The Demonization of John Robles II and the Creation of JAR2


 JAR2 Was Created in 2003 and began hosting anything Intelligence related that was forbidden in the US and the West including 911 revelations, secret Intelligence files and our original leak, the MI6 lists. The site's owner John Robles then became a target of Western Intelligence Agencies who could not touch the site or control it's contents so they came after him in Russia where he obtained asylum. John Robles continued his journalistic work exposing the crimes of the USA and the 911 global criminal cabal and attained an important position at the Voice of Russia World Service where he continued to expose 911 and US/Western crimes against the people and state of Russia and the peoploes of the world. The CIA then launched operation Snow Den and Operation Ukraine and the VOR was liquidated using CIA Assets planted after the collapse of the Soviet Union. John has tried to counter the attacks on himself and his family using this site but has had little success due to censorship, Russophobia and public antipathy to refugees and anything connected to Russia.

As the first Taino Indian and Ex-US Citizen with asylum in Russia John continues to attempt to dispel public misconceptions and fight for the truth and his own good name while be the object of ongoing internet operations being orchestrated by Western Military Intelligence Operations including Mirotvorets, QANON, MI6, US Army Psychological Operations, CIA and US Marines and Navy Intelligence Operations all of which have attempted to damage John in Russia and orchestrated the arrest of his son. These attempt have included the actual documented writing of slanerous letters written to the Russian Government and Russian Security Services and on the ground physical attacks and attempts to cause fatal car accidents and finally the complete and total black listing of John on all employment data-bases.

JAR2 continues publishing and has yet to see ANY international support from organizations such as the United Nations which should be up in arms over the targeting of an officially recognized ASYLEE but who have proven to be mere US tools.

We encourage you to explore the site and the documents contained on JAR2 and keep in mind that the author is living under conditions which are not generally conducive to the work he has set out on and he contines to be attacked on-line and his work marginalized and ignored by the CIA and ZIONIST controlled world media who went so far as to create WikiLeaks in order to poison and eradicate the truther movement of which John was in fact one of the founders but of course will never be recognized in the West for his monumental contributions because he has asylum in Russia.

I hope that is concise enough and I hope you enjoy your visit.    

From Wikipedia:

John Anthony Robles II is a Taino Indian born in Puerto Rico. In 2007 under false pretenses his US Passport was revoked and he was left stateless in Russia. John worked for the Russian Government and was granted asylum along with his two US born American children. John left the US in 1995 after attempting to expose CPS child trafficking and initiating the formation of a Grand Jury. On the day the Grand Jury was to convene with Robles providing testimony John was detained but not charged and accused of working for the KGB and the Russians. He was forced to leave the US with his children of whom he had full custody and to seek asylum.

John Anthony Robles II    Contact: Cell +7-965-131-5479 E-Mail


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