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Greetings and Salutations patriots of a fallen America.
To understand our current state two characters and their enterprise present themselves: Republican Dick Cheney and Democrat George Tenet.
Let’s start with the roots of Cheney's enterage Halliburton. Kellogg brought Nazis to America and backed Texaco bank-rolling the Nazis and Standard Oil whose head Rockefeller created and funded Nazi eugenics.
Kellogg which is the K behind Halliburton subsidiary KBR was instrumental in building the bomb.
George Bush Senior worked in Dresser Incorporated, while his father, Nazi supporting Prescott Bush, directed Dresser Inc. Declassified documents suggest George Bush would go on to be instrumental in the CIA plot against JFK.
Dresser poisoned structures with Asbestos and became part of Halliburton.
Meanwhile Dick Cheney was being arrested on multiple drunk driving charges Or getting arrested for public drunkenness.
KBR built about 90% of some military branches infrastructure for the Vietnam War and funded LBJ's political career to have him fan the war-industry-flames.
Meanwhile Dick Cheney dodged the draft elaborately on five different occasions.
But strangely he went from there to being a part of the Trilateral Commission which came from and controls the Bilderberg’s and Council on Foreign Relations.
Dick Cheney then went to Congress and voted against rape and incest exceptions to an abortion ban.
He also voted against making a Martin Luther King Day
Not surprising when one considers Cheney called Nelson Mandela a terrorist.
Cheney voted against Head Start
And he voted against creating a Department of Education
He was also key in getting Dan Coats into politics who now serves as today's Director of National Intelligence turning the full power of the intelligence agency against whistle blowers- whose protection has recently been destroyed in Congress.
Then as Ford's Chief of Staff Cheney foreshadowed the Wolfowitz Doctrine setting up CIA pre-emptive, or unprovoked, attack on Cambodia.
Cheney was pulled into Ford's cabinet by Rumsfeld; a favor returned under Dubya when self-appointed Vice-President Cheney brought the dubious Mister Rumsfeld back as Defense Secretary.
Halliburton got big with corrupt Lehman Brothers.
Meanwhile future Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet was working with Bush Senior and Saudi Intelligence on Operation Cyclone which incorporated the Taliban, CIA Operatives that called themselves Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden which they would continue to fund almost to the point of 9-11.
Cheney was getting into the bankster game with Solomon Smith and Barney.
And got on the board of Procter and Gamble. Cheney, as he engaged in Bush Seniors cabinet, started going to the Bilderburgesque Alfalfa Club.
And as Secretary for Defense Cheney was preparing the profiteering on Mid-East oil before the first Gulf War. Meeting with Saudi officials to secure the Kuwaiti oil-field.
A dry run for Iraq Cheney unleashed on Panama going after former CIA employee Noriega.
This was called Operation Just Cause
After Panama Cheney solidified Saudi-Oil ties to militarize fracking.
All the military bases occupying countries in the Mid-East particularly with armies at holy-sites were ushered in high gear by Operation Desert Storm
This Storm brewed occupation triggered the resentment of Mid-East CIA agents in the region who called themselves Al Qaeda- it was then with former US asset Osama Bin-Laden that they went rouge.
Defense Secretary Dick Cheney under the first elder Bush gave Brown and Root, the B and R in KBR of Halliburton,
a multi-million-dollar contract to conduct a study as to what to privatize in the military,
a job Brown and Root was in. They of course said everything.
Cold War Hawks formed NATO to intimidate Russia;
and NATO lost its relevance when Russia's allies in the Warsaw Pact disbanded as the USSR fell after the Gulf War.
NATO could have been disbanded but Cheney vied to keep the war-creating NATO at play.
Cheney started immediately fear-mongering that nukes would proliferate to dangerous governments- even though NATO had done just that: arming Turkey with more nukes than anywhere in Europe.
Cheney found himself directing the Council on Foreign Relation an elitist think tank for corporate overthrow of the world.
Where George Tenet could also be found.
It was in 1997 that CIA Director George Tenet did his last National Intelligence Estimate on terrorism. During his career into the War on Terror no NEIs were actually done on terrorism.
Acting CIA Director George Tenet had a mentor that got Tenet's stay into Dubya's cabinet. That man is David Boren who taught 9-11 kamikaze pilots how to fly in his University of Oklahoma's airport.
Cheney worked with Enron, and Halliburton has the Enron-piss-poor-marketing-strategy: lie about your stock making planned revenue actual; bolstering executive pay while creating a bubble to crash unwitting investors.
KBR built the NATO infrastructure in the Balkans to bomb Kosovo for Rothschild corporate colonization.
And Kosovo was being bombed on direction of the Atlantic Council of which George Tenet is a directing member.
While Kosovo was being hit Tenet was using CIA drones to bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade as well.
And after that test was done as explained as an accident then Tenet started the tradition of not disclosing any details of the CIA budget.
George Tenet had surveillance on the Recruiter of the 9-11 pilots but felt no need to warn anybody. In addition, he passed up on an easy seizure of Osama Bin Laden on ten different occasions.
George Tenet clearly could have prevented the attack but then he would not have the excuse to expand the Special Operations Activity- known simply as "The Activity" across the world.
Cheney, like Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, were on the world-conquering-for-oil trip before we had a domestic act of terrorism to blame it on. In the group, Project for a New American Century, they tried to get their invasion on in 1998. And then in 2000 they preferred the idea they needed an act of terrorism to get things rolling.
despite such activity under Dick Cheney's rule because of inflated stock and asbestos he was bombing as CEO until he figured out how to run as Halliburton CEO while being Vice President.
Cheney as Vice President actually decided he was in an unspecified fourth branch of government which has all the benefits of the known three and none of the regulations.
As Vice President he used his position to squash any contradictory information; including silencing the Center for Disease Control's health risk reports on global warming.
And the only thing transparent about Cheney is this cartoon in his likeness.
We know Rumsfeld at the Pentagon said they were going to be hit by a plane and backed by Cheney, the Pentagon which has more than enough anti-missile capacity, was told not to defend itself.
George Tenet was ready with the Worldwide Attack Matrix which was the foundation for the endless War on Terror.
Cheney already had the all secondary positions covered. He had hired in a shadow government as all the deputies and under-secretaries while the world was distracted by the Bush-Gore election fuckery.
And Cheney put his good buddy Paul Wolfowitz second in command at the Pentagon.
Wolfowitz came up with doctrine of pre-emptive strikes: or causeless war.
Then Cheney put together a false intelligence agency in the Pentagon's basement made up from weapons contractors in order to make up clearly false intelligence that the real intelligence agencies were contradicting.
Rumsfeld used his bullshit intelligence commission to further the missiles he was also paid to lobby for.
Along with Anti-Satellite missiles.
And land based laser systems.
George Tenet played along with false intelligence reports: like that Saddam had nukes.
He also told Bush proving weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a "slam dunk case".
During Tenet's dictatorship Bush gave him full reign for CIA torture to back up made up claims.
Agents questioning false intelligence were outed destroying covert careers.
And the first order of business was connecting Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein which is insane: they were enemies.
George Tenet was found to have even forged a letter linking the two.
And of course, that false intelligence warned of weapons of mass destruction.
Halliburton shares PR and marketing with Big Tobacco.
Which may have helped sucker Cheney's affiliates into employing Halliburton for Iraq when Halliburton was doing business with them and other countries that the Bush administration had labeled the Axis of Evil.
And they continued to do so after being employed in war
And anyone who didn't like it according to Cheney could go fuck themselves.
Cheney is a grizzly character.
And the people who knew him as Secretary of Defense under Bush Senior knew he knew better.
Right and Left alike know that Cheney used Iraq as a business opportunity.
And as Cheney launched into the endless conquesting wars, a relic from the Nixon years, he kept repeating deficits do not matter.
Neither do bouncing House banking checks apparently, Under Cheney's direction the House bounced 25.
Cheney urged Congress to create the Halliburton Loophole which protects them from environmental regulation.
Cheney also took the initiative with the Patriot Act and started the dreaded NSA PRISM program.
In fact, he started the NSA wire-tapping citizens in masse.
But it's George Tenet who put the teeth in a multiplicity of bizarre private data stalking companies of which he would head like L-1 Identity Solutions.
And Allen and Company which is in every big data field.
Allen & Company act now as the new Bilderberg’s. Sun Valley Idaho is cleared out annually for billionaires with their jets to come in and plot the takeover of Earth with technocracy. The intelligence communities are being involved and the most recent attendance included Jared Kushner.
Jared had come under internet scrutiny being named on Your News Wire as a Mossad agent behind the controversial Trump Zionism and at the very least into the occult Jewish practice of Chabad which operates in some similar ways and seems to keep a stranglehold on marrying presidential daughters.
Tenet also runs forensic Guidance Software.
Morph Trust USA.
And the CIA gadget investment company that brought surveillance through all your smart devices: InQTel.
As well as Palantir Technologies which ushered in the predictive crime of Minority Report.
And he befriended Senate computer surveilling future intelligence director John O Brennan. Meanwhile Cheney was keeping several man-sized safes in his office for some reason.
Halliburton's KBR also tricks locals in invading countries to work for them then locks them in a prison camp.
They also built counterinsurgency training posts in Afghanistan which are a fucking joke.
But sometimes it gets pretty dark; as they are the company that built Guantanamo.
George Tenet said that Al Qaeda had learned techniques to resist interrogation so torture, euphemistically called "enhanced interrogation", was necessary.
It’s on the Guantanamo construct that enough domestic FEMA camps to house one sixth of the population have been built. See how Cheney and Tenet have been fucking the world. Look for Part two how Cheney and Tenet are fucking you now.

VIDEO25NEW ZeroSec DeepState Dox 16 Part 2


06DD16 PART 2 : ZeroSec DeepState Dox 16

Here is the dox link:

Today there are sightings all over the country of Walmart's being put in as a shell and then seemingly converted to prisons.
People like Cheney could Americanize that Guantanamo torture too, considering Cheney has never had anything but support of inhumanity.
The CIA hid post 9-11 torture programs from Congress for 9 years.

Tenet's CIA trumped the known torture however. Redacted from any information the public knows is the outsourced torture camps.
The CIA abducts people and spirits them away to these secret sites where no one will ever know of their screams.
Human Rights watch has been trying to prosecute Tenet as a war criminal. But US officials are historically above the law.
Despite critique Cheney would claim he would set up torture programs all over again.
Dick Cheney never showed an ounce of regret after he shot a guy in his face.
Halliburton is a danger to their truckers who convoy into hostile territory with permission to carry weapons.
Meanwhile arrogant Dick goes nowhere without 20 car motorcades.
The US Marines rekindled the Vietnam era nickname for Brown and Root: Burn and Loot. Sickness is brought in clouds of smoke as KBR burns tires, lithium batteries, asbestos insulation, pesticide containers, Styrofoam, metals, paints, plastic, medical waste and even human corpses by military camps
while constantly sending poisoned water.
Going in one's army tent was no relief as the tents were also poisoned by Halliburton's ineptitude.
And a Halliburton shower could kill you.
And if you do not die from a shower you might get sick from water even worse than that one drinks.
Sickness will only get worse in Halliburton backed medical facilities.
Halliburton's KBR sets up tax shells, which doubled under Cheney's rule, so no taxes come back to the US.
And functioning headquarters left Houston to set up in Dubai.
KBR overcharges; stealing from tax-payers outright.
Charles Smith got canned from the Department of Defense for pointing out extra billions going to KBR for no reason.
Despite the firing of Smith. multi-billion-dollar overages continue to be reported to Congress.
Cheney has set up a steady stream of subsidies to Halliburton on top of this.

George Tenet also got in on the growing privatization of military with QinetiQ.
Cheney has been called Satan, Prince of Darkness and Darth Vader so much he responds to those names.
Meanwhile George Tenet would write a book on 9-11 filled with so many lies that sited people were proving the impossibility of his claims on page one.
Other verified accounts went against his 9-11 Commission testimonies; not that there weren't enough present verifiable lies at the time of the commission.
Cheney blocked a rare no-evil move of Condoleezza Rice brokering a deal to get North Korea not to develop nuclear weapons.
Halliburton has shit security having had Petrobras computers stolen while in their custody.
KBR continues to have a hold on our wars in defiance of common sense.
The Deepwater Horizon false flag was indicated by BP's CEO and Goldman Sachs dumping stock before the spill. Halliburton then made money off the cleanup team and they pled guilty to the George Soros masterminded BP oil spill making disaster capitalists rich, while BP was dodging complicity. And Halliburton's punishment for the worst ecological disaster in history? The joke of 20 thousand dollars.

And continues to have no-bid, AKA no competition, in contracts.
While those huge overages go into massive employee and lobbying kickbacks.

The hydrofracking Halliburton invented destroys water supplies.
When we had a treaty with Iran, war-hungry Cheney said we were the closest to nuclear war since World War 2.
Cheney left the Department of Defense and joined the American Enterprise Institute: a neo-con war think tank.
He still works with intelligence and mercenaries in the private sector as does Halliburton. Halliburton works with Rothschild owned Iraqi intelligence and terrorist organization Diligence.

Quite as sinister are the many brutal gang-tapes in Halliburton.
After Jones came forward 40 more women followed having almost identical experiences. However, Halliburton put a rape clause in their contracts which keep them from repercussion.
And if it’s open season on their own employees you can imagine what happens to the discard able strangers.
Dick Cheney made good money for his team off a criminally run war.
Meanwhile Cheney makes a cool 90 million from the government muscle put behind this evil company.

With a war denial that baffles: he even seems to have forgotten Native American genocide.
And it’s that capacity to twist reality that connects Cheney with the Young Americans for Freedom National Advisory Board which brainwash incoming neo-conservatives.
Cheney continues to create propaganda for legislation with Comey and Weinberger in the National Legal Center for the Public Interest. And he works tactic and strategy with Rumsfeld and McCain in the Jamestown Foundation.

And with Woosely Cheney operates as a non-Jewish Advisor of neo-con Zionist group Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs or JINSA.
He's a part of The Business Council with the worst of the elites.

Cheney is also a member of the bizarre Bohemian Cub.
Halliburton in recent past became the oil rig monopoly after joining with Baker and Hughes

The only one who has gotten in any trouble since the SEC started its investigations in 2002 is the Vice of Cheney's Vice CEO who got in trouble for bribes in Nigeria that are sadly perfectly legal when used as the business model in the US.
And such an incitement is hard to get considering Halliburton contracts give immunity to legal repercussion; but there is no contract for bribes.

For example, of Official Immunity, ask the International Criminal Court in Hague who has been going after Cheney for a long time.

And Cheney needs not Halliburton to screw the world. His Genie Oil with Murdoch and Rothschild drills the Golan Bank against the Geneva convention and this part of Syria cannot be drilled without military intervention.
And his influence over the White House is not a history lesson: he has the ears of the current administration and instilled Tillerson into Secretary of Defense- a dangerous man leading the modern incarnation of Rockefeller oil and responsible for multiple counts of torture camps for oil before he had the weight of being in one of the strongest official positions in the United States Government.

But most frighteningly he is the idol of one Mike Pence who is running the same sort of shadow takeover under a grandstanding president.
And Dick's co-author, co-conspirator and in every evil way daughter has taken over his Congressional Seat following in Dick's footsteps, as she's seen here defending her Dad on torture.
Also, quick to jump on the false flag of the Russian Hack Dick's response is, of course, calling for war.

We Are Legion,

We Do Not Forget

We Do Not Forgive

Expect Us.

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anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons

hypothesis based intelligence
The 1976 ‘Team B’, which was also heavily influenced by neoconservatives and used the same methodology, has been recognized as a precedent to the OSP(edited) There is, however, another precedent, the 1998 Rumsfeld Commission, which challenged CIA predictions on the ballistic missile threat to the US. Lobbied for by many of the same conservatives and neoconservatives, the Commission used the same analytical style as Team B and the OSP land-based laser systems.

Rumsfeld was already a card-carrying member of the missile defense lobby before he chaired the Congressionally mandated commission on the Third World missile threat that was used to jump start the NMD program at a point when it had reached a dead end in the Republican-led Congress.  In response, Direct During a meeting at Camp David George W. Bush agreed to adopt a plan proposed by CIA director George Tenet. This plan consisted of conducting a covert war in which CIA paramilitary officers would cooperate with anti-Taliban guerillas inside Afghanistan. The new strategy was called the "Worldwide Attack Matrix".


We will not forgive. We will not forget. Expect us.




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