USAID Funds Terrorist Groups

The amount of information pointing to the fact USAID is much more than it seems and is deeply intertwined, if not in fact an integral part of the CIA, is so much that it is difficult to decide on where to begin.

In the coming weeks I will be doing several investigative articles on the organization and publishing my findings in the interest of getting the truth out.

According to the Global Intelligence Files at Wikileaks one of the most overt cases of USAID interference and proof positive that it is in fact engaged in activities that are far beyond what it claims to be doing, was uncovered last year involves the financing of subversive operations in Cuba.

According to an e-mail citing a report by the Granma newspaper, while Americans are suffering, schools are closing, unemployment is viral, healthcare is unattainable, and there are a myriad of other more pressing social issues, the U.S. Government set aside $3,400,000.00  to ”… finance subversive operations in Cuba.”

The money was reportedly transferred to one of the many anti-Cuba groups in Miami that are responsible for conducting anti-Cuban Government operations in Cuba, including acts of terrorism. The organization in question, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC), a subsidiary of the Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF), is involved in carrying out terrorist acts in Cuba.

The FHRC is located in Miami Florida and was founded by CIA-terrorist agent Jorge Mas Canosa and Luis Posada Carriles, men responsible for the loss of dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent lives. Their close relationship with the CIA and far-right senators and representatives is also at issue in the e-mail.

The e-mail, or rather the article it refers to, call the funding embezzlement, citing the case of a different Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) subsidized by USAID, the Center for a Free Cuba, owned by Felipe Sixto, the right-hand man of CIA agent Frank "Paquito" Calzon.

The Stratfor e-mails do not stop there, in another e-mail, one of the Stratfor “analysts” asked Fred Burton about the cover of Americans killed abroad. The analyst was interested as to how many of the people on the list were CIA or other operatives working with official cover. As we now know from hundreds of e-mails, Burton is probably CIA as he is always in a position to state whether someone is an agent or not.

In the e-mail in question Fred Burton unconvincingly said that many on the list were not CIA, but he did say that Laurence Foley, who was killed in 2002 in Amman Jordan was CIA and working under U.S. Agency for International Development official cover and Freddie Woodruff, who was shot dead in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1993 was the CIA Chief of Station.

As I stated in an earlier report, USAID has long been known to be a front company for the CIA, this fact alone should be enough to raise the warning flags but if we now add to that the fact that they are active in the funding of terrorist acts makes the organization an even worse one than most of us could have imagined.