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Criminal Fear Architects - Crisis Actors a Key Ingredient for False Flags

Creating the Paradigm of Endless Terror to Take Your Rights Away

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Crisis Actors: Creating the Fake Terror Reality for the Security State

2 July, 2013 19:11  

Disturbing pictures have appeared on the internet, showing what appear to be “crisis actors” pretending to be bombing victims and involved in multiple tragedies. Theorists claim some of these individuals were at the scene of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the Boston Marathon bombing as well as other events. Photos have also appeared apparently showing staged scenes, fake blood, smiling victims, fake smoke and the glass and mirrors of a fabricated event. Are there really people who perform in staged events for the government? Believe it or not the answer to that question is yes

A new “job description” has recently entered into the mainstream of English vocabulary usage that is at once both disturbing, in the context that it has repeatedly appeared, and quite normal and benign in the context that it was supposed to be used originally.

That job description or “job title” is Crisis Actor and it has recently been repeated all over the net along with the words “false flag” to describe the events at the Boston Marathon.

The reason for the widespread discussion and conspiracy theories that have sprung from the otherwise completely healthy debate of the event, is pictures that have been making the rounds which show what appears to be staged scenes among publically available footage of the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath.

Many of the photos are cause for serious concern as they show what appears to be paint, instead of blood, smiling and relaxed looking “victims” and other obvious anomalies that do not fit into the events at the Boston Marathon or a terrorist act.

Many on the net claim that part of the footage was made by “crisis actors” and specially staged, so as to ensure maximum effect and shock was achieved by the footage. But what is a crisis actor? Do they really exist?

Well the answer to that question is a resounding and quite factually based “Yes”!

No crisis actors are not some made up player in a “false flag attack conspiracy theory” but an actual job usually filled by U.S. Federal Government or state employees, government connected actors and actresses or even military personnel.

There is a page on Facebook called, quite unceremoniously, “Crisis Actors”, and the Denver Colorado based owners of the page state: “The members of Crisis Actors are experienced, passionate actors committed to creating superior training events and programs for professional and non-traditional first responders. They deliver intense, realistic performances of people under stress - on location, in the studio, or in a 3D motion-capture lab - while response agencies work to improve their ability to manage life-threatening incidents large and small.”

According to the page the actors of the Denver group have apparently performed in events concerning: “… domestic violence, community turmoil, and risk behaviors. Played the roles of: “…frantic parents, nosey neighbors, aggressive reporters, injured victims, victims in shock, hecklers in the crowd, motorists blocking traffic, bystanders giving wrong information, victims suddenly fighting those saving them, online conspiracy-mongers…”

The events they perform in have included: “… active shooter and intruder emergencies, teen suicide, bullying, cutting, building collapse, severe weather, HAZMAT spill, concussion, gang violence, bus accidents, and many others.”

The site claims: “Our actors register with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for their training certificates…”

They then call for participants (But why New York urban theater?): “If you are an actor with exceptional talent we invite you to come to our next audition in Denver, to be announced on our site. We are looking for actors comfortable with both classical and modern theater, and are particularly interested in actors familiar with the Group Theatre in New York.”

The job of the Crisis Actor is to help first responders, emergency personnel and command structures train to make real-time decisions and experience real world situations and is summarized like this by the site crisisactors.org:“Story-driven simulation is a technology that expands on previous research efforts to create interactive experiences in virtual worlds where the outcomes are known and specified in advance by instructional designers (e.g., Cleave, 1997). This approach allows instructional designers to work with storyline writers to create a training experience that is dramatically engaging and includes a specific set of training experiences, but to do so in a manner that allows for a high degree of interactivity.”

So far it all sounds reasonable, plausible and above board. But what if you take this to the next level, as the CIA and certain agencies always do. I mean we know the pretexts for the war in Iraq were fabricated. We know building 7 at the WTC was a controlled demolition, then why would it be such a stretch to believe that the U.S. authorities might go live with a terrorist training exercise or perhaps spice it up to gain maximum impact? Possible? Perhaps.

There are disturbing photographs making the rounds on the internet right now that show fake blood and supposed “crisis actors” playing roles as victims. If they are real they need to be followed up on, if they are fakes they need to be gotten to the bottom of. Regardless, crisis actors are real and the role they play is necessary albeit it, a little unusual and disturbing and illegal.


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and Capetown. Let us come to you." - No THANKS! - MI6 Front


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CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 Horrendous (Real?) Beheading Videos: Made by Israeli Rita Katz


Staff: The listed staff consists of two individuals: MOSSAD Agent Rita Katz, director and co-founder and Josh Devon, senior analyst and co-founder/Contact information: 4200 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 228, Washington, DC 20016 Phone: 202 244-2900 Fax: 202 237-7700 Email: feedback AT siteinstitute.org
Website: http://www.siteinstitute.org/


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