Illegal CIA Torture Prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba

International Crimes of the US/NATO/Israel/Saudi Arabia - Empire

Drones: Cowardly Weapons for Remote Killing

Camp Delta SOP (GITMO) Standard Operating Procedures

Camp Delta (GITMO) Extraterritorial Illegal Torture Dungeon - Procedures

document for the illegal terror prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba

Previous Procedures Calling for Following Geneva Conventions

original document, dated August 18, 1994 and re-issued in 2004



Nobel-peace-prize-winning “Assassination Incorporated”: White Paper justifies the killings of US citizens, the USG Attempts to Legalize Every Crime they Commit

PDF copy of DOJ White Paper obtained by US NBC News

document for the illegal terror prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba

original document, dated August 18, 1994 and re-issued in 2004

The US War on Terror is an illegal war and WikiLeaks contiues to glorify the impunity and hubris. The aggressive invasions are a crime against humanity, the killing of civilians and people defending their homelands are war crimes, the extra-judicial executions are illegal under all international standards and laws, the drone- strikes, Obama’s daily kill list, the black sites and illegal prisons worldwide, the torture and the illegal prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are all criminal acts.

When the US declared a War on Terror, they declared a war on a brutal methodology for achieving and bringing about political change and the goals of organizations using terror to advance their agendas.

The War on Terror did not fall into the category of a normal war. First it did not fit the definition of a classic war, where one country declares war on another and armies are mobilized. It also did not have a defined enemy or field of battle, and lastly due to its nature it is an open ended and endless campaign, without borders and without limits.

Under normal circumstances the world’s population would have never allowed such an adventure with one country effectively declaring war on the world, the American public would also have questioned the questionable nature of the “War on Terror”, had it not been for the event that the Project for a New American Century said would be needed to begin an campaign of world military domination, namely the events of September 11, 2001.

Among the questions that came up with the War on Terror was what to do with those who fought back? In Afghanistan they could not be labeled prisoners of war, as no war was declared. They could not be called terrorists, as people who never did anything against the US and who were merely protecting their homes and families, could not rightfully be labeled such. So they were labeled “enemy combatants”, just one of the acts of legal twisting and obfuscation that was carried out by the US to legalize, after-the-fact, their illegal war, their illegal torture and their illegal detention.

Here are documents issued by the US covering the detention of these detainees, in particular the foundation document for the illegal terror prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba , and the original pre-war-on-terror directive which had to be appended.

The original document, dated August 18, 1994 and re-issued in 2004, called for adherence to the Geneva Conventions, point 2 (d) and reads: Under the Geneva Conventions Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War and for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, on the outbreak of an armed conflict, or when persons are captured or detained by the U.S. Military Services in the course of the full range of military operations, ensure that a national-level information centre exists that can fully serve to account for all persons who pass through the care, custody, and control of the U.S. Military Services.” This directive was obviously violated at Guantanamo and worldwide at secret black sites and prisons all over the world.

According to the document the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Camp Delta GTMO, Camp Delta was designed for “detained personnel”, how 15-year-old children who are attempting to defend their families can be classified as such is beyond me.

Chapter 1, point 1002 of the SOP says that "Hazing, corporal punishment, harassment, unauthorized exercises, unnecessary restriction, deprivations and demeaning treatment ‘serve no purpose’ and are prohibited.” How the torture, stress positions, isolation, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation and other practices which are all documented as taking place regularly at Guantanamo were allowed to take place as standard procedure is also beyond me.

Point 140.4, regarding staffing, calls for a Chaplain but makes no mention of what religion. This does not take into account the fact that most of the detainees, if not all are and were practicing Muslims, you can make your own conclusion on this point.

Point 105.13.d regarding deadly force is interesting because it allows the “Commanding General” to order the use of deadly force for any reason.

In the document there has been a section deleted which deals with “call to prayer”, remember the detainees are almost exclusively Muslims, points 1 to 3 are deleted but point 4 mentions scheduled time(s) as part of operations. Points 6 and 7 mention which CD tracks to play.

Point 31 states what detainees are allowed to have, this includes a “finger toothbrush, a Koran, prayer beads, an orange suit and a mask!

The document repeats several issues multiple times, namely hunger strikes, call to prayer and prisoner abuse.

The document deals little with interrogations, where torture is likely to take place. However point 3012.1 allows for detainee escort teams to leave their detainees “unattended or unsecured” as directed by the SOP for the Joint Interagency Interrogation Facility. A location that demands further research.

Point 3013.2.1 Defines the physical control that is to be maintained over the detainees, this includes two points of physical contact by each member of the escort team.

Point 4005.6 mentions a three-piece-suit, there is little information on this device, but apparently it is a metal suit which brutally holds the detainee in any position they deem necessary. Point 4005 details how detainees are to be shackled, handcuffed and an in other means “secured”.

If one follows the headings and the numbering of the document it is clear that there have been redactions and deletions. What is most glaring is the absence of any information regarding interrogations and almost nothing about abuse which could be termed torture.

U.S. will not stop force feeding Guantanamo “detainees” during Ramadan

9 July, 02:10  2013

Wednesday marks the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and with it there have been worldwide calls for the U.S. to stop the inhumane force feeding of detainees who are on a hunger strike at the illegal prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Further underlining the helplessness and hopelessness which has brought a majority of the inmates to decide to take their own lives the U.S., as usual, will not listen.

For followers of the Muslim faith the month of Ramadan, begins with the appearance of a crescent moon which marks the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and thus the start of Ramadan. The determination is made by the Muslim Darul Ifta or Dar Al-Ifta (House of Opinion) which is the highest body responsible for making such decisions. This year, according Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta, Ramadan will begin on Wednesday July 10th.

During the month, which is one of the holiest for Muslims and is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam, fasting is mandatory for all adult Muslims with the exception of those who suffer physically debilitating or limiting conditions. Those who are excepted however must make up for not fasting at a later date when they are able to.

The fasting consists of no food or liquid intake during the daylight hours from dawn to dusk, as well as refraining from smoking, sexual relations and other types of more “base” behavior. Muslims also pray more and engage in other religious practices more intensely during the month of Ramadan than they do during other times of the year.

For the inmates at the illegal U.S. torture prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba who are assumed to all be Muslims, this may be incorrect but given the nature of the “War on Terror” and U.S. obfuscation on the identities and details of the reported 759 men who have been or continue to be held there this would probably be an accurate assumption, the month of Ramadan is of particular importance.

During this holiest month many of the world’s Muslims are focusing more attention than normal on their “brothers” being held illegally at the U.S. extra judicial facility and given the ongoing hunger strike by the inmates, almost all of whom continue to be illegally held without charge or trial, calls are being issued to stop the illegal and brutal practice of force feeding.

Lawyers for the inmates at Guantanamo, 120 of whom are currently on a prolonged hunger strike with 45 being force fed, have filed legal motions in Washington calling for the practice to stop during the month of Ramadan. Not only will it be almost impossible to keep to the nighttime regime of food intake called for by Ramadan due to time restraints, but the fact that the inmates are undergoing two force feedings a day, each requiring from one to two hours of force feeding and two to four hours of observation in a dry room where they are not allowed to drink any fluids in order to prevent them from throwing up, if the forced feeding occurs at night and the detainees are not able to drink during the day they will suffer from extreme dehydration which may even lead to death.

The U.S. has refused to suspend the practice of force feeding calling it “humane” and has stated it would “try” to conduct the brutal practice during the night hours but has left open the option of conducting daytime force feeding if they deem it necessary.

According to the Guardian four inmates have filed suit in Washington calling for the practice to stop as it is prolonging their indefinite detention. Shaker Aamer, Ahmed Belbacha, Nabil Hadjarab and Abu Wa'el say that not only is their indefinite detention a human rights violation but so is the brutal practice of force feeding. A well known rapper recently underwent the “procedure” which appears to amount to torture.

They are not alone in calling the practice inhumane and illegal in an earlier report on the matter I reported that 20 organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch, the Center for Constitutional Rights and NYU School of Law's Global Justice Clinic, as well as other human rights activists, pressure groups and law bodies have issued calls to end the practice.

Several groups wrote a letter to the U.S. government saying: “We urgently request that you order the immediate and permanent cessation of all force-feeding of Guantánamo prisoners who are competent and capable of forming a rational judgment as to the consequences of refusing food, force-feeding of competent prisoners constitutes "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment". And “International medical bodies have come out against the force-feeding of detainees. Moreover, as practiced at Guantánamo Bay, it violates the Geneva Conventions, the signatories claim.”

In interview I conducted with Michael Ratner he also stated; “… under medical ethics it’s illegal to force feed people. If someone is making a decision, and it’s a conscious decision, and they’re sane when they make it; they are allowed to not eat and force themselves to die if that’s where it goes. They don’t have a right medically, to force feed someone. It’s just like if you are in the hospital and you say-take me off the machines; you have that right to do it. But Obama has insisted on force-feeding people.”

Will the U.S. Government stop the practice of force feeding during Ramadan? It is seriously doubtful that a government which detains people for decades with trial or charge, engages in torture and extra-judicial executions would really be concerned about the religious beliefs of people who are trying to end their own lives to escape the very conditions the U.S. has forced them to live under.

Guantanamo Prisoners Continue their Hunger Strike, Sexually Assaulted and Tortured

15 May, 2013 19:46  

The situation at the illegal US terror prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba is growing more alarming by the day as a hunger strike by a majority of the inmates continues. Rather than trying to address their grievances and resolve issues surrounding the release and the fates of innocent inmates who have been held for as many as 12 years without trial or charge, the US has done what is apparently the only thing it knows how to do, use force, torture and the threat of sexual assault to make them be quiet and to prevent them from finding their own ultimate exit out of their hopeless predicament.

Despite all of the efforts by the US Government to stifle the flow of information press reports are becoming more numerous and more alarming regarding the situation at the illegal war on terror prison that the United States is maintaining in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The situation surrounding the treatment of the detainees and the ongoing hunger strike is alarmingly getting worse by the day.

Reports by the lawyers and the human rights workers who are trying to assist the largely innocent group of men being held in extra-judicial limbo in Guantanamo, show that the inmates are now being threatened with, and in fact have to undergo, body cavity searches before they can meet or call their legal representatives.

This is just another in a long and sordid series of human rights violations and violations of international laws and conventions that have been going on at the extra-judicial prison since the day it was opened. The violations include torture, illegal detention, mistreatment, detention without charge or trial, and now force feeding and intimidation by requiring unnecessary body cavity searches.

The location of the prison was specially selected so that US law did not apply and international mechanisms are almost non-existent which may be used to bring those responsible for the crimes taking place there to be held responsible. Despite calls by the international community to close the illegal prison, the United States has been recalcitrant and continues to operate the illegal facility despite being fully aware of its egregious violations of the Geneva Conventions and international laws and conventions.

The Guardian reports that recently leading human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, who founded the human rights group Reprieve, has sent letters to the Hague and to British foreign secretary William Hague detailing the egregious violations to the rights of the inmates at Guantanamo and the current situation regarding the unnecessary and forced cavity searches.

The Guardian wrote: “In a letter to the Hague Smith wrote that US guards insist on a body search before any detainee can contact their lawyer, either via an in-person interview at the base or with a phone call. ‘The US military has started directly abusing prisoners who want to contact their lawyers to tell them what is happening. So anyone who wants to see a lawyer, or have a legal phone call, must have fingers put up his anus and his genitals touched.’"

Reports by the Agence France-Press (AFP) news agency also back up the claims with RT reporting that the AFP: “… has independently reported that another lawyer, David Remes, had two detainees he currently represents decline calls due to the new search procedures. Under the new search policy, a detainee who leaves his camp is subject to a search including his private parts and holding his private parts, Remes said.”

The Guardian quoted Smith as saying: "Any pretext given for these new rules is just that: a pretext. The prisoners do not need to be sexually assaulted in order to be taken to a telephone to talk to their lawyer."

In a recent interview with the Voice of Russia Michael Ratner, the President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights which also represents several of the inmates at the Guantanamo detention camp stated that: Our lawyers have visited recently, we get reports from many of our lawyers. There are 166 people at Guantanamo. We think there are well over a hundred on a hunger strike, perhaps, 120. At least 20 of them are being force fed and the US, of course, tries to minimize the number and tries to diminish the reasons for it, but it’s pretty clear to us. We are now in the 12th year of many of those people having been at Guantanamo. The majority have been cleared for release.”

The number of prisoners on a hunger strike is increasing and so are the violations of international law by the United States. This includes not only the forced cavity searches but the force feeding of inmates. In an effort to keep a lid on the growing catastrophe that is occurring at Guantanamo the United States is not only illegally force feeding prisoners who have decided to end their indefinite detention but is also attempting to silence the prisoners and stop them from communicating with their lawyers by implementing the egregious policy of requiring the inmates to undergo what amounts to a sexual assault every time they wish to use the phone or contact their lawyers.

Regarding the force feeding of inmates the Guardian  and the Miami Herald  have reported that 20 organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch, the Center for Constitutional Rights and NYU School of Law's Global Justice Clinic, as well as other human rights activists, pressure groups and law bodies have issued a direct plea to US defense secretary Chuck Hagel to end the practice of force feeding at Guantanamo Bay.

In the letter the publications report that the groups write: “We urgently request that you order the immediate and permanent cessation of all force-feeding of Guantánamo prisoners who are competent and capable of forming a rational judgment as to the consequences of refusing food, force-feeding of competent prisoners constitutes "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment". And “International medical bodies have come out against the force-feeding of detainees. Moreover, as practiced at Guantánamo Bay, it violates the Geneva Conventions, the signatories claim.”

The Miami Herald reports that 29 people are currently being force fed using a brutal procedure which is detailed by the Guardian report and which amounts to torture.

In his interview Ratner also stated that; “… under medical ethics it’s illegal to force feed people. If someone is making a decision, and it’s a conscious decision, and they’re sane when they make it; they are allowed to not eat and force themselves to die if that’s where it goes. They don’t have a right medically, to force feed someone. It’s just like if you are in the hospital and you say-take me off the machines; you have that right to do it. But Obama has insisted on force-feeding people.”

The United States does not want the people at Guantanamo to have any contact with the outside world because they are trying to hide the true and atrocious nature of what is happening at their illegal and extra-judicial prison. Hence they are attempting to shut down any communication these already isolated people have with the outside world.

Obama has proven he does not care one iota about the detainees and his election campaign promises of closing the prison were just as empty as his Nobel Peace Prize but he does not want the bad publicity that US will have if men who have been held and tortured illegally for over 12 years without recourse or redress start dying by the dozens after taking their own lives.

The illegality and inhumanity of what is going on at Guantanamo is mind boggling in its monstrosity but is only to be overshadowed by the helplessness felt by the detainees and mirrored by their lawyers and human rights workers who despite all of their noble and legal efforts are unable to stop what the United States is unilaterally doing.

Due to their owns actions the people who run Guantanamo, and this includes Obama, can only be described as criminals, and it is time that these criminals were forced to account for their crimes before the world as their crimes have taken place internationally and are an affront to civilized people the world over.

Russia’s Guantanamo List officially published

13 April, 2013  18:39 

With the publication of the US Magnitsky List the short-lived “reset” in Russian – US relations, for all intents and purposes, is dead and buried. The US attempt to further meddle in the internal affairs of the sovereign state which is the Russian Federation by passing a law and making public a list of Russian officials and individuals connected to the tragic case of Sergey Magnitsky, has now been officially answered by the Russian Federation. Moscow’s answer is not as broad but is based on fact rather than conjecture.

Moscow has now issued an official list of US nationals who are now barred from setting foot on the territory of the Russian Federation. Whether this list will be taken up by other CIS countries and Russia’s allies is not yet clear and that question has not been addressed by officials as of yet. Moscow’s list differs greatly from the US Magnitsky List in that it is based on well documented and accepted facts and evidence and attempts to draw to light egregious violations of international law, human rights and the rights of Russian citizens abroad by the United States of America.

The first part of Moscow’s list deals with individuals who are known architects of the US Government’s official yet illegal torture programs and are known to have been instrumental in ignoring the Geneva Conventions and implementing programs or policies in clear contradiction of international and even US laws. The listing of such individuals is one of the first moves by a country against Bush era war criminals and could logically be expanded to include hundreds if not thousands of names. Moscow’s list, as does the US Magnitsky List, also contains a secret section which has not been made available to the public.

As a journalist I personally went over the documents that were available which were used in formulating the Magnitsky List and what I noticed was that most if not all of the documents used were one-sided, taken out of context and selectively hand-picked to portray Russia in a pre-determined light that had long before been set. A large amount of documents from mostly neoconservative US based entities were also present and further shed a questionable light on the Magnitsky List and the real intentions of its authors, which appears to be the further demonization of a sovereign state.

After analyzing the material it seems clear that the US is in reality raising such a storm not because of the tragic death of Mr. Magnitsky, but due to the billions of dollars that the company in question was supposed to extract from the Russian Federation, again that is the conclusion one might come to after analyzing the documents, and is my opinion. The authors of the US list also took it upon themselves to include almost anyone who had even the slightest connection with the case in an attempt to grant legitimacy to their effort.

Moscow’s list on the other hand is based on well known facts and well documented violations of international laws and human rights and hopefully the world community will take heed and attempt to implement further multi-lateral measures in order not to allow the United States of America to further violate international laws and standards with impunity.

The following are the current persons on Russia’s US human rights violators list, “The Guantanamo List”, with the first four individuals being known architects and key figures in formulating of United States illegal torture programs:

1. David Spears Addington born January 22, 1957, as Chief of Staff to Vice President Richard Cheney, Addington was one of the key architects of the Bush torture program, the sidelining of the Geneva Conventions, the creation of the illegal prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the unlimited expansion of executive power, indefinite detention without recourse and the skirting of the US Constitution with regards to the above issues and the crack down on the US populace following 9-11. Addington is an extremist neoconservative with former ties to the CIA and according to the site NNB once an employee of the Long John Silver’s restaurant chain. For Addington’s role in enabling the US Government to ignore the Geneva Conventions alone, he could be classified as a war criminal.

2. John Choon Yoo born July 10, 1967, the author of the infamous Bush torture memos allowing for torture. Yoo’s views are so extreme and his manipulation of the law so egregious and have led to so much of the pain and suffering caused by the neoconservatives who took over the US Government after 9-11, that were the Hague War Crimes Tribunal and independent body many believe he would be a prime candidate for answering to the body. Yoo has openly stated that even crushing the testicles of a child is okay if the president deems it is needed. His role in enabling and promoting the state use of torture would qualify him as a war criminal.

3. US Major General Geoffrey D. Miller, born 1949, was directly responsible for formulating and implementing torture programs at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and in Afghanistan. In 2006 he was named in a war crimes complaint to the German Government along with Alberto Gonzales, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, John Yoo, David Addington, and others for their role in making policies for allowing torture by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Department of Defense (DOD). His direct involvements in ordering torure and specifying techniques would be classified as War Crimes.

4. Jeffrey Harbeson, as the Commander of the Guantanamo Bay torture prison Harbeson continued and oversaw the polices of torture and the continued holding of hundreds of suspects without trial, charges or legal recourse. He was denied a visa to travel to Russia due to his continued overseeing of human rights abuses. He currently holds the post of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Deputy Director for Politico-Military Affairs for Europe, NATO and Russia. His violations would constitute him to be guilty of war crimes and thus a war criminal.

Individuals responsible for human rights violations with regard to Russian citizens abroad:

5. Jed Saul Rakoff, born August 1, 1943 is a United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York. He is largely responsible for the illegal prosecutions and detentions of prisoners illegally captured overseas as part of the US practice of entrapping suspects in foreign countries, and in the case of Viktor Bout a third country, and then in illegally kidnapping and transporting them to the US where they stand trial in New York. Such suspects have almost no redress, are tortured and in the case of Viktor Bout, did not in fact commit any crimes. Viktor Bout’s case was illegally fabricated and he was illegally detained, transported and held. The Court has also prosecuted Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko, also illegally detained and held on questionable evidence.

6. Preetinder S. Bharara is the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and has prosecuted and been instrumental in convicting and imprisoning suspects who the US has unilaterally determined to be threats to US security and has illegally detained and brought to New York, most on flimsy or circumstantial evidence.

7. Michael J. Garcia former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, made prejudicial statements to the press regarding the Viktor Bout case, was instrumental in the illegal detention and case against Mr. Bout and the illegal detentions and imprisonment of many others.

8. Brendan R. McGuire assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, while ignoring the illegal detention and kidnapping of Viktor Bout McGuire made prejudicial statements to the press and exaggerated the case against Mr. Bout. The case is a unilateral attempt by the US to claim jurisdiction over most of the world. As the entire case against Viktor Bout was based on hearsay and was in fact a pre-emptive prosecution before any actual “crime” was committed any and all persons involved in the case acted illegally under international law. Even if Viktor Bout had in fact been involved in transporting anything to FARC, under international law, this would not have been illegal, the fact that he did not must not be forgotten. Mr. Bout in fact did nothing illegal. The case was a litmus test whether the US could effectively take jurisdiction of any part of the world, and while Viktor Bout continues to be illegally detained, thus is the case.

9. Anjan S. Sahni, assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Viktor Bout and other cases.

10. Christian R. Everdell, assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

11. Jenna Minicucci Dabbs, assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

12. Christopher L. Lavigne, assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

13. Michael Max Rosensaft, assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

14. Louis J. Milione Senior Special Agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), gave evidence implicating Bout, Yaroshenko and other cases.

15. Sam Gaye Senior Special Agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) gave evidence against Bout and Yaroshenko.

16. Robert F. Zachariasiewicz, Special Agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) also instrumental in Bout prosecution.

17. Derek S. Odney Special Agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) gave fabricated evidence against Bout.

18. Gregory A. Coleman Special Agent for the FBI based in New York, instrumental in providing questionable evidence in various cases.

This list may be preliminary in nature and may be expanded at anytime if Official Moscow deems it to be necessary. The list has been implemented to not allow known human rights violators and individuals who may be considered to be war criminals to engage in travel to the Russian Federation or federation subjects.

In related news the family of Konstantin Yaroshenko, the Russian pilot who was illegally convicted and imprisoned in the United States, identified five people involved in his case on the list published by the Russian Foreign Ministry according to Yaroshenko’s wife.

"In the list we saw the name of the Judge of the Federal Court of the Southern District of New York Jed Rakoff, federal prosecutor or the Southern District of the same state Preetinder S. Bharara and Deputy Federal Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Christopher L. Lavigne. The same list includes Louis J. Milione and Sam Gaye, Senior Special Agents for the US Drug Enforcement Administration who detained my husband in Liberia ", said Victoria Yaroshenko.

Mrs Yaroshenko also stated: "These people deserve to be on the list of U.S. citizens who are denied entry to Russia, published by the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. But we would like to get an answer from our Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Justice, if it would be possible to add to the list people who will hear the forthcoming appeal in the case of my husband, which is set for May 15".

She said that according to defense lawyers the time that they will be allowed to address the court of appeals in the case Yaroshenko will only be 8 minutes, while the U.S. prosecutor will have 12 minutes to speak, and that in itself creates unequal conditions in favor of the prosecution.

Victoria Yaroshenko has also reported that her husband is in urgent need of surgery and that this was agreed on by American doctors who examined her husband in St. Patrick’s Hospital. However, prison officials have ignored the requests of the Russian pilot to undergo a necessary operation and have notified the Russian Consulate General in New York that he is healthy.

It is clear that in this case, as Victoria Yaroshenko rightfully requests, that the list, if expanded, could grow to contain thousands of names. If Russian officials decide to do as the US has done they could follow up by listing those responsible for children’s rights violations, the deaths of Russian orphans and those responsible for a plethora of other illegal and questionable activities by the United States of America.

During the presentation by Hillary Clinton to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov several years back of a “reset” button, the US State Department made the mistake of calling “reset” “overload”, perhaps they did so on purpose, it seems that is what we have ended up with.

After a decade without trial Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike

22 March, 2013 18:40  

From the US President on down the world has been lied to again and again ad nauseum about the “War on Terror” and everything associated with it. They have been lied to about illegal aggressive invasions, the overthrowing of governments, the assassination of leaders, drones and the crowning jewel of U.S. arrogance, the illegal 21st century dungeon located at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Inside sources say almost all of the detainees in Guantanamo are on a mass hunger strike, however a general tells the world just a handful of prisoners are on “hunger strike light”. Can we believe them now?       

According to human rights workers and lawyers, about 150 of the approximately 167 hopeless, forgotten, tortured prisoners at the illegal U.S. “War on Terror” prison and interrogation facility at Guantanamo Bay Cuba are on a prolonged and most likely indefinite hunger strike.

For the helpless broken human beings that the ruthless, amoral, conscienceless, godless and insatiable U.S. war profiteers have held, almost all, without trial or redress for more than 11 years, this is their last resort, the last and final desperate plea for help from humiliated and broken souls in silent protest to treatment and conditions that have become no longer humanly bearable.

According to the U.K.’s Guardian a lawyer working on Guantanamo  “issues” and representing seven individuals at the illegal prison , Omar Farah, from the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights, the true number and condition of men at the prison who are on a hunger strike is in stark contrast to the watered-down figures stated by General John Kelly, the head of US Southern Command which is responsible for Guantanamo and U.S. military forces and operations in Latin America, to the House Armed Services Committee and being quoted by the world’s press.

In the Guardian, Mr. Farah is quoted as having said that Fahad Ghazy, an inmate from Yemen and his client, had recently told him that the number of those on a hunger strike is far greater than the official version: "They (the Pentagon) are not admitting the scale and scope of the hunger strike." He also said that in a telephone conversation with Mr. Ghazy, he was told that: “… all but two inmates in Guantánamo's Camp Six were on hunger strike, and that that likely represented almost 130 people. And ….some detainees at Camp Five were also on hunger strike.”      

Of course the U.S. Government and their spokes-tool General Kelly are going to downplay the desperate nature of the hopeless situation at Guantanamo, and spin as much propaganda as they can get away with, so their numbers and statements have to be taken with a grain of the harshest, most toxic rock salt possible.

According to the BBC and reports from the session, the General told the rubber-stamping House Armed Services Committee that “some prisoners were eating a bit, but not a lot." He later stated at a press briefing at the Pentagon that some of the prisoners were on what he callously and arrogantly labeled “hunger strike light”. He of course added that allegations that the Koran, the holiest book for the Muslim prisoners, most of whom are being held for over a decade without trial, was not mishandled.     

According to reports citing human rights workers, lawyers and others who have contact with the prisoners, the protests are due to the fact that the few photographs, letters and other meager and precious personal possessions of the men, are being confiscated and possibly destroyed. This along with the desecration of only thing they have that gives them strength, their Korans, and the sheer and utter hopelessness of their predicament, over which it appears no just or fair individual or body on Earth has any control, has led to the current mass hunger strikes.

The fact that all flights to and from the island are also soon to be cancelled and currently it is almost impossible for any outside forces to gain access to the prisoners and to the facility to observe what is really going on, make the believability of anything the US could possible say regarding the situation almost laughable, laughable if it were not for the horrors they are committing at the location.         

The deceptive illegal interrogation and torture facility, nothing more than a hellacious middle-age dungeon in the sun overlooking the sandy shores of a beautiful island, is the ultimate crowning jewel of U.S. arrogance and a continued symbol to the world that the United States of America is completely and utterly recalcitrant in its reckless, ruthless and bloody disregard for international law, human rights and humanity as a whole.

It is the ultimate sign to the world that those in power in the United States care nothing for the rule of law and will do anything to anyone if it advances their own agenda. It is also a showpiece for bloodthirsty callous American greed, hypocrisy and the true hypocritical nature of the U.S. President who promised to close it and those who continue to line their pockets and make billions at the expense of their fellow human beings.

This can in no way be more underlined or pronounced than recent news by RT and the Huffington Post that the temporary “torture and terror” prison, contrary to what have been proven to be lies by the Nobel Prize winning U.S. President, is not only NOT going to be closed, but is going to be expanded and a new $49 million prison is going to be built at the location.

Where is the international outcry? Where are screaming American taxpayers whose money is being used to illegally hold men who have not been charged or tried for over a decade in a despicable, disgusting and egregious parody of justice and an affront to all mankind? Why does Cuba do nothing to be rid of the abomination which is an affront to everything it stands for? The answer my friend is most likely nobody can do anything because those responsible and blood-sucking greed, tragically, now and for quite some time, rule the world.

Michael Ratner Was the Highest Profile Defender of Guantanamo Detainees - RIP


Medea Benjamin Co-Founder and Manager of Code Pink

The "Legal justification" for an Illegal Torture Prison

document for the illegal terror prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba

original document, dated August 18, 1994 and re-issued in 2004


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