Killing an Asylee and His Family

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The Killing of a an Asylee and His Family

Published October 30, 2020

Sunday October 18, 2020

Dear Editors and Fellow Humans,

At 17:30 on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow the son of the first and only ex-US citizen with asylum in Russia is arriving in New York after being deported by Russia. John Robles III was raised in Russia and lived there 25 of his 28 years. His father is an investigative journalist and was the former lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service and is the owner of the truth site John also had asylum and after a fabricated arrest on narcotics which is a usual occurrence with journalists and their families, to blackmail them for money and destroy their lives, he spent 5 years in a Russian prison colony.

He has no family, friends or even acquaintances in the USA. He speaks English very well but has never been in an English environment. We ask you to run a story which we think would be interesting for your readers. There are so many violations of human rights and international conventions here that it should not be hard to find an angle for your readers.

John is a good person, he never pled guilty to the crime he was framed for and needs your support. He has never been to America even though he was born in York Pennsylvania. We ask you to be kind to him and support this brave young man as he enters his new “home” for the first time.
Friends and Family of John Robles II

October 15, 2020

Dear Esteemed Representative,

Best wishes go out to you and yours. We humbly request that you read the attached file which partially details the systematic, pre-meditated and covertly executed persecution, destruction and eventual murder of an Asylee and his entire family by State Actors and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America.

I am writing you first and foremost as the only ex-“American” citizen in the Russian Federation with asylum and have lived with that official status for 13 years with my two USA born children with none of us being able to obtain citizenship or normalize our status and thus being marginalized, stigmatized and destroyed.

As an investigative journalist I have kept a careful record of evidence of all of the punitive actions, attacks and measures that have been carried out against us and have recorded them in an almost one thousand page document which I have called “the Insurance File”. The file attached to this e-mail is a 140+ page partial summary of the Insurance File and includes summaries of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace that are being carried out by the United States of American, NATO countries and Israel.

My hope is that through exposing my 25 years of suffering I can somehow bring the attention of the world to the horrendous injustices that have been taking place non-stop since September 11, 2001 and that I may finally be able, with your support to end my family’s unjustifiable suffering and exile.
What is occurring is truly the slow motion murder of not only an Asylee but of his entire family. I pray to God on your humanity may and that you may find the goodness in your heart to help us in anyway you can.

We are seeking several measures of relief including compensation for 25 years of exile and first and foremost assistance in obtaining a normal legal status like any citizen of the world so that we can find employment which has become impossible in Russia as Asylees. We are also making an emergency request for the following:

1. Basic humanitarian assistance, food, clothing and assistance with funding shelter.

2. Basic medical and dental care including medications.

3. Legal assistance and protection and help in the drawing up of lawsuits and legal documents to present to the relevant international bodies in order to obtain relief.

4. We ask for any assistance in obtaining any kind of employment as there are absolutely no real subsidies or material or other assistance provided to Asylees in the Russian Federation.

5. Legal and physical protection from continued persecution and attacks by Western Intelligence, including the CIA and MI-6 on our persons, property and reputations (carefully documented in the attached file).

6. The provision of Political Asylum and protection for my US born son and daughter who also had asylum with me but who have had their lives destroyed because of it and who, after 25 years (their whole lives) Russian is attempting to deport.

Russia has refused to provide my family with citizenship and again after filing a lawsuit, I have been told that any application for citizenship will not reach the Kremlin because the signature of the President is required. Russia has failed in protecting us and is no longer independent from the influence of the CIA, they give an active CIA officer permanent residency but can not give their own agent citizenship.

Thank you for you kind attention in this matter and I hope that your country may still value and respect human rights.

Respectfully submitted to you by,

John Anthony Robles II

First and only Taino Indian with Political Asylum in Russia (13 years)

Owner, publisher and journalist at the web portal and

Former Voice of Russia World Service Lead Announcer, Investigative Journalist and Editor

Former President Putin and Russian Government Propagandist

I can be contacted at, or by phone at +7-901-718-8391

Below is a link to files and my resume:

Complaint Against the Government of the United States of America and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America and Their Agents and Partners for Targetting a Recognized Asylee and His Family and for Ongoing International Crimes and Illegal Acts, including:  Aggressive Wars, Crimes Against Peace, Crimes Against Humanity, Violations of Sovereignty, Genocide, the Attempted Takeover of the World, the Ongoing Operations Against Russia, the 911 False Flag, Mass Murder, Torture, Illegal Detentions and Renditions, Targetting and Assassinating Journalists, Critics, Officials, Refugees, Hacktivists, Publishers and Anyone Else They Deem an Enemy

By John Anthony Robles II and




1 PREAMBLE INTRO………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Pages 3-5    

2 PERSONAL REQUEST ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Page 6

3 CITIZEN 2 JOHN ANTHONY ROBLES III………………………………………………………………………………..Pages 7-10

4 CITIZEN 3 and MY OTHER CHILDREN………………………………………………………………………………….Page 11

5 CITIZEN 1 JOHN ANTHONY ROBLES II…………………………………………………………………………………Pages 12-20









14 CRIMES AGAINST RUSSIA ………………………………………………………………………………………………..Pages 89-91





19 PURPOSE AND SCOPE………………………………………………………………………………………………………Page 143

20 CLOSING…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Page 141

Dear President Putin, Esteemed and Honorable Presidents, Heads of International Bodies, Official Representatives and Other Officials,

It is a great honor to be writing to you and I hope that this document will somehow help to at least begin a process or processes that will bring about badly needed positive changes in the world and that somehow I may be able to save my own family, my son and myself from the tragic end being orchestrated by the USA.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and under normal circumstances I would not be writing such an address but unfortunately circumstances beyond my control are forcing me into authoring this documents under extreme duress and fear and terror for my family and children.

This communique (document) is being authored for, and is to be delivered to: honorable Presidents of the World fighting for their own country’s sovereignty, the Kremlin, the United Nations and relevant bodies, the Governments of Russia and the People’s Republic of China, representative of the international community of besieged sovereign nations, the BRICS countries and all international legal and judicial bodies able to form commissions, tribunals and investigative bodies and facilitate real change in order to save humankind.

I humbly ask you all to receive this document in good faith as it is being sent to you and treat it with the seriousness and graveness that I believe it deserves.


I have lived in exile in Russia for 25 years and have been an officially recognized refugee for 13 years. I am a Taino Indian and was born in Puerto Rico to a Lutheran Minister who became a professor at the University of California and a humble mother. At the age of two my father moved to the United States where I grew up and was educated. In the US I was a single father, a Class 8 long haul truck operator, a medical assistant, a teacher, writer, activist and linguist. I am also an investigative journalist, an editor, geopolitical commentator and former lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service in English which had a global audience of approximately 480 million people, a language teacher for the elites, a translator and the owner, publisher and editor of the internet portal I have lived in and have not left Russia since 1996 and have fought for indigenous rights, to expose US Government illegality and for Russia to be a truly sovereign nation since the 1990s.

This is an official complaint against the worldwide illegal, criminal and egregious reckless actions of the Government of the United States of America and its figurehead presidents including Clinton, Bush, Obama (reported real name Soetara) and Trump (reported real name Drumpf), the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America including past directors Tenet, Brennan, Hayden and Haspel, who are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, Aggressive War, Crimes Against Peace, violations of every known international agreement in existence, genocide, staging False Flag mass casualty events and terrorism, assassinations, resource theft, narcotics trafficking, war-profiteering and with regard to this complaint, the targetting and destroying of the life and the family of a UN recognized Asylee and the only person with full recognized official asylum from the United States in the Russian Federation and perhaps the world.

It is hoped that this document will serve, at minimum, as a dire warning but more importantly as an instrument that will be expanded and used as the impetus and a foundation to facilitate the beginning of real actions, measures and investigations into the carrying out and the collusion with the above mentioned crimes and violations of international law and sovereignty by: first and foremost the above mentioned bodies and individuals and expanded to include but not limited to the following: UK Military Intelligence Department 6 (MI6); the UK Government Under the Control of the City of London Corporation and the Crown, MOSSAD and Sayanim known as NeoCons, the so-called US Deep State and the US Shadow Government; the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex of the United States of America including all of their civilian, corporate and global internal and off-shore assets, fronts, bodies, organizations and individuals working as their agents including but not limited to USAID, WHO, NIC, NED, USAGM, NASA, etc. and their associated networks; MOSSAD, Talpiot, ShinBet and the Zionist entity of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu in particular; the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America and the global NSA/FVEY SIGINT Network which has been allowed to grow and expand unchecked; the NATO bloc of countries and NATO Intelligence bodies including the NCIA and other rebranded and hidden NATO Intelligence Agencies; all under the complete control of and hence also against the Shadow Government of the United States of America including but not limited to; the City of London Corporation, the Corporations of the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the Rothschild Banking Empire, the House of Rockefeller and their clans, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), RAND Corporation, the Atlantic Council, the Bilderberg Group and similar thinks tanks working at the behest of the “elites” (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Greenberg, Vandenberg, et al) and finally all of the client states, non-state military formations, corporate bodies, civil society organizations, economic and financial establishments, agents and assets and finally political bodies, collectively and for the purposes of this document hereinafter referred to as “the Cabal”.

The above mentioned bodies, “the Cabal”, with regard to the Russian Federation are guilty of multiple, on-going systematic violations of sovereignty, illegal unilateral sanctions theft, violations of territorial integrity, destabilization operations, election meddling, the fabrication of evidence and unfounded accusations to facilitate violations on the integrity and sovereignty of Russia, psychological operations against the civilian population, serious Vienna Convention Violations, the assassinations of diplomats such as that of Vitaly Churkin and much more.

Globally this document is a call for immediate measures to be taken to stop the US/NATO forever war and the ongoing destruction and overthrowing of countries and all attempts by illegal and subversive means to carry out a complete and total takeover of the world, including but not limited to the elimination of entire populations, races and countries that the Cabal deems are expendable. It is also a call for action against the instruments, measures, tools and actions, both secret and open, that are being used to commit genocide and effect a complete and total world takeover through illegal, subversive means and the illegal use of aggressive military force, whether by proxy or directly, amounting to multiple ongoing clear and documented Crimes Against Peace and Crimes Against Humanity as evidenced by countries destroyed by the US, NATO and Israel since the bombing and destruction of Yugoslavia.

As the events of September 11th were used by the Cabal to unilaterally start an endless global war which has already killed millions, the Cabal, by their own international actions have forfeited any and all rights they might have had to keeping the investigations and evidence of the events of 911 as an internal issue and thus a call for a real international independent investigation into 911 and the formation of War Crimes Tribunals against the United States of America, Israel and the NATO Bloc of countries is not only long-overdue but is called for urgently and at once, to be carried out aggressively, independently and without outside pressure of any kind. As the Cabal continues to unleash horror upon horror onto the peaceful civilized peoples of the world we ask that measures be taken immediately to stop the ongoing losses of human lives worldwide and to stop the Cabal’s takeover of the world known hereinafter as the New World Order.

The world must unite and act today for the future of all mankind and the human race and to defeat the pure evil which is the Cabal and their New World Order. Hiding their horrendous crimes and malfeasance under corrupt political cover must not be allowed to continue, no matter what politics they are pushing.

I hope that like-minded and brave individuals will have the courage to join in this struggle and that mutual respect and the true rule of law will one day allow us all to live together in peace and mutual respect for our countries, cultures and peoples, no matter who they are and where they may be.

Respectfully yours,

John A Robles II

Personal Requests

It is difficult if not impossible to extract myself from the events that are taking place all over the world and it is as a result of these events and all my efforts at exposing them that I have spent over two decades in exile. I humbly ask you to read this document through and receive it with the utmost seriousness as not only my life and the lives of my children are at stake, but in fact the lives of billions and the future of the human race are lying in the balance if measures are not taken to stop the literal complete and total takeover of the world by a 1% minority who want to force upon humanity their self-serving design of a New World Order.

Several weeks ago I started working on this document and had wanted it to coincide with the opening of the last opening of the UN General Assembly in order to voice concerns raised by millions worldwide but ignored. However events have taken place that have forced its delay and that have changed it from a plea for the civilized world to come to reason into a plea to help stop my son’s imminent demise as he continues to be detained on orders of the US Embassy and the CIA’s 5th Column in Russia. 

My son has requested that I mention myself first because his arrest was planned to prevent me from attempting to obtain Russian citizenship and normalize my status, continue my journalistic work, distract me from taking measures to prevent my own imminent demise and prevent the writing and sending of this complaint. However as he was on a hunger strike and there has not been a single step taken to address his legitimate complaints regarding his arbitrary detention I am forced to direct all my energies, as any normal father would, to try to save my son.

This document is a demand that the US Government and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America cease and desist in using their agents and levers in the Russian Federation to continue to persecute, damage and manipulate my family and cease from pressuring the Russian Government into allowing for the continuing punitive measures against my family and I for having asylum and for the publications on

Citizen 2

John Anthony Robles III (Citizen 2) -Unexpected Arrest and Hunger Strike of Detained Son

It is almost impossible to fight a false narrative when no one will listen.– Robles

The CIA installed mafia and corrupt officials continue their black work in Russia.

If I find your son innocent 40 police officers will have to be fired. – Judge Sobol

You can’t get a pardon because you did not plead guilty - Lawyer

For the last five years I have been trying to convince the Russian authorities to open an investigation into the fabricated arrest of my son on orders of Michael McFaul, the CIA and the US Embassy in Moscow but there are political powers subservient to the CIA that no one can touch and any attempt to address not only the issue of my son but my own 10 year old application for Russian citizenship, the liquidation of the Sovereign Voice of Russia and the continued subversion by the CIA of Russia and the Russian people, is met by a silent wall of violent opposition that internal Russian bodies apparently have no power in overcoming or getting through. 

My son continues to be a pawn to be used against me and all of my warnings to the Russia authorities and Security Services that his deportation to the USA, after he had asylum and was connected to all of my journalistic work at the liquidated Voice of Russia World Service in English, would allow the CIA to use him as an instrument to bring about their chief objective, the closure of my Web Site JAR2 and the permanent silencing of the truth.

My son, who is 28 now, has already spent 5 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. This was after the second attempt to imprison him succeeded and a pre-arranged outcome, in which he was not allowed to defend himself, was carried out. This was under the watchful eye and permanent presence of CIA Operatives from the US Embassy in Moscow, including a visit by Gina Haspel who influenced the process which was illegal as John still had asylum at the time. The illegal nature of the CIA presence was a fact that a United Nations Representative recently agreed with.

After serving 5 years for a crime (two tablets of ecstasy) that he never pled guilty to John was released and then illegally detained awaiting deportation which is currently not possible with the closed borders. He was finally released after an appellate court found his detention to be a violation of his human rights and was quietly living with his sister attempting to normalize his status here in Russia when he was detained again.

The United Nations Agreed that the US Presence at my Son’s Trail When He Still Had Asylum Was ILLEGAL


What Happened?

On the 23rd of September 2020 after I had been to my local Ministry of Internal Affairs office in Russia, my son was once again detained in an FMS/MVD sub-office in Lubertsy, where I believe the CIA and MI6 have a network of agents, assets and criminal elements developed from Russian mafia figures in the 1990s. He was then, contrary to the appellate court decision which had deemed his detention illegal, sent to an immigration hold in Korolev where he is currently located. All of the details on his case are available on JAR2.

After 24 years in Russia, almost his whole life, my son is to be deported to the USA if he survives. The arrest not only coincided with my new application for citizenship but was also done after I published Snowden’s income data, the US Senate Ukraine report which showed a connection between Biden, Burisma and Baturina, a video showing how Russia is being genocided and another video showing the US Military Occupation of Ukraine. The US Senate report now connects Clinton, Obama, McFaul, Nuland and the rest of the Cabal, to the outright corruption, blackmail and theft that they have committed in the Ukraine and Russia and will hopefully shed light on the connections between Browder, MI6 and the Magnitsky assassination.  

Although for 5 years we have come up against a wall of indifference, I ask anyone reading this to please do anything you can to support my son and help him to normalize his status in Russia or give him asylum or allow him to stay in your country under your protection as he will be in imminent danger If he is forced to return to the united States where he will be used at a minimum to silence me.

Certain criminal pro-US elements in Russia have clearly shown that they wish to break up my family and do not want him here as there will always be the continued danger to the illegal narcotics trafficking business, of him successfully causing an investigation to be opened. There is the danger that someone will finally listen and allow him to give witness testimony to everything he knows and saw in Lubertsy and Zhulebino in his 17 years of growing up there.

Again I formally request you to do anything you can to help him as the media and every single body or organization we have contacted, including UNHCR and UN connected NGOs, have absolutely refused to even mention his case, even after a week of a hunger strike. He is sick and getting weak and I know him and he will not stop until he is freed or dies.

JAR3 Background and History

John would have had a bright future if he had had a document. With the almost non-existent rights of a refugee he had been teaching English, doing translations, developing Apps, had obtained a driving license and was preparing to get married when a “friend” called him to return money he was owed and he was arrested as if the money was payment for two tablets of ecstasy which John had never seen nor ever touched and which had never even been in his possession as the drug addict had been arrested with them and was offered a deal by investigators who asked him if he knew John Robles.

I have tried for half a decade to have an investigation opened but it will not happen. All of the information is on-line and has never been argued or blocked or requested to be removed because it is all 100% true.

Any court operating under a presumption of innocence would have found John innocent and taken measures against CIA personnel inside the court room influencing the process by their presence and questions should have been raised as to the dialogues that took place between embassy personnel and officials before the hearings. 

My son’s treatment shows that the Asylum system does not work whatsoever. Now that they are planning to send him, a recognized Asylee, back to the country of origin, the USA. This sends a clear message to any country that wants to get their Asylees back. Simply fabricate a criminal case and the person will be expelled. This is an affront to the very idea of asylum and this is for a person who spent his whole life in Russia and was raised here. It would also be appropriate to take into consideration the factors brought about by the impossibility of obtaining citizenship, which must be some sort of world record. Namely living and growing up in a country and not be allowed to normalize your status and then being simply sent back for political purposes after 25 years.    

Given my extremely dangerous investigative journalistic work and the known Russian record for arresting journalists by fabricating narcotics charges it is stunning to this day that despite all of the evidence and all of the requests that I have sent to the Russian authorities and published on-line, never has an adequate answer been received nor an investigation started.   

John continues to be held and filed another appeal on the same grounds as the first appeal which he won and which was ignored.

I know my son is innocent.

Citizen 3

Kayla Marie Robles

We don’t talk about her but she also has asylum and is in danger.

KMR Background and History

She leads an absolutely quiet life and grew up and has lived in Russia since she was six years old.

My Russian Citizen Children

My Other Russian Children

In order to keep them safe, and because of clear threats I have received as I am not allowed to see them, I can’t maintain a relationship with them. This is a violation of my parental rights and my human right to have a family but it is one of the smallest violations of my rights that I am forced to live with on a daily basis. I have never disowned my daughters and in fact am the only one who admits I am their father. Being as I am actively targeted by the CIA and seeing what they did to my son as they believed he was the most important of my children to me, cutting off all ties with my daughters was an unfortunate choice I had to make.

Background and History

Their mothers have remarried but both my Russian daughters are extremely intelligent even to the point where it is an issue. I believe that one day they may read this and I want them to know that I never disowned them and that I was threatened repeatedly to stay away from them as I am an Asylee and these people act as if they believe that is a disease that is catching.

Citizen 1

A Personal Plea After 25 Years in Exile and 13 years With Asylum

Give up your children for a US Passport. – Nancy Pelosi

Asylum is not a popularity contest for the media. – Robles

You can’t get a pardon because you never committed a crime - Lawyer

Since the appearance of CIA Operative Snowden, asylum has been seen largely as a joke in Russia and my asylum in Russia has been turned into a hell only the CIA could dream about. -  Robles

After the loss of a one year legal battle and legal complaint I filed regarding the over 10 years of inactivity on my application for citizenship during which it was revealed that my application for citizenship was blocked by some unnamed individual in the shadows who has enough power to simply wave his hand and applications for citizenship are not allowed to reach the presidential commission, I am writing this because I have no other option. I have the right and will try to file for citizenship again, but know that I will never survive ten more years as a refugee here in Russia.

It is vital to understand from the beginning that I have been a 911 Truther since day one when I saw two tiny airplanes hit massive steel framed buildings in lateral impacts and then they turned to dust collapsing into holes in their own footprint and was shocked to the core, when in that moment I realized, not that “the USA was finally attacked by someone they had bombed into oblivion, but that the Western media was nothing but a machine of lies. I have also been exposing the crimes of the CIA and the Intelligence Services for over two decades and I have published more damaging information than WikiLeaks and Snowden combined about the CIA and actually helped stopped a CIA Color Revolution in the Russian Federation, so when I write about CIA Covert “Moscow Rules” Gang Stalking and FBI Counter intelligence I am doing so out of deeply bitter and harrowing experience and not out of some paranoid wishful thinking as “they” would want you to believe. This document should convince you of that.

Due to what evidence has shown are the actions of the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and their 5th column assets and Sayanim here in the Russian Federation who have not left me in peace and have destroyed my life and my family, after 25 years in exile on the territory of the Russian Federation and 13 years as a refugee while never being allowed to normalize my status, I formally ask for your support in obtaining a guarantee of security for myself and my family and assistance in normalizing my status here in Russia and a guarantee for my safety and that of my US born children under United Nations and International laws and statutes concerning the rights and protections that are supposed to be guaranteed to Asylees and targeted individuals. 

This request for aid and assistance is also a message to President Vladimir Putin who I am certain has no idea as to what has occurred to one of his staunchest supporters on the web and at one point on the geopolitical level, to the Russian Security Services and the Kremlin itself, where a large number of staff have been extremely helpful and for which I am grateful but who have not been able to assist me and my family as every attempt is somehow blocked by someone in the shadows. This person has used Russian laws and regulations and a less than transparent bureaucracy to hide his actions and carry out the wishes of the CIA, MI6 and other foreign masters and in effect legally eliminate me and my entire family.

My family and I have been destroyed by the direct actions of this person, and the group of persons he controls, and his interference into almost every aspect of my life directly and through his network of agents working inside the Russian Government working at the highest levels and controlling everything from the top down.

We have been denied normalizing our status by being given citizenship and an internal passport which has led to my children never finishing university and all of us not being able to obtain normal employment, health services and the legal and social protections that are granted to “normal” Russian citizens.

I have been systematically smeared and my reputation has been destroyed, the facts of which I have clearly laid out on my Blog at and my family’s reputation and image was wiped out by the second fabricated narcotics arrest of my son in 2015 for which he sat in prison for 5 years. I have been investigating my son’s fabricated arrest and the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service for the better part of a decade and have been attempting to expose the mole who has facilitated the targetting of myself and my family and who I have discovered through a network of contacts, legal actions in the public record and financial transactions to be connected with the CIA, MI6 and FBI Counter Intelligence Operations gatewayed through Newark New Jersey and interfacing with the CIA.

I have been forced to take this extraordinary measure to protect myself and my family after contacting every possible body of the Russian Government with evidence and requests to investigate the wiping out of my entire family including the fabricated arrest of my son, the liquidation of my employers and the strange deaths of those who supported my journalistic work, the black listing of myself leading to my inability to gain employment or do business, and the other measures against my family.

My targetting has helped expose the entire CIA network in Moscow and Russia but because of this mole who is for all intents and purposes is above and outside of the laws of the Russian Federation, as was directly evidenced by my recent legal action in Russia Federal court over the more than 10 years of inactivity on my application for asylum, there has been nothing I can do even within the legal framework of Russian Law to find justice and normalize my status. These are internal Russian issues but no one internally wishes to address them overtly.

In the clearest evidence to date according to the findings of the Federal Judge, evidence presented by the Internal Ministry of the Russian Federation, a lawyer attached to a UN associated NGO who abandoned me mid-stream and the lawyers and investigators from the Russian Internal Ministry (MVD), the individual who no one can identify directly, simply prevented our applications for citizenship from reaching the President’s Commission on citizenship with a wave of his hand. Then on the 23rd of September after starting the process of reapplying for citizenship, my son was re-arrested in what was stated to me was a clear message.    

Again it must be specially noted that the individual who waved his hand and ordered our petitions for citizenship to be ignored which then literally destroyed my family has influence on the Presidential Commission on Citizenship. At the time the only person we had had contact with through my former boss Andrey Bistritsky was Romanadovsky and Kazakova. After I was forced to file a complaint against the Russian Government and the Internal Ministry of the Russian Federation it became clear that the individual was most likely a political appointee and not attached to the MVD, FMS or the Internal Ministry therefore it was probably NOT Kazakova or Romadanovsky. Again according to the evidence and the documentation the MVD gathered and presented in court, the FMS/MVD was not involved in interfering with our applications for citizenship and the subsequent destruction of my family. I have investigated for years and like the MVD investigators agreed it was for political reasons. If anything they are just following orders from a very highly placed CIA Mole inside the Russian Government with influence on the Kremlin or an Oligarch member of the global Cabal’s mafia or someone more interested in appeasing the United States Government than following Russian law. It is very possible this person is linked to Gorbachev who was a CIA Agent, as was Navalny, et al.  

Being provoked and forced to file a case against the Russian authorities after 11 years of inactivity and then losing was completely expected was a very dangerous decision for me and one I did not want to take but on the advice of the Kremlin itself and the United Nations and their lawyer, it was my only choice. The further advice of the Judge and my “lawyer”, who told me to file a case against the higher authorities, namely the Kremlin, was clearly an attempt to get me to basically commit suicide. It is strange that the court has still not released the findings and there is still no decision printed out and I have not received a copy of the decision.

The NGO Lawyer chided me for not recognizing the United States, showed extreme anger when I asked about my son and made derogatory comments about me seeking to forever dig up the skeletons in their closets in my journalistic work which he was very much aware of. I believe his goal was obtaining data regarding my asylum for it was after he received the entire citizenship application file that the lost interest in me and the case and abandoned me, not appearing in court.

The Russian Federation must be lauded for providing us with asylum but the class classification of BUM, the ignoring of my official requests for protection and the impossibility of normalizing my status by granting us citizenship has caused the destruction of my family, my life and my career. In this regard the asylum system has failed and those charged with protecting us have been negligent.

My own journey into asylum and exile began with what in the end turned out to be an attempt to traffic my children by individuals who specifically targeted single parents and in particular single dads and this problem has never been resolved by the United States of America and because of those involved I have spent almost half of my life in exile.

There may soon be an argument in order to get rid of me that things have changed but in fact nothing has changed and those who have forced us into exile amid clear evidence of involvement in the trafficking of children such as Nancy Pelosi have risen in power and CPS and the false claim they made to facilitate the revocation of my passport for the CIA has never been rescinded nor have the issues for which I myself called a Secret Grand Jury ever been addressed, let alone resolved.

I am not getting old and can not wait another ten years to get a passport so that I can obtain employment and live normally because I will not survive that much longer as a refugee. Not only can I not find employment, I can also not conduct business in order to support myself which robs me of my human right to live. I have survived 13 years targeted, in fear and in abject poverty and ten more years will not be possible, therefore I am taking this extreme measure. I simply will die.

Genocide is the topic no one wants to hear about but I can no longer hide the fact that I am one of the last of a genocided and almost completely erased people. We had hoped to find justice and recognition in Russia and have served the Russian State and the Russian people but neither has been possible. I am a warrior and we fight to the death which is why all of their attempts to force me to commit suicide have failed. Those are detailed below in this document.

On a historical note although I abide by the Great Law of Peace and all of the laws of the Russian Federation and the international laws that affect me journalistic work, the Taino people were the first to kill the European invaders and who refused to become slaves. Today and for the last hundred years Puerto Rico (Boriken) and the islands near the Bermuda triangle have been testing grounds covering up human experimentation and genocide. The conclusion backed up by the actions of Cornelius Rhodes is that it is our DNA they do not want spread but which they need to exterminate us completely.

Since this may have been the motivating factor in the human experimentation I was subjected to as a child my DNA may be the key. My DNA and my person are now being kept in the same location as the last sample in the world of the Smallpox that killed my people, a fact I was made aware of but which is not something I have been read into and would not be allowed to talk about as it concerns my direct security, is this a coincidence?

Given the discovery of persons in the shadows I would not count out this possibility and if that is the case it is vital that neither I nor my children fall into US hands.

JAR2 Background and Brief History

I am UN Case Number 652-07C-00511 My real name is #####################, I was born in USA occupied Boriken (Puerto Rico) but my name was anglicized to hide my “foreignness” when I started school in the USA and was constantly beaten up by white “American” children who laughed at my real name. Since the age of six I have been known as John Anthony Robles Jr and then II. I am a United Nations recognized Asylee/Refugee one of the last Taino Indians in the world and as far as I know the only ex-American with asylum in the Russian Federation and with the longest asylum in the world today. All my life destroyed due to what on the surface appeared to be a clerical error but which has proven an instrument to erase me and my family from existence.

I am that “other Truther” and jar2 is that “other site” that no one wants to talk about. Unlike Assange and Snowden, even though I am a real broadcast and investigative journalist and a real independent publisher, I have no media support and you have never heard of me although the US Government has spent millions trying to shut us down and destroy us.

I have been working since the 1990s to expose the crimes of the CIA and the Government of the United States of America and am the site owner, editor, publisher and investigative journalist at,,, and We have been publishing secret, sensitive and censored documents, books and other material since 1998 on a site called interceptor and then since 2003 on jar2.

There are millions of refugees around the world who through no fault of their own are living in a limbo created by the lack of documentation and the inability to normalize their status such as me. I am not an expert on the laws of all of the countries of the world but I can report to you with deep knowledge about the situation here in the Russian Federation. 

All of my life I have been a victim and have tried to fight injustice wherever I have seen it. In 1995 after becoming a single father targeted by child trafficking elements in the US Government, having my house burnt down in the State of Pennsylvania and being forced to return to the Republic of California, I independently called a Secret US Federal Grand Jury to be convened to investigate irregularities, fraud and child trafficking being carried out by Child Protective Services in Woodland California. The same Woodland where STORMONT labs are located, a DARPA laboratory working on genetically targeting biological extermination weapons, and which I believe needed our Taino DNA. What started out as what I thought was a clerical error, namely accusing me of not paying child support for children I had full custody of and taking all of my wages, ended up being something much more sinister than I could have even imagined at the time.

All of this culminated in my own detention by the US Federal Protection Service on the day the Grand Jury was to convene in what appeared to be a false flag in the making and accusations that I was working for the KGB stemming from my Russian studies, my Russian friends and the fact that I was in the possession of Russian visas at the time. Due to a device I had invented and which was wanted by the US Department of the NAVY (or my Russian studies and my voracious reading habits of “strange” books or my communications and letters to Russia) and not known to me at the time, I had been under surveillance by FBI Counter Intelligence. The entire event, which closed down downtown San Francisco and caused raids to be carried out on my family and everyone I knew, was hidden and erased by someone powerful enough to order the deletion of all news reports and physical copies of newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle which had front paged the story.

After accusing me of working for the KGB and raiding the homes of all of my family members and forcing me into agreeing to work with them against the Russians, and also because they had no evidence of any crime being committed by me and thus could not hold me for anything, I decided to leave the USA and attempted to get asylum at the Russian Embassy in Mexico City, then in Cuba and then in Belize and was helped to finally get to Russia in the winter of 1996. In 1995 while in Mexico City I contacted NBC News with the story but the reporter who came to meet me was not interested. I stayed in a Russian Safe house and then was helped by a woman who had witnessed the shooting of JFK and had been hiding in Mexico since then.

As a single father I had no support system let alone thousands of dollars to fight such outrageous accusations and was forced to either leave the USA or watch as my children were literally handed over to the same CPS that I had been trying to expose. Unfortunately the US Government did not simply forget all of this and has continued to try to “get me” since I left and now they are attempting to drive me to suicide by first taking away and then destroying the most important person I have in my life.

The US Government is a machine of lies and cover ups, from the fake claim of child support despite me having full legal and physical custody, to the letter from CIA COS Nathan Hibler in Belize stating that my possessions were at the FBI and that it was not a ruse, to the secret revocation of my passport with the words “… close your f@cking site!” which was stamped void and punched with two holes and handed back to me as the US Embassy in Moscow gave me a letter saying the passport was in their custody, to the multiple lies against me by Michael McFaul, who falsely claimed I had threatened him because I wrote an article exposing his Color Revolution plans for Russia, to the CIA operatives in my son’s trial who were there illegally and claimed to be there to help while doing absolutely nothing except guaranteeing my son was sentenced. All of these events are easily provable and almost ridiculous in their simplicity and obviousness. Yet no one wants to listen.

I have used my asylum to defend Russia against the onslaught and the attack on her sovereignty and her people by powerful global forces which have been operating in the shadows since the collapse of the USSR. I did this all over the Russian media, as the lead announcer and an editor on the Voice of Russia World Service in English and on Twitter until I was banned for life with 123,000 followers and placed on the Ukrainian SBU/CIA target site Mirotvorets. All of my work is now on my sites JAR2 com ru biz and org. I continue to attempt to stop the USA’s continuing the sovereignty violations against Russia by exposing operations, actions, bodies and individuals working to destroy Russia and the Russian World and on JAR2 continue to publish TOP SECRET, Secret and Sensitive documents exposing the crimes and the criminals of the CIA, MI6, NATO and the West.

I have also always been a staunch supporter of President Putin who saved Russia from the liquidation of the Russian Federation as envisaged by CIA Project Russia and Zbignew Brzezinski and who pulled Russia and the Russian people up by the bootstraps from the near total collapse brought about by Yeltsin and the CIA lackeys installed after the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Here it is important to note that I am writing this independently and of my own volition in case I am accused of being a Kremlin agent and underline that President Putin saved Russia, evicted the Rothschild banking Cabal and has made Russia a Super Power once again, even making the USA strategically irrelevant with new hypersonic weapons.

Despite all odds I continue to keep JAR2 on-line and exposing the CIA and maintaining the now hundreds of thousands of files on-line and accessible for free to the world. This includes CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD Agent lists, CIA Fronts and thousands of documents detailing crimes by the US Government and the CIA worldwide. Of particular interest to Michael McFaul was all of my work exposing the CIA installed puppet government in the Ukraine and my outing of his Color Revolution plans at Bolotnaya. By continuing to be a thorn in the side of the CIA, maintaining JAR2 on-line, proves that Russia is an independent sovereign super power which is willing and capable of protecting free speech even against the United States of America and their Hollywood glorified, international criminal syndicate called the CIA. 

As an investigative journalist I have seen the subversion operations and the attack on the Russian World taking place right before my eyes and even most Russians do not understand the encroachment on their sovereignty and the cultural and racial genocide and divisions that are taking place in their own country but it is clear and obvious when you know what to look for. Perhaps more importantly is when you want to look for it.

All my life I have been a victim of racism and the genocidal “powers” that committed genocide on my people, put us on reservations, continue exterminating us and with regard to my own Nation, simply counted us as “extinct” so as not to give us even the rights of reservations as we were sold like property in a deal brokered by France to the United States. From my earliest memories when I was just learning to walk and a group of white boys wanted to hit me with a piece of steel rebar as they called me Indio I have dealt with the violence of racism and attacks on my physical person. So seeing the CIA and the Cabal raising the specter of Nazism in Europe again and using the most violent insane racists to take over the Ukraine and install a puppet government and now occupy Ukraine, plus the recent attempt to takeover Belarus, have all been extremely alarming events.

Before I had asylum and lived with a US passport and before the Cabal started attempting to divide Russia, there was nothing even close to what American style racism is here in the Russian Federation. There was no racism! That was a wonderful thing, until the CIA unleashed their Nazis in the Ukraine and through advanced media and psychological operations, IIA and PsyOps .

I had a good life in Russia and was loved and needed and had a stable job where I worked for 13 years teaching people the English and Spanish languages. I had problems which back then I did not think were related but when I was granted asylum after the US Embassy in Moscow revoked my passport and told me to close my site and became a refugee things started to make more sense and I realized how much danger I was truly in.

With my good life in a country I loved surrounded by people who lacked racial hatred and treated me as a person, I discovered the Internet and finally had a voice and an instrument to fight back and make myself heard and I began publishing anything and everything that the USA banned. It was possible to go viral worldwide very easily in the early days and I remember getting 6 million hits in one day on the NSA Post Hypnotic Scripts file when it was published. But Google has now killed all that.

When people I thought were friends found out I was no longer a US citizen but an Asylee, instead of seeing me as a hero or friend of Russia, many saw me as a traitor to the USA and someone they believed had to “pay a price” for having asylum as if it was a crime. I saw asylum as a victory over the United States and a victory for Russia but have lived with the CIA and US Government programmed masses who, unbelievable as it may seem, are greater patriots to America than most “Americans” and see asylum as something someone must be punished for. That is what the military grade psychological operations and the infiltration of society, culture, the media and the educational system have done to the Russian people. The CIA and FBI Counter Intelligence in New Jersey then sent a former Ukrainian army officer working for FBI Counter Intelligence to run a smear campaign and literally bought me and then took my school away which I had built up for 13 years ridding me of my only income.

I then realized a true dream and became the Voice of the Country I loved and had an audience of 480 million. Then agents and assets of the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Marine Corps and Naval Intelligence appeared and they destroyed my family and brought about the liquidation of my employer and the Sovereign Voice of the country which had taken me and my family in and given us asylum.

It all started with my house being burned to the ground and being almost beaten to death by neo-Nazis and the KKK in York County Pennsylvania, a story I do not often tell and one I would rather forget and which served as the straw that broke the camel’s back and cemented my decision to leave the USA forever and now the USA is about to get my son and daughter and if they have their way.

The USA is an illegal construct posing as a country and as a sovereign of Turtle Island I cannot grant it legitimacy and must fight it until my dying breath. In not doing so I would be a traitor to my people, the Russian people who have given me asylum and where I have lived for the majority of my life and to all of the sovereign and peace loving decent and intelligent people of the world. The USA and the British Empires are racist constructs supported by racist laws, racist militaries and racist intelligence agencies. Their goal for a New World Order is the exact same as Hitler’s goal of a global 4th Reich.

This is not the world I want to be left behind for my children.

DOCUMENTS and Related Links


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just partial information. A full and complete factual detailed chronological accounting with names dates and times is contained in my insurance files Fighting Censorship, Publishing Censored Truth and Real Leaks Why I am Targetted by at Least 8 Intelligence Services

Having a voice is a human right and we do not. Therefore we created jar2. – Robles

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. – Unkown

It is the moral and ethical responsibility of a journalist to inform the people of the truth, no matter what that truth is. - Robles

European Declaration – Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists (1971)

The Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists, adopted by six syndicates of journalists of the six countries of the European community in Munich, 23-24 November 1971.


The right to information, to free speech and to criticism is one of the most fundamental freedoms of every human being. The whole complex of duties and rights of journalists derives from this right of the public to know facts and opinions. The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power. The mission to inform necessarily includes the limits journalists spontaneously impose on themselves. This is the subject of the present declaration of duties. Yet these duties can be effectively respected in the exercise of the journalist profession only if the concrete conditions of professional independence and dignity are implemented. This is the subject of the declaration of rights quoted here.

Declaration of duties

The essential duties of the journalist in gathering, reporting on and commenting on events consist in:

1) Respecting the truth no matter what consequences it may bring about to him, and this is because the right of the public is to know the truth.

2) Defending the freedom of information, of commentaries and of criticism.

3) Publishing only such pieces of information the origin of which is known or – in the opposite case – accompanying them with due reservations; not suppressing essential information and not altering texts and documents.

4) Not making use of disloyal methods to get information, photographs and documents.

5) Feeling obliged to respect the private life of people.

6) Correcting any published information which has proved to be inaccurate.

7) Observing the professional secrecy and not divulging the source of information obtained confidentially.

8) Abstaining from plagiarism, slander, defamation and unfounded accusations as well as from receiving any advantage owing to the publication or suppression of information.

9) Never confusing the profession of journalist with that of advertiser or propagandist and not accepting any consideration, direct or not, from advertisers.

10) Refusing any pressure and accepting editorial directives only from the leading persons in charge in the editorial office. Every journalist worthy of this name feels honored to observe the above-mentioned principles; while recognizing the law in force in each country, he does accept only the jurisdiction of his colleagues in professional matters, free from governmental or other interventions.


Those are the principles I have followed in my work and to publish and deliver only the truth no matter how unpopular or hated it may be or may make me.

1998 was the beginning of the Internet and things were still fresh and raw but already the hand of US Government, and with regard to the rest of the planet, CIA censorship was already being felt around the world. The very foundation of the Internet, the DNS servers and Library Computers that made up part of its initial back bone, along with SIPERNET and the other “Secret” US Military and Government networks were for the most part all NSA/FVEY GCHQ controlled and could pressure and thus censor the content on any site provider or host connected to the Internet but only in very primitive ways and only on their own segments. This was bad for publishing the West’s and the CIA’s secret documents but it was great because in the early days they could not touch the Russian net and for hackers it was so easy to access SIPERNET and the “Secret” US networks and obtain documents which were placed like candy on a stick in FTP sites and the like. Any idiot with elementary networking knowledge could access the Pentagon’s networks through unsecured FTP sites and unpublished IPs when one knew what segment they were on and with the discovery of NSA.dll in NT and its reverse engineering it was like stealing candy from a baby for anyone who had the desire to do so. I will not get into this deeper but it was so easy that even kids in their bedrooms could hack NORAD and such bodies.  

Thus the foundation of JAR2 was for publishing documents, leaks and hacks that were banned by the US Government and which were taken down after being published elsewhere or I had tried to publish on other sites and which were then taken down.

The MI6 lists were the perfect example and were my first public service to the countries of the world fighting for their sovereignty and freedom from the Imperial Colonizing Racist West. As a publisher and journalist what better way to expose evil than to publish the names of those carrying out the worst evils in the world? When one understands that Intelligence Agencies and Security Services are not law enforcement bodies and Spooks and Spies are solely in the business of breaking the laws that govern civilized nations, it is easier to understand why publishing the names of these individuals is not only necessary but a brave and heroic deed for the sake of freedom and for the security of countries fighting for their sovereignty. Violating  sovereignty is exactly what the CIA, MI6 MOSSAD and the rest are all about.

We believed that if Western Intelligence Agencies are stupid enough to allow for lists of their agents to be allowed to leak out or end up on-line they deserve to be published and it is not the publishers, hackers or leakers who must be punished but the incompetent internal elements who allowed the leaks to happen. Unfortunately the CIA and MI6 do not see things this way.       

In 2003 it was still possible to get something to go viral by simply publishing links to the material on 3 to 5 sites and submitting it to the search engines and using the right META key words. It was a beautiful thing and we were able to many times get six million and more hits a day. This led to literal power blackouts in my area, destroyed servers and the gang stalking by MI6 and the CIA but we kept on publishing and with every attack our resolve grew stronger because we knew we were doing the right thing.

Much, if not all of our work has helped Russia and other countries striving to rid their countries of Western influence and spying, such as our discovery of NSA.dll in Windows NT, and almost all of the files we have ever published. We have also helped Americans fighting the total surveillance police state and the criminals who have taken power there and those fighting to expose 911 and the endless crimes of the CIA and the fake democracies most of the West lives in.

By publishing everything and anything that was banned or taken down in the West we have maintained and curated records of more evil than you will find anywhere on the net and before we were banned for life from Twitter we were called the Alexandria Library of Truth. Unfortunately Google and the FVEY operators have done everything they can to keep us down and you have probably never heard of JAR2 if you are in the West.

By publishing banned, censored and secret material, even that of the most dangerous kind, evidence exposing 911, Black Operations, agent lists, and much more we have placed ourselves in the cross-hairs of dozens of Intelligence Agencies, mercenaries, bounty hunters, stalkers and even your average Russian America lovers who think that I should pay a price for publishing what I do and exposing the evil that I expose. More importantly much of the material we have published came at a serious cost to the sources and whistle blowers who tried to publish it or who sent it to us, including the MI6 lists which caused the deaths of several individuals and the unknown fate of Richard Tomlinson believed dead, and the location of the 911 planes at the “Boneyard” Marana Air Field which caused the assassination of Philip Marshall, his children and his dog and the first arrest of my own son. But the truth has to be known and it would be a crime to not publish material that people have died to get out.   

There is so much that I have published on JAR2 that to be honest I have lost track to a degree and there are files such as the NSA Post Hypnotic Subliminal Scripts that you will not find anywhere else and which were to a large extent many degrees more serious than I had initially believed. If you compare JAR2 to Cryptome and WikiLeaks and any other of the remaining “Truth Sites” you will find material that they would not dare to publish and that is a fact. With the case of Cryptome (banned in Russia) this is understandable as John Young is US based but with WikiLeaks and such Intelligence Agency backed creations as the Intercept and others, the reasons are more obfuscated and the nature of these operations and what they do NOT publish is far more telling than what they do publish as they pretend to be proponents of Truth and Disclosure. Recently Shadowgate has done the same. Not a word about MOSSAD and Talpiot.

WikiLeaks was corrupted from the very beginning when Assange, who came from the same area as the initial DNS Server of JAR2 as did MI6 Agent Tony Holland, decided to seek funding from Soros and the Rothschild family and was set up as a disinformation operation to cover up 911 and the Crimes of the Zionist entity and did so willingly.

I continued to expose 911 on the Voice of Russia to an audience of almost half a billion people so Snowden was sent and the Intercept was set up to run a Limited Hangout which among its missions covered up the funding of Terrorists by the CIA through Swiss Banks exposed by Bradley Birkenfeld which would have led to the funding of the Saudi connections through the same banks and to 911 and the Zionist cash flows of the Pentagon trillions to Tel Aviv I believe. Snowden was also supposed to silence me as I had been getting dangerously close to exposing 911 and was about to get Russian citizenship which can not be allowed to happen as the CIA would never be able to get me.

As an investigative journalist and publisher I have never shied away from topics that most do not even dare discuss openly and as a teacher I have always sought to educate and teach my students to be knowledgeable in all areas of human endeavor and to seek the truth no matter where that truth will lead. During the past year we have continued to make major revelations and published stories and links to news which are ignored by the global media.

A significant amount of my journalistic work on-line, on JAR2, in the Russian media, the international media and worldwide has been directed in many directions but most loudly in exposing the crimes of the CIA, the USA, the West and NATO and in particular those not covered anywhere else. My work has run counter to the narrative of Anglo-Saxon imperial exceptionalism, has exposed the CIA covert operations all over the world in particular regarding their nation destroying technology, has exposed US Government and CIA violations of the sovereignty of Russia and exposed decades of illegal targeting of an Asylee and his family.

Recent massive work on JAR2 included the Crimean Bridge film project which we published at the beginning of the year and several trips around Russia which we documented and filmed to show the world that Russia is a beautiful and civilized country unlike the West claims.

JAR2 - The Alexandria Library of Truth: Examples of Publications and Files

Many people have died, were arrested, assassinated or were disappeared in getting many of our files to the public. Therefore the silence of the West regarding JAR2 is evidence of the covert nature of their targeting. Sometimes references are made, such as Clinton and other officials threatening Russia after we were given asylum with words such as “Russian knows what they did”, Snowden’s infamous “publishing on some unknown blog” comments and the shadowing of our work by WikiLeaks.

Although I have never made it public (until now) I keep log files of all the traffic on my servers and occasionally study them to see who is visiting the sites. You can tell a lot from an IP and a log file. This is all I will reveal at this point, but I can say the Intercept, WikiLeaks and the CIA are my most frequent visitors outside of Russia. Inside Russia? Well. You will never know I guess.

In 2003 there was an attempt to get me to remove some books from JAR2 but that failed and since then I have never been ordered by a government or official body to remove anything, nor have I been told anything I have ever posted is not accurate or misleading or “fake”.

The following pages will give you an example of some of the work we have done and some of the information we have published and continue to publish.   

I. The JAR2 Blog: An Open Record of Covert CIA/FBI/MI6 Gang-Stalking

According to Russian laws blogs should have some degree of personal information on them so we decided to publish a running accounting and what is now a historical record of everything that we have been put through.

As we are not afforded a voice, are constantly under attack and have been denied our elementary human rights, the blog on JAR2 has served to keep us alive although it has done little to stop the covert targetting the open targetting stopped long-ago after we started posting photographs, screen shots, IPs and identifying information regarding our attackers. For any country, investigator or body who wishes to help us regain our human rights, the blog is the best place to start. 


Gang-Stalking in America and Russia is Real

Targetted Individuals

See our files page for documents: 

2. Curation of Hacks, Data Dumps, Leaks, Troves, Libraries, Books, Scientific Data and Files

JAR2 hosts almost every major hack, data dump and leak which has occurred in the last 20 years, with the exclusion of the full Panama Papers Dump and the Blue Leaks due to their massive size and our disc limitations. These leaks are still available through torrents and other sources but if they disappear we will host these as well. 

For example we still host the DIEBOLD Files and the Guccifer Hacks in their entirety, unchanged, unfiltered, unedited and in their original conditions. We called these RAW LEAKS of which we host hundreds.

Links to almost all our files:

Entire WikiLeaks Cache:

Intercept Cache:

State Department E-Mails:

The Gunderson Files:

The Macron E-Mails:

The WADA Files:

The Untouched DNC Files:

Clinton Foundation Files:


3. Agent Lists and Other Lists

At the beginning we had considered just being a list server and only hosting collections of different lists as we had so many and this type of information is usual to anyone researching any topic but the amount of other information we were gaining access to quickly ended such a strategy. However we do have a library of lists, including the most dangerous lists on the Web, namely Intelligence Agent Lists including CIA, CIA COSes, MI6, MOSSAD, SBU, CFR, Booz Allen Hamilton, NSA, INSA, FBI, DHS, Japan’s PSI and more.

We also host lists of corrupt US politicians and their crimes, corrupt and criminal UK police, the KKK, ISIS social media accounts, pedophiles, plane crash victims, 911 victims, the entire CIA backed Navalny Network, the CIA’s Ukrainian Nazis, CFR Spies, the most complete and comprehensive list of Illuminati on the web, Bohemian Grove Members, Epstein’s (MOSSAD) Pedo Directory, the Right Sector and OUN, Soros Orgs and much more.

On March 13, 2018 we published a DOX of CIA, DHS, NSA and employees from other US Government Agencies and 5 hours later CIA Director Brennan was fired, my Twitter account was suspended and Gina Haspel was brought in to take over after she returned from her Black Operations stint in Russia and the Ukraine. Not long after, mistakenly believing that agent lists of Russian Intelligence were also floating around Russia like the lists I continued to publish of Western Intelligence Agencies, USMC Intelligence founder and CIA Officer Robert Steele Vivas (whom I had a serious confrontation with during an interview for the Voice of Russia after he was recommended by MI6 Tool Michael John Smith) sent Paul Whelan to try to obtain a list of officers with one of the Russian Intelligence Agencies. Given my role in obtaining and publishing CIA and MI6 Officer lists and the official US Intelligence Assessment denigrating my abilities and underestimating the security of the Russian Intelligence bodies, Steele and Whelan believed they could just waltz into Moscow with a load of cash and buy whatever it is they wanted. In their self-aggrandizing Anglo-Saxon “we are exceptional and superior” mindset they failed miserably in their mission and exposed the CIA Front Whelan was working for as well as their entire infrastructure.

Our agent lists are real, accurate and have never been contested.          

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


4. CIA Front Companies

We host the most complete CIA Front Company List on the Web which is constantly being updated.


5. 911

While we are not cited, or even included in discussions of 911 Truthers and 911 investigators, we have amassed and curated one of the largest collections of 911 material on the Web. We also believe we have enough material to completely solve the events of 911 and that we have done so. As the Litmus Test for truth and humanity 911 has divided the world into those who seek justice and those complicit in the cover-up! No matter how you politicize it, mass-murder on any scale can never be justified, even if you believe in the Zionist Supremacy psychosis.

We have identified the who, the how, the why and the whens, and at minimum have collected, presented and organized enough information and met preliminary evidentiary standards to warrant the opening of an official independent investigation but to no avail. While this event remains unpunished the human race will continue on a spiral to its own self-destruction, of this I am certain.

I am the only 911 Truther who has dared to question the destruction of WTC buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6 which were also destroyed on 911 and which the world seems to have ignored completely.

When and if anyone wants to stop the USA’s Forever Wars, 911 is the place to start.

Judy Woods and the Dustification of the Twin Towers is a work we are proud to host and we highly recommend.


6. Pizzagate Pedogate – The MOSSAD Blackmailing of Almost the Entire US Government and Their Obsession with Satanic Child Exploitation and Trafficking

While the disgust and the utter horror of the discovery of the “elites” and their Satanic Cannibalistic Pedophile Death Cults was enough to make any normal investigator sick, the underlying message of Pizzagate and Pedogate was never truly exposed or dealt with. That truth is that MOSSAD and the Zionist entity are a Satanic Construct which successfully entrapped and was blackmailing 96% of the Washington DC political establishment, most of the US and global billionaire elites, Hollywood stars and almost anyone with any influence inside the United States and worldwide including members of the British Royal Family and Russian “elites”.

We discovered the interface between Masonry and these Satanic groupings and individuals and their infiltration of the US Government, the US Military, the CIA, the FBI, CPS, the US Air Force for transportation and investigative bodies. These groupings carried out the trafficking of children and human from around the world to satisfy the demands of the elites. Children and humans were used in ritualistic human sacrifice at locations such as Bohemian Grove, cannibalism, rape and murder.

The evidence we uncovered and have published is backed up by evidence published and leaked by former head of the FBI Los Angeles Bureau Ted Gunderson and the evidence he had collected on the CIA Finders and other groupings. 

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

The Podesta E-Mails

As a former WikiLeaks Associate with access to the file transfer hubs and infrastructure I was able to publish the Podesta e-mails at the same time and sometimes sooner than WikiLeaks and published them unfiltered and complete. When there appeared evidence the files were being manipulated, edited and the like I stopped publishing them. This is one reason WikiLeaks can not be considered a journalistic outlet. They always cherry picked edited and repressed material so that it fit the needs and demands of their paymasters and those controlling WikiElaks behind the scenes. In this case it was already under the control of the CIA and we had forensic analysis of CIA malware implanted in PDF files and other electronic evidence and presented this to the world yet no one wanted to listen.

Epstein’s Little Black Book and the Lolita Express Flight Logs.

Further evidence that Assange was serving the Rothschilds and Israel is the absence of material such as the Epstein files from WikiLeaks. JAR2 was the first site to permanently host the Epstein Little Black Book, the Lolita Express Flight Logs and other material related to Pedo Island. We did not publish the original leak but only made the material permanently available as it was being taken down with lightning speed.

The Ted Gunderson Files

My own journey into statelessness and exile began with false claims by CPS Woodland California when I was a struggling single father attempting to raise my children by myself and the issue has never been resolved although all it would have taken was for someone to verify the date that I had received full legal and physical custody of my children. In 1995 I still believed in the system and in justice and called a Secret Grand Jury investigation into the federal fraud that was taking place in the CPS system in Woodland. I had no idea at the time the true level of evil that was really going on. I did not know that it was a full-fledged child trafficking operation with connections going up to the highest levels and connected with secret experiments being conducted by the CIA and STORMONT labs in Woodland California. Ted Gunderson almost exposed them, “the Finders” but he paid with his life.      

There are dozens of files regarding CPS on my Pizzagate News page including the book by the late Nancy Schaefer who attempted to stop the criminal child trafficking that was going on and paid with her life.


7. Terrorism and the CIA

95% of the World’s Terrorist Attacks are Orchestrated by the CIA – Vladimir Putin

Some of the material we have on JAR2 is completely unique and not available anywhere else, including agreements between MOSSAD and ISIL for the division of territories in Libya and much more. 

Orlin Grabbe, Michael Riconosciuto and Ted Gunderson: When Osama Bin Laden Was Tom Osman

Rabid Russophobe Zbignew Brzezinski and his use of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda should have ended up with him in prison but the criminal US Foreign Policy Establishment made him all but a hero. 

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

The Bennet Swiss Banking ISIS material

The creation of AL-Qaeda replacement ISIS (the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) would have been brilliant as it would have taken all of the CIA Black Money away from the Saudis and given it to the insatiable dollar crazed Zionist entity had it not been discovered by Bradley Birkenfeld. However rather than liquidating the operation they have continued as if nothing had happened.

8. Narcotics and the CIA

Gary Webb only scratched the surface. The CIA now also controls the global opium and heroin trade and the production of opium in Afghanistan. That is what the invasion of Afghanistan was all about.

9. The Gaddafi Assassination and the Invasion of Libya

Hours after attempting to introduce a gold dinar as the standard for Africa currencies the invasion of Libya took place and the most prosperous, just and socially advanced country in Africa was completely and totally destroyed.  

10. The Hussein Assassination and the Invasion of Iraq

Hours after cancelling all trade in US Dollars, switching to Euros as their international hard currency and dumping the petro dollar, the most reasonable, secure and cosmopolitan of the countries in the Middle East (second only behind Syria), Iraq was completely and totally destroyed.    

Almost all of our evidence and much of the material we have curated on JAR2 regarding the Iraq invasion and occupation, including our exclusive original Saddam Hussein interview transcripts and other material have been taken completely taken off the Web.

11. The Arafat Assassination and the Genocide in Palestine

Reports from Sweden. This was a real polonium assassination carried out by MI-6 and MOSSAD.

12. The Chavez Assassination and the Attacks on Latin America

One of the largest and most earth shattering leaks ever published on JAR2 were revelations that USAID was a CIA Front. This was information that not even the Russian Intelligence Services were aware of at the time and it caused quite a stir here in the Russian Federation and eventually led to the expulsion of USAID from the territory of the Russian Federation.  


13. Biological and Nuclear Warfare and Attacks

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.  


14. The Ukraine

We have literally covered more leaks and made more revelations about Ukraine than any other source and have kept all of the information on-line. There is no question that the Ukraine was a CIA orchestrated and carried out coup.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


14. The Corona Virus Fabricated Global Pandemic

We have published Gigabytes of files exposing the source, the nature and the reasons behind the release of the Coronavirus.

15. Banned Books

Their goal is dumbing you down. Ours is enlightening you!

16 The New World Order

The culmination of months of research.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the link below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

17. Israel and Palestine

Below you will find some of the truth about Palestine and the genocide of the Semitic People of Palestine engineered by the Rothschilds and the Global Zionist mafia that most of the world does not want you to see. We believe the genocide of the American Indians and the Genocide of the Palestinians are truly the roots of all modern evil.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

17. Russian Sovereignty Over Russian Cyber Space and Defending Russia Against Attack

My regular reports on the machinations of the 5th column and foreign sponsored socio-political forces who have plagued the Russian Federation since the collapse of the USSR have been a service to the Russian World and the Russian people and have exposed machinations, agents and forces that most people are not even aware exist.

My personal struggle and the fate of my family and I depend on Russia remaining a strong, independent and sovereign nation and as long as I am alive this remains the case, for the minute that Russia becomes another USA/Cabal client state I am done. Therefore and not only for this reason the enemies of Russian people are very much enemies of mine.

Given that there is no honest reporting about events in Russia and the current state of information warfare that the West has launched against the Russian World as it seeks to weaken, divide and destroy it, these reports are not popular in the West and more importantly for me are not popular with the West’s puppets here in Russia proper who are constantly working to subvert the state and like the Corporate Indians of Turtle Island, are in collusion with the enemy.

Also with the real and ongoing historical revisionism that the West and its propaganda masters are involved in these reports are living historical records of the truth about what is really going on here in the Russian Federation. They may also be useful for those interested in the security of the Russian World and operations being carried out by the West against them.     

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 

Some links:

18. The NSA Post Hypnotic Subliminal Scripts, Remote Viewing and MKULTRA NSA EQUATION TOOLS PUBLISHED

We do not just talk about exposing the NSA, we do so.

19. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump Crimes

We have kept a huge record of the crimes the US Presidents and their administrations, including reports, files and other unique information which is either banned in the West or censored of the net.,%20CHENEY,%20RUMSFELD,%20TENET,%20RICE,%20GONZALES_by%20Boyle_100119.pdf

20. Indigenous Issues and November 2017 Historic Indian Nations Letter

To the Honorable President Putin,

Our best greetings and peace to you and the Russian people from the Mohawk Nation, the 50 chiefs of the Iroquois confederacy and all of our allies of the Anishnabe, Cree, Micmac, Algonquin, Delaware, Wendat, Wampanoa and the few remaining Taino of Boriken such as our brother John Robles.

As the Aserakowa (War Chief) of the Kanekota territory I have been trying to arrange a meeting with the Russian Ambassador in Ottawa for what would be a historic meeting to discuss the Wampum Belts that Russia still holds and that prove our ancient alliance cemented in peace through that belt.

The embassy staff tell me there are protocols to follow but have never stated what exactly they are. Our own protocol and the diplomatic union between our peoples and nations are embodied in those belts.

The Longhouse (our government) made a decision that I begin a dialogue for the Mohawk people as I am a lineal descendant to "Etowokam" who actually met with Peter the Great and sealed the agreements between our peoples.

I send greetings to you from Great Turtle Island on behalf of the Mohawk people.

Our chiefs travelled to London England in the summer of 1710 to hold the first Peace Conference with the European Monarchs and the Russian Tsar Peter the Great came and met with us there! He accepted some Wampum Treaty Belts which are now in “Peter the Great” museum in St. Petersberg, Russia.

I have been asked by our people and leaders to start a dialogue regarding these belts with you now.

Your predecessor Peter was a great man and he saw the greatness in our teachings about peace.

In this world we live in now the need for true peace on earth is paramount and within our grasp. Please allow us to meet with you and refresh and cement our ties in peace.

Niawen kowa


Aserakowa (War Chief) Kanekota territory, Elder of the Mohawk nation, acting under the authority of the 50 Chiefs of the Iroquois Confederacy and all of our allies of the Anishnabe, Cree, Micmac, Algonquin, Delaware, Wendat, Wampanoa


21. The Crimea and Donbass

I lived in Crimea for a year and give you firsthand reports and truth.

Neo-Nazis were brought to power in what was the Ukraine leading to a U.S. organized coup d'état and the illegal driving from office of the democratically elected president Victor Yanukovich on February 22, 2014.  The neo-Nazi thugs hence began a U.S. planned genocide against the Russian population to clear the Donbass for American corporations. The same was planned for Crimea where radical Muslim elements were supposed to declare an independent territory on which a NATO base was to be built. Semi-Autonomous Crimea, in an act of self-determination backed by 98% of the populace decided to re-join the Russian Federation after having lived through over 25 years of reckless rule by Kiev to prevent the "cleansing" of its population. Crimea was the next target for U.S. orchestrated genocide. You can find proof of all of this inside the site. There is no conflict in Crimea. There was no aggrerssion or annexation by Russia. Russia saved millions from extermination by allowing Crimea to rejoin the Federation. The U.S. Gov and its controlled MSM are lying to you. That is the truth there is no other. I am merely the messenger and nothing more. So help me God!

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

22. The Coronavirus Files

The Coronavirus was developed and tweaked (gain of function) at Fort Detrick and then taken to China for a globalist Pandemic and the trillion dollar chipping, vaccination and genocide of the human race. Rather than write articles about it I present you with files and data and proof.


22. Google and Yandex: Two Peas in a FVEY Pod - Search Engines and JAR2

In the early days when Google was just a search engine instead of a paid for political censor and an Intel Operation we were able to go viral fairly easily. This is no longer the case.

Yandex has proven even worse than Google in its “ratings” of pages and the intrusive nature of its search code which attempts to harvest information from sites. We used both of these search engines SEO programs but then deleted them.

Google used cookies to track our visitors and Yandex was found to have installed pages and pages of code onto our pages which had to be painfully removed. We found code in Turkish and other languages installed through the Yandex Webmaster service.

While Yandex pretends to be a Russian search engine this is not the case any longer. It is now based in the Netherlands which is now a FVEY country meaning all data is now under the control of the NSA and GCHQ and Western intelligence. Despite this Yandex continues to try to grow into the single Internet of things global service for the Russian net. They are involved in everything and attempt to access every type of data that you can possible obtain from a computer or mobile device.

From voice and microphone monitoring to camera access to GPS information, Yandex accesses it all with almost no oversight and is the dream of the NSA in Russia.   

20. Free and Open Information – Only in Russia

It is important to note that JAR2 has archives of all of the WikiLeaks files, hosted WikiLeaks during their first takedown and also has the entire file library of the Intercept which served as a platform for the Snowden Operation. This is important because given the public crucification of the Assange figure and the very public “targeting” of Snowden, one can imagine what would happen to me if the CIA finally “gets me” as they have promised to do given that I have published and host more damning and damaging information about the CIA and MI6 than any other site in the world and even worse have done so in Russia where they are powerless to take it down. So while they are silent, this only means that the covert operations continue unimpeded and the Assange and Snowden shows criminalizing journalism and whistleblowing will be a justification for what has been 25 years of stalking me and my family when and if the criminals in the US Government every physically get their hands on my family and I.

Everything that I have published on JAR2 is in keeping with Russian law and I have been very careful about this. The fact that what we publish remains on line is testament to the strength of the Russian net, its independence, the freedom of speech which still exists in Russia on-line and the sovereign strength of the Russian State and the Russian World. I cannot think of another country where I could publish what I publish and remain alive and on-line.

So every day, despite difficulties in the real world, we are forever grateful to the guardians of the Russian net and pray for their long and independent lives.)))        

Access Our Files Free:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just some of our work. We encourage you to visit and explore JAR2 to find much more than you could ever expect.

The Voice of Russia World Service: The Last Defense Against the NWO and the Last Voice for the Silenced – More of Why I am Targetted by at Least 8 Intelligence Services

In the Russian Media and as the lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service in English

Our opinion is your opinion. We only talk about Israel positively or neutrally – Secret Directive

You support President Putin? You are in the opposition here. – Dmitry Kisilev

What you do is real journalism. We do not need that here.  – Sergey Kochetkov

Let’s see if we can destroy this guy! I think we can. – Oleg Dmitrev

We will fabricate a criminal case against you! – Sergey Sayenko

I maintain that what we were doing to promote Russia and expose Western illegality was so effective and caused such resonance that in order to shut me up they had to carry out the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service, the Sovereign State voice of the Russian World. My work in exposing the true culprits of 911 was so successful that I was poisoned.

I was so sure of my own safety that I ignored advice by the editors to write under a pseudonym. I was also so sure of the Security of the VOR that I allowed contracts to be made in the name of my son because they told me that I was doing too many jobs already and all of my articles and interviews were written in the name of my son. I had no choice, they told me I could do that or I would be fired. I had no idea that they had much darker plans in store.

These are important because they were my own authored projects which were approved before broadcast and I was working for the government so going after me for my government work is pure insanity.

The global media has been bought out and completely taken over worldwide by CIA controlled media social engineering architects and the proponents of a complete and full spectrum Anglo-Saxon white supremacist world order. The CIA MOCKINGBIRD has now become a global MOCKINGBIRD of lies, fake news and US propaganda that only promotes the white supremacist New World Order meme.  

Some of My Journalistic Accomplishments at the VOR

We had an extremely strict editorial policy at the Voice of Russia World Service and everything I wrote and published had to pass multiple editors, censors and fact verifiers and none of my journalistic work was ever deleted or redacted except for 3 articles on McFaul and one on Snowden.

Where are these editors now? Sadly, and again no investigation was ever carried out, the four staunchest supporters of my work at the VOR all died the same strange deaths and then the VOR was liquidated and I was poisoned in a failed assassination attempt and all of my work was taken off the Web. I have curated almost all of it at the links below.

Almost all of my work on the VOR

Stopping SOPA and the TPP – 600 Million Hits Thanks to Aaron Schwartz

In 2011 under the cover of fighting piracy on the Internet the US Government and the Cabal attempted to take control of the web with what was called The Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA and would have given the US the ability to control global site content and go after anyone publishing material that the US Government found to be unacceptable. Thanks to the activism of Aaron Schwartz, myself and others we were able to stop SOPA but Schwartz paid the ultimate price and was shortly thereafter suicided. In my analysis he was one of the first world known victims of the WikiLeaks entrapment operation as he had made the mistake of trusting Assange and WikiLeaks like thousands of other did without knowing that WikiLeaks and Assange would everything they knew about him to the CIA/FBI/MOSSAD, Rothschilds’ Security and anyone else who may have been affected.

My article on SOPA was my first “authored” investigative article on the Voice of Russia World Service and it was because of Aaron and his Reddit posts that my article went viral and brought the Voice of Russia World Service Site over 600 hits and helped launched my quick and short-lived career as an investigative journalist at the liquidated VOR, so I owe Aaron Schwartz for launching my career and he must be always remembered for dying for the truth. We in no way believe that he committed suicide although the narrative that he was driven to suicide fits, regardless, either way, the US Government killed him.  

In 2012 the Globalist Cabal attempted to orchestrate a corporate coup of the world and become a world power that was above international law, the laws of all countries and had complete impunity to control, regulate and exploit any sphere they were involved in around the world. The secret instrument of the global coup was call the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement or TPP and its text was kept secret from the eyes of the world and even from the governments of the countries that were supposed to sign it. Protocols were in place so that no copies were ever made and anyone required to sign it was only given eyes only access. The TPP sought to trick governments into agreeing that US and Globalist Corporations were above their laws and could literally do whatever they wanted in their countries with the only regulatory instruments being held by the corporations themselves.  

As I was also a “trusting” WikiLeaks Associate I was given copies of the TPP by the heads of WikiLEaks which along with interviews and articles I published on the VOR. This global exposure unnoticed by most of the world and the media killed the TPP and stop the Globalist Cabal in their collective tracks. I received a Project Censored Award for stopping the TPP but no other recognition and definitely no recognition from the Russian Government or my Russian colleagues many of whom work and are paid in order to sell out the Russian State and the Russian World.   

The Polish Plane Crash

In world history no country has ever put the entire government on a single plane only to have it crash and in this case Poland truly receives the all-time prize for stupidity in the sphere of security.

My investigation concluded that it was the CIA/NATO/Asteroids who took the plane down because on-board were all of the Secret Communications Cyphers of NATO and the Cabal was afraid that the codes would be given to Russia. Politically, Poland at the time, was attempting to improve and normalize relations with the Russian Federation in what would have been one of the great victories of then President Dimitry Medvedev. Poland was to have signed multiple bilateral agreements with Russia on that fateful trip which would have given Poland independence and freed it from the control mechanisms of the Cabal. Like all Asteroids operations multiple objectives were obtained by taking down another plane.

My interview with the world’s top air crash expert John Cox who wholly exonerated Russia earned me a parking space in the elite parking lot of the heads of the VOR but it also put a hug target on my head. My friendly and subtle style of interviewing earned the trust of Cox who stated for the record things he would probably never have said had he known who I was. After the liquidation of the VOR I contacted Cox with a mailing of one of my articles and he sent me one of the most hate-filled replies I have ever received. Apparently he went off narrative and was probably sanctioned in the USA for the interview and it may have damaged his career which is unfortunate but standard for anyone who goes against the narrative of the Cabal and the MOCKINGBIRD.      


911, The Litmus Test: the Location of the 911 Planes at the Boneyard

911 Was Not an Inside Job – Clinton in Response to My 911 Work

The largest mass of my journalistic work other than the CIA orchestrated Low-Intensity-Conflict and overthrow of the government of Ukraine  was in uncovering the truth about the 911 False Flag attacks on the United States.

Through investigative work, the uncovering of documents, the tracing of cash flows, the sifting through of mountains of evidence and interviews with experts and eminent professionals my work in uncovering the truth about 911 when the Voice of Russia was liquidated was approaching its epigee and an international request by experts, scientists and professionals worldwide was actually in the works to request the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian Security Services to release all of the data they had connected to the events of 911.

The liquidation of the Voice of Russia and my poisoning and the arrest of my son killed that project and sent a clear message to everyone involved that no matter where they were they were not safe from the Khazarian Mafia, the Rothschilds and the Cabal.

It is not a coincidence that several hours after my interview with Wayne Madsen where we detailed the location of two of the 911 planes that my son was arrested on fabricated charges by CIA Black Operations assets in Lubertsy Russia. Even though we obtained surveillance video of the entire event it was never investigated and just allowed to die. Philip Marshal and his entire family were assassinated for the exact same information so believing that I could broadcast that to the world and escape unharmed would be naïve in the extreme.  

My work on VOR was largely supported by management until the Israeli connection started to come out.


Exposing the Boston Bombing  

Getting someone inside of an operation to talk about it is one of the most dangerous yet effective means of exposing any story one is investigating and the Boston Bombing was almost exactly that. Hollywood producer Nathan Folks had very intimate knowledge of the Boston Bombing and with his testimony we were able to expose the Clinton connected Boston One Fund and the architects behind the Boston Bombing False Flag attack.   

Enough evidence was collected to at least open an investigation and to start a civil action against the perpetrators but that has never been done and the corrupt system prosecuted the Tsarnaev brothers for an event they had nothing to do with. The dead involved in the cover up include FBI agents killed in a helicopter accident, the older Tsarnaev brother and if the US Government has its way the younger brother will be executed by the state.


Srebrenica, Kosovo, KFOR, NATO, Clinton, Organs and the Illegal Destruction of Yugoslavia

One of the softest spoken, most intelligent and just-minded people I have ever met on Earth was the late Dr. Edward Herman, may he rest in peace. With his assistance and through interviews with him we were able to expose the first Srebrenica (False Flag) Massacre, which was a provocation against the Serbs and forced them to respond by killing the men and soldiers who had carried out the first Srebrenica Massacre of women, children and the elderly and which was then used as the Casus Belli by NATO to destroy the country.

As a journalist exposing the first massacre was a duty and one which I was proud to have carried out and one which caused a huge resonance in Serbia and in the Russian World. Before my Voice of Russia work there was no one other than Herman and a few others who had dared to encroach on the subject and here I was broadcasting it to almost half-a-billion people worldwide.

I kept up my work exposing the destruction of Serbia, the Color Revolutions, OTPOR and the atrocities of NATO, Thaci and the organ traffickers and the Salafi Style Muslim Lunatics who took over Kosovo to provide NATO and the USA with Camp Bondsteel, the largest extra-territorial US base in the world, right in the heart of US occupied Europe.  

My work covering Serbia and the Serbian people was enlightening and deeply saddening as the Serbian people are another group that the Cabal has marked for extermination. Due to all of my work I was visited by Serbian Officials and even offered Serbian citizenship but the only problem was that I would have had to leave Russia in order to obtain it. If there are people in Serbia who remember me and can help it would be seriously appreciated at this point.      

The disgusting true nature of WikiPedia and the atrocious new trend in politicizing truth is no more evident than on the recently added page attempting to make any investigation of Srebrenica a crime. The new crime thought up by the perpetrators (the CIA) and those covering for them is called Bosnian Genocide Denial. To read individuals who deny the American Genocide and who were guilty in the genocide of Serbs is almost impossible to bear. I attempted to edit the page on multiple occasions and bring the question into a more fact based representation but all my edits were almost immediately removed and my name went from number one in the headlines to number 7 or 8 somewhere in text.

The demonization and attempt to smear every journalist, investigator and professional who has questioned or exposed the first Srebrenica massacre by some third grade hack is truly disgusting. We are all labelled “Leftist” far-left leaning, etc, which has nothing at all to do with exposing the facts of a fabricated Casus Belli and genocide. For any thinking person justifying genocide with political keywords and rhetoric is not only the same as participating in it but even worse. All of this, no matter how egregious is not surprising given that the Finnish Police themselves have determined that WikiPedia is a CIA Front.


USAID and the Voice of America

My work exposing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) continued on the Voice of Russia World Service with interviews and articles and files that were released. Again these interviews and my investigations caused a resonance in Russia as there were tens of thousand sof organizations and individuals in Moscow, the Moscow Region and the Russian Federation who were connected in one way or the other with the subversion of the Russian State that were the operations of USAID in Russia.

USAID had their blood soaked talons sunk into everything they could in Russia including non-governmental social political groups, maternity clinics, banks, educational institutions, agriculture, the food sector and I even discovered a Scientology Branch in Moscow that was being funded by USAID.

Although the eviction of USAID from the Russian Federation should have been seen as a victory over the would-be occupier unfortunately it was not. Thousands of people ready to take US money and sell out their country lost millions of dollars and instead of being seen as a hero I was seen as an ogre by many.   

The same goes for the Voice of America which was also funneling money, unbeknownst to all of us at the time, to the Voice of Russia World Service. It was only recently that I was able to connected the strange night time calls by someone named Linick regarding changes to the site and broadcasts with the controller of the former Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG) now the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) and the US State Department which of course included USAID.

This explained the almost presidential cortege and the security detail that the Chairman of the Voice of Russia enjoyed while we were all working for kopeks and a lot of the other irregularities that plagued the Voice of Russia into its liquidation.    

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


STOP NATO and the End of the Rozoff Interviews.

Being an almost weekly feature of my work at the Voice of Russia World Service, reports and interviews regarding NATO and its operations worldwide, were listened to with great interest around the world and helped to inform the world as to the real operations of the atavism which is NATO. This continued almost to the end when my NATO related and anti-war interviews were banned from publication and all of my experts and sources were also black-listed.

As a critical voice against NATO the VOR became a rallying point for grass roots activists and proponents of peace worldwide. sometimes from surprising place such as the Nordic countries who were being militarized by NATO and even the United States where the height of my NATO coverage was a debate by Stop NATO activist Rick Rozoff and the heads of NATO in Chicago. I was also actively in contact with hundreds of people around the world in what grew into a global peace movement.

None of this exists any longer with NATO figures now controlling the media content of the global MOCKINGBIRD and acting as defenders against “Fake News” which is exactly what they produce.      

My STOP NATO work has also included activism in Russia including my public renunciation of NATO and the United States at the Bike Show in Crimea in front of at least 10 million people on live television and other events and actions I have carried out in defense of Russia and Serbia and the people of Donbass.

Much of my Ukraine coverage also shed the light of truth on NATO and its operations in post-Soviet space with one of the biggest discoveries being plans by NATO to takeover Sebastopol and house its headquarters in school number one in that city. Renovations were already being carried out and Sebastopol had in fact already been sold to the US when the referendum took place, a fact few in the world and even in Crimea know about.    

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


Interviews with the Representatives of Palestine

One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life was proudly and loudly recording an interview with the Palestinian representative to the United Nations and not just one but two. Not because of the contents or anything having to do with the Palestinians but because I had no idea how the Jewish management and staff would react and this was almost 95% of all of the people working in the English Service of the Voice of Russia World Service.

Given that Princess Diana was assassinated because she was about to take up the Palestinian cause, this alone would explain everything that happened but it is just a piece of the puzzle of what has happened to me and my family.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


The Fake US Democracy, Chained US Candidates, Anonymous and the Occupy Movement

I loved to try to get exclusives and scoops as a journalist and I was good at these things and was the first journalist to cover Occupy Wall Street on the first night of their first protest. It is stunning that I was never sanctioned for “meddling in US political processes” when from a small studio in Moscow I was giving a voice to the oppressed masses of the world and in the USA.   

My investigations into the US election process and the stolen elections made possible by electronic voting was not limited to my work on JAR2 but expanded on at the Voice of Russia World Service and proved without a shadow of a doubt that the US elections are fixed. This was was further evidenced by the DNC and the DCCC leaks, the DIEBOLD code leaks, the SOROS leaks and Bradely Foundations leaks and other material on JAR2. Not only did we twice publish pre-determined election results that were found on FTP sites but we were the only media outlet to interview Cheri Honkala after she was taken to a hanger with Jill Stein and they were chained to a table to prevent them from taking part in presidential debates despite the fact that they were officially on the ballot.    

My interviews with third party US presidential candidate included not only Honkala but also Peta Lindsay, Tom Hoefling and others. These candidates were grateful because they got more coverage in the USA from the Voice of Russia World Service than from the US Media which was actually quite stunning. Was this election meddling? If it was then yes I am guilty. I gave a voice to the silenced and ignored.

Due to the effectiveness of the global voice that we were giving such individuals copycat Assange and WikiLeaks attempted to run for a Senate Seat in Australia and WikiLeaks started a political party in Australia which failed miserably.

During 2012 I was also the only journalist with a major outlet to interview the Anonymous collective and members of the Anonymous movement and gave them an international voice. 



A Voice for the People of Turtle Island

At the time Russians were very supportive of the American Indians and all of my work exposing the American Genocide and the plight of the sovereign and indigenous peoples of the Americas was well received and very popular and translated all over the Russian net, yet soon the globalists and the Zionists took over and stopped my work.

They can not accept the American Genocide and the slaughter of half a billion people because it makes the killing 271,301 Torah and Hassidic Jews who refused to go to Palestine seem less of an outrage.  

Letter to the Kremlin and chosen as a representative of the tribes of the peoples of Turtle Island.

The BRICS, Hugo Chavez and the Assassination of Latin American Leaders

Cancer assassination and the development of such weapons was  a global bombshell which was quickly silenced and covered up.

From the page: If this were a court of law the circumstantial evidence would be enough to convict the US but unfortunately that is not the case.

From the page: When I started researching for this article and the subject of the spread and delivery of cancer causing pathogens and viruses several old and well known names and CIA projects began popping up including MKULTRA, Project PAPERCLIP, Program F, CIA agent David Ferrie, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, MKNAOMI, MKCHIKWIT, MKDELTA, MKOFTEN, Dr. Charles F. Geschickter, Ethnic Weapons that attack DNA, the Kennedy Assassination, Dr. Alton Ochsner Sr. and Dr. Mary Stults Sherman and her research into delivering cancer to Fidel Castro in a secret operation involving Lee Harvey Oswald.

Although the MK designation refers to mind control and many of the experiments and operations in the MK-SERIES of programs were focused on mind control and behavioral modification and creation experiments as well as the substances to bring those changes about, they also focused on the development, transformation, mutation, use and delivery of almost every kind of disease and illness known to man.

Bolotnaya and the Stopping of McFaul

The loss to the CIA and the US Government in the exposure of the attempted Color Revolution that was supposed to have taken place on the Bolotnaya and overthrown President Putin must have cost the US Government millions of dollars and judging by the reaction they were not pleased.

CIA Color Revolution Specialist Michael McFaul was so certain of his own impunity as he had the full support of the Clinton Crime Family, the CIA and Obama, that he arrived in Russia openly showing who he was here to support and exposing all of the agents of the US State Department and the CIA who flocked to meet him upon his arrival.   

He did not count on journalists from NTV investigating his plans and neither did he nor the CIA even consider that any individual might expose them to the world. The McFaul and Bolotnaya incidents uncovered and exposed the 5th Column at the Voice of Russia World Service and staff collusion in the Bolotnaya Protests and the propaganda and information operations leading up to it were clear indicators as to the identities of the CIA and foreign assets in the Russian Media. Unfortunately these individuals, using Russia’s attempts to maintain an independent media, continue to take advantage and operate un-impeded while being secretly funded by the West.      

I witnessed and recorded the active-real-time-participation and attempts to use the Voice of Russia and the social media which I had been in charge of to provide informational support and active real-time instructions and guidance to those attempting the Color Revolution at Bolotnaya.

The fake sanctions and decisions by Western bodies demonizing Russia for its mild moves to keep order in the capital were simply a cover to sanction Russia in an attempt to recover the millions that the CIA lost in the failed Color Revolution attempt.

Even though my articles exposing McFaul and his color revolution plans for Russian were censored by McFaul through his Facebook friend Andrey Bistritsky, the chairman of the VOR, and removed from the site, they were viewed by enough people before being taken down to cause McFaul and the CIA to cancel the operation as CIA involvement was no longer a secret to the English speaking world.

These tactics exposed the operational parameters and “show quality” of CIA Color Revolution technology. The CIA and McFaul had little interest in the Russian media which was publishing similar information to what I did and which I even sourced but they were doing so in Russian. The CIA did not care in the least if Russians knew about their plans but being in English was a major problem for them and fortunately caused them to cease and desist. However they then sent in military intelligence officers into the Voice of Russia to work as “content editors” and successfully took all of my material off the VOR and secured the liquidation of the VOR as was wanted long before.

We recall Clinton stating they had lost the information war after Bolotnaya and Ukraine. The control of the VOR by Linick and the CIA was not enough to stop me and some of the other determined staff but it was enough to poison the station to the point where liquidation was allowed to go through by the Russian Government as many refused to go after the “elites” who were behind the subversion. It is telling that Mitrofanov who was instrumental in destroying the VOR when he cut its budget then sought asylum in Croatia. The use of a Hegelian Dialectic to subvert and destroy the Voice of Russia was a brilliant moved carried out by extremely well educated and talented operatives and the circumstances are so convoluted and interweaving that Russian Investigators will not even touch it.

Regardless it was a victory for the CIA and the Cabal and not only killed the last independent major media outlet in the world and destroyed the sovereign voice of Russia but also rid me, under US Military and CIA parameters of my employment and silenced whistleblowers and many exposing the crimes of the US worldwide.          

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


Crimea and the Invasion by the Right Sector

Of all of the work I did for the Voice of Russia there is only one which probably saved 10s of thousands of lives. This was my reporting, investigations and documents passed to me and published regarding the plans of the Right Sector in Crimea

Exposing the CIA Nazi Terrorist Grouping the Right Sector

Ukraine Exposed US Army Psychological Operations, the Clinton Cabal and CIA Support of Terrorist Nazis in the Ukraine

We have the largest collection of articles, interviews, books, files, leaks and evidence regarding the CIA overthrow of the government of the Ukraine.  

I was on the air the night that the Maidan started and was working alone on my usual night shift when the real all out military grade information war began. It was on that night that the world flipped on its head as the CiA and NATO started their direct attack on Russia, the Russian people and the Russian World. 

Biden used, promoted, fed and profited on mafia style corruption and proved the criminality, utter hypocrisy and meddling into internal affairs by the US Government by using money to remove a prosecutor. He proved that the Ukraine is just another colonial acquisition for the Cabal.

They overthrew a democratically elected government in Europe and got away with it.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just some of our work. We encourage you to visit and explore JAR2 to find much more than you could ever expect.

Full Spectrum Dominance and the Takeover of the World

The New World Order: A Construct for Satanic Anglo-Zionist Supremacy

Zion as the Capitol and the Less than 200 Would-be “Rulers” of the World

Like parasites the Talpiot/Hasbara/CIAMOCKINGBIRD while poisoning and corrupting every system they touch, want to control every channel and piece of information that exists worldwide in order to completely control, enslave and commit genocide on the people of the world.- Robles

2000 - Just One Stolen Election: The DIEBOLD Machines

We would not be where we are today if George HW Bush had not stolen the 2000 election bring the CIA controlled Shadow Government into power. In 2000 what was left of the US Democracy was completely wiped out with the introduction of electronic voting machines. We still host the code of the Soros Diebold machines and the DNC/DCCC files which further detail exactly how the Cabal steals elections. This is what the Clinton Cabal killed Seth Rich for.

The TPP was an attempted Corporate Fascist Coup of the World

Although we were successful in stopping the TPP and exposing it for the global corporate coup attempt that it was, NATO’s aggressive expansion, endless unilateral and illegal transnational sanctions, over 150 hot wars, low-intensity conflicts and “Secret” Special Operations (JSOC) wars, the level of what has become open meddling by the USA, has reached never-before-imagined frequency and impunity.

Secret Knowledge and the Brutal Moneyed Ruling Class “Elites”

The control of slaves and the masses, control of all means of production and wealth, the maintenance of power, the attainment and hoarding of riches and the subjugation of the human race have all been part of the black arts of rulers since the very beginnings of the human race and the dawns of time, nothing has changed. Except now they have tools for one group to attempt to rule the entire mass of the human race with no sovereign borders, no countries and no sovereign borders or governments.

These tyrants rule by deception and lies and their most important tool is information dissemination and maintaining an unquestioned false narrative that serves their agenda. They use their endless wealth to silence all those who dissent, demonize anyone who dares speak out against them or expose them and to propagate their own agenda and world view with no concern to what the people want or think.

They use war to force countries and populations into compliance, manipulate laws and bodies to control compliance, police, mercenaries and peacekeeping forces to enforce compliance, the levers of economic pressure and profit to reward compliance or punish non-compliance, secret societies to indoctrinate new members and finally secret intelligence agencies to liquidate and resolve issues not successfully dealt with by other means.    

Today it is not enough for them to rape, pillage and kill, these Satanic would-be-rulers, want to break, damage and in the end completely destroy the human spirit in the false belief that it can then be completely controlled. Through poverty, surveillance, digitization, chipping, vaccines, horrendous sex perversion, endless war, non-stop terror and torture they believe that the psyches they have damaged will follow their lead. The opposite is true and of this you can count on, you can not snuff the human spirit and one day because of the damage they have already caused, humanity will rise up and wipe them off the face of the Earth. It is just a matter of time.

THE PROBLEM IS THE RICH Globalization by US Imperial Corporate NAZI Globalists

Whatever the false beliefs held by non-Anglo Saxon bought and paid for elites with regards to globalization, the true nature of globalization is not a situation where for example Russian Companies can compete and do business worldwide or in the West, as was the mistaken and false belief before the collapse of the Soviet Union and then again in the Ukraine. Globalization means that your country will open its markets, workforce and resources to the exploitation of global US interests and corporations while your culture, laws, language and sovereignty are eradicated for the comfort of the moneyed Western billionaire globalist class and the “elites” in the countries that have sold out their peoples and states. 

The American Genocide

The cancer of America and “Western capitalism” began with the genocide of almost half a billion people in North and South America and the enslavement of millions more to build a country on stolen lands. How in any way shape or form can this foundation then lead to a morally superior “exceptional” society and world power? It can’t. The endless wars and endless violence and ongoing genocides worldwide are not symptoms of the disease, they are the disease and the first step in curing the patient is recognizing and coming to terms with the American Genocide.   


The root of all evil in modern history, in the media and the endless War on Muslims can be traced to Western Bankers, Rothschild and the Balfour declaration of 1917 allowing for genocide and the theft of an entire country.

The amount of evidence to support convictions and arrests for the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity being carried out in Palestine can not be limited to the direct executors. This is a global conspiracy spanning every facet of the Cabals operations. Even Google must be held to account for unilaterally deciding to take over human history and spitting in the face of the international community by erasing Palestine from the map. Just as the “Americans” cover up and hide the genocide on which their stolen state was founded on.

The Root of All Evil

When you delve into the secret societies and groups controlling the world may come to the realization that the New World Order is simply an extension of the British Empire those controlling the Central Banking pyramid scheme.

NATO Global Takeover

Forcing compliance to the New World Order for the Cabal is why NATO has been expanding worldwide and why today the North Atlantic includes the entire planet and space. Another aspect of NATO that no one talks about and few know is that NATO takes 3% to 5% of every member countries GDP annually. This is a global mafia style protection racket.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


The War on Truth and Journalism: Mass Media and the Internet - Hiding the Crimes and Malfeasance of Governments and “Elites”

You can not reason with evil. All you can do is expose it and attempt to destroy it by shining the light of truth on it. That is what real journalism is. – Robles

The people have the right to know what their governments are doing. – Robles

1. Government Secrecy

Unlike Assange and WikiLeaks which “Opened Governments”, but just not too much, and considered 911 a “Fake Conspiracy” and Snowden “Exposed Mass Surveillance” by the NSA, but just not too much (while never once exposing the CIA who were being intercepted by the NSA) and who in fact made mass surveillance a justified necessity by his “leaks”, John Robles and JAR2 have courageously exposed real crimes and real operations being run by the a government that has grown so large and so secret in its operations that the people have become the enemy and everything they do, they believe the people do not have the right to know.

2. The War on Journalism and the War on Truth

The Cabal is not interested in the truth, what they are interested in is maintaining a narrative that suits their goals and through the use of psychological perception operations, subliminal manipulations and Goebbels propaganda tactics keeping the people under control by forcing them to believe lies and a false reality that they wish to make the people believe exists.   


3. The Creation of a Global Mockingbird

The CIA, Murdoch and the Cabal have successfully taken over the entire world media space created a global MOCKINGBIRD media that spews and parrots whatever lies and falsehoods currently support the agenda they are pushing. Unfortunately this is also true for the Russian Federation, one has merely to turn on the television for five minutes and on almost every channel there are now nothing but advertisements and every five minutes or so on every channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is some reminder of the USA. This is in no way an exaggeration.

The same type of psychological operation was also being attempted on the Voice of Russia web site and which continues today on the Sputnik website, where every day no matter what on the homepage there is always an average of 5 American flags in one form or another. I fought this at the VOR and was rewarded with my Facebook account being hacked and American flags placed on it by my ex-editor.    

4. The Internet and the Global Media as a New World Power

With the global television, broadcast and print media under their control the Cabal has now turned to the Internet and in the last 7 years have all but taken complete control over it, turning it into an Anglo-Zionist MOCKINGBIRD Psychological Operation and becoming for all intents and purposes a new world power.

First came Facebook, the world’s largest NSA Facial Coordinate Database which has grown into a tool to install presidents and overthrow countries and is even trying to establish its own currency.

Then Twitter which has been programmed to act as a narcotic, addicting users who for some reason can not stay away from it. It is also a tool to influence, smear, cover up, control, IIAs and to create false realities in the minds of the users. It is not a coincidence that the CIA had an MK program called Project Bluebird. It is also not a coincidence that Twitter has banned JAR2 for life and deleted all accounts which contained thousands of attacks and smears on myself.

Then there is CIA controlled Amazon which is attempting to expand worldwide and of course the now greatest evil on the planet Google which is embedded, connected and all but controlling everything and every piece of information we receive and digest with impunity.

The problem is that tools such as Google are not run as simply neutral “services”, they serve the agenda and the plans of the New World Order, the CIA and the Zionist entity and because of this they must be stopped. Nothing can be clearer or more damning evidence of their attempt to create a self-serving reality than the erasure of Palestine from the map and their open manipulations of elections worldwide.    

All together they form a tightly coordinated machine which spews Western Anglo Saxon Zionist “{elite” white supremacy and serve only those masters because those are the masters of the New World Order that they are trying to bring about and if they are continued to be allowed to do so the next step will be a global genocide of over 6 billion human beings.

Facial recognition, addictive devices and apps, and an endless stream of false information have created what we can call the real Zombie Apocalypse.

WikiPedia is the same and just like all of the rest everywhere the tentacles of the CIA are present and if not the CIA directly then assets or puppets paid for and made rich by the CIA, like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates who has gone insane with his vaccine obsession and wants to chip the entire human race. It is time to stop all of it before it is too late, if it already isn’t.

5. Investigative Journalists, Whistleblowers, Hackers, Doctors, Scientists, Diplomats and Truthers


My complete and total parting with the WikiLeaks came when as a media partner and WikiLeaks Associate they did nothing to help us when we were attacked. My editors wanted me to keep the relationship going for ratings even after Assange made his 911 comments.

After I was taken down and then the Voice of Russia they went all out in arresting and liquidating every single source and associate who had worked with WikiLeaks. Anyone who has seen the Assange video where he is in an office in Virginia phoning Hillary Clinton to inform them about a leak, can easily see that he was selling out everyone who worked with him.

John Young called Assange a slick snake oil salesman from the start but the reality was much worse. When he sold out to Rothschild and Soros and hooked up with MOSSAD and Intelligence Agencies to run a disinformation campaign for the media and cover up 911 while entrapping and catching whistleblowers, Truthers and honest people seeking to expose criminality he became worse than anything the corrupt system these brave people were fighting could have ever thought up. Stationing him in the Ecuadorian Embassy he was able to target UK citizens for MI5 and MI6 and get around the limitations that these spy agencies had, he could also spy on Americans and all FVEY citizens including Australians with impunity from the territory of Ecuador while on the same networks and while being promoted by the CIA MOCKINGBIRD media as a hero for truth. He was neither, he was an op.

Kristinn Hrafnsson, from his usual location in an expensive restaurant warned me after one interview and said that it would end tragically for my son. That is what has happened.

Even today nobody has made any mention that MI6 Agent Craig Murray went to the USA for WikiLeaks and met Seth Rich from whom he received the thumb drives, exposing Rich’s identity to WikiLeaks, and then was promptly assassinated. It is just too evil for most people to comprehend. But it happened, Murray himself reported the meeting and then the CIA MOCKINGBIRD/TALPIOT operators wiped the information from the net. Fortunately I was able to keep a record in my insurance files.   

Seth Rich was only one of dozens if not hundreds killed by Assange and his little operation, there is also no telling how many more were arrested that we do not know about and even how many more were sold to countries and regimes around the world who would have promptly executed such whistleblowers. All this while Assange lived in a luxury address in London with endless media attention making millions of dollars while the world cried in pity for that he was “trapped” in an embassy from which he could have left at any minute.         


6. No Competition: Liquidating the Sovereign Voice of Russia and Other “Normal” Events

In world history there has never been a country which lost its State Broadcaster and was not then physically invaded. – Robles

The Voice of Russia was the most effective weapon that Russia had in the information war. IT was a voice of the people of the world. The elites decided the people were no longer important and that pandering to white supremacist moneyed classes was more important than truth. – Robles

In reality with recent information we have obtained the BBG/VOA was paying the VOR for airwave time and Linick was in fact directly controlling the content. It was not just McFaul calling Bistritsky to delete my articles about his Color Revolution plans, it was an ongoing operational relationship.

Despite the 5th Column there were those of us who continued fighting and were still able to get the truth out but we were being wiped out one by one and systematically every one of my supporters at the VOR died of the same quick acting cancer. One day they were fine and the next day they were dead and then they were all cremated. Four people, and no one has ever questioned this.   

When President Putin ordered the RIA-Novosti liquidated and the Voice fo Russia reorganized we thought that we had won. NO. The 5th Column got rid of all the patriots and liquidated the Voice of Russia.

I was poisoned and almost died and all of my material quickly disappeared from the NET. The CIA MOCKINGBIRD did not want any competition or threats to their fake narrative. Now they have none.

The digitization order we were forced to sign killed the radio and essays we were forced to write on the Great Patriotic War identified informed Russian Patriots and those who had no idea about history. The patriots were all fired. To ensure that no record would be kept of their subversion of the Russian media and the way that they are re-writing history right under the nose of the President, they also liquidated the Knizhnaya Palata whose job was to keep a record of all media broadcasts inside the Russian Federation and on state media. No control, no record and no accountability means they can do and say whatever they want, even glorifying Nazism 24/7 by talking about it all the time. 

The Voice of America was only expelled because there were no more airwaves for it to broadcast into Russia and the world with after the Voice of Russia was liquidated.

As I was in charge of all social media, site editing and was trusted enough to work alone broadcasting at night I saw firsthand what the 5th Column was doing and I reported it and it ended badly for me and my family. My 1,000 page insurance file and a book I have written have all the details and names for anyone who is interested. It is unfortunate that the Russian people who have a right to know have no interest in the loss of the greatest radio station in history and their sovereign voice.

In the files I detail the manipulating of the site so as it appears to be ineffective. Constantly revamping and breaking links to all of my material in particular so article which had millions of hits and comments simply disappeared. I detail the getting rid of recordings so there would be no evidence what they were broadcasting and could even say I was not even an announcer. Then there was the literal killing of those who really knew what was going on. At the end all of the staff and everything was being done by Jews working for the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD.

I came in to fix their English and make the station great again and I met a wall of traitors who were making it deplorable on purpose.

From the Insurance Files - Media omission constitutes a tacit instrument of war propaganda.

These are a group of thieves liars backstabbers manipulators bullies killers and traitors who will do and say anything to maintain their theft of Russia wealth and who have for the most part no idea what journalism is and do not produce anything expect endless regurgitated Hasbara Propaganda and US propaganda gathered from Zionist and US sources and the Internet.

The CIA was obviously desperate for intelligence about me and they still are which explains the Academy Greystone tails in Krasnodar and the surveillance including the flights over my Croatian “friend” with the dirtbox.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


7. CIA and US Army Psychological Operations: Militarizing Everything from News to Space

The US/NATO’s Doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance is not compatible with the human race. - Robles

Constantly seeking and creating a Casus Belli to continue their endless wars and illegal aggressions the US MIIC and the Cabal now use the media and the Internet which they have taken over to force a narrative that often times is so ridiculous that it is beyond credibility and belief, such as all of the NOVICHOK nonsense that they have been pushing for years now and the fact that they overthrew a democratically elected government in Europe and brought Nazis to power. 

While openly continuing the forever wars and dropping more bombs on defenseless countries that never attacked the USA and whatever puppet currently runs it are mocking humanity and the remaining fragments of the human race, no more evident by nominating the Ling of endless War Donald Drumpf himself for a Nobel Peace Prize for opposing endless war.


Anders Fogh Rasmussen as the gatekeeper for news


The people wanted the Internet to be a tool for peace, truth and justice. The 911 perps turned it into a corporate US controlled mind-control and global surveillance grid channeling Goebbels’s based propaganda techniques.

Yandex and mega corporations like Google must not be allowed to expand unregulated and uncontrolled becoming in effect new world powers, and more importantly they must no longer be allowed to be used as instruments of manipulation by corporations and unscrupulous governments (See solutions)

The Cabal has waged a concentrated war on journalists and media outlets smearing assassinating and destroying anyone they deem to be a threat. This was evident by Netanyahu’s micro-managing of information. These crimes must be investigated those guilty brought to justice. My own experience saw 4 people killed with the same fast acting cancer agent killing all of them

To obfuscate the level of my own knowledge of their operations and to eschew even the remote possibility that they are using me to tweak and hone the effectiveness of their operations against Russia I have avoided writing articles for some time but the time has come to reveal all.

All of These Hyper-Complicated Machiavellian Machinations to Push Lies a 3rd Grader Could Debunk

Uzi Dayan – Member of Likud party, (Facebook, 22 September 2020)

“Stones also kill! My demand was finally met for an emergency session in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the policy of combating terrorism. We will summon the victims of stone terrorism and decide on vital effective measures: shooting in the field and supporting the victims, demolishing the homes of terrorists and their aides, expelling families, stopping payments to the terrorists and their families, legal support, and all that is necessary…”

Non-Linear Warfare

There is no doubt Surkov is an intelligent man but did he realize that his theories would be used against the Russian people? It is exactly his theories that we are seeing in practice around the world today.

How do you push a lie like stone throwers are terrorists therefore must be genocided, or that European Kahazri Jews are in fact somehow Semites who must commit genocide on Palestinians who are real Semites while calling any opposition to their genocide of Semites anti-Semitism? Ask the HASBARA and  TALPIOT operators and the Jewish Khazarian Mafia who have taken over the Russian and world media. All the lies and all the fabrications always find their way back to the Cabal. Even 911.

Finally we come to racism, the great divider and the necessary belief in one race’s superiority which allows for the Jews to say they are God’s Chosen People. Who said so? Did God Say so? No! They said so.

I am not a racist I even believed the Jewish lies myself until I worked with them in the media. The most ignorant, hate filled, disorganized, inhuman, arrogant and self-righteous group I have ever seen. These people should not be allowed to spread their hate. Of all the lies of Zion the Semite lie is the easiest to debunk and their aversion to the American Genocide is understandable. Unfortunately no one is allowed to question or criticize them.

Regardless who is spreading hate the answer is simple, kick Soros and the US military off the internet, do not allow for one group to control all of the media and require sites to directly state who funds and controls them. This solution is so logical and simple, yet no one dares do the obvious.


Distracting from Citizens 1, 2 and 3, Target Acquisition, Making Leaking Seen as Legitimate Only as a Corporate Event and Controlling the Narrative

Fake Leakers, Limited Hangouts, Media Shows and Psyops

My fight and my asylum were appropriated by the HASBARA operatives. – Robles

Assange Killing Truthers, Hiding 911 for the CIA and the Rothschilds

He is an “elite” and the elites all support each other.

Assange had Clinton Crime Family CIA support Came in openly swaggering slamming his cock around

Direct attack on truth: I am annoyed by fake conspiracies like 911. – Paul Hawkins (Julian Assange)

We all felt bad for Assange. We felt pity and sorry and believed the narrative that was set up of him as a warrior against the empire and evil but it was all a lie to show the world that the CIA and the USA can do whatever they want and get away with it. It was a lie to entrap, identify and liquidate Truthers, whistleblowers and anyone who wanted to expose the real evil going on and a security operation to cover up and hide real leaks and real revelations that were going on that the CIA, MOSSAD and the Cabal could not cover up, delete or erase as they were taking place in Russia.

One of the Assange architects real goals was silencing anything and everything that occurred with my family and I, not the publications of JAR2, and that fact that we had in fact obtained asylum years before Assange. What would have happened if the media began following my life and paying attention to me and what I had to say regarding 911 and the real racist evil and human trafficking that I had escaped? They had worked so hard to hide my phony arrest, erasing every trace of it including removing an entire run of newspapers from San Francisco and there was no way they could touch me and control what I had to say. It was not Assange who was untouchable, it was in fact me and this enraged the CIA and FBI Counter Intelligence so much they launched the Assange media operation. I was attempting to expose 911 and that the official story was a lie. I had also obtained asylum in a country that they had spent billions attempting to turn into a US colony and on which they had spent billions to subvert and buy.  

Even today it is visible how the Hasbara Operatives work. There were too many times when I published something or wrote about an event occurring to my family when the Hasbara clowns simply appropriated the event and made it Assange’s. This is even happening today. My son goes on a hunger strike and is being held again because the CIA and Haspel decided to attack him as they could not orchestrate my own arrest and I sent out hundreds of press releases and the MOCKINGBIRD Hasbara clowns all write stories about Assange and how his story is buried and ignored by the media. Ridiculous and so obvious really if you are aware about our story, Assange is the Michael Jackson or today, the fallback media operation to distract the public when news that is uncomfortable for the Cabal begins to appear. In my case the narrative can not be that a single father was hounded to death by CPS so that they could his children then was accused of working for the Russians, then ended up in Russia with asylum and decided to expose the False Flag that was 911. Even worse is the racist aspect because the narrative could never be that a dark skinned “extinct” Taino Indian from an occupied territory found asylum in Russia and exposed the crimes of white supremacist USA the bird. What I have done since is even worse, I dared talk truth to the rich and powerful and dared to exposed the elites and the empire of Satan for what it is. And even worse found asylum and protection in Russia and even worse than all that have exposed CIA operations and subversions here in Russia, including preventing a Color Revolution, and by doing so have gotten in the way of the CIA and the liquidation of the Russian Federation. Gina Haspel sat in my son’s trial and laughed as I protested the US Embassy’s presence in his trial as they did nothing but sit there laughing and had no legal right according to the United Nations to be there as he had asylum at the time. They laughed as the judge threatened to kick me out of the court.

Where were all the news reports of an American with asylum ignored by the US Embassy? Nowhere! That would run counter to the narrative about the US caring about “American Lives”. The US only cares about the rich white Anglo-Saxon-ZIonist white supremacist American lives.   

I have wondered what the media will run with when I release this document. It will have to be something big. Will they whack Assange? Will Assange finally release HIS insurance file? Or maybe fake Navalny stories will run again? NO matter I can guarantee you that you will not hear about this anywhere and if you do it will not be from CNN. They, and all of 6the mass media are not interested in news anymore and have not been for decades. They are interested in maintaining a narrative and conducting influence and perception operations for the elites and the CIA. My story and my life breaks their narrative. I once politely asked a Cotati California American cop who had a long barrel .45 magnum in my face what the problem was when I was pulled over for a burnt out headlight and he told me I was the problem. Then adding he would shoot my “private parts” off if I moved. I only later understood that the problem was that I was riding my motorcycle through a white neighborhood while being brown.

I often wonder if Assange knows how he has been used and judging by his silence every time a source or an associate was arrested or killed I would say it was a given. But does he know how much he has been used and why? Does he know that rather than being a champion of truth he has been the single most effective weapon against truth and Truthers that the Intelligence apparatus of the West could think up? Tall white blonde haired “master race” Assange apparently thought that when he agreed to work for the Rothschilds and when he got asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy that he became untouchable. He thought that when he agreed to cover up 911 and hand over sources to his controllers that they would protect him. Never. Their operation and their secrecy is more important than he will ever be.

If you look at his history you may conclude that Assange was a naïve MKULTRA mind-control victim, programmed and created during his childhood in a “master race” Satanic Child Death Cult”. Like all MKULTRA victims he was obsessed with sex and his double charges of rape served as an instrument to control him further. Did he truly think that he could expose truth and “Open Governments” by entering into a deal with the Devil Rothschild while obfuscating 911 and the crimes of the Zionist entity? Of course he was wrong. He was used just like we all are in one way or the other.

Snowden made Full Spectrum Surveillance of Americans and the world necessary to protect secrets but what about Assange? “By 2013 the Obama administration had concluded that it could not charge WikiLeaks or Julian Assange with crimes related to publishing classified documents — documents that showed, among other things, evidence of U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan — without criminalizing investigative journalism itself. President Barack Obama’s Justice Department called this the “New York Times problem,” because if WikiLeaks and Assange were criminals for publishing classified information, the New York Times would be just as guilty”. - Anonymous

This taken further you would have to criminalize the entire Internet and everyone and everything linked to any information or site or search engine connected to it and then arrest every person who knew the secret information and every person with whom that person talked to or had contact with so basically most of the human race and all forms of communication and contact where a secret might be told would have to be criminalized as well. That sounds about right.

In his public and drawn out endlessly broadcast and talked about destruction, the Cabal will show to the world that the Internet is not a place for truth and that anyone, be they a journalist, a hacker, a publisher, a Truther, an expert or a whistleblower, will not be tolerated and will suffer a “fate worse than death” if they attempt to expose the truth. For killing truth and Truthers Assange is no hero. He is a tool of the Rothschilds and when he called 911 a “fake conspiracy” he spit in the face of truth for all time.

As an Australian millionaire who pandered to the Clintons, facilitated the deaths and imprisonment of hundreds, and published doctored leaks, he should be extradited to Australia as his “plight” shows that Australian sovereignty has been violated and that the extra-territorial application of draconian US Law for violating the Espionage Act is above sovereignty. But that is all part of the show, for that is what Assange is, a show, a media op and a Press Release. Sorry as a former WikiLeaks Associate, I can in no way support the back-stabbing SOB and neither would you if you knew what I knew.

911 was an inside job, not a fake conspiracy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just some of our work. We encourage you to visit and explore JAR2 to find much more than you could ever expect.  

Snowden Limited Hangout Infiltrating the Russian Truth Community


Snowden was supposed to be the face of the neo-Liberal America loving Russian Opposition

They are publishing about planned sovereignty violations and must be shot in the “private parts”. - Snowden

In his promotion he shows that Russia is bad and that you have to be a patriot of the United States in order to be loved and popular and a hero. Snowden is no hero. He is a tool of the CIA and the second global media operation covering up 911 and facilitating the erasure of JAR2 and sites like JAR2 and me and my family from history. If you doubt look at every story about me on the Internet, if you can still find any, and you will see the tag “Snowden” on all of them. This is by design. He is an “elite” and the elites all support each other, I am a poor destitute marginalized refugee with a Web Site until THAT is taken away.

It was interesting for me that when Snowden arrived he was placed in Zhukovsky on my own network segment accompanied by huge protests from the US Government. He came with derisionary information about me as to why I should not receive citizenship smearing me. I was told this by the Chinese and the Chinese were right.

I am not supposed to know about the elites and the deals they cut and Snowden’s package of “information” on me nor how he violated standards for refugees when he received temporary asylum nor how the media lies to say he has asylum because I am not under the control of the Cabal.

Regardless of the covert nature of the persecution I have been put through and the public lies and denials, I really do have asylum and I am really targeted by the US government, the CIA and dozens of other bodies and agencies. I thank God that there are still clear heads and Russian patriots running the Russian Security Services who are not buyable or corrupt and who have made it possible for me to stay alive this long and for JAR2 to stay on-line and kept me alive. I will never forget that Russia gave me asylum and will never betray that trust and that gift but there are those who would take it away and it is these corrupt and buyable scum who I must fight for the sake of my children and their futures if we are to have one. The CIA, puppets like Navalny and Oliver Stone and all of the CIA perception operation puppets must not be allowed to continue their evil.

Limited Hangouts

In Intelligence Terms a Limited Hangout in the classic meaning is an operation where “secrets” are leaked in order to protect, obfuscate, or spread disinformation regarding larger more valuable secrets, programs or operations that are in danger of being exposed. Michael Hayden and James Jones have taken the concept to new and historic levels and have developed the concept to such an advanced, intricate and multi-layered degree hiding multiple interwoven and even independent objectives, that even for trained Intelligence Officers who know he is witnessing an Limited Hangout Operation, the core objective or direct evidence needed to move and act, is constantly changing, intangible and so entangled in a web of lies that, in this case Snowden (Greenberg) has a level of plausible deniability that allows him to operate right out in the open, with a level of brazen impunity almost never before seen in the history of Intelligence Operations. The truth is that Snowden is an active CIA Officer millionaire who contacts his controllers every morning and who has made mass-surveillance necessary, justified, possible and then privatized it for his boss.

Operation Snowden was approved at the highest levels and the result of a failure to control the 5th Column installed by the CIA in the Russian media after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This was states by former colleagues of Snowden. As with the WikiLeaks Operation, the Intercept and Snowden’s primary function was to serve as a Limited Hangout in order to protect secret US Government assets in Russia, the interests of the various CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD connected elites, 911 cash flows and CIA Black Intelligence Operations which were in danger of being exposed by the NSA and by investigative journalists worldwide and facts that were coming out on the Voice of Russia and worldwide.

After the failure of the Bolotnaya Protests and the failure of the 5th Column in the Russian media to bring it about (as evidenced by my running personal war with failed Obama CIA Color Revolution Architect Michael McFaul), CIA Agents in the Security Services and in the military and thousands of CIA Agents and assets spread across the full spectrum of civil society to bring about the collapse of the Russian Government and bring down President Putin and then an incident involving 911 (an interview with Wayne Madsen in which the location of the 911 planes was revealed) Michael Hayden, Maurice Greenberg (CFR and the Cabal, TPP) and the top echelons of the US Government and the US Intelligence Community decided to send Snowden to infiltrate the Russian Federation, the Truth Community and the Russian and truth media to serve as an information Avatar to advance and propagate US lies and propaganda while at the same time running an identify, target and eliminate operation against whistleblowers, leakers, hackers, investigative journalists and the managers, editors, government officials and anyone involved in producing, publishing and spreading information not deemed to be in the interests of the CIA and the US Government, in particular in Russia.

One of the chief primary goals of the multiple objectives of Operation Snowden was to protect CIA Communications which were being intercepted by the NSA and exposing illegal CIA Black Operations worldwide. CIA Cyber Command was also falling flat on their faces with multiple failures across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and there was a budgetary turf war for Cyber Funding which the NSA clearly performed more effectively and on a scale that the CIA, hopefully will never reach. Here it is important to underline that the CIA is an Agency whose mission and purpose is to commit crimes worldwide in order to advance the interests of what used to be the US Government but has now become the Interests of a Cabal which has taken over the US Government. Therefore despite the media and Hollywood glorification of the CIA it is nothing but an organized criminal grouping involved in the most heinous crimes imaginable and able to be created by the minds of man and it must be exposed, stopped and eliminated wherever it appears.

Another primary target for Operation Snowden were the actual controllers of the WikiLeaks Organization which “Snowden” successfully, the objective for the target was identifying, targetting and eliminating any infrastructure and individuals working with WikiLeaks inside Russia and which had been missed or were not accessible after WikiLeaks had passed them to the US Government and MI6/MOSSAD.

As a former WikiLeaks media associate and partner who had access to WikiLeaks file transfer hubs and infrastructure I can report with 100% certainty that the files being pushed by WikiLeaks were carefully selected and cherry picked to expose just those truths that benefitted the TALPIOT Hasbara Objectives and first and foremost exposed NOTHING about 911 or the real crimes of the Zionist entity and the Cabal. This includes Russia and Moscow related e-mails that exist but were never published by the WikiLeaks Operation. Assange would have continued had he not made the mistake of allowing the Podesta E-Mails and the DNC Files to be released, this exposed his real masters to the world.

As a former WikiLeaks associate I also reported on the Spy Operation that Assange was running against Citizens of the United Kingdom and the United States and which would not have been possible had they been carried out by the CIA and MI6 alone. It is no coincidence that every source, whistleblower, hacker, journalist band “partner” of WikiLeaks ended up arrested, dead or destroyed. The only reason I am still alive is because of the professionalism and incorruptibility of Russian Intelligence, my own Web Site and my own counter-measures which have managed to at least keep me alive and publishing despite successful operations by the CIA, WikiLeaks and Snowden to destroy my life, my reputation and my ability to spread information.

The CIA/MI6 interface is no clearer or more visible in the Assassination of Seth Rich who downloaded and passed the DNC files to WikiLeaks using a Linux thumb drive installed operating system to boot the targeted machines, gain Root and download what he did. MI6 Officer Craig Murray must be questioned as to his meeting with Seth Rich, his obtaining the files from Rich, his passing the files to WikiLeaks and then the assassination of Rich which we believe was carried out by a CIA/ASTEROIDS hit team connected to the Clinton Crime Syndicate, the World Bank and the Rothschilds. We can not underline enough the number of people associated with WikiLeaks who were assassinated and destroyed while Assange continued to lie to the world.     

Upon the release of my son on appeal I posted that someone had lost a million dollars or more when he was released. The next day news broke about Snowden having to pay back $5.2 million to the US Government. Given that CIA Black Operations against me and my family have gone on now for 13 years and that I was responsible for stopping the Bolotnaya Color Revolution which cost the CIA millions to try to pull off, $5.2 million would be a rather conservative figure for the costs that the CIA and MI6 accrued surveilling, stalking and even poisoning me and my family. How much it cost Linick and the State Department to pay off Mitrofanov and all of the other figures involved in the liquidation of the VOR can only be guessed but that was certainly in the millions. 

Media announcements about Keith Alexander and how the NSA should not have a member on CIA Front Amazon while never mentioning the CIA buying Jeff Bezos is just another piece in the puzzle proving Snowden is still working for the CIA. The evidence is so obvious and clear that it is surprising no one has mentioned any of it. Here are some points: Snowden was the original proponent of the Russian hacking accusation, WikiLeaks accused Snowden of hiding illegal “elite” cash flows, Snowden Tweets supporting CIA puppet president Navalny, he regularly says he hates the Russian government, his only reported CIA mission was hiding the cash flows to ISIS through Swiss banks and for the cabal in particular for Maurice Greenberg and Booz Allen Hamilton who were connected to the ISIS funding through Swiss Banks by the CIA, Booz Allen and US Army Psychological Operations. This has all been documented by Bennet, who contacted me at the VOR and a CIA colleague of Snowden’s Bradley Dirgo.

The irregularities of Snowden continue in his residency here in Russia. Someone has paid millions to break Russian laws because Russian Laws on residency and asylum as well as international conventions A) do not allow for asylum for intelligence officers and operatives, B) Russian residency is only given on the basis of an active passport and visa, C) marriages are only registered under the same, D) Snowden has not paid taxes in Russia D) his constant negative comments about Russia are not in keeping with his status, E) his support of CIA Agent Navalny F) no investigation has been carried out into his ties to hiding ISIS terrorist money flows for the CIA G) he is still working for the CIA H) his useless leaks created and justified privatized offshore mass surveillance and access to the NSA stream by Hayden and Jones I) the CIA said they did not want Snowden to have a platform but he has a blue tick and millions of followers on Twitter while I am banned for life, J) Snowden has made millions in paid for interviews which no other ex-intelligence officer or refugee has ever made, and finally K) every move Snowden makes is sucked up, and promoted  by the media.  



IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just some of our work. We encourage you to visit and explore JAR2 to find much more than you could ever expect.

QANON: Open Takeover of the Truth Movement and Internet or WTF is the US Military Doing on the Internet? PSYOPS

We need to kick the Intelligence Agencies and Military off the Internet! - Robles

It is NOT the job of Intelligence Agencies to control the content of media outlets and the Internet. If it is then label the Internet a military network and stop allowing civilians to connect to it. - Robles

If Western Intelligence Agencies are stupid enough to keep classified information on unsecure computers connected to the Internet and allow for their secrets to be walked out the front door on USB drives they solution is NOT locking down the Internet but re-engineering their own failed and weak internal infrastructure. – Robles

US Military Psychological Operations morphing into privatized military grade Psychological Operations serve to hide attribution and continue illegal operations with impunity.

Cambridge Analytica, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Clearforce and other US military connected Internet giants have been allowed to operate unchecked around the world for so long that the US Government and Donald Trump decided that it was somehow okay for the US Military Intelligence Community to run an open psychological operation on the Internet and created the QANON op. While countering to some degree the Talpiot, Hasbara, CIA, Cabal IIA operations QANON was an absolutely mind twisting abomination of what the truth movement is and was all about. Here you have someone with a Top Secret Nuclear Q clearance supposedly exposing the crimes of the Cabal. Like having Twitter tell you how they do not censor. Using non-linear warfare and such meddled and twisted rabbit holes and “crumbs” that while pretending to spread truth QANON did nothing but muddy the waters and in my case was used to order my own assassination by putting me in a [killbox] in a message to Snowden (documented).

Then we have people like Anders Fogh Rasmussen running censorship operation like NewsGuard to fight fake news, which is exactly what the PA people in NATO and the US Military produce, again the fox telling you about his security operations to protect the chickens.      

Do not believe any of them. 

CIA: The Q Anon Operation Starts for Trump

This is detailed on JAR2 and in my insurance files. This is one reason I was deleted from Twitter because by deleting my account they also believer that they deleted all of the evidence of the Digital Gang Stalking that was taking place against me. 

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 785: October 28, 2017 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 785:



The FOREVER WAR: Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace

There is no Statute of Limitations on War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity - Robles  

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. - JFK 

The Endless Crimes of the USA and the Zionist Entity

1. 911 the Catalyst Event for the New World Order

911 is the Litmus Test and it is the measure and the gauge that everyone can be held to since those events. 911 is the event that we are not supposed to discuss, that millions of people have been annihilated for

911 is the benchmark I held Assange to and Snowden and everyone else in the media and every public figure since then.

The “Events of 911” can not be viewed as a “Terrorist Attack” carried out by non-state actors to facilitate the change of some political or other agenda, as is the case of Terrorism under the classic and rational understanding of that word. Yes 911 was an act of terrorism but it was an act of State Sponsored and Executed Terrorism, an Indirect Defensive Attack to facilitate and serve as plausible deniability impetus and catalyst made to look like someone else (a False Flag) allowing to go of the Defensive in the War on Terror which was a War on Muslims which was a War for the Zionist Entity and the Rothschilds World Bank International Monetary Fund ASTEROIDS and ‘USERY” 

I ask all of you to properly investigate and release all of the information you have on 911 and finally start an International Tribunal to investigate 911, those that have launched endless Illegal Wars of Aggression because of it and those who profited from it. They are the real terrorists and no government and no nation and no individual is above the law.  

The evidence and the facts on jar2 regarding 911 includes some unique samples and our research ties in the Zionist entity from pre-event planning to post-even profiteering and benefiting. 

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

911 funding Rothschilds through Saud through Swiss CBC and other banks


2. Genocide

Secret societies 322 and the G

White people talking about Critical Race Theory as if they are against racism and Genocide is an insult and an affront and is simply racial self-appropriation and a pretense to actually caring.

Russians being genocided

Eliminating the Unwanted, Refugees and the Poor

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


3. The War on Terror Genocide and the war on Muslims.

It can be stated factually and without a shred of politicization that the so-called “War on Terror” is in fact an act of ongoing genocide against Arabs and the Semitic indigenous people of Palestine and a war on Muslims carried out by and for the Zionist entity and laid out in the Greater Israel Project, the Ode Yinon Plan.

Since day one when the US/NATO refused to define what exactly is terrorism or a terrorist, I have argued that nonetheless you can not wage a global war on what is a tactic for achieving political or other change. The War on Terror is in reality one in which the US/NATO. as instruments of the Cabal, use their military might to terrorize smaller defenseless independent or would-be-independent-countries into submission.

Genocide by destroying their countries and then by regulation, enslavement and erasure inside the countries that bombed and destroyed their homes from the beginning.

Palestinian genocide

Racist genocide

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


4. Endless War NATO: The Expeditionary Resource World Takeover Force of the Empire

We can not allow for peace in Europe. – NATO Secretary

The United States of America and their global expeditionary nation destroying force, the re-tasked atavism that is NATO, have become, for all intents and purposes, strategically irrelevant due to Russia’s advanced weapons systems therefore it is now more of an atavism than ever. However as General Wesley Clark informed the world the Pentagon is in the business of destroying countries and continues to attack and destroy countries that can not fight back, that have been forced into disarming or that have been devastated by Color Revolutions, social engineering and/or the overthrowing of governments or the assassinations of leaders.

No country which has been destroyed by NATO and the USA has ever attacked a NATO country or the USA. This is a historical fact and clear a damning evidence of illegal and ulterior motives for the launching of Wars of Aggression against innocent nations.

Although the US/NATO spreads false and deceiving propaganda about the need to contain and prevent possible or developing hypothetical future adversaries to challenge their “Full Spectrum Dominance” what is always missing from their one-sided “dialogue” is that a Possible Threat Doctrine” is not one based on any law or other legal basis or framework for the waging of wars and the destroying of countries and nations. Killing people or destroying countries or waging wars on the basis of “Possible Threat” is the logic of psychopaths and lunatics. Were one to follow such logic every single person, entity, body or national formation on earth for all of time could be a possible adversary.

What is also missing form US/NATO propaganda is the voice and opinion of those who neither want nor need NATO and their 3%-5% GDP annual payment racket. US/NATO present their self-serving propaganda as if the entire civilized world wants their aggressive militarization and protection racket. I say racket because that is exactly what it is. US/NATO’s well-known and documented financing and formation of terrorists and “opponents” is a part of the historical record and the Straw Man they use to attempt to give the illusion that they are necessary.

The Atavism needs an enemy, hence the demonization or Russia and any other country Israel or the USA wants destroyed. In a world where we could have complete peace and every person could be provided for criminal military blocs which serve only to propagate their own existence are truly an atavism of ages gone by and have no place in a civilized world.

Military unions and security cooperation is fine and needed but one blanket global organization run and controlled by one dictatorial world power attempting to re-create the world in its own image is not something that a large portion of the planet needs, wants or desires. In the end it is all a continuation of the British Anglo-Saxon Empire and the genocide based “American” state.


5. Illegal Wars of Aggression and Crimes Against Humanity

The Honorable UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called for an end to all wars in 100 days and any thinking and sane human being on this planet must support such a brave call. With the coming and going of the International Day of Peace these ideals are more than ever topical.

Since its creation on lands stolen from the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island whom the Anglo-Saxon invaders exterminated with extreme brutal prejudice in the greatest genocide in human history, the so-called United States of America has been at war for all but 17 years of its total existence.

Systematically and with precision the US/NATO and the Zionist entity hide, obfuscate and distract by all means possible their involvement in non-declared illegal aggressive wars. In avoiding the standard accepted and logical definition of war, where an attack or aggression occurs and a declaration of war is made, those waging wars of aggression today avoid and successfully hide from the general public the sheer number of wars they are involved in. If one tries to do a simple Internet search as to the number of wars the US/NATO are involved in the number is somewhere between zero (declared wars) and 156, JSOC and proxy conflicts. By superior technology and force the US/NATO successfully keep their own body counts down and while controlling all of the global media and not forced to report the number of civilians they are slaughtering this means the US/NATO are free to engage in the genocide of millions with no backlash and through the use of private contractors and Secret Special Forces groups, with no oversight. Under corporate law this means that the US/NATO are not involved in any wars while in fact the international expeditionary force NATO/JSOC et al are involved in over 156 wars.

I mentioned civilians above because in reality that is who the US/NATO are slaughtering. There are no armies that the US/NATO are fighting. The perfect example is Afghanistan where the Imperial genociders simply label the civilian population that resists as “terrorists” and goes about slaughtering them. Labelling has become an art for the US/NATO, as they branded the civilians in Donbass as terrorists, and those in Libya, Iraq, Iran etc., their love of creating straw man terrorists has even grown to include journalists, publishers and whistleblowers. Here we see the Zionist tactic as they have for years labelled Palestinians and Hamas as terrorist organizations, while ignoring the fact that they are waging a “war” against a country with no army to hide the fact that what they are really doing is committing genocide.  

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


6. Creating, Funding, Arming and Using Terrorists as Straw Men for Aggressive Wars and Invasions 

SYRIA et al

Recent documents published by jar2 again provide evidence of MOSSAD, MI6 and the CIA funding, arming, sponsoring and using terrorists. Interviews conducted by me on the Voice of Russia, statements and evidence by sources inside intelligence agencies and detailed sourced articles that I have authored in the past show that this tactic has been used and carried out all over the Middle East. However the greatest and most horrific example remains the events of 911. Recent documents show the structures and connections between MI6 and the terrorist proxies being used in Syria. These are the same horrendous monsters who MOSSAD supplied with weapons and who slaughtered 426 children in Latakia Syria as a failed pretext for an invasion of Syria on the basis of a banned chemical weapons attack. We uncovered the real culprits but once again as happens time after time MOSSAD/MI6/CIA and their terrorists are immune from prosecution.     


7. Privatize War Crimes and Invasions: The US/NATO/JSOC Untouchable Military

Evidence that we have published and our investigations have not specifically exposed private military companies as their has been an abundance of material exposing these concerns. However our material on private False Flag Companies, connected to NATO in particular, show the outsourcing of War Crimes by the Cabal. Given that there is no statute of limitations on war crimes, all of the material and evidence we gathered regarding Halliburton, Blackwater (XE, Graystone, et al) and others is still topical and could serve as a basis for a real investigation.  

The open arrogance and self-relegated impunity and delusions of grandeur of Eric Prince are well-known and were best exposed when he attempted to get himself installed as the “Viceroy of Afghanistan”.

US/NATO takeovers of countries and governments are criminal enough but with Prince we saw a private individual attempting to declare himself the dictator of a country. Were it not true this would be almost unheard of in world history but unfortunately the impunity of the Cabal and MIIC contractors and operators has long-ago left the sphere of reason and sanity.

In order to escape international tribunals and international law the Government of the United States of America has taken extreme measures to obfuscate and criminally avoid prosecution, this includes the failure to clearly define what a terrorist is and to use the same term to cover any target whatsoever and the use of mercenaries, NATO forces and internal armed groupings forces to commit its War Crimes, create straw men attacks and destroy, rape and gut countires.

These private companies and internal “actors” under the control of the CIA, control the global narcotics trades, human and organ trafficking operations, resource theft and in particular, with regard to Afghanistan, the global Opium Trade which has grown exponentially with the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan.   

On the civilian side the US/NATO have even managed to manipulate, blackmail and rob countries in schemes to rebuild the very sovereign states that they destroy.

By privatizing all of its operations the US Government avoids sanctions and legal repercussions and the private operators are deemed US citizens who can only be prosecuted in the US where no legal action will ever take place against them.

On September 10, 2001 it was all laid out by Rumsfeld how 3 trillion was missing and in the next breath how it was necessary to privatize the functions of the Pentagon and the US Government to improve efficiency and allow for much needed innovation, that innovation was seen on the next day.


8. Privatize Mass-Surveillance and the Intelligence Complex

The revelations by insiders regarding WikiStrat, the ShadowNet Group, iPsy, Dynology and Clearforce, have shown that the USA has not only privatized huge parts of the US War Machine and functions that were once the domain of the CIA but it has also privatized Illegal black operations and key surveillance functions of the Intelligence Sector. Since 09-10-2001 when Donald Rumsfeld gave his famous speech about a missing 3 trillion dollars, privatizing the US Government in order to complete rape the American taxpayers under the aegis of efficiency and innovation, has been the Modus Operandi of the Cabal.

The most blatant examples where the Intelligence Sector has used private citizens and organizations to spy on and run illegal operations against targets are the WikiLeaks Op, the SnowDen/Intercept Op and now we have learned about the SnowDen/Hayden/Jones CLearforce Op which is literally plugged into the NSA/FVEY data stream and in order to spy and operate against the citizens of the world and in particular the FVEY countries, the data is kept off-shore and controlled by a private company or companies which then carry out the illegal spying functions of the US Intelligence complex, such as those that the NSA had to stop after the orchestrated “Snowden revelations”. Maurice Greenberg, Kroll, Booz Allen, Hayden, Jones and all the rest have made billions and have successfully obfuscated and killed information on cash flows to the Zionist entities Al-Qaeda/ISIL/DAESH/ISIS et al terrorist forces.        

By private the US Government avoids sanctions and legal repercussions and the private operators are deemed US citizens who can only be prosecuted in the US where no legal action will ever take place against them.


9. Sanctions on ICC, Interfering with International Legal, Regulatory and Investigative Bodies

To keep its ongoing endless and horrendous crimes secret, avoid prosecutions and any punitive measures against it, the US Government and its president have openly threatened and taken measures against anyone who would investigate, prosecute or even question its actions or the actions of the Zionist entity.

Such mafia-style-banana-republic behavior has no place in the civilized world.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 

10. The CIA/FVEY/NATO Western Intelligence 5G Complete Surveillance and Control Grid

The development and construction of the US/NATO 5G global SIPERNET et al is a project and an issue about which little detailed information is available but is one that should have the international community up in arms literally and figuratively speaking. As with all of their methods of warfare, the US NATO are always seeking new and advanced ways to kill the largest amounts of people while enjoying the least possible risk. The pathological architects and creators of mass murder in the Pentagon dream of being able to simply press a button and all of the people in a country are destroyed. For this they are developing weapons and applications such as drone swarms, battlefield and policing robots, autonomous AI controlled mass surveillance, autonomous killing machines, including war planes, war ships and submarines and much more.

If the US/NATO are allowed to continue with their high-frequency cancer causing 5G networks the future of mankind looks extremely bleak.

11. Remote Extra-Judicial Executions: the Illegal New Normal

Drones are an epic answer to the question: “Just because we can should we?” The answer is NO! But that does not stop lunatics in the US Government who even seek gain of function on the world’s most deadly pathogens and then let them out of the lab to see what they will do.

Technology has for decades now, made it possible to assassinate and murder anyone anywhere in the world from a safe bunker underground thousands of miles away. Morally, ethically and legally such warfare should be banned but for some reason the countries of the world have not joined together in protest and amazingly very few countries even shoot these autonomous machines down. Drones are what happens when advances in technology are left in the hands of immoral killers to develop as tools to facilitate illegal wars on helpless countries on the other side of the world. A global ban on drone warfare should be called and sever penalties for any country using such technology.

12. Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS)

The plentiful evidence that DEWS which are in fact illegal forbidden weapons were used during the 911 event  were detailed very carefully by Dr. Judy Woods yet her research like all research exposing the crimes of 911 was demonized, marginalized and ignored. At JAR2 we have also documented the usage of DEW technology and weapons used recently in California to stage wildfires and other instances.

This issue must be looked into and measures taken against those who have deployed them and to prevent their future usage.  

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


13. Illegal Nuclear Weapons Proliferation to Non-Nuclear Powers

The FBI’s own files show that the USA has knowingly and willingly given nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons technology to Israel, a non-nuclear state.

The Zionist entity has been in possession of mini-nukes for decades and it was these devices, along with nano-thermite and DEWs which were used in the controlled demolitions of the World Trade Center complex on 911.

There is evidence that Israel was behind the recent huge explosion in Beirut Lebanon but the evidence of such will never be presented to the world. The circumstantial evidence even includes bellicose statements by the Zionist entity regarding exactly such a blast, Israel’s possession of mini-nukes, and the political difficulties of Benyamin Mileikowski.  

We have published irrefutable evidence of Israel illegally obtaining nuclear weapons but again nothing has ever been done.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 

14. Biological Warfare, Genetic Targeting Biological Weapons and COVID-19

Crimes involving biological weapons to a large degree fall under the jurisdiction of the OPCW

We have documented evidence of the US Government secretly developing genetically targetting biological weapons going back to the 1960s gathering DNA for research and the production of genetically targetting biological weapons. Russian and Ukrainian DNA is the same as it is one race however this did not stop the US Army and DARPA from seeking Russian and Caucasian DNA in the Ukraine for experiments in the development of genetically targetting biological weapons. 

As with illegal CIA Black Sites and the illegal torture dungeon at Guantanamo Bay Cuba the CIA, DARPA, the NIH, NIAID, DTRA, CBEP and other bodies and agencies of the US Government have taken their most criminal and thus “secret” research off-shore and by simply paying large sums have been able to develop, test and spread some of the most vile “weapons” ever thought up by man. 

Evidence of biological warfare carried out by the US/NATO is so profuse and widespread that ignoring this issue as with ignoring the facts regarding 911 is the same as participating in the cover up. Again as with every one of their crimes we see the Cabal moving in with Draconian measures and huge trillion dollar profit making schemes on the backs of yet another orchestrated disaster.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 

Vaccine Genocide by Bill Gates and the privatized USMIIC and the Cabal.


15. Assassinations of Leaders and Diplomats

Who do you go to when those so rich and powerful organize the assassination of a president? The United Nations? The International Criminal Court? The Intelligence Services? Are there truly people in the world who are above the law? Above any law? Countries who have had their leaders assassinated have had no recourse. Russia who lost almost a dozen diplomats and had president Putin’s driver killed could do nothing. Where are the investigations?

Everything those who have been assassinated must be investigated and their work shared

Hugo Chavez Vitaly Churkin was working on exposing the Russian wealth and debt of the US Federal Reserve which in reality 86% belongs to Russia.

16. MH-370/MH-17 - The ASTEROIDS and the Rothschilds

Plane crashes are horrendous events but spectacular in their gore and destruction. It was quite by accident that during an investigation I came across the name of the Asteroids, an IMF/WB Black Operations team which specializes in staging and carrying out aircraft disasters. If you have not heard of the Asteroids you may be familiar with economic hitmen used by the IMF/WB and USGov and even the same style of threats from the House of Saud against President Putin. We recall in a rare leak from the Kremlin that Putin was threatened with terrorist attacks at the Sochi Olympics which even saw US warships pretending to appear to “protect American lives” which as my family’s case has proven the US really has no concern for, unless of course you are a member of the 1%.

These crimes are never properly investigated and almost always follow a pre-planned narrative, therefore it is necessary to form special independent tribunals to properly investigate and go after the ral culprits. Given the ICAO and international laws that exist today and which limit investigations to the country where the event took place and to a lesser degree the countries who aircraft and nationals are affected, badly needed independent oversight would be problematic in securing, a point counted on by the perpetrators of such events.

The plane crash of the Polish Government, MH-370, MH-17 and the Saratov crash in Russia all coincided with and served multiple Cabal objectives. Our research which can be found on JAR2 and which can be verified by your investigators concluded that the original MH-17 aircraft was mothballed and may be still parked in one piece somewhere and that the plane which Ukrainian fighter pilot Vladislav Voloshin shot down was in fact MH-370 complete with the rotting corpses from MH-370 and a group of doctors and scientists returning from a WHO conference who had discovered a cure for cancer and aids. MH-370 was staged to kill a team of patent holders which along with Rothschild owned the patents for a new computer microprocessor for the military. After their deaths Rothschild was the sole patent owner and of course made untold billions from the technology.     


17. Human Experimentation

Experimentation on humans was outlawed long ago yet the Operation Paperclip Nazis who populated the US scientific community and the CIA after World War II continued the same experiments and the US Government has secretly expanded and broadened such research.  The problem was so widespread and was beginning to come out into the open that in 1994 Clinton had to issue an executive order in the name of Vice President Al Gore forbidding human experimentation.

Victims of human experimentation are usually liquidated or so damaged that they are easy to marginalize and write off as being crazy. Victims who are deemed failed experiments and who are no longer useable but have not been marked for liquidation are allowed a degree of freedom determined on a case by case basis with the main criteria being any memories that the subject may possess of the experimentation and their ability to connect what they have gone through with the controllers and those carrying out the experiments.

Under the area of mind control programming carried out under the MK prefix fall thousands of individuals who have been returned to the general human population and some have achieved high levels of success and notoriety in their fields or areas of endeavor. Examples include Lady Gaga, Assange, Hinkley, et al

Human experimentation comes under the heading of war crimes because most of these experiments and certainly the most horrendous of them are conducted by the CIA and the military industrial complex and since these experiments are not simply behavior modification in nature and have led to genocide and the extinguishing of entire populations, they fall under the category of War Crimes.

Cornelius Rhodes, Bill Gates as the privatized version

My own experiences as a child in a State Home


18. Chemtrails and Geo-Engineering 

Weather warfare was seen in Serbia when they were beginning to rise up against NATO’s KFOR occupation and the level of censorship in covering HAARP installations at the time spiked to noticeable levels with the most obvious and recorded being interference and threats against the Serbian Pravda publication. I was then contacted by a NATO/CIA connected individual who proceeded to “befriend” me as an “opponent” of HAARP and was sent to find out exactly how much I knew at the time.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


19. False Flag Terrorism and Fabricated Atrocities for the Casus Belli - First Srebrenica

False flag terrorism is state sponsored terrorism and Security Agencies should be exposing it and fighting it with the same aggression and zeal that they go after “garden-variety-anti-state” terrorists. Unfortunately this is an area where investigations and prosecutions almost never occur even when the actors and the executors are known.

In my personal state approved investigative work I investigated the horrific events at Srebrenica and discovered through expert testimony, witness statements, historical records and official documentation that there were in fact two massacres at Srebrenica. The first one used to provoke the second in what Len Bracken would have called an Indirect Offensive Attack to call forth the Direct Defensive Response of the Serbs in order to justify the Indirect Defensive Response of the USA through NATO for the political and financial aspirations of the Clinton Crime Family and the Cabal which were involved in organ trafficking with Hashim Thaci at the time.

Clinton, Rumsfeld Monica and the Pentagon Cabal No American would have supported killing Christian Serbs to support the radical genocidal Shia style false followers of Islam that Hashim Taci represented.       


According to Bracken 911 was an Indirect Defensive Attack as are almost all US Government and Cabal sponsored terrorist events. Like Pearl Harbor the idea is to spread terror to facilitate measures and actions that would otherwise have no support. In this case the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and the destruction of seven countries in five years.


In Iraq it was not enough for Halliburton to try to sell Hussein flawed nuclear weapons technology and the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) claim quickly fell apart with the Yellocake revelations, the assassination of Dr. David Kelly but the Cabal needed their war.

One of my biggest investigations and one which had global resonance was my investigation into the Boston Bombing false flag. Evidence from insiders pointed to the Clinton connected Boston One fund and the FBI who used their own agent informers as falls guys, killing one and silencing the other. The Tsarnaev brothers paid the price for trusting the FBI and now the US Government wants to execute an innocent man in order to cover up for the Cabal. Evidence showed the involvement of several well known individuals and lawmakers in the Boston Bombing, including Steven Spielberg. My main source was later poisoned and almost died.

426 children were killed, mostly 8-9 year old third graders from Latakia Syria, in order for the US/NATO to have a Casus Belli to invade yet another weak and innocent country for the Zionist entity and the resources.

The monstrosity of the Las Vegas terrorist attack was so horrendous that it was so easy to cover-up as it caused such strong Cognitive Dissonance that almost everyone who investigated it self-censored and news of it quickly went away.

In most civilized countries murdering innocent civilians, FBI snitches and even possible would be terrorists in a pre-crime scenario would be illegal. We have documented companies, organizations and individuals engaged in the very business of staging false flags and for some reason they are never brought to justice. That reason is because they are state actors and the USA is not only a state sponsor of terrorism but an active participant in terrorist acts worldwide.    

You can read more and find files and evidence connected to these events at the links below and in other sections of jar2.

Agent Tom Osman, Seal Team Six and Benghazi

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


20. Why is Cuba Facilitating the Pure Evil of the Imperial Yankee Torturers?

Almost 20years after 911 the “secret” extra-territorial CIA torture dungeon continues to hold innocent men without trial redress or the possibility of ever seeing the free world again. Michael Ratner whom I considered a friend and who was killed days after agreeing to help me and my family was doing the most to close down the barbaric torture dungeon. Now it is ignored and no one hears anything about it.

Any tribunal or accounting carried out by civilized nations must hold those responsible and free those innocent tortured souls most of whose only crimes were defending their native lands and families from the US/NATO genocide machine.  

21. Military Grade Psychological Warfare

Through the gathering of evidence, witness statements, statements by whistle blowers including the recent Shadow Gate revelations, and our own unfortunate interactions with operators and operations, that that US Army Psychological Operations Command and the CIA are engaged in military grade psychological operations against the civilians of Eastern Europe, Russia in particular and the world.

When the BBG was allowed to spread its “product” inside America the targeted populations came to include Americans themselves, who have labelled what they see as “Fake News”. The US Government and the Cabal have developed and advanced their tactics to such a degree in order to promote and get away with their endless wars that much of the global general public have no idea that they are been manipulated and lied to.

The CIA and NATO have taken Goebbels style propaganda and weaponized it, advanced it and developed it to degrees that even I am certain have not been even imagined. Although many of the tactics are known and have not been changed, the key difference today is that they are openly being used against entire innocent populations and almost every counter voice, media outlet and internet resource is now also under their control and with the use of AI they now maintain “plausible deniability” in escaping prosecutions and when they are caught they have enough control and “Full Spectrum Dominance” over the information sphere to silence all dissent.   

We see saw the Internet as a tool to obtain and share information yet they see it and operate against the civilians on it as if in a “Battle Space”. Their technologies are so advanced now that even knowing what to expect and knowing the methods, agents and tools to be used, countries such Belarus and Venezuela have still be heavily damaged by the Cabal.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 

Links: Belarus    

22. Sovereignty Violations Inside Russia Proper

I have been fighting the violations of sovereignty carried out by the West inside of the Russian Federation for over two decades and for all of my work and the work of many like-minded individuals it would appear that the war has been lost. With their endless resources and endless shape-shifting, reorganizing and modifications to their operational parameters, it appears that the fight is almost completely lost. When I consider what has been allowed to happen to me and my family publicly and openly I shudder in terror and disgust.

It is not only historical revisionism and endless brainwashing propaganda regarding the West and the USA being streamed on every possible media outlet 24/7 but the very acceptance by the majority of the population that the West and the Cabal have won when the war is not even over yet.

Russia has to stop tolerating such brainwashing operations and viewing such violations of its cultural, territorial and sovereign identity as benign and somehow unavoidable. The erasure of the Russian World and the Russian identity are literally aspects and part of the genocide of the Russian people and the peoples of Russia.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


23. Assassinating Scientists, Journalists and Whistleblowers

Over the past two decades there have been tens of thousands of journalists, scientists, whistleblowers hacktivists, lawyers, political and social activists, writers and Truthers killed, disappeared or suicided for uncovering, exposing, questioning or fighting the Cabal. I am certain that if this are allowed to continue as they are I will soon be joining their ranks and thus have taken this step so that all of my work and all of my efforts will not have been in vain.

24. Militarizing Space, the Arctic and Everything Else

The outright pompous criminal arrogance of the US Government and NATO and their subservience to the Cabal in promising resource exploitation on the moon and in space is so historically ludicrous and beyond the pale that the subject does not seem even slightly worthy of serious debate but in fact the USA and the Cabal have actually claimed the moon and space as US territory to be exploited for resources which no one can guarantee are really there or would be readily exploitable. However the USA and the Cabal must be reminded that space belong to all of humanity and no matter how much they want it, it can never be theirs.

25. NATO US Global Expansion and the 5% GDP Protection Racket

The most destabilizing factor on the planet Earth and the single largest threat to world peace is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which is involved in a military takeover of the planet. The NATO scam involves occupying pliant countries, destroying those who resist, charging every member 3%-5% of countries’ GDP for the privilege of being occupied and giving up their militaries to NATO control and engaging in Gladio False Flag Terror, arming opposition groups and fueling low intensity conflicts for endless war and to justify the need for NATO “protection” which can be bought for 3%-5%GDP annually.    

26. NATO Narcotics Trafficking and Resource Theft

Heroin Mexico Zhukovsky

NATO flights flying opium and heroin from Afghanistan were discovered operating through Zhukovsky.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

27. Israeli War Crimes and Genocide

The daily war crimes of Israel on the Palestinian Semitic people are growing in number and horror and according to the information that is available are more numerous than those of the US/NATO which is currently involved in over 139 wars.  

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

28. Stop Weather Manipulation by the USA

This is dangerous and affects all of mankind. We also have evidence that HAARP installations were used in Serbia to cause massive flooding in 2014 in order to get Serbia to once again heel for NATO.


Forever Global Crime Spree by the US Elites, the Cabal and the CIA Unleashed Weaponized Instruments of Empire

The 1%: One Stolen Election and the World as We Knew It Ended. - Robles

Not all of the crimes of the US/NATO and the Cabal are military in nature or carried out by the US Government or those of NATO countries and/or their Intelligence or Military structures and thus in this paper we cannot ignore the global crime spree of the Western elites, the Corporations and their puppets worldwide. Much of the Empire of Evil has been privatized to obfuscate and escape prosecution but these actors must also be held responsible for the genocide and irreparable damage they are doing to all of humanity, the planet and everything on it.

1. Fake Country and False Western Democracy

As a sovereign I do not recognize the legitimacy of the so-called government of the so-called United States of America. Given that they have broken all of the treaties that allowed them to occupy parts of our lands and have all but eradicated my people from existence while forcing the few survivors to live in concentration camps called reservations, the genociders have absolutely no legal or other right to still be occupying Turtle Island nor any of the other territories they occupy.

As an educated cognizant, intelligent, aware, God-fearing and civilized member of the human race and a people that have conveniently been classified as extinct I can in no way in good conscience support the actions of the US Government in any form nor can I accept its legitimacy nor accept its continued control and occupation of our sovereign lands nor the continued ongoing genocide of our people.         

Since the global US/NATO CIA/MKMOCKINGBIRD is forcing the world to once again pay attention to another fake US selection of CEO of the Corporation of the United States it would be appropriate to begin this section with a call for measures to end the Corporate Fascism of the 1% in the West and force them to undertake measures to give rule to the people. With a two party system that serves the billionaire class alone and chains third party candidates to tables in hangars to keep them from debates, the USA can in no way shape or form continue to call itself a democracy. As for the UK it always was and will be a Monarchy.

We know by material we have studied and published that the US Election system, through the use of electronic voting is completely rigged and that by the manipulation of voting zones and access to media that only the “elites” have any chance whatsoever at entering politics and occupying offices that are supposed to serve the interests of the people not the MIIC, the Corporation and the Cabal.


Intervention by the international community is justifiable and could be carried out with moral superiority to protect the rights and the lives of the people in these countries. Given the abysmal US corporate health care system which has already killed hundreds of thousands and the wanton War Crimes of its leadership, although intervention is an option no one dares to consider, with advances in strategic weapons and other instruments, a unified effort by the civilized countries of the world, would make such an unheard of operation possible. 

At minimum the USA must be forced to allow international election observers into the USA if it hopes to continue to parade the US President in front of the world as a legitimate leader which we all have known for a very long time that he is not.

Sanctions are entirely appropriate even if only for the fact of banning election observers.  

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.  

Link: Honkala and Other Interviews

2. Destroying Societies and Governments through Color Revolutions Including Russia

We will coup whoever we want. Deal with it. – Elon Musk

We have a substantial library of evidence on JAR2 and have documented this phenomena for decades with clear evidence showing that the USA and the West have systematically meddled in the internal processes of hundreds of countries yet nothing is ever done.

Figuring the endless global crime spree are Cabal actors everyone already knows with the Clinton Crime Family taking an inglorious lead in the number of atrocities and crimes committed worldwide.

Somewhere along the way, for the most part the world has forgotten that destroying countries, assassinating leaders and installing puppet regimes is illegal. Such violations of sovereignty and International Law used to be carried out in secret by Intelligence Agencies and spies and subversive groups operating in secret in the host countries. However these wanton violations of sovereignty have also now been privatized and are now being carried out by trans-national mega corporations and billionaires such as George Soros and CIA front companies hidden multiple levels deep disguised as Civil Society organizations and other quasi-government bodies all pretending to spread democracy, fight corruption and champion rule-of-law, yet the results that they achieve are exactly the opposite.

The Cabal has completely taken over the US and other Western Governments to ensure themselves endless flows of money and complete impunity to do whatever it is they wish. Recent news that internationally wanted fugitive ex-Nazi Soros whose many organizations includes the Tides Center in the US, is funneling $170 million in taxpayer money to political activist groups in the US should have had the American public up in arms but they are lies to with fake news and psychological operations being run against them by the Cabal and actually believe that somehow and for reasons never explained or made logically coherent it is in fact Russia who is somehow secretly manipulating the internal UIS political processes.

The recent attempt at a Color Revolution in Belarus exposed the usual suspects, files which we published on JAR2 exposed the usual NED and US Embassy fronted operations, the free English courses and the like with one very important revelation which has also been ignored. The “elites” and the Cabal are now openly  and with no attempt at hiding it involved in financial speculations and the division of the spoils of destroyed and failed states and call it IMPAKT Investing, these files are on JAR2.

Paired with the installation of a Nazi regime in Kiev and the all but transparent overthrow of the elected government and democratically elected President Yanukovich, the ongoing attack on Belarus including attempts to convince Belarussians not to speak Russian and the attempt to install a puppet president in the country are a direct attempt to fulfill the words of Adolf Hitler regarding the attempt to conquer Russia and making the Ukrainians and Belarussians believe they were not Russia.

Again we see privatization and racism


Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

3. Systematic Genocide of Refugees Who Fled Their Destroyed Countries

Using their almost complete and total media and information dominance to demonize the innocent victims of their endless wars the Cabal has carried out the systematic cultural and physical genocide of millions. The majority of these people mistakenly flee to the very same countries that have destroyed their homes expecting to find refuge. What they find instead is the final erasure of their roots and their cultures and their own sovereign identities as the hosts continue to rape and pillage their lands for cheap resources.

This is a systematic problem that must be addressed not as a “human rights issue” but as a Crimes Against Humanity issue, which is what it is.    


4. Child and Human, Sex, Slave and Organ Trafficking

Human trafficking is real and a serious problem that is not limited to children or certain nationalities but occurs worldwide among defenseless segments of the populations, the poor, the destitute, the displaced and those who the world has forgotten about or does not even want to know about. In every place where such populations exist and where poverty hopelessness and destitution reign there are those who would profit in any way of the defenseless and vulnerable.   

This is a problem worldwide and one that can be stopped if the moneyed interests who propagate such horror would be brought to justice. Even today this is still a problem in Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine, which the USA turned into the perfect place to buy nice white blue-eyed babies and women and where selling organs is now a standard joke for those who need money. We were one of the first sites to publish much of the Pizzagate material which exposed just a fraction of the horror. The evidence we have found of human trafficking by the elites in mountainous but nothing is done.

Even my own case with CPS who since 1995 could not correct what we believed was a simple clerical error shows that the monsters who profit off human trafficking are above the law like Nancy Pelosi who told me I did not deserve US citizenship because I had become part of Russian society and offered to exchange my two children for a passport and then was banned from using US Air Force planes because she had been trafficking children. This twisted and sick “elite” may even become president.

The evidence of human trafficking being carried out by Satanic Cults, for cannibalism, ritual human sacrifice and even the farming of Adrenochrome must no longer be ignored as “Fake”. As I learned working in the media pedophilia and child sex trafficking are forbidden topics for debate as they are carried out for the most part by the so-called “elites” but this must end. 

These crimes must be investigated and measures taken to stop it. With the prosecution of the butcher of Kosovo Thaci we might believe that perhaps the time has come.

Russia has taken on the problem quite successfully by banning the practice of foreign adoptions which was basically the practice of selling children to moneyed individuals. The rash of dead Russian orphans became such a problem that measures had to be taken. These children opened their hearts and were filled with hope only to be exploited and disposed of in some ditch in America raped, chopped up and forgotten.

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue.

5. Kidnappings, Renditions and Black Sites

After 911 the CIA went insane with their impunity and operate as if they have the right to come after anyone anywhere anytime they please. Bout who was transporting things for the Bush Crime Family and had evidence of 911 connected flights and cargoes and Yaroshenko who was simply set up and in fact never committed any crime whatsoever are perfect examples of this practice. The arrest of Roman Seleznev for political reasons after his father failed to stay in line was one which I covered intensely and uncovered some of the airlines and methods used to rendition people from third countries.

Italy has been the only country to go after the CIA for this in a serious way. However this is  serious problem that has to stop. After the invasion and overthrow of the Ukraine by the USA the CIA immediately built Black Sites in the Ukraine. It was to one of these that I was supposed to be taken.

This practice is a serious violation of international law and must be addressed and those responsible sanctioned and dealt with.


7. Economic Crimes and Financial Manipulation

Most of the War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and international crimes detailed in this documents all have an economic factor as their instigator because that, along with an insatiable hunger for power, is the chief goal and the driving force behind all of the operations of the Cabal.

The IMF and WB are unfortunately part of the problem and along with the Central Banking Pyramid scheme, the Federal Reserve and countless funds and foundations, they are all working to enslave and take over the world. Through loans that can never be paid back and then the grabbing of resources, through loans to governments and then the manipulation of power and through all of the other devious methods of the Banksters in the Cabal, money has become the weaponized tool of global domination, enslavement and genocide.

When you consider that the wealth hoarded by the Rothschild family alone could feed, house and give a job to every person on the planet we have to ask some serious questions regarding ones responsibility to ones fellow humans.   

Another example is the wealth theft that is the USA addiction of sanctions. As the weaponized theft, blackmail and influence tool of the Cabal, sanctions are nothing more than theft and the “legal” seizure of other countries’ and/or individual’s wealth.   

The entire western system is corrupt to the core and now they want to even introduce Crypto Currencies which only exist in computers and which can be deleted, created, moved and hidden at will, robbing  countries of taxes and tariffs that they are legally allowed to charge, and that is not all. Crypto currencies are a Black Operators dream come true, if such a scheme is ever allowed to take place the funding of terrorists, massive thefts and market manipulations will never be prosecutable or even discoverable.

The Cabal has another new get-rich-quick scheme, the unbelievable new practice thought up by the Soros/Rothschild Globalists and nation destroyers, it is called “Impact Investing”, which is basically investing in the destruction of countries in order to obtain a return on the spoils. This is barbaric predatory banking taken to the most cynical extreme. Even the mafia would have never thought up such horror.

The IMF and WB must be placed under decentralized international control and taken away from the Rothschild family, this is necessary for the human race.

One scheme describes how Central Banks through money creation create prosperity and through money withdrawal create crashes for political structural changes like foreign asset grabs or for centralizing power like in the EU, but their schemes are in the hundreds.

The ASTEROIDS[Final]1.pdf

8. Coronavirus AND Climate Change?

The Cabal does not even try to hide their plans anymore, or they have grown so fat and lazy that they are incapable of doing such. Bill Gates, the vaccine genocider of the world and his obsession with viruses and eugenics, should have been brought before a tribunal long, long ago but he killed hundreds of thousands of the poor and weak and defenseless under the pretense of helping them.

Now he wants to chip and track the entire planet for the Cabal and the New World Order using a virus developed at Fort Detrick by another Clinton Cabal lunatic Fauci and then transferred and released in China when the research was deemed too dangerous by the lunatics at DARPA. That is not a theory, that is exactly what the evidence and the facts show.

Finally, you may have noticed that the Cabal are trying to tie the Coronavirus “Pandemic” to Climate Change, a failed trillion dollar scam. The Cabal, with people such as Al Gore at the helm wanted to convince people that Climate Change could be controlled and confused them to think it was the same things as Global Warming. The Cabal wanted you to believe that the only way to save the planet was to trust them and the plan was for every country in the world to give them a trillion dollars. Yes this is true. Look it up online. The reality is that Climate Change has nothing to do with pesky humans. Mother Earth is the only one who can control that.   

There is no statute of limitation on genocide.


9. MONSANTO Food Genocide

SEED THEFT AND STEALING: They have unleashed GMOs into the planet and then had to stockpile healthy samples when they realized these seeds are killing the planet.

GMOs are one of the greatest evils ever thought up by man and must not be confused with the American Indian art of breeding and developing plant strains. GMOs were perhaps at first thought up to produce healthier more robust crops but that fell to the wayside when the Banksters and the Cabal realized that they could then patent their mutations and charge money for the rights to the seeds. American Indians know all about this trick, where Monsanto et al plant their GMO garbage next to a healthy crop and it cross pollinates and then demands are made for payment. The only thing more evil that the Cabal could do is thinking up a way to charge for the oxygen the world breathes.

10. The Real Skynet: A 5G Global Military Surveillance and Control Grid

The real reason for 5G is to allow the US and NATO to install their global military control and surveillance system. It must not be allowed to happen. Ever. Not only do the frequencies involved cause cancer and will wreak havoc on all living things but the power usage and radiation saturation it will entail will also wreak havoc on other technologies.

We already know about the global Windows spy net and nsa.dll and all of the rest and how it is used to collect ALL of our data, 5G is just the next step. It is the tool they need to weaponize the data and come after all of us.

5G is a Trojan Horse

11. Subversion and Influence of International Bodies ICC  UN  WHO

Corruption, influence and now outright blackmail. The Cabal no longer has any interest in appearing law abiding or morally superior. Why should they? They control all of the channels of information. Which explains how the USA, the Zionist entity and Donald Trump can threaten and literally sanction the ICC for doing its job. Well for at least trying to do its job. If the ICC was truly doing its job I would not have to be writing this document.

This outrageous practice must not be allowed to happen. If the USA has become a nuclear Banana Republic, as its actions attest to, then it must be disarmed and isolated from the international community. That is the only solution.


12. Indigenous Rights, Human Rights, Social Justice and the People

Progress was being seen among the indigenous populations and with the Voice of Russia broadcasts it appeared that the Indigenous peoples of the world finally had a voice. The truly grassroots movement that began with a few interviews morphed into Occupy, a 911 truth movement that almost reached a level where intelligence agencies were about to release secret information about 911 and a global peace movement with indigenous rights and recognition never far from the forefront.

The WikiLeaks Operation and global mass-surveillance were so successful in the entrapment, identification, targeting and elimination of all activists on a global scale, that these movements were quickly and brutally suppressed and killed. 

Some of our material on these matters can be found at the links below. However we recommend doing a site search for hundreds of files and documents on the issue. 


13. Sovereign State Rights

The United States of America and Israel are not sovereign countries. They are corporations and bodies that occupy the territory of sovereign lands obtained by genocide.

The violations of sovereignty by the United States and the Zionist entity go far beyond anything the world has ever seen in all of its history, and each and every crime detailed or mentioned in this report is in its own right a violation of sovereignty in one way or another. Therefore through Rule of Law and unwavering respect for the sovereign rights of the sovereign peoples of the countries of the world, we call for an end to the ongoing violations of sovereignty being carried out worldwide by the Cabal. This includes the over 900 US bases world wide, the support of the petro dollar and the Rothschilds’ Central Bank pyramid scheme.

14. Racism and the Colonial Mindset of Racial Superiority

We call for the end of the racism and fascism worldwide being spread by the Cabal through all of their mechanisms, actions and policies. We are all God’s children and children of Mother Earth and must respect each other and honor and celebrate our differences.

15. The Republic of Crimea

The Crimean People held a referendum and practiced that very Sovereign act of self-determination that the West is so fond of using as a pretext for invasion. Crimea rejoined its historical Motherland through a choice of the people and that choice must be recognized at once, no matter how much third parties may not like it. IT was the people’s choice!

16. Palestine

There is not enough space here to properly address the genocide of the Semitic Palestinian people that is going on even as you read this. We call for the Zionist entity to cease and desist ALL actions against the sovereign Palestinian people, return to the 1968 borders and vacate and transfer all buildings (new or existing) and lands outside of the 1968 borders back to the Palestinians from whom they were stolen.

We also demand that Google be sanctioned internationally for attempting to redraw the world’s borders by deleting Palestine and update its maps and stop trying to play geo-politics.

17. Puerto Rico

As a native of Boriken and one of the last sovereigns of that nation I demand that the United States de-occupy Puerto Rico and all agreements between France and the US and other third parties which transferred the territory to the USA be annulled and declared illegal as they did not include the opinion or the wishes of the native peoples.

18. The Moon Hoax and the Attempt to Appropriate Space

The empty Apollo 12 capsule which splashed down and was met first by the USSR proved beyond a doubt to Russia that the USA was never on the moon. This conspiracy must be exposed.


The War on Truth and Journalism: Mass Media and the Internet, the Cabal and the CIA: The Liquidation of the Russian Federation and the Enslavement and Genocide of the Russian People for the New World Order

Russia and the Russian World

In world history there has never been a country which lost its State Broadcaster and was not then physically invaded. - Robles

The liquidation of the Russian Federation was stopped by President Putin 1999   - Robles

1. Navalny - Sovereignty Violation Attempt to Install Puppet President

As the USA/NATO and the Cabal attempted to do in Venezuela, Belarus and many other countries (installing a puppet president who was not even on the ballot), Navalny was exactly that puppet. After losing Gorbachev and Yeltsin the CIA has been fighting a war against Russia for decades meddling into its internal affairs on an ongoing and now almost completely open basis.

Navalny is a trained agent of the CIA and even his codename (Freedom) is known to the public yet Russia is forced to patiently regard him as a real opposition figure. He is not and never was. As I have detailed on JAR2 the Novichok fakery was part of an extraction operation as Navalny had been forbidden from leaving Russia due to multiple felony cases against him that were being investigated and/or are ongoing.

The fact that he is now being used by NATO as a Casus Belli and by the EU and he West as a reason to continue the sanctions robbery and appropriation of Russian assets is a criminal matter that must be looked at by an independent international body.    

The West must stop their baseless and illegal actions against Russia and must be forced to provide inarguable evidence when accusations such as the use of Novichok are claimed. Not only does the West no longer have the credibility after the Iraq test tube lies to make such claims, but they have been proven to be pathological liars and fabricators who create phantom events to fit pre-planned conclusions and actions. With Navalny the US and the EU do not even have enough evidence to walk into a police station and file a report yet we have NATO threatening Russia with military confrontation.

2. Magnitsky - Assassination by MI6 and West to Cover-Up Theft of Billions

The key figure in the Magnitsky case was Browder who had already absconded with over 4 billion dollars from Russia. Magnitsky was a mafia hit carried out and ordered by Western agents. That is what the real facts show, so sanctioning Russia for Magnitsky has no basis in fact and it is Browder and those involved in his financial pyramid and machinations who must be brought to justice.

3. McFaul - Sovereignty Violation, Attempt to Overthrow Government, Targeting Protected Asylee

McFaul’s attempts to start a Color Revolution at Bolotnaya and his ongoing public and documented targetting of myself and my family must be investigated by bodies with the competence and the authority to do so. Destabilizing countries and overthrowing governments is illegal as is covertly persecuting and attempting to destroy an Asylee and his family.

4. Embassies - Violation of Vienna Conventions, Illegal Search and Seizure of Diplomatic Compounds

All Russian Embassies illegally seized by the United States must be returned to Russia at once.

5. Vitaly Churkin and Murdered Diplomats - Outright Political Assassinations

An investigation into the death of Vitaly Churkin and all of the other Russian diplomats who were assassinated in 2017 must take place and if one has already occurred the results must be made known to the Russian Federation and the people of the world.

The work of Vitaly Churkin in particular in exposing the Russia assets stolen by the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States must be continued.

Sanctions against those states responsible and the prosecution of those responsible must be carried out.

6. Ukraine/Belarus – Illegal Overthrowing of a Democratically Elected Governments

7. 5th Column – Subversion of the State in Order to Overthrow the Government for a Foreign Power

Media takeover, Psychological Operations and the Internet. Please see our Russia reports.

8. MH-17/MH-370 Solved

9. Polish Air Crash

10. Anti-Russia False Flag: Skripal and the Integrity Initiative

11. Operation Beluga - Litvinenko

12. Threats of Terrorism Against Russia

13. Hybrid War and Surrounding Russia   

14. The Steele Dossier Fakery Taken Apart



This is a Partial Release of My Insurance File

We will fabricate a criminal case against you. – Yura “Elite” Salogub SBU/FBI New Jersey Asset

We will fabricate a criminal case against you. – Sergey Sayenko Vice-Editor VOR

McFaul tried as to fabricate to criminal cases against me and failed. So they went after my son with Gina Haspel herself laughing it up at his trial.

FBI/CIA Covert Surveillance and Gang Stalking: Human Rights Are Not Only for the Rich

I have been stripped of all of my human rights except for one.

It took almost a year to file and lose a case against the 11 years of inactivity on my previous application for citizenship but the process did reveal many important facts that have prompted me to publish this petition and document. 

After I filed the legal complaint in Russian federal court I have uncovered the evidence of what can only be called “shadow forces” blocking my application for citizenship and thus the normalization of my status and the status of my family and I ask for your help if you are reading this.

This is a formal complaint against the actions of the Central Intelligence Agency and their Black Operations assets and agents operating in Moscow, the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe that have been responsible for stalking my family and I during the last 25 years while I have been in exile and living with asylum here in the Russian Federation. To use the words of one of my hacktivist friends I am the real WikiLeaks and the real Snowden and a real whistleblower with no whistleblower protections and no recognition or protection from the backlash for exposing all of the evil that I have exposed.

I could write a book on the myriad ways I have been attacked and stalked in Russia. And I did, 998 pages. The final narrative and end has already been decided by the “elites” and that is that we are destroyed and that anyone who seeks asylum, especially in Russia, will meet a horrible, sad and tragic end.

As the lead announcer, investigative journalist, editor and person in charge of the Website and social media for the Voice of Russia World Service in English I was right in the heart of the East-West information war and knowingly put myself in the cross-hairs knowing that what I was doing would make me a target. What I did not count on was being abandoned by all of my Russian “colleagues” editors and media outlets with even my own media outlet being liquidated. 

Given that we started with the MI6 list and MI6 Agent Tony Holland and Michael John Smith both came after me and attempted to damage my asylum in Russia, find out who passed me the MI6 lists and get close to me in order to target me and my family, this complaint has to include Military Intelligence 6 and their operatives in Moscow including street teams that attempted home invasions at my domicile and people who came after me when I was employed by BKC-Ih. MI6 will never know who passed me the MI6 lists. Unfortunately Richard Tomlinson was just the fall guy.


The fact that these individuals attempted to directly contact Russian Security and the FSB to damage my asylum, as did Michael McFaul with two false official complaints that I had threatened him because of articles I had written and a statement that his days were numbered in Moscow if he continued behaving the way he was, was a testament to the leak proof nature of the Russian Security Services who I had already been in contact with and knew everything from the very beginning.

The fact that Michael McFaul failed as CIA COS Joseph Moone did, to “get me” required the infiltration into Russia by CIA extraction specialist Snowden. His only known mission was getting Birkenfeld out of Switzerland and is a FUGAZI sent in to infiltrate a situation he had no inkling about and no idea or possible working knowledge of nor of the complexities and the layers involved, which has made him easy to identify.

I have always mastered any task that I have been given and this si the culmination of my work as a truth and an investigative journalist which is the last profession I will hold as from here the levels of power and “success” have been closed off to me. I am not useful to anyone’s “system” and I know that

I would ask that anyone with the resources and the will to assist in filing a lawsuit against the CIA contact me and help in this matter.

Through all of the punitive actions detailed below and covert means I have not been allowed to normalize my status in Russia for 25 years, I have now been denied every human right including the right to see my family and communicate with my family in the USA after they all received national security letter and were raided and now here in Russia.

As I am of direct Spanish descent and a Taino Indian I would ask Spain or any other country which I have defended in my journalistic work and which is independent of the United States for a passport, citizenship in their country and safe passage for me and my family if they can guarantee my protection from the CIA and the continued un-censored existence of I have been engaged in a secret war against the CIA, child traffickers and the 911 perps for most of my adult life. What they have done to us is a conspiracy to murder and destroy a person with asylum who should have been protected.

Asylum is not a popularity contest as the media tries to pretend it is and every single act and word by the media to smear and attack on-line has real world negative and lasting effects. Asylum is a targeted, afraid and marginalized individual being persecuted for truth, exposing the crimes of a state and unjustifiably marked for elimination. Asylum is a victory over a corrupt brutal and unfair government and as the only ex-American with asylum in the Russian Federation and probably the world this has been a very important victory that I have been proud of but my family and I have paid too high a price for exposing crimes of sadistic and truly evil killers and criminals. Unfortunately most people see asylum as a stigmata and a reason to make the person pay a price, not realizing that the person has already paid a price. I have lost everything so many times in my life that I have lost count and if you read the following pages, I think you will understand that my family and I have already “paid” enough.      

My renunciations of the United States and non-recognition of the invaders as the sovereign have come at a price as well and I do not have long to live and that is by design and this may be my last attempt fighting the forces that have already destroyed by family and my life in the Russian Federation and have not allowed me to live in peace, normalize my status or maintain my inalienable Human Rights. Russia must be lauded for providing my family and I with asylum but they have not been able to protect us and if Russia could not there is very little hope that some other country will be able to do.

From the Insurance File - Page 26

The US Government, for its part has continued, as one would expect, their campaign against us. After revoking my passport overseas (an illegal act) and demanding I: a) close this site, b) return to the US and finally c) that I pay approximately $14,000 in "child support" to Woodland County in California for the very children I have raised alone in Russia (this was after calling for a Grand Jury investigation into the ways the local officials were making false child support claims with their own people as beneficiaries in order to obtain hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars from the US Federal Government to enrich themselves. In the case of my children who grew up in Russia, according to their own admissions they were able to obtain approximately $500,000.00 from the US Federal Government. In 1992, when I began investigating and fighting the matter I was beaten almost to death by 5 skin-heads and my house was set on fire. This may not have been related as there was a KKK training camp near where I had bought a home and the "white" people did not like having a mix raced family living amongst them. This was at 2001Red Bank Road in Dover Pennsylvania.

Since the revocation of my passport the US Government has continued a campaign of provocations, manipulation and marginalization and has cemented their own illegality retroactively by passing a law saying it is okay to revoke the passports and the citizenships of Puerto Rican nationals in certain Federal cases. Since I am a Taino Indian and was born in the US occupied territory of Puerto Rico this applies to me. Since my country of birth, Puerto Rico, continues to be occupied by the illegal and imperialist occupiers of the Indian territory now known as the United States, I can never return home.

Unlike with Assange you will never hear anyone saying I have the right to enjoy my asylum or that I have a right to a family or that I have done a lot to expose evil and the crimes of the West because I know 911 was an inside job, because I support Russia and most of all because I am not white. Certain individuals in Russia have shown the world that they can give a passport to anyone who does not even speak Russian does not renounce citizenship and has no connection to Russia whatsoever. However a person with asylum, who follows the law and is a patriot of Russia has to pay a price and can be treated with no respect whatsoever. A big PR stunt is worth a thousand times more than real truth to them.

As a journalist my job is to expose their crimes, they are not supposed to come after me for that!

The FSB, MVD and the Investigative Bodies of the Russian Federation can do nothing to prosecute these individuals as they have done everything very carefully and under the color of law.

You can cross reference all of the events below on my blog: Links:

Chronological Listing of Threats, Attacks, Harassment, Stalking and the Destruction of My Family and My Life by Agents of the CIA and the West

I hereby state that the following facts are 100% true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that all events detailed in this document and in the following points occurred exactly as they are presented below.

Pre JAR2: Secret Freight, A Secret Grand Jury, Russian Studies, the KKK and CPS

1. Growing Up Brainwashed to Try to Be White

Experiments by my own father and Sunrise House and the strange circumstances of my daughter and why my children are in danger and will always be. I had an IQ of 216 and their experiments failed because I saw through every one of them. They kept us on drugs and tried to hypnotize and kept us on chains.


1989 – Vallejo California. Experimental memory erasing drug after my heart stopped 12 times and I died. I was in the hospital for a month with amnesia.  


>>> Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against KLM Transportation Services and KKK

I had been a truck driver with KLM transportation services and after having to file a lawsuit over racial discrimination which I won I lost my job. This was after attending an anti-KKK rally at a KKK march where I saw my boss donning his KKK hood as he prepared to march with the group from York Pennsylvania. 

>>> Communist Watch List

After my wife disappeared and I was left with my 4 month old son to take care of and my two year old daughter I had to change professions and started studying Chinese and Russia. I wanted to be a translator and work at the UN.

My anti-KKK activities and studies put me on a Communist watch list.

>>> Russian Studies – Refused to Agree With Anti-Russian Agenda - Records Sealed

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 019: During my attempt at Soviet Studies which soon became the Department of Slavic languages I had problems with professors because I did not agree with their anti-Russian assessments and in order to advance we had to agree with a Russophobic agenda and position that I did not agree with. Since there were only two Universities in the United States at the time, the University of Pennsylvania and the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California, where it would have been possible to obtain a degree in Russian the students were watched closely by the CIA and of course my views must have put a black mark in my file. I never completed the course and all my records like all my other records were deleted and sealed and I can not access.

>>> FBI Watch List for Reading

I was a voracious reader and my choice of books from the library also put me on an FBI watch list.

HR-2510 - V31BB I was a ham radio operator and one night picked up transmissions of someone who said they were being tortured and killed. I reported it, nothing happened. I also use to listen to the Voice of Russia which helped me learn Russian.

>>>  1995. A letter from CPS appears. Burning my house down

Before my house was burned down I got a letter from CPS in California saying I owed them money for child support. I thought it was some mistake and sent them a copy of my custody order and evidence that the children were with me. This may have started with my ex-mother in law who handled banking and laundered money for CPS and who had had sheriff’s deputies kill her ex-husband Marvin Griffith in jail. Something I also reported but nothing was ever done.

>>> Woodland California, Fighting the Case, STORMONT Labs, Clinton Conference

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 020: I had a small modular home and a small piece of land in Pennsylvania which I had bought very cheap. It turned out because it was near Three Mile Island nuclear power plant and a KKK training base for the Eastern United States. I was forced to run away after being almost beaten to death by 9 skin heads and then having a fire burn half the house down. My children were small and I saved them but it was not worth dying to stay there so I was forced to go back to California where I thought my family would help. The home was simply abandoned. I was active in the community against Neo-Nazis and KKK when they went on marches.

From the Insurance File - I Called a Secret Grand Jury on CPS Woodland. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 021: Given all of these events and the fact that CPS Woodland California was attempting to destroy me so they could get my children and not only that but collecting Federal monies in their names for which I started the process of a secret Grand Jury, I continued studying Russian with the intention of leaving the United States forever. There was one point where I won the case and the court was forced to admit that the children whom I had full custody over lived with me but then they started stealing money again.

From the Insurance File - DARPA and STORMONT LABS: Killing Children. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 022: CPS and the Child trafficking ring are connected to the same laboratory as Agent Tim Osman was visiting I believe to research genetically targetting biological weapons. It is called STORMONT Laboratories in Woodland. It is either because of this or the CPS or the experimentation that they wanted to kill me and I had all of the accidents. The envelope and the fact that I ended up in Russia is why they have not killed me here and why they were planning to kidnap me and throw me in the trunk of a car and take me into Ukraine.

I continued my Russian studies and was writing to friends in Russia. The letters to Russia would always take about 6 months and would always be delivered already opened. I had a word processor and was working on a book. One day on a trip to Oregon (I was still truck driving and pulling triples in Oregon) I had an idea for a “device” and decided to research it and try to make a proto-type. I contacted several companies and organizations that I thought could help and was contacted by the US Department of the Navy who said they were interested in my “device” and could seize it on National Security Grounds. I do not recall ever answering them but this put me on a US Navy Intelligence watch list. This is important because in 2014, Samuel McCulloch, a CIA trained “former” member of US Navy Intelligence working in the Russian Cryptography Division appeared at the VOR as a content editor who destroyed my reputation and took my work off the site.

>>> Secret Grand Jury I Called Against CPS Decided I Was a Threat

The initial complaint was concerning federal welfare fraud as Mary Griffith and her friends at CPS were obtaining federal monies in the names of my children to unknown beneficiaries working at CPS. By the time my children had attained 18 the payouts, which continued all the time they were with me in Russia amounted to approximately half a million dollars. This complaint and the child-trafficking portion were given to a Secret Grand Jury which I convened.

From WikiPedia: John Anthony Robles II is a Taino Indian born in Puerto Rico. In 2007 under false pretenses his US Passport was revoked and he was left stateless in Russia. John worked for the Russian Government and was granted asylum along with his two US born American children. John left the US in 1995 after attempting to expose CPS child trafficking and initiating the formation of a Grand Jury. On the day the Grand Jury was to convene with Robles providing testimony John was detained but not charged and accused of working for the KGB and the Russians. He was forced to leave the US with his children of whom he had full custody and to seek asylum.[10] Robles was a correspondent, newsreader and political commentator for the Voice of Russia and quoted worldwide.

>>> FBI Counter Intelligence Marks Me: Dropping a Letter at Russian Embassy

FBI Counter Intelligence was conducting surveillance on the Russian Embassy in San Francisco and had photographs of me dropping an envelope through the fence. It is one of the things that has kept me alive all these years. Not only did the CIA not know I spoke fluent Spanish and Russian and many other things about me which I won’t go into, but to this day they do not know what was in that envelope and that is most likely why FBI Counter Intelligence and the CIA have hounded me and my family all these years only pausing for a short time after one of their agents was arrested after robbing me and before McFaul showed up. They also know nothing about my “device” and still do not know how I managed to disappear like a ghost with my two children right under their noses.

The Federal Protection Service has made some mistakes. - Clinton

>>> Men in Black Fishing Expedition, they Detain and Release Me

Was it a False Flag Attempt by Federal Protection Service? Why did they stop me? After I was detained and not charge spooks showed up from almost every branch of the US Intel community, CIA, US Marshalls, DEA, ATF, FBI Counter Intelligence and others who stayed in the shadows. Why? Who were these men in black? Why the huge panic and why did they blow up a backpack? After being accused of working with the Russians and for the KGB I agreed to work with them. They believed me and had nothing against me, no evidence to charge me with anything and no crime being committed, so they let me go while holding everything I owned including my tickets passports money and all my documents. It was a fishing expedition and they were so sure they would find something they kept my possessions.

>>> Homes Raided

My family’s homes were raided and they were all given national security letters and I have never been able to speak to them again.

The next day all newspapers detailing the events were pulled off newsstands and a complete media blackout was carried out. I have never found any mention anywhere although my sister said she had obtained a copy and it was on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle as the entire center of San Francisco had been shut down.

>>> Seeking Asylum in Mexico, Belize and Cuba: Due to Blackout and US Lies I Had No Proof

Mexico - The CIA thought the Russians helped me escape the USA. There were two Russian Agents killed in Mexico while I was in a Safe House, I believe this was connected.

From the Insurance File - We attempted to obtain asylum in Belize the CIA, CIA COS Nathan Hibler in writing after being forced to return our passports admitted that the FBI had all of our possessions even though they lies to the officials in Belize and the United Nations. Our case in the United Nations in Belize was C1/96-0301 Robles US OFFICIALLY LIES TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 037: I left the US with my children and we were living in a United Nations Refugee Camp as we sought asylum from the United States in Belize. While we were there our passports were returned thanks to the United Nations. The United Nations is very well aware of what the United States did to me and my family but the United Nations is simply another agency of the US Government. This was explained to me by the workers in the UNHCR Office in Belmopan and further underlined by the staff of UNHCR in Moscow who kicked out all American staff every time I visited. So at the time the Americans had no idea who it was who was obtaining asylum in Russia. This was very important.

>>> Cuba: The CIA from the US Interests Section. No Mention of Spanish in My File

Worked with the Cubans in developing IT infrastructure. Shook Fidel Castro’s hand.   

From the Insurance File - In Havana, Cuba the CIA station chief came out to a Cuban Military installation where I was residing with my children and demanded the return of my US Passport and that I immediately return to the US on a special chartered flight to Texas that was waiting for me. In rapid fire Caribbean Spanish one of the uniformed Cuban officers who were surrounding and protecting me and whom I answered in the same rapid fire perfect Spanish, told me to tell them that they could not find my passport and I told this to the CIA Station Chief in my perfect white North American English. His face turned bright red and he looked like his head would explode and he spit out in a barely controlled rage, "Your file does not say you speak Spanish!" He was forced to leave the Cuban installation with the "US Ambassador" empty handed.

This incident is important because it counters the US Government narrative that they have no problem with me and I am nobody important to them. Unfortunately the US Government knew that I was in Cuba and this was made worse by someone on the Cuba de Aviacion flight who put a Cuban stamp in our US Passports when all travel to Cuba was illegal at the time. Another reason we can not return to the US.

>>> 1996 UN Case Number 652-07C-00511

Our trip to Russia from Latin America was a trip worth making a movie about and we spent most of the trip to Europe in the cockpit of the 747, something I hope my kids will never forget and after several weeks in a UN refugee center in Poland and a failed attempt to seek asylum at the border of Belarus we arrived in Russia.

>>> Introduced to Netanyahu. Why?

I got a job teaching at Renaissance Capital and was introduced to Benjamin Netanyahu and his MOSSAD “guys” as they were introduced to me and then I got a job at BKC-Ih and was in fact one of the founding teachers of what became the biggest English school in Russia and turned out to be a revolving door for MI6 and other Intelligence operatives from the FVEY countries who were operating illegally in Russia. Later these MOSSAD “guys” killed the founding owner of the bank, an American, whose body was found in the Moscow River but I was already gone from there by that time.


>>> Robbed of Passport

In 1998 the CIA finally caught up with me and I was robbed of my passport by two CIA agents from Ukraine. One of the robbers whom I held in a death lock until police arrived attacked me in the police station as he was being interrogated and in self-defense I accidentally shattered his jaw after he punched me in the face.

Fortunately for me and unfortunately for the CIA a clerk at the US Embassy probably made a mistake and quickly issued me a replacement ten year passport within a few minutes and I was able to live on that for ten years. In those days the State Department and the CIA were actually separate entities unlike today when the State Department is just a front for the CIA. I had no criminal or other record and have never been charged with a crime so there was no reason not to give me a passport except for the secret reasons of the CIA and FBI Counter Intelligence.

In 1998 there was an incident at the Anglo-American School where I had been offered a job and witnessed the utterly creepy filming of the children from a “security” room. Needless to say I did not take the job.

>>> Recording of Children Incident at Anglo American School

In March of 1999 45 of my students and I wrote a letter to the President Clinton enraged at his bombing of Yugoslavia and it was faxed to the White House. We never got an answer but I am sure it put me on a Secret Service watch list as some of the students were quite aggressive towards Clinton.

>>> September 10, 2001 Tell My (Not Dead) Ex-Wife I Work at WTC

On September 10, 2001 I made a 2 minute untraceable call to my ex-wife (first ex and mother of my children who I had been told had died) when I told my ex-wife I was working at the World Trade Center in New York.

2003 - ON June 06, 2003 I Opened JAR2

>>> MI6 Appears After Publishing MI6 List and Exposing Steele et al

I had the hope that my family would be able to finally get some news about me. However as it turned out none of my family has ever attempted to contact me except once on September 10, 2001 when I told my ex-wife I was working at the World Trade Center in New York and then in 2007 when I was able to contact my sister after my passport was revoked.

My site had no relation to my teaching job and I never told anyone about it but after publishing the MI6 lists several things happened. MI-6  sent Wayne Rimmer, an MI6 plant from Cambridge University, to try to rid me of my employment at BKC-Ih, but I was too popular with the Russians and my students and he failed to show that I was not competent although he tried with endless observations. In the end native speaker English courses sponsored by Cambridge, the British Council and Us Embassies are tools for Empire and covert revolving doors for Intelligence Operatives.

Within hours of publication a person whom I believed at face value and who is reported to be the last Soviet Spy ever prosecuted and imprisoned in the UK also appeared out of nowhere. Claiming to have been accused of having the KGB codename BORG when he was working for the USSR, Michael John Smith was successful in befriending me and became what I almost thought was my best friend. That is until 2015 when him and his MI6 buddy wrote letters to the Russian Government and the FSB attempting to smear me. I have copies of these letters. It never occurred to me that Smith should have still been in prison when he met me and until he refused to come to Russia I believed his stories and published information about his trial which he said was fabricated to install Stella Rimington as the head of MI-5. His interest in the MI-6 lists and the source were clear but I never did tell him where they came from.    

Along with Smith there was the appearance of another person who claimed to an ex-Soviet Agent codenamed SCOT, one John Symonds and finally one of Stella Remington’s MI-5 Black Operations boys and an MI6 Agent named Tony Holland.

Given the leak of 426 MI-6 Officers names and their appearance on my site in Russia, other than MI-6 internal security, it would have been MI-5 who would have been responsible for investigating and running Counter Intelligence operations against the person or persons who leaked the lists. Smith to whom Remington owed her career, Symonds and Holland, who claimed to have killed dozens of Irishmen, looking back, all fit the Bill of cleaners for MI-5 and 6.

>>> Several attempted home invasions

I credit to Smith and/or GCHQ/MI-6 interception of our conversations after I revealed to Smith my physical location when he claimed to have wanted to send me something. My physical location was also known to BKC-Ih and accessed by Rimmer.

>>> BKC-Ih Crime - Imprisoned With Students TIMELINE

From the Insurance File - BKC-Ih Crime - Imprisoned With Students TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 138 FALSE IMPRISONMENT: August 13 2005 There was a very serious incident involving the false imprisonment of myself and all of my students and there was nothing done about it. This was at the Tverskaya School of BKC-Ih. During the summer of 2008 staff at BKC-Ih at Tverskaya locked me and my class in a classroom causing the students and myself to write a long letter and they made complaints to the police but nothing was done. I reported to the FSB but nothing was done that I was ever told about and I was removed from further teaching at that school.


>>> October 04 2006 Trucker Code 10-4 WikiLeaks to Arresting and identifying my sources

John Young from Cryptome whose site I was running a mirror or aided in the creation of WikiLeaks and registered the original IP, as soon as Assange got going he fell out with everyone and when he pulled in Rothschild/MOSSAD assets and monies and even wanted to get funding from Soros and all of a sudden had thousands of Secret CIA and US files we knew that something was wrong. It was an op and he was the snake oil salesman. Assange first targeted me and my sources when he went to Africa and attempted to get the source of the Yellowcake files I had published. His initial appearance with Young was also suspicious because I had had a good relationship with Young until that point. I suspect that the CIA and FBI Counter Intelligence contacted Young and forbid him from having anything to do with me because from that point on our friendship ended. Where did Assange get the thousands of files? The same place as Snowden, through MOSSAD, the Cabal and the CIA. Maurice Greenberg (House of Rockefeller) through Booz Allen Hamilton secured the NSA files for Snowden’s cover and Rothschild et al did the same for Assange. Which is why Assange and Snowden are millionaires and I am penniless. 

This was the initial falling out between Anonymous and LULZSEC and Assange. We all did it for the LULZ, Assange did for the lucre.

Post Revocation


>>>March 05 2007 Revocation of My Passport, Left Stateless US OFFICIALLY LIES AGAIN

My passport is revoked, handed back to me and I am given a letter that my passport is at the US Embassy. I am told that since I have no support structure and no help in Russia I can apply for a one way return Passport and am later informed by then Senator Pelosi that I can trade my two children for a US Passport.

CIA COS Joseph Moone told me: There was a hit on you on the computer. We are revoking your US Passport. Close your f@cking site. – Joseph Moone CIA Moscow COS upon revocation of passport.  I then tried to fix the problem they stated (child support to CPS Woodland for the children I was raising myself in Russia) but they refused to look at any evidence. The object was securing my return to the USA no matter how they did it. The evidence clearing me was so simple, just a 1+1=2.

Post Asylum Request 2007 – I use my asylum to openly fight for Russia

>>>April 10 2007 CIA Covert Operative Robs Me on My Birthday

CIA Agent from Kazakhstan Vampi They left me alone for a while after that because we were able to locate him and have him arrested.

From the Insurance File - CIA Operative Tuganbaev - Robbery on my Birthday TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 166 Next Agent: On my birthday after having borrowed the money to pay these FMS goons for their “services” I was robbed of $5,000.00 by one Oleg Igorevich Tuganbaev, Kazakhstan Passport #4001480, D.O.B. December 4, 1979. He operates under the name Roma, Sasha and Evlampi among others. This information was passed to ###. He was arrested, but half my money disappeared and I was forced to sign a paper saying I had no grievances with him even though half my money disappeared. Natalia Zaitseva was present and she wrote down the license number which helped get him. He ran an office near the SVR and talked like he was a real “fixer”. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 166:  EVIDENCE PHOTOGRAPHS:

>>> Schwarzenegger Nazi New World Order

>>> May 05 2007 Pelosi tells me to give up my kids as collateral for a passport

Offer to send my children to the USA as collateral for a US Passport  - STORMONT? CPS? The outrageous nature of this statement is beyond belief. Trade children for a passport? 

You chose to be part of Russian Society, therefore you do not deserve US Citizenship – Nancy Pelosi

So anyone who becomes part of Russian society is a criminal and that is a reason for the stripping of US citizenship? By law no but according to Pelosi yes.

From the Insurance File - Offer Your Kids As Collateral: CIA McFaul, Nancy Pelosi, Harriet Ishimoto, CPS Child Trafficking With Immigration Service Involved

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 169: May 05 2007 Nancy Pelosi’s famous offer to give my kids up as collateral. I am not an immigrant I am a native American the only reason Immigration lawyers are involved is because they traffic in immigrants. Such a statement from a high level official to give up your kids as collateral for a passport is unheard of in any civilized world. The ramifications and violations of my human rights being treated as a commodity and not a human being and my children as objects to barter with is more than outrageous it is insane!

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 146 PERSON HUMAN TRAFFICKING CPS NANCY PELOSI: Covering for child trafficking this goes much further than I had originally thought in Woodland California. The stunning quote give up your children as collateral for a passport EVIDENCE EXHIBIT 169: Pelosi



>>> FBI Counter Intelligence Newark NJ Sends Agent to Smear Me

General Kuranov, Anna Kuranova and Yura Salogub

Anna Kuranova and Yura Salogub bought me from BKC-IH for $25,000.00 and were enraged when I demanded my salary and then locked me out of my school and kept all my possessions and material that were in my classroom where I had worked for 13 years. They believed I would keep working there and thus had paid BKC-Ih $25,000.00 for me without telling me. They bought my contracts with BKC-Ih and all rights to me and the school and believed they owned me.

From the Insurance File - Taking my school, spreading rumors and lies, using my own daughter to discredit me! Greatest Hits of the CIA: Pedophile Smear - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 253 Pedophile Smear: Salogub Smear Campaign continues non-stop. Salogub was effective in ruining my reputation with the school and in Malahovka and with the FSB “Office” in Lubertsy. He went around spreading lies about pedophilia and that I was a danger to children. Shortly after the Salogub pedophile smear attempt Julian Assange claimed the FBI wanted to smear him with pedophilia. Lawsuit won after the taking of  my school.


April 2009 Post VOR


From the Insurance File - MI6 Street/Mafia Team Three Home Invasion Attempts T111KK 150 TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 224: 05-25/26/27-2009?? The attempts to terrorize me continued non-stop including right to my home with actual groups of people attempting to break down my door and actually damaging the steel door. I called the police and they said there was nothing they could do unless someone actually got in. There were several attempts at home invasion one of them I wrote about on the blog. There were in fact three. I was awoken on May 26 in the morning by some man demanding I open my door again. He left before I had a chance to call the police. There was also the Churstakov Drug Addicts with Salogub.

>>> Di Stefano Afraid, CIA Listening

MI6, CIA, the City of London and DiStefano - Di Stefano agreed to try to help me and with no payment began collecting evidence to help me. We communicated through an encrypted channel but once we talked by phone when he was in the Green Zone in Iraq. He was very afraid and told me the CIA were listening to everything.

From the Insurance File - Di Stefano Leak - VP Iraq (Reason for arrest) TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 229 REVELATION TORTURE IRAQ VP: 06-11-2009 I published a secret 5-page statement by Taha Yassin Ramadan, former Vice President of Iraq which the source Giovanni di Stefano instructed I source as being from him. I also published 4 other important documents on the same day after they were passed to the FSB first of course. I also exposed a secret so called Terrorist Surveillance Program and the US attempts to get around the FISA Court. Mike Smith outed Giovanni di Stefano. His reputation and career was destroyed and he was put in prison for giving the documents we published. This included the secret interrogation of Saddam Hussein.

>>> MI6/Smith/Holland/Bagdanov/Gorovoy/Klepov

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 230: I was being pressured by Smith to try to contact a Russian named Bagdanov/General Gorovoy/Maxim Nikolaevich Klepov.

>>> Anton Surikov (Cheney, Halliburton, Far West LLC) Had Family in Black Operations who Appeared

CIA/SBU Surikov The appearance of the Surikov family from Zaporozhi.

I married Natalia Surikova with whom I apparently had a daughter. They called me subhuman, Untermensch and hated me when I started exposing the CIA takeover of Ukraine.

These people thought I was undercover and working for the CIA or something and then when they found out I was working for the Russian Government and Security they always went insane.

2010 Post Citizenship Application

April 2010 Filing for Russian Citizenship

>>> My Son and I File for Russian Citizenship

I was labelled as being an atheist when in fact I am an Orthodox Christian and have actually fought for and defended the Orthodox Church. FBI Counter Intelligence and the CIA will do anything to stop me from getting asylum.

>>> June 2010 Chapman and Team Arrested in America FBI Counter Intelligence

Just before the arrest a trip was made to the USA by  ######## whom I believe sold them out.


>>> Death of My Friend, Mentor and Supporter Kiril Watts

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 280 DEATH: January 8, 2011 Kiril Watts died a very unusual death after a trip to Egypt. He was my firmest ally at the VOR and I counted him as a friend. It was said he died of a strange fast spreading cancer. His body was cremated the day of the funeral which was strange, there was no investigation and there was a military salute. He helped me many times with the internal infighting that was insane at the VOR. Especially with the case of one Kartavikh. He had told me that he was going to die at 88.

>>> Di Stefano Arrested

Wikipedia - Di Stefano was arrested in Palma, Majorca in Spain on 14 February 2011 on a European Arrest Warrant issued by the British authorities. According to the City of London Police, the warrant had been issued in January 2011 "on matters relating to fraud, theft and money laundering". The arrest was the outcome of a lengthy investigation by the City of London Police's economic crime directorate.

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 230: Di Stefano is currently in prison. Another important document I published detailed a report to the US Congress with the instructions on the formation of a post-Hussein Government. Di Stefano agreed to help me with my legal fight against the USA and was the source for the Hussein transcripts and other important documents.



>>> January 17, 2012 McFaul Arrives in Moscow

“McFaul called me. He is my friend on Facebook”- Andrey Bistritsky

From the Insurance File - Open Conflict starts immediately! TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 293: On January 17, 2012, McFaul appears in Moscow after the failure of Bayrle and Moone to have me evicted from Russia.

 January 28, 2012 After I write an article detailing the CIA/McFaul  plans for a Color Revolution and the CIA offer of $600 million for a military overthrow of the government, McFaul calls the Chairman Andrey Bistritsky (they are friends) and has my article removed. Then McFaul attempts to have me arrested for “threatening him” by taking words out of context. I had written that if he kept behaving the way he was his days in Moscow would be numbered. He twisted that into a threat saying I said “Your days are numbered.”  MVD top investigators found no evidence of a threat and did nothing. When that failed McFaul and the US Embassy issue an official diplomatic complaint saying I physically threatened him. That went to the Russian Foreign Ministry and again MVD and the complaint was found to be fraudulent and nothing was done to me.

This open attack on a person with asylum and a journalist for fulfilling his journalistic functions is unheard of. McFaul had two articles in which I wrote about his Color Revolution attempts removed from the Voice of Russia. He also openly used Twitter and his lackeys at the Moscow Times to ridicule my work and my person.


MARCH 2012

>>> CIA Stealing My Passwords Baseball Bat Meeting for the CIA and McFaul

I interfere in direct CIA election meddling through VOR channels. They attempted to use Facebook and the Voice of Russia English Service to overthrow President Putin and I tried to stop them. Which led to the next event.  MARCH 02 2012 Baseball Bat Meeting

This attack is important because it had nothing to do with the FSB or MVD or the Russian authorities. I filed an official complaint with the police but nothing was ever done as far as I know, except Krassovsky disappeared. The FSB could have easily obtained the password to my mail ru account which is the one these demons wanted.

Direct Evidence: Baseball Bat Meeting I Am Pulled Off of All Social Media, They Have Access Bistritsky goes crazy over Hugo Chavez post

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 302: 05 BASEBALL BAT MEETING: MARCH 02 2012 After the death of Hugo Chavez and my social media post on Facebook expressing sympathy to those affected by the death of President Hugo Chavez a decision was made to take me off of the social media and a meeting was arranged where members of staff had baseball bats and I was forced and detained in the room by all of the participants who proceeded to force me to give them the passwords to my personal e-mails. They then used them to lock me out of my accounts and to place American flags on my social media. They actually then accessed and manipulated my accounts and stole all of my data as if it was nothing. This is a crime. The flags issue is very, very important as were the 5 constant American flags on the home page.

By pretending they were selling the Voice of America frequency time the 5th column was able to receive money from the CIA. Through all my years at the VOR there was never a single broadcast of VOA material yet I saw contract with the Voice of America.

These scum decided that since I have asylum they could do whatever they wanted to me. My e-mail accounts had no personal information in them except they did have communications between myself and my sources, some of whom were in dangerous situations and later disappeared.

MARCH 04 2012 Putin Election

>>> April 17 2012 US Citizen and Her Team Appear as Editors to Erase My Work

Victoria Alhimova in whose desk drawer I saw an American passport when I went speak to her and which she tried to say was just a travel document, was a US citizen and by her actions a CIA operative placed inside the VOR to control the English Service. When she first met me she was very familiar with all of my work and said she liked it. She then proceeded to have it all deleted from the site and have me banned from writing and conducting interviews. CIA/Polish Intelligence-  Bespalov CIA/SBU Mark Stolyar CIA/USMC Intelligence CIA/US Navy McCulloch 

>>> MAY 06 2012 I interfere in Bolotnaya. Bolotnaya – The Greatest Hits of the CIA      

All of the announcers and most all of the staff of the English Service were at the Bolotnaya Protests and I was on the news I was told to cover the protests to give them maximum credibility and exposure. I noticed that the material I was being given read like an instruction guide as to where to go and what to do. As I was not in charge of Social Media anymore I had no control over Facebook and Twitter.

As I was alone in the studio and fully responsible for all broadcasts and social media and I made the decision to not cover the protests at all and for my entire shift gave out nothing but fluff pieces and positive articles about President Putin’s accomplishments and some MVD reports. One photo in particular which I published had protestors spitting in the face of an OMON officer after a bottle had been thrown at him and him standing calmly and stoically just taking it. Gorbachev and the other returned in the evening, him wearing a t-shirt on which was written “Terrorist Number One is Still Alive” with a clear picture of Putin. This was an announcer for state media one of the CIA plants and a proponent of gay propaganda!

>>> May 25 2012 Pavlova Appears

I try to explain to her what is going on. She apparently knows everything.

>>> September 25 2012 Bishop Andrey Smear and Provocation

CIA/USAID Bishop Andrey Attack.  Just to be clear I never once wrote a word about the Orthodox Church of America or even the ROC. I wrote an article about USAID. The CIA and their puppets were upset and the puppet exposed himself by attacking me and then was expelled and banned from Russia.

Rospotrebnadzor knows exactly how the CIA operates to smear, libel and defame a target as detailed below in the next chapter covering attacks on my family and I.

The targetting by the Russia Orthodox Church of America. According to Bishop Andrey their logic is that treason and selling out is normal

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 318 OPEN ATTEMPT TO DAMAGE ME BY RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF AMERICA: On September 25 2012 I published the article Russia says no to USAID. This was one of my biggest investigations for the ### and for ### about USAID and their total and complete infiltration into Russian Society. Judging from previous work with ### I was the one who made the ### aware that USAID was CIA in the 1990s.

This work exposed the attempted CIA infiltration of the Russian Orthodox Church through the Orthodox Church of America and is still apparently a very hot topic for the CIA assets in the Orthodox Church of America who no doubt lost millions in funding as did their Russian Network. My investigation into USAID I believe uncovered the links and also led to the expulsion of the CIA Officer Fogle who was involved. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 318:



>>>  Srebrenica Massacre Interview (Leading to Genocide Denial Smear)

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 327: January 31, 2013 Voice of Russia publishes my interview with Doctor Edward Herman regarding the first Srebrenica Massacre of Serbs. This is just another example of my journalistic work which caused a large resonance and even today five years later is causing waves. I have been added to a Bosnian Genocide page on Wikipedia in the first position. This just one of my interviews in support of the Serbs that caused a wide resonance and had several highly placed Serbian officials activists and publishers coming to Moscow to meet me which was not appreciated by NATO and the CIA to state the case mildly. I have since been placed on a WikiLeaks page for Bosnian Genocide Denial which of course will be another reason why my family will be targeted abroad as now I not only am a Russian Spy, a threat to Diplomatic personnel but also a Genocide Denier among the long list. Oh and an Arms Trafficker and responsible for the war in Donbass, etc etc..  EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 327 LINKS:


>>> 27 March 2013CIA McFaul Bistritsky Meets Mitrofanov

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 331: I am not sure on the exact date but I was told by Libo and the grapevine that Bistritsky met with Mitrofanov. Why this was done and what was agreed upon only you can find out. This needs investigation. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 331: LINKS:

>>> Dr. Joseph Farrell appears on Social Media comments sometime in April.

Farrell is CIA and a Doctor in Alternative History and registered the Snowden domain.

>>> June 2013 SNOWDEN APPEARS – Passes “Intel” to Russia Smearing me and my family.

CIA/Snowden Exposing the violation of sovereignty and 911 was enough for the Snowden Operation to be initiated by the Obama/Clinton International Crime Family. Farrell registers Snowden domain.

I was on the Sea of Azov getting ready to receive Russian citizenship when Pavlova calls me and asks me to interview Snowden or write about him. I give my suspicions but they are ignored. Everyone is crazy about his files.

I was being pressured to go to the transit zone and interview him. That would have been the end of me and the end of my story and JAR2 and everything.



>>> Romanadovsky Makes Racism Official Policy

From the Insurance File page 833- June 21, 2013 Romanadovsky Makes Racism Official Policy 3. It was Bistritsky who met Mitrofanov and Romanadovsky and they developed the plan to divide the Russian people and demonize non-Russians and the multi-national strength of Russia using the Ukraine crisis and labelling Ukrainians as a preferred racial entity in Russia with the next step being that the Jewish entity is the supreme racial entity in Russia.


>>> Washington Post Equates Me to Oswald

JULY 09 2013 Washington Post attack - Will the winter ever end?

>>> Ukrainian Appears and Kills All Anonymous and Occupy Material

From the Insurance File - CIA McFaul Ukraine MARK STOLYAR APPEARS KILLS ANONYMOUS AND VOR Through UK ProjectsEVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 360: 10 28 2013 First E-Mail from Stolyar NWO. MI6 Toy: Stolyar the Gay UkrainianTIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 220 CIA/SBU ASSET PERSON: Mark Stolyar showed up from Ukraine and started gutting the entire Voice of Russia World Service destroying everything that served Russia! I refused to be a part of this “operation” and fought it tooth and nail from the start to the finish. I knew what they were doing. All of the “site updates” that destroyed the ranking and the traffic evidence and the commentary and which the users hated were designed to show that something was wrong. The only thing that was wrong was the level of English. You can connect them to the CIA through the Pierre Omidyar “Democracy Foundations” in Ukraine and the lawyers.

>>> From the Insurance File - October 29 2013 Psychological Operation Attack on Daughter. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 355:  Daughter beat up and the police did nothing. Among the events to terrorize and destroy me psychologically was this all day running beating of my daughter by her Jewish boyefriend the lawyer who friends with our FMS inspector

>>> One of Dozens of Calls Threatening Me, Attempting to Drive Me to Suicide

Phone call stating that it was from the police and a friend of McFaul and that I was asked to come to the police regarding letters to a 13 year old girl. Such never existed but I almost had a heart attack when I heard this. Reported number and call to the authorities. Nothing ever happened I believe

>>> NATO Material Banned by American Editors

From the Insurance File - November 2013 End of NATO ABM COOPERATION. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 365: The end of Russian NATO ABM cooperation. I believe I helped to expose the real plans of NATO. IF not to the Russian Military then to the world, all of my anti-NATO work was very very important and would have placed me in the cross hairs and have gotten me killed had I been in the West. My chief partner was Rick Rozoff who was also banned from the Voice of Russia by Mark Stolyar and the 5th column for being “boring”.


>>> Told I Will Never Get Russian Citizenship and to Go to Embassy

November 24 2013 A Jeb Nichols writes to me and uses my real name which nobody knows except Russia and the CIA. He tells me to go to US Embassy and ask for forgiveness and to go back to America. This person repeatedly wrote to me that my “citizenship bid was doomed” and whether I felt the steel of my trap.

Post VOR Liquidation Rossiya Sevodnya

>>> Voice of Russia, My Employer is Liquidated

December 9 2013 Liquidation Order of RIA Novosti and reorganization of the Voice of Russia

>>> Official Complaint Letter Written Regarding Treason (I am blamed for it)

 From the Insurance File - December 27, 2013 Snetkov Writes Treason Letter and I Begin Releasing the Wayne Madsen Interviews TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 372: December 27 E-Mail December 27, 2013 with December 12 or 13 letters to the Investigative committee. Прошу возбудить против председателя ФГБУ РГРК «Голос России» Быстрицкого Андрея Георгиевича, против главного редактора редакции всемирного радиовещания на английском языке названной радиостанции Алхимовой Виктории Анатольевны и против заместителя главного редактора названной редакции Столяра Марка Александровича уголовное дело по признакам статьи 275 Уголовного Кодекса Российской Федерации – Государственная измена. 

>>> Wayne Madsen Interview Leads to Son’s Arrest

December 27, 2013 NSA Whistleblower Wayne Madsen Interview Recorded


>>> I Expose NATO Plans in Black Sea Leads to Son’s Arrest

From the Insurance File - NATO’s Ukrainian Target: The Black Sea Fleet TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 375: 000 January 13 I publish work about the plans of NATO for the Black Sea Fleet. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 375: STORY


>>> 911 Planes Located Leading to Son’s Arrest

January 27 2014 911 Planes Location Interview Broadcast (CIA/Mafia Assets) The Boneyard is the clue because that is where the 911 planes were “stashed”. This is also the reason the USA exited the open skies treaty


>>> FIRST ARREST OF SON Publish NATO plans and January 13-14, 2014 My Son Beaten and Drugs Planted on Him by Police  From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 376: 000 January 13-14, 2014 My Son Beaten and Drugs Planted on Him by Police INCIDENT WITH MY SON This is what they did to my son. My son was beaten, humiliated and falsely arrested by police in Lubertsy Russia. When he did not give them the money they wanted they first tried to terrorize him into giving them a bribe as he was broke, they held him for almost three hours while they went and found drugs to plant on his possessions. We obtained video proof he was framed and even then nothing was done.

>>> February 26, 2014 McFaul is expelled from Russia but Continues Attacking Me for Stopping Him

>>> April 08 2014 McFaul Launches a Full Out Attack on My Articles About Ukraine Ridiculing me and the Voice of Russia with his thousands of followers. Rather than defending me the VOR is silent. CIA controlled Moscow Times’ Alexey Kovalev and RIA Novosti staff join McFaul. Rather than defending me RIA Novosti staff at Rossiya Sevodnya fire me.


>>>April 10, 2014 VOA Expelled for Subversion


>>> Staff Also Being Threatened at VOR

>>> Medvedev Fires Bistritsky (This was a good thing)

From the Insurance File - Medvedev Fires Bistritsky TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 405: May 14, 2014 what the real reasons are only you know but to see him orchestrating at the Higher School of Economics

>>> Robert Steele Vivas USMC Intelligence aka CIA OFFICER Robert David Steel Tells Me to Shut Up

From the Insurance File - May 23 2014 CIA OFFICER Robert David Steele Tells Me Shut Up. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 412: CIA Officer US Based: Robert David Steele Vivas May 23, 2014. Robert Steele he told me he founded US Marine Corps Intelligence but he did not tell me he was CIA.

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 412: CIA Officer US Based: Robert David Steele Vivas May 23, 2014. Robert Steele he told me he founded US Marine Corps Intelligence but he did not tell me he was CIA. This only came out in around 2016. During an interview he stated to me that he would run the interview and he would run the narrative and I should just shut up. He told me to shut up so many times during the interview that I understood this was a clear message to stop my journalistic work exposing the CIA and 911 and Ukraine. He told me I needed to shut up.

>>> Kochetkov Communications: No 911 and No One who Questions It

Treason to Russia: We do not need long analysis and interviews about NATO. Sergey Kochetkov – “You are like some agitator on a stump! Your work was REAL journalistic work. We do not need that here.” “You can not write that we are here to serve the President.” “If I don’t like you I can do whatever I want. I will just fire you.” He poisoned me after our second meeting. Trying to make me into the opposition

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 423A: July 10, 2014. John, we do not  support 9/11 conspiracy. And it’s better not to promote those who question 9/11. Its risky for our reputation as a news agency. Кочетков Сергей Михайлович - Первый заместитель Главного редактора Руководство МИА «Россия сегодня». EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 423A: E-MAIL From Kochetkov

>>> July 23, 2014 Military Threat to #####/JAR2 MI Smear to FSB

From the Insurance File - MI6 Ops FSB: MI6 Westward Operation. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 426: 000 Westward: July 23rd Pavel (Paul) Musil, Col. US Army (ret.) Westward e-mailed me saying I was responsible for the War in the Donbass region and for making military or other decisions. This direct attempt to damage and destroy me in Russia and even tie me with US Spy Front Bechtel Corporation and some unknown to me US Military Computer System in St Petersburg, came as a result of all of my reporting on Donbass which was completely true and did not try to hide the nazi fascist nature of the junta that took power in the Ukraine and is killing Russians in the Donbass.

>>> Attempt to Kill Me, Kotchetkov Meeting - Poisoning

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 419 MURDER ATTEMPT 2: August 3 2014 Meeting with Sergey Kochetkov during which I was poisoned and informed that my work was real journalistic work but that they did not want real journalistic work. I was poisoned by a blonde secretary who made me coffee and then coughed up blood and lay on the floor of the apartment for three days, with no help from anyone. I started coughing up blood on my drive home approximately 35-40 minutes after having drunk the coffee.

EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 000: I was lying on the floor for days delirious and in excruciating pain so I did not think to photograph the pools of blood on the floor or my condition. I was too sick to even try to go to the hospital and since I had no “POLIS” due to registration and I did not trust the Lubertsy USAID Doctors I just suffered. “My” Natalia never came. I told her and begged her to help me and told her I was dying and she did nothing. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 419:

>>> Rumors Kisilev Ordered the Hits on Journalists

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 420 MURDER ATTEMPT 2: June 17, 2014 There were rumors told to me by friends and associates who were working inside RIA that Kisilev had advance knowledge of the deaths of Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Valoshin. This involved material that was prepared in advance of their deaths. Dimitry Kiselev was very happy when they dies and completely unaffected by the tragedy as if everything was going according to plan. They were patriots and were attempting to expose the truth about what was happening in Ukraine. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 420:

>>> Attempt to Send Me To Kill Zone

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 421: There was talk of sending me to the war zone even though I could not cross the border. This was right before the murders. Dimitrev had wanted to send me.EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 421:

>>> Two Recorded Road Accident Attempts on Me

August 2014 Two attempts to road accident me in my new vehicle. Caught on video. Posted on blog. Multiple accident attempts one included a German EU vehicle on the way back from Crimea.

Second is on the site and FTP


>>> CIA Officer Erases Me from Russian Media and Has My Work Pulled

 From the Insurance File - September 02 2014 TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 437 CIA Officer McCulloch: September 02, 2014. At the time I still trusted Mike Smith and it was all his work that identified Samuel McCulloch as a CIA Officer with two years of training at McClean Virginia after serving in the US Navy Intelligence Cryptographic Russian division (See device story. Woodland California at top).

He was in no way a journalist or an editor and thus it must be questioned why he was hired by RIA Novosti and brought in by Alhimova. For me the reason is obvious just like the creation of Snowden. The war NARRATIVE.

>>> VOR Liquidator and Mafia Pyramid Head Mitrofanov Leaves Russia

 From the Insurance File - Mitrofanov Leaves Russia TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 439: September 23 2014 Mitrofanov who was the head of the committee for information policy, information technologies and communications.

>>> BND? Ex ### Comes to Visit and then Contacts Kremlin

 From the Insurance File – BND?: German ### Spy Comes to Visit. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 440: NUMBER 000 FREEZING BLACK WATER: September 03, 2014 the German writer from the ######### who wrote about Bespalov came to Moscow to visit me and told me that they were being followed and that they were going to contact the Presidential Administration. She said Bespalov and the rest were all MOSSAD Operatives and MI6.


From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 441: FREEZING BLACK WATER: October 06, 2014 Scott Bennet Interview. I believe NOW that this was another CIA Color Revolution fake whistleblower. He was with US Army Psychological Operations Command which actually runs the site Mirotvorets with the CIA.

>>> Meeting Dmitry Kisilev - Anti-Journalism and Selling Out Russia

If you support President Putin you are in the opposition here. – Dmitry Kisilev “Putin’s Propagandist”

From the Insurance File - I have reason to believe that Kisilev ordered the assassination of the journalists at RGTK for two reasons. Operation Maidan did not need truth and so RIA Novosti would not have competition. It was stated to me by one of the staff that is now in Germany, one of the girls who was a translator, that there was material being translated BEFORE Voloshin and Kornelyuk were killed.

 He took the line of official CIA propaganda and not the American people, he is a complete and total Illuminati Agent lying to President Putin and the Russian Government.

He has no ethics and only interested in advancing himself and his son and I believe they were aware of the order to arrest my son after I filed a lawsuit against them.

QUOTES: We will look forward and not back. (Meaning history is not important) I do not agree with Putin. You support Putin? You are the opposition here! There should only be nine voices in the world giving information. (He believes he should be the only person giving the opinion of the Russian World.) This coincides with his Clinton State Department Award where there were 8 other participants. 

According to McFaul’s Director Kisilev is a boy lover.

Kisilev quotes and media as mind control he does not even speak English nor does he understand it according to his own admissions but he speaks German and heads an international news body?


>>> HOME INVASION Military Threat to ######/JAR2 Mercs  Right Sector Comes to My Home

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 452: SBU RIGHT SECTOR MAIDAN SNIPERS: October 15, 2014 Right Sector Member Showed Up at My Flat I was forced to move out of my previous flat to another secret location due to the fact that the Right Sector and SBU had obtained my address and for some strange reason they still have not turned on the heat there despite the fact that it has been under 10 degrees for weeks.


Post Rossiya Sevodnya Termination and Lawsuit

>>> OCTOBER 2014 October 17th Illegal Termination

I was a staff member and giving me yearly contracts was illegal and my wife had just had a baby. Oleg Dmitrev - “We are all on an SBU Right Sector List. So what!” You were poisoned? Prove it.” You wrote the letter? Yes YOU wrote the letter! Now good bye.” “What are you going to do? Go to the United Nations”

The amazing thing is that then all of my work was simply deleted


>>> November 06, 2014 PayPal blocked my account and someone was trying to triangulate my location using three different phones to attempt to track me. I had moved my physical location.

>>> Murder and Rendition Attempt. November 17 – December 29 2014 Krassovsky/Surikov/Gromov 

After the invasion and overthrow of the Ukraine by the USA the CIA immediately built Black Sites in the Ukraine. It was to one of these that I was supposed to be taken.

From the Insurance File - Leonid Ivanovich Shershev Murdered (GRU Team? Connection to Anton Surikov?) DEATH OF AN EMPLOYER OR SUPPORTER – CIA/FSB CONNECTED Grigory KRASSOVSKY TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 319 DEAD SUPPORTER: 12-14-2014 “The Heart Attack Murder” of Leonid Ivanovich Shershev the President of the Russian Fund. Judging from the activities of Krassovsky this was not an accidental death as he then took over the fund I believe, he was complaining about a lack of money and finances for his wife and family even though he had stolen millions. This was also known by Surikov and Gromov and I reported this to the ###. Again nothing was done to Krassovsky nor to the others.

During my work with these individuals they hatched a plot to get me to go to US Embassy territory where I was supposed to be thrown in a trunk and taken to a CIA black site in Ukraine.  I was told warned about it by someone in Security and cut off all ties with these individuals. 


From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 463: 12-28-2014 Natalia Surikova attempts to have me arrested by filing a false police report. I was travelling and then on my way to Crimea at the time. The incredible impunity and the way this family uses the police and the courts and even the FSB is utterly disgusting. The mother went around telling everyone her husband was an FSB General and then everyone is expected to jump and do whatever they say. This happened in the courts, it happened with the landlady and it happened with my son.


>>> Military Threat to Voron – MOSSAD? US Army Attack by Westward Continues

From the Insurance File - US Army Westward Continues TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 467: Westward: January 12 2015 Pavel (Paul) Musil, Col. US Army (ret.) Westward’s answer from the FSB to his letter on December 05 2014. I had almost no contact whatsoever with this individual before he started writing letters to the Russian Government attempting to slander and fabricate lies about me. He attempted to say the War in Donbass was my fault,that I was involved in some sort of Nuclear Weapons trafficking with Bechtel Corporation and God know what else. He also attempted to blackmail me to help him open a bank in Russia for him. I assumed he was crazy but the accusations were extremely serious and carefully planned. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 467 COPY OF FSB LETTER: Pavel (Paul) Musil, Col. US Army (ret.)

>>> Sputnik becomes the Voice of America

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 470: February 03, 2015. After my removal from the RIA-Novosti Sputnik Site Jen Psaki endorses RIA-Sputnik in a public statement, this was a stunning turn of events and proved that the RIA-Sputnik were working in a non-conflicting and thus mutual fashion with the US Government. Sputnik is the Voice of the US Government now.

>>> MI-6 Mike Smith and Tony Holland Attempt to Blackmail Me

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 471: MI6 Operation: February 13, 2015 Michael John Smith, Tony Holland team up on me. They were trying to blackmail me to publish material that they were trying to feed to me. This included material that was literally slander on UK politicians without proof. Involving pedophilia accusations that were not grounded in any facts I was presented. I therefore did not wish to get involved. However there were pedophile related charges filed against Tony Holland and he was in fact arrested on August 20, 2014 for raping a boy. Mike Smith and his complete lack of interest in women was after this revelation very alarming to me. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 471:!msg/

>>> MI6 Pedophile Holland Continues his Attacks

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 474: March 16 I publish threats and ridiculous e-mails from MI6 Officer Tony Holland, Holland asks for assistance from Maxim Nikolaevich Klepov a Gen Gorovoy, meaning they are his MI6 contacts in Russia or he is trying to damage them thinking I would report this. Regardless Holland is a proven and convicted pedophile. The kind of people that MI6 and the UK “establishment” love because they can be controlled and blackmailed to do anything that is required. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 474:

>>> McFaul April 22 2015??? Blachev McFaul Card Anatoly Balchev and His FBI Film Apollo Films

Balchev the Tourist from San Francisco Director – “I used to get boys for Dimitry Kisilev, he is a pederast” “I have friends in all kinds of places” Shows me McFaul’s card.

From the Insurance File - When this person pulled out Michael McFaul’s personal business card after a recording session I knew something was deeply wrong. Why did he record me? Why did he record me for an actor playing an FBI Agent in Russia. What did he really do with the recording? What is Apollo films? Why did he tell me he used to get boys for Dmitry Kisilev who is a pedophile and a Pederast who likes young boys? Is Apollo Films a CIA Front? They have been producing one film since the 90s but he lives on Rublovsky and has studios throughout Moscow. Where is the money from then? Stealing from the Russian Culture Fund? The CIA?

>>> APRIL 23, 2015 Death: Dr. Carl Martin JENSEN

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 485 DEATH (HEART): Shortly after I received the award from Project Censored Dr. Carl Martin JENSEN suffered an untimely death on April 23, 2015. Again heart attack. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 485 COPY OF AWARD:  

>>> Court Farce Threatens to Take Away My Parental Rights Because I Am a Refugee

From the Insurance File - I am given supervised visits as if I am a deviant because I am the wrong race and a refugee. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 486: April 24 2015 Was in the local kangaroo court yesterday.. Everything went as I expected and no matter what I said or presented the proceeding went completely against me. My ex-wife managed to stage a provocation at the end of the proceeding and threw something at me which I deflected and it accidentally hit the judge who threatened to send me to hell. Then some guy attacked me going into the metro attempting to look in my rucksack.


From the Insurance File - - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 512: On June 25, 2015 Natalya A Petukhova <>  Regina R Ponomareva <>; Marina A Erakhova <>; Natalya V Anisimova

>>> Followed Again and Photographed the Number T939XO 190

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 504: On June 28, 2015 And when the day was almost done I was followed by the asshole in the car below to my garage. First he parked about 100 meters from my garage while I was parking my vehicle then when I was leaving on my bike he started to back away in a hurry. I caught up to him on my bike and he refused to roll down the window when I tapped on the glass to ask him what he wanted. Did get his plate number though. He drove away liked a scared rabbit which made things even more suspicious. Number T939XO 190. Security has been informed. Direct US/UK Government Connected Attacks

>>> July 2015 Arrest of my son. Taken 700 Kilometers Away

In Order to Ensure I Had No Help and to Destroy My Reputation as They Had Failed to Put Me in Prison or Get Me They Took My Son. Gina Haspel who was in charge of CIA Black Operations in Moscow was illegally present at my son’s trial and sentencing and I photographed her and the embassy vehicle in front of the court. Endless trips to Mordovia 11 Cars in an FBI tracking grid trying to force me into an accident.

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 496 EVENT THE ARREST OF MY SON: July 07, 2015 During the night my son was arrested, Sergey Churstakov and the network of narcotics traffickers and drug addicts. Three key moments from the trial of John can be seen below but for me the most important were allowing the CIA to sit there and two phrases, we can not investigate the investigators or 40 people will be arrested, said by the judge and all of the evidence is secret so you can not see it, said by the prosecutor. EVIDENCE ENTRY NUMBER 496:.  


>>> ALPHA BANK Blocks My Salary Because I Have Asylum

From the Insurance File - EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 512 E-MAIL FROM ALPHA BANK: TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 503: On July 27, 2015 Alpha Bank Blocks My Salary Due to Lie and then Lies, Lies, Lies Direct and Local Financial Block of JAR2 in Progress by Alpha Bank and other "certain people". After my Bike Show Renunciation of US Citizenship.  


>>> MOSSAD Agent Irina Sorokina – Ridicules My Asylum/Fires

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 523 ENTRY NUMBER: 09-01-2015 Irina Sorokina who appears on a list of MOSSAD Agents did not prolong my contract and ridiculed me for my renunciation of US citizenship at the Bike Show and for having asylum. She specifically told me that I am nobody, I am not Snowden and I am crazy for thinking I have asylum. She did not even read any of my articles and knows nothing about me.

>>> Computer Remotely Destroyed. Pizzagate related attack… JAR2 Running Off Lap Top

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 737: Date: December 27 and 28 29 2016 I wrote about 5th column and the told them not to plan anything against me for the New Year and that Pizzagate would continue. I did not write about the computer attack except on Twitter and then on the blog which I removed. The attack started from IP addresses registered as belonging to the same network segment as the US Embassy in South America where Obama had been that day. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 737:  


>>> CIA Roberts Mocks My Request for Citizenship. HIRED BY RUSSIA TODAY

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 466: CIA Roberts and 5th Column Mock My Citizenship Efforts. January 11, 2015 Meet CIA Asset in Russian Media Who Took Out JAR2 Pierre Omidyar and the Subversion of States: the End is Coming Soon CIA analyst, advisor to Ronald Reagan during the destruction of the Soviet Union and now “propagandist for the 100% Russian Government owned Sputnik/RIA Novosti/Rossiya Sevodnya/RT” Paul Craig Roberts, who now has my job and is laughing all the way to the bank as Russian taxpayers are paying him to subvert Russia, says the terrorist attack in France was a false flag and now he is supposedly a heroic whistleblower who is out of the loop exposing government crimes. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 466:

>>> US Air Force Intelligence Colonel Threatens ME on Twitter

From the Insurance File - November 24, 2016 Military Threat to Voron/JAR2 USAF HUMIT USAF Threatens me TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 721: Date:  



>>> Lubertsy Mafia Steal My Car and Legalize It February 06 2017


>>> Vitaly Churkin Killed - Heart Attack Assassination (I found evidence linking Farrell)

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 748: February 20, 2017 This was done by the ASTEROIDS and CIA due to a report that Vitaly Churkin was writing claiming more that 80% of the US Federal Reserve belonged to the Russian Federation. Joseph Farrell’s involvement to my mind proves CIA involvement.

>>> Alpha Bank Continues Trying to Locate Me and My Physical Location for the CIA

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 756: April 06 2017 e mail alpha Bank continues to try to force American authority over Russia with their US Corporate document EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 755: CAR STOLEN

>>> TV/Media Op Against My Son: They Will Cynically Trade Us

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 766: EXHIBIT 054 August 2 2017 Television/Video Report about John where the running narrative is the idea that we should be traded for Bout and Yaroshenko. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 766: TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 000: EXHIBIT 054

 >>> CIA/SBU Mirotvorets  Military Threat to Voron/JAR2 Mercs

From the Insurance File - Mirotvorets/SBU/CIA Response. TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 780: Date: October 06, 2017 I finally forced MIROTOVRETS to respond and admit I am in their database.TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 779: Date: October 22, 2017

>>> Multiple Death Threats on Twitter - November 2017 Historic Indian Nations Letter

From the Insurance File - Historic Indian Nation Letter TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 779: Date: October 22, 2017 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 779: Type:

I believed and many elders also believed because of my work on the VOR that Russia supported the Indigenous Tribes of North America but this has proven not to be true. The USSR and Joseph Stalin supported us, unfortunately Russia does not.


>>> Censored out of Twitter and Facebook

From the Insurance File - Too Many Attacks I Can Not Keep UpTIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 776: Date: September 30, 2017 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 776: Screen and Account: Demonized  and marginalized into oblivion labelled crazy, incompetent etc etc etc

>>> Military Threat: Mirotvorets/SBU/CIA Response

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 780: Date: October 06, 2017 I finally forced MIROTOVRETS to respond and admit I am in their database.TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 385 OPERATION MIROTVORETS: Given the KEY fact that we learned that the site Mirotvorets is in fact run by the Ukrainian Army Psychological Operations Division which in turn is controlled by the CIA we have come to the conclusion that they facilitate CIA targeting and in fact prove that we have been targeted directly by the CIA through Mirotvorets. This also supports the thesis that the fact that most of the attackers on me and my family were Ukrainian actually points to involvement by the CIA as the SBU is their proxy in Russia.

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 386: EXHIBIT 054 MIROTOVRETS EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 780: Screen and Account: TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 000: EXHIBIT 054 MIROTVORETS RESPONSE Beregrini and Others Identify Mirotvorets as a Military Psychological Operations Front TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 784: Date: November 26, 2017 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 784: Screen and Account:  

>>> CIA QANON Created to Befuddle the Truth Movement Through Non-Linear Warfare

CIA: The Q Anon Operation Starts for Trump From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 785: October 28, 2017 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 785:


>>> Serbia Related Attacks - Bosnian Genocide denial demonization

>>> Beaten After Going Out of House After a Year - Illuminati Eye Warning

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 791 NEW YEARS BEATEN: December 31 2017. Having lived in hiding and not going out for the entire year I decided to go into the town and meet the New Year with the people from Pushino. It was a very strange incident in which I was invited to join a crowd of people and they gave me vodka and then the next thing I know I woke up with a damaged Illuminati injury and no memory of how I had gotten there and no police report and no medical report. I was woken and told to go home. I was not robbed or seriously beaten except for the Illuminati eye. I mention this because I had been researching the Illuminati for over a year and published my findings on-line on JAR2.  TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 791:


>>>  It Will End Badly for Me! “Jeff” Tells me not to write about WWII

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 795: Date: January 06, 2018. This is almost to the point of being unbelievable that some American tells me to shut up about World War II and not to ever mention the Red Cross holocaust results, if I do it will end badly for me. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 795: Type:

>>> CIA Paul Craig Roberts and 5th Column Mock My Citizenship Efforts

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 798: Date: January 30, 2018 I answer EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 798: Type:

>>> Marked for Assassination - CIA/USMIL/QANON Publicly Literally Puts Me in a [KILLBOX]

 [KILLBOX]I Release My Book on Ukraine and QANON Instructs Snowden and Puts Me In [Killbox] TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 800 DEATH (HEART): February 10, QANON Puts me in a KILLBOX [] after a post regarding suicide and three kill boxes. There were three attempts to send me suicide messages before that under the Twitter Operation. Sept 9th 2017 was the most obvious. By controlling my finances they are able to control me state. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 800:  

>>> Instructions to Assassinate Me - QANON: Clinton/ASTEROIDS/Plane Assassination

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 801: February 11, 2018 Christopher Steele and Orbits Business Intelligence and dossier related to outing which I did in 1999. How could they operate in secret if I outed Christopher Steele in 1999? We know the CIA was involved because QANON is a CIA Operation and was heavily involved in the information operations afterwards. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 801:

>>> JAR2 DOXES CIA, TRUMP FIRES BRENNAN – We are some “unknown blog”???  

On March 13, 2018 we published a DOX of CIA, DHS, NSA and employees from other US Government Agencies and 5 hours later CIA Director Brennan was fired, my Twitter account was suspended and Gina Haspel was brought in to take over after she returned from her Black Operations stint in Russia and the Ukraine. Not long after, mistakenly believing that agent lists of Russian Intelligence were also floating around Russia like the lists I continued to publish of Western Intelligence Agencies, USMC Intelligence founder and CIA Officer Robert Steele Vivas (whom I had a serious confrontation with during an interview for the Voice of Russia after he was recommended by MI6 Tool Michael John Smith) sent Paul Whelan to try to obtain a list of officers with one of the Russian Intelligence Agencies. Given my role in obtaining and publishing CIA and MI6 Officer lists and the official US Intelligence Assessment denigrating my abilities and underestimating the security of the Russian Intelligence bodies, Steele and Whelan believed they could just waltz into Moscow with a load of cash and buy whatever it is they wanted. In their self-aggrandizing Anglo-Saxon “we are exceptional and superior” mindset they failed miserably in their mission and exposed the CIA Front Whelan was working for as well as their entire infrastructure.  

From the Insurance File - We DOX THE CIA and there is a Director Change Within 5 Hours: Bloody Gina Haspel Brought InTIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 808: Date: March 13, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 808: Screen and Account:   


>>> Trying to Make Me a Russian Hacker by Joining (US Based) Russian Hacker Group

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 812: March 22, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 812:

>>> The Internet Cable Was Cut To Region (Nothing Special?!)

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 814: March 27, 2018 I tell my friends who are worried that I am safe and off the grid. They cut the entire region.EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 814:

>>> Snow Den Creator Farrell Following Me Again

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 818: April 03, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 818:   


>>> MI6 Publisher Nick Hudson Had My Insurance File

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 819 DEATH: April 04, 2018 Agent Smith writes to me about the death of Nick Hudson another person who had my insurance file. I believe he may have been killed because he would not release the details of my insurance files or even worse because he could NOT release the details as he did not have the methods to decrypt the encrypted files. Nick Hudson and I also discussed publishing my books which were not published and was a good friend when I was near death in Crimea.TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 819 POSSIBLE LEAK:   

>>> ABBY Russia is a CIA Tool: Proof – Wants me to read anti-Chinese Propaganda

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 820: April 04-05, 2018 I am never called anymore and this time the Conglomerate called me to read an anti-China and steel trade provocation. Hence on Russian channels propaganda could start pitting Russia against China. Like I refused the 5th column I refused and doxed these scum.EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 820:   

>>> Robert Steele Proof Published

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 821: April 05, 2018 CIA and Marines Corps Intelligence and “standards”. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 821:   

>>> FIVE Suspensions from Twitter on One Day and Lifetime Ban 

#8 Twitter Suspends @JAR2COM 123,000 Followers


From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 822: Date: April 05, 2018 Before the suspension I noticed that Joseph Farrell was following me and commented on it of course. He is the Snow Den Architect, this is very important as it proves the targetting.EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 822: Screen and Account:  Links:   

>>> #9 Twitter Suspends @JAR2BIZ Followers 16,800

ban 8 2

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 823: Date: April 05, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 823: Screen and Account:   

>>> #10 Twitter Suspends @JAR2RU Followers 192

Ban 9

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 824: Date: April 05, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 824: Screen and Account:   

>>> #11 Twitter Suspends @ANTiSEc_00  Followers 0

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 825: Date: April 05, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 824: Screen and Account:   

>>>  #12 Twitter Suspends @JAR2ANON Follower 1  

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 826: Date: April 05, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 826: Screen and Account:

>>> Twitter Issues Lifetime Ban 

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 828: Date: April 07, 2018 EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 828: Type: 

>>> CIA: Bloody Gina Haspel Follows Me Again 

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 830: Date: April 07, 2018 Says she was not expecting my ban before the tenth which is my birthday. EVIDENCE EXHIBIT NUMBER 830: Type:   

>>> Banned 13 Times and Then for Life from Twitter

April 7 Banned from life from Twitter Twitter until I was banned for life with 123,000 followers and placed on a Ukrainian CIA target site Mirotvorets


>>> INSURANCE FILE FINISHED – Sent to Kremlin and to Security

From the Insurance File - TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 789: Date: December 2017 I start writing this report. It is now June 30 2018 When I went to the Kremlin the person I talked to told me that “the Kremlin does not read books” TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 855: Date: July 03, 2018 END OF TIMELINE and 25 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE RUSSIAN STATE AND THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE

>>> 5 Day US Government DDOS Attack of JAR2

October 12 -16 DDOS Attack from Texas


>>> Multiple MOCKINGBIRD (RUSSIAN) Media Label Me a Bum When I Plea for Help November 4 2018

From the Blog - Russian Media Attacks Calling me a bum. Recently we were forced to reveal our location and then became the subjects of a relentless cowardly and Western-Sympathizing media assault complete with bald-faced slander, hundreds of troll attacks on social media, death threats, a PayPal block and reports filed with the police.



>>> Yandex Does Not Recognize My Document Then Used to Track Me, Target Me and Issue Fake Fines

>>> My Employer “Pushgeni” Terminates Me After Bosses Make USA Trips

The Flowers. Since I am black listed and no one wants to hire someone with asylum from the United States and with Refugee Status it is impossible to find a job. I did find a job as head teacher at a Russian Federal Academy of Sciences Institute called Pushgeni. However after my direct supervisor, whose son lives in the USA made a trip to the USA I was terminated when my registration had to be renewed as it does every year.


>>> Discover Link Between Navka and FBI Counter Intelligence

I have been investigating who ordered the fabricated arrest of my son and my termination from the Russian State media as well as the return of my application for citizenship with no refusal, no reason and no explanation. The person who ordered the arrest was Michael McFaul and the CIA. My evidence shows that it was probably through Mitrofanov and his mafia connections. After I filed a law suit against the government of ignoring my application for citizenship for over ten years it has been determined that my citizenship was also ordered blocked by McFaul through someone with influence on the President’s Commission on Citizenship. This person was either Surkov who had contacts with Americans and McFaul or possible through Navka who has been regularly making million dollar real-estate transactions in the USA and whose lawyer Zlata Dikaya was connected to FBI Counter Intelligence in Newark New Jersey and the Ukrainian émigré population working for FBI Counter Intelligence running operations in Russia. This evidence has been passed to the proper authorities but nothing has been done.    

>>> POST LAWSUIT Case on Citizenship, Reveals Hidden Hand

According to the judge, the UN Lawyer and the lawyers and inspectors from the ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD). The reason for the block is political and was done by someone who had influence to simply wave their hand and block my application from getting to the commission. This is probably a political appointee and not a government employee. This is a person who could just blaock my citizenship application if he did not like the way I look. As Surkov is gone and Putin fired the entire Government in January the judge and the MVD inspectors advised me to re-file for citizenship. On September 23, 2020 I went to the MVD office where I lived to start the process again. That evening my son was re-arrested even though he had served his sentence and won his freedom again on appeal. He is being held for deportation but the US Embassy will not pay for his ticket an the Russian Government won’t and there are no flights. I was told his arrest is a message. The CIA does not want me to receive Russian citizenship because then they will never get me. Unfortunately there are many, many Russians who would gladly help for the money. 

>>> September 23, 2020 Arrest of son again. Connected to Citizenship Application.

All my investigations and the arrest of my son again point to  McFaul, Gorbachev and/or a Kremlin Mole.

Some Quotes from Officials

What are you going to do? Go to the United Nations. – Oleg Dmitrev

There was a hit on you on the computer. We are revoking your US Passport. Close your f@cking site. – Joseph Moone CIA Moscow COS upon revocation of passport

You do not deserve US citizenship because you chose to become part of Russian society. You can send your children to the USA in exchange for a passport. – Nancy Pelosi

Your citizenship bid is doomed. Do you fell the steel of your trap? – CIA Spook in Moscow

It does not say you speak Spanish in your file. – CIA Spook in Cuba

Things will end very tragically for your son. – Kristinn Hrafnsson

I am annoyed by fake conspiracies like 911. – Julian Assange

Journalists need to be shot in the (private parts) – Edward Snowden

We cannot support someone who questions 9-11 – Sergey Kotchetkov

Just give us your school and stop trying to get your pay or we will fabricate a criminal case against you. – Yura Salogub after the local staff found out I had asylum in the school I built for 13 years.

You have to pay 9.000.000 rubles for your citizenship and that of your children. - FMS Inspector Now Retired

Give us the password to your private e-mails or you will not leave this room. – Group of managing staff at Voice of Russia during a meeting with baseball bats. Police report filed and nothing done.

The staff are worried about their US visas so they can not support your employment here. We did not want someone with asylum working for us but the chairman forced us to accept you. - Estelle Winters VOR upon my hiring at the Voice of Russia World Service

Do not get involved in politics it will end badly. Mossad always gets their man. Stop calling about your articles or we will fabricate a criminal case against you! And so what if people are dying in Donbass. Are you ready to die for some Ukrainians? - Sergey Sayenko VOR

You never were an announcer. Prove it! That organization no longer exists. On paper you were not even a writer. Good bye! – Lawyer for Rossiya Sevodnya after I lost the case for illegal termination.

We will look forward not back! There must only be nine voices in the world media “and I will be one.” You support Putin? You are in the opposition here. Twitter is a wonderful thing! I don’t agree with Putin. There must not be a cult of personality in Russia (About Putin) – Dmitry Kiselov RS

You are like some agitator on a stump! – Sergey Kochetkov RS

Your work was REAL journalistic work. We do not need that here. We are all on an SBU Right Sector List. So what! You were poisoned? Prove it. – Oleg Dmitrev RS

They will make your death look like a suicide. - Anonymous

Are you happy now? Good! Because now we will take everything you have! Including your family and even your son! You are sub-human - Natalia Surikova

We have orders that citizenship is not to be given to anyone with refugee status. – Inspector Igor Igorevich Nikitin

We do not need "citizens" like you. – Manager at FMS Lubertsy

We are all on an SBU Right Sector List. So what! You were poisoned? Prove it. You wrote the letter? Yes YOU wrote the letter! Now good bye. What are you going to do? Go to the United Nations. – Oleg Dmitrev

Your son was beaten by police? He was set up? Just forget your son! Don't make noise! It will not help you! You will do what I want or you will be returned to the US on a special flight through the US Embassy. – Sergey V

If you file for citizenship your refugee status will be revoked. I am against you and I said that – Inspector FMS Svetlana

What should I do? I can give you a rope. To hang yourself – FMS Director Roman Donskoy

Killing those who help me

I believe they killed Yury Reshetnikov on the day he hired me not only because he hired me but because he went against the Neo Cons and to make way for Krassovsky and his team of Jews from RIA Novosti.

I believe Kiril Watts, Eugene Nikitenko and Natalia Fyeodorovna were killed because they supported my work and they were against the Jews and the Jewish takeover and the Gay Agenda and the US Agents. I also believe the CIA had a long standing kill order on Kiril Watts.

Michael Ratner killed by WikiLeaks two days after he agreed to help me.

William Blum killed several days after supporting JAR2 and helping me.

Edward Herman killed for truth about Srebrenica and for saying the truth on the VOR to half a billion people worldwide. He was also a friend.

Publisher Nick Hudson killed for helping and supporting JAR2 and being a friend.

Dr. Carl Martin Jensen Project Censored killed several days after awarding me a Project Censored Award for stopping the TPP.

Leonid Shershev, killed several days after I was hired at Independent News.

Yury Reshetnikov – VOR – Killed on the day he hired me.

Karl Watts - VOR

Eugene Nikitenko - VOR

Natalia Feodorova – VOR – Killed on the day I was let go from the RS

Vardan Kushnir – English School

Orlin Grabbe – Exposed Osama Bin Laden as CIA Agent Tom Osman

I demand that the US Government and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America cease and desist in using their agents and levers in the Russian Federation to continue to damage, marginalize, smear and blacklist members of my family and myself and cease from covertly pressuring and forcing the Russian Government into taking punitive measures against my family and I.


Critical Assessment and Real Solutions



Complaint Against the Government of the United States of America and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America and All of their Agents and Partners Worldwide and in the Russian Federation


These are the measures of redress that I will be seeking through the international courts and bodies. 

I demand that the US Government and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America cease and desist in using their agents and levers in the Russian Federation to continue to damage, marginalize, smear and blacklist members of my family and myself and cease from covertly pressuring and forcing the Russian Government into taking punitive measures against my family and I.

First and foremost a cease and desist order against the CIA, the US Government, all US Intelligence Agencies, the Clinton Cabal and Military bodies and the Governments of the FVEY countries and the NATO countries to stop the persecution, targetting and stalking of myself and my family both in the real world, through government pressure and on-line IIA, psychological operations and cyber stalking.  

The sheer number of incidents, the methodology, the timing, the statements by officials and the persistence, number and organized nature of the attacks listed above plus the historical evidence, conflicts and direct incidents show an orchestrated, organized and concerted professional effort to destroy my family and I and drive me to suicide as was suggested multiple times. Remember these are not all of the incidents, my 938 page Insurance file and several other insurance files contain several times more incidents than are listed here. I have lived in very isolated locations since 2015 hence the number has dropped and with the expulsion of almost 1,000 CIA Officers from Russia they almost stopped completely. I will provide any lawyers or investigators ready to assist us with passwords and access to the full insurance files which I believe proves beyond the shadow of a doubt targetting by the CIA, FBI Counter Intelligence, MI6, MOSSAD and their assets and agents in Russia, on-line  and in the media.   

Restitution in the sum of one million dollars for every year my family and I have lived in exile due to the incompetence and egregious actions of the US Government or a total of 25 million dollars.

Restitution in the sum of one million dollars a year to my son for the fabricated arrest ordered by Michael McFaul, or 5 million dollars and his destroyed life due to him also being forced to live as an asylee.

Restitution in the sum of ten million dollars from Michael McFaul for targetting me for my journalistic work and for having asylum in Russia during his time as ambassador and continuing after he was expelled from the Russian Federation.

Restitution for my school, car and property that were illegally taken from me and facilitated by the fact that I have asylum and any other redresses deemed appropriate by the Russian authorities.   

Restitution for all of my property, cars and vehicles taken by the US Government when I was forced to leave.

Restitution from Twitter in the amount of 13 million dollars or one million dollars for every account they deleted, for facilitating gang-stalking, character assassination and cyber-stalking and then for deleting all evidence of the threats and smearing that I was subjected to for years.   

The issuance of an official document that I can live unhindered with, as any “normal” human being, without restrictions and limitations as to where I can live.

Free my son and cease and desist all secret punitive measures on him for MY actions and MY work.

Demands for Co-Signatories

International Demands Against the Crown Corporation and all of its subsidiary corporations including the NATO bloc and the Corporation of the United States

Immediately cease all active, secret, undeclared, proxy, hybrid, cyber and other wars and military operations worldwide, including those being conducted against entire civilian populations on-line and through the media as well as the use of drones and all other remote killing tools, weather warfare, economic warfare, trade warfare and all other kinds of war.

Immediately cease and desist all military grade and other psychological operations, social engineering, censorship, surveillance and meddling into the internal affairs of foreign nations and all other forms of Internet and media manipulation on all populations of the world by the Cabal.

Immediately liquidate, nationalize and decentralize “Big Tech” which has now become a new world power through global monopolization and dangerous and subversive instruments of the Globalist Cabal and the Corporations, Intelligence Agencies and the Western Military Industrial Complex. This includes Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, Yandex and all big tech actors which should be run as public utilities and services and not instruments of manipulation, control, surveillance and war.    

Demand and force the Cabal and the Crown Corporation and all of the Corporations under Crown control and registered in the City of London and operating as countries and nations to abide by all treaties and agreements signed with the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, “The Americas” and all other indigenous and sovereign peoples around the world. This includes payment of all monies owed for the exploitation of Native lands, including all monies owed by the Corporation of Canada and the Corporation of the United States under initial agreements which the invaders never honored. End the concentration camps called the reservations with a reverse inhabitation. End the ongoing genocides of all indigenous peoples. Force the Cabal to pay restitution in gold in a sum equivalent of one trillion Pounds or more.

Immediately cease and desist all attempts by the Cabal to destabilize countries and foment Color Revolutions and overthrow governments and install leaders favorable to the Cabal. In this regard forbid any individual connected to the Rothschild Banking Empire, George Soros and any other foreign body or country from holding public office worldwide.

Force the Cabal to pay restitution in gold in a sum equivalent of one trillion Pounds or more for every country it has destroyed. Force them to pay restitution for stolen resources and to rebuild all destroyed infrastructure free of cost to targeted countries.

Force the Cabal to pay restitution in gold in a sum equivalent of one trillion Pounds or more to every country targeted for regime change where a Color Revolution has occurred, a puppet president installed or a leader deposed or assassinated.

Defund, decentralize, nationalize and liquidate the Rothschilds’ Banking and business empire and end their control of the World’s Central Banks and the daily valuation of Gold and other commodities.

Force the international corporations, the Globalists and the Cabal to answer and pay for their crimes against humanity.

A complete and total stop and ban on all fake stories and accusations about Russia and restitution to the Russian State and the Russian people for attempts to destroy Russian culture, the Russian language and the Russian world, for election meddling and for all operations to subvert the Russian State and destabilize the country by the US Government, the CIA and non-governmental bodies and organizations. Restitution for illegal sanctions and damage already caused in gold, in a sum equivalent of one trillion Pounds.

The immediate closure of all US Military installations worldwide and the nationalization of all weapons and infrastructure currently occupying the over 900 US military bases worldwide and perhaps more importantly end the global expansion of NATO.

Liquidate NATO and end the NATO or any other 3%-5% annual GDP payment scam and restitution to all countries for monies paid above and beyond real expenditures.

End all attempts by the Cabal to terrorize the world regarding Global Warming, which we can not change, and their attempt to obtain one trillion dollars from every country in the world in a fraudulent scam in which they claim the ability to stop Climate Change.

Formulate tribunals and bodies to investigate 911 and the War Crimes and Crimes Against Peace and Humanity of the Cabal, the Crown, the USA and NATO, starting with and including but not limited to the bombing and division of Yugoslavia and all subsequent undeclared illegal wars.

Immediately close and free and rehabilitate all prisoners being held illegally in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and at black sites around the world, including the thousands of people who have knowledge about 911 that the US Government, the UK and Israel continue holding in secret.  

End Israeli expansion and move back to 1968 borders with all buildings and new constructions being turned over to the sovereign Palestinian people. Force the Zionist entity and the Cabal to pay restitution to the Palestinian people in a sum of not less than the equivalent of one trillion Pounds in gold.

End the occupation of Boriken by the USA and nullify the sale of Boriken by France to the Corporation of the United States as the sale did not include the wishes or the participation of the Indigenous and Sovereign people who had resided that country before the arrival of the Europeans.

Force the USA to end its sanctions and pay restitution to all parties and countries for monies and wealth seized under said sanctions, including damages, legal fees and moral compensation.  

Cease and desist all attempts at “population control” through genocide and the real and ongoing attempts by the Cabal to microchip, vaccinate, sterilize, morally destroy and re-program  the world’s population into sub-human slaves.

This is a live document. Suggestions, rephrasing and additions are welcomed and requested as well as the assistance of legal professionals with knowledge of Admiralty Law and the secret laws governing the Corporation States.

Global Solutions for a Just and Multi-Polar World

International Demands

Force international Tribunals on the Crimes of the US Government and the Globalist Cabal

The formation of bodies to investigate 911.

Glorification of America and the West must be forbidden worldwide and treated with the same level of aggression as any appearance of the glorification of Nazism.

Force the USA to allow election observers, carry out transparent voting, stop the billionaire class elections and force democracy by allowing for equal access to third party candidates.

Every lie of the West must be exposed and no more conspiracies of lies must be entered into. These first and foremost must include the US’ real role in the rise of Nazi Germany, the fake moon missions, 911 and the Genocide of Native Americans. The clear apartheid nature of American society and the spread of their white supremacist ideology, beliefs and systems must not be allowed to spread beyond the borders of the USA.

End all trade in dollars and support for the petro dollar.

No one person or corporation should be allowed to hold or control more than one billion dollars.

Central banks must be given back to countries they exist in. End the Rothschild Central Bank pyramid scheme.

Measures and bodies must be formulated to force the United States to comply with international laws and standards outside of its borders as do all countries. All USA based private, public, governmental and other bodies must be banned and evicted in any area where they have been found to be meddling, manipulating governments or populations or profiteering but not limited to the aforementioned.

Inter-governmental relations must be carried out on a level playing field with equal rights, and based on equal interests and mutual respect for sovereignty.

Exploitation of human resources worldwide to cut down on overhead is a practice that must stop and workers in countries not the home country of the corporation must be paid the same as workers in the home country of the corporation. 

Loans and assistance to poorer countries must come from an international body and not directly from a richer country to a poorer one. No country must be allowed to make such loans or assistance unilaterally. This is a lever that has been used for centuries and must be put an end to.

Tribunals to prosecute the endless war crimes of the US, NATO and the Zionist Entity

Sanction against the USA and the seizure of all of their assets worldwide including embassies until the USA has stopped all forms of aggressive war, hybrid war and other aggressions.

Move the United Nations out of New York

Investigate the assassinations of the Russia Diplomats and Vitaly Churkin

End the political pandering to the USA worldwide

Force international inspections of US voting machines and force the US to allow foreign election observers.

Initiate penalties for lies about other countries such as the US does every time they want to invade or bomb a country.

Prevent the USA from starting aggressive wars unilaterally

State Media from striving for ratings and pandering to the West

Purpose and Scope

This is a first draft, the purpose and scope of this document may be edited, expanded or changed.  

This is to be a living document and can and should be updated and expanded as new evidence and revelations come in. It is current to the best of my knowledge as of October 21st 2020.

We are seeking legal professionals, governments and bodies to assist in this lawsuit as it seeks justice for all of mankind.

Contact the author at  


I hope to prevent the elimination of myself and my family and ask for your help and support.

This document is a demand that the US Government and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America cease and desist in using their agents and levers in the Russian Federation to continue to persecute, damage and manipulate my family and cease from pressuring the Russian Government into allowing for the continuing punitive measures against my family and I for having asylum and for the publications on



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