Russian Lives Matter: Russia Under Attack

The Russian Boogeyman: "West" Driving for WWIII Using Color Revolution Methodology, Military Grade Psychological Media Operations, Assassinations and Terrorist Attacks

I am in a little bit of a quandary as to whom exactly am I writing for since I am writing in English. If I am trying to reach Westerners it seems hopeless to write anything at all. I mean for those even in Middle Asia who are bombarded with CIA propaganda, what is the point in saying anything when most the audience will not even know this piece exists due to Google’s censorship and those who see it will not read past the first paragraph when they see it is not screaming how wonderful Trump is or how bad Putin is.

What is the point after 16 years of exposing 911 and breaking story after story only to see nothing come of any of it other than damage to myself and my family in trying to expose and hence stop the spread of the monster which is taking over the world. What is the point in telling the West that they are being lied to when they will not believe anything that counters the narrative that is forced into their minds day after day. Why try? I suppose only because it is my responsibility as a journalist, or perhaps maybe because there are still a few people who will read this and become informed and appreciate my efforts or perhaps it is because a higher power says I must do what I am doing because I can.

To tell someone in the West that the “evil Russian boogeyman” (an aggressor with a dictator wanting to invade the world and take away democracy, or whatever the story of the week is) is a false construct is like trying to tell them that 911 was done by Israel and Zionists in the US Government.  The same with trying to tell someone in the West that Russia did not annex Crimea when it is right there on the page of the US State Department, whom they think does not lie. The last time I told an American that, he could not believe me! His mind would simply not accept the information no matter how much proof I provided that there was a peaceful referendum and that the people exercised their right to self-determination. He could not believe there was not an invasion even though I lived there for almost a year and showed him all of my interviews and photographs and articles on the matter. So what is the point?

Of course it was not his fault he could not believe me, Cognitive Dissonance has a way of doing that to you. How could he believe that his own State Department and all of his media were outright lying to him? How indeed? Surely an uncomfortable proposition for anyone, but that is the state of the world today and the Western media is nothing but a factory of lies and brainwashing and mass mind control. This is why my site is ignored, my articles and interviews on Crimea get no placing and people refuse to believe that their media is lying and that one lone journalist who is actually there is telling the truth. And of course this journalist is not white so he must be marginal. He is pro-Russian so he must be an agent of Putin and the evil Russian machine.

If you are new to my work then let me give you a few sentences of background. I was a night editor, a newsreader, a translator and a staff writer/political commentator for the long liquidated Voice of Russia World Service in English. I was on shift the night the Maidan started and it was the first entry into an alternative universe and the very real creation of the Mandela effect by the West. While we had people there and were getting information live we were disturbed by the completely opposite information that was being put out on the Western media. It was all wrong and they were ALL putting out the same lies. I won't get into too much detail but it was truly stunning


I also worked on the night that the Maidan snipers started killing and when the lunatics on the Maidan started beating the Berkut officers who were unarmed with steel pipes filled with cement until they died and taking them to a basement where they were being shot in the head! I remember all this and the insane Western media running with commentary that the peaceful demonstrators were this or the evil government was that. There were no reports of the 426 dead and injured Berkut officers, 286 if I recall who survived with various gunshot wounds to the shoulders and some to the head who survived. That was the beginning of the alternative universe narrative that the West had started, and they will never correct it.

Actually you have to go back a little further to the Pussy Riot provocations and the Sochi Olympics. Those were also events that got biased and slanted coverage, but not the complete alternate reality that started with Ukraine!  


To try to understand the jealousy and the madness that must exist in the minds of those at the top in the United States who are so scared that another country might be better than they are, is an exercise in madness! One only has to look at Brezhinsky and hear the stories of how he starts to shake and froth at the mouth when he hears the word Russian to understand that these Zionist monsters are insane. For them it would be the worst occurrence in the universe if Russia put on a better Olympics than they ever did (which Russia did), or if somehow Russia might shine internationally at anything and be a challenge to the fake over-priced soft power trashy “excellence” of the United States and thus expose the false image and the outright lie that is everything connected with America.


I have given you a few examples dear reader but I can tell you after they organized the coup in Ukraine things just got worse and it has become crystal clear that the Zionist NeoCon lunatics who are organizing the dis-information and demonization campaign are now driving for World War III. The level of propaganda, the outright obvious nature of the war lies underline the quantifiable difference after Ukraine! Anyone in the know will tell you that this is because that is when the military grade psychological operations started. For one purpose like CIA psychopath Mike Morrel said: to kill Russians.    

Let’s fast forward a little or I will get bogged by detailing all of the Ukraine operations we countered and the liquidation of the Voice of Russia. Basically the US openly overthrew a democratically elected government unleashing fratricide disguised as a fake counter terrorist operation and putting into power extremist neo-nazi Zionist lunatics who have slaughtered over ten thousand civilians so far and the Republic of Crimea which suffered for over 50 years after being handed to Ukraine by the USSR had a referendum before the Banderavites could begin their lustration (meaning the genocide of the Russian population) and peacefully without a shot being fired rejoined Mother Russia. TRUTH! 


Of course, as always the Western version is the complete opposite of the truth as it does not fit their agenda and does not allow the financially bankrupt West to impose sanctions, so it is hard for some to believe. Before the US used to at least pretend to be telling the truth and the media pretended to be reporting facts, now they do and say whatever they want in order to support their crimes of assassination, regime change, aggressive war, torture. murder of children, misappropriation of funds etc etc etc!

To note I lived there for almost a year and made 17 trips from the beginning of the conflict until today, so I probably know what I am talking about. What is stunning is that the US should be charged with international crimes for staging a coup and over throwing a government and training Right Sector nazi scum for over 20 years, but instead the lunatics in the West blame Russia and even have the hubris to start sanctions against Russia, (which are just a way to rob the country) for the exact same crime they are guilty of.

I have written about the psychological operations and the media operations that the CIA and MOSSAD are conducting in Russia and directed at Russia many times in the past. I have also written many many time about the CIA’s destabilization operations in Russia, especially those organized by Michael McFaul which earned me two attempts by him to put me in prison by telling lies and precipitated the appearance of CIA officer Edward Snowden, and now I have to write about them again!

The "Neo-Liberal" CIA 5th Column: Since the 1990s Treasonous Zionist Russians Selling Out Their Country to the Highest Bidder 

The CIA/MI6/MOSSAD can not stop trying to destabilize Russia for the Zionist globalist bankers. I put the three “Intel” agencies in one block because it is clear and obvious that they are working together. CIA is mostly involved in trying to cause mass unrest, recruiting members of the opposition and continuing to attempt to place their agents into positions of power! This includes several “candidates” that were supposed to get into the Duma and two candidates from the Parnas Party that the CIA was hoping to try to get into the office of president. The ties and meetings (even the secret ones) and their intentions are all well know but so far the smoking gun has not been found to put these traitors away. According to my extensive research and observations MOSSAD is in charge of most financial and media manipulation in Moscow and MI6 does most of the real "spy" work including assassinations, smears and other "black" jobs. 

I do not want to help the CIA so I will not go into just where they are going wrong and what evidence I have seen or have or know to be had, but as always they repeat themselves and as always they do not understand the countries or the cultures they are trying to destroy and take over and as always their arrogance and certainty of their own superiority is their greatest weakness. Well almost.

For some reason, not connected to reality, they still think that Navalny is some sort of political power house and player in Russia and that he has the ability to gather mass support and cause mass unrest. This could not be further from the truth but again they have no understanding of the country and apparently Navalny is a BS artist of histroic proportion and keeps stringing them along to continue getting his "grants" and "subsidies".   

His recent NED/CIA funded film projects (oh sorry that is a secret) attempting to expose high-level Russian officials have fallen flat on their faces in Russia. Only the die-hard neo-liberal globalist, mostly Zionist, supporters, continue to act as if he is this great hero. However for most common Russians he is considered a traitor to Russia, a troublemaker, an idiot and everyone knows, a Western agent. It seems like a theater of the absurd in reality.

Again I do not want to go into much detail so as not to help these morons but one of the major problems Navalny and Parnas have is that they have no policies or plans to change anything in Russia. They claim to be fighting corruption but have no plans to stomp it

out. They claim to be concerned about the people but they have no plans to help the people, and the Russian people, whose intelligence is much higher than Navalny or his CIA controllers think, have long understood he is simply a goon. His anti-corruption videos and campaigns are understood to be what they are; simply attempts to smear those in power so that the people supposedly rise up and label the government illegitimate. Classic Color Revolution scenario. Navalny is not there for anyone except Navalny, and the CIA of course, as long as they are paying his meals.


From observing the Navalny creature and knowing what I know about the Russian government, the Russian media, Russian society, the structure of power and the Russian people, it is obvious and would be obvious to any “expert” that Navalny exists, and his only real purpose is, to dump dirt on beloved President Putin and his administration and anyone else whom the West wants out of the way. For one there is no way on earth that he will ever be allowed to attain the level of power he and his masters crave and secondly he will never be able to gain the popular support of the Russian people in the quantities and numbers that would allow him to take power by using the sheer force of the will of the people, no way, not in a thousand years.  


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the Globalists have been trying to rape Russia for her riches and destroy the country so that they can control it and divide it up. To call these people, first off people, is wrong, they are predators of the worst kind and to call them globalists is also wrong. It would be more correct calling them the NWO and even more correct calling them the Zionist Internationale and even more correct calling them part of the Rothschild global elitist Zionist mafia. I did not say the word Jew or Jewish for two reasons. One the real religious Jews despise the Zionist scum who are for all intents and purposes followers of Moloch or Satan, and two “ethnic Jew” implies some tie to Palestine the home of the Semitic people. The European Zionist “Jews” such as Milekowski aka Netanyahu (a Latvian Pole) have no connection whatsoever to the land of Palestine which they claim as Israel it is all a scam and an illegal land grab thought up by the Rothschilds who craved their own country in the Middle East like the Saudis.  

Understanding the history is important because these Zionists and Khazaris have for ages been trying to enslave and destroy Mother Russia and the Slavic people. One only has to look at the real losses during World War II (27-40 million Russians vs approximately 287,000 Jews, according to official Red Cross counts at the end of the war, to understand that something is not right here. One also must pay attention to the Rothschild ancestry of Adolph Hitler and the Jewish ancestry of figures like Genrikh Yagoda who they say was responsible for the deaths of up to 10 million Russians during the Stalin repressions, a fact the Jewish media will never tell you about, to understand that there has been a campaign of genocide against Russians for hundreds if not thousands of years. Even Communism was used to assassinate the Romanovs and


eliminate the entire Russian royal bloodlines in a horrendous conspiracy hidden inside the revolution to allow the 13 families to be able to eventually lay claim to the Russian Empire. Thankfully it was not that easy.


I encourage you to study history deeper to understand what is really going on in the world and especially in Russia and the real reason that President Putin is so vilified and hated in the West.  

There is nothing “new” in this New World Order, the NWO is the same as the Old World Order meaning imperial supremacy for the 13 families and the Rothschild Jews. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union many different approaches have been attempted to bring Russia to its knees and to weaken her and allow for “reaping of the spoils” if you will, and thank God all of them for the most part have failed miserably. They have failed and Russia was able to get off its knees thanks to the leadership and the wisdom of Vladimir Putin.

Again I risk getting overly detailed and long-winded and in fact could write a novel on just the events that transpired over the course of the last 20 years in Russia but right now we need to focus on the current campaign and the desperation of the N W o which is making them desperate and dangerous! It is extremely alarming and clear that they are ready to start World War III in order to establish their hegemony over the world, a hegemony that nobody wants and nobody needs but that the NWO  lunatics want to force on the world anyway.

The current attack on the Russian people and the Russian state was started in the ‘90s when there were thousands upon thousands of Western intelligence operatives and agents in Moscow and Russia. Through corruption and subversion they manipulated privatization of Soviet assets, the restructuring of the new capitalist economic system, the revamping of the educational system, and the establishment of  

a new class system where the most corrupt elements who had helped destroy Communism were given great power and wealth and made the “New Rich”!


To the right is one of the chief architects and arch Zionists, rapid Russophobe Polish Zionist Zbignew Brezhinsky (or however he is spelling it this week) truly one of the most evil and repulsive figures in the history of the world and one who final passing will be more celebrated than that of Rockefeller. To say he is a great geopolitical strategist is the same as saying Hitler was a great a leader for the German people, just as delusional in his great plans and just as insane if not perhaps more so than Hitler, Brezhinsky is one of the Cabal top men and one of the key gofers for Lord Rothschild. It was he who recruited Osama Bin Laden (CIA Agent Tim Osman) and it was he that helped create Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan during the first attempt by the NOW to control the world’s opium poppy production.

Brezhinsky had a plan to break up the Russian Federation into 48 autonomous republics and it was during the last days of Yeltsin that this plan began to take place with the announced independence of the Jewish Autonomous Federal Republic and then 2 other republics following suit. Putin came to power replacing the drunk and incapable Yeltsin who had disappeared for days and his first order of business was to replace the governors and implement new laws whereby governors were appointed by the President and in that move he saved the Russian Federation from the NWO break-up.


The NWO was also extracting huge amounts money, resources and shares in Russian corporations with many being turned over to the Rothschilds, such as the Yukos Kodorkovsky deals and others. All of the Russian Oligarchs that ran to London or the West and were given asylum were guilty of massive theft from the Russian State.


Among other “projects” that the Globalists had up their sleeves was extracting all of the best minds from Russia to the West, establishing a negative population replacement curve to the birthrate which envisaged the end of the Russian race within 400 years, the revamping of the educational system and the re-writing of history books (which was done and during the 90’s for 8 years children were not taught anything about the great Soviet history), taking complete control of the media, the banking sector, medicine, food production, mining and mineral rights, the destruction or Russian culture and language and of course the installation of puppets throughout the Russian Government to make all of this possible. Putin, bless his heart, stopped all this and finally stopped and ended the control of the Rothschilds of the Central Bank and is now getting rid of the dollar as an instrument for foreign trade.   

The NWO is desperate, or they were when they thought that Trump would not go along with their plans and they are continuing at full speed with every program that they have to destabilize Russia from the inside as well as from the outside.

We all know Russian aggression is a lie and we know exactly who was behind the nazi coup on Ukraine, We also know that Crimea held a peaceful referendum and re-joined Russia and we know that the CIA, Rand Corporation and NOW players are committing genocide on Russians in the Donbass. The Sanctions, the non-stop demonization in the West, the media operations, the attempts at destabilization and the concerted efforts to weaken the fundamental building blocks of society are all things that Russia is dealing with. Even though the CIA has 1200 Officers in Moscow, each with their own network, and even though every asset the CIA and the NWO has is being directed against Russia right now, Russia is firmly standing its ground.


If that is not enough Russia has to deal with NATO expanding to its very borders and constantly provoking it with bellicose statements and even worse provocative actions, we have to tolerate that the CIA and Western Intelligence Agencies are attempting to provoke Russia to war by killing Russian Diplomats. We have to tolerate that even creatures like the one on the right are being used to try to weaken the moral fiber and the values that all Russians hold dear. And that is not all, the West is involved in a huge social media campaign of censorship and banning and deleting accounts and users who are too pro-Putin or too pro-Russia or too anti-US. But that is not all there is a continuous operation to destroy, marginalize and attack anyone in Russia and anyone prog Russian who attempts to counter, expose or fight the media lies and or anything that I have already listed. But that is not enough. The West has a huge network of spies and agents all throughout Russia and they are being used to specifically target Russian patriots and patriotic Russian organizations, like myself and the Voice of Russia and everyone who is speaking out to loudly against the false Western narrative and the lies! Or anyone who is exposing Ukraine or fighting against the nazi filth that the US installed in power. 


The West iis bent on destroying Russia no matter what and anyone who tells you it is different knows nothing about what is happening here. They are bent on installing their


own puppet in the Kremlin and spending billions upon billions to do it but everyone knows of their plans and it will never happen, but the West continues trying to force their people into Russian Government posts and continue to attempt to destabilize Russia with fake demonstrations and attempting to destabilize the socio-political climate. I wrote about it years ago when McFaul first appeared, a CIA color revolution specialist, and all of the CIA’s Jewish Zionist neo-Liberal trash to this day are trying to destroy me. These Zionist globalists run the media, run half the Russian Government and will stop at nothing to destroy every opponent to their masters. I am quiet frankly sick of them. I have not been able to find a job for three years because MOSSAD and the CIA have people in almost every company and organization that deal with media or English in anyway in the Russian Federation.

States so they could get me and torture me and have their way with me because I exposed their entire plan. When that did not work they poisoned me, had my son arrested on fabricated charges and destroyed my marriage and career using their bought and paid for agents in Moscow. It is these scum that just got me banned from Titter because they thought I was somehow earning an income and they want to do everything so I am destroyed and kill myself.

They somehow in their arrogance and delusional self-superiority think no one knows. They think no one knows that Snowden was sent after me when McFaul failed. They think no one knows that agetns at Alpha Bank have been stalking me or that MOSSAD agents work at the language school where I worked and were attempting to find out how and why I was granted asylum. They think that I am isolated and alone and they can do whatever they want to me but I have news for them! Every move they make is fixated and recorded and will be dealt with. Finally on the eve of my birthday my Twitter account was banned in a continuing attempt to silence me and prevent my voice from being heard.


Their arrogance is a cover for their stupidity and this Navalny trash is the worst. His entire “Anti-Corruption” platform is ludicrous. They always pretend to be against exactly what they do and the CIA and MOSSAD and SOROS and all the scum attempting to sow discontent in Russia are quite the opposite from champions against corruption, they thrive on and love corruption. It is corruption that allows them to buy officials and subvert the government and the most corrupt scum of all Russians are people like Navalny and Yashin and all of the traitors at Paranas and the Yabloka party and the entire globalist Zionist front operating with impunity in Moscow and destroying real Russian patriots and demonizing decent hardworking people who actually love Russia b manipulating their pain and suffering and pretending to be defenders of justice!

I discussed recently the accusations by Navalny against Medvedev with a student, I showed him just a small percentage of the evidence I have collected against Navalny and McFaul and he was convinced that what I said was true. However Navalny was so convincing with his Hollywood quality video that I believe he had doubts. Yes I have evidence which I have to collect evidence for my journalistic work and to protect myself and my family from these horrible CIA scum! The problem with Navalny is that there is so much evidence that I did not know where to begin. From his money and ties to the NED, a CIA front to his two weeks of training at the CIA, to his connection with the Greenberg pictured above a relative if not in fact the father of Edward Snowden and/or Mark Zuckerberg I did not know what to give my student so I gave him the lot and he was quite shocked.

So to hear this Navalny trying to incite young people and play on their emotions by demonizing the fact that Medvedev wears expensive Nikes or has mansions is insanity. Medvedev was the President of the biggest country in the world AND the Prime Minister! Why shouldn’t he have a few nice homes. The question is where does unemployed Navalny get money for elite apartments and fancy German cars.

See this page for more:

Finally I can just imagine the reaction if the Russian Federation had such an agent in the US. If there was a known Russian sponsored and paid agent, constantly denigrating the US Government and insulting the President and officials and trying to organize protests and the subversion of the government. How long would such an operative last in America? Then imagine if Russia started telling America that they were bad for not letting their agent become president. Do you see the lunacy? That is what Navalny and the CIA are doing here in Russia and quite frankly, everyone is sick of it! 


The recent protests were a dismal failure with low turnout and Navalny finally being arrested and held. There were claims that there were massive protests all over Russia but this was lie. Outside of Moscow in some cities groups of no more than 20 people came, that’s it but the Western media made a big deal about these using fake pictures and footage. The organizers of the theatrics that Navalny is engaged in decided to desecrate one of Russia's most important monuments as a publicity stunt and then went to the city where the monument is located, Volgograd, to try to arrange a huge clash but that also did not pan out with him and his "party" receiving nothing but more charges related to the desecration of monuments. The western media and Parnas tried to focus the attention of the protests outside of Moscow in order to distract form the dismal showing in Moscow. Rumors were spread that Navalny was offering 10,000 Euros to protestors who got themselves arrested for him and huge numbers of young teens, children and young people showed up hoping to make money. The reports then said Navalny was promising to pay 10K in legal fees but that was also a lie. Again this was supposed to be the big Russian Spring but it failed miserably proving the Russian people do not buy into American BS anymore.


When it comes to America we are dealing with stark and raving lunatics who say and do whatever they want and get away with it while the citizenry live in an information bubble of lies and deceit. Here is just another example by one of the new bald-faced Zionist liars in America. After spending 16 eyars obliterating the Middle East for Israel they try to blame Russia for their own egregious crimes and imply that somehow Russia is repsonsible for the conflict in Syria because Russia is not allowing the USA and Israel to destroy the country  "And if that entails working with others to come to solutions in the world that enhance our security, the president will do that," McMaster added. "And it’s really now up to the Russian leadership to reevaluate what they are doing in the Middle East," he said.

I will be writing more later about the terrorist attacks and the foreign connections to that but that is enough for today. It is my birthday and I am already tired! See you all and love you all my dear readers)))


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