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  The "Alternative Media", independent sites, leak sites, truth sites, Russia based sites, anti-Globalist, anti-War and the almost non-existent pro-Russian sites in English, plus 911 Truth sites, any site with serious critical honest geopolitical commentary and those not under Zionist or Western control have all but disappeared from the net and are under complete and total attack. I can add to the previous mentioned targets: journalists who expose the CIA and US/NATO illegality, anyone who is pro-Putin, pro-traditional values and finally is an unwanted ethnic minority and you can imagine the fight I have on my hands just to stay alive. The most obvious reason to support JAR2 is because we have material that you will not find ANYWHERE on the Web but the deeper reason is to support the very basis and foundation of a free Internet, the fight for government accountability and the all of the forgotten and noble ideals, repsonsibilities and principles of real journalism.  


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