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04-02-2024 - 03-30-2024 - For the month of march we received two donations. The funds were used to partially pay for our physical location "office/data center".

Thanks go out to:

1. Sparrow Hawk from the Iroqouis Confederacy - Thank you!

2. J - Thank you!

3. 04-02-2024 Vasily Vasilev from VK - Thank you!

4. Ekaterina - Thank you!

5. J AGAIN! - Thank you!

6. LS - Thank you!


Donate Tiny List of Shame: Notable Attempts to Damage JAR2

1. An "Anonymous" group in Germany which decided to appropriate LULZSEC org and JAR2 for its own purposes and started publishing inaccurate information (lies disguised as "mistakes") about the site's owner and JAR2, including a video they published saying JAR2 is not Russian.

2. A Fake News outlet in the West publishing information slandering our humanitarian work.

3. Ukrainian ex-wife and their corrupt mafia officials in Russia.


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Dear Possible Donors, Investors and Supporters,

Hope you are all doing well and have managed to survive the COVID horrors and everything else that has transpired during the past few years.
I haven’t written to any of you in a very long time and so much has changed since my Twitter days and my lifetime ban. Of course due to my lifetime bans and my “cancellation” from Twitter and every other platform in the West, I had no chance to try to inform you about the COVID genocide or the vaccines or anything else. However is still on-line like the Alexandria Library of Truth and the Citadel that it has become.


The fact is that jar2 has now become larger than me or anything I could have dreamed of. With the death of not only investigative journalism but ALL journalism, jar2 is truly the last site of its kind in the world. I continue to go through hell to keep my baby jar2 on-line and continue to struggle in myriad ways I will not even go into and as former supporters of truth and my struggle I ask you to show your support again and make a small donation to my son who needs an operation and is too proud to start a GoFund me or ask anyone.


After 20 years on-line now needs to find serious investors to expand, promote and make it more accessible worldwide. 20 years on-line is an eternity but jar2 has survived that long and continues to maintain a steady traffic rate. You may not agree with me, you may not believe what I have published in my articles in support of Russia you may even hate me, but is no longer about me and should not be, it is about the leaks and files and articles and interviews that have been published on its pages. With the upcoming transfer of Julian Hawkins (Assange) to the USA SuperMax prison is now more important than ever and I ask you to support what is truly the last free truth site in the world.
I am looking for investors, partners or even an individual who wants to buy the group of sites outright. I am almost 60 years old now and have already paid too high a price for the truth.


Respectfully yours,
John Robles II (jar2)


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All of the JAR2 sites are charity projects and not funded by any body, person or entity, we survive only on the funds of its owner and occassional donations. Our mission is to bring banned and silenced truth to the masses by curation, leaks, releases, articles and the publishing of evidence and documents showing violations of international law, war crimes, crimes against humanity and at the core exposing the state sponsored terrorist attacks of 911. We attempt to expose the lies against Russia and the Russian World and bring you truth that those in the West find inconvenient about Russia. We exist only for the truth and operate only through very small donations and gifts from our readers. We fight for peace and the sovereignty of nations and oppressed peoples around the world and are against the New World Order and the attempt by NATO to take over the world and force nations into their GDP protection racket. Thank you.




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