" in Moscow but the mafia in Moscow could not protect the company's assets in Lubertsy as it was run by the Lubertsy mafia which at the time featured the likes of Yaponchik and was in fact running almost the entire Moscow Region. I was sent to the heart of the mafia's domain to open a school in the small town of Malahovka, located in the Moscow Region, not far from Lubertsy.

I was never involved in paying the bribes and never dealt with this side but I witnessed all of it and was always informed by the Russian staff who had to deal with it, including my own organizer in Malahovka, Ludmilla who introduced me to the local mafia head in the days before we opened the school. Apparently, looking back on it now, as he was my private student through BKC at the beginning, it was his approval that allowed BKC-Ih to open a school in Malahovka.

BKC-Ih was and is an extension of American and British interests in Russia. The exact same thing happened in the Ukraine and is now happening in Belarus. This is deeper and blacker than even simple soft-power as is partially detailed in my research and reports of the Anglo-American School on the USAID page of this site.  

Later it was this person and her family who burned me to the CIA after they found out I was "working" for the Security Services of the Russian Government as well and not simply a stupid naive "American Boy" who they could use and manipulate as they saw fit, but I am getting ahead of myself here. The person and her family, the Kuranov's then took over the school in a mafia raid after they apparently bought me from BKC-Ih for 25 thousand dollars after I had built the school up for 13 years and had made it into a real money-maker.

The 1990's were not enough for these scum. Many of the bandits and killers and thieves and agents almost seamlessly moved into positions of power in the Lubertsy Administration, the Moscow Regional Duma and the police and prosecutor's offices. They are to this day sitting in these positions and no one is challenging them and no investigations are taking place no matter how many people they have killed or destroyed.

Gorbachev - CIA

Chubais - CIA, MI6, Bilderberg

Yeltsin, Luzhkov, Baturina - CIA, MI6, Chabad Lubavich, Aeroflot, Clintons

Mitrofanov - MI6, CIA, MOSSAD, Clinton Family, Browder, Alpha Bank

Navalny, Sobchak, Sobol - USSD/USAID/CIA, FBK, CIA, Yale, Skull and Bones, CFR

Benedictov - CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Khazarian Mafia, Soros, Clinton Crime Family 

Kisilev - BND, USSD/CIA, Khazarian Mafia, Child Trafficking, Odessa, Mogilev, Parashenko

4 Generals in Internal Moscow MVD Under "The Devil" (Korolev)

Rizhitsky - USAID/CIA, Mitrofanov, MVD Moscow Region, Far West LLC, NATO, Opium Trafficking

Gromov - USAID/CIA, Alpha Bank, Far West LLC, NATO, Opium Trafficking

Yaponchik - Burubin Family - Pravo Poryadok, Far West LLC - Cheney - CIA - Child Trafficking

Surikov Family - Far West LLC - Cheney - USAID/CIA, MI6, SBU

???? Prosecutor Lubertsy, Werewolves With Epaulets

Judges in Lubertsy and Kuzminki, Rhazansky, Zhulebino Moscow Districts

40 Police Investigators in Felony Divisions and Narcotics

DPS Lubertsy and Moscow Region

FMS/MVD Lubertsy and Moscow Region - USAID/CIA, Mitrofanov


Larissa Slavovna and her bosses

Blocking the pardon request of my son.

Dmitry Shulepov and his bosses including Molodievsky, Kazakova and the beast in the shadows - Mitrofanov Add (4 Generals and the Devil)

In 2007 a huge million dollar dacha appeared in Malahovka witha kilometer of high security wall. The locals called it the Great Wall of China. They also said that behind the wall lived the boss of all bosses of the Moscow Region Mafia. Who lived beyond that was was unclear. Was it Mitrofanov? Rizhitsky? Molodievsky? Or perhpas the senior Burubin? I did not investigate but never did hear anything more as my school was soon taken away and I never went to Malahovka again.

Attempting to get information regarding my relationship with security and by his own statements outing Molodievsky

Daria Romanova and her bosses

Filled the order for the US Embassy and the CIA on the arrest of my son for 228. Believed I was working for security asked me directly and asked if my son did. Fake narcotics arrests on 228 for the Werewolves in Epaulets. Secret evidence, no recordings, no witnessed allowed, no evidence from John allowed in court to prove his innocence. Their absolute unprofessionalism and impunity were historic. From the fake arrest using a known and convicted drug addict and snitch who was not presented for cross examination in court to the presence of CIA officers from the embassy in court to every single detail including statements by the judge herself (Sobol: "If I find your son innocent 46 officers will lose their jobs. That will not happen") my son's arrest by orders of the US Embassy in reality outed the entire criminal network inside the MVD and all of the territorial organs in Lubertsy, Zhulebino and Reytov and surrounding areas where hundreds of innocent people have been murdered, driven to suicide, destroyed and disappeared since the 1990s.   

Kruchkov and his bosses

Exposed my name to the mafia. Facilitated the theft of my school

Donskoy and his bosses

Openly offered me a rope to hang myself instead of help in moving on our citizenship applications

Surikov and their CIA asset Krassovsky

Hiding black money, media operations, black operations support for the CIA and SBU including an armed military takeover of the Russian State.


Anatoly Valchev - Connected to Michael McFaul, in his words delivered young boys to Dmitry Kisilev

Dmitry Kisilev and his assistants Sergey Kotchetkov, Victoria Alhimova, Mark Stolyar and the CIA Team

Liquidation of the Voice fo Russia. Poisoning me. (Attempted murder) Murders of multiple employees at the VOR. Media operations. Alchohol market takeover for Chabad Lubavich. In a private meeting he told me that there should only be nine voices giving the news to the world and he should be one of them. (The other eight were present with him at a State Department meeting in 2012). According to director Anaatoly Vlasev Kisilev is a pedophile for him he procured boys in the 1990s.

Бывший посол США в России Майкл Макфол 20 марта 2014 года сообщил, что Киселёв участвовал в программе Государственного департамента США. Корреспондент Buzzfeed Макс Седдон сообщил, что с 23 по 25 июля 2012 года Киселёв и ещё восемь журналистов из семи стран побывали на встрече, организованной подразделением государственного департамента США Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (англ.) по линии «Программы международного лидерства» и посвящённой «угрозам глобальной безопасности в XXI веке»

Brought in CIA Avatar Edward Snow Den as a CIA controlled fake media asylee 

Semya Burubin and the Polish CIA net

Multiple murders and decades of crimes running mafia protection rackets in Malahovka and the Lubertsy Region.

Semya Kuranova

Bought me from BKC-Ih for 25,000. Tookover my school. Brought in Yura Salogub a Ukrainian SBU officer from New Jersey who then facilitated in the taking over of my school. Was individual who facilitated in burning me to the CIA after a meeting with Salogub and Anna Kuranova and Ludmilla Kuranova with my controller. Connected to Sergey Fomin who has asylum in the United States after burning me and I was photographed entering security. 

For two years I kept the fact that I had asylum a secret. Then one day I had to call the central office for some reason and they told me that Malahovka was no longer their school. How could that be? How was that possible? Why had no one contacted me? I had worked and developed that school for 13 years. I had invested time and money into that branch and had a very successful base of clients and was bringing in almost a million rubles a month. Consistently and dependably.

That day I will remember forever. I contacted Ludmilla Kuranova, the woman I had worked with for 13 years. She was the one who paid the mafia and took care of all of the organizational problems for BKC. She told me that her daughter was now running the school. I went to visit them. They told me that they would be paying me my salary from then on and that they needed a copy of my documents. As I had already worked for them for almost a month they owed me quite a lot of money and the only way that I was going to get it was giving them copies of my documents. I did so and their reaction was one of shcok and amazement. They had no idea I had asylum and they were not happy. Later she came to me and told me to come by her house in the evening after the lessons. I did so and she proceeded to tell me that she found out I worked for one of the State Security Service and that no matter what I must not tell anyone about my asylum and I must keep working for her because she had paid BKC-Ih $25,000 for me and the school. That is how I found out I had been sold.

The next day this Anna took a plane to the USA. Why? When she returned she brought back a Ukrainian from New Jersey who as it turned out was a CIA Asset attached to the SBU. As it also turned out ALL of these people were pure mafia and the stories for 13 years that it was necessary to pay for a "roof" to this bandit Burubin and this Pravo Poryadok were all lies, she was part of their little Criminal Group.

This Anna and her Salogub offered to get me a Russian Passport through Pravo Poryadok for the sum $50 000 dollars. According to this Yura Salogub, this is how much he paid for his Russian Passport.      

Semya Salogub a CIA Asset

Ran raid of my school that I had built up for 13 years. Ran smear campaign with lawyer from NGO connected to United Nations.





Legalizing stolen vehicles (Stole my car, police report filed, nothing done)


The head of the "official" mafia in the Moscow Region now in Zagreb. Cut funding for the VOR to liquidate it

Pravo Poryadok the mafia di tuti mafia protection network

The Narco-Mafia Police of Lubertsy and Zhulebino

These animals consider it simply a job to toss a bag of narcotics on an innocent person and then demand a bribe of 9 million rubles. They were thought to have been disbanded but the leaders stayed in their positions and simply recruited new bandits and killers into their scheme. The head must be cut off forever.

The Bandit With the Office

The Calls

Durasova and her assistants Rossius et al

Another bouquet of flowers for the pig woman.

Yandex once again.

You can buy the rights for this story for 40 million dollars and own the publication rights. - JUST KIDDING)))

New Insurance Files 22 Years (The Case Files)








WWIII: Rothschild, the Zionists and the Real Trump Derangement Syndrome



January 11, 2020 - The takeover of the world by the Terrorist States and Corporations of Israel and the United States of America has run into a problem. The utter lie of their "military superiority" has been exposed. God bless the Islamic Republic of Iran for striking the Hydra of Satan. From the endless lies that allowed the stealing of our lands to the brutal merciless genocide of my people, the so-called USA has continued the same tactics throughout history and the world. Lies building trust, then slavery and theft, then genocide. The Satanic Corporation of the United States of America must be liquidated forever and the lands returned to the native peoples. They will never win because their foundation of genocide and lies will not stand the test of time. Wait my kin. They can takeover the channels of truth and fill the world with lies but there is one thing they will never do, change the truth itself. The truth will prevail.  

Do not be fooled by the USA lunatics calling the assassination of a fighter against terrorism a great deed. Tricking and killing a man who is fighting terrorism as he goes to a funeral for his comrades is nothing "great" or brave. That is the tactic of cowards. The same lies and tricks and cowardice that the "Americans" and "Israelis" have used since their genocide based "countries" were founded. So far Iran has retaliated by wiping out only about 100 hundred us war rats but the numbers need to be in parity with the millions of people in the Middle East that the so-called USA has slaughtered in the last 50 years or more. Will Iran be the great avenger? For the genocides the USA is responsible for and their endless coward "wars" against weak countries and civilian populations one can only pray that for every single innocent person slaughtered by the USA and their terrorist proxies, ten "American" terrorist "servicemen" will be eliminated. This is the only way.

ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, the same as Al-Qaeda was CIA. Fake terrorist organizations to kill innocents for the sole reason of giving the US/Israeli State Terrorist Organization a reason to keep killing innocent people in weak countries. They spread around the world with their swords. Now they need to be sent home by the sword. In body bags or zippy bags, it makes no difference, and as that is not enough then they need to be eradicated right at home and the endless wars that the USA has historically launched worldwide must be brought to their shores. Bombs must rain down on American cities. That is the only way they will stop slaughtering the innocent peoples of the world.   

Using the same logic as the lunatic USA does, such as the Bethlehem Doctrine, it would be perfectly understandable for coalition of countries around the world to launch pre-emptive strikes on any and all US Military installations anywhere in the world including those inside the territory of the United States itself. Any and every country in the world "except Israel" and its NATO clients is a potential target for US Military aggression. Any country with an independent or non-USA complaint government or a non-exploitable society or resource base is a real target for "American" military attack, therefore all countries not controlled by the Corporation of the USA and its satellites has the right and responsibility to aggressively defend itself. As the international mechanisms of law and order and control have been ignored by the Corporation of the United States which has placed itself outside of the law in almost every sphere of operation and action, they must be dealt with as the rogue, corrupt, lawless, genocidal and terrorist body that they have become. The US Government, the CIA and the entire USA/NATO Military Industrial Intelligence Complex must be wiped completely off the map and if the world wants peace the territory of the USA must be returned to its rightful owners, the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. The world has had enough of these twisted and sick offspring of genociders. The USA only understands force, so force is the language that must be used.  

Americans are INSANE. Commie hoards? They mean poor brown people or what?: "Unfortunately, Donald Trump is our only defence against the Commie hoards. We like his policies on migration, gender and the Supreme Court. We appreciate his defence of white people, Christians and heterosexuals from Communist onslaught." This Well-Hidden Trump Story Sheds Light on What’s Happening Today

2019: Turn It Off. Turn It All Off

December 30, 2019 - I suppose it is my responsibility to you, dear readers, to come up with a brilliant year in review piece or some such. However this year I think I will pass if you don't mind. Everything we predicted came true and the world continues a one way trip into the depths of hell.

Later: Since I am still fighting I suppose I should keep up with tradition. I am editing live right onto the site so you get a chance for a glimpse into my process. We start our little journalistic endeavor with the ideas, then map them out into a logical sequence leading to the conclusion we wish to communicate to the reader. I do this all in my head but if you are starting out you can map it all out on paper. I used to type everything out on word but have deleted that step too in the interests of time, with experience you can do the same. If you are researching something new make sure you have a collection of links and supporting material. I have already deeply researched all of the headings below so I skipped this step. The topics are en endless repetition but we have to keep screaming until somebody listens.

The Global MOCKINGBIRD and the Death of the Internet

Historical Revisionism

How the CIA Infilitrated and Installed a Shadow Government in the Russian Federation


The Genocide of the Semites, Arabs, Indians. Russians, Swedes by the ashke-NAZIs

The Takeover of the World

9/11 and the Endless Wars it Facilitated: No Prosecution for WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: The HAGUE is a Joke

The Global Spread of Racist Hate and Sexual Perversion

The Death of Critical Thinking and Investigative Journalism

The Real Trump Derangement Syndrome

The NWO and Zionist Supremacy

My Struggle and the Killing of My Entire Family: I Break the World Record for Asylum

Fake Leak Site WikiLeaks, 426 Slaughtered Children in Latakia by MOSSAD/CIA/MI6

December 29, 2019 - Year End FAKE NEWS Summary. WikiLeaks tries to enter the leak field again by masking a press release as a leak. Don't believe a word they say. As with all of the HASBARA/TALPIOT MOSSAD BULLSHIT they put out before, on the surface it appears real but in reality it is just information that we already know, is already out there and has already been stated and mentioned elsewhere. I wrote and published dozens of articles and leaks on the multiple fake chemical weapons attacks in Syria in the past (See my Syria page) and WikiLeaks did nothing to cover or expose these horrendous crimes and just as with today, has never mentioned who is behind them or provided one "LEAK" to out MOSSAD or the CIA who were responsible for the brutal mass-murder and egregious war crime that was the slaughter of 426 children in Latakia Syria by MOSSAD/CIA head chopping "terrorist" lunatics.

At the time of the events we published evidence (even on the Voice of Russia) and I wrote articles and published photographs showing that the actual chemical weapons that were used were sourced to Israel. We also published many videos and photographs of children being used in CIA/White Helmets style fake chemical attack footage. So when MOSSADLeaks decides to mention the 426 children slaughtered in Latakia or the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 ties to the fake chemical attacks and the documented western weapons being delivered to the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) in Syria, or even the stealing of Syrian oil by the USA and Israel, then maybe we will publish something from MOSSADLeaks (WikiLeaks) again. The OPCW leaks are no doubt damning if they are real but as with everything WikiLeaks (NOT A WIKI) it is a little too little and a little too late, and once again this is not a leak but a PRESS RELEASE which as always protects MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 and focusses on someone else, namely the OPCW.   

We Are Taking a Break for the Holidays: We will only update news and content if something extremely important needs publishing. Watch the blog or stay tuned here for updates and any year end summaries, publications or commentaries!

December 28, 2019 - Providing 24/7 News coverage and endless documents and leaks take endless work. On the site level we are grateful to our supporters in Sweden who are the only individuals in the world providing meaningful real support for the sites. We are also grateful to the approximately five thousand people who visit every day. In the real world we are grateful to the Kremlin and certain honest and uncorrupted officials who support our decades long struggle. I am also grateful to my students whose thirst for knowledge is commendable and gives me real hope for the future. I am also grateful to my son who continues to keep his head up and stay clear despite the Machiavellian machinations he has been subject to. I am also grateful to T who has made my humble job possible and S for his patience in my debt, Я for his hunger for the truth and belief in me when no one else did and I must not forget O for giving me a decent job and saving my New Year's. Finally we are grateful to those very, very few people who are close to us and continue to be friends no matter what. Happy Holidays to all of you and I wish you all the best wherever in the world you may be! God bless you all and remember good will conquer evil and in the end the truth will win.

On the Global Fake News BBG MOCKINGBIRD Talpiot HASBARA Global NWO Control Grid

December 28, 2019 - Year End FAKE NEWS Summary. Don't believe a word they say.


The cancer on humanity, the entire human race and the entire planet that is the fake genocide based construct known as the Corporation of the United States of America continues its relentless spread worldwide.


December 24, 2019 - All tests successful. No issues detected. Seamless DNS transfers.

FSB Shooter a Liberal Programmed MKULTRA Remote Suicide Operative?

G4S The New GLADIO False Flag Terror Facilitators

December 19, 2019 - MKULTRA/GLADIO liberal suicider. As the information continues to come we are faced with the one conclusion that again proves that everything I have been saying and writing about for years is again true.

Terrorism and the terrorist threat to the country and the Security Services must be re-assessed as this incident has proven.

The terrorist threat is no longer radicalized Islamic groupings or Neo-Nazi paramilitary armed formations or even disgruntled racial "minorites" but as this case has shown and as the CIA and FBI have mastered in the US and the West, the new terrorist threat is the lone shooter.

With the terrorist profiling focussing on the above mentioned groups no one could have profiled Eugene Manureov and no alarm bells went off regarding this idividual. He was on the surface an educated and upstanding Russian and a citizen of the Russian Federation with an interest in serving the security services, and here we have the basis for the new terrorist profile.

Along with the CIA control of the privatization of the Russian Federation after the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the manipulation into the writing of the Russian Constitution, Liberal elements have successfully introduced their ideology into the Security Community. As with Anton Surikov who controlled Far West LLC for Cheney and Halliburton and the CIA and was brainwashed by Western ideology, we see Liberal Western Ideology as the basis for the belief system of another Mind Control Victim or MCV. For those in the Intelligence Community and those indoctrinated into such programs the evidence is more than clear, it is completely obvious. Although for the civilian this will seem like an outrageous claim one need do a little simple research into MKULTRA programming and the Lone GLADIO Operations after the Second World War to see that this truth is inescapable and clear...      

Very damning assessment here:

Meet G4S, the New CIA/MI6/NATO False Flag Terror Unit



Евгений Манюров, человек с маниакальными наклонностями, около десяти лет проработал в ЧОП-е, являющемся российским подразделением британской ЧВК G4S. Так ли случайно появление оппозиционных блогеров рядом с местом терракта?

Шокирующее событие – нападение на приёмную ФСБ на Лубянке – помимо своей безумной дерзости поражает ещё и каким-либо отсутствием видимых мотивов. Молчит любящее брать ответственность за всё и вся «Исламское государство»*. Нет каких-либо предсмертных записок, видеообращений и других «завещаний» от самого стрелка, Евгения Манюрова. Что им двигало, почему он решился на такой шаг? Да кто это вообще такой?!

И нам кажется, что разгадка мотивов «лубянского стрелка» кроется именно в его биографии. Потому что в ней присутствуют крайне любопытные моменты, и в сумме они показывают личность Манюрова под очень интересным углом. А дополнительную подсветку на всю ситуацию бросает и «случайное» присутствие около неё видных деятелей оппозиции.

Итак, что нам известно о Манюрове Евгении Фатиховиче, 1980 года рождения, неженатом, без вредных привычек и друзей, работавшем охранником? Всего лишь небольшая деталь, о которой узнала наша редакция – он около ДЕСЯТИ ЛЕТ работал на российское подразделение крупнейшей британской ЧВК G4S.

G4S – это монстр. Это корпорация, масштабы которой нам даже сложно себе представить – в ней работает более полумиллиона человек в сотне стран мира. G4S была создана в далёком 1901 году, на пике могущества Британской империи, и с тех пор так плотно вросла в систему английских силовых органов, что практически от них не отличается – охраняет тюрьмы и Олимпиаду-2012, а также проводит «гуманитарные миссии» по всему миру (что уже ясно говорит о том, что это — не обычный ЧОП). G4S смотрит на разных любителей из Blackwater/Academi с их жалкими 20 тысячами сотрудников как слон на моську.

И вот в подразделении этой выдающейся конторы наш Евгений проработал, по нашей информации, с 1999 по 2009 годы! Там формировался как личность, рос, мужал, набирался уму-разуму.

Стоит ли объяснять, что за это время к нему не могли не присмотреться служебные психологи, которые наверняка взяли на заметку его скрытный, нелюдимый характер и другие ценные (на всякий случай) качества? Стоит ли объяснять, что эти психологи наверняка отправляли такого рода информацию наверх, руководству конторы, которая с полным основанием может считаться такой же спецслужбой Великобритании как МИ-5 или МИ-6? И стоит ли объяснять, что там могли взять Манюрова на заметку и внести в число своего оперативного резерва, спящих агентов или агентов потенциальных?

Последнее – наиболее вероятно. СМИ многократно упоминали о том, что «лубянский стрелок» занимался стрельбой – но обстоятельства этого увлечения также очень многозначительны. Дело в том, что осенью 2019 года Евгений уволился со всех работ, записался в стрелковый клуб ДОСААФ и научился там прилично стрелять. Причём стрелял, не снимая верхней одежды – той самой парки, в которой и «пошёл на дело» потом. Привыкал.

«Последние годы он работал сразу в нескольких охранных фирмах, но потом отовсюду уволился. В последнее время не работал, общался с какими-то арабами по телефону, я ничего не понимала, о чем, ведь говорил он с ними по-английски» — это слова матери Манюрова.

Итак, бывший сотрудник английской силовой корпорации по неизвестным причинам увольняется со всех работ, интенсивно обучается стрельбе и параллельно общается по телефону с неизвестными англоязычными собеседниками, а потом нападает на здание ФСБ. Что тут ещё нужно добавить?

Многие сейчас рисуют Манюрова как озлобленного неудачника. Это довольно поверхностно: ведь человек, несмотря на отсутствие личной жизни, был профессионально достаточно успешен, работа в нескольких фирмах наверняка его прилично обеспечивала. Его не увольняли, не «обижали», у него, вроде бы, не было конфликтов с властью — напротив, он сам решил разорвать свои связи с обществом. Соцсети стрелок не вёл – кроме единственного поста в Инстаграме.

Исламистский след (слова матери Манюрова об «арабах») тут явно не прослеживается – стрелок не демонстрировал никаких признаков интереса к религии. Зато накануне подготовки к теракту осознал себя как маньяк.

Осознал только сейчас – или же его раскусили давным-давно, ещё во время работы в G4S? 10 лет – достаточный срок для того, чтобы по сумме фактов поведения понять «потенциал» человека, подобрать к нему «ключи». А потом – о чём-то говорить по-английски.

Манюров со всех сторон выглядит ИДЕАЛЬНОЙ «торпедой» — обособленный ото всех, «подпольный» человек (по Достоевскому) с ненавистью к миру. Таких, как он, не нужно подкупать, врать про «гарантии отхода», обещать какое-то последующее «убежище» — его просто нужно было направить в нужную сторону, а там он всё сделает сам, и потом умрёт, унося тайну вербовки в могилу. Нужную сторону выбрали англоязычные собеседники, как и нужное время — в день юбилея ФСБ и пресс-конференции президента.

Они же, судя по всему, позаботились о том, чтобы привлечь поближе к месту события тех, кто будет потом разгонять в оппозиционных СМИ нужную картинку, да не просто картинку – а репортаж с места событий.

Совершенно случайно оказался рядом с Лубянкой в тот вечер блогер Илья Варламов, который чуть-чуть не успел на саму стрельбу, но всё-таки выложил видео с комментарием «Что происходит сейчас вокруг Лубянки». Потом свои слова о случайной прогулке он удалил, а новость стал дополнять чужими видеоматериалами. Но факт остался – почему-то его крайне вовремя туда повлекло гулять.

Как и Ольгу Миcик – ещё одну свежеиспечённую медийную персону, которая летом читала ОМОНу Конституцию, а осенью – ездила в Данию, выступать в тамошнем парламенте с докладом о ситуации в России с демократией. И хотя телеграм-канал Мисик называется «Атрофированный инстинкт самосохранения», что как бы намекает на отмороженность, всё же остаётся также неясным – а как Оля оказалась в нужное время возле Лубянки, да ещё и с оператором, который её снимает?

Одним словом, складывается впечатление, что ряду «лидеров общественного мнения» из тех, что похрабрее, намекнули, что примерно в столько-то примерно там-то надо бы погулять, снимая всё вокруг – может быть информационная бомба. Без подробностей. Они и пошли исправно гулять. Что тоже даёт нам понять, откуда могли единым нервом координировать и само нападение, и его информационное обеспечение.

В качестве постскриптума можно отметить вот что: большому количеству видео с места происшествия мы обязаны новому поколению москвичей. Тех, которые выросли уже в безопасное время и не привыкли падать на землю во время стрельбы на улицах как в 90-е. Тех, кого приучила к безопасности путинская эпоха. А это ещё раз лучше всего говорит о том, что «люди работают», и в целом общество стало гораздо более расслабленным именно из-за их эффективной работы.

*организация запрещена в РФ

Григорий Игнатов, ИА Журналистская правда

CIA Led Destabilization Operations Against Russia Handed Over to the Black Operations Community

With last summer's failure of the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD to destabilize Russia and orchestrate a "Color Revolution" in the Russian Federation and plant their agents in the Moscow City Duma the destabilization operations have now been taken over by Black Operations Command and JSOC/NATO GLADIO elements have now officially joined the fray.

After deep analysis of the history of the shooter at the Lubyanka and his connections, work for security companies and bodies, education and failed attempts to enter the legal sphere and politics our conclusion is that the same bodies and organizations that the Black Operation Community uses to carry out their destabilization operations worldwide were also infiltrated in the Russian Federation. In my own research and through direct experience I have found direct NSA/CIA and MI-6 interference in the City of Podolsk that goes back at least 15 years. Being as the shooter was a resident of the City of Podolsk the ties, infrastructure and operations that I have detailed in the past must be looked at in a more serious manner and with the understanding that they are connected to MI-6 and the CIA.

I am busy trying to finish the film

Journalists Classifed as Terrorists, Truth Community Decimated, No Serious Analysis

The Clintonite global Illuminati et al Criminal Mass-Murdering Cabal has successfully wiped out all Investigative Journalists (as I bear witness) and anyone running against the Global MOCKINGBIRD narrative and has successfully taken over the Global Media using their New World Order Jooish racist partners, so there is no chance that you will see serious debate on this issue and if you do it will be used to distract from the real issue and the real hidden hand behind events such as this.

We recall that the media control mechanisms have been literally taken over by NATO, just do a search for Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the BBG and you will see what I have been trying to tell you all for years. This is why I was targetted.


The solution is quite simple but the political and fabricated will of the social base that they have been allowed to grow will make any changes almost impossible at the public level. Since Tsarist times Western Liberalism has been the most destructive force in the Russian World. Modern Liberlism in all of its mutated forms must then be looked at and dealt with for what it is: a real and present threat to State Security, social stability and now must be viewed for what it is - an extremist terrorist breeding anti-Russian ideology which must be eliminated wherever it has embedded itself.

That is my professional assessment and the real solution although the entrenched Liberals will never allow it to happen.

RoblesTiny Accountability: Five Years

December 19, 2019 - John Robles III has now been in prison for almost 5 years for a crime he did not commit. Now his letter asking for a pardon is being blocked by a "Special Section" at the colony. We will not be silent and we will no longer be your easy victims. I know you are reading this you son of a bitch. I know who you are. I know your name, your patronym and your current location. You will lose your millions of dollars a year, your houses and flats and even your ugly wife and fat kids but what is worse is that your entire criminal pyramid will collapse and you will never get to see the shores of the fantasy land America which you have betrayed Russian for. I have nothing to lose you stinking fat rat secretion piece of scum. This is your final warning. All I have to do is simply press enter.

Accountability: CIA War Crimes Against Innocent Humans

December 17, 2019 - Is inescapable... Sketches drawn in captivity by the Guantánamo Bay Palestinian prisoner known as Abu Zubaydah, self-portraits of the torture he was subjected to under Bloody Gina Haspel's torture program during the four years he was held in secret prisons by the C.I.A. He was admittedly mistaken for a terrorist.

The illegal criminal genocide-based corporation that is the United States of America with its illegal Wars of Aggression and its attempt at taking over the world through war, subversion and countless elements of control is beginning to fail. The International War Crimes pictured below and everything documented on JAR2, from the first Srebrenica to 9/11 will eventually have to be answered for.


What the C.I.A.’s Torture Program Looked Like to the Tortured

Drawings done in captivity by the first prisoner known to undergo “enhanced interrogation” portray his account of what happened to him in vivid and disturbing ways.

An image drawn by Abu Zubaydah, a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay, shows how the C.I.A. applied an approved torture technique called “cramped confinement.”Credit... Abu Zubaydah, Courtesy Mark P. Denbeaux

By Carol Rosenberg Dec. 4, 2019

This article was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba — One shows the prisoner nude and strapped to a crude gurney, his entire body clenched as he is waterboarded by an unseen interrogator. Another shows him with his wrists cuffed to bars so high above his head he is forced on to his tiptoes, with a long wound stitched on his left leg and a howl emerging from his open mouth. Yet another depicts a captor smacking his head against a wall.

They are sketches drawn in captivity by the Guantánamo Bay prisoner known as Abu Zubaydah, self-portraits of the torture he was subjected to during the four years he was held in secret prisons by the C.I.A.

Published here for the first time, they are gritty and highly personal depictions that put flesh, bones and emotion on what until now had sometimes been portrayed in popular culture in sanitized or inaccurate ways: the so-called enhanced interrogations techniques used by the United States in secret overseas prisons during a feverish pursuit of Al Qaeda after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

In each illustration, Mr. Zubaydah — the first person to be subject to the interrogation program approved by President George W. Bush’s administration — portrays the particular techniques as he says they were used on him at a C.I.A. black site in Thailand in August 2002.
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They demonstrate how, more than a decade after the Obama administration outlawed the program — and then went on to partly declassify a Senate study that found the C.I.A. lied about both its effectiveness and its brutality — the final chapter of the black sites has yet to be written.

Mr. Zubaydah, 48, drew them this year at Guantánamo for inclusion in a 61-page report, “How America Tortures,” by his lawyer, Mark P. Denbeaux, a professor at the Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, and some of Mr. Denbeaux’s students.


The report uses firsthand accounts, internal Bush administration memos, prisoners’ memories and the 2014 Senate Intelligence Committee report to analyze the interrogation program. The program was initially set up for Mr. Zubaydah, who was mistakenly believed to be a top Qaeda lieutenant.

He was captured in a gun battle in Faisalabad, Pakistan, in March 2002, gravely injured, including a bad wound to his left thigh, and was sent to the C.I.A.’s overseas prison network.

After an internal debate over whether Mr. Zubaydah was forthcoming to F.BI. interrogators, the agency hired two C.I.A. contract psychologists to create the now-outlawed program that would use violence, isolation and sleep deprivation on more than 100 men in secret sites, some described as dungeons, staffed by secret guards and medical officers.

Descriptions of the methods began leaking out more than a decade ago, occasionally in wrenching detail but sometimes with little more than stick-figure depictions of what prisoners went through.

But these newly released drawings depict specific C.I.A. techniques that were approved, described and categorized in memos prepared in 2002 by the Bush administration, and capture the perspective of the person being tortured, Mr. Zubaydah, a Palestinian whose real name is Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn.

He was the first person known to be waterboarded by the C.I.A. — he endured it 83 times — and was the first person known to be crammed into a small confinement box as part of what the Seton Hall study called “a constantly rotating barrage” of methods meant to break what interrogators believed was his resistance.

Subsequent intelligence analysis showed that while Mr. Zubaydah was a jihadist, he had no advance knowledge about the 9/11 attacks, nor was he a member of Al Qaeda.

He has never been charged with a crime, and documents released through the courts show that military prosecutors have no plans to do so.

He is held at the base’s most secretive prison, Camp 7, where he drew these sketches not as artwork, whose release from Guantánamo is now forbidden, but as legal material that was reviewed and cleared — with one redaction — for inclusion in the study. Other drawings he has done of himself during his imprisonment were published last year by ProPublica.

In this drawing, the prisoner portrays himself as nude on the waterboard, immobilized as water pours down on his hooded head, his right foot contorted in pain. The image contrasts with some others seen in popular culture; an exhibit at the Spy Museum in Washington, for example, shows a guard pouring water onto the face of a prisoner who is neatly clad in what looks like a prison jumpsuit.

Mr. Zubaydah’s self-portrait also shows a design detail not present in most depictions — a drop-down hinge to tilt the prisoner’s head. Restraints hold down his wounded thigh.

The Senate Intelligence Committee study of the C.I.A. program concluded that waterboarding and other techniques were “brutal and far worse than the C.I.A. represented.” Its use induced convulsions, vomiting and left Mr. Zubaydah “completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth.”

In a now declassified account he provided his lawyer in 2008, Mr. Zubaydah described the first of what would be 83 waterboarding sessions this way: “They kept pouring water and concentrating on my nose and my mouth until I really felt I was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen.”

Accounts by detainees in different black sites have differed on how this method was used. In his illustration, Mr. Zubaydah shows himself nude and shackled at the wrists to a bar above his head, forced to stand on tiptoe.

In his account, as reported by his lawyers, he was still recovering from what the C.I.A. had described as a large wound in his thigh, and he tried to balance his weight on the other leg.

“Long hours went by while I was standing in that position,” he told his lawyers. “My hands were tight to the upper bars.”

Some guards, he said, “noticed the color of my hands,” moved him to a chair “and the interrogation vertigo resumed — the cold, the hunger, the little sleep and the intense vomiting, which I didn’t know whether it was caused by the cold, the ‘Ensure’ or the noise.” (The C.I.A. put its prisoners on liquid diets in its program of so-called learned helplessness.)

Mr. Zubaydah, who is not known to have formal art training, drew himself in a hood, shackled in the fetal position and tethered by a chain to a cell bar to constrict his movement. In granting the C.I.A. approval to use a technique similar to this, Jay S. Bybee, a former assistant attorney general, noted in an 18-page memo dated Aug. 1, 2002, that “through observing Zubaydah in captivity, you have noted that he appears to be quite flexible despite his wound.”

He also noted in the authorization, addressed to the C.I.A.’s acting general counsel at the time, John A. Rizzo, that the agency asserted that “these positions are not designed to produce the pain associated with contortions or twisting of the body.”

This image emerged from Guantánamo with a black redaction box over Mr. Zubaydah’s depiction of the face of his interrogator.

It shows the prisoner’s captor tightly winding a towel around his neck as he smashes the back of his head against what Mr. Zubaydah recalled was a wooden wall covering a cement wall.

“He kept banging me against the wall,” he said of the experience, which he described as leaving him blind “for a few instants.” With each bang, he said, he would fall to the floor, be dragged by the plastic-tape-wrapped towel “which caused bleeding in my neck,” and then receive a slap on his face.

In a 2017 deposition as part of a lawsuit that was eventually settled, James E. Mitchell, a former C.I.A. contract psychologist who devised the techniques with a colleague, John Bruce Jessen, said walling was “discombobulating” and meant to stir up a prisoner’s inner ears. “If it’s painful, you’re doing it wrong,” he said.

In this drawing, Mr. Zubaydah is shaved, nude, shackled in such a way he cannot stand up and, by his account, is sitting on a bucket meant to serve as a toilet.

“I found myself in total darkness,” he said. “The only spot I could sit in was on top of the bucket, for the place was very tight.”

In his account, Mr. Zubaydah describes being confined in “a large wooden box that looked like a wooden casket.” The first time he saw it, guards were turning it vertical and a man in black clothes and a military jacket announced, “From now on, this is going to be your home.”

Mr. Zubaydah portrays himself in the drawings with both eyes. A photograph of him early during his time at Guantánamo shows him wearing an eye patch after the removal of an injured eye.

The small box is similar to the one on display at the Spy Museum where, during a visit, children could be seen crawling inside.

In his account, included in the Seton Hall report, Mr. Zubaydah describes his time in what he called “the dog box” as “so painful.” He adds: “As soon as they locked me up inside the box, I tried my best to sit up, but in vain, for the box was too short. I tried to take a curled position but to no vain, for it was too tight.” He was immobilized and shackled in the fetal position, as he described it, for “countless hours,” experiencing muscle contractions.

“The very strong pain,” he said, “made me scream unconsciously.”

Mr. Zubaydah recalled that agents used a method of “horizontal sleep deprivation” that involved shackling him flat on the ground in such a painful position that it made it impossible to sleep.

The C.I.A. justified sleep deprivation by saying it “focuses the detainee’s attention on his current situation rather than ideological goals.” In approving this and other techniques in August 2002, Mr. Bybee said the C.I.A. had said it would not deprive Mr. Zubaydah of sleep for “more than 11 days at a time.”

In the Seton Hall study, Mr. Zubaydah recounted being deprived of sleep for “maybe two or three weeks or even more.”

“It felt like an eternity,” he added, “to the point that I found myself falling asleep despite the water being thrown at me by the guard.”

Bloody Gina Haspel's War Crimes


As soon as Gina Haspel got the nomination to become CIA director, America’s debate over the use of torture came roaring back. The country has intermittently reckoned with the legacy of the Bush-era programs that sanctioned the disappearance and torture of terrorism suspects—recently, for instance, when then-candidate Trump declared in 2016 that “torture works” and that he wanted to bring back outlawed techniques like waterboarding and “much worse.” And though the CIA stopped using what it called “enhanced interrogation” methods about a decade ago, Haspel was among those who oversaw their use after 9/11.

In 2002, Haspel was in charge of a secret “black site” prison in Thailand where detainees were subject to abusive interrogation techniques. In a 6,700-page classified report on the CIA’s interrogation programs, the Senate Intelligence Committee documented among other things what agency contractors and personnel did at the site to Abu Zubaydah—a Saudi-born Palestinian citizen accused of a “key role” in al-Qaeda, including possible advance knowledge of major attacks—and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri—a Saudi national suspected of involvement in al-Qaeda’s bombing of the American destroyer USS Cole in 2000. In 2018, ProPublica retracted an earlier report that said Haspel ran the site during Abu Zubaydah’s interrogation. Haspel’s tenure began after the Zubaydah episode, according to The New York Times, but coincided with at least some of the torture of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. (Both are now imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, where they are considered “high value” detainees.)

The committee released a declassified summary of its report in 2014. Among other key conclusions, the committee’s majority held that the CIA had not only misled policymakers and the public about the nature of its interrogation programs, but also that the techniques used were ineffective as well as brutal. Though Haspel’s name never appears in the declassified summary, other reports have identified her as having been in charge of the Thailand site, which the summary refers to as “Detention Site Green,” subsequent to the torture of Abu Zubaydah. That site was closed by the end of 2002; it would take another four years for Abu Zubaydah to be transferred from CIA custody to Guantanamo, where he has been incarcerated for more than 11 years.

What follows is an excerpt, lightly edited for length, of the Intelligence Committee’s summary report dealing with what happened at CIA black sites, including at Detention Site Green.

On August 3, 2002, CIA Headquarters informed the interrogation team at DETENTION SITE GREEN that it had formal approval to apply ... enhanced interrogation techniques, including the waterboard, against Abu Zubaydah. ...

From August 4, 2002, through August 23, 2002, the CIA subjected Abu Zubaydah to its enhanced interrogation techniques on a near 24-hour-per-day basis. After Abu Zubaydah had been in complete isolation for 47 days, the most aggressive interrogation phase began at approximately 11:50 AM on August 4, 2002. Security personnel entered the cell, shackled and hooded Abu Zubaydah, and removed his towel (Abu Zubaydah was then naked). Without asking any questions, the interrogators placed a rolled towel around his neck as a collar, and backed him up into the cell wall (an interrogator later acknowledged the collar was used to slam Abu Zubaydah against a concrete wall). The interrogators then removed the hood, performed an attention grab, and had Abu Zubaydah watch while a large confinement box was brought into the cell and laid on the floor. A cable states Abu Zubaydah “was unhooded and the large confinement box was carried into the interrogation room and paced [sic] on the floor so as to appear as a coffin.” The interrogators then demanded detailed and verifiable information on terrorist operations planned against the United States, including the names, phone numbers, email addresses, weapon caches, and safe houses of anyone involved. CIA records describe Abu Zubaydah as appearing apprehensive. Each time Abu Zubaydah denied having additional information, the interrogators would perform a facial slap or face grab. At approximately 6:20 PM, Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded for the first time. Over a two-and-a-half-hour period, Abu Zubaydah coughed, vomited, and had “involuntary spasms of the torso and extremities” during waterboarding. Detention site personnel noted that “throughout the process [Abu Zubaydah] was asked and given the opportunity to respond to questions about threats” to the United States, but Abu Zubaydah continued to maintain that he did not have any additional information to provide. In an email to OMS leadership entitled, “So it begins,” a medical officer wrote:

The sessions accelerated rapidly progressing quickly to the water board after large box, walling, and small box periods. [Abu Zubaydah] seems very resistant to the water board. Longest time with the cloth over his face so far has been 17 seconds. This is sure to increase shortly. NO useful information so far. … He did vomit a couple of times during the water board with some beans and rice. It’s been 10 hours since he ate so this is surprising and disturbing. We plan to only feed Ensure for a while now. I’m head[ing] back for another water board session.

The use of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques—including walling, attention grasps, slapping, facial hold, stress positions, cramped confinement, white noise and sleep deprivation—continued “in varying combinations, 24 hours a day, for 17 straight days,” through August 20, 2002. When Abu Zubaydah was left alone during this period, he was placed in a stress position, left on the waterboard with a cloth over his face, or locked in one of two confinement boxes. According to the cables, Abu Zubaydah was also subjected to the waterboard “2-4 times a day … with multiple iterations of the watering cycle during each application.”

The “aggressive phase of interrogation” continued until August 23, 2002. Over the course of the entire 20-day “aggressive phase of interrogation,” Abu Zubaydah spent a total of 266 hours (11 days, 2 hours) in the large (coffin size) confinement box and 29 hours in a small confinement box, which had a width of 21 inches, at depth of 2.5 feet, and a height of 2.5 feet. The CIA interrogators told Abu Zubaydah that the only way he would leave the facility was in the coffin-shaped confinement box.

According to the daily cables from DETENTION SITE GREEN, Abu Zubaydah frequently “cried,” “begged,” “pleaded,” and “whimpered,” but continued to deny that he had any additional information on current threats to, or operatives in, the United States.

By August 9, 2002, the sixth day of the interrogation period, the interrogation team informed CIA Headquarters that they had come to the “collective preliminary assessment” that it was unlikely Abu Zubaydah “had actionable new information about current threats to the United States.” On August 10, 2002, the interrogation team stated that it was “highly unlikely” that Abu Zubaydah possessed the information they were seeking. …

DETENTION SITE GREEN personnel also informed CIA Headquarters that it was their assessment that the application of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques was “approach[ing] the legal limit.” The chief of CTC [the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center], Jose Rodriguez, responded:

Strongly urge that any speculative language as to the legality of given activities or, more precisely, judgment calls as to their legality vis-a-vis operational guidelines for this activity agreed upon and vetted at the most senior levels of the agency, be refrained from in written traffic (email or cable traffic). Such language is not helpful.

DETENTION SITE GREEN cables describe Abu Zubaydah as “compliant,” informing CIA Headquarters that when the interrogator “raised his eyebrow, without instructions,” Abu Zubaydah “slowly walked on his own to the Water table and sat down.” When the interrogator “snapped his fingers twice,” Abu Zubaydah would lie flat on the waterboard. Despite the assessment of personnel at the detention site that Abu Zubaydah was compliant, CIA Headquarters stated that they continued to believe that Abu Zubaydah was withholding threat information and instructed the CIA interrogators to continue using the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques.

At times Abu Zubaydah was described as “hysterical” and “distressed” the level that he was unable to effectively communicate. Waterboarding sessions “resulted in immediate fluid intake and involuntary leg, chest and arm spasms” and “hysterical pleas.” In at least one waterboarding session, Abu Zubaydah “became completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth.” According to CIA records, Abu Zubaydah remained unresponsive until medical intervention, when he regained consciousness and expelled “copious amounts of liquid.” This experience with the waterboard was referenced in emails, but was not documented or otherwise noted in CIA cables. When two CIA Headquarters officers later compared the Abu Zubaydah interrogation videotapes to the cable record, neither commented on this session. A review of the catalog of videotapes, however, found that recordings of a 21-hour period, which included two waterboarding sessions, were missing.

CIA personnel at DETENTION SITE GREEN reported being disturbed by the use of the enhanced interrogation techniques against Abu Zubaydah. CIA records include the following reactions and comments by CIA personnel:

August 5, 2002: “want to caution [medical officer] that this is almost certainly not a place he’s ever been before in his medical career. … It is visually and psychologically very uncomfortable.”

August 8, 2002: “Today’s first session … had a profound effect on all staff members present … it seems the collective opinion that we should not go much further … everyone seems strong for now but if the group has to continue … we cannot guarantee how much longer.”

August 8, 2002: “Several on the team profoundly affected ... some to the point of tears and choking up.”

August 9, 2002: “two, perhaps three [personnel] likely to elect transfer” away from the detention site if the decision is made to continue with the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques.

August 11, 2002: Viewing the pressures on Abu Zubaydah on video “has produced strong feelings of futility (and legality) of escalating or even maintaining the pressure.” Per viewing the tapes, “prepare for something not seen previously.”

After the use of the enhanced interrogation techniques ended, CIA personnel at the detention site concluded that Abu Zubaydah had been truthful and that he did not possess any new terrorist threat informations

Meet Bloody Gina Haspel "The Butcher of the Black Sites" - Moscow Black Operations

December 17, 2019 -


The Iniquitous Case of Gina Haspel: It Ain’t Torture if We Do It  BY JACK PERRY ON MARCH 19, 2018

Why is anyone shocked that Trump wants to put a known war criminal into being the head of the Criminals In Authority, otherwise marketed as the Central Intelligence Agency? This is what happens when you don’t prosecute people who broke the law. When you don’t prosecute war criminals and leave them in power, obviously they get promoted one day. I am referring, of course, to Gina “The Butcher of Black Sites” Haspel. One of her proud accomplishments in her long list of “credentials” is running a secret prison in Thailand where prisoners where waterboarded and tortured by other means we have never heard of. We can thank folks like Haspel for introducing the term hummus enemas to the public, a form of torture where the CIA used “rectal feeding” as a torture. But hey, it ain’t torture if we do it, right?

These people were all known to the Obama Administration. This wasn’t a secret. Everyone knew this was going on. The Obama Administration had a moral duty to prosecute these people. It wasn’t a choice, it wasn’t an option, it wasn’t even a responsibility. It was a duty. It was a duty to the rule of law and humanity. And Obama failed his duty to the human race and the laws this nation allegedly upholds both here and worldwide. Torture isn’t just against United States law, it’s against international law. But what was the response of President Obama? Basically, it was “well, that was the past. Let’s just move on. It won’t do any good to prosecute those people now.”

Imagine if they said that about mass murderers if they caught them a year after the murders? “Well, that was a year ago. It won’t do any good to enforce the law now.” Except it’s not about just enforcing the law to stop the active commitment of crimes. It’s about the fact that if crimes are not prosecuted and punished, there is no point to the law itself. If torture is illegal but no one goes to jail for it, the law has less weight than parking violations. In fact, average Americans paid more penalties for parking violations than anyone in the CIA did for torturing human beings. Think about that for a moment. The United States has basically said that parking longer than a two hour limit on a city street is worse than torturing people.

But this whole “let’s move on…” thing regarding torture. You’d almost think this was Obama giving counsel about a bad relationship ending rather than the torture of human beings. We weren’t looking to see who got to keep the apartment, we’re talking about justice for war crimes knowingly committed by the United States government! And if you don’t prosecute them, you have said the United States government does not follow the law both here and internationally. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

I heard it said that the Butcher of the Black Sites was following “lawful orders” from President Bush. Oh? Was she now? If that’s the case, that tells us who else needed to be arrested for giving unlawful orders. See, it was established by the Nuremberg Trials in 1946 that ordering the torture of human beings is not a lawful order any government can give. No matter how they want to gussy it up as “enhanced interrogation” or whatever, it is torture, and it is illegal. If it wasn’t torture, why where Japanese military officers prosecuted for waterboarding Allied POWs after World War II? Again, it has been established international law since 1946 that “we were following orders” is not an excuse to exonerate people from prosecution for war crimes.

This is exactly what happens when you fail to uphold the law. The criminals left in power are promoted and go on to do even worse. If Haspel got away with waterboarding, she’ll get away with worse. Worse has probably been done already. And the United States government wants to sit here smug and lecture the rest of the world about what is and is not a moral act?! The United States wants to claim Iran is breaking some law? Ha!
The United States broke the law against torture thousands of times and not one single jail term for anyone involved! Lecture Iran, will you? Go find a mirror and lecture that.

The entire Bush Administration were war criminals committing multiple felonies daily after the 9/11 attacks. The CIA itself is more or less a quasi secret police force and assassination team by which the United States government regularly breaks international law and gets away with it. The CIA probably has all the signed documents ordering the torture and assassinations from top government officials, which serve as insurance policies. If anyone tries to prosecute the CIA, those documents will probably be released to the press. Hence, one hand washes the other. The politicians get their dirty work done without being tied to it and the CIA has complete immunity from prosecution.

I don’t know where Americans are getting the idea that we’re “the good guys”. They act like this is some kind of TV Western and we’re the good guys wearing the white hats. But did anyone see Marshal Dillon on Gunsmoke waterboarding a stagecoach robber to reveal where his gang is hiding? This is childish and absurd. The United States is not the “good guys”. Good guys don’t torture human beings. We know that because German and Japanese military personnel who tortured people were executed after World War Two. Those who weren’t executed went to prison for a long time. But because the United States hasn’t lost a war to someone, it escapes trial for war crimes.

One day, the United States will lose a major war. This is just the law of averages. One day it will get into a war it cannot win and the other side won’t let the United States out of it with a ceasefire agreement. The United States will lose. And when that happens, the winner will put the United States on trial for war crimes. Top American politicians will go to prison. This is the only way the United States government will finally face the consequences. Because the government itself as it is now is corrupt and evil. To order torture is evil in and of itself. To carry out those orders is evil in and of itself. But to know torture happened, know it was illegal, and then refuse to uphold the law and prosecute everyone involved? That’s a worse evil. Why? Because you knew what was right and did not do it.

Administrations change but the policies of endless wars and inhuman treatment of civilians and combatants remain constant regardless of who’s in the White House.

When a government practices evil, covers up evil, but then admits the evil and is proud of it, there is a moral choice to be made. One must choose wisely in any dealings with such a government. Unless a politician is against torture, they don’t deserve a vote. I don’t care whether they are Democrats or Republicans. If you’re more interested in winning at all costs over the torture of human beings being prosecuted, you give tacit approval to the torture. Yes, I said it. The choice is yours. If some politician explains away the torture as Senator Dianne Feinstein did with Gina Haspel, that person has just said there is nothing morally wrong with torture as long as the government ordered it. There will be Democrats voting for politicians like this. They probably feel themselves morally superior to Republicans, too.

Americans tend to forget things quickly because many have such a short attention span. Consumerism sells instant gratification and puts forth the idea that nothing is worth waiting for. Not even justice. Therefore, we don’t get it. We don’t like it, but did anyone hold Obama’s feet to the fire about prosecuting war criminals? No. People were too swept up in the personality cult of Obama and he’s pretty much become to the Democrats what Reagan is to the Republicans: A mythic figure that accomplished absolutely nothing of lasting value.

Well here we are! A nation where war criminals are not just shielded from prosecution, but promoted to head the agency that carried out the crimes. How can anyone possibly call this place “the greatest nation on earth” without vomit rising up into their mouths after saying it?! That people go to jail here for some nickel-and-dime marijuana offense as torturers get promoted should clue everyone to the fact this place is the greatest hypocrisy on earth. And, I daresay, one of the most evil empires ever to rise because it successfully gets away with its crimes and no one is able to stop them.

Americans tend to let things like this fall through the Looking Glass until it manifests again in all its ugliness and horror to remind America about its moral failure. People just wanted the whole torture thing to “go away” and the Obama Administration did make it go away so we could “move on”. But here we are again, reaping the fruits of our action as surely as the cart follows the horse. The karmic consequences of our actions will manifest for decades to come. And then we wonder why?


Gina Haspel, President Trump’s nominee to become the next CIA director, President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, sought to withdraw over concerns about her role in the agency’s interrogation program, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

Haspel has come under criticism over her involvement in the CIA’s used of “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

She was summoned to the White House on Friday for a meeting to discuss her history in the interrogation program that employed techniques, including waterboarding, widely condemned as torture, The Post reported, citing four unidentified senior U.S. officials.

She told the White House she would step aside to avoid a brutal Senate Intelligence Committee confirmation hearing on Wednesday. She then returned to agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia, the officials told the Post.

Haspel’s request caught Trump aides Marc Short and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders by surprise and that they rushed to meet with her later in the day at her office at CIA headquarters.

The report notes that White House officials are unsure whether she will formally withdraw, but that President Donald Trump has urged her to remain as the nominee.


WASHINGTON — Scrutiny of the 33-year spy career of new CIA director Gina Haspel has focused on her undercover role in the harsh interrogation of suspected terrorists, but she cut her teeth in intelligence operations against Russia.

She’s sure to tap that latter experience as she takes over at the nation’s premier intelligence agency at a time of rising tension with Moscow. President Donald Trump has characterized it as worse than during the Cold War, and it’s been aggravated by investigations into Moscow’s interference in the election that brought Trump to power.

The 61-year-old Haspel, confirmed by the Senate this past week as the CIA’s first female director, began her career in the mid-1980s when the Soviet Union was in its twilight. Even after the communist power disintegrated, U.S. and Russian spy services held to Cold War mode. Haspel worked in the shadows to counter Kremlin efforts to infiltrate the U.S. government.

Russia has been a priority target throughout her career. That was clear when former Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., introduced Haspel at her Senate hearing: “She is a clear-eyed, hard-nosed expert on Russia,” he said.

Haspel, an Air Force brat from Ashland, Kentucky, joined the CIA in January 1985 when she was 28. At the time, then-CIA Director William Casey was working to counter Soviet expansion, curtail Moscow’s influence, win the Cold War, and bolster up U.S. intelligence operations.

She didn’t become a reports officer, analyzing information from the field; that was the most likely career track for a woman in the CIA at that time. Instead, Haspel chose to be a case officer out in the streets, meeting assets and collecting intelligence.

Details of Haspel’s career are sketchy because much of it remains classified, including places where she was posted, but the CIA has provided an overview.

Her first posting was in Africa, where she had a memorable encounter with Mother Teresa. On her return, Haspel spent time learning Russian and Turkish.

By then, the Berlin Wall had fallen and the Soviet Union was about to break apart. Frosty relations between Washington and Moscow warmed. Within a few years, President Bill Clinton was trading jokes with Russian leader Boris Yeltsin in what was dubbed the “Boris and Bill” show. But the CIA saw a continuing threat from Russian intelligence.

“The Soviet Union collapsed, but their intel services did not collapse,” said former senior CIA official Dan Hoffman, who knows Haspel well and agreed to talk to The Associated Press about her career. “They were still running penetrations of the U.S. government.”

The CIA also knew it had a KGB mole in its midst, but it wasn’t until February 1994 that Aldrich Ames was arrested. The turncoat had disclosed the names of Russians who had been helping the CIA. Several were later executed.

The arrest of Ames and other double agents underscored the need for a strong counterintelligence capability “and that means recruiting Russians,” said Hoffman, who was finishing his first tour in Moscow when Haspel was working in Russian operations. “That was what we were doing.”

Haspel would go on to serve as deputy group chief of Russian operations in the CIA’s Central Eurasia Division, which manages Russian spy cases around the world and efforts to target and develop potential sources, according to John Sipher, who replaced Haspel in that position.

Those involved in Russian operations at the end of the 1990s had a front row seat to a time of great transition in Russia, said retired senior CIA official Mark Kelton, who also worked with Haspel on Russia. Vladimir Putin, a KGB agent, had moved to Moscow, becoming acting president of Russia on the last day of 1999 when Yeltsin resigned.

“Russia is a formidable, strategic challenge now so understanding where these people came from and how they got where they are is crucially important,” Kelton said. “The Russian services remain the most professional adversaries we face.”

In all, Haspel has spent 17 of her 33 years in the agency overseas. Kelton said her ability to synthesize information quickly was “quite impressive” and she also ably handled the “rough school” of Russian operations.

“There wasn’t a lot of wasted time on small talk,” Hoffman said about Haspel’s demeanor. “That’s not her style. She was just right down to business — let’s get the job done.”

In addition to Russia, Haspel also was deeply involved in the CIA’s fight against terrorism.

As station chief in an undisclosed country in Eurasia, she helped in the successful arrest of two al-Qaida associates linked to 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 158 people, including 12 Americans.

Their capture also led to the seizure of computers containing details of a terrorist plot, according to a U.S. intelligence official with knowledge of the incident. The official was not authorized to publicly discuss the case and spoke only on condition of anonymity.

After 9/11, Haspel joined the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, and it was during this time that she supervised a secret site in Thailand where suspected terrorists were subjected to harsh interrogation, including waterboarding, which simulates drowning. Her work in the program drew impassioned protests from human rights activists and other critics and made her confirmation vote the closest for any CIA director in seven decades.

One of the detainees at that site was Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri, a Saudi accused in the bombing of the U.S. Navy destroyer Cole off the coast of Yemen that killed 17 American sailors. Al-Nashiri is aware that Haspel was picked to lead the CIA, according to Dr. Sondra Crosby, who met with him this past week at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he’s been detained since 2006.

Crosby, who has treated 20 people tortured in the fight against terrorism, including two at CIA secret sites, is happy that Haspel has pledged not to allow the CIA to engage in the use of such harsh interrogation techniques again. Still, she’s wary.

“Mr. al-Nashiri is probably the most severely damaged person I’ve ever seen,” Crosby said, adding that he continues to have chronic nightmares and recurrent flashbacks.

“I’ve been really struck about just how his trust in humanity has been fractured,” she said. “I don’t think he’ll ever recover.”

RoblesTiny Corruption Schemes and the Refusal to Fix the Problem - Cause and Effect

December 11, 2019 - As you can see by my story (detailed below and all over the world in fact) there is no way to win against corruption unless you have enough power and money to hire endless lawyers and actually effect change. The only problem is that for an honest man it is impossible to amass such an amount of power and money and stay honest and uncorrupted because to do so requires one to gain trust and actually take part in all of the schemes from the bottom all the way to the top.





In my "case" even though the evidence is clear and the truth is self-evident, namely that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States was able to use the corruption to eliminate me and my family, there has been almost nothing that I have been able to accomplish even though I have detailed and presented the evidence to the proper authorities who are supposed to uphold the law. My initial belief that Russia was the only place that I would be safe since I worked for the Russian Government in various capacities and given the strength of the Russian Security Services failed to accurately consider the level of corruption in Russia, the fact that almost all of those who gained power after the collapse of the USSR were either working for the CIA or were indebted for life to the CIA for allowing them to attain the untold wealth, property and power that would have been impossible without the CIA orchestrated privatization and "establishment of Democracy" that took place after the collapse of the USSR.  

Cause and Effect: White Rothschild Master Race Poster Boy Assange Rolled Out Again After We Publish (This is hilarious already!)

We continue to note every time we publish something significant that the MOCKINGBIRD Rothschild global media put out a similar Assange story. The same as with Whelan in his little provocation actions. This time the Assange "WikiLeaks is the real leak site/Limited Hangout for the Rothschild's" fakery architects have gotten all the way to Interfax, knowing that I follow and trust Interfax. Apparently Interfax is not aware of the Limited Hangout Intel Operation that is WikiLeaks. Again I remind you if Assange were such a threat he would have been killed long ago like all of the Hacktivists, Whistleblowers and Truthers he handed over to the Cabal. I will not include a link as it is FAKE NEWS. Assange is doing just fine and has round the clock protection and medical care, however he is unhappy because he believes he should be treated like a god.

Meanwhile in Zionist occupied Amurkha

Another Rothschild puppet Donald Drummpf (who actually thinks he is a god), has done what not even God did not do and has made Judaism a race in order to prevent any criticism of the Genocide Based State of Izrahell. We know who owns Drummpf. You should too.


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Today is Supposed to be Human Rights Day

December 10, 2019 - We were the first three ex-US citizens to receive asylum in the Russian Federation. We applied for citizenship in the Russian Federation in 2010. I have served the Russian State in various capacities and have signed multiple secrecy agreements. However none of those agreements covers protecting the corrupt and criminal elements who have destroyed me and my family. Bribes were demanded, my journalistic work was attacked, my son's arrest was ordered by the US Embassy under Michael McFaul, MI6 and CIA Agents were sent after us for my publications on this site and I have been denied any support and any assistance that should be given to refugees including the right to employment which takes away my human right to life. My son who has maintained his innocence since day one was arrested in a trial where the evidence against him was kept secret and which was closely monitored by the illegal presence of CIA representatives from the US Embassy who did nothing to help. He is supposed to be deported on orders of a body that remains secret. All of what we have faced amounts to real torture but is ignored because we do not support the endless wars of the USA, Israel and have asylum from the USA. We are also Taino Indians and since our people have been targetted for extermination it is easy to just go along. Despite all of this we are humans and despite all of our rights being taken away by corrupt and dirty officials from both sides of the equation, we have rights. We are even ignored by ALL Human Rights Organizations in the world including the United Nations, proving that they are USA controlled puppets. WE ARE HUMANS!    

Уважаемый президент Путин! Мы были первыми тремя бывшими гражданами США, получившими убежище в Российской Федерации. Мы подали заявку на получение гражданства в Российской Федерации в 2010 году. Я служил в российском государстве в различных качествах и подписал несколько соглашений о секретности. Однако ни одно из этих соглашений не охватывает защиту коррумпированных и преступных элементов, которые уничтожили меня и мою семью. Требовались взятки, моя журналистская работа подвергалась нападкам, посольство США приказало арестовать моего сына под руководством Майкла Макфола, агенты МИ-6 и ЦРУ прислали нас за публикации на этом сайте, и мне было отказано в какой-либо поддержке и любой помощи, которая должна быть предоставлено беженцам, включая право на работу, которое лишает меня права человека на жизнь. Мой сын, который поддерживал свою невиновность с самого первого дня, был арестован в ходе судебного разбирательства, в ходе которого доказательства против него хранились в секрете, и за которым пристально следили незаконные представители ЦРУ из посольства США, которые не оказали никакой помощи. Он должен быть депортирован по приказу тела, которое остается в секрете. Все то, с чем мы столкнулись, представляет собой настоящую пытку, но игнорируется, потому что мы не поддерживаем бесконечные войны в США, Израиле и не получаем убежища от США. Мы также являемся индейцами тайно, и так как наши люди стали жертвами истребления, легко идти вперед. Несмотря на все это, мы люди, и, несмотря на то, что все наши права отняты коррумпированными и грязными чиновниками с обеих сторон уравнения, у нас есть права. Нас даже игнорируют ВСЕ правозащитные организации в мире, включая ООН, доказывая, что они являются марионетками, контролируемыми США. МЫ "ЧЕЛОВЕКИ" У НАС ЕСТЬ ПРАВА!


Corruption is a Curable Disease

December 09, 2019 - If there is one thing I have learned in 27 years fighting the fight I have had to fight it is that corruption is a disease that is at the core of almost all of the evil in the world today at every single level. It is corruption that poisons every single normal area of human endeavor and it is corruption that allows for the subversion and the destruction of sovereign states and viable governments.

Has been a long time since wrote anything and the desire just hit but then: And now this just in: WADA has banned the Russian Federation from international sports for the next four years. Where are the Fancy Bears and where are all of the Anonymous Unknown Hacktivists. We are ready to publish, host or cooperate with any efforts to expose the CIA Front WADA for the US Imperial tool that it has proven to be. This is a call to all of you! It is time to act once again. Passive compliance for whatever reason is silent collusion with the enemy. E-mail jar2@jar2.ru with any proposals or materials. We will publish!

We will not forgive! We will not forget! Expect us!

And then there is also this as Verizon kills ARCHIVISTS trying to save over 25 years of Yahoo Groups from permanent deletion by the heartless soulless MEGA Corporation which acts with impunity as it attempt to erase the work and the history of millions of Internet users. So not only has the corporation gone completely and totally off the reservation with their utter impunity fomenting Color Revolutions worldwide, censoring all truth on-line and expanding their insane NATO infrastructure but now they are deleting the very lives and histories of millions of Internet users. As we can see the end is nowhere near being in sight. You must stand up today because as you can see your silence is nothing more than silent collusion!

The Racist NWO: Rothchild's WikiLeaks Supported the Nazi Junta in Ukraine

December 06, 2019 - The corporate MOCKINGBIRD/BBG/FVEY/Globalist/NATO/Zionist/Corporate media has now taken over the world and it is almost comical the way they are melting down worldwide. They truly really and honestly believed that if they feed the masses dumbed down garbage and endless lies repeated non-stop that the people would just suffer brain death and reprogram themselves into the slobbering, consuming and pliant masses that the criminal elites desire and need in order to fulfill their nefarious and Satanic goals. Hasn't worked and won't.

Let's stop beating around the bush. The world is being taken over by a Fascist Mega-Criminal Cabal. Whether it is the Nazi dreamed of 5th Reich and whether the architects are the PAPERCLIP lunatics who have been in the shadows since the late '40s or whether it is the Cabal of Masonic Illuminati Satan worshipping scum or the machinations of the CORPORATION or NATO GLADIO Intelligence structures or FVEY or the Khazarian Mafia or the Rothschild Global Criminal Central Banking IMF Cabal is no longer a question of burning import but one that is simply academic in nature for in practical terms and in the real working environment they are all one and the same and for the truther to make sense of the obfuscations and machinations it is vital to view them as one tightly wound, tightly knit merciless machine bent on goals that have not even the slightest relation to democracy or humanity as a whole.

Their true agenda is completely and totally racist and genocidal in nature and this is what brings them all together and why for you and I it is of no import who they really are. For you and I the difference between a Zionist white supremacist, or an Ashkenazi or Khazari or Neo-Nazi Aryan white supremacist is really something we should not be distracted by as their goal for us is one and the same . Genocide.

Their chief instruments of power and by which they rule are many and are being constantly advanced and include deceit, endless lies, carefully crafted and carried out subversion, economic and political manipulation, misrepresentation, infiltration, psychological manipulation, subliminal programming and messaging, historical revisionism, fear, terror, hopelessness and the spread of the false belief that there is nothing that we can do and they are all powerful.

The CIA MOCKINGBIRD and the NATO MIIC have successfully killed all investigative journalism and assassinated or eliminated all investigative journalists who were engage in the most vital and dangerous work for any journalist namely exposing the crimes of these military bodies. By quietly classifying journalists and whistleblowers as terrorists the MIIC and the CIA freed their hands to carry out operations against alternative media, investigative journalists, whistleblowers, hacktivists and anyone who was risking their life to bring knowledge to the public about the secret war that the MIIC has launched in their bid to facilitate their long ago planned take over of the world and the enslavement of the world's people. These are not conspiracy theories but conspiracy facts that now there is no one to tell the public about. 

The CIA MOCKINGBIRD and the Global MIIC through the global infrastructure of the FVEY countries have taken over the Internet and with the Israeli and MOSSAD control of the global media have attempted to make their endless crimes against all of humanity the "New Norm", and have in fact almost succeeded in doing just that. There are a few truthers out there still doing good work and good research but there is no one who has gotten to the root of the issue or the top of the pyramid because "they" have made it almost impossible to get to the truth. Of course the Jooz are up to their necks in it and control almost everything, with even a fascist racist Jooish president beholden to Rothschild running the Corporation of the United States, and all big tech, almost all banking, most governments and almost all corporations run by dual Israeli citizens or individuals beholden to Israeli Rothschild bankers or Jooish controlled financial institutions, however no one is allowed to criticize or even state these facts which makes the Jooz the perfect instruments for the true architects and puppet masters. The Jooz who support the genocide of Palestinians and believe their homeland is Palestine are in fact the most ignorant and most duped creatures every to walk the face of the Earth. Everything they believe is a lie from their very claim to being Semitic to their fake Holocaust of six million Jooz when there were not even 6 million Jooz on the planet Earth at the time. Of course this serves the purpose of covering up the real genocide of Native Americans and the fact that the USA is an illegitimate construct built on stolen land gained by genocide, but nobody is allowed to talk about that either. What is important here is that Zionism which is Jooish racism, also a distractor as there is no Jooish race. Jooism is a religion and the race is Khazari or Ashkenazi a fact it only takes a small amount of research to discover.

You see the brilliance of their cover don't you? Even here in this article I am once again drawn into the rabbit hole of the Jooz. That is exactly as "they" want it. Who facilitated the original genocide of Native Americans and who is continuing our genocide today? It is not the Jooz, they are merely the enablers being promised their genocide state of Izrahell. All of the Americas are occupied by states beholden to the Catholic Church for it is the Catholic Church's Doctrine of Discovery that has "allowed" them to occupy our lands and continue their resource raping fiat currency based cannibalistic Satanic societies, for that is in truth what they are. The core of modern "civilization" and global "capitalism" is based on "currency" and lies that support that currency. As I have researched already we can start with Egyptian Masonic Structures and the architect of the world. We see the synthesis of lie based power originating from that very location. Consider that the Pyramids at Cheops were not made of huge stones. No quarry or other source for such a quantity of stone has ever been discovered. They were made of what we will call cement or masonry hence the beginnings of the "Freemasons" and their origins in Egypt and that is the truth. But does it matter?    

For you and I it does not for "they" continue killing us worldwide and continue to legalize genocide. You doubt? That is what the Ukraine is all about. That is what Bolivia is all abput, that is what Paelstine is all about, that is what American police assassinations are all about and finally as more proof they have just flipped the switch on George Zimmerman who openly murdered a young unarmed black kid, got acquitted and is now playing the victim. As fallout we have classifed ZEROHEDGE as FAKE NEWS supporting Nazism and the racist agenda with their fake photograph of Zimmerman which was taken after his acquittal when he attempted to attack other blacks. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/we-are-all-george-zimmerman-now No ZEROHEDGE "We Are NOT All George Zimmerman Now...".

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Some of our research and examples of distractors for the Racist New World Order Conspiracy, all working together to hide their racist agenda:


The Real History of the Templar Knights


Operation Paperclip


It’s totally true: IT’S A JEW COUP!

ILLUMINATI ORIGINS: Sabbatean Frankists Are the Real Culprits

The Khazarian Mafia and the Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

GLADIO: Another Stealth Terrorist Attack on a U.S. Military Installation to Create Chaos

Clinton Donors Charged in Massive Campaign-Finance Scheme

CIA Front NED Exposed by Hong Kong Protests



Bolivia and the Indigenous Struggle - We Beg Russia for Help

Evo Morales Wins Election: CIA Orchestrated Military Coup Removes Him From Power

They’re Killing Us Like Dogs: A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help 

November 24, 2019 - The Corporation is continuing the genocide of our people in Boliva and South America as they also continue the genocides in Yemen, the Ukraine and worldwide. We continue to ask for Russia's support to help our peaceful brothers and sisters.


Bolivia’s Coup Gov’t Targets Alternative Media as Crackdown Turns Increasingly Violent

How Human Rights Watch Whitewashed a Right-Wing Massacre in Bolivia

They’re Killing Us Like Dogs: A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help

Media Silent as Bolivia’s New Right-Wing Gov’t Massacres Indigenous Protesters





The Doctrine of Discovery Being Revived in the Americas by the CIA Puppet Regimes

The Doctrine of Discovery is the Only "Legal" Basis for the Continued Genocide of Our People

and the Continued Occupation of Turtle Island by Non-Indigenous Forces

We Are Continuing Our Investigative Work (Open Investigations Needing Clarity)

We Welcome Intelligent Truthers and Investigators to Follow Our Massive Work 

November 22, 2019 - After beginning an investigation into financial machinations and illegal hidden cash flows and coming up against a wall of violent opposition to our attempts at gaining information and delivering the information to the relevant investigative bodies, we have decided to continue our work after sorting out the technical aspects regarding the monitoring, surveillance and blocking of our searches. Below are just some of the links we have come across that may be of interest to anyone wishing to continue and or expand on our work. The relevancy and connectivity of the information provided on the links below should be apparent and clear to any analyst. You can help jar2 by taking the time to follow the trails wherever they will lead, my scope has been namely 9/11, CIA Black Operations, MOSSAD and the New World Order Cabal. Miliekowski is out because he became too toxic but he will no doubt continue in the shadows as did Robert Steele. Happy hunting my dear truthers and thank you for the Kisilev files below. We don't bolt and we don't rattle.

Links and resources for further investigation



Links and resources for investigation of CIA financial strings and more. I can not finish this investigation due to its massive nature and the non-interest of the audience. The investigation started with the search for the identity of the CIA's Kremlin mole and ended with Yandex demanding the storing of links to their servers. Here you go Yandex and all Anonymous investigators. Good luck and happy hunting! The end result will expose the ASTEROIDS and the 9/11 conspirators and more. We recommend viewing the cached results.

























































How President Putin's driver was assassinated.

STRING>Nazi Head of Motor Pool>CIA Developed Carjack Software>Yandex Tracking>Audi Secret Embedded Tracking Software and Steering Control Module






NATO/CIA control of media






String: CIA>RAND>Ingersol>Shuster>Historic Family Connections>Clintons>Human Trafficking>Ukraine>Skull and Bones>Washington DC>Federal Government Relations>Properties/Offices in Virginia

Robert Shuster from the Surkov leak - Our conclusion into the investigation of the Surkov leaks is that Surkov may have simply sought legal advice and the CIA sent a plant who sent malware infected e-mails which facilitated the hack of Surkov's e-mails. Surkov was negligent in using a GMAIL account of course. However evidence of darker machinations have not been uncovered, just historic naivety in trusting figures who lie and manipulate to meet their ends. Such as the Alpha Bank and other "wine" connected monied interests. I think if Surkov's security follows the malware stated above he will be redeemed.

The fact that the Surkov leak was used on CIA controlled Twitter and has never been taken down and was designed to dirty Surkov stinks of a CIA Black Operation and should be viewed as such with the figures gaining Surkov's trust as active agents of the CIA, including and first and foremost Robert Shuster.

Robert Shuster






Apollo Six - Moon Landing/Space Program Hoax

СССР первым добрался до модуля. Было пусто - "would have been very uncomfortable for any crew" "ANY CREW" not "was uncomfortable" not "the crew", or "the crew inside". All hypotheticals because NASA knows the module was empty.

MLK Assassination staged to distract from possible reports from the USSR that the module was empty.



You can't be pro-Israeli and pretend to be a truther and seeker of justice Bradley when you ignore the NeoCon/NWO/Illuminati strings.




JAR2 - Message to the "secret" architects: You destroyed my family and I will take your network apart piece by piece.












ASTEROID Caught? - Either a FVEY Central Control Operative or an ASTEROID

For 20 years I have been investigating a group of elite extra-national Black Operations Group known as the ASTEROIDS. They were key in carrying out and synchronizing 9/11, MH-370, MH-17, the Maidan Snipers, Russian Fires, the Saratov crash, the assassination of President Putin's driver, the St Petersburg metro bombing, the assassinations of Russian diplomats, the liquidation of the Voice of Russia,  and on and on. Paul Whelan's multiple FVEY passports and all of the other "accouterments" related to this individual are direct evidence that he is a member of an organization much larger than the CIA.

What is his real mission?

STRING>MI6>CIA>NSA>ASIS>CIS>Agent Lists>Air-Craft Registration Information>Renditions>Clinton>US Marines Snipers>Kremlin Mole>

May have been sent to eliminate target inside Lefortovo or in the Russian Prison Colony where he will eventually be sent. Leak threat related to assassination of President Putin's driver facilitated through the auto parts network for which he was a "security consultant". Attempt to get agent list was just a cover. He planned to get caught. (My version from evidence I have)

Я не проста так ночю вам приехал 








Yandex Control of the Russian Road Cam Grid for NSA/CIA Appears Thwarted 

Expedition 18: We Completed Over 6,000 Kilometers in 9 Days and Not One Punitive Fine

November 20, 2019 - The fact that that we did not use any on-line Yandex resources during the entire journey proves my thesis that the punitive fines I was getting at locations I was not at and even for vehicles I have no connection to where being orchestrated by the CIA/NSA Yandex enabled teams who are illegally "secretly" tracking and monitoring my movements and on-line activity and attempting to interfere with my asylum and my life in the Russian Federation. These punitive measures added to two attempts by CIA Color Revolution Architect Michael McFaul's attempts to have me imprisoned, his ordered arrest of my son and the ongoing attempts by the CIA to destroy my life, my family and shut down this site have all been carefully documented and sent to the proper Security Services of the Russian Federation. Although the CIA continues to control much of the Russian Government and has hundreds of agents in the Internal Ministry and throughout the Federal Structures with each passing day they are proving more and more impotent in carrying out the operations they are tasked with. The biggest danger to Russian State Security remains corruption and the insatiable appetites of corrupt officials who fraudulently enter public service in order to enrich themselves and the foreign masters that they serve. 

Отчёт по кибербезопасности Российский киберинфраструктуре от JAR2

Как мы прошли 6000 километров и избежали штрафных санкций от Яндекс / ЦРУ? Мы полностью избегали ВСЕХ яндекс-сервисов. Мне очевидна опасность предоставления иностранной корпорации полного доступа к внутренней кибер-инфраструктуре. Надеюсь, это будет понятно и российскому правительству.

I Will Not Be Your "Victim"

November 18th 2019 - The war continues.

18th Expedition Completed - Film in the Works, Updates on JAR2 RU and Here


November 17, 2019 -  Dear Anons: Encrypted connections impossible, TOR is compromised, they want access to everything. I can be contacted through my PGP 6.5.7 which is still safe. Download and make a self-decrypting archive if you have anything, then PGP message me with the LULZ.

Version 6.5.8 the last uncrackable versio


Every action has an equal reaction and the reaction from attempting to free my son is clear and evident from all of the actors who arranged his arrest. There is never smoke without a fire.

Note: At the colony someone mentioned something called "SOL" which is being spread in Crimea.

String: CIA Dark Web Markets - CIA Destabilization Black Operations - CIA Source Clemson Chemistry - Formula JWH-018, 250,317 - John W. Huffman -


The Historic Creation of a Reunifying Land Bridge: A Bright Future for the Republic of Crimea  

November 16, 2019 -  We have returned from our expedition to Crimea completing an almost six thousand kilometer loop - Moscow, Rostov on the Don, Yalta, Sebastopol, Slavyansk on the Kuban, Krasnodar, Mordovia, Ryazan and back to the bunker in the Moscow Region. We filmed about 30 hours of super HD cinema quality video and will be editing and putting it together as the basis for a film we are working on.  

Pulling Ourselves Up by Our Own Bootstraps - Will be back in a few weeks.

November 07, 2019 - Thanks to all of our supporters who have written and sent assistance. We will be taking a much needed break. We finally solved the camera and glasses problems. Will be back with a film for you.)))

Working on Another Investigative Project - The Infilitration of Yandex

AI: The Most Dangerous Threat to Russian Security in the Last Thousand Years - What is So Funny You Sick and Twisted CIA Prostitutes?

November 05, 2019 - Do not see your donations so motivation to continue to risk my life to bring you truth is extremely limited if not non-existent. Nothing insidious going on, just the usual continuous knives in the back and never-ending psychological torture by Liberal Murkha lovers. However my energies are now concentrated in directions where results will be clear. You should be trembling in fear. Have a day! (((

Yandex Now Wants to Get Into Your Pocket at the Pump and Expand Tracking

November 03, 2019 - The Full Spectrum Infiltration of NSA Controlled and Netherlands-based Yandex continues in Russia as the people keep giving more and more to the intrusive corporation. Yandex wants your location all the time.

One Two Three -  The War Continues - I Will Not Be Your "Victim"

Honor Among Thieves and Corrupt CIA Controlled Officials?

The war continues.

As for the US Swamp I warned you all in 2016 that Trump was just another Rothschild puppet but you refused to listen. We have warned you all for over 16 years now:

Because Israel got away with the 9/11 false flag terror operation, will Tel Aviv perpetrate a similar attack to con the USA to invade Iran?

The CIA Backed Clinton/Rothschild Global Crime Cartel continues unimpereded. As evidenced here:

SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG! “Not one prosecution, or even an arrest, of a single swamp creature!”

Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает  надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Коррупция угроза для безопастности страна! Не будь рабом коррупции!

Racism as "Nationalism": Skating on the Precipice of a Fascist State

October 29, 2019 - Coming soon to a country near you.

MOSSAD/CIA Agent Simon Elliot and the 10 Second BBG/HASBARA Memory Limit

October 27, 2019 - Simon Elliot killed by "Elite US Forces" for the 6th time.

Коррупция в Африке коррупция PushGeni Illegally Terminates Asylee

October 23, 2019 - What would you do if you lost a job in which you made less than 50 dollars a month?


Happy Birthday to K

October 22, 2019 - Happy Birthday to K

War With FVEY Controlled LiveJournal Takes New Twist

October 21, 2019 - Live Journal unblocked us after we asked them id they were a tool of the US/NATO Military Intelligence Industrail Complex.Let's see how long this lasts. They said they have a problem with the links to my site as "spam" even though I never use Live Journal


We Are Back

October 15 -  We are back at full strength. Warning: All attacks, threats and attempts at intimidation will be recorded and reported.

Framed by WikiLeaks and Assange, Jeremy Hammond's Spirit Not Broken


“As many of you know, I was just a few months from my scheduled release from federal prison when I was unexpectedly dragged in chains and planes to this raggedy detention center in Alexandria, Virginia. I am outraged that the government is threatening additional jail time if I do not cooperate with their grand jury investigation. Their draconian intimidation tactics could never coerce me into betraying my comrades or my principles. In the spirit of resistance and with great contempt for their system, I am choosing silence over freedom.

“I am fully prepared for the consequences of my decision just as I had been each and every time I was faced with similar choices before. Long ago when I realized that government and capitalism were too hopelessly corrupt and unjust to be reformed through legal or electoral means, I chose to engage in civil disobedience and direct action. I knew then that my actions could land me behind bars, yet I fought on anyway; after a dozen arrests and even a prior federal prison sentence for hacking, I chose once again to use my computer skills to attack the systems of the rich and powerful as part of the Anonymous federal case I am doing time for today.

“When I pled guilty, I took responsibility for my actions and my actions alone. I never agreed to be debriefed or testify in any way, unlike the government’s informant Hector Monsegur, aka Sabu, whose reward was one year of probation while I received the maximum sentence allowable by law. It was a painful choice, but ten years in their dungeons was the price I was willing to pay so I could maintain my integrity. I have never regretted my choices the entire time I have been incarcerated, and having seen and experienced first-hand the abuses and inherent injustice of the prison industrial complex, my commitment to revolution and abolition has only become more deeply entrenched.

“Now, after seven and a half years of ‘paying my debt to society,’ the government seeks to punish me further with this vindictive, politically-motivated legal maneuver to delay my release, knowing full well that I would never cooperate with their witch hunt. I am opposed to all grand juries, but I am opposed to this one in particular because it is part of the government’s ongoing war on free speech, journalists, and whistleblowers. I am insulted that those in power claim that I have an ‘obligation that every citizen owes his government’ to testify. As an anarchist, I am not part of their social contract, and do not recognize the legitimacy of their laws and courts. Instead, I believe in a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote I had taped to the wall of my prison cell for years: ‘One has an obligation to disobey unjust laws.’

“It is difficult to view any of this government’s laws as just when they are so selectively enforced, and when the government turns a blind eye to its own misconduct, misconduct that is on display every day that Trump is in the White House. In my case, the government, through its informant, Sabu, instigated numerous hacks, asking me to break into governments and companies all over the world. Nearly a decade later, this misconduct remains ignored. The NSA continues to surveil everyone and launch cyber attacks. Trump and his corrupt cronies continue to hold the world hostage to their megalomaniacal imperialist pig whims while simultaneously refusing to comply with subpoenas and inquiries into their vicious abuses of power. Meanwhile, Chelsea Manning and I are doing hard time in this dump for the ‘crime’ of refusing to allow our spirits to break, after ‘serving’ our sentences for exposing government and corporate corruption.

“This absurd hypocrisy and desperate ruthlessness reveals a crumbling legal system, a system that has robbed me of the majority of my adult life but could never take my humanity. I will continue to do the right thing, no matter how long it takes. I know how to do time, and I will never be intimidated by their threats. Ever!! I refuse!!”

Thank you to my supporters. I am still here and will be back on-site this week.


October 13 - I will try to update the site this evening if time permits. For those of you hungry for truth the entire Trump Ukraine hype is a carefully orchestrated attempt to bury the real truth about Ukraine, which is that the Clinton Crime Cabal and the US Government under Obama installed a Nazi regime in the Ukraine and Omidyar, Biden, the Kagans and all of the rest got rich off of the blood of the people of the Ukraine and the Donbass. Trump is not an outsider, he is taking care of damage control. He is not a Russian Agent, he is and has been a Rothschild puppet since 1992. Stay away from the mainstream media, they will pollute your soul.

I am deeply entrenched in research that requires me to air gap and radio blind 

October 12 - I am still here working at my comps but I can not get on-line for security reasons until I am done with what I have been working on for the last two weeks now.

Nuland's Nazis Continue Their Toilet Flush to Hell and Are you feeling the Steele of your trap? - LULZ

October 10 - 10 10 20 19 - 1


ASYLUM is NOT a JOKE: Another CIA/American Idiot Threatens to Kill Me Again

The Proper Formulation is Snowden is NOT Robles: Someone Has Lied to President Putin

Убежище-это не шутка: Еще один ЦРУушник/Американский идиот угрожает убить меня

Правильная формулировка Сноудена-это не Роблес: кто-то солгал президенту Путину

Bradley Dirgo "Snowden's CIA Partner" Threatens to Have Me Killed

Proves Thesis That Snowden Outs NSA to Protect CIA Black Operations

Then Melts Down Into Nut Job Mode

Who is Bradley Dirgo? He claims to be NSA and CIA and to have shot Adam Lanza in the head then he tells me I am a dead man. LULZ Any responsibility to protect sources and not out informants was gone when you threatened to kill me Bradley so everything you ever said to me will become part of the public record as soon as I have the time to dig up every communication we ever had. I don't appreciate being lied to and you must be held accountable for making death threats. 

Edad 32

Actualmente vive en 611 Cedar Ave, Sharon, PA 16146

Números de Teléfono (724) 346-0603










On the 17 Anniversary of 911: The Litmus Test







911 BOOM!!! JAR2 REDEEMED!!! "911 was a MOSSAD CIA False Flag used to protect the Zionist entity from any future military threat and expand the parasitic hegemony of the US and the illegitimate Tel Aviv regime throughout the world by the Zionist inspired War on Terror." (Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6?) - A Fearless Black Hats Film









SOURCE https://www.minds.com/TyrannyUnmasked





If You Celebrate Thanksgiving: May You Choke to Death






Today is Supposed to be Human Rights Day

Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Коррупция угроза для безопастности страна! Не будь рабом коррупции! Коррупция убивает людей!

Secret Demands for Bribes in the Millions and Refusal to Pay! A Color Revolution Thwarted by Articles! The Result? Secret Orders to Destroy My Family, Secret Evidence Used to Convict My Son, Secret Organs Ordering His Deportation and Secret Interrogations - Where are our rights?

December 10, 2019 - We were the first three ex-US citizens to receive asylum in the Russian Federation. We applied for citizenship in the Russian Federation in 2010. I have served the Russian State in various capacities and have signed multiple secrecy agreements. However none of those agreements covers protecting the corrupt and criminal elements who have destroyed me and my family. Bribes were demanded, my journalistic work was attacked, my son's arrest was ordered by the US Embassy under Michael McFaul, MI6 and CIA Agents were sent after us for my publications on this site and I have been denied any support and any assistance that should be given to refugees including the right to employment which takes away my human right to life. My son who has maintained his innocence since day one was arrested in a trial where the evidence against him was kept secret and which was closely monitored by the illegal presence of CIA representatives from the US Embassy who did nothing to help. He is supposed to be deported on orders of a body that remains secret. All of what we have faced amounts to real torture but is ignored because we do not support the endless wars of the USA, Israel and have asylum from the USA. We are also Taino Indians and since our people have been targetted for extermination it is easy to just go along. Despite all of this we are humans and despite all of our rights being taken away by corrupt and dirty officials from both sides of the equation, we have rights. We are even ignored by ALL Human Rights Organizations in the world including the United Nations, proving that they are USA controlled puppets. WE ARE HUMANS!   

We encourage you to download our insurance file. When they decide to finish us off the password will be published everywhere including:







Уважаемый президент Путин! Мы были первыми тремя бывшими гражданами США, получившими убежище в Российской Федерации. Мы подали заявку на получение гражданства в Российской Федерации в 2010 году. Я служил в российском государстве в различных качествах и подписал несколько соглашений о секретности. Однако ни одно из этих соглашений не охватывает защиту коррумпированных и преступных элементов, которые уничтожили меня и мою семью. Требовались взятки, моя журналистская работа подвергалась нападкам, посольство США приказало арестовать моего сына под руководством Майкла Макфола, агенты МИ-6 и ЦРУ прислали нас за публикации на этом сайте, и мне было отказано в какой-либо поддержке и любой помощи, которая должна быть предоставлено беженцам, включая право на работу, которое лишает меня права человека на жизнь. Мой сын, который поддерживал свою невиновность с самого первого дня, был арестован в ходе судебного разбирательства, в ходе которого доказательства против него хранились в секрете, и за которым пристально следили незаконные представители ЦРУ из посольства США, которые не оказали никакой помощи. Он должен быть депортирован по приказу тела, которое остается в секрете. Все то, с чем мы столкнулись, представляет собой настоящую пытку, но игнорируется, потому что мы не поддерживаем бесконечные войны в США, Израиле и не получаем убежища от США. Мы также являемся индейцами тайно, и так как наши люди стали жертвами истребления, легко идти вперед. Несмотря на все это, мы люди, и, несмотря на то, что все наши права отняты коррумпированными и грязными чиновниками с обеих сторон уравнения, у нас есть права. Нас даже игнорируют ВСЕ правозащитные организации в мире, включая ООН, доказывая, что они являются марионетками, контролируемыми США. МЫ "ЧЕЛОВЕКИ" У НАС ЕСТЬ ПРАВА!







Intro: The real blog of real asylees. This is the only voice we have! 

Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Коррупция угроза для безопастности страна! Не будь рабом коррупции!



What you are reading is a partial public record of illegal organized MI6, CIA and FBI Gang Stalking and targetting of the first American with asylum in the Russian Federation. Everything here should cause outrage but is ignored by the global MOCKINGBIRD media.

John is a journalist and a staunch critic of the US Government and the CIA who has exposed tens of thousands of Western Agents facilitating the creation of WikiLeaks and the Snow Den Operation in order to protect the US Government and the Zionist entity from having to answer for their crimes, chiefly and first-and-foremost the False Flag Attack that was 9/11.

The Zionist controlled United Nations and all "Western" international humanitarian and legal bodies intentionally ignore John's struggle but he is certain that in the end the truth will win.

For security concerns many of the previous pages of this blog have been removed from public access. but will be placed back on-line soon.

The fact that you have never heard of John or his family is a testament to the racist nature of all international bodies responsible for protecting Asylees, journalists and whistleblowers.

Although Russia has given John and his family asylum no public figure will ever admit to our existence or our plight and unfortunately his family failed to be protected. Only the People's Republic of China has admitted that John is a whistleblower.

Although John has had asylum since 2007 and he was the lead announcer at the Voice of Russia World Service in English as well as an investigative journalist and lead announcer representing the Russian World, CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg is "the asylee" even though Snowden has never had asylum in Russia he is the only American the international bodies and Russia choose to pay attention to which has allowed for the targetting and the destruction of the Robles family detailed on this blog.

As an American Indian with Spanish blood and a Representative of the Confederacy of Indian Nations John has attempted to establish ties with the Russian Government for the Nations but has also been largely ignored by Spain, the 9/11 Truth Movement and activists of every kind. No matter what John has stuck to his convictions and again knows that in the end TRUTH will win.

Please support the site and John's fight.  - Thank You

Update: Just to be clear it is the Chabad Lubavich CIA/MI6 controlled and installed mafia in Moscow that John came up against. They have infiltrated the Russian Government and the Russian World under the label of "Liberalism". Since they control the media, much of the judiciary and the government they are able to get away with almost anything. This is the hidden, secret and most dangerous threat to Russian National Security in existence but we are certain these New World Order Zionist mafia lunatics will be stopped. - Thanks

Update Two: Everything on this blog is clear evidence of ongoing Psychological Operations against John and his family and being a thousand times worse than what Hawkins has been through should have been condemned long ago by the United Nations given John's official asylum status, but the United Nations has been quiet on the Robles Family since day one. This is understandable as in their own words they are controlled by the USA. Simply not being allowed to see his children and having his son imprisoned constitutes torture and this is just a small part of what John is being put through.

We have asked the Russian authorites to protect John and his family and guarantee their basic human rights to be free from persecution and simply be allowed to live normal lives like all other Russians, but they continue to try to ignore his family's plight and continue to refuse to grant them citizenship even though John has two daughters who are Muscovites and has served the Russian State and President Putin for decades. Every request is simply ignored like the one below from 2016. When the real level of John's contribution to the Russian State is known it will be more than scandalous.

То, что вы читаете, является частичной публичной записью о незаконном организованном групповом преследовании МИ-6, ЦРУ и ФБР и нападении на первого американца с убежищем в Российской Федерации. Все здесь должно вызывать возмущение, но игнорируется глобальными СМИ MOCKINGBIRD.
Джон - журналист и убежденный критик правительства США и ЦРУ, разоблачивший десятки тысяч западных агентов, способствующих созданию WikiLeaks и операции Snow Den, чтобы защитить правительство США и сионистскую организацию от необходимости отвечать за их преступления, главным образом, и в первую очередь Ложная атака флага, которая была 11 сентября.
Контролируемая сионистами Организация Объединенных Наций и все «западные» международные гуманитарные и юридические органы намеренно игнорируют борьбу Джона, но он уверен, что в итоге истина победит.
В целях безопасности многие из предыдущих страниц этого блога были удалены из публичного доступа. но скоро будет переведен в онлайн.
Тот факт, что вы никогда не слышали о Джоне или его семье, свидетельствует о расистском характере всех международных организаций, ответственных за защиту лиц, скрывающихся от правосудия, журналистов и осведомителей.
Хотя Россия предоставила убежище Джону и его семье, ни один общественный деятель никогда не признается в нашем существовании или в нашем бедственном положении, и, к сожалению, его семья не была защищена. Только Китайская Народная Республика признала, что Джон является разоблачителем.
Хотя Джон получил убежище с 2007 года, он был ведущим диктором на Всемирной службе «Голос России» на английском языке, а также журналистом-расследователем и ведущим диктором, представляющим русский мир, аватар ЦРУ Эдвард Гринберг является «убежищем», хотя Сноуден никогда не был Имея убежище в России, он является единственным американцем, на которого международные организации и Россия решили обратить внимание, что позволило нацеливание и уничтожение семьи Роблс, подробно описано в этом блоге.
Будучи американским индейцем с испанской кровью и представителем Конфедерации индийских наций, Джон пытался установить связи с российским правительством для наций, но также был в значительной степени проигнорирован Испанией, Движением правды 11 сентября и активистами всех видов. Неважно, что Джон придерживается своих убеждений и снова знает, что в конце концов ПРАВДА победит.
Пожалуйста, поддержите сайт и бой Джона. - Спасибо
Обновление: Просто чтобы прояснить, что Джон столкнулся с контролируемой и установленной мафией Хабад Любавич ЦРУ / МИ6 в Москве. Они проникли в российское правительство и русский мир под маркой «либерализм». Поскольку они контролируют средства массовой информации, большую часть судебной власти и правительства, им удается сойти с рук почти все. Это скрытая, секретная и самая опасная угроза для национальной безопасности России, которая существует, но мы уверены, что эти сионистские мафиози Нового Мирового Порядка будут остановлены. - Благодарность
Обновление 2: Все в этом блоге - явное свидетельство продолжающихся психологических операций против Джона и его семьи, и то, что Хокинс в тысячу раз хуже того, через что прошел Хокинс, должно было быть давно осуждено Организацией Объединенных Наций, учитывая официальный статус Джона в предоставлении убежища, но Организация Объединенных Нации были тихими в семье Роблс с самого первого дня. Это понятно, так как по их собственным словам они контролируются США. Просто не позволять видеть своих детей и сажать сына в тюрьму - это пытка, и это лишь малая часть того, через что проходит Джон.
Мы попросили российских авторитетов защитить Джона и его семью и гарантировать, чтобы их основные права человека были свободны от преследований и им было позволено жить нормальной жизнью, как и всем другим русским, но они продолжают пытаться игнорировать тяжелое положение его семьи и продолжают отказываться предоставить им гражданство, хотя у Джона есть две дочери, которые являются москвичами и служили российскому государству и президенту Путину в течение многих десятилетий. Каждая просьба просто игнорируется, как та, что приведена ниже в 2016 году. Когда станет известен реальный уровень вклада Джона в Российское государство, он будет более чем скандальным.

 Insurance Files 22 Years: We told you: "JUST DIE ALREADY!"

Password Protected: Password to be released upon my death or other extreme event





 11.15.2019 Message Delivered for JAR3 - Now We Wait



 08.27.2019 Message from JAR3


Message from JAR3 After Almost 5 Years Rotting in a Russian Prison

07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files Released in Full



November 2019 Special in the Works - I Repeat I Will Not Be Your Victim Any More


As a journalist it is my responsibility to inform. You want transparency therefore this is for Kasa**** and Molod****** as you refuse to allow us to normalize our status and simply give our 2010 petitions for citizenship to the Presidential Commission. 12 years languishing with no action must be a record! Your attempts at keeping the killing of my family secret are duly noted.

Как журналист, я обязан сообщить. Вы хотите прозрачности, поэтому это касается Касы **** и Молодого ******, поскольку вы отказываетесь разрешить нам нормализовать наш статус и просто передаете наши петиции за гражданство в 2010 году Президентской комиссии. 12 лет томления без всяких действий должны стать рекордом! Ваши попытки сохранить тайну убийства моей семьи должным образом отмечены.

November 28, 2019 - It is time to stop being diplomatic and skirting around issues in the interests of my own security. I do not care anymore nor do I feel an obligation to protect the identities of scum who have for years gleefully watched as their attempts to dirty me and my reputation take place on a daily basis as they slander me around the world. This includes the CIA asskissing group of Americans who make social media posts and write letters to the Russian Government with outrageous claims against me and my family. In particular an individual who knows almost nothing about me yet has the nerve to claim in letters to the Russian Government that I am CIA. Yes Jeff you sick little worm, I am talking about you! And Mike and Tony and Pavel and the lot of you. I have exposed more CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and other agents than any site in history including WikiLeaks and Cryptome and have done more investigative work exposing the CIA and 9/11 than any one single journalist in the world, but where is the recognition? My work stands for itself and your claims are laughed at and ignored and you are marked as an enemy by everyone you write to. You have no idea who you are really attacking and in reality that is a good thing.

Why can I not call myself an investigative journalist and a publisher when that is exactly what I am? Why am I not credited for exposing all of the crimes of the CIA and the US Government that I have exposed? For the sole reason that blonde blue-eyed Assange was created to distract and takeover the role of an asylee for the MOCKINGBIRD sycophants, RACSIM.

As I enter yet another day of mourning on Thankstaking I can no longer skirt around the issue of RACISM because that is the real problem I am faced with and one which I can in no way change. I can not change the color of my skin anymore than I can change the rotation of the Earth or the passing of time.

I once again published very serious information regarding my asylum and what has been done to my family and my son in all of the material below and the HASBARA f@cktards like Israel Shamir start running with the Distractor Operation Assange again even though the Rothschild puppet is supposedly in prison where they want him. This time they are attempting to say the MOSSAD/CIA/Clinton asset is being slowly killed and tortured. This same crap they have been saying for years, making it the longest running homicide in world history if you believe their bull puckey for even a nano-second. Any one with even half a brain knows that if you are really a threat like Epstein was you get whacked instantly if they get you where they can eliminate you, or you get placed in an endless limbo of terror and uncertainty as I have living with asylum for over 12 years now, in an Orwellian hell where any attempt at normalizing my status and being granted citizenship is blocked at every turn by sycophants, literally CIA agents, America lovers and corrupt and ignorant officials scared of not being granted a visa or for their relatives living in America. 

Again I want to add that that the information below is vitally important and in fact I published it all at the very real and present risk to my life. This includes the information that I was given regarding the 12 million rubles stolen from the Russian Government by the American Visa possessing dean of the University where I worked and which was taken out of Russia by the same individual and her assistant during the past summer.

Within the next few weeks I will be exposong everything I have been in through in the past 24 years as a refugee and it will be damning for the United Nations, the United States, the CIA, MI6 and every single person and entity in Russia that has participated in the literal destruction of my family and I. 



November 22, 2019 - “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

After being called in for another "secret interrogation" for reasons of my own security I am forced to take this measure.


Present Day Conditions for Asylum Seekers in Russia
The conditions for asylum seekers in Russia are generally very poor. Asylum seekers in Russia typically have to wait years to receive a decision from the FMS. During that time, they are typically living without proper legal documents – making it nearly impossible for them to find a job outside of the local food markets. According to the United Nations, until recognized as refugees by the state, asylum seekers cannot enjoy such rights as "legal employment, healthcare, housing assistance and social benefits" - and even the right to register marriages and births.[12]

Asylum seekers in Russia are constantly in friction with the police. Amnesty International states that "asylum seekers are often harassed and ill-treated by law enforcement officers who feel they can abuse such people with impunity". Amnesty International has received persistent reports of asylum-seekers from outside the territory of the former Soviet Union having their identity papers destroyed by police and being subjected to police harassment in the form of extortion, beatings and general intimidation. Many have been subjected to police raids or intimidated into leaving their homes.[13]

Xenophobia, a fear or hatred of foreigners, is another problem that confronts asylum seekers and refugees.[14] Xenophobia is of particular concern to those that look different than the local community. Such groups include specifically: Africans, Afghans, Iraqis, and Tajiks. There are many occurrences of asylum seekers being beaten by local gangs.[15] In fact, some asylum seekers do not even report attacks for fear of police harassment, since many do not have official status.

Absence of legal documents resulting in problems with housing, employment, and health care, as well as ongoing harassment from the police make it extremely difficult for asylum seekers stressfully waiting for refugee status determination.

Local Integration

According to the Law on Refugees, Government recognized refugees can apply for citizenship. Nevertheless, there are significant legal obstacles for their acquisition of citizenship due to the restrictive registration system, which required proof of adequate income. Local integration, though typically desirable, is an unrealistic goal for most asylum seekers as the Russian government does not recognize the UN mandated refugees.

28 ноября 2019 г. - пришло время перестать быть дипломатичным и обходить проблемы в интересах моей собственной безопасности. Мне уже все равно и я не чувствую себя обязанным защищать личности мразей, которые годами радостно наблюдали, как их попытки запятнать меня и мою репутацию происходят ежедневно, когда они клевещут на меня по всему миру. Это включает в себя группу американцев, нападающих на ЦРУ, которые публикуют сообщения в социальных сетях и пишут письма российскому правительству с возмутительными претензиями ко мне и моей семье. В частности, человек, который почти ничего не знает обо мне, имеет смелость утверждать в письмах российскому правительству, что я - ЦРУ. Да, Джефф, ты болен, маленький червяк, я говорю о тебе! И Майк, и Тони, и Павел, и многие из вас. Я разоблачил больше ЦРУ, MI6, MOSSAD и других агентов, чем любой сайт в истории, включая WikiLeaks и Cryptome, и провел больше расследований, разоблачая ЦРУ и 9/11, чем какой-либо один журналист в мире, но где признание? Моя работа стоит сама за себя, и твои претензии смеются и игнорируются, и все, кому ты пишешь, помечены как враги. Вы понятия не имеете, на кого вы действительно нападаете, и на самом деле это хорошо.
Почему я не могу называть себя журналистом-расследователем и издателем, если это именно то, чем я являюсь? Почему я не зачислен за разоблачение всех преступлений ЦРУ и правительства США, которые я раскрыл? По единственной причине, что светловолосый голубоглазый Ассанж был создан для того, чтобы отвлечь и принять роль помощника для сикофантов MOCKINGBIRD, RACSIM.
Когда я вступаю в еще один день скорби в День Благодарения, я больше не могу обойти проблему РАСИЗМА, потому что это реальная проблема, с которой я столкнулся, и которую я никоим образом не могу изменить. Я не могу изменить цвет моей кожи больше, чем я могу изменить вращение Земли или течение времени.
Я еще раз опубликовал очень серьезную информацию о моем убежище и о том, что было сделано с моей семьей и моим сыном, во всех материалах, приведенных ниже, и о том, что HASBARA f @ cktards, такие как Israel Shamir, снова начинают работать с Assange «Distractor Operation Assange», хотя марионетка Ротшильдов предположительно в тюрьме, где они хотят его. На этот раз они пытаются сказать, что актив MOSSAD / CIA / Clinton медленно убивают и подвергают пыткам. Это то же самое дерьмо, о котором они говорили годами, что делает его самым продолжительным убийством в мировой истории, если вы поверите их бычьему шайбу даже на долю секунды. Любой, у кого есть хотя бы половина мозга, знает, что если вы на самом деле представляете угрозу, подобную Эпштейну, то вас мгновенно избивают, если вас заставляют найти способ убить вас, или вы попадаете в бесконечный террор и неуверенность, поскольку я живу с убежищем вот уже более 12 лет в аруэллианском аду, где любая попытка нормализовать мой статус и получить гражданство блокируется на каждом шагу подлецами, буквально агентами ЦРУ, любовниками Америки и коррумпированными и невежественными чиновниками, боящимися не получить визу или родственники живут в америке.
Еще раз хочу добавить, что информация, представленная ниже, жизненно важна, и на самом деле я опубликовал все это с очень реальным и существующим риском для моей жизни. Это включает в себя информацию, которую мне дали относительно 12 миллионов рублей, украденных у российского правительства американской визой, которой владеет декан Университета, в котором я работал, и которая была вывезена из России тем же человеком и ее помощником прошлым летом.
В течение следующих нескольких недель я буду разоблачать все, через что я прошел за последние 24 года в качестве беженца, и это будет проклято для Организации Объединенных Наций, Соединенных Штатов, ЦРУ, МИ-6 и всех отдельных лиц и организаций в России, которые участвовал в буквальном уничтожении моей семьи и меня

22 ноября 2019 г. - «Каждый нормальный человек должен время от времени испытывать искушение плюнуть ему в руки, поднять черный флаг и начать перерезать горло».
После того как меня вызвали на очередной «секретный допрос» по соображениям моей собственной безопасности, я вынужден принять эту меру.
Современные условия для просителей убежища в России
Условия для просителей убежища в России, как правило, очень плохие. Лицам, ищущим убежища в России, обычно приходится ждать годы, чтобы получить решение от ФМС. В течение этого времени они, как правило, живут без надлежащих юридических документов, что делает для них почти невозможным найти работу за пределами местных продовольственных рынков. По данным Организации Объединенных Наций, до тех пор, пока государство не признает их беженцами, лица, ищущие убежища, не могут пользоваться такими правами, как «легальная занятость, здравоохранение, жилищная помощь и социальные пособия» - и даже правом регистрировать браки и рождения [12].

Лица, ищущие убежища, в России постоянно конфликтуют с полицией. Amnesty International заявляет, что «лица, ищущие убежища, часто подвергаются преследованиям и жестокому обращению со стороны сотрудников правоохранительных органов, которые считают, что могут безнаказанно издеваться над такими людьми». Amnesty International постоянно получала сообщения о том, что лица, ищущие убежища, находились за пределами территории бывшего Советского Союза, когда их документы, удостоверяющие личность, были уничтожены полицией и подвергались преследованиям со стороны полиции в виде вымогательства, избиений и общего запугивания. Многие были подвергнуты полицейским рейдам или запуганы, когда они покидали свои дома. [13]
Ксенофобия, страх или ненависть к иностранцам, является еще одной проблемой, с которой сталкиваются лица, ищущие убежища, и беженцы [14]. Ксенофобия вызывает особую обеспокоенность у тех, кто выглядит иначе, чем местное сообщество. К таким группам относятся, в частности: африканцы, афганцы, иракцы и таджики. Существует много случаев избиения лиц, ищущих убежища, местными бандами. [15] Фактически, некоторые лица, ищущие убежища, даже не сообщают о нападениях, опасаясь преследований со стороны полиции, поскольку многие не имеют официального статуса.
Отсутствие юридических документов, приводящих к проблемам с жильем, занятостью и медицинским обслуживанием, а также постоянное преследование со стороны полиции, крайне затрудняет поиск убежища для лиц, ищущих убежища, в ожидании определения статуса беженца.
Локальная интеграция
Согласно Закону о беженцах, признанные правительством беженцы могут подать заявление на получение гражданства. Тем не менее, существуют значительные правовые препятствия для приобретения ими гражданства из-за ограничительной системы регистрации, которая требовала подтверждения достаточного дохода. Местная интеграция, хотя обычно и желательная, является нереальной целью для большинства лиц, ищущих убежища, поскольку российское правительство не признает беженцев, санкционированных ООН.

1996 and 2007 Registered as Refugees With the United Nations - UNHCR After the United States Revoked my US Citizenship - Officially the UN stated we could NOT get asylum because we were from the USA and the UN is under US control

1996 и 2007 годы зарегистрированы как беженцы в Организации Объединенных Наций - УВКБ ООН. После того как Соединенные Штаты аннулировали мое гражданство США - официально ООН заявила, что мы НЕ МОЖЕМ получить убежище, потому что мы были из США, а ООН находится под контролем США.


2008 After an Official Signed Renunciation of US Citizenship Before the Russian Government We Were Granted Ayslum

2008 После официального подписания отказа от гражданства США перед правительством России нам был предоставлен статус айслума

My school was taken in an illegal raid in 2008 and I was sold for $25 000

Моя школа попала в нелегальный рейд в 2008 году, и меня продали за 25 000 долларов

Various FMS/MVD Officials have told me that I will never get citizenship as a refugee even though Article 8 point 14 of the law on refugees says I have the right to apply and did in fact apply in 2010. Our applications were left to just rot and never forwarded to the commission on citizenship.

Различные должностные лица ФМС / МВД говорили мне, что я никогда не получу гражданство в качестве беженца, хотя пункт 14 статьи 8 закона о беженцах гласит, что я имею право подать заявление и действительно подал заявку в 2010 году. Наши заявления были оставлены просто гнить и никогда не направляется в комиссию по гражданству.


Local Integration


According to the Law on Refugees, Government recognized refugees can apply for citizenship. Nevertheless, there are significant legal obstacles for their acquisition of citizenship due to the restrictive registration system, which required proof of adequate income. Local integration, though typically desirable, is an unrealistic goal for most asylum seekers as the Russian government does not recognize the UN mandated refugees.

Согласно Закону о беженцах, признанные правительством беженцы могут подать заявление на получение гражданства. Тем не менее, существуют значительные правовые препятствия для приобретения ими гражданства из-за ограничительной системы регистрации, которая требовала подтверждения достаточного дохода. Местная интеграция, хотя обычно и желательная, является нереальной целью для большинства лиц, ищущих убежища, поскольку российское правительство не признает беженцев, санкционированных ООН.

We also have the right to file for citizenship under the 2019 Russian Law on Citizenship: Article 13, Point 2, Sections б and в

Мы также имеем право подать на гражданство в соответствии с российским Законом о гражданстве 2019 года: статья 13, пункт 2, разделы б и в


Because of the law on registration we were only able to file for citizenship in 2010 after another official signed renunciation of US citizenship before the Russian Government

Из-за закона о регистрации мы смогли подать заявку на гражданство только в 2010 году после того, как другой чиновник подписал отказ от гражданства США перед Правительством России.

Septemeber 2011

Septemeber 2011 Our petitions for citizenship will be looked at immediately

Сентябрь 2011 г. Наши ходатайства о гражданстве будут рассмотрены немедленно

April 2012 Our petitons for citzenship "are being looked at"

Апрель 2012 г. Наши петиции за гражданство "рассматриваются"

May 2012 The Voice of Russia and I expose Michael McFaul's $680 000 000 military takeover of Russia offer and his attempt at a Color Revolution in Russia under the Bolotnaya Square Case.

SECRET! He attempts to have me arrested and deported TWICE.

Май 2012. Голос России и я разоблачаем предложение Майкла Макфола о военном поглощении России в размере 680 000 000 долларов и его попытку «цветной революции» в России по делу о Болотной площади.
SECRET! Он пытается арестовать меня и депортировать ДВАЖДЫ.

SECRET! July 2012 Dmitry Kisilev in whose office I was poisoned attends a Clinton/CIA International Security Leadership Program

SECRET! Июль 2012 года Дмитрий Кисилев, в офисе которого я был отравлен, участвует в программе международного лидерства безопасности Клинтон / ЦРУ

SECRET! While the Lead Announcer for the Voice of Russia and after Snowden arrived there was an order from above that no one with asylum could receive citizenship. July 2013 Snowden exposes the NSA to protect the CIA and their Black Operations Communications and begins his shadow work to have me and my family eliminated from Russia and returned to the USA.

SECRET! December 2013 Dmitry Kisilev and Margarita Semonyan convince President Putin that the Sovereign Global Broadcaster of the Russian Federation which was listened to by over 480 million people is a broken piece of Soviet propaganda and must be liquidated. Me and 2,500 pople are fired and then I am poisoned and my son is arrested on fabricated narcotics charges.

Official statement saying that our petitions for citzenship were not forwarded to the commission and simply returned without reason or explanation. This is totally outrageous. This was told to me by phone by Valentina Kazakova herself after I met with her in her office with the Chairman of the Voice of Russia World Service. The answer she wrote about then in 2016 does not exist.

SECRET! Декабрь 2013 года Дмитрий Кисилев и Маргарита Семонян убеждают президента Путина в том, что Суверенный вещатель России, которого слушали более 480 миллионов человек, является обломком советской пропаганды и должен быть ликвидирован. Меня и 2500 человек уволили, а затем меня отравили, а моего сына арестовали по сфабрикованному обвинению в наркотиках.
Официальное заявление о том, что наши ходатайства о гражданстве не были переданы в комиссию, а просто возвращены без объяснения причин. Это совершенно возмутительно. Об этом мне по телефону сказала сама Валентина Казакова после того, как я встретился с ней в ее офисе с председателем Всемирной службы «Голос России». Ответа, о котором она писала тогда в 2016 году, не существует.

2014 New Asylum Document

SECRET! Son's First arrest which we proved was fabricated. January 13/14 2014

September 2014 censored by CIA installed "Content Editors". Receive direct threat of fabricated criminal case from assistant editor Sergey Sayenko.

Once Again Meet Samuel McCulloch the CIA Editor at Sputnik

I was targetted for my journalistic work

July 07, 2015 Second arrest of my son which was supposed to lead to my suicide.

Catch 22 RVP - November 2019


They have been pushing me for years to give up asylum and get residency. A few weeks ago I was informed that I can not get residency because I do not have a valid passport. Since the USA revoked my citizenship and passport in 2007 and I have not been granted any other passport that literally places me and my children in a catch 22 where the only escape is death. Wonderfully done.

Они годами давили на меня, чтобы я бросил убежище и получил вид на жительство. Несколько недель назад мне сообщили, что я не могу получить вид на жительство, потому что у меня нет действительного паспорта. С тех пор как США отозвали мое гражданство и паспорт в 2007 году, и мне не был предоставлен какой-либо другой паспорт, который буквально ставит меня и моих детей в ловушку 22, где единственным спасением является смерть. Замечательно сделано.

Eliminating Asylees - Secret Evidence, Interrogations, Firings and Deportations: The Secret Racist

Killing of the Entire Robles Family - My Entire Family Were Granted Asylum in Russia, Not Just Me


When I received asylum in the Russian Federation I was promised by my controller that I would be granted citizenship in a few weeks. That was 12 years ago. I have fought and struggled for over 12 years to simply normalize my status and the status of my children for more than a decade now. To normalize our status it would have simply been enough to grant us Russian Passports for which we officially applied for in 2010 and which were being given away like candy to every washed up boxer and has been Hollywood action star like candy.

Our entire struggle with asylum and against the targetting of the CIA and the US Government had been over-shadowed by the Limited Hangout Operations involving Assange and Snowden which on racist grounds and in order to hide the crimes of the United States Government involving me and my children were used to distract and program the global audience to ignore and view us as marginalized unimportant individuals.

Когда я получил убежище в Российской Федерации, мой контролер пообещал, что через несколько недель я получу гражданство. Это было 12 лет назад. Более 12 лет я боролся и боролся за то, чтобы просто нормализовать свой статус и статус моих детей уже более десяти лет. Чтобы нормализовать наш статус, нам было бы достаточно просто предоставить нам российские паспорта, на которые мы официально подали заявку в 2010 году и которые раздали, как конфеты, каждому вымытому боксеру и стали голливудской боевиком, как конфеты.
Вся наша борьба с убежищем и против нападений на ЦРУ и правительство США была омрачена операциями ограниченной тусовки с участием Ассанжа и Сноудена, которые на расистской почве и для того, чтобы скрыть преступления правительства Соединенных Штатов, в которых участвовали я и мой дети использовались, чтобы отвлекать и программировать глобальную аудиторию, чтобы игнорировать и рассматривать нас как маргинальных неважных людей.

 MVD is not behind the killing of my family.

 President Putin and the Presidential Administration is not behind the killing of my family.

The FSB is not behind the killing of my family.

So who is behind the killing of my family?

The Judiciary under the Corporation of the Russian Federation? Not likely as they should know the law and follow it as we do.


The Ministry of Justice knows I was targetted by the CIA and the US Embassy as is evidenced by the "Extremist" material finding below. They also know that Michael McFaul tried to have me deported twice by making false and outrageous claims after I exposed his attempt at an armed coup and the Bolotnaya Color Revolution attempt. So why is it not suspicious to anyone that my son, who was framed under 228 once and beat it, was framed TWICE and lost? For any investigator this would be an egregious failure to carry out their function and ignore. Why? We are viewed as refugees with NO RIGHTS and disposable. I disagree. We are not "DISPOSABLE".

My article was about the main enemy of Russia and the world. The CIA run USAID. It has nothing to do with the bribes paid to corrupt officials in the ROC by the CIA. They outed themselves.



Министерство юстиции знает, что на меня напали ЦРУ и посольство США, о чем свидетельствует находка "экстремистского" материала ниже. Они также знают, что Майкл Макфол дважды пытался депортировать меня, делая ложные и возмутительные заявления после того, как я разоблачил его попытку вооруженного переворота и попытку Болотной цветной революции. Так почему никому не подозревает, что моего сына, которого подставили под 228 и избили один раз, подставили ДВАЖДЫ и потеряли? Для любого следователя это было бы вопиющим неисполнением своих обязанностей и игнорированием. Зачем? Мы рассматриваются как беженцы без прав и одноразовые. Я не согласен. Мы не "одноразовые".
Моя статья была о главном враге России и мира. ЦРУ управляет USAID. Это не имеет ничего общего с взятками, которые ЦРУ дает коррумпированным чиновникам в РПЦ. Они раскрылись.


Коновалов Александр Владимирович (Министр юстиции Российской Федерации)

Next letter will have to be to the Honorable Mr Konovalov.

We know they use doubles so it is strange that there is ANOTHER Dimitry Kisilev (not the Mason who fired us from the Russian media and in whose office I was poisoned).

Since we reported the widespread corruption in Lubertsy and the narco-mafia inside the police it is stunning that the Ministry of Justice has no interest in such a criminal grouping which has literally killed or destroyed hundreds of inncoent people and in my case carried out a Black Operation against my son on the orders of the CIA and MI6. The only question for me is WHO? Name and patronym needed. 

Следующее письмо должно быть достопочтенному господину Коновалову.
Мы знаем, что они используют двойники, поэтому странно, что есть ДРУГОЙ Дмитрий Кисилев (не тот масон, который уволил нас из российских СМИ и в офисе которого меня отравили).
Поскольку мы сообщили о широко распространенной коррупции в Люберцах и наркомафии в полиции, просто поразительно, что Министерство юстиции не заинтересовано в такой преступной группировке, которая буквально убила или уничтожила сотни невинных людей, и в моем случае якобы совершил «черную» преступность. Операция против моего сына по приказу ЦРУ и МИ-6. Единственный вопрос для меня - КТО? Имя и отчество нужны.



Note: ALL of these so called human rights bodies have refused to help us in over 12 years of living as stateless refugees in the Russian Federation. They are ALL US controlled bodies, including the UNHCR which is the supposed guarantor of rights for individuals in our sitiuation. The UN screams about Rothschild puppet Assange but never a word about the entire Robles family. Disgusting really.

Примечание: ВСЕ из этих так называемых органов по правам человека отказались помочь нам в течение более 12 лет жизни в качестве беженцев без гражданства в Российской Федерации. Это ВСЕ контролируемые США органы, включая УВКБ ООН, которое является предполагаемым гарантом прав отдельных лиц в нашей ситуации. ООН кричит о марионетке Ротшильдов Ассанж, но ни слова о всей семье Роблс. Действительно отвратительно.

Under International Law Asylum Carries With It Serious Responsibilites


Corruption and demanding bribes for citizenship and passports, CIA/MI6 paid and controlled dirty police using narcotics to frame and destroy innocent people, taking orders from the CIA and US Embassy and now a cover up, intimidation and the disposal of material witnesses who can expose the entire racket. That is the reality and that is a disease here in Russia. If I die mysteriously it was not an accident.

Коррупция и требующие взяток за гражданство и паспорта, ЦРУ / МИ-6 платило и контролировало грязную полицию, используя наркотики, чтобы подставить и уничтожать невинных людей, принимая приказы ЦРУ и посольства США, а теперь прикрытие, запугивание и распоряжение материальными свидетелями, которые могут разоблачить вся ракетка. Это реальность, и это болезнь здесь, в России. Если я умру, загадочно это было не случайно.

Denial of Right to Employment: Another Illegal Termination

"By law we have to fire you." - Those were the words spoken to me when my employment was terminated at the Federal Consortium of Biological Institutions called Pushgeni where I had opened the first English course taught by a native speaker in any Federal Institution in the Russian Federation, a fact only appreicated by me. The only problem is that this is a lie and in fact against the law. However that did not stop them. Under what law? Under the law on registration? Perhaps but under international law and even Russian law ridding a person of their only source of income is a violation of law and the Convention on Human Rights. It is the same as denying a person the right to food or water or any other necessary sustenance which is not only a violation of basic human rights but a violation of the very Right to Life that is enshrined in international law.

So after 4 years of looking for a job after the liquidation of the Voice of Russia I was simply let go because of the end of my registartation which conicided with the end of the prolongation of my "permanent" asylum document. Which was prolonged on the day that racist US President Donald Trump tweeted "something important has happened". 

«По закону мы должны уволить тебя». - Это были слова, сказанные мне, когда моя работа была прекращена в Федеральном консорциуме биологических учреждений под названием Пушгени, где я открыл первый курс английского языка, преподаваемый носителем языка в любом федеральном учреждении в Российской Федерации, и этот факт был оценен только мной , Единственная проблема в том, что это ложь и на самом деле против закона. Однако это не остановило их. По какому закону? По закону о регистрации? Возможно, но в соответствии с международным правом и даже российским законодательством освобождение человека от единственного источника дохода является нарушением закона и Конвенции о правах человека. Это то же самое, что лишать человека права на еду или воду или любое другое необходимое средство к существованию, которое является не только нарушением основных прав человека, но и нарушением самого права на жизнь, закрепленного в международном праве.

Classified as BUMS: Multiple Continued Violations of Parental Rights, Stealing My Car, Slander in the Media, Intimidation and Threats

Классифицировано как BUMS: многократные продолжающиеся нарушения родительских прав, угон моего автомобиля, клевета в СМИ, запугивание и угрозы

Continued Covert Targetting: Surprise! After I Used the Yandex Navigator to Test My Theory

Punitive tracking through internet resources: Attempt to create a traffic snarl as a message to MVD and me. They have a million ways to interfere and poke us with little knives and they will do it... Their words not my own... October 19, 2019

The Big Kill 2020: I have information that they are planning to liquidate my entire family in 2020





Spreading lies to my students and clients:

Finally Where is the Money? In 12 years of living as asylees we have never once been given legal, material, social, educational, financial, security or any other type of assistance. Billions of rubles are given for housing and assistance to refugees but the money never reaches us. Where is the money?



Building Bridges or Eliminating the "Untermensch" for the Racist New World Order?

Another "Secret Interrogation"

Corrupt Rogue Police in Lubertsy: A Disgrace to the Russian Federation

Коррумпированная мошенническая милиция в Люберцах: позор для Российской Федерации 


Corruption being fought by FSB

January 28, 2014 by John Robles II

All whistleblowers face the same moral, legal and ethical dilemma of conscience when they witness illegality or uncover an event, series of events or circumstances which are egregious, victimize innocents or involve localized or widespread illegality, malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance. This dilemma is usually one which involves the choice of exposing, or attempting to expose, the illegality or not almost always at a great risk to themselves or those close to them.

They key event may be an action against themselves, it may be an action against other innocent people or even against entire populations or countries. Regardless of the key event history has shown that more often than not it is the whistleblower who pays the biggest price and those guilty of the crimes they expose escape prosecution entirely or receive a slap on the wrist.

For those who know me my own battle against illegality began in 1993 against the small town of Woodland California where I uncovered a scheme where local authorities were stealing millions of dollars from the US Federal Government after pulling me into their web and an instance of murder by Sheriff’s deputies of a man in prison named Marvin Griffith.

I attempted to deal with the illegality through the courts and the proper legal channels to no avail for years and finally by calling a Secret Grand Jury in October of 1995.

Since then my children and I have lived in Russia and lived until 2007 using our/my American Passport which were returned to me after I filed a complaint with the United Nations when I sought asylum in Belize Central America with my children. I was the sole legal custodial parent of my children so I had no choice but to take them with me and begin an odyssey that has brought us to where we are today.

In 1998 I was robbed in Moscow and my passport was stolen and the US Embassy issued me another one after running me through the computer and doing all of the background checks which proved that when the US Embassy revoked my citizenship and my passport while telling me to close my site because I “owed child support” it was a lie.

After the events of 9-11 I made it my mission to expose the illegality of the neo-conservative architects of 9-11, after all animals who would kill 3,000 civilians, people with families and lives, to bring about the paradigm that they threw the world into and in which we live today, need to be exposed and brought to justice. This is proper and good and anyone who is on the side of light must also support such a fight, but this has come at a cost for me. Due to my activities and my support of the Russian state the US Government revoked my citizenship, even going so far as to pass legislation saying it was okay to revoke the US citizenship of Puerto Ricans “in certain federal cases.”  

My country, Puerto Rico, is a US territory and has been occupied by the US since the 1950s and people, such as I who are born there automatically receive US citizenship, they actually have no choice, we do not have our own citizenship. I was then given asylum in Russia and renounced any claims to US citizenship, as I do to this day. I do not claim any rights, privileges or “protections” that US citizens might have and after what they did to me and my family openly declare that I am an enemy of the US Government which is occupying my country and has committed genocide on my people, the Taino Indians.

In my journalistic work, first for my site jar2.com and then for the Voice of Russia and other media outlets, I have continued my fight for truth and justice and have attempted to expose and bring to light everything from Crimes Against Humanity to CIA and US Government complicity in 9-11 and have interviewed hundreds of people, including whistleblowers and a broad array of individuals also fighting for justice and the truth.

In my work I have also unapologetically jealously promoted and defended Russia, the Russian Government and the President of the Russian Federation. I believe Russia is the only hope the world has and of course I am extremely grateful to the Russian Government and the Russian people for granting my family and I asylum.

However Russia is not perfect and even though I work for the state and promote the state in front of an international audience through my journalistic work and other activities the state has not been kind in granting me citizenship, even though I have met all of the criteria, submitted all of the paper work, never broken the law, lived here for almost 20 years and have been married twice to Russian women. For these reasons I recently started a campaign pleading Russian President Vladimir Putin to grant my family and I citizenship in this great country. These activities have of course shone a negative light on the authorities in Lubertsy Russia where I live and I believe this may have played a role in what happened to my son and the reason I am writing all of this.  

On the 13th of January, to no fault of my own nor that of my son, we were place in a further precarious situation, from the already delicate situation we were already in, by the same Lubertsy “authorities”, I believe, who have been blocking our applications for citizenship and who instead of coming after me have decided to demonize and go after my innocent children. That is a suspicion which I can not prove and is worst case. At best, and possible more likely if you believe in coincidences, is that my son was just the next victim of the worst kind of “law enforcement” that any country can possibly have, namely criminals in uniform who will do anything under the sun to make a buck, including planting narcotics and even murdering people.

The following is a short comment by myself and my son’s statement on the matter at hand. but before you read I would like to add a few updates which I think are really telling. It has been revealed as I investigate the case further that the group of officers in question is not the first operating here in Lubertsy. Police involvement in the narcotics trade and the use of narcotics to set up innocent citizens has been going on for quite some time in Lubertsy. It is a very lucrative criminal enterprise where police have made millions upon millions of rubles which translates into millions of dollars, and includes the seizure of property cars and the like.

During the course of my conversations with investigators, the head of the police department in question and others many new facts have been revealed beyond what my son wrote below. During his initial “arrest” when my son was beaten and even had a cop jumping on his back when he was on the ground attempting to cripple him for life, many telling statements were made. One of the officers told him they could do like American police and just kill him. Another made the most reasonable offer of breaking his arm when they were trying to get money from him at the beginning, before they went the drug route. Which is all it was about at the beginning. They had originally hoped to terrorize him into just handing over all the money he had at the beginning but when they realized they could not get any money from him, as he had none, they decided to set him up in the hopes that they would then be able to make a huge sum. A bribe for looking the other way on narcotics charges is around the 70 thousand ruble range or more depending on the amount of narcotics planted and the greed of those involved.

Other statements include the investigator telling him he was lucky they had not crippled him even worse and her statement to me when she found out I was a journalist that those who fight for justice are the kind of people that the police hate more than anyone else.

The criminals involved in the event did not believe the cameras that filmed the scene were working but as can be seen they attempted to hide their movements just in case. The chief of the department initially told me the amount was so small that my son would be released that night and no charges would be filed. But I suppose when I failed to produce the proper “present” the investigator filed more serious criminal charges against my son and offered to close the whole affair for a “fine” and my sons complete confession. Something he has no intention to do as he is innocent and as the videos show.

Statements of note include the investigator telling me that people like me. who fight for justice, are the most hated by the police. They have also used a divide and conquer strategy with all us who are supporting my son. Telling him that his friends who witnessed his beating set him up (untrue), telling his lawyer that we tried to offer a bribe (untrue), telling me that his lawyer was incompetent and not really protecting his interests (untrue), telling me that my son’s girlfriend was also somehow involved in setting him up and the list goes on.

It is also telling that the entire police department had no interest in obtaining or even seeing the videos I have posted on YouTube and all over the net. The video would have blown their case and they are sure that since we are refugees we will be afraid to speak out and will keep silence. This is the worst part and to a point they are right, but I can not be silent. I must defend my son because he is truly innocent and I could not look myself in the mirror if I publically defend innocent people like Julian Assange, Jeremy Hammond and others, but will do nothing to defend my own son.   

The reason I decided to publish this is because I love Russia and because there are other innocent people who these animals lives are destroying every day. They are a disgrace to Russia and any Russian patriot would agree that in order to protect and defend and promote Russia criminals such as these must not be allowed to continue dirtying the image of the country, enriching themselves off of the pain of others, bringing disgrace to the government and the state and lastly causing innocent citizens and civilians to be afraid to walk the streets at night. Yes in Lubertsy they are the most dangerous people one might meet late at night. The people should not be afraid of those who are entrusted by the state to uphold the law and protect the citizenry. It has got to stop!

Lastly I pleaded with the Chief of Police and the lead investigator to at least watch the videos and investigate the conduct of the officers involved and told them if they chose to ignore all of the evidence of mistreatment we would be forced to fight them in any way we could. We have been to all judicial organs and investigative bodies and have provided the videos to everyone. Hopefully there will be an honest person somewhere in the chain of command who will support us. If not all is lost for rule of law in Russia. Something I am sure President Putin would be extremely alarmed about if he gets a wind of it. They called for this fight not me. So we here you go. The fight begins!

28 января 2014 года Джон Роблес II

Все информаторы сталкиваются с одинаковой моральной, юридической и этической дилеммой совести, когда они становятся свидетелями незаконности или раскрытия какого-либо события, серии событий или обстоятельств, которые являются вопиющими, преследуют невинных или связаны с локализованной или широко распространенной незаконностью, злоупотреблением служебным положением, ложными обвинениями или неправомерными действиями. Эта дилемма, как правило, связана с выбором разоблачения или попыткой разоблачения незаконности или почти не всегда с большим риском для них самих или их близких.

Их ключевым событием может быть действие против самих себя, это может быть действие против других невинных людей или даже против целого населения или стран. Независимо от ключевых событий история показала, что чаще всего именно разоблачитель платит самую большую цену, и те, кто виновен в преступлениях, подвергаются судебному преследованию полностью или получают пощечину.

Для тех, кто знает меня, моя собственная борьба против незаконности началась в 1993 году против небольшого городка Вудленд, штат Калифорния, где я раскрыл схему, когда местные власти крали миллионы долларов у федерального правительства США после того, как втянули меня в свою сеть и в результате убийства Заместители шерифа человека в тюрьме по имени Марвин Гриффит.

Я пытался разобраться с незаконностью через суд и по соответствующим юридическим каналам, но безрезультатно в течение многих лет и, наконец, созвал тайное большое жюри в октябре 1995 года.

С тех пор мои дети и я жили в России и до 2007 года жили по нашему / моему американскому паспорту, который был возвращен мне после того, как я подал жалобу в Организацию Объединенных Наций, когда просил убежища в Белизе, Центральная Америка, со своими детьми. Я был единственным законным опекуном моих детей, поэтому у меня не было выбора, кроме как взять их с собой и начать одиссею, которая привела нас туда, где мы находимся сегодня.

В 1998 году меня ограбили в Москве, у меня украли паспорт, и посольство США выдало мне еще один после того, как проверил меня через компьютер и проверил все биографические данные, которые доказали это, когда посольство США аннулировало мое гражданство и мой паспорт, сказав мне закрыть мой сайт, потому что я "должен алименты", это была ложь.

После событий 9-11 я поставил перед собой задачу раскрыть незаконность неоконсервативных архитекторов 9-11, после всех животных, которые убьют 3000 мирных жителей, людей с семьями и жизнями, чтобы создать парадигму, которую они бросили мир, в котором мы живем сегодня и в котором мы живем, должен быть разоблачен и предан суду. Это правильно и хорошо, и любой, кто находится на стороне света, должен также поддержать такую ​​борьбу, но это стоило мне. Из-за моей деятельности и моей поддержки российского государства правительство США аннулировало мое гражданство, вплоть до того, что приняло закон о том, что можно отозвать гражданство США у пуэрториканцев «в определенных федеральных делах».

Моя страна, Пуэрто-Рико, является территорией США и оккупирована США с 1950-х годов, и люди, такие как я, родившиеся там, автоматически получают гражданство США, у них фактически нет выбора, у нас нет собственного гражданства. Затем мне дали убежище в России и я отказался от любых претензий на гражданство США, как я делаю по сей день. Я не претендую на какие-либо права, привилегии или «защиту», которые могут иметь граждане США, и после того, что они сделали со мной и моей семьей, открыто заявляют, что я враг правительства США, оккупирующего мою страну и совершившего геноцид против моего народа. индейцы таино.

В своей журналистской работе, сначала для своего сайта jar2.com, а затем для «Голоса России» и других средств массовой информации, я продолжал борьбу за правду и справедливость и пытался разоблачить и раскрыть все, от преступлений против человечности до ЦРУ и Соучастие правительства США в 9-11 и опросили сотни людей, в том числе осведомителей и широкий круг людей, также борющихся за справедливость и правду.

В своей работе я также беспристрастно ревниво поддерживал и защищал Россию, правительство России и президента Российской Федерации. Я верю, что Россия - единственная надежда на мир, и, конечно, я чрезвычайно благодарен российскому правительству и русскому народу за предоставление моей семье и мне убежища.

Однако Россия не идеальна, и хотя я работаю на государство и продвигаю государство перед международной аудиторией с помощью своей журналистской работы и других видов деятельности, государство не проявило доброты в предоставлении мне гражданства, хотя я выполнил все критерии , представив все документы, никогда не нарушал закон, прожил здесь почти 20 лет и дважды был женат на русских женщинах. По этим причинам я недавно начал кампанию, призывая президента России Владимира Путина предоставить мне и моей семье гражданство в этой великой стране. Эти действия, конечно, пролили негативный свет на власти в Люберецкой России, где я живу, и я считаю, что это, возможно, сыграло роль в том, что случилось с моим сыном, и в причине, по которой я все это пишу.

13 января, ни по моей вине, ни по вине моего сына, мы оказались в еще более опасном положении, из и без того деликатного положения, в котором мы уже оказались, теми же люберецкими «властями», я полагаю, которые блокировал наши заявления о предоставлении гражданства и которые вместо того, чтобы преследовать меня, решили демонизировать и преследовать моих невинных детей. Это подозрение, которое я не могу доказать, и это худший случай. В лучшем случае, и, возможно, более вероятно, если вы верите в совпадения, это то, что мой сын стал очередной жертвой наихудшего вида «правоприменения», который может быть в любой стране, а именно преступников в форме, которые будут делать все под солнцем, чтобы зарабатывать деньги, в том числе сажать наркотики и даже убивать людей.

Ниже приводится небольшой комментарий от меня и заявления моего сына по данному вопросу. но прежде чем читать, я хотел бы добавить несколько обновлений, которые, я думаю, действительно говорят. Когда я продолжаю расследовать дело, выяснилось, что данная группа офицеров не первая, действующая здесь, в Люберцах. Участие полиции в торговле наркотиками и использовании наркотиков для подстрекательства невинных граждан уже давно происходит в Люберцах. Это очень прибыльное преступное предприятие, где милиция заработала миллионы на миллионы рублей, что выражается в миллионах долларов и включает в себя конфискацию имущества и тому подобное.

В ходе моих бесед со следователями, начальником полицейского управления и другими людьми было выявлено много новых фактов, помимо того, что написал мой сын ниже. Во время его первоначального «ареста», когда моего сына избили, и даже полицейский прыгал по его спине, когда он находился на земле, пытаясь покалечить его на всю жизнь, было сделано много убедительных заявлений. Один из офицеров сказал ему, что они могут поступить как американская полиция и просто убить его. Другой сделал самое разумное предложение сломать ему руку, когда они пытались получить от него деньги в самом начале, прежде чем они пошли по маршруту наркотиков. Это все, что было в начале. Первоначально они надеялись терроризировать его, просто отдавая все деньги, которые у него были в начале, но когда они поняли, что не могут получить от него никаких денег, поскольку у него их нет, они решили подставить его в надежде, что тогда быть в состоянии сделать огромную сумму. Взятка за то, что я смотрю иначе на обвинения в наркотиках, составляет около 70 тысяч рублей или больше, в зависимости от количества заложенных наркотиков и жадности вовлеченных в них.

Другие показания включают в себя следователя, который сказал ему, что ему повезло, что они не нанесли ему еще большего вреда, и ее заявление для меня, когда она узнала, что я журналист, что те, кто борются за справедливость, - это люди, которых полиция ненавидит больше, чем кто-либо другой.

Преступники, участвовавшие в этом событии, не верили, что камеры, которые снимали сцену, работают, но, как можно видеть, они пытались скрыть свои движения на всякий случай. Начальник отдела сначала сказал мне, что сумма была настолько мала, что моего сына освободят той ночью, и никаких обвинений не будет. Но я полагаю, что, когда я не смог представить надлежащего «подарка», следователь выдвинул против моего сына более серьезные уголовные обвинения и предложил закрыть все дело за «штраф», а мои сыновья - полное признание. Что-то, что он не собирается делать, потому что он невиновен и как показывают видео.

Заявления к сведению включают следователя, говорящего мне, что люди, как я. те, кто борются за справедливость, больше всего ненавидят полицию. Они также использовали стратегию «разделяй и властвуй» со всеми нами, кто поддерживает моего сына. Сказать ему, что его друзья, которые были свидетелями его избиения, подставили его (не соответствует действительности), сказать его адвокату, что мы пытались дать взятку (не соответствует действительности), сказать, что его адвокат был некомпетентен и не защищал его интересы (не соответствует действительности), сказать, что подруга моего сына тоже как-то участвовала в его настройке, и этот список можно продолжить.

Это также говорит о том, что весь отдел полиции не был заинтересован в получении или даже просмотре видео, которые я разместил на YouTube и по всей сети. Видео взорвало бы их дело, и они уверены, что, поскольку мы беженцы, мы будем бояться высказываться и будем молчать. Это худшая часть, и до некоторой степени они правы, но я не могу молчать. Я должен защищать своего сына, потому что он действительно невиновен, и я не смогу посмотреть на себя в зеркало, если я публично защищу невинных людей, таких как Джулиан Ассанж, Джереми Хаммонд и другие, но не сделаю ничего, чтобы защитить моего собственного сына.

Причина, по которой я решил это опубликовать, заключается в том, что я люблю Россию и потому, что есть другие невинные люди, которых эти животные уничтожают каждый день. Они позорят Россию, и любой российский патриот согласится с тем, что для защиты, защиты и продвижения в России преступникам, подобным этим, нельзя позволять продолжать портить имидж страны, обогащаться от боли других, вызывая позор. правительству и государству и, наконец, заставляет невинных граждан и гражданских лиц бояться ходить по улицам ночью. Да, в Люберцах они самые опасные люди, которых можно встретить поздно ночью. Люди не должны бояться тех, кому государство поручает поддерживать закон и защищать граждан. Это должно остановиться!

Наконец, я умолял начальника полиции и главного следователя, по крайней мере, посмотреть видео и расследовать поведение причастных офицеров, и сказал им, что если они решат игнорировать все доказательства плохого обращения, мы будем вынуждены бороться с ними любым способом. мы могли бы. Мы были во всех судебных и следственных органах и предоставили видео всем желающим. Надеюсь, где-то в цепочке командиров будет честный человек, который поддержит нас. Если не все потеряно для верховенства закона в России. Я уверен, что президент Путин был бы крайне встревожен, если бы он узнал об этом. Они призвали к этой борьбе не меня. Итак, мы здесь, вы идете. Бой начинается!

Optimized videos of the police planting narcotics on my son:

Lubertsy police in the Russian press:

I do not have time to translate all of the articles but they are all topical and deal with the out of control illegality of the Lubertsy police department and should be looked at. You can use: http://translate.google.co.uk/#ru/en/ to get a basic translation. I am not responsible nor associated with any of the sites listed below.

1. August 30 2012 Lubertsy police arrested after beating a passerby to death:



2. October 14 2012 Russian whistleblower site publishes an exposé on a criminal group of rogue police who planted narcotics on innocent civilians and the extorted millions of dollars in bribes from them. Many later died in prison such as Sultan Anvar and Andrey Nikolaev and hundreds have had their lives destroyed. Note these are just the people we know about. If you talk to any young person in Lubertsy they can tell you similar stories on perhaps a smaller scale.


It is also important to note that in the above article the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Zubtsov who is handling the investigation into my son’s case was close friends to member(s) of a group of rogue officers arrested by the FSB and according to the article closed over 30 complaints of analogous actions (namely drug planting) filed by citizens against the Lubertsy Police Department.  

3. December 2010 The head of a criminal syndicate working in Lubertsy (translated as Werewolves in Epaulets) and other areas of the Moscow Region, Ilya Yuhman, was arrested by the FSB and to this day dozens of innocent businessmen he and his gang set up are still behind bars. http://zeki.su/novosti/2010/12/20002441.html/22315

Люберецкие милиционеры в российской прессе

У меня нет времени переводить все статьи, но все они актуальны и имеют дело с незаконной деятельностью неконтролируемого отделения полиции в Люберцах и должны быть рассмотрены. Вы можете использовать: http://translate.google.co.uk/#ru/en/, чтобы получить базовый перевод. Я не несу ответственности и не связан ни с одним из сайтов, перечисленных ниже.

1. 30 августа 2012 года полиция Люберцев арестована после избиения до смерти прохожего:



2. 14 октября 2012 г. Российский сайт, сообщающий о нарушениях, публикует информацию о преступной группе мошеннических полицейских, которые подбрасывали наркотики ни в чем не повинным гражданским лицам и вымогали у них взятки на миллионы долларов. Многие из них впоследствии скончались в тюрьме, такие как Султан Анвар и Андрей Николаев, и сотни людей были уничтожены. Обратите внимание, что это просто люди, о которых мы знаем. Если вы поговорите с любым молодым человеком в Люберцах, они могут рассказать вам подобные истории, возможно, в меньшем масштабе.


Также важно отметить, что в вышеуказанной статье глава Следственного комитета Александр Зубцов, который занимается расследованием дела моего сына, был близким другом члена (s) группы мошенников, арестованных ФСБ и в соответствии с этой статьей закрыли более 30 жалоб на аналогичные действия (а именно, насаждение наркотиков), поданных гражданами против отделения милиции в Люберцах.

3. Декабрь 2010 г. Глава криминального синдиката, работающий в Люберцах (в переводе «Оборотни в униформе») и других районах Московской области, Илья Юхман был арестован ФСБ, и по сей день десятки невинных бизнесменов, которых он и его банда создали все еще за решеткой.

Ilya Yuhman

Ilya Yuhman (Werewolf in Epaulets)

October 08 2013 Ilya Yuhman is arrested in FSB operation while driving a stolen car.


5. October 11 2013 More information on Ilya Yuhman’s arrest and the Lubertsy mafia connections, the subject of years of FSB investigations.



6. June 21 2012 More information on Lubertsy mafia and the fight of innocent citizens set up by criminal groups working in the police here in Lubertsy and the surrounding areas.


7. Monstrous corruption in Lubertsy part 2


8. Other links on the matter:



FSB shuts down narcotics criminal ring in Lubertsy police:


How Lubertsy police planted narcotics on victims. FSB operat6ion shut them down:


Ex-head of Lubertsy Investigative Committee on wanted list: http://lyubertsy.ru/news/proiwesvie/byvshij_zamestitel_nachalnika_sk_po_lyubereczkomu_rajonu_roman_ruslanov_obyavlen_v_rozysk

Lubertsy news:


Plea by Police Major to former President Medvedev on police corruption:


Gang of Lubertsy police plant narcotics and ask for millions of rubles:


4. 08 октября 2013 года Илья Юхман арестован в ходе операции ФСБ за рулем угнанной машины. http://www.gazeta.ru/auto/2013/10/08_a_5697325.shtml

5. 11 октября 2013 г. Дополнительная информация об аресте Ильи Юхмана и связях с мафиози в Люберцах - предмет многих лет расследований ФСБ.



6. 21 июня 2012 г. Больше информации о люберцкой мафии и борьбе с невинными гражданами, созданной преступными группами, работающими в полиции здесь, в Люберцах и прилегающих районах.

7. Чудовищная коррупция в Люберцах часть 2

8. Другие ссылки по этому вопросу:

ФСБ закрыла криминальное кольцо по наркотикам в люберецкой милиции:


Как люберецкая полиция подбрасывала наркотики жертвам. Операция ФСБ закрыла их:

Экс-глава Люберецкого Следственного комитета объявлен в розыск: http://lyubertsy.ru/news/proiwesvie/byvshij_zamestitel_nachalnika_sk_po_lyubereczkomu_rajonu_roman_ruslanov_obyavlen_v_rozysk

Люберецкие новости:


Заявление майора полиции бывшему президенту Медведеву о коррупции в полиции:


Бригада люберецких милиционеров заводит наркотики и просит миллионы рублей:


Earlier Statement:

Dear Citizen of the World:

FIRST please do not name me in particular as the source for this video. My life could be placed in jeopardy.

I have been fighting for the Russian authorites to grant our bid for citizenship and especially for my children who have been here all of their lives. The attached photo is of me and my son and daughter. Rather than grant us citizenship they have been attempting to marginalize us further and recently some rogue police beat my son up and planted narcotics on him. I often write about American brutality and tell my students about it so such conduct from Russian police was a shock. The videos attached show the story. According to their version they stopped him, searched him and immediately took him to the station. As the videos show he was held in the police car for approximately three hours while two officers went off to find the drugs to plant on him for an hour and a half. They were initially trying to scare him into giving them a bribe but they did not allow him to call and he did not have money. The videos show the police discussing the matter on multiple occasions, and finally one of them giving two others what was probably money and then two of them disappearing for an hour and a half. When they returned one of the "officers" took my son's document pouch out of the car and handed it to another officer, who while pretending to tie his shoe while placing it on the wheel of the jeep, placed the narcotics in the document pouch and then passed them back to a third officer. This is all visible in the videos if one pay attention to the shadows. The officers knew there were cameras but did not think that their shadows would give them away. They then placed the document pouch back in my son's pocket and then when witnesses were present removed them only to discover drugs that had not been there three hours earlier. After the "find" he was immediately taken away. I ask you to spread this anywhere you can and if there are experts at processing video perhaps they can be improved so things are more visible. Below is my son's plea for help and his narrative of the events. We are refugees and live quiet lives however I am very critical of the United States on my own website at www.jar2.com and in my journalistic work. Please help if you can. We have also incurred legal and medical bills which we can not pay. 

I believe this may connected with my journalistic work and my recent campaign to obtain citizenship for my kids but I can not prove anything.

The victim:

Предыдущее заявление:

Уважаемый гражданин мира!

ПЕРВЫЙ, пожалуйста, не называйте меня, в частности, как источник этого видео. Моя жизнь может оказаться под угрозой.

Я боролся за то, чтобы российские власти предоставили нашу заявку на гражданство, и особенно за моих детей, которые были здесь всю свою жизнь. Прикрепленное фото - это я, мой сын и дочь. Вместо того, чтобы предоставить нам гражданство, они пытались еще больше изолировать нас, и недавно какая-то мошенническая полиция избила моего сына и подбросила ему наркотики. Я часто пишу об американской жестокости и рассказываю об этом своим студентам, поэтому такое поведение российской полиции было шоком. Прилагаемые видео показывают историю. По их версии, его остановили, обыскали и немедленно отвезли на станцию. Как видно из видеозаписей, его продержали в полицейской машине около трех часов, а два офицера ушли, чтобы найти наркотики, чтобы посадить его на него в течение полутора часов. Сначала они пытались напугать его, чтобы он дал им взятку, но они не позволили ему позвонить, и у него не было денег. Видеоролики показывают, что полиция несколько раз обсуждала этот вопрос, и, наконец, один из них дал двум другим то, что, вероятно, было деньгами, а затем двое исчезли на полтора часа. Когда они вернулись, один из «офицеров» вынул из машины пакет с документами моего сына и передал его другому офицеру, который, притворяясь, что завязывает ботинок, а затем положил его на колесо джипа, положил наркотики в пакет с документами и затем передал их обратно третьему офицеру. Это все видно на видео, если обратить внимание на тени. Офицеры знали, что есть камеры, но не думали, что их тени выдадут их. Затем они положили пакет с документами обратно в карман моего сына, а затем, когда присутствовали свидетели, достали их только для того, чтобы обнаружить наркотики, которых там не было три часа назад. После «находки» его сразу забрали. Я прошу вас распространять это везде, где вы можете, и если есть специалисты по обработке видео, возможно, их можно улучшить, чтобы все было более наглядно. Ниже просьба моего сына о помощи и его рассказ о событиях. Мы беженцы и ведем тихую жизнь, однако я очень критично отношусь к Соединенным Штатам на моем собственном веб-сайте www.jar2.com и в своей журналистской работе. Пожалуйста, помоги, если можешь. Мы также понесли юридические и медицинские счета, которые мы не можем оплатить.

Я верю, что это может быть связано с моей журналистской работой и моей недавней кампанией по получению гражданства для моих детей, но я ничего не могу доказать.

Robles Family

Statement from my son:

My name is John Anthony Robles III. I am a native of the United States and was born in York Pennsylvania, and I was given refugee status in Russia along with my father who was a US citizen after the United States Government revoked his citizenship and passport. I have been in Russia since 1996 and to this day have not left the country . I am an average peaceful citizen who does not violate the law but am the victim of police misconduct and have been set up by rogue police who have tried to paint me as a criminal even though I am only a refugee. We have been protesting the fact that the local authorities have delayed our bid for citizenship for 6 years even though we have met all of the conditions and submitted all of the necessary documentation. My father is a journalist who is very critical of the United States and has exposed police brutality in the past.

 Recently I have become the victim of police brutality and criminal misconduct that has caused me physical harm, emotional pain and financial damage. The rogue police officers in question not only humiliated me morally and but also physically assaulted me cause nerve damage to my hand, damage to spine but stomping on me when I was lying on the ground face down and even threatened break my arm or simply kill me. These “officers” who are supposed to be the guardians of the law and protect innocent civilians also planted narcotics on my possessions then on me in order to charge me with a crime I did not commit. These police officers are very cunning , evil and dangerous "people ."

On the night from 13 to 14 January 2014, when I was leaving the apartment block of a friend from work we were attacked by the rogue police in question. They did not identify themselves as they are required to by law not did they say what they wanted. It was only after I was singled out for no reason and thrown on the ground face down that they said they were looking for drugs. They brutally slammed me onto the asphalt and almost broke my arms when they put the handcuffs on me. They threatened to kick my teeth in, use an electro-shocker on me and screamed racial epithets at me that I was a dirty Dagestani. I suffered injuries to my spine and head when one of the police kicked me in the head and stomped on my back, jumping up and down on me. They injured my kidneys, spine and tailbone . They also sprayed me with pepper spray even though I was already face down and handcuffed and did not move. I suffered burns to my face.

And all this happened in front of my friends who are witnesses. I was kept lying on the ground for 15-20 minutes all the while the police insulted me and screamed racial epithets at me. When they finalloy picked me up and searched me they found my documents, and realized I am not a Dagestani , but found out that I am an American and a refugee and still continued to ridicule me now on that basis.

Apparently not finding what they wanted. namely narcotics, they placed me in the back seat of the police vehicle and two of them left the scene after being handed some money for an hour and a half. When they returned, the other police who were in the car, except the driver, got out and started talking amongst themselves. They then opened the door and told me to get out saying that they were now going to finally take me home. They put my documents which I keep in a small pouch back in my pocket, until this moment I did not know where my documents had been . As it turned out after being detained for almost three hours they had planted drugs in my documents and then placed them back in my pocket only to then pull them out again in the presence of two witnesses they had brought after their hour and a half disappearance. The then took me to the police station where they locked me up for 24 hours and did not allow me a phone call to tell my father where I was.

RAW videos

The following videos show all of the events except for the beating because they did that near the building where there were no cameras. They are available for download here: ftp://www.jar2.com/video/  

Video and time codes:

1_01-04_R_012014010000, 01:07 We arrive to the house of Klimenko M/A

2_01-04_R_012014020000, 02:37 The police officers arrive

2_01-04_R_012014020000, 02:44 Three more police officers arrive

2_01_R_012014020000, 02:48 The police car arrives

2_01_R_012014020000, 02:54 I sat in the police car

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:00 – 03:11 While I am sitting in the back seat of the police car, the cops are having their secret conversation

3_01-04_R_012014030000, 03:12 The police officers are probably giving money to one of the officers, and two of them go get drugs

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:43 The two police officers come back with the drugs and put it in my document pouch

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:47 The police officers get me out of the back seat of the car and put my document pouch back in my pocket with the drugs already in the pouch

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:48 The police car leaves

4_01_R_012014040000, 04:00 the police car comes back with two «witnesses»

4_01_R_012014040000, 04:03 – 04:20 the drugs are finally «discovered»  



A Public Record: Warning:  Your Fabricated Cognitive Dissonance at Risk






  Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее.

Коррупция угроза  для безопастности страна! Не будь рабом коррупции!  


CONTACT: PGP KEYS  jar2@jar2.com  jar2@list.ru CELL 8-901-718-8391




CIA Covert Operations Targetting the Robles Family

2015 CIA Black Operation on My Son

The US Embassy in Moscow ordered the arrest of my son. This will not be forgotten. Ever.


NEW 07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files


This is a photo of my son shortly before his fabricated arrest

This was an attempt to damage me with the Russian Orthodox Church because I exposed USAID


3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);

CIA Color Revolution Specialist Michael McFaul CIA COS Joseph Moone 5th Column

http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Michael_McFaul.html  SEE MCFaul

CIA MOCKINGBIRD Disinformation Synthesis Point Washington Post 


CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg (VERAX) (Snow Den) 


CIA Limited Hangout Disinformation Clearing House WikiLeaks


My Best Student the Biggest Traitor. Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold

CIA Covert Foreign Media Information Operation - Voice of Russia Wipe

Boston: 5th Column Traitors to Russia Protecting Bush/Obama/Clinton et al Crimes

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CIA Covert Foreign Media Information Operation - Voice of Russia Wipe

After a "Meeting" where baseball bats where present and being waved around and I was forced to give up my personal passwords for my private e-mails I filed a police report. The police investigators refused to open a criminal case against those who took part and they pretended is never happened.

"Liberal" 5th Column Traitors to Russia Protecting the Crimes of Bush/Obama/Clinton et al 

I investigated and exposed the Boston Bombing False Flag in Russia. The reported everyone to CIA.  


My Best Student the Biggest Traitor. Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold Me and My Family. Traitor. I taught him the real meaning of Thanksgiving and he did this:





NEW 07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files


Proof of My Real Fight Against CIA 5th Column
For those who think all I do is whine on this blog. You will be held accountable for what you have done.


Video Address to President Putin and Russia


The Putin Letters

Video Address - Watch and Share the Above Videos Offsite



Часть 1: https://rutube.ru/video/69a551971a5a81a944abedde008dc811/

Часть 2: https://rutube.ru/video/31073cec059a1b227e358205cd97706a/

Часть 3:  https://rutube.ru/video/73064726a3aa1318645cff2fef3fb101/







RUSSIA The Putin-FMS Letters: Documents 08-12 Who is Interfering Here? Our Contention is CIA Lackeys





Pateev is the Needle in the Haystack, the Proof I Sought - Fingerprint

Allowing CIA/Embassy Personnel in His Trial Was a Crime

Russian Federal Law on Rufugees-Федеральный закон от 19 февраля 1993 г. N 4528-I О беженцах


Методическое пособие по теме "Право беженцев".






БиБлиография по праву Беженцев


Press Release and Letter to Putin and Russia




As Humans We All Have Rights No One Can Refuse




THE NEW WORLD ORDER FROM A LEGAL CONTEXT: The video below describes the real problem all Russians are facing under CORPORATE Admirality law.

COINTELPRO Gang Stalking Targetting Operation in Russia.


Rare Random Video Production

Refused to read provocation against China


Then: (Banned Again: Twitter's Most Hated User)

Twitter Bans JAR2 for Life and Defends Nazis - FU









Exposing Twitter Anti-Russian Operations

Snow Den Creator Appears on My Twitter Before Ban



Banned/Supressed Interviews About John












"Lustration" in the Russian Media for the NWO




Michael McFaul vs John Robles

VIDEO25 Repost: Robles vs Bohm on Channel One

Роблес против Бом от Джон Роблес на Rutube.

Russia Must Respond Harshly to the West


VIDEO25 Found Supressed Video of JAR2 Renunciation

Джон Роблес публично отказывается от все связ и возможно гражданство США в Крыму. Байк-шоу. Гасфорта от Джон Роблес на Rutube.










VIDEO25 Renunciation Protest in 3 Languages

The Killings of WikiLeaks




NEW JAR2 in a [Kill Box] Here


FILM25A Mohawk - Official Movie Trailer (2018)


For Aggressive War: Ban the USA from the Olympics

For Aggressive War: Ban the USA from the Olympics Forever

The Rohingya Genocide for the NWO

NWO Continues Genocide of Brown Peoples

American Exceptionalism for the Fake "Americans"

American Exceptionalism for General Flynn

Black Ops: Pizzagate and Gang Stalking in America

Covert Gang Stalking in America the Case of Ryan Meador by John Robles

  911: Russia and NWO Takeover of the World

911 Eratz Israel and the Takeover of the World by the NWO


Russian Lives Matter: Russia Under Attack

Russian Lives Matter: Russia Under Attack

McFaul CFR, NED, ETC a CIA color revolution specialist

CIA Terrorist Attack in Russia and Syrian False Flag

 CIA Terrorist Attack a Syrian False Flag


PART ONE There has been a Coup in America


PART TWO Shadow Government Out of Shadows




Full PDF Version of This Work Free for You!



  Multimedia Introduction and Current Events


Part One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ju1_Ev27t8

Part Two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZS5uiOYBRw

Part Three https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZS5uiOYBRw

How to Escape the US Machine

e-mail me at jar2  at   list.ru  Some of my work can now be found here  www.jar2.biz

Banners, Memes Page and Scripts and Junk

A collection of my favorite banner pictures which I am offering to you to use on your Twitter pages

follow unfollow script for console

Collection of Memes on Different Topics from JAR2 for You 



Audio: The CIA and Covert Operations in Moscow


ENGLISH John Robles Speaks about the CIA and the Lubertsy network that they devoloped

The Death of Hope and the Killing of the Future

The TPP/TTIP/TISA: True Global Corporate Fascism

Refugee Surge: Genocide by Rothschilds NWO Proxy

Why is it that only now after 15 years of US/NATO/Israeli war that refugees have made it to Europe?

Rothschild Zionist NWO: 911 and Real Terror

Tying all of the pieces together and exposing the Puppet Masters and the real figures controlling the world

Assassination of Russian Diplomats: NWO/WWIII

11-21-2016 http://www.jar2.com/Articles/2016/December/The_West_Is_Insane.html

Paradigm of Brutal American Terror by John Robles


North Korea Used by USA to Start WWIII


World War III: My Attempt to Stop It


Blacks in America: Lynching and Murder by Lunatics


Le Pen Loss to NWO/Rothschilds + Macron Leaks

The Loss of France or the Loss of the Fascist Internationale and the Hegelian Dialect      www.jar2.biz

Cheney Torture Forwarded to ICC - Joseph Zrnchik



Putin Letters

Уважаемый президент Владимир Владимирович Путин, Прощу помиловать моему сыну и дать моих дети гражданство Российской Федерации после 22 года.

The Putin Letters

John Robles III

Уважаемый президент Владимир Владимирович Путин, Прощу помиловать моему сыну и дать моих дети гражданство Российской Федерации после 22 года.






The Putin Letters

RoblesTiny FREE MY SON




John Robles II

RoblesTiny #TWITTER=#CIA

JAR2 Banned for Life

Our THIRTEEN Suspensions From Twitter

DMCA for Writing About Ban


RoblesTiny Support Letters


John and The Surgeon



RoblesTiny JAR2 Resume



RoblesTiny Blog


BOOK25A My Books

Taino Genocide

RoblesTiny FREE MY SON








RoblesTiny Target Johns


report why wikileaks and snow den were created



Book6802 Lubertsy


RoblesTiny John Robles



https://twitter.com/Bike Show Renunciation
https://twitter.com/Renunciation 3 languages




Thanksgiving in Russian

Правда о Дне Благодарения Джон Роблес

Дне Благодарения - Джон Роблес

Renouncement 3 Languages

Renouncement 3 Languages

Real Thanksgiving Shame

Real Thanksgiving Shame

RT - Poroshenkos War

RT - Poroshenkos War

RT - Bleeding Ukraine

RT - Bleeding Ukraine




Custom Builds 4 Sale


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Recognition and Supporters' Letters

The Voice of Russia Files: Real Journalism

John_Robles_VOR 2014     John_Robles_VOR_2013    John_Robles_VOR_2012     John_Robles_VOR_2011_2010






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BLOG - JAR2 - 2019 C





2017 JAR2 Blog








Graphics, Memes, Photography and Imagery

Some of my personal banners and memes used in the Twitter wars.




Some of My Research and Books

BOOK25ANEW New Books Available to Supporters Only






Books and More Nuland's Nazis - FREE !!! http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Ukraine_ATO_SBU_Leak.html        


My Years in Exile by John Robles Pizzagate by John Robles



 Crimea is Russia: My Year in Crimea - 2015-2016


Article cover.Crimea Russian Federation


Crimea Tour and Bike Show 2015

Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation

John and The Surgeon

Alexander (The Surgeon) Zaldostanov a True Russian Patriot and JAR2

My Current Work Is Now Available Here

Some of my work can now be found here

First Series: Motorcycle Convoy into Sevastopol Proper

Photos of motorcycle convoy by JAR2

Second Series: Presentation on Stage in Sevastopol

Photos of presentation in Sevastopol Proper

Third Series: 800 Steps to the Sea

The Eagle's Nest: St. George's Monastery and 800 Steps to the Sea

Fourth Series: Road trip, Sea of Azov, Crimean Ferry and more

Photos from my 2015 Crimean expedition

Best Bike Show Ever! Bike Show 2015

Official Site and Blog of Night Wolves Motorcycle Club    http://www.nightwolves.ru/nw/    http://nightwolves-ru.livejournal.com/

Extreme Winter Tour of Crimea, New Year's 2014-15

Photos and a report regarding another New Year's trip to Crimea

John Robles on VOR, CIA, Russia, Zionists, Ukraine and Snowden


Video in 3 Languages of John Renouncing US Citizenship


Surge of Refugees: Russia Prevents CIA/ISIS Genocide - JAR2

Why is it that only now with Russian bombing ISIS, after 15 years of US/NATO/Israeli war in the Middle East, that refugees have made it to Europe?

Foundation for Liquidation of Israel and the Corporation of the United States


Swallow's Nest, Yalta, Crimea March 2016 by John Robles

If you like these photos please donate to our Sberbank Visa 4276 3800 4476 1661

Exclusive: Tour of Abandoned Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile Site

Abandoned Russian Anti Ballistic Missile Site

Victory Day 2015 Photos from JAR2

Photos taken by JAR2 during Victory Day Celebrations and a Communist march in Moscow on May 9th 2015 





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