WikiPedia and Google: The Duopoly for the CIA + Twitler, Fakebook, et al

December 30, 2020 - Report coming soon. Meanwhile watch this Talpiot fags.)))


Killing the Little Guy: "Depopulation" a Racist/Biological/Economic/NATO Genocide by

the "Elites". Their Failing Globalist Anglo Saxon Zionist Illuminati Khazarian Mafia Criminal Cabal

December 28, 2020 - Insatiable greed, genocidal racist eugenics, criminally negligent economic "management", blatant in-your-face perversion immorality and criminality, a willingness to kill and destroy anyone who gets in their way or whose death fits their agenda: these are just a few of the characteristics which bind, unite and join the globalist genocidal moneyed class (self-aggrandized as "elites").

In their psychopathic plan for a New World Order that I have written about and warned about for years, these demonic-money-worshipping "elites" have stealthily taken over: the levers and workings of governments and international governing bodies; almost all economic bodies and institutions; the organs international law and mediation; international security and police structures; military and intelligence organizations; corporations and business bodies around the world; all forms of media and information dissemination and finally the medical regulatory and commercial establishments around the world. Now they no longer need to hide their control and are openly committing genocide "depopulation" and even stealing elections in what were once considered first world nations. The Internet is the last place where we, the targetted, have any chance of having a voice. That is the state that we now find ourselves in for the real sole reason that no one has ever prosecuted them: not for importing and hiding Nazis, not for JFK, not for the Gulf of Tonkin, not for stealing the 2000 US election, not for 911, not for the first Srebrenica, not for illegal aggressive wars, or torture and other endless crimes and today, not for another stolen USA election. There is no rule of law in the world today. That is the international situation, I am more concerned with what is happening here in Mother Russia. 

For any Democracy, Public Service should mean just that.

I TOLD YOU SO!!! I Wanted to Say I Didn't Want to Say That but... Actually I Did.)))

For any Democracy, Public Service should mean just that. Service to the public. How's that "Draining the Swamp" thing going? 

I pity all of you really.

WikiPedia is a CIA/MOSSAD Racist Revisionist Misinformation and Cover Operation

December 21, 2020 - We are done trying to reason with evil. The HASBARA/MOCKINGBIRD psuedo-spooks can not be reasoned with, spoken to or even questioned. We are done. Since we are formulating legal documents to sanction WikiPedia we can not say anymore. We have been watching them carefully for a very long time. WikiPedia needs to be banned from Russia.

We are sure they will delete any reference to John Robles on this page, so we saved a copy. Five years before Assange but you never heard of John Robles.

Why? Because the media, WikiPedia and the bulk of the Internet giants are racist to the core.

Dealing with them as with dealing with all racists politely and on an intellectual level is not possible no matter how reasonable or right you may be. Racists are not reachable when they attack for racist reasons or when their assistance or help for one reason or another is needed. The racist always takes a position that there is something wrong with you and you are the enemy without even thinking about the possibility of checking facts or that you may be an honest and good person. No matter what you do or say with a racist they will always treat you as if there is something wrong and in their racist sickness and hatred are unable to see you as a person and will create something wrong with you through the prism of their own hate. I have dealt with racism all my life and the racist has never changed which in reality is why I am against and have been fighting the racist genocidal construct that is the USA and the "West" for almost all of my life. The dehumanization, the denial of basic human rights and the right to life have all been denied me most of my life because of the color of my skin. I have always had to fight a thousand times harder than every one around me and even though I am used to dealing with those cards it is never pleasant or agreeable and being civilized and polite to racist filth is always a trying thing.

So have your racist "white supremacist socially acceptable" WikiPedia in your sick and twisted America which is attempting to establish the 5th Reich and is the only country in the world who refuses to condemn Nazism as was evidenced yet again recently at the United Nations. 

Of course WikiPedia, the mass media and big tech are pathologically racist, they staged 911 to slaughter millions of brown people in small countries, the USA is based on genocide and of course they are all micro-managing information and continue assassinating and destroying anyone who questions their genocide in Palestine and in fact world wide. So if scum like that decide to delete my page I should be proud.

This is not playing the racist card. This was clear racism which is the essence of the media narrative regarding Snowden and Assange for it is I who had asylum years before them and it is I who published secret documents that exposed over 426 MI6 agents years before Assange and Snowden were old enough to play their games..

Decrepit Warmongers and Hasbara/MOCKINGBIRD Scum: Banning Putin from OG?

December 21, 2020 -  Regardless of the outcome I am done with WikiPedia. Dealing with them is like dealing with retards given just a little power. It is stunning that these idiots are responsible for one of the most used sites in the world for information proving what the Finnish authorities concluded, namely that WikiPedia is a CIA Front, backed up by its IN-Q-TEL origins. It has been over 25 years since I left the USA and it is clear that the mentality and the education of Americans has declined to the point where it is surprising that they can even function.

If you look at the profile of one of the scum who deleted my page it says she is having emotional issues that may affect her work at WikiPedia. Publicly. I mean the person should be fired then. What is that? Her user page also says her preferred pronoun is she. 25 years and now the have preferred pronouns? The sickness is unbelievable.

Dealing with these idiots was an exercise in futility although I was extremely polite and civil in all my discourses with them. Their first tactic was to accuse me of attacking them, then they tried to tell me that my account was improperly being used because I mentioned "WE". Yes Wiki fags WE! Me and all of my readers, students. friends and supporters. Can't handle that? Thought you were deleting some poor guy who everybody hates or that no one knows? Idiots!

This is exactly how the US Hegemon and their sexually perverted minions operate. They can not stand up for 30 seconds in a fair fight or contest so they stack the deck in their favor. Exactly what they do in the Olympics and everywhere else where they are challenged. They call it "Full Spectrum Dominance" I call it the chickenshit butt-hurt infantile tactics of cowards, like drone killing, like the global censorship and the endless Wars of Aggression on weaker countries. Now they have actually banned the most intelligent, powerful and charismatic President in the world from attending the Olympics. I think Russia should boycott the Olympics and start arresting all of the international war criminals, but then I am not in power am I?

America was never great and needs to be liquidated and returned to the indigenous nations of Turtle Island. Let's pray we will see it collapse in our lifetimes. May God and the Great Spirit send the New World Order architects who are now committing mass murder with their Fort Detrick bat virus and their Bill Gates, Phizer vaccines to the depths of hell!

Bill Gates at the DOD presenting his Project SPUNVAX


Have a great day!


WikiPedia Deleted the Page About Me: John Robles (JAR2)

Update:  Page still not restored although there seemed to be a small level of support...

Endorse. The administrator who closed the deletion discussion properly interpreted the discussion. I have no objection to this page being restored to draft space for improvement in the hopes of getting it up to article status at some point in the future. —C.Fred (talk) 01:03, 21 December 2020 (UTC)

Given the unique status of the individual (myself), now having had asylum longer than even Fisher (over 13 years) and having been in exile since 1995, it would be an egregious dropping of the ball, were a historical record such as WikiPedia to simply delete the individual. I hope you will restore the page and will do my utmost to get it up to your full standards. Thank you very much for your time on this issue. Happy holidays.

December 21, 2020 - Continuing to try to convince WikiPedia to undelete my page. Actually I am surprised they did not just delete my account to shut me up but it does not look good. They are engaged in serious levels of historical revisionism and going full corporate hence any alternative non-corporate sites, journalists or sources they deem not too count. They want the Internet and the World to only possess what they want, except the world does not work that way, so the "elites" want to simply kill and erase us all. 

December 20, 2020 - The Globalists think that they have successfully destroyed and erased another journalist.

Attempts to communicate with the censors. Is it possible? We seriously doubt it but we have to try.

Need Help After Russia Hating Trolls Deleted John Robles
As the former lead announcer with the Voice of Russia World Service and the first and only person with full permanent political asylum in the Russian Federation, years before Snowden and Assange, it is a crime against any proper recording of history to delete this person's page. If WikiPedia really is a real source for information deleting such pages because of the reviewers political bias or because the reviewer does not "like" the person is an egregious crime and dirties the reputation of WikiPedia. John was also a WikiLeaks media associate and although you may not have heard about him is famous in Russia and certain geopolitical circles. Revising history and deleting people someone wants to be "unpopular" is not what WikiPedia is about. As you are the person who closed the discussion, which was not really a "discussion" as no opposing views were given audience, I have written to you per WikiPedia's instructions. John is currently and has been the ONLY American with asylum in the Russian Federation and perhaps the world.

This was the page

Real-Time Weaponized Cyber War Now 100% Live: The Devil in the Details

Nearly 300 FSB employees have received threats recently, says Russian MP

December 15, 2020 - Still running around with an I-Phone? Time to go off the grid.

Being a Targetted Individual (TI) is not something for the feint of heart and surviving as such requires levels of care and counter-measures that go way beyond what some people would describe as paranoia. Everything that "normal" people do and take for granted becomes, at times, an exercise in extreme survival. I rarely go out and do not trust anyone which is as far as I will go into the measures I take other than what I feel is needed to be partaken of today. Most normal people laugh at me when I tell them I will never use Skype or WhatsApp or Yandex or Zoom or Facebook (among my list of forbidden apps) and when I describe how Yandex is a FVEY Intelligence partner and how they track and want access to everything you do, theyir faces glaze over and I understand that I will never speak to them again. The reason I am writing this is because I need to warn people of yet another "Free Service" used for targetting. If I have enough time and will I will aslo let you in on how I tracked my son all over America, but that is another story.

Meet BlaBlaCar

I used to use BlaBlaCar when I was constantly travelling to Crimea after the referendum as my vehicle uses such an incredibly large amount of fuel and this always helped to offset the costs and I often met interesting and like-minded people on my trips. The usage stopped when I was almost run off the road and forced into a near fatal accident.

Recently I went to Rostov several times and the last time decided to try to off-set the cost using BlaBlaCar again. Fortunately for me someone inside their loop forwarded me the operational launch instructions that were sent to members of their team. The internal coded e-mail basically said that they had succeeded in placing someone in my vehicle and that all members of the team were to be activated and held on standby to await further instructions. Thanks to the tip off I cancelled the trip informing the "person" that my vehicle had broken down. This direct evidence of covert operations targetting using BlaBlaCar as a source for actionable real-time intelligence was passed along to the Security Services along with IP addresses, the physical locations of the memebers of the team and other information I was able to access and determine.

BlaBlaCar is useful for its stated purpose and helps travellers meet up but it is also a favorite for criminals and people trying to stay off the grid for the wrong reasons, this includes terrorists and drug traffickers and in my case a targetted refugee who simply wanted help paying for gas. The only solution for Russian Security would be to ban BlaBlaCar from operating inside Russia.    

Yandex Trap

Once again we return to Yindex, the all intrusive FVEY super surveillance grid, being plugged into absolutely everything, for free of course.

In 2017 and 2018 we carefully documented how Yandex was actually plugged into the Russian road and speed camera system and how with the GPS speed readings on their Yandex Navigator App were actually independently fining us in particular and even fining me in places I was nowhere near. Yandex fines was plugged in through my Yandex login.


New Threats - Old Trash - Coronavirus - No More NGO's? )))

December 11, 2020 - I keep lauging as these idiots continue attempting to terrorize me. They really truly have no idea that every threat I receive is reported and passed to competent bodies and individuals who take care of such matters. ))) Keep on threatening me idiots. ))) 

It is all the NWO show... The Trump show is designed to show that the people absolutely do not matter and even the "Supremes" are owned by the elites. No one will be prosecuted and nothing will change. He will stay four more years or he will go and the damage is done. Guiliani is the 911 gatekeeper. The show is to prove their complete takeover. Don't believe anything. Your hopelessness and enslavement will only lead to REX84. You never prosecuted 911. Now die for it! All I can say is I told you all a million times. You still want to believe "they" care about you. You are nothing but bio-genetic material to them. Have a nice day.

As for the "Human Rights" defenders: Amnesty International, Civil Rights Defenders, Front Line Defenders, Human Rights Watch, International Partnership for Human Rights and Norwegian Helsinki Committee we hope that all of these fake organizations are closed and forbidden from operating in Russia. They do nothing for real human rights and serve only to spit on the Russian State with every opportunity. In my 25 years in Russia none of these scum ever offered to defend my family or myself against the arbitrary actions fo the US Government which have left me stateless. These organizations only want to promote the NWO agenda of sexual perversion and support CIA funded terrorists. My innocent son who I will never see again did not once receive an offer of help from any of these organizations. We are happy the FSB and MVD are finally standing up to Western Globalist NGOs.

Off The Grid for Now - Sorry for the Inconvenience

December 09, 2020 Working off the grid. Just got back from another long road trip to the South which when the whole story be told may be of interest. The one thing I learned is that no matter how much you try and no matter how much you trust someone there is nothing you can do to prevent being betrayed. I will not bore you with the details but it was historic in proportion. Good riddance to bad rubbish as always. 

My eye is healed up after I treated it myself. The big take-away from that was that someone who I thought cared about me made me drive over a thousand kilometers with such an injury only made possible by endless eye drops which started to blur the vision and could have made me gone blind but the person did not care whatsoever about that. This was another person I mistakenly thought of as a friend. All of my medical needs I have to carry out by myself including my own dental care as I am not allowed free medical care because I have asylum and am classifed as a refugee. How to pretend I am living in a civilized world on a civilized planet when I have to do my own dental work is beyond me but that is the reality. The truth here is worse than anything I could make up really. 

I have already released the main insurance file password, it was on VK for a few hours and then I deleted it. I will be doing a write up as to the reasons behind the release and re-releasing at a later date. Please download it here:

Evidence of Tampering (After I refused to pay a bribe of 90,000): THESE ARE NOT MY SIGNATURES

Criminal Medical Negligence: How Many People Have They Killed?

November 28, 2020 In any civilized country when one is in need of emergency medical attention one should be able to call an ambulance and be taken to a hospital to be treated, cared for and looked after by qualified professionals. The same professionals who are required to take a Hippocratic oath to help those in need. But what if you call 911 or as we have in Russia 102 and nobody answers? What if somebody answers and tells you there is no ambulance? What if the same emergency operator tells you take a taxi to a hospital? What if you do so and the guard at the hospital does not let you in? Sound crazy? Sound like some insane backward banana republic? Is such criminal negligence possible in 2020? Welcome to Serpukhov, Russian Federation.  

Criminal Medical Negligence: I Could Have Gone Blind

We just got back from a long road trip and due to an eye injury I received along the way I was forced to seek medical attention upon my return to my place of residency. The eye injury occurred on the way back and after returning and getting some rest it continued to get worse with the vision becoming blurred and a nerve reaction that was attempting to close the lids. A friend was looking after me and since it was not improving convinced me to call for an ambulance. I imagined it would soon arrive and I would be taken to a hospital as one would think in a normal civilized and working country. That is what would have happened a few years ago in Moscow or Lubertsy and I had thought in any Russian city. That is what medical personnel are paid for.

11-26-2020 21:17

My friend calls 102 which is the Russian equivalent to 911 and is informed that there are no ambulances which service the nearest town to us or our location. We are told we must go to Serpukhov which is the nearest large city. Thank God my friend had money and paid for a taxi which by the way arrived in about five minutes and took us directly to the main hospital in Serpukhov. Again the emergency operator told us to go to this location and this is where the unbelievable begins.

Why, you may wonder I did not call myself? Well for the sole reason that when calling such services and my slight foreign accent is heard the people on the other side of the line usually switch into "we can not help you mode." At this point it is also important to note that even with permanent asylum which under Russian law is supposed to grant me the same rights as all Russians, I can not obtain state medical insurance for free medical services as Russians can. I recently spent a week getting my account with the Russian Government verified but it will not allow for a state medical insurance policy to be issued to me because that is not available to refugees. We also have no other assistance whatsoever so basically if we get sick we should just die. A wonderful Americanization of what was once a great health care system which cared for everyone.

So we arrived at the main hospital where we were told on the phone that there was an emergency doctor who would see us and here it gets freaky. We arrive at the hospital and some rent a cop at the gate tells us we can not go in. He explains to us that our situation is not an emergency and tells us if I had a knife wound and I was bleeding he would let me in but my eye being swollen shut is not an emergency. This rent-a-cop in a fake OMON uniform with barely a glance at me diagnosed my condition as non-lethal. Yes they have these super trained medical rent-a-cops in Serpukhov. He told us to go away and that he would not call the doctor. So apparently there was a doctor but in old 1990s style that individual was a) not really present at their work location, b) drunk and in no condition to function properly or c) sleeping and ordered the staff not to disturb them.

11-26-2020 21:58

So we turn away and get back in the taxi and the taxi driver tells us where another hospital is. We call 102 again and the dispatcher sends is to the second hospital where the taxi driver has to get out and talk to the guards to let us in. I am finally led into an emergency room reception area and finally see Russia's finest medical personnel. The same personnel on the front lines in the battle with the Coronavirus. It is only ten o'clock but it feels like 4am. The heroic Russian medical staff who are always complaining about their salaries but are lauded, praised and put on pedestals by the media are all heroically present at their assigned desks. All wearing masks and gloves and sitting in ready fashion. The heroes are not particularly busy as for some reason in the middle of a global pandemic there is not one single patient to be seen anywhere. Nor is there anyone who appears to be waiting for a person who is being treated. I saw five medical personnel in the emergency room and then two ambulance personnel arrived making seven and then the head emergency treatment doctor comes down, an intelligent looking boy of about 26 or so, who looked like he just finished his exams. At first we were told we should go away as there was no doctor but we refused to do so and the boy in the glasses came down and explained to me in various fashions that  I could not be treated. It never even got to the point where I was asked to register or asked for my documents or medical policy.

So picture this in your head if you can, me standing there in an empty emergency room area where seven of Russia's top medical professionals are sitting and chatting amongst themselves, me a single patient with a blood red eye swollen shut begging for someone to simply look at my eye and tell me what to do, and nobody looks at it at all. I tell them I could go blind and the initial "doctor" even had the nerve to tell me he believes me that my eye is injured. This after I tried to show it to him and it was obvious to anyone who looked at me that I was in a bad state. The only person who offered any sort of interest was one of the ambulance personnel who arrived but she also did not tell me what I should do nor did she even look at my eye. Believe it or not at the end of almost an hour of begging for help they told us to leave and suggested we call an ambulance from a pharmacy and say we received a knife wound or something. Then they would come out perhaps in 3-8 hours if I wanted to get help. Really! And again we were begging for almost an hour.

In reality starting with the rent-a-cop all of these people should be bitch-slapped, fired and prosecuted for criminal negligence in performing their duties. Had I been having a heart attack I would have just died. Had my injury been more serious I would have just gone blind. If the Russian Investigative Committee wants to look into this I am more than willing to give testimony. How many people have these "heroes" actually killed? In closing we were told the ambulance personnel had taken about 12 hours to respond to their last call. Remember 7 emergency medical personnel ZERO PATIENTS in the EMERGENCY ROOM and nowhere else to be seen. ONE PATIENT BEGGING FOR HELP for an hour and NO HELP GIVEN!!!!

Finally we went to a pharmacy and called a doctor who was a friend of my friend in another city and we got some help until morning when I was able to go to the Policlinic at the location of my residence. The pharmacist was more helpful, informative and caring than all of the heroic medical emergency personnel who appeared to be nothing more than school kid actors playing the role of doctors and EMTs. I could not even call them incompetent because they would have had to have done something to warrant such a rating. These heroes simply did NOTHING!!! Criminally negligent in such.           

These are the same "medical personnel" who complain about their pay and benefits and run to the West crying about how conditions are so bad in Russia. I guess they don't know that in the West when you work in the Emergency Room you have to at least look at the patient.

The personnel at the Policlinic where I live were very helpful and professional and an Ophthalmologist actually examined my eye, so I will be okay. I hate to think what will happen if there is a war. How many people have these "doctors" killed and how many more will they kill if there is really a state of emergency.  

 As a footnote get this one, they actually told me that the first location was closed due to the Coronavirus. Get your head around that for a minute. The main hospital in Serpukhov is closed due to the Coronavirus.  

One last time I wonder: HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE THEY KILLED????? They told me I am not alone.... DISGUSTING!! BITCH-SLAPS ALL AROUND

On a ten scale Serpukhov Emergency Services get a resounding 0 (ZERO) because we can not rate any lower.

Have a nice day and PLEASE don't get sick near Serpukhov!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will die...

Dear Russian CIA editors and media bosses,

Why are you in such a panic writing all these glowing Snowden articles? To hide that you are not real journalists and media outlets. To prove you are loyal to the CIA and will help them kill a Russian agent and his family? You are truly the worst scum of the earth. I expose the crimes of the CIA and you take their money so they can kill your own people.

Despite what you might think I am fine and have had my asylum verified again. Nothing has changed except you and your obvious panic. Are you afraid Biden will not win and the CIA Balck Operations in Russia will stop? Soon that is exactly what will happen and then what will you do? Ask for asylum in the USA because you helped destroy a family from the USA who had asylum?

Hee - hee. I don't think that will work out too good for you. But keep trying.)))

November 03, 2020

John Robles   

October 18, 2020 John III Deported from Russia - Snowden is the New CIA/MOCKINGBIRD Avatar:

MOCKINGBIRD MK CIA Media Operation Live and in Action

I file suit against 10 years of inactivity on my application for citzenship - Snowden gets citizenship

My son is deported and y family destroyed - Snowden is going to have a son and family to keep together.

You see the obvious cause and effect? It was the same with Assange.

I write around the world to sue the CIA and the CIA activates their media asset to continue to destroy me and my family.

Brutality, Racism, Indifference, Endless Greed and Sexual Perversion - The NWO

October 26, 2020 - By John Robles II

There was once a world where compassion, kindness, justice and morality meant something and were considered ideals to be honored and aimed for.    

Mafia in Government for the New World Order - Results of Privatization by the CIA

Update: November 03, 2020 The Russian Media is Helping the CIA Install a Trojan Horse and Destroy a Russian Agent

The media is saying Snowden will get dual Russian - US citizenship but there is no such thing. In order to apply for Russian citizenship you must renounce US citizenship. That is the law and that is what I did. There appear to be seperate laws for Snowden. For example you can not get residency without an active passport and visa but he got that and even got indefinite residency. Intelligence officers are not supposed to get asylum they defect, but Snowden was able to do that too albeit temporary. Why? Snowden is a media op for the CIA and there are monied interests and CIA assets in the Russian media who are protecting and promoting the operation. They will no doubt kill me soon so I am releasing the password for my insurance file in the next few days. If something happens to me the file password will be released. I am currently seeking a serious publisher who will be interested in the story.


Full Spectrum Tracking - Creepy Legal, Official, Open Tracking

October 18, 2020 John III Deported from Russia

This is the Result of a Court Finding On Ten Years of Inactivity


October Surprise for the New World Order and the US/NATO MIIC

Insurance Password: 

After 25 Years in Russia My Son Was Deported

Почему разрушать мою семью - это нормально?

Есть один секрет, который вам всем нужно знать обо мне, и он скоро будет раскрыт. Тогда вы поймете, почему я говорю, что Сноуден был послан ЦРУ, чтобы уничтожить меня и мою семью.
Воскресенье 18 октября 2020

Дорогие редакторы и коллеги,

В 17:30 рейсом Аэрофлота из Москвы сын первого и единственного бывшего гражданина США, получившего убежище в России, прибывает в Нью-Йорк после депортации из России. Иоанн Роблес III вырос в России и прожил там 25 из 28 лет. Его отец занимается журналистскими расследованиями, в прошлом был ведущим диктором Всемирной службы «Голос России» и владельцем сайта правды У Джона также было убежище, и после сфабрикованного ареста по обвинению в наркотиках, что является обычным явлением для журналистов и их семей, чтобы шантажировать их деньгами и разрушить их жизни, он провел 5 лет в российской колонии.

У него нет ни семьи, ни друзей, ни даже знакомых в США. Он очень хорошо говорит по-английски, но никогда не был в английской среде. Мы просим вас опубликовать рассказ, который, по нашему мнению, будет интересен вашим читателям. Здесь так много нарушений прав человека и международных конвенций, что не составит труда найти точку зрения для ваших читателей.

Джон хороший человек, он никогда не признавал себя виновным в преступлении, в котором его подставили, и нуждается в вашей поддержке. Он никогда не был в Америке, хотя родился в Йорке, штат Пенсильвания. Мы просим вас проявить к нему доброту и поддержать этого храброго молодого человека, когда он впервые входит в свой новый «дом».

Друзья и семья Джона Роблеса II

Sunday October 18, 2020

Why is it okay to destroy my family?
There is one secret you all need to know about me and it will be released soon. Then you will understand why I say Snowden was sent by the CIA to destroy me and my family.

Dear Editors and Fellow Humans,
At 17:30 on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow the son of the first and only ex-US citizen with asylum in Russia is arriving in New York after being deported by Russia. John Robles III was raised in Russia and lived there 25 of his 28 years. His father is an investigative journalist and was the former lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service and is the owner of the truth site John also had asylum and after a fabricated arrest on narcotics which is a usual occurrence with journalists and their families, to blackmail them for money and destroy their lives, he spent 5 years in a Russian prison colony.

He has no family, friends or even acquaintances in the USA. He speaks English very well but has never been in an English environment. We ask you to run a story which we think would be interesting for your readers. There are so many violations of human rights and international conventions here that it should not be hard to find an angle for your readers.

John is a good person, he never pled guilty to the crime he was framed for and needs your support. He has never been to America even though he was born in York Pennsylvania. We ask you to be kind to him and support this brave young man as he enters his new “home” for the first time.

Friends and Family of John Robles II


Ask his mother why she refused to help John

Doubles Standards/Racism - Snowden Will Get Citizenship - I Can't

Citizen One Says F You to Fake CIA Avatar Fake Asylee Citizen Four

They deport my son and do not give me citizenship and I can not see my daughter and some little boy CIA Operative is going to get citizenship because his American stripper wife just got pregnant? 

When I release my insurance password you will all know why.  

Doubles Standards/Racism - Little Boy Spy Snowden Will Get Citizenship - I Can't

Russian Translation of Cover Letter for Officials

Files/Robles/RUSSIAN 23-10-2020.pdf

Third Draft Open Access (Non Password Protected Document)

International Edition Without Internal Russian Recommendations


144 Pages of Evidence! E-Mail jar2[@] for the password!


Court Finding On Ten Years of Inactivity on My Application for Russian Citizenship and Results (Killing Family)

Г-жу Егорову сменит в должности председателя Мосгорсуда военный судья Михаил Птицын

Ольга Егорова покидает Мосгорсуд


October 18, 2020 John III Deported from Russia

October 24, 2020 - By John Robles II

Sunday October 18, 2020

Dear Editors and Fellow Humans,

At 17:30 on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow the son of the first and only ex-US citizen with asylum in Russia is arriving in New York after being deported by Russia. John Robles III was raised in Russia and lived there 25 of his 28 years. His father is an investigative journalist and was the former lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service and is the owner of the truth site John also had asylum and after a fabricated arrest on narcotics which is a usual occurrence with journalists and their families, to blackmail them for money and destroy their lives, he spent 5 years in a Russian prison colony.

He has no family, friends or even acquaintances in the USA. He speaks English very well but has never been in an English environment. We ask you to run a story which we think would be interesting for your readers. There are so many violations of human rights and international conventions here that it should not be hard to find an angle for your readers.

John is a good person, he never pled guilty to the crime he was framed for and needs your support. He has never been to America even though he was born in York Pennsylvania. We ask you to be kind to him and support this brave young man as he enters his new “home” for the first time.

Friends and Family of John Robles II

Почему разрушать мою семью - это нормально?

Есть один секрет, который вам всем нужно знать обо мне, и он скоро будет раскрыт. Тогда вы поймете, почему я говорю, что Сноуден был послан ЦРУ, чтобы уничтожить меня и мою семью.
Воскресенье 18 октября 2020

Дорогие редакторы и коллеги,

В 17:30 рейсом Аэрофлота из Москвы сын первого и единственного бывшего гражданина США, получившего убежище в России, прибывает в Нью-Йорк после депортации из России. Иоанн Роблес III вырос в России и прожил там 25 из 28 лет. Его отец занимается журналистскими расследованиями, в прошлом был ведущим диктором Всемирной службы «Голос России» и владельцем сайта правды У Джона также было убежище, и после сфабрикованного ареста по обвинению в наркотиках, что является обычным явлением для журналистов и их семей, чтобы шантажировать их деньгами и разрушить их жизни, он провел 5 лет в российской колонии.

У него нет ни семьи, ни друзей, ни даже знакомых в США. Он очень хорошо говорит по-английски, но никогда не был в английской среде. Мы просим вас опубликовать рассказ, который, по нашему мнению, будет интересен вашим читателям. Здесь так много нарушений прав человека и международных конвенций, что не составит труда найти точку зрения для ваших читателей.

Джон хороший человек, он никогда не признавал себя виновным в преступлении, в котором его подставили, и нуждается в вашей поддержке. Он никогда не был в Америке, хотя родился в Йорке, штат Пенсильвания. Мы просим вас проявить к нему доброту и поддержать этого храброго молодого человека, когда он впервые входит в свой новый «дом».

Друзья и семья Джона Роблеса II


Ask his mother why she refused to help John

I have often wondered how Dmitry Kisilev became the head of an "international" news agency when he quite proudly admitted that he does not know English. How is it possible that the person who is supposed to be in charge of international broadcasting for the Russian World does not know English? The only conclusion given his family's history of obtaining forged documents is that he faked it. But that is exactly what the CIA controllers of the 5th column wanted. He is not there to control anything, he is there to simply sign off on all of their twisted and convoluted subversion operations. That is how they work and the Jewish mafia in Russia are masters at deception and taking control of government bodies they are not even qualified to be employed by. But that is how the New World Order will be brought to Russia. Through lies and deception and anyone who see what is happening, like me, they destroy. The infiltration of the Russian Government by the CIA is so complete and total that even being presented with clear and inarguable evidence that Snowden is Limited Hangout, he is allowed to continue his Psychological and Influence Operations while I continue to be destroyed even though I have honestly and with honor fought for, served and defended the Russian State and even now continue to do so. That is the thing with corruption, money solves everything even for the CIA in Russia when they are trying to destroy the country but we can't talk about corruption can we? We can't talk about the Pyramid of bribes that Mitrofanov was the head of can we? We can't talk about innocent honest people being destroyed by killers and traitors and narcotics trafficking mafia in the government can we? And that is the way it is everywhere, THAT is the New World Order. No matter what country you are in today is the same. I wanted to see a world where war criminals and Cabals were hunted and brought to justice, all I see is a world where they are in control and nobody dares to even speak out.  

Shameful really. Stength is shown by helping those less fortunate. How it is that the Lubertsy grouping believes destroying refugees makes them strong and tough looking. It is like beating up old people. Here someone came in peace and trust and followed your rules and never threatened you or spoke badly of you and you stomp their head into the ground to show how tough you are while taking money from killers and lunatics and foreign spies to destroy your own country. But that is the way with racism, you beat down those who are weak and different to show how strong you are but if you were really strong you would give those in need a hand and help them stand up rather than beating them into the ground.

And finally the devious ways of the FBI know no bounds. Here is and interesting fact: according to the Security Service of the Empire of evil, for that is what the FBI is, a security service and not a law enforcement body, aiding and abetting a fugitive is a crime. Therefore under the auspices of such legal cover, and  the legal "justification" for the elimination of all WikiLeaks Associates and anyone who helps Snowden, Assange, et al, anyone who helps such a person is guilty of a crime. So if you help such a person the Corporation can go after you with the same force it went after all WikiLeaks Associates. Which is why there is no doubt Snowden is an OP. Have we seen Olive Stone or anyone on Snowden's "team" sanctioned by the US Government? No. His crimes are five thousand times worse than the supposed crimes of Assange. As long as Snowden has the full support of the Corporation's media, a blue tick on Twitter and is paid millions which are not blocked, seized or attached there is no doubt Snowden is an Op and anyone helping him is aiding the CIA, which so happens to be a crime in Russia. As I abide by Russian Laws it is my responsibility to inform you and to warn anyone aiding Snowden, including all of the idiot CIA editors in the Russian media. The CIA is a foreign Military Intelligence Service (not civilian as they try to say they are) and by helping the CIA you are committing treason to Russia. Just a note for the Presidential Administration, when President Putin was asked not to give Snowden a platform as he was "trying to damage the security of the United States" and the President agreed, one has to ask why he is allowed to have a IIA platform with millions of followers on Twitter. Somebody lied to President Putin and I tried to warn everyone and they came after me.   

September 23, 2020 John III Arrested Again and on DAY 6 of Hunger Strike



John III Arrested Again and on Hunger Strike

10-21-2020 Partial Release of Insurance Files - On Day Seven We Rest

There is HOPE! The Racism and Terrorism of the "Elites" New World Order Will Be Stopped

Third Draft Open Access (Non Password Protected Document)

International Edition Without Russian Recommendations


144 Pages of Evidence! E-Mail jar2[@] for password to First Draft Copy!


Court Finding On Ten Years of Inactivity



What they are doing to us is illegal and amounts to torture. 10-02-20

07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files

RoblesTiny Insurance Files 22 Years (The Case Files)




10-02-2020 The CIA Cabal Are Planning a Massive Mutli-Tiered False Flag

Event to Blame Russia and Get Revenge for the Failed Million Dollar Color Revolution in Belarus

The US Embassy Has Ignored News of My Son's Arrest and Hunger Strike as Have Russian Security

To the son of a bitch who waved his hand, if my son dies you will be held responsible

09-30-2020 The Piece of Shit Who Ordered My Son's Arrest Michael McFaul

Made Possible by the CIA's Werewolves in Epaulettes, Baturina and the Gorbachev Foundation 

09-29-2020 Breaking News



07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files

Insurance Files 22 Years (The Case Files)


 John III Arrested Again and on DAY 6 of Hunger Strike

John III Arrested Again and on Hunger Strike

Meanwhile the Australian's Show Trial Distracts the World

 They will use their agents to the end for distracting you from the real targets. Assange was a media

show and his destruction is also a media show with 15 days of extradition trails? For an Australian in

the UK to be sent to the US? Are you kidding me? We all know what the pre-arranged outcome will

be but they must have their show. Assange thought he was untouchable when he became a

Rothschild puppet. Like Snowden, Hayden's puppet, he thought he was something more than just a

 tool for the power hungry elites and apparently my family are just puppets to the elite criminals.


Breaking News - John III is on a Hunger Strike DAY 6

UPDATE September 29, 2020: HE IS NOW IN KOROLEV UNDER THE DOMAIN OF A GENERAL NAMED BY THE MAFIA AND LOCAL RESIDENTS AS SATAN! HOW MUCH IS THE CIA PAYING FOR THIS??? $5 MILLION MORE???! John continues his hunger strike. He called and is sick, weak and coughing. He was given multiple numbers to call and stated that the UN emergency hotline was not answering his calls. SOMEOBODY PLEASE STOP THIS!!!

Обновление от 29 сентября 2020 года: Джон продолжает свою голодовку. Он звонил и болен, слаб и кашляет. Ему дали несколько номеров для звонков, и он заявил, что экстренная горячая линия ООН не отвечает на его звонки. КТО-НИБУДЬ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, ПРЕКРАТИТЕ ЭТО!!!

UPDATE September 28, 2020: Dear Satan, Snowden, 5th Column, CIA/MI6 Mafia Assets, Lubertsy Narco Gang, MI6 Mafia British Council Assets, Bondarev International House, USAID Recipients and CIA Spies in the MVD and the Russian Government,

Since you read this blog and arrested my son again because you are so upset that I filed for citizenship again and published files linking the Baturina Crime Family to CIA pedo tool Joe "the Pedo" Biden, I have decide to address you directly. I am a reasonable man and you do not have to keep arresting my son on fabricated charges whenever you want. If you do not like something I published, like the information on your 5th Column and the Baturina file, all you have to do is write to me or call me (you have my number and used to call me all the time in Lubertsy) and ask me to remove the material. Sound normal? Of course. But that is not your real goal is it. You want me dead because you have already been paid $5 million to quietly force me into killing myself. That's the real issue right? Not very good idea actually because as soon as I die every single file and detail about you will be released to the world at large.

I understand as brainwashed CIA tools you believe it is your right as Russians to sell Russia to the CIA and turn it into another US colony, but you are wrong. What you are doing is treason and you should face a firing squad. Anyway that is all I have to say for now.

Have a NICE DAY!  

September 26, 2020 - BREAKING NEWS

The son of investigative journalist, publisher and editor of the group of exposure and transparency sites, John Robles II, was arrested again on the 23rd of September and illegally placed in an immigration hold. The detention is contrary to a previous appeals court order which demanded his release and Russian Presidential Decrees regarding the detention of foreigners and deportations due to the Coronavirus. According to the detained, John Robles III, he was not brought before a court within the 48 hours stipulated by Russian law, nor was he allowed to keep his phone which was seized in order to access his contacts and phone those who could help him.

John Robles II is a staunch supporter of President Putin and a defender of Russian sovereignty and has exposed tens of thousands of western intelligence agents and operations on his sites and as the lead announcer and editor at the liquidated Voice of Russia World Service in English. He has continued to expose and publish lists of thousands of Western Intelligence Agents, the Color Revolution operations in Eastern Europe, the aggressive illegal expansion of the NATO atavism, 911, the genocide in Palestine and Western Crimes against Humanity and has maintained since day one that Edward Snowden is a Limited Hangout working to undermine Russia from within, hide CIA cash flows and eliminate his voice after a running conflict with former CIA Color Revolution specialist and former ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul after Robles exposed to the world his color revolution plans for Russia on the VOR which had an audience of almost half a billion. A former colleague of Snowden’s verified that Snowden was sent by Obama, Jones, Hayden and what are now being called the US Deep State.

Mr. Robles, who is also the first ex-US citizen in Russia with political asylum, maintains and has published thousands of pieces of evidentiary material pointing to a concerted campaign by the CIA and MI6 and other FVEY bodies to destroy his family and silence him. According to Robles one of Snowden’s objectives is to destroy his family and secure his extradition from Russia to the USA. Robles says that he was labelled “Citizen 1” and his children, including John III, labelled Citizens 2 and 3, with the CIA labelling Snowden Citizen 4. Robles was also a WikiLeaks associate and was awarded for stopping the TPP by publishing revelations on the secret agreements on the Voice of Russia World Service.

According to Robles the first arrest of his son was orchestrated after an interview on the VOR with ex NSA Officer Wayne Madsen in which the location of two of the still intact 911 planes was revealed. This was done by CIA/MI6 funded criminal elements inside the police services operating in Moscow and Lubertsy. The family have officially requested investigations into the criminal groups and written to every Russia Government body that could help but nothing has been done against the grouping which regularly fabricates narcotics arrests against wealthy business people and journalists.

Robles recently filed a complaint on the advice of the Kremlin and the United Nations regarding his application for citizenship which was allowed to languish for over 10 years with no action being taken. Under the advice of UN provided counsel, who then abandoned the case, Robles filed a complaint against MVD Lubertsy as the successor to the FMS. According to Federal Judge Gribova from the Tverskaya Federal Court, the officers of MVD Lubertsy legally fulfilled all of the requirements to complete the citizenship applications of Robles II and III. However there was an unknown individual who no one will name who blocked the applications from reaching the Presidential Commission on citizenship. Robles maintains it is a person serving the interests of the CIA. On September 23, Robles appeared at MVD in his home city and began the process of filing for citizenship again. Hours late his son was arrested.

John III is currently on a hunger strike and according to Mr. Robles his son will not stop until his rights are protected or he dies. Again John III also had asylum and has lived 24 of his 28 years in Russia. The Russian media and human rights organizations in Russia are silent as the family of this Russian patriot who serves the Russian President, the Russian people and the Russian World, continues to be wiped out. As an Indigenous Taino Indian Puerto Rican and a Targeted Individual for attempting to expose CPS child-trafficking in California in 1995 and then being accused of working for the KGB by FBI Counter Intelligence, Mr. Robles has lived in exile since 1995 and was granted asylum in 2008 after the US Embassy revoked his US Passport leaving him stateless. The Russian Government also granted asylum to his two US born children.

John III recently obtained a temporary US passport which expired on September 11, 2020 but has received no consular or other assistance from the USA where unlike his father he was born. Given the current media storm and hysteria surrounding the fake poisoning of CIA puppet Navalny, this negligent attitude to a US Citizen who is merely the son of an enemy of the USA is stunning.

Mr. Robles seeks international support and is preparing an official complaint to the UN against the CIA and their agents for his years of continued, documented and clear persecution while living with asylum in the Russian Federation. If you would like to support this brave and incorruptible investigative journalist and Truther in his lonely fight against evil please spread this news and visit where you can help financially to obtain competent lawyers and legal assistance. Before WikiLeaks there was jar2 and before Snowden there was Citizen 1.



Сын журналиста-иссследователя, издателя и редактора группы разоблачительных сайтов Джона Роблеса II, был снова арестован 23 сентября и незаконно помещён в миграционную тюрьму. Задержание противоречит предыдущему постановлению апелляционного суда, который требовал его освобождения, а также указам президента России о задержании иностранцев и депортации из-за коронавируса. По словам задержанного Джона Роблеса III, он не был доставлен в суд в течение 48 часов, предусмотренных российским законодательством, и ему не разрешили сохранить его телефон, который был изъят, чтобы получить доступ к его контактам и позвонить тем, кто мог бы ему помочь.
Джон Роблес II является убеждённым сторонником президента Путина и защитником российского суверенитета и разоблачил десятки тысяч агентов западных спецслужб и операций на своих сайтах, а также в качестве ведущего диктора и редактора ликвидированной Всемирной службы «Голос России» на английском языке. Он продолжает публиковать списки агентов Запада, разоблачать операции «цветных революций» ЦРУ в Восточной Европе и по всему миру, 911, агрессивного расширения НАТО, и преступления Запада против человечности, и с самого первого дня утверждал, что Эдвард Сноуден-это так называемый Limited Hangout, работающий над подрывом России изнутри. Бывшее коллега Сноудена подтвердил что он был отправлен после преследования Роблеса бывшим послом США Майклом Макфолом после разоблачения его планов по организации цветной революции в РФ.

Г-н Роблес, который также является первым бывшим гражданином США в России, получившим политическое убежище, владеет и уже опубликовал тысячи доказательств, указывающих на согласованную кампанию ЦРУ, МИ-6 и других органов FVEY, направленную на то, чтобы уничтожить его семью и заставить его замолчать. По словам Роблеса, одной из целей Сноудена является уничтожение его семьи и обеспечение его экстрадиции из России в США. Роблес говорит, что его прозвали «гражданином 1», а его детей, включая Джона III, - «гражданами 2 и 3», при этом «гражданином 4» ЦРУ называют Сноудена. Роблес также был сотрудником WikiLeaks и был награждён за то, что остановил ТПП, опубликовав разоблачения секретных соглашений на Всемирной службе «Голос России».

По словам Роблеса, первый арест его сына был организован после интервью на «Голосе России» с бывшим офицером АНБ Уэйном Мэдсеном, в котором было раскрыто местонахождение двух всё ещё неповреждённых самолётов 911. Арест был осуществлён финансируемыми ЦРУ/МИ-6 криминальными элементами внутри полицейских служб, действующих в Москве и Люберцах. Семья официально запросила расследования в отношении преступных группировок и написала во все государственные органы России, которые могли бы помочь, но ничего не было сделано против группировки, которая регулярно фабрикует аресты за наркотики против богатых бизнесменов и журналистов.

Недавно Роблес подал жалобу по совету Кремля и ООН в связи тем, что его заявление о предоставлении гражданства висело в бездействии более 10 лет. По совету адвоката ООН, который затем отказался от этого дела, Роблес подал иск на МВД Люберцы как правопреемника ФМС. По словам федерального судьи Грибовой из Тверского Федерального суда, сотрудники МВД Люберцы законно выполнили все требования по заполнению заявлений о гражданстве Роблеса II и III. Однако нашёлся неизвестный человек, которого никто не называет, который заблокировал поступление заявлений в Комиссию по гражданству при президенте РФ. Роблес утверждает, что это человек, служащий интересам ЦРУ. 23 сентября Роблес пришёл в МВД в своем родном городе и снова начал процесс подачи документов на гражданство. Спустя несколько часов его сына арестовали.
Джон III в настоящее время объявил голодовку, и, по словам мистера Роблеса, его сын не остановится, пока его права не будут защищены или он не умрет. Ещё раз: Джон III также получил убежище и прожил 24 из своих 28 лет в России. Российские СМИ и правозащитные организации в России молчат, пока семья этого русского патриота, который служит российскому президенту, русскому народу и русскому миру, продолжает уничтожаться. Так как сняли его статус беженцев Джон III недавно получил временный американский паспорт который истёк 11 Сентября 2020 года и хотел легализовать его статус в РФ, но посольство США в Москве не предоставляет ему консульскую помощь. Очень странно, что вся машина США и НАТО готова помогать агент ЦРУ Навальному, даже угрожать России через НАТО.

Будучи коренным пуэрториканским индейцем Таино и являясь объектом преследования за попытку разоблачить торговлю CPS детьми в Калифорнии в 1995 году, а затем будучи обвиненным контрразведкой ФБР в работе на КГБ, г-н Роблес жил в изгнании с 1995 года и получил убежище в 2008 году после того, как посольство США отозвало его американский паспорт, оставив его без гражданства. Российское правительство также предоставило убежище двум его детям, родившимся в США.

Г-н Роблес ищет международной поддержки и готовит официальную жалобу ООН на ЦРУ и его агентов за годы продолжающегося, задокументированного и явного преследования в то время, когда он жил с убежищем в Российской Федерации. Если вы хотите поддержать этого храброго и неподкупного журналиста-исследователя и вестника правды в его одинокой борьбе со злом, пожалуйста, распространите эту новость и посетите, где вы можете финансово помочь найти грамотных адвокатов и получить юридическую помощь. До Викиликс был jar2, а до Сноудена был Гражданин 1.

An Open Letter to Be Sent to the President of Russia, the United Nations, the Iroquois Confederacy, the Human Race and Our Enemies in the Shadows

September 26, 2020 - UPDATE: See post below.

September 25, 2020 - UPDATE: A special note for the son of bitch who just waved his hand and destroyed my family. You will be held responsible. Things are already in motion that neither I nor you will be able to stop. Have a nice day.))) Your policy of appeasement is treasonous. How's it working out for you?

September 24, 2020 - UPDATE: Letter still in progress. Will post within next two days. Am under extreme duress. We now know how much the US Government paid for the operation to silence and destroy us. $5 Million. Thank you.

September 19, 2020 - By John Robles II being slowly killed in Russia

Full text to be placed here after receipt by the above parties and 24 hours to provide us with an adequate answer.

A grey cardinal decided that they will kill us slowly. This can not be allowed to continue. Stay tuned. Password to Insurance files to be released soon if we do not receive a satisfactory answer to our next letter.

Серый кардинал решил, что они будут убивать нас медленно. Этого нельзя допустить, чтобы так продолжалось. Оставайтесь с нами. Пароль к страховым файлам будет выпущен в ближайшее время, если мы не получим удовлетворительного ответа на наше следующее письмо.


Documents in Case

03:54 09-27-2020 I have just been informed that my son was arrested again after being released on an

 appeal. He was arrested on the 23rd several hours after I went to MVD to apply for citizenship again.

 He was denied his 48 hour appearance before a judge. He has been on a hunger strike against his

 arbitrary detention for 3 days. The media, human rights bodies and officials who should be concerned

 have done absolutely nothing! We have already sent messages around the world and to the Security

Services about this. Apparently the people who were paid $5 million to destroy my family do not

want to return the money to the CIA. Below is the appelate court decision releasing my son. He had

 asked me not to publish andything about his case and this is where his silence has led.   

13:00 09-21-2020 Central MVD Wrote After Request by MP Mironov - Cпасибо МВД )))

12:00 09-21-2020 Waiting for Decision to Be Published


Blog/Russian_Citizenship_Case/админ. иск_v2ТС Robles Notes исправленое 66.docx

Blog/Russian_Citizenship_Case/письменные объяснения.docx

Blog/Russian_Citizenship_Case/реквизиты госпошлины.docx

Blog/Russian_Citizenship_Case/ходатайство о привлечении и истребовании.docx

Federal Judge at Tverskaya Federal Court Has Exonerated FSB and MVD in Our Case and Why the Loss is Actually a Win in the Larger Context. Do Not Forget We Are at War Against CIA, FMS Gone 

September 16, 2020 - By John Robles II being slowly killed in Russia

Подал иск на бездействие после 10 ллет ожижания гражданства. адвокат подавал иск на мвд, которые не виноваты, и вообще так как ФМС уже не существует, никто не виноват кроме какойф-то серого кардинала который выше всех законов. Адвокат подавал иск на высшие инстанции и кинул меня и больше не повллся в суде. Результат очевиден, и вообще я иск подавал на бездействие по совету админинстрации президента Путина. Сегодня вечером опубликую все документы. Спасибо за ваше внимание, конец связи.


Quick summary: After 24 years living legally in Russia and 13 years living as an Asylee and a UN recognized refugee who has been officially married twice has two Russian children and two American children who also had asylum in Russia, in July I exercised my legal rights which are supposed to be the same as those of Russian citizens under the law and filed a complaint with the courts regarding the 11 years of inactivity on my application for citizenship. As expected we lost the case with the court admitting that yes there was inactivity but no it was not due to the actions of the FSB or the MVD as was proven by the documentation. This was to be expected as MVD has just recently taken over the function of FMS and MVD did send our petitions to the Presidential Commission on Citizenship as required by law.

The judge, the MVD lawyers and inspectors who came to court agreed that the blocking of me and my family's applications for Russian citizenship is a political blocking and that there is someone who no one can identify directly in the Kremlin or the Commission on Citizenship who has blocked our petitions and it is this (or these) unnamed "Gray Cardinals" who have the power to simply destroy people with no explanation and no reason and no recourse. It is not the Federal Judges job to investigate or file a case against the real parties. Nor is it the job of MVD or the FSB to go after those operating with power or influence over, or working in, the top of their chain of command. So we have the same untouchable individuals who are in fact serving the CIA and as history has shown were installed in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The United Nations through the UNHCR had provided an "attorney" who filed the case for me and who should have gone after the real parties but he abandonded me before the last hearing and of course did not file papaers or motions to go after the real parties leaving the case dead as they flaunt their incompetence and actually violated the law by abandoning me, their client, in the middle of a legal process. If I were not a refugee the organziation would have their license to practice law revoked as would the "attorney" but of course nothing will happen. They did hwoever prove one thing, Vera, Nadexhda i Lubov are "Foreign Agents" who claim to receive funding from the Kremlin. 

It is these "Foreign Agents", CIA levers and MOLES who are making everything possible for the CIA. Destroying me and my family (including my son's false narcotics conviction and five years in prison), allowing Navalny to leave Russia to orchestrate a fake NOVICHOK provocation for war even though there was an order blocking his exit, it is these CIA tools which make the NATO narcotics flights into Zhukovsky possible and it is these CIA tools and MOLES (as there are at least 4 of them now running the CIA Black Operations Network) which are so embedded inside Russia that it is almost impossible to even simply identify who they are. Almost.

That is the REAL "Fight Against Corruption" (not the FAKE "Fight on Corruption" pushed by CIA Agent Navalny as he skirted around the real demons who are in fact his paymasters) that Russia should be engaged in and which I believe President Putin has been engaged in since the 1990s. A huge step in fighting their influence was his firing of the entire government recently, but as we see these CIA Moles exist in positions that are almost untouchable and kept secret for purposes of Deep Control, they exist outside of the law, the constitution and the public eye and their impunity is almost unlimited.

My choices are very limited as I do not have a base or foundation strong enough to take these CIA demons on (in reality this is a job for Russian Counter Intelligence) and their resources are unlimited, so although I have slammed into their defensive wall, there is little I can do. These are the same Cabal Forces who carried out 911, MH-17/370, the Saratov Hit, allow the Snowden Operation to continue unimpeded, had Gina Haspel laughing at my son's trial, are responsible for the assassination of Vitaly Churkin and almost a dozen Russian diplomats and ordered the assassination of President Putin's driver, amongst thousands of such crimes. Do I bravely and suicidally continue my fight and file another law suit against individuals who will gladly kill me and my family as soon as we are forgotten and they can do so quietly or do I continue the fight in the shadows on the periphery of their perception?

Who are they? Their head consists of a group of Russian Generals inside Moscow, with one of them named the "The Devil". They control individuals inside the Kremlin operating independently and against the wishes of the Russian President and individuals in almost all of the ministries. Their most visible influence and their most visible operative control the Russian media for the CIA. This is why Russian television has been turned into a CIA MOCKINGBIRD and every time you turn it on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is some mention of the USA and an endless stream of Hollywood films and garbage American culture. These "Secret" scum are the New World Order and will destroy the Orthodox Church, the Russian State and the Russian people if they are not stopped. So THAT is the fight.   

Right now I need to concentrate on my own problems and try to cement my legal status as living as a refugee gives me no legal basis or foundation with which to exist or fight anyone. So do I surrender and give up on Russia which has in fact given me asylum for 25 years although not citizenship? NO of course not, but that is the question that I have been forced into a position of having to ask.

Basically I have to re-file all over again from step one and those who let my previous filing sit for 11 years just get away with it. When the case started I received severl phones calls and letters from MVD inviting me to re-file. The problem is that my "lawyer" advised me against it saying it would end any claim I had against the ten year wait and it ould just start another ten year wait. Do I want to do that? Obviously no one in their right mind would. Given the conditions I am forced to live in they are almost certain I will be dead by then and the CIA and their Russian Agents inside the Russian Government will have won THAT IS THE REAL STORY.

A note to the CIA and snotty nosed idiot Snowden who claims to be an "expert on Russian interference" now. You know nothing and can know nothing because even as you stated, you do not live in Russia, you live on the Internet. I live in Russia, and I have asylum in Russia. You live in a fake bubble created by your CIA masters to serve as a Media Op. I just exposed your masters by publishing the SHADOWGATE material and you should have listened when you were told to run. Lies upon lies upon lies, wrapped in enigmas and obfuscated with riddles will never win against the clean-sharp and incorruptible blade of truth.


September 14th Post

Срочно ищу московского адвоката по гражданскому делу! Если вы можете помочь, пожалуйста, напишите Мне!

Уважаемый ?,

Пишу Вам как первый и единственный человек с политическим убежищем от США в России и бывший ведущий диктор на всемирной службе Голос России, которая была ликвидирована в 2013 году. Я пишу Вам в поисках помощи в попытке защитить мои элементарная права человека. 13 лет я веду борьбу в попытке защитить свои права и права моей семьи. Суровая правда обо всех людях и правозащитных организациях в Москве и России, куда я обращался, - это то, что они все по той или иной причине находятся под давлением и под контролем США.

Недавно я обращался в Верховный совет о беженцах при ООН, чтобы помочь моему сыну, но из-за того, что они недостаточно близко знакомы с уголовным правом РФ, они отказались помочь. Моего сына посадили по политическим причинам из-за моей журналистской работы, он отсидел 5 лет и до сих пор утверждает, что невиновен. Они сказали, что помогут мне подать в суд на бездействие сначала ФМС, а потом МВД РФ по вопросу заявлений о гражданстве. Адвокат помог подать иск о бездействии, и дело началось, а потом, по необъяснимой для меня причине, он просто меня «кинул». Прошли уже 2 заседания, на первом адвокат попросил отложить заседание, чтобы мы могли обдумать дальнейшие действия, и сказал, что нужно привлекать вышестоящие инстанции. Это адвокат из организации «Вера, надежда, любовь», куда нас отправил Верховный совет о беженцах РФ. На первое заседание адвокат опоздал, а на следующее он вообще не пришёл и через курьера передал мне документы, чтобы привлекать вышестоящие лица. Пару дней назад мне позвонили из Верховного совета ООН и сказали, что адвокат по каким-то причинам отказался со мной дальше работать. Следующее заседание - 16 сентября, и у меня нет ни документов, ни бумаг, и никакого представления о том, что он собирался делать дальше. Во время процесса представители МВД ко мне относились добросовестно и вежливо, и им на их уровне инспекторов тоже непонятно, почему наши заявления о гражданстве возвращали без рассмотрения и объяснения причин, не допуская в Комиссию при Президенте РФ. Я знаю, что это всё имеет политическую подоплёку, так как в моей работе на Голосе России и в сети я очень жёстко критикую США и запад касаемо событий на Украине, ЦРУ и везде.

К сожалению, решение правовых вопросов в случае беженцев осложняется большим количеством недоработок и даже противоречий в законе, поэтому защитить наши права без хорошего адвоката невозможно. Я обращаюсь к Вам за юридической помощью, чтобы Вы представляли мои интересы на следующем заседании, которое состоится 16 сентября. Мне бы хотелось, чтобы в конечном итоге мой заявления о гражданстве от 2010 года обновили и наконец-то отправили в Комиссию при Президенте РФ. Для Вашей фирмы и для Вас это может быть уникальным опытом и громким делом.

С уважением,

Роблес Джон Энтони Второй


The Obliteration of Our Human Rights Includes from Human Rights "Defenders"

September 16, 2020 - By John Robles II

For our enemies who love to read how terrible life is for an asylee in Russia. You can add this to CIA Crimes Worldwide: Targetting Asylees.

The United Nations, UNHCR and the Government of the Russian Federation recognize me as a refugee but because I have asylum from the United States Non Governmental Organizations and Employers and the America loving members of the public believe I have no rights and I should SUFFER for haviong asylum in Russia against the United States. These people are collectively carrying out my pre-meditated murder as they have taken away my right to work, my right to family, my right to medical assistance and all of the other rights that I am supposed to have on the same level as a Russian Citizen.

I was forced to take the bodies responsible for ignoring my application for citizenship for over ten years and the United Nations assisted by providing a lawyer. However the lawyer who was supposed to defend my rights only damaged me more. He was alte for the first hearing and did not appear at the second and then he just refused to help me further. The problem is that the NGO is following the dictants of the USA but is not officially calling itself a Foreign Agent. By their own actions they have proven themselves a Foreign Agent. Such as whose director fawns over the USA and whose daughter lives there and whose lawyer dumped me in 2008 when my school was stolen blasting me for having asylum from their beloved America.

By their own actions the organziation named Vera, Nadezhda i Lubov has proven themselves to be a Foreign Agent. In my case they collected as much information as possible about my case and then just abandonded me. You can find them here . If they are afraid that the US Government might not be happy with them for helping me then they should relax as this informs the world that they have done what they could to damage me even further. As I do not have any rights I can not do anything except post here and warn any others who come after me not to trust these two organziations if you have probelms with the USA.

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to Vera, Nadezhda i Lubov and will send out further.

Уважаемый ?,

Пишу Вам как первый и единственный человек с политическим убежищем от США в России и бывший ведущий диктор на всемирной службе Голос России, которая была ликвидирована в 2013 году. Я пишу Вам в поисках помощи в попытке защитить мои базовые права человека. 13 лет я веду борьбу в попытке защитить свои права и права моей семьи, тоже имеющей статус беженцев. Суровая правда обо всех людях и правозащитных организациях в Москве и России, куда я обращался, - это то, что они все по той или иной причине находятся под давлением и под контролем США.

Недавно я обращался в Верховный совет о беженцах ООН, чтобы помочь моему сыну, но из-за того, что они недостаточно близко знакомы с уголовным правом РФ, они отказались помочь. Моего сына посадили по политическим причинам из-за моей журналистской работы, он отсидел 5 лет и до сих пор утверждает, что невиновен. Они сказали, что помогут мне подать в суд на бездействие сначала ФМС, а потом МВД РФ по вопросу заявлений о гражданстве меня и моей семьи. Адвокат помог подать иск о бездействии, и дело началось, а потом, по необъяснимой для меня причине, он просто нас «кинул». Прошли уже 2 заседания, на первом адвокат попросил отложить заседание, чтобы мы могли обдумать дальнейшие действия, и сказал, что нужно привлекать вышестоящие инстанции. Это адвокат из организации «Вера, надежда, любовь», куда нас отправил Верховный совет о беженцах РФ. На первое заседание адвокат опоздал, а на следующее он вообще не пришёл и через курьера передал мне документы, чтобы привлекать вышестоящие лица. Пару дней назад мне позвонили из Верховного совета ООН и сказали, что адвокат по каким-то причинам отказался со мной дальше работать. Следующее заседание - 15 сентября, и у меня нет ни документов, ни бумаг, и никакого представления о том, что он собирался делать дальше. Во время процесса представители МВД ко мне относились добросовестно и вежливо, и им на их уровне инспекторов тоже непонятно, почему наши заявления о гражданстве возвращали без рассмотрения и объяснения причин, не допуская в Комиссию при Президенте РФ. Я знаю, что это всё имеет политическую подоплёку, так как в моей работе на Голосе России я очень жёстко критиковал США и запад касаемо событий на Украине.

К сожалению, решение правовых вопросов в случае беженцев осложняется большим количеством недоработок и даже противоречий в законе, поэтому защитить наши права без хорошего адвоката невозможно. Я обращаюсь к Вам за юридической помощью, чтобы Вы представляли мои интересы на следующем заседании, которое состоится 15 сентября. Мне бы хотелось, чтобы в конечном итоге наши заявления о гражданстве от 2010 года обновили и наконец-то отправили в Комиссию при Президенте РФ. Для Вашей фирмы и для Вас это может быть уникальным опытом и громким делом.

С уважением,

Роблес Джон Энтони Второй

NavalNY : Agent Freedom the Manchurian Candidate

September 15, 2020 - By John Robles II


So we have: a CIA Agent named Freedom groomed to become a puppet president. He causes chaos in the country attempting a Color Revolution, commits multiple felonies including running a fake presidential campaign when he is illegible and not on the ballot and starts to lose public support when his FBK is liquidated and his network exposed. Another CIA Agent working as a Kremlin Mole running deep psychological operations in the Kremlin provides actionable intelligence and support. Puppet president banned from leaving Russia. MI6 Agent provides poison to puppet so he can be placed into an induced coma to facilitate his extraction from Russia. Kremlin agent provides support to allow puppet to leave. BND provides a million dollar private jet flight to extract. MI6 Agent disappears. NATO NCIA/JSID provides laboratories and threats of military pressure to terrorize the populace and government while BND is claiming a Russian biological agent was used to attempt to kill the puppet. The CIA/MOCKINGBIRD global media and USAGM run the Psychological Operations spreading fake news. The puppet is extracted and taken out of coma. The BND leaks news saying the puppet will return to Russia while the New York Times, another CIA Front, runs the story. The CIA believes the Manchurian Candidate puppet president will gain public support after being “poisoned” and decides to send him back to Russia to carry out the Color Revolution remove President Putin and reinstall their constitution and a Rothschild Central Bank which they invested billions in. Meanwhile another CIA Officer under illegal deep cover as a whistleblower and fake asylee monitors the Internet providing actionable intelligence from inside Russia with his daily calls to his controllers being run from a CIA Front in America. The only person who sees it all is a demonized journalist and the first asylee from the USA. Nobody listens and Russia destroyed.



Логическое мышление «взломать» невозможно.
Об этом заявил сотрудник ЦРУ, который в 2015 году устроил в США истерию по поводу влияния на выборы российских хакеров и постоянно выступает против России и президента Путина. Теперь он эксперт по России и обвиняет Россию в разделении расистской, классовой, апартеидной Америки. Все проблемы Америки - это вина России, и, конечно, Америка должна защищать себя, уничтожать и бомбить Россию. Это "гость" России. Как и любого шпиона, его следовало бы арестовать.

Compare and Contrast

Dear President Lukashenko and KGB Director Belarus,

September 13, 2020 - By John Robles II

It would be ever so simple to stop the mess in Belarus. One step: turn off their coms. Which means turn off the internet and all cell phone prividers until the 5th column calms down. Simple. Effective. Just do it.

The Social Points System of rewarding people who stay at home and allowing them to add or lose points which can be used for paying fines, buy government products and services, not waiting in lines and other perks should be implemented with appearance at unauthorized demonstrations causing in negative ratings and loss of all accumulated Social Points with repeat offenders forfeiting freedom of movement or required to carry out an equal amount of Community Service Work not to exceed the points lost due to anti-social behavor. Delete access to the beautiful fake brainwashing reality.


Pressure Already Being Applied: They Have a Million Ways to Silence Anyone

August 25, 2020 - By John Robles II

There is work that you will never know about and for my own security there are things that I can not write about. Of those the most important for me has always been protecting and shielding my own children from the evil that exists in this hell world that we live in.  

When you fight for the truth against those who weave webs of endless lies, obfuscation and subversion you are faced with one major disadvantage and that is that the truth has only one variant which makes the attack surface one which is more vulnerable and thus difficult to defend. The favorite tactic the USA/Globalist Cabal uses in destroying truth is attacking and discrediting the messenger.  

I tried to tell my son who was issued a temporary US Passport that expires 911 that this was a sign. A message for me but he does not see it. He does not understand that if the criminals who run the US Government and the CIA filth who work out of the US Embassy in Moscow had no problem with him they would have issued him a simple ten year passport. Then of all people my own daughter comes out and tells me that the US Government has no problem with us because they were "so nice" and gave him a temporary one way passport. I knew this might happen one day so I never told my children everything about my work and why I was granted asylum by the Russian State. So even if they do go to the USA they know nothing and the CIA has failed again. In response I was forced to post the letter below again. Why has no one ever been arrested? Because the same criminals who whistle blowers and independent investigators like me are exposing run the system.   



The CIA Extraction of Navalny

August 24, 2020 - By John Robles II

In 2018 Navalny was banned from leaving Russia. On August 22, 2020 a plane with Navalny on board landed in Berlin. Navalny was under surveillance. The only way to get out of the country was pretending that he was critically ill with something that could only be treated abroad. Navalny poisoned himself.  

How Can People With Permanent Asylum Then Be Sent Back to the Country of Origin?

August 21, 2020 - By John Robles II

The idea never fits in within any logical or legal framework. No normal country would operate in the manner we have seen. How is it possible to live in a country that pretends to adhere to Conventions on Refugees yet does not even offer the most standard and vital protections that the status of Refugee or Asylee entails? Namely return to country of origin and freedom and protection of persecution by the country of origin. Russia is about to take the serious and fatal decision and deport my son back to the United States from where he had full asylum. These actions and the complete lack of elementary respect for us as human beings and Asylees in ignoring my calls for a simple investigation into his fabricated arrest and now his deportation after serving 5 years in prison for a crime he has never admitted to, has forced my naive son to seek a document from the US Embassy. Given that he was released from his illegal continued detention but was not given any kind of document by the Russian authorities to allow him to even walk down the street he was forced to go to the US Embassy and get a passport. Exactly as the CIA wants. The CIA ordered his arrest and now will obtain my son and use him in anyway that they can.

My son still does not understand what the US Government and the CIA are truly capable of. He is the victim of a Western Liberal Russian school system that taught him that the USA is the master country. We will be taking up this issue with the United Nations in the upcoming weeks and even though my son has asked not to write about him and I have been forced to cut all ties and communication with him, I will continue to try to stop his deportation as I am certain he will be imprisoned and tortured or used by the CIA for some False Flag Op. To underline the deviousness of the CIA and the State Department which they control, he was issued a temporary passport which expires on September 11. If you know JAR2 and you know my work and you know that in 2007 CIA Station Chief Joseph Moone told me to close this site because of my 911 material, then you understand the meaning of such an action.  

Closing Statement on JARIII

I am no longer in contact with my son and am in no way responsible for his actions whatever they may be. I worked for five years to get him free and called for an investigation into his fabricated arrest with little result. He has been freed and has made decisions I do not agree with including telling me to stop publishing anything about his case. I will honor that request and I am forced to add that his actions and mine are no longer connected or related. He has chosen his road and it is not the same road I am on. Those who know will understand, those who don't have no need to.

I will be concentrating on other issues now such as the one below and ask for your continued support.  

August 14, 2020

JARIII has asked for no more publicity and the case is closed. We won!

He is no longer being detained by Russia. Thank you!

However there is still the fabricated arrest and 5 years of our lives that were falsely taken away:

Многоуважаемый Президент Путин,

Мой сын был невиновен. У нас не было 9 миллион

их заплатит.

Всегда Ваш,

Джон Энтони Роблес


Dear President Putin,

My son is innocent. We just did not have 9 million

rubles to give them.

Always yours,

John Robles

JARIII has asked for no more publicity and the case is closed. We won!

August 13, 2020 - By John Robles

My son has asked for no more publicity and the case is closed. We have no more issues to fight over. We won. He is no longer being detained. So after five years of a constant battle now that we have won he has asked me to be silent. Kind of a complete anti-climax.




This is rich: Russian Budget Paid RT Cites Newsweek Fake News About Snowden - LULZ

JARIII Has Asked Me to Stop Trying to Free Him: There Will Never Be an Investigation

August 07, 2020 - By John Robles

Over and over again we have been shown that because we are asylees we will never be allowed the protections that "normal" citizens have and any attempt to obtain those protections will only lead to us being further damaged. There is no one who will help us and that is exactly the way they want it.

Многоуважаемый Президент Путин,
Мой сын был невиновен. У нас не было 9 миллион их заплатит.
Всегда Ваш,
Джон Энтони Роблес

Dear President Putin,

My son is innocent. We just did not have 9 million rubles to give them.

Always yours,

John Robles

As if to underline the point, once again the MOCKINGBIRD is mocking us and spreading news about the opening of a criminal case into narcotics planting by the Russian police but of course not in our case.

Moscow opened case against police on suspicion of planting drugs. No Not My Son's Case


The aside and offense is continually clear, the absolute mocking of our lives and everything we have been put through is so blatant and clear by those secretly controlling the media that it goes more to showing the brutal racism that we are faced with even more than the direct actions against us. As with all the stories about journalists and even investigative journalists who have been destroyed under false 228 prosecutions and the recent pardom of a citizen of Israel who was caught trafficking heroin through Russia, I continually asked myself why not us? Why are we ignored? Why is all of the evidence that I have gathered and published and been spreading for years been completely and totally ignored, brushed aside and literally spit upon? Racism? Xenophobic asylee hysteria? TI?

According to my lawyer all I am doing in digging in someone's dirty laundry, but what else can I do when it is these criminal killers who are responsible for the destruction of my family. Yes even my own lawyer tells me to just forget about my son. There is nothing anyone can do. Apparently we are not human. Apparently we do not even have the most elementary human rights. This was made 100% clear by the answer to a letter I wrote to the Human Rights Head of the Russian Federation and the answerwas that I did not have documents proving everything I stated. Witnesses and my word are not enough. The new head of Human Rights in Russia and the Head of International Cooperation Ovchinikova (Why international cooperation I wrote about a strictly Russian violation of our human rights?) did exactly what they are paid to do now apparently. Dismissed all of our claims due to the fact that I had not sent even a copy of my refugee documents, never mind that the letter was about the treatment of my son. That letter and several impassioned pleas to President Putin and State Security were my last desperate attempts to free my son and of course they have been ignored. The last letter from the President's Adminstration says that the President himself removed my son's petiton for a pardon from consideration because he had already served his sentence. The fact that he will be deported means nothing to them and if it is true, which I seriously doubt, that President Putin himself removed his pardon from consideration, then it proves what my own brother said when he blacklisted me for supporting President Putin, namely that President Putin kills and destroys his own journalists.

Of course I refuse to believe that and all of the Western Russophobic propaganda against Russia and about the dismal state of human rights here in Mother Russia, but the facts keep slapping me in the face to the laughter of the psychotic America loving lunatics and Satanic elites who are continuing the targetting of me and my family.

It is not all bad, I do have supporters and firends who I am extremely grateful to, but the reality is that journalism is dead when the first asylee from the USA and one of the most prolific leakers and exposers of the evil of the Satanic Western machine and his family are openly assassinated in slow motion to the music, the mocking and the eternal endless silence of the Global CIA MOCKINGBIRD.

So are we giving up? Not on your life, but I will refocus to where my efforts will have tangible results other than new targetting.

Finally the fact that we have outed and published the names of more CIA officers and CIA front companies than any other site in the world continues to be ignored by the same corrupt and US paid "officials" who are exterminating my family.

Have a nice day!    

Stateless, Vulnerable and Being Slowly Murdered - The World is Silent

August 07, 2020 - By John Robles

We were in court again on Thursday. My lawyer was sick and I filed papers to reschedule due to lack of proper documentation to determine who is exactly responsible for 11 years of inactivity on our applications for citizenship. While Russia was handing out passports to washed up boxers and movie stars and anyone else who could grab the news we were having to deal with our petitions for citizenship being returned without being looked at and without an explanation. The result of ten years of that is all documented on an almost day by day basis on this blog. Does anyone care? Very very few people do but we are thankful for those few who do. We were about to get citizenship the same week Snowden showed up. Then we were told our applications were returned without explantion. Did the CIA and Snowden pay the Russian Government to leave us to languish in limbo. Given two attempts by McFaul to have me arrested and one failed attempt and a second successful attempt to arrest my son, I would say of course they did.

Someone decided not to give our petitions for citizenship to the President's Commission and that is the person we will find.

We received an answer from the Russian Human Rights body. All they said was that I did not send documents to prove my son's rights were being violated and neither did I send documents proving I had asylum. So I sent them the documents and this text:

Уважаемая А.Н. Овчинникова,

Я понимаю Вашу позицию, все органы и все, к кому мы обращаемся, ищут повод не помогать. Мой сын всю свою жизнь живёт в России, он патриот и я патриот, его бабушка русская, он никогда не признавал своей вины, потому что он невиновен. Он работал программистом, учителем и готовился жениться, когда человек, которому он одолжил денгьги, позвонил ему и сказал, что отдаст ему обратно 2 тысячи. Этот наркоман уже 6 человек подставил. Следователи которые требовали от нас 9 миллионов, сказали что нашли 2 таблетки экстази у этого наркомана Лебедева. И за это моего сына посадили и он сидел 5 лет – за 2 таблетки экстази которые он даже не видел ни разу. Я понимаю, что потому что мы иностранцы, у нас нет никаких прав в России, даже элементарных прав человека, никто не рассл6едовал, никто нас не слышит. Мой сын был невиновен, он был хорошим гражданином с большой перспективой и был полезным для общества, и даже хотел служить в армии. Из-за моей журналистской работы кто-то из него решил сделать преступника. Я предлагаю Вам заходить на мой сайти и посмотреть, какие у меня там материалы, которые уже 17 лет в рунете, я ещё работал с ВикиЛикса. Еще когда Вы говорите, что для него нет опасности, напоминаю, что я завербованный агент РФ и борюсь за эту страну уже 25 лет. Я остановил госпереворот в 2012 когда разоблачал МкФаул и он ДВА раза путался мне посадит и делать что мне депортировал МВД и МИД об этом знает. Я ещё раскрыл Бостонски теракт за который США будет казнит не виновен чеченец. Потом после 1 неудачно попытка бросать наркотики посадил мой сын! . И за это США убьёт не только меня, но и всю мою семью. 25 лет в России и мы не читаем Русских и не как не смогли нормализовать наше статус. Проблема не мы. Когда ещё и дочка посадит и меня убьёт тогда может быть кто то будет слышать нас но я сильно сомневаюсь! Я знаю мой сын невиновен. США кажде день убывает сотни невиновные люди. Я думал мы лучше. НА столько там ненавидеть Русских что мало вероятно что мой сын проживёт долго. Его будет использовать что бы шантажировать меня. Что я наконец закрыл мой сайт который резидент ЦРУ Мун преказал мне заткрет 2007 когда отнял от меня гражданство.

Спасибо за Ваше внимание, приятного Вам дня. Роблес Д. Э.

Even the "Simple Version" of Our Plight is a Human Rights Outrage

August 03, 2020 - By John Robles 

The open shameless racism which is evident even in the "simple version" of our story never ceases to boggle the mind and what is even more stunning is the complete and total silence of the global media, so-called human rights organizations and the entire "truth movement". The world has moved on and is a brutal heartless senseless machine filled with mind-controlled sheeple that have forgotten any and all sense of human decency. (I would write more but I have to go out and work on my 24 year old vehicle, be back later.)  

Human Rights and the Systematic Violations Against the Defenseless by the 'Masters'

July 25, 2020 - By John Robles 

Human Rights are now officially rights only held by those with extensive cash and connections and in no way shape or form apply to the weak or defenseless for whom they are supposed to be the last defense when a system which favors the rich decides to destroy the innocent. Human Rights now join Worker's Rights, Father's Rights, Children's Rights, Minority Rights and all other legal rights and guarantees as instruments to protect the rich.

Common Law and legal systems which sought truth and real justice no longer exist in the world of 2020. They have all been long replaced by Corporate Law systems where the only truth is had by those with the money to manipulate the system, pay for the most expensive lawyers and buy the game.  

It would have been hoped that the United Nations would have taken an interest in the fate of my son but unfortunately that has not been the case, nor have any of the so-called international human rights bodies which are nothing but instruments of US Imperialism nor of course has the United States Government, which amidst my years of accusations that he was arrested in a Black Operation using the CIA's criminal assets inside Russia may have attempted to at least do some preventive damage control and make the appearance that they were actually helping "US Citizen Two" John Anthony Robles III rather than facilitating his forced induction into the role unwilling anti-Russian Agent, into which the MKULTRA lunatics at the CIA will no doubt force him into.      


We Are Working Off-Line Trying to Prevent My Son's Deportation: See Our VK for Updates and Accordingly Following Murphy's Law the Transmission Went Out on the Suburban and Not a Dime


The Russian 5th Column HASBARA/MOSSAD Agents are Smelling Their Own Blood

July 25, 2020 - By John Robles

Since the MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA censored "media" will not report on the serious events concerning the targeting and elimination of the first American with asylum in the Russian Federation and his entire family, and in fact the ONLY American with asylum in the Russian Federation, after my court hearing yesterday convened over a complaint filed by me against what we believed to be the responsible parties for blocking my application for citizenship for over 10 years, namely MVD (FMS) Lubertsy, it falls on me to report what occurred during this event. 

We asked for and obtained an extension until the first week of August in order to prepare material in answer to discovery that was provided to us during the hearing rather than before the proceedings as required by law. Nothing happened yet.   

Why is RT so afraid of me? Because they are lying to President Putin and supporting a CIA Limited Hangout named Edward Greenberg?  We have not received an answer to our enquiry and do not expect to.

The Real Human Fight Against Corruption

July 20, 2020 - By John Robles

I often ask myself: why aren't Hawkins' children being attacked? Why isn't Snowden's American stripper girlfriend/wife/operations partner arrested on trumped up charges? And the only thing I can think of is first that they are white and then that they are ops. Yes they are ops. However why am I demonized for doing what any normal respectable and honorable honest person would do to protect themselves and protect their family? It's the same thing that happens to blacks in America. They can not do the normal things that people do "while being black". For example in America blacks can be stopped, searched, arrested and even killed for "walking while black" or "driving while black" or even "shopping while black". This is the sign and the norm in a racist apartheid system. A system Russians have imported without even knowing they have imported it.

Why can't I ask for an investigation into a false arrest when it is common practice against all journalists? Why am I different? Because I am asking while being Red? Then there is the question why can't I be defended as a journalist when that is what I have done for 20 years? Again because I am practicing journalism while being Red? Why can a heroin mule and trafficker get cuaght red handed and receive a pardon because she was Israeli when my son is still not allowed a pardon even though he was ionnocent and is now even serving more time than his sentence of five years which he completed on July 7th. Why can he just be held even though he could be home? Why are we ignored?Because we asked for asylum whiole being Red? Well, we can find a million excuses for the way they have persecuted us but nothing fits except one. RACISM. We must be destroyed merely because we are RED.(((( Welcome to Russia 2020 

John Robles/JAR2 versus Edward Snowden (Greenberg)/Intercept/MSM

Paul Hawkins, who you know as Julian Assange, is a fake. We have known that since day one but the global MOCKINGBIRD media has ignored all of the evidence and continues to use him and WikiLeaks as a template for what asylum, truth and whistleblowing are about. It is ALL a FAKE.

Snowden is a FAKE

Corruption and the CIA, Live Streaming and Our Secret War Against the CIA's Tools

The Spineless Cowards at the CIA and MI6 Think Going After Someone's Son is Honorable

July 18, 19, 20 2020 By John Robles

VIDEO25 This Post Has a Video File


Destroying the Messenger

If Russia is ever going to be a truly 100% sovereign country the 5th column has to be taken down forever and disbanded and all of the instruments and mechanisms that allowed it to be created must be broken up and scattered to the wind. At this juncture when there is so much going on in the world and the United States of America is on the verge of REX84 being called up and the pathological US/NATO machine starting the long-planned World War III, I should be focusing on writing articles and researching hundreds of other issues that are being ignored all over the world, but just as the CIA wants it, I am being forced to make myself and my family the story as their paid-for fabricated arrest of my son continues to follow the course that the CIA wants and that is to get their hands on my son.

Their agents and assets here in Russia are more than happy to work with the CIA and the brain-washed public and CIA/MOCKINGBIRD merdia are completely and abhorrently silent when it comes to the persecution we have face for being against the US and NATO and the Nazis in Ukraine. Even the deaths of over 12,000 Russians seems to have little effect on them and no one in the media dares to state the obvious, the Coronavirus originated in Fort Detrick. How is this possible? How is it possible that all day yesterday I was live streaming some very damning information about corrupt murderous mafia figures and almost no one bothered to comment. Why? People are too indifferent and too scared. What has happened to the world?

CIA Assets in Russia Continue Forcing Our Hand

Despite the fact that my son has served his 5 year sentence and that there is a presidential order banning all deportations from the Russian Federation officials at MVD who are continuing to fulfill the wishes of the CIA and Michael McFaul insist on continuing his illegal imprisonment and holding him in solitary confinement. His arrest and transportation from the prison number 12 Mordovia to the jail in Saransk, approximately another 280 kilometers away from my location was carried out illegally as the documents below testify to. When they kidnapped him at the prison, contrary to Russian law and procedures, the plainclothes "officers" did not present an order for arrest nor did they posses any documentation whatsoever. Upon arrival in Saransk they fabricated the document below which did not have a date nor a stamp on it when they first presented it to us. We attempted to photograph the document we were presented without the date on when they surrounded us and removed us from the building. They then called us back and presented us with the document below on the right. again with no stamp. Since we mentioned President Putin's order 274, they intentionally put a date that was before the order. Two days ago the paper on the left below was fabricated and handed to John. As you can see it is completely different from the first version and does not even have perforations. So contrary to standard procedure and Russian law they simply kidnapped him and then produced what is in fact not even an arrest order to justify his continued detention. I have contacted everyone I can including several Human Rights Organizations, the United Nations, several Russian Government structures and PMs and hopefully the issue will be resolved in the upcoming week. However as MVD continues to prove to be the Russian body that has destroyed my family I am being forced into taking extreme measures in order to finally get some justice. This includes a video in Russian in which I detail some of the information I have in thousands of files covering the machinations, crimes and the endless bribes I was subjected to during the 1990s in the city of Lubertsy and the town of Malahovka.

In the 1990s when I opened the school in Malahovka for BKC-Ih I was forced to teach members of the Lubertsy Mafia who were being paid protection money by BKC-Ih and Michael Bondarev to allow the school to operate. In the 13 years that I worked there until I was sold by BKC-Ih for the sum of $25,000.00 to Anna Kuranova and Yura Salogub (an SBU Agent working for the FBI Counter Intelligence being run out of the Newark, New Jersey branch of the FBI), I taught the children, friends, wives and families of these mafia figures and often did extra work such as formulating documentation related to the USA, the UK and elsewhere, communicating with "partners" in the USA and elsewhere and even assisting in bank transfers in the tens of millions of dollars. All of this was fine and dandy and I was trusted until one day I was seen and photographed entering the office of the Security Service I also worked for by a student named Sergey Fomin who ran to the USA and sold me out and is currently living in New Jersey under the auspices of the Newark FBI with asylum. After this my US passport was revoked and the gangstalking and destruction of my life and my family was started. 

Being as the Mafia embedded itself into the government of Lubertsy and the police as evidenced by the criminal grouping the Werewolves in Epaulettes and established security agencies such as Pravoporyadok I was forced to leave Lubertsy after 17 years after they destroyed my life, career, family and arrested my son. In a video I am streaming on VK I address these figures and make it very clear that they are idiots and made a huge mistake. They were so paranoid about what I was doing with the Security Services and believed that I was passing information about them that they came after us on orders of McFaul. But they made a mistake. A fatal mistake because now everything I know about them will become internationally known. Including dozens if not hundreds of murders, illegal land theft, transferring tens of millions of dollars out of Russia, running NATO heroin through Zhukovsky, filling contracts for the FBI, MI6, the CIA and individuals such as Browder, Clinton, Linick, McFaul and other dirty foreign officials, politicians and partners, infiltrating the government and police services and much, much more. By continuing to hold my son illegally and refusing the investigate the fabricated arrest that he was in prison for five years for, these animals are forcing my hand and again everything I know about them and more is only a password away and the entire planet will know. However that is not all that is in my insurance files, details on every phone call, message, threat, attack, transfer, demand for bribes and everyone who has ever attacked me, my children or my family as well as every person who I have information on is in the file. Those who locked me in my classroom with my students, attempted to raid my apartment, stole my car, physically attacked me, threatened me with a fabricated criminal case and those who ordered, organized and carried out the arrest of my son are also in there. If you thought everything was on the blog then you also made a mistake.             

Attacking and Disposing of Russian Patriots and Anyone Against the Globalists and the New World nazi Order

Not only have I been wiped out and my family destroyed for my journalistic work but my son continues to pay the price for the work I did to stop McFaul and the Color Revolution that was plannned at Bolotnaya in 2012. I am only one journalist, there are hundreds more and not only journalists but people from all walks of life and even those fighting the war and continued genocide by the US backed regime in the Ukraine and the Donbass.

We need your support and your help. If you would like to help my son or support my work or the sites please make a donation here:

If you would like to help Goran Chiricha go here:

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Мир. 2202 200467885545 Людмила Николаевна У. Tам подчеркнут для Донбасса

If you would like to help Alexander Sazhin who needs an MRT and is currently undergoing various surgeries please contact him here:

Russian Media and Public Support Almost Non-Existent

The weakness of the MOCKINGBIRD can be easily quantified by the pathologically obsessive tactics they use to silence anyone who challenges their shallow self serving poorly thought out narrative that they feed to the world in endless quantities, rehashing lie after endless lie until the lies become truth, presenting opinion as fact, outrageous claims as truth and prejudicial conjecture as etched-in-stone evidence, all to continue to prop up their house of cards and illegitimate pyramid scheme of global domination and exceptionalism.   

The Current State of the Genocidal Hegemon

During the past several months we have seen the US would be global hegemon going completely off the rails in their outrageous and open lunacy and attempts to establish their New World Order and it has not been a pretty sight and at the same time we have seen unprecedented anti-racism protests almost driving the would-be-hegemon into a state of REX84 "necessitating" anarchy and the wonderful toppling of statues to slave owner and genocider C. Columbus.  See the above July 20th post.

July 18, 2020

I will continue later. It is 04:20 in the morning and I have been up for far too long and need to get some sleep.

On My Relentless CIA Limited Hangout Extractor

The fact that Snowden is a Limited Hangout being supported by CIA Assets inside Russia was not made any more clearer than in this interview I carried out with Jesselyn Radack one of Assange's and Snowden's controllers. I am republishing this as a public service to the Russian people and the Russian State and to expose the CIA Officer that was sent after my family and I. I am Citizen One, my son is Citizen Two and my daughter is Citizen Three. Hence Snowden's PR people called him Citizen Four.

Это Джон Роблес. Вы слушаете первую часть интервью с Джесселин Рэдэк, директором по национальной безопасности и правам человека в рамках проекта подотчетности правительства. Она также является юридическим советником Эдварда Сноудена. Следующую часть этого интервью вы можете найти на нашем сайте «Голос России».

Роблес: Здравствуйте, Джесселин, мне очень приятно говорить с вами.

Рэдэк: Спасибо, что пригласили меня.

Роблес: Я хотел бы получить от вас такую информацию - что вы можете нам рассказать о 1,7 миллионах файлов, которые, как говорят, имеются у Эдварда Сноудена, и которые касаются текущих военных операций США?

Рэдэк: Ну, насчёт цифры в 1,7 миллиона - я видела это пару раз, и это исходит от правительства. И, насколько я знаю мистера Сноудена, по словам журналистов, которые получили документы, на самом деле их 55 000. Я не уверена, 55 000 это число страниц или файлов, но их количество намного меньше 1,7 миллиона. И это первый раз, когда я слышу, что 1,7 миллиона относятся к военным документам, текущим военным операциям, JSOC (Объединенное командование специальных операций) и т.п.

Роблес: Понятно. Знаете ли вы о содержимом оставшихся файлов и можете ли вы дать нам какую-либо оценку, скажем, возможного вреда, если всё это станет доступно?

Рэдэк: Мне не известно содержание оставшихся файлов, и я не волнуюсь по поводу какого-либо возможного ущерба, потому что все документы были предоставлены уважаемым журналистам здесь в США, которые очень тщательно писали эти статьи и передавали их правительству для одобрения, прежде чем публиковать.

Один из журналистов Бартон Геллман сказал, что он получал одобрение правительства на каждую из его статей и в значительной степени удалял из текста то, что они хотели убрать.

Поэтому мне не кажется, что это наносит серьезный ущерб национальной безопасности.

Всякий раз, когда они говорят об этом, они говорят, что это может нанести ущерб в будущем, но пока никакого вреда не было, а раскрытие информации происходит вот уже 6 месяцев.

Роблес: Верно. Думаю, они могли доставлять беспокойство, но влиять на национальную безопасность… Я сам не видел ничего такого, что могло бы привести к чьей-то смерти или чему-то кроме неловкой ситуации, я бы сказал - да ... я не знал, что их всех проверяло само правительство?

Рэдэк: Большинство журналистов, насколько мне известно, звонят в правительство, прежде чем писать статьи, сообщают правительству, о чём пишут, и просят правительство дать ответ, и, если правительство увидит что-то, что, по их мнению, может нанести вред, они будут это обсуждать с репортёром; Бартон Геллман, один из главных журналистов, публикующих эти материалы, говорит, что он никогда не оставлял ничего, против чего правительство возражало.

Роблес: Как вы относитесь к такому в отношении СМИ? Вы думаете, это правильно, что правительство проверяет все?

Рэдэк: Я думаю, что в прошлом журналисты придавали слишком большое значение заявлениям правительства о вреде национальной безопасности, но правительство США утратило доверие к себе, поднимая ложную тревогу, когда в действительности было много статей, например, статья 2005 года о несанкционированном прослушивании телефонных разговоров, которую правительство попросило «Нью-Йорк Таймс» «придержать», что они и делали более года, и только затем опубликовали. И не было никакой разницы, никто не пострадал, кроме репутации АНБ. И доказательства показали, что они занимались незаконным наблюдением.

Роблес: Видели ли вы какой-либо вред от откровений мистера Сноудена?

Рэдэк: Я не видела никакого вреда, причиненного его откровениями. Правительство заявило: «О, хорошо, теперь эти методы известны террористам, и они знают, что мы шпионим за ними».

Но я могу заверить всех, что террористы уже знали, что США шпионят за ними. Я не видела никакой информации (конкретной доказательной информации), которая бы свидетельствовала о вреде, причиненном мистером Сноуденом.

Роблес: Вы имели дело с ...

Рэдэк: Я была в Министерстве Юстиции и была советником по этике.

До того, как Гуантанамо вошло в практику, я была

вовлечена в дело первого человека, захваченного в войне с Афганистаном, и этот человек оказался американцем. Его случай частично вдохновил правительство США создать черную дыру, известную как бухта Гуантанамо, или Гитмо, чтобы избежать необходимости допрашивать предполагаемых обвиняемых террористов в реальном суде.

Роблес: Я хотел бы спросить ваше мнение о Гуантанамо, поскольку вчера было 12-летие, но вы, как инсайдер в правительстве США, я не знаю, готовы ли вы выступить с заявлением или сказать что-нибудь о сговоре между «Аль-Каидой», - которая, конечно, была начата для борьбы с Советским Союзом в Афганистане, - как насчёт нынешнего сговора между «Аль-Каидой» и правительством США и террористическими группами? Можете ли вы это прокомментировать?

Рэдэк: Я больше не в правительстве, я не могу это комментировать

What the HELL is Going On? Yes Dear Readers, Russia is About to Deport My Son

July 13, 2020 - This is the most Machiavellian mind-twisting BS that I have ever been put through and it is far from over.

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Human Rights, Refugee Rights and the Right to Be Free from Racist Persecution

July 10, 2020 - I will always remember living in a refugee camp in Poland in 1996 and there was a black and white couple from Russia who were heading in the opposite direction. I was seeking asylum in Russia and they were seeking asylum in the West because the husband who was black could not get citizenship and thus could not work or live a normal life. I was escaping FBI Counter Intelligence and the CIA who accused me of working for the KGB so I would not be killed, tortured or locked away for the rest of my life. We had one thing in common, me and my children and this family. I was not white and like them my ex-wife had been. I remember I envied him that his wife had stayed with him when mine had run out, disappeared or died leaving me with two small children. She was also one quarter Russian but that has never mattered here in Russia.

At the time I did not really believe them, the level of racsim in Russia was so far below that of the United States where several years earlier my house had been burned down by the KKK in York Pennsylvania, that their story to me seemed implausible. Just like the story of the woman who was working for the Russians in Mexico and told me that she had witnessed how a woman who had seen the JFK assassination was killed on the side of the road. Back then these events seemed like fragments from some other reality, the reality of a world that I was plunged into and where I have lived for decades simply because I was learning the Russian language and had some friends who were Russian. Oh and I was a Communist too, kind of left that detail out. 

Fighting Racism to the Very End

July 06, 2020 -

Slavery, Genocide and War! America Was Never Great!

Уважаемый неравнодушный читатель

July 3, 2020 VK Post

Уважаемый неравнодушный читатель,

В любой истории актёров всегда много. В парадигме информационной цензуры после 911 именно актёры на заднем плане, почти полностью игнорируемые, делают и продолжают делать большую часть тяжёлой работы в попытках донести правду до людей. Посредством информационного фашизма подконтрольные ЦРУ/НАТО/5EYE глобальные СМИ заставили мир забыть 911, свержение ЦРУ демократически избранного правительства Украины и тот факт, что США в настоящее время вовлечены в более чем 134 войны, и это всего лишь часть бесконечного потока преступлений против человечности. Сегодня современная журналистика и СМИ служат только платформами для дезинформации и инструментами для того, чтобы прятать преступления «элит», глобалистов сионистского образования и западных правительств. Даже СМИ, которые делают вид, что борются за правду, всегда продвигают чьи-то скрытые интересы и в целом публикуют «правду», но не слишком много, и, подобно таким операциям, как ВикиЛикс, Сноуден и психологическая операция QAnon военной разведки США, кормят тех, кто ищет правду, ложью, скрытой во лжи, обёрнутой в загадки, покрытые полуправдой, маскирующейся под откровения и реальную правду. Переписывание истории вообще запрещено в Российской Федерации, и я пишу вам в интересах исправить исторические факты. Моё имя - Джон Энтони Роблес II. Я первый бывший гражданин США, который получил полное политическое убежище в Российской Федерации. В 2007 году, за 6 лет до того, как Сноуден прибыл в РФ и получил вид на жительство (но никогда - полное убежище, как я), и за 5 лет до того, как Джулиен Ассандж получил убежище, мой сайт,, уже публиковал секретные документы с 2003 года, на 3 года раньше ВикиЛикс. Причина, по которой вы обо мне никогда не слышали, состоит в том, что я служу не чьим-то скрытым интересам, а только правде. В отличие от ВикиЛикс, которые пытались скрыть 911 для Ротшильдов и Сноудена, пытавшихся в интересах ЦРУ повредить АНБ, я опубликовал некоторые из самых разрушительных материалов, доступных онлайн, например, списки агентов ЦРУ и МОССАД, и работал на износ, чтобы раскрыть 911 и сотни других преступлений США.

Моя журналистская работа как бывшего ведущего диктора и журналиста-исследователя на ныне ликвидированной всемирной службе на английском языке «Голос России» получила внимание мировой аудитории и достигла опасных уровней, когда я раскрыл бостонский фальшивый теракт и местонахождение самолётов 911 - один из которых предположительно врезался в Пентагон, а второй исчез в дыре в поле в Пенсильвании, - которые, по факту, всё ещё были целы и припаркованы на boneyard (кладбище для самолётов) в штате США Аризона. Моя исследовательская работа для «Голоса» включала разоблачение планов цветной революции эксперта ЦРУ по цветной революции Майкла Макфола и помогла остановить свержение российского правительства, также она включала разоблачение планов Правого сектора вторгнуться в Крым и убить десятки тысяч крымчан. За всё это и не только меня нужно было остановить, и Макфол предпринял две попытки арестовать меня и отправить в США, но потерпел неудачу, поэтому они пришли за моим сыном, который был невиновен и чьё единственное преступление состояло в том, что он не слушал меня, когда я предупреждал его быть осторожным.

Вот уже 5 лет я пытаюсь привлечь внимание к делу моего сына, и мы ждём помилования от Президента Путина, чтобы сына не депортировали в США, где ему, возможно, грозят пытки и тюремное заключение, потому что, как и я, он отказался от гражданства США - чтобы получить убежище и когда от подавал на гражданство - а также потому, что у ЦРУ есть документы, в которых говорится, что он был автором всех моих работ на «Голосе» - его тоже зовут Джон Энтони Роблес. Я не прошу вас помочь мне - после того, как меня распяли и всю мою жизнь и карьеру разрушили из-за моей журналистской работы, и никто даже пальцем не пошевелил, чтобы мне помочь, я не жду и не прошу никого о помощи для себя, но прошу Вас остановить депортацию моего сына, который невиновен и уже 5 лет провёл в тюрьме за преступление, которое не совершал. Мы находимся в контакте с админинстрацией президента Путина и Организацией Объединённых Наций, но пока что всё, что мы получили в ответ, - это молчание и обещания, но мой сын может быть депортирован уже в течение следующих 5 дней. Так что у нас нет больше времени ждать помилования или помощи от УВКБ ООН. Депортация моего сына станет победой ЦРУ, и этого нельзя допустить. Пожалуйста, помогите нам распространить эту историю.

Для тех из вас, кто задаётся вопросом, почему я получил убежище - потому, что я добровольно помогал и сотрудничал с несколькими российскими спецслужбами - факт, известный ЦРУ, и причина, по которой я никогда не смогу покинуть Россию.

In every story there are always multiple actors. In the post 911 information censorship paradigm it has been the actors in the background who have truly done most of the heavy lifting in attempts to bring the truth to the people. Through information fascism the CIA/NATO/FVEY controlled global MOCKINGBIRD media, has made the world forget 911, the CIA overthrow of the democratically elected government of the Ukraine and the fact that the USA is currently involved in over 134 wars among an almost endless stream of crimes against humanity. Today modern journalism and the media only serve as disinformation platforms and instruments to hide the crimes of the elites, the Zionist Entity, Globalists and Western Governments. Even media which pretends to fight for truth is always pushing someone’s agenda and on the whole only publishes the truth but not “too much” and like operations such as WikiLeaks, Snowden and the US Military Intelligence Psy-Op QAnon, feed those seeking truth with lies hidden in lies wrapped in riddles covered by half-truths masquerading as revelations and real truth.

Re-writing history is supposed to be illegal in the Russian Federation and it is in the interest of correcting the historical record that I am writing to you. My name is John Robles II I am the first ex-US citizen with full asylum in the Russian Federation, in 2007, 6 years before Snowden arrived in the Russian Federation and received residency and never full asylum like me and five years before Julian Assange. My site has been publishing secret documents since 2003, 3 years before WikiLeaks. The reason you have never heard of me is because I am not serving someone’s agenda, just the truth. Unlike WikiLeaks which attempted to cover up 911 for the Rothschilds and Snowden who attempted to damage the NSA for the CIA, I have published some of the most damaging material available on Western Intelligence Agencies, for example lists of CIA and MOSSAD Agents and worked tirelessly to expose 911 and hundreds of other crimes by the US Government.

As the former lead announcer and investigative journalist for the now liquidated Voice of Russia World Service in English my journalistic work went worldwide and reached dangerous levels when I exposed the Boston Bombing False Flag and the location of the 911 aircraft supposedly hit the Pentagon and disappeared into a hole in a field in Pennsylvania but which were still intact and parked at the Boneyard in the USA State of Arizona. My investigative work for the VOR included exposing the color revolution plans of CIA color revolution expert Michael McFaul and helped to stop the overthrow of the Russian Government and exposing plans of the Right Sector to invade Crimea and slaughter tens of thousands of Crimeans. For all of this I had to be stopped and two attempts were made by McFaul to have me arrested and sent to the USA but he failed so they went after my son who was innocent and whose only crime was not listening to me when I warned him to be careful.

For five years I have tried to get attention to my son’s case and we are waiting for a pardon from President Putin so that he is not deported to the USA where he may face torture and imprisonment because like me he renounced US Citizenship to obtain asylum and when he filed for Russian citizenship and because the CIA has documents saying he was the author of all my work at the VOR. His name is also John Anthony Robles. I am not asking you to help me. After being crucified and having my entire family, life and career destroyed for my journalistic work and having no one lift a finger to help me, I do not expect nor ask anyone for assistance for myself but do ask you to help stop the deportation of my son who is innocent and has already spent five years in prison for a crime he did not commit. We are in contact with President Putin’s Administration and the United Nations but so far all we have received is silence and promises but he may be deported in the next 5 days. So we have no more time to wait for the pardon or for help from UNHCR. My son’s deportation will be a victory for the CIA and this must not be allowed to happen. Please help by spreading this story.

For those of you who wonder why I received asylum it is because I voluntarily helped and assisted multiple Russian Security Services, a fact known by the CIA and the reason I can never leave Russia.

Thank you,

John Robles II

July 03, 2020

En cada historia siempre hay múltiples actores. En el paradigma de censura de la información post 911, han sido los actores en el fondo quienes realmente han hecho la mayor parte del trabajo pesado en intentos de llevar la verdad a la gente. A través del fascismo de la información, la CIA / OTAN / FVEY controló los medios globales MOCKINGBIRD, ha hecho que el mundo olvide el 911, el derrocamiento de la CIA del gobierno democráticamente elegido de Ucrania y el hecho de que Estados Unidos esté actualmente involucrado en más de 134 guerras entre una corriente casi interminable de crímenes contra la humanidad. Hoy en día, el periodismo moderno y los medios de comunicación solo sirven como plataformas e instrumentos de desinformación para ocultar los crímenes de las élites, la Entidad Sionista, los Globalistas y los Gobiernos occidentales. Incluso los medios que pretenden luchar por la verdad siempre están empujando la agenda de alguien y, en general, solo publican la verdad pero no "demasiado" y operaciones como WikiLeaks, Snowden y la Inteligencia Militar de Estados Unidos Psy-Op QAnon, alimentan a aquellos que buscan la verdad con mentiras ocultas en mentiras envueltas en acertijos cubiertos por medias verdades que se hacen pasar

Se supone que la reescritura de la historia es ilegal en la Federación de Rusia y es en interés de corregir el registro histórico que le escribo. Mi nombre es John Robles II Soy el primer ex ciudadano estadounidense con asilo completo en la Federación Rusa, en 2007, 6 años antes de que Snowden llegara a la Federación Rusa y recibiera residencia y nunca asilo completo como yo y cinco años antes de Julian Assange. Mi sitio ha estado publicando documentos secretos desde 2003, 3 años antes de WikiLeaks. La razón por la que nunca has oído hablar de mí es porque no estoy sirviendo a la agenda de alguien, sólo la verdad. A diferencia de WikiLeaks, que intentó encubrir 911 para los Rothschild y Snowden que intentaron dañar la NSA para la CIA, he publicado algunos de los materiales más dañinos disponibles en las agencias de inteligencia occidentales, por ejemplo, listas de agentes de la CIA y MOSSAD y trabajé incansablemente para exponer 911 y cientos de otros crímenes del gobierno de los EE.

Como ex locutor principal y periodista de investigación para el ahora liquidado Servicio Mundial de la Voz de Rusia en inglés, mi trabajo periodístico fue por todo el mundo y alcanzó niveles peligrosos cuando expuse la Bandera falsa de bombardeo de Boston y la ubicación del avión 911 supuestamente golpeó el Pentágono y desapareció en un agujero en un campo en Pensilvania, pero Mi trabajo de investigación para el VOR incluyó exponer los planes de revolución del color del experto en revolución del color de la CIA Michael McFaul y ayudó a detener el derrocamiento del gobierno ruso y exponer los planes del Sector Derecho para invadir Crimea y matar a decenas de miles de crimeanos. Por todo esto tuve que ser detenido y McFaul hizo dos intentos de que me arrestaran y me enviaran a los Estados Unidos, pero él falló, así que fueron tras mi hijo que era inocente y cuyo único crimen no me escuchaba cuando le advertí que tuviera cuidado.

Durante cinco años he tratado de llamar la atención sobre el caso de mi hijo y estamos esperando el indulto del presidente Putin para que no sea deportado a los Estados Unidos, donde puede enfrentar tortura y encarcelamiento porque como yo renunció a la ciudadanía estadounidense para obtener asilo y cuando solicitó la ciudadanía rusa y porque la CIA tiene documentos que dicen Su nombre es también John Anthony Robles. No te estoy pidiendo que me ayudes. Después de haber sido crucificado y haber destruido a toda mi familia, vida y carrera por mi trabajo periodístico y no tener a nadie levantar un dedo para ayudarme, no espero ni pido ayuda a nadie para mí, pero sí le pido que ayude a detener la deportación de mi hijo que es inocente y ya ha pasado cinco años en prisión por un Estamos en contacto con la Administración del Presidente Putin y las Naciones Unidas, pero hasta ahora todo lo que hemos recibido es silencio y promesas, pero puede ser deportado en los próximos 5 días. Así que no tenemos más tiempo para esperar el indulto o la ayuda del ACNUR. La deportación de mi hijo será una victoria para la CIA y esto no debe permitirse. Por favor, ayuda difundiendo esta historia.

Para aquellos de ustedes que se preguntan por qué recibí asilo es porque ayudé y asistí voluntariamente a múltiples servicios de seguridad rusos, un hecho conocido por la CIA y la razón por la que nunca puedo salir de Rusia.


Juan Robles II

FVEY Yandex Wants it All

July 01, 2020 - Yandex and their complete and total tracking and surveillance system has gone completely off the reservation. When will the average Russian say enough is enough? Not only is Yandex attempting to plug into everything in Russia but they are now requiring you to log in just to save a picture. They want you to use their service to do screen shots, they save your ("favorites") all of your links only to their servers, they use megabytes of obfuscated Turkish code on servers running Yandex search console, they use cookies to track users of sites, in Yandex Navigator and now Yandex Map you can only save waypoints and map coordinates on their servers also only by logging in, their browser saves your search history and then uses it to target you with ads or whatever they want, they use Yandex money in a punative fashion and want to track all of your on-line financial transactions using Sberbank and Visa from which they take a percentage and provide no tax law required receipt (free money), this includes transfers to those in the Russian prison system, payments to internet providers and more, if you use Yandex fines they have all your vehicle data and they were using Yandex Navigator and its speed and GPS function to produce speed fines even where no cameras are present, Yandex shopping, Yandex taxi and Yandex gas station apps want to take a percentage of the money you pay for these services and record everywhere you go and what you buy and how much you spend, Yandex wants to know what you download and what software you have on your comp, Yandex e-mail for domains swallows up e-mails it deems not "worthy" yet sends you a delivery receipt as if the mail was delivered, Yandex Assistant "Alice" self-installs to secretly record everything it hears, Yandex translator saves everything you translate and of course like everything else identifies you through your MAC, location and all of the other intrusive Apps, Yandex pilotless cars will completely control where you go and if you are targetted will kill you in a road accident for the right price, Yandex News and search reults only give you the results that the shadow masters want you to have and the list goes on and on and on. All of this from a "search engine" which pretends to be Russian but is run by the Globalists, MOSSAD and the NSA in a FVEY country. Have you ever wondered why the blank Yandex landing page weighs over 10 Mbs? 10 Mbs for a search bar? Worse than Google which is openly evil, Yandex is the Trojan Horse of Satan because people believe it is Russian. Have youever wondered why YAndex is a billion dollar corporation now? What do they sell? They sell you and all of your data and skim a percentage of all your money tax free. Can we live without Yandex? Personally I can. Yandex should have stayed what it was supposed to be, a search engine, nothing more.  

5th Column is Cooked

July 01, 2020 -    Как изменится жизнь элиты после принятия поправок в Конституцию
Ограничения для чиновников решили прописать в тексте Конституции
В текст поправок к Основному закону вписано требование о постоянном проживании чиновников на территории России. В случае принятия документа чиновники не смогут иметь вид на жительство на территории других стран. Также вводится запрет двойного гражданства для высокопоставленных чиновников.
Кроме того, предложено запретить российским чиновникам иметь счета в зарубежных банках
Проект поправок также запрещает владение счетами, хранение наличных и ценностей в зарубежных банках премьер-министру, его заместителям, министрам и главам иных федеральных органов исполнительной власти, а также сенаторам, депутатам Госдумы, уполномоченному по правам человека, прокурорам и губернаторам.


Аналогичные требования прописаны и для главы государства
Согласно новому тексту Конституции, кандидат на пост первого лица государства должен постоянно проживать на территории России не менее 25 лет. Также поправки предусматривают полный запрет избираться на должность президента гражданам, которые имеют счета в зарубежных банках или когда-то имели иностранное гражданство или вид на жительство другой страны. Это ограничение не коснется жителей Крыма и Севастополя.


Все эти поправки предложил внести сам президент
Во время обращения к Федеральному собранию 15 января Владимир Путин предложил ввести на конституционном уровне запрет на иностранные гражданство и счета для лиц, занимающих «критически важные для обеспечения безопасности и суверенитета страны» должности.

«Смысл, миссия государственной службы именно в служении, и человек, который выбирает этот путь, должен прежде всего для себя решить, что он связывает свою жизнь с Россией, с нашим народом, и никак иначе, без всяких полутонов и допущений», — объяснил президент.

Текст поправок был внесен президентом ко второму чтению Госдумы 2 марта.

О запретах для чиновников говорится в поправках к статье 71, которая определяет, какие вопросы находятся в ведении Российской Федерации. Сейчас пункт «т» этой статьи содержит три слова: «федеральная государственная служба». Однако предложенная Путиным формулировка более развернутая: «федеральная государственная служба; установление ограничений для замещения государственных и муниципальных должностей, должностей государственной и муниципальной службы, в том числе ограничений, связанных с наличием гражданства иностранного государства либо вида на жительство или иного документа, подтверждающего право на постоянное проживание гражданина Российской Федерации на территории иностранного государства, а также ограничений, связанных с открытием и наличием счетов (вкладов), хранением наличных денежных средств и ценностей в иностранных банках, расположенных за пределами территории Российской Федерации».

But First Racism, Ukrainian Nazis and the USA

June 26, 2020 - I promised to write about some of my experiences with police in the United States, mind you I was never a criminal and have never been arrested or charged with anything other than being detained in 1995 and being accused of working for the KGB. I was not charged with anything even then but that is not the point, or perhaps it is the exactly the point. In fact it is the point to the degree that I am not white, and this is something I have always avoided getting into for not wanting to be accused of playing the "race card" or "playing the victim", but it is the whole point given that I have almost never been judged by the majority on the basis of my merits or character but on the color of my skin. Yes in case you missed it I am not white and that is the whole point. That is why I am not called a journalist, why everyone thinks it is okay to just ignore the plight of my family and I and why they think they will just get away with erasing us from history and quietly exterminating us as if we were the animals that the colonial Anglo-Saxon, Spanish and French recidivists labeled us as being. Again it is only because of the color of my skin that I am not called a journalist although that is exactly what I am and it is for that reason that no one will recognize all of neither my journalistic achievements nor my service to the Russian State. It is because of the color of my skin that I am not given citizenship, it is because of the color of my skin that my entire life has been a war just to exist like everyone else when I have in fact achieved things that few people on this planet achieve. All unrecognized and purposefully ignored.

Next Up FBI Counter Intelligence New Jersey Emigre Operations Against Russia

The Ivanova Incident

Сhain of Command and Controller Identified - Greenberg Self-Outs in Book and Nobody Gets It

June 22, 2020 - Having worked in the media and covered intelligence issues and placed myself in a position where I was targetted by the "Western" covert psychological operations community I see things that others may not and it is my journalistic responsibility to inform the public about issues on which their very lives are concerned. For me and for those whose lives are involved in one way or another with Intelligence issues some things are so obvious that it is almost mind-boggling that most people simply don't get it. For years the culprits, the methodology and in fact the entire plan for the taking over of the world has been on this site and thanks to the 9/11 False Flag Black Operation we know exactly who they are and how they are attempting to re-write history for the entire world to cover up their crimes and using the victims to do it for them but no matter how hard they try it is failing because no matter how many riddles, wrapped in lies upon lies, distractions upon diversions, sleight of hand and mental manipulation, enigmas wrapped in riddles to hide more lies and alternate truths create to further deceive and manipulate cognitive reasoning, it is and will always be clear that the emperor has no clothes.  

The Snow Den Operation is so bold and so obvious and in-your-face that it defies normal thinking to believe that someone would have actually planned such an obvious fake and actually gotten away with it for so long. Just the fact that a Doctor in Alternative History named Joseph Farrell registered the Snowden domain was enough for me. Then the picture above showing how special this Greenberg/Rockefeller boy was to the CIA and the NSA, but okay that did not bother anyone, which is stunning. The fact that Snowden and his handlers were afraid of me when I am the first American with asylum in Russia and was working as a journalist at the Voice of Russia outing the exact same things their puppet was supposed to be a champion of was also alarming but it did not bother anyone else.

The clues are almost endless as to why this young boy who recites statements as if learned by rote using hastily learned US Government double speak is an Op (almost a Manchurian Candidate) yet the biggest mistake and in fact self-exposure comes from Greenberg himself, like a silent cry for help begging the world to notice that he is in fact one of the "good guys" in the all-powerful all-patriotic CIA, when in fact he is simply a pathetic puppet and a boy trusted to do a man's job because he is particularly brainwashed, has billionaire parents who wanted him to be "important" and a good liar. Greenberg himself stated the obvious in his so-called "tell-all" book in which he desperately tries to maintain the legend created by the compartmentalized lunatics and "Doctors in Alternative History" at the CIA and in a sane and normal world not manipulated by shadow masters and financial string-pullers this one statement would have been enough to bring down his fake house of cards but of course that has not been the case, the media is under complete and total control. What was the great revealing statement to which I refer? Well the Manchurian Candidate stated that he contacts his "mentor" Ben Wizner" at the start of every day to receive guidance. Guidance? For the great whistleblower and super-spy who walked out of the NSA with all of their secrets to which he would have never had access to in the first place? For this great truth teller and exposer of the entire western surveillance establishment who is to be quoted and cited in everything from BOurne movies to spy novels to every single article on nefarious CIA and US Government activities? This super-patriot who is followed by millions of US Military personnel on Twitter because they were ordered to? That guy needs guidance? No, actually guidance is necessary for the scared egotistical little rich boy who is being used for psychological information operations so great he can not even fathom and which are above the pay grade of 99% of the MIIC's agents. But of course you are not supposed to know that or notice he has a controller because the CIA-controlled MSM and Twitter has not told you that. No one noticed that Snowden has a Blue Tick and is un-hindered on Twitter, while I, the real refugee and asylee was banned for life for doing exactly what this boy purports to do. Except of course and here is the core reason fo0r the op and everything else, 9/11.

So what is the big revelation about re-writing history that I alluded to in the first paragraph and what does Greenberg have to do with Russia and the CIA controlled Russian MOCKINGBIRD Media? After successfully covering-up and silencing all truth about 9/11 the compartmentalized lunatics and Doctors in Alternative History at the CIA decided that they wanted to revise history for their Nazi masters and founders of NATO and the CIA and Russia would be the hardest place to do that in and this is what is happening in Russia today. Snowden has been used to monitor and when needed make statements to demonize and delegitimize the Russian Government and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This is a clear and open, recorded part of the public record. Why? Because it is the President and the Government who are struggling with the attempts at historical revisionism and it is the re-writing of the Victory over the Nazis that the CIA has determined will divide the Russian people and bring about the collapse of the Russian State and the Russian World, as dreamed about by the Rockefeller lunatics and global financial manipulators.

Installing Nazis in the Ukraine and then silencing the fact that they are Nazis was a test run and they have been successful. The fact that a CIA Asset named Samuel McCulloch was brought into the Voice of Russia as a content editor who forbid my work and mocked my usage of the word Nazi by calling them Nasty Nazis and then created an entire list of subjects I was censored from writing about should have had Russians up in arms, but everyone was silent. All of the brainwashed "Winds of Change" CIA establishment idiots want to take part in the destruction of their own country, people and world. So Greenberg lives on and the next phase continues. As the Russian Ministry of Defense stated, "The Truth Will Win", but who is going to deliver that truth? A Ukrainian Mason working for the BND and the CIA pretending to be a Hero of Russia? 

For related graphics and to see this post in full see the Snoden page and the Ukraine page.

Press Release/ДЛЯ ПРЕССА

June 22, 2020 - Response to a reader who does not like me calling them Nazis. Overall the silence is deafening.

Answer: The CIA installed Nazi terrorist groups in the Ukraine to facilitate the overthrowing of the Ukrainian government and while the world is silent the CIA and NATO will continue to fund, sponsor and train terrorists to carry out their agendas, destabilize the planet and justify their aggressive expansion. Terrorists must be liquidated but more importantly the political and economic forces who sponsor and create them must be eradicated.

June 21, 2020

June 18, 2020 - Please watch this space and then help us release the upcoming Press Release which is embargoed until June 19, 2020 15:00 Moscow Time. We apologize for the delay.

With the Lifting of the Quarantine Will the Gang-Stalking Continue?

June 15, 2020 - For those of you watching this space, accounts are being settled.

Fake Truth Movement - Anglo-Saxon White Supremacy is Dead Not Multiculturalism 

June 13, 2020 - Anglo-Saxon-Zionist white supremacy is a disease, a system and an ideology which can and must be stopped. Multiculturalism on the other is a necessity growing out of the fact that we live in a multi-cultural world. The basis for Multiculturalism is the need to recognize and respect the different cultures and peoples who make up our world. When they talk about a New World Order they are talking about a world system where the white Anglo-Saxon-Zionist is the supreme ruler and being. That is the core truth and that is the fight.

In 2020 with white supremacist Donald Drumpf as the leader of the racist genocide based state called the Corporation of the United States of America racism has been normalized and dissenting voices have been silenced. Until now. For most of the world such widespread race riots came as a surprise because the only voices from the fascist states of america that they are allowed to see and the only image that they are presented with a wholesome friendly image of justice and social equality where even a black can become president. Not true. After racist cowboy Bush the people were ready to revolt so they were presented with a house boy half black globalist puppet who in fact covered up the absolute worsening of the racial situation in the fascist states of America for eight years. Given that the white Anglo-Saxon-Zionist population only makes up about 4% of the population in certain areas the international reader and USA watcher must ask the question: why are there no black, brown, yellow or red writers, web sites, actors, politicians, officials or other soft-power figures who are allowed to give their views and/or opinions? As you can see by the recent riots all across America, the majority of the population who are NOT white/Zionist supremacists are not happy and more importantly these "minorities" are not really "minorities". The fascist states of America is a country where the white Anglo-Saxon-Zionist minority controls (or tries to brutally control as we have seen recently) a vast majority of the population which are not a member of their 4% elitist white grouping.   

The "Democrats" and the "Globalists" were successful for decades on end because they pretended, sometimes quite successfully, to being a force of inclusion for all peoples, but after years of free reign their true colors showed and those were the same as the right-wing fascist forces. Hence they are not an option in what has been revealed to be a one-party-America.

Today the racists are unapologetic with the open support by the USA Government of openly Nazi forces in Ukraine and an openly racist Jewish supremacist president who panders to white supremacist elements as his "base", and this blatant, ignorant, self-righteous attitude is what brought me to the keyboard today, but don't worry I will keep it short.

Yes I consider myself to be a truther and yes I was partially responsible for bringing the horrendous white supremacist Trump to power by staunchly hosting and spreading the pedo-files and the DNC files when they were leaked (until I was banned from Twitter for life that is) and yes there was a point when Twitter President Drumpf even followed my account on Twitter when it had over 200K followers but no I do not and have not ever supported the daughter raping pile of racist elitist filth that is Drumpf. He and his minions were all over the pedo-files as well, proving the depravity of the fascist USA elites crosses all party lines and is testament to a one party system of power run by the 1% who control the 4% who brutal rule the 95%. Due to Drumpf's quite clever prostitution of the Truth Movement with his Q-Anon Military Intelligence run truther porn operation and sites like State of the Nation, being a Truther is something that has become quite difficult.

I recently had an interaction with the racist truther porn State of the Nation web site which we used to use as a source for news on the news page and all I can say is that all it takes is the proper incident to see where the editors and writers really stand and this was the case with their coverage of the Floyd riots and their blind obedience to Drumpf and the militarized racist USA police.

In my letter to them which I was forced to write after seeing dozens of headlines with the words Cultural Marxism, Communist takeover and the like, I blaseted them for their racist posts, which included many saying that those protesting racism and police brutality are themselves to blame (blaming the victim is always the preffered tactic of trash whose action has no moral justification) and I wished them to burn in hell for their racist drivel and constant usage of the false term "Cultural Marxism" which is a blanket term white-surpemacists use to label anyone who is against them, most importantly to demonize with the term Marxist and COmmunist, as if there is still a global Communist movement in existence. They feed on ignorance and their minions do not even ask "What exactly is Cultural-Marxism", because the answer is that there is no such thing.

Anyway to finish off, the "Managing Editor" of (State of the Nation) SOTN answer by accusing me of not getting it when he sent me a post pretending to support truth, here is his answer :

Managing Editor <>

We link this SOTN post in nearly every featured article.
So, if you don't understand that strategy what can we say?

No nimno, the problem is I DO get it. You are prtending to be a truther and interested in Truth while promoting your own racist biased shit. So like I said earlier: Burn in Hell!)))

Conclusion: Strategies are not something that news sites are supposed to be involved in. That is the sphere of psychological, influence or other operations. The job of news media is to present the truth no matter how inconvenient it is. Exposing the truth is the job of the journalist, therefore I once again expose a fake truther. SOTN therefore joins the MSM in being fake news and is banned from JAR2.   

Anyway... I hope you enjoyed that post, and if you do please support the site. If you want to comment e-mail me at

June 02, 2020 - On June 6th we will be 17 years old.

May 28, 2020 - Sergey Kuzmin who stole my car, Yura Salogub who stole my school, Wolves in Narco-Business who framed my son, the Surikovs who are related to Anton Surikov and all the rest. We are not finished yet. Everything has been taken care of

Masons in Government:

Given that we were asked to write essays on the Great PAtriotic War and then those who wrote patriotic historically correct versions were fired Kisilev and the rehabilitation of Nazism fits perfectly.

Snetkov was right

December 27, 2013

Dear Generalissimo Robles,

I am plugging out and retiring tonight (65+). Will be doubling in menial jobs. Like I think you had to when you were a humble downtrodden subject of Imperialismo Norteamericano. Wish you every success in your current stupid job, so bravely done amid LGBT scum and a host of American agents. (Fortunately, they’ve been forced to hide the lousiest of their fags in the capital of a neighboring country. Their un-Russian design for a ‘Gay News Network’ has irretrievably fallen through, and I take pride in having played a role in this by furtively bringing forward the 12/9 coup. They are facing an ultimate debacle. Many of them now have their career aspirations dashed. Some will be off the scene for good. Smash ‘em, crush ‘em, squelch ‘em, fuck ‘em! They are on the back foot! Do everything in your power to keep your radio Russian!)

V.V.Putin deserves the highest of praise for his 12/9 decree. He is right. Russia, complete with its media, belongs to its peoples, not imported freemasons or ass-artists!

Salute, Generalissimo. Happy NY. Fare Thee Well.

SA 1st Lt. M.A.Snetkov, Retired



-------- Пересылаемое сообщение --------
От кого: Mikhail Snetkov <>
Кому:, presscenter <>, info <>, info <>
Дата: Вторник, 25 февраля 2014, 13:28 +04:00
Тема: ДЛЯ Д.К.КИСЕЛЕВА Fwd: от Снеткова

-------- Пересылаемое сообщение --------
От кого: Mikhail Snetkov <>
Кому:, alhimova <>
Дата: Вторник, 25 февраля 2014, 13:14 +04:00
Тема: от Снеткова
Виктория Анатольевна, политпогода переменяется столь стремительно, что от всякого рода быстрицких, криворучек и столяров скоро придется старательно отплевываться. В виду сего предлагаю вам спасительный ход: предложить мне восстановиться на работе в должности переводчика РВРА ГР. Это хотя бы отчасти загладило бы ваше сотрудничество с названной предательской сволочью и ваше соучастие в моем увольнении, предпринятом ею по сугубо политическим и отчетливо антироссийским мотивам. Сейчас, к сожалению, ваша карьера в гос. СМИ скользит под откос.

Отказ в моей просьбе, молчание или обман легко истолкуются как сознательный саботаж стратегически важного и критически перенапряженного производства. Я-то знаю, как там сейчас туго и как пригодились бы мой профессиональный опыт и моя проверенная преданность курсу В.В.Путина на всестороннее возрождение России и ее иновещания. - С уважением, М.А.Снетков
Mikhail Snetkov

May 17, 2020 - Welcome to the New Blog. As we rapidly approach our 17th year on-line it has become a time for recollection and a re-analysis of everything we have done, what we have stood for and what, in the summation, we have actually changed. How we have been able to accomplish what we have and everything we have been through in our fight for truth, peace, understanding and justice, is a story worth telling, yet in the final analysis the worth of the story can not be quantified without the weight of the reader, for it is for you dear reader, that we have fought so long and hard. Having said all that I would appreciate your help in spreading knowledge of our existence and in sharing links to our content.

The New Old Blog of the Real Exposer of the US Military Intelligence Complex

May 20, 2020- Several attempts have been made and recorded to entrap us into publishing information that is criminal in nature including blackmail operations and passwords which were published elsewhere and would not have had any value as the companies and organizations concerned would have already taken measures. We publish files and leaks that expose criminality and malfeasance and do not engage in blackmail or illegal hacking.

May 18, 2020 - At this late date I can no longer afford to hold anything back or circumvent issues that may be used to damage or further serve as levers to be used by our enemies to carry out punitive measures against us. Therefore in the next few weeks leading up to our 17 anniversary, which will occur on June 6th, we will be publishing information and files that we have never published or spoken about in the past.    

2020 A January to April


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