September 02, 2015

Press Release

Today was supposed to have been a wonderful day. It was the first of September and thus Day of Knowledge here in Russia and as a teacher I should have been celebrating a day marked by a return to work and a return to my students, but rather than that it was another day in which I had to tolerate humiliation, insult and an attack on my dignity as a human being because I am an asylee. It continues to be unbelievable how much hell I have to go through on a daily basis due to the duplicity of what seems to be a majority of the people I live amidst who I have been fighting for years to protect and to educate.

After my renunciation of US citizenship first in front of the US Embassy here in Moscow and then at the Bike Show in Crimea in front of tens of thousands of viewers and a live television audience my employer decided to not prolong my contract leaving me with no source of income again. It seems that it is becoming fashionable to leave me with nothing to survive on. What is more frustrating is that the media has also refused to publish or write anything about the events and the interviews that I gave on the matter have not been published or broadcast. There is definitely a hidden hand here at work and there seems to be no way that I can beat the goliath.

My termination (or rather the legal refusal to prolong my contract) was a personal and political attack by an individual in the company where I worked who has been engaged in a rather simple and obvious campaign against me for some time. During the discussion today nothing was said about the job I was doing (and in in fact it was admitted I was doing a good job) the individual who I will not name (in order to deprive said person of the satisfaction of me admitting they damaged me and to protect myself from any legal moves against me) but an array of personal attacks and accusations was launched against me.

The individual at the organization where I worked (who I will also not name in order to prevent them from launching some sort of legal action as well) at first refused to tell me what the refusal to prolong my contract was about but when I insisted he/she launched on an attack targeting my asylum status, my recent divorce, my refusal to allow my personal information to be disseminated and my complaints about previous maltreatment and problems in getting my salary. This person was completely aware about my renunciation of US citizenship and my recent trip to Crimea yet purposefully made no mention of that nor of the demands by Alpha Bank that I provide them with personal information for the US Government. When I mentioned the topic she stated that it was normal and legal (which it is not) and it is also normal for them to provide personal information about their employees to their clients and prospective clients.

With regard to the information he/she had wanted to release, the issue was about my asylum and my status and details regarding said which are protected even by the Russian Government in order to protect my safety. When I informed her of that he/she launched on a diatribe and a disgusting nasty attack about how I was not Edward Snowden (yet believe myself to be) and how I am nobody. (The fact that I had asylum 7 years before Snowden showed up never dawned on her.) She also made disparaging comments about my divorce, child support and activism. None of these things has anything to do with my work as a business/general English teacher.

The issue began about a month and a half ago when this person called me and wanted to know details about my asylum. They said they wanted to give it to clients. Since this company almost exclusively services American Corporations this was of course a problem for me and in fact as their employee it was their responsibility to protect my information and being in Russia with asylum from the United States in particular protect my status and information about me here from American interests. The person then said she would no longer give me work and offer me clients which lo and behold was the reason given for not renewing my contract, namely there is no work for me.

The loss of the job was not too bad, this was the worst company I have ever worked for in terms of pay and benefits and conditions and I am sure the small salary I was making will not be difficult to make up and I will no longer have to get up at 5 am and get home at midnight and run all over Moscow at my own expense for a mere two lessons, but the fact that someone would so openly and brazenly attack me on a personal level and demand private, personal and protected information for US interests, from me a person with asylum is unbelievable.

This is just one reason I am asking for citizenship and just one of the humiliating things one has to go through as a refugee. Who exactly runs this school and what their connections are to the US Government and Alpha Bank is being investigated.

Thank you.     

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You can read more about me on my site at www.jar2.com. Thank you.

My resume can be found here John Anthony Robles II