The following links lead to .pdf files of documents needed to renounce US citizenship. They include the .jpg files

 below plus instructions for embassy staff. One requirement is that you have to renounce in person in the presence

of an American flag and put your hand on your heart, just like in school. The most important are the first three links below.


Most important document, the actual renunciation (1 page) 1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/81606.pdf


Request for determination of possible loss of US citizenship (5 pages) 1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/97025.pdf


Statement of understanding (2 pages)  1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/81607.pdf


Instructions for the spook at the embassy if he doesn't understand what to do. Among the tidbits: they have to check if

you are on a lookout list, inform you that you will no longer be allowed to buy firearms under the Brady Act and your

renunciation must take place in front of a US flag and you have to put your hand on your heart. 

(2 pages) 1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/115645.pdf


The form the asshole at the embassy has to fill out when you are expatriated (2 pages)



Below are .jpg image files of the three essential documents needed to renounce your US citizenship.