Dr. Emil Vlajki Vice President of Republika Srpska


President Putin Has Made the World Multi-Polar

President Putin has made the world multi-polar – Vice President of Republika Srpska Dr. Emil Vlajki


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The world is no longer a unipolar place and thanks to President Vladimir Putin the US and the West are no longer going to be the masters of the world. This was stated in an exclusive Voice of Russia interview with the Vice President of the Republika Srpska Professor Emil Vlajki. He said the West will align and form alliances with anybody, even with evil if it is in their national interest to do so, and that there is no morality in their policies. For Ukraine the US "interest" is having missiles on Russia's border. As for the current sanctions against Russia Doctor Vlajki called them "ridiculous", and said that in reality it is the Russian Federation who can sanction the West.

Hello this is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with the Vice President of the Republika Srpska Dr. Emil Vlajki.

Robles: I’d like to get your reaction regarding the reaction from the Russian Government to the heavy flooding that is unprecedented in Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina. What is going on there?

Vlajki: It is quite a normal reaction about it…. If you need help, somebody is going to help you and of course Russian government never refused to do it – nothing commercial, just a humane gesture.

Robles: What about the reaction from the European Union?

Vlajki: I don’t know almost anything about the reaction of the European Union. I think that Zagreb decided to send some people and some help, but not more than that.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about the upcoming elections and what’s been going on in the Srpska Republic with NGOs etc., and their attempts to start a color revolution there?

Vlajki: Of course, it is an attempt to replace, by somebody else who is probably having deals with the European Union and the United States. This is an orange revolution and it happens in the whole world, everywhere.

Robles: Have you been pressured yourself in an attempt to influence your positions or your decisions in government? That you can talk about…

Vlajki: No, they cannot do it because I have published so many books about the nefarious influence western civilization on the Serbian people and I cannot be bought by anybody and they know it and they are not going to try, of course.

My books, for example, American Terror or Demonization of Serbs, The New Totalitarian Society and the Destruction of Yugoslavia and so on, cannot encourage anybody to change my position.

Robles: Wonderful! Can you compare what happened in Yugoslavia with what is going on in the Srpska Republic, in Serbia and Kosovo and right now in Ukraine as far as the American “operation”, if we want to call it that?

Vlajki: Of course, they occupied Kosovo and after that they took it by the Brussels agreement and the Serbs surrendered Kosovo by agreement from Brussels. They believe that by giving up Kosovo they are going to become a part of the European Union but of course it is not true at all.

Robles: I have the same belief myself, I mean that that is a lie.

Vlajki: That is because the West cannot believe Serbian people because people from the western civilizations believe that Serbs are going to always be friends of Russian people and they don’t trust Serbs.

They are going to submit, I don’t believe it, or to destroy Serbia. It means that after Kosovo there could appear the separation of Vajodina, Sandžak and so on. They are going to arrange it.

Robles: So, the destruction of Serbia as well…

Vlajki: It is in their timing of course.

Robles: Are they operating on some sort of timeframe because the are trying to do the same thing now to the Srpska Republic, aren’t they?

Vlajki: It is a little harder probably because President Dodik decided to pursue the Russian way. He believes that this is the only way for Republika Srpska and President Dodik has big support amongst his own people. And it has to be replaced by somebody else in order to change this pro-Russian policy.

Robles: Speaking about referendums, I am talking about Kosovo and Crimea in particular, the West made false statements that there was a referendum in Kosovo when they tried to say the referendum in Crimea was illegitimate. Can you comment on that? Is there a possibility of a referendum in the Srpska Republic so that it becomes completely independent?

Vlajki: Yes, of course, logically it is possible also for Republika Srpska to leave in the same way. But I don’t think that it is possible because I don’t think that Russia with its problems, with Ukraine now is going to help anybody, to be engaged to help.

It is very difficult to imagine that anybody is going to support the referendum of Republika Srpska for independence. And at this very moment it is possible only to fortify Republika Srpska, to fortify its position as a kind of semi-independent state, nothing more than this, and it is only possible to fortify the actual position of Republika Srpska, not more than that. I don’t think that now a referendum is possible.

Robles: Yourself and president Dodik, that is what you are attempting to do?

Vlajki:To tell you the truth, we have all kinds of papers readyto proclaim the Independent State of Republika Srpska but it is only our wish. I don’t think that there are realistic possibilities to do it. I don’t think that anybody is going to help us, especially Serbia and so on. I don’t think so. If somebody, as Russia for example, could give us the real promise, the real support very openly, we could do it. But without open support, I don’t think so.

Robles: I’d like you to comment on the so-called (it is the West’s favorite phrase) “international community”. Do you see that “international community” moving away from that US hegemony, as far as the BRICs countries, the Asian Union, etc.?

Vlajki:Really I don’t know what is the international community. The international community must be the whole world, not only just a little part of the world.

Western civilization pretends that they are the international community. It means the US, Western Europe, Australia, Canada and so on. But this is only a small part of the international community and I think that this is not a unipolar world anymore and now with the appearance of Russia and China and maybe India, Brazil, at this very moment China and Russia, they cannot be the masters, if I can say, of the world.

In last 20 years they were really the masters of the world but now with Putin I don’t think that it is going to happen anymore.

The US and the Western Europe are masters of the world but if it is so, after Putin I don’t think they will continue, it is possible anymore.

Robles: That is good to hear. If I could ask you some questions about Ukraine and the rise of fascism in Europe, the rise of neo-Nazi groups in Europe: the people of the Srpska Republic, the people of Serbia and people all over Europe suffered under Nazism. What is your opinion on the US using Nazis to form a violent coup d’etat?

Vlajki: They don’t care of course about Nazism in Ukraine or anywhere else. They care only about their national interests.

It could be with fascists, with Communists, with capitalists, socialists, with anybody, if it corresponds to their national interests, they are going to make alliance with these kinds of people and of course in Ukraine it is neo-fascism, but it corresponds in some way to the western, so called, national interests.

They are going to align with the evil, if it is in their national interests (thast means the interests of the US) there is no morality in (their )politicies.

Robles: You as a vice president, I am sure you know more than I do about national interests, what are, in your opinion, the actual national interests of the US in Ukraine? Is it NATO expansion?

Vlajki: The national interests of the US, because they are leading the new cold war against Russia, their "national interest" (under quotation), is to put the anti-missile shield on the borders of Russia in order to manage Russia. That is their interest and Ukraine has a border with Russia and the American national interest is the shield in order to hurt Russia and that is it.

Robles: What about the energy resources, the territory?

Vlajki: They would like to divide Russia, of course, in order to get some part of territory because of gas and oil and so on. Natural wealth. They would like to divide it and to get it of course. Their national interest would be also to get part of Russia of course, but of course it is not possible at all because of the smart and courageous policy of Putin pf course.

Robles: Yes, I think Putin has done a lot, has done everything to protect Russia and the Russian people.

Vlajki: He is a smart person. I think that after Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and Lenin, Stalin, Putin is a historical person.

Robles: Yes, I agree with you 100%.

The Serbian people, the Ukrainian people, the Russian people are Slavic people. The Slavic people, the Slavs, have never engaged in aggressive war, the Slavs have never engaged in genocide. Is this a war against the Slavic people, do you think? Is this continuation of dividing Ukraine, dividing Russia, dividing Serbia?

Vlajki: I don’t think it is anything against Slavs. They have Bulgaria, they have the Orthodox country Greece and so on. It is just that Russia is the biggest country in the world with so many national resources.

Robles: What is your opinion on the sanctions that West has waged against Russia?

Vlajki:It is the funny part of the problem. They cannot impose anything on Russia. It is ridiculous. It is very funny. It is Russia who has natural wealth and Russia is able to sanction Western Europe and even the US. The contrary is not possible, in my opinion.

Robles: I agree with you. Russia could just turn off the gas, they could just stop the flow of oil.

Vlajki: It is not only the gas but many other things. But it doesn’t matter the gas can be enough.

Robles: Russian politicians also thought it was a sign of honor – these sanctions, everybody laughed at them because Russian politicians don’t have money in foreign accounts and they don’t have businesses in America. So, the whole thing is ridiculous.

Robles: It is ridiculous. Is Europe being hurt more by these so-called sanctions?

Vlajki: Europe is trying to be independent from the US but at this very moment this is not quite possible. The interests of Europe, Germany for example, is to be mostly with Russia, more than with the US. But for some historical reasons they cannot do it at this very moment.

Robles: What would you like to say to the Serbian people who mibght be listening?

Vlajki: I could say that it is not smart for the Serbian people to enter in any kind of military pact of alliance or anything like that.

Also the Serbian people have to pursue an independent economic, cultural policy and so on and not to belong to the New World Order, to the new cold war against Russia for example, to be the part of one or the other side. It must be independent in my opinion.

Robles: You’ve just mentioned a very interesting phrase - "the New World Order". As someone at the top level of government, as a vice president, can you tell us what is that New World Order? For people who think it might just be some conspiracy.

Vlajki:It is the domination of the Western Civilization over the whole world. That is it.

Robles: That’s it!

Vlajki: It is an American world order.

Robles: That’s it… It is an American world order….

Vlajki: Yeah! Yeah!

Robles: Can I ask you about the upcoming elections in the Srpska Republic because I think it is very important for the people?

Vlajki:Dodik is going to be the president probably, and about Parliament, I really don’t know. It will be 50/50. But Dodik certainly is going to be the new president.

Robles: What is the path going to be for the first couple of years of the new Dodik Administration?

Vlajki:I am not too sure. It will be very tight! He is going to be the president but about majority I really don’t know.

Robles: Can you tell us about a couple of the books you’ve written?

Vlajki:Oh my books!? What was my last book? Few of my books are written in English and French, for example the "Poverty of the World", "American Terror", "Demonization of Serbs", "The New Totalitarian Society and the Destruction of Yugoslavia". And I wrote two books of poetry, the first one is something against Globalism, one part of this poetry the name is like Hamlet "To Be or Not to Be", and the other one is "Wandering Jew". My mother was a Jew, my father was a Croat.

Robles: Wonderful! Can you tell us one of your poems?

Vlajki:Who is going to be interested in my poems?

Robles: I am interested. I’d like to hear something in Serbian.

Vlajki:I don’t believe you (laughs). You are very kind but you are a political journalist.

Robles: People are interested in anything vice presidents or presidents do.

Vlajki: If you can read it in Serbo-Croatian, of course, I could send you by email, but my poems are published in Belgrade, one in Zagreb, and another one in Belgrade. I sold both of them in 2000. It is a big deal for our little country.

Robles: I write poetry myself. So, I am really genuinely interested. I love poetry. It is one of the few beautiful things that humans produce, I think.


This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with the Vice President of the Republika Srpska Dr. Emil Vlajki.


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