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Anonymous Operations Expose Ukrainian Bandera Nazis and Crimean Weapons Caches

Download audio file  28 February, 2014 00:40

The Hacktivist Group Anonymous Ukraine has been able to hack the e-mail accounts of the Udar Party as well as the electronic correspondence of the deputy head of the Ukrainian nationalist party, The Stepan Bandera Trident, one Andrey Tarasenko. 

Anonymous Ukraine released an e-mail between Tarasenko and the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Aslan Omer Qirimli in which he asks for more powerful weapons, information on the location weapons caches in Kerch, Feodosia, Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta. The e-mail released by Anonymous Ukraine is dated January 28, 2014 so its operational value is questionable but it does show the true nature of the “peaceful demonstrators” on the Maidan and in Ukraine. Anonymous Ukraine has also hacked the e-mails of NATO offices and bodies in Ukraine and those of several US officials operating in Ukraine with more releases soon to appear on the internet, according to sources in Anonymous.

The e-mail between Tarasenko has been independently verified and appears authentic. It has not been translated into English as of publication so this is the first. The original was in Russian with some grammar errors. Unlike Klitschko who speaks English and German as well as Ukrainian and Russia, Tarasenko appears to speak only Russian and Ukrainian.

Text with comments:

"Everything is going according to plan. We are ready to proceed to the second part of the play.”

He referenced the “play” and the “plan” this provides further evidence of the staged and controlled nature of the coup in Ukraine.

“As agreed last week, my guys together with our brothers from the "Carpathian Sich" and UNA-UNSO are ready at first command to take the instruments where they are needed.”

The Carpathian Sich is apparently a new formation that little is known about but the UNA-UNSO is a neo-nazi [sic] nationalist organization, like most “Defense Leagues” and stands for the Ukrainian National Assembly - Ukrainian National Defense. The “instruments” is obviously a reference to weapons and the other “tools” the armed neo-nazis are using to overthrow the government and terrorize the Ukrainian people.

“From you we only need you to identify the coordinates of the caches in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, Feodosia and Yalta and the times we are to meet.”

This is an important sentence because it shows the compartmentalized nature of the command structure and the cells. Obviously the members are well-trained and judging by their infiltration of the security services and their ties to foreign intelligence and financial sources, as well as public meetings with US officials and intercepted communications there again appears to be the hand of CIA planners at work, however US/NATO/CIA have been extremely careful in covering their tracks, choosing to use German, Turkish and other intermediaries to control their agents in Ukraine.

“Yes, there is one more request. There is a lot of game, we need more hunting gear, helmets and sticks. Do not forget the soda in glass bottles, as well as fuel for them. Also, more gas masks and first aid supplies would not hurt.”

Referring to police and security forces as “game”, as if they are animals, shows how the neo-nazis have dehumanized their targets, also clear from the way they are killing police and beating them to death with steel pipes in the street. His reference to “soda” or “carbonated fluid” is not clear but the follwng request “fuel” might indicate a chemical weapon of some sort, active when mixed.

“I understand that our Turkish friends and have already done a lot, but you know me - I never ask for anything extra.”

The Turkish connection is the most complex but Crimea has long established Turkish- Islamist underground consisting of Crimean Tatars and surprisingly, according to sources, Uighurs from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. The Crimean Tatar groups have long been preparing for the proclamation of an independent state and pursue conflicting goals from the Ukrainian Nationalist. However they are united against one enemy which they must both neutralize, namely the Russian-speaking population of the peninsula. The fact that he says “you know me” shows that they have “worked” together before.

“The game was not easy to scare off and the Molotov cocktails do not work on them. We need something more serious. I hope you understand me.”

Again calling the police and law enforcement “game” is chilling and his call for something more serious is obviously a reference to either heavier weapons or possibly some sort of homemade or other “chemical weapon” as I stated earlier.

“As for the money, do not worry: everything will be in the best possible form, but at a later date. In the end, you know that if we are successful you will get a lot more."

This sentence appears to show that money has already changed hands but that currently the neo-nazis may be short of funds. Saying the “best form” apparently implies that there are several methods of payment acceptable but one is preferred. The fact that they will pay much more later shows they have already agreed on a sum but that they will pay more.

Statement from Anonymous Ukraine

Greetings citizens of the world. We are Anonymous Ukraine.

Divisions within Anonymous worldwide and Anonymous Ukraine have been resolved as Anons see more and more evidence of the forces at work in Ukraine. Members of Anonymous Ukraine are working to uncover and expose to the world the internal meddling by the United States, NATO, the European Union, the NSA and the CIA into the internal sovereign affairs of Ukraine.

Anonymous Ukraine continues to support peace and the right of the people of Ukraine to self determination. The Bandera Nazis and fascist thugs that are pretending to be the voice of the people will be stopped. Murderers and fascist thugs who kill police and members of the security services of Ukraine do not represent the will or the wishes of the people of Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine do not want European Union integration. The people of Ukraine do not want NATO on their territory. The people of Ukraine voted for President Yanukovich to lead them in fair and just democratic elections.

The people of Ukraine plea to the President and to Russia for help in stopping the siege of Ukraine by Nazi thugs and murderous gangs. The people of Ukraine do not want to see their beloved capital Kiev occupied by Nazi killers and burned to the ground. The people of Ukraine ask for order to be restored. The people of Ukraine want their independence to be recognized and be allowed to determine their own fate without pressure from US, NATO, European Union. The people of Ukraine want peace and want the Bandera Nazis to be stopped once and for all.

Anonymous Ukraine does not like nor support what is happening in Ukraine now. Anonymous Ukraine thanks President Putin for protecting President Yanukovich and asks him to restore order.

The so-called opposition is tearing Ukraine apart. Anonymous Ukraine will continue to expose the moves by the west to subvert the sovereign country of Ukraine. The latest e mails released by Anonymous prove that the Bandera Nazis are allied with Islamic extremists. We will continue fighting these puppets. The western puppet opposition leaders will lead to the breakup of Ukraine.

We appeal to the president of our country. The people of Ukraine urge you. President Yanukovich, to return to Ukraine and restore order and bring calm and stability and disperse the gangs of robbers and Nazis. Anonymous Ukraine will strike at all of the web resources of western hirelings and fascists.

Anonymous Ukraine calls for Ukraine to be unified and independent. The government of Ukraine promoted the country's integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions despite the reluctance of Ukrainian people. Ukrainian citizens realize that signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union will lead to the collapse of Ukrainian economy in the near future. We express our support to the people of our country. We want Ukrainian government and EU leadership to understand that people of Ukraine do not want their country to become a raw material donor to Europe.

Ukraine must be free. We do not want to be dependent on other countries or organizations. Ukrainian people do not need a speculative Association Agreement with the European Union. Ukraine does not need the International Monetary Fund or the western banksters and their conditions. We do not need to be servants of NATO. Ukraine does not need European Union. Ukraine does not need NATO. Ukraine should not be anybody's servant.

The Russian people of Ukraine make up a hardworking and intelligent part of Ukrainian society. The Russian people are brothers and sisters to the Ukrainian people. We do not support demonizing the Russian people. We do not support making the Russian language illegal and we do not support the destruction of monuments and churches by the Bandera Nazis.

We stand for independent Ukraine. We declare the continuation of Operation Independence. We will strike at the web resources of countries and organizations that pose a threat to freedom and independence of Ukraine!

The Bandera Nazis did not listen. They have proven the weak cowards that we knew they were. They can continue to expect us. We will continue to take their sites down and publish every communication they make. Anyone who supports them can also soon expect us.

Operation Independence continues… You should have expected us

We are Anonymous Ukraine.

We are the Real Patriots of Ukraine

We are Legion.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Do Not Forget.

Do Not Expect Us.

We Are Already Here.

Operation Independence Continues - Anonymous Exposes US Invasion Plans in Ukraine

By tomorrow, the 15th of March 2014, the United States, through its agents in Ukraine, will begin a series of false flag attacks on targets in Ukraine which have been designed to make it look as if they were carried out by the Special Forces of the Russian Federation.

This information has been made available and was released through several forums used by Anonymous Ukraine. Members of Anonymous Ukraine, who are involved in what Anonymous has called Operation Independence, have independently verified that Anonymous is the source for the e-mails. Among the three key e-mail is one containing the initial instructions from the US Army Assistant Army Attaché Jason P. Gresh to a senior official of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army named Igor Protsuyuk. Again Anonymous has exposed treason by Ukrainian officials and the egregious illegal meddling of the United Sates into the affairs of a sovereign nation.

Anonymous Ukraine is operating in what can only be described as a hot war zone where almost all communications and internet access are either completely controlled and intercepted or have been shut down. Contacts in Anonymous Ukraine have also stated that there is a campaign by the US Government and the current illegitimate regime which illegally seized power to demonize and discredit Anonymous.

Anonymous Ukraine does not support what they call "the Bandera Nazis" because: they do not represent the Ukrainian people, they have deposed the democratically elected president, they have destabilized the country, they have killed hundreds of peaceful Ukrainian and they have completely taken over the media and the internet.

Anonymous Ukraine has therefore stated that those running the Facebook page under "Anonymous Ukraine" are CIA and US Government lackeys who are promoting nazis and destroying their country before selling it to NATO, the US and the EU.

Members of Anonymous Ukraine are in fear for their safety and have stated that the Bandera nazis have issued orders to execute those responsible for previous releases of their hacked e-mails and the recording of telephone conversations that have been made available on-line. They have also noticed heightened activity by the NSA and CIA against all of their web resources.

Anonymous Ukraine is monitoring all communications in Ukraine and also regularly attacking all NATO, NSA and CIA resources as well as those of the Udar Party, the Svoboda Party, the offices and structures of the new government and has intercepted almost all of the e-mails of the Bandera Nazis.

With regard to Russia a source in Anonymous said that they are monitoring Russia communication in Ukraine as well and do not want to Russia annex their country. If the people of Crimea want to join Russia Anonymous supports the will of the people. The internet is still free in Crimea and the situation there is table. However members of the collective are extremely upset with the censorship that the Bandera nazis have implemented.

With regard to more leaks our source said there is too much information but that they are getting almost everything. Whether this is true or not one this is certain, Anonymous has not backed off and is surely becoming a headache for the illegitimate authorities in Kiev.

The members polled for this statement do not represent all of Anonymous. They represent a segment of the collective currently active in Ukraine and other regions.

Anonymous Ukraine Statement:

Greetings citizens of the world. We are Anonymous Ukraine Operation Independence Ukraine continues.

Western hirelings and fascists are attempting to start a war with Russia in Ukraine.

Much of Ukraine is now under the control of the Bandera nazis but all is not lost. We are winning. We continue to uncover and expose to the world the evil plans the United States, NATO, the European Union, the NSA, the CIA, the IMF and their corporate banker masters have for Ukraine. We will not let this stand. We will expose every detail of their plan. We will never forgive them for what they have done to Ukraine and they will pay the cost.

Ukraine has no government. Those in the Verhovnaya Rada are self-appointed Nazi killers and do not represent the Ukrainian people.

We repeat. Anonymous Ukraine continues to support peace and the right of the people of Ukraine and the Crimea to self determination. The Bandera Nazis and fascist thugs that are pretending to be the voice of the people will be stopped. The US/NATO invasion of Ukraine will be stopped. Their puppets will be exposed and brought to justice.

Murderers and fascist thugs who kill police and members of the security services of Ukraine do not represent the will or the wishes of the people of Ukraine. Nazis who deny the Nuremberg Trials at the United Nations do not represent the will of the people.

Anonymous Ukraine supports the Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Tartars, Jews and others that the Bandera nazis want to kill. They are also Anonymous.

We have hacked the e-mail correspondence of the US Army and the Nazi Trident in Ukraine including the US Army Attaché’s Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh and yet another high ranking Bandera Nazi from the Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk.

The western hirelings and traitors are planning to conduct a series of attacks on Ukrainian military bases in order to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. The want to stop the referendum in Crimea. They want war with Russia.

The US Army writes to Igor Protsyk that it’s time to implement a plan that implies causing problems to the transport hubs in the south-east of Ukraine in order to frame-up the neighbor. It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon to act.

Russia is Ukraine’s friend. We Anonymous, have witnessed the support for the people of Ukraine by Russia. Russia has kept order in Crimea while the Bandera nazis have destroyed much of what the people cherish. The Bandera nazis want blood and war for Ukraine. Then they will sell Ukraine to NATO and the United States and take their money to another country like Julia Timoshenko whose accounts we have also hacked and which we can empty at will.

The United States and its puppets in Ukraine in Ukraine want to start a war with Russia. Obama cannot be allowed to kill the peoples of the world any longer. The Bandera nazis refuse to return Ukraine to the people. They do not listen.

Citizens of the world. We repeat. The people of Ukraine do not want European Union integration. The people of Ukraine do not want NATO on their territory. The people of Ukraine voted for President Yanukovich to lead them in fair and just democratic elections. He is still the President of Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine plea to the President and to Russia for help in ending the siege of Ukraine by Nazi thugs and murderous gangs. The people of Ukraine do not want to see their beloved capital Kiev occupied by western hirelings and Bandera nazis. The people of Ukraine want their independence to be recognized and be allowed to determine their own fate without pressure from US, NATO, European Union. The people of Ukraine want peace and want the Bandera Nazis to be stopped once and for all.

Anonymous Ukraine does not like nor support what is happening in Ukraine now. Anonymous Ukraine thanks President Putin for protecting President Yanukovich. We appeal to the president of our country who is hiding in Russia to return to Ukraine and restore order and rid Ukraine of the Bandera nazis and the Western hirelings.

Anonymous Ukraine calls for Ukraine to be unified and independent. The government of Ukraine promoted the country's integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions despite the reluctance of Ukrainian people. Ukrainian citizens realize that signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union will lead to the collapse of Ukrainian economy in the near future. We express our support to the people of our country.

We want Ukrainian government and EU leadership to understand that people of Ukraine do not want their country to become a raw material donor to Europe. Ukraine must be free. We do not want to be dependent on other countries or organizations. Ukrainian people do not need a speculative Association Agreement with the European Union. Ukraine does not need the International Monetary Fund or the western banksters and their conditions. We do not need to be servants of NATO. Ukraine does not need the European Union. Ukraine does not need NATO. Ukraine should not be anybody's servant. Ukraine is not a cheap prostitute for Obama.

The Russian people of Ukraine make up a hardworking and intelligent part of Ukrainian society. The Russian people are brothers and sisters to the Ukrainian people. We do not support demonizing the Russian people. We do not support making the Russian language illegal and we do not support the destruction of monuments and churches by the Bandera Nazis.

We stand for independent Ukraine. We declare the continuation of Operation Independence. We will strike at the web resources of countries and organizations that pose a threat to freedom and independence of Ukraine!

The Bandera Nazis did not listen. Their leader Dimitry Yarosh will soon understand what the words expect us mean. They have proven the weak cowards that we knew they were.

We will continue to take their sites down and publish every communication they make. We will continue attacking all of their web resources.

Anonymous does not attack media sources but that is when the media is free. The Bandera nazi media can therefore expect us.

We will protect Ukraine from Western hirelings and fascists that are trying to hurl Ukraine into chaos! We do not want them to start a war!

We are Anonymous Ukraine.

We are the Patriots of our country.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Do Not Forget.

Do Not Expect Us.

We Are Already Here.

E-Mail 1

From: Jason P. Gresh

To: Igor Protsuyuk,

Subj: Peninsula

Date: Sun, 9 March 2014 17:57:09 +0200


Events are moving fast in the Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive action from your network.

This comments underlines the desperation and the rush that the US has in cementing their overthrow of Ukraine. They can not risk that there will democratic elections and a legitimate government which will so no to NATO, the EU, the IMF and the US.

I think it's time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.

The neighbor in this case means the Russian Federation. One note, for a military attaché Mr. Gresh’s English is not that good but he could be talking down to his hirelings.

It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.

Of course the phrase "the Company" means the Central Intelligence Agency.

Do not waste time, my friend.


Jason P. Gresh

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Assistant Army Attaché

U.S. Embassy, Kyiv

Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112

(380-44) 521 - 5444 | Fax: (380-44) 521 - 5636 

E-Mail 2

From: Igor Protsuyuk,

To: Basil Labaichuk

Subj: Get active in Melitopol

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 5:50:35 -0700


You must launch actions in Melitopole very quickly . The 25th Air Transport Brigade is located there.

We need to mess with (pull in, provoke) our sworn friends and our good neighbors . I think you understand me .

This phrase is interesting in the use of the term “sworn friends” which may mean their terrorist allies, the other parts of their Trident or Yatsenyuk and Klitcschko themselves.

You must proceed carefully and cautiously.

The 25th Air Brigade is currently on combat missions, so make sure no great harm comes to the planes .

There are already damaged aircraft at the location, with those you can do whatever you want. I will send you there registration numbers.

Remember, it is necessary to make everything look like it was a real attack by Russian Special Forces .

The Brigade Commander there is an intelligent man.

He will not know the details but in an extreme case you can turn to him. We will warn him.

Colonel Igor Protsyk

Chief of Staff, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division, Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO

General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine

tel +38044 481-5407 cell +38067 407 97 40

e-mail: e-mail:

E-Mail 3

From: Basil Labaichuk

To: Oleg Kolyarny


Subj: Urgent need to make some noise

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 9:20:46 -0700

Oleg, there is an urgent need to make noise attributed to Muscovites (epithet) at the Melitopole air base. This must be done before March 15. You already understand why.

First of all you need to contact Paschke (Pavel) Tarasenko . You must know him, he's from local Svoboda Party and is in on the plan.

10-12 guys will be arriving there from the Center.

They are the best fighters of the Trident. Misha (Mihail) is in charge, you should know him too. He will fill you in on the details. You must meet these people and ensure that they have everything they need.

Proceed with caution. Speak only in Russian.

The 25th Air Brigade is currently engaged in combat missions, so do not do a lot of damage to the aircraft.

There are plenty of scrap (damaged) aircraft there and you can do whatever you like with them. You will be told which damaged aircraft you can attack.

It is vital that everything looks like as real attack by our neighbor’s (Russian) commandos. But without bodies.

Give me your account details again. The money will come on time, do not worry .

See the attached file. It is just a proposal. Decide yourself what to do.

Stay tuned for more revelations.

Anonymous will always support Jeremy Hammond - Part One

Download audio file  16 November, 2013 21:37  

The government transparency website WikiLeaks has recently released part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, this is a document that will affect over 800,000 million people. However it is being passed without the knowledge of their prospective governments, nor of the people who will be affected by it. Another event that has had reverberations throughout the internet was the November 15th sentencing of former LULSEC and Anonymous Hacktivist,Jeremy Hammond, to 10 years in prison  for being entrapped in an FBI hack of the Stratfor e-mail files. The Voice of Russia spoke to a Hacktivist of the Anonymous Hacktivist Collective on these issues and more.

Robles: Hello, how are you this afternoon.

Anon: I’m doing fine. Yourself?

Robles: I’m very well. Thanks for agreeing to speak with us. Regarding some latest developments in cyberspace and legalese released by Wikileaks, can you give us updates on your opinions and what Anonymous is doing? First off with regard to this TPP, and what is that?

Anon: The TPP is the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement that actually affects about 80 percent of all global trade. It affects the taxes and trade stipulations on everything from your current everyday household items all the way to, more importantly for the Internet’s point of view, to media copyright patents.

Touching briefly on what it is doing to medicine, its actually making it so that pharmaceutical companies will be able to double dip on their patents. They will be able to take a drug like Lipitor and then come back and say: “you know what we can all see that Lipitor can cure headaches. And get a fresh patent on Lipitor just based on it being used for something else”.

And it is basically Hollywood’s wish list of things, its SOPA, its PIPA, its CISPA in disguise is what it is.

Robles: But its SOPA, its PIPA and CISPA with a total global reach isn’t it?

Anon: Yes that is pretty accurate. And most surprising is Australia which has really been the hypocrite here. On one face they are telling the consumers they are all off their copyright protection prima sharing and all that. And then when they close doors they are partnering with the US to strip Australian citizens of all those rights.

Robles: How can you comment on the fact that, as I understand, there are 12 countries, according to Wikileaks, there are only 3 people in each country with full knowledge of the full text of this agreement? And then Wikileaks says this will affect 800 million people, right, and that this has been pushed through by corporate America where there are about 600 corporate lawyers who are involved in drafting this thing, and Obama is trying to push it through. As a member of Anonymous, how is Anonymous going to react to this, it seems like the takeover of America by corporations?

Anon: There is I would guess if you look back at OP RIA or the operations that we did after Jeremy Hammond and things of that nature. That would probably in the vein of the direction we would have had if necessarily drew attention. We also of course have the so called Internet tax symbol from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. That includes partners for the Wikipedia Foundation for sites like Reddit and even heavyweights like Google you know I could see an internet blackout definitely being in the future to draw more attention to this.

I would say that it affects a lot more than 800 million people especially with how it impacts the ability to share on the Internet. And Anonymous is all about free speech especially on the Internet. That has always been our main monitoring filter is that is our free and open Internet. And the TPP would basically censor free and open Internet by imposing unreasonable copyright restrictions and redefining what Fair Use is basically bypassing the DMCA provisions and safe harbor provisions. And then sites like Youtube would not even be able to exist if the current form the current draft were passed.

Robles: Are you aware, does Anonymous have the full text of this agreement?

Anon: Just for the I P chapter.

Robles: Oh, just the IP part. Are you aware, is that out there somewhere, do you know?

Anon: You know I believe Laura Poitras has it and I believe Glenn Greenwald might have it. Other than I think Wikileaks is holding this one to themselves.

Robles: I see, I see. You mentioned some operations, I remember when they were trying to pass SOPA that Wikipedia shut down, remember that?

Anon: The Internet blackout. It was not actually just Wikipedia. It was actually over 15 hundred websites including quite a few big ones. 

Robles: Do you see something like that in the near future, or not yet?

Anon: I actually do see that in the future. The EFF was actually talking on one of their forums. They were having a talk about activating with what would have been dubbed the Internet cat symbol.

It is like that old bat it is a cat symbol. They will start copy pasting and then action gets taken. And they have actually made it into a module now where you can have it permanently installed on your website. And you can activate it and your website will automatically be changed to conform to whatever is necessary. Whether that that would be a banner on top for information, or a complete black out of your page if you have the code and you have allowed it to run it could automatically be updated across the entire Internet in one fell swoop.

Robles: I see, and that’s the … I actually have a link to that – to the Internet Defense League - on my site. What’s the address for listeners, the address of the Internet Defense League, if you could for the listeners?

Anon: I actually do not know the URL but I will find it for you. Internet Defense League dot Org.

Robles: Are there any other places that our listeners can go to besides Wikipedia, I mean Wikileaks, and the Internet Defense League to find out more information on this TPP?

Anon: The best source that I have actually found lately for information on it is the Politics and World News sub Reddits from the site Redit dot com.

Robles: And what about Anonymous, where can people go for information on Anonymous? I know it is always changing, but what is the best place?

Anon: We do not really have an actual operation rolling other than chatter in IRC and the average person throwing up in a pop in to our IRC rooms any time soon. But the EFF has a good write up on it too at EFF dot org. But there are quite a few people that are covering it, but obviously you want to stay away from the Government molded versions, FDR dot Gov things of that nature. They are actually ranking high if you Google search for the lot of plugs for media that is controlled by the US Government.

Robles: What about the Million Mask March, can you tell us your opinion of the success of it; do you think it was a success? And how many people actually took part in your opinion, of course the official figures are going to minimise any possible numbers.

Anon: We had some great turnout especially in cities like Amsterdam and London. I would have liked to have seen more turnout especially in cities in the United States. Personally I think the lower turnout in some of the United States cities was due to being all the factionary relation of it

and there were some states where there were 6, 7, 8 different cities hosting a Million Mask March, so only 10, 20, 30 or 40 people showed up in each one. And we personally think regional gatherings would have been a little more effective for a punch.

There was also obviously, I do not know if you have heard this, there was a media blackout in America about the Million Mask March and as a result this Saturday we are actually leading another operation, a march against mass media and that one is going to be taking place in about 150 to 170 cities so far that they are confirmed to sign on. And we are basically going to be going up to the television stations, to the radio stations. Protesting and picketing in front of them.

Robles: You will avoid the Voice of Russia I hope?

Anon: Yes. No we are not going to hit you guys, and the people, your listeners can find more information about that are MAMSM dot info, it is March Against Mainstream Media Dot info.

Robles: MAMSM dot info? And that’s coming up on what date, I’m sorry.

Anon: On Saturday the 16th

Robles: Right, that’s Saturday the 16th, so that’s tomorrow? Can you tell me what is Anonymous doing right now about Jeremy Hammond, and how is that going – has he been sentenced yet?

Anon: I don’t believe he has actually been sentenced … I know Anonymous obviously stands behind

Robles: What is Anonymous going to do if he gets a really hard sentence?

Anon: As it is he is facing maybe 10 years, is what the Prosecution is actually looking for. We do not believe that he is going to get anything near that, obviously, but if he does I can see having goals going throughout the Internet reverberating throughout the Internet that is what is going to happen. Obviously he was in charge of LULSEC and Anti-SEC and he was a figurehead for a lot of the people who were in it simply for the LULZ. There are a lot of members of Anonymous who are just there for the LULZ of it.

Robles: Is Anonymous doing anything or are you aware of any activities about or against Sabu?

Anon: He has kind of dropped beneath the radar. Obviously we have never forgotten about him, I mean who could? But I do not even currently know his whereabouts. I know he went into protection and has fairly pretty disappeared off the radar as far as I know, and was talking about doing something about him about 6 months ago and now.

Robles: I heard he is still active and he’s still not doing any time, and he hasn’t been incarcerated, even though he should be, but as far as I know do you think it is possible he is still active somehow under a different name or something?

Anon: I believe that he might, or he might actually be still going under his name, there are a lot of copycats that are using his name, and you never know one of those could be not a copycat.

Robles: Oh my God, OK. Back to, if we could, to the Trans Pacific Agreement. Now in what ways exactly, if you can, you’ve studied in … in what ways exactly will this restrict the common rights of people, and why, double question here, why is Obama and the corporations, why are they trying to shove this through on the fast track?

Anon: Well, as you may know, in American the money is really the track for politics, and the second day is the oil industry out there is going to be the Hollywood industry. Hollywood has been trying to shove SOPA or anything they want to name it down our throats for about 10 years now, and TPP, a good chunk of it is related to intellectual property law, especially as it applies to copyrights, especially as it applies to file sharing. They want to make it so that file sharing in fact would be considered the same offence as transporting physical stolen media across their national borders, making it a serious crime.

Robles: Now in the United States, however, cyber-crimes are prosecuted I think to a higher degree than real crimes, for example with Jeremy Hammond, if he had driven a car through Stratfor’s front doors and stolen all these files he would have got like 6 months and community service or something but since he did that through a computer they wanted to give him hundreds of years at first: 35 year to life.

Anon: It is just like the DDoS attacks. Anonymous believes, most of Anonymous believes, just like DFS and a lot of political journalists informed of the matter believe that a DDoS attack is really nothing more than the digital equivalent of sit in, we are not even hurting anything. It is like going to a website and pressing the F5 of the refresh button a million times a second all we are doing is clogging up the lines, we are not hurting anything.

Robles: I agree 100%. You don’t damage anything. It might go down for a little while, but then it comes back up, right?

Anon: Well, it is about sending a message. It is about getting awareness out there.

Robles: What do you think about the extreme insane punishments that the US Government wants to get to make people pay, and the price they want to make them pay for a DDoS attack? Why would they want to make it something that warrants 35 years or 10 years?

Anon: It is because Jeremy Hammond did the same thing that Barrett Brown did. He hit a nerve with the private defense and private intelligence agencies, the so-called shadow CIAs like Stratfor, and it is just like when Snowden came out with all of his leaks. Everybody already knew that Booz Allen Hamilton was dirty, in fact Anonymous had previously hacked in Google list, Anonymous hacked Booz Allen Hamilton years before Snowden leaked things, and in our press release about it. I think we say that Booz Allen Hamilton was involved in illegal widespread mass surveillance on behalf of the U S Government.

It did make a bigger splash when Snowden came out because he had the documents to prove it obviously

Robles: Well we all suspected, I always suspected that Microsoft was a … that there was some back door, it must be in Windows or something that would allow them to spy on the planet every time you boot up, I don’t know. I’ve always suspected that they were listening on Skype and everything, but having this come out as an in your face fact I think shocked a lot of people?

Anon: Actually Windows N T 4 had a known back door. There was actually a variable called NSA key that allowed the NSA to subvert any Windows users security

Robles: Really!

Anon: Yes. And that made a splash in like 2004 but it did not really make that big of a splash. It did not really go viral.

Robles: Look, can we talk about … do you have other information like that?

Anon: Well. I am a store of information, you know.

Robles: That’s very interesting to hear, can you tell us any other reasons why people might not trust the Windows platform?

Anon: Well it is not just Windows it is Microsoft. For example Microsoft bought out Skype and handed the keys over to the NSA. But they did not even really have to that. Before Skype was even purchased by Microsoft Skype was actually involved in what was called the Project Chess, a top secret operation to allow, to allow them to basically split off their data and give the NSA a shadow copy without anyone being able to tell in real time.

Robles: Wow. Skype was at beginning was supposed to be a peer to peer, so there was not supposed to be any server involved in the middle or in the loop. How did they get away with that?

Anon: Well they basically perform a complicated version of what is called a man in the middle attack. They insert their presence in between the 2 computers that are talking to each other, and that is also how they are subverting the privacy and the encryption of Google for example.

That was the end of part 1 of the interview. More to come

Anonymous to Release Blackout OS - Part Two 

Download audio file 17 November, 2013 08:05

With more and more revelations of massive spying by the United States and its National Security Agency (NSA) on the citizens and countries of the world, coupled with attempts by the US to control, monitor and in fact take over the Worldwide Web, the Hacktivist Group Anonymous is continuing to fight for the free transfer of ideas and freedom of expression and speech on the internet. With Draconian laws and measures being taken by the United States, Anonymous has been busy developing strategies to counter corporate and government internet tyranny by those who wish to regulate, control, monitor, spy on and profit from you every time you go online. In part two of a longer interview with Anonymous it is revealed that the group will soon be releasing a new operating system that is super secure as well as open source. The existence of built in back doors in the Windows platform for the NSA is another very disturbing revelation that has been largely ignored until now.

Even when you are connected to Google encrypted, when Google is moving it from their Web interface over to actual processing. There is a small gap both in the digital sense and physically in a geographical sense. A gap in between it, and that data is actually handed over unencrypted, or was until Google just encrypted it now. And Google reasonably believed that was a safe thing to do because it was deemed moved unencrypted, sure, but it was being moved on dedicated fibre optic lines that Google themselves had installed. What they did not know is that the N S A had actually tapped directly into those fibre optic lines underground.

Robles: Wow. What about other services, platforms and as an expert in this, what programs should we stay away from if we want to protect our privacy?

Anon: Stay away from mainstream e-mail. And I say that regretfully as an avid user of Gmail who enjoys Gmail and a lot of Google products because I am a big fan of Google. But yes I would stay away from Gmail, stay away from Hotmail, stay away from Yahoo obviously. Basically stay away from any sources that are considered mainstream if you are concerned with your privacy.

For instant chatting use Cryptocat for example. It is burn and gone. We use burn notes.

Robles: Burn notes or Cryptocat it’s called?

Anon: Yes Cryptocat

Robles: OK. What about operating systems, what about software? What about like back doors in Windows – any other ones other than that NSA key that you know about?

Anon: Well I am sure there are plenty of back doors in Windows, This has been going on since the late nineties. The N. S. A. has had back doors in Windows. I am sure they did not stop now they are just obfuscating them more

Robles: Do you know, has anyone ever gotten the entire base code for Windows?

Anon: I do not believe it has been fully revealed or reverse engineered. No.

Robles: I know that technically like some governments are supposed to be allowed to have the code, but I don’t think they even get all the code.

Anon: We are actually working in conjunction with some other security people. I will tell you what here is a little exclusive for you. We actually have an operating system coming out soon and we call Blackout Linux. You can actually check it out in Blackout hyphen O S dot com

What we are going to be releasing is an operating system which will be Linux based. It is still a working project. It will be a while until there is any stable release for the masses. It is called Blackout. We designed the landing page for it at black out dash O S dot com and we are going to be putting all sorts great features and functionalities into it.

We are also working with an alpha working group for a hardened version of TORE….. There are so many error issues with writing a hardened version of TorE…. The people like a rich Internet experience and the hardened TorE …. We are getting rid of Java. We are getting rid of Flash. We are getting rid of a lot of steps that makes it difficult for stealth but which gives everybody an enjoyable rich user experience


Robles: Right, right. When is this OS coming out? This is very interesting

Anon: No release date. I am on the alpha working group and it is about 2 dozen of us and it is literally pre alpha stage

Robles: Wow. OK, so maybe within a year or 6 months or no prediction?

Anon: We have some of the best of the best inside of our development crews working on it. We have engineers who work for Fortune 500 companies and I would expect 6 months to a year from now we would have something decent. The beta version.

Robles: Wow, great.

Anon: Which will be for public release, yes.

Robles: Wow, and this will be Intel based or Pentium based or 486 base or whatever you want to call it? Or is this going to be Apple based or whatever?

Anon: It is going to be completely Linux based you know probably be initially released stand alone. There will be a live CD thing it makes it easier for the end users especially if we make like a pen drive install where all you have to do is put it on a thumb drive. You boot up your computer and you pick. Do you want to load a Blackout operating system or do you want to load Windows. If you click Blackout O S it loads from the USB key. Everything is stored on the U S Key ensuring even greater privacy and security

Robles: What, even the operating system is going to be on a flash drive?

Anon: True. It can be yes just like all Linux distributions we are going to make it live CD compatible.

Robles: Wow. So I could, for example, somebody could go to their work computer and put in their flash drive, if they could boot off the flash drive? Is that possible?

Anon: Yes. As a matter of fact technicians do it all the time. It is a quick way to rescue computers and you only need the hard drive of the computer to do that with and even the data disk drills are already out like Ubuntu even.

Robles: Wow. OK. A lot of people don’t know that. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the efforts that Anonymous has been doing, and I think they are very applaudable. Well I think most of what Anonymous does is applaudable, but I am a fan but regarding the battle against child pornography and paedophiles?

Anon: Well certainly this is my forte I am actually creating and led several operations against child pornography websites. Gap websites that seem innocuous on the surface perverted but innocuous until you get in and you infiltrate them and you see it trading kiddy porn in the message board and things like that, private messages and things of that nature. Op Pedo Chat is a good one, you will definitely find some coverage on that. PC Magazine covered it, C Net covered it, Examiner and everyone else covered it. And in that operation we were actually targeting about three of four hundered websites a month. Operation Op Pedo Chat we targeted about three or four hundred websites. A lot of those were hosted by a host called Ecatel

Robles: Are they still on line?

Anon: Part of Ecatel is still on line. They took a serious beating and probably about handles four hundred websites that we targeted. We permanently got rid of about 200 of them

Robles: Wow, that’s pretty impressive.

Anon: And we found the easier way unfortunately to do it the easier way was to lean on the I S Ps. You see we started by telling the I S Ps that we were covering these kiddy porn websites. That there was kiddy porn on their servers and websites and most of them came back with “we do not care”. In fact Ecatel told me personally not only they did not care, but they told me to quit hiding in the shadows and go screw your mommy.

Robles: Really!

Anon: And that did not work out too well for them. But the thing is there is there is a lot of it hosted in Lithuania and other countries where they feel they are beyond the law and that is where Anonymous steps in to take care of matters to police the Internet and if law enforcement cannot do it then Anonymous will do it. We will not allow crap like that on the Internet it does belong there.

Robles: OK, are there any other things that you feel shouldn’t be on the Internet?

Anon: In general Anonymous feels that everybody has a right to free speech except for when that free speech infringes upon children like that for example. Even West Grove Baptist Church we allowed them to coexist on the Internet. Scientology we let them hold down a website for now. We can take them down anytime we want of course.

Robles: What would you say to recent FBI claims that Anonymous was decimated and they said they arrested the leadership, which I think that would be impossible, but anyway what would you say to those claims?

Anon: We have said it long ago and we will say it again. For every Anon that falls 10 more will take his place. it will just increase dissent. You cannot arrest an idea. Ideas are bullet proof. I can say that the fifth of November next year should be mighty interesting. That is all I can say about it. Monsanto has theirs coming too. I hope they are hearing us. Monsanto can expect us.

Robles: Well I really appreciate you speaking with me

Anon: No problem. You have a great night.

This is John Robles. You were listening to an interview with a member of the Anonymous Hacktivist Collective. You can find Part 2 of this interview on our website at The speaker’s voice was anonymised to protect his safety or her safety. Thanks for listening.

NSA is Spying on Everyone, Including Congressmen and Senators  - Part One

Download audio file  30 October, 2013 13:28 

Although most of the world knows about the NSA and its massive spying operations, as many as 50% of Americans have no idea what their government is really doing or who the NSA is. On November 5th the Hacktivist group Anonymous, "the Knights of the Internet" is planning a gathering in Washington, DC called the Million Mask March, in protest not only at massive NSA surveillance but scores of encroachments on the rights of their fellow humans. A member of Anonymous spoke to the Voice of Russia and gave his/her views on Hacktivism, corrupt government and some of the ways people can protect themselves on-line. However he/she stated, the level of spying is so "ridiculous" that almost nothing can be trusted and the only way to return to freedom from monitoring is reigning in the NSA and those who are spying on us all.

The speaker is a member of Anonymous and is not speaking for the entire collective. He/she is merely exercising his/her right of freedom of speech. The individual's voice has been digitized to protect his/her identity. 

Robles: Hello, this is John Robles. I am speaking with a member of the Hacktivist group, Anonymous.

Can you tell our listeners a little bit about the nature of Anonymous? Some people are calling it a group or an organization. What exactly is Anonymous? 

Anon: Anonymous … it's an idea, anyone can be anonymous. You don't have to fill out any applications to join it. It’s the same thing as wanting to become an Activist. You just want to hide your face for various reasons, because everyone, everyone wants to be under the one idea. The same collective if you want to call it that. 

Really the only groups in Anonymous would be actual operations that go on. And those are really the only groups that you can actually join. You don't actually have to join them you can still be part of them. 

Robles: What would you say to people who might say that Anonymous is some sort of quasi-governmental operation or CIA operation, or something like that? 

Anon: Well, since Anonymous can really be anyone, there's really nothing that stops a couple of FBI people to make their own little group, but usually, especially in some networks, everyone really trusts each other from experiences. 

So if there's anyone that's really acting really weird they usually get … I guess they get investigated by others, and if they discover that this person is involved with anything, they usually get kicked out, or something like that. 

Robles: I see, I see … 

Anon: I'm sure there've been some operations that have been, you know, false flag, or whatever you want to call it. The majority of them are really just people, like you and I, just wanting to make the world a better place. 

Robles: What would you say to people who say, there's claims, they were made by the FBI recently, that they've arrested the core of Anonymous, and they've broken the so-called "organisation"? What would you say to those people? 

Anon: I guess I could put it in one phrase: "you can take one person away, but ten more will rise up". 

Robles: Now, it seems in the last like few … 6 months or half a year that there hasn' been much coverage of Anonymous in the media. What's the reason for that? And I'm talking about in the Western media? 

Anon: Right, of course you know media is always censorship and in the mainstream areas, I'm sure before there was a lot more coverage of Anonymous before we started getting involved in a lot of things that the media didn't like. 

And yeah, like you mentioned there, there have been some … a lot of members have been arrested and things like that and I'm sure that has put a big dent into any operation that they're trying to get really involved into especially, real involvement into hacking and things like that. 

The've still gotten a lot of media attention. While I was working on talking with a journalist, and things like that, hoping to get the word out there. Every day more and more people become part of an organization, and part of a movement. It's definitely growing. 

Robles: Why do you think, I mean, in your opinion you're right there on the front of cyber warfare, let's call it, why is the United States Government so viciously targeting whistle-blowers and anyone who seeks the truth? 

Anon: I guess the thing is like, why are they interested in anyone that is leaking and things like that? 

Robles: And why are they going after them with this sledgehammer? 

Anon: Well, one thing that you notice is over the past years a lot more documents have gotten classified, they classify almost everything. 

Transparency in America is pretty much gone at this point. And they really get pissed off when someone come in and, you know, shows the public like: "Hey, the Government's doing this, and it's really bad", and the people go "wait a second; the Government has been doing this? We didn't know!" 

So and it is … I'm sure they have some sort of agenda. There's always, you know, conspiracy theories that always … to stop any rebellion. Or the NSA is spying on everyone including the Congressmen and Senate, all those people, to blackmail them. I am sure one of those are true, other ones are just paranoid ideas, but you can really never know, but they all pretty much point to one thing, you know that they're spying, and they're spying for a reason. 

And they got mad at Edward Snowden and other leakers, for a good reason, and the reason behind it is a scary thing. 

Robles: What is that? 

Anon: Well I'm sure there is a reason, but we really don't know, and that's the scary thing. I wouldn't even imagine how people would react if they'd found out the actual reason of NSA's surveillance programs. 

Robles: What do you think it is? 

Anon: Well the most realistic thing we've noticed, especially with a recent operation of NSA is that a lot of the … a lot of the people that have voted in favour of the Patriot Act and any renewal of the Patriot Act and the NSA spying, and defended it, are people who are actually being backed by defense contractors, like Verizon, Boeing, DAE Systems, AT&T and people like that. 

And they have been getting huge donations, campaign donations, which makes you wonder, if these are the people that are making money out of the Prism Program, they're making money out of NSA and out of any other intelligence program, and they're the ones that you could say almost bribe these politicians to vote in favour of it. 

So, that's really the biggest thing, it's looking like "so yeah I could toss a couple of hundred thousand to this guy, he'll vote in favour of this, but I'm going to be getting decades of contract work, millions and billions of dollars in the future". 

So it's a real good investment for them and they don't care if … you know it's corporate America, they don’t care if anyone's rights are being taken away. They don't care if anyone's getting hurt; they're just in it for the money. Now that's really, the most … the reason that there's proof behind it, and you can see all that proof on Everything's public data. 

Robles: What do you think can be done and what is your impression about the big IT giants: Microsoft, Facebook, and everybody that was participating or revealed to be participating in the Prism Program? 

What can people do to protect themselves and what can, what can be done to stop them? If anything? 

Anon: I guess the sad thing is that all these big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google even, they're getting almost forced by the NSA to hand over data, but they're also being paid fair so a lot of people are saying like: "Oh, well it's not really their fault, you know they're being forced to do it kind of like Lavabit was forced to hand over the data." That's not really the true fact, you know they are actually being paid a lot of money by the NSA. 

So they kind of kept their mouths shut. I'm sure if Google and all those other people were actually forced like Lavabit, without any compensation, they would have acted up. 

But they're getting a lot of money out of it, so it's like what's the point; it's not hurting anyone as far as they're concerned. So they kept all this money, they hand over all this data, everyone's happy, except for the people that don't know about it. 

And really the only way to protect yourself at this point is just do massive amounts of software you have to invest in:VPN, you know you have to ditch a lot of your programs, a lot of your operating systems that you are using; at this point it's almost becoming ridiculous. 

You're asking people to change their way of life just to stop NSA from actually tracking you, and even then we still don't even know because leaks are coming in every month, revealing more things. 

Just a couple of months ago, or like a month ago or so, we discovered that even VPNs may be not working, or theTOR Network might not even be actually anonymous like people had thought it was. 

At this point it becomes more like, you know, the really the only way to stop it is to just reform the way that the NSA works. People are saying shut it down, it's just got to be… the code has just got to be rewritten with them. 

Robles: What would you advise normal people … what kind of programs … can you advise any programs to use, or any ways to communicate anonymously on the Internet. 

Anon: You could always start with … if you want to communicate with people there's a lot of applications that are actually starting to offer encrypted services Angeli and the people who made the Pirate Bay they were working on a messaging system, via phones that were encrypted with each other, so no one could break into it. 

You could pay for a VPN that doesn't and that's out of the country. You could … there's many ways … I believe there's a website called, or something like that. 

Robles: Right, that's interesting. 

Anon:Yeah, and then it shows all the software that people use every day and it shows you an alternative. 

There's like some software like with Microsoft, you are using Windows you could switch to Linux if you want, but that might be a little too much for people. But you're using Facebook you could use this, and it's pretty much like that. If you're using Tumblr you could be using much safer more secure software for that. 

Robles: Who would you say is the biggest violator of privacy on the Internet; I mean as far as these IT giants? Do you think there's one major culprit or they're all the same? 

Anon: You mean like one major corporation that's… 

Robles: Yeah, I mean like Google is in everything now, they're in your phone, they're in your videos, they're in your music, they're everywhere. I mean, they're in your browser, they're on your desktop, they're in your GPS. Microsoft also, they're into VOIP, they bought out Skype. I mean, who do you think is the biggest culprit here? 

Anon: Well I gues at this point it is really what people use the most. 

I mean NSA's pretty much tapping into everything at this point. Like really it's Google and YouTube, that's one of the things that … oh and Apple of course, the iPhone, that's what people use a lot of, and those are just getting … those have the biggest back doors on the planet, like every zero and one goes out the back door and just goes into the NSA's hands. On Facebook profiles, and everything you say pretty much, and that's the scary thing, because it's something that so many people use. 

Robles: Facebook, and you said Apple? 

Anon: And a lot of people don't want to ditch it. 

Robles: This was stuff we always suspected, but it was, after Edward Snowden like put it right in everybody's face, it seemed a little bit more shocking. What do think about all the spying on European politicians and supposed allies and all that? 

Anon: That's another thing. They've made it like you're pretty much trying to trust everyone, it's really putting it down to foreign policies and your relationships with other countries, now, such as Europe and Germany, and people like that, they're getting really, they're getting pretty pissed off at NSA just like tapping into everyone, even in their country. 

Robles: And into the United Nations and everything else, and so it kind of seems ridiculous, that they've been exposed for all this illegality and then they're like blaming Anonymous, you know, for some kid, you know, launching a harmlessDDoS attack, you know, on a site, that he's a super criminal, but these guys are spying on everybody in the Universe. I mean, what do you think about that? 

Anon: Yeah here they pretty much brand you, if you're opposed to whatever they do, they just brand you a terrorist and a traitor. 

Which is really sad, if you don't follow along with their rules, you're a terrorist or you're a traitor, and I'm sure they put you on a list and they just keep looking into you and you get … if you get too deep into, you know, something may happen one day, they'll find child pornography in your computer, or you will all somehow shoot yourself. 

That's the scary thing you really never know how far these people will go to protect their profits and their plans, and that's why a lot of people prefer to remain anonymous. 

Robles: Right. I mean, you see these people trying to protect their own criminality. I mean with Bradley Manning… I'm sorry I still can't say Chelsea, and Julian Assange, I mean they exposed crimes and they are being prosecuted and no one has been prosecuted for any of the crimes that have been exposed. What has Anonymous done about that, if anything? 

Anon: Really at this point it becomes more of an awareness. 

You can hack, you can deface, you DDoS all the websites and servers and databases you want, but if no one's backing you up, nothing's really going to happen. 

We are reaching a point that I'm very happy to say there's a lot more people are waking up. If you came … if you went up to a website or a forum or a chat, a couple of months ago, and you started you know talking about how bad the Government was and what's so messed up in it, people would just say "But oh, you know, go put on your tinfoil hat, you crazy conspiracy nutjob". 

But now people are saying "is like wait a second, what this guy said was actually true". 

A lot more people are realizing "wait we thought America was this perfect country, in reality it's as corrupt as Somalia, or something like that". They have just legalized everything that's wrong. 

So really the best thing that a lot of people are doing is just awareness, that's the most important thing. I guess if no one's backing you up, nothing's going to happen. 

I can just imagine that if only half of the people in the United States knew about the NSA spying. You know at this point with the level of media attention it's gotten there's still many people that don't even know that the NSA exists. 

Robles: Really! 

Anon: And don't even know about, you know the ... don't even know about Bradley Manning or anything of that. They are just kind of in their own little lives, and they don't even know what's going on. 

Yeah, I can't imagine if only like half of the people knew, there would be change overnight.

If only half of the people knew about so many of the wrong things this Government has done, you'd see people in front of the White House the next day with pitchforks. It's kind of sad, it's just, you know the amount of censorship. 

Robles: Well I never thought it was at that level. 

Anon: No, there's not only like there's a lot of people that watch… they "think" they watch the news, when in reality it's just watching CNN, and Fox, you know they're never going to cover that there. 

And even there are a lot of people that just say "Oh! Politics is just not for me, I don't want to deal with it", and they just completely ignore it, there are so many people like that. 

I'm sure that closer to the bigger cities where's there's a lot more people open to information nowadays. There's a lot more people that know about it but there'sstill … America's such a huge country. In many states there's a lot of people that are misinformed and uninformed. 

Robles: I see, I see.

NSA Spying and Persecuting Hackers Does Not Prevent Terrorism - Part Two

Download audio file   3 November, 2013 13:22 

Their message is that, to purge the system in the United States, corporate money must be taken out of the political process. Exposing that corruption is a goal for whistle blowers and Hacktivists alike, on the 5th of November the Hacktivist group Anonymous, the Occupy Movement, supporters of WikiLeaks, the Pirate Party and other activists will join forces to make their voices heard as they meet to protest against US Government corruption and fight for a better world.

Robles: What are you guys doing to get the news out, to make people more aware of what you were just talking about, and what might be some upcoming goals, I can't ask for operational data, but maybe some areas where Anonymous might be heading, if you can talk about that?

Anon: I guess the main thing is you can keep an eye on groups like Restore the Fourth and Stop Watching Us and people like that and you can get involved with them but you can also see, check the real reasoning behind the spying because those groups are made, were formed just to try to stop it but people need also to see why it happened and how it happened and the whole corrupt money system, that's money bribing system, that's going on behind closed doors.

That's what people need to see because you can stop anything you want, they are just going to come back up the next day. But if you fight it at its source, if you stop the money, if you remove money from politics then everything will be fixed because there's so much corporation control in the system right now. That's what's really messed up about it

Robles: Oh sure, I mean when it costs a billion dollars to run a Presidential Election Campaign. Who has that kind of money except huge corporations?

Anon: Yes. And they will do whatever they want. They will push their agenda because they know: "Hey we will give a couple of million dollars to this guy because he is in favor of GMOs or something like that.

Robles: Can you tell us, what are some of the websites that people can go to find out more about Anonymous? They keep changing, but are there some sources that our listeners could go to just to find out what's going on?

Anon: Well I guess the biggest one would be YourAnonNews. They have a pretty big Twitter network. And they have a website now too as well where they put a lot of news and things like that.

You can also stick with the AnonOps Network, they have a huge IRC network and you can just check the lists of channels and you will see just so many operations going on.

So you become part of it or you can easily just join it and say "Hey I want to help, what can I do" and people will put you to work.

Robles: Cool. That's IRC at AnonOps, yeah? Tell us about the Million Mask March on November 5th and what's going on in Washington DC. There's been back and forth, it seems like some people are trying to provoke some sort of violent clash with the Police. There's all kinds of things going on behind the scenes.

Anon: From what I've noticed. I've talked with a lot of people. There is like always those people in rallies and protests that just want to throw Molotovs and break some windows in some cars there's always those people that don't really ever really do anything.

It's supposed to be a more of a peaceful protest. I guess that since there really is no group organized. There's no one objective like the Restore the Fourth rally or the Stop Watching Us Rally that just happened a couple of days ago their whole goal was about the NSA thing, this whole thing is just more of a symbol, like a sign to show the Government "Hey we know what you're doing and we're not going to just let you keep going".

These, all these thousands of people are the people that know about it, and we're not just a bunch of kids, we're everyone. So it's going to be more like a message to them.

Robles: I see, I see. Christine Ann Sands, she got the permit for that Washington Monument, for the activities that are planned for November 5th. Can you tell us anything about her?

Anon: She has done a lot of very good organizing. It took a lot people and she set the website up, it's definitely got on the first page of Google so any one that searches it, anyone that looks into it. They can just go there, they can call her, e-mail her if they want or they can just check any locations on the website and they can just immediately get involved very easy for everyone.

Robles: She's putting it all on line by going out there public like that don't you think. Isn't that kind of dangerous?

Anon: Yes that definitely is. I guess there comes to a point that you become. You have so many people following you that they really can't touch you.

You can say that about a couple of the leakers. If some person was randomly discovered dead on the ditch on the side of a street they are going to know that "wait a second this person did not just get hit by a car". They're going to assume that obviously someone did it, it wasn't just an accident.

So I guess that's why it's good that she's coming out publicly. It gives people I guess faith in her. They can trust her, instead of just saying like here's a random scary looking van let's go inside of it and ask questions. Or let's go to this website and let's hope that we're not getting IP logged or anything.

So people can trust that it's not just some FBI operation or something trying to track everyone. They can see who the person is and it's good overall.

Obviously it's got it's bad but she's definitely helped a lot and definitely has helped push this Million Mask March to actually become a "million" mask march.

Robles: Some people are saying that Anonymous as a group, as a collective, is kind of changing tactically, a little bit away from the cyber operations and now into more peaceful real live demonstrations. Is that true or do you think that's a trend?

Anon: Oh yes. Definitely before if you, even now I'm sure if you Google what Anonymous is they are going to say it's an Hacktivist group.

That's really not what it is about any more. You don't have to … you don't even have to know how to use a computer to be part of Anonymous, anyone can join it, it's now just becoming just a group of activists. People who want change and they're just… you don't want to say scared of showing their faces but they wear the masks to show they are united.

Robles: So if I want to I could be, I could be a member of Anonymous?

Anon: Yes, pretty much you have just got to want change, you don't have to buy a mask, but you've got to be a part of the same idea, of the same collective.

Robles: Yeah. What do you think about Julian Assange and Wikileaks and how that's gone?

Anon: So obviously what they do is really, really good. They are just pretty much sticking up, sticking the middle fingers to all the big corrupt Governments and saying "Hey, we are going to show everyone what you have done and we don’t care about it".

That's just awesome. There are not a lot of people that have that much guts to do that.

Robles: What do you say about people that say "Oh they damaged National Security?!"

Anon: There is no proof of anyone that has gotten killed or injured by any revelations.

A lot of people say it's like exactly what the NSA thing people say. That are supporting this say "Well they really how the NSA responds and the terrorists are going to try to go around their methods".

But you have got to think with some logic and say what was the last … which terrorist is going to use Gmail and chat on Skype. It really doesn't happen like that. If you are a terrorist and you dumb enough to use Gmail Skype or Facebook you pretty much deserve to be caught. It's not really like it's stopping anyone.

Robles: Well the CIA likes Gmail apparently. There was CIA agent caught here in Moscow not long ago. He was telling his sources to set up an anonymous Gmail account and to go into Internet cafes and set up Gmail accounts and they would be given instructions how to move on. So there you go on that one.

Anon: You just got to remind everyone that just not to trust what they say. They lied about so much at this point. A lot of people still believe them and people are saying "who is going to watch the watcher".

And that is the really good point; they are saying so many lies someone has got to be able to check up on that to check up on what they are doing. I guess that is what we are doing and we are trying to watch the watcher. But we definitely need a lot more people to join that is the biggest thing.

With only a few hundred people nothing is going to happen but if we have thousands, millions behind us and we were pushing for change, you would see change overnight.

Robles: What's your prediction on how many people are going to come out on November 5th in Washington DC?

Anon: On a couple of different pages you see it's growing. People are saying like fifteen thousand people that are saying that "yes" they are going to go. But it's never really true.

So you should expect a couple of thousand there hopefully. A lot larger than what the Stop Watching Us rally was about. Locally hundreds of different cities all around the world.

Robles: What is your opinion, what is Anonymous's opinion on government? Should Government serve the people or are the people there to serve the government?

Anon: Oh the Government has to serve the people but the Government has to fear the people as well. Not fear, as the term, "cower behind" and be scared of the people. Kind of like how we are with the Government right now. Everyone cowers in the corner and they do anything. The word fear in the meaning that the Government should not try anything because they know that the people are there to stop it

Robles: Regarding what you are saying about they should fear the people, do you think that Americans have been too complacent in allowing their Government to kind of get it out of control?

Anon: And that is the biggest thing. You can say "ignorance is bliss". But it is not. And a lot of people are just being really lied to and the worst thing is that a lot of people that just vote and they do not really look at what they are voting.

People say that "oh go go vote it's your responsibility" but I have never really been involved with politics. If you are not involved with politics you should not be voting in the first place. And that is what makes it worse you really really need to look at the people you are voting for.

Especially your representative, it's not really just the President that are, the people that going to become President, but you have got look at who is representing your state who is and what they are doing you cannot just base it all on one thing.

That was a really big problem with voting for Obama in the previous election. A lot of people were saying like "oh well he supports gay rights" or "well he does not support gay rights" and they just base it off one thing instead of really looking at the overall problem and that is the biggest issue at this point. But people do not know what they are voting for and they have allowed it unfortunately.

Robles: Would you agree that some of these issues are like? I mean gay rights for example, it's not really a key issue, it might be used as a distractor do you think?

Anon: Oh definitely. The media is all owned by the same corporations that are lobbying for politicians and politics and things like that. You can really never trust what they say is when the right hand is doing something watch the left hand.

So especially with the recent things even like the Zimmerman trial it was like that went on for ages but what was going on in the background there were so many things that were being passed I cannot really remember what they were now but I am sure the NSA was part of it. But that really just distracted people around it.

Everywhere went on the Internet it was Zimmerman this Zimmerman that. But hiding under all that was "Oh wait the White House has tapped this".

No one did anything because they were too busy with the Zimmerman thing. And that's a really good distraction what they are doing and it's really working unfortunately.

Robles: They are holding hundreds of men indefinitely in Guantanamo and torturing people. You know puncturing eyes and slicing testicles and everything but "Oh, gay rights. Look over here"! Yeah? Unbelievable.

Anon: Yes, that is really sad but I don't really blame the people for that at a level but really people need to actually open up their eyes.

Wake up there is lots going on and you can't just ignore it

Robles: Why do you think you can't ignore it, I can't ignore it? Why do you think people want to ignore it? Is it dangerous for them to know the truth or are they just comfortable being blind or what do you think?

Anon: I am pretty sure that a huge majority of people that are, that do not know anything they are just misinformed and uninformed.

Just at the beginning I went to the very first NSA rally and I am telling you not, probably of 50 people maybe one person knew what was going on. Maybe one person knew that NSA existed

Robles: At the rally?

Anon: Well a lot of people do not even know. Yes at was the very first one. The one that happened on the fourth of July this year.

No one knew about anything. And that was after, well like a month after it happened.after it was released. If people knew about what was going on they would do something but it's a large majority of them. So that is what is the most important thing at this point is raise awareness.

Even if you cannot go up to the Million Mask Marches print a couple of flyers they will only cost you 4 cents apiece. You can download them and put them all over the place just hand them out on a Saturday.

Go to a park and hand them out with a couple of people for a few hours. Go grill some hotdogs or something and there is … that's a good Saturday spent and you did a good thing informing everyone that is what people need to do.

Robles: You said even back in July like one in fifty people didn't even know about the NSA, and I'm thinking that the whole media was saturated with Edward Snowden and these revelations but what about the US? Did they just keep everything out of the media?

Anon: Oh yes definitely. If you want to try to find anything about the NSA or anything about Edward Snowden you are almost never going to find it on the big nation media channelsand even a lot of people they do not even share on-line.

So when I just talk with someone like a few days ago that did not even know about NSA truth list and I am surprised like how do you miss this stuff that is all over the place.

And I am sure at point it was on CNN for some reason just for a couple of seconds but it was there. All over the place it seems a lot of people still do not know about it.

It is definitely being hidden by everything. Like I said the people that own the media are the same people that are making money out of NSA spying and things like that.

Robles: I see.

Boston Proved that NSA Spying is Not About Terrorism - Part Three

Download audio file  3 November, 2013 18:00

Anonymous is calling for a massive turnout for the Million Mask March in Washington DC on November 5th. The protest will publicise the extent of NSA surveillance programs and that they must be held accountable for their actions. While the NSA chose to ignore Russian warnings about terrorist threats prior to the Boston bombing, they are deeply implicated in the drone attacks that are killing innocent people in several countries around the world.

Robles: What would you like to tell our listeners about Anonymous and about the upcoming Million Mask events? 

Anon: It is, like I said before; just spread the word, that’s the main thing. Without anyone backing anything nothing will happen, and it is not really that difficult. A lot of people make excuses, but people can make time. A lot of people work full time jobs, even two full time jobs, they have kids, and they still manage to make time to go out and protest, even for a couple of hours. 

Robles: What can people do to show support for … on November 5th. Say you can’t go to a demonstration. Are there other things people can do to support the idea? 

Anon: Well, there are events going on all over the country, so you can always go to the Million Mask and click on locations and you will see. You will definitely find an event near you. If you are not able to join or do anything to support the march, you can watch it live. 

Robles: What can people here in Moscow do? 

Anon: Ah yes. If you are somewhere out there, outside of the United States, it is really hard for you to do a lot. Because you cannot just go out into the street and tell people, “hey the NSA is spying on you”. 

If you are thousands of miles away you cannot really do anything about it. What you can really do is just tell people on line. 

Robles: Yeah, I would say about 98% of Russians know about NSA spying. It’s something most Russians have suspected from the very beginning so it wasn’t really a big surprise. 

Anon: Definitely, a lot of people knew about it. It was a conspiracy theory back then but it is not a theory any more. So yes,spread the word or share information. Tell people about it. 

Robles: It’s scary here because I mean Americans in the United States, I mean, everybody has this illusion that “oh they are not supposed to spy on us they are supposed to spy on foreigners”, right? And then out here, away from States, I mean, I’m sitting here like I was a target for the NSA and the CIA and I am just open game for them. I think that it is shocking for Americans to see well they’re spying on us too, you know? 

Anon: A lot of people outside the US cannot really do anything about it. They cannot really go out and protest, and you cannot vote for anything because you are not a citizen of the US. You are not even in the US, so there is really little you can do. That is what we are trying to stop here, everyone needs at least a reason to be spied on. There has to be a very good reason to spy on this person, they must have a reason. Some people say: “spying on everyone doesn’t matter”. But there has got to be a reason to spy on people. 

Robles: Next it will be they can drone anyone it doesn’t matter. I mean they have gotten away with it in Pakistan so what just change it a little bit and it will be droning traffic violators in New Jersey or something. 

Anon: Yes, and the worst thing is our National Security Agency is linked to the drone programs. Many innocent people are getting killed, not every day, but all the time innocent people are getting killed in these drone strikes. They are killing more innocent people than Al Qaeda members, and I really would hate to see that happen anywhere else, and for it to spread to anywhere else. 

So many people are dying and they’re not supposed to be dying, and the people that are being tracked are being tracked by the NSA, and the NSA is not really good at tracking people as we have seen. Their servers are not working properly, so how can we trust them to be attacking the correct person at this point? 

Robles: Well they couldn’t stop Edward Snowden from leaving the United States? They pulled his passport in Moscow and leave him stranded so what’s he going to do yes? 

Anon: Yes, and this also put the Boston bombing in perspective. A lot of people would have come up with the excuse “yes, we will see the terrorists and then they get through the system anyway”. The problem with the whole Boston bombing thing was that Russia was telling America and the FBI not to trust the terrorists a million times. Russia said:“Hey do not trust these guys. They are up to something. Do not trust them”. Russia gave them so many tips and still they got through. 

Robles: No, yeah. They were on watch lists? 

Anon: So that is real evidence. What they are doing is not working, they just let these guys through,they bombed the event and they were getting tips all the time about it. So why are they really spying on people? Is it really to stop terrorism? Or is to keep all Americans oppressed and to stop any rebellion? That is another really good point that people are talking about. 

Robles: Well they have passed under the Patriot Act, there’s been additions where they can actually imprison in these FEMA camps massive numbers of millions, hundreds of millions of US citizens if there is some widespread protest for example against war policies. This is written in the books, but people don’t know about that do they? 

Anon: Oh yes. No, and that is one thing that really gets passed around. And if you start talking about it, too much, a lot of people say “oh you are a crazy conspiracy nut”. But if it looks like a car, and it sounds like a car, then it is probably a car. There are so many dots that connect. They point to the idea that all this is really happening just to stop any form of rebellion from occurring. 

They will put the people in FEMA camps. An example is Obama and Defense buying billions of bullets -why? They have enough bullets to wage a war on a couple of countries for decades; that is a scary thing.The time to act is now. We cannot wait too long, because if we wait too long there will be no point, we might as well just move somewhere else because the Police State or Surveillance State is going to approach such a level that nothing will be able to happen, and we will be forced to abide by their rules, and that is a future I would hate to live in. 

Robles: That’s what Edward Snowden saw I think. That’s why he decided he wasn’t going to be a part of it. Do you think he’s a hero for what he did? 

Anon: Oh yes, definitely. You could say a hero is someone that risks what they have for the better of others. That definitely defines him. He threw his life away, his comfortable life. He could have easily ignored everything but he decided to solve something that was wrong. 

Robles: Well he had that $250,000 year job, the big house, the girlfriend, and all that. He had it all I guess right? 

Anon: Oh yes, he had it all, he had a perfect life. I am sure a lot of people would do anything for that much money, and that is not even that much. 

Robles: Because he had the power too I guess. He was an NSA operative? 

Anon: Yes, and now he is poor and living almost on welfare. He was once at a really high level, he had a top job, and now he is just a poor guy on the street. That is why we have to support him. 

Robles: He’s a refugee in Russia. So, anyway. 

This is John Robles you were listening to an interview with a member of the Anymous Hacktivist Collective. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.


Dear Reader,

The digitized voice in this interview is to protect the identity of the speaker who wishes to remain anonymous. The voice reflects an Anononymous member and can not be considered the "Official Voice of Anonymous" as there is no such thing.




We are Anonymous.

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We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.



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