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January 27, 2020 - Re-Published


I should add that another measure that they adopted in order to overshadow those great events was what these three vicious European governments did: the vicious English government and the French and German governments. They threatened Iran that they would take the nuclear matter to the United Nations Security Council again. Of course, the officials of the country responded in a firm manner. They received a firm response.

These are the three countries which helped Saddam as much as they could in the war that was imposed on us. The German government provided Saddam with chemical weapons so that he would target our cities and our frontlines. The effects of those chemical weapons still exist among our veterans. The French government gave him “Super Etandard” helicopters in order to target our oil tankers. This is their record. As for the English government, it served the goals of our enemies with all its power. It served the interests of Saddam as well. They are like this. This is their history and they are acting in the same way today. We should adopt such an outlook towards them.

I used to say this from the beginning. After the US left the Bar-Jaam [JCPOA], those three governments would rant and rave all the time. On that day, I said that I did not trust them and that they would not do anything because they serve American interests. Today, this has become completely clear. After the passage of one year, it has become clear that they are America’s footboys in the true sense of the word. They are America’s footboys. That is while those little governments hope that they can bring the Iranian nation to its knees. The US who was greater than you and began these measures before you and who is your master failed to bring the Iranian nation to its knees. You are too small to bring the Iranian nation to its knees! [Audience chants, “Allahu Akbar”].

Even when they want to negotiate, their negotiations are mixed with deception and trickery. Those who appear at the negotiating table, those “gentlemen” who sit at the negotiating table are the same terrorists of the Baghdad airport! They are the same people and they are no different. They only appear in disguise. It is the iron fist that takes off its velvet cover and glove and reveals its true self. Otherwise, their nature is the same and it is no different. They cannot be people whom we can trust. Jan 17, 2020











Fallujah Falls to Al Qaeda, Veterans Question Illegal Iraq War - By John Robles

8 January, 18:21

With the fall of Fallujah to Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, many veterans of the Iraq war and the massive fighting that took place in Fallujah during the US occupation are beginning to realize that their sacrifice and the ultimate sacrifice paid by many of their comrades was completely and totally for nothing, and for many veterans that is a truly hard pill to swallow.

The fall of Fallujah and the fact that Al-Qaeda linked terrorists and murderous Sunni radicals now control the Anbar province where Fallujah is located and where approximately 1,500 US troops lost their lives during the Iraq war further underlines the complete and total failure of an illegal aggressive war based on complete and total lies and might also cause those who served their country and killed what are reported to be as many as one million Iraqis to finally wake up and realize that they were simply callously used. The fact that CIA-created-Al-Qaeda was never allowed to operate and had no presence in Iraq under Saddam Hussein only further brings to question what the US was really doing in Iraq and why the US-installed-puppet-government has done almost nothing to stop Al-Qaeda from taking over massive parts of the country. It is also of interest to note that US forces are being prevented from fighting Al-Qaeda elements. 

Illegal Oil Petro-Dollar War

The hard and cold fact that US veterans and Americans must come to terms with is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about but one whose emanations are now visible every time every American goes to the gas pump and forks over a fortune they could rather spend on food or clothing or on their children’s education to put a little fuel in their cars as they prepare to sit in endless traffic jams burning up millions of gallons of fuel attempting to get to their poorly paid insecure jobs to continue to vicious cycle.

It was determined by those holding the real power in the US, the criminal, oil and banking elites that Saddam Hussein had to go because less than 24 hours before the invasion Hussein had made the sovereign decision to change the oil trade to the Euro, something that was also done by Muammar Gaddafi right before his country was wiped out.

As with the illegal US/NATO war on Libya, which for all intents and purposes was simply the providing of air-support for Al-Qaeda and all of their sub-groupings, the US was also in bed with Al-Qaeda and Sunni/Wahabist/Falafist radical elements in Iraq for the purpose of toppling the government in order to maintain the flow of oil but more importantly to continue the oil trade in the dollar. As with Libya, a country that the tribal groups say is now almost completely “owned” by Al-Qaeda groups, it is very convenient and profitable to extract oil and resources from warlords and fiefdoms than it is from legitimate governments who might seek to protect their own interests.

The war in Iraq was a war for oil and greed and to prevent the collapse of the US petro-dollar. Without the oil trade the US dollar is a completely worthless paper based currency with nothing to back it. This should be alarming to veterans and all Americans alike but what should be more alarming is that the oil companies and the banksters that Iraq veterans went and killed and died for are also raping Americans at the pump every time they go to put some fuel in their vehicles.

US soldiers take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America so it should be particularly disturbing for all members of the US armed forces that they risked their lives and engaged in an illegal aggressive war to protect not the Constitution and not even the American people (who were never threatened by Iraq) but to protect the profit margins of big oil and big money and those who have quite literally cancelled the US Constitution and relegated it to a paper shredder.

US Iraq War Lies

The illegal aggressive war (a crime against humanity) on Iraq was one based on lie after lie. There were no weapons of mass destruction, there was no tie to 9-11, Hussein was not supporting or in collusion with Al-Qaeda (unlike the US) and Iraq never once threatened the United States. Even the reason for executing the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein as it turned out was also a lie, there was no hard evidence presented to the world community that he gassed Kurds, but will the US ever pay a price for executing the leader of a sovereign nation? For that is what happened, the US installed a government and under their control the president was executed in a show trial that had taken place in a their own kangaroo court.

In 2004 a committee in the US House of Representatives identified “237 misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq that were made by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld, Secretary Powell, and National Security Advisor Rice. These statements were made in 125 separate appearances, consisting of 40 speeches, 26 press conferences and briefings, 53 interviews, 4 written statements, and 2 congressional testimonies.” According to the committee, at least 61 separate statements “misrepresented Iraq’s ties to al-Qaeda.” These finding were backed up by another committee in 2006.

It was based on these lies that American forces were ordered to fight and die in an illegal act of aggressive war and the people who promoted the lies will never be prosecuted or forced to account for the bloodshed and loss of over 4,500 American lives in Iraq, not to mention the approximately 1 million Iraqis.

The Rise of Sectarian Violence

To fully understand the situation in Iraq and throughout the Middle East one must first understand the true nature of the “sectarian violence”, something which did not exist in Iraq under Hussein. A fact that might also be said of Afghanistan and US collusion with the Taliban, of Bahrain, of Yemen, of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, of Syria until tens of thousands of homicidal mostly Sunni Islamist mercenaries and terrorists were imported into the country and other countries in the region. One must also understand the true nature of Al-Qaeda (the CIA terrorist data-base) and the alliances that exist between Israel, Saudi, the US and finally Al-Qaeda.

In Iraq the US supported and armed the Sunni Sahwa (Awakening) movement to overthrow Hussein and in Syria the US and its “allies” supported the same Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant that has now brought their amassed weapons and homicidal madness in force to Iraq to take over Anbar province and Fallujah.

The forces that the US has used to advance their geopolitical agenda in the region (largely Sunni), to overthrow legitimate governments and take over resource rich and strategic areas have their own agenda. One which is the fanatical blood thirsty elimination and genocide of all brands of Islam which they deem to be unworthy and the other is their own rise to power. These fanatical Islamic barbarians have no interest in advancing US positions and have no qualms about killing Americans, but they do need Saudi and US backing to supply them with weapons, funding, training and in the case of Libya and almost in Syria, air and military support.

Hidden Agenda in Iraq and the Rise of Al-Qaeda

With regard to Iraq, the US-installed-puppet-government has shown that they have their own mostly hidden radical Sunni agenda, something unheard of during Hussein’s rule when Sunnis and Shias intermarried and shared an absolutely normal and peaceful coexistence. Their calls for the civilian population to expel Al-Qaeda from Fallujah also underlines their complete ineptness or their collusion with Al-Qaeda

Here it is important to note that Al-Qaeda (the umbrella Sunni proponent), which according to Saudi Prince Bandar himself is under the control of Saudi, as are Chechen terrorists and almost all of the groups operating in Syria, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the Al-Nusra Front, has been allowed to take root in Iraq and in Fallujah, which became the Al-Qaeda base (the base of the base if you will), after the US surge. Again under Hussein there was no Al-Qaeda presence whatsoever in Iraq.

As with Afghanistan the US has failed. Their complete lack of vision, advanced planning and an obtuse overall policy of the ends-justifying-the-means, has led to what we see today. Homicidal US founded Al-Qaeda extremist Sharia toting elements taking over Libya, soon Afghanistan, Iraq and scores of other countries and areas in the Middle East.

With CIA agent Tom Ossman (Osama Bin Laden) gone, the Frankenstein monster of Al-Qaeda, that the US created in Afghanistan to fight the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (that had been asked to intervene and save the Socialist Government and maintain peace), Al-Qaeda may no longer be even remotely under US control, they are becoming a power unto themselves and if the world ever wants to see peace in the Middle East. Real peace, not some US compliant subservient “peace”, these radical Al-Qaeda elements must be stopped and the US must not be allowed to meddle any longer in a region they have broken but refuse to admit: they have bought.

Media Note

The Pentagon has been silent about the fall of Fallujah and the subservient US media is now more than ever clearly in complicity. One has to do nothing more than look at the headlines on news outlets such as Fox News, where they are now calling “the evil Al-Qaeda terrorists who staged 9-11” simply “militants”, “rebels”.










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