Saudi Arabia - A Terrorist State

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Bandar Bush Threatened Putin with Sochi Olympics Terrorist Attack - By John Robles

Warning: What you are about to read will destroy any illusions you may have left as to who is really controlling the world and who is really using terror to bring about their own ends. It will also bring into question everything that has occurred in the world since 9-10-2001 and shed new light as to the intricacies of the relationships between the power elites in the United States and those who are funding and controlling them.

The truth goes to oil and it has its roots in the relationship between former CIA director George Bush Senior’s family and Saudi Arabian intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan also named “Bandar Bush” by the Bush clan. This story has implications on the events 9-11, Bush and his being placed into power, the entire War on Terror paradigm and the acts of aggressive war by the United States and its allies on Iraq and Afghanistan. It also affects everything from the entire Middle East upheaval, Sunni/Shia strife, the death of Hugo Chavez, the attack on the Boston Marathon, the death of Litvinenko, Princess Diana, terrorist attacks by Chechens and the true nature of al-Qaeda.

If this story takes off and is given the attention it deserves it may end the entire “War on Terror” and finally see an end to the wanton illegality being perpetuated by the West and it all boils down to a single conversation between Prince Bandar bin Sultan and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The conversation between President Putin and the “Bushie” was apparently released to the Russian press and then made its rounds worldwide and gives a rare glimpse into the real conversations that take place between world leaders before the handshakes, smiles and photo opportunities. This one is particularly chilling and it is clear why it was released to press.

What is almost unbelievable is that it clearly shows, apart from what I mentioned above, who has been benefitting and working with the United States to destabilize the Middle East, who is assisting in controlling the terrorists that the United States is arming, funding and giving asylum to and why Israel has nothing to fear from the chaos around it. In this short snippet of conversation, everything has become clearer, almost crystal.

It is also important to note that Bandar Bush spoke with the full backing of the United States. So what is the bombshell? Well there are three main ones actually.

The first is an admission by the Bandar to Saudia Arabia’s and the United States support and knowledge of the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood and the screaming hypocrisy with which they operate: “There are many common values and goals that bring us together, most notably the fight against terrorism and extremism all over the world. Russia, the US, the EU and the Saudis agree on promoting and consolidating international peace and security. The terrorist threat is growing in light of the phenomena spawned by the Arab Spring.” Here we must note it was the West which drove the Arab Spring.

He continued: “We have lost some regimes. And what we got in return were terrorist experiences, as evidenced by the experience of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the extremist groups in Libya.”

The second and most shocking is this: ”As an example, I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us. These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role or influence in Syria’s political future.”

So Chechen terrorists, who supposedly carried out the attack in Boston and have killed hundreds of Russians including Russian police officers, are being controlled by the US and the Saudis? And what is more the Saudis and the US are admittedly controlling terrorists in Syria? And lastly this arrogant “Prince” has the audacity to threaten the president of the largest country in the world with terrorist attacks if he does not do his bidding?

Not only is this an admission that the United States and Saudi Arabia are state sponsors of terrorism, but they are actually using the terrorists themselves to do their bidding and as instruments to terrorize leaders into submission! This means they have become nothing more than terrorists themselves!

Bandar attempted at first to bribe President Putin with promises of oil and gas deals, arms purchases and more, to pull Russian support for Syria. He then moved on to the threats of attacks on the Olympics by the Saudi and US' terrorists.

President Putin responded by saying: “We know that you have supported the Chechen terrorist groups for a decade. And that support, which you have frankly talked about just now, is completely incompatible with the common objectives of fighting global terrorism that you mentioned. We are interested in developing friendly relations according to clear and strong principles. Our stance on Assad will never change. We believe that the Syrian regime is the best speaker on behalf of the Syrian people, and not those liver eaters.”

The Bushie, after failing in all attempts to get President Putin to pull his support for Assad then responded by saying: “… there is no escape from the military option (in Syria), because it is the only currently available choice given that the political settlement ended in stalemate. We believe that the Geneva II Conference will be very difficult in light of this raging situation.”

And today we are on the eve of an invasion because a terrorist Saudi Prince wants to protect the petro dollar and kill all Muslims who are not Sunnis

US Proxy Saudi Arabia is a Terrorist State - By John Robles

иран Саудовская Аравия карта Персидский залив

The response by the world community and by billions of informed and intelligent people all over the globe, including those in the United States, to the latest calls by the leaders of the U.S., to launch yet another war of aggression against yet another country that has never posed a threat to it, has not been one that those obtusely insisting on bloodshed expected to be faced with.

No credibility

For the international community, after decades of fabrications for going to war, war crimes, violations of international law and conventions, blatant war profiteering, military buildup, torture, illegal detention and rendition, extra-judicial executions, massive illegal spying and the refusal to abide by international laws and norms, any military action proposed to be waged by the United States of America must be looked at with the highest degree of suspicion and must not be allowed to take place without a real and true independent international consensus based on law and evidence.

For Americans the reasons to view their government with suspicion are even more numerous: endless empty patriotic war rhetoric against defenseless nations, the destruction of, and complete disregard for, constitutional rights and protections, the failure to prosecute for war crimes and crimes exposed by whistleblowers, the criminalization and violent brutal suppression of anyone who would dare to dissent against the all powerful political elites, the stifling of dissent and political discourse, the disappearance of privacy and the right to be free from unwarranted surveillance, the abuse of terror and security legislation to go after anyone the government deems to be an enemy, the all power executive that can order the extra-judicial execution of anyone, even Americans, and the list goes on.

Empty calls for war and patriotism

Last night perpetual war-monger John McCain gave a speech, just as empty and designed for a brain dead audience, as the recent speech by John Kerry that I commented about. A speech in which Kerry repeated the phrase “we know” 23 times but did not offer a single concrete piece of evidence in accusing Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian government of using chemical weapons. Kerry’s logic for the dumbed down and brain dead masses was that, we know, I am reliable, they are bad, so you must believe us.

McCain’s was worse, he actually reasoned, I paraphrase: “Obama has decided to go to war, and the congress must support him,” whether they are right or wrong, ”because if we do not we will look illegitimate to the world.” I might remind Mr. McCain that without an imminent threat, which Syria never has and never will, pose to the United States, and without a UN resolution, any attack on Syria will be illegal and a crime against peace.

Delegitimize the entire US Government

McCain’s equation of supporting Obama’s calls to war (another reason why he must be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize) with a support for the legitimacy of the United States are hollow and false. It is in fact these calls to war against the facts that the world already knows that has already turned the United States into a rogue nation in the eyes of the world. McCain’s speech in support of his president, something he did continually for Bush, may have been designed to terrorize the American people into supporting Obama’s obtuse insistence on attacking Syria, but in fact if the plan works the way they intend, it will then delegitimize the entire U.S. Government. The entire world sees the king has no clothes, so even if the Congress jumps on the bandwagon and says he does it will not make it so. They will also be regulated to the side of the blind.

The world knows, as well as informed Americans, that the opposition in Syria is made up of 90% Al Qaeda type, U.S. backed, funded and trained terrorists. The world also knows that the chemical weapons were delivered to the Syrian opposition by Saudi Prince Bandar and U.S. backed sources. As there is clear evidence of these facts then the United States Government has no choice but to go after those responsible (in the U.S.) and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. This would include the man sitting in the Oval Office, as he refuses to look at any evidence that does not fit with his pre-planned invasion scenario. Without that, any support by the government for another illegal invasion will only lead to delegitimizing the entire state.

Ignoring the elephant in the room

With all of the debate on all of the aspects of Obama’s bellicose rhetoric and calls for an aggressive military strike on Syria a very important fact recently emerged in the world media that is being quietly ignored.

This fact is one that goes to the heart of 9-11 and the entire “War on Terror” paradigm and transcends Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and even the Balkan war. It is the single fact that connects the contested Bush rise to power, the spread and growth of Al-Qaeda and every major event that has taken place since the day when a bankrupt George Bush was saved by the Bin Laden family and Saudi lucre. That fact is one mad Saudi Prince’s desire to be king and a thinly veiled threat to President Vladimir Putin.

With one set of attempted bribes and then subsequent threats to President Putin the entire house of cards has now been revealed and the thread that connects all of the dots has now been exposed.

Bush, the Saudis, Al-Qaeda and global domination

I would put forward, and I would welcome widespread debate and analysis of the facts on this, that Saudi Prince Bandar “Bush” is the key to the historic illegality that has spread throughout the world and the Middle East like a cancer since 9-11 and that it began with the Balkan war and the Saudi support of Bosnian Muslim terrorists. He is the key that ties the U.S. and the American elites to everything from Al-Qaeda to influencing South American oil markets.

We know

Like U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry I would like to offer my own list of “we knows”, with the difference that my “we knows” are based on uncontested facts and with the revelation by none other than Prince Bandar himself, that the Saudis control Al-Qaeda, Chechen terrorists and the terrorists in Syria, that list of we knows is now impossible to ignore. The elephant is now completely filling the building.

We now know that the Saudis do nothing without the backing and okay of the United States. Therefore everything the Saudis do we can say the U.S. is also guilty of.

We know the Saudis control Al-Qaeda, Chechen terrorists, Kosovo Albanians, Bosnian Muslim terrorists and other radical groupings.

We know they (the U.S. and the Saudis) are funding, arming, importing and training terrorists and fighters into Syria.

We know there are reports that Bandar himself delivered the chemical weapons directly to Syrian “rebels”, the same weapons used to launch an attack on the day the UN inspection team arrived.

We know Bandar promised President Putin billion dollar arms deals, and that of course it would be a win-win for the Saudis and the Americans to arm their Al-Qaeda terrorists and insurgents with Russian weapons. Then of course they could pass the blame but that is a minor point.

We know that with the backing and support of the United States the Saudis (Bandar) threatened Russia with a terrorists attack on the most peaceful of international events, the Olympic Games.

Also we know they told President Putin weeks before the “chemical attack” that they would invade Syria.

We know that for over a year the U.S. has been repeating that a chemical attack is a “red line” that must not be crossed and have been continuing to try to show that it has been crossed.

We know the U.S. has no compelling or other evidence that they can present to prove that such an attack was carried out by Syrian forces and that they will do anything to attack Syria to forcibly end the presidency of Assad and the Syrian Government.

We know the UN inspectors were controlled by rebels forces during their inspections of the chemical attacks and so any evidence they present can not be trusted.

We know that Bandar: bought nuclear warhead capable missiles from China, was involved in Iran-Contra, rescued a bankrupt George Bush along with the Bin Laden family, and was so close to the Bush family that he was called Bandar Bush.

We know Litvinenko was involved in funding Chechen terrorists which means he was aware of Saudi ties, which explains why they tried to deflect the attention to Russia.

We know the Boston Marathon suspects were Chechens, used for another false flag event to raise millions of dollars.

We know that after the events of 9-11 the Saudi Embassy was one of the most protected building in the United States.

We know the FBI had evidence of Saudi involvement in 9-11 and that they knew of Saudi connections to the 9-11 “terrorists”. Including direct involvement of a Saudi family in Florida with all of the hijackers.

We know no one has ever been prosecuted for 9-11.

It gets worse. We know that Al-Qaeda was created to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, that Osama Bin Laden was also a CIA asset named Tom Ossman, and that Al-Qaeda was and has been funded by Saudi businessmen and that the Bin Laden family continue to run banks through which Saudi money is laundered. We also know that the Bin Ladens were allowed to leave the United States after 9-11 as well as other Saudis and that a command center for the 9-11 attacks was discovered in Sarasota Florida that was hushed up by the FBI.

By threatening Russia with a terrorist attack, coupled with evidence of involvement in 9-11, ties to Al-Qaeda and more, we know that Saudi Arabia is not only a state sponsor of terrorism but is also a state which uses terrorism as an instrument of foreign policy.

We know that Saudi oil is so important to the United States that they will do anything the Saudis say and visa versa. This includes anything to protect the American dollar being used for global trade in oil. Without which the dollar would collapse. Both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi both dared to change to the euro less than a day before their countries were attacked. Hugo Chavez was also a proponent of getting rid of the petro dollar system as is Iran.

Russia and China may move away from the dollar in oil trade with Russia already moving towards the Euro making it clear, as the world’s second largest oil producer behind Saudi Arabia, why Russia continues to be an “enemy” to the Americans.

9-11 and the resulting “War on Terror” have allowed for western global militarization and invasions of countries that threatened the petro dollar.

We know that the Saudis hold a trillion dollars in American debt and that makes the United States subservient to their interests.

We know that the Saudi forces and groups are committing war crimes executing Syrian soldiers and even engaged in cannibalism.

And finally, once again, above all else, we know that Saudi Arabia has threatened Russia with a terrorist attack.

It gets worse dear reader and the ties to Saudis, terrorists, and western special services go so far and wide and are so long that it would take thousands of pages to document.

The same people telling you they are protecting you from terror, the record has shown, are in on everything from 9-11, to Boston, to the Syrian gas attack. They have killed and continue to kill millions. The reason? The U.S. wants to rule the world and Bandar wants to be the king. Nothing else matters.

Saudi Arabia joins US in drone war, Obama obfuscates

5 January, 2013 21:50  

Although the US has not officially declared war on any country, this time Yemen, drone attacks are on the rise and in Yemen went from eight in 2011 to 53 in 2012. The new US policy of prosecuting their “war on Terror” in now “kill or kill” as it is inconvenient to deal with “combatants” if they are captured. In Yemen Saudi Arabia has been pulled in and their air-force is assisting in attacks within Yemen, and now, it is their “problem”.

The latest reports on the global US drone war again raise the subject to the forefront and more questions as to the legality of the use of drones.

The Times recently reported that eternal US ally Saudi Arabia is now assisting the US in “prosecuting an undeclared aerial war against al-Qaeda in Yemen .” Saudi Arabia is now providing its fighter jets to assist Washington in perpetuating its illegal covert drone war in the sovereign territory of Yemen.

The Times quoted a source in the US Intelligence Community as saying that "some of the so-called drone missions are actually Saudi Air Force missions". Saudi Arabia has also not officially declared war on Yemen.

According to the Australian  the new interventionist war by the United States in Yemen is connected with the illegality and the “legal problems” associated with capturing foreign nationals and indefinitely detaining them in the illegal prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

The Times cites an unnamed US official as saying "There is no kill or capture anymore. It's kill or kill”, meaning the US policy of carrying out extra-judicial execution and targeted assassinations, even of US citizens, is apparently justified by the US Government and Barrack Hussein Obama, because of the “legal problems” involved in actually allowing their targets due process and Geneva Convention rights.

The Australian reports that Bruce Riedel, an ex-CIA officer stated: "There's a part of our policy that goes back to Saudi Arabia. We outsource this problem of Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) to the Saudis, make it their problem. It is their problem."

The reason that al-Qaeda (created by the US to fight the USSR in Afghanistan) or more particularly AQAP, has gained force in Yemen is due to the US’ own meddling in the country and the US instigated Arab-Spring. After the 2011 uprising AQAP seized expansive territories in the south of Yemen.

Underlining once again the illegality of the “War on Terror” and the highly illegal nature of the US’ extra-judicial execution program (droning), are continued attempts by Obama and the US Government to obfuscate and use the tenet of secrecy to successfully avoid responsibility for the assassinations and murders that they are carrying out.

Many have been up in arms about the US use of drones since day one yet the fleet has grown from approximately 40 in 2001 to over 7,000 today. Outspoken critics have included the United Nations Special Envoy for Extrajudicial Killings, the ACLU, Amnesty International, dozens of peace groups such as Code Pink, law scholars and experts from a plethora of disciplines and institutions, and a list that is too long to list here, yet Obama and the US Government have not listened and have instead obfuscated, stone-walled and re-written laws to justify their criminal conduct.

At the heart of the illegality of the use of drones is the fact that the combatants, if the targets of an illegal war can be called that, have no chance to face their accusers or surrender, as they would in a normal battlefield scenario.

A June 2011 report issued by the Oxford Research Group in London stated, as did Paul Rogers, an Oxford Research Group consultant and professor at Bradford University's Peace Studies Department in England, that "Drone users cannot escape a legal responsibility to expose the human consequences of their attacks”, which I would argue is exactly what Obama and the US are doing (escaping responsibility).

In a more recent related ruling United States District Court Judge Colleen McMahon issued a 75-page ruling declaring that the US Justice Department does not have a legal obligation to explain the rationale behind killing Americans with targeted drone strikes. She wrote: "There are indeed legitimate reasons, historical and legal, to question the legality of killings unilaterally authorized by the Executive that take place otherwise than on a 'hot' field of battle".

Her decision was dealing the Obama Administration’s continued rejection of FOIA requests in particular regarding drone strikes which assassinated American citizens.

Judge McMahon further stated: "The Alice-in-Wonderland nature of this pronouncement is not lost on me; but after careful consideration, I find myself stuck in a paradoxical situation in which I cannot solve a problem because of contradictory constraints and rules — a veritable Catch-22,” she writes.

She continued: “I can find no way around the thicket of laws and precedents that effectively allow the Executive Branch of our Government to proclaim as perfectly lawful certain actions that seem on their face incompatible with our Constitution and laws, while keeping the reason for their conclusion a secret.”

Regardless of whether drones are a “legal” instrument on the battlefield under the rules of war or whether extra-judicial executions and daily kill lists being used to carry them out are offenses that demand immediate international sanctions and prosecution, the US and Barrack Hussein Obama will continue to use them and expand their drone programs.

We do not have to be enslaved to the idea that we are helpless as humans to do anything against the US in their drone war. There are steps that can be taken. For one, and this is a question for scientists to take up, we can develop the means and the electronic counter-measures to render drones useless.

What has been lost on many is that simple electronic noise and electromagnetic interference can render a drone useless. All that has to be done is disconnect the electronic link they have with their command centers, if the US will continue to ignore international law and continue to engage in illegal extra-judicial executions. Today it may be a “terrorist” and everyone around him in the middle of nowhere, tomorrow it may be the head of state of an “unfriendly” country.



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