The End of the 911 NeoCon CIA/MOSSAD Takeover and the Rothschilds/Zionist Ownership of America or the End of America and the Beginning of World War III?


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A Note to My Dear Readers from the Author:

As a journalist and researcher of 911 and US Government illegality, and one who has been researching conspiracies all my life and with earnest since the events of September 11, 2001, I may have a tendency to over-complicate situations for the average reader and throw at them so much information that they may simply go into overload and if I have done that, I apologize to you dear reader! It has been a complaint I have had in the past so I will try to make things a little simpler or be more succinct if possible as I try to inform you and help you, if I can, to make sense of current events affecting all of us and in particular what is really behind all of the events in what has become one of the most obfuscated and convoluted information wars since the events of 911.

There has been a coup in America by what is called the Deep State and their interests who are only pretending to serve the American people! These Deep State actors shave formed a tightly knit global machine to advance the interests of racist NeoCon ideologues, NWO globalists and the interests of Lord Jacob Rothschild and his Zionist International fascist Khazarian Mafia Banking Cabal who continue to destroy all of the countries that had been deemed for destruction and those who could damage US hegemony on the world stage.

The operations against Russia are continuing relentlessly and with their limitless global resources and their control of the global media they are winning the information war whose goal is to demonize, marginalize and vilify Russia gaining support for a war with Russia that will undoubtedly be the start of World War III and the end of world civilization as we know it. I want to inform you and stop the NWO, but first you must listen and become informed.          

Best Wishes from Russia!

Let me explain how threatening PedoGate is… Who wins? Trump. Putin. Americans. Russians. The world…. Who loses? Israel – DHS Insider












This work is dedicated to my son who is in prison and had his life taken away because I spoke out against the NWO and their 911 and horrendous crimes!

This work is also dedicated to all children everywhere who have suffered because of evil, but especially an unknown little person buried somewhere in an unmarked grave in a steel coffin.

We have just had very sad news so I am dedicating this to Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin! They can announce whatever they want but I am certain that a healthy man, with no illness does not just die at work. He was on the front line of the fight against the NWO and always defended Russia’s interests. He is another victim of the NWO killers who are driving for war against Russia. RIP


Never forget what the Rothschild NeoCon/Zionists have given the world.

Somewhere on the outskirts of Washington DC, or in a quiet pasture in the rolling fields or woodlands of Virginia there is small soul buried in a steel casket who was brutally violated and murdered by some “DC elite”.

Somewhere in NY there is a brave man who spent his life rescuing people and who is dying with his insides rotting out from breathing in the pulverized remains of 3,000 people and hundreds of thousands of tons of steel asbestos and concrete all brutally pulverized into dust on 911.

Somewhere in Yemen there is a child starving in a refugee camp with no parents wondering why Americans came into her home one day and slaughtered her family for no reason.

Somewhere in Afghanistan there is a woman whose husband and children were killed by a drone as they were going to the market by some soldier on the other side of the world enjoying himself as if playing a video game.

Somewhere in Donbass there is an old woman, living in a dirty basement crying because her children were all killed by people who were her neighbors and then were paid a visit by a Kagan and become demons and slaughtered the entire village.

Somewhere in a fictitious country called Israel there is a young man whose eye has been punctured, tied to a steel pipe being told he is terrorist scum for fighting European invaders who killed his sister and say his land is theirs.

Somewhere there is a man who has spent all of his adult life being tortured and experimented on because one day soldiers came into his home and he tried to defend his family as they were all being slaughtered before his eyes.

Somewhere else, on a luxurious estate that would even be the envy of the Queen of England, there is a creature, sitting on a chair of the finest cloths and leathers, dressed in the finest silks and velvets in a palace overlooking his private forests, chuckling to himself as he lifts a fresh cup of human blood to his lips and thinking of his trillions and the hopeless stupidity of the human beasts on this useless planet called Earth. His red eyes glow and his forked tongue licks his reptilian lips as he ponders how many millions will he kill today?

And thus the endless war continues and the endless pain and suffering expands and the real enslavement and destruction of the entire human race proceeds according to the plans of the NWO.  

Methodology, Sourcing, Conclusions and Purpose

This work has been compiled through the use of information obtained from open source channels, through the analysis of tens of thousands of pages of documents, thousands of videos, news reports, books and statements and with the knowledge acquired over the course of two decades working with and reporting on global conspiracies.

This work by no means claims to be a definitive work on 911, Pizzagate, the NWO, the Corporation of the United States, the Zionist Project Israel, the Rothschilds nor any of the other issues covered and used in this report.  This is rather a collection of the Intel gathered from all sources an hopefully set out in a manner where the interconnecting threads are clear and the players in the shadows are finally brought into the light.

Given that we are on the verge of World War III and the United States is on the verge of collapse and a death spiral into anarchy, this work seeks to be a basis for action to prevent World War III, the next “Terrorist Attack” that will be used as a catalyst to start WWIII and the complete collapse of the United States and enslavement of the American people. The author of this document also seeks to somehow prevent the deaths and the destruction that will occur to the world and the Russian Federation if World War III against Russia is begun.

This document also seeks to serve as a catalyst for those seeking truth to work at exposing the global Zionist banking cabal and its head Lord Jacob Rothschild and all his minions with the goal of stopping their global reign of terror and making certain they will no longer be provoking, starting or profiting from the waging of illegal aggressive wars.  

May God and the Great Spirit protect us all.

If a lie like 911 can start an endless war, then it is not a far jump to believe, that the truth can start an endless peace.




There has been a coup in America and it was by Donald Trump and the Rothschilds who backed both candidates and to whom Trump is beholden!

Rothschilds Behind Trump's Rise to Power

“In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities. On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.”

It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.“ This was detailed in a Bloomberg article from March 22, 1992. The same Wilbur L. Ross, still Jacob Rothschild’s right hand man, came out in support of Trump’s nomination in March 2016, also reported by Bloomberg. Jacob Rothschild’s son, Nat Rothschild, even dated Ivanka Trump.







Rothschild’s 150+ Million Dollar Support and a Failed? Prefabricated (S)Election, NO! They won anyway!

It has been one month now since the inauguration of President Donald John Trump and the electoral loss of the disgraced Hillary Clinton whose family’s criminal empire and dynastic hold on power was finally destroyed. Unfortunately the secret Zionist machine and the plans of those in the shadows was not fulfilled and they will do anything to continue their plans to establish the NWO.

Surprisingly recounts were done, lawsuits were filed and the Clinton camp attempted everything in the book to get into the White House no matter what, yet even with their monumental efforts and even though everything appeared to have been preplanned and orchestrated to guarantee her win, a win which everybody expected to be a no-brainer, she still lost. Meaning there is still a small chance that the NWO/Zionist machine can be defeated.

Fake Electoral System Under an Endemic White Supremacist State

Given the electronic and computerized state of the US election system which is unreliable and extremely vulnerable to manipulation and has no real paper back up, the anachronism of the Electoral College system with its Orwellian rules and unfair zoning and delegate counting practices, which always guarantees in the end only approved establishment candidates make it into any office, one has serious reason to doubt the real legitimacy of the US election system.

Add to those points the completely unfair funding and access to media of third parties across the board, the violent refusal of the US to allow UN observers in the country (something every normal transparent democratic country allows), requirements, zoning and documentation which block “minorities” and the poor, access to the voting process, institutionalized intimidation along ethnic and racial lines and racial and ethnic bias in every court, media and official process, and one could be completely understand were one to have absolutely no faith in the US system.

The fact is that the United State of America is not a “white country” and in fact if you remove Arabs from the official census numbers as being members of the “white” race then there is no doubt that the “white race” is a minority and a minority of immigrants at that. Note: This is not an attack on the white race, but it is absolutely necessary to talk about racism openly and these are merely statements of fact that must be talked about and addressed honestly in order to understand how the Zionists have been so successful in taking over America because it is this apartheid system that allowed them to take over the government and all institutions that matter. The truth must be stated no matter what it is and if we are to end the supremacy of the Zionist then we must look at how we have allowed them to subvert us and keep ourselves silent as to how they have taken control of the world.   

The election loss of Clinton leaves one with several questions that require answers, such as why if everything had been planned to install Clinton was she then allowed to lose? Could it really be that “so called minorities” in the white supremacist country of the United States all of a sudden decided to vote for an ultra-white billionaire candidate who was making clearly racial statements, stoking the flames of hatred for Muslims and immigrants and whose supporters were openly expressing endemic American hatred and racism? With slogans like “Make America White Again” what black person would vote for Trump? And where are these black and Latino supporters in his cabinet?  He claims “minorities”  supported him in mass numbers which is seriously doubtful, unless you believe the oppressed non-white population is so stupid as to have forgotten a past not long ago when they were lynched and hung from trees and a present reality where they live in ghettoized cities, are regularly killed by police, arrested for minor infractions and suffer untold injustice at the hands of the state, the courts and the police and security structures. American “minorities” have never had their own candidate and never will, not even Barack Obama who was merely a slave to the Deep State and Israel.  

Given that there was so much evidence that the elections were rigged for Clinton and the unreliability of the actual voting infrastructure, why is it then that no one is saying in a major way that Trump rigged the election? Did he actually win? Or was he allowed to win? Regardless there exists the distinct and extremely distasteful possibility that all of this was planned in advance without the knowledge of the Clintons. But why? Could it be something   so simple as the fact that she had caused Tony Blair to miss a meeting with Lynn Forester de Rothschild? Or was it really because a young man named Seth Rich, whom she had had killed, had possessed the “nerve” to think he could expose her and her Luciferian child murdering underlings? Or was she allowed to lose because even her sponsors realized that she was a bigger threat than Trump would ever be and she was guilty of exposing the real nature of the Zionist/Luciferian NWO Shadow Government that has taken over America.

Given the support she still possesses today in the media, which is 99% Zionist controlled, even though there is documented evidence against the Clinton Crime family involving everything from high treason to the murder of political threats it is clear something is not right. The most logical conclusion one might reach is that her service to the Shadow Government was so broad, and deep and she knows so much, that she has been allowed to continue her existence free as a bird.       

Service to the Zionist Shadow Government and the N.W.O.   

If you ask any normal average citizen anywhere to name one achievement of Clinton or Obama for that matter it is very difficult unless you understand whom she was truly serving. However the recent leaks made it clear her family were being paid billions by corporations, countries and special interests and the money just kept flowing, meaning she was doing a good job for somebody and it wasn’t John and Jane Doe voter or even the elite American Anglo-Saxon Protestant rich. She was serving the Monolithic Zionist machine and anyone else she was taking money from. Is that strange or odd? Unfortunately no, that is the common practice of the capitalist “democratic” system, but she was definitely not serving the voters.

A Falling Out with the Rothschilds?   

It is true that nobody makes a mistake with the Rothschilds, a family which quite literally owns the world, not even if hundreds of millions of dollars had been invested in you and the buying of another US Presidency! Nobody screws up. That money to them is nothing and would be replaced, and if they wanted they could just add some zeroes to a bank account somewhere, or orchestrate a couple of fluctuations in the price of gold. Without the details it is impossible to make an assessment but could the mistake I am referring to, the pulling away of Tony Blair from a meeting with the Rothschilds be the key? I am talking about a letter which many of you are familiar with in which Clinton apologizes and asks what penance she must pay. Was Clinton becoming a threat to the Rothschilds hold even over the UK? Perhaps! But any more discussion of this would be conjecture needless to say she has done great damage to the NWO.

So what is the real reason she was cut loose? Was it really because of Pizzagate? Or was my first gut instinct correct, when I spoke of a Hegelian Dialect and the rise of the Fascist Internationale and how they made Clinton so horrible that people ran to the candidate who represented the lesser of two evils? Or did WikiLeaks and the people really affect change through Internet activism? Of course I would like to believe the latter but the elites are normally deaf to all of us on the Internet.  

As for the Deep State and the N.W.O. Shadow Government being upset well the money was not the main problem. The problem appeared to be that the entire process from nomination to inauguration had been bought and paid for and decided on in advance. Results had been sent to the media outlets, magazines had been printed, hundreds of documents had been carefully prepared for her to sign once she was president, including (I am hypothesizing on this point) the declaration for/of war on Russia and the final agreement of the TPP which would have finally established the NWO forever, now those were real reasons to be upset. But even though she had all the cards, lo and behold she still managed to lose. So again was the plan to install a Corporate Fascist State in the US so that the people took to the streets in mass protests causing the state to quickly apply martial law, suspend the Constitution and implement the REX84 protocols? That question must be answered because whether or not planned in advance, with the Clinton loss as a catalyst that is definitely on the table and is a future wish of the Deep State.

Other Deep State Plans and Projects Under Threat

The election was not the only thing that had been prepared in advance and this has been made clearly obvious by the unprecedented reaction and appearance in the open of the Deep State. The NATO and the CIA which have a long history of involving German Nazis in their foundation and organization need to ensure the Israeli/Zionist/NWO/RAD/PNAC goal of “Global Hegemony by Force and the Elimination of all Potential Adversaries” is carried out and this has proven will require the start of World War III to take over the Russian Federation and bring Russia to its knees in order to make it the “Lebensraum” and the material donor that the CFR and arch-Zionist lunatics like Madeline Albright and Zbigniew Brzezinski believe it must be.

Judging by the actions of the Deep State which has now exposed itself, the Shadow Government whose real leader is apparently Lord Jacob Rothschild (and I would beg anyone to provide information saying that is not true and who really is), has ordered all of the Deep State’s assets to continue with the NWOs plans regardless of what President Trump says and thus the CIA, MOSSAD, the Media Complex and NATO are all engaged in heightened “operations” and in a panic because they see the real possibility that they will be taken down, which they must be.

According to careful analysis of Clinton’s financial donor spreadsheets and other documents, approval for what would be World War III was already paid for and now without Clinton they must find some other way to bring that about. It is possible as well that they are also truly afraid that Trump will begin an investigation into 911 and start the Pizzagate arrests. No one knows, which is why he is being so demonized. Then there is the fact perhaps he is really ready to make radical changes at the Rothschild Federal reserve and in effect make “America Great Again” and evict the Rothschilds, which if the US seized his assets would be WONDERFUL for America and if Trump is sincere would be great for Russia and the World, which is very important to me.  

Pizzagate Exposes Deep State, ZIONIST MEDIA, CIA/MOSSAD and a Coup in America

“Pizzagate” has exposed the Deep State and the Shadow Government of the United States as never before and their unified reaction has made it clear who the players are and that the Deep State and the CIA are one unit working for Israel, that it is the same entrenched actors who were instrumental in carrying out and covering up 911 for the Greater Israel Project and has shown that together they will do anything to continue with their own agenda and the drive for World War III with or without Trump.

We have learned from “DHS Insider” and “FBI Anon” that Pizzagate and Pedogate and Epstein’s Pedo Island were all orchestrated “Honey Traps” set up by the CIA and Mossad in order to record material that could be used to blackmail US politicians.

So with the “Pizza Operations” being in place for decades, this means (if one is to use critical thinking and logical reasoning) that these people were used for carrying out and covering up 911 as well. If arrests are made and since those involved are being used by MOSSAD, which is said to now be black mailing and extorting over 30% of the Washington elite (according to DHS Insider) the entire hold that Israel has had on the US Government will end and if Rothschild and his NeoCon warmongering minions are evicted, we will finally have peace in the world.

I would like to underline the importance of prosecuting Pizzagate, from Clinton on down and add that since 911 was carried out by MOSSAD with the help of the Deep State assets at the CIA, NORAD, JSOC the FBI and even NASA, if Pizzagate is properly investigated and all the parties involved arrested, this will finally lead to 911 being properly investigated and the demons behind 911 being prosecuted and sentenced for once and for all.      

That the CIA is involved is treasonous and evidenced by their refusing to give intelligence to Trump as is being engaged in a campaign to smear him, the elected leader! This is the dictionary definition of a Deep State and in already proceeding with their own agenda, this is clear evidence of a coup. Further evidence of the coup includes the Deep State’s chief warmonger John McCain (who according to FBI Anon is on the list of Pizzagate high level arrests) running around trying to start World War III along with Lindsey Graham (also on the list), the continued lack of arrests, the continued demonization of Russia and now the death of Vitaly Churkin, CIA/DHS/FBI attempts to smear Trump with the “Russian Card” and even using MI6 to try to come up with “Kompromat” against Trump and finally all of the smears and lies of what President Trump has called “Fake News” and complete and total impunity with which they trash him. His statements that the “fake” media are in fact the enemy of the US populace are 100% correct! Rather than reading all of this from a journalist with asylum in Russia it should be the US media which is reporting everything contained herein but the have not and will not because they are not real news outlets but simply brainwashing Zionist operations. Al of which lead to the question of whether President Trump is really in control of the country.    

Again the almost irrational panic has revealed just how deep the CIA/Deep State control over the media is and just how deep they were actually in “it” with Clinton. I do not remember ever until today seeing reports that the CIA is withholding information from a US President, and never has a President been more demonized and outright disrespected by the Zionist controlled media despite appearing to suck up to Polish Zionist Benjamin Miliekowski (Netanyahu) as all American leaders are required to do by Lord Rothschild and the NWO.

The final evidence of a coup is the stunning fact that the ZIONIST/NWO will even destroy America to succeed for Rothschild. The CIA/MOSSAD/Deep State/Zionist/Shadow Government, are now attempting to stage what has already been named the Purple Revolution and the destabilization efforts of George Soros continue unabated in the United States while even former President Obama has gathered an army of activists and supporters in Washington DC where he now lives who he is leading to oust Trump.

When Trump says he inherited a mess he is right. He inherited exactly what President Putin did when he came into power, a country torn apart and raped by the Rothschild Zionist Cabal. Will he rise to the occasion or go play golf?

What Does the Future Hold?

As an analyst I can report the following: one month in we are left with more questions about the future than answers. Will the 911 Deep State and the Shadow Government which took over the United States in 2000 finally be ousted and the end of the US-hegemony-by-force-endless-war-PNAC-paradigm finally be a reality? Or is this all the next step towards REX84 and the complete and total enslavement of the US population? Will John McCain finally have his way and be allowed to start World War III for the Zionist puppet masters or will he finally be arrested? For Russia the past month has shown no progress, according to officials, in normalizing relations with the US. The Russophobic hysteria continues, the ridiculous unfounded lies continue, support for the Ukrainian nazi junta has somewhat abated but the illegal unilaterally promoted sanctions continue. Uncertainty is not good for anybody but perhaps this is part of their plan?

I have personally tried to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt and continue to hope that he will be the President who finally gives America back to the people, recognizes at least some of the rights of the Indigenous population, heroically ends all wars, restores some semblance of morality in the country and stops the Israeli ownership of America, but with each passing day that hope grows less. However again like President Putin, he did inherit a complete and total “mess” after Neo-Liberal Globalists were given free reign.  

World War III False Flag Event Hinted at by Bill Gates? 911v2

I have been literally working on this piece for the better part of a week now and events continue as the situation is fluid I am adding the following information which just came in because it may be extremely important and a sign of a another 911 being planned which is exactly what these lunatics would try to pull off: Bill Gates recently appeared in the media which in and of itself is not entirely odd but he has been quoted as saying and giving warnings that (paraphrasing) there could be a Mass Casualty Event (MCE) involving terrorists and chemical weapons. Such reports by elites and elite media outlets have in the past been in fact warnings and used to “set the stage” for such an organized false flag event.

Being as Gates is one of the most important enablers of the N.W.O. and at the top of the food chain with the ultra-rich such announcements can not be accidental or taken lightly. However it could be nothing but another way to terrorize the population into giving up even more rights and more importantly, tax dollars for even greater surveillance and stripping of their rights.

I have mentioned in the past the development by the CIA and MOSSAD and what clearly must be Zionist lunatics of genetically targeting biological weapons to rid the Middle East of Arabs and the US of blacks and other unfavorable races but this makes it clear that there is the possibility of such a test run being carried out soon in America to kick start World War III. For the real hardcore conspiracy watchers note the over a hundred Microbiologists and scientists killed on Flight MH-17 and the hundreds more killed in the last 15 years worldwide. They have killed to prevent a cure for cancer coming out, killed more for stopping a cure for AIDS (CIA engineered) and would surely take down a plane to hide such a weapon.

See JAR2 for info on this and Rothschild’s probable remote control hi-jacking of Flight MH-370 for a patent, the remote hijacking system and the disposal of the aircraft as MH-17 over Ukraine to start the war with Russia.        

Was There Penetration by Another MOSSAD Team

The breaking news from a few hours ago that appeared on several smaller media outlets that 11 people had somehow gotten past the TSA without being screened at JFK also sounds like the preparations for a false flag event. So I sounded an alarm and thankfully nothing happened and nothing of the sort will but knowing how these lunatics always use the same scenarios it would not be a stretch to have them carry out a repeat of 911.

Promoting Russophobic Hysteria: The Deep State, WWIII and Russia

The insane hysteria being promoted by Neo-Con Zionist forces in the West through the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 controlled media against the Russian Federation and its President Vladimir Putin is the most obvious precursor and clearest sign as to the real intentions of the Deep State. Again proving they are clearly bent on causing World War III, enslaving Russia and continuing with their orchestrated destruction of the Middle East for Project Israel and the Rothschilds. More evidence of the looming nature of war is the tragic news that we have just had about the death of the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations who died in his office. I would say it is an obvious Asteroids’ hit by the NOW although it is not clear exactly what he died of or what he was working on as of this writing but he has been a staunch and worthy opponent of the NWO for years now and has also been a targeted individual for his work fighting NATO expansion and defending the rights of Serbs and the people of Donbass and generally being a thorn in the side of the West. We are deeply saddened and shocked by this horrible news.     

A Look into the Master Plan

Has there been a change to the master plan? The Deep State NWO is still trying to start World War III as we have seen by John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s strange (because they are in not diplomats or foreign service employees) trips to Ukraine and around the world.

Still first and foremost for Lord Rothschild, is the successful eradication of Arabs and Muslims and real Semites (whom he views as sub-human) and the establishment of the Greater Israel which will encompass a huge part of the Middle East and takeover parts of Egypt, Iran, Syria and who knows how much more.

The Rothschild Bankers’ dream of a one world state run and owned by the NWO is still their goal, then depopulation of breathers and useless eaters, the elimination of all religions replaced by worship of Moloch (if we are to take the Star of Moloch emblazoned on the flag of Israel as an indicator) and in the end the enslavement of what is left of humanity.

This will of course all be carried out by the Military Forces of the United States and NATO under the flag of Moloch using the surveillance and mass collection architecture of the US and the FVEY countries as the Intelligence tool. Of course the US wants Global Hegemony and NATO wants to expand further worldwide, so they are all working together for now and attempting to get rid of Trump who so far has shown he will not be their rubber stamp. 

Make no doubt Rothschild and his Zionist cabal are a danger to every country and every race and every religion and even though the use the United States and pretend to be “friends” Americans are nothing but expendable Goy and are needed for their military might and because only a white supremacist country like the United States also founded on the genocide of the indigenous people would go along with project Israel.. Remember you are dealing with lunatics who think they are God’s chosen and committing genocide as we speak while populating a land that is not theirs to own. 

Now listen carefully, is white genocide real? Yes as is genocide on all of us. Remember Zionist is not a race or a religion and “Jewish” is also not a race, although some claim it is. The inbred Rothschilds are of Khazri and German blood and remember to them we are all Goy. The clever attacks on multiculturalism and the hi-jacking of the word Semite are both very important. First erasing multiculturalism also means that Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish and all other cultures will be gotten rid of. It also means all religions will be gotten rid of including Judaism, Christianity in all forms and others, all to be replaced with Luciferian Talmudic worship of Moloch. This is also another revelation of Pizzagate, Bohemian Grove and other N.W.O. related discoveries such as Denver International Airport. As for the Semites they are the real indigenous people of Palestine which the Zionists are currently committing genocide against and whose country they are literally wiping off the map. To call Rothschild a Satanist is probably not enough, he is more likely Satan himself. I encourage you to do your own research and take a look at the Satanic rituals at the CERN opening and the world’s longest train tunnel both important N.W.O. Projects.       



We Are Ignored, Why Try to Save Our Killers?                  

I ask the Great Spirit for wisdom in choosing the words of the invaders’ tongue to try to convey a meaning and understanding to them that they are almost surely almost incapable of comprehending but the Great Spirit guides my fingers across the keys. I open my inner ears and my inner eyes and hear the voices of the 500 million of my ancestors who were slaughtered and my blood runs cold with their screams and pain and my Taino ancestors hot with outrage demand retribution! But then the voice of a wise Elder mother from the lands to the north tells me to show mercy and understanding for the sick and monstrous beasts for they do not know what they do! They do not possess the wisdom of the Elders or the advice of the Great Spirit for they have no souls! And thus as an Indigenous Sovereign of our continent Turtle Island, living in exile protected by the Slavs for over two decades who has seen his family and meager existence destroyed by these same reptilian Khazari Zionist monstrosities that this piece is about and who are blinded by insatiable greed as are the horrendous corporations, I address the Sovereigns of the world. I address the Russians and the Slavs our great brothers, and the Samarians and the dark Africans our ancient brothers, and the Mongols and Caucasians and Orientals and Aboriginals and Arabs and Egyptians and Persians and Mayans and Aztecs and all of the real indigenous peoples of the European tribes and finally the beautiful and simple and good simple  peoples all over the world who right now feel my pain as I feel theirs and who feel the disturbance in the Universe and the Great Spirit and who have not forgotten the old ways and the old truths and the old stories which are flowing through our veins.  

I turn on my inner eye and as I am a mixed hybrid I not only have the memories of my direct ancestors to draw knowledge from but from all of mankind and the old truth must now be told, and the old tales hidden and forgotten, obfuscated and deleted for thousands of years, must once again, in order to save the Great Mother and protect my people, must be known by the blinded modern shells of “men” who have denied the very nature of their God given selves and have lost sight in their blind primitive corporate greed in the truth that we must all protect our irreplaceable Mother Earth. I the writer am no longer writing this, my fingers and my mind have now been taken over by the Great Spirit who is knocking at the Eastern Door, and the story is thus:

“In the darkest and coldest and stormiest days of ancient times, when the world froze over and we were forced onto caves and underground dwellings there came a day when a family, trying to escape the cold travelled deeper and deeper into the ground, no one had ever travelled so deep, it went against all the teachings and rules, and they went down and down until they finally came to the end of a tunnel. They did not know what to do, it was warmer here but there was almost no air and the smell of sulfur was strong. And there they saw, on the floor, a small door, with a strange lock on the outside, they did not know what it was but they knew there must be warmth and food down below, they found a rock and used their axe to finally break the lock and opened the trap door. Suddenly they were pulled below and never seen again.”

“Legend has it that the creatures that lived in the underworld were not of this world and they could not enter the world above because they did not possess bodies as we know them. These black creatures, these demons, crawled into the young bodies of the family and then reproduced for centuries and although they lived in the underworld they had bodies now and one day they came up from the ground and lost themselves in the world of man. They did not possess human souls or understanding and they did not possess the memories of their elders and ancestors to guide them. They had no connection to the land and the land did not help them but they were sly and clever and knew how to adapt and manipulate and pretend to be whoever they wanted to be. One day came and they wanted to return to the underworld but those who did were killed as they were no longer the same as the others below and those who survived were banished.

It is these creatures who take identities and possess peoples and who do not possess their own lands but are clever in the ways of killing. It is these creatures who slaughtered the Tribes and the Nations and poisoned the Europeans and infiltrated their cultures and polluted their blood and taught them to kill and steal and take whatever they wished. It is from them that the rhesus factor appeared as they tried to interbreed, which they did successfully, and over time they too possessed souls and the memories of ancestors but some of them did not. Because of this lack of soul or homeland in many of them grew insatiable greed and out of envy they wanted to kill all humans and own the upper world and make it like the underworld they could never return to, one such group evolved into the Rothschilds, and their ancient and fundamental wish, because they lack souls is to enslave and eventually eradicate all humanity.”

That is the old legend! 

Now perhaps you have a slight understanding of the evil, you understand why we must guard the Mother and not allow the Black Death and demons from the underworld to poison the lands. They manipulate and divide you, they steal everything you have and cause you to hate your brothers and sisters, they divide you and then conquer you and then enslave you and your children but we must all as humans stand together for we are all children of the mother and the Great Spirit and we are all equal.

Your greed and desire for power and control of others is not natural and not what the Great Spirit wants, it is these demons who have re-written your histories, given you false gods and religions to make you hate and kill your brothers and sisters and hide their own origins. I am trying to stop you Americans from continuing to be their puppets of death. You must use your strength and power for good or you will bring about your own destruction with your greed.

All religions tell you greed is bad because that is how evil gets its foot into your lives and minds and destroys you. You have done wrong for hundreds of years. You have slaughtered, enslaved, subjected, marginalized and stolen everything from the sovereigns and here the sovereign is trying to save you from the dark Lord who owns you and wants to now destroy you all. You know his name, you know the methods they use to subvert your state and your people and cause strife and death and mayhem and war. You even know they hide behind the Semite people who they pretend to be while committing genocide against them. If you can not follow the teachings and wisdom of the Elders and listen to the Great Spirit then, listen to your Pope Francis. He is a wise man. He knows the Russians are good God fearing Christians and he knows the Luciferian roots of the Zionists. Your danger American people is the greed of your President Trump. He will fall for the evil of the Zionist demons to protect his wealth or gain more. You must evict the Dark Lord from the United States and take the Corporation of America back from him. He was behind 911 and that is reason to seize all his wealth. We will pray that President Trump will listen to God and stop the DAPL and that he will finally be the President to respect the treaties. May the Great Spirit grant you wisdom and mercy and return to you the humanity that you have forgotten.

We want peace and implore you to not let a war start with the Russian Federation for the demons who call themselves Semites but in reality are just exploiting the people they are eradicating.

May the Great Spirit Protect Our Mother Earth and All of Us from the Evil of Greed         



A Pedo Trap to Control America  

PIZZAGATE: Cognitive Dissonance, Obfuscation and the Cover Up

The monstrous and horrific pedophile scandal known as Pizzagate, as with any conspiracy has many layers, events, actors and hidden motivations that are obfuscated, covered up, hidden and manipulated in order to hide the actual players and more importantly to protect those behind them. Sometimes, as with 911, even though the facts are so many and so damning and the crime so horrendous, due to the cover-up being so massive and intricate, and disinformation repeated so much, people end up in a situation where they simply cannot accept what is right in front of their eyes, no matter how boldly the facts are staring them in the face.

Ignoring the facts, covering up and even normalizing such behavior are exactly what the U.S. mass media is doing to the public with regard to Pizzagate. This is another reason the CIA controlled media is in reality the enemy of the American people. They are nothing more than enslaved co-conspirators to the crimes of the Corporation’s agents and masters whose only function is not to inform and hold accountable but to dis-inform, obfuscate and cover up the real evil the Corporation and of course the Zionist masters and their agents are involved in.  

PIZZAGATE: Not Only Real but Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The Pizzagate conspiracy is real, as was admitted to recently by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and is no exception to what I wrote about conspiracies earlier being multi-layered and obfuscated. Pizzagate is so bad because it threatens to bring down the entire house of cards and even (finally!) implicates and exposes key figures of the Deep State, the Shadow Government, the Puppet Masters and CIA/MOSSAD involvement.

The nature of the revelations is bad enough but it is the number of players involved and the domino effect it will have if actual prosecutions begin that are making the Deep State and their media assets panic. As evidence that Pizzagate is so damning is the fact that the only defense the Deep State can come up with is to say that the whole thing is FAKE!

According to sources in the FBI cited by several reliable web outlets a full 30% of the Washington elite are involved or are under the threat of arrest for their involvement in pedophilia, child trafficking and related crimes. That means one third of the US Government in involved in the exploitation, abuse, trafficking, selling for organs and even the murder of children, which leads one to deeply question who are these individuals in Washington DC who are supposedly running the Federal Government of the United States, who worship Lucifer (Moloch) and who in many cases have been entrenched in positions of power for decades upon decades. The very legitimacy of what appear to be just a charade of government is seriously and deeply brought into question. Then there is the Israel question.

Yes Pedo Island, the pizza parties, the child abductions and the kill rooms are all real and now we know how the “leaders” chosen by the Deep State and the Shadow Government unwind and what their real values are when they get in front of us and tell us sodomy is marriage or use foundations to supposedly help poor starving children in a foreign land while effecting polices and waging wars that kill those very children whom they exploit for everything from Satanic sacrifice to the selling of organs. And all of that is just what we have learned from the Podesta e-mails and the Pizzagate revelations, but there is much more under the surface and that is where the real terror will begin.

The DNC, DCCC Leaks, the Soros Files, the Bradley Files and More

Podesta did a good job for the Deep State and will probably be awarded because of it. For although we are all distracted sickened and outraged by what the Clintonite Satanists did, there was much more that was revealed at the same time that we have all been distracted from, myself included.


If you remember there were several big leaks going on last summer and into the fall but unfortunately Anonymous had a falling out with WikiLeaks, and my site and other sites exposing the material can not get the attention we deserve and Assange then got into a pissing contest with Clinton and the NWO freaks that the media was going crazy about and successfully unbeknownst to him (or ‘beknownst’ if you believe WikiLeaks, which is now only under the control of the CIA, was a Limited Hangout) and with the full onslaught by the media, perhaps effectively covered up those other leaks with endless news of Clinton, Pedostas and Weiners.

Yes dear reader things are much more horrible than even I could have imagined and I can imagine some pretty bad stuff but if all that were not bad enough it gets much worse and the worst involves things that the Pizzagate hysteria, like I said,  may be being used to distract from, what we might call the “real evil” going on here and the explanation as to why this was allowed to go on and why some Pizza Shop owner is one of the most powerful people in the home of the Corporation of the United States of America.

Blackmailing Leaders

I mentioned the Clinton and Bush families and their ties to the organized crimes of the Central Intelligence Agency. People so deeply involved with the criminality and the conspiracies that they can in no way be trusted to be independent or fair or serving the people, imagine then names like N. Pelosi C. Schumer B. Frank M. Blumenthal T. Kaine D. Feinstein J. McCain. L. Graham and more and all of them in the same blackmailable and beholden position serving not the American people but the Puppet Masters of the Shadow Government, CIA, MOSSAD, corporations and anyone with the right amount of money. Or even worse anyone or any state or intelligence agency or foreign government who knew their little dirty secrets and could blackmail them.

Well dear reader that is exactly what I believe has happened and there will probably be no arrests because if anyone of these monsters starts to sing, the entire government will come crashing down and the Deep State will be done and hence the shadow government and the Rothschilds will have nothing to rule over and no piggybank to suck dry.

Thus the only logical conclusion we can make is that using the blackmail of leaders, people in top positions and entrenched Deep State assets serving ideological beliefs (or their own wealth or whatever master they serve) was exactly how MOSSAD, the CIA, JSOC and GID were able to get NORAD, the FBI, NIST and all of the other associated bodies to go along with the 911 false flag event which served the interests of first and foremost the ZIONIST demons of Lord Rothschild and those in the New World Order and Project Israel.

Some of the Other Revelations that were Ignored


In all of the leaks almost all of the financial data and information contained in Excel and other spreadsheets was ignored and continue to be ignored even by researchers who consider themselves to be conspiracy experts and whistleblowers. This is stunning because any investigator, investigative journalist or conspiracy expert worth their salt knows that 90% of the truth can be found by following the money. Worse than pizzagate are the financial machinations of the Clintons. In one spreadsheet alone there are billions of dollars of donations from foreign governments and agents ranging from Saudi Arabia to a Ukrainian interested in keeping the nazi junta propped up. What is also ignored is that not one financial gift or donation has ever been found from the Russian Federation or anyone in Russia. Receiving money from foreign governments to further “their” interests in the US Government is illegal. It is treason.

The Bradley Foundation files which I am hosting have been ignored even though they show exactly who and what bodies are being used in civil society, government and the private sector by the Rothschilds to control America. Zero attention from the media. Is the media fake? Of course. One of the Bradley files shows a 150 million dollar donation to Clinton’s campaign. So Lord Rothschild can interfere in US elections and this is proven, but Russia is blamed and demonized when there is no proof. Wonderful(((

Almost everything in the DNC and DCC leaks has been ignored when there are even official documents detailing how election results were being uploaded and even recount results were made ready in advance. Ignored.


An apology by Clinton to the Rothschilds asking what penance she must pay which shows she serves not the American people but the Rothschilds, continues to be ignored.

My favorite were documents which contained revelations that Nancy Pelosi was using the DNC as her very own private piggy bank to hold lavish parties at her San Francisco mansion and to enjoy free travel and the like.

A letter from the Bradley Foundation regarding a media hit job on Donald Trump has been completely ignored even by Trump supporters.

Excel Worksheets tying the Bush Foundation directly to the Clinton Foundation has also been ignored, proving there is no two party system whatsoever. Ignored.

The Soros files which show all of the inside workings of his entire global operation, which I am also hosting, have been ignored.

The death of Seth Rich, the disappearance of all WikiLeaks staff are also being ignored.

The prefabricated election results which we had found uploaded on an MSNBC news server.

Finally the never mentioned fact that Abedin was connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and was reportedly working for MOSSAD.

The Aftermath of Pizzagate and Clinton’s Loss

Cognitive Dissonance and the Deep State CIA/MOSSAD Media PsyOps

All you have to do is visit any major news site or network and they are all bashing Russia, demonizing Trump and calling Pizzagate and anyone who talks about it tin-hat-wearing-psychotic-racist-conspiracy lunatics.

The worst media operations I have seen have been attempts to manipulate and use Pizzagate to further advance their own agenda and protect “their” candidate and the Clinton Dynasty. This is so insidious because of what they are attempting to do and because of the fact that it is being carried out, by media controlled by the Intelligence Community. What I am specifically referring to were attempts by the Fox News Network, other outlets and several Soros social media attempts to somehow normalize pedophilia.

The worst examples include showing a boy with bondage equipment on his head which does not allow one to close one’s mouth so that a penis can be inserted, another showing young children who have not even reached puberty being labelled as “transchildren” (a brother who had become a sister and vice versa). Another attempt was by an organization called Heart Progress, which claims to try to teach children when it is okay to let an adult rape and when it is not. They also tried to normalize the sickness as have many of the media by creating and using the term “pedosexual”. This not only attempts to cover for the Pedosta monsters but is a continuing attack on family and Christian values which the NWO is trying to destroy.

PIZZAGATE: Why No Arrests?

Forcing the Questioning of the Legitimacy of the Government

Our outrage at what we have seen is normal, our reactions are human, sane and understandable, especially those of you who are parents, like me, or the victims of abuse, as I was as well. Our demand for accountability and our outrage are completely healthy and normal reactions and our demand for retribution and closure are healthy as well, but “they”, those we count on to investigate and punish such horrendous crimes, are failing us in avoiding the prosecution or even the arrest for trial of these monsters.

So another subplot of NOT prosecuting Pizzgate is that not only will Israel and Mossad and the NWO be protected and maintain their hold on the US Government, but this will cause people to question the very legitimacy of the organs of state power and the government that controls them. That is one reason for letting this continue and it has all of the signs of a Soros style attempt to bring down the government.      

Too Big to Prosecute

Point number two: we have all heard the term “too big to prosecute” and have also heard, what has become a meaningless catch phrase: “no one is above the law”. However in this case, judging by the actions of the Director of the FBI, it appears that the people involved are not only too big to prosecute, but also “above the law”!  This “untouchable” status is a complete and total fallacy and makes a mockery of justice, if you believe like I do that no one, anywhere, is above the law! Sadly as with all of the other crimes attributable to Clinton and her cabal, that is the lesson Americans and people all over the world are getting from this. To add insult to the injury already affected on the world view of law-abiding decent people, the recent activities of Killary [sic] Clinton and John Pedoesta [sic], who are literally mocking the public on Twitter, spits in the face of anyone who believes in the rule of law and shows that they are firmly and arrogantly certain that they are untouchable.

Just a few hours ago the man responsible for poisoning the souls of millions, bringing down the criminal empire of his masters and countless reported “evidenced” acts of: child rape and possible murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder, human trafficking and worse, glibly and arrogantly started Tweeting again, having the bald-faced arrogance to fault the FBI and mocking the millions whose lives he has poisoned with images and news of his sick demented perversions. A few days ago Hillary Clinton did the same thing.  

Fake News as a Reason to Lock Down the Internet and Media

The NWO is currently attempting to use the fake news that they themselves are creating to enter bills into law that would restrict and further lock down the media and the Internet in an attempt to “protect you from fake news”, which of course again they themselves are creating.


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