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Year 8 With Political Asylum 

After fighting a US installed 5th column being run by Zionists, being poisoned, suing Rossiya Sevodnya for illegal termination, publically renouncing US citizenship, fighting for Russia, exposing the Ukraine junta, and attempting to expose the truth of US illegality, 9-11 and Color Revolution plans for Russia the owner of this site and his family are being destroyed by US agents allowed to operate in the Russian Federation 

We stand with Russia, stand with us as son faces court again! Please!

Do you f@cking scum really think I am just going to forget my children?


Когда посадит люди, поставит на улица, угрожает и уныжтожает это не правителство а криминале. Я против криминалов. Из за это убют. Оборотники в погонах ещё работет в Люберцы с подершка в Москву. Собшаю

BREAKING: We have direct evidence and written statements from individuals regarding Olga Dotsenko and Natalia Surikova. This came after we learned that Olga Dotsenko phoned the landlady of my flat and threatened her to make her kick me out before New Year's. My landlady has agreed to speak to the authorities and I informed my lawyer however even if we go to the police with the threats to my landlady it will not be connected to this family's stalking of me and my family. Somebody ordered or paid for the arrest of my son and we are working to find out whom. This person uses her ex-husband's position (a General in some body) and her contacts to terrify, manipulate and do whatever she wishes to people. She attempted to pull me into a scheme to "get rid of" her ex-husband to obtain the 7 room flat they live in in the neighboring stairwell. Solicitation of such I thought was a crime and I reported it to the authorities but since I did not have a recording it was my word against hers and nothing was done.  The scheme is simple. They target an individual then make him feel sorry for them at the same time intimidating them by telling them the father is a general. Don't you fall for it!  



The entire history of the persecution of the Robles Family in a nutshell with a couple of surprising revelations

Letter about John Voice of Russia


I was warned I would be next if I was not silent

The internet ( NOW OWNED BY AMERICA ),  the truth movement, Indian issues, Anonymous, alternative media and everything John Robles has fought for are now officially dead as he too will soon be. The Zionists, NATO, the CIA the US installed 5th Column and corrupt money grubbing officials in Lubertsy and Russia have won. I asked for your protection and support and you did not provide it. Remember one thing 9-11 was an inside job and every single person who has worked to expose the conspiracy carried out by the CIA/Mossad/Saudi/PNAC/Zionists has been wiped out everywhere in the world. Even here in Russia. My son was given 5 years in a fabricated entrapment operation organized by criminal elements who are running the police, the immigration services and are entrenched in the security services. The disease of corruption is not separable from CIA sponsored elements and spies. Russian patriots, the people of Donbass and anyone who goes against the Zionists will continue to be killed and eradicated. One by one. Dear WORLD, We are fucking finished. Thank you WikiLeaks and everyone else who has been silent! BTW WikiLeaks be careful your time will also soon come.

We are currently dealing with physical threats and a physical attack on John and will hopefully be back on-line in full force in the near future. Surikovs and Dotenskos continue their efforts against us with others being identified. US Embassy continues their covert efforts all over Moscow and the Moscow Region to foment a "Color Revolution" and we are fighting that too.

Lebedev, Salogub, Kuranov,   http://pastebin.com/W3vynnBv



this blog was shut down! I have filed a complaint as I was told to and have attempted to make peace with said person but again as is practice nothing will come of it.

You can always tell a lot about a person or country by how they treat those they do not have to be nice to and their most vulnerable citizens. It is amazing that nobody cares. I am certain I will be found dead soon. My crime here is Russia? Fighting the CIA and the Western destruction of Russia! And of course wanting to be treated as a human being with rights and wanting the best possible for my children. They have destroyed me, my children and my family. All that is left is death. Although I continue to try to fight to see my daughter it is already clear that Social Services (Apeki) will not phone me to inspect my home and due to this failure the court will throw out my petition to gain visitation rights. My lawyer says this will not happen but thyat it the practice wit refugees. Refugees have not rights whatsoever.

I try to understand Russian racism and Russian duplicity and try to forgive them for their ignorance but it is astounding that after working with state security bodies, being a pro-Russian/pro-Putin propagandist for so many years and following the law to the letter, I continue to be treated as an "unwanted citizen" with no rights. I am good enough to promote the state, work with State Security bodies, hold government secrets, teach the children of the elite, pay taxes and help in anyway I can whatsoever but I am not good enough to get citizenship even though 2 of my children are Muscovites and I have been married twice. I am trying to understand them but it is getting hard.

Part of threat after I did not answer the phone because I was resting with blood pressure of 200 over 145 is published below. They absolutely do not care about me or my family and consider me to be their slave:  Джон, ...... Вас тут же вышлют спецбортом через посольство обратно в США!   ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ понятны?

My Kids Varia

I am not allowed to see or have contact with my two youngest children who are Russian citizens and my older children are forced to live as refugees even though they have spent their entire lives in Russia. My son has been imprisoned. THe photograph had to be blurred due to some weird Russian law.

My son who was born in York Pennsylvania was specifically targetted by police and set up the day after I refused to co-operate with a certain "person" and the day after I was in court asking for rights to see my daughter and he is now rotting in a Russian jail. There is nothing I can do to help him except for trying to raise money for a good lawyer. Does this have something to do with his run in below in which they were caught by CCTV cameras? The police, courts and judges do not want to grant me any rights to have any contact with my youngest daughter and I have been warned by a Police Colonel to just forget her. This is an ongoing issue and I really need some support from anyone on this!

Anon Censored

Censored/Repressed Issues

After 9-11 for attempting to expose the real perpetrators I was stripped of my US citizenship then I was placed on CIA WikiLeaks' watch lists, CIA/SBU hit lists for my journalistic work and CIA intercept lists for my work with WikiLeaks, Anonymous and for exposing US war crimes. I have been run off the road, poisoned, had my family destroyed and my finances wiped out and been the target of several CIA operations. They are afraid of the truth. My hell all started in Yolo County California when I attempted to bring to justice officials who were defrauding the US Federal Government of millions of dollars through a scheme using marginalized children and welfare fraud. Almost half a million dollars were paid out in the names of my children whilst we were living here in Russia. They then said I owed that money which was complete and utter bullshit.

I Love Russia but: Crackdown on "Evil" Foreigners Continues (In Reality Ethnic Cleansing?)

I love Russia but Xenophobia is on the Rise with a frightening police action titled Migrant 2015.

Being an ethnic minority of one this is affecting me directly. While Navalny, Tefft, and the entire US funded subversion machine continues to work for the destruction of the Russian state the police contnue to crack on down on foreign workers and people doing the worst jobs in Russia like the poor fellow below: Blaming the defenseless is easy as there is no one who stands up for them

Evil Foreigner in Russia

Battle With Alpha-Bank Continues

August 27, 2015 Alpha Bank continues attempting to obtain my personal real residential address and other personal and private details for the US Government. I HAVE POLITICAL ASYLUM this is illegal!! Добрый день, РОБЛЕС ДЖОН ЭНТОНИ! С целью исполнения Банком требований Федерального закона от 28.06.2014 N 173-ФЗ "Об особенностях осуществления финансовых операций с иностранными гражданами и юридическими лицами, о внесении изменений в Кодекс Российской Федерации об административных правонарушениях и признании утратившими силу отдельных положений законодательных актов Российской Федерации" (далее - "173-ФЗ") просим Вас заполнить следующие документы: С уважением, Петухова Наталья Заместитель управляющего ДО "Царицыно" ОАО "Альфа-Банк" г. Москва тел. 84996812733 Details   Word Document: Consent to release information to the US Government   US Government form W9 PDF File

Direct Financial Block of JAR2 in Progress by Alpha Bank

Alpha Bank continues to ignore this issue. Received a call from an Alpha Bank employee who began asking me personal questions such as how I add money to my phoned which has been cloned and more. She was using number 8-495-788-8878. I refused to answer her questions and she was angry and in closing asked me if I was going to close my account. I said no. Let's see if they close it. Details  

Condolences from JAR2 to the Night Wolves

and to the family and all loved ones on the tragic passing of Sergey Boradoy (Father Christmas) 

Woman who killed Father Christmas did not even stop (Graphic Car Cam Video)

Photos from the funeral http://nightwolves-ru.livejournal.com/125181.html 


Slander Continues 3 Years After Russia Said No to USAID

Answer to Andrey: The Smear Campaign Against Me Continues; After I wrote about USAID and their attempts to influence the Russian Orthodox Church, an article brought about by the arrest of the US religous affairs liason at the US Embassy here in Moscow, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in America decided to try to damage me  


Goodbye to NSA Facial Coordinate Database Facebook

Comment on non Zionist? non politicized? Twitter for the LULZ          

Terminated and Censored by CIA/ZIONIST 5th Column

Very important documents and part of my insurance package with more to come


JAR2 Continues To Be Denied Visitation With Daughter






20 years in Russia and I can not get a passport? The problem is not me! The problem is the racist corrupt system and there is absolutely no way to change it or seek relief! Do not seek asylum in Russia!


Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Не будь рабом коррупции!  

For me waiting 8 years for FMS to give me a document was bad enough but for my children it destroyed their lives. 8 years FMS can not formulate a document or legalize the status of one family. 8 years, countless letters to two Presidents and to this date no document. Now they want to say we are bad. They destroyed our lives and now we are bad. THEY CAUSED OUR LIVES TO BE DESTROYED and WE are bad. I can not get a job, my children can not study and my son was set up so some Muscovite drug addict who had been arrested 6 times could walk. I have not seen my daughter for a year and there is NOTHING the system will do. 8 years and I AM THE BAD ONE?

QUOTE: In particular I am referring to civil society and its efforts which have been undermined for decades here in Russia and which are still being manipulated by the efforts of the Central Intelligence Agency, the NSA and the US/NATO. The 5th columns and the foreign influence and lucre are still here in Russia, American society is completely repressed and although they have had their effectiveness greatly constrained here in Russia by the efforts of the Federal Security Service and many patriotic Russians in the government and in society as a whole, the 5th columns continue to undermine Russian society.

December 16, 2015

Exposing the Conspiracy

My son continues to be detained as he has been since July and his condition is worsening. I am getting close to uncovering the facts behind his arrest and who actually ordered it. My ex-wife continues attempting to destroy me and it is almost exactly clear who and what is behind that too. My utter disgust and contempt for these criminals can only be matched by my fear that they will finish what they started. You can not fight criminals when they actually control thwe very organs and bodies of state power that are supposed to be prosecuting them.

I was in court again yesterday and went into it with the slight hope that perhaps there would be justice but this hope was quickly and utterly dashed. If you see the document below the judge ruled in the previous hearing that the bodies that were supposed to be helping me were in grievous violation of the law yet this did not stop my ex-wife who believes that she can do anything and everything at all to me.

I have gone into the details before so I will not go into all of the violations of my rights again but I will repeat that I have been trying to simply see my daughter now for over a year and have had to deal with death threats and the like from her father and his friends. This is all connected to my son's arrest and when it all comes out the shit is going to hit the fan. I am at the end of my rope and the end of patience dealing with these corrupt slime and sons of bitches and very soon things will come out. I have already sent information to the proper authorites and I am hopeful that they will respond before the new year because I would like to see my daughter again before the new year.

To be honest there is no legal or other basis for me NOT to be allowed to see my daughter. My ex wife the bitch and her friends and the "officials" who are being bribed by her or simply jumping on board are literally torturing me and violating my human rights, my legal rights and the rights of my daughter. They talk about rule of law here but it is all a lie when it comes down to practice.

Natalia Surikova is also guilty of slander as she is going around saying I am trying to collect money for my daughter on this site. I am unemployed and have  back payments for child support and she wants to take away my parental rights all the time dealing withprevious  threats from her father who is a General. That is what divorce means in Russia? OR she is just a "special case"????? 

Asking for help or mercy from these people is useless

December 05, 2015

My son has to face the court Monday. As they do whatever they want there is little hope or sense in seeking justice

Corruption Makes it Impossible to Even Stop Slander

in Particular the Slander from my ex-wife and her family as her father is a frickin general.

December 04, 2015

DEAR SURIKOVA DOTSENKO, I am aware that you keep causing me problems, continue to engage in slander against me and my family and will publish everything soon so don't run around laughing and thinking you are untouchable. Here is a ticket for you to the theater where you sent me. I don't relly give a shit anymore who the fuck you think you are General or no General or just a bunch of trash from Lvov.

November 30, 2015

I did everything by the book and spent the entire day attempting to see my son only to be told the judge did not fill in the form properly. I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED TO SEE MY SON FOR 6 MONTS NOW!!!!

November 23, 2015

The Last Year of Hell for JAR2 John Robles Speaks Out

Report on jar2 dot come regarding the past year and the continuing attacks on John Rolbes by the CIA and enemies of Russia

Please republish and spread this file around 

Despite all the negativity I did recently manage to register my car and go through the process and get my document renewed and registration without paying a single bribe. I can say that the Dpeartment of Motor Vehicles Police have appeared to have been cleaned up of corrupt bribe taking elements, which is a big positive not only for me but for all Russian drivers and vehicles owners. 

October 28, 2015

One of the Final Humiliations Happened Today

Being the subject of a psychological operation for over a year now and being subjected to humiliation after humiliation I was finally subjected to two of the humiliations which will be my last. I have been begging for protection, writing to President Putin and trying to resolve everything in the courts and through legal channels but someone wants me gone and their resources and finances are more than I can stand up to. I am certain my family and I are being targetted by CIA and MI-6 clandestine operations and their goal of getting me out of Russia is almost fulfilled. I am thus offering you wormlike scum a deal. I will give up shut my site let you do whatever you want to me and you will release my son and allow my son and daughter safe passge out of Russia with their property.

What happened today? After 4 months of dealing with the inhuman and heartless monsters in attempting to see my son, as I have been engaged in also trying to see my daughter, a judge finally gave me a piece of paper giving me permission to see my son. BUT since my document is again at FMS awaiting another yearly prolongation which is insane because my status is supposed to be permanent I was denied a visit with my son who will be sentenced on Thursday. I am still unable to find a job, I am being kept completely and totally isolated and the manipulations, threats and machinations against me and my family are having their toll. You are reading one of my last posts as I will be dead soon and there is nothing that I can do about. I know Russia does not want to hear this again but even with my dying breath I will repeat Fu c k you CIA/MI6/NATO/Mossad/Saudi and all of your insane murdering killers and agents.   

I am not running to some embassy or begging to go back to America. I am ready to die as a Russian Patriot in Russia. So be it. Glory to Russia. May she grow kinder and wiser with my passing and may my life and all of my work advancing her power not have been in vein. "Quoth the Raven: Nevermore." I am sorry if my passing will cause pain to anyone and I am sorry to my children but know this. When I am gone things will be better for you.

I will be starting a hunger strike on Thursday to protest the treatment we have received from the Federal Migration Service. They have pushed us to take such extreme measures as they sit in their offices and laugh and try to make us look so bad. One thing is certain. I am an honest man and for that I will die. Glory to Mother Russia.

October 13, 2015

I Asked Snowden If He Was a Deep Cover CIA Project

Since the beginning I have had a problem with Snowden and his "being trapped in a transit zone". I voiced my suspicions to him recently. Now he is planning to go home according to reports and interviews.

Edward Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales

Download Video    Watch on YouTube

October 12, 2015

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Since the beginning of this site I have tried and fought and struggled to bring you the truth, this blog is no different. I am not trying to damage anyone or make anyone look bad. I have just documented events that have happened to me as I have struggled to survive here in the Russian Federation as an ethnic and national minority of one. 

Fuck America  Fuck the World

September 28, 2015

The Concept of Human Rights Does Not Exist: How to Improve

As the first American with political asylum in Russia and someone who has lived in exile in Russia for  nearly 20 years my perspective on the situation with immigrants and refugees in Russia may be unique. As a Russian patriot my current battle with Russian neo-liberal US apologists and US agents in Moscow may be of interest to anyone interested in Russia. With the arrest of my son after entrapment this is no longer a game. We are fighting for out existence and the right to merely do that: exist!

And even though it is part of the law and the Russian Constitution, the entire code of Refugee Rights is merely used when there is no other option or when it is convenient for those in power. If anyone dares to raise up and speak about it they are cut down quickly and efficiently. The situation with refugee rights in Russia should be an issue that those in power should have an interest in but it is clearly the case that refugees, as the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society, are of absolutely no interest to anyone in the government including those who are tasked with "dealing" with refugees.


I am writing this as a patriot of Russia and as someone who has lived in the refugee system for almost a decade and I am doing so not to deride or shovel dirt on Russia but in order to make my voice heard so that perhaps changes can be made in order to truly help those who are the most in need and to stop the widespread corruption and abuse that is evident and widespread throughout the system. As such this should be of interest to President Putin and those organs of power that are interested in protecting the Russian Constitution and guaranteeing the upholding of the laws. I should mention those who are interested in protecting Human Rights but we as refugees do not fit into a category of people who rights are fought for, in fact the opposite is quite true and that has been institutionalized. 

I am not opposed to President Putin and I am not what one might call "in the Opposition" I am making my voice heard to better the system and make Russia a better place for all Russians and not just those with the fortune to have the right connections and the right documents. To be honest I have lived in fear of speaking out and I have seen the violent backlash that occurs when one does here in Russia. This Blog was taken down for months that reason alone but my silence proved to only worsen my situation and in fact saw me colluding with those who want me to just be silent and die quietly and that is not an exaggeration but the truth. 

Unfortunately I have to go to work (luckily I have some sort of job) right now and can not write but will continue this evening. The areas I will be getting into will be: the illegal registration system, the fact that there are no financial resources or social support of any kind for refugees and this includes the guarnantees as ladi out in the Russian Constitution, the fact that all simple operations which are supposed to work for refugees as they do for Russians (we are supposed to have the same rights as Russian citizens) absolutely do not and this includes everything from driving licenses and registration, to obtaining mediacal help and services, to banking and financial services, to legal assistance and the guarantee of safety, to the issuing of documents and even to employment and legal protections.

There are many changes that need to be made and I will be laying them out in detail in the near future. Talk to you later.   

I was going to spend hours going into human rights improvements that could be made in Russia but the reality is that there is no point in it as no one cares and the country is currently under attack, hence such moves and statements might be seen or used as somehow being anti-Russian.  

September 28, 2015

How Neo-Liberal-Anti-Russian-US-Agents are Trying to Wipe Me Out

This blog has been a large part of my life for over a decade. It was my only contact with the outside world and I believed that along with my site I could make some sort of difference in the world. Unfortunately the more time goes by the less it appears that anything will ever change.

Yesterday and old friend whom I will not name in order to protect his identity asked me how I was and how my life was going. I had not spoken to him for over a year and was at a loss about how to respond. I am in such a dangerous and sensitive position that I can not say anything bad about what is happening to me because it might be construed as me talking bad about Russia. I thought for a long time how can I approach this issue without damaging myself even further. This is a real consideration as even after my loud and public renunciation of US citizenship I was terminated from my job. Then it dawned on me and I think I have finally figured out how to approach the issues I have to report in such a way that by doing so it will not hurt me and my family further.

The resolution can be summed up in a nutshell as thus: there are many Russians who love Russia as much as I do and who are also suffering from the actions of corrupt officials, bribe taking police and neo-liberal 5th columnists who are filling their pockets with lucre from the US State Department, and there are many who also have tried to fight this threat to the safety of Russia and the Russian world only to find that the conspiracy is so great, so entrenched and so well financed that it is almost impossible to cut out the cancer without killing the patient. My posts therefore are directed to these people and hopefully I may continue to be an example for those patriots who feel the same way as I do. Since taking down the blog out of concerns for my safety I have received many letters from people asking me what is going on and have decided to (come hell or high water) do everything in my power to keep this little corner of freedom of speech open for the world to see. 

To say I have been demoralized after the events of the last year is an understatement. Even after my public renunciation of the United States in front of tens of thousands of people and a live television audience my employer (Alibra School) decided to let me go after an argument with the head of HR one Irina Sorokina who spent 30 minutes insulting me in everyway she could because I have political asylum. She went so far as to tell me I am no Snowden and I am some how delusional. Yes just one of the many insults and humiliations I have to face on a daily basis. No I am not Snowden I told her. I was never a CIA Agent and never worked for the NSA and I am not an American patriot. The Russian neo-liberals all think that someone with asylum must be a refugee of the USA! Just like they are with their secret envy of America and their secret wishes to be America and turn Russia into another US colony. Of course explaining to this person, whose hatred for me was as transparent as the nose on her face, that my people were the victims of "American" genocide and my country had been a colony for over a hundred years was useless. These neo-liberal Russians whose only concern is their own comfort and their own financial well-being no matter whose dollar they are taking are not people to be reasoned with. They even openly admit that their comfort comes first and such people as this Sorokina whose company is behoven to American corporate money and whose sole mission is to make the orders of the foreign masters understandable to the Russian servants, have long ago sold their souls to the devils from overseas.         

It has been over a year now since I was poisoned and almost a year since I was terminated from my job at the Voice of Russia and it has been over a year since the full frontal assault by the US was launched on Russia and I am still standing but it has not been easy. The attempts to silence me, discredit me and further marginalize me, along with the abject poverty and the near starving conditions I live under have left me with the idea that my words and my opinion are not important, but that is exactly what they want. It has even been a matter for attack that I can write whatever I want on this site. Something which is so ludicrous as to make the head spin. In other words if I am telling you my opinion without a censor present to clear my words my words have no value and can be discounted. This is the logic of the media and one of the ways they try to make those whose stories do not match their narrative seem less credible. 

What am I supposed to do and how am I supposed to approach the entrapment arrest of my son who has been held incommunicado for over 80 days because he was a convenient trade off for the drug addict son of some rich Muscovite. What am I supposed to do if I have been kept mired down in poverty and can not gain employment or funds to get him a lawyer as I am being made into some sort of derelict right before my eyes because that is the narrative that they want? Or is it even worse after I was poisoned and after the years that I have been trying to obtain citizenship while refusing to pay almost a million ruble bribe to the authorities? Unfortunat6ely it is probably even more simple. My son was targeted in January of 2014 and obtained CCTV footage of dirty police planting narcotics on him. They were punished and no doubt got their revenge. And then I was wiped out and threatened if I say anything about the treatment I have received in the past year. I am supposed to be afraid and silent and cover the crimes of those who are illegally targeting me and my family. These dirty cops got their big arrest and my son who did nothing wrong other than trusting people who he thought were friends is their big drug dealer bust. They can not do real police work so they beat and torture people into terror and into giving false confessions because they fear for their lives or the lives of their families. I have tried to be silent in hopes of helping my son but it has not worked and now that I have spoken out I am sure things will get worse for me. But how can it get worse when it is told to me right to my face that I am not to keep my job because I have asylum and that there is nothing I can do even if I am thrown in a trunk and taken out of the country.

I do not care anymore, they destroyed my family, I have not seen my daughter for over 10 months and the courts are doing nopthing to satisfy my normal and legal claim to some sort of small custody and then there is my asylum application which just keeps spinning around and there is nothing I can do to get justice. No matter what I do the corrupt fat entrenchedoffcials who are demanding millionsd in bribes will win and there is nothing I can do. Except one thing. I will no longer be silent.

The disgusting fat thieves who destroyed my family and are involved in a criminal conspiracy against myself and in fact are guilty of treason to Mother Russia can not expect me. I am already everywhere.

I have to go out for a while but I will be back. See you soon....

September 07, 2015

So much to tell: None of it Good

I continue to keep this page out of the site and under wraps as I am waiting for some positive events to happen after my public renunciation of US citizenship first in front of the US Embassy here in Moscow then at the Bike Show in Crimea and finally on a video I uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately it appears that the powers that be here are dead set on continuing to marginalize me and continue to attempt to quite literlly exterminate me. Yes I know that sounds paranoid but just because it sounds paranoid does not mean that it it not true.

First case in point.

August 13, 2015


I am sure it will make my enemies happy to know that I have not been able to raise one ruble for my trip to Crimea and I am starving at home. Apart from that I am looking for a new job and other things are progressing slowly and as the Social Worker said, through all of the circles of hell.

August 11, 2015

Social Services Came by: All the Circles of Hell

No children

I was very surprised by the nice lady who came by today. As you recall they need to make a report for the court in order for them to issue an order to amek ex wife let me see my daughter. She inspected the flat and asked me some questions. She admitted that the Russian legal system needs a lot of work and when I complained that I thought it was just me who had to go through what I ahve been through she said "We have to go through all of the circles of hell to get anything done". We are far from European levels. So Social Services at least knows the living hell that they are putting people through. She was also surprised that FMS did not list my daughter in my document. But that is what FMS does destroy families and people's lives all for a fucking document. Sorry I am furious at FMS. The nice lady has to file her report and hopefully I will be able to see my daughter soon.

 August 10, 2015

2: PSYOP to make me hate Russia and leave? No Expulsion

For several reasons I have not mentioned this earlier. One because it sounds outrageous and two because I wanted to know who was behind it. For myself I have answered the second question and as far as the first I do not care. Since I was poisoned things have gone downhill and for my readers you know almost everything. After that they tried to use my daughter to get me to commit suicide. Yes murder by my own hand. With my wife's help I was convinced I had finally found love and a stable relationship and started a family. But brutally and without blinking an eye she looked me in the face, took all my money and my daughter and with her sister and my son present telling me not to yell or get upset she just left. No explanation, no apology. Nothing. Since I was being an ideal husband and father this of course threw me but I was strong enough not to fall for it. Then her father threatening me when I went to see my daughter. Then the police colonel telling me to just forget about her and warning me that some case could be made against me. Then the months of living in the same building as my ex and daughter yet not being able to see her and in fact being physically attacked the one time I went up to say hello. Then spring comes and being woken up by the sounds of the baby crying and having to live with the windows closed becuase there is nothing I can do. Then the divorce timed one month before I could have filed for citizenship. Now she has disappeared with the baby and no one will help me find out where she is. And everytime I think everything may work out something happens. But I am still alive. I am still here. This site is still running. So they set up my son and take him away. He was the only human contact I had.They took away Kenny, the only nice possession I had and they took away all of the personal items that meant anything to me. The picture of my mother who I could not bury when she died and whose grave I will never see as with my father and all of those I loved because I can not leave Russia. WHo is behind it? You will find out soon. Let us just say corrupt elements in security structures and in government in Lubertsy and in Moscow. Finally I have an agent telling me he will send me to America. Kind of odd considering I have helped the Russian Government for 20 years and have had asylum for 8. For what? Because I did something wrong? No because I refused to be a slave and that is the crux of it. Corruption kills everything. There can be no denial of that. They want me to kill myself or run away somewhere and vanish forever and they are making life impossible but I have a message for the CIA: you can do whatever the fuck you want to me but alive I will never return to anywhere where you can get your filthy hands on me.

1: Site was down. Has the NSA/CIA Finally Gotten to My ISP? I have a question for CIA Agent Edward Snowden: Why the fuck aren't you helping Russia?

My ISP is what you might call the inner perimeter. They know my physical address, they know all of my personal web habits, they know my passwords, the sites I visit if I am not encrypting and they even know all of the visitors to this site and where they are from. So when there are changes involving security which could breech this perimeter I must be concerned. Recently I told you about the changing of passwords by my ISP. Before I had an NSA proof over 23 character password that was almost unbreakable. If you are into security you know 23 is the magic number over which the NSA is unable to determine how many character are involved therefore make such a password uncrack able. Now with the new data base and passwords the NSA will have access to all my data. Does my ISP know? They should. I would think they would be locking down and becoming more secure. So the NSA/CIA have penetrated the perimeter. Surely with some nice seemingly unassuming data company that tells them the changes are necessary and their manger who has been bought and is of course going to force the changes through. Is agent Snowden informing Russians involved in the ISP business to make moves that weaken system security such as short passwords? Snowden is a mole my friends. If you trust him we are all doomed. Do not trust the Trojan horse. The CIA/NSA are doing everything to penetrate Russia. There are over a thousand CIA agents currently operating in Moscow alone and they are not here to make things better for Russians. They are here o destroy Russia and doing so will kill all of us. The CIA/NSA bought their way into Russia and it is corruption that has made it possible. If you want to protect Russia you must fight corruption, every move to lessen security and every way they are trying to subvert Russia. Especially attempts to use 5th columns and soft propaganda to brainwash you and make you give up Russia by tricking you into thinking you are doing the right thing and they are reasonable. They want your death and enslavement. They want to enslave mother Russia and rape her and make her a slave. Their intentions are those and thus they can never be trusted .    


August 09, 2015

Son Continues to be Detained/Blackmailed, Court Stonewalling?

It is horrible trying to deal with and understand the duplicity, the racism and the real life double standards that currently have taken over Russia. I try to understand every day why I am being treated the way I am and it makes no real sense. Things are getting extremely desperate and no matter what happens there is no one I can turn to and no way for relief. I spoke with my son last night and he continues to be blackmailed for money. The other prisoners think he is rich or something. In reality it is as though he has been kidnapped but he is being held by the authorities in a prison. I spoke to the police about the threats he was receiving and the demands that I transfer money to certain accounts but they have done nothing. It is unbelievable. They are in fact protecting blackmailers which means they themselves are probably involved.

As for my daughter after the last court hearing no document was issued and the judge told my lawyer that the proceeding would be put on hold until the social services inspected my flat. I was told social services would call. There has been no call for a week. I am afraid in that manner they will just try to brush the whole issue under the table. I am supposed to pay child support yet I am not allowed to see or have contact with my daughter. WTF???!!

I asked my lawyer if a document was issued and she said one will be released on Monday. So I guess it is okay.

Apparently someone from the US Embassy came out and spoke to him. But he gave me no details.

August 08, 2015

Mitrofanov: Do you hear that? Kruch*** where are you?

My son continues to be threatened in prison if we do not pay money.

August 07, 2015

The General made sure his daughter divorced me right on schedule

Later: On a positive note I am single again! Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Хорошо как "они" поступает. Ещё месяц и смогло бы давать не гражданство! Специално. Вот как с рабами надо относится

Had we been married another month I could have filed for citizenship. Good job. That is the way to treat a slave. She said the reason she left me was because I lost my job. So after I borrowed money to pay the rent she took the rent money and while I was at my new "low paying" she left and her father made sure I lost that low paying job too. Leaving me with nothing to exist on. Not a dime, no food. rent due and in the middle of winter. As it turned out the only reason why she married me was because she thought I was a millionaire and the marriage was sanctioned.   

 August 06, 2015

Ukrainian SBU/CIA Right Sector Added Me to Public Hitlists With the Words: "Тотальна ганебна зрада!" or Complete Shameful Treason

August 05, 2015

I was attacked again by three young guys but managed to dispatch them. Going to the police is useless. 

John Injuries

August 04, 2015

Another Financial Source Blocks JAR2 + 2 Court Hearings and as Usual: NO JUSTICE

They are attempting to completely and totally wipe us out.   Son: My son had a hearing on Friday to continue his detention until trial. I was given the wrong address and was at the wrong location and therefore could not attend or see him. There was also no lawyer present which is illegal. His detention has been continued. It would appear that not only has a CIA controlled 5th column infiltrated the Russian media but their network of agents in the Internal Ministry and the legal system are now almost openly active against my family.

This is not a conspiracy theory but a true conspiracy. http://www.jar2.com/ 

Daughter Birth Certificate Redacted


Yesterday there was a court hearing regarding my visitation with my daughter who will be one soon. During the hearing all proceedings were put on hold until social services can issue a report on my living conditions and the conditions of my ex wife. I was told they would be contacting me yet no one has called. My ex has disappeared with my daughter and did not appear at either of the last 2 hearings regarding visitation and custody. Without Social Services report on her condition the court can not decide. I believe I will never be called and no report will be filed and the judge will just leave the case alone and return all of the material. My lawyer says this will not be the case but that due to my ex's refusal to attend proceedings the case will drag on for months and I will still not be allowed to see my daughter.

If you recall my daughter is a Muscovite but my ex insited that I be listed as a US citizen on her birth certificate even though I am stateless. The courts and my ex then made sure I was officially divorced several weeks ago so that I can not file for citizenship under the three year guidelines (The divorce was finalized on month before the 3 year limit). This is proof of a carefully orchestrated, planned and intentional attempt to continue to keep my marginalized and to unsure I do not receive citizenship. If the day comes when I have to publish who my ex-wife's father is and what he does it will all become clear but that is a state secret and I HAVE NOT revealed any Russian State Secrets to date. My daughter was also not listed on my refugee documents so I have no rights to even claim she is mine. The only proof I have is the document below and photos which last December the police told me not publish on this site!

Citizenship: I was at FMS on Friday again and was told I need to re-file my petition for citizenship but that there is little hope as it was returned from the presidential commission for no reason 3 times. I spoke with a member of the of a government body whom I had contact with about the matter and he began to threaten me. By e-mail nonetheless. See below on July 30th post.

President Putin Answer Redacted

President Putin: I wrote 2 more letters to President Putin but do not expect anything to change for the better. The corrupt officials who are wiping us out and in the service of the CIA will not allow anything positive to happen to me or my family and there is no way that they are allowing my letters to get anywhere near the President.

Alpha Bank: The block of my salary by Alpha Bank continues but my employer has found another method to pay me which is wonderful.


Funding Drive: My pleas for finacial assistance which we desperately need to pay lawyers and doctors have been met with no support. However we found partial legal support here  http://sovetadvokatov.ru/     http://www.jar2.com/WebMoney/pay.htm  

Go Fund Me deleted my account for attempting to help raise money for his defense GO FUND ME NOTICE of Block and Deletion of My Account

July 30, 2015

Part of threat after I did not answer the phone because I was resting with blood pressure of 200 over 145. They absolutely do not care about me or my family and consider me to be their slave:  Джон, ...... Вас тут же вышлют спецбортом через посольство обратно в США!   ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ понятны? If I was a human I could complain. When you learn who it is from I will be dead.  

Blood Pressure

July 29,2015

This quote was directed at certain individuals working here in Moscow for an American company who keep questioning my honor due to the fact that I have asylum and am outspoken on Ukraine and against the US and CIA.


July 28, 2015

Followed Again Late at Night



A court hearing was held regarding my visitation with my daughter yesterday. It was a pre-hearing consultation which my lawyer attended. There will be a formal hearing in the near future (I will keep the day secret for now) and all parties were supposed to attend however my ex-wife did not attend although she was sent a notice to appear.

And when the day was almost done I was followed by the asshole in the car below to my garage. First he parked about 100 meters from my garage while I was parking my vehicle then when I was leaving on my bike he started to back away in a hurry. I caught up to him on my bike and he refused to roll down the window when I tapped on the glass to ask him what he wanted. Did get his plate number though. He drove away liked a scared rabbit which made things even more suspicious. Number T939XO 190. Security has been informed.

July 27, 2015

Alpha Bank Blocks My Salary Due to Lie and then Lies, Lies, Lies

Direct and Local Financial Block of JAR2 in Progress by Alpha Bank and other "certain people". I am once again FORCED to ask for your support. Is this endless humiliation what asylum in Russia means? This is an affront to my basic human dignity. No one should have to go through this. And of course they blame me!!

Later they actually called me not to apologize or fix the situation but to find out if I had decided to close my account

July 26, 2015

жду решение завтра

UPDATE: Rent is overdue, lawyers have to be paid, utilities are due, my cat's food will soon finish, my son needs help and I have not eaten for three days. Why are they doing this to us? Where is the basic respect for human dignity?
UPDATE: I received inofrmation that it is the commercial department of Alpha Bank that is blocking my pay.
UPDATE: 07252015 08:21 Just talked to the nice lady at Alpha Bank. They say there is no block in place on my card.

July 24, 2015

My pay is now being held up by Alpha Bank because of my "residency" status. This is incredible!!! I have to pay my rent and have no money for food!!! WHY THE HELL ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME!!!!!!??? That is how idiots try to exploit and steal from refugees here in Russia.

ПОЛНЫЙ ЛОЖЬ!!! Пришла информация из АЛЬФА банка, что Вы инициировали процедуру по смене резиденства и не закончили данную процедуру. Сообщаю Вам, что пока эта процедура не будет доведена Вами до конца,  деньги на Ваш счет банк не переведет.

LATER: FMS has covered up what they have done to my family and I. They have a new data-base which has conveniently erased my 5 years of living hell.

July 24, 2015



Message to Tools in Lubertsy

Censored due to the continued efforts of the Lubertsy "mafia" after the arrest of my son. He was set up shortly after publishing a statement on VKontakte that corrupt Russian officials should be executed like in China. The CIA owns criminal structures and corrupt officials everywhere. Lubertsy is no exception and this was clear after my visit to FMS yesterday. (You shouldn't have laughed about me)  

HELP USПредлогаю ОНФ гости. Люберцы очень интересно местах приямо над Президент Путин и ФСБ смеется http://izvestia.ru/news/589676 

Message to the miserable scum who set up my son: I took all of the material exposing you off this site (which I know you follow) as a sign that I am reasonable, you have the weekend to undo what you have done to my family or it all goes back up along with all of your fucking names, companies and positions in government posts. If anything happens to me or my son everything goes public worldwide.  

I was given asylum after writing to the man above yet you continue to spit on his decision. You are not "kruche" than President Putin. Are you still laughing?

Хорошо начинаем; 1, Юра Салогуб и центр развита личности

2 Sergey Chustakov and his network of narcotics traffickers and drug addicts.

Post One Tony Holland, Sergey Belous, Kristinn Khars, Anton Bespalov, Oleg Dmitrev, Sergey Kotchetkov, Gregory Krasovsky, Samuel McColloch, Victoria Alhimova, Mark Stolyar and some others..

July 24, 2015

Criminally lncompetent Hospital Almost Killed 2 of My Kids

I keep recalling how my son was almost killed by drunk doctors at Lubertsy Children's Hospital #2 and there was nothing I could do about it. He had appendicitis and they diagnosed him at 10 years old with pancreatitis which we started to treat until he turned blue and almost died. The drunk animal of a doctor who diagnosed him then "saved" him and wanted $9,000 under the table for doing so. This was the same hospital that almost killed my daughter at 3 months old. She had blood in her stool because she had an infection and when we took her to the doctor who dealt with such issues he wrote that she did not have an infection without even looking at her, let alone having tests run. He was also drunk and had to be woken up. Those are the corrupt filth running the system here in Lubertsy. I had to pay a bribe to a Moscow doctor to take care of her properly. These animals will let children die if you do not bribe them and there is not a damn thing we can do. It is worse here if you are a foreigner, they do with you whatever they want. Now the same people have my son and am afraid they may kill him. Again there is nothing I can do except write on my web resources. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT HERE! NO ONE! I need your help to get the word out. How many children have been killed by the incompetence at Lubertsy Children's Hospital #2? I would say the number must be in the hundreds if not thousands. How some drunk sleepy "doctor" could just fill in a form right in front of us saying a baby did not have an infection without even looking at her just so we would go away is more than unbelievable! It is criminal!

July 23, 2015

FMS Lubertsy Openly Laughs at Me: Blames FSB

Besides court trying to see my daughter, lawyers trying to see my son, pay which never seems to come I spent the day being run around by FMS. These people sit and destroy lives and think it is funny. They have wiped out my family and forced me to live like a beggar for 8 years and there is nothing I can do. Just like there is nothing I can do about my son. I am beyond words anymore. It was these people's direct incompetence in filling out simple forms that cuased my petition for citizenship to be sent back three times.

07-22-2015 - 01-15-2015

McFaul 2.0: Another CIA/US Military Attempt to Shut Us Down and Get Us Expelled from Russia

"Russian Intelligence Officer" Self Destructs Threatening and Attempting to Blackmail JAR2
Westward Bound Fuck

July 17, 2015

Silence Will Never Work

Things are going completely sideways over here. I again have attempted to remedy or alleviate my situation by being silent but of course it has not worked. It is like being in an abandonded city surrounded by zombies who hide in the dark and all you have is a flashlight for self-defense. They are afraid of the light but as soon as you turn it off they will still attack. The flashlight is your only defense but eventually you know the batteries will die. This site is my flashlight.

John Robles


July 11, 2015

They Have My Son

I was informed of my son's arrest by the lead investigator. 9 million Rubles

July 07, 2015

During the night my son was arrested.

July 04, 2015

Your "Independence" has always been an illusion. Based on genocide, built by slaves: Amerika the genocidal hegemon    

Burning US Flag

June 30, 2015

John Anthony Robles II at War

It is not bad lighting, my hair is turning white

June 25, 2015

The Wife From Hell and Major DDOS Attack

As Tom Hennigan loves to say: "It can now be reported that..." What can now be reported is the utter and total living hell that I was put through by my now ex-wife number 4. Why can this topic be reported on now and why was I silent until now can almost also be reported, so stayed tuned for a real scoop on the real poop. If you are interested in the utter evil that people can do to each other this should be good.

After having literally dragged my tired old carcass out of bed after sleeping for an unusually long 8 hours, as usual broken into multiple parts, I am finally sitting at the comp and on-line. Yesterday we were off-line for about 16 hours due to an unusually strong DDOS attack originating from a locale near McLean Virginia (the home of the three letter assholes who mission is to protect and advance the "falsely patriotic" criminals they serve). Without giving away my technical methods I can report that IP addresses hitting the servers originated from the aforementioned unincorporated enclave, from New York, North Carolina and from Germany and the UK. No damage done except taking me offline temporarily. During the attack I was not near the servers so I was not able to "interact" with the bastards. For those of you interested in the web stuff I thought that might be interesting. 

LOVE IS FUCKING BLIND; I would have done this sooner but I was trying to save my marriage and I still loved her. I was also afraid of her father after he threatened me so I would not try to see the little baby they say is my daughter. I do not love her anymore and in fact I DO NOT GIVE SHIT ANYMORE!! Fuck you you fucking lying bitch!!!


So here we go, I promised to tell you about ex-wifey but this is going to take months actually to chronicle so we will start at the beginning and call this Chapter 1. How and where we met exactly is not really important but what is important is that she found me. I should have run for the hills after the first date but like a love-struck shmuck I kept the relationship going. Why should I have quietly gone home and forgotten about her? Well guys it is like this and take this advice to heart: if you ever go on a first date and the little lady asks you to buy her a bottle of whiskey (not a glass but a bottle) order the bottle and quietly leave the location never turning back. That is exactly what I should have done but I decided to fall in love. Big mistake. Russians say that you can not cure a woman alcoholic and my experience has shown that this is exactly the case. I do not think this is a particular problem for Russia but is true for any woman no matter what their nationality may be. As for men, I am writing this for all of the guys out there who may fall into the same black hole of pain and hell that I did when all I wanted was a normal relationship and a family. At almost 50 I think I can perhaps give the young guys some tips and pointers which may help them and this is what I am doing. Call this a dual purpose storyline, I expunge this unbelievable emotional shit from my soul and you learn from it so you do not pollute yours.

This person never lived with me nor did she ever love me. I tried to save the marriage because I loved her and thought maybe she could recover from her alcoholism but I was a fool.


 Borrowed $6,000 for a wedding, banquet and honeymoon. Ordered the limousines, paid for the cottage by the lake, paid the caterers and the for a restaurant, bought a new tux, gave her money to buy a wedding dress and bought rings. Absolutely everything was bought and paid for and arranged to the last detail and the fucking bitch just didn't show up. Needless to say I had to pay back the money anyway and I only got back a few hundred from the catering companies and the like. The bitch did not even bother to warn me or call me to say she was not coming. I was standing at ZAGS like a complete moron for about 6 hours waiting. For 6 months after that she never contacted me or answered my attempts to contact her. No fucking explanation, nothing!


 She made me spend about $3,000 on a bar so she could come over and I would mix her whatever cocktail she wanted. All of the alcohol was gone in about 2 weeks and I recently found out she was drinking in my flat from my bar with her boyfriend who also wrecked two cars which I paid for. She did not live with me and how the fuck she got into my flat to drink with her boyfriend is a question I have not been able to answer. 


 In various stages of being drunk she broke my glasses about 6 times, each time costing me about $400.00 to replace because I am blind without them and I have a stigmatism which requires glass which has to be ordered from abroad. Each time a hit to the face with various objects precipitated the shattering of my glasses. Once a piece of glass almost pierced my eyes. I learned to take my glasses off when she started drinking. 


 Dragging into bed


Wrecking cars


Copying all my phone data and using my work computer to illegally sell fucking exotic cats from an official Russian Government domain.


Drinking, drinking and drinking 


Leaving me frozen in my car 3 times while I was broken down and she was sitting comfortable on her fat ass with not a fucking thing to do. I got light frostbite on my feet one time when it was minus 28 and I was stuck on the highway 30 minutes from home in a dead car. Despite begging for her help she did not come to my assistance. Fuck you bitch!


Never helping me once with a single translation or dealing with complex issues where my Russian was challenged. By the way she never once helped me with FMS I am going through all of that all by myself. 


Lying to me to marry her a second time and then leaving to live with her mother two and a half days after the wedding. And then lying to me for three years so I waited for her.


Lying that she had stopped drinking when we got married, the real reason she went to live with her mother. She can fucking drink there every fucking day. 


Lying to me that she was pregnant when I was about to divorce her and pretending to want to have a family so I did not divorce her fucking lying ass.


Lying to the police and filing false police reports that I was at her door threatening her when I merely rang the doorbell to see the baby I had thought was my daughter.


Lying to me that we were going to live together and making me rent the flat I am currently in prison in and do not have enough money to leave.


Lying to judges and authorities that she lived with me, that she is on maternity leave while she is working, and that she depended on me in order to get them to order me to pay spousal support. The bitch never lived with me.


Lying to me that we would raise the child together so that I signed all of the papers to make the child a Russian citizen and all and then lying to me to borrow $2,000.00 from my only friend and my son in order to close her balance on her credit card. Money she promised to return right away on that day. Instead she packed her shit stole half of my personal stuff and took the baby who I have not been able to see since December.


Having her father pull me into some black and shitty business in order to discredit, destroy me and get at the hidden millions of dollars the bitch thought I had. FUCK ALL OF YOU !!!!!


Stressing me out every time I was on my way to work so I would have an accident.


Stressing me out, blackmailing me and pressuring me so much that I ended up in the hospital 3 fucking times. Once with blood pressure so high they could not even measure it in the ambulance!! 


Methodically doing everything possible to make me commit fucking suicide! Including kidnapping Kenny! 


Attacking me with a knife on 2 occassions. I am a big guy so I could handle all of this but regardless being attacked with a knife is unpleasant to say the least.


Deleting me as her husband on Vkontakte when I asked her to delete all her boyfirends after we got married. Like living together this was another promise she made and broke. When I asked her to do so she threatened me with divorce. I asked her to delete her boyfriends and it was the only time I saw tears in her eyes.


Not celebrating New Year's or other holidays with me.


Not celebrating my birthday with me.  


Writing messages to all of the females in my contact list including all my work colleagues


Using me to improve her English so she could pretend to be an English teacher


Going out and getting drunk with some guy on holiday and then coming back to the hotel and calling me his name. several times. Serezha.

June 22, 2015

The Effects of the American Genocide Operation on Russia

You will not hear about the effects that the drawn out conflict in Ukraine is having on Russia from the Russian media, neither will you hear about it from the European media. In the West the conflict for the most is silenced and only parts of it are reported honestly in the Russian press to the Russian people but the true nature of the conflict and the true architects have successfully silenced or distracted every voice that was attempting to expose their actions..

The daily war crimes and the killing of civilians in the Donbass are being carried out with the direct involvement of the United States and the Central Intelligence Agency. This is an inconvenient truth for almost everyone affected by the conflict because those who have the power to stop it are beholden to or subservient to the United States. The tactic of limited engagement to prevent further massive losses is only giving further impunity to the criminals in Washington but the world community is completely impotent or paralyzed with fear to do anything to stop the out of control hegemon. How history will judge the cowards who could have done something to stop the United States as they advance their operations against Russia, but who choose to do nothing, will not be kind. Make no mistake the United States could have been stopped long ago, but the world is impotent or unwilling to stand up..

The effects here on the ground and in the media are visible although no one talks about them and no one is protesting.  

"A warrior must first and foremost keep his mind and body clean and pure. Such is the key protection from corruption by the evil around him." JAR2

June 21, 2015

They Can Not Take Away Our Humanity

I can not put aside normal human emotions and reactions because it makes someone "uncomfortable". SO I will be publishing to this blog again and damn the torpedoes..

Today my son's kitten had to be taken to the vet because it was very sick. It is quite small and it just seems so unjust. 06222015 It is okay now..

When Can You Call Torment Torture??

June 20, 20155 Awoken by my baby cryingg 30 feet away in a neighboring flat..There was nothing I could do. The feeling is indescribable, akin to torture. I am forced to live in the same building as my ex but due to death threats and threats of violence from her father and others I am not able to simply go and knock on the door and ask to see my baby. The police will not help and said go to the courts. The courts have done nothing to help me..

I wish I could write about normal things, like what I had for dinner or where my son is studying or something like that but I am forced to live in a state where everyday could be my last, where everything I have could be taken away at any minute, where it is a daily occurrence to deal with death threats or talk to "secret" men and where it is clear I will never be allowed to live in peace or just be a normal citizen. I am almost 50 years old and my health is deteriorating and I know I will die soon, if for any reason due to all of the stress, but no one cares and no one will help and there is absolutely no hope..

I have almost been convinced that I have done "something" wrong but this is pure bullshit. It is my controllers and "friends" who have left me high and dry. I allowed myself to be used and now I am not needed and my option is to quietly going off somewhere to die. It is as simple as that and there is no dramatization. All I would like is to see my daughter one last time.    

June 14, 2015

USAID/CIA Beneficiaries Continue Trying to Get Me

The Smear Campaign Against Me Continues; After I wrote about USAID and their attempts to influence the Russian Orthodox Church (Upon orders of Jewish Voice of Russia Chairman Andrey Bistritsky several years ago), an article brought about by the arrest of the US religious affairs liaison at the US Embassy here in Moscow, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in America decided to try to damage me here in Russia by writing lies about me in attempt to make it look like I have something against the Russian Orthodox Church. Nothing can be further from the truth but his accusation Episcop Andrey reveals that certain members of the Russian Orthodox Church were taking money from USAID. As I never once mentioned members of the Russian Orthodox Church in my article not did I insinuate anything against the Church, my entire article was in exposing USAID subversion his accusation is clearly a smear campaign and proves his allegiance to USAID and McFaul and the CIA. His "answer" to my article is full of slander and insinuation aimed directly against me and as I said a clear attempt to damage me personally. While he harps on about the right hold demonstrations etc., he never mentions the right of journalists to be free of harassment and intimidation. I wrote to all of the people publishing this slander and to Andrey himself but they refuse to take down the material and have obviously never read the article for if they did they would know Andrey is nothing but a US backed liar. I thought this would go away but it is almost in number one position now on web searches rather than all my work in exposing the CIA and USAID and 9-11..





Original Article on USAID


June 08, 2015

Baseball Bat Meeting Recalled

If someone asked me what my most memorable moment was at the Voice of Russia it would have to be when a room full of the Jewish management armed with baseball bats forced me to give them the password to my personal e-mail box after I posted a birthday greeting to Hugo Chavez and then they said someone tried to hack the Facebook page which I was in charge of..

US puppet Sakashvili being made the governor of the Odessa Region should remove any doubts anyone might have that the United States of America is behind the war in Ukraine but the media is silent and nobody seems to have noticed. If you all continue to be silent soon Russia will also be under attack. Will you all finally take notice only when blood is flowing in the streets of Moscow??

June 03, 2015

Pictures are worth thousands of words

JAR2's Number John Robles with Ecuadorian Indians

Woman living in container American Russians

May 26, 2015

Certain Russian lawmakers, in a drive to be like "America" have attempted to introduce legislation limiting file sharing on the Internet. The wording is so Draconian and a clause giving them the right to completely block a domain if there is simply ONE complaint, has forced us to empty out the FTP site. If you used it or depended on it please let me know and we will look for other options..

May 13, 2015

Fear as a Method of Control

I am supposed to be afraid as are you, force and fear, or as they love to say SHOCK and AWE. Along with dependency the destruction of love and family they are the key tools they are using to control us. It may sound Orwellian but fear is one of the key tools being taught and actually being used by those involved in managing large groups of people; populations, large numbers of employees, crowds and of course you and me and everything we do. It is not visible to most until one loses that fear. I have lost that fear. Fear is the penultimate tool of tyrants and the last blunt and brutal instrument used by illegitimate and Neanderthal leaders, managers and even governments when all of their policies have failed and they wish to maintain control. It is the penultimate tool as the final tool is force, death and destruction of those they seek to control. I was riding in the metro the other day and the girl sitting next to me was reading material given out by one of the top management universities here in Moscow. What caught my eye was the title “Fear as a Method of Control”. It was chilling to read what little I could stomach as we travelled between stations and as I read out of the corner of my eye, things began to click. The document detailed how employees must be made to be afraid in order to control them and when carried over into civil life it all begins to make sense. I will be writing more on this in the near future when I have more time, which is another instrument they use to control those who would dissent such as me, but that is a topic for later discussion. Keep this in mind as you go about your daily tasks and keep your eyes open to the ways they use fear and remember: we are not animals to be terrorized into submission!!      

May 9th 2015

JAR2 Marches With Communists

Photos taken by JAR2 during Victory Day Celebrations and a Communist march in Moscow on May 9th 2015

John Robles marching with Communists

May 05, 2015

MI-6/CIA Direct Attacks and Names Recalled

Dear readers, supporters and seekers of the truth.. It is almost impossible to describe to you what I have been through in the past six months. As you know I have gone silent and have all but stopped my vociferous criticism and activities in exposing the horrendous crimes, brutality and illegality of the monolithic-genocidal-war-machine that has become the United States of America and the soulless genocidal corporate controlled monsters who are running it..

They have proven that they can get to me even here and that was driven home by the birth of my third daughter last September. Upon hearing the news that the person I called my wife and I had had a baby the state run media outlet where I worked (Rossiya Sevodnya, the successor to the liquidated Voice of Russia World Service) fired me the next day (keep in mind this is a wholly Russian state owned body). My contention and something that is crystal clear to me is that they are infiltrated by US lackeys, apologists and US agents, including Americans with connections to the US military industrial complex and the CIA, one Samuel McCulloch is a good example (an individual with a 5 year gap in his employment history after serving in US Marines counter Russian intelligence), the person who censored me right off the Russian media. Yes this American was allowed to take me off the air and shut me down with the direct support and approval of the “Russian” management. I have also been sent information that McCulloch is CIA which would not surprise me as Joseph Moone, Gregory Krasovsky, Tony Holland and several others failed in taking me down..  That is the truth.. 

Two and a half months later the person I called my wife, and I say that because she never lived with me nor did she ever behave as or play the role of a wife to me, after having me take care of her newborn baby night and day for two and a half months (and I say “her” that because there is a question now whether the child was mine as her actions and infidelity and several other factors point to the fact that she is not and I was merely used to give the child an “American” background on her birth certificate, something which would not surprise me either) and convincing me that the child was mine, she brutally ripped the child out of my life and left me completely destitute and without even a penny to eat as she left with the money for the rent and even monies that I borrowed from my son and a person who was until then my best friend to pay said rent. That is the truth..

A year ago I still believed that I was safe in Russia and the nefarious blood-drenched claws of the CIA and the US war machine could not reach me but that has proven wrong. They can do whatever they want and do so with impunity. The only reason I am still alive is because of my insurance package and the fact that they need me alive to interrogate me as there are gaping holes in my file that they need to fill and questions they want answered about everything from WikiLeaks to my asylum. I say they can do whatever they want with impunity because even my efforts to address the injustice of my termination through the courts was an effort in futility as are my efforts to have any contact whatsoever with the child I believed was my daughter. That is the truth..

The efforts to demonize me and marginalize me and strip me of even my most basic human rights have been joined by my “wife” who has effectively kidnapped my daughter (leading me to believe she may not be mine as my “wife” has returned to her true love) and is being assisted by the courts and the police who refuse to do anything whatsoever to allow me to even see the child. I am continuing my efforts in the courts but like the Rossiya Sevodnya lawsuit during which no evidence I presented was accepted and during which it was stated that I was not even a newsreader, which I definitely was, the divorce and custody proceeding are going the same way. It has actually been found that I should pay spousal support to my ex even though she works, lives in a huge elegant apartment and most importantly has never actually lived with me (three days after our “marriage” she went back to live with her mother and out of blind love I waited three years for her to come home. I was getting ready to divorce her when she suddenly got pregnant and lied to me saying we would start a family together). I am fighting that ruling and refused to grant her a divorce because I married out of love and for life..

The fact that I am brutally refused the elementary right to have any contact with my daughter whatsoever by the state and the police has no basis in law or in any finding as to my suitability as a parent (as you know I raised my two previous children on my own) but is a continuation of the ongoing attempt to demonize, damage and marginalize me and it is in effect torture. The only thing “wrong” with me is that I am a refugee and a stateless person, thanks to the actions of the United States of America. My first hearing before the divorce judge was spent in chastising me for seeking Russian citizenship and for being a refugee as if that was a crime. My “wife” and her family’s ongoing efforts to slander me, taking over for other US agents, without a basis in facts or wrongdoing also continue. That is the truth..   

That all of my efforts to get the truth out were having an effect is clear and that there are all-out efforts to silence anyone in an attempt to hide the truth of the racist genocidal war in Ukraine orchestrated and funded by the United States of America is also clear. The fact that we are at war is also clear and that during war the first thing that goes out the window are human rights is also obvious, but I am still a human and I still have the right to say “You cannot do that to me!””

I have been told directly, by a police officer nonetheless, that I should just forget my daughter and not try to be a part of her life. He also told me it would be perfectly normal for me to be sent to some prison zone where I could do my works of genius for the state and how great Russian geniuses rarely have wives and families. This was not the first or last such veiled threat, it has been intimated and directly stated to me on several occasions and by several individuals that fake criminal proceedings would be started against me and that I will end up in prison if I do not shut up, which is why I do not write about Ukraine anymore. That is protection of journalists in Mother Russia for you..  

There are people behind the scenes who are helping me and who know the truth and I am very grateful for their support. They are honest people and those who hold honor and truth dearer than a quick buck, political expediency and criminal impunity..  

I will soon be celebrating the May 9th Holidays and encourage you to do the same. It will soon be one year since I was poisoned at Rossiya Sevodnya and that occasioned will be marked appropriately..  

We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are already here..

May 04, 2015

Comment on the Spreading Racism in Russia

There is little that can be done to fight racism when it is institutionalized,,accepted and part of the state. Add rampant xenophobia, demonization and and extreme nationalism brought on by attacks from the outside and it is a recipe for disaster. The racist mind is almost impossible to educate or reason with. It has been trained to not see past a racial parameter and to negate the humanity that is inherent in each and everyone of us. There is no difference between us except those experiences which shape us and make us all unique and no man has the right to deny anyone of their humanity. All men are my brothers and all women my sisters, unfortunately such a world view is not acceptable. Make no mistake it is not normal for anyone, regardless of color, to be stripped of their basic human rightss

May 02, 2015

A note to my African American brothers:: If the system does not consider you to be a legitimate part of it then how can you consider it to be legitimate and continue to support it and live under its tyranny? If it then tries to use force to make you obey then you must destroy it..

Fuck It

April 24, 2015

Court Proceedings in Moscow Court a Pre-Arranged Farce

Was in the local kangaroo court yesterday.. Everything went as I expected and no matter what I said or presented the proceeding went completely against me. My ex-wife managed to stage a provocation at the end of the proceeding and threw something at me which I deflected and it accidentally hit the judge who threatened to send me to hell. Then some guy attacked me going into the metro attempting to look in my rucksack. I am still trying to get things to settle in my head but it makes no sense. Once again I did everything right and by the law and once again lies and slander won..


JAR2 Birth CertificateBelow is my birth certificate and further down on this page is a copy of my old refugee papers. My first daughter was born in Woodland California, my son in York Pennsylvania and my second and third daughters here in Moscow Russia. I can not travel or enter embassies but if there is a country that can offer my family and I citizenship please contact me at jar2@list.ru. I also need work but am forced to attempt to seek any way possible to normalize my status. Russia has ignored my application for citizenship for 5 years now..









 April 21, 2015 

Beginning to Starve to Death

Had some bread to eat and a piece of chocolate and a cup of coffee today.. Worked 19 hours in total. My cat is hungry. My pay has not come. One person wrote today. No reponse to my open letter to President Putin and I do not expect one. I believed their propaganda about respect for human rights, rule of law, multi-nationalism, anti-facism and equal rights. It is all false. Even the respect for children's rights and families. My daughter was kidnapped and I am not allowed to even know if she is alive. I have no rights even the most basic of human right to at least know if my children are alive. I know nobody cares and no one will help. I will die like this and my death with not cause the slightest stir and I will be shortly forgotten if anyone notices at all. I was given asylum for 8 years and then my family were made into some kind of fucking criminals because we filed for citizenship. DO NOT SEEK ASYLUM IN RUSSIA. It is real easy to demonize and marginalize someone when you take away their income, destroy their reputation, kidnap their children and destroy their family. Real easy but EVEN THAT will not HIDE THE TRUTH!!!!!!

April 20, 2015

No response to my open letter. But then why would he? I am just an American Indian Refugee and my family and I are not millionaires so we do not matterr

April 19, 2015

They Are Now Killing Journalists

From the censorship he faced, to threats on his life, to the name Kisyelov as an important figurant in his marginalization, the hell that Oleys Buzin went through was almost exactly like what I am going through. Not that I was anywhere near his level inside my country but internationally perhaps. If we continue to allow people to be killed for the truth we are nothing. Therefore I will not assist my enemies in covering their crimes and re-write history by deleting what I have been through, if I am killed tomorrow for my efforts so be it but a record must be preserved..

Everything went well today. It snowed heavily but I do not have to go outside so that is a good thing..

Later: I am reminded of how everything you do on-line can be turned around and used against you every day. For example today I was recalling in particular how in July 2013 aa Washington Post reporter named Kathy Lallyyused the fact that I made a comment that Spring was so late in coming and that the hot water had just been turned on to demonize Russia. Yes, as she states in the article, I refused to speak to them because the Washington Post refused to publish my side of the story about how the US Government left me and my children stateless or any of the other things the United States had done to me and my family. Had they been interested in the TRUTH they might have published how Nancy Pelosi told me to send my children back to America as collateral in exchange for a US Passport, in order to guarantee that I would return to the US. They also refused to publish anything about the million dollar fraud that I had blown the whisltle on. Yes they US wants me back, like Snowden and everyone else she listed in her article but she of course refused to address the injustices that caused people like Oswald, Snowden, myself and all the other to leave the sick cancerous racist out of control hegemon Amerika..

I also recall how when I attacked USAID for attempting to subvert the Russian Orthodox Church among other things I was attacked as being an evil Communist propagandist by an American bishop who attempted to turn my article againstt USAID into one against the Russian Orthodox Churchhwhich I have nothing but respect for. His entire attack was based on something I "alluded to" but which I never even came close to saying, and the list goes on and on. McFaul anyone? I wonder how Bishop Andrei feels now knowing that the US is slaughtering Christians in Ukraine and bombing Russian Orthodox Churches, if he even knows about that..

Yes things may not be well because the US will not leave me alone and Russia refuses to call me Russian but I am here for the long haul and I will not falter in my resolve. I will die in Russia for my beliefs and so be it but I do wish President Putin would finally read one of my letters and at least grant my children who have spent their entire lives here Russian citizenship. Perhaps as Kathy Kelly wrote this is truly Purgatory on Earth but it should be my Purgatory not my children's.

April 19, 2015

Photos of me at the Voice of Russia World Service and RT

John Robles John on RT John in the Studio

April 18, 2015

I  Ask President Putin for Citizenship Again in Yet Another Letter

President Vladimir Putin


Уважаемый, Президент Владимир Владимирович Путин,

Пишу с наилучшими пожеланиями от меня и всей моей семьи. Желаю вам счастья и всего самого лучшего..
Я Вам уже 8 лет пишу по поводу предоставлении мне и моей семье Российского гражданства. Это после того как правительство Соединённых Штатов Америки аннулировало моё гражданство и нам было предоставлено статус беженца на территории Российской Федерации.

Я и мой сын официально подавали на гражданство в 2010 году, с этого момента наше заявление на гражданство идёт по кругу от Федерального УФМС до УФМС по Московской области и обратно и там остаётся, потом я снова пишу вам письмо и это замкнутый круг снова начинается.

В прошлом году наконец - то должно было попасть в комиссию по делам гражданства при Президенте, но наши заявления не дошли и опять оказались в УФМС России, потом в УФМС по Московской области без объяснений, без отказа и по словам сотрудников УФМС по Московской области кто-то просто махнул рукой. Я ещё раз ходил в УФМС и писал заявление об обновлении нашей просьбы о предоставлении гражданства и в очередной раз УФМС ничего не сделал.

Два дня назад я ещё раз написал Вам письмо с просьбой Вашего прямого вмешательства, так как совершенно ясно, что УФМС не будет нам помогать. В ответ Ваше администрация снова отправил письмо в УФМС. Предоставление гражданства является в компетенций офиса Президента. Я поэтому ещё раз обращаюсь к Вам с просьбой предоставить мне и моей семье гражданство Российской Федерации и прошу о Вашем прямом вмешательстве.

Без указа или конкретного требования из Вашей администрации УФМС никогда нам не поможет. В последнее время все похоже на полное издевательство. Мы подавали на гражданство как беженцы, но УФМС и даже Министерство Иностранных Дел в качестве ответа на письма из Вашей администрации пишут нам про виды на жительство, требование находится на территории Российской Федерации и тому подобное, что нас не касается, так как мы подавали на гражданство под законом о беженцах и почти 20 лет я и моя семья не покидала территории Российской Федерации.

Ещё раз прошу Вашего прямого вмешательства или указа, чтобы нам предоставили гражданство.

Мы не преступники, мы любим Россию и живём по закону и эти 8 лет для нас как пытка. Я понимаю что Вы сами наши письма не читаете и наверно никогда не будете читать, поэтому я это письмо тоже буду публиковать в интернете как открытое письмо Президенту с надеждой, что будет какой-то резонанс и это издевательство над нами наконец-то закончится.

Мы патриоты России и просто хотим нормализовать наши жизни после почти двадцати лет. Мы были первые американцы получившие убежище на территории Российской Федерации и хотя нас было три человека , не было шума как при деле Сноудона. И нам обидно, так как в отличии от Сноудона мы патриоты России и я даже был Голосом Россия и работал на Российское правительство и продолжаю сотрудичество.

С глубочайшим уважением,
Джон Энтони Роблес
15 апреля 2015г.

April 17, 2015

US/British Agents Continue Targetting JAR2 (Holland)

I am being actively targetted and am in a sensitive marginalized social position so I can not speak freely and all personal information I post on-line is being used to target me. My newborn daughter, finances and anything else that can be used against me is also being exploited by my enemies. I AM LITERALLY AT WAR FOR MY OWN SURVIVAL. Attacks from the likes of McFaul and other US agents and assets continue::

April 15, 2015

Открытое письмо Президенту Путину  

April 13, 2015

FMS Hides Incompetence and Keeps Documents Going in Circles and Refuses to Help

Ещё раз без резултатне. И так 8 лет   Очередной круг как ответ    

April 12, 2015

Писал очередной писмьо Президенту Путину

April 10, 2015

Oligarch's Kid (My Student) Gives Me 2 Bullets for my Birthday

This is the present I got for my birthday: Real nice. One for me I understand but the other??

Two Bullets

April 07, 2015

Trying to Deal With Injustice in Russia Through the Courts is Useless for Refugees

I was considering deleting all of the information here for security reasons amid renewed threats.. There is a storm coming. Prepare. Store food and water, protect your documents and take security measures. Go small if you want to survive. All of the information that was here has been archived and placed in an encrypted file and sent to several people who know what to do with it. I am a person and I do have human rights..

I am not allowing them to roll me over. I am merely not giving them additionally ammunition to use against me. This is like a running interrogation in which EVERYTHING I say can and is being used against me..

Update on court: Testimony and oral argument was useless. the judge even stated openly that all that mattered was what was on paper. This is standard practice in Russian court. The court process was a farce as the lawyer for Rossiya Sevodnya produced an over hundred page answer which I was not allowed to read and which the judge refused to give me time to read.   

April 05, 2015

Defending Father's Rights Through Police and Courts Useless for Refugees in Russia

I still have not seen my daughter who was kidnappedd by my ex-wifeeand all attempts to deal with the issue through law enforcement bodies have resulted in nothing. She was also allowed to steal all my money and even keep the keys to the flat and she still has Kenny..


April 04, 2015

Another GOZNAK Yearly Report Translated

Completed the 45 page translation of a yearly report for the oldest and one of the most important Russian Government bodies. Weather is freezing and snowing.

Lubertsy Russia April 2015

April 01, 2015

Nothing happened..

I was attacked again


Two More CIA "Agents" from Ukraine

Update to 3/28 post: The man on Krasovsky's right may not be John Tefft but one George Pazuniak and my source for that information may be mistaken. Although he bears a striking resemblence. The man is said to be George Pazuniak but his site has been taken down by Google and he did not respond to a request for verification and information. We are only interested in getting to the truth and regret any mis-information due to our sources..Update: The man on Krasovsky's right may not be John Tefft but one George Pazuniak and my source for that information may be mistaken. Although he bears a striking resemblence. The man is said to be George Pazuniak but his site has been taken down by Google and he did not respond to a request for verification and information. We are only interested in getting to the truth and regret any mis-information due to our sources..

Here is the original source link for the photo:: http://uaba.org/page-774425/12634377 

And the text from the original source::"The UABA again greeted the law students from Ukraine participating in the International Rounds of the 2013 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington, DC.  The two teams were from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the Taras Shevchenko Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National University.  Pictured is President George Pazuniak and member Greg (Hryts) Krasovsky taking the teams out to dinner.  The UABS again contributed to the two university teams.""

Earlier we wrote::

Sitting next to Color Revolution Architect John (Ambassador to Russia) Tefft is none other than Gregory Krasovsky. Remember him? We do.....

We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget..

Ambassador John Tefft and His Continued Subversion of Statess

April-21-2014 US Russophobia Approaching Pathological Transferencee

06-30-20144 McFaul 2.0: Ukraine "Color" Revolution Architect John Tefft Coming to Russiaa

March 30, 2015

Apartheid: Why I Left the United States and Will Never Return

While I am setting the record straight I guess I should answer one of the big questions I am frequently asked although I would rather forget it all, but since we are in the middle of an ethnic racial war, organized and instigated by the same racist apartheid bastards I thought I had escaped, I supposed it is quite topical and since I keep getting attacked and demonized for being some big evil bad guy it is necessary to set the record straight. Many people wonder why I left the United States and how it is that some lowly Puerto Rican Taino born in Rio Piedras Puerto Rico ended up broadcasting on the largest global radio network in the world for the largest country in the world. I will answer the first part of that question to set the record straight although I have in fact answered it before..

There were several eventss, a long interconnected chain of personal tragedies that led to my leaving the U.S. and as with my treatment here they are all connected with my race. There I said it, the elephant in the room has just been addressed, but let me back track a little and give you some background. All my life I have been persecuted because of the color of my skin. Since childhood, when I was determined to be a genius, I suffered horribly because of my race. During my schooling in the United States I was constantly beaten, ostracized and terrorized for being brown skinned. TO make matters worse, since I was a genius and a nerd, I was constantly being skipped ahead through the U.S. school system and by the end of my primary education I had skipped 5 grades and was actually given a scholarship and entered college when I was only 15. to make matters even worse I was a slow grower and even for my age I was small, therefore my persecutors grew bigger and bigger with each jumped grade. One good example was in Fresno California where three big boys beat the crap out of me and then simply threw me in a garbage can. Nice yeah? OR the time some boys took me into a barn and threatened to nail me testicles to a stump and give me a knife to free myself as the did in Ogden Utah, I was only ten. Sound horrible? Yes it was but this is just standard American racism in action..

I could and will write a book and/or a treatise on American racism and all this if I live long enough but for now, as I have done all my life I am being forced to defend myself and the matter at hand is why I left the United States and will never return..

One important note about me, in 1980 when I was living in Puerto Rico I found out that my great grand mother was the last full-blooded Taino Indian. THis was a family secret and something my father had never told me and in fact tired to hide. He even changed my name to John when I was six because of all of the beatings I was getting at school. When I confronted him abput it he told me never to tell anyone because it was the white man's world and we had to live by their rules. This is key because even here in Russia we will never obtain justice in a white man's court..

In 1991 in order to escape the racism we were faced with in California, a state with only about a 30% white population in fact but with the apartheid system so well advanced that there is no chance at all for non-whites, even if they are brilliant, my first wife and I moved to Pennsylvania where we thought the people were more progress and less racist. I transferred to the regional office of a company where I worked as a long haul class 8 truck driver and driver trainer and we bought a very modest home. The office had regional East Coast operations which would allow me to be home more than I would have in California. We did not know at the time the home we bought was only a mile and a half from one of the largest KKK neo-nazi training complexes on the East Coast. Needless to say it did not take long for our mixed race family to begin to have problems. We lived with them for several years. Up until 1995 in fact..

During this period I was forced to file racial discrimination charges against the company KLM Transportation services, which I won. This was after attending an NAACP sponsered rally against a KKK neo-nazi march and seeing my bosses exiting a van and donning their KKK hoods. Great yeah?

We were constantly being harassed including people looking in our windows at night and the like and after one of our cars was wrecked in front of our home my wife left. Leaving me with the children. After this I tried to keep the home and my job but after being beaten almost to death by nine skinheads in York Pennsylvania and having the home set on fire I decided to leave. I was studying Russian at the time in hopes of becoming a translator. Before leaving Pennsylvania I was divorced and the children who had been left with me were placed in my sole physical and legal custody. I was also divorced in Pennsylvania. Those documents are available on this site. Meanwhile in California someone, with the collusion of my mother in law who was entrenched with the local authorities and who was involved in the murder of her ex-husband while in custody by sheriff's deputies, was obtaining federal money in support of my children. I attempted to blow the whistle on them and moved back to California to fight them in the courts. After getting nowhere for several years I initiated the process of convening a Grand Jury. One which I was not allowed to testify in front of as on the day of testimony I was stopped by the Federal Protection Service who proceeded to seize all of my property. The made the bullshit claim that there was a bomb in my car and then FBI counter intelligence made the allegation that I was somehow involved with Russian Intelligence. I had a lot of Russian literature and books in my car at the time and they had photos of me near the Russian Embassy. So what? I was not charged with any crime and was released however they did not release my property. They also raided the homes of all of my family. During all of this my children were at daycare and after being released and missing there Grand Jury (which I had called) I decided there was no way I could win in their racist courts and left..

The County of Yolo and the officials who were making millions through the Department of Child Protective Services by saying they had custody of children who they did not continued to receive Federal money in the names of my children until their 18th birthdays as far as I know. One official told me that close to half a million dollars had been paid out as support for my children. Where that money went and who benefitted I will never know. So now you know the whole story.   

So to leave American racism and now to be faced with Russian racism which has been stoked by the U.S. genocide being conducted in Novorossiya and in the news agency constant Jewish Zionist racism is too much really. The U.S. is engaged in a nazi inspired war of extermination of Muslims, browns, indigenous and Slavic peoples and it continues today..

As an indigenous American I am against the squatters that have committed genocide on my people and do not consider their government or their president legitimate. For in reality they are not. As there is no God some edict from the Roman Catholic Church (the Doctrine of Discovery) means nothing. They are illegal occupiers but they kill or imprison any opponent..

If they are allowed to continue to destroy Russia they will then take over the world and the Aryan/Zionist dream detailed in Mein Kampf will be a reality. Given this climate what should I do? Seek citizenship in a country based solely on racial make-up? Or continue fight to defend Russia which has given me asylum yet will never given me citizenship or call me Russian. Even after 20 years, 2 wives and 2 children who are Russian. Yes I have two children who are Russian but according to the documents I only have two American children who are forced to live as refugees as well. Below is proof that some decided I will have no rights even to my Russian children..

As you can see even though I have two children who are Russian citizens one named Varia and the other named Sonya, the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation refuses to list them in my documents. Rather than helping me to obtain citizenship and legalize my status as they were instructed to do by the Administration of President Putin, they continue to do everything possible so that I never obtain citizenship. Which is why my wife is being made to divorce me as quickly as possible. In a couple months we will have been officially married for three years and I would be eligible for citizenship under marriage. Even though I have been eligible for citizenship under refugee guidelines for seven years..

What should I do? Who is behind this? Russians following instructions from Washington or just racist Russians. I don't care anymore but judging from the facts and from people like McFaul and Tefft I would say it is the first and Russian Counter Intelligence should be interested in these people. I want to simply legalize my status and live normally. I would also like to see my children who were kidnapped from me..

There you go assholes. Now it is out there. Transparent for the world to see. Should I get more transparent and name names?      

No children

March 29, 2015

She Just Took Every Penny and Walked Out

I suppose next, with my wife's help, they will try to say I was never married and never had a daughter, like they said in court I was not a News Reader. Within a few days of taking this picture she left. Why? Well since she took every penny I had I guess it was for the money or she is working for someone, I honestly do not know..

My Family


Now it all becomes much clearer why this Krasovsky was so interested in us and asked questions regarding our asylum including the names of the people handling our cases. Now it is also clear why Krasvosky deleted all my work for his self-PR platform the "Independent News Service" I wrote an article exposing Tefft and what he was sent to Russian to do which disappeared. Nothing to see here kids move along now!!


The man to Krasovsky's right may be John Tefft..

Fuck the CIA

March 27, 2015

Lawsuit Against 5th Column Finished as Expected: Useless to Fight

Possibly Last Post:: Court went as was expected and the 5th column won..According to the proceedings I was not even an announcer with Rossiya Sevodnya. I received no compensation whatsoever and even making me work every night for a month with no teeth was not worthy of compensation. My firing after announcing my wife had had a baby and my working more hours than the rest of the staff was also not seen as discriminatory. There is no freedom of speech and what I have said before we do not even have elementary human rights. This blog, my site and my anti-American journalistic work and I am personally finished. I have lost my job, home, my family, my newborn child and my health. The only thing next would be if they set me up on some fake charges like they did my son. I will not be waiting for that..

Testimony and oral argument was useless. the judge even stated openly that all that mattered was what was on paper. This is standard practice in Russian court..

March 25, 2015

Provocation in Street

Walked out of my flat and into the street to catch a bus andd three bums were walking by and started calling me Devushka. It was a provocation. I was supposed to get into a fight with them. I calmly told them to fuck off and waited for them to attack me. There was a woman who appeared out of nowhere to stand and watch the whole exchange. I imagine had I reacted she would have been the witness..

March 24, 2015

My lawsuit against the 5th Column at Rossiya Sevodnya has already been decidedd

All Documents I filed with the Courts, the Prosecutor General, the Communications Ministry and the Investigative Committeee  

Although I presented a mountain of evidence the prosecutors have officially declared that state run and owned Rossiya Sevodnya did absolutely nothing wrong. My work was censored, I was forced to work as a slave, I was forced to work like five people, I was forced to work illegally long hours reading the news while I was undergoing dental reconstruction and had no upper teeth, I was poisoned and then illegally terminated the day after I informed them that my wife had had a baby leading to the divorce which I wrote about below.  

March 23, 2015

Divorce Court Farce: Every Word and Paper I Filed Were Ignored

Attended divorce court. Wifey told lie after lie..The judge just listened carefully and ignored my protests to each lie. Judge implied I was lying when I said I had been to a lawyer yesterday when in fact I had been to two and could prove it. I asked for 3 months to gather all of the documents and legal motions for the court. The judge gave me a month while implying that I was lying when I said I needed more time. Process was completely biased and one sided. The judge said she was already ready to rule even though she does not have all of the information. She of course is ready to rule against me. It was a totally one-sided event. In the patriarchal society which is my beloved Russia when it comes to children the father has no rights. The proceeding was complete farce. The entire deck is stacked against me as I am dark skinned, a marginalized "refugee", not Russian, and lastly as this was a woman judge defending the rights of poor oppressed women, I am a man..

The judge did one good thing for our side. She accepted a document I prepared by myself in my own defense which I thought she would refuse and she did not spend the entire hearing insulting me for my less than perfect Russian as she did the first time when I asked her for clarification on one point. During the first hearing the entire proceeding was taken up by the judge reminding me I am not Russian and insulting me for believing I have some right to Russian citizenship. Wifey apparently told the judge I married her to get citizenship although in Russian law since I have asylum and applied for citizenship under asylum rules marriage has no bearing on anything. During the first hearing the judge made it clear that the divorce would be finalized ASAP leading me to believe the whole affair is to make sure that I can not file for Russian citizenship under the three year marriage rules, her insulting my Russian makes it appear that I can not file for citizenship under Russian language rules. Given all of the factors involved I am very suspicious as to the motivations of all parties involved. I behaved with honor and actually loved my ex and my newborn daughter but they are using that to manipulate and damage me further. During the first hearing I had to remind the judge repeatedly that we were there to discuss a divorce and the welfare of my daughter as it appeared she only wanted to drag me through the dirt..

Yesterday I told the judge that I had attempted to make peace with my ex and had offered what little money I had to buy stuff for the baby and she continues to refuse to answer any of my messages or calls. The judge ignored my words. I have a snowflake's chance in hell attempting to defend myself in this women's court. Despite the fact that I did nothing wrong, did not beat my wife, did not cheat on her did not abandon the baby I am the one who must try to make peace with my ex who has behaved monstrously. Everything was okay and one day she just took all the money, my personal possessions and the baby and left while I was at work. My sin was that I lost my job and we were going through tough economic times.  

We are desperately in need of money to pay for lawyers, court filings and to cover living expenses.  

Copies of court documents available upon request..

Internet translation (Note: Я плоха пишу на Русском но стараюсь. Это перевод я знаю плохой и я заделал с помочь интернет переводчик но я думаю что должен быть Русский язык на сайт и теперь буду старятся этого делать)   

Участвовал суд по разводу. Wifey на врала на права и на лева. Судя просто внимательно слушал и проигнорировал мои протесты каждой лжи. Судья сказала что я наоборот вру когда я сказал, что я был с адвокатом вчера, когда на самом деле я был в двух и может это доказать. Я спросил продление 3 месяцев, чтобы собрать все документы и делать все юридических движений для суда. Судья дал мне месяц, а это означает, что не верит когда я сказал, что меня нужен больше время. Процесс был совершенно предвзято и односторонне. Судья сказала, что она уже была готова решать всю, даже если она не имеет всей информации. Она, конечно, готов выступить против меня. Это было совершенно односторонним событием. В патриархальном обществе, которая является моей любимой России, когда речь идёт о детях отец не имеет права. Производство было завершено фарс. Вся карте уложены против меня, как я темнокожий, "беженец", не Русский, и, наконец, как это было Женский-судья защиты прав бедных угнетённых женщин, я мужчина.     

Судья сделала одну хорошую вещь для нашей стороне. Она приняла документ я приготовил сам в свою защиту, которую я думал, что она откажется, и она не провела весь созидание с оскорбление меня, как она сделала в первый раз, когда я спросил её, за разъяснениями по одной точке. Во время первого слушания вся производство был рассмотрен судьей напоминая мне, что я не Русский и оскорблять меня на почек что у меня есть право на получение Российского гражданства. Wifey по-видимому, сказал судье, я женился на ней, чтобы получить гражданство, хотя в Российском законодательстве, так как я беженец и подал на гражданство под предоставления статус убежуший, брака не имеет никакого отношения к чему. Во время первого слушания судья дал понять, что развод будет завершён как можно скорее и это дают меня верить все презвол организован  чтобы я не могу подать на гражданство РФ в соответствии с правилами брака на три года, её оскорбление мой Русский показывать, что они хотят что Я не смог подать на гражданство в соответствии с правилами русского языка. Учитывая все факторы, также замечу что я с большим подозрением отношусь как к мотивации всех участвующих сторон. Я вёл себя с честью и на самом деле любил мой бывший и мой новорождённую дочь, но они используют, что манипулировать и повредить мне в дальнейшем. Во время первого слушания Мне пришлось напомнить судье неоднократно, что мы были там, чтобы обсудить развод и благосостояния моей дочери, так как она появилась только хотел затащить меня в грязи..

Вчера я сказал судье, что я постарался помириться с моим бывшим и предложил то немногое, что у меня денег, чтобы купить вещи для ребёнка, и она по-прежнему отказывается отвечать на любой из моих сообщений или звонков. Судья проигнорировал мои слова. У меня нет никакого шанс там победит пытающегося защитить себя в этой суде для женщин Несмотря на то, что я сделал ничего плохого, не бил свою жену, не изменял её,  не отказал от ребёнка я тот, кто должен попытаться помириться с моим бывшим, кто вёл себя чудовищно. Все было в порядке, и в один прекрасный день она просто взял все деньги, мои личные вещи и ребёнка и ушла когда я был на работе. Мой грех в том, что я потерял работу, и у нас были трудные экономические времена.   

Нам очень нужен финансово поддержка и юридическая помочь. Денги у нас нету((((

March 22, 2015

I am still fighting to protect my name but it seems their lies carry more weight than the truth. What about that baseball bat meeting??

March 21, 2015

JAR2 has officially parted ways with Facebook out of security concernss and because Facebook was blocking my content and deleting my likes. Why the hell do people stay there when they know it is an NSA Facial Coordinates Database I do not know. Facebook was surpressing my positive posts about Crimea as well and as it is actually a tool for fomenting dissent in countries targetted by the CIA for color revolutions and regime change ethically I can in no way support it. If you are interested in what is going on with jar2 visit me here or join V-Kontakte..

March 20, 2015

Facebook Deletes Likes and Forbids Crimean Posts

Going to court. Which court? You will soon be informed. Currently fighting Facebook

Nazi followers

Deleted my Facebook account and nazis showed up on Twitterr

Crimea Facebook

March 19, 2015

Sberbank Clerk Attempts to Seize My Documents and Money


I really truly wish there was something good to write about but there isn't.. I went to Sberbank In yesterday to withdraw money from my account and they refused to give back my document until I signed for my withdrawal three more times. There was nothing wrong with my signature but they decided to just have fun with me because I do not have a passport but asylum documents which I have always used there and are on record. The clerk withdrew my money and then was holding it in her hand telling me she would not give it to me after she had already made the withdrawal. I had to scream and yell and threaten to call the police before they returned MY money and My document. I have faced continued discrimination from Sberbank and have given up attempting to get them to enter my data properly so that I can transfer money between my accounts. The unprofessionalism of their operations is unbelievable. This clerk complained that she does not have access to all of my accounts. Why should she? I was withdrawing from my savings account. My only options are suing them, for which I have cause, or taking my business elsewhere. DO NOT USE SBERBANKK

Actually there was something good yesterday. I was invited to thee Mastersakaya P Fomenko Theaterr to watch a play..There were actually two short plays which was a pleasant surprise. The first was a modern continuation of a work by Chekov and the second was a modern play set in a waiting room of a train station in the early 1900s. I was treated very well and got in by just saying my first name like some movie star or something. So the day did end well despite the Sberbank crap in the morning, I almost broke my leg falling down the stairs but that is nothing I guess. I was a few minutes late and the hall was dark and there were no lights. Again if this were any other place they could be sued for not providing adequate lighting on the stairs but not here..

March 16, 2015

Admitted MI-6 Killer Attempts to Damage Me from Australia


MI-6 tries to damage my relationship with the Russian authorites and fails. This bastard would not leave me alone so I published his threats. It is really infuriating that these animals first left me without employment and without even a penny to even eat, but then they attempted to demonize me when I had to start begging for money. To add to that the fact that I have a newborn daughter to take care of and had a wife to support makes my blood run cold. How then did my wife join them I have no idea. It is just like demonizing me for seeking Russian citizenship after living here in Russia for almost 20 years, being married twice to Russian wives and paying taxes etc. What is even more indidious is that I have never committed or been charges with ANY crime!!!! Racism in action kids!!!!

March 15, 20155

JAR2 Hacked by Computers Near McLean Virginia

My anti-cia account was hacked again and the password was changed for the 3rd time. The account is referenced in the message below..

Passowrd Hacked

Post One Tony Holland, Sergey Belous, Kristinn Khars, Anton Bespalov, Oleg Dmitrev, Sergey Kotchetkov, Gregory Krasovsky, Samuel McColloch, Victoria Alhimova, Mark Stolyar and some others..

5th Column

March 15, 2015

Time: the Great Avenger

Getting old is not something I would recommend, the body begins to fall apart, your energy levels begin to decline and the number of memories of personal tragedies, people one has loved and lost and events which have occurred begin to fill the mind causing many to become bitter, jaded and callous,  but these events and the eventual and final loss to time of the most precious thing we all have, life, is something that none of us can escape..

Time takes and takes and takes, an unstoppable machine relentlessly changing and destroying all organized systems as our small human efforts attempt to create and build something that may last. Everything however, eventually succumbs to the influences of time and except for the most brilliant among us time eradicates and destroys everything we do. Even the efforts of great and intelligent men, such as Vladimir Lenin, eventually become benign and a mere memory in the minds of the world. Therefore history and the keeping of a record is of utmost important to mankind and that record must be kept truthful and protected and unchanged and in fact unchangeable..

The Indians had a way of keeping records that stood the tests of time, they passed the records down through the generations and they remembered. It was an effective way to keep guard of history until the white man decided to commit genocide against the people. Some of their records still exist today but are so few and cast so far and wide that they have become simply pieces of a history rather than a historical record. Indian history would still be alive today if it were not for the genocide committed against them..

 Then the Chinese invented paper and the Europeans perfected the art of making paper and keeping records on it. Paper has also proven that it is not a dependable way to record our history. Paper is weak and easily destroyed and now paper and the books that are made of it are things that those living in the modern world may not have the same access to books that previous generations had..

Now we have the internet and computers to keep our records and to record our dealings, thoughts and that which is most precious to all peoples: our very history and lives. Yet this is also a completely undependable and temporary way to keep our history. It is also a way that allows anyone with the technological know-how and the means to literally play God and rewrite, edit, deleted and control access to what is our very history..

As the lovely caresses of Spring begin to thaw out the frozen lands around my beloved Moscow, I am struck by how fragile and temporary everything is. You and I and the world we live in. I am struck by how far we have gone down the road to what can only be described as hell, but what does that have to do with history? As I am surrounded by Earth shaking historical events in the making and as I see my life slowly but surely waning away, I am almost desperately want of a way to keep a proper record of everything around me..

As the remorseless genocidal war machine of the US and NATO continues to destroy my beloved Moscow in its godless drive for world domination I recall Anne Frank and her little diary. My hiding and the continuing attack by the US on the world is historical equivalent to the events that preceded Hitler's rise to power, yet knowing this in advance we are powerless to stop it because THEY control all of our methods of communication and have made rewriting history an art form..

I leave you with this thought dear reader: if you could stop a murderer who wanted to kill your family and all of those you love, would you? If you could stop a country founded on genocide and enslavement that wants to kill and enslave all of your loved ones, would you? If you could not stop them would you try? That is the reality I am faced with every day..

Yesterday a very nice person, someone I have never seen or spoke to made a step in fighting the evil that wants to destroy us all and made a very important contribution to my efforts. I will fill you in more in the near future but it is important to note that I am still standing and there are people behind the scenes that are also fighting the evil we all know will destroy the world.     

March 15, 2015

Something good happened almost... Will fill you in later if it really works out)))) If you read the TESLA report, available on the home page of this site, it is clear why everything has played out, and is playing out the way it has. The report clearly defines the perpetrators of 9-11 as Zionist-Nazi ideologues bent on world domination by force. The committed a coup in the United States in the year 2000 and then made it permanent on 9-11. Hiding behind a shield of anti-Semitic/Holocaust denial armor they have been able to manipulate and hide and grow. The media really is run by these people. I know for a fact the Russian media is and there can be absolutely no doubt about it. We had two cardinal rules at the VOR and they were: no talk of inconsistencies with 9-11 and we were always supposed to be kind towards Israel and at worst neutral in our approach. Zionist -Nazis are slaughtering Russians in Ukraine right at this moment and they will continue because they control the worldwide media, the internet and for the most part, the world. If you doubt read the TESLA report. The NEOCONs are Zionist Nazis and so is the abomination labelled Hussein Obama. They are attacking Russia through Ukraine and Russia is next, then China, that is a fact. NATO and war and death and terror are their tools.    

March 14, 2015

What can I add dear reader?? Nothing good to tell. IF there was anything good I would tell you. It has been a long fight and they have done so well in demonizing me that I almost believed them myself. I am in the process of picking myself up by the bootstraps and have several lawsuits that I filed in progress. I will not allow them to get away with what they have done to me. This includes all of you..

February 05, 2015

Dealing With Duplicity: Protecting Russia and Being Attacked

What has happened to Julian Assange? And what is WikiLeaks up to? What about Anonymous?? And then there is that pesky little genocide problem in Ukraine and the Malaysian Flight, MH-17 remember, that was taken down by the SBU under the control of the CIA. You will not hear about any of that on Russian English language media anymore because they are now in line and completely pandering to the U.S. machine. You will not hear how the 100% state owned and controlled Rossiya Sevodnya or RT have been taken over by a U.S. installed 5th column or are so soft in their approach that they appear to be working for the BBG, and you will definitely not hear about me and the way I was demonized and illegally terminated to keep me from continuing my reporting and my investigations into the situation in Ukraine and to appease the scum at the U.S. Embassy who demanded that I not be allowed to have a "platform" for my work..

When former U.S. Ambassador McFaul showed up he got right to the point. After I exposed him for the color revolution architect he was in the English language press he attempted to have me thrown in prison for threatening him. When that did not work the embassy issued a formal diplomatic complaint, with no evidence to back it up of course as there was none, saying I physically threatened him. McFaul then over the course of several years attempted to damage my reputation and ridiculed my journalistic work on various social media. But you will not hear about that anywhere either. A formal diplomatic complaint has to go through the State Department so to now hear them defending RT and Russian media it is unbelievable when they were demonizing everything we were doing a year ago. The reason? The Russian media is now towing the U.S. line. Those doing it (Zionist Jews and that is a fact) are in fact guilty of treason to the Russian State, but of course you will not hear about that either..

They try to say to Russian officials that they are engaged in subtle forms of "soft propaganda" while collecting second pay checks from the U.S. Embassy. Or that they are in fact engaged in some sort of grey or black propaganda but the truth is they are merely pandering to the United States..

While people are dying on a daily basis and Russians are being killed, slaughtered in fact, by CIA funded, trained and backed fascists in Ukraine the subverted Russian English language media is for the most part silent or engaged in such a soft approach that they are in reality pandering to the U.S. The U.S. installed 5th column, including people brought in especially from Ukraine before the Maidan knew that I would not pander to the U.S. and join them, not for any amount of money, and they proceeded to dispose of me. I was supposed to be taken down or commit suicide but that did not work.

Since the Russians involved knew I have asylum in attacking me because I am against the U.S. they in fact committed treason. But again you will not hear about that anywhere and you will not hear anything about me or my "case" at all. I am a refugee and for most people the fact that I have political asylum makes me less than human or means there is something wrong with me. Even for Russians..

I have taken a stance and fought against U.S. illegality, war crimes, genocide, mass murder, crimes against humanity and championed dozens of other anti-U.S. Government issues. There is nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with the fact that I question 9-11 or do not support the genocidal Zionist agenda. But since June of 2014 I have been poisoned, been subject to endless provocations, had people attempt to destroy my realtionship with the Russian Government, had others trying to get me to leave Russian territory where the U.S. would immediately grab me and take me to Gunatanamo or some toher Black site to be tortured and attempts to demonize me by Russians following U.S. orders or working for the CIA..

That is why I am afraid to publish anything here because if some Russian reads it they may get they idea that they can get a U.S. visa or collect some money at the embassy for messing with me, delivering information or even taking me out and yes just like there are Ukrainians who will kill their fellow Ukrainians because the U.S. tells them to, there are Russians who will do the same and even more who would do so to a "black ass" like me..

Since being placed on an SBU/Right Sector hit list of Russian propagandists I should have been protected but instead I was terminated from my job in the media (media now being praised by Nuland's nazi State Department). Even though I have been protected from U.S. agents and tools like McFaul I have been silenced by for the most part Russian nationals, which is odd at this juncture to say the least, and backs up my statements of a 5th column in operation. I can not write and have been forced into a fight for my mere survival. I can not even think about all of the wrongs that are being done to me as they add up on a daily basis because everyday I am hungry and just trying to find a way to buy some bread to keep my stomach filled with something and every month I have to try to find almost 2 thousand dollars to pay the rent on a flat that should cost around 400..

They have succeeded in even controlling what I put on this site, thanks to none other than my own soon-to-be-ex-wife who decided with her mother that their "business" in the U.K. and their foreign travel is more important than supporting a member of their own family or that my daughter has a father. It is not in my nature to demonize and attack people, that is why I have not named the following people before: Sergey Kotchetkov the guy who pushed me out of my media job and in whose office I was poisoned, or Samuel McCulloch, the CIA planted "content editor" at RIA/Russia Today who refused to publish my interviews and articles, or Sergey Saenko (my ex boss) who told me not to get involved in politics that that would end badly (after I had bere doing exactly that for 6 years under his orders) and that he would start some felony criminal case against me when I was protesting the 5th column, or Oleg Dmitrev the two-faced son of a bitch who made me work for a month reading the news on the radio with no teeth and then fired me the day after I told them my wife had had a baby, or Anton Bespalov the guy who marginalized my work and made it disappear from the Voice of Russia site as soon as he appeared or finally Mark Stolyar who came in and gutted the Voice of Russia so that it was then deemed ineffective and liquidated. But in being silent I have not helped myself but only assisted them in destroying me..

As I said tthis goes with my soon-to-be-ex-wife as well. I honestly thought I could trust her and confided almost everything to her but as women will do I guess, she did an about face and stabbed me in the back, but I have been silent because I lived in terror of what these scum will do to me. That has changed. I do not give a shit anymore. Why? Because these people are in fact committing treason by aiding the United States..

I will not go into how some guy tried to push me off a metro platform today "accidentally" of course, or how some guy in U.S. army fatigues came out of a crowd and was staring at me for about 5 minutes as if he was preparing to kill me, or how my anti-CIA account keeps getting the password hacked, or how Alpha Bank and Sberbank continue to treat me as if there is something wrong with me even though I am supposed to have all of the rights of a Russian citizen but they keep discriminating aginst me, or how the law firm that wrote up my lawsuit against my former employers and the 5th column continue to have problems sending the complaints to the proper judicial bodies after 3 months, or how FMS continues to ignore my application for citizenship and the applications of my children, or how the Presidential Administration of President Putin does the same, despite being aware as to all of my previous work and all of my work for the Russian Government, what I want to tell you is also not about the way my soon-to-be-ex-wife lied to me and several acquaintances so that I would borrow a huge sum of money and give her the money for the rent to pay off her credit card debt, money which she promised to give back immediately, but in fact how the same soon-to-be-ex-wife packed up the baby while I was at work, took many of my personal possessions which mean nothing to her, including an Icon, and has refused to allow me to have any contact with my six month old daughter..

Yes she did that and that is a fact and I have now told the world about it so KILL me. But that is not the worst, after she did that I went to the flat where she is holding my daughter and rang the door bell. I had wanted to see my daughter and find out if she was okay as she had been in the hospital. I rang the door bell and immediately "while I was on the 2nd ring" got a threatening call from her father. this was repeated a second time a few days later. No one opened the door and no one spoke to me other than the threats from her father on my cell phone. Again that happened 2 times last December..

That was the New Year's/Christmas present from my soon-to-be-ex-wife. Why am I telling you this? Because I would like to see my daughter and even though I have that right I am being denied it. I even called the United Nations about it because FMS has even refused to put her name in my official documents. I have not turned my back on my daughter, I have not denied she is mine, I have not abandoned her but my soon-to-be-ex-wife has attempted to demonize me even with regard to this..

She actually went to the police and filed a police report that I was at her door threatening her, even though the surveillance cameras only show me ringing the door bell three or four times and standing quietly by the door as I answered my cell phone when her father called and then I quietly left on both occasions. But I have received e-mails saying all kinds of terrible things about me from people she is lying to and the like. I was also told by the police that I can not post my daughter's picture on this website. Which I was forced to take off. What is my point? My point is that I have done nothing wrong and have behaved with politeness and honor and abided by the law when these bastards do whatever the hell they want..

When you are marginalized, a refugee and struggling to survive people come out of the woodwork to attempt to drive more nails into your coffin and since I fully expect to be killed soon or die of a heart attack I have taken the gloves off..

A good example is renown author William Blum (who refuses to question 9-11) and was on my mailing list and I counted as a supporter, and who told me if I thought ex-Reagan advisor/CIA analyst Paul Roberts who is writing for Rossiya Sevodnya was part of a 5th column subverting Russian media, I was crazy..

Another is my soon-to-be-ex-wife whom I trusted and who betrayed me completely. I am almost 50 years old, I am quiet and polite and do not go out and live like a prisoner in this flat, other than this site and the internet and my articles and journalistic work I did not communicate with anyone, so characterizing me as some guy threatening people is beyond the pale and not allowing me to see my daughter whom I love is just another in her many attempts to get me to commit suicide..

Whether she is acting on her own or taking instructions from someone is not important, what is important to me is that my rights and the rights of my daughter to see her father are being violated. I will not smear my ex or talk about her alcoholic lifestyle or her faults as a parent in public but I need to go to court in order to force her to let me see my daughter. I love my little daughter very much and it is killing me that I can not see her. So I ask you to please donate something to help me pay a lawyer so that I can defend my right to see my daughter..

I decided to publish this stuff because my-ex is running around playing innocent and defenseless and demonizing me to officials, police, judges and anyone else she can to damage me,  when in fact she has robbed me, attacked me with knives and blunt objects to the head on multiple occasions and left me deaf in my right ear..

The police will not do anything as I am a man and as any man knows who has suffered an alcoholic abusive wife knows, no one will listen. The worst thing she did was physically attack me when I was holding the baby after I protested her coming home drunk late at night after having been out in freezing temperatures all day with my sick baby daughter. In any other country the police would have done something but not here, so again all I have is the net..

I will tell you one more thing, if you are thinking of seeking asylum in Russia don't. Even if you are granted it you will have no rights whatsoever and absolutely no form of social or legal support. Unless of course you are an ethnic Russian from Ukraine. They are even giving those people apartments, not to mention jobs and instant citizenship..

Currentlyy I have not been able to publish much on the site because I am struggling to fight what can only be quiet literally described as a slow death from starvation but perhaps you will support the site and my son and older daughter as well, who are suffering too, and donate something to help us in our struggle as the rent comes due again..

If you are not indifferent and have the means please make a personal transfer through PayPal to jar2@list.ru , only a personal transfer because if not then Pay Pal asks everyone for passports and other documents and as I am not in the U.S. you can not make a charitable contribution. Please help my daughter to see her dad!!! And write to your press and ask them: why don't you cover Julian Assange and other refugees and exiles from the U.S. machine??

As for the media, do not trust them, just turn them off. It is one thing when white propaganda is being spun but quiet another when black propaganda from a 5th column is being pushed as truth. Every day the U.S. is killing Russian Christians in Ukraine. Any Russian media not screaming about that is in collusion..

February 03, 2015

Russian Media DOA/Subverted: US Backing Achieved

COMING SOON You Can Not Trust the Media, U.S. Spokestool Jen Psaki endorses subverted Russian media When Jen Psaki, probably the most pathological serial liar the entire U.S. disinformation apparatus, comes out and defends a Russian media outlet which less than a year ago the U.S. was demonizing at every turn and which had always been the nemesis of the those attempting to get people to believe the lies helping push through U.S. gun boat foreign policy, it is clear that something is terribly wrong..

January 16, 2015


Anon Censored

07-22-2015 - 01-15-2015

McFaul 2.0: Another CIA/US Military Attempt to Shut Us Down and Get Us Expelled from Russia

Phoney "Russian Intelligence Officer" Self Destructs Threatening and Attempting to Blackmail JAR2
Westward Bound Fuck

January 11, 2015

Meet CIA Asset in Russian Media Who Took Out JAR2

Pierre Omidyar and the Subversion of States: the End is Coming Soonn

CIA analyst, advisor to Ronald Reagan during the destruction of the Soviet Union and now “propagandist for the 100% Russian Government owned Sputnik/RIA Novosti/Rossiya Sevodnya/RT” Paul Craig Roberts, who now has my job and is laughing all the way to the bank as Russian taxpayers are paying him to subvert Russia, says the terrorist attack in France was a false flag and now he is supposedly a heroic whistleblower who is out of the loop exposing government crimes. Needless to say he has not called out the US for the Boston Bombing, 9-11 or the phony “War on Terror”, but France! Yes evil France. But why is Roberts blasting France. Because France is friends with Russia. Marine Intelligence content editor for RIA-Sputnik or whatever, Samuel “CIA Plant” McCulloch is obviously on board on this one. The 5th column in action. Yes people these are the alternative media, truth seekers and "outsiders" who are being paid to effectively promote the Russian Federation and the Russian position! Now let me go and puke. But wait it is worse. Remember I promised a Pierre “Color Revolutions Are US” Omidyar piece, which so cozily interconnects with the 5th column here in Moscow, well read on soon. Omidyar like Roberts is another outsider.   

MCCulloch Bitch

McCulloch from US Intelligence/CIA to Content Editor on Russian state media

Anyone will tell you if you are investigating a crime or a "secret" organization or grouping that the first place you should look is at the money and then you look at the connections. There is a more than a circumstantial link in most cases through association and this is more important the higher you go up in the chain and the more serious the crimes are that you are attempting to uncover. In this case the crimes are quite serious and range from treason, to the subversion and destruction of states, to genocide, to wars of aggression, to misappropriation of huge sums of government funds and finally but not limited to the killing and or destroying of witnesses who threaten to expose the conspiracy. The web in this case is huge and the players so powerful that it has proven impossible for any investigative journalist or even government to have any effect or bring the guilty to justice. In this case we have state actors, the most powerful people on Earth, NATO, entire millitaries and the intelligence agenices they have taken over all involved in an ongoing long term attempt to literally take over the world at any cost..

January 06, 2014

Would you sign this contract if your wife was pregnant and you were threatened with termination if you did not??

January 1 to 5, 2015

5 kilograms of  small shells from the Sea of Azov in Crimea for sale. Starting bid at 30.000 rubles. Perfect for art , jewelry and crafts. E-mail jar2@list.ru

Sea Shells  Crimea