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December 2018

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This is what it is like being a refugee in Russia. The worst morally degenerate scum try to make money off your suffering. I contacted this organziation telling them I had no food and need medical help and the say that they will be glad to help me but the intial consultation will cost me 8 000 rubles. This is an organziation that advertises itself as a charity and a humanitaran organziation which helps refugees and with human rights issues. SCUM!!!! Initial legal consultations in Russia are supposed to be free.

September 01, 2018

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August 2018



August 2018



I do not recommend you clicking on the link below to the source as the site has so much tracking and IP identification exploits and code on its pages. This is why I have published these photos here on JAR2, so you know you will not be tracked or placed on a watch list or some such crap..

August 2018

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July 2018

RoblesTiny American Refugees: Refugee, Asylee or Exile? None of These. HUMANS!

Asylum, Renouncing US Citizenship, Exile, Going Off the Grid WORK HAS BEEN CAREFULLY ARCHIVED HERE:  


The case of John Robles or anyone else is not an exception, he is just another in a long line of individuals, already perhaps numbering in the tens of thousands who have attempted to expose the illegality of the United States and have had to flee that country or been persecuted for their efforts. Snowden’s case is loud, its big and it is not an exception, but the rule for anyone who goes against the U.S. line. There are thousands of other Americans in similar or worse conditions yet you will never hear about them. Welcome to the age of the American refugee.

Under the guidelines that the United States has set forth in defining the requirements that an individual must meet to be considered a refugee or an asylum seeker, and we will get into the differences in those two terms shortly, the country from which the asylum seeker is fleeing or has fled must have, among other criteria; imprisoned or tortured political dissidents or undesirable individuals, committed genocide against a race of people, excluded certain religions or those holding certain views from the political process and fired on or violently repressed protestors.

July 30, 2018

The Limited Hangout Operation Known as WikiLeaks is Finally Over


UPDATE: JULY 30, 2018 22:14 MST GMT +3: P Sends

RoblesTiny Don't Believe the Lies Everything is an Op


POST THREE: CLARIFICATION: They are gatekeepers for the Deep State and Chomsky (CIA) has always been a Zionist snake. I guess I should be more obvious and “concise” in that promoting the group-think (thus ignoring the real grievances that all of the opposing groups have) they are in fact implementing and propagating the thinking and socially acceptable or palatable formula for implementing the One World Government. In short again give up your rights and personal freedoms in order to fight this greater threat WWIII (which they have fabricated) so that we can all be safe and have peace as long as you follow us and let us lead. It is brilliant and it works in every country including here in Russia but it could be beaten if people are aware of what is going on. Coming from the MIIC mouthpieces this is obvious to me but for all who see Chomsky and Donahue as the nice fatherly wise and well-wishing figures they are promoted as, it is not. In short they divide society, do not allow them to unite under anyone not in the system and then promote a fake figure like Assange, who is the media promoted leader and whom the people will trust and listen to. It is all about mass mind control and manipulation and something they have fine-tuned and perfected to such a degree that it is getting harder and harder to spot. Almost to the point where calling it out is impossible. This is why having BBG propaganda and military psychological operations involved in social media and controlling any form of journalism or method of mass-communication is horrendous and should be illegal.

July 21, 2018

RoblesTiny WIKILEAKS SECRET FILE TRANSFER HUB EXPOSED GRU Redeemed: WE EXPOSE ASIS, an ASIS Agtent and Their Collusion with WikiLeaks! STOP BLAMING RUSSIA F@CKTARDS!!!! The DNC Files Were a Leak by Seth Rich, Files Uploaded in "Secret" to Archive Org! BOOM!!



POST ONE: I have never outed a real source but if the "source" is a fake and carrying out a spook operation or part of one then the rules regarding "sources" do not apply. Forensically it has been proven that the DNC E-Mails were hacked and downloaded onto a USB drive with a portable Linux Operating system installed on it. The computer with the files on it was simply switched off and then rebooted from the USB drive which loaded the Linux OS which of course had root access to the drives. Very simple and anyone with even elementary computer knowledge could have done it.

As a former WikiLeaks associate who knows that all of the real hackers and activists and leakers and truthers have been eradicated except one or two, it gives me great pleasure to expose any of the CIA/NSA spook operators running the fake WikiLeaks Ops, and here I will present one of them to you.

If CIA Twitter had not deleted all of my Twitter accounts and banned me for life you would have been able to correlate and analyze the times and release dates of the Podesta E-Mails and you would have found that on numerous occasions I was uploading the Podesta E-Mails onto JAR2 sometimes as much as several hours BEFORE WikiLeaks.

So what do the Podesta E-Mails have to do with the DNC Leak?

July 13, 2018

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June 2018

RoblesTiny SIGNS -Red (Dead) Sparrow Revisited - We Make Our Own Fate, Pull the Trigger


One of my readers asked what the dead sparrow I wrote about below means and although it is rather personal I think it is important given the date and the rarity of sparrows in Russia. Any other date and it would not have got my attention as the event did and had it been another dove or raven it would not have stood out whatsoever. Given the recent QANON Operation and my outing of CIA Operators behind QANON with the Red Sparrow tweets, on a platform no less with connections to MKULTRA Project BLUEBIRD (to force confessions), the sparrow aspect stood out even more (again sparrows are a rarity here probably due to the sever and brutal climate), and to be honest I even pondered for a minute whether it would be possible to program a bird to fly into a window and break its own neck on command, thus given all of the aforementioned, there was definitely something here to think about at least for a few minutes to get the mind off of more pressing issues such as real Red Sparrows and unforgiveable betrayal. One must have something to occupy ones mind and refresh the synapses once in a while wouldn't you agree dear reader?

June 06, 2018

RoblesTiny 15 Years Fighting for Truth and Accountability


Trying to think of something eloquent and deeply meaningful to say about what has been a 15 year running battle against the Cabal. I detest in the greatest giving free PR to Hawkins and his snake oil entrapment operation but everyone on the surface of the Truth Community, if there is really such a thing anymore, still view the WikiLeaks Operation as the ultimate truth outlet, so I am forced to feed their narrative and mention it, please bear with me I will be brief.

June 03, 2018

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May 2018

Ukrainian CIA Controlled SBU is Now Staging False Murders to Blame Russia


Everything the West does now is fake and since Ukraine has sold their country and bent over for the US we can now throw them into that block. They sure are not the East anymore. You can not trust a single thing in the media or on official channels. They have gone totally and completely insane and out of their minds! What is this one? Some attempt by an amateur lunatic who read a couple articles to create a Mandela Effect in which Russia killed a journalist which is not true and never happened? Are they even aware that they are only ensuring their own obliteration? Or are they trying to make a joke out of dead journalists? Laughing about dead Russians are they? Have they truly and completely without a chance for recovery lost their frickin minds? Or is this [art of the Illuminati deal to get their billion dollar EU loan? Everything I mentioned could be true if they were not retards just following the CIA's orders. In reality just another provocation blaming Russia for something they did not do. When will Russia's patience with these assholes finally run out?

May 31, 2018

RoblesTiny JAR2 vs USMIL Op: The JAR2-QANON War on Twitter is Over - WE WON)))

CIA Attacking Journalism, Information Warfare Battle December 2017 Through May 2018


Those who understand will see the brilliance, those who don't won't. Twitter, Q (ANON), Snowden, Lawrence, CIA Psychological, Influence and Media Operations, MKULTRA programming, MOSSAD, Trump and everyone involved OUTED THEMSELVES with one Tweet after monitoring, targeting, stalking and terrorizing me for months))) They should have never put me in the [KILLBOX].

Why did I say we won? Because they do not understand what they are doing.

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April 2018

April 2018 - 3 Non Categorized Published and Then Censored Works for April (Censored Opinion)


Truth as the New Hate Speech, How Indian Are You and Trolling the JAR

May 05, 2018 - I would highly recommend you take the 10-20 minutes, or shorter depending on how fast you read, and check out my latest articles below in which I address the censorship of the censors, controllers and liars, who are desperate to promote and finally install their Fascist Corporate Satanic New World Order Enslavement of Humanity Operation and are seeing all of their plans failing as they come against Russia and nothing they are doing is working. (If you are in a hurry just skip to the FAKERY section below.)

The NWO is Desperate

The latest desperation moves by the New World Order, that are being pushed by the Satanic Illuminati Death and Control Cult, include trying to force all languages except English out of the UN, thus establishing Anglo-Saxon dominance over the world and repackaging their New World Order and Globalism into a falsely presented yet attractive package that they are trying to make the peoples of the world believe in. They of course have to obfuscate and make every effort they can so that their plan of enslavement and mass-genocide is not known, however that cat has long been out of the bag and watching them running around fabricating lies and promoting already exposed misconceptions only makes them look even more foolish and impotent and I must say that I am very pleased that the truth has in fact gotten out there and been planted like a seed and there is nothing they can do to put the Genie back in the bottle.

English as a Tool for Anglo-Saxon Supremacy

Unfortunately I can not write at a level I am satisfied with in Russian or Spanish or French or Italian or German and since I suffered the colonial genocidal programming of the "American" state, have been programmed with the English language as my native tongue, I am forced to write in English and thus in this regard, whether I want to or not, am in fact serving the Anglo-Saxon agenda. However as my audience is international, and English is an international language now, this is still the optimum way to communicate and is fine as long as we remember and keep the language as a tool to facilitate communication and not one to convey imperial thinking or Anglo-Saxon supremacy. This is the main reason I stopped teaching English after 20 years of being a professional Cambridge certified ESL teacher. All of the Western educational material being used to teach English includes subliminal programming to promote and establish mastery of the Anglo-Saxon world.

I will Not Just Shut Up and Go Away

As a staunch critic of globalization and US/Western encroachment and enslavement on the rest of the planet, I can not in good conscience be a part of that system and unfortunately have paid a serious price. Yet to the chagrin of the globalists, whose insistence and erroneous belief of their own superiority and exceptionalism has established that anyone who is not white or Zionist must not be allowed a voice or an audience and must be censored out of existence, I am still here and still writing and still speaking out! They continue to believe that if they attack me and censor me and even blatantly target me specifically and carry out such operations as threatening me with a QANON persona or deleting my Twitter profiles for no reason whatsoever, that I will be silent and just go off and die somewhere. Such as the UK publicly stated to the enitre Russian world recently. That Russia should just shut and go away.

Yet Another in an Endless Stream of Attacks

I am writing about this again because I have been attacked again on a personal level (this time not on social media and not by you Brandie) with the standard package of statements that no one will listen to me, that my writing is not up to grade for whatever reason, that no one will take me seriously, etc., except my readership is up and the real traffic to the site is up and the number of my supporters, judging by the site traffic reports and the number of visitors is growing. The real problem is not even what I say, the real problem is what they can NOT say. The real problem is who I am. No one asks a white man, how white are you? No one asks a Khazari Ashkenazi fake Jew, how Semitic are? Although these are legitimate questions, yet I have to hear my race, citizenship and nationality questioned every single day and this is always the hidden reason I am "just not good enough".

If Don't Dance With the Devil They Will Attack

The globalists will promote and finance and sponsor and glorify anyone whose message they want to hear and anyone who is able to "dance well" with them (as the Russians say). The globalist scum do not care about truth, in fact they are the architects and creators of  lies and falacies, race, morality, ethics or anything else for that matter, are of no real import as they temselves are complete fakes and have no real identity. Unless you are their adversary or are too independent, then all of a sudden they pull out all the catch phrases they have in their bag of tricks. Then they attack your race, education, opinions and in the latest case related to me they have labeled my writing about the fake Skripal attack, the massive censorship and the horrendous illegal military attack on Syria, as hate speech. However the real hate speech demonizing Russia, Palestinians, American Indians and anyone else they have targeted for elimination, they are never concerned about.

Hiding the Lie of World Domination

The globalist scum must make the people of the world swallow their lie. Namely their wish to obtain complete economic and political control over all of the institutions and societal structure of sovereign nations and enslave the populations but in order to do so they must make or force the populations of these nations to submit. In effect and for all intents and purposes they must convince the populations to betray their own countries and peoples. Having lived in Russia for almost 25 years this is visible to me in all of its myriad emanations and as an American Indian has been known to me since childhood.

Only Believe the Fatherly Zionist

Thus the older Zionist white man is the only dictator of truth and opinion, such as Chomsky and Jones, whose real agendas they hide and the rest of the show is filled with fakes and counterfeits. The entire Western media is a fraud and an affront to any half intelligent sentient person not under the influence of mind control, but that is exactly how the Globalists want it. 

The Fakery

I have written about the Globalists hundreds of time and their agenda but there is one area I have never really delved into because it is so obvious and seemingly benign, but now, as time has passed this benign area, seems to have become, if not the embodiment of the evil, then at least an integral and very important part of it, and is in fact a key step in successful mind-control programming, which the Globalists are using and attempting to spread in order to achieve their goals. I am referring to the creation and spread of falsehoods and fakery. Hence watching media figures, even here in Russia, speaking out about FAKE NEWS, which is what they create day in and day out, even simply by omission, as almost all of the Russian outlets do, by ignoring real news like the slaughter of Palestinians, or any number of other issues, such as 911, I am left with the bitter taste of bile in my throat and the almost uncontrollable desire to scream!    

Hiding Their Crimes Against Humanity

The Globalists and all of their associated CIA and MOSSAD controlled think tanks, experts, institutions, foundations and others involved in mass-mind control and the creation of their "New World Order" are faced with the task of making people believe that somehow they (the Globalists) are superior and at the same time covering up their horrendous crimes around the globe and the very fact of their control grid and their infiltration.

First I must make it clear that this is all spreading from Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom with the support of the Saudis and other Globalist Axis powers. All of these countries are in fact illegitimate states, each for their own reason but the USA and Israel for their very foundation of genocide. This is a fact that they will do anything to cover up because it lies at the very root of the fallacy of their legitimacy and the corporations that actually make up the states. Therefore it is necessary for them to create fallacy for the populace and suppress truth wherever it may rise up.  

The CIA War on Truth: They Have Won. Or Have They?

As the CIA has so openly stated, when everything the American people believe is fake, they will have won, and that is exactly what is happening. My concern is not with the American people, just as they have no concern for me, but for the fact that this fake reality is poisoning the world and all of humanity as the Globalists attempt to spread their MKULTRA control grid. One reason why English is important and something that Greenberg and Hawkins have kept you from knowing while pretending to expose mass-surveillance and the Internet control grid. This last fact (along with assisting in the cover up of 911) is why the alarm bells first went off for me regarding the Snow-Den and Wiki-Leaks operations. Here we have these supposedly brilliant whistleblowers who are supposedly programmers, truthers and journalists or whatever they are being presented as, yet they have no idea and no comment on what these surveillance grids are being used for. This is the classic definition of a Limited Hangout (an operation which releases some information in order to hide a greater leak). These two operations were also instrumental in the 911 cover-up and the elimination of all leakers and real whistleblowers, but I have already gotten into that elsewhere.

The Internet as a Mind Control Tool

So returning to the fakery. The Internet could have been used and developed as a tool for peace and understanding and to enlighten and inform the entire planet and all of the richly varied people who inhabit it. I could have been used as a real instrument of peace and to facilitate a deeper and clearer understanding between all of us as people and human beings. However, along with the Western and Zionist controlled global media, the Internet is also being turned into a tool of mass mind control and the spread of fake news and fallacies.

Let's look at some examples and why these are important and in particular how they are connected with what they are doing to the media in the Russian Federation. In the US I am sure readers are aware of the fake Indian political appointee, the uneducated head of the Department of Education, men who pretend to be women everywhere and vice versa, whites who pretend they are blacks, sodomy equated to marriage, Satanism somehow connected to light, evil as a redemption from sin, the European Jews who pretend to be Semites, the rich millionaires who pretend to care for the poor, the reality show president who is an obvious Zionist puppet, a fraud and a war criminal, whistleblowers who work for the FBI, hacktivists who know nothing about hacking and the list goes on and on right down to Americans who are not even Americans but the offspring of Europeans and there the very foundation of the lie of that republic.

Then there are the war crimes and the selling of the stripping of rights as necessary and the creation of an endless fear factor for control and then the waging of endless monstrous illegal wars of aggression and the maintenance of the only illegal torture dungeon in operation on the planet and finally the continued cover up of 911 and the promotion of eve lie under the book to protect the guilty who now control the system.

We know about all this and I have written about it before but why is it important? First it is easy to mind control a populace who minds are filled with lies and endless distractions, second it is easier to make them believe the endless stream of new lies which cover up the crimes of the criminals in power. Hence critical thinking, investigative journalism, alternative-media, whistleblowers, leaking and anything that threatens to expose them are now the new terrorists and a general dumbing down of the populace and destruction of what used to be called "moral fiber" and the building blocks of family and community are also necessary.

If someone believes a white blue-eyed woman is an Indian and a man who chopped off his penis is a woman, then it is very easy to make such a person believe that slavery is freedom and evil is the light.

The Global MOCKINGBIRD Has Been Let Loose

On the global level and with regard to Russia, these attempt to create a fake reality are much more devious, but have proven harder for the New World Order, largely due to the higher educational level of Russians and the language barrier. Personally I have been affected by this as I am the first real US/Western asylee in Russia and a real whistleblower but the media pushes the fakes (Greenberg Hawkins) because were the truth to come out about what has been done to me and my family many many "officials" engaged in everything from fraud to human trafficking as well as horrendous crimes by the CIA and US Government would be exposed, so they gave you the fake Assange and Snowden and convinced Russia to go along in order to protect the "National Security" of the United States which is just the protection of the criminals who have taken power.

Fake Terror, Fake Chemical Attacks, Fake Media for Real Wars and Endless Death

Again back to the FAKERY! We saw recently with the Skripal False Flag, the fake White Helmets revelations, the fake chemical attack in Syria and the real war crimes committed by France, the United Kingdom and the United States for Israel that, the entire Western MSM is nothing but a controlled MOCKINGBIRD propaganda operation. We have seen with Twitter and Facebook and social media that they are the same and operating lock step with the Intelligence Agencies in creating the basis for illegal wars and this time a World War is what they want. So what can we do?

My Advice: Unplug

If you want my advice do what I did, at least to save your own sanity, stop watching television, completely and totally. Delete yourself from social media if you can. I have tried to but it is a necessary evil to communicate with some of my audience, even though I am not allowed to grow. Read books and educate yourself. Do not trust ANYONE the media tells you to trust or believe in and do not believe anything that does not agree with what you already know, which may require you to relearn a lot but is worth it.


In Russia they are trying to re-write history and for four years they have been pounding the public with nazi anti-Russian propaganda and ideas, but they are still failing so there is hope. And with that word hope I will sign off.

If you liked this piece please donate to the site as this is my only income. I will be getting into my serious analytical research in the near future but I hope you found this piece informative and that it gave you a little food for thought.  

The Double-Edged Sword of Censorship - (Not Published and Censored)

Take some idiots (the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and the Hasbara/Globalists) who think they know everything and are of the belief that they are the world’s most clever unstoppable manipulators, give them unlimited funding and all the rope they want to meddle into affairs they actually know nothing about and eventually they will hang themselves.

No tyranny in the history of mankind has ever lasted as long as that of the Illuminati and the Roman Empire which continues today as the City of London and the “New World Order” and which is in fact just the consolidation of the imperial Old World Order, something we are not supposed to know, but even the Luciferian Illuminati’s reign of lies and manipulation must come to an end at some point and that end can and will come sooner than they believe.

With the miraculous advances in technology and communications that have made it possible for me, a journalist living somewhere in a bunker in the North of Russia to write to you today, that make it possible to share everything from videos, to music to voice to almost anything that can be used to record, communicate or convey the human experience and share knowledge of each other to advance human understanding, we as a human race could be living in a golden age of peace, harmony, tranquility and unprecedented prosperity, but this is not the case.

There exist in our reality that is the human condition, barbarians, brutes, parasites and leaches on human kind whose very nature is the antipathy of the true and magnificent creation that is the human being. These powers who have attained unbelievable wealth and power over mankind are insatiable in their greed and lust for even more wealth and power and actually profit of the pain and misery of their fellow man. They gain even more wealth through war and strife and misery than they would if there were peace, therefore they do not allow for understanding and harmony and prosperity for all and continue their insane quest to control the entire human race and then to exterminate 9 billion of us.       

The seek to dominate and rule through force and trickery and manipulation and now through censorship, deleting and eliminating anyone who dares to speak out against them or to expose their evil to the world. They have been so successful in their censorship in the last 5 years that there is no one left to inform the public of the truth in a significant way and in their ignorance of simple human nature they actually believe that they can create a false reality and that people will simple be brainwashed into believing everything they “present” as truth! Yet I can assure you this will not happen, and through their own censorship, they have eliminated the very information that they themselves need to conquer and continue to manipulate the very humanity they seek to control.

The irony had me laughing out loud! These wormlike “geniuses” who think if they eliminate serious journalism and analysis and critical thinking they can then get away with their lies and fakery and mass-murder and horrendous crimes against humanity, as if no one will notice, now find that they have painted themselves into a box that they will never be able to get out of.

There is a reason I am writing this and it fills me with no end of positive emotions when I think about it. I was recently asked to comment on the situation in Donbass and in fact give the serious critical analysis that I was famous for yet which “they” have been censoring off the internet for over 5 years now, and the request was made with the wonderful and honorable intention of helping people understand what is really happening in the Donbass because there is no such information out there! So they censored, killed, intimidated and demonized every journalist, writer and commentator into silence and now they have no idea what is going on and this is clear by the recent statements of Poroshenko the mass murderer and his US/European masters. I have to laugh, and I have to say it is too late.

After finding out the site Mirtovorets is actually Ukrainian Military Psychological Operations and that it is the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD wiping out the Russian media and the critical thinkers, there is no way I am going to do anything that can help them in anyway, this includes giving detailed analysis of groupings or movements in Donbass. They have successfully censored Russian and Donbass patriots off of every platform such as Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else including the Russian mass media and now, lo and behold, they have no information!!

So Twitter, Facebook and all the outlets worldwide and in Russia sucking up CIA money to promote US positions and lies and who claim to be intelligence gathering tools have become worthless due to their own censorship!!!)))) Take Twitter, from which I have been banned for life after 12 suspensions, it is hilarious because as an intelligence, social engineering manipulation tool, it is worthless. The people whose opinions and ideas they need to watch and change and manipulate are people like me, and without “the enemy” they are nothing but a huge echo chamber, repeating their own lies to their own minions and brainwashed masses who already support and believe the endless lies and fabricated truths… By their very censorship they have rendered themselves useless and this is wonderful!

So back to the Donbass and my report; first I have to say that as an investigative journalist exposing illegality and high crimes against humanity, my original goal was to expose the monsters behind such events as 911 and bring them to account, but the system has become so corrupted and those even in the highest seats of power, so completely and totally amoral that there is little to no hope that journalism and exposure will make them change or bring them to justice and as I have seen serious analytical work is now used by them to go after those producing it or to target the real victims of their criminality, in the case the innocent people of the Donbass.

We are in a state of war and it is a war that the NeoCon lunatics like the Kagans brought about. Through their proxies they are slaughtering innocent European Christians who refuse to submit to a NeoCon Nazi junta and the time has long passed for any dialogue or understanding. Given the current state of affairs my report on Donbass is this: NATO and the West will never win, there was a time that there could have been dialogue and understanding and compromise but the West, whose only tool is the hammer of “military force and mass murder” and who only sees every problem as a nail, no longer have any credibility or trust.

The age of US Hegemony is dead. Nobody believes the West anymore, except those trapped in the echo chamber who refuse to get out. By all of the censorship and “Influence Operations” the West has discredited themselves and they have nothing left to sell, except to people perhaps who want to trick them into giving away something for free. Force will never work in Donbass nor with Russia, and now even the threat of a full scale World War is not something Russia needs to worry about as it can literally wipe the USA off the map forever.

The US foreign policy establishment and all of the think tanks and CFR bodies populated with psychotic NeoCons and delusional imperial thinkers falsely convinced of their own supremacy will never win for long anywhere if at all, but that is an internal US problem and one I do not want to help them solve! Any idiot could see that when the CIA and the MIIC were allowed to take over the US foreign policy establishment and raving madmen like Zbignew Brezhinsky and George Soros allowed free reign it would end badly, and thus it is. The same thing about giving Rockefeller’s grandson billions of dollars to develop a global spying tool that will never help them beat their enemies because it is only used by Lucy selfie-love and echo chamber sycophants, such as is Twitter.

So what is happening in Donbass? Poroshenko and his Nazi junta are desperate and losing, the resolve of the people of Donbass has become unbreakable and will never be destroyed now and the gun to the head that was US/NATO military supremacy no longer exists now that Russia, at will, can destroy any target it chooses including the entire United States, so the junta’s threats of a full-scale military operation are ludicrous and will be suicide if they dare to try to carry out such. Russia has made it clear they will not tolerate the genocide of the civilian population of Donbass and any massive move by Kiev will force Russia’s hand and they will be obliterated. Nazis were brought to power in Europe once and Russia wiped them off the map, Russia will do so again.

Due to active military and other operations in the Donbass that is all I can report for now. Peace and pray that the adults finally come home and stop the NeoCons lunatics before even one more person dies.

John Robles

April 28, 2018

In a bunker, somewhere in the North of Russia     

When Nothing is Holy: Demons Will Walk the Earth (Censored as Hate Speech)

Approximately April 15, 2018. One of my final attempts to publish anything in the West.

 Published here:

Sports, the celebration of mind and body and spirit embodied in fair and just competition, carried out on a just and fair playing field with rules that are equal for all, has always been a field of human endeavor that I have always believed is supposed to be kept out of geopolitics and must always be used as an instrument of peace to unify and help us unite as human beings and understand each other better. Unfortunately, however, there are those to whom nothing is holy and who have decided to use sports as yet another tool in a game of geopolitical influence and hegemony that they will stop at nothing to attempt to win.

Another Tool for Full Spectrum Dominance

Why at this juncture when the so-called elites are trying to convince the world that they are ready to start World War III with Russia am I writing about sports? Well this is a sports connected publication and because historically there have always been operations and intrigue behind international sporting events and figures and most importantly because sports are an area which the Globalists have also chosen to manipulate information and imagery and have turned into yet another instrument in their “Full Spectrum Dominance” Intelligence Operation against the Russian Federation.

As this is not a definitive work on the subject international sports manipulation and psychological influence and image operations, neither is it a guidebook on navigating all of the threads and figures involved in the corruption of Wada and the IOC nor is it a report where you will gain intelligence on Russia, I will just have to ask you to listen and if you doubt do your own research on the internal documents that have been released from WADA and the IOC and pay attention who is pulling the strings.

The FBI and other US Government Agents working for the deep state and the Globalists infiltrated the IOC and WADA heading all of the committees, commissions and bodies in order to guide and influence the agenda of the Anglo-Saxon Globalists and the West. This is a fact that was revealed in the leaked Wada and IOC files as were facts concerning the demand for and payment of bribes by Russia which attempted to report and avoid doing so, proving the IOC and WADA are corrupt to the core.

The entire doping scandal was also proven by documents and verifiable facts to have been a complete and total fabrication based on the testimony of a questionable “official”, Rodchenkov, who was actually given an apartment, a new car, untold amounts of lucre and US Citizenship and media fame, in order to bring about the pre-arranged result, namely the exclusion of the top athletes of the Russian Federation from the Olympic games and the ceremonial humiliation of being forced to compete without national symbols as if Russia was some Third World banana Republic. The evidence clearly showed an Intelligence Agency fabricated conspiracy yet the evidence was ignored as was the disgrace and the shame that the West has brought upon itself by all of the said cheating, blackmailing and fabricating of evidence.  

The Complete and Total Failure of the 4th Estate: Now a Propaganda Arm of the CIA and the NWO

As an investigative journalist, critical thinker and a former newscaster, geopolitical specialist, commentator, editor, translator, proofreader and voice of the Voice of Russia World Service in English, I have watched the entire global media slowly become compromised and taken over in a war on truth that has being going in earnest since 911.

Through monopolistic ownership and complete and total control by the CIA, FVEY and Israeli Intelligence Agencies (initially as part of their attempt to cover up the truth of 911 and hide the involvement of Israel and the Globalist Rothschild N.W.O. Cabal which is attempting to take over the world), the Globalists (for lack of a better term for the cabal) have turned the worlds information sphere into a cesspool and bottomless rabbit hole of lies, half-truths and fabrications that fit into their agenda.

Truth has become an abomination and the new evil and this has been made the case because it is the truth and it is the light of fact and honesty that are the biggest threats to the horrendous genocidal enslaving lie that is the New World Order. In order to bring about their insipid Satanic and utterly evil New World Order and achieve the complete and total control of the world, the Globalists need and have planned for World War III for perhaps hundreds of years, and with their control of the media and now the Internet, they are actively doing everything they can to bring WWIII into being.

The reality for journalism, media and the Internet in 2018 is that they are all active instruments of brainwashing and spreading false information to support a pre-planned outcome. This is the antipathy of what real journalism and reporting are.

The responsibility of the journalist and the media is to report the facts and the news and most importantly to serve as the check and balance of power in order to serve the people. Sure that may sound idealistic in 2018 but that is still the true and real principle of journalism. The job of reporting and informing was at one time something that was approached with the seriousness that it deserves and this responsibility was seen as one that is so important that many countries around the world have laws that are supposed to protect journalists and journalism and media outlets and it is one of the very foundations of a healthy and just society and in the broader sense the world that the media be kept honest, open accountable, unbiased, not allowed to be taken under the control of one group or one segment and be free from corruption and the corrupting influences of finances or politics.

In reality, especially for anyone my age who remembers what journalism used to at least pretend to be and for critical thinkers, the Western Hasbara Murdoch Globalist controlled media has become a complete and total joke and a mockery of a aberration of a parody of itself. However I believe that there will come a time very soon when the sheer weight of the lies and the fabrications will cause the entire house of cards to come crashing down on the heads of the creators.

Twitler, WikiFakes, Fakebook, Google Grid, Intracept and Other “Projects”

What I am about to tell you is not something you will want to hear if you are like 90% of the population or you will try to make it coincide with oyr belief system in order to prevent and lessen the Cognitive Dissonance that such knowledge will cause you.

98% of the Internet and all of the sites and all of the news outlets and social media platforms that make up what is a large part of the daily experience of most modern humans in 2018, especially those of youwho happen to be reading this work, are all either psychological operations and mind control projects or are information and disinformation clearing houses for intelligence agencies and moneyed interests to spread lies and attempt to create a reality in your minds that fits in with their agendas.

Big data, big surveillance, mass-control and the big lies have become the weapons of World War III which has been raging for over 4 years now and they are the tools of manipulation of the Globalists.

I have not mentioned television and radio but these are equally important and even more so for mind control purposes and serve the Globalists very well in maintaining their daily brainwashing and control over most of the populations, including the population of Russia and the consumer class. I ask you to read some of my other work on these issues and do your own research.

It is my journalistic responsibility to warn and inform as many people as possible as the fake and insidious nature of WikiLeaks, the Intercept, Snowden, Assange, Facebook, Twitter, QANON and other social media platforms, journalists and media operations that pretend to promote or champion the truth but are in fact Intel Ops. You must also be warned about what was the attempt to remake the news business on the basis of leaked documents, which is important, but which has led to disinformation and the complete ignoring of things that are going on right under your noses.

First I have been releasing leaks on my sites since 1998 and since 2003 on and as someone who actually helped Assange (Hawkins) at the beginning and was a WikiLeaks Associate I can tell you beyond a doubt it is an Intel Disinformation and Entrapment Operation. My litmus test is easy: Does the outlet question 911, Israel, the N.W.O., MOSSAD and the CIA? IS the media outlet shunned and ignored by the Media? Has the owner suffered the effects of going against the system? While Hawkins (Assange) claims the last as does Snowden, if they were really half as “cool” as they pretend to be they would be dead or like myself, in a bunker in hiding somewhere in Russia, shunned by the MSM and suspended 12 times from Twitter. I invite you to visit my site for more on the Snowden and WikiLeaks Operations and have actually written a book on them.

Facebook is the world largest Facial Coordinate Database for the NSA, Twitter is a social engineering and mind control operation which I have collected 4 years of evidence again and will be releasing my findings on Twitter soon and finally Google and Amazon are horrendous CIA controlled and funded data mining and surveillance operations that continue unhampered. Please see my site for more and hopefully I will be writing to you again in the near future. 

Goals of the N.W.O. and the Globalists

The primary goals of the Triumvirate of the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel are promoted and being carried out for a large part through the use of mass media and now the Internet. Among these goals and the false ideas that they are trying to make people believe are: the establishment of US Hegemony worldwide (including by force), white (but in the end “Jewish” Ashkenazim-Khazari racial supremacy), the continued cover up of 911, the idea the elites are above the law, the promotion of sexual perversions which weaken moral, cultural, societal and even mental foundations, the glorification of war and violence and rampant corporate “ideals”, the demonization of any country or people which is too Christian, moral or independent and deemed “not wanted” by the N.W.O., psychological operations to maintain a fear factor to allow for the implementation of draconian rules and laws and the stripping of rights and finally demonization, the creation of false flags and the spreading of lies as a foundation for war and military “intervention”. 

Facilitating War Crimes and False Flags and WWIII

Since the illegal invasion of Yugoslavia and with 911 (after the creation of the Internet which was supposed to be a great awakening for the entire world) we have seen war after war and false flag after flag, started and carried out based on lies, conjecture or the flimsiest of evidence that would not even stand up in a civil court. From the first Srebrenica Massacre of Serbs that you have never heard about to the recent illegal act of Aggressive War on Syria the CIA/NATO and the US MIIC have been on a murderous rampage, and it must be stopped. The US is currently involved in 9 wars with countries that have never attacked or threatened the US and it wants more. Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, the Ukraine and Syrian have all been recipients of US Rothchild MIIC/N.W.O. bombs, and now they want to start WWIII with Russia and begin occupations of Syria and war with North Korea. Again all of these wars have been Aggressive Wars and Aggressive War is a Crime Against Peace which is the worst crime known to mankind.

Why demonize Russia 24/7? The fake hackers, the fake meddling, the fake Skripal poisoning, the fake doping, the fake meddling in the Ukraine when that was a CIA coup using Nazis (see my book)? All designed to start a war with Russia and to kill Russians who have never attacked or threatened the United States and have tolerated endless meddling since the USSR was destroyed by the CIA.  

If the First Casualty of War is Truth then the First Casualty of Truth May Well Be War! Peace Love and let’s say no to the N.W.O.

Some of my research, my books and my leaks can be found on I have paid a huge price for all of my work and have been forced into hiding and had my son arrested in order to shut me up but I have tried to continue waking people up. Hopefully tomorrow I will be releasing information which mudt lead to the freeing of my son, I hope you will spread and help us:  

RoblesTiny There Will Be No World War III: It is All Another Western Psyop - However...


This is not the time for panic but I am certain that certain "countries" will have some serious answering to do very soon and Russia will strike hard but carefully and wipe out those responsible.

Knowing that Paul Craig Roberts is a CIA-Shill and a Crypto-Zionist media whore as are all the rest who are cited and make the rounds of the MSM and now the (Mini-Me MSM Internet Truth Media), all I have to do, and all you have to do as an analyst to find out what the US and NATO are really doing and planning is to pay attention to what THEY want you to believe.

Roberts pretends to be an expert although he has his head to far up his ass and is too indentured to is CIA masters to really understand what is happening with Russia and all of his crap is all about provocation and effect and then reading the tea-leaves of reaction.

April 10 2018 (Forced by Circumstances to Write on My Birthday)

RoblesTiny March 2018: All Posts and News for the Entire Month


March 2018


Useless Agent Turned Crisis Actor in a False Flag Chemical Attack


This case is so ridiculous and patently fake that I was intending to ignore it completely but since the Murdoch media blitz has gone full war hysteria I can not ignore it with good conscience..
I will be short and brief so calling this an article is not really fair! In reality there is nothing really to report if we are interested in the facts. Since my specialty is putting facts together I can say simply this: other than the falling ill of an MI6 spy and his daughter after a meal in a restaurant there is nothing in reality to report. Everything in the Western Murdoch Russophobic press is mere speculation, fabrication and "facts" fitting a pre-imposed narrative with multiple objectives.
There has not been an official public finding, no credible transparent scientific or forensic conclusion has been made and there has been no sharing of the evidence in the case.

March 15, 2018

RoblesTiny A Strategic Shift: Ending the Genocidal Rampage of the US/NATO/CIA Death Machine


The New World Order "Illuminati" are having kittens and panicking as they slowly begin to realize that their reign of terror is over and all of the influence and manipulation they hoped to achieve with attempts at terrorizing and forcing Russia to submit to the will of the trans Atlantic Cabal are now nothing but dust now regulated to the dustbin bin of history.

The presentation by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the new trio of weapons that Russia has developed, has done nothing short of completely changing the strategic balance of the world on the military level and for the West which has been attempting to take over the world by force since 911 and since this is the only level they operate on, this means that the days of the Project for a New American Century world takeover by force are over.

March 02, 2018

Attributing Cyber Incidents to Russia in Action (Making me a Kremlin Troll)


This attempt to try to produce evidence that I am a Kremlin Hacker was stopped and reported on. So another fail for you! Ukrainian idiots again using the Bitrix System to control and manage IP addresses and fake e-mail domains under Yandex. This is a problem for Yandex Security and the Russian Security and police services to solve. Anyway I am not a Kremlin Hacker nor is any such e-mail coming from this domain attributable to me!!! After logging in which I did they gave assignments to download their app and to fill out all of my personal information. Therefore they would have had me legal connected to some account on an unknown server that was named Kremlin Hacker. At first the son of a bitch told me there was a group of people fighting the Ukraine nazis but when I saw that there was no group and the only member was me I knew it was a complete entrapment. No words for these SCUM!

March 22, 2018 

RoblesTiny February 2018: All Posts and News for the Entire Month


February 2018

Q Instructs Snowden to Kill Me After Twitter Battles


February 20, 2018

The NWO and Lustration in Russia to Facilitate the Re-Writing of History and the Subversion and Destruction of the Russian State for the NWO by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Assets


 What happened to me and my family looks bad for Russia and that is why they think I will not talk about it or write about it, but the problem is not Russia, the problem is a 5th column of traitors who are trying to subvert Russia for the New World Order and who are hiding in Russia as Russians and patriots so they are not questioned to destroy Russia from within. They also think that because they have power and money and have already put my son in prison on orders from the US Embassy that I will not talk and that I will be too scared to talk, but unfortunately for them I do not care anymore and I am not afraid, even after being attacked, drugged and beaten on New Year's.

February 18, 2018

RoblesTiny Morals: Answer to Reader, Tolerance Works Both Ways, This is My Opinion

I wrote about the LGBTQPBD sickness. Stunning that my friend William Blum believed the official 9/11 lies and knew nothing about the Finders or the normalization of pedophilia that was going on right around him. 



1. There are only two sexes. For the healthy individual this is so self-evident that it does not need explanation or supporting argument.

2. The sexual function built into human beings is reproduction, a function that can only be carried out and fulfilled between a man and a woman.

3. Normal and acceptable sexual contact occurs between the two complements (man and woman) and anything else is unnatural.

4. Receiving sexual pleasure from other forms of contact is NOT acceptable practice, other than masturbation which has a physiological element and is actually necessary to maintain and keep the reproductive functions of the organism healthy and ready to reproduce.

5. It is widely accepted that the development of a child's sexual identity occurs for the most part before the age of five. Therefore proper care and upbringing of the child until this age is very important and must be carried out under the aegis and with the associated programming of fact number one.

February 15, 2018

RoblesTiny Published My Book: Nuland's Nazis and Destruction of Ukraine


February 11, 2018

RoblesTiny 9/11 and the 5th Column in Russia


The eternal distractions and distractors finally got to me. Watching the Russian elections and world events as the world goes further and further into Orientalism. A huge demonic psychological operation being forced onto the unwitting and purposefully dumbed down population of the Earth. The damned whisper campaign against me and my family and finally the realization that the huge machine is unstoppable because it has destroyed the common sense and free will of the people. We live in a show, and endless lie, forced to accept that one country is illegally taking over the world and committing ongoing genocide, that pedophiles rape and even sacrifice children and go unpunished, that casino bosses and porn stars and actors are somehow leaders and warrant places of power, and it is all being brought to you by the stinking Satanic Self Serving Illuminati New World Order, which is nothing but elite psychopaths with insatiable greed working together to devour each other. That is the problem with being awake. Once you understand that you can see the show they are putting on. They want a world like in the films the hunger games and 1984, where everything is fake and everything is a lie and everything is under their control and nowhere is there truth.

February 08, 2018

RoblesTiny I Will Never Apologize for Supporting President Putin


The western media and the western press have demonized Russia and President Putin to such an unbelievable extent that no matter what anyone says most people do not even listen, which is dangerous and quite tragic! Regardless, if you are reading this then you are probably looking for another point of view and the truth about President Putin and it is for you I am writing.

With regard to this demonization I would like to say from a personal level that I am truly disappointed and in fact degusted by people who I thought were my supporters but since I started more actively showing my support for Putin, they have all turned their backs on me. Like my own brother did, after not speaking to him for 24 years we got into an argument over Putin, whom he called every name in the book and then he blocked me on Facebook. The same thing with a supporter I had in Vermont, who wanted me to write that Putin was responsible for terrorist acts like the US does, when it is actually the CIA running almost all of the terrorists in the world. This was demanded I do without a single shred of evidence, which is how the West operates, they create an opinion and then try to make the evidence fit that false reality. Just like Zionists, tried to create some tie to Palestine when there is none. But it is these worthless moronic stooges and lackeys who control the Western media. Doing exactly what Trump does below.

February 05, 2018

RoblesTiny January 2018: All Posts and News for the Entire Month


January 2018

RoblesTiny Answer to Paul Craig Roberts' Mockery of Putin, Russia and Myself


They are now openly mocking me, mocking Russia and mocking all of humanity now and it is so obvious and childlike and stupid and transparent that everyone should be seeing it but no one is.

They continue to make a mockery of Russia and myself. Paul Roberts was a CIA advisor to Reagan during the organization of the destruction of the USSR. He was also the person who took my position as the chief English language commentator at the Rossia Sevodnya News Agency after they brought in the 5th column, agents from psychological operations and others and destroyed me and my family and then had my son placed in prison to shut me up. This is a horrendous violation of our human rights as I am a journalist and have asylum!!

January 31 2018

RoblesTiny Comments on Global Warming Trillion Dollar Scam


January 30, 2018

RoblesTiny For Aggressive War: Ban the USA from the Olympics Forever


January 26, 2018 

Detailing What I Believe Was An Attempt to Locate Me Using a Cat


Well I defended my honor and told the owner of the cat, an Ashkenazi Jew with probable Israeli (he told me he was offered it and refused) American and German citizenship, who lives and works in Moscow and drives a Porsche Cayenne, what I thought about him and rather than give an honorable answer he simply blocked me from my VK page. That's fine, as I have nothing to hide I just wanted to add here the simple reason I called him a racist as this is a topic that I keep being forced to deal with and I am an ethnic minority of one with no protections whatsoever.

RoblesTiny FANCY BEARS - WADA LEAK 1.0 - 2.0 - The FIL Files


January 10, 2018

RoblesTiny This is Why I Started This Blog and Why I Named it the BLOODY BLOG


I was not invited anywhere and no one called or wished me Happy New Year so I had the choice of staying home alone and going to bed early or going out which I rarely do due to security concerns. The evening started at around 23:00. I only drink once or twice a year and New Year's is one of those times. I did not have much just some cheap hobo beer I call it, it is highly toxic beer mixed with vodka that I believe is only sold in Russia and usually one can will leave one feeling tipsy. So I drank my beer and then decided to go out to watch the fireworks in the town, so I made the hike into the town and found a bench on the square which was filled with people celebrating and drinking. Of course I talked to some people and they took out a bottle of vodka and gave me a full glass and then we started dancing and having a good time. First time I have danced in over two years.
Next thing I know I am waking up in a corridor being told to leave.

January 01, 2018


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