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The False Arrest of My Son Under Orders from the US Embassy


UPDATE JULY 30, 2018:



American Refugees: Refugee, Asylee or Exile? None of These. HUMANS!

UPDATE JULY 30, 2018: Robles Renunciation of US Citizenship



American Refugees: Refugee, Asylee or Exile? None of These. HUMANS!

UPDATE JULY 30, 2018: You can see that in 2012 the HASBARA freaks even had me convinced of my own unimportance. Now that I know why WikiLeaks and Snow Den were created I am appalled at the effectiveness of their demonization and discreditation operations. In my case they even convinced me the victim of my own uselessness and unimportance while at the same time spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to "get me" here in Russia.

27 June, 2012 15:19  

The case of John Robles or anyone else is not an exception, he is just another in a long line of individuals, already perhaps numbering in the tens of thousands who have attempted to expose the illegality of the United States and have had to flee that country or been persecuted for their efforts. Snowden’s case is loud, its big and it is not an exception, but the rule for anyone who goes against the U.S. line. There are thousands of other Americans in similar or worse conditions yet you will never hear about them. Welcome to the age of the American refugee.

Under the guidelines that the United States has set forth in defining the requirements that an individual must meet to be considered a refugee or an asylum seeker, and we will get into the differences in those two terms shortly, the country from which the asylum seeker is fleeing or has fled must have, among other criteria; imprisoned or tortured political dissidents or undesirable individuals, committed genocide against a race of people, excluded certain religions or those holding certain views from the political process and fired on or violently repressed protestors.

The guidelines of the U.S. are important to underline as classically the United States has: been the destination of choice for the world’s refugees, dictated to the world on human rights, has itself committed egregious violations under international refugee conventions and has seen growing numbers of its population fleeing its borders, renouncing their citizenship overseas, seeking permanent residence in other countries or seeking asylum.

In the simplest terms an asylum seeker is one who has arrived or resided in the country where refuge is being sought and has officially applied for asylum through the relevant bodies of a country or if outside the country’s borders, before the relevant officials, such as at an embassy, before an authorized representative or through other proper government bodies of the host country.

The term asylum seeker describes an individual and the status of a person who case is being considered and in no way means that the person’s claim is valid or justified. This term simply means an application has been filed to obtain refugee status.

However the terms are often confused or misused which may lead to the further marginalization of already marginalized and vulnerable individuals. The United States, under its laws, incorrectly or perhaps by design, states that an asylum seeker must be inside the territory of the United States to apply for asylum while only those outside of its borders can only apply for refugee status, this has led to much confusion between the terms.

An interesting U.S. caveat that further obfuscates the meaning of the two terms is that in order for someone to apply for asylum within the United States they must meet the definition of a refugee and it would appear that a catch 22 situation has been created.

Regardless of the U.S. legalese and location relevant conditions for most of the world a refugee is someone who has fled his or her country of origin or permanent residence due to the fact that they have suffered, or are fearful of suffering persecution based on the fact of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or due to the fact that they are a member of a persecuted social group. Refugees may also be fleeing a war or a natural disaster which has made normal life impossible in their home countries. And an asylum seeker is simply someone who has applied for asylum.

A refugee is also anyone who has for whatever reason ceased to be under the protection of their own government and can not return home because they are afraid of persecution or facing injustice. On the whole both asylum seekers and refugees are extremely marginalized and vulnerable people, and should not be confused with economic migrants who are merely seeking better living conditions than those available in their home countries.

Under its own definitions the United States itself is guilty of offenses which have led to the rise of U.S. citizens seeking asylum in other countries and which should allow countries to grant them asylum despite no support by bodies such as the UNHCR, which is a U.S. controlled entity, and the widely held fallacy that the United States is a some sort of beacon of human rights.

The false belief that the U.S. is a democratic country that follows the rule of law makes asylum seekers from the U.S. that much more vulnerable and marginalized.

In brief, using their own criteria, the U.S. has imprisoned or tortured political dissidents or undesirable individuals. This includes whistleblowers, hacktivists, Muslims, blacks, non-whites, 9-11 truthers and almost anyone who has gone against the official line. Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, and many others have had to endure conditions that have amounted to torture as have all of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. A prison and torture facility that was placed outside of U.S. borders of the U.S. to circumnavigate international law. This does not remove the fact that the U.S. is guilty of torture. The U.S. habitually tortures and imprisons “undesirable” elements.

The U.S. has also committed genocide directly or through surrogates or supported those committing genocide. This mainly includes the indigenous peoples and the American Indians but their policies and allies have also caused the genocide of millions worldwide including Mayans, Serbs, Iraqis, Afghans, and many people of the Middle East including Shia, Alawites and others.

The U.S. has also excluded certain religions or those holding certain views from the political process. This includes Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Buddhists, Atheists and others. This has become a marked problem since the events of 9-11 and the open persecution of Muslims, Seiks and other non-Evangelical, non-Catholic Christians.

As for firing on or violently repressing protestors, the branding and detention of protestors such as the NATO 5 as terrorists and the complete and utter annihilation of the Occupy Movement including violent and brutal methods to stop their peaceful demonstrations, has proven without a doubt that dissent is not tolerated and free speech is just a catchphrase in America.

Another very important point is that the U.S. can now legally target its own citizens for extra-judicial execution. No country in the world has such a policy and this fact alone points to the complete and total illegality of the U.S. as a legitimate world power.

Lastly the war on whistleblowers and the way the U.S. has actively persecuted anyone who attempts to expose the truth surrounding the illegality of the U.S. Government points to a horrendous criminal regime and a government fumbling to save itself from the abomination that it has become.

Can an American like Mr. Snowden be a refugee? Why not? I am, so was Albert Einstein. Stay tuned for my upcoming article on his status.



American Indian Refugee and the CIA Spook Contractor Sent to Liquidate Him

UPDATE JULY 30, 2018:


The following links lead to .pdf files of documents needed to renounce US citizenship. They include the .jpg files

 below plus instructions for embassy staff. One requirement is that you have to renounce in person in the presence

of an American flag and put your hand on your heart, just like in school. The most important are the first three links below.

Most important document, the actual renunciation (1 page) 1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/81606.pdf

Request for determination of possible loss of US citizenship (5 pages) 1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/97025.pdf

Statement of understanding (2 pages)  1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/81607.pdf

Instructions for the spook at the embassy if he doesn't understand what to do. Among the tidbits: they have to check if

you are on a lookout list, inform you that you will no longer be allowed to buy firearms under the Brady Act and your

renunciation must take place in front of a US flag and you have to put your hand on your heart. 

(2 pages) 1/Archive/2012/November/Renounce/115645.pdf

The form the asshole at the embassy has to fill out when you are expatriated (2 pages)



Below are .jpg image files of the three essential documents needed to renounce your US citizenship.


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