Useless Agent Turned Crisis Actor in a False Flag Chemical Attack

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Joseph Farrell Exposed himself by following all of my social media accounts and by helping McFaul discredit my articles for the Voice of Russia. He is reportedly connected to Skripal, Magnitsky, Snowden, Browder and all of the 911 Perps. He is a specialist in alternative history. Get Farrell, Greenberg (Snowden) and Browder and they will lead you to the ASTEROIDS/Rothschild and even the Clinton Crime Family the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 and the entire 911 Cabal.

Snowden Joseph Farrell

SNowden Joseph Farrell

Operation NIGHTSHADE: Version After Careful Analysis of the Actual Facts We Know

This was a FALSE FLAG attack and perhaps an attempt by MI-6 to liquidate a former agent it no longer needs or was willing to sacrifice for a political stunt or was paid to take part in the fakery to get his daughter citizenship in the UK and to continue his own "usefulness".

Browder and the Illuminati Killers needed a way to demonize Russia and Putin before the elections and to satisfy their ongoing theft of Russian assets.

The Skripals met their MI6 Controller to discuss the legalization of Skripal's daughter. (speculation) Or to agree on the operation.

Nightshade-Atropine was then administered as a poison by Skripal's MI6 controller who then became unresponsive to the antidote in the hospital and they thought he was going to die, or this was part of the plan..

Atropine would have been discovered in the body(ies) after death and would have brought attention to the restaurant and the meeting which is something the media has completely ignored from the start which led me to look there.

Atropine, the key ingredient in Nightshade is used as a treatment for certain nerve agents like "Novichok" . Hence they fabricated the fake nerve gas attack. In the event of death and to explain why the bodies had Atropine in them after an inquest or this was part of the plan. ALL CLUES LEAD TO NIGHTSHADE)))))

Physostigmine, given as an atropine antidote by slow intravenous injection of 1 to 4 mg (0.5 to 1.0 mg in children), rapidly abolishes delirium and coma, which were the symptoms described in reports and caused by large doses of atropine. Since Physostigmine is rapidly destroyed, the patient may again lapse into coma.

Physical damage would be more pronounced in an older patient hence the daughter's earlier recovery, and the "damaged" mental facilities and coma, of the father, again symptomatic of Nightshade.

Finally MI6 and the Illuminati killers love Nightshade, They like the name

Physostigmine is the antidote for Nightshade. They need to be tested for both.

Nightshade would not dissolve in salad oil and is green in color as in the photograph below and the photograph itself is what is known as a proof shot for the killer in order for him to get paid, which is why he was careful to get the Nightshade and a partial photograph of his own face. 

In my opinion the case is solved..... Next....

There was never any Novichok anywhere whatsoever. All of the first responders and dozens of other would have ended up dead. Hence it must have been a poison only ingested by the Skripals, which adds more support for the Nightshade conclusion.


Conclusion? How can one be made without evidence of anything?

This case is so ridiculous and patently fake that I was intending to ignore it completely but since the Murdoch media blitz has gone full war hysteria I can not ignore it with good conscience..

I will be short and brief so calling this an article is not really fair! In reality there is nothing really to report if we are interested in the facts. Since my specialty is putting facts together I can say simply this: other than the falling ill of an MI6 spy and his daughter after a meal in a restaurant there is nothing in reality to report. Everything in the Western Murdoch Russophobic press is mere speculation, fabrication and "facts" fitting a pre-imposed narrative with multiple objectives.

There has not been an official public finding, no credible transparent scientific or forensic conclusion has been made and there has been no sharing of the evidence in the case.

Absence a real  investigation which would take months and even an officially released forensic finding as to proof a "toxin" was even applied to Agent Skripal, this is a shameful fabricated circus. There is no "smoking gun" (proof of a biological agent) and not even a body!

For what it is worth my initial version (if we remove the version of this being a simple food poisoning incident at a local restaurant) is that Skripal, eager to stay in the game and with no more Russian Intelligence to sell (proven by his involvement in the shameful Trump dossier), simply decided to become a crisis actor and pulled his daughter into the game probably so she could receive permission and documents to stay in the UK with her elderly dad.

They eat their little meal with whatever "poisons" they put into their soup, get sick, FF operatives come along and spread around some toxins that only MI has and then the propaganda false flag information machine takes over. Simple and logical and quite frankly pathetic. 

I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt had it been an organized hit by the SVR or GRU, there would have been no evidence left behind and the targets would be very very very dead.

The Russophobic UK "leadership" want to have their cake and eat it too. Screaming Russia! Russia! Russia! While keeping the non-existent evidence to themselves. A shameful ridiculous laughable and amateur circus for sycophants and Russophobes thirsting for war!

Was MI6 involved? Given MI6 Agent Craig Murray's debunking of the Novichok fable, probably not. Nor can this be attributed to the CIA or the Asteroids because of the lack of hundreds of bodies. So who was it? I think time will show that May and her New World Order Russophobic lunatics probably brought in a False Flag outfit such as the UK's Crisis Cast, or it was all planned out by Skripal himself, again this is ALL speculation. There has not been a finding!!!


«Смерть была бы неминуема» - экс-глава ФСБ о веществе «Новичок»

Экс-директор Федеральной службы безопасности, член думского комитета по безопасности Николай Ковалев прокомментировал последнее развитие ситуации вокруг дела, выдвинул свои версии произошедшего и высказался по поводу мотивов, которые лежат в основе антироссийских действий Великобритании. Бывший глава российской спецслужбы также заявил, что не склонен ожидать от возможных показаний Юлии Скрипаль разгадки отравления.

Экс-директор Федеральной службы безопасности, член думского комитета по безопасности Николай Ковалев прокомментировал последнее развитие ситуации вокруг дела, выдвинул свои версии произошедшего и высказался по поводу мотивов, которые лежат в основе антироссийских действий Великобритании. Бывший глава российской спецслужбы также заявил, что не склонен ожидать от возможных показаний Юлии Скрипаль разгадки отравления.


Экс-директор Федеральной службы безопасности, член думского комитета по безопасности Николай Ковалев прокомментировал последнее развитие ситуации вокруг дела, выдвинул свои версии произошедшего и высказался по поводу мотивов, которые лежат в основе антироссийских действий Великобритании. Бывший глава российской спецслужбы также заявил, что не склонен ожидать от возможных показаний Юлии Скрипаль разгадки отравления.

Disgusting Troll Threatens Me With Guantanamo if I Don't Shut Up, I Must Be Right

S Sends His Always Brilliant Analysis

Discovered some really dirty games are afoot in the current string of accusations that are being thrown in the direction of the Russian Govt.

The affair so far began in a strange series of events that started at a shopping center in the UK, where two Russians were found outside on a bench unconscious. One was airlifted to the hospital, and the other taken by Paramedics in an ambulance. Now the first articles that were talking about the two people, said specifically that they were victims of a suspected Fentanyl O.D. I included the page below.

The UK media was even the first to publish this evidence, after their reporter contacted the hospital and wrote up the article featuring their doctor's suspicions, written across the top of the page......!

The two were not found dead, nor have they died from the exposure to the drug, but were intoxicated and non-responsive. There is often a problem with dealers that will lace weak Heroin with a little bit of Fentanyl to make it more potent and lure customers that are unaware of the mix. It is quite easily believed that he was either working to help distribute the drugs, or was merely buying them to use. It was also known that he was a double agent that had served time in Russia for his crimes of spying with American's, leaving for the UK some years ago.

No matter his crimes in the past, he was made out to be the 'target of a Soviet Engineered Chemical Weapon', and one that was acclaimed to have been delivered by Russian agents. At this point is where the story gets even more interesting, as it twists the narrative behind the near-death of a Russian and his daughter from a suspected Fentanyl exposure, and AT THE SAME TIME covers up the death of another agent, Nikolai Glushkov, who was strangled to death 2 days after the exposure. The whole scenario of an attack from the Soviet Union in London was being broadcast almost immediately after these articles came out, as they decided to cordon off the areas and stage a decontamination of everything in the area, even though nobody was showing signs of any exposure to any chemicals.

The claim being made then by Theresa May in a press release to the entire House of Parliament and in the media, was that the pair was killed by a chemical agent called Novichok, meaning "Newcomer". The theory behind it is put to the test in an article here by a man in the UK, just like you and me, that truly sees the culprits operating behind the facade: (CRAIG MURRAY IS MI6)

These near-death's are definitely not the signs of a Chemical attack. Nor was it the hospital's belief, the belief of the helicopter crew, the ambulance driver, or the Paramedics that came to their assistance, that they were at risk of exposure to any substance. They were all convinced that there was a problem from the drug Fentanyl, as one officer that apparently was exposed to it while searching the home of the suspected target became sick, but not as if it was from the exposure of something that was claimed by Teresa May, to be 5 to 8x's stronger than VX Nerve Gas.

For them to create this scenario in the media as a suspicion, is even more perplexing when you see that another of their double agents is found dead a few days later, and that the entire media facade then follows an entirely different narrative, intentionally ignoring the previous events that have transpired. They dumped the investigations of an entire series of deaths, including one MI6 agent, Gareth Williams, that was found zipped into his own gym bag after being poisoned. This one agent, was an English-born CODEBREAKER with SIS, and was murdered at one of their own safehouses.

A member of the agency that was working with the NSA and other Codebreaking Groups in the UK, and a citizen, was found dead in one of the most decorated scenes in any investigation. It was wiped clean of DNA and fingerprints, and the man was left stuffed into a duffel bag that was zipped and locked, with the key placed inside of the bag under the body. The case was riddled with its own facade of cover-ups and accusations, first claiming publicly that he was into strange bondage games, then pointing at Russian blame without any evidence to claim as a definitive fact to argue with. These investigations have been sealed, and this one new story that was once used to portray Russia as a murderous and vengeful country conducting a long line of killings, is now being used to target Russia again, using this most recent incident.

The entire scenario of a string of double agents being killed by Russian spies in the UK makes no sense, when it is known that the Russians had numerous years to assassinate these men if they had wanted to, and that the SIS and MI overseers have played out an entire scenario for Theresa May to follow, using this one drug overdose or accidental exposure, as a catalyst. Never mind that there was one of their own that was terminated, and that the only people that knew where to find him were British Intelligence.

It is quite clear that whatever the one UK Codebreaker had been involved with, or was witness to, was the reason for his murder, and the fact that it is being sealed from the public is another key point to show that there is something going on with the US, being involved through the NSA in forming a larger NATO-like force behind the scenes. Seeing the timing of the numerous "Russian Collusion" accusations dying out in the US, and the rest of the recent false flags showing their colors, we see that there is again something that is being withheld from the public as they are being fed media spinoffs for political gains.

What their ultimate objectives are, nobody can truly pinpoint, but it is clear that at least 15 people are dead, and the UK is now blaming their old cold war enemy for every one of their deaths, while their own murderous coverups are washing up on the rocks at the same time. They are expecting that we all forget and follow the "news cycles" through the rollercoaster repeating the same events and resulting excuses, yet there are many that are doubting this narrative and accusation, and I thought that I would share that with you, that there are more deaths behind this recent affair that tie into the same organization in the UK that is targeting their own agency codebreakers, and scapegoating double agents, using them as "victims" to incite international tensions.

Again when I see the death of a Codebreaker in that manner, I look at the fact that nobody knew where he lived except the closest of internal agency admins. They obviously were not Russians that were looking to kill a Signals Intelligence Service agent as a way to attack the MI6's infrastructure, and stop that dept. from gaining ground. No, he obviously knew more about the UK's involvement in the creation of ISIS, and the coming Arab Spring movements that started right after his death. The internal affairs in the UK secretly have provided support for their operations in Northern Africa, the planning and hosting of numerous Arabs from known extremist groups in the UK (later that next year the UK was helping the rebels to overthrow Qaddafi). This is of course a major series of events that were years in the making, and for some reason, it seems that the UK had murdered one of their own, in the attempt to remove any witnesses to their plans.

It is important to note that when speaking of the UK and the Libyan regime change tactics used by Obama and Clinton in 2011, that the UK and the US provided support and weapons to the rebels to overthrow numerous govts, as well as setting up CIA stations in Bhengazi, where they also later cut all the ties to their operations there, and disavowed and scuttled that station as well afterwards. This codebreaker was killed before the affairs there were staged in a series of coordinated events of the Arab Spring, that were being set up through the communication of orders and plans via encoded ciphers that we have discussed before, being passed along in numerous formats.

Just yesterday, the UK said that they would now reopen the investigations of this one murder of Gareth Williams, and point their efforts towards again blaming the Russian FSB, directing their accusations at Putin's administration for having ordered it all, based on the advice of 4 US agency advisors who still remain unnamed.

These accusations that are being made will be the downfall of Theresa May's administration and her ties to the NATO-sponsored affairs of the English Crown. The attempts to subvert justice in the UK began with the initial cover-ups, and in order to maintain that facade there are going to be more lies told, as they are trying to portray their affairs as International Regents, bringing an end to an affair that they are coordinating, amassing a group of nations to follow behind them in the accusations to support further sanctions against Russia.

So hope everything is going well there, and that you see that there are some people that are tired of this BS flying around in the media. I am hoping that these original reports will be enough to show how basic the lies being told are, and how easily that the facts can be found with a little research. I am sure that the Kremlin is tired of the whole affair as well.

Talk soon,


JOHN NOTES: My analysis and the evidence I have shows that Gareth Willaims (Like Seth Rich) was about to expose the Clinton/UK pedophile child trafficking network and he had made the fatal error of contacting WikiLeaks . WikiLEaks as a MOSSAD/CIA entrapment/911 misinformation Op from the start just turned the information over to MI6 and the CIA. Williams was another ASTEROIDS/Clinton/Rothschild/MOSSAD/CIA hit

The Only Sane Voice: Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley

“Clearly it’s a very unusual case and the critical thing is to get to the bottom of what has caused this incident as quickly as possible..... At the moment the key is, though, to get to the bottom of what caused this.”

Russia's Complete Lack of Knowledge in the Case is Shameful but Proves Innocence

Inital Russian reports, including citing Reserve FSB Major General Alexander Mihailov, who I respect and am certain would know the actual details in the case, initially said Skripal suffers from paranoia and persecution complex and he and his "girlfriend/partner" pver-dosed on Fentanyl, which he was taking in order to calm his nerves.

The simple fact that RIA and its FSB source did not even know the woman with Skripal was his daughter tells me there was no Russian involvement, although they did know Skripal was taking medication which is information they found on the Internet and available to anyone. RIA's "reporters" obviously only have Google as an investigative tool. Sad but I told them! They never listen!

Always Trust the First Reports: Before the Propaganda Architects Start Working

 Fentanyl and Carfentanyl were cited in hundreds of initial reports. Most British media said authorities suspected Skripal and his daughter were exposed to fentanyl, a synthetic opiate painkiller that is at least 50 times more powerful than morphine. Then Theresa May and the Russophobes took over!

MI6 Seth Rich/WikiLeaks "Whistleblower" on Novichok: Runs Interference for MI6

1) Porton Down has acknowledged in publications it has never seen any Russian “novichoks”. The UK government has absolutely no “fingerprint” information such as impurities that can safely attribute this substance to Russia.

2) Until now, neither Porton Down nor the world’s experts at the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were convinced “Novichoks” even exist.

3) The UK is refusing to provide a sample to the OPCW.

4) “Novichoks” were specifically designed to be able to be manufactured from common ingredients on any scientific bench. The Americans dismantled and studied the facility that allegedly developed them. It is completely untrue only the Russians could make them, if anybody can.

5) The “Novichok” programme was in Uzbekistan not in Russia. Its legacy was inherited by the Americans during their alliance with Karimov, not by the Russians.

A Slew of Politcal Objectives: The Key Chracteristic of a False Flag

Best Theory: Ordered by Browder, May and Other UK Russophobic Forces Connected to Clinton

1) 23 of Russia's 58 London diplomats expelled. They must leave within a week in the biggest expulsion for 30 years

2) All planned high-level UK-Russia contacts suspended

3) UK ministers and Royal Family will boycott the 2018 World Cup

4) Invitation for Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's UK visit rescinded

5) A new 'Magnitsky law' to strengthen sanctions on human rights abusers

6) Urgent new laws to 'harden our defences against all forms of hostile state activity' This will include a targeted power to detain those suspected of hostile state activity at the UK border. This is currently only allowed for terror suspects

7) Increased checks on private flights, customs and freight

8) Freeze Russian state assets if they may be used to threaten life or property of UK nationals or residents

9) Other covert measures that "cannot be shared publicly for reasons of National Security"


Third Real Fact Comes Out Finally!!!

Porton Down UK MoD Can NOT Prove "Novichok" Russian

Real Facts Will Be Posted Here 

1) Skripal and daughter fall ill

2) "Cited" toxin only kept in UK at Porton Down, however there is no proof any toxin was used. Just statements!

Crisis Actors and the Boston Bombing

 Last Update: 11/24/2018 09:27 +0300

UK Court Skripal Fakery (Something "Like" Novichok)


CIA Taking the Skripals to the USA - Home to be Demolished

Британский МИД оказался назвать официальную версию расследования "дела Скрипалей"

Poisoning victim Yulia Skripal released from hospital

Посольство РФ назвало снос дома Скрипалей в Солсбери уничтожением улик

Сербия не присоединится к антироссийским санкциям по делу Скрипалей


Russian embassy to UK asks Foreign Office for details of intercept of secret message to Moscow on Skripal poisoning

ЦРУ готовят операцию по вывозу Скрипалей

FLASHBACK: Local medic writes Times: "No patients experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury"

Skripal case attack on Russia’s international role: Moscow’s UN envoy

Chemical Cover-up Continues: British Consider 'Disappearing' Skripals Somewhere in The Anglosphere

Эксперт описал дальнейший сценарий в деле отравления Скрипалей

There is slowly building anger in the UK at the Government's obvious bungling of the Skripal case

The Best Explanation For The Skripal Drama Is Still ... Food Poisoning

 Police Seal Skripal Home, Pets Starve to Death

Ex-Russian spy in poison attack no longer in critical condition, hospital says

Ex-spy Sergei Skripal out of critical condition: hospital

Ex-spy's guinea pigs, cat become latest targets in row over nerve-agent attack

Spy's pets died in wake of nerve agent attack

End of Case: Porton Down, UK MoD and Experts Can NOT Prove Agent from Russia

Russia calls for UN Security Council meeting on Skripal scandal

Evidence before solidarity? German official blasts UK and allies for blaming Russia for Skripal poisoning

Chemical weapons expert: 'State actor' claim re: Novichok is bogus - ordinary chemists could make them

Britain's mainstream desperation for Russian guilt will ignore anything to get it

More evidence the UK's Russia narrative is a verdict in search of a crime

UK FO anti-Russian social media rings a bell - because they're doing everything they accuse Russia of doing

Calls for resignations abound after Porton Down admission; what now for the UK government's case?

UK to bear responsibility for provocation in Skripal case - Russian ambassador

MI6 Poisons Their Own Spy for Russophobia! Analysis: Bill Browder Ordered Sloppy Chemical Attack B4 Speech - Last Update: 11/24/2018 09:27 +0300

Russian ambassador slams Skripal case as provocation by UK intelligence service

Russian diplomats declared personae non gratae to leave US on March 31

UK authorities ignoring Russian embassy’s requests for access to ex-officer's daughter

UK considers Russian embassy’s request for consular access to Yulia Skripal

Antonov calls Skripal case pretext for US provocations against Russian diplomats

Finland plans to continue cooperation with Russia — Foreign Ministry

Canadian Foreign Ministry confirms expulsion of four diplomats from Russia

UK authorities ignoring Russian embassy’s requests for access to ex-officer's daughter

Russian embassy in UK calls Aeroflot jet search at Heathrow blatant provocation

Russian diplomat comments on Aeroflot plane search conducted by UK authorities

British authorities search Aeroflot plane, no reasons provided — source

Russian Ambassador to US promises Embassy's work to remain as efficient as

Ambassador calls Skripals case pretext for US provocations against Russian diplomats

US secret services sharply step up efforts to win over Russian diplomats

Expulsion of US diplomats from Russia marks further deterioration of bilateral relations

Russia to expel 60 US diplomats

Russia to convene extraordinary OPCW session over Skripal case

Ex-intelligence officer's daughter 'conscious' — media

Austrian top diplomat says Skripal poisoning not proved, requires investigation

Yulia Skripal's condition said to be improving rapidly

Skripals were poisoned at their home, police say

Poisoned ex-spy 'should be allowed to die'

В Госдепе призывали Россию признаться в отравлении Скрипаля

Russian envoy blasts London’s ploy to unnerve Poland with ‘toxic agent’ hysteria

Malta recalls ambassador to Russia for consultations in context of Skripal case

Kremlin: London’s Skripal 'presentation' doesn't stand up to scrutiny

Former OPCW official: no conclusive proof of Russian complicity in Salisbury attack

Novichok agent formula published in US in 1998 - Russian defense ministry

Reaction at UK’s Porton Down proves it develops toxic chemicals, says Russian diplomat

Nerve agent attack bench cut away and removed

'It wasn't Russia': Ambassador writes to Salisbury cop

US considering options to take steps against Russia over Skripal case - State Department

Russia'a Ambassador to Ireland: EU succumbs to false solidarity with UK on Skripal case

Russia’s EU envoy slams Skripal case as fake story

Russian Foreign Ministry organized a special briefing on Skripal case for CSTO ambassadors

Skripal and his daughter in critical but stable condition, says medic

Finnish president expresses concern over Skripal case

Putin, Greek PM discuss London’s accusations against Moscow

Kremlin counts on Europe’s political logic and wisdom in Skripal case

Russian Foreign Ministry suggests US could have orchestrated Skripal saga

British authorities could have staged Skripal attack — Russian Foreign Ministry

Kaliningrad’s 2018 FIFA World Cup arena ready to be commissioned — LOC chair

Sergey Skripal has dual citizenship, says Russian ambassador

Questions for London about Skripal’s poisoning keep piling up, says Russian diplomat

White House confirms US considers new sanctions against Russia over Skripal case

Moscow accuses London of sweeping facts on spy case under the rug

Russia’s Foreign Ministry ready to continue dialogue with other states over Skripal case

Russia to renew Tu-160 strategic bomber fleet by 2030

Russia’s top UK envoy believes Skripal saga mirrors Litvinenko murder investigation

Plotters of Skripal poisoning will be held accountable, vows Russian diplomat

Putin on Skripal case: Russia possesses no such toxic agents

Захарова: Лондон так и не предоставил Москве материалы по делу Скрипаля

Spy row: Chemical weapons watchdog to investigate

Russia presses charges over Yulia Skripal's attempted murder, businessman's death in UK

Ex-GRU chief slams London’s accusations in Skripal case as ‘heinous nonsense’

U.S., U.K., France and Germany issue statement blaming Russia for poisoning of ex-spy

London uses ex-spy’s case as pretext for ‘short victorious war’ - Russian expert

Peak hysteria: 'Dead spies, hybrid warfare and meddling diplomats' - MPs unleash anti-Russian onslaught in Commons

UK, US, German, French leaders condemn Salisbury nerve agent attack in joint statement

Yet another reason UK's 'Novichok' claims are bunk: Formulas for nerve agents in question can be bought for $30 on Amazon

Britain's presumption of guilt towards Russia invites conflict and chaos

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Skripal: Is Russia guilty for everyone killed by AK-47?

Lavrov expects Skripal himself to clarify Salisbury incident

Russia ready to help investigate Skripal case — ambassador to Australia

Mercouris on the Skripal crisis: Russia asked to "prove innocence" while UK unable to provide any proof

Kremlin: Russia was not responsible for Skirpal case, won't accept groundless threats and ultimatums from UK

UK expels 23 Russian diplomats over alleged nerve agent attack

Russia: UK trying to mislead intl. community over poisoning case

Skripal poisoning crisis: Russia rejects UK ultimatum and demands chemical samples

Russian authorities could not be behind Salisbury poisoning, says ambassador to EU

The Poisoning of Skripal Leads Right to Clinton and the DNC

Russian Foreign Ministry slams UK PM’s comments on Skripal poisoning case

Russian Foreign Ministry slams UK PM’s comments on Skripal poisoning case

Russia’s NTV correspondent in London receives threats over covering ex-spy poisoning

Theresa May accuses Russia of involvement in ex-officer Skripal poisoning

Spy mystery: Rare poison may be traced to single lab right next door to Salisbury

UK to consider measures against Russia over Skripal case — source

Russia rejects as 'circus show' British claims on ex-spy case

Skripal crisis: Russia rejects UK ultimatum; demands chemical samples


Chemical Warfare Agents from Porton Down Found in Deraa Syria

This Must Be a Joke!!! This is the Handout CIA/MI6 Were Passing Around in Moscow

Letter from Russian Ambassador to Detective


Thousands of Words

Notice the green tint, the red thing hanging in his beer and who is the guy taking the picture?

White Helmets Revisted: Firemen Without Masks



Last Update: 11/24/2018 09:27 +0300



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