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February 2014 Part 1: Canada's $650 Trillion Indian Trust Being Stolen

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It is an already centuries old conspiracy of exploitation and theft beginning with the Catholic Church's Doctrine of Discovery that allowed Europeans to commit genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Americas and steal their lands and resources as long as the Church received a share of the spoils.

To this day the exploitation of stolen lands continues as does the abuse and theft of trusts that were set up for the indigenous peoples.

The Indian Trust in Canada is worth approximately $650 trillion and the Indian Trust in the US holds at least $450 billion at any one time, yet these monies are never given to the indigenous people and they continue to be controlled, held and exploited by the invaders who are controlling the system. Legally Canada is a Corporation which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and according to Mohawk Nation Elder Kahentinetha Horn the Corporation of Canada is being dissolved and the Indian Trust is being absconded with to Europe. In an interview with the Voice of Russia Ms. Horn says the indigenous people of North America, who have no recourse, wish to meet with President Putin. She calls Russians, as the indigenous people of Russia, allies, and calls for unity against a shared enemy.

Hello, this is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn, she is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan and the owner and publisher of Mohawknews.com . She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.

Robles: Hello, Kahentinetha. It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again.

Horn: Hi. Russia is always in the news, that is all we see on the TV and I saw and am learning quite a bit about Russia. That is a very nice place to go, seems like it.

Robles: Yeah, actually it is, really, despite the bad propaganda. I love it here.

Horn: So, the big news is that Canada is joining the US and the UN Control Grid. You know the Program Agenda 21?

Robles: No, I'm not too familiar with that. Please, tell us what is that? What is Agenda 21?

Horn: That is a plan that has been worked out since the 1970s and it is now in effect and the United Nations, which is another corporation, is going to have an army, and it is going to run the world. It is going to be like a great big "Department of Indian Affairs."

The way I see it; lawyers… there is a big legal firm here that works for the government, for the Corporation of Canada , and these lawyers are fleeing and it was so, well, it looks sudden, but it was on Wednesday that this big announcement took place.

And they are basically saying: "Let's get out of here while the going is good." And a lot are joining an American and United Nations law firm called Piper , it is an international law firm and it is run out of the United Nations.

They are the ones that are going to be drafting all the rules and regulations for the bankers worldwide.

So they are going to take all the money from us that they've stolen, which are being put into offshore accounts, you know, so that nobody can touch it. And this has been something that has been going on for a while.

The former head of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney  left last July and he has gone over to become the head of Bank of England. And he is the one that ..we have a huge huge Indian trust fund over $600 trillion, the largest in the world, this is what is going to be moved, or is being moved, if it hasn’t already been moved. So he has gone over to England to do this.

Now the law firm, just to tell you a little bit about it, it is the home to quite a few Prime Ministers, to Supreme Court Judges, Federal, Provincial politicians. When they don’t work in government anymore that is where they go. And this law firm’s job is to take the heat of the bankers. That is their main job.

So now they are all jumping ship and a lot of them are going back to what I call the fatherland, you know, like one of them I personally know, he has got two homes in France. And that is where he is going to go and live.

Now as far as I'm concerned these criminals should be going to jail, they should be rotting in jail. And they don’t want to go back over to Europe on a slave ship, the way they came in, because they are saying: "I'm going first class." And that is all there is to it.

They think that because they are in the process of surrendering, you know, they are going to decide how they are going to surrender because they are a bunch of crooks. Now their law firm is dissolving and the Corporation of Canada is dissolving.

Robles: For listeners could you please give a quick background about what the Corporation of Canada exactly is? Because a lot of people don’t know about it, it is not publicized and for our listeners the only time they may have heard about it was if they had heard your previous interview. What is the Corporation of Canada?

Horn: Canada and the US are both corporations that have shareholders which are the bankers, they are the shareholders. And they have come to Canada and to the US and they have placed their corporations here in order to take out all of our resources and use up the land, completely destroy our land.

Now they are taking the money and they are leaving. And they are dissolving their corporation because they are at the point where they are getting a lot of resistance by our people, by the true owners of the land and all of the resources. And I'm talking not just of resources, but the earth and the air and the water. This all belongs to indigenous people.

Now the Corporation of Canada is a foreign corporation. But now they are dissolving and as far as I could see they are leaving. But in the meantime they are bringing in new immigrants to Canada and these are from India and I don’t know where they are from, but they are immigrants with loads of money and they are not told who owns the land and they are already starting to set up businesses and they are starting to steal everything that their predecessors have left behind.

So we are seeing this now. They get money and they get help from these people to set this up and their job is to continue the genocide because the genocide was never completed by these people. We are still here. And we are complaining and we are standing up to them. And we have a lot of people with us who are standing up to them.

And Canada doesn’t have a Constitution that can override the bylaws of the Corporation of Canada rules and it is a pretend democracy and it is all based on theft and abuse.

Prime Minister Harper is strengthening the corporate rules and police system. He is going to set up private prisons for about 50,000 new prisoners that can be warehoused in these prisons. And it is all going to be done privately. So it is private money and private prisons . I think it is mostly meant for the indigenous people.

We are going continue to be surrounded by razor wire, by the Department of Indian Affairs and this phony law, fake law, they call the Indian Act. It has always been a division of the Canadian army and so is the RCMP.

So as I said the Corporation like any corporation is being dissolved, the shareholders are now trying to steer this dissolution in their favor. And we are… one of the things that we want, we want a list of shareholders of the Corporation of Canada. They should be charged with genocide and theft. And they are going to go off with about $650 trillion of our Indian Trust Fund.

And I think that the world wants to help us. I think that everybody in the world wants to help us. Am I right or am I wrong?

Robles: I think you are right. Are they going to leave Canada and if the Corporation and all the people behind it actually leave Canada and return to Europe? Where does that leave Canada as a nation?

Horn: Well, those people that are being left behind, they are left holding the bag and they are the ones that don't understand what is going on, they don’t see it. No matter how much you explain it to them and you tell them they do not see it because they are the people that are used to be taken care of and being ordered around and being obedient. That is the kind of people they are.

So these people are staying. We are going to end up having to take care of these people.

Robles: Again.

Horn: But you know… Yeah!

Now what happened? This is what happened in Iceland and I think that is what they are afraid of. In Iceland, the people, they got a new constitution and they put all their bankers and politicians in jail for what they did.

Remember 2008 what they did in Iceland? They completely robbed those banks and the politicians were helping them. So they rewrote their constitution and they took away the money machine.

You see, once you take the money machine, they are going to leave. But as far as I'm concerned we are going to take away their money machine and they are going to have to pay everything back. That is what I’m saying.

Robles: How do you think that can be done? How do you think you can stop the money from leaving Canada? It may already be somewhere else.

Horn: Well, it might be and it might not.                       

Robles: Is there anything that you can do or that we can do to stop that?

Horn: Well, I think we have to start opening diplomatic channels and we’d like to meet with Mr. Putin.

Robles: I see.

Horn: He is the only one that I see that stands up to Obama. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of Obama.

Robles: How is that going with the United Nations? I remember you told me last time we talked that you had filed papers… I believe with the United Nations about the corporation of Canada. Is that correct?

Horn: The United Nations is a corporation that the bankers in London created. They created that corporation. In order to be a member of the United Nations you have to be a corporate nation and the bankers run everything. They are running everything.

We have been seeing it coming for a while. We saw in the last couple of days that the henchman of the Corporation of Canada and the bankers are all leaving, the lawyers who safeguard the system, they are the ones who take care of it for the corporation. They are all leaving.

I know suddenly they are gone, they are going. They were packing up and leaving when I called.

Robles: This is unbelievable. What is going to be left behind and what kind of recourse might you have? I mean it is going to be kind of hard, you know, to go after them in their own legal system. So, what can you do? What can we do?

Horn: What is going to happen when the corporation dissolves?

Robles: What do you think what is going to happen? I have no idea that is why I’m asking you.

Horn: They’ve got us by the throat, it is through their corporation.

Robles: Right.

Horn: When that dissolves, then what? One of the things that I remember thinking about Russia, I don't know how you feel about the Tsar, it was a long time ago, but he really liked the Indians. He was very fond of the Indians.

Robles: Kahandinetha, let me tell you a little story. I'd like to get your reaction to it. It came out last summer and there were some geneticists, they were doing study on a very ancient native indigenous North American boy that was frozen somewhere. And they actually discovered Russian DNA in this boy, quite a large quantity over 40 percent or something.

Horn: Was this in Alaska?

Robles: I don’t remember the details. I can't say, it was somewhere in North America, maybe it was in Canada, or somewhere. It was in the north.

Horn: Well, Alaska..it would be around there in Alaska because there is that land bridge. But anyway I'm just going to tell you what I think, ok?

Robles: Yes, sure, please, please.

Horn: Putin is a descendent, I guess of people that used to work, I don’t think that he was part of that royal family, the Romanovs, but he was a descendent of the people who did work with them. And then they were all killed by the English oligarchs.

I think they saw Romanov as a very weak link. So, Putin has come up and risen up there and he is very powerful.

Robles: Yes, he is.

Horn: Putin is, I think, the only man that everybody is afraid of. Obama is afraid of him.

The Russians are not in the same situation as the people over here who are just part of a corporation. The Russians are not part of a corporation. You are the indigenous people of that land. Well, as far as I'm concerned today the pipeline we were talking about…

Robles: Kahandinetha, you were going to say something about the Tsar.

Horn: I said, the Tsar liked the indigenous people and as far as I'm concerned, you, the Russian people, are our allies. You are our allies, you are indigenous people, we are the indigenous people, and as far as I'm concerned there is that old saying "any enemy of my enemy is my ally." So you, the Russian people, are our allies.

So we would like to meet Mr. Putin. And we would like to talk about what is happening here. Because these crooks, these criminals, are fleeing and they think that they are going to take everything they can with them. But we are going to put them on galleys, those galley slave ship, and go the way you came as far as I’m concerned. That is how I feel about them. I guess I'm not very nice. But look what they did to us, over a hundred million of us, so..That is the biggest Holocaust in all humanity.

Robles: Now the pipeline if we could because I think it is going to be something that is going to galvanize the nations and the tribes to finally rise up. What do you think?

Horn: You know, the Mohawks, are the Keepers of the Eastern Door, because that is how they got in to Turtle Island was through our river here, right into the Great Lakes, right into the inside of our land. And we, the Mohawks, are the Keepers and we have that job and we are watching and we come in when we have to.

You were listening to an interview with Kahandinetha Horn, a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan and the owner and publisher of mohawknews.com. She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.

That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the next part of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever in the world you may be.

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"Under international Law, the Law of Nations, Confederation never happened as per section 1. Further Confederation was not done by the People of Canada but by a Minister of the UK Parliament. None of the Quebec Conference Resolutions of 1864 were ever put into the BNA Act. The BNA Act is nothing more than a simple policy manual for private corporation called Canada of which no one is a resident of."

"Section 2 and 9 of the BNA Act confirm that executive power is vested in the Queen and to her heirs and successors. However the extension part listed in section 2 was repealed in 1893 thus the British Monarchy lost all executive Power in Canada after Queen Victoria died in 1901."

"All Constitutional documents make reference only to Persons or variations there of which are corporate entities not flesh and blood real men and women."

Part 2: The Keystone Pipeline Will Not Happen - Sovereign Indian Nations

Download audio file  14 February, 22:57

hundreds of years ago and it was their ignorance and insane, godless lust for riches which were not theirs which drove them to commit the worst genocide in the history of mankind. This hollow, selfish and vicious greed continues to drive the western world and continues to destroy our one and only planet, Earth. 

Wars are being fought, populations are being enslaved, millions are being killed and our irreplaceable Mother Earth is being destroyed, all for the greed of the few elites and the corporations whose only goal is enriching themselves and dominating the world. In reality the Americas are still stolen lands which belong to the indigenous people and those living on their land are nothing more than the next generation of squatters. The Corporation of Canada is dissolving and the oil companies are continuing to develop new ways to rape and destroy the Earth to get every possible drop of oil and gas out of it with no regard for the death they are causing our planet. According to Kahentinetha Horn a Mohawk Indian Elder in an interview with the Voice of Russia, the latest super-scale oil scheme, the Keystone Pipeline will make the land unlivable for a thousand years. The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the last hope for saving mother Earth.

You are listening to part 2 of an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of Mohawk Nation News dot com. She is an elder with the Mohawk Nation. You can find the previous part of this interview on our website at Voiceofrussia.com.

Horn: We, the Mohawks are the Keepers. And we have that job and we are watching, and we come in when we have to. Our job is to make sure everyone follows the Gai Eneshah Go' Nah – the Great Law of Peace – everyone. And we would like to teach people or explain it.

The problem with the Great Law is that people have to accept it only when they come to understand it themselves, in their own minds.

You know, we can’t push anything, we are not proselytizing, we are not missionaries, nothing like that. But just a couple of days ago about six women came from six nations and we made copies of the Great Law. We decided that I’m going to put it on my website for people to read it. It is going to be in Mohawk and English. And we are going to put a video explaining the Great Law. That is a six-hour video and if people really want to learn that.

Robles: That is great! Six hours?

Horn: Six hours, yeah.

Robles: Wow, that is great.

Horn: That is what we plan, the women.

We said – look, land is our responsibility, we have to do something, we have to stand up now. The time has come, people are waiting for us to stand up and do something, and say something.

And just a few minutes before your call one of them sent me a text and said : “We have to get ready, there is something big”. It is big and we have to get ready for it. What I’ve explained to you, I don’t know if that makes any sense to you…

Robles: Well, we see big things happening soon as well. Now, the Keystone pipeline, if we could. If you could really quick, because that is an issue that needs to get a lot of support.

Horn: They are not to put it through, we are not going to let them. That is all there is to it.

Robles: What is that going to do the Mother Earth?

Horn: It is so destructive. You know, what you should do is… do you know the singer Neil Young?

Robles: Yeah.

Horn: He was here doing a tour raising money to fight the pipeline. He wrote a song and with that song there is a video. And you should have a look at it, it is fantastic. Neil Young and the song is called Mother Earth. You watch that, it is going to show you what they are doing to our land. It will make you cry. There will not be a dry eye when you see that. And the song is fantastic.

Robles: Very interesting. There has been a declaration from a huge union of tribes and activists. They said they will physically block this, that this is going to be stopped with absolute resolve. Can you tell us about what the Mohawk nation is doing, what the nations are doing, if you know anything about the plans to completely halt the pipeline?

Horn: What I am going to say is say it again – it is not going to happen. It will not happen, that is all. I wouldn’t say more than that, other than that it will not happen.

Robles: I see. Can you comment on the study that was funded by the same corporations that are trying to get the Tar Sands oil, that they said they wouldn’t have any impact? Yet what has already started taking place in the Tar Sands with the water being poisoned and everything, can you tell us about that?

Horn: The water and the air is being poisoned and that land will not be livable for a thousand years. If you see that video you’ll see with your own eyes what is happening there – that has to be stopped and it can’t be just stopped by us, but it must stop. We won’t let that happen. We can’t let that happen.

Robles: That destruction will go all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, won’t it?

Horn: Yes.

Robles: This new practice of fracking, are they trying to do that on Indian lands too?

Horn: Well, it is all Indian land.

Robles: Of course.

Horn: Recently the Mi'kmaq put a stop to it in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, the company came from down in Texas with their trucks and everything, they held them off. They kept coming back and then got injunctions against the people, and then they arrested the people.

The indigenous people kept coming and then non-native people joined them. And finally, this was absolutely fantastic, they came in those big trucks (they call them thumping trucks). They bang on the land and then they shake it. I guess it is part of their testing procedure. The trucks were coming and they were lead by the police and the security, private security, by the way.

And on the other side you could see way down the road the native people coming, walking. So, they kept coming closer and closer, and the policemen were there with their clubs and everything. And they were going to really give it to them. So, our people kept walking right towards them and as they got closer, they could hear music.

The Mi'kmaqs were singing a very spiritual song and they were drumming. As you know, the drum is Mother Earth’s heartbeat.

So, they kept walking and walking towards them, and they were singing this very beautiful song. And then, they stood right in front of them singing their song. And then, they finished it. The police and all these security, and everybody just stood there. They were standing there straight, they had no expression on their faces, they couldn’t lift a finger.

And then, a man went up to them and they said – we are signing this song for our Mother Earth and it is not just for us, it is for you – this is the song for you. And then, they walked away. And do you know what happened? That company packed up and left. Have you ever heard of that kind of violence?

Robles: They have no idea what to do when they are not faced with violence, because that’s all they understand, right?

Horn: Yes! But they didn’t understand the song. The man explained – we are singing for every living thing on earth and that includes you. We are signing for you. They stood there and they did not know what to do. It took all their power away.

Robles: Beautiful!

Horn: Isn’t that a beautiful imagery to see that? That was what we used to do, I’m talking about long time ago. If we had any differences with another nation, we would arrange to sing songs to each other to calm the mind. And then, we would sit down and talk about our differences. That was an old-old practice, very-very old.

Robles: That’s what people should do now and there wouldn’t be any more wars.

Horn: You know what, the corporations dissolving like this, they should dissolve all over the world. All the bankers should… you know, this means a lot. There is an awful lot of meaning to what is happening here with the bankers and the Corporation of Canada dissolving. We need to talk to people so that they understand what we want. They have to understand that. We don’t want a war, we are trying to stop war all over the world.

Robles: That’s part of the Great Law.

Horn: The Great Law of Peace and it has to do with our relationship to each other and our relationship to every living thing. That’s what it has to do with. And that’s the only weapon we have. We don’t have guns or anything. That’s the weapon, the truth and the Gai Eneshah Go' Nah – the Great Law of Peace. That is what we want people to know about.

Robles: Thank you! And talking about it we are going to help people become aware of it.

Horn: Yes, we want help form the Russians.

You were listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of Mohawknationnews.com. She is an elder with the Mohawk Nation. That was part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the previous part of this interview on our website at Voiceofrussia.com.


Part 1: American Indians seeking Russia's 1700 Peace Treaty Belt - April 2014 

Download audio file   5 April, 23:50

No people in the history of the world have suffered more at the hands of their fellow man than the indigenous peoples of North and South America. These people suffered the greatest genocide ever to occur on Earth and yet still remain the most peace loving nations on our planet.  

In the seventeen hundreds leaders of the native nations of North America presented 13 royal families of the European invaders with Wampun belts which signified peacve and served as a treaty by which the Europeans were to respect the rights of the natives of the Americas, which they called Great Turtle Island. Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and the mystery surrounding a belt that was presented to then Russian Ambassador to Britain Boris Ivanovich Kurakin and which Tsar Nicolas had to be aware of. She underlines the fact that Russia and Russians never took part in the genocide of the native people, unlike the rest of Europeans.

Hello! This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn. She is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of www.MohawkNationNews.com. She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.

Robles: Hello Kahentinetha! How are you this evening?

Horn: I'm very-very well.

Robles: It's a pleasure to be speaking with you again. Can you tell us a little history back in the 1700s, a story regarding the Russian Ambassador to Britain, Mr. Boris Ivanovich Kurakin, who became a famous writer? Why was he important to the native indigenous people of North America? And what connection does he have with the Native Americans?

Horn:Well, we are going back to when our people – the Iroquois – sent the five chiefs over to Europe and one died on the way. But they came from the each of our five nations of the Iroquois Confederacy.

They went over there to meet with the 13 families. And they took with them the Guswhenta – the Two Row Wampum – which is the basis of international law. I've talked about that before.

So, they gave them each a belt. And that was explained to them how you can arrive at peace. You know, arrive at peaceful way of living.

So, we were very-very disappointed because, except for Russia, the other families didn't really have any interest. They kind of made fun of us, like we were a bunch of children. But in fact, it was very important, because it was a mission of peace and that's why we sent our people.

The only time that we ever sent our chiefs over, and that was in 1710. And Peter I or somebody was there. These wampum belts were presented and what I want to know is where that belt is. Did he take is back to Russia or was somebody there instead of him, because somebody was there from Russia to meet our chiefs.

And our chiefs went there from Turtle Island to spread the peace to the world. And when they got back, what they told us about these people that they met – the 13 families, except for the Russians, they said (and we were appalled with what they said to us) – they rely on the written word. It is how they will be judged. And that was contrary to how we judge ourselves, because we rely on the Wampum, which is in our minds. The Wampum is to remind us of what is in our minds.

And so, that's why we would like to ask you Russian people if you could find that Wampum. And the reason why I became interested in this was because I started reading about the Permanent Court of Arbitration. And in 1899 Tsar Nicolas II of Russia set up the oldest court for international dispute resolution, which I see as another gift from the Russians to the world. It is in the Hague.

And, you know, the UN hasn't worked very well and neither have any of these other organizations that are supposed to bring peace to the earth and to stop all wars. None of them have been able to do this.

Now, Tsar Nicolas, who was the last tsar of Russia, he set this court up for the same exact situation that we indigenous here are finding ourselves in. We have the same criminal bankers who murdered him and his family – the Romanovs – set up the genocide of over a 150 million of our people. And I must say here, interject that the Russians were never a part of this genocide.

We want these people to be tried – the crown or these bankers and the Vatican. They conspired to kill Nicolas and they conspired to kill our people. So, these people have claimed a false right to rule the world based on phony stories that they created themselves.

So, the reason why I would like to ask the Russian people to help us is that we have already gone through the kangaroo courts here in Canada about our land and about our trust fund. And the Federal Court of Canada wouldn't even hear the case that I took when I was almost murdered at the border. I almost died. And then, when we also took a land case to that court, which in the Admiralty Court of the Sea, we know now that we can never get a fair trial in any corporate court here in Canada.

So, we'd like to approach this international court that was set up by Tsar Nicolas for our long-standing issues. And we need help from anyone who can help us.

We want to know, this Boris Ivanovich Kurakin, he was the Russian Ambassador to Britain in 1710 and he became a famous writer, and we'd like to know if he ever wrote anything about that meeting in 1710 with our chiefs. Because oftentimes they will shred and they will destroy these records. We can't find anything. And I don't know if it is by design.

And these wampum belts were not meant to be just gifts from our chiefs, they were passports that gave them the right to visit our land here. And when the Great Peace of Montreal was signed and received, they all agreed to spread the peace. And so, instead, what they ended up doing was spreading war over here. You know, they set up that false flag called the American Revolution. And it was the same families that were on both sides.

So, we knew that, we are not stupid. And we already knew about the 13 families and our chiefs went over there and talked to them all. And when they got there, what they found was all these families were all at war with each other. So, there was always a war going on over there one after the other.

Robles: Who were these families?

Horn:These are bizarrest humans, that who they are. And they are the ones that are in the Vatican, they are the royal family. And they are all from the Rothschild. And they are all kind of inbred with each other. They are the banking families and they set up this whole big hierarchical banking system which monetizes everything and which is going to cover the whole world with this new world order.

So, they came over here. Rothschild sent them all over here and then they carried out the genocide of our people. But our chiefs went over there to show them how to stop these wars, so that we can enjoy peace. That's why our chiefs went over there.

And we still are the keepers of the law of peace, the Mohawks. And we keep the Gayanashagowa, which is the Great Law of Peace. We still do that, it was handed down to us from thousands of years. We know what our job is. And that is our responsibility. And we will keep on doing it.

So, now, we want our indigenous sovereignty to be respected. And I'll take you back a little bit. In 1704…

Robles: If we could, before you get started on that. Can you describe to us what does the Wampum look like?

Horn:Yes! It is made out of the wompums, which are the shells. And it is beaded. It has a white background, which is the sea of life or the river of life. And there are two parallel rows of purple beads. And what it symbolizes is that these are the treaties that we made amongst ourselves, among our own people and we became allies with hundreds of people here, on Great Turtle Island.

In the case of the ones we made with the Europeans, one row symbolizes the vessel of the non-native people and the other row is the canoe of our people, and we are supposed to go down the river of life side-by-side, parallel, never crossing over and never going on their vessel and then never coming on our vessel.

And they were to never have any right to our land. They could live here, they could grow food, they could speak their language, they could have their own culture but they could never have our land. And that is what it looks like. This is called the Guswhenta.

Robles: Okay, it is a belt, right? It is like a belt. About how wide is it?

Horn:It could be of any width, but it is a wide belt. The original ones were quite big. You know, maybe 3 feet long and maybe 10 inches wide. You could make it long to drape it over your shoulder or you could make it as a belt, because it is a symbol. And it is a very important symbol, because the Two Row, the Guswhenta is the basis of international law.

It is a symbol that we respect each other and that we are equals, we have a voice. And so, that was the agreement that we made. And the Europeans agreed to that.

Robles: I'm trying just to figure out, maybe, if we could find one that is still in a perfect condition. Were these made of leather only or cloth, or what?

Horn:They are made of shells, Quahog shells, white and purple shells and they are woven with sinew. And the children here in school, they all make them, and they all draw them. It is on everything, because that's what they see. The children grow up seeing that. It makes an imprint on their mind. And so, we grow up knowing that we have to respect all peoples.

Now, what happened in 1704, I go back to that, Queen Anne commissioned this neutral subcommittee of the treaty council. This is British. And they were an independent and impartial third-party court that were to settle all the boundary disputes between the Crown and us.

So, there was a case called the Mohegan versus Connecticut in 1704. The precedent that was set was that there had to be a neutral third party to decide any of these issues. So, that's another aspect of the international law that is important, that comes from the experiences that they've had with us. And during that time, after that, for over 300 years money was put in the Indian trust fund. You know, I've told you about the Indian trust fund.

Robles: Yes!

Horn:Now, how much money would there be today?

Robles: 700 trillion, I believe you said.

Horn:Yes! We never surrendered any of our land. And they took our resources but they put money into this trust fund from everything that they took.

So, we were never a part of that Corporation of Canada, but they had to adhere to this Guswhenta Agreement. And they didn't follow it, but the trust fund is there and money has gone into it, and they've been using it for themselves.

So, now, what we want to do is – they made a law that we were not persons and that they were our trustees, and they took over control of that trust fund. They've been spending it and taking it, and stealing it. This is one of our gripes, you know, the fact that they've taken all our resources and then they now taken the funds that have gone into the Indian Trust Fund.

So, the part that is important is that we recognized that the British constitutional law is for the British people, it is not for us. So, according to the Guswhenta, instead of staying in their vessel the newcomers that came here disrespected us, but they also disrespected the law of the land, which the Gayanashagowa – the Great Law. And then, they set out to murder all of us. They gave themselves this right under their corporate bi-laws. So, they committed this horrific genocide. And they even ignored their own constitutions and human rights provisions.

And I must add again that Russia never took part in the genocide of our people. So, we want to find this belt if it is in Russia somewhere. All the royal families got one, including Russia. And as far as we could tell, they appeared to be one of the leading families. And whoever it was, listened very intently to our chiefs explain the Great Law over in London. That is what we always do. We always explain the Great Law.

So, these belts are the real peace treaty for the whole world. That what we've been told, that's come down to us. That is what we know and that is what we are supposed to do – spread the peace throughout the world. And we have this philosophy and tools to do it.

So, we wondered if there was any way that we could start an action in this court that was set up by Tsar Nicolas in 1899. It was the first such court and it is still there. He must have known about the Guswhenta belt, he must have. I thought about it, we have to do something.

And the Rothschilds stole everything from us. These criminals have just been found guilty of genocide by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission here into the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our children in the residential schools. These criminals have to be tried before an international court for planning and carrying out this genocide of our people, and for stealing all our resources.

You were listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of Mohawnationknews.com. She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation. That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the next part of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Part 2: Obama's "Resources" Claim Ridiculous

Download audio file  11 April, 20:18

The ancestors of 13 Illuminati families and the Rothchilds who are prospering from the genocide of the American Indians must be brought to justice for continuing the legacy of theft, tyranny and genocide that was passed down to them. Tsar Nicholas started an international body in the Hague to settle disputes and maintain the peace, one whose foundation was the same as the Great Law of the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America).That body is the only place where the ancestors of genocidal European filth who continue squatting on land that is not theirs and stealing resources they have no right to, will ever be brought to justice. This is the final installment of a longer interview with Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn in which she spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and much more.

Hello this is John Robles you are listening to an interview in progress with Kahandinetha Horn, an Elder with the Mohawk Nation and a member of the Bear Clan, she is also the owner and publisher of www.MohawkNationNews.com dot com. This is part two of a longer interview.

Robles: Where do you think the belt might be now and who are these 13 families?

Horn: The thing about these Illuminati, these 13 families, there has been so much written about them, there are people that have spent their lives studying them, you can find everything you want about them on the net. I am not an expert on that. Just go on there and look up Rothschild or just look up 13 families, the 13 Illuminati families. You will see who they are.

Every president of the US has been a descendent of one of those families, every single one of them.

Robles: This includes just European families?

Horn: It is European families, the bankers. They turned into the bankers but they were the monarchs and they became the bankers and that is who they are today.

Robles: What about Obama? What is his connection?

Horn: Yes, he is connected with them.

Robles: Through his mother?

Horn: Yes, through his mother. They don't put anybody in there unless they are connected.

Now all of these criminals and all the families, their progeny who are enjoying the benefits of what they did to us, they all have to be punished.

There must be some way to do that because human rights have to be enforced. People have to stand up for that.

These walls, these hierarchical walls called "The New World Order" is going to soon come tumbling down.

I think the trust fund should come back to Turtle Island so that we can clean up this mess they left here. We have to clean it up. We have to fix it. And those who are here, we have to get rid of these people.

So, those who are left behind over there, they have to make a choice, they do want to live under the law of the land, the Great Law, or do you want to leave; that is the choice you have to make. That is question we are going to put to those people.

But I think that Nicholas must have talked about the stories about us. He was influenced to set up this court, because you will read right in the mission statement, that it is to spread the peace and to stop war. And that is the Great Law. That is exactly what the Great Law is. But he was stopped from carrying that out when the bloodline families, who were his own relatives, plotted and murdered him and his family in 1917, and king Edward the 7th planned it all. So, World War I took out the Romanovs.

Robles: How do you feel as a native American, if I could ask you, recently the US president, Barack Obama stated that the US was "blessed with resources"?

Horn: As Hitler says, when you tell a lie, make sure it is a big lie and keep saying it over and over. That is what I am going to say about that.

Robles: You think it is a ridiculous claim.

Horn: It is absolutely ridiculous. But I mean, all we ever asked for, all we can ask for is one thing and that is to listen to the truth. You have to come to your own conclusions, you have to seek out the fact, and then you have to stand up for it. Whatever you know you as an individual, I as an individual have to stand up for it. With my words and my actions I will stand up for the truth and we need allies to help us fight these evil oppressors worldwide. We don't have the money but we do have the spirit.

Robles: And we have the truth.

Horn: And we have the truth.

I would like from my Russian brothers and sister, some truthful comments from you, I would like to know how we can find that information we need, how we can do this, how can we stop this evil. There are a lot of people of good will. Let's stop it.

Robles: There are more people of good will, I think, than the few evil people destroying everything.

Kahandinetha, I really appreciate it, final comment if you could and then wee are going to have to go.

Horn: Okay thank you very much. Nalgoa, oniyuwahi!

Robles: Before you go can you tell us a few words in the Mohawk language, for example "peace"? How would we say peace?

Horn: "Skana" (Skén:nen).

Robles: How would we say "love"?

Horn: "Onorukuatra" (Onnorónhkwa). You know that is a medicine. And that is the basis of the Great Law.

Robles: It is a medicine...

Horn: It is the medicine that is called love. That is the whole basis of our philosophy, of the Great Law, the (Kaianerekowa), "Onorukuatra".

Robles: Very interesting. Okay thank you very much I really appreciate it.

Horn: Thank you. Ona. (Ó:nen - bye)

You were listening to an interview with Kahandinetha Horn, an Elder with the Mohawk Nation and a member of the Bear Clan, she is also the owner and publisher of Mohawk Nation News  dot com. This is part two of a longer interview. Thanks for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.


Part 1: The United States is an Exceptionable Nation - October 2013 

Download audio file   2 October, 12:05  

The topic of American exceptionalism has been making its rounds in the world media in an op-ed piece for the New York Times President Putin said "It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries", said President Putin, "rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. We must not forget that God created us equal". Americans feel they are exceptional. Why? It is one of the fallacies of American history, American history ignores the big lie that America is a country founded on stolen land and based on genocide. I spoke with a native American, a member of the Mohawk Nation to see what she thought about American exceptionalism.

Hello, this is John Robles, I am speaking with Kahentinetha Horn, a Mohawk Indian, a member of the Bear clan, she is also the owner and publisher of the www.MohawkNationNews.com. This is part 1 of a longer interview.

Robles: Hello, Kahentinetha. How are you this evening?

Horn: Fine, nice to hear from you again.

Robles: It's very nice to be speaking with you as well again. I would like to ask you a little bit about this myth of so-called American exceptionalism. It’s not only absurd, and that is President Putin put it in New York Times op-ed piece that this exceptionalism like all of American history ignores, like President Putin said “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the motivation.” He said “there is big countries and small countries, rich and poor, and we must not forget that we were all created as equal”. Now this fallacy of American so-called exceptionalism like all of American history ignores the big lie that America what it is today is a country founded on stolen land and based on genocide. Can you give us your views on this “exceptionalism” please?

Horn: Okay, well, you are right. And I like what Mr. Putin had to say, I think that it is dangerous and you know, we are born equal and nobody is above anybody else. And the word exceptional means not average, or superior and that is how Barack Obama is placing the people of the United States as being above everybody else.

And the other word that I think exceptionable would be a more proper word to apply it means offensive.

I find what the Americans have done to us to be objectionable. So I think the proper terminology to use here is objectionable.

The other thing that I object to is Obama wants to be the global leader of the world. And according to our way which (Mohawk) it isn’t natural. We don’t have leaders. The people are the center of power, we are born equal, we all have a voice, and we select people and we tell them speak on our behalf. But they are not our leaders, there is no such thing.

That’s why I think Mr. Obama is having a very difficult time. I think that the ambiguous people are all over the world and other people are starting to question this fact that he really needs a war. But the war is a corporate war, it isn’t really natural to kill people and steal our possessions which is how the United States was created and that’s how it became exceptional.

And exceptional would be the standard of living, the extraction of our resources and selling it and creating cars for people to drive and television and electronics. Well, this is being done in other parts of the world now.

Exceptionalism like everything else about the United States and its partners is fake! It’s fake, it’s made up on a daily basis, by their PR spinners and we, the indigenous people look at the natural world and it doesn’t change. It always tells us what it is and the same story and it’s always there for us. And it’s real. It doesn’t change. It stays the same. And that to us is more natural, is more true.

The Americans brag about the abundance of natural resources that they possess which gives them this tremendous power but they don’t go and explain how they got all of this power and how they got all of these resources and how they came here to our land, with nothing and now they have taken all of our possessions. And they’ve destroyed our environment. Not only our environment but the environment all over the world.

And other people have decided that they want to be part of that kind of a culture, it is called “pop culture”, they think that it is the way everybody should live.

I think people don’t understand or they are mistaken or they have been misled, there is a very rigid class system here in North America that makes distinctions between the elite and the masses.

The masses are the servants and they stay quiet, they don’t say anything too much, and they just do what they are told because that’s an exchange for having a job, especially worst today because of the lack of jobs and the economy is collapsing.

So what’s happened is the land has become riddled with inequality and more racism, especially here in Canada, the racism is against us and the native people, it is just rampant!

The US is fomenting war as they can, that scares us, we are afraid of that. The war that almost started against Syria, we were really worried about that because there was no reason to bomb Syria. And in our you are supposed to talk to people, you are supposed to bring people together, to talk and follow certain protocols. None of that was done and even though they say that they come from very Christian origin, very Puritanical, it was their representatives in churches that came and murdered our people.

They murdered over a hundred million of us in order to rid the western hemisphere of indigenous people and then when we showed them how to live on the East Coast and we had the very first Thanksgiving, the Wampano Indians shared food and after the meal was over they killed all of the Wampano Indians. So to us Thanksgiving is… We are not very thankful.

Robles: There was the real history of the first, what they call Thanksgiving. Now you just mentioned collapsing economy, no jobs, inequality, rampant racism, war after war. How in any sane person’s mind could they then promote that it is as some sort of exceptional society?

Horn: Well, it is probably because the people in other parts of the world don’t really know what’s going on over here. They do not realize how bad it is, they call themselves exceptional, you know, to us exceptional means they gave themselves the power to do whatever they want, in the beginning they called it Manifest Destiny, to steal everything we have and our history is not even being taught in school.

In Arizona, the native people down there were teaching native history and a law was passed and they now can not teach native history and anyone teaching it can now be charged criminally and this happened I think two years ago.

There was a lot down there in the media but it didn’t go that far. Now the other states are going to do the same thing, they don’t want people to know the truth and what really happened here and what the true history is. But that’s very very dangerous for this people. They are making decisions on the future, based on false history. And I can only say that the kind of decisions that they are going to come up with will not be very good decisions.

Part 2: Indigenous people are exceptional, they survived a holocaust

Download audio file   4 October, 09:59  

With the debate going on the supposed exceptionalism of a certain country it seemed like a good place to start to ask a native of that country their opinion on the exceptionalism of the invaders. The response was sobering. This exceptional nation based on genocide and built by slaves is morally bankrupt has not culture to offer, is running out of resources and its people have no jobs, are losing their homes, going hungry and have no hope for the future. Where then is the exceptionalism? Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and much more.

You’re listening to part 2 of an interview with Mohawk Elder Kahentinetha Horn, she’s a member of Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of the www.MohawkNationNews.com .

You can find the previous and following parts of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

In progress:

Horn: …. our history is not even being taught in school.

In Arizona, the native people down there were teaching native history and a law was passed and they now can not teach native history and anyone teaching it can now be charged criminally and this happened I think two years ago.

There was a lot down there in the media but it didn’t go that far. Now the other states are going to do the same thing, they don’t want people to know the truth and what really happened here and what the true history is. But that’s very very dangerous for these people. They are making decisions on the future, based on false history. And I can only say that the kind of decisions that they are going to come up with will not be very good decisions.

Robles: Even recent history is being ignored by those who are controlling everything, I mean the fiasco in Iraq and in Afghanistan, etc., etc., and they want to repeat the same thing in Syria. Before we started the interview you mentioned Syrian president Bashar Assad’s interview on US television. Can you give us your reactions to that?

Horn: Yes, Bashar Al-Assad, the president of Syria, was on a 1-hour interview. It turned out to be more like a debate with Charlie Rose, who is one of the top people here on TV and supposed to be brilliant.

Anyway, I was really impressed with Mr. Assad. He speaks broken English, however, he was able to answer everything and I found that he talked rings around Charlie Rose.

There were a lot of things that I didn’t know about what was going on in Syria and I thought that having this interview on over here took a lot of nerve to do that.

However, I watched it very carefully. But they only showed it one time, and then everybody criticized it. They took parts of it and then they twisted it around, which is what the media does here.

It’s a good thing that I did see the whole thing because I saw that Charlie Rose was out of his league. Mr. Assad is a pretty smart guy. He is very, very intelligent. So, what I gathered from it is that we don’t really understand them minds of the people of the Middle East or even Russia.

We don’t know, the only way we can know that is by talking with each other and we cannot be making unilateral decisions to bomb places, to go in and do what these megalomaniacs have been doing, is going into these countries, killing a lot of people and it very much reminds me of just exactly what was done to us.

They came here, they set up fake councils, they got them to sign away our land, they incorporated them and said, “Okay, you sign this and give away half of Canada or the Hudson’s Bay region or the prairies or the South in the United States”. That’s how they did it.

And I see the same thing is happening in these countries. They set up, I would call it, a rebel government. Here we call them corporate Indians because they are working for the Corporation of Canada and the Corporation of the United States and they do not speak for us and they are very well taken care of. They are very wealthy, they have a lot of money. I don’t know where all their money goes, I can only guess, and they are part of the genocide. They help the corporations carry out the genocide of our people.

And here they are now at the point where they can’t pay their bills. They’re having to borrow money and they’ve got to get all their energy from other parts of the world and I don’t know what all is happening to the military. But it seems like there is a lot of weakness, and so what is exceptional about that? What is exceptional about spreading death and debt?

We, the indigenous people, I think, of course I am speaking for myself, are exceptional because we survived this Holocaust, the murder of our people, we survived it and we were the ones that were given an understanding of the world around us which is the Great Law of Peace. And this is meant for all humanity.

It is based on something and I think it is the only thing that will save the world. It is called the Ganarucuatra, I think I mentioned that before, which means that there is in us a survival instinct in us based on the love of humanity and the love of being alive. And we, Mohawks, have a duty to spread this throughout the world and we’ve lost so much, we’ve lost almost all our people, and yet we don’t have any hatred for these illegal settlers who have come here to our land, even though they are doing all these things to us, they are destroying the environment, they have no guilt about what they are doing and they bring a culture here, a horrible culture, it is glitzy, it’s gaudy, it’s obscene.

Everything is for sale, and sexualization, the TV is full of nothing but sex and sex and murder, everybody has got a gun in their hand, and they call that the American dream. Everything is exploited. It seems like there is no protection from this rapacious greed.

We look at the natural world, we don’t see that, we see how we are supposed to survive but we are surrounded by these other people, so I don’t know where it is going to go. I have no answer.

Robles: That was one of the biggest problems, what you just mentioned greed, where you just mentioned “greed”, that native peoples of what is now the United States and Canada, had when these British criminals and outcasts arrived in North American, Indians didn’t understand greed. There was no such concept as greed. Is that correct?

Horn: No, because we were supposed to share everything. And the main thing that we love and we’ll fight for is our freedom.

Everybody wants to live well, to have health insurance, to have clean air, to be secure, to have a house. We all want that. And yet now there are many non-native people that are living in tents and living on the streets and their homes have all been taken from them. They are in very desperate situation. They are living on food stamps, and yet you turn the TV on, there is not one word of that. And yet, you go and drive around and you’ll see it.

Robles: What do you see? Can you tell us a little bit about that? What is the reality there?

Horn: The reality here is first of all, people are unemployed, it’s very, very high. We have a population of old people. The young people are leaving. I don’t know where they are going because there is no future for them here.

Our people are staying because the Mohawks can work anywhere on high steel and we’ve been here in this very spot for a long time. So, we can’t leave because this is where our soil is, this is who we are. So, we can’t leave. We leave for a short time but we always come back here because the natural world has placed us here, has placed different native people in different places. We’re the caregivers.

But the thing that worries me is that you drive around and you see all these houses for sale. For sale signs one after the other, and you wonder where these people are going.

A friend of mine is living in Arizona and he said his town had 55,000 people between 5 and 10 years ago. There are now 29,000 people there. And I asked him where did those people go, he says “I don’t know where they went. They all lost their houses, the lost their jobs, and then they left”.

Even those people who are living in their cars, and then they go to community centers and they get food to eat there. We haven’t come to that here yet but there are parts of Canada mostly where the indigenous people live, because the multinational energy corporations want to extract the oil and so of course we are being starved and we are living in the worst conditions, third world conditions, so that we can move off that land so that they can go in there and take whatever it is they want to take. And I guess that is nothing new.

These Canadian organizations that go to different parts of the world do that, like Canadian International Development Organization (CIDA). They go down to places in South America and they go among the native people who are starving and then they set up a camp somewhere and then they invite them there to come and eat and to give them some clothes and stuff. And when they leave their land, then the multinational corporations go in there and start digging it up. And they can’t go back there. This is the sort of thing that is happening here. But our people are standing up to it.

We understand probably a little bit better what our situation is and that is what worries me, we received, I don’t know who got it, a copy of report from a think tank that advises the government and it is called the Macdonald Laurier Think Tank.

They put out this report where they called us “warrior cohorts”, in it they acknowledge that all the land and all of the minerals and all of the resources belong to the native people because we never gave it up. They acknowledged that in this report.

Robles: Where does this report come from again?

Horn: It is called the Macdonald Laurier Think Tank. And if you go on my website www.Mohawknationnews.com, just punch in “warrior cohort”, and I wrote a short story about, I linked it to that report, you can read in that the kind of plan they have for us that is not really nice.

There are two main things Canada has: one is our resources, second, is the transportation. The entire corporation of Canada is dependent on those two sources, and that is the main thing that they are worried about – is the fact that we are there and we are starting to question it, we are starting to put up resistance and they are afraid of international attention on it.

So, they were trying to figure out how to do it, how to get around it and they said “those native people don’t have guns and they are everywhere in Canada”, all over Canada is a very large country and the white people, the settlers live only along the border between the United States. The rest of Canada is inhabited by indigenous people. The northern part is inhabited by the Inuit, and the rest is native people.

They said that all of those railroads that they need to transport all of the resources to their international markets, they are going to have to go through indigenous lands. Of course it is all indigenous land, they know that. But they have been trying to figure out what to do. If anyone is interested, you can read the kind of plans they have for us. It is not very healthy either.

You were listening to part 2 of the interview with Kahandinetha Horn, a Mohawk Indian and a member of Mohawk nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of the www.MohawkNationNews.com   .

Part 3: It’s been a struggle being a Mohawk

Download audio file    5 October, 17:54 1 

With the debate going on the supposed exceptionalism of a certain country it seemed like a good place to start to ask a native of that country their opinion on the exceptionalism of the invaders. In part 3 of a longer interview Mohawk Elder Kahentinetha Horn who spoke to the Voice of Russia, details how the Mohawk Community she lives in was surrounded by the Canadian military forces when they protested the destruction of an Indian graveyard and ceremonial site. She also told us how she was repeatedly beaten and describes an attempted sexual attack by Canadian border police.

Robles: What can the indigenous people do to stop this? It is indigenous land, surely there must be something that can be done. I mean either to disrupt these plans or to…

Horn: Canada of course violates international law and tries not to consult us. They go up to areas, they discover “diamonds”, okay. They are supposed to consult and give us full knowledge and we are supposed to say yes or no, or whatever because it is our land and it is our diamonds.

But then they go there and if they don’t like what they hear, then they select somebody else that will say what they want to hear. And that is what has been happening.

And then they say: “Well we can’t tell you who we talked to but they agreed to let us dig out all of their diamonds”.

When you have 26 communities and we are trying to find out who they are, and communities themselves say; “Well, I was never consulted and it is my land, nobody told me anything”, and yet somebody signed it away. So, that is what they are doing.

And because of where we live and how poor we are and how we have a lack of communication, it is very hard for us to contact people around the world to support us because I think people would support us because we are trying to save the environment. That is what we are trying to do. We are here and we are surviving for a reason and that is to be the caregivers of our mother Earth.

And we don’t have the desire to dig up things. We just don’t, that is not the kind of people we are. That is not why we were created. We were created for a different purpose.

Robles: You have global audience right now. Is there anything you would like to say in particular about how people around the world could support the indigenous peoples of North America?

Horn: One of the ways would be to become knowledgeable. You could read some of these things, seek information but you could go to the embassies, the Canadian Government has embassies all over the world and start complaining about what is happening in Canada.

You don’t hear about it. Why? Because it is all being kept within the boundaries. It is very rare that someone like me would have the opportunity to tell you what I am telling you. It is very difficult for us because we are monitored. You know everybody is being monitored? I guess you know that aye (Canadian full stop)? By the NSA.

Well we knew that anyway, I thought we’d been monitored for last 20 years because the Mohawks have always been so outspoken. So we’ve always been monitored. We’ve always been infiltrated, but we learned so much from the time that we were surrounded by the military in three of our communities.

In 1990 we learned a lot. And we learned about infiltration, we learned a lot of fault criminal charges on us. I was there and I was on trial for a year after that but I got through that.

So, we learned a lot and one of the things that saved us, I think it is a very important thing, is that the international community knew about it and they came to our rescue and they put pressure on Canada cause they were going to just come right in and kill us. And all we were doing was: we were protesting the expansion of a golf course over our graveyard. The army came in and they surrounded 3 Mohawk communities for 78 days.

Robles: Kahentinetha when exactly was that? What year was that? exactly where was that? For our listeners who are not familiar with the history…

Horn: That was in 1990, and that was in Kanehsatake, Kahnawake and Akwesasne. And if you go on my site, on the home page there is a film there, I put a film on there that can give you the background on what happened. It is a long film. It is quite good, it gives you all the facts and all the action and, you know, everything was filmed. I think the film is an hour and a half but it is a good film, it is very informative.

It shows you the army and the military and the RCMP all the people around us that were rioting against us, the racism and hanging us in effigy and burning it every night. They were so angry at us for objecting. We are not supposed to object to anything.

Robles: You were objecting to them destroying a graveyard, right?

Horn: Yes, a ceremonial site.

Robles: I understand that is when you became very ill. Is that correct?

Horn: No, I didn’t become ill. We did have a problem afterwards. I had no job, and I have all these children, I was fired from my job in Ottawa. All the Mohawks that worked in Ottawa were fired, so I was one of them. And then I got beaten up.

I was alone, driving to go to the store and the police pulled me over and they beat me up very, very badly. So, I ended up in the hospital.

And then after that in 2007 I was crossing the border at Akwesasne and I was with another woman and a man and they pulled us over and after about an hour we were surrounded by some commandoes and the woman and myself were beaten up. I got a heart attack.

So, it’s been a struggle being a Mohawk.

Robles: What happened to you after that? Did you end up in the hospital?

Horn: Yes, I did. Then I worked on recovering from that. It took quite a long time.

Robles: This incident at the border, were these Canadian commandoes or something?

Horn: Yes, CBSA, Canadian Border Services Agency. That was June 14th, 2008.

Robles: Was there any outcry or any investigation?

Horn: There was not one single word of it in the papers, in the mainstream nothing, or in the media.

Robles: Was there any investigation into that?

Horn: It was a big thing, it was a huge thing. I tried to have it investigated, and they wouldn’t investigate it. And then one day I was driving and I was going to the nearby town to the car registration bureau and I was pulled over by the police and they said: “You are under arrest and we are going to transport you”.

And my brother is a lawyer and he said: “If they ever say anything like that – that they are going to transport you, you have to do everything you can to not let them transport you because we will never see you again”.

So, I landed in the hospital. So, then lucky for me it was a hospital near Benawage and my daughter is a doctor. She came in and she saw me and she said “Oh, my God, what are you doing here?”.

And the police was standing right there, they wanted to take me. So, she ordered that I stay in the hospital. So, I was there for a few days, getting everything checked over. So, I eventually got out of that.

So, now I am doing my best to write and to put out what I think is necessary and important for our people to understand what is happening. Everything that is going on in the United States, around the world, all of these things have an impact on us. So, I am writing so that our people understand it and that is what I do every day.

Robles: Why were they trying to arrest you? What did they say they were arresting you for?

Horn: They had no reason. I asked them. When they pulled the woman out of the car, they smashed her face right into the cement and put her arms behind her back and put handcuffs on her and they arrested her.

Robles: For what?

Horn: They said that there was a warrant for her arrest. And she said “No, there isn’t”.

Anyway, they really beat her up. And they took her away and then they came around to the other side and I was absolutely stunned, I was in shock. I couldn’t move.

They told me to get out of the car and the doors were all open, they had the key and I said: “Why, what did I do? I didn’t do anything,”

“Because we told you”.

I said, “… but why am I being stopped here? What is the purpose?”.

Then after arguing with them for quite a while, there was a man there with a phone and he was directing the whole thing. And then he said “Okay, take care of her”.

So, they all jumped on me and then they took me inside. It was horrible, they took me into the cell, put me in there and there was a man, one of them, was standing behind me and a woman was standing in front of me and I was having a heart attacks because I had handcuffs behind my back and they kept pulling my arms up as far as they could, so that there was no blood going, and my arms were red, bright, bright red, and I started to feel pains in my head and in everything.

And then the two people came in and they told me to bend over. And she tried to pull my head down between her legs and he tried to pull my pants down. He grabbed the back of my pants and tried to pull them down.

Robles: Oh my God!

Horn: And I fought them even though I was in the middle of a heart attack. I fought them.

Part 4: 3,000 Mohawk girls disappear, Canada does nothing

Download audio file  9 October, 14:09   

The topic of “American Exceptionalism” has been making its rounds in the world media in an op-ed piece for the New York Times President Putin said "It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries", said President Putin, "rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. We must not forget that God created us equal".The topic of “American Exceptionalism” has been making its rounds in the world media in an op-ed piece for the New York Times President Putin said "It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries", said President Putin, "rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. We must not forget that God created us equal".

Americans feel they are exceptional. Why? It is one of the fallacies of American history, American history ignores the big lie that America is a country founded on stolen land and based on genocide. I spoke with a native American, a member of the Mohawk Nation to see what she thought about “American Exceptionalism”.

Horn: … and they kept pulling my arms up as far as they could, so that there was no blood going, and my arms were red, bright, bright red, and I started to feel pains in my head and in everything.

And then the two people came in and they told me to bend over. And she tried to pull my head down between her legs and he tried to pull my pants down. He grabbed the back of my pants and tried to pull them down.

Robles: Oh my God!

Horn:And I fought them even though I was in the middle of a heart attack. I fought them.

Then my brother was in the line-up across the border, he came running in and he started shouting and hollering and they stopped.

Robles: These were the border agents or the police?

Horn: These were the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Robles: I see.

Horn: CBSA, anyway, I was taken to the hospital. The police came to the hospital. They stood outside my door while I was being treated. I was there for about a week.

I tried to get that investigated, because I was attacked. It was all photographed, I mean it was all videotaped. But then I found out that I had been charged. I was actually charged with beating up twelve of those border guards. They charged me with that!

Robles: They charged you with beating up twelve border guards?

Horn: Yes, they did.

Robles: Oh my God. How old were you at the time just for the listeners can understand?

Horn: I was sixty-nine.

Robles: So, they actually charged a sixty-nine-year-old defenseless woman with beating up twelve border guards?

Horn: Yes. My brother advised me, he got a lawyer, and he said: “Well, if you go to Court, they will make you pay for everything”.

He told me I had to pay for it, for everything. And you know why? Because I live in (Benwage) the Mohawk Community and I’m not a resident of Canada. Any court action, I have to pay for it, for everything.

Robles: I see. This was a retaliation to your protest regarding the cemetery or…?

Horn: I don’t know.

Robles: What was the real reason for all of this? Because you are active? Because of your website? What do you think the reason was?

Horn: I don’t know.

Robles: You don’t know.

Horn: It could be a number of things, I don’t know. There is always things going on. And Mohawk Nation News always writes about them. I have a right to write my opinion, I’m not breaking any law

Robles: Of course.

Horn: But anyway, here is what happened. The lawyer told me, he says that he spoke to a judge, who said, that if I plead guilty (I don’t know how the law works), but if I plead guilty, it was going to be dropped. If I plead guilty. I’d just had to pay a small fine.

And my brother told me to get out off that court system. Get out of the white man’s court system. He told me: “Get out of it”. They will hound you, so that’s what I did.

So I ended up having this record, that I beat up twelve border guards, all dressed..you should have seen them! They had flat jackets on and everything..they were dressed up like a SWAT team.

Robles: All these big men with guns?

Horn: Yes, everything, everything around their waists..

Robles: Bullet proof vests, mace, tasers… Right? Handcuffs, guns, rifles, everything and you beat them up ?

Horn: That’s what I plead guilty to..

Robles: You must be the most superwoman in the world, I think. They should be building monuments to you.

Horn: I also find that very hard to believe, how they run things..I didn’t even hit any of them, they hit me a lot, you should have seen the bruises on me.

Robles: Well, we were talking about exceptionalism, you are one exceptional individual even the fact, that you can laugh about this insanity, makes you extremely and truly exceptionable, believe me.

Horn: Yeah, I did. I have a picture of me in the hospital, all hooked up to wires and everything. And you can see all the bruises all over me. My daughter took it. She took the picture of me, I should send it to you.

Robles: Yeah, maybe. Is this normal treatment for Native Americans, for Mohawk Indians there in Canada? Does this happen all the time?

Horn: Oh yeah, all the time, very, very common.

Robles: And there is nobody investigating it?

Horn: Well, do you know that there are thousands of our young girls that have disappeared and the police refused to investigate them? Young, 12,13,14-year-old girls suddenly disappear and we never see them again. Native girls..And they will absolutely not investigate them.

Robles: When did that begin?

Horn: It’s been going for about 15 years.

Robles: About 15 years?

Horn: Yeah, about 15 years. We pushed and pushed for the police to investigate these and they won’t.

Robles: They won’t?

Horn: They absolutely won’t.

Robles: Are there authorities in Canada that can be contacted? I’m sure you’ve tried everything, but..

Horn: We’ve tried everything.

Robles: Are there any international bodies? I mean this sounds outrageous! This sounds unbelievable!

Horn: We went to the, I forget which, group of the United Nations, they did a study and they condemned Canada for not investigating it, but that didn’t bother Canada. They still didn’t investigate it. I forget the name of the group. Some human rights group.

Robles: Is there anybody active in this right now? I mean, trying to get to the route of this?

Horn: Yes. The families, there was even a group in Ottawa, “The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC)” that were active on that, but they didn’t get any funds. They were the ones that brought in the international organizations. Now they don’t have any funds.

Robles: Is there somewhere where our listeners might go to find more about this?

Horn: They could go on the website of The Native Women’s Association of Canada.

Robles: The Native Women’s Association of Canada ?
Horn:: Yes..

Robles:Robles: Is this happening all over Canada?

Horn: Yes, all over Canada.

Robles: What do you think is happening to all these girls?

Horn: Sex slavery. They are just young girls. They are using them for something and then they dispose of them, they kill them.

Robles: They kill them?

Horn: Yes. We never see them again.

Robles: Do you think, maybe they’ve being sent to other countries or something?

Horn: Might be, we don’t know what happens to them, we don’t know where they are. They totally disappear.

Robles: How many girls would you say this is? I know you can’t give an exact number..

Horn: I would say, they say officially about 800, but we say that there is about maybe 3,000.

Robles: 3,000? This is all across Canada?

Horn: Yes, all across Canada.

Robles: And nobody is investigating this?

Horn: No.

Robles: 3,000 young girls disappeared and nobody is investigating..

Horn: Yeah.

Robles: Unbelievable!

Horn: And up in Thunder Bay, the government refuses to build schools up in the far north, High Schools, so they bring them down to Thunder Bay and about seven of those kids (they are once again around 13,14,15-years-old) their bodies have been found in the river, about seven of them – girls and boys. And there is no investigation of that.

Robles: Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Horn: Bye.

Robles: Bye, take care.

You were listening to Part 4 of an interview with Kahentinetha Horn, the member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan and the owner and publisher of mohawknation news.com . You can find the previous parts of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

Thanks for listening and as always I wish you the best, wherever in the world you may be.


The Mohawk: Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island - Part One

http://cdn.ruvr.ru/download/2013/05/26/01/Robles_Kahnitineta_Bear_Horn_Part_1.MP3  May 26, 2013

Many of the indigenous peoples of North America called the continent “Great Turtle Island.” A part of their advanced philosophy and culture included a complex and extremely developed constitution called the Great Path. The Mohawk were responsible for maintaining the peace and were the guardians of the Great Law which was supposed to bring peace not only to North America but to the entire world. Kahentinetha Horn spoke to John Robles about the history of the Mohawk, American Indian culture and beliefs and current issues of important to the indigenous people of “Great Turtle Island.” Please visit our website in the near future for a continuation of this very revealing interview.

This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Kahentinetha Horn she is Mohawk Indian Elder and a member of the Bear Clan. She is also the owner and publisher of the Mohawk News web-resource.

Robles: Hello Kahentinetha! How are you this evening?

Kahentinetha:(Speaks Mohawk: "it is nice to speak with you. we have much to tell you about what we are doing on great turtle island. our great law of peace is the path to peace based on our understanding of the great natural power kasatstensera kowa sa oiera)

Robles: Can you translate that now for us?

Kahentinetha: Those are my greetings in Mohawk. And I introduced which is the Great Turtle Island, which is what we call North America; we never call it that, we call it “Great Turtle Island.”

People who live on Great Turtle Island are the (Speaks Mohawk) which means “the True Natural People of Great Turtle Island.”

And we follow: we have a developed constitution called <Speaks Mohawk> which means the “Great Path”. And the Great Path is the great path to peace. Our philosophy is based on our understanding and our awareness of the natural world. That’s a little bit about us.

Robles: Okay. As all North American Indians, the basis of beliefs are: respect for nature and the Great Spirit. Can you tell us a little bit in particular about the Mohawk Nation and what you are doing to promote the issues that are important to the indigenous peoples?

Kahentinetha: The Mohawk, also known as (Kanien'gehaga), are the “Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island.” So, we are in the east and we were placed there by our (Speaks Mohawk) that’s the Great Natural Power. That’s where we were placed. And we were to watch for people who would be coming from the east. And so, that’s why we are called the Keepers of the Eastern Door.

We traversed throughout the eastern part of Great Turtle Island right from the north all the way down to the south. We traveled and we met all the other indigenous peoples, and we got to know each other. And we formed friendships and alliances that last to this day. There were hundreds and hundreds of indigenous nations.

The Mohawk had the responsibility to maintain the peace. We always feel that we have to do that because the Great Law which is our philosophy (Speaks Mohawk) we were the first ones to take it, to accept it. And because we were the first ones to do that, we have always been responsible for maintaining it and to maintain the peace which is what the Great Law is all about.

The Great Law of Peace is to bring peace not just to the Great Turtle Island but throughout the world. That’s why that law was given to our people. The Mohawk have this very… you know. We feel it! Right inside ourselves.

We are the eagle that sits on top of the Tree of Peace and we look out to see any danger that is coming towards us. And we give a warning, a loud scream to the people. That’s how the Mohawk Nation News came into existence.

I was raised as … I only spoke Mohawk until I was about 10 years old.

Robles: Wonderful!

Kahentinetha: Then, I had to learn to speak English. So, then, in 1990 we were defending the land. The women are what we call the “Title Holders of the Land” because we are tired to the land and we are the creators, and we hold the land for the future generations that are not here yet.

The women are the ones that have the children, that bear the children and the men have the duty of protecting the women and the children along with all their other duties. They imitate the responsibilities of the Sun; to provide heat, provide warmth, provide protection, help provide food and to teach the children, all these things to be our diplomats, our teachers, to travel and meet other native people.

The women: our responsibilities come from whatever the Earth does, which is to create the children, to help create the food, to feed the children, to raise them, to help them to become advocates of the Great Law of Peace. There is a male and female balance, not male or patriarchal or matriarchal, there is a balance between the male and the female.

Robles: In most tribes the women chose the leaders because they knew the character of the children. Is that also true with the Mohawks?

Kahentinetha: Yes. Well the people because each one of us has a “Fire,” we have the individual fire of ourselves which is what inside of us; it is our intuition, our minds, our energy, that’s called the “Fire of Life.” And we have the “Fire of the Family” which is people close to us, then the extended family and then the community, then the clan and then that extends into the nation, and that extends to the confederacy that we formed.

So, all these relationships are connected, all circular and in the very center is myself, for example. I’m in the center, all of these other circles around me, these are all my connections. So, my responsibility is immediately to my own children.

When a clan selects somebody to become a leader, or to represent us or to be a spokesman…we don’t have leaders, there is no such thing as a leader because we are equal, we are all equal and we all have a voice. So, what happens is that both the men and the women “the People” have a Fire, the women’s Fire and the men’s Fire, and the men and the women have a combined Fire, we come together and we will make a selection of somebody to speak for us, we don’t call them leaders, we call them spokespeople.

And so the spokesperson represents us for the day only, just for that day. And the women will tell the chiefs and they will say: “This is the person we’ve selected and that is the person that will speak for us for the day.” So, that’s very different from the kind of situation that you people have, you now. (laughs)

Robles: Sure! As I understand Western democracies were based on Indian law and Indian relationships between nations and tribes, and clans. In Europe they had monarchies, there was no such concept as democracy.

Kahentinetha: No, they didn’t. And they still don’t understand true democracy.

Canada is in Fact a Corporation - Part Two


When the Europeans first arrived in the Americas the native people’s welcomed them and allowed them to stay on their lands. The European invaders soon decided that the only way to steal the lands and all of their riches was to classify the people that were living there as non-humans. This precipitated the worst genocide in the history of the world. Kahentinetha Horn, a Mohawk Indian elder and a member of the Bear Clan retells the tragic history of the Mohawks and the rightful inhabitants of Great Turtle Island.

This is John Robles, I am speaking with Kahentinetha Horn, she’s a Mohawk Indian and a member of the Bear Clan. She is also the owner and publisher of the Mohawk News web resource.

Robles: Western democracies were based on Indian law and Indian relationships between nations and tribes and clans. In Europe they had monarchies, there was no such concept as democracy.

Horn: No, they didn’t and they still don’t understand true democracy. They call it democracy, they call themselves liberal democracies but in fact the way we see it looking at it, it is very autocratic, it is a very autocratic hierarchical governing system with somebody at the top and then everybody else beneath obeying that person at the top. That is totally opposite to our system.

I mean ours is kind of like an upside-down pyramid; the people are the ones that make all the decisions and we have a criteria we have to follow, peace, righteousness in power, and it all comes from our philosophy. We can’t violate our philosophy. We have to think about it, we have to enforce it and basically what it is is that it creates a peace that we want, the balance between us and let’s say we have adversaries, well, we have to find a way to balance the peaceful relationship with whoever our adversaries are. If they don’t want to become peaceful with us and follow the Great Law, then we have to fight with them.

Robles: What advice would you give to current world leaders to solve all the problems in the world?

Horn: Well, the Great Law peace is there, that is our philosophy. They can follow the roots of peace to the source, sit and take shade under the tree and learn about the Great Law. That is what we do, that is what we are trying to train and put into the minds of the people all over the world.

There doesn’t have to be war. War is part of the way the world is run, you have people that want money and more money, and more money, and so what they do is they create war and it’s an ongoing war there is never an end to war and they want money and then they want resources and the resources they want belong to somebody else, so they’ve got to go on in there and create a war and start destroying those people and bringing them into submission and they take the land of the indigenous people, they take the resources and so on, and then when the people fight back, you know like here, we, the indigenous people have been the target of genocide from the day that Europeans arrived here, that the invaders first set foot here.

They came to us, and we said well, the only way you can live on Great Turtle Island is that you have to follow the Two Row Wampum, they said “what is that?”.

Well the Two Row is the two paths, the two paths that are parallel and you have to follow your path and we have to follow ours, and you have to maintain your own ways, your own language and we will show you how to live here and you can run your own communities but you can never ever have the land because the land belongs to the future generations, and we in our canoe, you in your ship and we in our canoe, we go down that river and we maintain all of the land, all of the waters, all of the resources, they don’t belong to us, we belong to it, to the natural world.

So, when we have that peace, called the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701, all of the nations of Great Turtle Island came to make this agreement with the French, French said yes, we said “Ok, if you agree to the Two Row Wampum, then we will allow you to live here, this will be kind of like your visa or your passport or whatever. You can stay here but if you violate that, then you have no right to be here. That means you haven’t come to one mind with us, you are breaking, you are breaching this agreement”.

So, then at the same time we went down to Albany, the British were down there and they said they wanted to have the same kind of agreement as the one we had in the Great Peace of Montreal. Now that was signed by 49 of our nations on behalf of all of the nations of Great Turtle Island, so the British agreed to it and they wrote it up themselves and they called it the Nanfan Treaty of 1701.

Robles: But then they violated it.

Horn: Then they breached it as well. So, that was the only treaty that ever gave the immigrants, or the invaders, any right to live here and they breached it.

So, they are occupiers, illegal occupiers of Great Turtle Island today, from that time on till today.

On top of that we never gave up our land and we never gave up our resources. Nothing, we never gave up any of it because we can’t and so, the corporation was set up called “The Corporation of the United States” and “the Corporation of Canada”.

Corporation of Canada, which has the same shareholders, the old royal families in Europe are the shareholders of these corporations. Actually their the bankers, who are the shareholders, they set up this Corporation of Canada.

And I was speaking at a college and I pulled up this… I said “look at this number”, and the students looked at it. I said “Do you know what that number is?”

They said; “No.”

I said “that is the number of the corporation of Canada, you can find it on the Internet”.

It is incorporated in Washington DC. It is a corporation with shareholders and it is under the admiralty laws, the laws of the sea. So they have no right to come to our land and place themselves on our land and set up these courts and governments and everything else, they have no right to do that.

That is a complete and total violation of the Great Peace of Montreal and Two Row Wampum, the basic foundations of that peace and it also even violates their own laws of the seas.

So, now, right now what has happened is they have no right to our resources but Canada has the most resources that are necessary to make war. We have all the resources that are needed plus, I will tell you what else; in 1867 the British North-America Act was passed and it supposedly set up Canada, it was supposedly the constitution, but it was passed by the British parliament and in it is section 109.

Section 109 says that an account will be set up for the indigenous people and all of the monies coming from all of the royalties or anything that is made, of their rents, everything that is made on the resources of Canada, a portion of it first it shall go into this account, and it is called the Indian Trust Fund.

So, all the monies went into that account and immediately upon that happening the corporation of Canada passed an illegal law, a bylaw, which is all a corporation can do, and they called it the Indian Act and in it they said that a person is anybody other than an Indian.

So, we then were declared as non-person. And so they became the trustees of our money, of our funds, of the Indian Trust Fund, and now they have been using our Indian Trust Fund to build Canada.

Canada is a Corporation Stealing Indian Resources - Part Three

Download audio file

According to a Mohawk Elder Canada is a corporation created by the Law of the Seas. The “company” has been illegally placed on Great Turtle Island (North America). A by-law called the “Indian Act” was designed to rob and kill off the Indians and make it appear legal. According to Mohawk Nation News Rob Clarke is changing the by-law to try to kill the survivors of the genocide. The desperate bankers need the ever growing $130 trillion Indian Trust Fund for war! Mohawk Elder Kahandinetha Horn spoke about this and more in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia.


This is John Robles I am speaking with Kahandinetha Horn, a Mohawk Indian and a member of the Bear Clan. She is also the owner and publisher of the Mohawk News web resource.

Horn: All the railroads and all the buildings, the parliament buildings, you name it, all of it was built with Indian Trust Fund.

Robles: On stolen lands as well.

Horn: On stolen lands.

Robles: All of North America was built on stolen lands and on genocide and by trickery and evil.

Horn: It is all evil. Here is what happened. They passed this law, the declare us as non-persons, they take our Indian Trust Fund and they use it to build Canada and now the trust fund is maybe a hundred trillion. That is how much is that trust fund. That is the biggest Trust Fund in the world and we have no access to it.

Robles: It still exists today in Canada?

Horn: Yes. I wrote about it, if anyone is interested, they can look through my website Mohawknationnews.com and you can look for Indian Trust Fund. I’ve written a lot of stuff on that. I even put a spread sheet in there to show that our money is used to support the provinces and the way it was set up was that the provinces would be given all of our control over all of our resources and they would make deals with the multinational corporations and they would give a share to the federal government but it is our resources. But money is still going into the Indian Trust Fund. It is still there and it is huge.

Now what I did, I knew about this Trust Fund all my life, I am 74 years old, and so I said I am tired of this, and as a Mohawk woman I said “you know, I want my share of it”.

So, I wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and said “I want my share of the Indian Trust. It is there. It belongs to me, you are the trustee and I am one of the beneficiaries of that Trust.”

And then I wrote to the Interpol and I said “I’ve written to Canada about the Indian Trust Fund and I am asking for my share and I would like you to investigate why they are not giving me my share of the Indian Trust Fund”. I got back a little notice from them. So, as far as I know they are investigating it.

Robles: Really?

Horn: Yes.

Robles: Do you think that is serious?

Horn: Yes, it is serious. They are stealing that money, bankers are stealing it.

Robles: We know that and we know they have no right to it but what I am asking is do you think it is rally serious that Interpol will actually do something?

Horn: I don’t know. But I am making it public. They can’t ignore it because it is a legal issue.

Now the money has been stolen, it’s been taken by the bankers, they’ve been stealing it all this time. I am talking about international bankers. And they are the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada and they want that money and up until now it was kept a complete secret. But I knew about it and I finally decided to put it out there and now a lot of people are starting to send me all kinds of information on it.

So, it is there and it is all based on all of the resources that are being tolen from us and Harper, right now, the Prime Minister, has gone down to South America, and he is like a used car salesman, selling stolen goods, he is selling our resources, all over the world. He goes and makes deals in China, he’s been in Russia too, selling our resources.

I will tell you what they did. They set up a grid and it is a grid made up of our own people, and it is called “the Corporate Indian Band Council System”, who worked for them, are paid by them and are incorporated under their own system.

They have placed them in charge of each one of us on our territories in the communities that we live, on the territories that we have.

If Harper says “Okay, I want Attawapiskat because there are diamonds under there and De Beers has to go in there to take those diamonds out”.

They go there and they find somebody, one of their Corporate Indians and they say “Okay, sign this”.

It is not legal but he says “I got the consent of the indigenous people” but it is totally illegal. That is what they’ve been doing.

Robles: That is how they continue to rape the Indian lands.

Horn: That is exactly what they are doing. And I’ve been writing about this for a long time.

So, what I’ve been saying is that the main way that we can fight them is we have to safeguard ourselves by holding on to our land collectively.

Now what the Canadian government is trying to do with the stroke of a pan they are going to pass a law that all the lands are to be owned individually, then we can be impoverished and to pay to get food for our children, they want us to sell our land individually.

Right now that can’t happen but that is what they are going to do. That is why we’ve had all this “Idle No More” these people rising up.

And then the second thing that we should do is we should do away with these corporate tribal and band council control grid because it is illegal and it is a part of their corporation. They don’t represent us. And we have to confront all the evil that is going on and we have to shake off this fear.

I myself, I am 74 years old, I am speaking out because I am not young. But you can understand how complicated this can be. I think you understand though.

We need the support of people all over the world because we want to stop war and we want peace for everybody in the world and that is what the Great Law is all about.

And that is why I have the energy even now in my age to keep on doing what I am doing. I have been through all kinds of wars and altercations and so on, but if I can spread the message that we have, the Mohawks have, and you can help me with it, then we would really appreciate that.

Parting in Mohawk.

Robles: Thank you.


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