Russian aid needs escort?

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Russian Aid Needs Escort?

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Interview with Russian Ambassador to Serbia  Aleksandr Konuzin.

Can you give our listeners a little bit of information about the situation on the ground in Serbia, please?

I’m standing at the administrative line between the Central Serbia and the Kosovo Province. We came here in the morning, at 9.30 a.m. and proceeded with passage from Central Serbia to Kosovo. Two trucks with humanitarian aid crossed the checkpoint, but then the procedure was disrupted and the whole convoy was blocked. We stayed for hours and only some 15 minutes ago I received a call from EULEX aide, explaining that it’s impossible for us to proceed. They insisted on escorting out convoy. I said we didn’t need any escort to go from Yarine to Kosovska Mitrovica. But he said it was impossible to go without escort or else we should go to Marbore. We didn’t go to Marbore and in this situation the whole convoy is unfortunately blocked. So, we are standing at Yarine.

The whole convoy is stopped right now?

Yes. Two trucks are on the Kosovo side and the rest of the convoy is on the side of Central Serbia.

Is this a serious problem? Do you think it will be worked out by morning?

I don’t know. I’m in communication with my authorities. We are examining the situation. We need some more time to make a definite decision.

Interview with Daniela Dragovic, a Serbian political activist.

Can you tell us a little bit about the aid? How many trucks of aid have arrived?

25 trucks have arrived. They are still on the border with Kosovo, as I know. We have out man down there, Mr. Konuzin, who is our national hero. All people in Serbia love Konuzin more than any of our politicians.

That’s nice to hear. Are they having any problems or is everything going normally out there?

No, there is nothing normal out there. I have to say we have self-destruction politicians here, in Serbia, and we are intentionally being isolated from the media. Nobody, no television, no newspapers are actually talking about Russian help. But the ordinary people in Serbia, they know, and we are very, very happy. They are on the streets, all along the way.

I saw some pictures and it looked like there were some trees on the road and stuff. Did somebody set up road blocks or was that just some trees that fell on the road? What happened with that? Do you know anything about that?

 I don’t know. Maybe out men on the border do. Can I say something about our movement?

Sure. You can say anything you want. This is a free radio.

We are gathering young, honest people who don’t care about politics and just want to save Serbia from the worst situation in its history. Our leader is in fact in Russia and you can contact him for more information. The biggest part of Serbian people don’t trust our politicians and put all their faith in Russia and God. They are grateful for all Russian help. I’m very excited, I’m sorry.

Is the Russian Orthodox Church active with the Serbian Church?

No, I’m ashamed of telling this but our patriarch is so-called “uniate.” Our patriarch wants to cooperate with the Roman Church.

I thought there were some ties being built with the Orthodox Church as well.

I’m really sorry to tell this but we are in a very dire situation. Serbia is in a so-called silent occupation. All our political parties and their leaders actually don’t have any solution because they are in a no-exit position. We don’t have any hope and we must gather people to try to solve this situation. There are many people in our movement and we really have solutions to all Serbian problems.

What about the aid? I heard there are power units. You said there are problems with media. Are you able to use the internet there?

Yes, we are very active on Facebook. We try to get more information for people who are on Facebook, on Twitter etc. that’s all. You can’t read about it in a newspaper or watch about it on TV.

Why is that? Who is responsible for that?

Our government and all our politicians because they don’t want us to get close with Russia. We are on the road to Europe. And for our politicians there is actually no other way for Serbia. But it’s not so. Most of Serbian people at this time want to be closer to Russia. Most of us want to go to the Eurasian unit with Russia and other countries. This is it.

Russian Aid Convoy in Serbia Given Green Light

Download audio file 16 December 2011, 15:21

Interview with Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Konuzin . Mr. Konuzin says an agreement was reached yesterday at the EU-Russia Summit that cleared the situation around Russian humanitarian convoy for Kosovo's Serbian population that was stuck at the Kosovo border.

Interview with Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Konuzin. Mr. Konuzin says an agreement was reached yesterday at the EU-Russia Summit that cleared the situation around Russian humanitarian convoy for Kosovo's Serbian population that was stuck at the Kosovo border.

According to the ambassador, they have been working together with local authorities, the government of Serbia and EU representatives in Kosovo on a plan, which is not being implemented as follows: several trucks of EU mission are now going to the Yarine block post to join the convoy, while customs officers are processing the long-awaited Russian convoy


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