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The misplaced love


Maria’s Mistake – Believing the Myths – The US-Russia Divide

The misplaced love of the US by certain “Liberal” Russians, well-meaning citizens of the world and other members of the global citizenry, brainwashed by the nefarious US propaganda machine and their deep misunderstanding of Machiavellian internal US political machinations, is the single biggest threat and tool that the Empire has left and something which must be understood by all Russians at all levels involved in dealing with the Americans and also by all global and US based hactivists, seekers of truth, investigative journalists and anyone involved in business or geopolitics.

Being “Old School”, I myself have had to research and study just to simply understand who and what are pulling the strings and being as I exist in an “International” grey zone (the best description for being an Asylee in Russia I can come up with) this understanding is not only necessary but is key to ensuring my own survival. Since I have put my life out there in the public domain and in keeping with my responsibilities as a journalist and seeker of truth, I thus wish to share my finding in the hopes that my struggle will be able to help others. Nothing devious or underhanded here, I serve the truth and you the reader.

A Warning to Russians Travelling to the US

First and foremost you must remember that the US has taken a position that we are at war or that Russia is a threat to the United States. There are factions in the United States that are doing everything possible to bring our countries to war and who are spreading Russpohobia and spy hysteria to the point where Russian citizens in the US need to be extremely carefully and always on the alert. The level of hate of Russians in the US has never been higher except perhaps in the darkest days of the Cold War.

These Deep State actors seek to blame all of their crimes and failures on Russia and on Russians, whether they be hackers, or GRU Officers or made up spies, and these people will orchestrate arrests on any grounds they can create in order to attempt to support their thesis that Russia is evil and must be destroyed.
Not only would I advise Russians to not travel to the United States as they may be physically attacked, beaten or even killed strictly on racial or ethnic grounds but I would encourage the Russian Security Services to educate Russians on some of these internal US issues and issue travel advisories for Russians seeking to travel to the United States especially with the growing civil unrest all across the country.

Maria’s Mistake – Don’t You Repeat It

Being a pro-gun activist is great and Maria probably thought America is the place to be for that except this is an extremely dangerous internal US issue and the Deep State and people in power are currently doing everything they can to rid Americans of their guns. I will not go into the FEMA Camps conspiracies taking place or the mass incarcerations that these Deep State actors are attempting to bring about, but the fact is that they do not want a populace that can fight back against their rule. Therefore Maria instantly had a target drawn on her by the Deep State and since they control the Security Services and the Government to an almost total degree, they will do anything to arrest, detain and use any Russian for their propaganda purposes.

Russians must understand that the US elites are venomously racist and truly hate Russia and Russians. These “elites” have included people like Zbignew Brzezinski who used to shake and froth at the mouth if he heard the word Russia. The “Liberal” elites are populated by arch Russophobes who continue to blame Russia for their abysmal loss and use Russia to distract from their own crimes and the ranks of the “Conservative” elites are full of the same with the only real thing uniting them right now this very hate of Russia that is not based on reality but stoked and driven by the media every day.

US “high society” has never accepted Russians or outsiders in it ranks and given the current climate it would be dangerous for any Russian to attempt to do business or have dealing with people at those levels and in those circles. From the reports I have seen Maria was socializing, or attempting to socialize in the DC elite circles, where even rich white Americans may fear to tread, and she has been made an example.

Russians must lose the illusion that the US is Russia’s friend. They are currently funding organizing and orchestrating the killing of Russians in Donbass and any Federal Agent who can arrest a Russian for spying or actions against the state will ensure his career prospects. Therefore it is doubly dangerous for Russians and given the tactic that has emerged of fabricated arrests and False Flags and the use of patsies who are then killed this is an extremely dangerous environment for Russians in the USA.

In the old days there used to be FBI Counter Intelligence and the CIA who carefully studied and observed and gathered evidence before they made espionage arrests. Now there are dozens of Federal Agencies and the widespread use of Secret Grand Juries who in effect fabricate whatever evidence is needed to keep with the false narrative.

There are now actors in the US Government, the 911 Shadow Government and the Deep State, which have taken over normal Government and those who are members of the Illuminati Secret Conglomerate who are advancing the real goals of the Anglo-Saxon-Roman Empire and the New World Order, the foundations of which are genocide and xenophobic racist hate and which includes the complete destruction of Russia and the Russian World.

Given the aforementioned factors, the dividing the people and stoking of racist hate which includes against Russians, the spread of pedophilia and sexual perversion, the complete and total surveillance state, the FEMA camps and REX84, the New World Order operations, the Deep State attempting to fabricate every kind of evil against Russians, religions now being used as tools to advance a Satanic agenda and the current military conflicts pitting US backed forces against Russia and her allies, it is long past overdue that Russians take a serious look at the lie and the false hope that is America. The West and the US have absolutely no respect for rule of law or international standards and will do anything to create the false narrative they seek. In this case endless spies and attacks by non-existent Russians hackers and agents and to keep that false narrative going they will continue to arrest and fabricate cases against any Russian who is not alert and not aware of the devious tactics used by the Deep State.

Recruitment by the CIA and Other Agencies

The CIA is currently desperate to recruit Russian Agents of every kind, this fact is evidenced by the CIA's recent open recruitment call for Russian speakers on Twitter, the fact that close to 900 CIA officers were evicted from Moscow, reported open attempts to recruit expelled Russian Diplomats and on a personal level the continued CIA attempts to recruit and manipulate my own son.

The CIA may even entrap you with false charges and then force you into working for them.

Honestly this is not a good period in history to be visiting the US and if you think your dreams of living in Manhattan and sharing secrets with Demi Moore are something doable you need to wake up, such things will never happen.

Surveillance and Personal Data

If you do decide to go to the USA be warned that all of your personal devices may be copied and/or confiscated and you could face prosecution if you refuse to give them your personal devices or if they find pirated software in your laptop for example.

You can also be certain that you will be under surveillance 24 hours a day and that surveillance teams can now consist of almost anyone, so they are very difficult to spot if they are professionals. You will also face complete and total electronic surveillance which means anything you say and anything and everything you do in the USA may be recorded and then used against you if they decide to arrest you.


There are some people in the US who love Russians and do not believe all of the media and government lies but those are vvery few and far between. The problem is not the average AMerican but an increasingly radicalzied racist societal element and the Deep State actors controlling the Government and Media and their endless campaign to demonize Russians.

SIGNS -Red (Dead) Sparrow Revisited - We Make Our Own Fate, Pull the Trigger

June 06, 2018 -



Not that it means anything to anyone except us, but it is only six degrees outside and they are saying it may go below zero tonight. It is June 06, 2018. They talk of Global Warming??? Where???? This is an anomaly really... Quite serious... Oh and tomorrow is the famous live call in with Putin where selected people actually get their problems solved. I say selected, however they may be simply created for the big show. I actually had hope before and sent in pleas begging for help but of course the Western controlled puppets will never allow the plight and 22 years of suffering of my family and I to make it to the big show. Their fucking narrative has been decided and according to their narrative (the 5th column) we are nothing. So the 5th column will have to be destroyed. )))


         One of my readers asked what the dead sparrow I wrote about below means and although it is rather personal I think it is important given the date and the rarity of sparrows in Russia. Any other date and it would not have got my attention as the event did and had it been another dove or raven it would not have stood out whatsoever. Given the recent QANON Operation and my outing of CIA Operators behind QANON  with the Red Sparrow tweets, on a platform no less with connections to MKULTRA Project BLUEBIRD (to force confessions), the sparrow aspect stood out even more (again sparrows are a rarity here probably due to the sever and brutal climate), and to be honest I even pondered for a minute whether it would be possible to program a bird to fly into a window and break its own neck on command, thus given all of the aforementioned, there was definitely something here to think about at least for a few minutes to get the mind off of more pressing issues such as real Red Sparrows and unforgiveable betrayal. One must have something to occupy ones mind and refresh the synapses once in a while wouldn't you agree dear reader? 




        Even the most brilliant minds in Intelligence and Counter Intelligence could not have created a better message for me, one which clarified and crystalized my thoughts and showed me the path I must go down, therefore I have to truly and honestly consider the existence of real and present spiritual forces, and in this case the almost tangible Hand of God, which are guiding my life and always at the periphery of my consciousness. As an allegory for my current position in the multiverse this simple event encapsulated almost everything I have been dealing with and even pointed out to me my own inner weakness that has prevented and crippled my thinking in the past.

        I will try to explain this with mathematical simplicity so as to be as concise as possible giving the coinciding values in the formulation, and thus communicating to you dear reader the allegory as follows: first the significance of the sparrow aspect as described above with the significance and real meaning of the Jennifer Lawrence character (an MKULTRA mind control slave transposed onto Russian Intelligence in yet another transference operation) added in. The sparrow character signifies the blackest aspects of treason and duplicity packaged in an innocent and attractive container. The fact that I was being hunted, targetted and stalked in the QANON Operation can be seen to be correlated by the sparrow attempting to enter my safe perimeter by slamming through the window, as QANON did when it started trolling my own site and moved out of Twitter while making the fatal mistake that I was its ally as I drew the Operation into my own trap using their own vanity, belief in their own brilliance and weaknesses to assist them in outing and thus destroying themselves. Hence the sparrow attempting to get me, ran into my defenses (the window glass) which it did not see, breaking its own neck. Are you still with me? Sound crazy? Perhaps, but I am just describing the possible "sign".  

       Next I actually take notice and go to see what it was and witness the sparrow with the broken neck lying on the ground its wings flapping from reflex signals, gasping for air, unable to scream or make a noise as its nerve paths have been severed, and my inner instinct is to help it (my weakness), this instinct is so strong that I run out in my house clothes and slippers and actually picked it up and tried to revive it (again my instinct to help this weak and defenseless creature of God despite the sheer hopelessness and self-inflicted nature of its plight). 

        As with QANON, and we could take the allegory to extreme levels and say the entire Western Intelligence Community, their real and secret treason and their own inability to actually see, in their gung-ho drive for domination, the wall surrounding their target, caused the sparrow to break its own neck, a fate there is no helping! The Lawrence figure is important because it is this attractive, beautiful and defenseless package, which evokes a desire to assist as if a fellow creature of God, and blinds the mind to the true nature of the entity. As with QANON, the Red Sparrow actually broke her own neck and the movie, were it made in Russia and were it to have reflected the true nature of Russian Intelligence, would have ended in the scene below with the Counter Intelligence Agent pulling the trigger, but of course the Western MKULTRA/MOCKINGBIRD Hollywood fakery kicked in and the attractive package actually got away with her treason and even betrayed her own family (a Russian patriot) and in the end protected a CIA Mole and thus herself became one.

The Psychological Operation here and the barely hidden sub-text of this film is that attractive CIA packages will conquer any enemy and the CIA, which is "good" and "righteous" always wins, and of course Russia is evil.    

The Real Ending We Should Have Seen - And a Flock of Sparrows

The ending we should have seen, a pulling of the trigger.

        For the Russian Counter-Intelligence Officer this would be a good training film underlying the absolute necessity of not allowing attractive packages to get in the way of your assessment of the true nature of your subject. My allegory would underline the absolute necessity in the interests of State Security, to pull the trigger when that option is clearly warranted and not pay attention to the CIA MOCKINGBIRD Controlled "Hive-Mind" (the audience) when making a judgment call. (There are such sparrows running around Moscow, enough to make a flock, yet for some reason they move about unhindered!)

        Wonderful! I have made this as simple as possible, however the subject warrants further study and in fact I could write a book on it but won't. To make it even more simple, the allegory is that the sparrow which broke its own neck was an instrument of the devil (by its own choice) which sought to attack me, (an instrument of God by my own choice) and was not capable of seeing the protection of God in the form of the window pane.

         I hope I answered your question my dearly beloved reader)))) It is nice to know someone reads my blog and has the courage to write me and the curiosity to question. Stay awake and don't be a Sparrow. Working for the CIA will end with a broken neck and there is nothing and no one who will help you.


Let's not forget QANON put us in a KILL BOX

Anna Chapman Falsely Accused of “Grooming” Kids by Late "Journalist"

July 30, 2013 19:48 By John Robles Published on the VOR

Anna Chapman Falsely Accused of “Grooming” Kids by Late "Journalist"

Citing anonymous sources (as they alsways do when telling outright lies) including “current and former U.S. officials”, “people familiar with the long-running investigation” and “U.S. counterintelligence officials”, Devlin Barret at the Wall Street Journal published a story on July 26 making the wild claim that members of the Russian espionage team that was burned in the U.S. by Former SVR colonel and director of directorate “S” Alexander Vasilevich Sherbakov and assistant director Alexander Poteev, were grooming their children to be spies.

While some of the un-sourced statements made in the article are perhaps plausible the fact that the only cited source in the material, Peter Krupp a Boston lawyer who defended Andrei Bezrukov “Donald Heathfield”, called the accusations “crap” works to the detriment of the piece.

The attack on the children of the accused spies is a despicable one and the motivations behind it are to be questioned. Is the Wall Street Journal, a respected publication, simply attempting to improve their readership? Or perhaps the U.S. Government is feeding them information for political and other gain? Whatever the reason, the putting forward of such allegations without undeniable proof, accusations which could effectively black-list the kids for life, is unethical.

If one has any knowledge about the world of espionage and even just plain common sense one can come to the conclusion that not only are the allegations “expletive” but they are simply ludicrous for many reasons. The first one we should take apart is the allegation that Tim Foley’s parents told him that they were deep cover illegal Russian agents (illegal is the term for an agent operating under deep cover with a false identity and no diplomatic cover job), now who in their right mind, living decades to support their legend, would tell their teenage kid they were spies? The risk of capture or even death for the entire family would logically make such an “opening of the soul” unadvisable to put it lightly.

Second is the statement that young Mr. Foley then agreed to travel to Russia for intelligence training after the above-mentioned discussion. It is highly unlikely such an order was ever given from Moscow. For one if you are dealing with a second generation illegal and wish to groom him for service you do not, under any circumstances do anything that would blow the covers of all of the principles, agents involved in an operation that has been in place for decades. Nor would you do anything that might raise questions during a background check, one of the top alarm bells being foreign travel.

Using the allegations against young Mr. Foley, who is now not allowed to return to the U.S., the writer then somehow reaches the conclusion that of the other 7 children were also the subjects of some evil scheme to “groom” them to become spies, not all however.

Another claim the article makes is that all of the arrested “ring” members were “trained agents of the SVR”, this is also false as some had been recruited by their agent controller and had never had any official spy training. The author also cites “Moscow Center”, giving away the fact that he reads too many spy books which often use the term to refer to Moscow’s spy headquarters.

Due to these claims we again see the name of Anna Chapman being used by the world’s press, some headlines claiming she was grooming kids to be spies. They just can’t seem to leave her alone. The reason for this may be the fact that she is seen as being the team leader by some in the press, or the fact that she is so beautiful and caught the imagination of millions of people worldwide, or perhaps they just want to sell papers and increase readership and any time you mention Anna Chapman people are interested.

The process of choosing, recruiting, training and finally putting an agent into the field is a long, rigorous and secrecy shrouded one. You don’t just walk into SVR Headquarters and as one Russian “analyst” put it “enlist” so your kids can study English abroad and the state will foot the bill. You don’t just “groom” a kid to be a spy.

Such statements and articles, if they are to be believed would then make every Russian kid studying abroad a suspect for FBI Counter Intelligence surveillance. This is an example of irresponsible journalism and only goes to further Russo-phobia. But unfortunately the public eats it up.

So guilty or not, and I would just like to recall, that all of the “agents” in the Anna Chapman “spy ring”, were given a choice, innocent or not, they could plead guilty and be exchanged or they could plead innocent and stand trial, and of course they would have been found guilty. What choice did they have? As if the fact that innocent people may have been found guilty is not enough for the American public, they now want to vilify and go after the children.

I have one more thing to say to certain journalists, please stop reading spy novels and assuming everything they say is true, and please if you are going to make accusations which may damage people’s lives, make sure you have real-live-sources that can actually be verified, otherwise it all looks like another hack-job. And please keep the poor kids out of it, they have been through enough already or watch out, you never know, you might have a Ramon Mercader shadowing your every move. Give me a break!

Being an illegal is one of the most (if not the most) difficult jobs in the world. You give up your life and your very identity for your country and live for years under the intense pressure of being undercover, never being able to trust anyone, always having to live in fear for your life, giving your all and ready to make the ultimate sacrifice at any moment, it is not something everyone has the psychological fortitude to withstand and it is a life few would likely want for their children, especially someone who has been through it.



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