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Fancy Bears: Sex, Drugs and National Interests

FANCY BEARS - WADA LEAK 1.0 - 2.0 - The FIL Files

For Aggressive War: Ban the USA from the Olympics Forever


USA Continues to Try to Make Themselves the Champions They Are Not

It is completely OBVIOUS to the WORLD that the ridiculous sore losers in the USA are using WADA and the IOC to make them the WINNERS that they NEVER will be!!! Here CAS did not rule in favor of the US to make them champions in Rio. Rather than competing fairly they use courts!!!


Open Letter to IOC President From Victor Ahn: He Agreed to Neutral then Banned

Dear Mr. President Thomas Bach,

Back in 2002, I got my first opportunity to participate in Olympic Games. The present ones in Korea were supposed to become an especially significant part of my career for several reasons. Two weeks before the start of the Olympics I found out that the Olympic movement does not consider me an athlete, who deserves to be a part of it without even providing an explanation.

During my entire career journey in short track, I’ve never given a reason to doubt my honesty and my integrity, especially when it comes to my victories which I achieved with nothing but my strength and dedication. I have always maintained respect to  the sport itself, my rivals, the Olympic movement, and I’ve always complied with the anti-doping legislation. I honestly thought that properly completing all the steps to meet the criteria to be a part of the Olympic Games, a “clean” athlete deserves a right to compete there. However, the IOC commission has decided otherwise and didn’t provide me with reasons why so.

I thoroughly went over the criteria which commission utilized when they made this decision. I can honestly declare that I haven’t done anything that would justify putting me on the list of athletes barred from participating in the Olympic Games.

It is outrageous that there is no concrete reason which explains my exclusion from the Olympics, and furthermore people now view me as an athlete who used doping. After all these years in sports, this verdict of preventing me to be in Olympics has become a symbol of mistrust to me from the side of IOC as well as the reason of mistrust from the side of the entire sport community.

I hope that the IOC will ultimately declare their reason for my exclusion, so I will be able to defend my honor and dignity. I have a full right to believe and hope that I have the trust of my supporters, as well as journalists, after my long journey in short-track and with absolute absence of my fault in this situation, when I’m deprived an opportunity to participate in the Olympics.


Victor Ahn

 Russian Athletes to Compete With Numbers Not Names


The FIL Files: Scandinavian Asthmatics, Missed Athletes and Berlinger Bottles

‘Asthma + TUE = Olympic medals’: Fancy Bears reveal formula of Western athletes’ success

Greetings citizens of the world!

Fancy Bears' Hack Team has repeatedly reported anti-doping rules violations in summer sports. Today, prior to the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang we decided to call your attention to winter sports that have the same doping-related problems as track and field or football. The obtained documents of the International Luge Federation (FIL) show the violations of the principles of fair play: widespread TUE approvals, missed anti-doping tests and the double standards approach towards guilty athletes.

The TUE granting process showed its effectiveness among the runners who eager to obtain permission to take asthma medications prohibited in sports, in particular, salbutamol which opens airways to and from the lungs. The same practice is widely spread among skiers. Sometimes asthmatics represent the majority of a national team at winter sports competitions. For example, according to the chief physician of the Norwegian ski team Petter Olberg, 70% of the national team skiers suffer from asthma. It raises doubts and looks like an institutional conspiracy by the Norwegian Olympic Committee and national sports federations.

The Norwegians are using Salbutamol in large quantities and the scandal with the skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby is a perfect example. In 2016 he was penalized for taking a dose of salbutamol close to 10 times higher than the one allowed. However, Sundby was suspended just for two months despite such a serious anti-doping rules violation.

Sweden follows the Norwegian example. The Swedish Olympic Committee is also familiar with the formula for successful training of future champions: ASTHMA + TUE = OLYMPIC MEDALS. Thus, the junior athlete Rasmus Moberg, having the same “convenient” disease, just needs to obtain a TUE and his coach has no doubts that he will get a prescription. We will certainly see him standing at the winners’ podium.

WADA a Politicized Anglo-Saxon Org With Entrenched Leadership - FB




In this latest release by the Fancy Bears the internal workings of Wada are exposed and it is characterized and proven to be exactly what it appears to be given the way it functions.

The letter to the President of the IOC Thomas Bach from an Honorary member of the IOC Hein Verbruggen details the internal nature of the WADA as one run by Anglo-Saxon countries, one that is engaged in politicized operations, one that targets internal dissenters and enemies, one that is biased and has been targeting Russia since the Sochi games and finally an organization whose entrenched leadership act with impunity with no fear of being removed from their positions.

The letter also admits that WADA did not properly research Meldonium, which has been used to ban Maria Sharapova, which would be a basis for her to take WADA and all of those who have persecuted her to court.

From this letter we can see that WADA must undergo serious reforms but better be disbanded completely and replaced with an international and non-biased group!


Why This Matters !!!


This is a huge revelation and in a normal world this would cause shock waves but we live in a surveillance world controlled by mindless corporations and intelligence agencies who control the flow of information and can now successfully suppress and erase from public discourse anything they find inconvenient. Or am I to believe that the level of intelligence of the general population has dropped to such a level that no one really understands the significance of these revelations or that their apathy has reached such a level that no one cares or that since this involves Russia, which has been demonized, no one feels this is important? Just the fact that I have to write an explanation proves that the battle and the war for truth that I have fought for over 25 years is one that is hopeless! However saying that is exactly what "they" want and this is exactly what they have engineered to happen.

Here we have a "private" intelligence company, which is in fact an FBI Front, being paid hundreds of millions of dollars, and specializing in "Asset Forfeiture" targeting Russia in order to fabricate a case of doping to facilitate the seizure of Russian assets. This is outrageous!

We also have a paid informant Rodnichkov, who was given a car, and apartment and US Citizenship for his testimony, as the only witness and the entire basis for this fabricated persecution.

The documents also show the questionable chain of custody of the samples and the fact that they are pulling samples that are over 4 years old and there is no telling how much they have been manipulated, in order to continue with their fabricated case.   

If all of that is not enough to cause an uproar then there is the fact, proven by these e-mails and internal communications, that all of the parties involved at specifically targeting Russia and are all working closely together, which shatters all of their claims that they are independent and somehow fair and seek to rid sports of doping practices, when in reality what they are doing is facilitating states sponsored robbery and expelling Russia from the Olympics because they will lose and because Russia did such a wonderful job at Sochi and the sick demented US Hegemonists can not get over their butt hurt.



From JAR2

WADA vs. IOC: Fight for Clean Sport or Fight for Power?



Greetings citizens of the world. We are Fancy Bears'.

The Fancy Bears' Hack Team obtained the International Olympic Committee officials' correspondence. These emails and documents point to the fact that the Europeans and the Anglo-Saxons are fighting for power and cash in the sports world. WADA headquartered in Montreal, Canada supported by the United States Olympic Committee declared the crusade against the IOC on the pretext of defending clean sport. The national anti-doping agencies of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries joined WADA and the USOC under the guidance of iNADO. However, the genuine intentions of the coalition headed by the Anglo-Saxons are much less noble than a war against doping. It is apparent that the Americans and the Canadians are eager to remove the Europeans from the leadership in the Olympic movement and to achieve political dominance of the English-speaking nations. Moreover, they are looking toward depriving Lausanne’s old corrupt officials of access to multimillion funds and bribes that form an integral part of the sports world.

The USOC CEO Scott Blackmun's email sent to the IOC Director General Christophe De Kepper proves this point. The American official on behalf of the organization calls for WADA withdrawal from the IOC jurisdiction, so the Agency would be empowered to test and punish guilty athletes. In other words, WADA is willing to become a super-predator in the sports world and would have the sole authority to decide who is right or who is to blame.


The IOC Athletes' Commission members who are also represented in the WADA Athlete Committee stand for WADA independence from the IOC as well. Moreover, one of the IOC signatories, Tony Estanguet, is a member of the WADA Executive Committee and WADA Foundation Board.


Furthermore, we encourage you to look through the correspondence between the IOC officials and Canadian law professor Richard McLaren who initiated the Russian doping investigation. His stance unveils his real goal to get the trump card for the Anglo-Saxons in the game vs. IOC and not to fight against doping.

At first, Professor McLaren seemed to be delighted to cooperate with the IOC investigators, particularly with the Oswald and Schmid Commissions. Then, however, McLaren began to avoid the collaboration since he published the second part of his report referring to a business or urgent visit to a dentist. As a result, the IOC officials got furious.

According to the IOC Director of Legal Affairs Howard Stupp, Richard McLaren had been given a clear political order to expulse the Russian team from the Games and to discredit the IOC and the whole Olympic movement letting WADA fish in troubled waters.



Special attention should be paid to the McLaren team. The member of the investigation team, Richard Young, is a partner at the Bryan Cave company, Colorado Springs, CO. Mr. Young is in charge of collaboration between Richard McLaren and the IOC Medical and Scientific Director Richard Budgett.



Bryan Cave LLP is an international law firm that became famous for its close cooperation with the FBI. In fact, one of the company’s top employees Hal Goldsmith received the FBI Director's Award.

McLaren report chief investigator Martin Dubbey is also associated with the FBI. Mr. Dubbey serves as the Chief of intelligence for 5 Stones intelligence (5Si) in the UK and Europe. The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded the company as a Prime Contractor for the Asset Forfeiture Investigative Support Services Contract – a 7 year program valued at $625 million providing Specialized Financial Investigative Services to the DEA, FBI, OCDETF, ATF and U.S. Attorneys Offices. In addition, Martin Dubbey is a member of the FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.



It is notable that the McLaren investigation team includes former employees of the U.S. and British Special Forces. For example, David Tinsley, the Chief Executive Officer for 5Si, is a retired U.S. DEA Supervisory Special Agent with a total of 32 years combined Law Enforcement and Intelligence experience. Bryan Talay, the Chief Operating Officer (North America) for 5Si, served as the U.S. Navy Special Operations officer. Greg Kitsell is a British expert in Maritime/General Aviation Intelligence and Operations, working within the Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Military and Security sectors.

The facts above expose the sport officials’ tension over the fight for power and cash. The Anglo-Saxons feel free to attract private intelligence companies and even the U.S. special agencies. The struggle for clean sport looks like a special operation that involves Richard McLaren as a smoke screen for special agents. This is far from the real fair play spirit the Anglo-Saxons claim to protect.


We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – #OpOlympics


WADA LEAK 2.0 (RAW DATA) #OpOlympics

Key Findings: The So-Called Independent Bodies Closely Coordinated


Key Findings: Martin Dubbey is an Asset Forefeiture Expert (Chief Thief)


Key Findings: Investigation Based Only on Rodchenkov and McLaren

The IOC was on a Witch Hunt led by McLaren: Goal? Asset Forefeiture

Mutko and Rodchenkov Were Being Blackmailed and Paying Money to IAAF



MClaren Falsely Calls Himself an "Independent Person"

Files/WADA/RHM LetterBudget231216.pdf


WADA LEAK 1.0: The WADA Files












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