The Russia Report: Exposing the NWO Globalist Conspiracy #3

Unwanted Refugee Saves the World from Illuminati Nation Destroyers

 The Russia Report: Intelligence Report on NWO Media Operations Against Russia

 Excerpt from My Book: Counter-Counter Intelligence, JAR2 and the Real Leaks

At the end of 2017 it should have started to become obvious even to the most cynical and stubborn apologists that the Illuminati New World Order was real and had been orchestrating the complete takeover of Russia for decades. The 5th Column and the Neo-Liberal filth had become so bold and so sure of their impunity that they had lost almost all pretense of attempting to hide what they were really doing.

I continued to live in terror, waiting for the day when they would start pulling “minorities” like me out into the street and shooting us or worse, and when for all of my noble yet useless efforts against the empire of evil, I would be made an example by the 5th column to show that they were fully on board with the New World Order and would fight and kill the enemies of their western masters.

My efforts and my fight continued but the abject poverty, hopelessness, fear and complete and total isolation that I was forced to live in were all having their toll on my health and my ability to create and to even at times think at the levels I should have. I lived in a haze of nightmares, physical pain and a continual state of hopeless desperation but refusing to give up, if only to symbolically fight to the very end, I tried and struggled with writer’s block and a creeping black apathy that all but killed every effort I made to finish this book, write articles and continue my cyber operations.    

November 21, 2017 Somewhere in the North of Russia

Media Must Not be Allowed to Be a Tool of Subversion It Must Be Controlled

1984, George Orwell, the BBC the Voice of Russia World Service in English and a "Blueprint" Taken by the Russian Zionists

Timing, timing and more timing: when you have worked in the media you know that timing is everything and when you have studied it and taken it apart as much as I have and understand that what the modern day media has become is nothing by an intelligence apparatus being used to manipulate the minds, opinions and even the emotional state of the masses with the aim of making then confused, divided, broken and servile, it is obvious why certain topics and “news” items, lies, provocations, and outright fictions are promoted and released at certain times. This is particularly important when you have what we have today, a mass media with no morals, no journalistic ethics and editorial policies which include what they have made an abstract concept, namely TRUTH.

George Orwell was not a sage or predictor of the future. He was not creating a society from his imagination and fantasy extrapolated from current events and the historic tendencies of the self-destructive human race he was in fact a whistle blower who actually wrote his quintessential work from his direct experiences of working at the BBC. Thus his work 1984 was not only fantasy, science fiction warning to humanity, but a real warning based on real world events and plans and written in the only way that would be allowed, which is the most horrendous problem any modern writer has, namely how do you tell the truth and tell a story or report on events that the elites who control the information flow do not want you to talk about.

I wrote long ago, and then placed the words on a photo in the form of a meme, the statement that: “1984 was NOT an Instruction Manual”, because what the “elites” and governments seem appear to be doing is channeling 1984, and in fact at the time I did not know and had not the slightest idea that I was closer to the truth than I could have possibly imagined, and it was in fact formulated and is being used as a blueprint for a completely servile and slave like society. The little piece of truth and the one little fact, as is always the case, that Orwell worked for the BBC was known by the elites who therefore approached his work in a much different way than the masses have. Did Orwell know his work was to be used in such a way? To actually bring about the world that he was warning about? I am sure he did not and his warning was not heard.

Not long ago the words “Conspiracy Theorist” were used to describe anything and anyone that the “elites” did not want people to listen to, to read or to give credence to and this was effective and still is to a point, but as with all over used labels and tactics the ignorant “elites”, who are incapable of creative thought and free thinking, have over used it and made it into more of a moniker for what you MUST read and pay attention to and for a populace that still includes erudite and intelligent free thinking critical individuals who actually see the real conspiracy all around them, “Conspiracy Theory” has now become directly applied and institutionalized “Conspiracy Fact”. These conspiracies are being carried out and have been in fact created to allow them to promote lies and undermine the populace and dumb down the population so that it can be enslaved.

The world has become, or more accurately the global information sphere, the new battle space in which World War III is being fought and in which the false reality that the New World Order wants to create is being promoted and through which it is being brought about. What must be underlined and what must be known and understood by all of the citizens of the world and this must be common knowledge, so that the populace of the world can defend itself, is that all of this, the total surveillance, the “Fake News”, the social media and regular media censorship and all of the “Special” information operations, are the direct fault and the direct result of the FVEY countries, operating under the directives and control of the Zionist Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the European “elites”, who in their turn are under the control of the Roman Black Nobility, who in their turn serve the all-seeing psychopath at the top of the pyramid. Sound far-fetched? Read my research, this conclusion is backed up by millions of facts.

Returning to Orwell as I am forced to do because of the parallels that exist between his life and work and mine, it must be known that I am also writing my piece from my experience in the media, at the actual predecessor to the BBC World Service and Voice of America and first global broadcaster (a little known fact), the Voice of Russia World Service in English. The Voice of Russia, which started as Radio Moscow, was the official voice of the USSR and the government of the USSR and broadcast worldwide in over 46 languages (84 at its peak) and all of its journalists and reporters and announcers worked for the State. This continued after the collapse of the USSR but like all state media, such as RT and Sputnik (the employees and reporters of which are happy to tell anyone that they work for the Russian Government) were taken over by neo-Liberal Globalist individuals of the Jewish Religion and it (the VOR) was eventually liquidated, a story I detail in my book.

Unfortunately for Russians western sponsored individuals in the Government of the Russian Federation have attempted to transpose Western economic, political and even media models onto the Russian State and the Russian people. In their ignorance (which is why non-journalists are chosen for positions in management in these bodies) they have also transposed everything that is wrong with the Western media onto Russian outlets. The barely hidden racism, elitism, sexual perversion and dumbing down of the populace are evident every time you turn on the television or radio in Russia. There is no accident in the fact that nazi Russophobes and neo-Liberal filth have open reign in Russia’s media environment. I will leave this topic with one interesting fact that is unknown except by my readers and hope that you will read all of the details in my book when it comes out, and that fact is related to the only two editorial directives we had but which of course were not written anywhere. Those two directives had they been written would have given direct evidence as to who controls the Russian media and the subversion of the Russian state, it was this subversion that eventually led to the closure of the Voice of Russia after it was completely gutted of all the wonderful Russian content that it had contained. Directive one was never talk about September 11th, a fact making it clear now with what we know as to who was behind it when we take into consideration directive 2, which was ONLY SPEAK POSITIVELY or NEUTRALLY ABOUT ISRAEL! Nothing about Putin or the Government or Russia, just Israel, at a Russian Government broadcaster, think about that for a minute!

It is difficult to be objective when relating anything about one’s self, I would in no way say I am a brilliant writer, or cutting edge thinker but I did enjoy enough popularity and was deemed to be enough of a threat to have two organized very public attempts by the US Government to shut me down and after the arrest of my son to silence am almost quite literally kept in a cave because I am too pro-Russia and even more importantly I do not support outrageous lies surrounding the fake country of Israel nor the official fairy tale of 911 and even worse I actually call for the criminal cabal to be arrested and prosecuted and for tribunals to be formed against the USA for its endless criminal Wars of Aggression. Again I detail all of this in my book.

In what I call an Orwellian moment I myself was asked to do two things before I was illegally terminated from the Jewish controlled neo-Liberal pro-American Russian media where the Content Editor at the time was a CIA plant. First I wrote almost 400 pages of editorial policy for the English language Russian broadcast and print media, something I spent months on but was never paid for and apparently is being used and the new editor took credit for it after I was poisoned and gotten rid of. The second was an expose in which detailed the actual plans, steps, technology and operations, in effect a “blueprint” as to how the CIA and the West were going to destroy the Russian State. These were in fact supposed to be a series of articles in which I detailed the operations in Ukraine, including the use of Captagon and other black magic but they were never published.

Now four years later I am forced into a position where I have nothing left but I have to try in any way I can to save my own innocent son.

The New World Order: Corrupting and Subverting Media and Information

I have been warning Russia and the world for the over two decades now and have written time and time again, presenting massive articles, submitting extensive research and providing files and evidence to back up my claims, arguments and conclusions, yet all I have done has seemed to fall on deaf ears and the biggest real world result of all of my work has been the real word destruction of me and my family with my own son having to pay the highest price because I dared to speak out against those working to subvert the Russian State!  I am myself therefore the biggest piece of evidence and living testimony against the Illuminati Masonic Cabal that has all but taken over the planet!

Russia and the world have seemed on the surface to have been powerless or even worse, lacking the political will to fight against them, but there are salt of the earth individuals in all spheres, and especially important in the Intelligence Services, who continue to desperately fight against the encroachment on the Russian World and the ongoing attempts to destroy it from within.  

The World Has Gone Insane! Or Has It?

I am writing with a focus on Russia but as a US watcher, with the Internet and my ability to communicate with people from all over the world, the actions of the New World Order psychopaths are tangible and real and able to be watched and recorded in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The number of co-dependent and inter-related events is so incredible and there is so much going on right now that it is hard for most people to make heads or tails of any of it, especially those who do not do research and have to depend on others to do it for them and things are changing so fast that it is growing hard to keep up! Additionally we throw into the mix the fact that, even for those of us who are awake, there are almost no sources left for information that we can trust as everyone we did trust has turned out to be part of some larger operation or pursuing their own or someone else’s agenda, the constant flow of fake news and distractor topics, and following world events and important news has become almost impossible. We won't even talk about getting to the real truth behind the issues because the distractors and rabbits holes thrown out to obfuscate make it almost impossible to get to the truth and that is how they want it.

Post WikiLeaks - Post 911 World

For my readers again you may have noticed that I have stopped writing and this is for many reasons but I will let you on a little secret, the biggest reason is because I do not want to give the forces that are trying to destroy Russia, myself and every free thinking and intelligent person on the planet not on their payroll, any ideas or indicators that they will be able to use to fine tune their diabolical manipulations or give them any ideas that may help them to fulfill their objectives.

Make no mistake we are living in age where technology and human endeavors and wealth have made it possible for the world to live in peace and for all of the people on the face of the Earth to be free from hunger, war, poverty and disease, but there are those that refuse to allow that to happen because then they believe they will lose their power over the masses and since those in power literally feed off of the pain and suffering and death of the masses, endless wars and subjugation are the only objectives that they will allow to happen 

The Globalist New World Order Illuminati cancer started in the US with the False Flag of 911 and the ensuing aggressive wars of the endless US/NATO War on Terror and has spread throughout the planet poisoning the entire human race! Not until 911 is properly investigated and the Neocon architects and Globalist-Illuminati-Zionist-Banksters are brought to justice will we be safe and until then humanity will remain on the road to total annihilation.

I call our current paradigm the Post WikiLeaks and Post 911 World because for those of us who are awake and understand the reality behind what is happening all around us all, that is exactly what it is. On October 16 2016, when Julian Assange was renditioned out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, WikiLeaks officially died for me once and for all and although I knew for years that it was an intelligence connected project, I still believed, as did many others, that Julian Assange was a sincere and real character that was interested in the truth, and in fact had a bombshell insurance file that he would release if he was in imminent danger. Nothing of the sort happened and WikiLeaks as a source for truth is a laughing stock run clearly and obviously all but openly run by the CIA as a personal PR operation since now, as an entrapment operation it is done. The only question is how many people was Assange responsible for getting killed or arrested?

The “Litmus Test” for truth sites has for me always been 911, and WikiLeaks and the Intercept never passed that test. Now we know that 911 and covering it up were the exact reason that they were organized. As for 911 we know who, why and exactly how it was carried out, and the endless wars that have followed have been all illegal, planned and premeditated acts of Aggressive War. Unfortunately the NeoCon, Zionist Saudi filth behind 911 continue to escape prosecution and their plans for the Illuminati New World enslavement of humanity appears to be going right on schedule.


Expose25A THE RUSSIA REPORT: Blasting the N.W.O Because No One Else Will

The following report covers, social, media, psychological and subversion operations being funded by over $400 million dollars of American tax money. The following are just some of the current operations being run by the CIA to destroy Russia for the Rothschilds, the New World Order and the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

Expose25A Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly - A New Strategic Balance

Сурков предложил назвать новое вооружение РФ "Гиви"

Expose25A President Putin and the Dawn of a New Age as the Strategic Balance of the World

Changes: Ending the Genocidal Rampage of the US/NATO/CIA Death Machine

March 02, 2018 - The New World Order "Illuminati" are having kittens and panicking as they slowly begin to realize that their reign of terror is over and all of the influence and manipulation they hoped to achieve with attempts at terrorizing and forcing Russia to submit to the will of the trans Atlantic Cabal are now nothing but dust now regulated to the dustbin bin of history.

The presentation by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the new trio of weapons that Russia has developed, has done nothing short of completely changing the strategic balance of the world on the military level and for the West which has been attempting to take over the world by force since 911 and since this is the only level they operate on, this means that the days of the Project for a New American Century world takeover by force are over.

Why is this so important?

What NATO, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia wanted, along with all of their Intelligence Agencies, Corporations, financial bodies and the "elites" who control it all, was to simply go around the world dictating to leaders, governments, countries and entire peoples what they were to do. You and I might call this slavery and subjugation or imperialism and colonization and these are things that we will not tolerate, we call it an attack and the destruction of our sovereignty and they, in their disconnected alternate realities, call it the New World Order.

How can one weapon, one single invention, change things to the level I have been talking about on social media and have been writing about? In much of my earlier work I reported on and studied the Prompt Global Strike Program of NATO and the so-called Anti-Ballistic Missile Shield architecture, as well as hundreds of academic papers, strategic findings, intelligence reports, blueprints, geopolitical plans, policy papers and doctrines, such as the RAD from the PNAC NeoCons, which still appears to be what they are channeling, and more recently the new American Nuclear Doctrine, and it is clear that all of the thinking and focus of the architects of the global takeover, revolves around the faulty precept that global Hegemony can be gained through the use of force where the victims have no recourse or proper means to defend themselves or in fact even resist.

This same type of recidivist elitist supremacist thinking also applies to their methods in other areas, for example the attempts at forcing the implementation of instruments of control, such as the TPP, which would have been a complete and total corporate coup d'état, and the gradual forcing into acceptance of mass global genocide under Agenda 21. In short they depend on their victims having no recourse and in terms of "defense" have no ability to fight back.

To call them cowards is nowhere near how low they truly are, words more like larva and pond scum would be more accurate albeit an insult to those living organisms, for these are the same demons who have kept innocent men in an illegal torture dungeon for almost two decades now, arrest and intimidate children, kill pregnant mothers, destroy entire countries, legalize the murder of journalists and are as you read this, involved in nine illegal active wars.

Their impunity to violate and ignore every single international law, body and civilized framework and their only "strength" is their ability to kill and commit the mass murder of huge numbers of people, even remotely, while enjoying almost no resistance. Kind of like, if you will, what happened in Las Vegas not long ago, only with the shooter sitting in an armored vehicle perfectly safe and at no risk, while he is slaughtering people at will. Take this to a grander scale and it is what we have at the international level. Starting with Star Wars, then the ABM shield then drones, where the killing is done from the comfort and safety of a bunker thousands of miles away, and then space weapons and onward, the entire cowardly thinking is not in keeping with any known rules of war or conflict, but is completely removed from any humanly acceptable practice as it is akin to shooting puppies in a barrel. These examples quantify Western "Illuminati" New World Order supremacist "tactical" thinking, simplyu committing genocide at will.

Thank God for President Putin and Russia, we now have not only an equal and even playing field, but are now able to defend oursleves properly and end the cowardly impunity of the NATO criminal murder machine and mafia like state protection racket of demanding an eternal 3%-5% GDP annually and eternal business for the MIC with compatability and weapons upgrades to the end of time.  

The recent rhetoric and propaganda operations have been going all out to push for war. Their use of information operations and outlets which I know they control, to push a false Russian election hacker narrative (completely ludicrous especially you consider that in the year 2000 there was a clear and obvious coup in the US and everyone knew the election was a fake yet there was no noise) and their attempts to say that cyber meddling is the equivalent of an armed military attack make it clear what the goal is, war.

Add to the Psychological Operations for the creation of Manufactured Consent for war and all of the bellicose rhetoric and drum beating, the number of nuclear weapons moving around the world and surrounding Russia and the recent Nuclear Weapons Posture Review, and it is clear they are planning for a nuclear war and the target is Russia. However Russia's new unstoppable weapons, such as the hypersonic rocket pictured above, which has multiple self-targeting nuclear warheads, defacto completely ends the impunity. 

The US/NATO/CIA/MOSSAD/Saudi death machine will soon be Tango Down as factually they can now be stopped and prevented from rampaging around t eh world waging endless war and sending dear John letters in the form of Doctor Strangelove bombs anymore.

The strategic balance of the world has gone though a quantative shift and in reality all NATO weapons are now obsolete, useless and in fact pose a danger to anyone who is hosting or holding them because now they can be taken out and the entire US/NATO military machine, through their own actions, are now like the rampaging nazis on he Maidan and Russia and its allies have taken over the positions of the snipers and can take them out at will if need to be.

 The strategic balance of the world has seen a historic cardinal change the depths of which we are only beginning to imagine. The blackmail from trans-Atlantic and Zionist states could be ended right now. NATO's 3-5% GDP annual protection racket and expansion could be stopped. 911 could finally be solved and the real guilty brought to tribunals for their Crimes Against Humanity and their illegal endless wars of domination. US war crimes, their illegal torture dungeon, endless aggressive wars and endless meddling, regime change operations and systematic Balkanization and destruction of entire regions can now be stopped.

Russia could in fact literally SAVE HUMANITY! Russia can now demand an end to the nazi junta killing civilians in Donbass and an end to the slaughter of Palestinians and Rohingya and American Indians! Countries may begin flocking to Russia's side and leaving the NATO Gladio Terrorist supported protection racket because now they can really be kept safe from the real threat to their countries people and sovereignties. Russia does not want to dominate and rule the world, Russia seeks multi-polarity and relations with sovereign peoples on an equal basis.

President Putin and Russia have just ended all of the plans by the rampaging, regime changing, genocide committing, Illuminati New World Order and allowed Russia and the World to protect themselves.

I believe in Russia and President Putin! Please PRAY with me to give them WISDOM and the WILL to bring about PEACE and an END to WAR forever!

Congratulations tp President Putin, Russia, all of the brilliant SCIENTISTS who have worked in secret and we may never know about and PEACE to you and to all of the peace-loving peoples of the world!!!

Russia's New Triad: Article and Full Text of Speech

Article and Full Text of Speech

Hypersonic missile system goes on combat duty in Russia's south

Russia’s new weapons make US missile defense pregnable — top brass

Russia begins serial production of new cutting-edge glide vehicle

Putin vows instant retaliation against any nuclear attack on Russia or its allies

Putin Demonstrates New Missiles With Visualization of Nukes Hitting Mar-a-Lago

Putin declares creation of unstoppable nuclear-powered missile

Russia has developed missiles no other country possesses, says Putin

Expose25A The Meddling by the US into the Sovereign Affairs of the Russian Federation

'Till Moscow Bows and Kneels': West Wages Multi-Front, Multi-Domain Campaign

Upper house gives legal definition to foreign interference in Russia’s affairs

Russia lists 9 media outlets as foreign agents, including Voice of America, Radio Liberty

Russian senator accuses US mass media of meddling in Russia’s election campaign

Russian Senators List 100 Examples of US Meddling in Foreign Nations’ Affairs

Over 100 examples of US meddling in foreign nations' affairs listed by Russian senators

Election Interference? The U.S. Has Done It In 45 Countries Worldwide

US interfered in the internal affairs of other countries more than 100 times

Edward Snowden: Timeline



February 18, A Russian parliamentary commission has prepared a report that lists over 100 cases of US interference in other nations’ internal affairs since the end of World War Two. TrendsRussia, US Read more Upper house gives legal definition to foreign interference in Russia’s affairs “We have counted approximately 100, about 101 or 102 absolutely verified and recorded facts of American involvement in the sovereign affairs of over 60 UN member-nations since the approval of this organizations’ charter that bans any such involvement – since 1946 till this day,” the head of the upper house Commission for Protection of State Sovereignty, Senator Andrey Klimov, was quoted as saying on Monday by TASS. The senator named one particular example from the list – the 1973 coup d’état in Chile that installed Augusto Pinochet as a military dictator and as a result of which the country’s parliament was dissolved and numerous human rights violations were committed. “Every such fact has a multitude of episodes of the US interference,” he noted. Klimov told TASS that the annual report would be finalized and released at the end of the month, and added that senators were preparing a different edition which would be distributed among a “closed circle of persons” and which would not be released to the wider public in the foreseeable future. Read more Russia lists 9 media outlets as foreign agents, including Voice of America, Radio Liberty At the same time, Klimov noted that not all cases of US involvement in other nations’ affairs could be formally described as such and thus were not included in the report. As an example, he named Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, in which the US president said that Washington was constantly meddling in other nations’ affairs and called for an end to such practices. “And these were the words of an inaugurated president, the commander-in-chief of the US military forces, who had been briefed through all files,” he said. Another example was the 2003 speech of George W. Bush in which the then-US president urged change in political regimes in between 40 and 50 foreign countries. The upper house commission for monitoring and countering foreign nations’ attempts to influence internal Russian politics was formed in mid-2017. Back then, upper house Speaker Valentina Matvienko said that attempts to meddle in Russia’s internal affairs had been ongoing for years and that up to $100 billion was sent to Russia from abroad annually to sponsor "political activities." "We know the consequences of such meddling... and will not allow anyone to threaten Russia's sovereignty," she said.

Expose25A CIA NATO Black Operations Uncovered in Zhukovsky? (For the FSB)

February 20, 2018 - Does the CIA control the Lubertsy Region. Strange occurences at Zhukovsky with NATO planes loading and unlading cragoes and no Russians allowed to see what they are doing or control the operations. Requests have been made to the FSB and to the Prosecutor Genral of the Russian Federation to check the location at Zhukovsky! We will keep you informed. Video in Russian.

The situation he is describing has many correlations with the Lustration I was writing about in the media and that Mihailkov did a video about. The pilot who is ferom my generation is describing the degradation in the training of pilots in Russian and the fact that there are now no pilots but computer operators. It is the same thing I was complaining about in the United States about truck drivers handing over control to computers and now they are talking about driverless trucks. It is the same thing that happened at the Voice of Russia where they get rid of all of the professional and trained staff including me who was the best journalist in my division and the best announcer and replaced us with young idiots who knew nothing,m had no experience and did not know their jobs. The same thing with my teaching experience.

This pilot is the next victim and what he is talking about is causing air crashes in Russia and killing thousands with thousands more to die, yet there is nothing being done. My complaints and work were for the security of the state and in the hopes of preventing the deaths of millions, also nothing is being done and Mihailkov is concerned about the complete and total eradication of the Russian people as well, and nothing is being done.

My hope is that this is why President Putin has left the Ediniaya Russia party. What has happened is that corrupt incompetent criminals have taken over key parts of government. The exact same New World Order Illuminati type scum that have completely taken over the US. The entire human race is under danger and the reliance more and more on machines and computers is going to lead to the extinction of the human race, of this I am certain.

My suspicion is that the CIA is running narcotics in and out of Zhukovsky and like they were allowed to liquidate the VOice of Russia and get away with it they are being allowed to get away with their criminal deeds in Zhukovsky as well. The pilot in the interview says he has asked for investigations and has been to the FSB and nothing can be done. This is the exact same thing that happened to me and he mentions Gromov, who was also in control of the FMS officials and the narco police mafia run by the CIA in Lubertsy.

If we put this together it means that the CIA is running narcotics in and out of Zhukovsky. With the NATO flight agreements out of Afghanistan and the opium needing a gateway into Europe and Russia and Asia as well this would be the perfect location. If I am right the pilot will be killed in some sort of accident if he keeps pushing for an investigation and I will as well if I continue to investigate this matter. This however would explain everything that happened with my son and the power that the CIA narcotics gangs have in Lubertsy. 

На территории Лётно-исследовательского института (ЛИИ) им. М.М. Громова в подмосковсном Жуковском постепенно создаётся военная база НАТО, заявил в видеоинтервью "Аргументам недели" на канале Youtube заслуженный лётчик-испытатель России, герой России Магомед Толбоев.

По словам военного лётчика, в аэропорту приземляются натовские самолёты, разгружаются и улетают обратно.

Какие грузы и кому они привозят, с какой целью прилетают Магомед Толбоев попросил разобраться Следственный комитет, ФСБ, Генпрокуратуру.

Толбоев говорит, что аэропорт в Жуковском посещали и глава Росавиации, и премьер-министр страны, и они не могут не знать, что здесь происходит.

В эмоциональном интервью Герой России грозится убрать натовскую базу с ЛИИ им. М.М. Громова: "Если не я, то мои дети уберут. Мы никогда не сдадимся!"


Expose25A Less Than One Month Left to Russian Elections

February 24, 2018 - For serious elections watchers there is nothing new to report except for the number of criminal cases that may be opened up after the elections due to the actions of the candidates and the revelations about their activities that have come to light.

There has also been one unprecedented occurrence in Russia that has probably been over looked in the West and that is the union of the Communists, the neo-Liberal forces and in fact all opposition forces under one banner, made possible by Grudinina the Super Strawberry Man, who will be lucky to escape a prison term after the elections are over due to all of the shady business deals and crimes he has committed that have been uncovered.

Several hours ago the collected forces of all opposition to Putin gathered in what was no doubt supposed to be something like the next Bolotnaya and which the Communists and Grudinina bragged would bring together at least five thousand people yet suffered a very humiliating showing. Given that it was a public holiday and the weather was wonderful and it was smack dab in the center of Moscow near Red Square, gathering five thousand people should have been a walk in the park and even Uncle Kuzya could have pulled this one off, but the grandiose and massive event that Grudinina promised resulted in about 350 people, no more gathering to support the Super Strawberry Man. No doubt this will not be good news to Grudinina's western financers and controllers, in particular the left over Obama people like McFaul and the CIA staff at the Washington Post who have been meddling in Russian affairs by "supporting" their man in Moscow.

Do Americans know that their taxpayer dollars are being used to support not only nazis in Ukraine but pseudo Communist Russian Oligarchs and people like Navalny with multiple felonies? Would Americans even care? I will be reporting more as developments come along but here are the drone shots of today's MASSIVE gathering which I even zoomed into and physically counted the number of participants as you can see below.     

Expose25A Fighting Corruption: For Any Country the Key to Ensuring State Security

February 21, 2018 -  Corruption is the tool that makes the subversion and destruction of any country or state possible, for there is no one who is more coveted and sought after by the foreign intelligence service and the foreign agent than the corrupt official with access to state secrets, the ability to pass legislation and access to the countries media and the elites!


Expose25A Today Marks 1 Year Since the CIA Assassinated Vitaly Churkin

February 20, 2018 -  IT has been one year since the CIA/MOSSAD/Asteroids killed Vitaly Churkin. We will not forget!

MEDIA WATCH: Media Frames Ukraine Crisis to Blame Russia


Attributing Cyber Incidents to Russia DNI-ICA

Attributing Cyber Incidents to Russia DNI-ICA

DNC Russian Hackers Found!


New US Sanctions List: Meddling by CIA




Expose25A 13 Russian Hackers Installed Trump?! Okay

February 19, 2018 - The United States of America has discovered a new type of data. Namely facts which become fresher as time goes by, this unbelievable crap about Russian Hackers and the equating of Cyber Attacks to a military attack warranting the use of nuclear weapons is more than just ludicrous bellicose posturing and dangerous brinksmanship, these are the operations of complete and raving lunatics!

I have wasted enough time reading and going through all of the latest reports and can save you some time and tell you they lack what they always do concrete proof. Sure there are allegations and statements of intent or conspiracy as being truth but there is no actual proof. Proof is like dates and times and who gave the orders and what exactly was done. The idiots instead come out and say how "complicated" the conspiracy is. Sure they want to fill your head with a bunch of essential crap and you just take their word for it as they move the world right along to the nuclear phase of World War III!  

Absurd indictment of 'Russian trolls' deflects attention from FBI and DOJ criminality

Robert Mueller’s ’13 Russian trolls indictment’ is a COPY + PASTE job from 2015 Ukrainian Radio Free Europe post


Kim Dotcom: "Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack"

Duma speaker blasts ‘absurd’ charges against 13 Russians over US election meddling

Press review: Trumped-up ‘Russiagate’ charges divide America and Russia-West feud persists

Kremlin slams ‘groundless’ Mueller indictment on alleged Russian meddling in US election

First they released the idictment against 13 "Russian hackers" - No proof here

February 24, 2018 - For those of you who are not familiar with all of the nuances of the US legal system an indictment is the same as an official accusation. It is not a finding of guilt and the burden of proof is much less than that required, say to obtain a warrant or a guilty conviction in a court of law. Indictments can be handed down by Grand Juries who may meet in secret with none of the evidence even accessible to the defense. Here of course we also have the aspect of the CIA being involved in orchestrating all of this and thus they can claim that the evidence can not be released due to National Security concerns.

I have read all of these reports and can not find any definitive proof, other than circumstantial evidence and very loud proclamations and theorizing.  


Then they released the very impressive looking Election Security Report - Again no proof there


We always like to be fair so we go back to 2016 and try to connect something ourselves - No proof


Of course there were Russian hackers, but they worked for Obama! - Proof

Why is this known pathological liar still being allowed to promote this crap? War! Plain and simple! 


We did find, years ago, that the US electronic voting system and the DNC DCCC are corrupted - Proof

We did find meddling by Georgy Schwartz - Proof


And we did uncover billion dollar corruption by the Clintons and the Rothschilds - Proof

We even discovered Snowden is named Greenberg and was helping Obama and the Clintons - Proof


And we found CIA Malware on WikiLeaks and more evidence of WikiLeaks connected assassinations

And finally we offer over 500 pages showing the entire US system is corrupt to the core - Proof


Another fake!!!

Expose25A Real CIA/US Meddling in Russian Elections - Hodorkosky Blocked

February 21, 2018 - Due to the meddling of Mihail Hodorkovsky Russia was forced to ban his site from access in the Russian internet space.

Gorbachev Spied for the CIA (Old)



Собчак спалил в провокации "Голоса" на выборах Internal E-Mails



Lavrov: US admits envoys assigned to dissuade partners from doing business with Russia

February 19, 2018











Expose25A The NWO and Lustration in Russia to Facilitate the Re-Writing of History and the Subversion and Destruction of the Russian State for the NWO by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Assets

February 18, 2018 -February 18, 2018 - What happened to me and my family looks bad for Russia and that is why they think I will not talk about it or write about it, but the problem is not Russia, the problem is a 5th column of traitors who are trying to subvert Russia for the New World Order and who are hiding in Russia as Russians and patriots so they are not questioned to destroy Russia from within. They also think that because they have power and money and have already put my son in prison on orders from the US Embassy that I will not talk and that I will be too scared to talk, but unfortunately for them I do not care anymore and I am not afraid, even after being attacked, drugged and beaten on New Year's.

I will not write a long piece here because all of the details are now in my book and I have already published them elsewhere as well but I will comment on the very fact that it was all planned out and not just targeting me (I am grateful to Nikita Milhaikov for finally putting the last piece of the puzzle in place) in an operation that was what is called Lustration.

Lustration: The term "lustration" derives from the Latin for "purification." In the transitional justice literature, it refers to a means by which some countries deal with a legacy of human rights abuses: through the mass disqualification of those associated with the abuses under the prior regime. However in the Russian application it applies to the victims of human rights and other abuses and the ridding from the ranks of those who are not in agreement with the New World Order plans for the Russian State. In other words the lustration happening in Russia is one where the dirty elements "cleanse" the system of anyone who might oppose their plans and actions.

The Lustration in the case of the Russian media was very very clear and directed at those of us with very specific characteristics but other than my word until now I was not able to cite even one single source to corroborate my claims against some of the richest and most influential people in Russia who are members of the untouchable "elite" Zionist Jewish neo-liberal America loving class tasked with bringing the New World Order to Russia.

With the case of what I have been through and what I have seen the classic meaning of the word "Lustration" does not entirely apply for what has happened in Russia and in particular in Moscow also has elements of ethnic and racial cleansing and punitive actions against anyone who may be against the criminal subversive forces attempting to bring about the New World Order's conditions to Russia and the Russian State in order to facilitate its destruction and conversion into another resource and wealth donor to the New World Order.

In a wonderful video by Nikita Mihailkov which I have linked to on my Russia Report page at the link near the top this entry, he talks about the Neo-Liberal plans for the Lustration of Government Officials, an act which would be the equivalent to treason in most countries in the way that it was presented and by whom, along strictly age lines, and in particular, with the exact parameter that includes my generation, namely people born between 1965-1975.

To be precise this use of age was exactly what Mark Stolyar, Oleg Dmitrev, Ekaterina Pavlova, Margarita Semonyan and Dimitry Kiselev decided to use to get rid of me and most of my other colleagues at the Voice of Russia, and hearing it from Mihailkov was very vindicating given where and by whom these policies are being implemented.

The real agenda and the real Lustration is racial and ethnic but the ideological one is to only allow those in the media who will help in bringing in the New World Order and who are first and foremost loyal to Israel and the Zionist Agenda. The entire Russian media is now completely controlled and run by those who call themselves Jewish and who server first and foremost Israel and the New World Order. 

The age parameter was important because people of that age remember the tactics that were used in the media to dumb down and program the public and manufacture consent to destroy the Soviet Union. It was also people of my age who were the most vocal to the sweeping changes the globalist Zionists were carrying out in the Russian media. Unable to create and think up new technologies and methods the NWO lackeys are using the same exact topics to divide the Russian people and help the NWO demonize Russia to facilitate genocide and war on the Russian people. Just like in the 80s they are demonizing Stalin and attempting to re-write and dirty Soviet History, they are trying on their endless talk shows and political discussions on television, to rewrite and dirty the Victory in the Second Great Patriotic war and they are trying to normalize nazism and spread homosexual and sexual perversion propaganda under claims of free speech and "We want to show the people how stupid these things are!" This is totally fake and false and I am stunned that they are allowed to get away with it.

Other parameters they were looking for were patriotism to Russia and we were asked to write essays on how we felt about Russia and what we would do to advance its position in the information sphere. Everyone who was patriotic or had good solid ideas was terminated. My case was worse because they used me to formulate propaganda operations and developed editorial policies which were then turned around and used against Russia. They of course did not want any Muslims and they did not want an real Orthodox people or well read people or people who new history or had encyclopedic information in their heads about history or the illegality of the United States. Staff were also given pluses and kept who went to the Bolotnaya and were vocally anti-Putin which was stunning to me.

Everything I have just written covers crimes and treason against the Russian State and should have been looked at seriously and with great alarm but the Globalist now control Russia and it appears that it is not going to be possible to bring these traitors to justice!

They want young stupid easily manageable Jewish people who they can manipulate and who hate Russia and Russians deep in their hearts, and that is who works in the Russian media now. They even get awards for being heroes of Russia when they are in reality trying to destroy her!

Unfortunately for the people responsible the attempt to poison me and arrest my son failed and even more unfortunate is that all of the information here was given to the proper authorities who have done nothing. So why am I even fighting them? They should have never destroyed my family and had my son arrested.

The letter to the left is from a CIA operative named Max McCulloch who was brought in from US Navy Cryptography Anti-Russia Operations to work as a "Content Editor" his hiring and the hiring of CIA Officer Paul Craig Roberts to handle Russian propaganda should have been seen as treason. They were literally and openly subverting the state just by their very presence on Russian State media, but the globalists get away with anything and everything. Sergey Kotchetkov, who poisoned me in his office, told me himself, we can do whatever we want and if I simply do not like you I can fire you. Well he did but that firing was illegal and him poisoning me was attempted murder. Yet I am the bad guy who has to keep fighting to clear my name, I am the one who they stopped from getting Russian citizenship, even though I gave over 20 years of service to Russian Intelligence, and they knew this and they still did it.

This information MUST be checked by the investigative authorities and miore importantly by the FSB and Counter Intelligence and my son freed. This is all detailed in my book!

I swear that everything contained above is 100% true and correct to the best of my knowledge and will provide my book and all supporting evidence to the proper law enforcement and investigative bodies upon any request. Given that Ekaterina Pavlovna is being used by the CIA, I believe unbeknowst to her, and the fact about where her husband works, this is a direct threat to Russian National Security at the highest level.

John Robles II

Note: Echo of Moscow is the main distributor of Russophobic anti-Russia propaganda in the world. Based in Moscow, paid for by Russian tax dollars and run by GazProm Media. Which leads to the question of who is really in control of Russia. Millions of Russians detest the Neoliberal scum who bash Russia on this station day in and day out, and it is only listened to by the Neo-Liberal Russia haters who are organized, controlled and enabled by this media outlet. It is the main focal point and the main distribution outlet for the CIA and US State Department to spread propaganda and give instructions to their assets in Russia. I any normal country no such outlet would ever be tolerated, however even though everyone knows there is nothing done to stop them. I am at my end trying expose these traitors to Russia when nothing is done. In any healthy democratic country with a strong security apparatus this outlet, like I said would not be tolerated. The only solution is liquidating ECHO Moscow and installing media controls to stop the spread of Russophobic propaganda and ethnic hate against Russians. There is no other way! They must be stopped!!! 

Expose25A Illustration of Lustration: БесогонTV «Иллюстрация люстрации»

February 16, 2018

Published on Feb 2, 2018

В новом выпуске авторской программы «Бесогон ТВ» Никита Михалков предлагает поговорить о терпимости и толерантности, а также о безответственном отношении некоторых радиостанций к тому, что происходит в их эфире. Например, радио «Эхо Москвы» абсолютно не смущают оскорбления и угрозы, исходящие от ведущих и гостей в студии. Не смущает их и призыв к люстрации граждан России по возрастному цензу…

Но, пока некоторые люди мечтают о люстрациях будущего, мы уже являемся свидетелями люстраций прошлого. За что борцы за всеобщую толерантность и права женщин хотят убить «Спящую красавицу»? Как постмодернистское искусство убивает западную культуру? Обо всем этом Никита Михалков размышляет в новом выпуске своей авторской программы «Бесогон ТВ», который называется «Иллюстрация люстрации».

I hope you found this piece informative so far and will continue updating as soon as I get some rest. Please visit other sections of the site and support our work and I hope you have a wonderful morning or evening wherever you may be! Thank you! 


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