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Yatsenyuk Has Fled to Argentina

I love Russia but Xenophobia is on the Rise with a frightening police action titled Migrant 2015

Mein Kampf Normalization a Step Towards Genocide

January 13, 2016  The republication and acceptance by the tolerant European community of Mein Kampf is an extremely dangerous development that will lead to untold misery and millions of deaths. The re-release of this work of pure evil must be fought and should be causing an incredible uproar around the world just as the "heroization" of nazi scum Stepan Bandera should have caused an uproar in Ukraine. I call out to all of the Slavic and other people's of the world and Europe which Mein Kampf classified as subhuman to stand up and fight the normalization of this publication. The fact that Zionist Jews are controlling the world's media and are in collusion with the same nazi elements in Ukraine that wish to take over Europe and are behind the re-publication of Mein Kampf is something that is being ignored as it goes against normal people's accepted thinking, however normal intelligent peace-loving Jews are also almost unheard from which is alarming. There is no longer freedom of speech as the US/CIA/NATO/Mossad/Saudi have achieved dominance in the global media. Be warned again my fellow members of the Russian World and all intelligent peace-loving people worldwide, your silence will lead to genocide and in the end the destruction of the Russian World and all that we love and have fought for. We are at war and the target is us.  

Odessa: Nazi Junta Massacred Protestors (108-140 Dead)



I love Russia but Xenophobia is on the Rise with a frightening police action titled Migrant 2015

"Smiling Skin Head" Arrested in Latvia

Underlining the dangerous and rising spread of fascism and Russophobia in Eastern Europe and the West and the complete disregard for the rights of journalists and growing intolerance of those with opposing views, Graham Phillips was arrested in Latvia for protesting at a nazi SS march. I recall marching at an anti-KKK neo-nazi march in York Pennsylvania in 1991 with less violent results. The fact that Graham, who maintains a shaved head in the skin head fashion and is white as bread was arrested and treated the way he was by police to the applause of fellow journalists and those present speaks of the very dangerous level of Russophobia and racial intolerance spreading throughout Eastern Europe. I have said even Russia is no longer safe for non-whites and this underlines that fact. God help us!


Targetting of Minorities Continues in Moscow

I love Russia but Xenophobia is on the Rise with a frightening police action titled Migrant 2015





9 May, 20:09

US/Nazi Collaboration: Ukraine and Worldwide

Prof Barry Lituchy

US/Nazi collaboration: Ukraine and worldwide – Prof Barry Lituchy

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The US government, NATO, European Union countries and their pliant media are all suppressing the truth about what is really occurring in Ukraine, just like in Yugoslavia. And they are supporting and using Nazi groups to fulfill geopolitical objectives, something that they have continued to do since the end of the Great Patriotic War (World War II). It would be understandable if Jews worldwide raised the alarm and took up arms, metaphorically speaking, against the US. However, they are not being informed and the truth is being suppressed. We spoke to Professor Barry Lituchy, the editor and co-author of the book “Jasenovac and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia”. He is also a member of the US-Jewish community and has roots in Ukraine. He spoke about the US support and the continuation of US collusion with Nazis and fascists worldwide.

Professor Barry Letuchy

Hello, this is John Robles, I’m speaking with Professor Barry Lituchy, he is a teacher of history at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the co-author of “Jasenovac and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia” analysis and survivor testimony. He is also the founder and President of the Jasenovac Research Foundation and the Vice President of the Holocaust Memorial Committee in Brooklyn, New York.

Robles: Hello Sir, how are you this evening?

Lituchy: I’m very well John, thank you for calling.

Robles: I’d really like to hear your views on the current situation here in Europe and in Ukraine in particular with the holocaust, the rise of fascist movements in Europe, the support by the US government of known Nazi groups in Ukraine and all of this in light of the victory over the Nazis in World War II?

Lituchy: John, the Jews in the United States are very much aware of the rise of anti-Semitism and of neo-Nazism in Europe right now. What they are less aware of though is the connection between US foreign policy and I would say even other EU countries’ foreign policy in helping to promote the rise of this neo-fascist movement that is occurring in numerous countries today in Europe and of course most spectacularly and most unfortunately today in the Ukraine.

I would say that the history of this connection between US foreign policy and other EU countries’ foreign policy in promoting and protecting and also subsidizing neo-fascist movements goes back to the end of World War II when the United States and Britain not only did not send Nazi war criminals for trial in countries like Yugoslavia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, but in fact protected them and with the cooperation of the Vatican and the ratlines out of the Vatican allowed them to escape, and then in fact co-opted them as assets for the CIA and MI-6 intelligence services in the post war/World War II years.

In fact we now know that an enormous budget was created to organize and support the organizations of these fascist movements in the post-war era. So, the truth is that it is not really a revival in places like the Ukraine when we see organizations like the Right Sector and Svoboda, with its neo-Nazi insignias and proclamations but rather a continuation of the past.

Robles: Isn’t this disturbing for Jewish Americans and Jews in general? How do you feel about the fact that the Jewish community in Odessa is preparing evacuation plans currently as we speak? I don’t know if you saw the Jerusalem Post article.

Lituchy: Yes, I did see it and as a matter of fact I think there is a great deal of confusion in the United States among American Jews about this because to a large extent unfortunately the major Jewish organizations have not really, I would say to a large extent, they have either gone along with the mainstream media or have not really sounded a clear alarm about these developments, because to a large extent a lot of the major Jewish organizations want to conform to US foreign policy and so therefore if US foreign policy and the US mainstream media’s policy is to suppress the truth, the historical truth about these fascist movements and their connection to US foreign policy, I think then that is also what the major Jewish organizations are going to do, unfortunately.

But I think there is also a great deal of knowledge about what is going on among many American Jews. So, you will see a very contradictory and differentiated response to these developments.

But historians certainly know what is going on and historians know the trajectory of this and the background to this current evolution of fascist movements in places like the Ukraine and I think that it is really incumbent on them to … it’s important for them to speak out and that is why I am here because it is very important for academics and scholars of the Holocaust to make clear that this is not an accident and it is a very clear danger.

What happened in Odessa recently is a development that in many ways is identical to what occurred in October 1941 when the Romanian army entered Odessa, took Odessa and after an attack on the Romanian high command in Odessa, they basically burned to death across Odessa.

So, it is not surprising that the Right Sector when they came into Odessa a few days ago repeated history. They burned their victims to death. Historians can see that this is not reminiscent. It is identical to what occurred in the Holocaust.

Robles: Those are their heroes and they are trying to emulate the Nazi SS and the Bandera Nazis who were even considered brutal by the SS.

Lituchy: I think that a lot of American Jews, a significant number of American Jews can trace their heritage back to the Ukraine, a place that was home to millions of Jews before World War II and many American Jews like myself have a direct connection to the past history of the Ukrainian fascist movement.

I can tell you from my own family’s experience, we came from a town in the Ukraine, the Lituchys that is, came from a town in the Ukraine called Zhashkov or Zhashkova in Russian, and in 1919 we suffered a terrible pogrom there organized by the Ukrainian nationalist leader Symon Petlyura, and the Jews of Zhashkov, or Zhashkova, were rounded up and sent to the Synagogue and others were sent to other buildings, and if they could pay enough in gold, they survived, and if they could not, they were burned to death.

So, this is a family memory and this story was told to me by my grandfather’s sister 30 somewhat years ago when I was young and it is something that everyone in my family knows because we never returned to our homes in that town after that pogrom and many, many, many Jews in that town were burned alive, killed, including two of my grandfather’s cousins who were shot even though we paid Petlyura’s boys the ransom that they wanted.

I see Petlyura really as the father of Ukrainian fascism more than Bandera. Bandera was more or less a pupil of Petlyura and so this movement has its origins to the time when the Germans first occupied the Ukraine in 1918. They saw the advantage then of sponsoring an extreme Ukrainian nationalist movement with clerical overtones, anti-Russian, anti-Jewish and deeply so. We should remember Petlyura denounced Russians and Jews and also outlawed the Russian language. And so the flag of present day Ukraine dates to that time as well.

So all of this was then re- … that was a kind of dress rehearsal. A lot of American Jews know about this because it is their family background, the estimates of historians is that between 150,000 and 200,000 Jews were killed in the Ukraine just during the period from 1917 to 1921, during these pogroms. There was over 2,000 pogroms.

So, this is well-known to many American Jews even if the American-Jewish leaders may not wish to come out and denounce US foreign policy in the Ukraine, in supporting these movements, nevertheless many, many American Jews are familiar with this story.

Robles: What is the reaction, what is your reaction to Victoria Nuland? She is a member of the Jewish community. I am sure she had Intelligence, I am sure she knew exactly who Svoboda was, who Yatsenyuk was, who Tyganbok was. How could they actually allow these people to come into power?

Lituchy: Yeah, well it’s very hard for me to know exactly what’s in the mind of someone like Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland or much less her husband Robert Kagan, the hardline neo-conservative, theorist and advisor to presidents from Reagan to Clinton.

As far as their Jewish identity and their desire to use political movements with deeply anti-Semitic as well as racist, anti-Russian racist ideas, that is something really for a psychiatrist, I think, to figure out.

Robles: Is this a case perhaps of they are after Russia, so they’ll do anything they can?

Lituchy: Well John, the United States has …. US foreign policy has, for a very long time used former Nazis and other neo-Nazis in foreign policy.

Perhaps the most dramatic recent case of this was in Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia it became quite clear when the United States first was putting pressure to break up Yugoslavia in early 1990, it was quite clear that the conflict that was emerging in Yugoslavia was sponsored by the United States and European countries like Britain and Germany and even the Vatican by reviving neo-fascist movements.

These neo-fascist movements whether they be the Croatian Ustaša, or Croatian Nazis, or Bosnian-Muslim fascists, like Alija Izetbegović, who in fact was a former Nazi. Regardless of what they were, it was clear that this was part of the policy and that was what was driving the conflict and that ultimately proved to be the decisive factor in shattering Yugoslavia, in destroying Yugoslavia.

And that was why I began to organize conferences and ultimately leading to my book on this subject of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia, because there was a clear connection to US foreign policy in the Balkans and the revival of these fascist movements, and that story was being suppressed.

That was being suppressed in the media at that time, it was even suppressed in Holocaust institutions. Well particularly the US government Holocaust Museum in Washington DC told nothing about the story of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia when it opened in 1993 and in fact they invited Franjo Tudjman, an open anti-Semite and racist, an anti-Serb, to speak to the opening of that museum.

Robles: How could they possibly do that? What were they thinking? Are they making a mockery of everything?

Lituchy: The Yugoslav Jewish community did protest that but it got no play in the media, it was suppressed just as they had suppressed in the museum the whole story of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia at that time.

Since then, of course, they have added it to the museum but at that time because it was an inconvenient truth for the US government to talk about it, the US government in their museum on the Holocaust just erased the Holocaust in Yugoslavia, it didn’t talk about the hundreds of thousands of Serbs, the 60,000 plus Jews, and the hundreds of thousands of Romas who were killed in Yugoslavia simply for being who they were, for racist reasons by the Croatian Ustaša and other fascist collaborators.

The lesson that was learnt from that experience in the 1990s in the Balkans was that this oppression of historical truth in regard to the Holocaust is a life-or-death issue because it ultimately it sets peoples up for victimization. In other words, the same people who were the victims of the Holocaust in World War II were being targeted to be victimized all over again. And this is the problem again with the Ukraine.

This is why the story of the fascists in the Ukraine, the massive involvement of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists, in carrying out the Holocaust in the Ukraine and their subordination to the SS and the Nazis in the occupation and Holocaust in Ukraine in World War II is being suppressed because it goes contrary to US foreign policy and because the aim of US foreign policy is to suppress that truth. So the same people can be victimized all over again - in this case, Russians and Jews.

Robles: Since you mentioned that, how important it is not to forget history, President Putin today just signed several laws into effect making Holocaust denial, making whitewashing Nazism, being an apologist and making false statements about World War II, those are now - in the US they are called felony offenses - but those are serious crimes now in Russia.

Lituchy: They are serious. They are serious.

Robles: What I have seen, for example with my students, young people today almost know nothing about the Holocaust, about what Nazis did in the concentration camps, about the experiments, about the atrocities. In Ukraine I think people just try to ignore the problem. Now there is blood flowing in the streets.

Lituchy: Governments today in the West, the United States, the European Union, Britain, Germany, they want to suppress the truth about the Holocaust in the Ukraine. They want to suppress the truth about the fascist movement in the Ukraine and its crimes because they want to allow these movements who victimized the peoples of the Ukraine, the non-Ukrainian population, the Russians and the Jews, and anyone who isn’t Ukrainian. They want to victimize them all over again so that they can use this Ukrainian ultra-nationalist and fascist movements to establish NATO expansion into the Ukraine. I think everyone knows that but that’s being suppressed by the media. It’s being suppressed by the government.

You were listening to an interview with Professor Barry Lituchy, he teaches history at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the editor and co-author of “Jasenovac and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia” analysis and survivor testimony. He is the President and founder of the Jasenovac Research Foundation, as well as the Vice President of the Holocaust Memorial Committee in Brooklyn, New York.


7 May, 09:40

Putin Signs Law Criminalizing nazi Revisionism

John Robles

President Putin signs law criminalizing nazi revisionist tactics

On Monday May 5, 2014 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin passed a Russian Federal Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" aimed at opposing attempts to infringe on historical memory in relation to events that took place during World War II(the Great Patriotic War), according to the Kremlin. This is a clear sign to fascists worldwide.

The passing of the law shortly before the May 9th Victory Day celebrations (a bittersweet day when Russians remember the tens of millions who fell fighting the scourge of nazi Germany and joyfully celebrate the victory of Russia, the Red Army and the USSR over the nazi fascists) and against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine (where the US installed and backed fascist junta has mobilized the army and is employing armed paramilitary nazi Right Sector extremists to engage in what can only be described as a nazi "war of extermination" against those who refuse to be ruled by the degenerate followers of nazi SS stooge Stephan Bandera and grant legitimacy to the junta which violently overthrew the democratically elected government in February) has received a lot of attention worldwide, in particular with nazi glorifiers, white supremacists and Jewish groups.

According to the Kremlin"The new Federal Law makes it a criminal offence to deny facts recognized by the international military tribunal that judged and punished the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, approving the crimes this tribunal judged, and deliberately spreading false information about the Soviet Union's activities during World War II."

The brief summary wording of the law (the full text of which was not accessible at time of writing) has been posted on the Kremlin website and recognizes the findings of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and while not explicitly stating such as did a draft of the bill proposed in March of last year, would make Holocaust Denial a crime in the Russian Federation as this comes under "facts recognized by the international military tribunal".

Approving of the crimes the Nuremberg Tribunal judged and deliberately spreading false information about the USSR is not something that happens very often in Russia, but is more exemplified by the current junta in Ukraine including: Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Tyganbok and the groups that brought them to power such as the Trident, the Right Sector and Svoboda.

These groups not only approve of the nazi crimes against the Jews but also glorify them and attempt to paint them as deeds of heroism. A madness we saw recently in Odessa when "Maidan Defense Forces" and their Right Sector brethren shot people who were trying to escape as they were burning them alive and screamed "Glory to Ukraine" every time someone jumped out of a window to escape the flames.

Events such as these make it clear that such laws are necessary, and although such nazi ideology and glorification are not common in Russia, the danger of extremism, xenophobia and racial hatred is always present in almost any culture.

Russia, which lost more people than any other country during the Great Patriotic War, officially the figure is said to be at approximately 28 million (but there are some studies and estimates that say as many as 40 million due to the chaotic state of record keeping at the time and the fact that many died of disease and related traumas away from the battlefield or were not recorded), is one of the last of the countries to pass such laws in Europe.

Countries in Europe with Holocaust denial laws (many of which participated in the Holocaust themselves) and similar nazi related laws include: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Switzerland. Israel also has strict laws regarding Holocaust Denial.

Russia did not have such laws in the past for the reason that other laws covering extremism, the outlawing of nazi groups and the like also for the most part covered specific crimes such as public incitement to hatred and the Holocaust Denial and because racial hatred was not a serious problem in Russia. Although some say there has been a trend towards xenophobia in Russia.

The absence of such laws before now may have caused many white supremacists and neo-nazis (not at all bright people to begin with) falsely believe that Russia in some way supported their twisted ideology. A common statement by skin heads and other xenophobes and racists on the white supremacist website Stormfront is that somehow President Putin must be sympathetic to their cause because he is "the white leader of a white country". They obviously recognize that President Putin is a strong, brave and no-nonsense leader and would surely love to have someone so intelligent and powerful on their side, and judging by the number of posts and comments on their site, their hopes have been dashed.

President Putin's position on racism, anti-Semitism, extremism and those who would spread racial and interethnic hatred have been clear from the very beginning and those who mistake his patriotism for Russia, as somehow a nationalist/racist thinking, are sadly mistaken.

White supremacists, anti-Semites, neo-nazis and those who attempt to glorify the horrendous deeds of the Third Reich believe that if they can prove one fact to be wrong, for example about the Holocaust, then they can unravel some huge conspiracy. However these attempts always fail miserably as exemplified by the attempt by Yuri Sergeev, the nazi junta's representative at the UN, whose first move was to deny the validity of the Nuremberg Trials and evidence by the USSR presented against the Banderavites. His crimes of denial, attempted rehabilitation of war criminal Bandera, approval of the horrific acts of the nazis, misrepresentation of the facts and the attempting spreading of lies about the USSR's role in the defeat of the nazi fascists, through the media and using his position in power would make him a prime candidate for prosecution in almost any European country and now in Russia.

The Kremlin: "Criminal penalties are increased if the above-mentioned activities are carried out by individuals using their official position or mass media, or by fabricating proof of accusations."

Statements by Russian officials that those responsible for ordering military operations against civilians will surely have to answer for their crimes, especially to the Ukrainian people, is now backed up by President Putin who has sent a clear message to all extremists and in particular those of the nazi tilt, that they will not find refuge or sympathy in Russia.

The Kremlin: "The Federal Law also makes it a criminal offence to publicly spread information on military and memorial commemorative dates related to Russia's defense that are clearly disrespectful of society, and publicly desecrate symbols of Russia's military glory. The Federal Law sets administrative liability for legal entities that commit these offences."

The last paragraph should clearly be a cause of concern for fascist groups, officials and organizations that are planning to launch events or attempt to blacken the celebrations planned for Victory Day, May 9th .

In summary the recent law passed by the President is necessary to protect society and the honorable memories of all of those who died defeating fascism. It is sad that such a law is necessary but the specter of fascism and historical revisionism has risen its head in Europe and in particular in certain former Soviet Republics and unfortunately Russia has to defend itself again against those who would re-write history and those who would spread fascism. Yet Russia beat the nazis once, and apparently Russia will have to play a decisive role in beating them again.

Once the nazi Bandera coup in Ukraine implodes and collapses as any sick gangrenous cancerous disease is bound to do and the Ukrainian people rise up and begin prosecuting the criminals pretending to be the leaders of the country. They can rest assured that they will find no refuge in Russia. So where can they run?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple; the US. For one the United States is fully 100% supporting nazis in Ukraine, has no laws against Holocaust Denial or historical revisionism, neo-nazis, the KKK and other scum are allowed to stage parades and hold public functions openly and what normal countries would classify as hate speech, whitewashing nazism and approving the Holocaust is allowed in the US. Because when it comes to nazis (and 40,000 thousand found refuge in the US after WWII and many got good jobs in the CIA and new identities) freedom of speech applies. I wonder how Israel feels about all this?

If I do not get chance to talk to you all before Victory Day I would just like to say: Glory to those who beat the nazi scourge, glory to those who stand against fascism today, glory to Mother Russia and the memories of all her fallen children known and unknown who perished so that we would could live. Glory to Russia's great military victories! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Happy Victory Day! Remember the fallen and don't forget what they died fighting against.


5 May, 13:35

Fascists Burning People Alive in Odessa, nazism on the Rise in Europe

John Robles

Fascists burning people alive in Odessa, nazism on the rise in Europe

Historically speaking it was just a short while ago that a group of "nationalists", led by a madman who had a gift for evoking ultra-nationalist sentiment and blind obedience and a special talent for awakening the mindless blood thirsty beast that may still reside in the deepest darkest primordial recesses of the human psyche, launched a campaign of genocide and drove the planet into a state of world war.Historically speaking it was just a short while ago that a group of "nationalists", led by a madman who had a gift for evoking ultra-nationalist sentiment and blind obedience and a special talent for awakening the mindless blood thirsty beast that may still reside in the deepest darkest primordial recesses of the human psyche, launched a campaign of genocide and drove the planet into a state of world war.

That man of course was Adolph Hitler and the genocidal beasts he led were called the Nazis, but then of course you know that. The reign of terror and death that was the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich lasted from 1933 until 1945 and took with it as many as 85 million human beings, with from 28 to 40 million of those being Soviet and Russian citizens.

The Nazis believed that the Jews were the principle ethnic enemy of their German Aryan race and along with Jews and other "mud people" (as most of us were described in Mein Kampf) the Nazis committed a campaign of extermination against the "mud people", principally Jews, that became known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memorial Museum puts the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust at between 4.9 to 6 million.

The amount of people killed and the atrocities committed by the Nazis in their campaign were so horrific, brutal and evil that there are few historical comparisons. Although the genocide of the indigenous peoples of North and South America being the only other which caused such widespread death only on a far greater scale. That campaign of genocide took the lives of as many as 400 million people.

So then how is it dear reader that the world has allowed Nazis to come to power again? Have we forgotten history, even such recent history as that which occurred only 70 years ago? Have we become passive and apologetic? Or too lazy to really be bothered? Who is to blame? Our gadgets? Our dehumanized 30 second culture. The endless violence and death people see on television?


Before I go any further I would like to share something with all of you and perhaps make you uncomfortable. Perhaps that is the root cause of the problem? I often discuss with my students the Great Patriotic War (World War II) and I am constantly appalled by how little they know about what had occurred and what the Nazis had done. Even here in Russia where everyone has a relative or someone they know who was affected by the war or perished fighting the nazi scourge. Just in case some of you have grown apathetic or have been the victim of historical revisionism let's recall what the Nazis did, the same Nazis that 17 year old kids in Banderastan (the former Ukraine) are glorifying, and it is important to note that the Banderavites were brutal even by Nazi standards. (If you recall all of this bear with me please.)

The Holocaust was a campaign to extinguish groups of human beings. Although for the Nazis they were dehumanized and merely seen as a disease, much in the same way as the indigenous peoples of North and South America and even Australia were dehumanized and classified as animals.

For the Nazis it did not matter if they were murdering a pregnant woman, a baby or an old grandmother, their goal was extermination and the advancement of their own race which they deemed to be the purest and most worthy to exist and dominate others. Towards this advancement thousands suffered and perished in brutal and insane medical experiments most of which had no scientific significance and are classified as medical torture and after the war what were called the Doctors' Trial was held at Nuremberg which led to the creation of the Nuremberg Code of Medical Ethics.

The atrocities committed by the Nazis at concentration camps and most exemplified by those carried out by Dr. Joseph Mengele and others such as Dr. Eduard Wirths, were some of the most revulsive committed during the war. They included many experiments on twins (there is information that MKULTRA mind control experiments were also done on twins and that Joseph Mengele was the founder of the CIA’s MKULTRA program), as they were believed to be important to Mengele to prove that genetics is more important than environment in order to support the Aryan race propaganda.

Experiments included: injecting eyes with chemicals in an attempt to change eye color, sewing twins together, randomly amputating limbs, injecting with chemicals and poisons and watching death occur, shooting and allowing to bleed to death, burning alive, removing organs while patients alive without anesthetic to see how long the patients would live, beating to death, torturing to death by beating lightly on the head with hammers, removing sections of bones and muscles and nerves without anesthetic to test transplantation, freezing people to near death and then throwing them in boiling water, injecting victims with thousands of known diseases and poisons, testing chemical warfare agents, forcing people to survive on nothing but sea water until they dies, sterilizing people with radiation without their knowledge and so.

The crimes committed in the concentration camps were some of the worst during the war, yet atrocities carried out in the field were also horrific. It was common to make soap from the bodies of Jews and lampshades from their flesh. It was also a common Nazi practice to cut skin with tattoos off of victims and save these as trophies or make book covers, purses, wallets or bags out of the bodies of victims. The murder committed by the Nazis of women, children and prisoners of war was often done in mass and with gun fire, however the Nazis were famous for their brutality and things like bashing babies to death against a wall (something favored by the Baderavites) and cutting off breasts or other body parts was not unusual.

The majority of Nazis had absolutely no human morality or remorse (perhaps a genetic defect?) and it was probably this inhuman animal quality that made them difficult to beat on the battle field for normal soldiers. Had they waged normal war against other armies instead of waging a cowardly campaign of genocide against civilians and women and children, their reign over Europe would not have cost so many lives.

These are the same non-humans that certain people in Ukraine are glorifying and attempting to personify along with homicidal maniacs like Stephan Bandera. Ignorant, uneducated, impressionable young people with misplaced patriotism and manipulated by those who would throw them to the wolves like Dmitry Yarosh the rise of Ukraine’s Nazis can no longer be ignored.

Apologists and Indifference

Did Ukraine forget the lessons of WWII? It is possible. But what is more likely is that it is the tolerance that the Ukrainian people had which led to the rise of the Right Sector, the Trident and all of the fascist groups in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people, for the most part, allowed these groups to erect statues to Bandera, train for over a decade, receive funding from the CIA and the US and finally take over their government.

Funded by the CIA, backed by the US Government, led by the likes of Yarosh, Tyahnybok, Yatsenyuk, Turchynov and the whole array of criminals and ambitious greedy power hungry manipulators Ukraine’s Nazis are now showing, beyond any doubt that they are animals of murder and violence just like their German SS heroes. But where is the outcry in Europe? Is Europe also going to allow these people to come to power? Do they really believe (as with American hegemony) that these are benign people who will go away? Or is it really more important for Europe to continue to demonize Russia and play lap dog for the US which brought these people to power?


Yesterday I saw photos from inside the Dom Profsoyuz (House of Unions) where 46 people were viciously killed because they simply wanted their voice to be heard and were against the Nazi junta that took power in Ukraine in a violent coup. The photos were disturbing and showed that several people died before the building was set on fire. The people who died were just demonstrators who were being beaten to death in the street even though Nazi leader Turchynov labels these civilians as "terrorists".

He did so knowing full well his Right Sector are the only real terrorists in Ukraine because it is the only way he can launch military operations against them (something he must have been told by John Brennan the CIA director who visited Ukraine shortly before Turchynov announced an "anti-terrorist" operations against his own civilian population. Something he will pay for no doubt in the future.

One blogger described the events in Odessa as follows:

1) They bussed in large numbers of Right Sector thugs.

2) They then got the local football hooligans (paid by oligarchs, according to some reports) to begin a nationalist demonstration.

3) The Right Sector then joined the hooligans and together they viciously attacked the anti-Maidan tent city: the tents were torn down and the anti-regime demonstrators viciously beat up to a pulp. The local cops stood by and watched.

4) The anti-regime demonstrators ran literally for their lives towards the building of Unions which had been their normal rallying point at which point they were surrounded and the building set ablaze.

5) Those attempting to leave the building were severely beat up and many murdered. Many were shot while standing in the windows to flee from the flames.

6) The neo-Nazis did not let the firefighters through.

7) With each jumping demonstrator or each person shot in the windows the crowd would scream "Glory to the Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" Many took souvenir videos. For them, this was a joyful, liberating event.

8) The Ukrainian social networks flooded with joyful messages congratulation the "heroes" in Odessa and promising more of the same to the accursed Moskals.

9) The Western and Ukie press reported the events as a "clash" with "casualties" but with no reference to any one party causing this massacre.

10) The last fatalities figure was at 46. But with many dying from smoke inhalation and, especially, burns, it will probably go up.

Television reports show the Right Sector thugs going through the pockets of the dead bodies and taking whatever they want, while they are laughing and taking trophy photos. These are the non-humans that have come to power. They are killing their fellow Ukrainians for the sole reason that they want their voice to be heard and the only voice allowed in Ukraine now is the voice of Turchynov and the Right Sector. Of course, no true investigation is forthcoming and the "authorities" will just look the other way as they did with the snipers on Maidan and as they do with the fact that there are almost nothing but traitors and CIA stooges amongst their ranks.

Russian State Duma Demands Probe

According to TASS, the State Duma is demanding a thorough investigation and the toughest punishment possible for those guilty of the Odessa tragedy on May 2.

The Chair of the State Duma Committee for Security from the United Russia faction, Irina Yarovaya noted that all of Kiev’s theories of the tragic events "look absurd." She recalled a theory "according to which federalization supporters had burnt themselves alive." "People allegedly entrenched on the upper floors of the building were hurling Molotov incendiary cocktails at "civilians" standing on the ground that triggered a fire that caused the death of such a large number of people," the lawmaker told about the theory that the Ukrainian Interior Ministry had made public. "However, this theory also does not stand any criticism, because numerous witnesses and journalists have irrefutable proof that these were radicals supported and covered by current Kiev regime with full connivance of police who ousted federalization supporters going out for a peaceful rally to the House of Trade Unions, blocked them there and set them on fire, hurling Molotov incendiary cocktails at the building," Yarovaya said, adding that there were "Many videos on which radicals without hiding their faces are literally boasting of what they had done standing in front of the burning building and giving mocking comments on attempts of people happened to be in a burning trap to save themselves."

"Instead of just scrutinizing available videos and finding those guilty official authorities prefer to devise some theories which are more fantastic than others, accusing Russia’s Federal Security Service and people from Yanukovich’s entourage [legitimate Ukrainian president] of the tragic events."


While Russia is being provoked and on a daily basis having to watch as more and more ethnic Russians and Russian speakers are being abused and those in Ukraine against the nazi junta are being killed some people are saying where is Russia? After all it was Russia who beat the fascists once. I would say where is Europe? Where is the "international community" where is the outcry? The silence is deafening. Such a big deal was made when supposedly 3 people died at the Boston Marathon a year ago so where is the outcry when 46 people are literally burned alive?

Russian Foreign Ministry

Where is the outcry? It is almost a given now that the West is not reporting. They continue to demonize Russia left and right and have so lost all sense of humanity that the lives of 46 innocent civilians means nothing.

"The Russian Foreign Ministry has demanded that the OSCE give an assessment of the situation and says that the West is not reporting that the Ukrainian Army is shooting unarmed civilians.

The West has actually imposed an information blockade on tragic events taking place in Ukraine," the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

"While Ukrainian punitive squads are carrying out their operations in east Ukraine, conducting sweeps in some settlements and blocking some others, the West has actually imposed an information blockade on tragic events taking place in that country," the ministry said, adding that "It is quite illustrative that even in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) no one is aware that the blood is being shed in Ukraine and troops are shooting at unarmed people."

"Russia demands that the relevant agencies of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe give unbiased assessments to the development picking pace in Ukraine, ministry said.”

Right Sector/Trident/CIA Atrocities

According to various sources, the CIA and FBI have been very active in Ukraine advising the US installed puppets and the Right Sector what to do. The Right Sector is attempting to recruit and train more and more people with one of the key questions for recruits being "Can you shoot an unarmed woman?". In South Eastern Ukraine Turchynov’s operatives (what is left of the Ukrainian Army) are running over civilians with armored personnel carriers and opening fire on women, children and peaceful demonstrators.

Even with the tragedy in Odessa he is remorseless and continues his war on the Ukrainian people.

The Right Sector thugs laughed and cheered and called themselves heroes for killing innocent women and unarmed civilians. They laughed as the literally beat people to death in the street. They laughed at people jumping out of windows to their death and shot anyone who approached a window to try to get air as they suffocated to death.

In other parts of Ukraine things are just as bad as in Odessa, ladies and old people are being gunned down and run over by thugs who have been given tanks and military vehicles. Villages are being bombed and Ukrainian troops are gunning down entire groups of unarmed civilians. For what? Because they do not want nazis in power.

Where is Europe’s Outrage?

When Victoria Nuland said "F the EU" she admitted that the US had planted the very puppets who are killing Ukrainians today. Now we are seeing the true face of who these non-humans are.

Is Europe still under the impression, like many Americans are, that US hegemony and NATO expansion are things benign that will just go away or do not matter? Like Ukrainians thought about the Right Sector. Does Europe really not care that there are Nazis in power in Europe again. On the upcoming anniversary of Russia’s Victory in the Great Patriotic War and Europe’s being freed from Nazi terror, will Europe sit by and watch as the Right Sector and the Ukrainian Nazis stage pogroms and desecrate the memories of the millions who died at the hands of the Nazi scourge?

The world has not learned the lessons of history apparently. Just like many countries attempted to appease Hitler’s Germany, so have they tried to appease Yatsenyuk and the US triumvirate. And once again it is Russia doing the most to fight Nazi fascists.

More Sanctions

While admitting that there is no Russian involvement in the ongoing tragic events in South Eastern Ukraine the West is announcing more sanctions. For what? Because Russia has protested because ethnic Russians and Ukrainian civilians are being murdered on a large scale by neo-Nazis? Has the West lost its mind? Is it okay to kill someone because they may be pro-Russian? Does this mean being Russian is also a reason to be killed? Maybe it is not the same thing but wasn’t that was happening in Germany when the nazis were coming to power? Only then it was Jew and pro-Jew.

Russia was NEVER involved in anything that has happened in Ukraine. Russia did not fund the Right Sector or pay thugs to overthrow the legitimate government. The US did. Russia never sent snipers into Maidan to kill security forces and demonstrators. The Right Sector did. Russia did not take Crimea. The Crimeans left Ukraine (and who can blame them when the first thing that the Nazi did was outlaw the Russian language) of their own volition. Russia has not organized or funded groups in Ukraine, the US did. Russia did nothing to destabilize the country. Again the US did. Russia tried to offer financial assistance and attempted to broker a peace between the sides. So what are the sanctions for? So the US can blackmail and attempt to take the money and property of anyone they want?

So the West continues their sanctions and continues to try to paint homicidal lynch mobs as legitimate forces. If that is okay for America, half a planet away should it be okay for you, Europe? There are Nazis in power in Europe again. They are killing those who oppose them. They were allowed to rise to power by the US and the CIA and all of their agents. Shouldn’t Europe be initiating sanctions against the US? Or do you believe that the US is a benign friendly power, Europe? When will you all wake up? When there is a knock on your door? Or when you are forced onto a train to some sort of camp because you are Jewish, or Russian, or do not deny the Holocaust. If you had been around in 1933 and you knew what you know now about Hitler, would you have tried to stop him? Why are you silent now?

Thanks for reading. Peace to you all.



23 August 2012, 20:22

Mass Killer Breivik Awaits Verdict with No Remorse

John Robles

The blond monster who killed 77 human beings in cold blood in Norway a year ago is about to be sentenced. Many people believe Anders Behring Breivik, who took the lives of people with families, friends and futures must be executed. But there’s no capital punishment in Norway and the predator of innocents will either get 21 years in prison or end up in his own psychiatric ward. In both cases the mass-muderer will continue his earthly existence.

Breivik is being treated well, he has a three room suite, with an exercise room, a bed room and an “office” with a computer he uses to prepare for his case and answer “fan” mail, and where he will be returning if he is found to be sane. If he is found to be insane an entire private hospital wing will be built for him and he will have his own staff of 17 people to take care of him night and day.

The world’s eyes will be on the small court in Oslo, Norway tomorrow as the verdict is read on the case of right-wing extremist and admitted mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

With his remorseless admission to the mass-killings he committed, his guilt is an established fact and is not the matter before the court, the court’s verdict will determine whether Breivik will face incarceration or forced psychiatric treatment. Currently the options are 21 years incarceration which may be extended indefinitely if he is deemed a danger to society or indefinite forced psychiatric treatment if he is deemed insane.

Breivik insists that he is sane and has promised to appeal the verdict if he is found to be insane by the court. He has remorselessly attempted to justify his mass-murdering execution style rampage of mostly defenseless teenagers, many of them young girls, as an attempt to cleanse white Christian society of an encroachment by multiculturalism and a fantasized Muslim takeover.

One point that the press and the debate over Breivik and his heinous crimes has not really touched upon, and one that I feel may be key to deciding his “sanity”, if there is really any doubt, is the fact that almost all of his victims were white Norwegian youth, a fact that should negate any argument that he was “fighting for Norwegian purity against a Muslim threat” and a fact that points to the sheer pointless insanity of his actions. He is a madman who wanted to viciously kill as many people as possible and his own insane reasoning was made completely and utterly pointless by his choice of targets.

Sadly for Breivik and his like-minded-angry-white-supremacist brethren such killings can in some twisted way be justified, and can somehow be deemed to be the act of a sane person. However for most of us such senseless murder can in no way be justified.

The fact that Breivik is white also is a very important factor in the case. He has been repeatedly allowed to make Nazi salutes for the cameras in the court and has repeatedly been allowed to invoke his insane ideological ranting in court as if such beliefs could in some way defend his horrendous crimes. Were he of another race group it is seriously doubtful that he would be allowed to so blatantly spit in the face of all of us.

The fact that he is white, as with most white supremacist mass-murders, has led the court and society to debate his sanity. Most members of white society are always quick to marginalize and deem psychotic one of their own when events such as this take place, they are quick to call these killers “loners” and not part of an organization, unlike what occurs when a Muslim or member of any other race group commits such a crime. A topic looked into in depth by Priyamvada Gopal at the Guardian.

With the world currently engaged in what many see as a war against “primitive” Muslims and white Christian society Breivik has many apologists. However even in this context there can be no justification for his acts.

Are the Norwegian people happy about all of this? Many are not. Many feel as I do that there are crimes that can in no way be forgiven by a civilized society and Breivik’s heinous mass-murdering rampage falls into this category. There are crimes for which even in a humane and civilized society there must be an ultimate price to pay. There must be an exception allowing for execution, Breivik as one of the worst mass murderers of all time and deserves such.

Thomas Indreboe, a lay judge who was removed from the case when he called for Breivik to be executed to save "taxpayers from unnecessary expenditures", put it well when he said "…there are other things in Norway that need to be taken care of, like elderly care and roads and such things, the money could have been spent on other things".

According to RIA-Novosti even if the court finds Breivik insane psychiatrists my refuse to treat him as he has been diagnosed as being rational and sane in the past.

Breivik himself hopes he is found to be sane so that his monstrous killing spree will not be viewed as the act of a madman, this will support the delusional architecture of his psychosis, and allow like-minded neo-Nazi fanatics a victory they do not deserve.

If systematically, remorselessly and cold-bloodedly taking the lives of 77 human being, people with families, friends and futures, does not forfeit the right of one to continue to exist, then I don’t know what does.

Regardless of what I think and many who would agree with me, Breivik will continue to live, costing Norwegian taxpayers millions, and he will continue to breathe, exercise, eat nice meals, answer fan mail and spit in the face of all humanity.

Facts from multiple sources used in this commentary. The opinions and views expressed above are my own. 


14 August 2012, 18:45

Security Services, Society, Templar Knights and nazi Filth and Blasphemous Breivik

John Robles

Up until the cold-blooded-mass-killings by white supremacist home-grown terrorist Anders Breivik, Norway had been seen as one of the safest nations on earth. The double attack left not only Norway but the world, stunned and in search of answers as to how this could have happened. The Breivik case took a new twist yesterday when a statement came allegedly from the “Knights of Templar”, demanding to set him free.

Norway has been forced to take a cold hard look at itself and in a 482 page report submitted to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on the failures that allowed the madman to bomb government buildings and run rampant executing youth for hours, has drawn rational and practical solutions and placed blame on the key areas of security that failed in Norway.

According to the Jerusalem Post the report found that the authorities were aware of the activities of Breivik months before the attacks when he purchased huge quantities of materials, including liquid fertilizer, that could be used to make bombs but he was never placed on a watch list by the security services.

"The attack on the government complex on July 22 could have been prevented through effective implementation of already adopted security measures," said the report. Apart from the aforementioned another key finding was that the government building that was attacked was not sufficiently fortified and had been identified as a security risk years earlier but was never properly brought up to standards.

As security services and police the world over know, if preventative measures fail, then response time is of utmost importance in extreme situations. According to the report key responses and measures failed miserably, and these failures, for the most part were in the command structure. Norway has world-class-highly-trained response personnel but they were not deployed effectively, this included the military not being informed and emergency procedures not being implemented. First responders did not even have a description of Breivik until 20 minutes after the first attack, which could have been used to stop him before he reached Utoya Island.

The most critical failure occurred when authorities were already aware of the massacre taking place on Utoya Island and wasted critical time which allowed Breivik to gun down the youth on the island for an hour and fifteen minutes. According to the Jerusalem Post apparently a helicopter could not be found and the boat they were supposed to use was not able to sustain the load of the officers responding to the attack.

Although part of the blame lies with the authorities a large part of it has to lie with society and its inability to comprehend the viciousness and insanity of predators like this and be prepared to deal with them. Yes, sadly part of the blame lies with peace loving people who are not prepared for the monstrosities that some men are capable of. We saw this with Hitler, we saw this on 9-11, we have seen this with Breivik.

For countries like Russia, the United States, Israel, and the U.K., just to list a few, society and the authorities are ready, prepared and experienced in dealing with these sorts of attacks, unfortunately for Norway it was a wake up call from Breivik, who mercilessly took advantage of weaknesses in the security architecture of the country.

As the government of Norway and the world continue the debate on security, the inhumanity and unrepentant nature of Breivik and his brethren continues to make a mockery of the civilized world with a statement allegedly from the supposed “Knights of Templar” an organization that Breivik claimed to be a member of but which has no connection to the real order of the Knights of Templar and an organization that forensic criminologists involved in the Breivik case doubt actually exists.

The e-mail demands that Breivik be found innocent and his actions be found to have been necessary in waging the war they are involved in. The writer calls Breivik “their commander” and vows to destroy the upper echelon of Norwegian society if his demands to free Breivik are not met.

The e-mail was sent to recipients all over the country on Monday after the release of the report mentioned above and has prompted an investigation of the purported “Second in command of the Knights Templar Norway” by the Police Security Service of Norway or PST. In the e-mail the writer claims to be the “deputy commander” of a cell of the organization in Norway and also issues a warning to all advocates of multiculturalism.

I agree with what Jay Rubenstein, a blogger at the Huffington Post, wrote: “As a historian, I do recognize in him (Breivik) a peculiarly Western Christian transgression, one as old as Philip the Fair: projecting vile, sick and paranoid dreams onto the Knights Templar -- distorting what was originally, in fact, a warped vision of Christian virtue and using it as justification for bringing dark fantasies to life.”

The Templar Knights were, what many believe, an honorable noble organization which was even tasked with protecting Jews and is another organization used by hate groups to justify their own sick hate of others. Like the Ku Klux Klan, who claim to be “Christian Knights” Breivik’s delusional belief system has blasphemed the Christian Faith. The Templar Knights fought for the defenseless, I seriously doubt they would have supported a madman who cold-bloodedly gunned down children in a twisted insane quest to cleanse ethnic blood.


10 August 2012, 15:12

Romney’s Sikhs vs Sheikhs: A “Mistake” or Playing to His “Base” John Robles

It is almost impossible for any thinking and rational person to believe that a man with an accumulated wealth of over $200 million dollars would be able out of ignorance or simple tiredness, to make so many gaffes, blunders and insult so many people as Mitt Romney has done lately.

When we look further are we to believe that the rich, powerful and supposedly educated Romney can be so incredibly stupid to mistake “Sheiks” and “Sikhs”. Okay things happen, but right on the heels of the event, it is hard to imagine even from a man who once forgot his dog on the roof of his car and took off down the highway. Romney committed such a slip-of-the-tongue when apparently expressing his condolences to those affected by the recent killing of members of the Sikh faithful in Oak Creek Wisconsin.

I say “apparently” expressing condolences because he was not addressing any member of the Sikh community at the time and because I am not an apologist for Mr. Romney if you think I am coming down too hard on him, think again. Yes “apparently” because he was speaking to his supporters in Iowa, his “base”.

During his speech he made the “mistake” several times, he called their place of worship a "Temple of the Sheik’s" and even added that "The Sheik people, as well as their religion, are one of the most peaceful."

This is a man who knows exactly what he is doing and all of his “mistakes” and “gaffes”, I believe, are carefully planned and orchestrated to play to his “base”, who I will get to in a minute. Such a callous and insulting “error” has no real place in the public debate and were it not in the context of a presidential election it would in no way be so easily brushed aside, at least by many.

As for the “Sheik” gaffe a spokesman for the Republican, Rick Hill, explained that the politician was just tired and incorrectly used words that are similar in pronunciation. “Incorrectly used similar words”, nice, if you are a red-neck driving a pick-up. Which is exactly the type of person, in all likelihood, who Romney is playing to, because you see, in American politics, and in particular Republican politics, the uneducated, racist, and xenophobic poor white class of voter is one of their most important assets.

Call them NASCAR folks, the working class, those down-home-folks, “real” Americans, “good” Christians, the good-ole-boys or what have you, the fact of the matter is that these are the kind of people that are so numerous in the United States that their votes put people like George Bush into the White House, not once, but twice, and for Romney these are the people who matter.

I am not an apologist for these people but I am sure there are a few of them who do know the difference between a “Sheikh” and a “Sikh” and a “Muslim” and a “Sikh” and an “Iranian” and a “Puerto Rican”, the last one I added because my father had to defend our family from attack by U.S. racists in 1979, who wanted to kill us because they thought we were Iranian, and after 9-11 many members of my family were harassed by police and beaten in the United States because they were brown and could have been Muslims.

These are people who would kill or attack even Russians and other members of the white race group just for being different. I should underline that Arabs and even Iranians are classified by the U.S. government as white.

The same people who sympathize with the Wisconsin shooter, hate anything foreign, believe insulting heads of state and members of the international community is a virtue and shows guts and strength, and view ignorance as a virtue, meaning he is a “regular” guy and “one of us”. Truly frightening when a man in the position they are going to put Romney into can start WWIII.

After Romney’s recent “gaffe filled foreign trip” where he and his entourage managed to insult almost everyone they came in contact with Romney strategist Stuart Stevens said that the trip was “a great success, generally." I am sure it was, if we are talking about scoring points and pleasing ignorant xenophobic members of the American electorate.

Going back to the “Sheikh” blunder, coming on the heels of the event it was either a completely and unbelievably stupid error (and I have already said that this is not something I believe) or it was something much darker and sinister indeed.

When we look at the fact that many of these white supremacists and neo-Nazis are so ignorant that they would confuse a Sikh with a Muslim and even the shooter in Wisconsin was so filled with xenophobic hate that he ended his own life in what may have been a complete failure to his own twisted ends, and we see a candidate for the position of what many call “The Leader of the Free World” making the exact same error, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

Yet he may well become the next president of the United States, and sadly for the world, this will lead to more death and destruction and quite possibly WWIII, unless Romney is just pretending.

On his recent visit to Poland, Israel, and London he managed to offend almost everyone. Romney called Jerusalem capital of Israel, he insulted the Palestinians, who many of the aforementioned base see as just more Muslim “rag-heads”, he insulted the British, who many in his base see as “elitist” and “tea-drinkers”, and he insulted the Polish, who many of the ignorant see as “stupid” and are called “Pollacks” (an American epithet for Polish people).

So if the world was shocked by Romney’s gaffes, don’t worry, or worry, as the case may be, he was just playing to his “base”.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own.

The author can be reached at jar2@list.ru


9 August 2012, 17:42

"US police should stay accountable, open, cooperative" David Couper Chief of Police

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In the US a lot of people are terrified by the police. What can be done to restore trust so that the police are respected and people would generally obey the law? The US police policy of zero tolerance seems to be a worse approach than a litte humanity and forgiveness.

Part 2 - Interview with David Couper, the former chief of Madison Police Department and the author of the book Arrested Development which shines a light on corruption and gives 7 steps to improve police in America.

Part 1 Police aren’t soldiers but civil servants who need to work with community

What would your advice be for the Oakland Police Department, for example?

What we’re talking about is trust and what happens when a large percent of the population doesn’t trust the police anymore – that’s what we’re really dealing with. What does it take for the police department to restore trust so that they’re respected and that people will generally obey the law? And that’s a multi-approach: it has to do with police staying accountable, open, cooperative. And after some years of that, that rate of trust will grow. But it’s something that can’t be turned around in a short term, even these court decisions about this-must-do, ABC – there’re no details there. And how do you go by doing that?

What do you think of fear and the level of violence? In the US a lot of people are afraid of the police. I mean, if they’re pulled over, they’re terrified that they might be shot. What’s the correlation between that and the level of violence against police?

That’s a thing that I’ve argued for years. Treating people respectfully makes policemen’s job a lot easier. Because then people respect their police. They’re not going to be violent. And if we look at the fear of the police in terms of race and economic class – people who are white, who are higher on the socio-economic ladder don’t have such fears! When we look for example at the problem of stop and frisk in the NY City – it’s all based on race!

NY City is a good example, because the crime has dropped incredibly. One expert was saying that's because there is a zero tolerance for crime there now. Do you think that’s true?

I don’t trust the data coming out there. When we talk about zero tolerance – it isn’t zero tolerance for crime, it’s zero tolerance for traffic offences, all the things that capture people who are younger or from minority or who come from low economic stratus of our country.

Here in Russia the police are much more tolerant. For example, if you’re stopped at traffic stop – sometimes you can talk your way out of it. With the US zero tolerance do you think that's a better approach or some sort of, maybe a little humanity and forgiveness for people might be better?

Oh, yes.

You also talk about experiences when police treat citizens violently when in most of European countries the police treat citizenry with a bit more respect, which is sad.

I’ll tell you. I think wherever we live in the world and this is a mobile world where world citizens are travelling all around the place. And you have expectations to be treated fairly and respectfully by police you come in contact with whether you’re in China or Russia or Malaysia or America – that should be standard of behavior throughout the world. 12 policies for policing are very important characteristics for the police! I hope there will be some day when that would be how we will experience police through the world.

Can you tell our listeners about your book?

The book is called Arrested Development, you can find it in the net or on my blog.

What’s your blog address?

It’s improvingpolice.wordpress.com.

What insides do you have about protests? There have been a lot of protests last 10 or 15 years.

A big part of the book talks about my experience in having to deal with protests in capital city, in Madison, through the 80s and the 90s in which the tremendous amount of protests took place. We never used brutality. We’d like to talk to people before we beat them up.

[John laughs]

It’s important to talk to people. Sometimes protest groups said, “Well, you know, you never arrest anybody. We don’t think we’re having a good protest. Someone needs to be arrested.” And I asked, “How many people do you want us to arrest?” – “Well, could you arrest 4-5 of us?” “Ok, we’ll arrest you. But we take care that nobody gets hurt.”

Can I ask you as an insider – you were a police chief over 20 years – do police departments have quota of how many people they have to arrest?

Let’s say you’re a patrol officer, your job is to regulate traffic. And, I always heard from officers: there’s no quota here, but it’s hard to believe that you – in a course of a month – would not write any traffic tickets just working out there in the streets. So what is happening in Stop and Frist area right down in NY City - police officers were required to do so many stop and frisk activities in order to keep the numbers up, but I don’t think police have quotas on arrest


13 April 2012, 14:08

Trayvon Martin Killer Arrested

Trayvon Martin killer arrested

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George Zimmerman, the Trayvon Martin killer, has now been arrested on second-degree murder charges. John Robles spoke with Mr. Trevor Harvey , President of the Sarasota County Chapter of the NAACP and the area 11 Director of the NAACP Conference.

George Zimmerman, the Trayvon Martin killer, has now been arrested on second-degree murder charges. John Robles spoke with Mr. Trevor Harvey, President of the Sarasota County Chapter of the NAACP and the area 11 Director of the NAACP Conference.


27 March 2012, 15:08

Racial Tensions Simmering in US

Trevor Harvey

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Trevor Harvey , chapter president of the Sarasota County NAACP and AREA XI director at the NAACP Conference, talks about the race problem in America on the heels of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager in Florida. Mr. Harvey believes that the US still has to deal with race issues that haven’t gone far away from 1955.



5 September 2011, 16:51

Neo-Nazi English Defense League

Suzette Bronkhorst

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Interview with Suzette Bronkhorst, General Manager of the Internet Center for Anti-Racism in Europe (I-CARE at www.icare.to ) Last time we talked we discussed the tactics used by neo-Nazi groups. One of them was provocation. Can you tell our listeners about the choice of the location for the demonstration by the English Defense League (EDL) in Britain?

Interview with Suzette Bronkhorst, General Manager of the Internet Center for Anti-Racism in Europe (I-CARE at www.icare.to )

Last time we talked we discussed the tactics used by neo-Nazi groups. One of them was provocation. Can you tell our listeners about the choice of the location for the demonstration by the English Defense League (EDL) in Britain?

They went to Tower Hamlets. There is a big mosque there. Actually, the Ministry for the Interior forbade marches for 30 days, so they organized what is called a “static” demonstration – they were standing still. It couldn’t be forbidden. But a thousand people turned up and 3,000 policemen at the other side, opposing demonstrations, that stood near the mosque to protect it. They were with 1,500 people. And a riot broke out between the police and EDL. The funny thing that happened in England is that Scotland Yard have been accused of underestimating the threat from EDL, because the head of the unit monitoring hate groups declared it’s not an extremist organization, because he looked at their website and said it was not extreme. But they did after all deem it necessary to invite 3,000 policemen to keep a group of a thousand people down. That’s strange. But Breivik shouldn’t work in favour of EDL.

I think after the Breivik tragedy they got a lot of press attention. They wouldn’t have got otherwise.

Yes, but if you get attention like being involved into a huge terrorist attack, that wouldn’t be in your favor, would it?

No, it wouldn’t. And I think maybe their activities had quieted down a little bit. So, I was surprised to hear that they were still holding big demonstration.

I’m sorry to say but this is a kind of vermin and they never quiet down.

Was there a special reason why they chose this day, in particular? Neo-Nazi groups love to play with numbers, dates and stuff.

No, not that I can see. They just want to keep their momentum of demonstrations going, I guess. In Britain, they have a lot of opposition from the state that tries to stop demonstrations because of public order, or to be precise disorder. Then, of course, they started to talk about freedom of speech.

Was there any connection between the last time we talked and now when there were huge riots in Great Britain? Was EDL involved in those extensively, with football fans etc?

As far as I can see, the rioting that went on was a strange mix of things because there were a lot of just ordinary looters. But it started, of course, at a black man getting shot by the police. So, there were a lot of things at the same time. And it’s not in particular EDL. What they did do is they started these neighborhood watch patrols.

The EDL did?

Yes, although they didn’t announce it like that. If you would see those neighborhood watch groups walking through the streets and what they were saying – they were definitely part of it.

They tried to pretend to be like Citizens Vigilante group or something?

Yes, to protect the streets.


Not so strange. It’s actually quite smart, if you can control the people that are in these Vigilante groups.

It’s just strange that this group would be allowed to do that.

Well, they are not allowed – they do it, so what are you going to do.

Do the events in London have any relationship to the events that happened a few hours ago in Dortmund, Germany?

No, the rioting in Dortmund has no connection to the demonstration in London. The problem was that Dortmund police tried to keep the opposing demonstration, the counter-demonstration and the neo-Nazi apart, and that didn’t work out.

How accurate do you think are reports that anti-Nazi demonstrators attacked the police?

The anti-Nazi? They didn’t. Actually, the neo-Nazi did. As it’s called in the media, the left-wing protesters. I don’t know why anti-racism or anti-fascism has to be left-wing.

They broke through the barriers?

That was separating the two groups. Then a scuffle broke out, in which a police officer was seriously injured, because they stood in between the two groups.

I was alarmed to see that the two events happened so closely together in two different European cities. Have you picked up anything on your radar about any further activities or protests like this in Europe in the near future?

No. EDL is planning more marching in Great Britain. But there is a lot of going on in Europe, which is very concerning, I think.

Could you give us some examples?

With the whole atmosphere of groups standing opposite each other, the extreme right wing that moves up in politics, the intolerance – it’s very extreme, very worrisome.

It’s growing?

Oh, yes. And they are getting into political power now more and more in several countries.

Is there anything people can do to prevent it?

These groups and political parties just come out with what is wrong with the country but they never come with solutions. And therefore it’s like “it’s a war against Islam!” or “a war against the Roma,” war guns writing non-democratic measures.

But they have no intelligent solution to anything, right?

They have no solution. Period.

So, you don’t see anything happening in Europe in the near future. What about the upcoming anniversary of September 11 events in the US? Are neo-Nazi groups in Europe or anywhere that you know planning events for that date?

Yes, in the US, a lot. Probably, in Europe, you will have some activity, because it’s always a good opportunity to bash some more Muslims.


Hate Groups are Taking Over

Suzette Bronkhorst

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Interview with Suzette Bronkhorst, Secretary General of the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH). As an expert, can you give our listeners a quick overview of the situation in Europe with hate groups? How many are there? What types are there? There are hundreds of hate groups all over Europe, on the internet, of course, also.

Interview with Suzette Bronkhorst, Secretary General of the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH).

As an expert, can you give our listeners a quick overview of the situation in Europe with hate groups? How many are there? What types are there?

There are hundreds of hate groups all over Europe, on the internet, of course, also. Some of them host their material outside of Europe to circumvent European legislation. But these groups are nothing new. They’ve been around forever and, actually, especially on the internet. A German hate group was the first one in 1986 to discover the internet with its tremendous possibilities.

Has the terrorist act in Norway put a focus on these hate groups?

The problem is that these hate groups have been doing it all the time. It’s just because of the terrorist attack that the attention gets back to them. But the worrisome developments in Europe are that if you go to a so-called regular web-forum and populous websites you’ll see that the response there is much more far-reaching than on, for instance, a site like Stormfront, which is like a racist hub for hate groups, mostly from the US. In comparison, the response there is mild.

You’ve mentioned several times that these sites have been hosted in the US. What are the rules in Europe regarding these hate groups and them having websites?

It differentiates from country to country – that’s one of the reasons why it’s difficult to work out a Europe-broad way of combating these groups. But, in general, a lot of European countries have hate-speech legislation. But everyone has that. Even the US has it. But there it gets restricted by the Freedom of Speech Amendment.

How do US hate groups assist or work with European hate groups?

The thing with the internet is that you have hate groups all over and they just look at each other’s sites and, therefore can learn things from each other. In Europe, you see, there are a lot of Eastern European hate groups, who are much more violent in general, teach violence to other groups, while the other groups are more technically advanced and give technical support to Eastern European groups. And it’s also, of course, that there can be one or two people and they can look like a real movement.

Are you saying that some of these groups are not as big as they appear to be?

Yes. Not only that but also they are virtual. They don’t actually sit together as a group.

Do these groups exist?

Of course, they exist. There is Blood and Honour group in several countries. And they also form groups in real life, like the English Defense League.

That’s interesting. I’d like to talk about the English Defense League and about any insights you have on the connections between them and the Norwegian Breivik.

The English Defense League started about 1.5 years ago. It was a hardcore group of football hooligans in England. Then they organized through Facebook and did all these anti-Islamic demonstrations. Then, you also have the Norwegian Defense League, which Breivik was a part of. The English Defense League actually hosts the Norwegian Defense League.

So, there is the Norwegian Defense League? I also heard there was an Irish Defense League.

Yes, that’s true. There is the Belgian Defense League. But still the English Defense League is the strongest. In the Netherlands, they came in support of the Dutch Defense League to demonstrate for freedom of speech for Geert Wilders and then it came out that the Dutch Defense League was actually two people.

Can you remind the listeners who that was?

Geert Wilders has a Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands and he is now the supporter of the minority governement in the Netherlands. He and his party helped the minority government to push things through. He’s a virulent anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim person. He talks about war against Islam, that the Quran is a fascist book compared with Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

He has obviously not read either book. But let me ask you a question about these Defense League groups. Would you characterize them as being anti-Islam or near-Nazi?

All of the above.

So they are against Islam, against Jews, against immigrants.

Against everything not nationalistic or English, whatever that is.

How do these groups interact with each other? How do they communicate? Does the internet help them a lot?

Of course, it helps a lot. The English Defense League is a perfect example of that. It was started by a small group of football hooligans, they got onto Facebook and now their membership grows and grows and grows. They have demonstrations all over England, often with a lot of violence involved. And the National Front Party, the fascist party, did too badly in England. And its former members went into it. They got support from the British National Party, which actually always participates in elections.


2 August 2011, 19:25

Multiculturalism is the Future

Dr. Alon Ben Meir

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Interview with Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, a Middle East Expert and Professor from the Center for Global Affairs at New York University. I want to ask you some questions regarding the situation in Norway, in particular about islamophobia and the rise of anti-Islamic sentiments in Europe. Can you give us your insights into that?

Interview with Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, a Middle East Expert and Professor from the Center for Global Affairs at New York University.

I want to ask you some questions regarding the situation in Norway, in particular about islamophobia and the rise of anti-Islamic sentiments in Europe. Can you give us your insights into that?

Since 9/11, there is no question that the world has been focusing more and more on what is going on in the Middle East, because of the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict and, of course, the existence of various terrorist organizations, extremist organizations, Muslim, Islamic organizations. What happened for example in Oslo is something that reflects the kind of concern and sentiment that we are increasingly feeling towards Islam and Muslims in general. If we look at what happened in Oslo and this kind of things we enforce the notion that violence and Islam are synonymous. I can say with absolute certainty that a very, very large majority of Muslims, 99% of Muslims, are peaceful, they prefer to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors. But there is that small percentage of extremists in various countries, in Asia and in Europe, who are marginalized sometimes. But we must not generalize and say the whole Arab world or the whole Muslim world is extremist and they are killers, they are for violence instead of living in peace and harmony. For example, what we witness in the region today – and all westerners see what’s going on – it’s very easy for them to conclude that Islam is becoming synonymous with violence. Certainly, the Arab State for example have said nothing, so the Arab State, their leadership, ought to be able to distinct themselves and religion, Islam, from violence.

Is that the fault of terrorists committing acts of violence under the flag of religion or is that more the fault of the western media?

I think it’s a combination of the two. Western media, those who don’t investigate these matters carefully and thoroughly tend to generalize. They begin to equate Islam with violence. And Islam as a religion is not a violent religion.  It’s a peaceful religion. But it’s very easy to generalize, because when you see so much violence taking place that is a major problem and it can get only worse, as long as Arab leaders, Arab masses and the media in the Arab world do not begin to explain themselves much better and distance themselves, as I said before, from this phenomenon and condemn the violence.

We could say that the US is involved in a lot of violence in the world, so are we going to say the US is violent?

There is not doubt that the war in Iraq, in Afghanistan have facilitated a tremendous amount of violence. Many Arabs still hold the West responsible for colonialism, for exploitation the country’s resources and they have some legitimacy to that. So it is engulfing many of the Muslim and Arab states. And that’s has painted a very negative picture. You know it better than anyone else. And media are not exactly unbiased. Media is always biased. But as I said, the whole notion of islamophobia that you re referring to that fact that when these things occur it’s almost automatic in the minds of many people: if a terrorist act takes place it must have been committed by a Muslim. That is the immediate reaction. Nobody is actually trying to take measures to correct it and put it in the proper perspective.

Can I ask you a question regarding multiculturalism now? Is there anything Muslims can do?

You know, generally, the tendency is for any group of the same ethnic background to coalesce and live together and try to maintain their cultural heritage, language, just as anyone in Europe or elsewhere. Generally, the US is a little bit different. It’s a land of immigrants. Here you have minorities of all colors, races and ethnic backgrounds. They maintain their cultural habits and sometimes languages but they are also intermingled with other people within the American society because here it’s a country of immigrants. I’m not saying there is no discrimination but it is not as much as you would find back in Europe. There it’s very difficult for an outsider to intermingle to become part of the social setting in the European community. It’s the cultural tendency of the European community. Any country in European community is not a country of immigrants. You have the majority of indigenous people while in the US you don’t have that, there are peoples that continue to come to the US and that’s a big difference between the two.

There were Indian tribes, but they were all killed.

No doubt. (NOTE: Because of his dismissive behaviour and attitude towards native Americans and the fact he is a MOSSAD asset I delete all his crap from jar2)

The key question: What do you think of multiculturalism worldwide and in Europe? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Multiculturalism is the future. That is the Europeans, and the Arabs, and the Americans will have to learn to be more and more open to other cultures. It’s not longer possible to be in the world and apart from other nations. The same is certainly applicable to the Israelis and the Palestinians. I’ve been saying all along that the time has come for Israel to open up the borders and allow people in, because coexistence is inevitable, be it in the Middle East or be that in the European community. It’s one of many choices. We have to learn to coexist. And it’s a process, a very difficult process but we have to learn to do so.


27 July 2011, 16:47

Legacy of Hate

John Robles

The portrait that has come out about the Norwegian terrorist is that of a nationalistic hate-filled individual created in part and fed by xenophobia, Islamophobia and hate. He is a result of the war on terror and a testament to the fact that hate breeds hate and violence breeds more violence. The architects of 9-11 must be laughing.

The portrait that has come out about the Norwegian terrorist is that of a nationalistic hate-filled individual created in part and fed by xenophobia, Islamophobia and hate. He is a result of the war on terror and a testament to the fact that hate breeds hate and violence breeds more violence.

The architects of 9-11 must be laughing. They have changed the entire thinking of the world. Osama Bin Laden, whom the West created to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, wanted to destroy Western civilization and has succeeded for a certain part. Now the hate and fear of Islam has caused a deranged individual to strike at his own people out of fear that they might be allowing Islam to attack his culture.

Yes, the post 9-11 world has changed. The U.S. has changed the most, and violence has led to more violence, and hate to more hate, with Americans becoming so calloused that they danced in the streets and in front of the White House when the U.S. committed the extra-judicial execution of Osama Bin Laden. Yes he was a bad man, a monster to everyone who believes he was solely responsible for 9-11, another event whose origin was hate, hate of Islam and disrespect for those who are different. But he was a human, and should have been tried in a court and given due process, not because he deserved it, but because the world deserved it. The West had the chance to prove that it has not sunk to the depths of barbarism, that it is morally superior, but once again it chose to go down the all-too-used road of violence.

All of this has led to the obvious outcome, of which we are likely to see more of the same. A lone killer driven to commit the worst act of violence Norway has seen since World War II and one of the most, if not the single most, horrific act of mass murder in modern history, has the world struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of what he has done. Close to 100 dead and hundreds of peaceful lives shattered. Anders Brehing Breivik has given the world a shock and what some say, should be a wakeup call. 

What are the roots of the seething evil hate that must permeate what passes for a mind in this individual?

In his own words the 32-year-old monster says the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, as he put it; "tipped the scales" for him. As a hater of Muslims he supported what the West saw as Serbia's crackdown on Albanian Muslims. A year later he said he realized that what he saw as the "Islamisation of Europe" could not be stopped without violence. He also believed Muslims were trying to destroy Western culture.

In his much talked about “manifesto” he writes in detail about the reasons for his hate of Muslims and Marxists. He wrote they are the reason Europe is multicultural. A strange philosophy since he killed ethnic Norwegians on his rampage of terror.

Further pointing to neo-Nazi ideology is another organization with whom Breivik had ties and about which he talked about on his internet postings, the far right English Defense League. According to media reports he also had ties with other anti-Islamic European hate groups. Further underlining his far right racist thinking are articles and comments he published on sympathetic Scandinavian websites, including Nordisk, a site used by neo-Nazis, far right radicals and Islamophobes.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a U.S. based organization that tracks hate groups of every kind worldwide, connections between U.S. and European neo-Nazi group are strong and growing stronger. U.S. based neo-Nazi groups are protected by the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech and they publish material and set up Internet sites aimed at Europeans which publish material that is illegal under European anti-racism laws. Many European groups also use American servers for hosting, to avoid prosecution in their native countries.

Lastly, pointing to Breivik’s connection to American neo-Nazi, racist, anti-government thinking is part of his manifesto, which was taken almost verbatim from the manifesto of another infamous American terrorist, the "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski.

So what has the world come to? Some say the US lost its innocence after the Oklahoma City bombing, some say the world lost its own after 9-11. What is clear is that the world has gone astray. What kind of a world are we passing on to future generations when powerful states bomb weaker states to destroy terrorists and at the same time unintentionally kill innocent people and even children as it happens in Afghanistan or Iraq? A world, in many parts of which torture, war crimes, aggressive wars, terror and fear are the rule of the day and where force and hate are very often the only way people communicate? Where has the world gone wrong?

Are we now all to live in fear that one of these hate-filled individuals is going to kill our children? How many will it be next time?

Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Be careful what you hate, lest you become that which you hate”. Is that what has happened?

This home grown terrorist, another Osama Bin Laden, who hated Muslims, did exactly what those he was afraid of might have done, in his mind. So twisted in his hate was he, that he never once stopped to think as he was meticulously planning to kill his own people, whether there was something wrong with his own thinking.

Will we now drag this pathetic nobody, Breivik, into the street and torture him? God knows many would do that and even more to this sick nothing, and they would not be wrong in doing so, except for one thing and I think Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”