Vladimir Putin - 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory
Shared Responsibility to History and Our Future



"AJI AYA BOMBE!" (Better dead than a slave) - Old Taino Indian Saying

If I did not fight against the Corporation of the USA I would be a traitor

to my people. The indigenous people of Turtle Island - John Robles II


Многоуважаемый Президент Путин,
Мой сын был невиновен. У нас не было 9 миллион их заплатит.
Всегда Ваш
Джон Энтони Роблес

Dear President Putin,

My son is innocent. We just did not have 9 million rubles to give them.

Always yours,

John Robles




The Real History of the Great Patriotic War - World War II

Always Remember, Never Forget Russia's Victory Over the Nazi Scourge

Operation Archive and the Disposal of hitler's Remains




75 лет Великой Победы общая ответственность перед историей и будущим Президент России

 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory Shared Responsibility to History and our Future President of Russia

Vladimir Putin The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World War II

Nulands Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition


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