911 and the False Paradigm of War for Genocide: Murdering Journalists


Rabid Rampaging Wolves: The New World Order

Generalizing is something most often practiced by those who operate in the realm of stereotyping, demonizing or promoting group-think and is something I generally do not engage in, nevertheless for the sake of this piece I will allow myself an exception and in doing so perhaps calm the reader and myself with the conviction that we are not alone and battle for truth and justice is not lost but has in fact gone into stealth mode operating in realms beyond the understanding of those who seek kill the truth.

The "generalization" I hesitate to make regards the character of journalists with my thesis being that the original  motivations for the real journalist and truther are shared by all who sought to engage themselves in the endeavor of acting as the scribes of history and the recorders and informers of the story of humankind. For myself and for the now almost non-existent respectable and conscientious journalists left in the world, and by those I do not mean CIA lackeys like Roberts and Greenwald and the like, who have attempted to hi-jack the Truth Movement in hiding, but real journalists whose audiences are limited and who work is censored and suppressed such as my own. The motivation that I am referring to is a strong sense of outrage when witnessing injustice and the belief that through exposing the truth justice can be served if not in fact obtained.

This honorable and commendable desire for truth and justice and a natural human outrage at such an atrocity was what drove the 911 Truth Movement and is what keeps those of us still seeking to expose the lunatics behind 911 from abandoning the fight, and a fight it is. From the serialized demonization and premeditated destruction of every journalist who has attempted to get to the truth, to the outright murder of anyone coming too close to exposing the mass-murderers behind the conspiracy, there is no doubt that it has in fact been a fight, one which in fact became a war, no less important than the very illegal  wars of aggression that were launched with 911 as a catalyst and which Truthers were attempting to stop.     

Western "Civilization" as the world knew it is now dead and gone and nothing but an illusion run by a murderous criminal cabal whose power and legitimacy are based on lies, fallacies and fakery, promoted by a sycophantic media and actually desired and wanted and supported by the very populace they have brain-washed and who actually fight and defend the very lies and crimes causing their own enslavement, eviscerating the future of humankind and destroying the entire planet. The so-called "West" has now become nothing more than the rabid rampaging wolf envisaged by academics who studied and labeled the condition as a perversion of Orientalism where the world is no longer governed and ruled by laws or sovereign states but by primitive powers running around like packs of wild dogs in the night murdering and stealing resources and wealth and taking whatever they want. Academics and civilized thinkers have attempted to label this as a perversion of Orientalism and you can call it whatever you like but this is what "they" call the New World Order". It is a world run by less than .01% of the population and that ruling elite is a nothing more than a complete and total murderous criminal syndicate, which of course has no interest in rule of law, sovereign states or anything connected to the very word order and whose most hated and feared enemy is TRUTH and anything and anyone who can shine the light of truth on their illegitimate criminal takeover of the world.  

These "elites", supported and protected by the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex which they control, came to power through their execution of the 911 mass-murder and 17 years later 911 remains the litmus test and the key to bringing down their entire fake House of Cards, therefore the journalist, the real truth seeker and the Internet have become military targets to be brutally murdered and eliminated by the rabid dogs of these jackals. 

Волки бешеные: новый мировой порядок.

Обобщение чаще всего применяют те, кто любит распространять стереотипы, демонизацию и пропаганду группового мышления. Я этим обычно не занимаюсь, но ради этой статьи сделаю исключение, и возможно этим мне удастся успокоить читателя, убедить, что мы не одиноки, что битва за правду и справедливость не проиграна, просто перешла в теневой режим и действует за пределами понимания тех, кто стремится уничтожить правду.

Я не решаюсь рассматривать «обобщение» в отношении характера журналистов, поскольку мой тезис смысла деятельности и изначальном мотиве для работы журналистом состоит в правдивости и он разделяется всеми, кто стремится стать писателем истории, документатором и информатором реальности человечества. Для меня и для ныне почти уже несуществующих добропорядочных и честных журналистов – тех, кто не стал лакеями ЦРУ, или тех, кто пытается писать скрытно, чья аудитория ограничена, а тех, кто открыто работает, подвергаясь цензуре. Моя мотивация – это сильное чувство возмущения при виде несправедливости и убеждение в том, что разоблачая истину можно добиться справедливости.

Это благородное и похвальное стремление к правде и справедливости. Естественный человеческий гнев послужил началу «Движения 9/11» и заставляет бороться тех из нас, кто по-прежнему стремится разоблачить тех сумасшедших, кто организовал теракт 11 сентября 2001 года. Серийная демонизация и преднамеренное уничтожение каждого журналиста, который пытался докопаться до истины, откровенное убийство любого, кто подошел слишком близко к разоблачению массовых убийц. Нет никаких сомнений в том, что эта битва стала фактически войной, не менее важной, чем сами акты терроризма, которые были начаты 9/11 и стали катализатором многих событий, которые и пытается остановить «Движение».

Та «Западная цивилизация», которую знает мир, ушла. Она только иллюзия, управляемая преступной группировкой, чья власть и легитимность основаны на лжи, заблуждениях и подделках, продвигаемых фальшивыми СМИ. Их поддерживают люди с промытыми этими СМИ мозгами. Они обмануты и невольно поддерживают все те злодеяния, которые уничтожают будущее планеты и вредят человечеству. Так называемый «Запад» теперь стал ничем иным, как злым голодным волком, предсказанным учеными: они назвали это «состоянием извращенного ориентализма», где мир управляется не законами или суверенными государствами, а примитивными державами, бегающими как стаи диких собак в ночи, убивая за ресурсы и крадя все, что они хотят. И называют они это «новым мировым порядком». Вы можете называть как хотите. Это мир, которым управляют меньше, чем 1% населения, и правящая элита – не более чем преступный синдикат, который, конечно, не имеет никакого интереса к верховенству закона, суверенным государствам или порядку вообще. Правда их страшный враг, в особенности те, кто может пролить свет на то, как он преступно захватили мир.

Эти «элиты», поддерживаемые и охраняемые военным, разведывательным и промышленным комплексами, которые они контролируют, пришли к власти в результате массового убийства 11 сентября 2001 года. И спустя 17 лет события этого дня остаются лакмусовой бумажкой и ключом к разрушению карточного домика их власти, поэтому настоящие журналисты, ищущие правду, стали военными целями и были жестоко убиты бешеными собаками этих шакалов.

Killing the Truthers: The New Norm for WikiLeaks and CIA - Murder Incorporated

As the last of two living and free WikiLeaks Associates I must comment on the monster who is Paul Hawkins (aka Julian Assange) as yet another one of his victims is being destroyed and wiped from the face of the Earth and the sycophantic world media is once again marching lock-step and silent, screaming and shouting about the latest distractor operation another completely fabricated False Flag attack by a CIA Asset on a Synagogue, that is our conclusion of the latest mass-killing in America. (We will allow for those who claim no one was actually killed by stating that body counts have also become questionable, however this line of thinking only serves "their" interests so as to not cause them to be labeled mass-murderers by truthers, which is exactly what they are).

We know Bowers is a House of Rothschild cover name like Greenberg is a Rockefeller one and we know the so-called shooter was a CIA connected asset and given the HASBARA drive to continue the horrendous GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE using the American taxpayer and military as a cover, coupled by the fact that no real Muslim we have ever heard of has ever attacked a Synagogue, we can state with 99% certainty that this was another False Flag! 

Cesar Sayoc’s (Robert Gregory Bowers (ROTHSCHILD)) CIA Connection

So while CIA/MOSSAD/Rothschild poster boy Hawkins, is whining and crying because he is not allowed to insert himself into the World's Political Landscape at will and like a true card holding member of the Empire of Genocide is suing the country that has housed and protected him for years, in true Colonialist fashion whining and crying that his meals are not free and demanding an Australian interpreter, for as a true colonialist for the better part of a decade he could not even learn the language of his hosts, we here at JAR2 watch as yet another WikiLeaks "source" is eradicated by the CIA.

This time the WikiLeaks' victim is Joshua Shulte, the patsy chosen for the release of the Vault 7 FAKERY, which was supposed to convince the world that the mass-murdering raving lunatics at CIA are into everything Cyber, which is pure unadulterated BULLSHIT as you can see by the continued existence of JAR2 and the CIA's complete impotence in stopping the assassination of their asset Jamal Khashoggi.

As you can see in the release contined in the following link: Court Deletes ASSANGE/WIKLEAKS VICTIM Joshua Schulte Letter on Prison Mistreatment Shulte is being denied due process and the right to defend himself in an arrest and persecution whose outcome was decided before he was even arrested (sound familiar?). Shulte is the latest in the endless stream of victims of the WikiLeaks entrapment operation and the among the latest CIA connected figures helping to formulated the FAKE NARRATIVE that the war-crazed lunatics at Langley are trying to force the world into swallowing.   

The CIA has gone completely off the reservation of late, with the assassination of Alexander Zaharchenko, which the Russians refuse to pin on the CIA even though the SBU is their proxy, completely and totally under their control (a testament to this being the occupation by the CIA of the 4th floor of SBU headquarters where the lowly ass-licking SBU is forbidden to wander), visits by Bloody Gina Haspel to Turkey to handle the damage control operation after the assassination by the Saudis of CIA Asset and US Citizen Jamal Khashoggi (a CIA co-conspirator with Agent Tim Osman aka Osama Bin Laden and an individual with inside information and knowledge about 911) and dozens of other recent and loud intelligence failures which the MOCKINGBIRD media is ignoring, such as the taking over of Ukraine's Biological infrastructure and the

revelations of illegal biological experiments in Georgia, the wiping from the face of the earth of WikiLeaks Associate Arjen Kamphuis and now the largest ammunition delivery in modern history to Europe, to name a few, we see Murder Incorporated desperately driving the world to war as their only gambit left to completely cover up their 911 mass-murder operation (an operation serving as the catalyst for the very World War they are trying to start!)

Not even the most jaded and sick individual can continue to pretend the world has been taken over by forces of evil under the control of the West and the New World Order psychopaths, something no more obvious than Sweden's statement that recognizing anyone from the Lugansk People's Republic would be a "dangerous precedent".

Where is the outrage at this statement and the screams that the UN must obey its own Charter and recognize its own stance on recognizing the rights of peoples for self-determination? The institutionalized nature of this denial of rights and the apparent abeyance at he UN of International Law and Standards under the perpetual bending to the will of the criminals running the New World Order is disgraceful and an abomination to all humankind.

The world's fake media is just fine with the apparent fact that recognizing self-determination is now a "DANGEROUS PRECEDENT" according to SWEDEN. Apparently the UN wants to discuss elections in the DNR and LNR but without representatives of the DNR or LNR, by their own actions making a complete and total mockery of international law and the United Nations as an international body. The UN has once again shown it is a US patsy but that is becoming what they want the world to believe!!!

Fake Truthers, Journalists, CIA Assets and the MOCKINGBIRD Media

Where has the truth gone? To the same shallow grave in the woods as journalistic integrity and normal human empathy. We now see CIA Assets like Paul Roberts and other "former" three-letter agents and officers taking over the Truth Movement and like Assange, pretending to be the torch bearers of justice and integrity and truth while real Truthers and journalists continue to be assassinated and destroyed. It is all mind-numbing for anyone with a memory.

Like the so-called journalist to the right who caused international outrage by when she was caught tripping and cursing at refugees. Hungary just proved it is nothing but another vassal for the New World Order and is lock step with the perverted Orientalism, which is in fact, barely hidden racism on which the New World Order is based.

Petra Laszlo got away with kicking 2 migrants, including a young girl, in 2015 when she was supposed to be filming on the Serbian border, but we remember, like we remember everything, including the fact that Serbia is to be destroyed and in this case an affront to Serbia and the Serbian people and "migrants", the new racist key word for Muslims, are to be demonized and treated like dirt at every turn for the murderous and genocidal ZIONIST entity.

Bravo Hungary, you are true fascists of the New World Order.  

Hungary's top court acquits camerawoman who kicked migrants

To see CIA MOCKINGBIRD New York Times, promoting itself as "Independent Journalism" is just too much of a stretch of reality that it can not be ignored and really should have the entire world collectively throwing up, but they are getting away with it, attempting to re-write histroy and using the dismally low educational level and the 3 minute attention spans of the general population to get away with pretending to be champions of truth.

The New York Times has and always will be an establisment publication and part of the US Government and CIA run MOCKINGBIRD-ZIONIST-NEOCON network of fake news and propganda. Again the litmus test is 911 and the award for the greatest failure in the  journalistic history of the universe must be handed to the New York Times. For the New York Times has dropped the ball thousands of times on one of the biggest single mass-murders in human history. Why? Becuase they are anything but "independent" they are wholly and completely owned and soley caater to the criminals in power.

Are they covering anything worth knowing about in aq significant way? No. Have they ever reported on the 9,000 people who went missing after 911 or the thousands that have died as a result of the demolitions? No. Have they ever reported on those in New York who profitted from 911, or the robbery at the Federal Reserve Gold Depository? No. Have they ever reported on the facts tying Israel to the events of 911? No. Dov Zakheim? The Rockefellers? The Rothschilds? etc et al? NO no and no.

Did the New York Times report that Jamal Khashoggi was a US Citizen or a CIA Asset connected to Tim Osman? No of course not? Did they report that the 15 man hit team strangled and dismembered Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Embassy? Missed it. Did they report on the forensics expert who was brought in to clean up the mess? Yeah? Oh. But so did everyone else... So while the Koch Brothers, Amazon, the NY Times and Post and all the rest are destroying real independent journalism, the sheeple are being fooled again, and no one is complaining.

Turkey Says Saudis Strangled Khashoggi Immediately On Entering Consulate, Dismembered Body

We will keep watching as the CIA pushes the world into World War III. That is apparently what the world wants. Or is it?

A Fake Reality Serving the Western "Elite" Lunatic Hoarders of Wealth and Power

The CIA and US Government Official Policy towards whistleblowers and journalists, in particular 911 Truthers is complete and total destruction, assassination if needed and/or imprisonment after complete and total discretization. Anyone threatening to expose the truth becomes a targetted individual or a TI. Even in Russia they continue to expose their assets to try to get me, proving the CIA throws assets away like trash as evidenced by Mr. Khashoggi. This is completely evidenced by everything that has happened, including and in particular the recent media onslaught attempting to characterize me as a bum. I gave them the ammunition they needed in the form of the document below and they ran with it, trying to portray me as a BUM and a miscreant.

For those who missed the whole point of publishing the above image, again I need to explain that this was a CIA ordered hit on my son and by calling him a BUM they were able to marginalize him and have him arrested. Now the SCUM at RIDUS and the 5th Column are trying to say I am a BUM as well. GO TO HELL WE ARE NOT BUMS!!! I have a place to live and am still publishing and still working as an Investigative Journalist, as evidenced by what you are reading!!

SEE THE BLOG: http://www.jar2.com/INDEX.HTM

The Russia Report Part Five - Media Trolls and the 5th Column

The sheer number of agents and assets the US and Israel have in Russia is mind-boggling. We are talking in the tens of thousands, all activated like zombies though the media. The media is their command and control grid and their MKULTRA Mind Control programming is the belief in the FALSE PROMISE OF THE USA and the "West" and the STILL-HELD belief by many Russians that the West cares and if they do what the West wants they will have good and decent lives of justice and financial stability and wealth. How can one combat an entire country where huge numbers of the population are brain-washed by Western lies? How can we reprogram them so they see the truth? The answer is in the media, but when a 5th column is in control this is impossible. Hence the 5th column must be destroyed first before the population can be healed. This is the sphere of Counter Intelligence and Counter Insurgency and Counter Psychological Operations and must be dealt with aggressively by the State Security Services and those seeking to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the Russian State. Given the fact that Russia now has an "Open Society" which the West uses undermine the sovereignty of the state, without a complete crack down or repression, this is a challenge which the Russian Government, and in fact all governments targetted for "change" are faced with and must deal with.


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