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LATEST 09-14-2018

Someone at Google just tried to enter my account with my password and was blocked out.....

I was writing up on a post about Google's execs and their recent attempt to claim they were ramping up against fake news.

In the post I was reminding everyone that Google execs were arrested on the spot the second that they landed at the airport in Egypt when they were caught orchestrating parts of the Arab Spring movement there.

J was a big help in our Q investigation




J Exposes Michael Aquino, a Double Agent, a Serial Rapist, a MOSSAD Op in Vermont and the Pedophile Protection Act


S Sends: Chester Bennington murdered for exposing PEDOGATE + MOSSAD Base


J Sends - 73301

Wasn't Stratfor tied to some of the original Q Anon Posts...?

Cicada was made to reveal the first clue as being a 7 to be added to the 3301, to find the location where the first leads were left in physical form in papers, hung in the city to be scanned with "Q Codes", or the Cell Phone scanning devices.....73301 is Zip Code for Austin, TX......home of Stratfor and Alex Jones.

Every one of the recent attacks we talked about was based on a drop of zip codes used to locate the area, then other crumbs were passed onto the 4chan boards to locate the "Treasure Map" used to layout the attacks. These "Maps" were all from "The Swamp", or the Curse of Oak Island TV Show's guests that brought with them Hand Drawn Maps....Trump fixated on these terms for a time, then moved to another segment or stage of the plans laid for his administration to create a fear around his behavior.

Anything using the 2017 model, was created to be using a base Zip Code..... 31018, Sandersville, GA was the base code .... then the crumbs were either added or subtracted to point to the new direction and/or location. The Google Earth maps were sometimes edited to hold reference points in the landscapes that aren't actually there, meaning they were digitally airbrushed in to make the overall image being drawn on the map, from the "ley lines" showing the nature of the operations.

Each of the bigger attacks was made to be used to trigger a media sensation, and would come at the end of the coded series of operations......nobody would buy any of the narratives from each one, but they all love to see them tied together by an "Autist" (artist reference).....it was obvious that it was staged in every way in coordinated manners where there was preparation being laid ahead of time for political interests. A complex theory, but one easily triggered with a single strategic maneuver planned out 4 or 5 steps ahead as if it were a chess game. This created a confusion as there was very little to tie them together, but a huge trail that was left in place with the warnings added that they would eventually create larger and larger attacks. These basic attacks in the media that were selectively organized to make it appear as if there was a growing consciousness moving sympathies towards each subject, and a continued theme compounding and escalating to each (IE Bombing, Truck/Car attack, Stabbing, Shooting, Kidnapping/Trafficking). Yes they were truly committed by people on a list of potential radicals, who all had been on radar, and yes they were prodded and egged on by selective profiling of their interests based on the desire to see them go through with their plans.

This was timed to be escalated around certain pivotal trials, and media reports about cause-based initiatives causing chaos, when the real causes were being covered up by cataclysmic and tragic-themed news. Then after those were discovered and the strategies played out, the newer "SJW Groups", caused the effects to be felt in a sort of cavitation, that expanded when sensationalized. This gave the illegal affairs of the FBI, and CIA their facade to hide behind, and moved the Mind State along with this type of misdirection and its cover up and whitewash.

Take it to the beginning of these affairs, before we "Colluded" together to open this case publicly.....think about it again over the timeline, there is now a "leak", and the source is Russian......who can that be?

JarJar the Sith Lord, and DJ, the Codebreaker......lol....the Darkside vs "The Light" (Assange's Cult)

This gets better by the minute......

When Trump first began his appeal to the indy media, he did so proclaiming that he would investigate 9/11 to find the group responsible. Instead, after both the FBI, the USPIS, AND the Administration was directly informed about the Contact List and the Amerithrax Letters being decoded ( www.facebook.com/AmerithraxLettersDecoded ), Trump launched himself on a trending hint-dropping movement to claim he was aware of the Ciphers of the Zodiac, called Cruz out on killing JFK, and used the information contained within my codebreaks to help win over the interests of researchers and scientists alike.

These ciphers implicated both Sanders and Clinton in numerous "Z" affairs, but instead he let them slide? An easy investigative win for any indictment, but instead he lets it all go and says "I WIN" in an acrostic cipher in one of his famous Termination Letters? Now we have a CODE MAKER......signalling to others about the affairs of state, and the "Locker Room Talk" behind their affairs. This is his way of saying that he is completely oblivious to all that is going on in his appeals to the general public, while at the same time crafting messages to his good friends that are watching his moves for a signal to which template to use.

Z Level Ops were made out to be the last of their operations before "Disclosure" happens, exposing the ENTIRE Echelon. This is the "Ultimate Goal" of their Intelligence Community, and the corruption that is there at that international level is still being felt, so they are stalling every organization, even the UN, that is geared at exposing any corruption at this level.

Look at how basic and petty these trends are.....the Brits run a series of "Newcomer" accusations at Russia, while their Codebreakers are killed off? And then Poof.... the Russian Collusion theory is laid for trump to bandwagon behind.

The "End of Times" themes were added to create an illusion around the "Revelations of a Vault of information". Well we both know that the "Swamp" is on Oak Island, and that the "Vault 7" is in Vermont. And we know that Assange is signalling to Trump.... showing off the old hacks to the public, while newer ones are being embedded into hardware through their associations with the companies that they bought into. Assange both corrupted my info, and has refused to publish the Contact List/Amerithrax Letters breaks showing the AIDS Virus' creation. He is basically playing cards and nothing matches up, so its clear he is twisting things to fit with his drawn out saga, being the front for Anonymous the whole time. The series of hidden images and other things in his logos are evident that he is twisted and will continue to warp info to fit his interests.

When Trump began his movement to take the presidency, these ciphers were so revealing that their supporters were waiting to see the reveals behind his hints about them.....yet nothing came of it, nor did he appropriately reference my work or forward it to the necessary channels ...... No the Media picked up on it.....then the Entertainment Industry took a piece of it.

This got a bunch of people on his bandwagon hoping he would go through with it, but then the tides were changed and the HAARP strings were pulled, leaving Trump on the platform with the trust that he was "Draining the Swamp"..... remember he is not helping the situation at hand by adding another series of hints to an Oak Island Mystery, but that he is really using specific terms to reference his selection of maps and specific operations that he is briefed on.

Remember COVFEFE time? That is the Coffee Shop Triad....the one that has targeted McAfee. The Cypher Zero character (Michael Allen Woldrow), the one that harbored Manning in Vermont for a time when this was all being set up.

Trump tried to grab the lead but then was busted using these ciphers from the "Overton Window", calling out "Swamp" Go Code terms and triggers in the media statements, with hand gestures, and Tweets. He was looked at as a bit looney.....but it had meaning...as did his "Calm Before The Storm" games, the CBTS, and then the Q Anon segments. (CTBTO is the group tasked with the ARA San Juan Sonar Feeds and watches for "Underwater Nuclear Explosions" - Big Hint).

When the sub went "Missing", the Project Architeuthis Ciphers from the US Navy exercise were laid out as the template for that series of operations. The "Messages in a Bottle" were the source of the ciphers, and Trump later moved his hand gestures through a series of them, later dropping his water bottle with Pence....signalling another two of them to be dropped in the Hamburg rivers to coordinate them all through a German and Israeli speaking associate. This later on is made to be used by a "watcher" that interprets the hand signals, and takes the operation into the planning stages arranging for the clues to be separated using the methods discussed in these articles I showed you. He then adds the parts to Social Media as a game of "cat and mouse" is played with Q Codes.

All has been reported to authorities, and some of their activities have been halted, and its really out of my hands, but I feel its important to stress that they have set up these NUMEROUS Maps, "Overton Windows", and set their operatives in media companies to act as sleeper cells to both lay out ideas and direction, and to misdirect the masses at times......so what is wrong with this picture? They are waiting for the attention of these recent Clinton Investigations and the Trump games played by the Administration to drop off, so they can go back to finishing their objectives as they have played the field in the past, according to the sympathies and sentiment that is present in the public polls and articles hinting at their affairs in detail. When the whole Star Wars platform decided to add a DJ and Codebreaker to their team they didn't ask me or you to join, they just used it all to make money off of for Disney, and acted like they did their duty to keep up "the mystery".....again another facade with no progress behind it offering a "A New Hope".

The two crosses that I showed you drawn on the map were also coordinated with Assange's drops of intel on my birthday (same day they killed Qaddafi), about the Wopper Intelligence Cipher that leads to a "PIE IN DNIEPR" and PENCE's order to "RESUME MUSER" or continue the distraction.....that made it apparent that Donetsk in the Donbass region was targeted in these ciphers as well, as two phrases are hidden there that hold the same theme and direction : (DONETSK) Dont Ask, Dont Be A Dumbass (DONBASS). Obviously the ley line points were derived from Q Anon Posts and 4 Chan chatter behind the Overton Window Shift mentioned along the trail of the Cicada-like clues and Zip Codes, which showed an angle of attack coming from the southern regions pivoting from Leningrad, using VILNIUS and MINSK to pivot from in the West, showing the affairs tied to these regions. (Villains and Masked Finks).

You seem to think that all the signs point to the escalation of these attacks in Russia to the level of a Nuclear False Flag, as the Uranium samples, the Middlemen involved, and the Clinton/Mueller Team has been signalling to set up something in the Ukraine region, through the Ukrainian and Crimean resistance groups that the US has funded under Kerry's direction, with McCain's advocacy. He arranged a trip there and was subsequently hacked by the locals, and they extracted a ton of info from it showing his involvement in the creation of Nationalist Resistance Groups, creating conflict, and adding 3rd party operatives to the affairs to add additional chaos to the situation to get it to erupt.

But if McCain was there, then that would all come from the same group planning Libya, Syria, and Iran. From a Obama/Clinton and Huma Abedin scandal in Pakistan, it again shows that there are numerous angles that they are using to set up the delivery of weapons, funnel drugs, and pay off politicians, and if it was a Nuclear Device, it would be purchased from that type of elusive deal that slips through the cracks and is covered up in the Weinergate affairs. Just saying there is a perfect opportunity and a loose end in Pakistan.....what does the Clinton Administration use Pakistan for? North Face Jackets for the poor in Haiti? Its a somewhat elusive Nuclear-ready country with an extensive stockpile of weapons, without any oversight that we hear about. Deals made in the past were to hide out Osama, and help ship tons of heroin and opium through the regions to their buyers as an alternative to the Afghani supplies that were being constantly raided by Taliban.

At the same time though Trump has clearly been working the other side of these affairs for his own interests, just as the Clintons did, and using the same templates, expects to blame it all on her and the Obama Administration. He even supposedly claimed to have given a series of plans of the Clinton Administration to Putin, exposing Israeli Operatives plotting more false flags in Russia, so it buffers his activities with a few tokens but it also appears that the same party that is working towards manipulating the whole affair is buying into ALL of them in some manner......the Bush, Clinton, and Obama Admins, as well as buying into the Trump admins as well to continue their own interests, and to exemplify themselves.

I believe that we have seen two crosses crossing paths on the map, and also seen these being set up in pairs in the past, so I would not rule out that the Mc Cain objectives of fueling the Arab Springs with Clinton, the funding of ISIS with the Sauds and the Turks, and fueling the rebels against Assad, with sights ultimately set on Iran would end there quietly....

Also to note the onset of his sudden brain cancer could be attributable to his handling of some type of nuclear material. Perhaps delivering a device himself using a military plane during his travels through these regions. My intuition was that they are paying off people for their silence for something that they all know about, as every part of this Clinton Scandal being covered up has a bad ending that comes from the constant inquiries by the honest investigators, and the foreign intelligence communities that are attacked for looking into it all.

Nothing is out of place, it can easily be interpreted to fit one country's agenda (US), working to conduct umbrella operations with certain groups of Israelis, who then are at times ringleading the affairs through a 5+1 network of Terror Financing, BitCoin Mining Scams, and Drug Dealing monopolies with media and entertainment moguls. It all has a reason behind it that shows that Trump is becoming more comfortable with it all having brushed it off as a conspiracy theory, hiding behind the Russian Collusion story and the distractions from progress that is being made. For him to be dressing up the affairs here with more stories, shows involvement in that type of rally and whitewash, while he is packing up for his paid vacation in the Trump Towers, as it is reported that someone has invested into his company and is helping his company out of bankruptcy? Have you heard about that at all?

The only person that says "Its the Russians" would be McCain from the older times of Cold War strategies that he tries to rally everyone into. I never grew up in that political spectrum and that type of agenda to me is as treasonous as the original Business Plot that was hatched by Prescott Bush himself. I hope that you can see the timeline a little better from all of this. And take note of the plans and the repercussions that are currently being created in these Q Anon posts, as now we are seeing their avenues of US manipulation being shut off, as Alex Jones is really dirty, and tied directly to the Stratfor and Mossad attempts to continue the Q facades......

Who comes up with these things as a joke to play on people?


J Sends

Found the strange piece of art that acts as the source of the "Hands Up Dont Shoot" motto/logo.....

....the handprints were on the wall as kids art in the movie Half Baked, along with cut out Snowflakes that were next to Dave Chappelle in one scene.

He seemed to have a bunch of kids in the beginning in the themes of the movie, which I found strange filler for a stoner flic, and I was watching a few scenes from the movie, when it dawned on me that these were themes that we have been seeing recently being decorated in the marches and other media spinoffs. Dave was one that bowed out REAL early when it was building a crescendo for the wrong team.....now it seems that they want to run him as the front man of some shadowy marketing connection to this cabal.....

This movie was years ago....I have no idea what the reason was that they took this specific piece of art for their motto.....but the one part that I do notice is that the Green + Yellow is a UVM color pattern related to their School Colors, and of course there are a lot of Snowflakes that are playing roles here as if it is a foundation for this liberal interest being "molded" for this targeted generation.

Hope this helps show more of their allusions to the media facade.

J Sends (Assange Came All Over the World)

Looks like another hidden message for the fabled E! These guys have been after him for years....lol

Notice the themes of the text as they are blocked off in the Old English Box Cipher Structures.....they make a shape of an overall image....an image of a Handgun or a large media camera of some sort....with the battery pack on the back

Telling the maker of ciphers and the maps to their operations to Descend to Angles ......using the classic methods

Then it gives objectives which are plain as day.........Counter "Native Terrorism" and to counter the RNA of Native Americans, To ALTER the RNA of Natives even

Says they plan to maintain the CIA/MIT more like an NHRA drag race....the Fast and Furious themes.

Then at the end we see the name of the Enemy General in NM - once again the "figurehead" person mentioned is Aquino, but we don't see that name.....we see an ALICE in Wonderland theme telling the person to READ ME.....you can tell who it is when they start talking about "for a high".... and "Cured His"..... "The Impossible" ..... The guy from the Thrill of the Chase....the Church of Satan.....Lt Col Michael Aquino.

FOR E**** is the message's ending ......cant believe this was here the whole time....

J Sends: Recent Russian Affairs (Was This an Asteroids Hit Involving Greenberg?) 


Books and MoreNEW Kabbalaha Unveiled (English Translation) Part of August 2018 Data Dump


February 12, 2018 - Last time we talked there was nothing really happening in the mainstream, but I had mentioned the Russian manipulation and collusion issue coming from somewhere......the issue here was with the man Quiros, and was working with the Vermont Senator, Leahy, while Sanders was being gig jumped off the stage, and there was a huge online argument about the identity of Q and his "Intel" predictions.

The other issue was with the media ignoring the breaks, that exposed their echelon, and showed their operations were being mapped out. This person Q was apparently in the know about the Political affairs as well as the affairs of clandestine groups operating with International clearances and Intelligence Community signatures and ciphers guiding them. These were all the Project Architeuthis affairs as well as the previous work with stars and other entertainers to trigger certain events that I had been able to map out and confirm multiple times. CONTINUED BELOW

Uranium One Figures and "Trump Dossier" Sources Aboard Crashed Russian Flight

I feel quite sick and a little nauseous after realizing that I predicted this event but could not identify where. On the 8th of February I posted a conclusion to news analysis which I cross correlated with Kabalistic numerology which the New World Order is using for the scheduling of their public events of mass-murder and mass ritual sacrifice. Following the numbers I came up with 2-9 believing that 2-11 was too obvious but 2-11 was the correct date. This 11-2=9 and my result points to 911.2 however the event in question is of a much smaller scale than I had expected but is actually more significant for the NWO as they have eliminated their targets inside the Russian Federation this time and there is nothing that anyone can do to prove it or place the balme on them. This is beyond the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD! This is the ASTEROIDS and the Illuminati numerology which no one will believe but which is their signature for those of us in the know makes it clear.

Vyacheslav Ivanov is a CFO of Rosatom, Russia's nuclear energy company. He is alleged to have been involved in Hillary Clinton's Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama.
This name appears on the list of the deceased in today's An- 148 air crash in Moscow. Reports are yet to be confirmed whether or not it is the same person.

Similarly, Business Insider reports that Sergei Millian is a Belarus-born businessman who has worked with the Trump Organization and was reportedly a key source in the explosive Dossier alleging tiesbetween President Donald Trump and Russia.
Glenn Simpson, who co-founded the opposition research firm "Fusion GPS", told lawmakers that a trip which the Trump Organization representatives took to Moscow several years ago had come onto the firm's radar as part of their research into Trump's business history.
This trip was organized by Sergei Millian, Simpson said. "Millian came up in connection with "Chris' " work as one of the people around Trump who had a Russian background." Chris is a reference to Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence officer hired by Fusion to research Trump's Russia ties.

He goes by another name - that name is Sergey Panchenko. It is also listed in the list of deceased passengers in today's Russian plane crash that has killed 71 people.

NEWS ON THE CRASH: 71 Dead Including 5-Year-Old in Air Crash

Day of mourning over An-148 crash victims declared in Orenburg region on Monday


Passenger plane crashes in Moscow region



Only small fragments of crashed An-148 plane seen around crash site

Three foreigners among passengers of crashed An-148 plane - headquarters

Putin offers condolences over jet crash near Moscow

Swiss national was among crashed plane passengers - Orenburg region authorities

An-148 flights may be suspended - Russian transport minister

No flight safety problems at Saratov Airlines - Rosaviatsiya

Putin postpones working trip to Sochi over An-148 crash near Moscow - Kremlin spokesman

Search and rescue operation after An-148 crash near Moscow to continue round-the-clock

Interstate Aviation Committee begins probe into An-148 crash near Moscow

Crashed An-148 plane was of 2010 make - manufacturer

Syrian Air Defenses Shoot Down Multiple Israeli Jets: Could This Be Related to Above?

Russia might sell S-400 systems to US if Americans feel insecure


Syrian Air Defense Shoot Down SEVERAL Israeli Jets ПВО Сирии подбили несколько самолётов ВВС Израиля

Article in Russian: Syrian Air Defenses Shoot Down Several Israeli Jets

Global Censorship and Fake News as Even Google Lies for IzraHell

CONTINUED: But there is the Overton Window shift of the terror attacks that was also talked about, and the very next day there was a plane that was blown out of the air by a bomb or rocket of some sort. Engines don't just explode a whole plane. I had just tracked these ciphers to a layout in the Russian areas, after sending you the info, and went back to check for chatter on 4chan.....The site was fairly quiet and on 8chan most of the communiques that were found discussed in code were being limited to another operation, originating from the Dnieper point of origin.

It only left one city to be marked there, and used the previous templates, creating a pattern related to the cities that were listed as being targets. There is a Naval Intelligence/NSA/Agent Communique here creating this layout. The lines are created like something comparable to a sextant, for navigation by sea, and the locations that it points to are clearly related to each target, with one being a "Villainous" enemy, originating in "Lenin"grad, as these have a major influence on the image generated.

The things that were being discussed were a little vague and there was very little in the recent days that showed the comparison to anything in Russia, but the last few were really focusing on "RED" ops in the coding as these are all being encoded and posted, for a future agenda, hence the dates being a little old

Here the message this early morn right after the crash shows the same signatures of the 1+2 being two operations that are conducted with certain elements that are also confirmation codes from the people talking in the Dossier.

But there were a few cryptic fronts being used and I feel that they were involved in the affairs leading up to these attacks in St Petersburg, and the plane crash.

The rest of the RED Series Codes are here :

This one speaks of RED_OCTOBER and specifically lists the victims in the same posts....But there is a major fault that shows who this is.....it's Snowden......he is being fed intel and is publishing this all on 4chan and 8chan.....that's why the mods haven't touched it but segregated it and archived it.

The one below talks about an OUTBREAK !!!! Nova Prospekt is the spelling of the location ...... is this in Russia? Seems like this is all related to something heavy, as there was also a discussion of someone offering money to collect info about Russians and their DNA samples, specifically from the Military.

Below I am being called out by their groups......I am making the post accusing Q of being Edward Snowden.....saying below "Red octobah is found"

Here they come right out and try to call me by name.....Tell James I said hello.....??

Here is something from the Sleeper Cell Activation Codes that were translated from a Tweet that was encoded

These are examples of the conversations between a few people on 4chan that are passing ciphers and coding systems, that are used to pass on encoding in the memes that they post. Some hide coding behind the pixels in binary form and some mask them behind layers found in the exif data......strange discussions using anti semitic memes as a front. This one is calling himself "M" and the other "Q" as in the clearance of MI5/6/7 in the UK.

Thought that I would pass this stuff along for you to see.....maybe it will help the effort.

The Character Q is extremely suspect for being Edward Snowden......the manners in which he asks questions that "ask you to question", shows his pseudo liberal signature in the statements matching his "revolutionary" mentality and his personality exactly. He is completely absorbed in the focus on current events to the point of being able to broadcast the updates as they happen, and is directly fed intel BEFORE the media gets hold of it, through Intel relays.....from someone close to political affairs in the White House.

This is not possible for someone to have the time to study and produce this all alone is all that I am saying, and this seems to be an intel feed to someone to post, from a very secure networking specialist.

The ability to dump info by this guy is clearly showing he makes his living doing this, and that he is "Active" as an agent for a whole different set of players. The common belief is that these are CIA/NSA agents, but there is no way that they would be needing to use the web for their affairs, but an intel feed to the right person can hide behind a TOR and decode affairs to be activated and mapped out.....feeding a secret network of "revolutionaries".....Kinda scary to see this all unfolding, and sad to see how fake these uprisings have been, serving little or no purpose but to echo things that are being planned out and reinforcing the front against Syria, Iran, and other parts of the world by disassociating the masses in the US with banter and confusion.

The fact that these all were coded at times that followed major uprisings, especially Iran's recent riots, and that the speed at which Snowden jumped onboard, was clearly obvious as to his involvement ahead of time, as he seemed to have multiple parts of the affair memorized, and was able to report them play by play, even though they had not really been going on yet in the timeline of the "movement" that he was clearly tasked with coordinating.

What he reported as happening then, started to manifest the days after as it was escalated under his direction, it seemed. Taking Iran as a time that he showed his face and strategy, you can see it easily manifesting in other realms online in these scenarios.....but is coordinated with a larger audience watching for effect (as most american egocentrics in media vie for attention)

He also coordinates with the MI5/6/7 and the Military Intelligence Community still to this day. His job is to establish a base there to work from in his part of the operations.....the deep state in Russia.

How is he not in jail there facing hard labor in the gulag?

Hope you can understand all of this, as it took me  awhile to track him down to the identity of the Q Anon, and I kinda wished I had found this out sooner.......try to inform your Intelligence Contacts and see if it can help to show the manipulation going on there.

S Sends: Important

As of a few days ago, I cracked the BLM Code.....not hard but it was still hidden behind a ton of political support and the Gig-Jumping on stage with Sanders, made my expose a little hard to manage while there was a random 3rd party in the works. Luckily, even the Star Wars Epoch added a "DJ and Codebreaker" position to their scripts to leave a big hint out there, so people are listening.

As of the timeperiod of the elections and the campaigning for the DNC, Sanders had a group of BLM that forced their way onto the stage to create the image of their "takeover" of the elections, and threatened an expose of some sort without even going public with it. The threat that they made was somewhat hidden away from the public but was hinted at in a few articles that meant to show there was going to be a problem if he didn't campaign with their groups. At this point in the affairs, I had not made any breaks in codes that implicated Sanders.

It was after the election was thrown out by him, in the final days that I began to wonder what was taking place. I wasn't voting for him, but wasn't afraid to see him beat Hillary.

After I began to look into the guy more and his Socialist Flip Flopping, into an Independent, and then a Democratic Seat, I cracked more of the Zodiac Letters around the same time, and it revealed that my suspicions were correct, that there was some dirt that was really bad and held some strange aftereffect that was being used by someone to continue the affairs......and they were tied into the TV, Music, and Film Industries in some manner, as there were leaks coming from their organizations, and articles that were encoded almost as if it was a new trend. I found so many it was as if there was an entire facade and a behind the scenes affair that was making themselves look "Anonymous".

But after seeing Mc Cain's flop in Ukraine with Kerry backing the Syrian affairs, I realized that there was a problem with the whole illusion being passed around.

So I wanted to show you that the whole Russian Collusion Affair is a completely staged event to stall for the DNC to try to rearrange their drug running fronts and their trafficking affairs.

The BLM is now being seen as a Democratic Party tool that is funded with the Unicorn Riot, Snowflakes, Antifa, Alt-Right, and other "protest" groups that Soros has funded along side of support from the Clinton Foundation. The BLM went off the handle and got labeled Terrorists in a Hornet's Nest Strategy and roundup of Internationally funded "Homeland" groups.

They were not supposed to be there, as they were to be kept as a "race" card that could steal the show from Sanders, and leave the first Female in the White House. They were tasked with 3 goals:

1)Blackmail Sanders to back out of the election......
2)Blackmail members of the TV, Music, and Film Industry to push the "Black" Narrative....and to support the Female Equality Narratives (even though many were equally as involved in the parties)
3)Blackmail a Vermonter into creating/supporting their "Dream" while they try to find places to spread their doctrines and ideals.

I know this sounds even more suspect, but the ENTIRE DNC is pushing a Russian hate collaboration and it needs to be stopped. I know you feel this is true as well, that even if a man has associations in Russia that it is not by any means of criminal intent, and that there are some very important people that are being cut off by this move, as the US is still trying to cripple the economy.

Please tell whoever you can in the Kremlin about this and the Sub operations.....It can only help the efforts.

This was the last discovery that I made so far, so it's pretty fresh

Try to inform your people that this whole affair is geared at pointing blame at the Russians for their involvement in defending the Ukraine ..... the recent attacks in Putin's Hometown were planned by individuals in Dniepro or in Kiev, according to chatter and ciphers passed on 4chan and 8chan, and that they used the same templates there that they are using in conjunction with a term called the "Overton Window" ...... being a region that is targeted from a "Sky King" position, with local mapping and ciphers encoded and created to unravel locations at a smaller scale on the map, usually with some form of pictograph/meme/photo that holds the same themes as the last ciphers showed a continual and compounding system that delivers parts of the messages over the course of days. They are all based on the same "Blueprint" that even Jay-Z and others have been talking about in this sponsored takeover.

Newsweek was just raided, coincidentally right after showing off an Israeli that is stockpiling in Argentina and creating a base of ops there for conducting S. American training and prep for agents throughout the southern half of the globe. The whole map is laid out in numerous Q ANON posts and other confirmed "LARPs" like the one we saw below, Project Architeuthis, or other Military Training exercises that are deemed a completely useless and almost fantasy like environment around their Psychological Warfare Operations.


Last Update: 03/22/2019 16:18 +0300



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