BLOG 2014 by John Robles 

Year 7 With Political Asylum

December 31, 2015

Car cam video of 2 cars attempting to force me to weave my vehicle into the oncoming trafficc which would have led to my death and the death of the 5 other people in the Suburban. The white Nissan Teana was driven by a blonde woman who was doing over 200 kms an hour. As you can see in the moments before she tried to cause me to crash I was passing everything on the road. The second car which tried the same stunt was driving next to me when the bitch in the Teana (Number T800HX 164) started diving on the brakes leaving me no way out. Unfortunately the police will do nothing about these reckless drivers until they actually kill someone. Two attempts to cause me an accident in one minute by 2 different cars. The action starts at 06:23. Being as the second car was pacing inches from my right door it is clear it was a team effort..

December 30, 2014

Baby Robles says LEAVE MY DAD ALONE!!!!


December 30, 2014

The operations by the CIA/NATO and the US to destroy Russia and take over the world are continuing. With the subversion and buying out of the Russian media and the continuing conflict in Ukraine being fueled and funded by the US/CIA/NATO to continue to distract, drain and weaken Russia there is almost no voice in the world media to counter the "end times" strategy that the US is engaged in to bring about global US hegemony and complete and total global domination. We are engaged in World War III. Russia is taking measures on all fronts but the continuing conflict in Ukraine continues to distract the common people from what is really happening. Nazis and fascists controlled by the CIA while deceived into believing they are fighting for their country continue killing Russian civilians and their own people to fulfill the US agenda and complete the destruction of Ukraine and the turning it into a NATO slave state. The US puppets in the Ukrainian government and the US installed president continue to push Ukraine into NATO while the people are zombified, terrorized and enslaved to believe that this is the just path, not knowing that they will never be a part of Europe other than a cheap slave state and material donor. The people of the world continue to be enslaved by economic machinations and anyone who speaks out continues to be destroyed. I am testament to that. Just recently the Pirate Bay was finally closed by none other than Sweden, a fact that should have dispel any doubts about the safety of Julian Assange if he is sent there. Sweden and the rest of Europe continue to allow the US to enslave Europe and force Europe to continue to support the nazi filth in Ukraine who are killing Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians. Europe is a slave to the US through NATO and there is no will or ability for Europe to force the US to grant the EU its sovereignty. Zionist elements controlling the media and the banking sphere are completely on board with the nazi subversion of Ukraine because it is part of what they see as the bigger picture and the end game of achieving global domination and the undeterred expansion of a Jewish state throughout the Middle East. The inhumanity of the Zionists is now being seen as acceptable as there is no one questioning the inhumanity they are spreading throughout Eastern Europe and the world. For simply speaking out against the Zionists and supporting President Vladimir Putin I have been poisoned, had my life destroyed and my family torn apart while they continue a campaign to drive me to suicide or to leave Russia as their agents who keep appearing out of nowhere attempt to convince me to do. This constant battle to survive has completely taken over my life and the marginalization and dehumanization that I have been subjected to would make any normal person begin to consider suicide as an option but I will not. Every time things get dark I think of Julian Assange trapped for years in the basement of an embassy for simply posting some files on the internet and I recall how I mirrored WikiLeaks for several days the first time they were shut down believing I was doing the right thing. I am almost completely unable to write or publish anything now and the shutting down of the Pirate Bay and other sites and the disappearance of other writers, bloggers and truth seekers is alarming. I ask you and beg you if you are reading this, please support jar2.com by making a contribution through a personal transfer to jar2@list.ru. We need your donations to literally stay alive. We had no Christmas and there will be no New Year for myself and my family. We have been completely and totally isolated and marginalized by the 5th columnists, the CIA and their agents in Moscow. There are over one thousand CIA operatives in Moscow as we speak and as long as my US citizenship is not returned and I remain a refugee I am an open target as are my children who are in the same situation. Even my newborn daughter is suffering and I hold the 5th column at my former employer completely 100% responsible for illegaly terminating my employment the day after I informed them of my daughter's birth. The inhumanity is completely unbelieveable and their actions were illegal but there has been no relief for us. The United Nations should help us but they are merely another US client organization so they are useless. PLEASE HELP US AND THANK YOU!!!!

December 23, 2014

INSURANCE UPDATE UPDATE Added 4 files to the insurance package, the original insurance package is still valid for those of you who have it. If anything happens to me the password will be in the agreed upon location..


For Russia Party Grants Me Membership

My membership card in the For Russia Party in the UK

For Russia Party

December 15, 2014

CIA Asset and "Wanted" Fraudster Directly Damages Us

I was recently hired by this creep Gregory Krasovsky and then threatened and fired when I asked him if the multi million dollar judgement against him in New Jersey was true. He then threatened me for several days because I had placed a link to his story on my site. I will not be intimidated by anyone. I am still seeking employment by a normal company which is run legal and operates officially. You can download my resume att www.jar2.biz

Fuck the CIA

03-28-2015 The man to Krasovsky's right may be John Tefft as earlier reported..

December 2015

This is What Happens When You Drink Alcohol and Breast Feed

This is what I saw when I changed my baby's diaper. I had to get into a yelling match with my ex-wife and her mother just to call the doctor. Needless to say I was extremely upset. She is okay now but soon after this my ex took all my money and the baby and I have not seen her since..

Bloody Diaper

December 14, 2015

Drunk Wife Attacks Me While I am Holding Distressed Baby

After being out all day with our sick baby in temperatures of minus 8 and then coming home after midnight drunk I expressed my strong displeasure to my drunk Russian wife. She then proceeded to destroy the apartment and chase me around the flat hitting me while I was holding the baby who was overheated and sick and very sleepy. I called her parents and tried to get them to calm her down but nothing worked so I decided to film her and informed her of this so that she would stop attacking me. She hit me in the ear and I lost part of my hearing in that ear and she started provoking me so that I would react. She then started screaming that she was leaving with the baby at 1 in the morning. I told her the baby would be going to sleep in its bed and that she had better calm down. She threatened to call the police and say I would not let her leave with the baby at 1 in the morning. I would have welcomed that as the police would then see that she had destroyed half of my possessions and was behaving in a completely inappropriate manner. Even though she knew I was filming her she attacked me at the end of the video and took my phone away. She has since filed a false police report saying she was afraid of me and that I was threatening her and when I was at work left with the baby after she took all of the money for rent and had me borrow money to pay off her credit card after she promised to return the money straight away. Before leaving she had managed to erase this video no knowing that I keep a back up. She is refusing to allow me to see my daughter and I feel that my daughter is in danger. No one believes that men can be the victims of domestic abuse and she plays the role of the poor scared little lady so well that everyone believes her. As you can see in the video she is not scared of anything at all, even the camera that is filming her. I merely want to see my daughter and know that she is well. The problem is that she is a Muscovite and I am a American with asylum, a refugee, and I have no rights. The police were told and can do nothing they said. They told me I have to get a court order. In order to do so and defend myself and my daughter I need a lawyer. I need your help if you can. Thank you.

December 2013 to Summer 2014

Regarding Sergey Belous, it is not clear which side he is on therefore all contact with this individual and all support from JAR2 has now ceased. He attempted to get me to an air him saying the sniper rifles on the Maidan came from Russian territory..

November 22, 2014

The Right Sector and then the Russian Media? WTF?

Demonize, marginalize, make look like crazy and then kill and take everything. That is the plan. It is so wonderfully worked out that even if I mention it they win..

HOT!!! CIA/Zionists Lock Down Russian Media: "We cannot  support someone who questions 9-11" - meaning me  

"We will look forward and not back" - meaning exposing US crimes? Dimitry Kiselev

"We do not deal with employment issues, we are in the business of selling information"" Sergey Kochetkov in whose office I was poisoned. An event which had me coughing up blood for three days last June

"Our position on Israel is always neutral." - Oleg Dimitrev

"I am cooler than Putin, I am a Jew." - An Operator

Quotes from Neo-Con war mongers  or US mass media??? Guess again kids!!!! The Russian media "Jewish elite"






November 18, 2014

We won the Pay Pal war (for now) and they restored my account and returned my money. We will see how long it holds. Although I do believe it is temporary..

November 06, 2014

PayPal Blocks JAR2's Account

So the CIA also controls PayPal.... My PayPal account was just blocked!!! How much of the shit do I have to take !?!?!?!!!!!!????!!!!!! Someone (CIA) has been attempting to triangulate my position with calls to my cell phone. Did not work..

November 03, 2014

Dear Friends,

        Things are still very difficult. Still seeking employment, if you can help I would appreciate it. I ask you all again, if you can, to please donate to jar2.com, my family and the people of Donbass. My daughter is unfortunately back in the hospital with bleeding from her kidneys. She is two months today. We had to place her in a Moscow hospital where she is getting good care. My wife is staying with her. If you can help we would be very grateful. Due to Orthodox rules I cannot send you a picture of our little angel but I wish I could. I have started live streaming in the hopes that somehow I can make money that way. Please check out my broadcast tonight starting at  02:00 GMT at the following addresses:: http://goodgame.ru/channel/jar2//         http://www.jar2.com//  ….. If you like what you see please support with a small donation to PayPal … There is a link below..




October 21, 2014

You have a newborn daughter? You're fired! - Rossiya Sevodnya

PRESS RELEASE   after being terminated in a political persecution and consored right off the ROSSIYA SEVODNYA NEWS AGENCY

October 18, 2014

Fired After Informing Rossiya Sevodnya My Wife Gave Birth

Shocking Revelation Number 1::  My wife recently gave birth to a beautiful baby who is now in the hospital. I informed my former employer Rossiya Sevodnya, the new organization that absorbed and liquidated the Voice of Russia, in particular my boss Oleg Dmitrev about my new baby on October 9th, on October 10th I was called into the office and told that my contract with the Rossiya Sevodnya International News Agency would not be extended, in fact terminating my employment. No reason was given except for some veiled reference to a letter. Under Russian law you can not terminate an employee with a newborn child if he is the only breadwinner for the family until the child is three years old. Rossiya Sevodnya, Dmitry Kiselev and management know I was forced to move flats because of death threats and that I am the father of newborn, yet they still terminated my contract. This is illegal. At my own expense I have also had to hire a team of lawyers who have discovered scores of violations in the actions of Rossiya Sevodnya. The fact that I was terminated, or rather my contract was not extended, effectively leaving me without an income when I am the sole breadwinner for my family and a newborn baby in violation of Russian law, is shocking revelation number 1. When you read the employment contract I was forced to sign under duress and threat of immediate termination you will be sickened..

         I am looking for employment with an honest, open and fair organization which is not afraid to publish the truth and is not being secretly controlled by western interests. My newborn child is in the hospital, I now have lawyers to pay, I was just forced to move to a new apartment and reconnect JAR2 and have a growing mountain of debts related to all of this. If you can help with donations or employment please contact me. 8-965-131-5479 or   jar2@jar2.comm 

         My termination was for strictly political reasons. My work in exposing US illegality and my anti-US stance on a range of issues over the years, plus my exposing CIA agents, operations and three airlines being used by the CIA for rendition flights and other black operations have forced the CIA to activate assets in Moscow to silence me. Those assets have now exposewd themselves and are in plain sight for all to see. They have now carried out the lowest slimiest deed possible other than killing me outright, and that is leaving me without an income to care for my newborn baby. As for killing me outright that is problematic but an attempt at poisoning I am sure has been carried out, as well as several road incidents. Since the 80s the CIA has continued to operate a network of agents and assets here in Moscow. One by one I will expose all of them, from the dirty cops who planted narcotics on my son and were stupid enough to be filmed doing it, to the 5th column subverting the Russian media. They declared this war on me and my family by rwefusing to leave me alone. Leaving me stateless in Moscow and taking away my school were not enough. In their zeal to hide their illegality they have determined that I must be silenced forever. That will be difficult, but I still need your support and now your donations to keep the site afloat and keep going..

        Leaving a father with a newborn baby without employment is the lowest thing they could have done yet they have done it. Anything Dmitry Kiselev and Rossiya Sevodnya say about supporting Russia, children, human rights etc, by their own actions, are nothing but lip service and lies. Unfortunately for me I trusted and believed these people. 

I was supposed to have control over the content but I was blocked by a 5th column..

Not long ago some asshole told me I should "start a blog or something for my shit", just another in a long series of provocations against me, so I decided to humor the worm and here it is. First the Right Sector and SBU put me on a hit list, then who I thought were my own people censor me out of existence.      

October 15, 2014

Right Sector Member Showed Up at My Flat

I was forced to move out of my previous flat to another secret location due to the fact that the Right Sector and SBU had obtained my address and for some strange reason they still have not turned on the heat there despite the fact that it has been under 10 degrees for weeks. That is not the worst, the facts behind the non-continuation of my contract will both shock and disgust you when you learn about the real reason behind it and the timing. If they go ahead with it on the 17th you will get all of the dirty details.  

October 10, 2014

No Sick Leave: Forced to Read News With No Teeth

Today I was informed that I would no longer be working for the Rossiya Sevodnya International News Agency starting on October 17th when my yearly employment agreement finishes. Due to the fact that I have asylum which has to be extended every year although it is permanent they only give me a contract on a yearly basis. This way they can just not renew it instead of going through the process of firing me and paying compensation. They have given no reason. Apparently the 5th column running the show there do not like the fact that I read too much news about Russia and refused to be a propaganda piece for the United States. I stuck to my principled approach to the end. I refused to subvert Russia and promote American lies. I sought the truth till the end. So be it. Looking for a job. Please help!!

This is how I was forced to read the news my last month at Radio VR, the replacement to the Voice of Russia. Two weeks with almost no upper teeth and then two weeks with the few upper teeth I had filed down so I could not even eat. Remember I was reading the news on the radio. You try to maintain good diction like that..It was TORTURE

October 07, 2014

Being Frozen to Death

They have still not turned on the heat where I live. All of the neighboring buildings have heat and my neighbors are not complaining. I thought it would be Kiev who was freezing in winter. I got the space heater which I used to use in the garage and it is saving the plants for now and is making it possible to function wearing warm clothes. Hopefully they do not turn the power off. My daughter came by and has completely lost it, hating everything under the sun, she can not understand why she has to live as a refugee when she did nothing wrong. I can not blame her but there is nothing I can do except try to encourage her to concentrate on work and studies. I do not want to give up but they have made it almost impossible to live. I should not even say live, I mean to exist, because that is really what we have been doing. Existing. The heater is a good one 25 BTUs, it has some black paint on it. This is what I am reduced to, writing about my heater, I won't even go into the empty refrigerator. This is what amerika does, brings death, pain, destruction, cancer, and death.      

Heater in Russia     

Not only did they not turn on the heat but this is the water we were forced to try to live with..

October 05, 2014

It is 2.5 degrees outside and inside. They have not turned the heat on in this flat. I am freezing. I hope all my plants don't die. Hiding under a blanket. This is the kind of "coincidental" stuff that happens every time I publish something. That and yesterday's attack on this site. Last time I got too vocal my son was beat up by a team of dirty cops.    

September 30, 2014

Rising Racism in Russia Due to Ukraine Coup

Yes we have a serious problem with racism now in Russia. Thank you amerika and your Ukrainian nazi filth. I get home from work, go into the service entrance to enter my building, something I have grown accustomed to doing so as not to offend the eyes of my neighbors who do not like having a non-white person living in their building (some Russians liken seeing a dark person to having a piece of shit thrown before their eyes, yes this was told to me), and some dick tells me I should not be on his floor and that I should not be allowed to use the lift. He tries to order me to take the stairs to the 17th floor where I live. His racist logic? The service entrance requires you to take the stairs to the second floor on which he lives. He said he does not want me on his floor like I am some ogre because there are "families" there. Then like I said he ordered me to take the stairs. I told him he was a racist and that I was not going to listen to his nonsense and made him ride up to the 17th floor with me. I was supposed to get all angry and punch him in the face or what? This asshole gets my racist provocation of the day award. This means nothing I am sure but it feels really fine to vent.))))

September 24, 20144

33333333333333333 Deleted long post on how Muscovites maintain their false superiority over all of us lesser humans

 4 - Russia's registration system maintains status quo and is illegal and unconstitutional...

August 2014

DPR "TERRORIST" and Others Rescued from Ukrainian nazis Near Donetsk by JAR2

Ukrainian Refugee

August 09, 2014

Me in Crimea at a Pro-Russia Biker/Rocker Rally: Fuck NATO

Fuck NATO  The Surgeon

August 05, 2014   

Attempt to Run Me Off Road in Krasnodar Region

The date was not set on the car cam by the owner.. The video was takken from the cab of a Scania truck that was driving behind us. The person who stopped was in complete violation of all traffic rules as we were travelling on the right of way but the people who crashed into the back of the other cars were at fault for following to closely. I escaped unscratched stopping milimeters from the guardrail on the right. I did not publish this before because I did not want anyone knowing what I drive

June 24, 2014

Racism Getting Dangerous in Russia

The NAZIS in Ukraine will not stop killing. Rather than defending rights of exploited, Russia outlaws Tadjiks. Russian racism getting stronger by the day After 11 years, due to the continued dehumanization of this site's owner and his family this site will soon be closed. STATEMENT: I am not a human being. Therefore I do not have nor am I entitled to human rights. I exist at the whim of those who exploit me for their own gain. Therefore I have no free will. Since I exist at the whim of those who exploit me I can not name them, nor can I complain. I have never committed a crime, nor have I trespassed on others. Although I may have seen myself as human this is not the case. My people were and continue to be classified as non-human and those who are in power have determined thus, so it is true. They are in power and thus their truth is real. I am not human, therefore I have no human rights. You have won. I am finished. There is no democracy. There are no laws. There is the global oligarchy and the instruments they use to maintain their own power and it is they who determine who is human. I am not human. Therefore I have no human rights. I am not human therefore my fear is not real. I am not human therefore my pain is not real. I am not human therefore my dreams, my hope and my love are mere abstractions. I am not human, therefore these words have no meaning. Lost in the labyrinth, hiding underground. I am not human, therefore my life is worthless, since the ultimate human right is the right to life. I have no human rights therefore I do not have the right to live because I am not human. I finally believe what has been beaten into me. I am the last of the Tainos. I am attempting to prevent my own death.   

JOIN and SUPPORTT CYBERBERKUTT   Wanted List of Ukrainian Officialss  Partial List off Right Sector memberssand sympathizers

June 22, 2014

Robles Calls Out Snowden

Snowden the "American Hero" got another western award for "bravery". He could have refused it if he is really a protestor and if he is so damn brave why doesn't he go face his employers? Snowden why don't you go home? Or find refuge where people think you are a hero and not another fucking CIA agent? We know why you are here, it will never work David.  

June 16, 2014

Over 20 Years: Unconstitutional Registration and the Corrupt System Spawned by it Continue Unabated - Nothing Has Changed

Registration. Do not come to Russia. Either you will pay a bribe and be a criminal or you will not have registration and be a criminal. The registration system is a criminal system of bribes and FMS has made it even stricter to keep foreigners and people who move to another city down. This is not a problem for flat owners and the elites. But it is a criminal way to keep people down and keep the huge bribe system going. Companies can charge a minimum of $400 dollars and flat owners $350 so supposedly the police know where you live. If you do anything to protest this illegal system Tatiana Kotlyarof bribes for the entrenched "rich" you get branded "crazy". As withh Obinsk City Council Deputy Tatiana Kotlyarrwho wanted to help immigrants. The registration system is a broken criminal enterprise and making the fines for illegal registration only makes the bribes grow in size. If the government really cared where people lived anyone could simply register themselves wherever they live, they however choose to continue the illegal system of registration. Because a person can only be registered by a flat owner and flat owners will only register people for money thus enriching themselves, the system is illegal. It is also common to be blackmailed for registration and the immigration authorities will not help you with registration. If you want a normal life do not come to Russia, even if you work for the government no one will help you if you are a foreigner. Even the law on citizenship is a lie, the immigration authorities do not even follow their own laws. Only if you pay a bribe. I refuse to pay bribes. Therefore I am not a human and will continue to be marginalized. Refugees wishing to come to Russia think twice, you may get asylum but that means nothing without registration and even if you will be killed if deported lack of registration is now a reason for deportation. To fight deportation the level of bribe of course goes up into the thousands of dollars. The registration system is illegal but no one in power will say anything to abolish it because they are not affected by it. Add to this the uncontrolled rents where a dirty one room apartment in Moscow can easily run more than $1,000 and where without registration you can not even receive basic medical care, due to all of the draconian laws those who give you a place to live or work or registration will be in a position to exploit you and exploit you they will. You will effectively become a slave. FMS does not care at all for refugees or immigrants, all rules are made to please the elite class and as long as cheap enslaved and exploitable foreigners are in surplus, everything is okay. FMS wants better educated foreigners, of course it is wonderful for them to have highly qualified people to clean their shoes and make more money to pay them their rents and their bribes.  I have lived here for almost 20 years and know there is no justice. Do not come here.   

Article 27, paragraph 1 of the 1993 Constitution states, "Everyone who legally stays in the territory of the Russian Federation shall have the right to free travel, choice of place of stay or residence" (Russia 25 Dec. 1993). Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academic sources indicate that under the Soviet Union's propiska system, Soviet citizens had to apply to the state for permission to change their residency (FIDH/Memorial July 2008, 27; IDMC June 2008, 13; Assistant Professor 24 Nov. 2009). This system was replaced with a system of "registration" in 1993, whereby legal residents are theoretically free to choose their place of residence but are required to inform authorities (ibid.; FIDH/Memorial July 2008, 27; Russia 25 June 1993). According to an academic source, the system is referred to as registratsiia in Russian, although many Russians continue to use the term propiska in an informal context (Assistant Professor 24 Nov. 2009). Various sources indicate that even though Russian laws stipulate that legal residents have the right to choose their place of residence, restrictions on the process of residence registration have made it difficult or impossible for some people to register when they move to a new location (ibid.; US 25 Feb. 2009, Sec. 2; FIDH/Memorial July 2008, 27; UN 22 Sept. 2008, Para. 22)

June 11, 2014

Robles Debunks Snowden Myth

That's great. Looks like I really hit a nerve there on the Operation Snowden stuff. Le's put it all in perspective shall we? Edward Snowden is a spook. His father was a spook and his training is as a spook or so Snowden claims. Snowden recently insisted that he was not only a system administrator for the NSA/CIA but that he was a fully trained spook. Again if Snowden is working for the FSB and the SVR more power to him but this I believe is not the case. He would not be making movie deals and giving interviews to NBC and western media if he were. Snowden is an American patriot and has never renounced the United States or even his employers the NSA and the CIA, he has a problem with how they carry out their business. In other words this American patriot wants to reform his system or make changes to the way it operates, but he is not against the United States or its government, he merely has issues with how they operate. He broke the rules of his employers and damaged their operations and violated his oath to secrecy, but, and this is very important, all his "revelations" were cleared with the US government beforehand and he has never made any statement denouncing the United States or the NSA/CIA per se, again he has a problem with how they do things. I do too and I denounce the US and its despicable CIA/NSA and would love to see those guilty of genocide on my people destroyed once and for all. I also have worked night and day for years to help Russia, its people and its government. Snowden maintains he is a poor persecuted American patriot when in fact he is a spy who broke the rules and did not even go to the other side, namely Russia. So I ask why is here? Why does Russian continue to host an enemy spy who may just be on a mission and grant him protection. As the first American with asylum here in Russia and a Russian patriot and enemy of the United States I am highly offended that this spook continues to make a mockery of the entire concept of asylum and what it means to be a refugee. He is now making a film about himself, in Hollywood, taking US money, and giving interviews to US media. There are perfectly wonderful studios and directors here in Moscow who could make a film about this American patriot spy, there are also plenty of wonderful Russian media outlets to which he could grant interviews and get his message out if that is really what he wants, by refusing such he is slapping mother Russia in the face and proving his subservience to America. I am a real refugee, there is nothing romantic about it, I am not a media whore like Snowden, I work in the media as an employee to advance the Russian state and the Russian people and expose the illegality that Snowden claims he too wants to expose. But he has his revelations approved by the US Government first. So really Snowden either grow up and go face the music for breaking the rules of your beloved employer, or be a man and help the country that is helping you and protecting you, or get the hell out of Russia. Or am I right in my suspicions that you are on a mission? What I wrote here are my own views and do not reflect the views of my employer or anyone other than myself. Since you do nothing for Russia Mr. Snowden and are only here because you broke your secret oath and were not clever enough to get to your desired travel destination and are afraid of what your employers would do to you, perhaps Russia should rethink your case. By the way Snowden, if you are really a trained agent, how is it that you could not disappear and go to ground? Oh I forget, you want to be a famous American media hero. It would seem you are serving yourself only Snowden. Had you really wanted to blow the lid off everything you would not have had your "revelations" approved by the US Government and you surely would have leaked it all and tried to stay secret. Do me a favor American patriot Snowden, go back to your fucking racist murdering America. This message is for Edward Snowden. No answer required from the spy boy. Interesting why doesn't Depardieu give interviews to US corporate mass media? By the way to all of the people on Snowden's team, you are only in on it for the money and fame. There are many other refugees you could help. There are 3 other Americans right here in Moscow with asylum, real marginalized and threatened individuals, yet you would not even talk to them. That includes you Mr Kuchenera, why didn't you even answer pleas for help? because you only want the fame. Fair enough. What if I told you Oliver Stone is a US Government asset? Why aren't Russian directors good enough for you? Or it does not matter, you are all only after the money. I myself am after the idea and will die in poverty and forgotten for my beliefs. May those who committed genocide on my people face the wrath of God and may those who help the genocidal American state face the sword of justice. Your CIA pays terrorists and nazis Snowden. You don't have a problem with that? Disgusting. Good job at serving the imperial empire all.    

I AM REALLY TRULY GETTING SICK OF BEING THREATENED !! I will not allow myself or my family to be demonized !!

A campaign to demonize my family and I is under way due to the fact that we have complained about the way FMS for the Moscow region has violated our rights in our applications for citizenship, even going so far as to plant narcotics on my son and beating him up. This was not an accident or chance meeting with dirty cops and that was made clear when we paid a lawyer and complained to the highest level and nothing happened. We gathered even video evidence proving my son's innocence and nothing happened except the stop of his persecution. The officials have simply gone silent and my family is telling me to be silent too but I refuse. This was the same result when my school was taken away by mafia raiders and my pay was withheld. I won the case and am owed restitution but nothing has happened with that either. Just the same as when my daughter's boyfriend beat her up, punching her in the stomach and the face and the police refused to do anything, why? Because he is Russian and we are nothing but refugees. I have never hidden the truth. Why should I protect people who want to hurt my family? Why should I be silent about officials and  people who violate my human rights and the rights of my children? Because they can damage me further? In April after the case with my son and filing a complaint about the officials who are supposedly handling my application for citizenship I was threatened twice to have fictitious criminal charges filed against me. That was enough for me. There is no reason for the treatment I have received. I was a single dad who heroically raised my children by myself and the US decided to demonize me by saying I was a deadbeat dad and revoking my citizenship, even though the real reason was my outspoken criticism of the US Government on this site. That persecution continues with the help of certain corrupt Russian officials. I asked for a very good Human Rights lawyer  who can help us to please write too jar2@jar2.comm but I am sure no one will help. The US wanted to shut down this site and disappear me forever, unfortunately for them that has not happened.  I will not allow anyone to demonize my family nor will I allow dirty police to beat my son and simply get away with it especially if they are as I believe being paid by the CIA. I will not shut up about US illegality nor about the US/NATO/nazi coup in Ukraine. US/NATO/CIA/NSA/EU are a threat to world security and to the sovereignty of all nations. I will fight them until the day I die so your threats and demonization will continue to be met with violent opposition.. Please sign our petition..

June 06, 2014

My Teeth Start Falling Out: Radiation at the Voice of Russia Studios?

I Was Poisoned in the Office of Sergey Kochetkov

One of my dental bridges fell out and I can not afford to get it fixed. Some of the steel is left and there is a very sharp piece that is cutting my tongue. I can not remove it. It makes it hard to speak which I must do in my job. Due to my refugee status I have no dental care and can not even buy a policy at the hospital. It does not cover dental care anyway. My pay is not enough to pay for a dentist as I am on a fixed budget and can barely afford to pay the bills. Dental care is now all commercial since the collpase of the USSR. I can not eat properly now so maybe I will die soon but nobody cares. Then again this is probably normal for refugees and I should not complain. Just like every other humiliation I am forced to tolerate every day, I should not complain. Like I should not have complained when my school which I built for 13 years was stolen. Like I should not complain about the slavery to registration that we are forced to live under. I should be happy I am at least alive. After all if the US Government wants me dead for exposing their massive criminality then I am a bad guy I guess. I suppose I could try to be like Snowden and do movie deals and the like. He lives well and his big time lawyer made an announcement that Snowden plans to extend his refugee status, not that they will request that the Russian Government continues to offer him asylum, but that he will extend it himself . I guess the Russian Government does no matter here, they have money and fame, they just decide to do what they want. I guess it doesn't matter where Snowden gets his money. From the US mass media or Pierre Omidyar who according to Pando Daily now has control over the complete Snowden files after spending a mind-boggling quarter of a billion dollars to buy out reporters Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. What matters is Snowden's choice, he can dictate to Russia to give him asylum. He and his big time lawyer have it all figured out. I guess I should not complain, I am a real refugee and Snowden is CIA/NSA agent and a celebrity. If you are new here I am the first American to have asylum in Russia, for 7 years I have lived as a refugee and have had to deal with the marginalized life I have been forced to live. I met all of the criteria and applied for citizenship in Russia 5 years ago but I refuse to pay a bribe and my "case" has been frozen. I have lived in Russia for 20 years and speak fluent Russian, my wife is Russian and I work for the Russian Government in a very public post post, but none of this matters. Even though technically I should be called a hero of Russia, nobody wishes to help me get citizenship. I pay taxes to Russia, have lived here for almost 20 years and have met multiple criteria to obtain citizenship but it is not granted. I am even breaking my oath to secrecy and admitting I worked for the FSB but still no one notices. To make things worse, my children are in the same situation but nobody cares. We are three American citizens with political asylum in Russia, for 7 years already, but all you hear about is CIA/NSA American hero agent Edward Snowden, who I believe is a mole. But who cares what I think? Last year I tried to get them to at least grant my children citizenship, they have lived here all of their lives but no one cares about them either. That ended up with them trying to plant narcotics on my son. Something we were lucky enough to get film of. By the way www.jar2.com is 11 years old today..

After 2 decades of service to the Russian State: FMS Officially Tells Me to Take a Walk Bitch

Fuck Me

Translation: Your petition for citizenship was returned without deliberation and without a reason. Take a walk bitch! This happened at the height of my career as a Russian propagandist when I was getting regular death threats for promoting Russia and President Putin. I am not against Russia and will not be thrown into an oppositionist position. This is an internal problem caused by US agents and their lackeys or by people who hate Putin.

May 28, 2014

JAR2 Helps to Out CIA Station Chiefs

And the CIA COS in Kiev? Jeffrey Egan CIA Chief of Station in Kiev until August 2011

Raymond Mark Davidson current CIA Chief of Station  in Kiev. LULZZ

From: Wilson, Scott W [mailto:Scott.Wilson@washpost..com]]
Sent: Sunday, May 25, 2014 09:22 PMM
To: Tiller, Jeff; Maska, Johannaa
Subject: Pool 1 – Fixx
Among several typos in first pool report, the most egregious was spelling General Joseph F. Dunford’s name wrong. Please excuse. To be clear correct spelling: Gen Joseph F. Dunford Jr..
Also, here iss
the manifest of those in POTUS military briefing, now underway::
President Obamaa
Ambassador Cunninghamm
General Dunford
Susan Rice, National Security Advisorr
John Podesta, Counselor to the Presidentt
Ben Rhodes, Dep. National Security Advisorr
Jeff Eggers, Senior Dir. for Afghanistan and Pakistann
CMSgt Kaleth Wrightt
Maj Gen John McMullenn

CMS Ledford “JR” Stigalll
MG Austin Millerr
CSM Isaia Vimotoo
LTG Joseph Andersonn
SgtMaj James Bookerr

Mike Raiole, Chief of Station
Ambassador David Robinson,,
Assistant Chief of Mission Scott Wilson
White House Bureau Chieff
The Washington Postt
Office: 202-334-61066
Mobile: 202-997-97833
Email: Scott.Wilson@washpost.comm
Twitter: @PostScottWilsonn

May 27, 2014

Went for a walk, had dinner, outed a CIA Chief of Station, went to sleep.))))

May 26, 2014

Meet Mike Joseph Raiole CIA COS Afghanistan

CIA Station Chief in Kabul Afghanistan named Gregory Vogel aka Craig, the Spider and the Wolf OLD!  Now he goes by Mike Joseph Raiolee

May 25, 2014

Continue to Stubbornly Question Snowden

Operation Snowden Continues, After posting the comments here CIA/NSA Agent Edwarddd Snowden loudly proclaimed how he is FREE in Russia..Snowden loudly proclaimed how he is FREE in Russia..You don't fool me Snowden even though everyone thinks you are for real.

Statement on Snowden : As the first American with political asylum here in Russia it is strange the entire Snowden team has continually ignored me and my family  but have been happy to have me interview principles and promote Snowden as if he is for real. Snowden's Russian lawyer refused to even speak with me as has Snowden himself. What is he afraid of? I have a legitimate complaint against the US Government, am truly in danger and have done more than most Russians to promote Russia and help the Russian state, unlike Snowden who's PR team is trying to promote as an American hero,  which seems ridiculous while attempting to pretend he should have asylum in Russia. Snowden is an affront to those of us who have faced real persecution at the hands of the US Government. Sure Snowden gave away some secrets (if you believe all his revelations were really unapproved) but Snowden is an affront to real refugees and under international norms spies are not normally given asylum, they cooperate with foreign intelligence agencies and defect, they are not refugees. I say if Snowden wants to continue to promote himself as an American hero and give interviews to American media then let him go to America and play hero there rather than forcing Russia to protect him. Snowden's actions in speaking to American propaganda outlets yet refusing to do interviews with Russian outlets  should be seen as an affront to Russia and the Russian people but no one is speaking out about it. By his actions Snowden has in effect marginalized Russia and deems Russia not "worthy" of his time or attention as Russia continues to give him asylum. I on the other hand continue to promote the Russian state, work for the Russian media and shun American propaganda outlets, yet I continue to be marginalized and have to live in complete fear as Snowden makes loud pronouncements that he is free, this latest statement by Snowden is a move to attempt to get his asylum extended or is a continuation of the US to damage me in the media as former Ambassador McFaul recently bashed my articles on the Voice of Russia. The timing of his statement, in complete contradiction to mine, is the reason for this statement. After my complaint about my son being beaten and continuing persecution by CIA assets here in Moscow Snowden speaks out. Snowden was an NSA/CIA agent and once you are an agent you will always be, I on the other hand have never been an agent and my only contact with the CIA was when I told the station chief in Havana Cuba to fuck off and when the Ambassador and the station chief in Moscow revoked my citizenship. If CIA/NSA Agent Snowden feels free here while giving interviews to NBC either we are not really in Russia or he is a complete idiot who does not understand in reality where he is and is engaged in yet another operation. The inital Snowden operation effectively took all attention off Assange and others more worthy of asylum and protection. When I learned that all of the Snowden "leaks" were approved by the US Government beforehand my doubts about Snowden became clear. As an agent the only way Snowden could feel so free here is if he was working both sides of the fence, especially given his insistence on speaking to foreign media. So please Mr. Snowden, do us a favor and leave Russia for the  America you love. You do not see Gerard Depardieu giving interviews to French media, nor Julian Assange giving interviews to US corporate media. Have you done anything to help Russia Mr. Snowden? No of course not. Unless you are a Russian agent too then you have no reason to be here. I have been here 20 years, I have been married twice to Russian women, I work for the Russian Government and I have helped the Russians.  You Snowden have done nothing for Russia but cause a huge spectacle and problems for the Russian Government. I have lived quietly for almost 20 years and would never have made any noise if it was not for your government or the actions of your CIA agents. I hope I got in the way of your carefully crafted media statement Snowden. If you have helped the country you are in, namely the Russian Federation and in particular Russia's security services then I apologize and I will be happy to publish a heartfelt apology and redact this statement, just let me know, otherwise please just go back to your beloved  America and leave Russia for the people who love it...

May 24, 2004

American Flags and US Soft Power Fills Russian Media

After working all night I spent the day in a daze as if I had been hypnotized. I was recently extremely dismayed to find a menu and advertising from a local pizza delivery service in my workplace with several subliminal subversive markers on it. If you are versed in subliminal  manipulation then this will not sound odd to you, if you are not this will sound like crazy ramblings because your "common" sense does not include such areas of knowledge.  The seemingly benign object of dismay was a menu from a local pizza joint with an american flag on it and an offer to receive a discount if you say the password "Washington". Since this is Russia such advertising stinks of subliminal subversion which we are sensitive to during mealtimes and which, as we subconsciously transfer feelings of "safety" and "well being" to the objects around us when we are eating (particularly something positive like a tasty pizza), allows for subliminally conditioning and manipulation. The american flag is an attack on sovereignty and the password Washington is an implication that if you secretly acquiesce to the US you will be economically well off. Whoever thought this up should be shot but alas no one will pay attention.  I am hungry because I have no money for food after paying for my son's registration, several necessities and one thousand seven hundred for the rent on what I rent. There is a provocateur outside of the office of the public relations outlet of the presidential adminstration.  I am completely isolated. The only people I talk tttoare the police who guard me. Fuck you CIA

May 23, 2014

Interviewee on Voice of Russia Turns Out to be CIA Agent and Repeatedly Tells Me I Need to Shut Up

Last night I  was told to shut up by a US CIA/Marine Intelligence asset name Robert Steele (Robert David Steele Vivas ))) also had a source regarding HAARP threatened not to talk about the HAARP system.  If you have any information on HAARP and Serbian HAARP installations please send me and I will get it out there.  Anonymity guaranteed...

self defense wound

I was attacked again and had to defend myself

May 22, 2014

FMS Again and Again and Again: McFaul Continues Attacks

Today I am proceeding with my "case" DOES RUSSIA really protect its own? I ask the Russian Government to keep their word...

READ Michael McFaul's latest attack on me

The problem with the McFaul attack is that it is a continuation by the US Government to damage me here in Russia. This comes after the US already revoked my citizenship demanding that I return to the US and close my site,  then attempted to have me thrown in a Russian prison or deported twice by saying I threatened McFaul. These attempts at putting me in prison included an official diplomatic complaint which was completely lacking in evidence. Even now that he is no longer in Moscow and no longer the Ambassador he continues to demonize me and attempt to damage my life here in Russia. In his posts he makes a special point of underlining the fact that Russian taxpayers pay my salary and is encouraged to write in Russian clearly to dammage me to a Russian audience by someone he callled RT

May 21, 2014

I Defend and Fight for Russia and Russians Screw Me Over and Over

After the events of yesterday I decided that it is no longer in the best of interests of my family and I for me to continue my silence. I continue to jealously defend the Government of the Russian Federation and continue to fight for truth in my journalistic work, therefore it is an abomination if I do not do so in my personal life as well. There comes a time when it just becomes too much and that time has come for me. Since I pulled the information about my son off the site things have not gotten quieter. In fact things have gotten worse. So not publishing information just emboldens them and makes them believe they have terrorized me into silence. I am completely isolated from everyone and everything. I only have my work and this site. My complete and total isolation is by design, of this I am certain.   So here we go for better or for worse and damn the torpedoes. I will be publishing everything that I have personally deleted regarding our situation after I vet it all thoroughly. This "log" is in English because it is the only language I feel comfortable with as far as being able to express my ideas and thoughts in a grammatically correct manner and out of respect for the Russian language which although I have mastered it to some level of acceptability I still mangle grammatically speaking. This is not for a "western" audience and as my traffic is almost exclusively from Moscow that is who it is directed at. I could care less what the US thinks to be quite frank. This is weird writing in a public space for strangers about my personal life and such efforts, even for myself, raise concerns about the psychological well being of people who undertake such endeavors, but for myself I can say all my lights are on and everyone is home, I am just pressured, isolated and have been marginalized to a state of hopelessness by certain individuals in Lubertsy who are serving US/CIA interests. Want to threaten me? Go ahead. I will publish everything. The issue is not against Russia but against corruption and CIA lackeys in Lubertsy..

May 20,2014

Race Rules at FMS?: I am an "Unwanted Citizen"

Paid yet another visit to FMS here in Lubertsy which was another exercise in futility. The rudeness and arrogance of the personnel there is mind blowing. I had to  write a letter requesting a written response to the current state of my citizenship application and was told by some woman who knows nothing about me that I am an "unwanted" citizen and that the Russian Government will never tell me this but that is the fact. The only reason she could have had for saying this is because of my color. There can be no other explanation as she clearly did not know who I was,  which would lead me to believe that FMS RF Lubertsy has a policy of denying citizenship to people based on race. End of post

April 2014 

Caller Threatens to Have Me Thrown in Prison on False Charges: Mentions McFaul: Police and Security Do Nothing

Considering that it was my birthday and my son's birthday in April it should have been a happy month but with the reorganization at my workplace and the instability there, the constant media war and the atrocities concerning Ukraine and the fact that nazis who would kill me for being who I am are only less than a thousand kilometers away it was not a good one. Besides the continuous threats that I have been receiving for my journalistic work, in particular my reporting on Ukraine, there were two clear threats which I believe were designed to shut me up. One morning I received a call from someone who said he was a policeman and that I was being charged with horrible crimes. He also said that the charges would be a quieter  way to get rid of me than the attempt by McFaul. I went to the authorities and as it turned out the "policeman" was just a blackmailer trying to get money out of me by threatening to take away my freedom and place me forever in prison. According to the authorities it is a new kind of blackmail scheme where the blackmailers usually move from one victim to the next and demand payment to call phone numbers or other electronic means. Several days after that a "colleague" at work  told me he would arrange my being sent to prison as well. But since I have to keep my job I can not name him or file a complaint against his threat. Great month. End of post..

President Vladimir Putin


Уважаемый, Президент Владимир Владимирович Путин,

Пишу с наилучшими пожеланиями от меня и всей моей семьи. Желаю вам счастья и всего самого лучшего. Я Вам уже 8 лет пишу по поводу предоставлении мне и моей семье Российского гражданства. Это после того как правительство Соединённых Штатов Америки аннулировало моё гражданство и нам было предоставлено статус беженца на территории Российской Федерации.

Я и мой сын официально подавали на гражданство в 2010 году, с этого момента наше заявление на гражданство идёт по кругу от Федерального УФМС до УФМС по Московской области и обратно и там остаётся, потом я снова пишу вам письмо и это замкнутый круг снова начинается.

В прошлом году наконец - то должно было попасть в комиссию по делам гражданства при Президенте, но наши заявления не дошли и опять оказались в УФМС России, потом в УФМС по Московской области без объяснений, без отказа и по словам сотрудников УФМС по Московской области кто-то просто махнул рукой. Я ещё раз ходил в УФМС и писал заявление об обновлении нашей просьбы о предоставлении гражданства и в очередной раз УФМС ничего не сделал.

Два дня назад я ещё раз написал Вам письмо с просьбой Вашего прямого вмешательства, так как совершенно ясно, что УФМС не будет нам помогать. В ответ Ваше администрация снова отправил письмо в УФМС. Предоставление гражданства является в компетенций офиса Президента. Я поэтому ещё раз обращаюсь к Вам с просьбой предоставить мне и моей семье гражданство Российской Федерации и прошу о Вашем прямом вмешательстве.

Без указа или конкретного требования из Вашей администрации УФМС никогда нам не поможет. В последнее время все похоже на полное издевательство. Мы подавали на гражданство как беженцы, но УФМС и даже Министерство Иностранных Дел в качестве ответа на письма из Вашей администрации пишут нам про виды на жительство, требование находится на территории Российской Федерации и тому подобное, что нас не касается, так как мы подавали на гражданство под законом о беженцах и почти 20 лет я и моя семья не покидала территории Российской Федерации.

Ещё раз прошу Вашего прямого вмешательства или указа, чтобы нам предоставили гражданство

Мы не преступники, мы любим Россию и живём по закону и эти 8 лет для нас как пытка. Я понимаю что Вы сами наши письма не читаете и наверно никогда не будете читать, поэтому я это письмо тоже буду публиковать в интернете как открытое письмо Президенту с надеждой, что будет какой-то резонанс и это издевательство над нами наконец-то закончится.

Мы патриоты России и просто хотим нормализовать наши жизни после почти двадцати лет. Мы были первые американцы получившие убежище на территории Российской Федерации и хотя нас было три человека , не было шума как при деле Сноудона. И нам обидно, так как в отличии от Сноудона мы патриоты России и я даже был Голосом Россия и работал на Российское правительство и продолжаю сотрудичество. С глубочайшим уважением, Джон Энтони Роблес 15 апреля 2015г.

April 08, 2014

McFaul Publically Attacks and Ridicules Me and My Work

USDOS/CIA Uses Michael McFaul to Attack JAR22 

McFaul Twitter attack on jar2

January 25, 2014

My Son Beaten and Drugs Planted on Him by Police

INCIDENT WITH MY SON This is what they did to my son.  My son was beaten, humiliated and  falsely arrested by police in Lubertsy Russia. When he did not give them the money they wanted when they first tried to terrorize him into giving them a bribe as he was broke, they held him for almost three hours while they went and found drugs to plant on his possessions.      We obtained video. This CCTV video shows the cops going off to buy the drugs and then returning and placing them in my sons possessions, namely in the pocket of his jacket. They then proceeded to put his jacket back on him with the drugs in it and then searched him and lo and behold found drugs and then arrested him.     

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GZJnW5myDII     ftp://www.jar2.com/video//

Statement from JAR3

My name is John Anthony Robles III. I am a native of the United States and was born in York Pennsylvania, and I was given refugee status in Russia along with my father who was a US citizen until the United States Government revoked his citizenship and passport. I have been in Russia since 1996 and to this day have not left the country . I am an average peaceful citizen who does not violate the law but am the victim of police misconduct and have been set up by rogue police who have tried to paint me as a criminal even though I am only a refugee. We have been protesting the fact that the local authorities have delayed our bid for citizenship for 6 years even though we have met all of the conditions and submitted all of the necessary documentation. My father is a journalist who is very critical of the United States and has exposed police brutality in the past.  Recently I have become the victim of police brutality and criminal misconduct that has caused me physical harm, emotional pain and financial damage. The rogue police officers in question not only humiliated me morally and but also physically assaulted me cause nerve damage to my hand, damage to spine but stomping on me when I was lying on the ground face down and even threatened break my arm or simply kill me. These “officers” who are supposed to be the guardians of the law and protect innocent civilians also planted narcotics on my possessions then on me in order to charge me with a crime I did not commit. These police officers are very cunning , evil and dangerous "people ." On the night from 13 to 14 January 2014, when I was leaving the apartment block of a friend from work we were attacked by the rogue police in question. They did not identify themselves as they are required to by law not did they say what they wanted. It was only after I was singled out for no reason and thrown on the ground face down that they said they were looking for drugs. They brutally slammed me onto the asphalt and almost broke my arms when they put the handcuffs on me. They threatened to kick my teeth in, use an electro-shocker on me and screamed racial epithets at me that I was a dirty Dagestani. I suffered injuries to my spine and head when one of the police kicked me in the head and stomped on my back, jumping up and down on me. They injured my kidneys, spine and tailbone . They also sprayed me with pepper spray even though I was already face down and handcuffed and did not move. I suffered burns to my face. And all this happened in front of my friends who are witnesses. I was kept lying on the ground for 15-20 minutes all the while the police insulted me and screamed racial epithets at me. When they finally picked me up and searched me they found my documents, and realized I am not a Dagestani , but found out that I am an American and a refugee and still continued to ridicule me now on that basis. Apparently not finding what they wanted. namely narcotics, they placed me in the back seat of the police vehicle and two of them left the scene after being handed some money for an hour and a half. When they returned, the other police who were in the car, except the driver, got out and started talking amongst themselves. They then opened the door and told me to get out saying that they were now going to finally take me home. They put my documents which I keep in a small pouch back in my pocket, until this moment I did not know where my documents had been . As it turned out after being detained for almost three hours they had planted drugs in my documents and then placed them back in my pocket only to then pull them out again in the presence of two witnesses they had brought after their hour and a half disappearance. The then took me to the police station where they locked me up for 24 hours and did not allow me a phone call to tell my father where I was. The following videos show all of the events except for the beating because they did that near the building.    ftp://www.jar2.com/video//

We filed complaints all the way to the highest level with the result being that they have just gone quiet. The officers involved in panting contraband on my son and beating him have not been punished as far as we know and no explanation, compensation or apology has been offered to my son.  They have just hushed up and are hoping we will too...

What I published earlier (We have no human rights): 

And now about living as a political refugee in Russia (a six-year-eye-witness account)) 1.Although refugees are promised all the rights of Russians in practice we have no rights as human beings. This includes the basic right to speak out in our own defense. Foreigners also face the same treatment although it is more pronounced  as a refugee because they know you are in a weak position and you are offered absolutely none of the protections citizens have. As the above case with my son has shown, the recent beating of my daughter by her "boyfriend" and every contact I have had with Russian police and judicial bodies regarding any issue. On every occasion the first question police ask is where am I from and a determination of those who the complaint is against. Once it is determined that I am a "foreigner" and the party is Russian almost nothing is done and officials actively discourage one to proceed or make it impossible to even properly file a complaint, and of course there is no chance of obtaining  justice. Instances where I have been deprived of my human rights or been the victim of crimes where the police or the authorities refused to do anything include being locked in a room under false arrest, being robbed and beaten, my daughter being beaten for hours on end, my son being beaten by police, the school where I worked for 13 years being stolen and taken over and then the impossibility even after winning a long court case in obtaining wages owed and restitution and dozens of other situations.   

After almost 20 years of documenting every occurrence the conclusion is that  the only people with rights in Russia are ethnic Russians who own a flat. The system of registration and multiple laws and regulations controlling non-Russians  are all designed so that non Russians are kept marginalized, can have their fate decided at the whim of any official, can not properly defend their own interests  and do not even have the right to own property...  

2014 I am afraid I will be leaving this Earth soon