Bruce Gagnon Coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

US Claims it Will Own the Arctic - Part One

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When a country's military-industrial complex is privatized and run by corporations, war becomes a business rather than the last means for the self-defense of a country's sovereignty or people. The constant wars the US is engaged in have enriched those who profit and yet have devastated the economy and the population. 

Amid the endless war paradigm being a peace activist is a dangerous proposition. We spoke to one such brave person Mr. Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space – to get his views on the current beating of the drums of war in Washington.

Hello! This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Bruce Gagnon. He is the Coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at

Hello Bruce! It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again. Good evening. How are you?

Gagnon: Good! Nice to be on air with you again.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about what is going on with NATO from your perspective with regard to Ukraine and the statements in the media there about that situation in Ukraine?

Gagnon: First, let me talk about the general demonization that is going on in the US media, the mainstream media. It's been unrelenting.

Today following the Geneva meeting, both Kerry and Obama have been on air, essentially downplaying the possibilities coming out of that meeting, really, in a way, trying to sabotage any expectations of anything positive coming out of it. Clearly, they are trying to beat the war drums and they are beating them hard.

This past weekend I flew to Toronto to talk at the University of Toronto. While I was in Chicago, waiting for my plane there, in the airport I was watching CNN. And there was Zbigniew Brzezinski talking about how we need to give weapons to the Ukrainian Government. And his reason for it, he said: because Russia armed the Vietnamese during the US war in Vietnam and we needed to pay them back. So...

Robles: Are you serious?

Gagnon: Oh yes! I heard it with my own ears.

Robles: Because of Vietnam and they have to get back at Russia?

Gagnon: That's right! It was unbelievable. So, you know, this is the kind of stuff that is being heard on the TV in the US day in and day out.

Robles: I'm sorry, this was just reported as normal? I mean, this wasn't reported like a "lunatic of the day" or something?

Gagnon: No! You know, Zbigniew Brzezinski was Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor.

Robles: We know who he is, yes.

Gagnon: He is known to have recruited Obama, when Obama was a student at Columbia University. I once read that Brzezinski said that he vetted Obama early on.