The End of the 911 NeoCon CIA/MOSSAD Takeover and the Rothschilds/Zionist Ownership of America or the End of America and the Beginning of World War III?


My latest expose! FREE to anyone with a site to re-post! Attribution to: John Robles II

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A Note to My Dear Readers from the Author:

As a journalist and researcher of 911 and US Government illegality, and one who has been researching conspiracies all my life and with earnest since the events of September 11, 2001, I may have a tendency to over-complicate situations for the average reader and throw at them so much information that they may simply go into overload and if I have done that, I apologize to you dear reader! It has been a complaint I have had in the past so I will try to make things a little simpler or be more succinct if possible as I try to inform you and help you, if I can, to make sense of current events affecting all of us and in particular what is really behind all of the events in what has become one of the most obfuscated and convoluted information wars since the events of 911.

There has been a coup in America by what is called the Deep State and their interests who are only pretending to serve the American people! These Deep State actors shave formed a tightly knit global machine to advance the interests of racist NeoCon ideologues, NWO globalists and the interests of Lord Jacob Rothschild and his Zionist International fascist Khazarian Mafia Banking Cabal who continue to destroy all of the countries that had been deemed for destruction and those who could damage US hegemony on the world stage.

The operations against Russia are continuing relentlessly and with their limitless global resources and their control of the global media they are winning the information war whose goal is to demonize, marginalize and vilify Russia gaining support for a war with Russia that will undoubtedly be the start of World War III and the end of world civilization as we know it. I want to inform you and stop the NWO, but first you must listen and become informed.          

Best Wishes from Russia!

Let me explain how threatening PedoGate is… Who wins? Trump. Putin. Americans. Russians. The world…. Who loses? Israel – DHS Insider












 This work is dedicated to my son who is in prison and had his life taken away because I spoke out against the NWO and their 911 and horrendous crimes!

This work is also dedicated to all children everywhere who have suffered because of evil, but especially an unknown little person buried somewhere in an unmarked grave in a steel coffin.

We have just had very sad news so I am dedicating this to Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin! They can announce whatever they want but I am certain that a healthy man, with no illness does not just die at work. He was on the front line of the fight against the NWO and always defended Russia’s interests. He is another victim of the NWO killers who are driving for war against Russia. RIP


Never forget what the Rothschild NeoCon/Zionists have given the world.

Somewhere on the outskirts of Washington DC, or in a quiet pasture in the rolling fields or woodlands of Virginia there is small soul buried in a steel casket who was brutally violated and murdered by some “DC elite”.

Somewhere in NY there is a brave man who spent his life rescuing people and who is dying with his insides rotting out from breathing in the pulverized remains of 3,000 people and hundreds of thousands of tons of steel asbestos and concrete all brutally pulverized into dust on 911.

Somewhere in Yemen there is a child starving in a refugee camp with no parents wondering why Americans came into her home one day and slaughtered her family for no reason.

Somewhere in Afghanistan there is a woman whose husband and children were killed by a drone as they were going to the market by some soldier on the other side of the world enjoying himself as if playing a video game.

Somewhere in Donbass there is an old woman, living in a dirty basement crying because her children were all killed by people who were her neighbors and then were paid a visit by a Kagan and become demons and slaughtered the entire village.

Somewhere in a fictitious country called Israel there is a young man whose eye has been punctured, tied to a steel pipe being told he is terrorist scum for fighting European invaders who killed his sister and say his land is theirs.

Somewhere there is a man who has spent all of his adult life being tortured and experimented on because one day soldiers came into his home and he tried to defend his family as they were all being slaughtered before his eyes.

Somewhere else, on a luxurious estate that would even be the envy of the Queen of England, there is a creature, sitting on a chair of the finest cloths and leathers, dressed in the finest silks and velvets in a palace overlooking his private forests, chuckling to himself as he lifts a fresh cup of human blood to his lips and thinking of his trillions and the hopeless stupidity of the human beasts on this useless planet called Earth. His red eyes glow and his forked tongue licks his reptilian lips as he ponders how many millions will he kill today?

And thus the endless war continues and the endless pain and suffering expands and the real enslavement and destruction of the entire human race proceeds according to the plans of the NWO.  

Methodology, Sourcing, Conclusions and Purpose

This work has been compiled through the use of information obtained from open source channels, through the analysis of tens of thousands of pages of documents, thousands of videos, news reports, books and statements and with the knowledge acquired over the course of two decades working with and reporting on global conspiracies.

This work by no means claims to be a definitive work on 911, Pizzagate, the NWO, the Corporation of the United States, the Zionist Project Israel, the Rothschilds nor any of the other issues covered and used in this report.  This is rather a collection of the Intel gathered from all sources an hopefully set out in a manner where the interconnecting threads are clear and the players in the shadows are finally brought into the light.

Given that we are on the verge of World War III and the United States is on the verge of collapse and a death spiral into anarchy, this work seeks to be a basis for action to prevent World War III, the next “Terrorist Attack” that will be used as a catalyst to start WWIII and the complete collapse of the United States and enslavement of the American people. The author of this document also seeks to somehow prevent the deaths and the destruction that will occur to the world and the Russian Federation if World War III against Russia is begun.

This document also seeks to serve as a catalyst for those seeking truth to work at exposing the global Zionist banking cabal and its head Lord Jacob Rothschild and all his minions with the goal of stopping their global reign of terror and making certain they will no longer be provoking, starting or profiting from the waging of illegal aggressive wars.  

May God and the Great Spirit protect us all.

If a lie like 911 can start an endless war, then it is not a far jump to believe, that the truth can start an endless peace.


How Zionists Used the Deep State to Slaughter Americans and Use the US Military as Their Personal Army


911 and the Endless War of Domination

I have studied and researched 911 since that day, 16 years ago, and it has never been clearer than now who I believe was behind the horrendous act and what monsters could be so cynical to slaughter so many innocent people in order to bring about an endless war. Which ironically many of the Neocons believed or sold as a war to establish global US hegemony while giving it up but which in fact was just a way for Rothschild to destroy the countries that are getting in the way of the Greater Israel Project.

Of course 911 was sold to the Deep State as a way to keep NATO relevant, the military industrial complex raking in trillions and allow for the creation of a complete and total police state and complete takeover of all information channels and the media in the US and the world (remember the appearance of “embedded” journalists and statements by Ted Turner?), all necessary to keep the 911 lie in check and force the people of the world to believe a lie that ran counter to what the world had seen with its own eyes. 911 also covered up trillions of dollars in theft and 100s of billions of dollars in the theft of gold.

I have recently been in contact with a very intelligent researcher of 911 and he helped me to tie up some loose ends, including the only possible explanation I have heard for the complete pulverization of everything in the core into elementary particles, namely the use of forbidden directed energy weapons, given the obliteration of the core structures and the literal crater in the middle of the buildings, including Building 6 (Never heard of building 6 have you?) this is the only thing that makes sense.

Who is Responsible for 911?    

To name the name (Rothschild) will not be possible without independent corroborating evidence but I think you can figure out it sure was not some Muslim in a cave in Tora-Bora. Who else profited the most and is the leader of the Zionist Cabal and claims to be establishing a homeland on someone else’s country for people he has historically spit upon but claims are his.

The demolition team was MOSSAD, the Jews were warned off and arch Zionists like Silverberg made billions, as did Soros playing the markets and as did all who were involved in the pyramid. Who is obsessed with gold and controls the gold markets? Remember the billion or more in gold that disappeared on 911? Who wanted and profited from 7 countries in 5 years being destroyed for the Greater Israel Project? Who believes he was chosen by “God” and is on a mission for a people you are not allowed to criticize? Who is striving for a New World Order in which he controls the world and owns everything and everyone? Who has no problems slaughtering millions of Goy, Americans, Arabs and everyone else, except his own whom he warned, because they are nothing to him?

This Rothschild is the same person who took out MH-370 to get a patent then shot it down as MH-17 to start as war with Russia and kill all the scientists who had developed a race weapon. Who or what believes pedophilia is normal and sees justification his religion’s teachings? Who hates Muslims enough to commit genocide against them and develop genetically targeting biological weapons to kill them all? Who would kill 426 children (supplied the chemical weapons to do so) as a pretext to destroy Syria? Who do the Asteroids work for and who would simply slaughter anyone who got too close to the truth?

Who installs Presidents, destroys countries, overthrows governments and can use Saudi Arabia, DARPA, the CIA, JSOC and MOSSAD like his own personal play toys? Who can rule the Royals and blackmail kings? Whose family has been on both sides of every war since Napoleon? Who can buy US elections and tell the media to say whatever narrative he chooses? Finally who could bring about the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service with its 85 year history and global network of listeners who were regularly being given new information about 911 and US illegality? I could go on but I won’t.     

Being as it will never be properly investigated, and MOSSAD successful compromised and in effect took over the CIA and all of the intelligence apparatus of the FVEY countries who together now own and run all of the world’s media and judicial and investigative services, no official body will ever really investigate 911 and we will never be told who the real culprits are. I am sure of my findings as there can be no other individual or group with the technology and the resources to carry off such an operation and then benefit from it. This is the information that Assange was holding out on in his insurance package I believe. Saying no to Rothschild is perhaps why the Deep State is so against President Trump, that and his statements regarding the Fed. Trump has also disturbed the Deep States plan for starting World War III and has been friendly to Putin whose crime was also saying NO to Rothschild.  


Not Only Certain Outlets but the Entire Media is Fake

The Media as a Militarized Instrument of the CIA and the Deep State Shadow Government

From Brainwashing Americans to Controlling the World by Force

There are many people involved in intelligence worldwide who would attest to the fact that MKULTRA was never really stopped and in fact became programs such as KNIGHTMARE and others. Similarly Operation MOCKINGBIRD, and almost all similar CIA mass mind control programs and operations geared towards the control of mass populations, the dissemination of militarized propaganda and other “information” operations supposedly designed to ensure the security, continuity and advancement (through manipulation of the masses) of the Corporation of the United States, was most likely never really shut down. It was however temporarily paused and restarted under a different name and perhaps with different players (NSA?) all the way through, but the programs and the objectives continue and are advancing and in fact are right in front of your eyes everyday if you watch television or use the mass media for information.

You can see evidence of MKULTRA type manipulations if you look for them. Every day and every time you turn on the television or the radio, or pick up a newspaper, or visit a corporate news site you are a target. You can protect yourself to some extent however and just have to be aware of what exactly it is they are showing you and ask yourself why is that being shown? What is the purpose behind it? Who is the source? What argument does this support or put forward? If you keep in mind these facts and can approach their “programming” in such a manner you will be armed and your mind will be militarized against attempts to plant ideas in your head. However the real subliminal programming is much harder to fight.   

To be honest knowing that the NSA has technology that is 25 years ahead to anything we know about and witnessing examples of MKULTRA and MOCKINGBIRD subliminal programming I simply do not watch television or even videos if I can avoid them.

Note: If you want good examples study the “Lady” Gaga footage from the Super Bowl if there is any that has not been wiped and in particular a report on the coverage (lost the link) where Gaga is singing at the piano and there is cacophony of sound and a chorus of women are literally screaming Israel, Israel, Israel (pronounced is real) as if saying “Israel is real” very fast.  

MOCKINGBIRD in the Media

The architecture and framework of MOCKINGBIRD and even certain  “journalists” (Anderson Cooper/Project MOCKINGBIRD) whom we know were put in place by the CIA, have not only remained intact, but have multiplied and advanced since the early days.

Project MOCKINGBIRD has no doubt evolved and is now applied to a global network controlling what could be more than 96% of the world’s media according to my research and the obvious ties to Zionist controlled media and those controlled by countries in the FVEY intelligence group.

Their mission is to fabricate and repeat lies, half-truths and propaganda to the citizens of the world in order to advance the interests of the Empire, the Deep State, the Shadow Government and the elite monied interests (the global bankers, the Rothschilds and the Mega-Rich 13 families) that they are all beholden to. They are also used to silence dissent, vilify opponents, muffle opposition to their illegal aggressive wars and criminality, promote the fictitious state of Israel as a legitimate country while it commits genocide on Palestinians and sow dissent and unrest in any country they target.

The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — former CIA Director William Colby

Their CIA’s network includes obvious and overt outlets and news producers like CNN, the Washington Post, the VOA, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times and others, and bodies such as the United Press International, the Associated Press, the Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG) (which now has the legal authority to produce and broadcast propaganda into the United Sates), National Public Radio (NPR), and more. A few are direct CIA fronts or owned by CIA friendly corporations and others simply have staff in managerial positions who can control editorial policy and content, as was done at the Voice of Russia where people appeared from places like US Marines Corps Intelligence to work as “content editors”. The entire Murdoch and other conglomerates can be added to this list and there have even been forays into alternative media which are not usually very successful in polluting the minds of the “Conspiracy Theorist” crowd.

One example is the Intercept, which was started by Color Revolution sponsor and CIA asset Pierre Omidyar, whose servers are in fact near Cupertino California yet claims to be holding the great Top Secret Snowden revelations and be working against the US Intelligence Community, from Silicon Valley, sure I believe that one. A simple web search and Who-Is can verify what I have just said.

CIA Asset Omidyar finances “team Snowden”, as they are called by his Moscow lawyer, and makes sure this “rogue” truth seeking, freedom loving, all American, “was-a-trainee-and-too-young-to-have-real-intel-but-managed-to-access-all-of-the-CROWN-JEWELS-of-the-NSA-and-then-waltz-out-of-town-only-to-get-stuck-by-a-barrier-marking-off-a-transit-zone” voice for the oppressed, is kept in plenty of lucre and enjoys a comfortable life in Moscow, the most expensive city in the world.

Another is WikiLeaks and all of their resources which are now under CIA control and whose founders are if not compromised dead. I discuss that in more detail on the site.

NSA Contractor Accused of Stealing Data Far More Sensitive than Snowden      

This global network of CIA controlled media has been admitted to on multiple occasions by the Central Intelligence Agency, which has stated it has people in every major outlet worldwide. The recent suspicious death of Dr. Udo Ulfkotte after his revelations that the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD controlled World and European Media and was driving for war, underlines how far their hands reach, as does the strange and untimely liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service, shortly after the commencement of the destruction of Ukraine by members of the Russian Government obviously under the control of “somebody”.


The echo chamber is not only the CIA/MI6/FVEY but any network which seeks to advance what are supposed to be the interests of the US Government and the West. Whether owned by arch Zionists or simply beholden to the Rothschilds and Project Israel or simply because they are afraid of speaking out and self-censoring you can count on one thing, this is all not simply a conspiracy theory! 

Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media


The Internet, Full Spectrum Dominance and Hiding the Genesis of Ideas 

In following with the new Doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance adopted by the US military, the Intel Community and NATO after 911, merely having the Voice of America, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, the BBC World Service and other such organizations controlled by the Broadcast Board of Governors or similar bodies, in the age of the Internet and with the end of the Soviet Bloc, was not enough. With the necessity for more complex and devious operations in an age where there is no “day and night” ideological war going on the messenger and the message required new delivery mechanisms.

Covering up 911 and maintaining the fantasy tale that some primitive Muslim head choppers pulled of the most fantastic controlled demolition and penetration of US airspace in the history of the multi-verse and maintaining the lie that the anachronism that is NATO, (which sucks 5% of GDP from member countries), is needed or you will all die by Muslim head choppers who will kill you all and eat your children, also requires intensive round the clock operations. 

Thus we are now in a new age being fed information by a global network of media outlets, news aggregators and agencies and journalists all working for the CIA, either knowingly or through proxies or by merely following editorial guidelines set out by those at the top in the pay of the Central Intelligence Agency or a proxy, and the search for truth has become if not more difficult, impossible. If that does not sound bad enough it gets much worse.

Another important point to consider (more related to delivery) is that in the delivering and planting of ideas and information through media manipulation, is that the genesis and source of the idea, in the past, was always able to be traced, so in the good old days it was possible to just ban the Voice of America or jam the transmissions and that would be all she wrote. With the advent of the Internet which allowed much more coverage, the CIA believed they would be able to deliver their “message” in a much more clandestine manner and to a much higher level and broader audience than before, with the added bonus of having access to their computers as intelligence gathering tools. The Internet also allows them to access the information of people who work in the government of every country worldwide, as well as journalists, the rich, the banks, institutes of higher learning, laboratories and the like. It is still no accident that Windows code is not released and why Russian Intelligence agencies still use, “non-connected” technology and pen and paper for real information.

The Internet makes the possibilities almost endless for MOCKINGBIRD/MK style manipulation and Intel Ops but the problem for the “architects” was that the people on the Internet, rather than seeking out and following the “weaponized” information channels controlled by the CIA began to find information from other sources that were never available to them before and in effect turned away not only from the old radio transmissions, televised programming and printed vehicles, but also from what were supposed to be the Internet replacements. With the Internet all of a sudden there was a vehicle to release information that the Deep State and the Shadow Government did not want out and the age of the whistleblower and the alternative media suddenly sprung into existence! It was a wonderful thing and information was finally free! However that age is over I believe.

In the beginning the merciless full spectrum security state tried to brutally crack down on freedom of speech and information on the Internet, arresting people for sharing links and the like, but they could not reach and control every site or user worldwide. And the Internet which was supposed to be a global computer network under which was to be hidden a military intelligence network (currently in existence) could not be fully controlled and information was still becoming free, in two meanings of that word both of which did not please the elites or the Deep States actors they control.

Hence a completely new approach had to be thought up, and believe me they have thought things up which would make your head spin. Some examples are Facebook: the world’s biggest database of facial coordinate data, free “social media” used to spread anti-government and pro-destabilization propaganda, clouds: where people’s files and work data can be simply taken at will, Microsoft’s wonderful array of spying options: telemetry data, location data, all documents gotten through the cloud and on and on. 

Knowing that agencies like DARPA, the NSA and the CIA possess technology that is 25 years ahead of anything we know about now, something the great distractor Edward “Snowden” could have told us about had he really been a genuine leaker (the Limited Hangout Psychological Operation is something I have covered already) should make it clear that all of the mass media outlets, controlled by the CIA and owned by a very small circle of individuals worldwide, have “tools” at their disposal that we may not even be able to imagine, yet.      


Information regarding MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 and FVEY involvement in 911 was what Assange had (I believe) in his insurance file and this is what they would kill all of the WikiLeaks associates and principles for. This is also what I am sure Assange was holding back as he understood like me the complete and massive capabilities they have and that they can get to anyone if they really want to which I am certain, sadly they have.

Several years ago the fact that the Russian media and Internet were falling out of the control of the Zionist cabal at the time, the necessity to place Snowden in the Russian Federation was thus an incredibly obvious, and for them necessary operation. If you still think Snowden is simply an innocent American patriot boy who happened to somehow, with junior level contractor status, access all of the deepest secrets of the NSA, place them on thumb drives and then walk out of the building and make it all the way to Russia only to be stopped by the transit zone of a civilian airport in the target country he was actually sent to, then continue taking your blue pills and go back to sleep. I again challenge Mr. Snowden to deny this, which he never does.

If they could orchestrate the liquidation of the Voice of Russia and myself, the replacing of editorial staff with people who had US passports and said things like “We will support ANY security service”, then planting a CIA covert operations agent into the center of the truth and “leak” movement as an expert “leaker” who would then be cited and be sought out to verify, comment on and give credibility to all leaks by major press, especially those not aware of his Trojan Horse nature, put him in the perfect position to gather intelligence from leakers, truth seekers, activists, bloggers, media outlets, WikiLeaks, the CIA’s network of “opposition” in Russia and finally with the lie that he had asylum, when at the time my own real asylum in Russia was beginning to be noticed and my work in exposing 911 was beginning to reach the masses, this operation successfully took the spotlight off of me and all of my work to expose 911, and with the successful liquidation of my global media employer, effectively muzzled my voice nd stopped the truth from getting out.

The fact that no media will now publish my work, employee me or even link to my site, material, revelations, or articles should be proof to anyone in the world as to my claims and that the entire global media is Zionist controlled. The arrest of my son and the looming arrest of myself that I was threatened with if I did not shut up, will be more proof as is the fact that I am literally being starved to death as I have absolutely no source of income other than the meager donations I get which cover about 5% of what I need to live normally. I do not want to minimize the donations because they are literally the only thing keeping me alive, but I do want you to know the real and true situation.  

My conclusion years ago was that Edward Snowden is an active illegal covert operations spy, sent to protect information about the illegality of the CIA and their involvement in 911, to infiltrate the truth movement and WikiLeaks, to take over the role as the world’s “truth seeker” and to infiltrate Russian society, the media and structures involved with the asylum program to learn things like “why exactly was John Robles given asylum?” Which is a mystery for the CIA, it is no coincidence that Snowden was placed several kilometers from where I lived, meaning the territorial organs which may have had knowledge of my status were also the territorial organs which (coincidentally) were dealing with the “Snowden” case.

We even share the same investigators, so he is even in a position to “pass” false evidence against me to the Russians or start a whisper campaign which I believe he did, successfully. If you doubt what I am saying and believe the people who continue to marginalize me and demonize me and remain silent as to the convenient arrest of my son, being held in effect hostage in an environment where I know he could be killed, I will tell you one new “secret” and repeat two old “secrets” that I have written about in the past: in their effort to destroy my asylum after I was given asylum when the revocation of my citizenship occurred with the words “close your fucking site” by CIA Station Chief at the time Joseph Moone (see WikLeaks and JAR2), whom I have written about and whom WikiLeaks verified was in fact the CIA COS, and the “operation” to destroy me in Russia where they envisaged me running to the embassy to beg to “go home” failed, the CIA even passed information to Russian intelligence that I was an “arms dealer”, which of course did not wash because Russian Intelligence already knew everything about me.

After that failed CIA Color Revolution architect Michael McFaul and the US Embassy not only launched a smear campaign against me, using a proxy in the Orthodox Church of America who was expelled from Russia and whose material was then blocked from the Russian net by the Russian Government, and also attempted to get me fired from the Voice of Russia after successfully having an article I wrote exposing his color revolution plans for Russia removed from the VOR site, but then also attempted to have me thrown in a Russian prison, not once but twice. The first attempt involved a claim I had threatened him by taking the sentence which was in my article “his days are numbered in Moscow if he continues to act in this way” to “his days are numbered” but failed. The next attempt was far more insidious and an official diplomatic letter was written to the Russian Foreign Ministry saying I “physically threatened” the US Ambassador to the United State Michael McFaul. How I could “physically threaten” someone I had never seen is beyond me.

So the CIA was forced to use their assets in Lubertsy where I had lived and in Moscow which also did not work, hence the Snowden Operation. Just note that, with the revocation of my citizenship, with the adjoining Senate bill “… allowing for the stripping of citizenship or revocation of passports of Puerto Rican nationals overseas under special circumstances” and my secret classification as a WikiLeaks associate, the CIA was freed up to target me in any way possible as I was no longer (in their eyes) a US Citizen.

Again all of these attempts failed and Snowden was brought in. Here it is important to inform you that I am still the only American with real asylum in Russia and that Edward Snowden does not have asylum and was only given temporary asylum to get him out of the transit zone on humanitarian grounds.

Snowden will never get asylum because a) it requires a renunciation of US citizenship and b) members of Security/Intelligence services are not allowed to be given asylum under international or Russian law. Point b also applies to Russian citizenship. Spies are allowed to defect not get asylum. So is he working for Russian Intelligence? Did he give his training level Intel to the Russian Intelligence Services? I will not comment in any way on that but if he did it was his own choice and part of the operation and not something the Russians wanted or asked for or even needed. Everything Snowden revealed was already known and even if Snowden came in as a Trojan Horse bearing gifts Russian Intelligence would not have fallen for it.

Finally on Snowden if he was not working for the Corporation the corporate media would not be making such a darling of him attempting to establish forever his cover, he would also not be followed on Twitter by millions of people in the US armed forces and US Government, nor would he be making continual statements against the Russian Government and President Putin even repeating the lies that Russia had hacked the US. Snowden is an Op.

I will finish speaking about myself here as this is a topic for another medium but was important to show you how far they will go to protect the 911 Operation from being completely exposed. However as this piece covers the topic of the monstrosity of Pizzagate, child trafficking, the attempted removal of a President and US political criminality I must add one related point. Regarding Nancy Pelosi and California CPS. My original problem with the Clintonite State, in particular the Clinton created “Federal Protection Service” began when I called for a Grand Jury investigation into CPS Woodland which was defrauding the US Federal Government of hundreds of millions through fake welfare claims on the children of marginalized citizens and also removing such children and basically selling them for “adoptions”.

Thanks to the late Ted Gunderson I also learned that there is a laboratory in Woodland California that was working on genetically targeting biological weapons and from talking to micro-biologists I have learned that humans are needed for such experiments, which is another reason (along with selling for organs, human sacrifice etc) the US Government needs access to your children.

How does Nancy Pelosi fit in? Well, (at the time I thought it was just a weird event) she offered to provide me with “the assistance of her office in returning my US Passport if I gave up my children who are in Russia as collateral”.

When I first started going through the thousands of files in the Pedosta [sic] e-mails I became sick and when I discovered information about the death of the late Nancy Schaefer I really became physically ill, because finally the destruction of my family and my life became clear as to why for doing what I thought was my responsibility and obligation, namely exposing massive fraud by CPS Woodland and California, I end up as a refugee dying forgotten and marginalized in Russia.

This is also information that WikiLeaks had and which now will never be revealed as the organization no longer exists but is just a front for the CIA. This is also why I had a falling out with Assange because they would not publish anything that would have exonerated and vindicated me and shown that I am a real whistleblower. SO was Assange also an Op? Maybe(((         


If the Deep State is not Stopped Your End is Very Near


Outcome One

You rise up peacefully and evict the Rothschilds and the Zionist Cabal and stop funding the terrorists genocidal apartheid criminal human trafficking state of Israel and seize their assets and end their wars and you will live in world peace, make America great and guarantee the continued existence of the human race.

Outcome Two

You can do nothing and wait until they put chips in all of you, take away every right you have left and place you in FEMA Camps to work for free and as slaves until the end of time. If there are any of you left.


We hope not only to be a catalyst for debate and truth and critical thinking but also hope to spark real world actions leading to: restitution, tribunals, the initiation of legal actions, the protection of the rights of the Indigenous Peoples everywhere including the Americas and respect for the treaties and payment of monies owed to the Sovereign Nations by the Bank of England, the Crown, the Corporations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States under admiralty or any other law, an end to all of the aggressive wars that the United States is engaged in, an end to the occupation of Palestine by foreign invaders, an end to the pseudo-nazi fascist regime in Ukraine, a real investigation into the events of 911 and for now the arrest and prosecution of everyone and anyone involved in the Pizzagate/PedoGate horrors.

We also call for restitution to the American people for every dime that has been taken or lost by them due to the false flag event that was 911 and every penny that was given to the false state of Israel by Lord Rothschild and his minions in the Deep State. Although Rothschild may possibly be the registered owner of the Corporation of the United States, he is not the recognized leader of the United States of America and is in fact owed no allegiance to by the citizens of the United States. They owe their allegiance to those who they believe are their real leaders and not to doppelgangers hiding in the shadows, who rule them by subterfuge, subversion and hiding their real intentions and faces and through the manipulation of legalese, the false premise of national security and any other instruments or caveats they can find.

We call on Israel and Lord Rothschild to repay every penny the American people have had to pay for the secret waging of the wars necessary to slaughter Arabs and Muslims for the illegal land grab that is Project Israel.

My premise in the creation of this document is that no one should be above the law, not even those claiming the rights of state actors, to engage in the act of aggressive war, false flag terrorism or any other manipulation to bring about harm or death or war to populations! No one, be they a Rothschild or a Clinton or a Bush, has the right  to directly or by way of their actions take or harm ANY human life.

In the interests of justice and setting the world straight there must also be a body formed, as the United Nations has proven useless in its original function, to guarantee the sovereignty of nations and more importantly restore the sovereignty of peoples. Meaning, and this is not a complete list but, the Indigenous peoples of North and South America, the peoples of Palestine, Serbia, New Zealand, Australia and other areas who have been driven into poverty and then demonized by the actions of the Crown and its agents, the Rothschild Cabal and their subversive economic manipulations and any other people whose sovereign and human rights have been violated by invaders.

World peace, an end to world poverty and an age of prosperity for all of the world’s citizens could be had if one small group would be held to account and finally be forced to abide by the common law and the standards that we all must live under. The Rothschilds and Soroses of the world who brag about destroying countries and sponsoring both sides of wars must be forced to pay restitution, make amends and pay for rebuilding in the lands where they have started wars. This is a reasonable and sane demand if we all follow the precept and the belief that no one is above the law. Returning Palestine to the Palestinians would be a start, complete with the homes that have been built on the lands where their homes were destroyed.

I am almost sure none of this will ever take place and fear for my safety in saying any of it but if there is enough of a drive by the people of the world for peace and justice, then peace and justice can be found, or in this case, can be forced on those who would continue to profit from their own criminality and the murder and subjugation of their fellow humans.


A “New” Way to Protest and Make Ourselves Heard

Simple: Organized, peaceful actions involving everyone simply withdrawing their money from all banks and simply staying home once a week or month or more in a unified attempt to stop the consumerism and usury that the bankers live off would be enough, if the scale was massive enough. No violence, destruction or arrests which feed the security state.








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