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From Opium Trafficking to JFK, All Our Work Being Consolidated



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RoblesTiny Press Release and Open Letter from John Robles and

Press Release and Open Letter from John Robles: Editor/Publisher/Investigative Journalist at JAR2 dot com



We Expose US Nuclear/Biological Genocide Projects Against Russia




Bоенные США уничтожают Украину биологическим оружием…




911 BOOM!!! JAR2 REDEEMED!!! "911 was a MOSSAD CIA False Flag used to protect the Zionist entity from any future military threat and expand the parasitic hegemony of the US and the illegitimate Tel Aviv regime throughout the world by the Zionist inspired War on Terror." (Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6?) - A Fearless Black Hats Film


On the 17 Anniversary of 911: The Litmus Test


Another Failed CIA Coup Exposes CIA Front 21-Air and Much More







FSB Catches Whelan: CIA Fronts, USMC Intel/Steele, FVEY



CIA Front and SBU in Naval Provocation Against Russia

CIA Front Openly Hiring for "Secret" Operations in Ukraine

Ukraine Violates Russian Territorial Waters in an SBU Provocation


2018 Year in Review, New Article by JAR2

The Out of Control CIA + 911 + Historical Revisionism + Fake News + the Atavism of NATO


  BROWDER/CIA/MI6 Russian Spy Network Killed Magnitsky


  Russia Deploys Unmatched Avangard Glide Vehicle


Alexander Zaharchenko Assassinated by CIA Proxies 

The Assassination of Alexander Zaharchenko

Молния: При взрыве в Донецке погиб глава ДНР

МВД ДНР: Задержаны подозреваемые в убийстве Захарченко


Spying on Covert Global UK/US Military/Spy Installations


Anti-Spy the FBI/CIA/DHS Et Al: Instructions for Russians

Beating the FBI: Practical Advice for Russians and You


If You Celebrate Thanksgiving: May You Choke to Death


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