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NATO-Nazi Operation in Ukraine is Aimed at Moscow

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The genocide of the Slavs and undesireable poor non-Zionist Jews in Yugoslavia was one of the most brutal in WW II. Catholic fascists and others were infamous for their brutality and manually slaughtered their victims one by one. As recently as in the 1990’s genocide was carried out in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia against the Serbs, yet Croatia, without paying restitution or answering for its genocide, was allowed to enter the European Union. John Bosnitch, a 20-year-veteran of radio NHK in Japan spoke about the slaughter of members of his family in the former Yugoslavia by Croat fascists and said the current situation in Ukraine is part of NATO expansion to the east and the eventual destruction of the Russian Federation.

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mr. John Bosnitch. He was a journalist for the NHK Radio Japan English world service in Tokyo for 20 years. He is also the Director of the Jasenovac Memorial Center in Belgrade.

Robles: Hello Sir!

Bosnitch: Pleasure to be with you today.

Robles: Pleasure to be speaking with you too. Can you tell us about what happened with your great-uncle in 1941 in the light of what is going on right now with the rise of fascism in Europe and the upcoming celebrations for the victory over the Nazi Germany?

Bosnitch: Well in April of 1941 Nazi Germany invaded Yugoslavia and in a lightning attack they conquered Yugoslavia, and broke the country up into smaller parts in which they established puppet regimes. Now in Croatia there was a domestic fascist movement called the Ustaša, which immediately took power in Croatia and began arresting Serbs, Jews and Roma right away. So, the holocaust in Eastern Europe involves the first action that actually began with mass murder in Croatia before the Nazi death camps were up and running.

My grandfather’s brother, the eldest member of our family at that time, my great-uncle was among the very first arrested, because he was a World War I war hero who had a high profile in the community as a Serb. He lived in Croatia, because Croatia was a multi-cultural region with many Serbs in the region. More than 1/3 of the population of Croatia was Serbian. He was arrested immediately and almost immediately slaughtered as an example of what would happen to leading Serbs in the community. And the same thing was done to Jews and to Roma people right away, as soon as the Croatian extremist Catholic fascists came to power. And it is important to point out this extremist Catholicism that was an integral part of fascism in Croatia.

You might have had death camps in Nazi Germany, but here you had an entire death camp system that was independently run by the Croats themselves and in such a bloodthirsty manner, that even the Germans complained to Hitler about the bestial nature of the Croat slaughter.

Germans had a mechanized mass murder system using poison and so on. In Croatia the vast majority of the victims were killed manually, by hand, one by one, by slashing their jugulars, by slashing their throats. This is a blood bath of unparalleled proportion. And this was done to people who had been their immediate neighbor. And this was a country in which the death camps were actually run by Catholic priests. This is something that very few people in the west or in the east even know about. It has been heavily suppressed historically. It is a matter that was not even discussed or raised when Croatia recently entered the EU.

Modern-day Croatia paid no reparations whatsoever to the victims of the holocaust in Croatia. But here we have a country which was readily admitted into the EU. And as we know the EU is led by Germany. It was readily admitted into the EU without paying any holocaust reparations. And not only was there the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies in World War II, there was a repeat ethnic cleansing of almost the entire remaining Serbian community of Croatia just in the recent past, in the 1990’s.

And none of this was an issue for the EU. So, the EU is willing to accept states that not only were fascist states in World War II and which slaughtered their own people in the hundreds of thousands, but they are also willing to admit Croatia in particular which had a repeat ethnic cleansing in this modern era not many years ago, in the 1990’s. And this state has been accepted into the EU as if it were just any other normal European state. It is an incredible, terrible precedent. And it can be tired directly to the EU’s support for Nazis in modern-day Ukraine; these two things are tied together.

Robles: Can you comment on the founder of the European Union, the European Commission? Apparently, he was a Nazi.

Bosnitch: That’s not my area of expertise. I can tell you that there are many stories about Nazi links and the recreation of Hitler’s German community through the EU.

But what I’m more concerned about is the modern-day repeat that we are seeing in Ukraine today and that we most recently also saw in Croatia of actual Nazis wearing the same uniforms that their fathers and grandfathers wore in World War II, once again killing, raping, murdering and driving out the same victims that they identified and killed off in World War II.

Robles: You were talking about the brutality in Croatia of the Croats. The Banderavites and the followers of Petliura, the Nazi SS also complained about them and said that they were brutal. In Odessa it was the same thing. They were killing …

Bosnitch: Absolutely, absolutely …

Robles: They killed all these people, up to 100 people in this House of Unions, it was called, and then they set in on fire. According to the latest reports and evidence many of the people were killed before they were burnt.

Bosnitch: And we are not hearing any reproach from the United States. We are not hearing any condemnation from the EU, because the EU and the United States, and the Western powers are using Ukraine to try to destroy Russia. And they are using Ukraine just as they used the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. They initiated the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. They ripped the country apart. The divided and conquered the Slavs. And in the end, all of the remaining states, of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia have turned out to be in larger or lesser measure Western colonies. The government of each of these states is selected in the West. The political campaigns are directed and funded from the West. The countries are all guided into NATO to prepare them to be used as shock troops against Russia. There is no doubt about it.

And so, we are seeing the next eastward step in what was obviously called in German imperial times and in Nazi times “the drive to the east”. We are now seeing it progressed from the former Yugoslavia into the Ukraine and, obviously, it is targeted against Russia.

Robles: The Soviet Union, Russia, beat the Nazis once. Now Russia is being targeted again. Can you comment on this, the fact that Nazis are targeting Russians and Jews again? What is your opinion on that? And what is your opinion on … I know, there was the genocide on the Jews, but there was up to 40 million Russians killed by the Nazis.

Bosnitch: There is no doubt that the Nazi plan with respect to the Soviet Union and Russia in particular was to exterminate not just the Jews, but of course as many Russians as they could to clear what they called “lebensraum” – the living space – in eastern Europe for German colonization. Now thank God, Nazi Germany was defeated and there is nobody who knows anything about history who can deny that the brunt of that battle was carried by the Soviet Union and that the major credit for the victory over Nazism is to the credit of the Soviet forces.

Now what we are seeing today, however, is a much smarter “drive to the east”. Germany has economically colonized most of Eastern Europe and they have conquered economically, and then politically, countries which in the past they would have had to seize by force, and which they finally learned, after two world wars, that they couldn’t do. So, they bribe, they co-opt, they corrupt and they coerce all of Eastern Europe to come under their control. And where they run into resistance, as they did in Yugoslavia, especially from the Serbs, then they create divisions among the people and they make them fight each other. And they then divide and conquer and create an empire of smaller parts.

And that’s what they’ve done in the former Yugoslavia. And that’s what they are obviously doing in Ukraine by sponsoring these tiny minority movements and linking them with major forces, such as Right Sector and Svoboda. These certainly are not representative of the normal Ukrainian people and neither are the corrupt leaders, such as Yulia Timoshenko. These people are financed from the West, advised by the West and aided by the operatives of the FBI and the CIA, and the secret services not just of America, but of Germany, who create these movements. They arm them and they promote them.

What they succeeded in doing is creating an armed mass of real, I don’t call them neo-Nazis, I call them NATO-Nazis, because they are programmed, financed, coordinated and directed by the NATO powers. And so, this is just a new generation of the same old anti-Russian invasion and the victims of this, they are once against going to be Russians and Jews, and anybody who will not submit to these Western overlords.

And so what we see happening now in Ukraine is not a final target. The final target is the destruction and the crushing of the entire Russian state; Ukraine is just another stepping stone towards this kind of a slow step-by-step invasion.

Robles: I see. What would you say to young people out there in our audience, any people who have false ideas about what Nazis are, who glorify them, who don’t know or were never told about the holocaust? If you had a couple of minutes to tell them how wrong they are, what would you say?

Bosnitch: The first thing you need to do, especially if you are living in the West and you are under the Western media blackout, what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to get yourself to some alternative media right away. You’ve got to watch programs like RT, you’ve got to listen to media from the other side of this picture. And you’ve got to really make an intelligent comparison to what it is that you can see on RT and what it is that you can see on the Internet, at sites like and other sites which are giving you a broader picture.

And then, you’ve got to compare that to what you cannot see on CNN, CBS, MSNBC and the BBC, and the rest of the Western media, which is a hermetically sealed fairytale picture of the world designed to get the young people of the West to just sit back and accept whatever their governments do in their name. And when you get called up and sent to war, and go to die on the front, you are supposed to go there willingly and happily, because you don’t know any better.

But the job of a young person in the West and in Ukraine too, because the Ukrainian youths are now being sent to fight against their brothers in Nazi uniforms, you’ve got to find out what is going on. You’ve got to find out what is going on and you’ve got to find out what is going on fast before you are dead, before you become cannon fodder for the same old imperial conquest that killed your grandfathers. You’ve got to find out today, that’s your job.

Robles: With regard to Nazism and apologists, and holocaust deniers, what would you say to those people, people who are listening to anti-Jewish propaganda?

Bosnitch: The normal human being harbors no hatred for his fellow man. So, if you find yourself hating people that you’ve never met, then you’ve got to reject that as a fundamental principle. The selling of hatred is always a part of an ulterior motif and of a hidden plan and you are being used, and you are being turned into a murderer of people you don’t even know. And you will find American troops in Afghanistan who have been killing people that they call ragheads, that they never even knew, and coming back to America and going into mental hospitals, because they don’t know what happened.

Now you will find people who are being now put into uniforms in Right Sector, in Svoboda who are killing and burning to death their fellow Ukrainians in cold blood, who are soon going to end up in mental hospitals asking themselves “what happened?”, “how was I hypnotized with hatred?”. That’s not the world that we want to live in. That’s not the world the young people should allow to be created using them as cannon fodder.

Robles: That’s right! Okay, John, thank you very much. I hope we can speak again.

Bosnitch: Well I look forward to being in touch with you, because I’ll be returning to Belgrade and I can tell you that we people in Serbia are at least as much on the frontline as the people in Ukraine, except that our country is already occupied and Kosovo is being ripped out of Serbia. And we know where you are, because we’ve already been there and we are resisting today. Moscow is the target of all of this.

Robles: I know!

You were listening to an interview with John Bosnitch. He is a Belgrade-based journalist, a 20-year veteran of the NHK Radio Japan English world service in Tokyo, and the Director of the Jasenovac Memorial Center in Belgrade.

Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.


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