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December 2014

Dick Cheney has admitted to being a key architect of the US torture program. Not only did it admit it, but he bragged about it. And not only did he brag about it, but he also stated he would do it again in a second if he faced that choice.

What he failed to mention is that many of the prisoners who were tortured were innocent victims sold to the US for bounty money.

Cheney also failed to mention the fact that neither Iraq nor Saddam had anything to do with 9/11. And not only does he fail to mention this fact, but he also fails to mention the fact that while he was directing the torture of innocent Iraqis, Bush was literally kissing the cheek and holding the hand of a prince from the brutal Saudi regime that had assisted jihadists in the perpetration of the 9/11 attack against the US. Saudi involvement in this attack is still being obscured behind false claims of national security.

In fact, even before the Bush administration had plotted escape of Saudi royals from the US in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack, it already had engaged in secret energy meetings to devise a plan on how to divide up the spoils of an atomized Iraq.

During the interview Cheney was then asked if he would consider rectal rehydration to be a form of torture. He stated that this was not torture and most likely done only for medical reasons. When asked what he would consider to be torture, he stated he considered torture to be what was done by al Qaeda to the people in the World Trade Center. Again, it seems Cheney forgets that neither Iraq nor Saddam, nor any Iraqi Sunnis or Shiites had anything to do with 9/11.

Then Dick Cheney argues that the torture report is flawed because investigators failed to interview those involved in the program. It is very difficult to conduct an investigation when the CIA destroyed evidence and many of the people involved in the torture program had their identities hidden or cited their Fifth Amendment rights.

Cheney goes on to argue that the torture program only became a problem when career politicians began to throw intelligence professionals under the bus. Again Cheney fails to mention how he and Bush threw CIA professionals under the bus as they purged the agency of agents who provided intelligence that proved Iraq and Saddam had nothing to do with 9/ 11 and explained why a war with Iraq would be the greatest strategic mistake the US had ever made.

Cheney and Bush as politicians then decided to relieve General Shinseki of command because he told them it would take twice the number of soldiers to occupy Iraq as it took to defeat the Iraqi army. Cheney must be hoping that all Americans are as stupid as those who believe his lies and do not notice his hypocricy.

As soon as Bush won the presidency the secret Energy Summit commenced and plans to invade Iraq had begun to be implemented far prior to 9/11. And after 9/11 when there was no proof of Iraqi involvement and the CIA had stated there was no connection between Saddam and al Qaeda, Cheney and his gang had already determined how the spoils from Operation Iraqi Freedom we're going to be divvied up and what contracts would be provided to Halliburton.

And getting back to Cheney's quote of opportunistic politicians throwing professionals under the bus, I wonder if he ever considered how the CIA felt as he created the Expanded Iraqi Desk which later became known as the Office of Special Plans whereupon he staffed it with a bunch of political neocon ideologues. THen, when no WMDs were found, he tried to blame his lies to the American people on the CIA.

In General Wesley Clark's famous Youtube video he explains how the Pentagon explained to the Bush administration that there was no connection between Saddam and al Qaeda and when asked why Cheney was going to invade Iraq anyway, Cheney explained to the Pentagon, "Because it's doable."

Cheney then argues that torture was justified because the people in the CIA stated that their torture provided actionable intelligence even though this has been refuted time and time again by people within the CIA who were not given leadership positions as the result of being neocon ideologues.

Does anyone actually think that the CIA will not lie to justify and cover its crimes considering that it has already destroyed evidence that a court had ordered to be submitted to that branch of government?

Cheney continues to argue that waterboarding is not torture when in fact the US Government had executed Japanese officers after WWII for exactly the same crimes. At that time the US government considered waterboarding a capital offense punishable by death.

Then Cheney goes on to justify torture because it had been okayed by the White House legal counsel that the president had personally staffed with more neocon ideologues. It does not matter what some lawyers say with regard to justifying torture. International law is clear in this respect and provides no justification under any circumstance for the implementation of torture.

In the video Cheney again argues that the torture program is being misrepresented by the fact that key people were not questioned. Besides the destruction of evidence and the citing of Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, there is also the fact that people like Director James Clapper of the NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden never tell the truth even when being placed under oath and subject to the penalties of perjury for lying to and misleading Congress. Clapper and Hayden can rest assured that they will never be called to account for perjury or high crimes, much less misdemeanors. But the fact is that they ought to be charged with treason by the US and prosecuted for crimes against peace by the ICC.

When Cheney was asked if a rectal rehydration what is torture he responded by saying, "I guess the question is: What are you prepared to do in order to get the truth about future attacks against the United States? But history, intelligence experts, and common sense all point to the fact that torture provides useless and false information whereby victims will say whatever their tormentors want them to say. Torture provided useless information about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. Torture also provided useless information with regard to evidence used in military tribunals. As a result of of torture innocent people were wrongly implicated and also thusly tortured.

I wonder what Cheney's response would be if asked: What compensation should an innocent person receive for being a victim of torture and what punishment should be inflicted upon those who wrongly torture innocents? If torture is okay as a means with which to collect intelligence on terrorism, and considering the US government has funded the MEK, PPK, and Jundallah, not to mention supporting the Sandinistas, various death squads and unsavory dictatorships such as Saddam's Iraqi Baathist rule and assisting the Shah of Iran in maintaining power through the SAVAK, does this not then open American fighting men and US officials to being subject to torture? After all, don't foreign government have the right to know what crimes the US is going to commit against them?

Cheney uses the endorsements of torture from individuals who like him are responsible for the infliction of atrocities upon innocent human beings, many of whom were killed in exceedingly gruesome ways. And oh, by the way, let's not forget the many dozens of prisoners of war who were killed as the result of torture, many of them being Iraqi military officers who should have been protected by the Geneva and Hague Conventions by strictures that should have been held to be inviolable. Saddam was demonized and yet even he did not resort to torture against any Americans even though the US invaded his country under false pretenses by waging an illegal and aggressive war that had been planned prior to 9/11.

While Cheney continually brings up the 2000 that were killed in the World Trade Center, he fails to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were killed that were completely innocent of the 9/11 terrorist attack. I am sure Iraqi Sunnis would have been willing to blame Iraqi Shiites and vice versa for an attack that was committed by George Bush's best friends in the Saudi government.

The fact is is torture is used by governments to get it victims to say whatever it is they want their victims to say. Hand Dick Cheney over to ISIS and I am sure they can get him to admit to taking down the Twin Towers.

Don't be a fool. Look and read what the neocons have written in their "Project for a New American Century". Their plan was to take down seven governments in five years. The problem is that Russia and Iran now know, understand and believe that the US is executing its plan for global domination and are countering it with the help of China.

The International Criminal Court will now have to decide if it wants to tie its legitimacy to the sinking credibility of the United States, or will it seek to promote international justice.

In addition to the above article I also forwarded the following letter to the Office of the Prosecutor for the ICC. It reads:

Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Attn: Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

Dear Madam Prosecutor and Honorable Officials of Office of the Prosecutor,

I am a retired American Army officer who believes in the rule of international law. As all U.S. soldiers are ordered to duty to fight in foreign lands and have no recourse but to serve under the threat of prison even for conflicts that are clearly violations of international law, it is imperative that you prosecute American officials for war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace itself.

If the ICC charges U.S. officials, I am sure there will be some soldiers who will decide not to fight and justify their decision as a refusal to participate in war crimes and crimes against humanity. This action will serve to help erode support for future illegal wars in which the U.S. will participate. If the ICC takes no action, its dereliction will ensure there are more Iraq-type wars in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Moreover, we will see governments continue to perpetrate false flag operations as we have with the U.S. and EU falsely blaming the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17 on Russia. It is clear that with Malaysia being excluded from the investigative body the world has little chance of learning the truth about Flight MH17 as the U.S. hides its advanced signal and imaging intelligence products, radio traffic and radar recordings from international scrutiny and world opinion.

What ought to be clear to the ICC is the fact that the U.S now lies like the Israelis and the Israelis lie like people blink. With the destruction of Libya perpetrated by the U.S. and NATO over false claims of deterring impending genocide by Gaddafi, the U.S. now reasons Russia and China will not interfere with its plans to continue regional destabilization and the breakdown of international law and order. If Russia and China are to deter U.S. crimes against peace, they will need the U.S to be called to account by an international organization of justice. Therefore, it is imperative that the ICC at least provides precedence for the beginning of the establishment of some checks and balances upon U.S. unilateralism, belligerence and militarism.

The ICC should not worry that the U.S. will refuse to cooperate with the ICC regarding its targeting of African leaders for whom the U.S. provides intelligence and evidence to the ICC. It is assured the U.S. will always cooperate with the ICC in situations where it believes its interests are being served. Accordingly, if there is an anti-U.S. government, dictatorship or junta committing crimes, or if there is a foreign government committing crimes that interferes with U.S. plans for hegemony, you can rest assured the U.S. will continue to cooperate when such cooperation serves U.S. interests.

If the ICC does not have the power to enforce international law against the most powerful and states and so chooses not even attempt to enforce law because it does not have the ability to enforce its will, justice is not nearly so harmed as when a crime is simply ignored because a powerful nation tells others no crime has been committed and then coerces an international body into becoming the U.S.’s de facto accomplice.

U.S. war criminals will use the ICC’s failure to call their crimes a crime as a means of legitimizing their past actions and gaining support for future actions. The ICC should work to delegitimize the illegal actions of the U.S. and understand that this would serve as a means of gaining international legitimacy with the Non-Aligned Movement, the BRICS nations, and nations of the G20 who oppose U.S. hegemony.

The U.S continues to lose international legitimacy with each criminal act it commits. If the ICC simply ignores these crimes its international legitimacy and subsequent decline will be closely tied to that of the U.S.’s. With every illegal act committed by the U.S. that is overlooked by the ICC, the Court’s legitimacy will be irrevocably harmed.

The American people need to understand the criminality of Bush family that goes back to Operation Desert Storm’s “Highway of Death” war crime and leads up to Operation Iraqi Freedom’s JSOC raids in which illegal killings were covered up by digging the bullets out of the dead bodies of children and expectant mothers.

I hope this letter allows you to better understand your responsibilities to the innocent victims of the war the U.S. continues to create on a global basis as it armed the very insurgents that now grew into al Qaeda and ISIS that have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents. The U.S.’s past crimes have become the attendant evils of aggressive war that serve to foment violence, sectarian slaughter and all of war’s other encompassing evils. The people of the world, including the U.S., do want a new world order – one based on the unassailability of international justice.

We Americans have now become victims of our own government and the crimes that were once only visited upon the innocent people of the world are now being visited upon us. We have no more rights and are often the victim of many forms of domestic tyranny. Our police, courts and political process have now all become corrupted and all Americans are now at the mercy of a government that has been held unaccountable for torture, illegal renditions, extra-judicial assassinations and the indefinite detention of those even military tribunals have deemed innocent. Detainees are now held just to prevent the world from knowing more about U.S. torture and to prevent legal accountability.

The world needs to be provided justice. Its politicians need to be held accountable. As you know with the government of Ukraine shooting down Flight MH17 and ISIS fighters using chemical weapons in the hope of drawing the U.S. into a war for which the U.S. was initially seeking a casus belli so as to begin attacks on Syria before it determined that ISIS is now the bigger threat, it is easy to see that politicians are quite often knaves and fools that the world must not be made to suffer.

You have duty to bring about a more just world. Please decide to give rise to that reality.

Joseph Zrnchik

P.S. As the U.S. government is now known to interfere with email through its National Security Agency, I kindly ask for acknowledgement of receipt by the ICC.


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