Tom Hoefling Candidate for President of the United States

Striving to Destroy Two-Party-Paradigm in US

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Tom Hoefling, the presidential candidate for the America’s Party in the US, spoke to the Voice of Russia regarding two-party system in the US. "It is almost impossible for up and coming young party in our country. It is a struggle and it takes a lot of work from many people." The main focus for his party is to protect individual rights to life, liberty, and private property. He says the US election process is a propaganda show.

This is John Robles I'm speaking with Tom Hoefling, he's the presidential candidate for the America’s Party in the US.


Robles: First question I would like to ask is about third party candidates in the United States. What obstacles do you see that may be unfair for third party candidates in the U.S.?

Hoefling: We are striving to destroy this two-party-paradigm in this country. To take on this two party monopoly that we are faced with we encounter many, many obstacles. The system is kind of rigged working against us and so we are having to get creative and overcome those obstacles state by state.

Robles: What are some of the obstacles that you have seen?

Hoefling: We have fairly high burdens for signatures to get on ballets in a lot of states. OT varies wildly between the states. All the way from fairly easy to get on the ballot, all the way to almost impossible for an up and coming young party in our country, so it’s a struggle and it takes a lot of work on the part of a lot of people.

Ours is a completely citizen-lead grassroots effort. We accept no funds and we spend no money. It is entirely grassroots and citizen-lead. We were able to make it possible though for 74.5% of the electors to vote for us in this election. Interestingly the exact same total Abraham Lincoln had available to him in 1860 in our country.

Robles: Where do you see the election going right now? People are already voting, do you have any predictions?

Hoefling: I don’t have any predictions we have a policy, of pretty much dissuading the standard of right, the original principals that this country was founded on, and we kind of leave the results to God. So, I really don’t know how things will turn out today, I just know that what we are doing is worthwhile and we are educating a lot of people across this country and so we are just going to keep right on doing what we are doing.

Robles: What are some of the main positions of your Party? Especially issues that are not being represented by the Republicans and the Democrats.

Hoefling: That’s a great question, in the first place our first assertion is a principle we find in our Declaration of Independence – that all the rights are God-given, not man-given and therefore are unalienable, it also says that’s why we have government – any government is to protect individual rights to life, liberty, and private property. And so that’s our main focus, right there.

Robles: Do you see any issues with separation of church and state? Do you think that church and the state should be closer or further apart?

Hoefling: Well, you know, in this country, in our constitution we have: “no religious tests are allowed”, meaning no official religious test to run for office, but still we have a system of, we are supposed to have a system of self-government and representation. So, those representatives or individuals, we hope that they are people of good character with their foundation in an understanding of their obligation to God and their fellow men. So we don’t believe in a separation of church and state in that way. We want our representatives to go into office and act on the same moral basis that America was founded on, and which made it such a great nation.

Robles: Do you believe that any religion held by any candidate would be adequate? Or do you support certain religions?

Hoefling: Well again, we have no formal religious test, but we believe that the individual citizen of this country... Which under our system, the people are sovereign in America under God, that they can make their decision on who to vote for and who to represent them based on anything they want, including somebody’s religious beliefs.

Robles: What are some issues you think Republicans are not championing enough?

Hoefling: They are not doing anything to stop our “Abortion Holocaust” in this country. They aren’t not doing anything to protect our institution of marriage and a natural family. They are not securing our borders. They’re spending our great-grandchildren into oblivion. So there is a whole long list of things that both the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for. And we see little difference in the two. We call it “one Socialist beast with two heads”. Even if you switch parties the next leg is going to swing forward. But the direction is always the same – towards the breakdown of America’s prosperity, our security and all of the other things that government is supposed to exist to protect.

Robles: Would you characterize your party is being to the far-right, or left, or in the middle?

Hoefling: To most people's way of thinking I think you would describe us as right, but I think we are straight up the middle in terms of the founding principles of our country. I believe we are four-square with the founders of our republic and with our constitution. Right up the middle. And we also represent a large majority of this country, of the people. I really believe that they want what we are offering. We haven’t exactly been able to get our message to them quite yet, to the degree that we must do to ultimately succeed.

Robles: I’ve heard that… What you just said about the “Two heads of one beast” as far as the US political system goes, I’ve heard that a lot from parties that are more to the left. What exactly… Okay you say your message is not getting out enough, what exactly, briefly, can you tell us what your message is?

Hoefling: Again, our message is that we must have representatives in this country that stand for the original principles of this country. Everyone we elect in any office in this country, they swear an oath to God to protect our constitution, and so we are urging folks in this country to return to those core principles, to stop compromising them for any politician, and then to band together to retake self-government back into their own hands. Right now we have a political system that is almost solely controlled by the media and the money interests, not controlled by the people. It’s phony, it’s fake, it’s contrived, and we want to truly, not just in some slogan but truly put the power back into the hands of the people of this country.

Robles: Would you say that the US political process and the US government due to that process is owned and controlled by corporations?

Hoefling: Yes, and other powerful interests, Yeah it has been handed over to the media interests and of course those interests are owned by conglomerates. So absolutely. And also it is the money interests.

Robles: Do you feel like you have been wrongfully excluded from the debate process? I’m sure your party and other third party candidates have a lot of very articulate and good things to say, but nobody hears them because of the two party debate process. How do you feel about that?

Hoefling: I do, ahem, the presidential debate commission is a joke. It’s run by left-wingers in both major parties and we are totally excluded. The people I represent, who I would describe broadly as moral conservatives: we are not represented in any way in this presidential process in the general election, at all. I was not allowed into any of the debates, and it’s part of that phony process I was just describing. It’s a show! It is a propaganda show!


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