The Most Comprehensive ILLUMINATI List on the Web by JAR2 

This list was provided to me from the personal files of someone at the top of one of the US Military Intelligence bodies.

Source: Hack of Work Computer of General Rokke. He had oversight of Area 51: His comp was hacked.

No UFOs but a list of Illuminati was found, which we have published here:

The Hack:

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Illuminati Since 1942: 

Lt. Col. Frederick William Abbot

Sir Maurice Hankey

Richard Combe Abdy

Eugen Spier

George Dixon Abraham

Baron Strabogli

Frederick Edward Fox Adam

J.S. Elias, Baron Southwood

Admiral Sir Percy Addison

Sir H.L. Rothband

Elkan Nathan Adler

Sir E.L. Goschen

Admiral Oliver Backhouse

Mrs. Blanche Dugdale

John Ball

Sir Robert Wood

Maurice Baring

Sir Robert Mond

Ralph D. Blumenfeld

Jurgen Kuczynski

Sir Harry Robert Boyd

Sir Robert Waley-Cohen

Sir Charles Hambro

Rex Leeper

Edward Wood (Lord Halifax)

Sir Walter Citrine

Walter Rosenhain

Victor Rothschild

Charles Masterman Herz

Sir Philip Sassoon

Victor Weisz

Sir Bernard Pares

Friedrich Saxl

Ernest Bevin

Sir Hirsch Lauterpacht

Herbert Stanley Morrison

Harold Joseph Laski

Sir Reginald Plunkett-Erle-Drax

Edward Armand Guggenheim


List of Masons in the Italian Church and Vatican  

The following is a Mason list reprinted from the Bulletin de l'Occident Chretien Nr.12, July, 1976, (Directeur Pierre Fautrad a Fye - 72490 Bourg Le Roi.) If still alive, it should be noted with interest that all of the men on this list, are subject to excommunication by Canon Law 2338. Each man's name is followed by his position, if known; the date he was initiated into Masonry, his code #; and his code name, if known:

Albondi, Alberto. Bishop of Livorno, (Leghorn). Initiated 8-5-58; I.D. # 7-2431. 

Abrech, Pio. In the Sacred Congregation Bishops. 11-27-67; # 63-143. 

Acquaviva, Sabino. Professor of Religion at the University of Padova, (Padua). 12-3-69;# 275-69. 

Alessandro, Father Gottardi. (Addressed as Doctor in Masonic meetings.) President of Fratelli Maristi. 6-14-59. 

Angelini Fiorenzo. Bishop of Messenel Greece. 10-14-57; # 14-005

Argentieri, Benedetto. Patriarch to the Holy See. 3-11-70; # 298-A

Bea, Augustin. Cardinal. Secretary of State (next to Pope) under Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI.

Baggio, Sebastiano. Cardinal. Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Bishops. (This is a crucial Congregation since it appoints new Bishops.) Secretary of State under Pope John Paul II from 1989 to 1992. 8-14-57; # 85-1640. Masonic code name "SEBA." He controls consecration of Bishops. 

Balboni, Dante. Assistant to the Vatican Pontifical . Commission for Biblical Studies. 7-23-68; # 79-14 "BALDA." 

Baldassarri Salvatore. Bishop of Ravenna, Italy. 2-19-58; # 4315-19. "BALSA." 

Balducci, Ernesto. Religious sculpture artist. 5-16-66; # 1452-3. 

Basadonna, Ernesto. Prelate of Milan, 9-14-63; # 9-243. "BASE." 

Batelli, Guilio. Lay member of many scientific academies. 8-24-59; # 29-A. "GIBA." 

Bedeschi, Lorenzo. 2-19-59; # 24-041. "BELO." 

Belloli, Luigi. Rector of Seminar; Lombardy, Ita- ly. 4-6-58; # 22-04. "BELLU." 

Belluchi, Cleto. Coadjutor Bishop of Fermo, Italy. 6-4-68; # 12-217. 

Bettazzi, Luigi. Bishop of Ivera, Italy. 5-11-66; # 1347-45. "LUBE." 

Bianchi, Ciovanni. 10-23-69; # 2215-11. "BIGI." 

Biffi, Franco, Msgr. Rector of Church of St. John Lateran Pontifical University. He is head of this University and controls what is being taught. He heard confessions of Pope Paul VI. 8-15-59. "BIFRA." 

Bicarella, Mario. Prelate of Vicenza, Italy. 9-23-64; # 21-014. "BIMA." 

Bonicelli, Gaetano. Bishop of Albano, Italy. 5-12-59; # 63-1428, "BOGA." 

Boretti, Giancarlo. 3-21-65; # 0-241. "BORGI." 

Bovone, Alberto. Substitute Secretary of the Sacred Office. 3-30-67; # 254-3. "ALBO." 

Brini, Mario. Archbishop. Secretary of Chinese, Oriental, and Pagans. Member of Pontifical Commission to Russia. Has control of rewriting Canon Law. 7-7-68; # 15670. "MABRI." 

Bugnini, Annibale. Archbishop.Wrote Novus Ordo Mass. Envoy to Iran, 4-23-63; # 1365-75. "BUAN." 

Buro, Michele. Bishop. Prelate of Pontifical Commission to Latin America, 3-21-69; # 140-2. "BUMI."

Cacciavillan, Agostino. Secretariat of State. 11-6-60; # 13-154. 

Cameli, Umberto. Director in Office of the Ecclesiastical Affairs of Italy in regard to education in Catholic doctrine. 11-17-60; # 9-1436. 

Caprile, Giovanni. Director of Catholic Civil Affairs. 9-5-57; # 21-014. "GICA." 

Caputo, Giuseppe. 11-15-71; # 6125-63. "GICAP." 

Casaroli, Agostino. Cardinal. Secretary of State (next to Pope) under Pope John Paul II since July 1, 1979 until retired in 1989. 9-28-57; # 41-076. "CASA." 

Cerruti, Flaminio. Chief of the Office of the University of Congregation Studies. 4-2-60; # 76-2154. "CEFLA." 

Ciarrocchi, Mario. Bishop. 8-23-62; # 123-A. "CIMA." 

Chiavacci, Enrico. Professor of Moral Theology, University of Florence, Italy. 7-2-70; # 121-34. "CHIE." 

Conte, Carmelo. 9-16-67; # 43-096. "CONCA." 

Csele, Alessandro. 3-25-60; # 1354-09. "ALCSE." 

Dadagio, Luigi. Papal Nuncio to Spain. Archbishop of Lero. 9-8-67. # 43-B. "LUDA." 

D'Antonio, Enzio. Archbishop of Trivento. 6-21-69; # 214-53. 

De Bous, Donate. Bishop. 6-24-68; # 321-02. "DEBO." 

Del Gallo Reoccagiovane, Luigi. Bishop. 

Del Monte, Aldo. Bishop of Novara, Italy. 8-25-69; # 32-012. "ADELMO." 

Faltin, Danielle. 6-4-70; # 9-1207. "FADA." 

Ferraioli, Giuseppe. Member of Sacred Congregation for Public Affairs. 11-24-69; # 004-125. "GIFE." 

Franzoni, Giovanni. 3-2-65; # 2246-47. "FRAGI." 

Gemmiti, Vito. Sacred Congregation of Bishops. 3-25-68; # 54-13. "VIGE." 

Girardi, Giulio. 9-8-70; # 1471-52. "GIG." 

Fiorenzo, Angelinin. Bishop. Title of Commendator of the Holy Spirit. Vicar General of Roman Hospitals. Controls hospital trust funds. Consecrated Bishop 7-19-56; joined Masons 10-14-57. 

Giustetti, Massimo. 4-12-70; # 13-065. "GIUMA." 

+Gottardi, Alessandro. Procurator and Postulator General of Fratelli 

Maristi. Archbishop of Trent. 6-13-59; # 2437-14. "ALGO." 

Gozzini, Mario. 5-14-70; # 31-11. "MAGO." 

Grazinai, Carlo. Rector of the Vatican Minor Seminary. 7-23-61; # 156-3. "GRACA." 

Gregagnin, Antonio. Tribune of First Causes for Beatification. 10-19-67; # 8-45. "GREA." 

Gualdrini, Franco. Rector of Capranica. 5-22-61; # 21-352. "GUFRA." 

Ilari, Annibale. Abbot. 3-16-69; # 43-86. "ILA." 

Laghi, Pio. Nunzio, Apostolic Delegate to Argentina, and then to U.S.A. until 1995. 8-24-69; # 0-538. "LAPI." 

Lajolo, Giovanni. Member of Council of Public Affairs of the Church. 7-27-70; # 21-1397. "LAGI." 

Lanzoni, Angelo. Chief of the Office of Secretary of State. 9-24-56; # 6-324. "LANA." 

Levi, Virgillio (alias Levine), Monsignor. Assistant Director of Official Vatican Newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. Manages Vatican Radio Station. 7-4-58; # 241-3. "VILE." 

Lozza, Lino. Chancellor of Rome Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas of Catholic Religion. 7-23-69; # 12-768. "LOLI." 

Lienart, Achille. Cardinal. Grand Master top Mason. Bishop of Lille, France. Recruits Masons. Was leader of progressive forces at Vatican II Council. 

Macchi, Pasquale. Cardinal. Pope Paul's Prelate of Honour and Private Secretary until he was excommunicated for heresy by Pope Paul VI. Was reinstated by Secretary of State Jean Villot, and made a Cardinal. 4-23-58; # 5463-2. "MAPA."

Mancini, Italo. Director of Sua Santita. 3-18-68; # l551-142. "MANI." 

Manfrini, Enrico. Lay Consultor of Pontifical Commission of Sacred Art. 2-21-68; # 968-c. "MANE." 

Marchisano, Francesco. Prelate Honour of the Pope. Secretary Congregation for Seminaries and Universities of Studies. 2-4-61; 4536-3. "FRAMA." 

Marcinkus, Paul. American bodyguard for imposter Pope. From Cicero, Illinois. Stands 6'4". President for Institute for Training Religious. 8-21-67; # 43-649. Called "GORILLA." Code name "MARPA." 

Marsili, Saltvatore. Abbot of Order of St. Benedict of Finalpia near Modena, Italy. 7-2-63; # 1278-49. "SALMA." 

Mazza, Antonio. Titular Bishop of Velia. Secretary General of Holy Year, 1975. 4-14-71. # 054-329. "MANU." 

Mazzi, Venerio. Member of Council of Public Affairs of the Church. 10-13-66; # 052-s. "MAVE." 

Mazzoni, Pier Luigi. Congregation of Bishops. 9-14-59; # 59-2. "PILUM." 

Maverna, Luigi. Bishop of Chiavari, Genoa, Italy. Assistant General of Italian Catholic Azione. 6-3-68; # 441-c. "LUMA." 

Mensa, Albino. Archbishop of Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy. 7-23-59; # 53-23. " MENA." 

Messina, Carlo. 3-21-70; # 21-045. "MECA." 

Messina, Zanon (Adele). 9-25-68; # 045-329. " AMEZ." 

Monduzzi, Dino. Regent to the Prefect of the Pontifical House. 3-11 -67; # 190-2. "MONDI." 

Mongillo, Daimazio. Professor of Dominican Moral Theology, Holy Angels Institute of Roma. 2-16-69; # 2145-22. "MONDA." 

Morgante, Marcello. Bishop of Ascoli Piceno in East Italy. 7-22-55; # 78-3601. MORMA." 

Natalini, Teuzo. Vice President of the Archives of Secretariat of the Vatican. 6-17-67; # 21-44d. "NATE." 

Nigro, Carmelo. Rector of the Seminary, Pontifical of Major Studies. 12-21-70; # 23-154. "CARNI." 

Noe, Virgillio. Head of the Sacred Congregation of Divine Worship. He and Bugnini paid 5 Protestant Ministers and one Jewish Rabbi to create the Novus Ordo Mass. 4-3-61; # 43652-21. "VINO." 

Palestra, Vittorie. He is Legal Council of the Sacred Rota of the Vatican State. 5-6-43; # 1965. "PAVI."

Pappalardo, Salvatore. Cardinal. Archbishop of Palermo, Sicily. 4-15-68; # 234-07. "SALPA." 

Pasqualetti, Gottardo. 6-15-60; # 4-231. "COPA."

Pasquinelli, Dante. Council of Nunzio of Madrid. 1-12-69; # 32-124. "PADA."

Pellegrino, Michele. Cardinal. Called "Protector of the Church", Archbishop of Torino (Turin, where the Holy Shroud of Jesus is kept). 5-2-60; # 352-36. "PALMI." 

Piana, Giannino. 9-2-70; # 314-52. "GIPI." 

Pimpo, Mario. Vicar of Office of General Affairs. 3-15-70; # 793-43. "PIMA." 

Pinto, Monsignor Pio Vito. Attache of Secretary of State and Notare of Second Section of Supreme Tribunal and of Apostolic Signature. 4-2-70; # 3317-42. "PIPIVI." 

Poletti, Ugo. Cardinal. Vicar of S.S. Diocese of Rome. Controls clergy of Rome since 3-6-73. Member of Sacred Congregation of Sacraments and of Divine Worship. He is President of Pontifical Works and Preservation of the Faith. Also President of the Liturgical Academy. 2-17-69; # 32-1425. "UPO." 

Rizzi, Monsignor Mario. Sacred Congregation of Oriental Rites. Listed as "Prelate Bishop of Honour of the Holy Father, the Pope." Works under top-Mason Mario Brini in manipulating Canon Law. 9-16-69; # 43-179. "MARI," "MONMARI." 

Romita, Florenzo. Was in Sacred Congregation of Clergy. 4-21-56; # 52-142. "FIRO." 

Rogger, Igine. Officer in S.S. (Diocese of Rome). 4-16-68; # 319-13. "IGRO." 

Rossano, Pietro. Sacred Congregation of Non-Christian Religions. 2-12-68; # 3421-a. "PIRO." 

Rovela, Virgillio. 6-12-64; # 32-14. "ROVI." 

Sabbatani, Aurelio. Archbishop of Giustiniana (Giusgno, Milar Province, Italy). First Secretary Supreme Apostolic Segnatura. 6-22-69; # 87-43. "ASA" 

Sacchetti, Guilio. Delegate of Governors - Marchese. 8-23-59; # 0991-b. "SAGI." 

Salerno, Francesco. Bishop. Prefect Atti. Eccles. 5-4-62; # 0437-1. "SAFRA" 

Santangelo, Franceso. Substitute General of Defense Legal Counsel. 11-12-70; # 32-096. "FRASA." 

Santini, Pietro. Vice Official of the Vicar. 8-23-64; # 326-11. "SAPI." 

Savorelli, Fernando. 1-14-69; # 004-51. "SAFE." 

Savorelli, Renzo. 6-12-65; # 34-692. "RESA." 

Scanagatta, Gaetano. Sacred Congregation of the Clergy. Member of Commission of Pomei and Loreto, Italy. 9-23-71; # 42-023. "GASCA." 

Schasching, Giovanni. 3-18-65; # 6374-23. "GISCHA," "GESUITA." 

Schierano, Mario. Titular Bishop of Acrida (Acri in Cosenza Province, Italy.) Chief Military Chaplain of the Italian Armed Forces. 7-3-59; #14-3641. "MASCHI." 

Semproni, Domenico. Tribunal of the Vicarate of the Vatican. 4-16-60; # 00-12. "DOSE." Sensi, Giuseppe Mario. Titular Archbishop of Sardi (Asia Minor near Smyrna). Papal Nunzio to Portugal. 11-2-67; # 18911-47. "GIMASE." 

Sposito, Luigi. Pontifical Commission for the Archives of the Church in Italy. Head Administrator of the Apostolic Seat of the Vatican.

Suenens, Leo. Cardinal. Title: Protector of the Church of St. Peter in Chains, outside Rome. Promotes Protestant Pentecostalism (Charismatics). Destroyed much Church dogma when he worked in 3 Sacred Congregations: 1) Propagation of the Faith; 2) Rites and Ceremonies in the Liturgy; 3) Seminaries. 6-15-67; # 21-64. "LESU." 

Trabalzini, Dino. Bishop of Rieti (Reate, Peruga, Italy). Auxiliary Bishop of Southern Rome. 2-6-65; # 61-956. "TRADI." 

Travia, Antonio. Titular Archbishop of Termini Imerese. Head of Catholic schools. 9-15-67; # 16-141. "ATRA." 

Trocchi, Vittorio. Secretary for Catholic Laity in Consistory of the Vatican State Consultations. 7-12-62; # 3-896. "TROVI." 

Tucci, Roberto. Director General of Vatican Radio. 6-21-57; # 42-58. "TURO." 

Turoldo, David. 6-9-67; # 191-44. "DATU." 

Vale, Georgio. Priest. Official of Rome Diocese. 2-21-71; # 21-328. "VAGI." 

Vergari, Piero. Head Protocol Officer of the Vatican Office Segnatura. 12-14-70; # 3241-6. "PIVE." 

Villot, Jean. Cardinal. Secretary of State during Pope Paul VI. He is Camerlengo (Treasurer). "JEANNI," "ZURIGO." 

Zanini, Lino. Titular Archbishop of Adrianopoli, which is Andrianopolis, Turkey. Apostolic Nuncio. Member of the Revered Fabric of St. Peter's Basilica. 




NOW THEIR COUNTRY! (How many of these people do you know?)

DAVID ROCKEFELLER - Chairman of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (A private organization formed in 1921)

North American Chairman of the THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION
(A private organization formed in 1973)

JAMES EARL (Jimmy) CARTER - Charter member, Trilateral Commission

to be THEIR PRESIDENT! Groomed and Trained by BRZEZINSKI!

World Bank:


W.B. DALE - CFR International Monetary Fund


William Burden - CFR

Roswell Gilpatric - CFR

James Houghton - CFR

William Paley - CFR

Henry Schache - CFR

Frank Stanton - CFR


T. Bradshaw - CFR

H. Schlosser - CFR


J.T. Conner - CFR

G. Jenkins - CFR

R. Macioce - CFR


Elie Abel - CFR

David Brinkley - CFR

William Buckley - CFR

John Chancellor - CFR

Marquis Childs - CFR

C. Collingswood - CFR

Charliane Gault - CFR

R.C. Hottelet - CFR

Norman Isaacs - CFR

Marvin Kalb - CFR

Jim Lehrer - CFR

Irving Levine - CFR

Robert McNeil - CFR

Bill Moyers - CFR

Michael O'Neill - CFR

Harry Reasoner - CFR

Victor Reisel - CFR

John Scall - CFR

Daniel Schorr - CFR

Barbara Walters - CFR

Theodore White – CFR 


Hedley Donovan - CFR - T

Alexander Heard - CFR

James Linen - CFR

Sol Linowitz - CFR - T

Marshal Loeb - CFR

Rawleigh Warner - CFR

Thomas Watson - CFR


Harding Bancroft - CFR

Amory Bradford - CFR

Orvil E. Dryfoos - CFR

Max Frankel - CFR

Richard Gelb - CFR

J.L. Greenfield - CFR

David Halberstram - CFR

Walter Lippmann - CFR

L.E. Markel - CFR

H.L. Matthews - CFR

John Oakes - CFR

Adolph Ochs - CFR

James Reston - CFR

A.M. Rosenthal - CFR

Jack Rosenthal - CFR

Harrison Salisbury - CFR

William Scranton - CFR

A. Hays Sulzberger - CFR

A. Ochs Sulzberger - CFR

C.L. Sulzberger - CFR

Symour Topping - CFR


Frederick Beebe - CFR

Robert Christopher - CFR

A. de Borchgrave - CFR

M. de B. Katzenbach - CFR

Osborne Elliot - CFR

Philip Geyelin - CFR

Kathrine Graham - CFR

Philip Graham - CFR (Graham Phillips?)

Joseph Kraft - CFR

Kermit Lausner - CFR

Murry Marder - CFR

Eugene Meyer - CFR

Arjay Miller - T

Malcolm Muir - CFR

M. Parker - CFR

G.F. Will - CFR

U.S. SENATE (Past & present members):

* = Panama Canal Give-away Team

* Howard Baker (Tenn.) - CFR

* Birch Bayh (Ind.) - CFR

* Lloyd Bentsen (Tex.) - CFR

William Brock (Tenn.) - CFR

* Edward Brooke (Mass.) - CFR

* Clifford Case (N.J.) - CFR

* Frank Church (Idaho) - CFR

* Dick Clark (Iowa) - CFR

William S. Cohen (Maine) - T

* Alan Cranston (Calif.) - T

John Cooper (Ken.) - CFR

* John Culver (Iowa) - CFR

* John Danforth (Mo.) - T

* John Glenn (Ohio) - T

Hubert Humphrey (Minn.) - CFR

* Jacob Javits (N.Y.) - CFR

Gale McGee (Wyo.) - CFR

* George McGovern (S.D.) - CFR

* Charles Mathias (Md.) - CFR

Walter Mondale (Minn.) - CFR

* Daniel Moynihan (N.Y.) - CFR

* Edmund Muskie (Maine) - CFR

* Claiborne Pell (R.I.) - CFR

* Abraham Ribicoff (Conn.) - CFR

* Paul Sarbanes (Md.) - CFR

* Adlai Stevenson (Mo.) - CFR

Stuart Symington (Mo.) - CFR

Robert Taft, Jr. (Ohio) - T


John Anderson (Ill.) - CFR - T

* Les Aspin (Wisc.) - CFR

* J.B. Bingham (N.Y.) - CFR

* John Brademas (Ind.) - CFR - T

* Barber Conable, Jr. (N.Y.) - T

* William R. Cotter (Conn.) - CFR

* Dante Faxcell (Fla.) - CFR

* Thomas Foley (Wash.) - T

Donald Fraser - CFR - T

* Stephen Solarz (N.Y.) - CFR

William Brock, Chrmn., Republican National Committee - CFR - T


I.W. Abel - CFR - T

Sol Chaikin - CFR - T

Murry H. Finley - CFR

Victor Gotbaum - CFR

Lene Kirkland - CFR -T

M.J. Ward - CFR - T

Glen Watts - CFR - T

Leonard Woodcock - CFR - T

Jerry Wurf - CFR

Rank & File union members must wonder what's going on when the bosses join ranks with the elite who would destroy America's sovereignty and force her to "merge with" foreign countries in a one-world government.

What does a close association of government, big business and unions mean: SOCIALISM, FASCISM, DICTATORSHIP?


T.L. Farmer, Intelligence - CFR

D. Aaron, Natl. Security - CFR

F. Press, Director, Science & Technology - CFR

Tade A. McDonald, - CFR

Lloyd Cutler - CFR - T

George Bush, CFR director (resigned) - CFR - T

Howard Baker - CFR John Anderson - CFR - T

Ted Kennedy (Boston affiliate of CFR)


Wm. Simon - CFR

Blumenthal - CFR - T

A.M. Solomon - CFR - T

C.F. Bergsten - CFR - T

A. Nachmanoff - CFR

W.L. McDonald - CFR

R.C. Altman - CFR


BRZEZINSKI - CFR - T "Security Advisor"

MONDALE -CFR - T Vice President

VANCE -CFR - T Secretary of State

MUSKIE - CFR Secretary of State

H. BROWN - CFR - T Secretary of Defense


C.I.A: Every C.I.A. Director was a CFR member. Is the C.I.A. a Rockefeller Agency?


J. Sawhill - CFR - T

Schlesinger - CFR

Duncan - T

H. E. W.:

Califano - CFR - T

Harris - CFR

E. P. A. : Train - CFR - T (Replaced by) Douglas Costle - CFR

Observe that when one CFR is moved out of a position of power, another CFR or T is moved in.

W. Drayton - CFR


Young - CFR - T

McHenry - CFR

J.F. Leonard - CFR

FEDERAL RESERVE: (The Inflation Machine)

Inflation is not caused by businessmen or working men. It is caused by increasing the money supply. Check dictionary definition.

"The surest way to overthrow an existing social order is to debauch the currency." (Lenin)

H.C. Wallish - CFR

A. Burns - CFR - T P.

Volcker - CFR - T

"The standard of living of the average American has to decline." (Volcker).

"Adolf" [Paul Adolf Volcker] is the single human alive most responsible for inflation in the world today... . He is there to look after Rockefeller & Chase Manhattan interests..."

Xebex, Box 134,
Princeton, N.J. 08540


Edmund Muskie , Secretary - CFR

W.M. Christopher, Deputy Sec. - CFR - T


Elliot Richardson - CFR - T

Gerald Smith - CFR

Alfred Atherton, Jr. - CFR

Henry Owen - CFR - T

Herbert Salzman - CFR

E. Bunker, (Canal Payaway) - CFR

S. Linowitz, (Canal Payaway) - CFR - T

Andrew Young (U.N.) - CFR - T

D.F. McHenry (U.N.) - CFR

J.F. Leonard (U.N.) - CFR


W. Anthony Lake, (Director) - CFR

Paul H. Kreisberg - CFR

Karin Lissakers - CFR

Leslie H. Gelb - CFR

Jerome H. Kahan - CFR

David C. Gomper - CFR

Priscilla A. Clapp - CFR


M.D. Shulman (Soviet Affairs) - CFR

H.G. Barnes, Jr. (Personnel Boards & Comm.) - CFR

M. Nimetz (Legal) - CFR

M.B. Feidman (Legal) - CFR

S.M. Schwebel (Legal) - CFR

J.J. Gilligan - CFR R.D. Hormats - CFR

D.E. Mark - CFR E.R. Platig - CFR

S.F. Cohen - CFR J.F. Leonard - CFR

Paul Warnke (S.A.L.T.) - CFR - T R.E.

Earl 2nd. (S.A.L.T.) - CFR

R.N. Cooper, Undersecretary Economic Affairs - CFR - T


Viron P. Vasky, Bureau Head - CFR

Luigi Einaudi, Policy Planning - CFR

BUREAU OF AFRICAN AFFAIRS : (Remember Rhodesia, South Africa?)

Richard Holbrooke, Bureau Head - CFR - T


Harold Hobrooke, Bureau Head - CFR


Richard Holbrooke, Bureau Head - CFR - T


C William Maynes, Bureau Head - CFR


David D. Nersome - CFR


Thomas R. Pickering, Bureau Head - CFR


Hodding Carter, Bureau Head - CFR


(In the late 30's - early 40's, the Council on Foreign Relations took control of the U.S. State Department. That control has never been broken!

The State Department wines, dines, and provides financial aid to the enemies of freedom everywhere. They refuse visas to our pro-American friends and drive them into communist hands by cutting off financial aid and arms shipments at critical times. They use the Phony "HUMAN RIGHTS" issue against our friends! Do "SALT TREATIES" & "HOSTAGE SITUATIONS" Divert Our Minds While "STATE" Helps Russia Enslave The World?)


S.M Keeny, Jr., Deputy Director - CFR

A.S. Fisher - CFR

A. Yarmolinsky - CFR

J. Newhouse - CFR

B.M. Blech - CFR

T.A. Halsted - CFR

H.M. Agnew - CFR

T.J. Watson, Jr. - CFR

M. Bundy - CFR

P.M. Doty - CFR

L. Kirkland - CFR

W.K. Panofsky - CFR

J. Pfeiffer - CFR

B. Scowcroft - CFR


The international bankers' C.F.R. is disarming America while they finance the world's largest military machine in Soviet Russia.

Is a U.S. surrender necessary to the formation of their NEW WORLD ORDER?


W.B. Dale - CFR


R.A. Dungan - CFR


'60-'63 Westmoreland - CFR

'63-'66 Lampert - CFR

'66-'68 Bennett - CFR

'70-'74 Knowlton - CFR

'74-'77 Berry - CFR

'77-? Goodpaster - CFR


'49-'52 Eisenhower - CFR

'52-'53 Ridgeway - CFR

'53-'56 Gruenther - CFR

'56-'63 Norstad - CFR

'63-'69 Lemnitzer - CFR

'69-'74 Goodpaster - CFR

'74-'79 Haig - CFR


'57-'59 McElroy - CFR

'59-'61 Gates - CFR

'61-'68 McNamara - CFR

'69-'73 Laird - CFR

'73 Richardson - CFR - T

'73-'75 Schiesinger - CFR - T

'75-'77 Rumsfeid - CFR

'77 -? Brown - CFR - T


AF COL M. Sanders - CFR

AF MG R. Ginsburgh - CFR

AF COL E. Foote - CFR

AF COL I. Klette - CFR

AF COL F. Thayer - CFR

ARMY BG M. Green - CFR

AF COL K. Baker - CFR

ARMY LG S. Berry - CFR

ARMY GEN S. Walker - CFR

NAVY RADM R. Welander - CFR

AF LG G. Loving - CFR


AF BG W. Usher - CFR


ARMY CAPT J. Dewenter - CFR

AF COL L. Pfeiffer - CFR


AF COL T. Julian - CFR

ARMY BG T. Ayers - CFR

AF BG J. Pfautz - CFR


AF COL M. Mc Peak - CFR


AF COL R. Head - CFR

ARMY COL J. Sewall - CFR



ARMY COL B. Loeffke - CFR


S.R. Resor, Sec. - CFR

COL R.G. Head - CFR

D.E. McGiffert - CFR

COL A.E. Dewey - CFR

COL J.O. Sewall - CFR


D.E. McGiffert - CFR

COL A.E. Dewey - CFR

W. Slocombe - CFR

M.H. Armacost - CFR

MG R.C. Bowman - CFR

L.E. Davis - CFR

BG J.M. Thompson - CFR


W.M. Taylor - CFR

R.G. Gard, Jr., Pres. Nat'l. Defense Univ. - CFR

M.H. Halperin, Director, Cent. for Nat. Sec. Studies - CFR

ADDITIONAL MILITARY : (Past and Present - Partial listing)

R.J. Woolsey , Under-secretary of Navy - CFR

BG T. Ayers (Korea) - CFR


MG R. Bowman (OSD-ISA) - CFR

COL Z. Bradford (Ft. Polk) - CFR

BG F. Brown (Ft. Knox) - CFR

MAJ W. Clark (Germany) - CFR

COL P.L. Dawkins (Ft. Ord) - CFR

CAPT J. Dewenter (Hong Kong) - CFR

COL A. Dewey (Germany) - CFR

CAPT H. Fiske (Brooklyn) - CFR

LG R. Gard (Defense U.) - CFR

LG A. Goodpaster (Supt. Military Academy) - CFR

MG P. Gorman (Germany) - CFR

COL W. Houser - CFR

COL B. Hosmer (Holman AFB) - CFR

COL T. Julian (NATO) - CFR

CAPT R. Kimmitt - CFR

LG G. Loving (Japan) - CFR

COL M. McPeak (Spain) - CFR

COL D. Mead (Prof. Military Academy) - CFR

CAPT R. Miale (Naval recruiting) - CFR

COL L. Olvey (Prof. Military Academy) - CFR

BG J. Pfauts (Cairo) - CFR

COL L. Pfeiffer (Internal Security) - CFR

MG J. Pustay (Keesier AFB) - CFR

CAPT S. Ring (Naval Operations) - CFR

BG J. Seigle (Ft. Monroe) - CFR

LG D. Smith (Personnel) - CFR

COL P. Smith (Germany) - CFR

MG R.B. Solomon (Public Affairs) - CFR

COL W. Taylor (Prof. Military Academy) - CFR

RADM C. Tesh (Concepts & Strategies) - CFR

BG J. Thompson (Security OSD-ISA) - CFR

ADM S. Turner (C.I.A.) - CFR

BG W. Usher (USAF) - CFR

GEN S. Walker (S.E. Europe) - CFR

MG J. Welch (Studies & Analysis) - CFR

COL J. Wolcott (USAF) - CFR

COL R.G. Head (USAF) - CFR

VADM Thor Hanson (USN) - CFR

CAPT F. Klotz (USAF) - CFR

GEN E.C. Meyer (ARMY) - CFR

GEN J.A. Wickham, Jr. (ARMY) - CFR

("... an illegal, semi-secret political party ... that has won control over the Executive Branch."

Lawrence T. Patterson, speaking of the Trilateral Commission as reported in Honolulu Star Bulletin, April 14, 1978

"if TRILATERALS OVER WASHINGTON gives you an "uneasy" feeling, it is because you are, at least in part, a victim of planned programming by the nation's media")



Antony Sutton, Ph.D
The August Corporation
Box 4218
Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

"... the Trilateral Commission has taken over the United States executive branch. We have not been taken over by communists or Russians or Martians but by a group which wants to "revise" the Constitution ... but is without majority financial and economic ties to the United States." - Anthony Sutton, Ph.D.

"A straight forward and reasonable conclusion is that there has apparently been a covert fascist (national socialist) take over of the United States government." - Anthony Sutton, Ph.D.




The Illuminati

cfr logo

*Please note there are over 6 million Illumaniti members and this is  only a partial list based on what we have been able to find out. Also the majority of them are interlinked or members of the following Organizatons or Secret Societies:


CFR=Council on Foreign Relations

J=Jewish (very incomplete)

RS=Rhodes Scholar

S&B=Skull and Bones (Yale)

TC=Trilateral Commission


Name                                                       Particulars:

--------------                                              ---------------------

David L. Aaron                                         CFR 1996       

Charles Spencer. Abbot                          CFR 1996

Wilder K. Abbott                                       CFR

A. Robert Abboud                                    CFR 1996

Labeeb M. Abboud                                   CFR 1996       

James C. Abegglen                                  CFR 1996       

Rawi Abdelal                                             CFR

Elie Abel                                                    CFR 1996       

Philip Hauge Abelson                              CFR

Gina Kay Abercrombie-Winstanley        CFR

Robert John Abernethy                           CFR 1996

Mona Aboelnaga                                      CFR

Morris Berthod Abram                             CFR/RS         

Morton Isaac Abramowitz                       CFR            

Elliott Abrams                                          CFR 1996

David M. Abshire                                     CFR 1996       

Odeh Felix Aburdene                              CFR 1996       

Dean Gooderham Acheson                    BB/CFR         

Theodore C. Achilles                              BB/CFR         

Peter Ackerman                                      CFR 1996       

John F. Ackers                                        CFR            

Ray Adam                                                CFR            

Gordon M. Adams                                   CFR 1996       

Robert McCormick Adams                     CFR 1996       

Ruth Salzman Adams                             CFR            

Carol C. Adelman                                    CFR 1996       

Kenneth L. Adelman                               CFR 1996       

Allen R. Adler                                          CFR

Herbert Agar                                            CFR

William Agee                                            CFR            

Harold M. Agnew                                     CFR 1996

Robert F. Agostinelli                               CFR 1996        

Martin Agronsky                                      CFR 1996       

William Edward Aheam                           CFR

Kamal Ahmad                              CFR

Laura Ahn                                CFR

Woodrow Ahn                              CFR

C. Michael Aho                           CFR

Alfred L. Aiken                          CFR21          

Bernard M Aidinoff                       CFR

Nurith Aizenman                          CFR

Fouad Ajami                              CFR

Anthony B. Akers                         CFR            

John F. Akers                            CFR            

James Elmer Akins                        CFR

Alice Patterson Albright                 CFR

Rene Albrecht-Carrie                     CFR

Madeleine Korbel Albright                CFR/J          

Michael H. Alderman                      CFR

George H. Aldrich                        CFR

Winthrop Williams Aldrich                CFR            

Archibald S. Alexander                   CFR            

Henry C. Alexander                       CFR            

James Strange Alexander                  CFR21/S&B 1882 

Margo N. Alexander                       CFR

Robert J. Alexander                      CFR

Sarah Elizabeth Alexander                CFR

Roger P. Alford                          CFR

William P Alford                         CFR

Paul Arthur Allaire                      BB/CFR/TC      

F. Aley Allan                            CFR            

Joe L. Allbritton                        CFR            

Charles E. Allen                         CFR            

Charles Edward Allen II                  S&B 1958/CFR   

F. Aley Allen                            CFR            

Frederick Hobbes Allen                   CFR21         


Jodi T. Allen                            CFR            

Lew Allen Jr (Gen.)                      CFR

Philip E. Allen                          CFR

Raymond B. Allen                         CFR            

Richard V. Allen                         CFR

Robert E. Allen                          CFR/TC

James B. Alley                           CFR            

Graham Tillety Allison, Jr.              BB/CFR/TC      

Richard C. Allison                       CFR

Alexander W. Allport                     CFR

S. C. Allyn                              CFR            

Michael Almond                           CFR            

Alan N. Alpern                           CFR            

Jonathan Alter                           CFR

Karen J. Alter                           CFR

Jon B. Alterman                          CFR

Roger Altman                             CFR

William C. Altman                        CFR

Arthur Goodhart Altschul                 CFR

Frank Altschul                           CFR21          

David Altshuler                          CFR             

Donna Maria Alvarado                     CFR

Jose E. Alvarez                          CFR

Oakes Ames                               CFR

Hoyt Ammidon                             CFR

Robert Amory, Jr.                        CFR            

Deborah Susan Amos                       CFR

David A. Andelman                        CFR

Barbara Ann Anderson                     CFR

Craig B. Anderson                        CFR

Desaix, Anderson                         CFR

Dillon Anderson                          CFR

Edward G. Anderson, III                  CFR

George W. Anderson, Jr.                  CFR            

Harold W. Anderson                       CFR            

John Bayard Anderson                     CFR/TC         

Joseph A. Anderson                       CFR

Lisa Anderson                            CFR

Marcus A. Anderson (Gen.)                CFR

Paul F. Anderson                         CFR            

Robert Bruce Anderson                    CFR            

Robert Orville Anderson                  BB/CFR         

Roger E. Anderson                        CFR            

Dwayne Orville Andreas                   BB/CFR/TC      

Terry Andreas                            CFR

David R. Andrews                         CFR

John S. Andrews                          CFR

James Waterhouse Angell                  CFR            

Manual R. Angulo                         CFR            

Manuel R. Angulo                         CFR            

Norbert L. Anschuetz                     CFR            

M Michael Ansour                         CFR

Robert Anthoine                          CFR

John Duke Anthony                        CFR

David Pushel Apgar                       CFR            

Jerry Apodaca                            CFR

Mari Carmen Aponte                       CFR

Kwame Anthony Appiah                     CFR

David Ernest Apter                       CFR            

Rand Vincent Araskog                     CFR/TC         

Shellye L. Archambeau                    CFR

Tomas A. Arciniega                       CFR

Cresencio S. Arcos                       CFR

Roone Arledge                            CFR            

Michael Hayden Armacost                  BB/CFR/TC      

Norman Armour                            CFR            

Anne Legendre Armstrong                  CFR

C. Michael Armstrong                     CFR

DeWitt C. Armstrong III                  CFR            

Hamilton Fish Armstrong                  CFR21          

John A. Armstrong                        CFR            

Willis C. Armstrong                      CFR            

Gustavo Arnavat                          CFR

Henry H. Arnhold                         CFR

Millard W. Arnold                        CFR

Michael Aronson                          CFR

Fabiola R. Arredondo                     CFR

Adrienne Arsht                           CFR

Robert J. Art                            CFR

Alberta Arthurs                          CFR

Carole Artigiani                         CFR

Edwin Lewis Artzt                        CFR

Max Ascoli                               CFR            

Diego C. Asencio                         CFR

Robert E. Asher                          CFR

Sarah Scott Ashton                       CFR            

Ronald D. Asmus                          CFR

Les Aspin                                CFR

Vicki-Ann E. Assevero                    CFR

Harold Pratt Associates                  CFR

George E. Assousa                        CFR

Alfred Leroy Atherton Jr.                CFR

Bama Athreya                             CFR

Sidney Atman                             CFR

William Wallace Atterbury                CFR21

William Attwood                          CFR            

J. Brian Atwood                          CFR

M. Genevieve Atwood                      CFR            

Henry G. Aubrey                          CFR            

James E. Auer                            CFR

Stuart C. Auerbach                       CFR

Norman R. Augustine                      CFR

Bromwell Ault                            CFR            

Jesse Huntley Ausubel                    CFR

Josiah Lee Auspitz                       CFR

B. L. Austin                             CFR            

Paul Austin                              CFR            

Jesse H. Ausubel                         CFR

John F. Avedon                           CFR

John E. Avery                            CFR

Patrick G. Awuah, Jr.                    CFR

Robert M. Axelrod                        CFR

H. Brandt Ayers                          CFR

Khalid Azim                              CFR

Bruce E. Babbitt                         CFR/TC

Eileen F. Babbitt                        CFR

Harriet C. Babbitt                       CFR

C. Stanton Babcock                       CFR            

Jules S. Bache                           CFR21          

George Backer                            CFR            

Robert Low Bacon                         CFR21          

Kenneth H. Bacon                         CFR

John Carter Bacot                        CFR

John S. Badeau                           CFR            

William B. Bader                         CFR

Donald A. Baer                           CFR

M. Delal Baer                            CFR

Mario L. Baeza                           CFR            

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley                 CFR

Charles Waldo Bailey                     CFR

Leslie Elizabeth Bains                   CFR

Charles F. Baird                         CFR

Peter W. Baird                           CFR

Zoe Baird                                CFR            

Edgar R. Baker                           CFR            

George Barr Baker                        CFR21          

George P. Baker                          CFR            

Howard H. Baker, Jr.                     CFR            

James Edgar Baker                        CFR

James Addison Baker III                  CFR

John R. Baker                            CFR            

Nancy Kassebaum Baker                    CFR

Pauline H. Baker                         CFR

Ray Stannard Baker                       CFR21          

Stewart A. Baker  (NSA General Counsel)  CFR

Thurbert E. Baker                        CFR

Shaul Bakhash                            CFR

Peter Bakstansky                         CFR

Paul Balaran                             CFR

Malcolm Baldridge                        CFR

David A. Baldwin                         CFR

Hanson W. Baldwin                        CFR

Henry Furlong Baldwin                    CFR

Robert Edwear Baldwin                    CFR

Robert H. B. Baldwin                     CFR            

Sherman Baldwin                          CFR

Carter F. Bales                          CFR

Kenneth D. Balick                        CFR

Gerald L. Baliles                        CFR

David George Ball                        S&B 1960/CFR

George Wildman Ball                      BB/CFR         

George T. Ballou                         CFR            

David Baltimore                          CFR

Harding F. Bancroft                      CFR            

Laurence Merrill Band                    CFR            

Donald K. Bandler                        CFR

Louis L. Banks                           CFR

Mira Radielovic                          CFR

Benjamin R. Barber                       CFR

Charles F. Barber                        CFR

James Alden Barber, Jr.                  CFR

Joseph Barber                            CFR            

Perry O. Barber, Jr.                     CFR            

James W. Barco                           CFR            

William G. Bardel                        CFR

Teresa C. Barger                         CFR

Thomas C. Barger                         CFR

Frederick C. Barghoorn                   CFR            

Joel D. Barkan                           CFR            

James M. Barker                          CFR            

John P Barker                            CFR

Robert R. Barker                         CFR            

Henri J. Barkey                          CFR

Solomon Barkin                           CFR

Erica Jean Barks-Ruggles                 CFR

William E. Barlow                        CFR

William J. Barnds                        CFR            

Joseph Fels Barnes                       CFR            

Harry G. Barnes Jr.                      CFR

Julius H. Barnes                         CFR21 (A51)

Michael D. Barnes  (D-Md)                CFR

Richard J. Barnet                        CFR

A. Doak Barnett                          CFR            

Edward W. Barnett                        CFR            

Frank R. Barnett                         CFR            

Robert W. Barnett                        CFR             

Vicent M. Barnett, Jr.                   CFR            

F. William Barnett                       CFR

Michael S. Barr                          CFR

Robert I. Barr                           CFR21

Thomas D. Barr                           CFR

Harry P. Barrand, Jr.                    CFR            

Barbara McConnell Barrett                CFR

Edward W. Barrett                        CFR            

John Adams Barrett                       CFR

Nancy Smith Barrett                      CFR

Leland Barrows                           CFR            

John L. Barry                            CFR

Lisa B. Barry                            CFR

Thomas Corcoran Barry                    CFR

Jill Barshay                             CFR

Charlene Barshefsky                      CFR

Reginald Bartholomew                     CFR

Joseph W. Bartlett                       CFR

Thomas A. Bartlett                       CFR            

Timothy J. Bartlett                      CFR

Robert Leroy Bartley                     BB/CFR/TC

David A. Bartsch                         CFR

Jacques Barzun                           CFR

Albert C. Bashawaty                      CFR            

John T. Basek                            CFR

Jeremy B. Bash                           CFR

Adrian Anthony Basora                    CFR

James Edward Bass                        S&B 1982/CFR   

Peter E. Bass                            CFR

Robert P. Bass, Jr.                      CFR            

Warren Bass                              CFR

Francis Keith Bassolino                  CFR

Whitman Bassow                           CFR

Philip Bastedo                           CFR            

William H. Bateman                       CFR            

Marston Bates                            CFR            

Dana T. Batholomew                       CFR            

Allan R. Batkin                          CFR            

Francis M. Bator                         CFR            

Peter A. Bator                           CFR            

Charles Battaglia                        CFR

Lucius D. Battle                         CFR            

Joanne R. Bauer                          CFR            

Carol Edler Baumann                      CFR

Roger R. Bauman                          CFR            

William H. Baumer                        CFR            

James P. Baxter III                      CFR

Randolph. Baxter                         CFR

Richard R. Baxter                        CFR            

Birch E. Bayh, Jr.                       CFR            

Edward Ashley Bayne                      CFR            

Gerald F. Beal                           CFR            

Jacob D. Beam                            CFR            

Atherton Bean                            CFR            

Frank D. Bean                            CFR

Ronald S. Beard                          CFR

Richard I. Beattie                       CFR

Amos L. Beaty                            CFR21

Hans W. Becherer                         CFR            

Perry S. Bechky                          CFR

Stephen Davison Bechtel, Jr.             CFR

Steven Davison Bechtel                   CFR            

Loftus E. Becker                         CFR            

Benjamin H. Beckhart                     CFR            

David Z. Beckler                         CFR             

Pierre Bedard                            CFR            

Gregory R. Bedrosian                     CFR

Frederick Sessions Beebe                 BB/CFR

Richard E. Beeman                        CFR

Samuel H. Beer                           CFR            

Louis Begley                             CFR

Jack N. Behrman                          CFR            

Thomas C. Beierle                        CFR

David O. Beim                            CFR

Nicholas F. Beim                         CFR

William S. Beinecke                      CFR            

Ruth Margolies Beitler                   CFR

Robert A. Belfer                         CFR

Burwell B. Bell                          CFR            

Daniel W. Bell                           CFR            

David Elliot Bell                        BB/CFR

Elliott Vance Bell                       BB/CFR         

Gordon P. Bell                           CFR

Holley Mack Bell                         CFR            

J. Bowyer Bell                           CFR

Joseph C. Bell                           CFR

Peter Dexter Bell                        CFR

Robert G. Bell                           CFR

Ruth Greenspan Bell                      CFR

Stephen E. Bell                          CFR

Thomas D. Bell                           CFR

Carol Bellamy                            CFR

John B. Bellinger III                    CFR

Judith Hippler Bello                     CFR

Stephanie K. Bell-Rose                   CFR

Terence H. Benbow                        CFR

Matthew J .V. Bencke                     CFR

Harry J. Benda                           CFR

Gerald J. Bender                         CFR

Bertha Benedict                          CFR            

Kennette M. Benedict                     CFR

Esther T. Benjamin                       CFR

Robert S. Benjamin                       CFR

Robert H. Benmosche                      CFR

Douglas J. Bennet Jr.                    CFR

Andrew Bennett                           CFR            

Christina Anne Bennett                   CFR

Donald V. Bennett                        CFR

Jack F. Bennett                          CFR            

John C. Bennett                          CFR            

Martin Toscan Bennett                    CFR            

Susan J. Bennett                         CFR

Nora J. Bensahel                         CFR

Janet Benshoof                           CFR

Lucy Peters Wilson Benson                CFR/TL

William B. Benton                        CFR            

Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr.                    BB/CFR         

Tristan E. Beplat                        CFR            

Bernard R. Berelson                      CFR            

Douglas K. Bereuter                      CFR

Margaret Bergen                          CFR

Peter Bergen                             CFR

Joshua A. Berger                         CFR

Marilyn Berger                           CFR

Morroe Berger                            CFR            

Peter Lampert Berger                     CFR

Samuel Richard ("Sandy") Berger          BB/CFR/J

Suzanne Berger                           CFR            

Abram Bergson                            CFR            

C. Fred Bergsten                         BB/CFR/TC      

Helle Bering                             CFR

L. V. Berkner                            CFR

Bruce D. Berkowitz                       CFR            

Pamela B. Berkowsky                      CFR

Adolf A. Berle, Jr.                      CFR

Adolf Augustus Berle                     CFR            

Howard L. Berman (D-Ca)                  CFR

Jonathan Berman                          CFR

Kenneth W. Bernard                       CFR

John E. Berndt                           CFR

David S. Bernstein                       CFR

Edward M. Bernstein                      CFR

Peter W. Bernstein                       CFR

Robert L. Bernstein                      CFR

Tom A. Bernstein                         CFR

John G. Berquist                         CFR21          

Susan Vail Berresford                    CFR/TC

Scott D. Berrie                          CFR

Jan Carol Berris                         CFR

Sidney B. Berry                          CFR            

Alan D. Bersin                           CFR

Edward M. Berstein                       CFR

Robert L. Berstein                       CFR            

Samuel Reading Bertron                   CFR21/S&B 1885 

Gary K. Bertsch                          CFR

Peter Justus Beshar                      CFR            

Simon Michael Bessie                     CFR            

William A. Best III                      CFR

Theodore C. Bestor                       CFR

Robert M. Bestani                        CFR            

Richard K. Betts                         CFR

Thomas J. Betts                          CFR            

Austin M. Beutner                        CFR            

Herman W. Bevis                          CFR            

Jeffrey Bewkes                           CFR            

John C. Beyer                            CFR

Kian Beyzavi                             CFR

Raj Bhala                                CFR

Seweryn Bialer                           CFR

Kenneth J. Bialkin                       CFR

Jeffrey P. Bialos                        CFR

Nicole M. Bibbins                        CFR

Jewelle Bickford                         CFR

Barbara Bicksler                         CFR

George C. Biddle                         CFR

Stephen E. Biegun                        CFR

Eric R. Biel                             CFR

Betsy Biemann                            CFR

Henry S. Bienen                          CFR            

Abraham L. Bienstock                     CFR            

John C. Bierley                          CFR

David J. Biggs                           CFR

John H. Biggs                            CFR

Peter I. Bijur                           CFR

Richard B. Bilder                        CFR

James H. Billington                      CFR            

James D. Bindenagel                      CFR

James Henry Binger                       CFR

Jonathan Brewster Bingham                CFR/S&B 1936   

Nicholas Burns Binkley                   CFR

Hans Binnendijk                          CFR

Nancy Birdsall                           CFR

Roger E. Birk                            CFR            

John P. Birkelund                        CFR            

David E. Birenbaum                       CFR

John P. Birkelund                        CFR

Eugene A. Birnbaum                       CFR            

Sanford D. Bishop, Jr.                   CFR            

Richard M. Bissell, Jr.                  CFR            

Eric C. Bjornlund                        CFR

Cyril E. Black                           CFR            

Edwin F. Black                           CFR            

Eugene Robert Black                      BB/CFR         

Joseph E. Black                          CFR  (A51) JB          

Peter Black                              CFR            

Shirley Temple Black                     CFR

Stanley Warren Black                     CFR

William Blackie                          CFR            

Coit Dennis Blacker                      CFR

Donald L. M. Blackmer                    CFR            

J. Kenneth Blackwell                     CFR

James A Blackwell Jr.                    CFR

Robert D. Blackwill                      CFR

Norman P. Blake                          CFR            

Robert O. Blake                          CFR            

Charles P. Blahous III                   CFR

Robert Orris Blake                       CFR

Stephen Blank                            CFR

Andrew Blauvelt                          CFR            

Barry M. Blechman                        CFR

Edward Bleier                            CFR

Robert Jay Blendon                       CFR

Alan Stuart Blinder                      CFR

Alan John Blinken                        CFR

Donald M. Blinken                        CFR

C. I. Bliss                              CFR            

Bruce Bliven                             CFR21          

Julia Chang Bloch                        CFR

Evan Todd Bloom                          CFR

Michael R. Bloomberg                     CFR

Lincoln P. Bloomfield                    CFR

Richard Joseph Bloomfield                CFR

Kathy Finn Bloomgarden                   CFR

Roger M. Blough                          CFR

Roy Blough                               CFR            

John A. Blum                             CFR             

Richard C. Blum                          CFR

George Blumenthal                        CFR21

Richard Blumenthal                       CFR            

Sidney S. Blumenthal                     CFR

Werner Michael Blumenthal                CFR/TC J

Alexander Bernet Blumrosen               CFR

Harry Boardman                           CFR

Daniel E. Bob                            CFR

Philip Chase Bobbitt                     CFR

Louis Boccardi                           CFR            

Ken A. Bode                              CFR

Andy Sorin Bodea                         CFR

William C. Bodie                         CFR

Nancy Bodurtha                           CFR            

Paul H. Boeker                           CFR

Harold Boeschenstein                     CFR            

William W. Boeschenstein                 CFR            

Carroll R. Bogert                        CFR

Norbert A. Bogdan                        CFR            

Michael D. Boggs                         CFR

Frederick M. Bohen                       CFR            

Charles E. Bohlen                        CFR            

Mrs. Avis T. Bohlen                      CFR            

John Augustus Bohn                       CFR

Landrum R. Bolling                       CFR            

Martin J. Bollinger                      CFR

Charles Bolte                            CFR            

Joshua B. Bolten                         CFR            


John R. Bolton                           CFR

William P. Bonbright                     CFR21

George Clement Bond                      CFR

Jean Carey Bond                          CFR

Robert D. Bond                           CFR

Andrea Bonime-Blanc                      CFR

C. H. Bonesteel III                      CFR            

Dennis J. Bonney                         CFR

Dudley B. Bonsal                         CFR            

Philip W. Bonsal                         CFR            

Salih Booker                             CFR

John F. Bookout                          CFR

Howard L. Boorman                        CFR

Max Boot                                 CFR

Carter Booth                             CFR

Albert C. Boothby                        CFR

Arnaud De Borchgrave                     CFR

David Lyle Boren (D-Ok)                  CFR/S&B

Christopher J. Borgen                    CFR

Ellen Bork                               CFR

Hugh Borton                              CFR            

Rudy Boschwitz (R-Mn)                    CFR

Meena Bose                               CFR

Philip A. Bossert Jr.                    CFR

Alfred C. Bossom                         CFR21          

Stephen W. Bosworth                      CFR

John C. Botts                            CFR

Peter N. Bouckaert                       CFR

Jo Ivey Boufford                         CFR

Antonina W. Bouis                        CFR

Marshall M. Bouton                       CFR

Denis A. Bovin                           CFR

Vincent E. Bowen III                     CFR

William Gordon Bowen                     CFR

Joseph Lyon Bower                        CFR

John C. Bowers                           CFR            

John Z. Bowers                           CFR            

Robert Richardson Bowie                  BB/CFR/TC      

Chester ("Chet") Bliss Bowles            CFR            

Erskine B. Bowles                        CFR

Frank Bowles                             CFR

Frank Lee Bowman                         CFR            

Isaiah Bowman                            CFR21          

Richard C. Bowman                        CFR

Charles G. Boyd                          CFR

Hugh N. Boyd                             CFR            

William M. Boyd II                       CFR            

Delia M. Boylan                          CFR

Paul Bracken                             CFR

Richard S. Braddock                      CFR            

John Brademas                            BB/CFR/RS/TC

Spruille Braden                          CFR            

Thomas W. Braden                         CFR            

Richard Bradfield                        CFR            

Amory Howe Bradford                      CFR/S&B 1934   

Zeb B. Bradford                          CFR

Edward R. Bradley                        CFR

Tom Bradley                              CFR/TC

William ("Bill") Bradley                 CFR/RS         

William L. Bradley                       CFR            

Sonnefeldt Bradshaw                      CFR            

Thorton F. Bradshaw                      CFR/CR         

Jacqueline V. Brady                      CFR

Linda Parrish Brady                      CFR

Nicholas Frederick Brady                 BB/CFR         

William Gage Brady, Jr.                  CFR            

Rose Brady                               CFR

Lawrence J. Brainard                     CFR

S. Lael Brainard                         CFR

Paul J. Braisted                         CFR

David A. Bramlett                        CFR

W. F. Bramstedt                          CFR            

Daniel H. Branch                         CFR

Lewis M. Branscomb                       CFR

William H. Branson                       CFR            

Marcus W. Brauchli                       CFR

David Braunschvig                        CFR

Carter M. Braxton                        CFR            

Aurelia E. Brazeal                       CFR

Henry C. Breck                           CFR

Henry Reynolds Breck                     CFR            

Henry Eltinge Breed                      CFR

Eric M. Breindel                         CFR

L. Paul Bremer III                       CFR

Donald G. Brennan                        CFR            

Charles H. Brent                         CFR21          

George W. Breslauer                      CFR

John J. Bresnan                          CFR

Albert Breton                            CFR21

Gretchen Wilson Brevnov                  CFR

John D. Brewer                           CFR

Kingman Brewster, Jr.                    BB/CFR         

Steve G. Breyer                          CFR            

Norman Bridge                            CFR21

Everett Ellis Briggs                     CFR

Andrew Felton Brimmer                    CFR            

Esther Diane Brimmer                     CFR            

Charles M. Brinckerhoff                  CFR            

David Brinkley                           CFR            

Douglas G. Brinkley                      CFR

George A. Brinkley                       CFR            

Crane Brinton                            CFR            

William M. Bristol                       CFR            

David V.B. Britt                         CFR            

Alfred Brittain III                      CFR            

Raymond L. Brittenham                    CFR            

Robin Broad                              CFR

Harry G. Broadman                        CFR

Mitchell Brock                           CFR             

Steven V. Brock                          CFR

William E. Brock III                     CFR/TC

Frederick C. Broda                       CFR

Christopher W. Brody                     CFR            

Kenneth D. Brody                         CFR             

Elana Broitman                           CFR

Thomas John ("Tom") Brokaw               CFR

Randolph W. Bromery                      CFR

D. Allen Bromley                         CFR            

Edgar Miles Bronfman                     CFR

Detlev Wulf Bronk                        CFR            

Rachel Bronson                           CFR

Arthur Bronwell                          CFR

Edward W. Brooke                         BB/CFR         

Richard Brookhiser                       CFR            

Carol L. Brookins                        CFR

Harvey Brooks                            CFR            

John W. Brooks                           CFR            

Karen B. Brooks                          CFR

Melvin Brorby                            CFR

John A. Bross                            CFR            

Charles N. Brower                        CFR            

Alice L. Brown                           CFR

Brian A. Brown                           CFR

Carroll Michael Brown                    CFR

Courtney C. Brown                        CFR

Cynthia Brown                            CFR

Elmer E. Brown                           CFR21          

Francis Brown                            CFR            

Frederic J. Brown                        CFR

Gwendolyn A. Brown                       CFR

Harold Brown                             CFR/TC J       

Harrison Scott Brown                     CFR            

Irving Brown                             BB/CFR         

John Mason Brown                         CFR            

Kathleen Brown                           CFR

L. Carl Brown                            CFR

Lester R. Brown                          CFR            

Michael Arrington Brown                  CFR

Michael E. Brown                         CFR

Philip Marshall Brown                    CFR21

Phoebe W. Brown                          CFR

Richard P. Brown Jr.                     CFR

Sevellon Brown                           CFR

Seyom Brown                              CFR            

Tobias Josef Brown                       CFR

Walter Lyman Brown                       CFR            

William O. Brown                         CFR            

Robert S. Browne                         CFR

George A. Brownell                       CFR            

Lincoln C. Brownell                      CFR            

David S. Browning                        CFR

David K. E. Bruce                        BB/CFR

James Bruce                              CFR            

Judith Bruce                             CFR

Melissa L. S. Bruemmer                   CFR

Russell J. Bruemmer                      CFR

Percival F. Brundage                     CFR            

Gro Harlem Bruntland                     CFR            

Henry J. Bruton                          CFR            

Greyson L. Bryan                         CFR

Michael E. Bryant                        CFR

Ralph C. Bryant                          CFR

John E. Bryson                           CFR            

Ian J. Brzezinski                        CFR

Mark F. Brzezinski                       CFR

Zbigniew Brzezinski                      BB/CFR/TC

Paul W. Bucha                            CFR            

Mark E. Buchman                          CFR

William Frank Buckley, Jr.               BB/S&B 1950/CFR

J. Fred Bucy                             CFR

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita                  CFR

Thomas Buergenthal                       CFR

William B. Buffum                        CFR            

Arthur Bullard                           CFR21          

George Bugliarello                       CFR

John C. Bullitt                          CFR            

Hugh Bullock                             CFR            

Mary Brown Bullock                       CFR

Ralph Johnson Bunche                     CFR            

McGeorge Bundy                           BB/CFR/S&B 1940

William Putman Bundy                     S&B 1939/CFR/B 

Ellsworth Bunker                         CFR            

C. Sterling Bunnell                      CFR            

John R. Bunting, Jr.                     CFR            

Josiah Bunting                           CFR            

Jeffrey H. Bunzel                        CFR            

Deborah K. Burand                        CFR

David A. Burchinal                       CFR            

William A. Burck                         CFR

William Burden                           CFR

William Armestead Moale Burden           CFR            

Carter L. Burgess                        CFR            

Geoffrey P. Burgess                      CFR

John A. Burgess                          CFR

W. Randolph Burgess                      BB/CFR         

James Eugene Burke III                   CFR/S&B 1975/TC

Holly J. Burkhalter                      CFR

Frederick Burkhardt                      CFR            

Edward L. Burlingame                     CFR

Christopher J. Burn                      CFR

John G. Burnett                          CFR

Arthur F. Burns                          CFR/J          

James MacGregor Burns                    CFR            

Patrick Owen Burns                       CFR            

R. Nicholas Burns                        CFR

William F. Burns  (Gen.)                 CFR

William J. Burns  (State Dept.)          CFR

Richard Burt                             CFR            

Daniel Farrell Burton Jr.                CFR

Rodgers Christopher Busbee               CFR

Donald F. Bush                           CFR

George Herbert Walker Bush(Fmr. Pres)            

George W. Bush                           CFR                                             

CFR/S&B 1948/TC

Rolland H. Bushner                       CFR            

Donald S. Bussey                         CFR            

John Bussey                              CFR

George L. Bustin                         CFR            

James Busuttil                           CFR             

Willard C. Butcher                       CFR            

George Lee Butler (Gen.)                 CFR

William Joseph Butler                    CFR

Samuel C. Butler                         CFR            

William F. Butler                        CFR            

Benjamin J. Buttenwieser                 CFR/J          

W. Walton Butterworth                    CFR            

William Butterworth                      CFR21          

Richard M. Buxbaum                       CFR

Gail Buyske                              CFR

James MacGregor Byrne                    CFR21          

Patrick M. Byrne                         CFR            

Robert F. Byrnes                         CFR            

Henry A. Byroade                         CFR             

Fletcher L. Byrom                        CFR/CR         

Richard A. Cabell                        CFR            

Elizabeth Cabot                          CFR            

John M. Cabot                            CFR            

Louis Wellington Cabot                   BB/CFR         

Thomas Dudley Cabot                      CFR            

Jose A. Cabranes                         CFR

Diane Alleva Caceres                     CFR

Camille M. Caesar                        CFR

Jane Cahill                              CFR            

Kevin M. Cahill                          CFR

Anne Hessing Cahn                        CFR

Frank V. Cahouet                         CFR            

Charles Cain, Jr.                        CFR            

Kenneth L. Cain                          CFR

Dawn T. Calabia                          CFR

Massimo Calabresi                        CFR

Alexander Calder,Jr.                     CFR

Kent Eyring Calder                       CFR

Dan Caldwell                             CFR

Philip Caldwell                          CFR

Robert G. Caldwell                       CFR            

Robert J. Caldwell                       CFR21          

Alexander D. Calhoun                     CFR            

Michael J. Calhoun                       CFR            

Joseph A. Califano Jr.                   CFR

Daniel Calingaert                        CFR

Hugh Calkins                             CFR            

Thomas M. Callaghy                       CFR            

David L. Callahan                        CFR

Robert J. Callander                      CFR            

Michael A. Callen                        CFR            

David Patrick Calleo                     CFR

D. Wayne Calloway                        CFR

Kevin Callwood                           CFR            

Hugh D. Camp                             CFR            

Carolyn Margaret Campbell                CFR

Colin Goetze Campbell                    CFR

F. Gregory Campbell                      CFR

H. Donald Campbell                       CFR

John C. Campbell                         CFR            

Kurt M. Campbell                         CFR

Thomas J. Campbell                       CFR            

W. Glenn Campbell                        CFR

William Campbell                         CFR

Christopher Canavan                      CFR

Cass Canfield                            CFR            

Franklin O. Canfield                     CFR            

James M. Cannon                          CFR            

Jonathan Capehart                        CFR

Juan C. Cappello                         CFR

David A. Caputo                          CFR

Lisa M. Caputo                           CFR

Paul W. Caraway                          CFR            

Nestor T. Carbonell                      CFR             

Andrew G. Carey                          CFR            

Hugh L. Carey                            CFR

John L. Carey                            CFR

Sarah C. Carey                           CFR

William Daniel Carey                     CFR

William F. Carey                         CFR21          

Manuel Luis Carlos                       CFR

Scott Alexander Carlson                  CFR

Steven E. Carlson                        CFR

Frank Charles Carlucci III               CFR/TC

William D. Carmichael                    CFR            

Albert Carnesale                         CFR

Thomas Carothers                         CFR

Paolo G. Carozza                         CFR

W. Samuel Carpenter III                  CFR            

Ted Galen Carpenter                      CFR

John W. Carr                             CFR

Marion M. Dawson Carr                    CFR

Walter C. Carrington                     CFR

Richard L. Carrion-rexach                CFR

J. Speed Carroll                         CFR

Mitchell B. Carroll                      CFR            

Reba Anne Carruth                        CFR            

Charles William Carson, Jr.              CFR

Ralph M. Carson                          CFR            

Robert Carswell                          CFR

Ashton B. Carter                         CFR

Barry Edward Carter                      CFR

George E. Carter                         CFR

Hodding Carter III                       CFR

James Earl Carter, Jr. (Pres.)           CFR/TC

James H. Carter                          CFR

Mark Andrew Carter                       CFR

Marshall Nichols Carter                  CFR

Theodore N. Carter                       CFR            

William D. Carter                        CFR            

John B. Cary                             CFR             

William L. Cary                          CFR            

Clifford Philip Case                     BB/CFR         

Everett N. Case                          CFR            

John C. Case                             CFR            

Gerhard Casper                           CFR

Eileen E. Cassidy                        CFR

Walter S. Catlow                         CFR

Douglass Cater                           CFR

John M. Cates, Jr.                       CFR            

Elliot R. Cattarulla                     CFR

Jean Cattier                             CFR            

Henry E. Catto Jr.                       CFR

Frank J. Caufield                        CFR

Matthew P. Caulfield                     CFR

Richard Edward Cavanagh                  CFR

Carey Cavanaugh                          CFR

Ray Charles Cave                         CFR

Arthur Karl Cebrowski                    CFR

Gina Celcis-Concepcion                   CFR

Richard ("Dick") F. Celeste              CFR/RS

Paul G. Cerjan                           CFR

Victor D. Cha                            CFR

James C. Chace                           BB/CFR

Thomas L. Chadbourne                     CFR21

William M. Chadbourne                    CFR21          

John H. Chafee (R-Ri)                    CFR/TC

Maya Chadda                              CFR

John T. Chain, Jr.                       CFR

Herschelle S. Challenor                  CFR

Joseph P. Chamberlain                    CFR21

Anne Cox Chambers                        CFR

Walid Georges Chamoun                    CFR

George Champion                          CFR

Gerald L. Chan                           CFR

Ronnie C. Chan                           CFR

John Chancellor                          CFR

David C. Chang                           CFR

Gareth C. C. Chang                       CFR

Joyce Chang                              CFR

Juju Chang                               CFR

Clifford Chanin                          CFR

Jonathan A. Chanis                       CFR            

Elaine L. Chao                           CFR

Victor Tzu-Ping Chao                     CFR

John F. Chapman                          CFR            

Margaret Holt Chapman                    CFR

Cory Charles                             CFR

Robert Bruce Charles                     CFR

Jonathan Isa Charney                     CFR

Robert Alan Charpie                      CFR

Robert Chartener                         CFR

Anthony R. Chase                         CFR

W. Howard Chase                          CFR

Purnendu Chatterjee                      CFR

Robert J. Chaves                         CFR

Linda Chavez (Reagan Aide)               CFR

Ricardo Chavira                          CFR

Abram J. Chayes                          CFR

Antonia Handler Chayes                   CFR

Terrence J. Checki                       CFR

Daniel S. Cheever                        CFR

Kimball C. Chen                          CFR

Kenneth I. Chenault                      CFR

Elizabeth L. Cheney                      CFR

Richard B. Cheney                        CFR

Stephen A. Cheney                        CFR

Leo Cherne                               CFR

Purnendu Chatterjee                      CFR            

Terence J. Checki                        CFR            

Daniel S. Cheever                        CFR             

Richard B. Cheney                        CFR/TC         

Stephen A. Cheney                        CFR            

Kyra Cheremeteff                         CFR            

Saj Cherian                              CFR

Ben M. Cherrington                       CFR

Pedro P. Cherry                          CFR

A. Lawrence Chickering                   CFR

Richard T. Childress                     CFR            

Marquis Childs                           CFR            

George Hastings Chittenden               CFR/S&B 1939   

Audrey Choi                              CFR

Stephen J. Choi                          CFR

Peter Charles Choharis                   CFR

Derek H. Chollet                         CFR

Paula H. J. Cholmondeley                 CFR

Marjorie Ann Chorlins                    CFR

Nazli Choucri                            CFR

Jack C. Chow                             CFR

John F. Christiansen                     CFR

Patricia Hewitt Christensen              CFR            

Thomas J. Christensen                    CFR            

Geryld Bradley Christianson              CFR

Ronald Irvin Christie                    CFR

Daniel William Christman                 CFR

Walter L. Christman                      CFR

Robert Christopher                       CFR             

Warren Christopher                       CFR            

Buntzie Ellis Churchill                  CFR

Hendon Chubb II                          CFR            

Percy Chubb II                           CFR            

Edgar M. Church                          CFR            

Frank Church                             CFR

Frank Cilluffo                           CFR

Jeffrey L. Cimbalo                       CFR

Joseph Cirincione                        CFR

Walker L. Cisler                         CFR

Henry G. Cisneros                        CFR/TC         

Marc A. Cisneros                         CFR

Priscilla A. Clapp                       CFR

Richard H. Clarida                       CFR

Dick Clark (D-Ia)                        CFR

Donald C. Clarke                         CFR

Howard Longstreth Clark                  CFR

J. H. Cullum Clark                       CFR

Mark Edmond Clark                        CFR

Noreen M. Clark                          CFR

Ralph L. Clark                           CFR             

Susan Lesley Clark                       CFR

Wesley Kanne Clark (Gen.)                CFR

William Clark, Jr.                       CFR            

Donald C. Clarke                         CFR

Jack G. Clarke, Sr.                      CFR

Lewis L. Clarke                          CFR21          

Lawrence William Clarkson                CFR

Lucius D. Clay                           CFR

Steven C. Clemons                        CFR

Teresa H. Clarke                         CFR

Peter A. Clement                         CFR

John L. Clendenin                        CFR

Harlan B. Cleveland                      BB/CFR/RS      

Harold Van B. Cleveland                  BB/CFR         

Peter Matthews Cleveland                 CFR

Donald K. Clifford Jr.                   CFR

Everett R. Clinchy                       CFR

William R. Cline                         CFR

William F. Clinger Jr. (R-Pa)            CFR

William Jefferson Clinton (Pres.)        BB/CFR/RS/TC

Patricia M. Cloherty                     CFR

Edward T. Cloonan                        CFR            

Stanley Wills Cloud                      CFR

Ernest T. Clough                         CFR            

Michael Clough                           CFR            

John H. Coatsworth                       CFR

Charles E. Cobb Jr.                      CFR

Paul Whit Cobb Jr.                       CFR

Tyrus W. Cobb                            CFR

Barbara S. Cochran                       CFR

Molly M. Cochran                         CFR

C. Shelby Coffey                         CFR

Joseph Irving Coffey                     CFR            

Charles Albert Coffin                    CFR21          

Edmund Coffin                            CFR            

Vance Coffman                            CFR

Abby Joseph Cohen                        CFR

Ariel Cohen                              CFR

Benjamin J. Cohen                        CFR

Benjamin V. Cohen                        CFR            

Betsy H. Cohen                           CFR            

Eliot A. Cohen                           CFR

Herman Jay Cohen                         CFR

Jerome Alan Cohen                        CFR

Joel E. Cohen                            CFR

Jerome B. Cohen                          CFR            

Patricia Cohen                           CFR            

Richard M. Cohen                         CFR

Roberta Jane Cohen (State Dept.)         CFR

Stephen Bruce Cohen  (State Dept.)       CFR

Stephen Frand Cohen                      CFR

Stephen S. Cohen                         CFR

Evelyn Speyer Colbert                    CFR

William Sebastian Cohen                  CFR/TC

Elizabeth L. Colagiuri                   CFR

Jonathan E. Colby                        CFR            

Charles W. Cole                          CFR            

Johnnetta B. Cole                        CFR

Samuel A. Cole                           CFR

Thomas Winston Jr. Cole                  CFR

Isobel Coleman                           CFR

Lewis W. Coleman                         CFR            

William T. Coleman Jr.                   CFR

William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr.            CFR/TC         

Isobel Coles                             CFR            

James S. Coles                           CFR            

Julius E. Coles                          CFR

Alberto R. Coll                          CFR

Emilio G. Collado                        CFR            

F. R. Collbohm                           CFR            

David E. Collier                         CFR

L. V. Collings                           CFR            

Joseph J. Collins                        CFR

Charles C. Collingwood                   CFR/RS         

Manetta Tree Collingwood                 CFR            

Mark M. Collins Jr.                      CFR

Kent G. Colwell                          CFR            

Richard E. Combs Jr.                     CFR

Philip E. Comstock Jr.                   CFR

James B. Conant                          CFR            

Melvin Conant                            CFR            

Sydney M. Cone III                       CFR             

Richard P. Conlon                        CFR            

James L. Connaughton                     CFR            

Leila Anne Conners Petersen              CFR

Gerald E. Connolly                       CFR

John T. Connor                           CFR             

Bryan Conrad                             CFR            

Jill M. Considine                        CFR

John J. Considine                        CFR            

Pamela Constable                         CFR

Jill Conway                              CFR

Donald C. Cook                           BB/CFR         

Frances D. Cook                          CFR

Gary M. Cook                             CFR

Gretchen R. Cook                         CFR

Gretchen Rachelle Cook-Anderson          CFR

Goodwin Cooke                            CFR

Howard A. Cook                           CFR

John F. Cooke                            CFR

Frank Coolbaugh                          CFR            

Archibald Cary Coolidge                  CFR21          

Nicholas J. Coolidge                     CFR            

George William Coombe Jr.                CFR

Charles A. Coombs                        CFR            

Philip H. Coombs                         CFR            

Jane Abell Coon                          CFR

Joan Ganz Cooney                         CFR            

Charles A. Cooper                        CFR

Chester L. Cooper                        CFR

Franklin S. Cooper                       CFR            

James H. S. Cooper                       CFR

John Milton Cooper                       CFR

John Sherman Cooper                      S&B 1923/CFR   

Kathleen B. Cooper                       CFR

Kerry Cooper                             CFR

Rebecca J. Cooper                        CFR

Richard Newell Cooper                    BB/CFR/TC      

Lammont du Pont Copeland                 BB/CFR         

Kathleen A. Corbet                       CFR

Anthony H. Cordesman                     CFR

Andrew Wellington Cordier                BB/CFR         

Wayne A. Cornelius Jr.                   CFR

Henry Cornell                            CFR

E. Gerald Corrigan                       BB/CFR/TC

Dale R. Corson                           CFR            

G. A. Costanzo                           CFR            

William A. Costello                      CFR            

Suzanne Cott                             CFR

William R. Cotter                        CFR

Charles E. Cotting                       CFR            

Joseph P. Cotton                         CFR21          

Frederic R. Coudert                      CFR21          

Tom B. Coughran                          CFR            

William H. Courtney                      CFR

Elizabeth M. Cousens                     CFR

Norman Cousins                           CFR/WF         

Jock Covey                               CFR

Sally Grooms Cowal                       CFR

Geoffrey Cowan                           CFR

L. Gray Cowan                            CFR

Louis Gray Cowan                         CFR

Peter F. Cowhey                          CFR

Gardner Cowles                           BB/CFR         

John Cowles                              CFR            

John Cowles, Jr.                         CFR            

Edward Finch Cox                         CFR

Howard E. Cox Jr.                        CFR

Robert G. Cox                            CFR

Robert W. Cox                            CFR            

Margaret E. Crahan                       CFR

Winthrop Murray Crane III                CFR            

Lorne W. Craner                          CFR

Paul D. Cravath                          CFR21          

John F. Crawford                         CFR            

Marion V. Creekmore Jr.                  CFR

Dana S. Creel                            CFR            

Roger W. Cressey Jr.                     CFR

Kyle Crichton                            CFR

George Crile III                         CFR

Ann Crittenden                           CFR

Bathsheba N. Crocker                     CFR

Chester A. Crocker                       CFR

Adelaide McGuinn Cromwell                CFR

Devon G. Cross                           BB/CFR

James E. Cross                           CFR            

June V. Cross                            CFR

Sam Y. Cross                             CFR            

Theodore Cross                           CFR

Barbara Crossette                        CFR

Homer D. Crotty                          CFR            

Trammell Crow                            CFR            

Philip K. Crowe                          CFR            

William J. Crowe, Jr.                    CFR/TC         

Lester Crown                             CFR

Daniel Lester Cruise                     CFR

Lester M. Crystal                        CFR/TC

Lee Cullum                               CFR            

John C. Culver  (D-Ia)                   CFR

Robert L. Cummings                       CFR            

Donald Cuneo                             CFR

James B. Cunningham                      CFR

Nelson W. Cunningham                     CFR

Walter J. P. Curley Jr.                  CFR

Kerry Kennedy Cuomo                      CFR

Mario M. Cuomo                           CFR

Flavio Curnpiano                         CFR

Jean A. Curran, Jr.                      CFR

Robert Theodore Curran                   CFR

Charles B. Curtis                        CFR            

Edward P. Curtis                         CFR            

Gerald L. Curtis                         CFR

F. Kingsbury Curtis                      CFR21          

Gerald L. Curtis                         CFR/TC          

Peter Cusick                             CFR            

Maryann K. Cusimano Love                 CFR

Lloyd N. Cutler                          CFR            

Walter L. Cutler                         CFR

Kenneth A. Cutshaw                       CFR            

Ana Grier Cutter                         CFR

W. Bowman Cutter                         CFR            

Arthur I. Cy                             CFR

Ivo H. Daalder                           CFR

Geoffrey D. Dabelko                      CFR

Alfonse M. D' Amato                      CFR

Michael K. Dahlman                       CFR

Rene d'Harnoncourt                       CFR

Brian D. Dailey                          CFR

William B. Dale                          CFR

Charles H. Dallara                       BB/CFR         

George Albert Dalley                     CFR

Dorinda G. Dallmeyer                     CFR

Gregory Dalton                           CFR

James E. Dalton                          CFR

Kenneth W. Dam                           BB/CFR

Marcia Wachs Dam                         CFR

Lori Fisler Damrosch                     CFR

John A. G. Dancy                         CFR

William H. Danforth                      CFR

Ana R. Daniel                            CFR

Donald C. F. Daniel                      CFR

D. Ronald Daniel                         CFR

Nomsa Daniels                            CFR            

Royden Dangerfield                       CFR

Robert M. Danin                          CFR

Arthur V. Danner                         CFR             

Mark D. Danner                           CFR

Charles F. Darlington                    CFR            

Richard Gordon Darman                    CFR/TC         

Norris Darrell                           CFR            

Michele Samantha Dash                    CFR

Russell J. Da Silva                      CFR

Earl C. Daum                             CFR

John A. Davenport                        CFR/S&B 1926   

Donald K. David                          CFR            

Jack David                               CFR

Alfred E. Davidson                       CFR            

Daniel I. Davidson                       CFR

Ralph K. Davidson                        CFR

Ralph Parsons Davidson                   CFR

Fred A. Davies                           CFR             

Rodger P. Davies                         CFR            

Allison S. Davis                         CFR            

Evan A. Davis                            CFR

Jacquelyn K. Davis                       CFR

Jerome Davis                             CFR

John A. Davis                            CFR            

John William Davis                       CFR21          

Kathryn W. Davis                         CFR

Kim Gordon Davis                         CFR

Lynn E. Davis                            BB/CFR/TC

Maceo N. Davis                           CFR

Malcolm W. Davis                         CFR21

Marvin H. Davis                          CFR            

Nathanael V. Davis                       CFR            

Norman Hezekiah Davis                    CFR21           

Vincent Davis                            CFR

Daniel P. Davison                        CFR

Frederick Trubee Davison                 CFR21/S&B 1918 

Kristina Perkin Davison                  CFR

W. Phillips Davison                      CFR             

Karen Lea Dawisha                        CFR

Peter M. Dawkins                         CFR

Christine L. Dawson                      CFR

Horace G. Dawson III                     CFR

Horace G. Dawson Jr.                     CFR

Marion M. Dawson Carr                    CFR

Anthony Day                              CFR

Arthur Raymond Day                       CFR

Clive Day                                CFR21/S&B 1892 

Robert Addison Day Jr.                   CFR

Drew Saunders Days III                   CFR

Arnaud De Borchgrave                     CFR

F. Amanda De Busk                        CFR

Alfred C. De Crane Jr.                   CFR

Henry Wheeler De Forest                  CFR21

Christian de Guigne III                  CFR            

Peter E. De Janosi                       CFR

Rodolfo O. De La Garza                   CFR

C.W. de Kiewiet                          CFR            

Oscar A. de Lima                         CFR            

George De Menil                          CFR

Joy A. de Menil                          CFR

Lois Pattison de Menil                   CFR

Samuel De Palma                          CFR

Alphonse De Rosso                        CFR

Macarthur De Shazer                      CFR

Robert P. De Vecchi                      CFR

Henry P. de Vries                        CFR            

Rimmer De Vries                          CFR

Karen De Young                           CFR

Edwin A. Deagle Jr.                      CFR

Arthur Hobson Dean                       BB/CFR21       

Edgar P. Dean                            CFR            

Jonathan Dean                            CFR

Robert William Dean                      CFR

Alice M. Dear                            CFR

John V. Deaver                           CFR

Eli Whitney Debevoise II                 CFR

Barbara Knowles Debs                     CFR

Richard A. Debs                          CFR            

F. Amanda DeBusk                         CFR

William C. Decker                        CFR

Alfred C. DeCrane                        CFR             

Midge Decter                             CFR

Roxanne J. Decyk                         CFR            

Fred T. Dedrick                          CFR

Ralston H. Deffenbaugh Jr.               CFR

Terry L. Deibel                          CFR

Frank Del Olmo                           CFR

Andrew John Delaney                      CFR

Stephen J. Del Rosso                     CFR

Carlos Deltoro                           CFR

Marisa J. Demeo                          CFR

Frederick Lewis Deming                   BB/CFR

Rust MacPherson Deming                   CFR

Robert E. Denham                         CFR

Robert J. Denison                        CFR

Alfred L. P. Dennis                      CFR21          

Everette E. Dennis                       CFR

Brewster C. Denny                        CFR

David B. H. Denoon                       CFR

E. Hazel Denton                          CFR

James S. Denton                          CFR

Phil E. DePoy                            CFR

Raghida Dergham                          CFR

Patricia Murphy Derian                   CFR

Kenneth Tindall Derr                     CFR

James V. Derrick Jr.                     CFR

Vivian Lowery Derryck                    CFR

Michael L. Dertouzos                     CFR

Padma Desai                              CFR

Rohit M. Desai                           CFR

MacArthur DeShazer                       CFR

Patrick J. DeSouza                       CFR

Emile Despres                            CFR

Gina H. Despres                          CFR

I.M. Destler                             CFR

Wallace R. Deuel                         CFR

John Mark Deutsch                        CFR

Michael J. Deutch                        CFR            

Phillip J. Deutch                        CFR

Shelley Deutch                           CFR

Robert P. DeVecchi                       CFR

Caroline Maury Devine                    CFR

John J. Devine                           CFR

M. Colette Devine                        CFR

Thomas J. Devine                         CFR

Rimmer DeVries                           CFR            

Thomas Edmund Dewey                      BB/CFR         

J. Frederic Dewhurst                     CFR            

Byron Dexter                             CFR            

Karen J. DeYoung                         CFR

Michael W. Diamond                       CFR

Christopher S. Dickey                    CFR

John Sloan Dickey                        CFR

Norman D. Dicks  (D-Wa)                  CFR

R. Russell Dickson, Jr.                  CFR            

Valerie L. Dickson-Horton                CFR

Joan Didion                              CFR

John Diebold                             BB/CFR

William Diebold, Jr.                     CFR            

Jackson K. Diehl (Washington Post)       CFR

Robert L. Dilenschneider                 CFR

C. Douglas Dillon                        BB/CFR

Clarence Dillon                          CFR21          

Douglas Dillon                           CFR            

J. Richardson Dilworth                   CFR            

Joseph (Dick) Richardson Dilworth        S&B 1938/CFR   

Rita Di Martino                          CFR

James Dimon                              CFR

Thomas Alan Dine                         CFR

Robert C. Dinerstein                     CFR

Viet D. Dinh                             CFR

David Norman Dinkins                     CFR

Paula DiPerna                            CFR

Nadia Diuk                               CFR

Edward P. Djerejian                      CFR

Gregory Djerejian                        CFR

Joseph Di Paola Jr.                      CFR

Paula J. Dobriansky                      CFR

Christopher J. Dodd (D-Ct)               CFR

Thomas J. Dodd                           CFR

Harold Willis Dodds                      CFR

Cleveland E. Dodge                       CFR             

William S Dodge                          CFR

Justin W. Doebele                        CFR

David J. Doerge                          CFR

William C. Doherty, Jr.                  CFR            

Harold E. Jr. Doley                      CFR

Charles Dollard                          CFR

Jorge I. Dominguez                       CFR

Thomas R. Donahue                        CFR            

Robert H. Donaldson                      CFR

William Henry Donaldson CFR/S&B 1953

Thomas E. Donilon                        BB/CFR         

McKay Donkin                             CFR

Edward S. Donnell                        CFR

Ellsworth Donnell                        CFR

James C. Donnell II                      CFR

April Kanne Donnellan                    CFR

Harold C. Donnelly                       CFR

Frederic G. Donner                       CFR

Hedley Williams Donovan                  BB/CFR/RS/TC   

Charles F. Doran                         CFR

Rudiger Dornbusch                        CFR

Goldthwaite H. Dorr                      CFR            

Russell H. Dorr                          CFR            

Norman Dorsen                            CFR

Oscar John Dorwin                        CFR            

Amanda Jean Dory                         CFR

Grant R. Doty                            CFR

Paul M. Doty, Jr.                        CFR            

Frank N. Doubleday                       CFR21          

Russell Doubleday                        CFR21          

Diana Lady Dougan                        CFR

James P. Dougherty                       CFR

Donald W. Douglas, Jr.                   CFR

Lewis W. Douglas                         CFR            

Paul W. Douglas                          CFR            

Loren Douglass                           CFR

Robert R. Douglass                       CFR

John Nicholas Dowling                    CFR

Walter Dowling                           CFR            

James S. Doyle                           CFR

Michael William Doyle                    CFR

William H. Draper, Jr.                   CFR

William Drayton, Jr.                     CFR            

John C. Dreier                           CFR            

Sidney David Drell                       CFR

William M. Drennan, Jr. (Col.)           CFR

Elizabeth Drew                           CFR

Joel Dreyfuss                            CFR

Jonathan Drimmer                         CFR

Richard Lee Drobnick                     CFR

Joy E. Drucker                           CFR            

Richard A. Drucker                       CFR

Pamela Druckerman                        CFR

Roscoe Drummond                          CFR

J.R. Drumwright                          CFR            

Ann Druyan                               CFR

Orvil E. Dryfoos                         CFR

Kenneth M. Duberstein                    CFR

Seth H. Dubin                            CFR

David Dubinsky                           CFR            

J. Delafield DuBois                      CFR            

Stephen M. Dubrul Jr.                    CFR

Robert Ducas                             CFR

David Adams Duckenfield                  CFR

Johnita P. Due                           CFR

Charles A. Duelfer                       CFR

Althea L. Duersten                       CFR

Joseph Daniel Duffey                     CFR

David A. Duffie                          CFR

Gloria Charmian Duffy                    CFR

James H. Duffy                           CFR

Michael J. Dugan  (Gen.)                 CFR

Stephen P. Duggan                        CFR21          

Michael S. Dukakis                       CFR

Angier Biddle Duke                       CFR            

Robin Chandler Duke                      CFR            

Peggy Dulany                             CFR            

Allen Welsh Dulles                       BB/CFR         

John Foster Dulles                       CFR21          

Charles F. Dunbar                        CFR

Charles William Duncan Jr.               CFR

John C. Duncan                           CFR            

Andrew Dunigan                           CFR            

Craig G. Dunkerley                           CFR

Joan Banks Dunlop                        CFR

Kempton Dunn                             CFR

Lewis A. Dunn                            CFR

Michael M. Dunn                          CFR

Philip A. Dur                            CFR

F. Tillman Durdin                        CFR

G. Robert Durham                         CFR

Patrick J. Durkin                        CFR

Frederick Gary Dutton                    CFR

Michael Raoul Duval                      CFR

Nancy Bearg Dyke                         CFR

Esther Dyson                             CFR

Vernon A. Eagle                          CFR            

Lawrence S. Eagleburger                  CFR            

Ralph Earle III                          CFR

William A. Earner                        CFR

Maurice A. East                          CFR

Michael R. Eastman                       CFR

Donald B. Easum                          CFR

Frederick M. Eaton                       CFR

Ralph E. Eberhart                        CFR

William D. Eberle                        CFR

Ferdinand Eberstadt                      CFR

Nicholas N. Eberstadt                    CFR

Marsha A. Echols                         CFR

Bailey Morris Eck                        CFR

Alexander Eckstein                       CFR             

Elizabeth C. Economy                     CFR            

Donna R. Ecton                           CFR

Linda Hiniker Eddleman                   CFR

Randolph P. Eddy                         CFR

Albert I. Edelman                        CFR             

Gerald M. Edelman                        CFR            

Marian Wright Edelman                    CFR

Richard Winston Edelman                  CFR

Julius C. C. Edelstein                   CFR

Phanor J. Eder                           CFR            

Mark D. W. Edington                      CFR            

Christopher Edley Jr.                    CFR

Gary R. Edson                            CFR            

A. R. Edwards                            CFR            

Howard L. Edwards                        CFR

Mickey Edwards                           CFR

Robert H. Edwards                        CFR

William H. Edwards                       CFR            

Laura L. Efros                           CFR

Thomas E. Eggers                         CFR

Rosa Ehrenreich                          CFR

Thomas Ehrlich                           CFR

Clark M. Eichelberger                    CFR            

Barry J. Eichengreen                     CFR

Otto M. Eidlitz                          CFR21          

Karl Eikenberry                          CFR

Karl Eilers                              CFR21

Hermann Frederick Eilts                  CFR

Luigi R. Einaudi                         CFR

Mario Einaudi                            CFR

Jessica P. Einhorn                       CFR/TC         

Robert J. Einhorn                        CFR            

Charles R. Eisendrath                    CFR

Dwight D. Eisenhower                     CFR 1952       

Stuart E. Eizenstat                      CFR/J

Michael Eisner                           CFR

Leslie Carol Eliason                     CFR

Abram I. Elkus                           CFR21          

Susan K. Ellingwood                      CFR

Byron K. Elliott                         CFR            

Inger McCabe Elliott                     CFR

L. W. Elliott                            CFR            

Osborne Elliot                           CFR            

Randle Elliott                           CFR            

William Y. Elliott                       CFR            

James Reed Ellis                         CFR

Mark S. Ellis                            CFR

Patricia Ellis                           CFR

Rodney Ellis                             CFR

Keith Paty Ellison                       CFR

Daniel Ellsberg                          CFR

Robert Fred Ellsworth                    CFR

Edward E. Elson                          CFR

Robert T. Elson                          CFR

John Hart Ely                            CFR

Nancy Halliday Ely-Raphel                CFR

Ainslie T. Embree                        CFR

Brooks Emeny                             CFR

Alice F. Emerson                         CFR

E. A. Emerson                            CFR            

John B. Emerson                          CFR

Rupert Emerson                           CFR             

Christopher Emmet                        CFR

Irving M. Engel                          CFR            

Robert D. English                        CFR            

David B. Ensor                           CFR

Alain Charles Enthoven                   CFR

L. Brooks Entwistle                      CFR

Ray R. Eppert                            CFR

Barbara Epstein                          CFR

Jason Epstein                            CFR

Jeffrey E. Epstein                       CFR/TC         

Joshua M. Epstein                        CFR            

Guy Feliz Erb                            CFR

Richard D. Erb                           CFR

Claude E. Erbsen                         CFR

Robert F. Erburu                         CFR/TC

Alexander T. Ercklentz                   CFR

Haleh Esfandiari                         CFR

Charisse Espy                            CFR

Albert E. Ernst                          CFR            

Armand G. Erpf                           CFR            

William Erwing, Jr.                      CFR            

Susan G. Esserman                        CFR

Robert H. Estabrook                      CFR            

Alfredo Estrada                          CFR

Daniel C. Esty                           CFR            

Carol V. Evans                           CFR            

Gail H. Evans                            CFR

Harold M. Evans                          CFR

John C. Evans                            CFR            

John K. Evans                            CFR            

Roger F. Evans                           CFR            

Rowland Evans Jr.                        CFR

Tatjana H. Evans                         CFR

Susan M. S. Everingham                   CFR

John Scott Everton                       CFR            

Anthony P. Ewing                         CFR

Sherman Ewing                            CFR/S&B 1924   

John Exter                               CFR            

Larry L. Fabian                          CFR

Charles B. Fahs                          CFR

Merele Fainsod                           CFR            

John King Fairbank                       CFR/RS         

Charles H. Fairbanks Jr.                 CFR

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.                    CFR

Richard M. Fairbanks III                 CFR

Mathea Falco                             CFR

Mark Falcoff                             CFR

Pamela S. Falk                           CFR

Richard A. Falk                          CFR            

Richard A. Falkenrath                    CFR            

James Mackenzie Fallows                  CFR

Katherine W. Fanning                     CFR

Francis W. La Farge                      CFR            

Jonathan Foster Fanton                   CFR

J. Rodney Faraon                         CFR

Tom J. Farer                             CFR

Evelyn N. Farkas                         CFR

Maggie M. Farley                         CFR

Garland R. Farmer, Jr.                   CFR

Thomas L. Farmer                         CFR            

Eric P. Farnsworth                       CFR

Jay C. Farrar                            CFR

Stephen Prescott Farrar                  CFR

Thomas A. Farrington                     CFR

Dante B. Fascell (D-Fl)                  CFR

Irina A. Faskianos                       CFR

William H. P. Faunce                     CFR21          

Leila Fawaz                              CFR            

Sidney B. Fay                            CFR            

Peter D. Feaver                          CFR

Mark C. Feer                             CFR            

Mark Feierstein                          CFR

Evan A. Feigenbaum                       CFR

Richard E. Feinberg                      CFR

Ava S. Feiner                            CFR

Lee Feinstein                            CFR

Herbert Feis                             CFR            

Gustave Feissel                          CFR            

Samuel H. Feist                          CFR            

Douglas J. Feith                         CFR            

Bernard T. Feld                          CFR            

Mark B. Feldman                          CFR

Sandra Feldman                           CFR

Martin Stuart Feldstein                  BB/CFR/TC

Jeffrey Feltman                          CFR

William P. Fenn                          CFR

Michael R. Fenzel                        CFR

Charles Henry Ferguson                   CFR

Glenn Walker Ferguson                    CFR

James Lord Ferguson                      CFR/S&B 1944   

John Henry Ferguson                      BB/CFR         

Ronald E. Ferguson                       CFR

Suzanne R. Ferlic                        CFR

Anthony C. Fernandes                     CFR

Jose W. Fernandez                        CFR

Frank E. Ferrari                         CFR

Geraldine Anne Ferraro                   CFR            

Keith E. Ferrazzi                        CFR

Antonio Luis Ferre                       CFR

Helen Aguirre Ferre                      CFR

Maurice A. Ferre                         CFR

Lisa Carolyn Ferrell                     CFR

Fereidun Fesharaki                       CFR

Murray Feshbach                          CFR

Hart Fessenden                           CFR            

Jeffrey L. Fiedler                       CFR

William Osgood Field, Jr.                CFR

Bertram M. Fields                        CFR

Craig I. Fields                          CFR

Eugene V. Fife                           CFR

Russell Hunt Fifield                     CFR

Maria C. Figueroa Kupcu                  CFR

Robert J. Filippone                      CFR

Barbara Denning Finberg                  CFR

Hani K. Findakly                         CFR

Bernard I. Finel                         CFR

Seymour Maxwell Finger                   CFR

Lawrence S. Finkelstein                  CFR            

Luke W. Finlay                           CFR            

Grant Ellis Finlayson                    CFR

Thomas Knight Finletter                  BB/CFR         

John H. Finley                           CFR21          

Edwin A. Jr. Finn                        CFR

James Finn                               CFR

Martha Finnemore                         CFR

John B. Finney                           CFR

Paul B. Finney                           CFR            

Charles M. Firestone                     CFR

Harvey S. Firestone, Jr.                 CFR

Leonard K. Firestone                     CFR            

Edwin B. Firmage                         CFR

David Joseph Fischer                     CFR

John S. Fischer                          CFR            

Stanley Fischer                          CFR

Wesley R. Fishel                         CFR            

Annie Fisher                             CFR            

Cathleen S. Fisher                       CFR

Edgar J. Fisher                          CFR            

Peter Ryerson Fisher                     CFR

Richard W. Fisher                        CFR

Roger D. Fisher                          CFR

Pieter Fisher                            CFR            

Albert Fishlow                           CFR

Daniel W. Fisk                           CFR

James Brown Fisk                         CFR

Sarah A. W. Fitts                        CFR

Lauri J. Fitz-pegado                     CFR

Frances Fitzgerald                       CFR

Harold E. Fitzgibbons                    CFR

Pamela Flaherty                          CFR

Peter T. Flaherty                        CFR

L. Gordon Flake                          CFR

Peter L. Flanagan                        CFR

Stephen J. Flanagan                      CFR

Stephanie H. Flanders                    CFR

Peter M. Flanigan                        CFR

G. Peter Fleck                           CFR             

Alan H. Fleischmann                      CFR

Julius Fleischmann                       CFR            

Manly Fleischmann                        CFR            

Rachel Fleishman                         CFR            

Henry Fletcher                           CFR21          

Michael T. Florinsky                     CFR            

Michele A. Flournoy                      CFR

Stephen E. Flynn                         CFR

William H. Foege                         CFR

Ronald R. Fogleman                       CFR

Robert H. Foglesong                      CFR

S. R. Foley Jr. (Adm.)                   CFR

Thomas Stephen Foley (D-Wa)              BB/CFR/TC

R. G. Follis                             CFR

George A. Folsom                         CFR

Victor Folsom                            CFR

Carlos E. Fonts                          CFR

Edward T. Foote III                      CFR

William Fulbright Foote                  CFR

Allen B. Forbes                          CFR21

Carl W. Ford, Jr.                        CFR            

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.                 BB/CFR         

Nevil Ford                               CFR            

Paul B. Ford Jr.                         CFR

Thomas K. Ford                           CFR            

Henrietta Holsman Fore                   CFR

Claude E. Forkner                        CFR

Shepard L. Forman                        CFR

Michael V. Forrestal                     CFR            

Robert P. Forrestal                      CFR

Lynn Forester                            CFR

Shepard Forman                           CFR

Theodore J. Forstmann                    CFR

Raymond Blaine Fosdick                   CFR21          

Rosemarie Forsythe                       CFR

V. Page Fortna                           CFR

Gail Fosler                              CFR

Austin T. Foster                         CFR            

Brenda Lei Foster                        CFR

Charles C. Foster                        CFR

Richard N. Foster                        CFR

William Chapman Foster                   BB/CFR

Philip D. Reed Foundation, Inc.          CFR            

The Ahmanson Foundation                  CFR            

The Marc Haas Foundation                 CFR            

The Starr Foundation                     CFR            

The William and Mary Greve Foundation    CFR            

Henry Hamill Fowler                      CFR

Wyche Jr. Fowler                         CFR

Joseph Carrere Fox                       CFR/S&B 1938   

Donald T. Fox                            CFR

Eleanor M. C. Fox                        CFR

Joseph Carrere Fox                       CFR

William T. R. Fox                        CFR            

Arthur B. Foye                           CFR            

Arminio Fraga                            CFR

Thomas M. Franck                         CFR

Albert Francke III                       CFR

Susan Fraker                             CFR            

Andrew D. Frank                          CFR            

Barney Frank (D-Ma)                      CFR

Brian L. Frank                           CFR

Charles R. Frank Jr.                     CFR

Isaiah Frank                             CFR            

Joseph A. Frank                          CFR            

Melinda Yee Franklin                     CFR

Richard A. Frank                         CFR

Charles Frankel                          CFR            

Francine R. Frankel                      CFR            

Jeffrey A. Frankel                       CFR

Max Frankel                              BB/CFR/J

Felix Frankfurter                        BB/CFR/J

Barbara Hackman Franklin                 CFR            

George S. Franklin, Jr.                  CFR

John M. Franklin                         CFR            

P. A. S. Franklin                        CFR21          

William E. Franklin                      CFR

Dean F. Frasche                          CFR

Leon Fraser                              CFR

Jendayi E. Frazer                        CFR            

Kenneth C. Frazier                       CFR

Myra M. Frazier                          CFR

Leopold Frederick                        CFR21

J. Wayne Fredericks                      CFR            

Jonathan M. Fredman                      CFR            

Lloyd A. Free                            CFR            

Emanuel R. Freedman                      CFR            

Eugene M. Freedman                       CFR

Bennett Freeman                          CFR            

Constance J. Freeman                     CFR

Harry L. Freeman                         CFR

Orville L. Freeman                       CFR            

Roger C. Freeman                         CFR

Cyrus F. Freidheim Jr.                   CFR

Stephen C. Freidheim                     CFR

Ladeene A. Freimuth                      CFR

Peter H.B. Frelinghuysen                 BB/CFR

Marion R. Fremont-smith                  CFR

John French                              CFR            

Gerald Freund                            CFR            

Walter Edwin Frew                        CFR21          

Donald N. Frey                           CFR

Richard A. Freytag                       CFR

Michel Fribourg                          CFR            

Paul J. Fribourg                         CFR            

Edward R. Fried                          CFR

Aaron Louis Friedberg                    CFR

Alexander Stephen Friedman               CFR

Bart Friedman                            CFR

Benjamin Morton Friedman                 CFR            

Fredrica S. Friedman                     CFR

Jordana Friedman                         CFR

Stephen James Friedman                   BB/CFR/TC      

Thomas L. Friedman                       BB/CFR/TC      

Berent Friele                            CFR            

Wendy Frieman                            CFR

Theodore Friend                          CFR

Henry J. Friendly                        CFR

William Frist                            CFR

Louis D. Froelick                        CFR21          

Michael B. G. Froman                     CFR            

David Fromkin                            CFR

Joseph Fromm                             CFR

Ellen L. Frost                           CFR

David M. Frudenthal                      CFR            

Earl H. Fry                              CFR

Varian Fry                               CFR            

Alton Frye                               CFR            

William R. Frye                          CFR            

Ann M. Fudge                             CFR

Otto Fuerbringer                         CFR

Leon S. Fuerth                           CFR

Glen S. Fukushima                        CFR

Francis Fukuyama                         CFR

Richard S. Fuld, Jr.                     CFR            

C. Dale Fuller                           CFR            

Carlton P. Fuller                        CFR            

Kathryn Scott Fuller                     CFR

Keith Fuller                             CFR            

Robert G. Fuller                         CFR            

William P. Fuller                        CFR

William Bewick Fullerton                 CFR

The Dillon Fund                          CFR            

Mark T. Fung                             CFR

Victor K. K. Fung                        CFR

E.N. Funkhouser, Jr.                     CFR            

Holden Furber                            CFR            

Richard Mortimer Furlaud                 CFR

Gail Furman                              CFR

Ellen V. Futter                          CFR

Charles A. Gabriel  (Gen.)               CFR

Hauge Gabriel                            BB/CFR

John Lewis Gaddis                        CFR

John A. Gade                             CFR21          

Orit B. Gadiesh                          CFR

Felice D. Gaer                           CFR

James R. Gaines                          CFR            

Evan G. Galbraith                        CFR

John Kenneth Galbraith                   CFR            

Peter W. Galbraith                       CFR

Charles F. Gallagher                     CFR

Dennis Gallagher                         CFR

John F. Gallagher, Jr.                   CFR            

James P. Gallatin                        CFR            

Robert L. Gallucci                       CFR

John R. Galvin (Gen.)                    CFR

Sandra Galvis                            CFR

Sergio J. Galvis                             CFR

Sidney D. Gamble                        CFR            

Sumit Ganguly                              CFR

Pamela B. Gann                           CFR

John C. Gannon                           CFR

Charles S. Ganoe                         CFR

George F. Gant                             CFR            

Nathan Gantcher                          CFR

Ronie Richele Garcia-Johnson             CFR

Passalacqua Juan Manuel Garcia         CFR

Robert G. Gard Jr.                       CFR

Nathan P. Gardels                        CFR

Arthur Z. Gardiner                         CFR            

Anthony Laurence Gardner           CFR            

James A. Gardner                         CFR

John William Gardner                   CFR            

Nina Luzzatto Gardner                 CFR             

Richard Newton Gardner             CFR/RS/TC      

Robert L. Gardner                        BB/CFR         

Harry A. Garfield                           CFR21          

Leonard Garment                         CFR

Sherman Garnett                         CFR

Suzanne R. Garment                  CFR

Albert H. Garretson                     CFR            

John W. Garrett                          CFR21          

Lloyd K. Garrison                        CFR            

Murray J. Gart                             CFR            

Jeffrey E. Garten                         CFR

Raymond L. Garthoff                   CFR

Clifton C. Garvin, Jr.                    CFR

Richard L. Garwin                        CFR

George A. Gaston                        CFR21          

Patricia E. Gaston                       CFR

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.                 CFR

Philomene A. Gates                     CFR

Robert Michael Gates                  CFR

Samuel E. Gates                         CFR             

Thomas S. Gates                        CFR            

Charles Gati                                CFR

Toby Trister Gati                          CFR

William S. Gaud                           CFR            

Claire Lynn Gaudiani                    CFR

F. Gregory Gause III                     CFR

Catherine Gay                              CFR

Edwin F. Gay                               CFR21          

Helene D. Gayle                          CFR

Bradley Gaylord                          CFR

Paul R. S. Gebhard                       CFR

Jeffrey Gedmin                           CFR

Inge Gedo                                CFR

Clifford Geertz                          CFR

Paul E. Geier                            CFR            

Philip O. Geier                          CFR

Peter F. Geithner                        CFR

Timothy F. Geithner                      CFR

Sam Gejdenson (D-Ct)                     CFR

Amos Gelb                                CFR

Bruce S. Gelb                            CFR

Leslie H. Gelb                           CFR/TC         

Richard Lee Gelb                         CFR            

Lionel M. Gelber                         CFR            

Murray Gell-Mann                         CFR            

Barton David Gellman                     CFR

Anna Gelpern                             CFR

Harold S. Geneen                         CFR

John M. George                           CFR

Peter Andrew Georgescu                   CFR

Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo)               CFR

Louis Gerber                             CFR

David Richmond Gergen                    BB/CFR/TC

H. A. Gerhardt                           CFR            

Gail M. Gerhart                          CFR

John K. Gerhart                          CFR            

Adrienne Germain                         CFR            

Louis V. Gerschel                        CFR            

Patrick A. Gerschel                      CFR            

Carl Samuel Gershman                     CFR

Allan Gerson                             CFR

Elliot F. Gerson                         CFR

Ralph J. Gerson                          CFR

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.                   BB/CFR/TC      

Michael Getler                           CFR

Max E. Gevers                            CFR            

Henry R. Geyelin                         CFR

Phillip Laussat Geyelin                  CFR

Georgia Anne Geyer                       CFR

Joachim Gfoeller Jr.                     CFR

Michael Gfoeller                         CFR            

Tatiana C. Gfoeller                      CFR             

Loren Ghiglione                          CFR

Carol Ann Giacomo                        CFR

John Howard Gibbons                      CFR

Nancy Reid Gibbs                         CFR

Frank B. Gibney                          CFR            

James Suydam Gibney                      CFR            

Hugh Gibson                              CFR21          

Gordon D. Giffin                         CFR

James Henry Giffen                       CFR

Harry D. Gideonse                        BB/CFR          

Sidney F. Giffin                         CFR            

Andres V. Gil                            CFR            

Peter B. Gil                             CFR            

Carl J. Gilbert                          CFR            

H. N. Gilbert                            CFR            

Jackson B. Gilbert                       CFR

Jarobin Gilbert Jr.                      CFR

Steven J. Gilbert                        CFR

Huntington Gilchrist                     CFR

Bates Gill                               CFR

Michael J. Gillespie                     CFR

S. Hazard Gillespie                      CFR            

Michael James Gillette                   CFR

Kenneth O. Gilmore                       CFR

Richard Gilmore                          CFR

Chadbourne Gilpatric                     CFR            

Roswell Leavitt Gilpatric                BB/CFR         

Robert G. Gilpin, Jr.                    CFR            

Newton L. Gingrich (R-Ga)                CFR

Marc Charles Ginsberg                    CFR             

David Ginsburg                           CFR            

Jane C. Ginsburg                         CFR            

Ruth Bader Ginsburg                      CFR/J          

Robert N. Ginsburgh                      CFR            

Bonnie S. Glaser                         CFR

Charisse Glassman                        CFR

Robert R. Glauber                        CFR

S. Everett Gleason                       CFR            

T. Keith Glennan                         CFR            

Peter Gleysteen                          CFR

William H. Gleysteen Jr.                 CFR

Norma Globerman                          CFR

Carol Gluck                              CFR

Frederick W. Gluck                       CFR

Jeffrey Scott Glueck                     CFR

Peter Henry Glusker                      CFR

Frank A. Godchaux III                    CFR

I. Lamond Godwin                         CFR

Samuel V. Goekjian                       CFR

Robert Walton Goelet, Jr.                CFR21          

Richard K. Goeltz                        CFR

Robert F. Goheen                         CFR

Charlynn Goins                           CFR

Roberto C. Goizueta                      CFR

Arthur J. Goldberg                       CFR/J          

Michael E. Goldberg                      CFR

Ronnie Lee Goldberg                      CFR

Susan A. Goldberg                        CFR

Marvin L. Goldberger                     CFR

James R. Golden                          CFR

William Theodore Golden                  CFR

James M. Goldgeier                       CFR            

Harrison J. Goldin                       CFR

Charles N. Goldman                       CFR

Emily O. Goldman                         CFR            

Guido Goldman                            CFR

Marshall I. Goldman                      CFR

Merle D. Goldman                         CFR

Samuel P. Goldman                        CFR21/J        

Peter C. Goldmark, Jr.                   CFR            

Neil Goldschmidt                         CFR/TC         

Jack Landman Goldsmith III               CFR

Robert S. Goldsmith                      CFR

Gordon Goldstein                         CFR

Jeffrey A. Goldstein                     CFR            

Morris Goldstein                         CFR

Harmon H. Goldstone                      CFR

David L. Goldwyn                         CFR

Paul D. Golob                            CFR

Stephanie Ruth Golob                     CFR

Ralph E. Gomory                          CFR

David C. Gompert                         CFR

Nelson Ricardo Gonzalez                  CFR

Robert C. Good                           CFR

James E. Goodby                          CFR

Arthur L. Goodhart                       CFR            

Andrea Pierce Goodman                    CFR

George J. W. Goodman                     CFR

Herbert I. Goodman                       CFR

John B. Goodman                          CFR

Nancy F. Goodman                         CFR

Roy M. Goodman                           CFR

Sherri Wasserman Goodman                 CFR

Andrew Jackson Goodpaster (Gen.)         BB/CFR

Carter Goodrich                          CFR            

Leland M. Goodrich                       CFR            

Albert Hamilton Gordon                   CFR

John A. Gordon (Gen.)                    CFR

Kermit Gordon                            CFR            

Lincoln Gordon                           BB/CFR         

Michael R. Gordon                        CFR

Philip H. Gordon                         CFR            

Albert  Gore, Jr.                        CFR            

Jamie S. Gorelick                        CFR            

Joseph T. Gorman                         BB/CFR/TC      

Paul F. Gorman                           CFR            

Alan L. Gornick                          CFR            

Wytze Gorter                             CFR            

Porter J. Goss                           CFR

Victor Gotbaum                           CFR

Gidion Gottlieb                          CFR            

Rose E. Gottemoeller                     CFR

Kurt Gottfried                           CFR

Gidon A. G. Gottlieb                     CFR

Stuart Gottlieb                          CFR

Peter M. Gottsegen                       CFR

Peter G. Gould                           CFR

Peter A. Gourevitch                      CFR

Joseph Peter Grace, Jr.                  CFR            

William C. Grace                         CFR21          

Henry Franklin Graff                     CFR

Robert D. Graff                          CFR            

Bob Graham (D-Fl)                        CFR

Carol Lee Graham                         CFR            

Katherine Graham                         BB/CFR/TC J    

Lawrence Otis Graham                     CFR            

Philip Graham                            CFR

Thomas Graham, Jr.                       CFR

Thomas Wallace Graham                    CFR

William R. Graham, Jr.                   CFR            

James P. Grant                           CFR            

Stephen R. Grand                         CFR

Michael D. Granoff                       CFR

Stephen A. Grant                         CFR

Ulysses S. Grant III                     CFR            

Stephen R. Graubard                      CFR            

Howard D. Graves                         CFR

Charles D. Gray                          CFR

Gordon Gray                              CFR            

Hanna Holborn Gray                       CFR            

Prentiss N. Gray                         CFR21          

William Latimer Gray                     CFR            

Judy S. Grayson                          CFR

Joseph A. Grazier                        CFR            

R. Scott Greathead                       CFR            

Richard Jr. Greco                        CFR

Bill Green (Washington Post)             CFR

Carl J. Green                            CFR

Ernest G. Green                          CFR

Jerrold D. Green                         CFR

Joseph C. Green                          CFR            

Michael Jonathan Green                   CFR

Shane Green                              CFR

Arthur N. Greenberg                      CFR

Evan G. Greenberg                        CFR

Jeffrey W. Greenberg                     CFR

Karen J. Greenberg                       CFR

Maurice ("Hank") Raymond Greenberg       BB/CFR/TC

Sanford D. Greenberg                     CFR             

Robert Stephen Greenberger               CFR

A. Crawford Greene                       CFR            

James C. Greene                          CFR            

Jerome D. Greene                         CFR21          

Joseph N. Greene, Jr.                    CFR            

Margaret L. (Gretchen) Greene            CFR

Wade Greene                              CFR

James L. Greenfield                      CFR

Meg Greenfield                           CFR

Crawford H. Greenewalt                   CFR

James Greenfield                         CFR            

Meg Greenfield                           CFR            

Alan J. Greenspan                        CFR/TC

G. Jonathan Greenwald                    CFR

Joseph Adolph Greenwald                  CFR

Hugh D.S. Greenway                       CFR

Herman Greenwood                         CFR            

Donald P. Gregg                          CFR

Vartan Gregorian                         CFR

Wallace C. Gregson                       CFR

Richard Grenier                          CFR

Louisa Coan Greve                        CFR

Linda Griego                             CFR

Anne-Marea Griffin                       CFR

Samuel B. Griffith II                    CFR            

Thomas Griffith                          CFR            

William Edgar Griffith                   CFR

Alyssa A. Grikscheit                     CFR

Peter Grimm                              CFR

Joseph A. Grimes Jr.                     CFR

Julie M. Grimes                          CFR

Janet Mullins Grissom                    CFR

Teg C. Grondahl                          CFR

Peter Bolton Grose                       CFR

Ernest A. Gross                          CFR            

Martin J. Gross                          CFR

Patrick W. Gross                         CFR

Alexander Grosset                        CFR21          

Gene M. Grossman                         CFR            

Brandon H. Grove, Jr.                    CFR            

Curtiss C. Grove                         CFR            

Paul C. Grove                            CFR

Allen Grover                             CFR

Ray J. Groves                            CFR

Alfred M. Gruenther                      BB/CFR         

Joseph A. Grundfest                      CFR

George Vincent Grune                     CFR

Henry Anatole Grunwald                   BB/CFR         

Sydney Gruson                            CFR            

Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon                 CFR

Harry Frank Guggenheim                   CFR            

Stephen E. Guisinger                     CFR

Sidney L. Gulick                         CFR21

Edmund Asbury Gullion                    CFR

Andrew S. Gundlach                       CFR

Hartford Gunn                            CFR

John J. Gunther                          BB/CFR          

Pranay Gupte                             CFR

Murray I. Gurfein                        CFR            

Judith Gustafson                         CFR

Lilita V. Gusts                          CFR

John H. Gutfreund                        CFR/TC          

John H.J. Guth                           CFR

Edwin O. Guthman                         CFR

Henning P. Gutmann                       CFR            

Bernard M. Gwetzman                      CFR            

Catherine Gwin                           CFR

Joseph Mo Ha                             CFR

Lynn Elisa Haaland                       CFR

Ernest van den Haag                      CFR

Mimi L. Haas                             CFR

Peter E. Haas                            CFR            

Robert D. Haas                           CFR/TC         

Richard N. Haass                         CFR            

Inmaculada Habsburg-Lothringen           CFR

Nina L. Hachigian                        CFR

Craig D. Hackett                         CFR

Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad                    CFR

Stephen John Hadley                      CFR

Joseph A. Hafner  Jr.                    CFR

Chuck Hagel                              CFR

Katherine A. Hagen                       CFR

Eric H. Hager                            CFR

Stephan M. Haggard                       CFR

Keith D. Hahn                            CFR

Michael L. Haider                        CFR            

Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr.                CFR/TC         

George Winthrop Haight                   CFR/S&B 1928