The Las Vegas and Parkland False Flags


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NEW April 2019: Meet Gene Rosen: The Las Vegas Fake Gunman




The Reason for This One: Disarming the Public - Last Update: 03-14-2018 05:44

OPERATION EAGLE EYE: Code Name for the 2018 Valentine’s Day Massacre

"Hero" Teacher Left Students in a Meatgrinder


Parkland Black Ops Team Video/Top Stories

Deep State’s ‘Operation Parkland’—A Mossad-Chabad False Flag Psyop

OPERATION EAGLE EYE: Code Name for the 2018 Valentine’s Day Massacre


Update 10-10-2020 Video Deleted by Ru Tube and Locked Out of Account

CIA Black Operations Team Leaving Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Parkland Florida USA от Джон Роблес на Rutube.

Update 10-10-2020 Video Deleted by Ru Tube So Here!



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Orlando Pulse Nightclub: Father of “Alleged” Shooter was FBI informant

David Hogg wasn’t even at the school during the shooting…


DEATH PENALTY SOUGHT FOR NIKOLAS CRUZ: Just like the innocent Timothy McVeigh was unjustly executed for OK City bombing

Even MSM news reports provided hard evidence that Nikolas Cruz went to McDonald’s after a Subway

Surveillance video released of Parkland, FL shooting—Does not show shooter

FBI whistle blower: Agents told not to investigate key evidence in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas massacre

Florida school shooter revealed gory fantasies and violent impulses to therapists for years

US students, teachers plan mass protests to demand gun control

Florida prosecutors intend to seek death penalty for Parkland school shooter

Operation Hogg Wash Blown Wide Open

NIKOLAS CRUZ Needs Our Help! Clearly he’s been framed. Has anyone thought about that?

NIKOLAS CRUZ: All the evidence points to a totally innocent man being made a patsy

Parkland Shooting Coverup Keeps Getting Worse

Trump admin took first steps to ban bump stock devices

Florida’s Unconstitutional Gun Control Legislation Only The Beginning

With so many naked contradictions and gaping holes in the Parkland official narrative, how did they just pass gun control measures in Florida?

Surreal Interview of Florida School Shooting Survivor (Video)

Florida SWAT Team Members Suspended For Responding To Parkland Shooting

Police can't charge 'exhorbitant' fees for Vegas massacre info, judge rules

Florida House passes school gun safety legislation

Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz indicted on 17 counts of murder

VIDEO: Stoneman Douglas High School never had a “CODE RED Active Shooter Drill” in its history!

RED ALERT: “Mass Casualty Event” Drills Now Scheduled Across The Nation!

Echoes of Vegas: Authorities are hiding surveillance footage of Parkland shooting

Families of Las Vegas shooting victims each to receive $275K

Parkland school shooting survivor boasts of snubbing Trump White House invitation

Florida billboard labels NRA 'terrorist organization' in rising gun-control campaign

$31.5M pledged to families of those slain in Vegas shooting

Pentagon warns 10,000 US soldiers 'will die’ in opening days of North Korea war

Deep State’s ‘Operation Parkland’—A Mossad-Chabad False Flag Psyop

David Hogg’s History Must Be Thoroughly Investigated, His Act Is Way Too Practiced and Polished

Did the Mainstream Media collude with the Broward County Sheriff Dept. to fabricate a ‘video delay’ cover story that ‘misled cops’?

If Trump opposes the NRA, based on staged false flag mass shootings, his political career is over!

Why were the FL deputies told not to enter school without body cams? Sheriff Scott Israel knew they lacked the camera equipment.

Really, how did David Hogg conduct his now famous and ‘hastily improvised’ anti-gun closet chat…BEFORE THE SHOOTING?!

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel embodies everything wrong with American authority

Broward County State's Attorney opened 40 investigations into criminal misconduct during Sheriff Israel's tenure

“Take the guns first, go through due process second.” — President Trump

Valentine’s Day Massacre Planned By NWO Cabal At Least 20 Years Ago

How is David Hogg’s father — former FBI agent Kevin Hogg — a ‘prime suspect in Parkland shooting’?

Retired FBI agent Kevin Hogg of Parkland conspiracy fame has quite the patent history

Is this how Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was controlled throughout the Deep State planning, execution and coverup of the mass shooting?

EMT Says Standard Emergency Protocols Completely Ignored at Parkland Crime Scene

Alt Media Platforms That Expose David Hogg Are Immediately Censored

CODE RED Active Shooter Drill Purposefully Scheduled to Confuse Teachers and Students

Broward County Sheriff’s Department “was not honest with me” — FL Attorney General

Broward County Sheriff Israel accused of entrapping blacks to beef up arrest numbers

If cops were doing their jobs the Parkland school shooter could have faced charges before killing spree, say experts

New report: Parkland school shooter witnessed father's death at the age of 5

Florida’s Valentine’s Day Massacre Predicted by Willam Cooper, Signals New World Order Going Full Bore (Audio)

This Kentucky school district just voted to let teachers carry concealed guns

Broward County Sheriff (“I’m Not Responsible For My Deputies”) Florida law: “shall be responsible” “for the neglect and default” of any deputies appointed by the Sheriff.

DEEP STATE STRATEGY: Turning American Schools Into Prison

Americans Are Horrified by Mass Killings — Unless the Government Is Doing It

Broward County Sheriffs deputies were ordered not to enter Florida school unless body cameras were on

Conservative students bullied by peers advocating gun control

As Student Outrage Builds, Gun Manufacturers Continue Targeting 'Next Generation of Shooters'

Active Shooter Drills Being Staged Across America to Set Up School Mass Shootings (Video)

Republican Florida Legislators Demand Sheriff’s Firing—NOW!

“FULL METAL GARB”: Teacher Demolishes Official Story, Florida School Shooting Carried Out by Commando in Full Body Gear

LAUGHING AT US! Parkland Crisis Actors Group Photo

Florida shooting survivor's father says CNN insinuated that they wanted to "espouse a certain narrative"

Investigators surface huge problems with Parkland shooting, especially ‘full metal garb’

Donald Trump Makes Ludicrous Claim He Would Have Personally Stopped the Parkland Shooter

The Florida High School Shooting Survivors Are Being Inundated with Death Threats

“FULL METAL GARB”! The Real Shooter(s) Was A Professionally Outfitted Military Commando.

Teacher from Parkland Declares on Good Morning America that Shooter was in Swat Gear! (Video)

CNN grills Broward Sheriff! What the anchor failed to ask was: Who told the 4 armed officers to stand down during the shooting? (Video)

Coral Springs Officers Angry That Broward Deputies Failed To Enter High School During Shooting Spree

Why do so many mass shootings take place in Broward County on same day as gun legislation debates in Tallahassee?

Was the Florida deputy “set up” not to react appropriately to the shooting?

After the Florida shooting, everyone who isn’t needs to be red-pilled before Deep State does a major terrorist attack

"Never Seen Such A Large Crowd": Record Numbers Flock To Florida Gun Show After Shooting;

Young Courage vs. White Male Rage

Трамп заявил, что стрельба во Флориде связана с РФ

Four deputies should be charged with “criminally negligent homicide” — Former New York City Police Commissioner

Soros NGOs Galvanizing High School Students to March on Capital for Gun Control

George Soros Mobilizes National Gun Control Movement After Florida False Flag Shooting

OPERATION HOGG WASH: Phase I of Deep State’s Psyop to Impose Draconian Gun Control Laws

InfoWars Receives YouTube Termination Warning Over "Crisis Actor" Video

Florida Governor Orders Investigation Into Parkland Shooting Response

Demands Made For Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel To Be Removed By FL Governor

Is the Armed Teacher 'Debate' America's Lowest, Stupidest Media Moment?

Already 5 Potential Parkland Shooter Copycats' Weapons Caches Have Been Seized Since the Shooting

'I Was Almost a School Shooter' Writes 'Family Man' Following Parkland Shooting—Lack of Access to a Gun Stopped Him

Watch: Parkland High School Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez’s Powerful Speech Demanding Gun Control

The Deadliest School Attack in the US Was Erased from History Because It Wasn’t Done With a Gun

Florida nabs more teens for making school shooting threats

Four deputies should be charged with “criminally negligent homicide” — Former New York City Police Commissioner

Florida Mass Shooting Demands A Serious Investigation

More companies cut ties to NRA and member perks in wake of Florida school shootingMore companies cut ties to NRA in wake of Florida school shooting

Gun-Maker Stocks Slump After Florida Imposes Age Restriction On Gun Purchases, Bans Bump Stocks

Why were Secret Service agents training teachers at the Florida high school? (Video)

Who told the sheriff deputy to stand down during the February 14th Florida shooting?

If you really want to keep your guns, you’d better read this.

Deep State agent David Hogg forgets his Lines, Coached by handlers before he goes prime time

Hollywood-trained & CIA Cutout David Hogg Interviews Fellow Gun Control Advocates While Mass Shooting Was Taking Place

MSM BUSTED! CBS Miami tweeted about the “MCE” almost 2 hours before the Florida shooting even took place.

Deep State & the Florida Mass Shooting: A. False. Flag. Attack

Here how the Mockingbird Media is using small ultra-liberal news platforms to disseminate the ‘official party line’ to the digital crowd

Why is CNN giving scripted questions to FL shooting survivor and then lying about it?

Here’s how the Broward County Sheriff exercises absolute control over his employees

“Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.” — Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

Did David Hogg really graduate from high school in California?

Four Broward County Law Enforcement Officers ‘Waited Outside Douglas High During School Shooting’

They can’t spell, but they raised $3.5mil. What a Deep State operation Stoneman Douglas is!

BREAKING! Gov. Scott Goes for Gun Controls in Florida, Gunowners Feel Betrayed

Not One—BUT FOUR COPS—Cowered In Fear as Kids Were Murdered in FL Shooting

Apparently the “Solution” to Mass Shootings Is to Turn Schools Into Prisons


FBI Tipster Transcript Leaked: Cruz Will "Get Into A School And Shoot The Place Up": Full Text

Apparently the “Solution” to Mass Shootings Is to Turn Schools Into Prisons

Funny given that it is the government who is killing people and staging flase flags. So who is going to do it? Protect you that is? When you have to first and foremost protect yourselves from the government itself and the CIA and the MOCKINGBIRD Psychological Operations lunatics staging the false flags for the banksters and the new false flag riich?


Florida Shooting Survivor Doubles Down: CNN's Entire Townhall Was Scripted

Armed Cop Was Present During Entire High School Shooting and Did Nothing, Videos Show

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, the NRA is suddenly distinctly vulnerable: Opinion

Cop Suspended As Video Shows He Cowered in Fear as Shooter Slaughtered Kids in The School

Security footage at Stoneman Douglas High School was on 20-minute delay during shooting

Schools should have 'active shooter training,' says Florida governor as teachers return

Trump insists on arming teachers despite armed guard inaction in Florida shooting

Armed officer at Florida school did nothing to confront killer of 17

Who’re making money off US mass shootings?

Video of Shooting Survivor Slamming CNN for Giving Him Script Goes Viral, CNN Denies Claims

Mass shootings and psychiatric drugs: the connection

Where the ‘Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theory Comes From

Woman Who Took In Nikolas Cruz & Brother Petitions To Control $800,000 Estate of Mother & Forcibly Committed Younger Brother To Mental Hospital

Brian Hogg appeared on CBS 6 months ago, appears to be groomed by media

ANOTHER HUGE BREAKTHROUGH: MSM publishes accounts of Donald Trump Jr. and FL legislator labeling high school shooting as conspiracy

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! Mockingbird Media Compelled To Rebut Legitimate “Crisis Actor” Claims

How did 8 of the Florida high school media darlings end up in ONE small group photo?

Florida Student Leader David Hogg Practicing His Lines For A Media Appearance—Who’s really coaching this kid?

BUSTED: Why did David Hogg visit CNN headquarters before the shooting?

Look who wants you disarmed

SHOCKER: CNN’s high school star David Hogg, whose father is ex FBI, is also tied to John Podesta’s Center for American Progress

VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE: Here’s why the Florida high school mass shooting was a false flag black operation

Who prepped these 2 Florida students to lead the suspiciously new anti-gun campaign for high schoolers? (Video)

Soros-funded “National Gun Control Movement” is all about starting an American civil war

OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools

It’s all THEATER: Florida high school shooting survivor caught on video rehearsing scripted lines, coached by camera man

MSM BUSTED! CBS Miami tweeted almost 2 hours before the Florida mass shooting even took place

JROTC Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave “Scripted” Question After Refusing To Air His

News Reports Two Days Early and Idiots Trying to Stoke Anti-Russia Hysteria Blaming Putin   



The shooting was coordinated in a manner that showed there were clearly streams ready to broadcast events, with well prepared agendas that came almost immediately afterwards.

These interviews were a decisive push for the locals to be able to justify the installation of BackScatter Scanners, and other devices in schools. The real problems with these shootings, like in Sandy Hook, is that they are trying to use children to make an impression emotionally, and to encourage the people to join in their rallies, against violence, yet their whole objective was focused on removing the rights of gun owners to protect themselves from crime.

The events were geared at making the public feel overwhelmed with the number of shootings that were taking place over this period of time. There were apparently 17 in less than a single two month period, beginning with the great storm of 2018, I.E. "BOMBOGENESIS", and its subtle hint of something taking off around this time.

This new year's beginning, was timed with a newer agenda that was being strategically planned by a person calling himself Q Anon. This "Deep State", being symbolic of an agent that is Deep undercover and is trying to create a State of awareness, was a state of mind that was being developed over the course of a few months, using intel leaks that were intentionally luring people into alternative media resources, based on the fact that the MSM was lying to them. Trump called them all out, and a "New Hope" appeared in the scene online almost immediately, and people even thought that Q was Kushner?

By luring followers to their die-hard belief and trust in what was being revealed, they planned for an agent that was close to the US Govt., to be planted overseas, to make reports as if he was in the US. This is definitely Snowden, and his persona and his presence can be seen with all of the questions that he proposes, without giving any answers until AFTER the attacks. The fact that he is also a major player in the creation of a series of protest groups in Iran should hold no doubt, as he was literally trying to coordinate the affair as it was happening, holding info that showed he was "ahead" of the MSM's reports and that he was the Live representative of their affair.

This is something of a lure that was set up at the end of last year to be carried over into the current year's timelines, to encourage the following of reports from "Q"...... but he is not able to control the facts in the case of the shootings that are being staged to inspire copycats.

He can only push the "Deep State" or "The Storm" to be able to conduct recon of the affairs in the US and has trouble trying to make it apparent of his control over the info that is produced.

As in all the recent attacks in schools that have taken place, the police codes are heard on scanners as a CODE RED, meaning that all available cars and patrolmen are ordered to that location to deal with an active shooter at a school, with the potential for hostages and accompanying victims of the shootings. This signal is more of an emergency than an Amber Alert, and it usually sends almost every one of their officers, detectives, the FBI, and sometimes other agencies as well, to the area in question. The media storms the location, and is ready with a series of questions that usually have the same exact answers, or only allow for one type of answer, to help the narrative along, and to appear fluent and seamless.

There are two obvious problems in this scenario, and one being the fact that these men are basically now all in one area, leaving the normal activities of say, Cocaine Traffickers, Human Traffickers, and other very serious criminal rackets open and free to negotiate their movements under the cover of a major event, to move about and conduct their business while the police and other Federal Agencies have their radios flooded, their attentions focused on the event, all the while we are waiting to hear a story from the next kid that finds it amusing to be on TV.

In the case of the last event, in Broward County Florida, we see that there was a major event that took place in Debbie Wasserman Scultz's district. Did we see anything from Jeb Bush? was purely a democratic party that was trying to garner respect from the media and its audience, to help repair the image of their party, after the completely obvious failures that were made during the elections.

We didn't see the local news agencies being given time in the main networks, but we did see a person that was there in full uniform, claiming in numerous parts of his discussions, that his beliefs were geared more to the side of his morals in this situation, being influenced by his Jewish heritage.......I believe he has made 3 statements that deviate from the direct facts and attempt to coax compliance and conformity to his ideals of policing in this area from the dogma of his belief system, as opposed to the letter of the law, being free from religious insights.

From research into Sheriff Scott Israel's past in the area, we see that there are benefits for being Sheriff there, that not many people have at their disposal in these cases, and that the one thing that was apparent BEFORE the shooting, was that there were armed guards in the district at schools to help ward off violence like this. This part was even more apparent when he was questioned about their lack of any action in defense of the students by these "guards".

The reviews of this area, showed that IN THE SCHOOL FILES, there were offenses that were as serious as rape, and assaults with bodily harm that would normally warrant a full investigation, yet when the files were reviewed to see how violent the area was, and how much protection was needed to be added to the regular school budget, the evidence compiled was showing that these reports of criminal activity on campus were being washed away, and being labeled as less than criminal offenses......under the belief that they would meet with the "Safe School" standards, and receive numerous perks and grants for their favorites......

The other sad part was the fact that the school board had gathered BEFORE any of the evidence was completely reviewed and it showed that they had planned to demolish the building, making it a renovation project before the full investigation was laid.

These people that were coordinating the renovations were also padding their pockets, setting themselves into an expansion project that was both a waste of budgets, and a step in reverse for the needs of the students. One building being renovated will not make the school any safer, and yet this was their FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS?

Afterwards the usual tools were disposed of (see video of guns being loaded into truck), and CNN made off with the Blue Screen studio remasters that we saw the whole time, using CGI to superimpose these students over a screen, that was playing the scenery from the school. We saw supposed graduates coming onto the scene, as we saw the trends becoming another minority fed, sympathy filled, emotional complaint, that "evolves" into a protest, featuring faux ethnicity decorated with urbanite identities, that were not the usual audience choice of the main stream news. No, they only pull these tokens out when they have to take the bus.

Now looking at the one main male figure, we see that there is now evidence that he had already graduated from another school altogether. This one fact should be enough info to prove that they were creating a completely staged front around the actual events that were taking place.

The people that were seen in the video shorts from Snapchat, were slightly off base as well.

One scene was showing all of the kids on the ground and yet there was a single woman that refused to get out of her seat to lay on the floor.

Another scene which also can be found on Google Searches under the terms Stoneman Shooting Hoax shows that there was an actual shooter that was right beside the main camera that was filming the whole scene from inside of a classroom that was used for "Holocaust Class".

There is a shotgun shell that has been made to appear as if it was ejected from a shooter directly to the right side of the shooter and appeared to be moving across the screen in the commotion.

A sloppy job to say the least.

Another scene that depicts the amateurish nature of the affair as being staged can be seen here:

No tears, no screams, nor any fear whatsoever, and as they all were told to leave the building, the guy holding his shoulder as if it has been shot in the attacks, walks past the screen. Here you can see the act portrayed and the lack of any blood or any wound on his shoulder or chest areas.

As in the case of these evacuations, some are injured and cannot walk. The girl being carried out of the classroom is the first in the video to leave the scene there in that room, which featured a series of other students standing around and waving their hair, "Touching Their Junk" and also acting oblivious to the dead body and the blood that was smeared across the floor in front of them. The girl being carried was not seen losing blood, and was seemingly cornered behind the podium in the scene above, with a dead student laying beside her, while the others were standing nearby.

The obvious conclusions are drawn from the evidence as some of it was even digitally altered to fit with the scenarios of the affairs.
As in most of these attacks......someone has knowledge of the affairs. But remember that the FBI apparently was contacted, and informed that a "man named CRUZ was thinking about attacking a school", or so we were told. There are many ways to alter or modify online info temporarily, and here is another of these attempts......showing that their choreographed affairs were useless against legitimate research, and fact finding.

I wouldn't necessarily trust FOX as a news source, but the statement here was more than good enough to see the facts in the case being righted for the ultimate reveals to come.

These are all being planned around the times of major shipments of drugs......the "Deep State" agent Snowden has made up a series of false flag attacks, with his connections to the agency that he is being led by, in the SOC.....Strategic Operations Command........ while profiling individuals, and other "game theory" strategies have been added to a systemized computer software called ALICE..........the Rabbit Hole he is mentioning.

These plans are being made up all over the place, and some posted are designed to look real, but the terms either are fakes, or relate to another interest that is masked behind the code words. The whole affair being discussed in code, is made up for them to coordinate media blitzes around attacks, so that they can move their shipments in without having the attention focused at the ports and in the normal capacities behind the DEA's movements.

Ultimately you can tell that these people, like the Sheriff, are aware of parts of the plans for these shipments, but play oblivious to their affairs. As the watered down reports also show that the Broward Co school system is literally overrun by the drug dealers and users that are moving into these schools. Administrators are nice enough to not ruin a student's life over a joint, but the fact remains that the grants and other "Safe School" perks are being handed out to the highest levels.

Here are more RED codes.......these being the styles of transmissions that are considered direct feeds through a Hexadecimal translation system....they have a potential for a biliteral translation as well, seeing as there is a variance of capital and lower case letters......who knows.....If I were involved in Counter Intelligence, then I would sincerely follow the source directly to this person and have him thrown into the spotlight as a subversive and conspirator against the state of union in the biggest trials since manning announced that he wanted to be a woman.

Here are more RED CODES combined with FREEDOM codes.....I suspect that the RED are CNN related and that the FREEDOM are FOX News related.

And here is the final "prediction" that was made the night before the shooting.  He is instructing the media, proving the theory about these affairs being controlled through the media.

They had suspected that Newsweek was running the sham through their servers, tracking some color coordinated articles through their server, noticing some activity in their communiques, so to make a statement, they raided their offices, and "took pictures" of their server in action. These algorithms are recognizable with a different signal and signal transmissions, being different from most IP based transmissions, and a tech can tell the difference between a TOR BROWSER in operation and a normal flowing one with mostly open channels. I.M.O. the raid on the Newsweek Servers was meant to be looking for something out of the ordinary.

There is nothing to be seen from following these along the trails of their "foretellings", as the only thing Snowden is trying to show you is a big "I Told You So", as they are trying to dance around the affairs of the president making it obvious who is in charge of the country. They don't like Trump because he tried to cut off their budget, and this is how they are going to drive the country into a frenzy to try to make Trump look like he authorized them.

All he signed was a permission slip for them to act without his direct approval when he was away, and this is the resulting response that is being carried along as he is led off to play golf?

Strange for sure, but he is catching on, and might be able to expose Snowden's affairs. There is even a strong support for ending it and returning Snowden to his homeland of the USA to face charges.

Until then we should watch this "Q" as being a sign of something queer going on .... by that I mean strange, abnormal, or definitely out-of-place for everyday diplomacy and politics in the global forum.

Who Profits? Meet the Broward Education Foundation, No NRA Money org,

Equality Florida (LGBT Advocacy) Candidate for Gov of Iowa Cathy Glasson,

Florida Chamber Foundation, Green Florida - Thanks to Thread Reader

They can’t spell, but they raised $3.5mil. What a Deep State operation Stoneman Douglas HS!

The underlying core reason for this operation is so obvious to me and to anyone paying attention that it is absolutely unbelieveable that no one is catching it and it is all encompassed in the phot below.

You see the PSYOP? No? How this little innocent poor little afraid and innocent hometown sheriff who is definitely NOT militarized and has no weapons or terminator style gear and due to guns could not even protect the poor little children.

Nice little hometown Sheriff Israel and MOSSAD CIA bitch just killed 17 people in Florida to give the arm of the NWO more guns and disarm the populace because we know how poor little American police are defenseless against kids with guns #NRA

The Satanic Las Vegas Sacrifice, Harvesting, Prostitution Ring and Robbery

10-27-2017 Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT Connect DOT

Basically that is what I have been doing for the last few weeks and now I humbly present you with the results of my connecting of the dots.

I will be as brief as possible which if you know me is hard but I have purposefully stayed away from all the theories so as to not overload my old processors with too much data which is exactly what THEY want. I have taken in enough of the proven facts in formulated the conclusion I have reached and hope that there is someone out there, some good agent or official who can actually do something to stop these horrendous criminals.

 I have been getting non-stop information on this which is bad enough but what has made it worse is the intentional obfuscation and disinformation and active cover up by the government and the media. Thanks to two guys who uploaded a video I was able to come to the conclusion you are about to read and it seems like every piece fits. This is a fluid case and definitely not done yet so if you see anything wrong whatsoever with my conclusions I ask you to let me know and I will reassess my work and thinking as my goal is getting to the truth whatever that may be. Having said that let me get on with it.

There were several "operations" going on at the same time on October First. You already know about the top level ones, Chertoff and the body scanners and Soros and the MGM Grand PUT Options and the US Federal Shadow Government and the USA Liberty Act and you know about the Illuminati Satanic Harvest and human sacrifice "operations' those are all real, just like 911 and just like 911 there was another operation going on.

The components making up the Vegas Op included the top level banksters, MOSSAD and the Khazari Mafia scum, the US Deep State Psychopathic NEOCON security lunatics and murderers who have infiltrated DHS, FBI, CIA and the Black Ops Community, the Masonic police and first responders many of whom where not "aware", then the actually false flag "training operation" actors and architects and finally at the bottom the actual killers and executers. I want to focus on them.

After listening to and digesting hours of police and emergency services audio and watching videos and probably most of the stuff you have seen I stopped digesting when the obvious misinformation started to appear and let the facts simmer in my head for a few weeks. Here are the key findings if you will and I will only tell you a couple things you have not heard before: There was a robbery at Hooters and their entire monthly intake was stolen. It involved the lone gunman who entered the back of the establishment and then disappeared forever in an aboulance. There was a prostitution ring operating out of Hooters and servong the elites including many involved in Stanic rituals. These girls were all killed by the team of the long "robber". After the robbery was complete the team went mobile and other multiple teams were acitvated and basically anyone who knew abuout the operations was killed. It is very likely that Paddock escaped and the patsies in the hotel room were eliminated although they had in reality been a part of the Crisis Operation and according to some of the evidence were only shooting blanks. During the initial panic you can hear how police are being told to stay put and "drive no further" meaning towards Hooters. Anyway that is all I have for you now. Will Update later.    

The Satanic Winter Solstice Las Vegas Sacrifice and Harvesting - A Wrote:

"My Conclusion on the Vegas Shooting based on the information I've gathered thus far: Steven Paddock is a "patsy" the Govt. has monitored for quite some time at gun shows and his days as a Defense Contractor with Lockheed Martin. He was a quiet Trump supporter who frequented local casinos in Mesquite, NV. Steven was a well to do retiree who bought his house in cash for $380k.

On the weekend of October 1st he attended the country music festival and stayed at the Mandalay Bay. Casino cameras captured Mr. Paddock gambling 15 mins before the alleged shooting (footage not available to the public) Within that time frame I believe Paddock was then executed in his room by "Black Ops" ATF and/or other intelligence agencies to be used as a deceased "patsy" after the shooting.

From my findings, we know there were drills (according to a Craps dealer) at Mandalay Bay day of and day prior to shooting, therefore SWAT and other agencies were already in place under the guise of a drill. The un-seen SWAT report states the shooting took place for 5:43secs and by 5:48secs SWAT flash banged Paddock' room only to find a suicided body.

Eye witnesses not saw only bullets flying out of the 32nd floor, but the 4th floor as well as reports from the lobby.

With the notion of this"False Flag" drill which went hot, we learned later there was an active shooter at New York New York Hotel on the 2nd level right above the main gaming area according to Casino employee 1hr after first alleged shooting, which SWAT soon then apprehended the NYNY "Lone Gunman".

MOTIVE: at the very least the Vegas Massacre Event was used to not only haul major anti gun legislation (coming soon) and continue to the demonization of gun owners, but it's a much more realistic plot which we saw December of 2009 with the "Underwear Bomber".

As famed whistblower Kurt Haskell pointed out years ago, the Christmas Day "Underwear Bomber" was put on the plane by the FBI which caused an uproar at airports across the US and immediately ushered in "Naked Body Scanners".

Little did the public know that head of DHS at the time Michael Chertoff had major investments into these security machines and needed a major event to authorize a call for implementation.

In closing, what we are seeing is the classic PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION by Govt.

It is with Circumstantial Belief that Federal & State Govt in step with DHS will begin major installations of TSA styled security checks with "Naked Body Scanner" type technology throughout Las Vegas and eventually across all hotels in the United States.

If you follow the money, look who benefits.. then we'll know who perpetrated it."


Ongoing Story Links - Updated 10-19-2017 DELETED VIDEO Files/VIDEOS/

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Vegas shooting: concert workers’ phone footage wiped clean by FBI

Police Change Vegas Shooting Story Again

Las Vegas cover-up continues: Police block only journalists asking real questions from latest press conference

Concert Attendee In Las Vegas Dies Shortly After Posting Witness Account of Shooting

Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Suddenly Dies After Posting “2nd Shooter” Account on Facebook

Vegas Black Op: Helicopter used to fire at HARVEST crowd?

Vegas Hotel Security Guard “Disappears” As World Tensions Escalate!

Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos disappears moments before TV interviews

Vegas shooting survivor Kymberley Suchomel dies suddenly

Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Suddenly Dies After Posting “2nd Shooter” Account on Facebook

Some serious questions on the Las Vegas shooting that need to be addressed

LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth

Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract

False Flag [and Hoax] Theories Crash Into Brutal Realty In Las Vegas

Pressure mounts for Vegas police to explain response time

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Staged And Then Hijacked By NWO Globalist Cabal

Completely Different Weapons Used In Vegas

Vegas Massacre: Both real casualties and crisis actors present like most false flags

AWOL! Who told the police to stand down in Vegas?

Title- Stephen Paddock had been an IRS agent and defense auditor

Title- 4Chan User Warned About Las Vegas Shooting Three Weeks Before

Title- “Horrified” brother of Las Vegas suspect says he’s “dumbfounded”

Title- LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE- The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth

Title- Stephen Paddock outed as an undercover arms dealer involved in ‘gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious‘

Title- This Is How They Fixed The Patsy’s Mandalay Hotel Room To Falsely Incriminate Him

Title- Neighbor of Las Vegas Shooter Claims He Didn’t Do It

Title- Trey Gowdy Voices Disbelief That Lone Gunman Did Vegas Shooting Without Being Found Out

Title- Why did report an American muslim as the Vegas shooter-

Title- CBS fires VP for writing ‘Republican gun toters’ killed in Las Vegas don’t deserve sympathy

Title- PROOF OF MULTIPLE SHOOTERS- Riveting Audio Details From Vegas Crime Scene MSM Isn’t Reporting!

Title- YouTuber Perfectly PREDICTS Las Vegas 2 Weeks BEFORE the Incident!


Title- Las Vegas Shooting HORRIFIC FOOTAGE

Title- Las Vegas Mass Shooting a False Flag, NOT a Hoax—This Video Proves It!

Title- Why was the stage in Vegas re-illuminated after it went dark which enabled the shooter(s) to see the crowd- (Video)

Title- Latest Report- ‘Las Vegas shooter didn’t commit suicide, killed by an FBI hostage rescue team’


Title- Notice how Vegas false flag shooting took place under the ALL-SEEING EYE ON TOP OF THE PYRAMID! (Video)

Title- VIDEO- Mandalay Bay Crisis Actors On Parade

Title- Eerie Predictions in Vegas … Cui Bono-

Title- Iraq War Vet Gave Exact Location of Vegas Shooter—Says Police Took Over an Hour to Respond

Title- 5 Glaring Inconsistencies in the Vegas Shooting that Need to be Addresse

The Vegas Shooting: Investigation instead of Speculation

Las Vegas False Flag - No Bullets, Bodies, Blood Pools or Other Forensic Evidence

Audio Details From Vegas Crime Scene MSM Isn't Reporting

Neighbor of Las Vegas Shooter Claims Paddock Was SET UP

CEO Jim Murren was matching employee donations to terror groups

2nd Picture: How many dead shooters do you see and what is written in the note on the table?


Here We See Victims and Bodies and Lights Turned Off (DOWNLOAD) YouTube Censored  

Bellagio Hotel Guests And Staff Confirm Multiple Shooters

The reporting is full of kabbalah: 72 min. rampage, 42 guns, 22,000 in attendance, 32nd fl. Obelisk, pyramid. No coincidence. Contrivance




False Flag Terrorism is also Terrorism


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