ARA SAN JUAN information - 4 Coded Letters Found In Bottle in Hamburg

The last time I sent you intel about the mapping systems and ciphers that were posted online, in regards to the missing submarine, the Q Anon Posts, and the White House Chatter.....I was able to pinpoint these attacks without ANY knowledge of the echolocation and the search results, during the first few days WITH a series of coded messages and corresponding "treasure maps" ..... there was a few questions as to where the trigger or the go codes were passed as these ciphers that I found were merely part of the affairs.

So I researched into the ciphers that I had seen before and after the submarine had disappeared.

The resulting search for online info, came up yesterday with a series of 4 "Messages In A Bottle" that have been found since Sept 2016.......

They have been washing up on shore in a place near Hamburg, Germany, and have been posted by a cryptosecurity specialist Klaus Schmeh (@KlausSchmeh) in discussion of the mystery behind them.


The ciphers are unique in their linguistics being a combination of german, hebrew, and symbols related to coding of military activity.

There are two sides of the cipher and on the left side a drawing is left to signify something of coincidence that makes it most suspicious. The words clearly written in German: BOMBERININ, UBOOTE.....

The alignment of the lower letters in the area of the yellow marks highlighting it all, show also that the words ARA and WAR are formed when they are put together as shown.....it almost is showing a shell or cylinder, like a pipe, while the vertical lettering seems to almost spell out SWASTIKA WAR, but this is a strange WWW reference to combine the info online on a webpage with this cipher to derive the info.

The A's are masked as triangles, and the formation of them in that shape reveals the name of the sub and the delivery device.....a flashlight looking shape. To the right of the shape is a segment that is segregated by the letters OP.....or the operation, where to the right are the letters, WS ON BOMBERININ, UBOOTE -IN- (Illegible Ciphertext Strand). This would be "sounded out" as WAS ON BOMBING IN THE SUBMARINE - IN - (Illegible Cipher Strand).

With this text and the images drawn I would say that the theme of a series of 4 'Message(s) In A Bottle', the lyrics 'SENDING OUT AN SOS' and other similarities with this WWW activity found on 4Chan will clearly show that an intelligence agency in the US, was communicating with Israeli Agents in the creation of a series of attacks that are being planned out across the net, and activated via these type of scenarios.

To Summarize the activity seen so far according to a timeline:

1) Messages In A Bottle (4) - found in shorelines from Sept 2016 onwards.....last one found recently.

2) Information posted online by US Intelligence/Contractors under "Q Anon", and other similar posts were claiming to be "leaking" info (timed to be somewhat "predictive") and almost seeming to be upper level press, or media associates of White House in tone, with objectives being described using US Military Coding Signatures and discussions with religious (evangelical/prophetic) tones spoken in fluent English, using complex strategic targeting of "issues", and other discussions that are not usually on 4chan, being mostly an anime, and tech discussion board........all suspicions are made known and Q Anon is considered a "Plant" by moderation staff, that the poster is a basic intelligence dump of strategic misinformation as a cover for other activities, and a cover for passing on specific codes, immersed in nulls and mis-direction, which possibly have other meaning for later affairs.

3) Q Anon then places warnings called the 'Calm Before The Storm' in reference to Trump's comments (Activation ?), to point reference to their new military objectives, gathering top officials as he made the comments. The discussion of these seemingly harmless comments, were clearly the "Warning" of his flaring Temper, a warning that he was planning to incite more chaos through his affiliations. The Q Anon posts then begin at one point in the days before the loss of the submarine to talk about a #RedOctober event, and the tone of these begin to take on a more coded and numerical system of leaving info behind on the net, without offering a key to decipher it, meaning it was left for one particular person in a public board.

There was a good amount of other info related to the seemingly parallel activities behind the ARA San Juan. The maps themes and other positioning tools were posted, which I was easily able to recognize. To also note, after our first correspondences, that this is the timeframe where we saw one of the strongest intimidation and retribution pushes of Trump's presidency, during a time where he has shown direct involvement to the public out in the open, to reveal a series of events that are being used to intimidate the public.

The many abusive men pardoned, and the Latin populations with the recent "crackdowns" and deportations, being an additional compounding attack, as a furthering of the affairs that show they are behind the whole series of affairs first hand, and are coordinating with agents that must be routed out, or they will create more chaos.

4) Activities online are then echoed by Israeli poster, MOSSAD ANON on 4chan, claiming to add targeting locations, through a series of ley line mapping systems on 4chan, that are transposed to Google Earth, as I had shown in previous posts, deriving ALL OF IT from these calculations made from the directions that they were leaving behind for someone to pick up on....the previous reveals were made using one of the templates in this series, which was showing that a "NOC" Agent was in the vicinity and was on the submarine at some point.....most likely a local and routine repair man that was in the sub AFTER these "Messages In A Bottle" were posted online in 2016, so it was not during the repair in Germany, unless further evidence is shown to place a specific person there during the previous repairs. Either factor can be influential, but its obvious that there were complex ciphers that were made to be compounded over time, adding numerous layers to create the maps of an operation.

The most intriguing part to me is the fact that the echolocations AND the maps from the old "Treasure Map" themes are still lining up in the same places.....this is the final fact offered to show the US has been making these events over a planned out time as they are waiting for the effect to influence the many into following blindly.

I offer this to you as further evidence to be added to the inquiry, and in my professional opinion from what was seen so far, it is all clearly a direct attack on the people of Argentina, so I am offering this to your country's officials to assist in the investigation in any way that I can. If you are also in need of further research into these ciphers and a full examination of them, please feel free to contact me to set up a full review of them through a more detailed examination.



The Last correspondences convinced me there was more info related to this plan, set into motion from a Template somewhere.

The Bottles in Germany were found in a sequence that was meant to hint at some things that were definitely involved, but to also delay the process of nailing the exact meaning down. Now with this new discovery of a project template found online, that can be cleared up very quickly.

The Plan for this operation was laid out in a compounding format that was made originally from a US NAVY Recruitment Tool that was sent out over the internet, in a game called Project Architeuthis.....named for the Giant Squid that was fabled in the past as being responsible for sinking ships, attacking sailors, etc.....

Notice how it seems to be aimed at drawing someone out into the open? A HARD TO FIND and HARDER TO RECRUIT target

Here are the Screenshots from these online games, as they are arranged to be an exact replication of these affairs behind the ARA San Juan's disappearance.

The page discusses Psychological Conditioning and influencing the masses in a mock game format....using a method of Game Theory that is based on Military Strategies of Psych Warfare. 

"Persuasion and Influence" is the theme of this game....

The Page shows a "MicroTargeting Strategy" is discussed as the first element.  The last line shows that the term "Sunk Cost Fallacy" is also highlighted along side the "Loss Aversion" term.....these relate to the risk factors and resulting search efforts generating discussions of "new submarines".  The terminology in the body of the text also shows that they are planning to "open the door" to "inoculation", as either an intended interest of their military strategy, to promote some form of mass immunization, or as in the edit of their cover logos below, "The Project" name can be seen as convening a message to a single person, EUTHIS ARCHIT, or YOU, THIS ARCHITECT.

The objective of these operations are also to plant a professional cryptographer in the cyberwar and begin to train them in these arts to encourage a certain direction in their online behavior to create massive amounts of diversions around the methods of decoding these ciphers, as part of the "Art" of these strategies is masking the truth between two half truths or two lies.....

It shows a very subtle hint at a cryptic front, masking another image in the array of the symmetry behind it, when split into two halves.....it shows a Spy Vs. Spy image and images of women with pagan hairstyles in a masquerade like setting......the 'Black Ops' Alien figure is noticed in black.

In this Project, which is masked as an online "Challenge", the contestants are trying to solve a puzzle that is left behind in daily reports FROM the Navy, that show the location of a missing submarine, that is being taken control over, and being led around the world, with an onboard stowaway.

This stowaway is a Female Cryptographer......the discussions of the project's themes are laid below and feature some intentional misspellings to take notice of.

The ARA San Juan had that very female on board that was discussed as being the only Female Crew member as well, in the media before leaving port.

Above in their mock scenarios, it makes the "mistake" in discussion of showing what their projects are truly masking.....The Proj Architect......or namely, Project Monarch, subproject of Operation Northwoods.  These were 60's era plans to create wars in other countries to suit American Interests and blame a foreign entity leaving planted evidence behind.

The project discusses hiding information in between two pictures that must be overlaid to find the message.  These being the 2 "Treasure Maps" that I added earlier....

The project discusses taking the Keywords found in the puzzle's book code, and converting them to navigational coordinates to locate the position of the submarine....also to notice that my last name is conveniently added in cipher in the last few Keywords, as it is also found in the CIA's Kryptos Puzzle in this same manner. PERSON SIMPSON.  

Part of the reason that I am contacting you is that I am NOT a Govt spook or cryptographer, but am really just that smart enough to recognize my own name standing out.....and I am a traditionally educated Architect as well. So this gets very annoying to see it all unfolding, as if it's my "duty" or something to this effect.

The project then leaves instructions in how to decipher the Book code that is left to see the information that is hidden

Leaving detailed instructions in the footnotes under the stars above.....so seeing as these are themes that are present using the information online you can see that the other information that I have sent you already was actually the same information that is found in these projects.....

"ITS SIMPLE....FIRST, WE NEED TO CONNECT SEAPORTS IN ORDER TO POINT THE WAY TO A SOLUTION".  This was the first thing that I did when arranging the array that was made on the maps to show that there was a "Radio Latino" being drawn on the map to locate numerous areas of interest.  I used these transmissions to plot the distances and the degrees that were shown in the 7 transmissions to form the array....I added the first map with the Omega to see the image of the location of the electrical charge and exclamation.

Here the Second map was applied with the radiating angles......from the transmissions.....The "Radio Latino" was discussed online as being in Tucuman.  Using this as the center of the array it was then made into a fully coordinated layout using these tools...


The image of the Submarine was shown on the maps in the same general area as the CTBTO showed the explosions, and derived it all exactly as instructed in the US Navy Recruitment Game.

Remember that there was a significant amount of chatter that went on for days on 4chan, and now on 8chan, and Discord (gaming platform) in regards to the Q Anon and Mossad Anon's planting of evidence that coordinated these affairs, collected in this fashion, as shown in the mockup by the US Naby.

I tracked them all down from the chatter online, and then connected them to projects that were laid as a template to be used. The connection to the Navy Project was just found to be exactly the same when I came across the Cyber Challenge online.

1) The 2 Maps that were used were taken from older "Treasure Maps" that were found in NSA Files from the Beale Ciphers.
2) The Messages in a Bottle from Hamburg area, were riddled with multiple languages, English, German, Hebrew, and showed that it was clearly the ARA San Juan in question.
3) The descriptions of the Transmissions used to locate the submarine were made to a Satellite as if relaying the same cryptic info.
4) The themes and instructions in this US NAVY Project show that there is nothing to benefit from using the public, yet they actually went ahead and planned this out, leaving it in the open for the agents to pick up on it, and use it as a template to reuse for real world operations. They wanted to plan the event and allow Trump's "Calm Before The Storm" and "Big Nothingburger" Twitter comments to be the hints and triggers.....they are triggers but are merely covers for the UK and Mossad Agents that were involved there.
5) The Agents were coordinated with planted evidence online, that helped to chart their efforts to stage a front of impeaching Trump, and investigating Russia, as well as setting up a plan of the affairs for future ops, without revealing the bigger picture that lays ahead.
6) The further chatter and discussions online that were focused at the Argentinian and US Govt., were aimed at a regime change tactic, timed also to keep affairs in Venezuela from being interfered with by Argentinian support and S. American Unification....they ultimately want the separation of these Nations, into "States" of mind that they can control.
7) The attack also was targeting Argentina specifically due to the label on the side of one of the Bottle Messages that read "Swastika/ARA" and "WAR" when contained in the pyramidal shapes there in its arrangement, showing this is some form of excuse for the attack for supporting "Nazis" post WWII.
8) WS ON BOMBERININ, UBOOTEN is obviously a statement of their creation of a bomb to be used on the sub, planted in the days before the launch from Port that it left from in Southern Argentina....near the Tierra Del Fuego.

This location, the furthest southern point on its route, may be the place the agent who was tasked with rigging the bomb was stationed. He would have an easy escape to the "R+R" camp being staged in the Patagonian Ranges and in the Pampas.....where a group of Israelis is planning their "recreation" areas. The man was recently placed on the Newsweek Cover, discussing these new lands in Argentina as a base for over 10,000 troops at times, and the offices of Newsweek were also raided and pictures were taken of their servers. Something to see as potentially supportive of International Efforts in place.

Below is the group of members that are discussing the Navy's Project in detail in the first few days of the event.

The online discussions of the game scenario discussed the same MK 80/90 Anti Submarine "Mortar" in the lines above as were found in the book codes.

The game scenario shows that in Day One, someone hints at this being an "Anti - Submarine Platform" to be launched from British Origin.....!  The same discussions were made about a Helicopter in pursuit of the Submarine....but launched has another meaning as well

Messages in a bottle were found containing these same Hebrew/Arabic/Aramaic looking lettering and coding systems earlier in Cryptography Discussion boards on Facebook, in the "Cryptography and Classic Ciphers" groups there.....and were mentioned to Klaus Schmeh in the first days of their discovery in London as well as him following up on the 4 Hamburg ones.....this makes a total of 6.


Who can solve this encrypted bottle post from England ...

The traits are unmistakably similar all the way through the 6 different bottle posts.....and the information is hidden in tons of coincidental speculation that is required to be pieced together. There was also 6 different keywords taken from the US NAVY game ...... each with its own purpose as it related to the bottle posts.


The cipher above entered into a similar structure as below

Hopefully the rest of this information can be key to locating the sub, and again my hopes are that these ciphers are broken to find more information about their future plans. See what you can do about supporting this effort to unravel the affairs of these men, as their goals are reaching around the globe plotting more chaos and sparking up attacks to continue the media facade.



Last Update: 03/06/2023 00:54 +0300



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