PSYOP: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Psychological Operations Specialist Speaks Out 

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A funny thing happened on the way to the typewriter.  A new report came out exposing torture, corruption, and scandalous abuses of American citizens, all committed by the same entity...the United States federal government.  Of course it wasn't exactly new, but rather another chapter in a seemingly unending yet increasingly infuriating documentary about America's disintegration into a splintered police state.

What was funny about it, or rather sardonically ironic, was the fact that in 2012 I reported these same sordid activities to over a hundred top U.S. leaders in Congress, the Pentagon, the U.S. federal courts, and the Intelligence agencies, as well as the media, and was not only totally ignored, but illegally imprisoned and prevented from communicating with the American public about it.

In other words, I discovered intolerable abuses against Americans, reported it to the leaders and authorities faithfully empowered by them to protect and act on their behalf and in their best interests, and instead these same leaders and authorities did exactly the opposite, acted against the best interests of Americans (for money reasons), and conspired to keep this information away from Americans.  Not surprisingly, this "conspiratorial disinformation campaign" and intentional neglect has resulted in American military service members being killed and maimed and worse.  This was a war crime, and will be examined, and prosecuted, as such.


For some strange--and perhaps unconstitutional--reason, both President Obama's State of the Union Address and the Republican response by Iowa Senator (and Army National Guard Lieutenant Colonel) Joni Ernst, failed to discuss with the American people the single issue which may very soon lead to Americans being murdered in the most disgusting ways imaginable.  

This issue is, of course, the CIA-Mossad-Saudi Arabian collaboration (conspiracy) to imprison, torture, and murder people around the world suspected of being terrorists, or associating with those who match the evolving definition of "terrorists".  With the death of the Saudi Arabian dictator Abdulazziz Abbas this issue must now be released to the public,  in order to halt the illegal international financing of terrorism.  So since the President and the Republican leadership won't tell you, I will, because it will soon affect you and your family.  


In the interests of complete transparency, and without violating any security oaths, I must confess that in my work as a military officer and Booz Allen Hamilton defense contractor, I helped write the theories behind much of the military and State Department psychological operations missions.

Although Congress has chosen to not yet share with the American public the grisly details--most likely out of fear of the public backlash that will be unleashed after it becomes known the full depth of depravity and pain intentionally designed into the interrogations--I will.  I will because nothing less than our own constitutional freedoms and national future are at risk of being similarly arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually lost forever by the same agents.


When it comes to the currently unfolding revelations of CIA torture techniques, truth is not only stranger than fiction, but proves the agency plagarized its ideas about how best to inflict agony and horror into the minds of the human beings they interogated--before, during, and after the physical experimentation.  

I know, because I was one of the authors of the interrogation PSYOP (psychological operations) narratives which impregnated both the minds of the torture practitioners, and the prisoners they operated on; prisoners suspected of being Muslim extremists, who if they weren't before, certainly came to be afterwards.  They came to be after helplessly writhing, pleading, and screaming as they hung by wire from meat hooks; as they were sprawled spread-eagle naked on freezing steel surgical tables and had garden hoses jammed up their rectums for "re-hydration"; as they had their genitals exposed and snapped at by hyperactive, drugged-up military police dogs;  as they splashed frantically to surface from suffocating ice-baths after having menstral blood flung on them by female agents pretending to reach down their pants; and struggled to endure the other disturbingly perverse, yet highly creative, experiments of torment, psyop analysts helped draft.

What was always known by army PSYOP officers, and is now known by American civilians, was that the real purpose of the psychological interogations constructed by CIA was to brainwash suspects into believing themselves guilty, evoke confessions--regardless of their truthfullness or accuracy--in order to 1) produce a phantom menace supposedly responsible for the September 11 attacks; and 2) justify the intelligence-military-police state's surveillance on Americans as a countermeasure to this artificial menace.

Since the President/Executive Branch constitutionally directs the management of all federal government agencies and military operations, including CIA, NSA, and federal law enforcement agencies, the buck must stop at the White House.

Now as unbelievably reprehensible and dangerous as such a Presidential policy might seem--since betrayal of Americans' confidence in their government seems to have been either the objective or unintended consequence of this FUBAR strategy--what is even more offensive is not the heinous physical acts undertaken in the name of American values, as apalling as that is, but the dereliction of duty and incompetence of the government agents, military personnel and defense contractors whose stupidity allowed these acts to be exposed; as well as the media parasites who not only failed to report these acts to Americans (as the New York Times did by refusing to publish them out of deference to CIA), but actually tried to hide them; and then had the gaul to dismiss the blowback danger when it did leak out.  


In a modern day film comparison, the CIA interrogation torture drama can best be described as a rated "XXX" version of Eli Roth's film Hostel, with a mix of Stephen King rubber mask demon-monsters, and Pink Floyd psychaedelics.  And anyone wondering about what thoughts went through the minds of the men imprisoned in the CIA "black sites" before they were tortured, tormented and teased (not in that order) by U.S. agents and contractors and sub-contractors, have no further to look than this film because it paints a very accurate depiction of the psychological environment which was constructed to compliment the physical one.

The CIA "black sites" were a kind of dimented amusement parks containing rides of daytime jail cells in complete isolation and silence, with cell walls etched with Islamic repentence prayers  using fingernails and blood ink (artificially planted for psychological effect).  Cells also were constructed for darkness, temperature and humidity control, and dripping water, with hidden speakers using artificial sounds of hissing snakes, scampering rats, and growling "things" just out of eyesight and reach, yet freakishly close; and low moans and long high pitched screams, followed by vomiting sounds at specific times (in order to create an internal "hourglass" of time in inmate's minds to guide their deadline for talking by).  This was the soundtrack prisoners were subjected to in order to soften them up and ripen their willingness to sign a repentence prayer (for violating the "guest" rules of Islam) and agreement to provide targeting intelligence to the military for all relatives, friends, and associates who might be suspicious.

This was intentional, and part of the design to achieve deep mental meltdown first, fantasy cultivation next, and then ultimately behavioral manipulation.  I know because I was one of the theorists who wrote extensively on how to target, tap, and maximize the greatest Muslim fears, lusts, and use them to navigate Sharia law and Islamic damnation loopholes.  It was quite a rollercoaster of spirit, requiring the seatbelt of American patriotism to keep one firmly connected to the mission.

I recall papers being written which described, "...the use of clowns, power drills and saws along with artificially generated screams; and hard to define environments and special effects communicating a "Twilight Zone" of the Muslim experience of "Torments of the Grave"...but that's for another article.


If this PSYOP world disturbs, offends, or nauseates the reader with the thought of experiencing such a dungeon of endless sadistic torment,  then try to imagine my horror upon discovering that CIA agents (and their subcontractors) had actually performed the psyop acts which we had been told would only be used in psyop theory.  As if taken from a Faustian myth's forgotten moral lesson, the contract was rigged, and we had been deceived into opening Pandora's Box, and Prometheus' fire had escaped into the clutches of corrupt men with evil intentions and designs for power.  Cheney's low chuckle could always be heard behind the executive order to torture.

What we believed would only be used as theory was instead turned into physical and psychological experimentation operations. Instead of using our theoretical constructs as "background noise" and "emotional lighting"--which was what we (USACAPOC) were originally told our products and theories would be utilized for by the Bush Administration--they were instead weaponized and transformed into kinetic operations.

In a sense, discovering this "hijacking of our PSYOP" had happened, was like re-discovering the ancient Hindu quote, "I am become death."  For in a way, I had, as did all the other PSYOP analysts.

Instead of cerebral exercises originally developed to be infused into a larger strategic communication campaign designed to influence Senators with military budget power (as Michael Hastings described in his 2010 Rolling Stone article), specifically a black propoganda operation to exaggerate the reputation for bloodthirsty perversions and inhuman cruelty of Sunni Muslim extremists, it was physically implemented by CIA-Mossad-Saudi agents directly on 1) captured enemies, 2) suspected enemies, 3) associates of enemies, and 4) suspected associates of associates of enemies.  A whole new meaning, and worry, about the term "Linked In" seems to have also been achieved. 

We had been duped by the Bush Administration and threatened with discharge by the military Generals who had self-labotomized their ethics and castrated their constitutional oath with the delusion of rank promotion and career advancement.


It is with somewhat revulsion that I must admit what had been originally designed to be used only as theory, was actually applied physically and kinetically.  What is most disturbing about this is not that it has been used on savage barbarians who rape little boys in prison, throw acid in women's faces, or practice slavery and other abominations in the name of Islam.  As disgusting and offensive to civilized people as these behaviors are, what is more outrageous and intolerable is that the American military-political elite have failed--or refused--to change these behaviors using proper PSYOP.  I can say this because I had personally reported, back in 2010, the currently unfolding stories about child rape as "Man Love Thursday" to Representative Jason Chaffetz, Rep. Saxby Chambliss, and Speaker of the House John Boehner, but was totally ignored out of political correctness. Worst of all, I was charged by the Obama Justice Department for filing this as a whistleblowing report.  The rest is history.

And in regards to the CIA-Mossad-Saudi torture revelations, these same military-political elites have been dismally incompetent at managing the events, the practicioners, and the traditional tradecraft associated with the subject--and more specifically with keeping it concealed.

The real issue is that whether out of incompetence or intent, the domino effect of the multiple failures connected with this issue demand the immediate and simultaneous removal of all government and military and contractor personnel from all the agencies and departments involved.  These include:  Department of State, Department of Defense, the White House, House and Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committees, and Oversight and Government Reform.

Why?  Because, quite simply, the reckless, clumsy, and stupid decisions and explanations offered by the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence (part of the CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committees, and the U.S. military, specifically Joint Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command, as well as the State Department of Counterterrorism, demonstrate a government of schizophrenic cowards; pretending to be leaders yet hiding behind  "Top Secret/ SCI" classifications like bureaucrats fearful of losing their jobs.  But since, in essence, this is their true nature, then I suppose accuracy demands the definition be applied.

It is hoped the American people will wake up from their stupor, see and appreciate the gravity of the situation as a threat to their lives, and take the legal and political actions only free men can imagine, plan, and achieve.


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