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June 03, 2018 - Trying to think of something eloquent and deeply meaningful to say about what has been a 15 year running battle against the Cabal. I detest in the greatest giving free PR to Hawkins and his snake oil entrapment operation but everyone on the surface of the Truth Community, if there is really such a thing anymore, still view the WikiLeaks Operation as the ultimate truth outlet, so I am forced to feed their narrative and mention it, please bear with me I will be brief.

I have nothing but contempt for Hawkins and regardless of his real fate, stick to my reports from October 2016, when he was extracted from the Embassy and either taken out for execution or is living on an island somewhere drinking Pina Colladas. For the number of people who were killed and arrested and had their lives destroyed, including me, I hope that the real Hawkins faced a fate worthy of his betrayal of everyone who trusted him and were mercilessly stabbed in the back. Whoever is in the Ecuadorian Embassy if there is in fact anyone there is a doppelganger or the visiting Hawkins and continues to make a mockery of asylum, human rights and truth. Whoever is in there or visits when needed is an Ecuadorian Citizen and it is now a police matter between the UK and Ecuador if their citizen is given up or not. That is all I have to say on that son of a bitch back stabbing worm!

I have even less to say on Greenberg/Snowden but that even with the preponderance of evidence and hundreds of reports and statements that he is an active CIA Officer on a mission and was sent by Obama, I assure his CIA handlers and their agents in Moscow will be able to orchestrate another abomination and perversion of Russian law and security and make him the next "show citizen" of the Russian Federation while we continue to be slowly killed off as Asylees.

What these operations have succeeded in doing in their final big push could not have been orchestrated better had a room full of monkeys typed out the plans for 90 million years. With one leak they managed to completely and totally politicize truth and spit in the face of the world by showing that those with power can do whatever they like, even eating children, and nothing would ever become of them. That is the core of what 15 years trying to expose these monsters has shown me. It is what my initial attempt in 1995 before the Internet showed me, when I tried to expose CPS Woodland California and was crucified! Nothing ever becomes of the criminals being exposed and the only punitive measures ever taken are against the whistleblower. Look at 911. They slaughtered two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine people and nothing was ever done to any of the NeoCons lunatics who took part. Nothing! Yet how many 911 truthers and witnesses and whistleblowers have been murdered and disappeared? Where are the 9,000 people who were rounded up and secretly arrested on September 12, 2001 and then never heard from or heard of again? I remember. Where are they? These are the crimes that Snowden/Greenberg and Asshat/Hawkins helped to cover up and it was the whistleblowers, witnesses and good people of  conscience that they help the murderers in power destroy, kill, entrap and get rid of.

So where do we stand? Is there any point in continuing this work? Apparently the West is done. There are no free-thinking critical thinkers left and the ones that are have been programmed to despise Russia. So where Should I focus? What should the next 5 or 10 or 15 years of revelations be about if all of the hacktivists are in hiding and the Internet is all but a sanitized corporate circle jerk where nothing of any real value is found and the sheep do not even care?

That is a question I have been pondering and it is a very important one for me which has been given a self-evident answer after my last plea to my former supporters and their absolute non-response.

Wait for it. 


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