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Daily News Monday November 28, 2022 (279)

Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Telephone conversation with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

Телефонный разговор с Президентом Азербайджана Ильхамом Алиевым

FSB News Directly from the FSB

ФСБ России предотвращена подготовка серии терактов на территории Запорожской области

ФСБ России предотвращена попытка совершения диверсионно-террористического акта на газопроводе

ФСБ России пресечена попытка диверсии на военных и энергетических объектах Воронежской области

ФСБ России во взаимодействии с МВД России и Росгвардией пресечена противоправная деятельность лиц, связанная с незаконным изготовлением, переделкой и сбытом средств поражения

ФСБ России задержана гражданка Республики Польша

О вступлении в законную силу приговора Южного окружного военного суда в отношении полковника нелегальной разведки Главного управления разведки Минобороны Украины

SO ZOV Day 279 - Denazification

NATO top diplomats to reiterate now is not the time for Ukraine to join — media

Two localities in DPR liberated by allied forces

LPR militia officer points to rise in Ukrainian troop deaths near Kupyansk, Krasny Liman

IAEA’s call on Kiev to stop shelling Zaporozhye NPP could help ease tensions — politician

Ukrainian army seeks to step up offensive towards Svatovo — LPR militia officer

More explosions heard in Ukraine’s Dnieper — media

Explosions heard in Ukraine’s Poltava and Dnieper — media

Kiev’s forces try to push towards Ugledar, sustain heavy losses — DPR leader

Russian Guard’s artillery thwarts Ukrainian army attempt to cross Dnieper

Military-Biological Activity by US, Ukraine Violates BTWC

Military-biological activity by US, Ukraine violates BTWC — Russian envoy

Series of Terrorist Attacks Prevented in Zaporozhye Region - FSB

Series of terrorist attacks prevented in Zaporozhye Region — FSB

Emergency power outages reported across Ukraine, operator says

Ukrainian attempted breakthroughs thwarted in Zaporozhye direction — official

Ukraine’s power situation close to catastrophic, national operator says

One civilian dead, one wounded in Ukrainian shelling of Novaya Kakhovka

Ukraine loses up to 50 troops in battles with LPR forces in past day

UK military aid to Ukraine may increase in 2023

RYBAR 11-26/27/28-2022

Russian and International News

The Vatican's Crusades Have Never Stopped

Russian ambassador protests Pope Francis’ allegation

The Racist CIA Fascism of the Corporation Documents Continues

The UN Wants Trillions $$ Per Year Plus A ‘Transformation Of The World’s Financial System’

Supreme leader’s niece arrested in Iran — TV

Cuba’s largest news portal had its Facebook page blocked on Sunday

Canada to discuss its new strategy in Indo-Pacific region with NATO

China and Russia reject unipolar hegemony and policy of brute force — top diplomat

Empire of Sodom Lies (No CIA MOCKINGBIRD)

Remember Cambridge University Press? We do. Subliminal Satanism

Jesus Christ could have been transgender – Cambridge Dean

1% Telling 99% to Eat Bugs and Shut Up or Robots Will Come

Washington Post Tells Americans To EAT BUGS As They Can No Longer Afford Traditional Seasonal Dinners

WEEKEND NEWS Sat/Sun November 26/27, 2022 (277/278)

Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Телефонный разговор с Президентом Азербайджана Ильхамом Алиевым

О приёме документов на соискание Государственных премий за выдающиеся достижения в области правозащитной и благотворительной деятельности

FSB News Directly from the FSB

ФСБ России предотвращена попытка совершения диверсионно-террористического акта на газопроводе «Южный поток»

ФСБ России пресечена попытка диверсии на военных и энергетических объектах Воронежской области

ФСБ России во взаимодействии с МВД России и Росгвардией пресечена противоправная деятельность лиц, связанная с незаконным изготовлением, переделкой и сбытом средств поражения

ФСБ России задержана гражданка Республики Польша

О вступлении в законную силу приговора Южного окружного военного суда в отношении полковника нелегальной разведки Главного управления разведки Минобороны Украины


ФСБ России вскрыта и пресечена деятельность диверсионно-разведывательной группы СБУ на территории

ФСБ России задержаны члены бандформирований Ш. Басаева и Хаттаба

SO ZOV Day 277/278 - Denazification

Russia Fights USA/NATO in Ua, USA/NATO Illegally Occupy Syria

US occupation forces acknowledge that their base was hit in Shaddadi

Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine- Latest Updates

Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine- Latest Updates

Excalibur guided artillery shell intercepted by Russian air defense systems in Sumy region

Air defense systems deployed in LPR capable of ensuring safe dome over republic

The Vatican's Crusades Never Actually Stopped

СБУ проводит обыски в храме УПЦ в Ивано-Франковске

Russian forces destroy six Ukrainian command posts - top brass

Explosions heard in Ukraine’s Krivoy Rog city - media outlet

Air raid warning issued in four Ukrainian regions on Sunday morning

Majority of NATO countries exhausted possibilities of arms supply to Ukraine – newspaper

Умер министр иностранных дел Белоруссии Владимир Макей

Boston University Hybrid Coronavirus has 80% Kill Rate - RFMOD

Lab-made hybrid version of coronavirus created at Boston University - Defense Ministry

NATO drones attempted crossing Pskov Region’s border before special military operation

US biolabs violate safety rules – Russian Defense Ministry

Papers prove US worked on pathogens in Ukrainian labs - Defense Ministry

Pentagon’s activity in Ukraine carefully concealed from Americans

Pentagon’s activity in Ukraine carefully concealed from Americans - Defense Ministry

US tries to avoid charges of military-biological activities against Pentagon - top brass

Lukashenko offers condolences over death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Makei

Russia says its air defenses shot down four HIMARS rockets over Kherson Region

Russia says aircraft, rocket and artillery forces struck five Ukrainian command posts

Russia says its forces destroyed a HIMARS munitions depot in Zaporozhye Region

Lavrov says Europe is involved in processes of neo-Nazism revival

Lavrov says Ukrainians will be liberated from neo-Nazi rulers

Explosions heard in suburbs of Ukraine-controlled Zaporozhye — authorities

Russia to continue telling the world about Kiev’s crimes, diplomat vows

Ukraine begins evacuation of residents from Kherson

DAILY NEWS Friday November 25, 2022 (276)

Taking a Walkabout

SO ZOV Day 276 - Denazification

Ukrainian troops fire 12 NATO-caliber shells at LPR's Svatovo

Kindergarten damaged in DPR’s Gorlovka as result of shelling by Ukrainian troops

Russia Lived by Someone Else’s Rules, Going Through Purge - VVP

Russia used to live by someone else’s rules, going through purge now — Putin

We Told You Yandex Was Not a Russian Company

Yandex’s departure from Russia to create jobs in the Netherlands — TV

Putin says Russia isn’t fighting Ukrainians, but those who use them as cannon fodder

Russia-Donbass reunification was long overdue — Putin

NATO an accomplice to Kiev regime’s war crimes, says Russian diplomat

Kiev needs Crimea, Donbass for Western military bases — lawmaker

Yandex to split Russian and international divisions — company

Over 300 anti-submarine mines found in Energodar — authorities

Russian forces cripple six military command posts in Ukraine operation — top brass

Russian air defenses destroy five HIMARS, Olkha rockets in Ukraine operation — top brass

Participant in Mariupol plant blockade says Ukraine had 10 times more troops

NATO ramps up production of Soviet-era ammunition for Ukraine — Stoltenberg

Kiev says half of city left without power

Russian soldiers released from Ukrainian captivity return to Moscow

Two people killed in Ukrainian mortar shelling in Kherson Region

Russia’s top brass posts clip of Msta-S howitzers crushing Ukrainian artillery and armor

Commander hails Russian Navy’s ‘skillful operations’ paving way for Berdyansk’s liberation

Ukrainian army loses more than 60 troops in clashes with DPR — People’s Militia

Emergency power outages begin in Kiev and Odessa

Explosions heard in suburbs of Ukraine-controlled Zaporozhye — authorities

Are You Neanderthals Out of Your Frickin Minds? I'm Done With You

Odessa authorities approve demolition of monument to city’s founder Catherine the Great

DAILY NEWS Thursday November 24, 2022 (275)

John Robles Applied to Officially Serve in the Russian Armed Forces

Rejected Due to Age - Я хотел служит. Честь имею.

Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Meeting with Chair of RSPP Commission on Mineral Fertiliser Production and Trading Dmitry Mazepin

Встреча с председателем комиссии РСПП по производству и рынку минеральных удобрений Дмитрием

FSB News Directly from the FSB

ФСБ России предотвращена попытка совершения диверсионно-террористического акта на газопроводе «Южный поток»

ФСБ России пресечена попытка диверсии на военных и энергетических объектах Воронежской области

ФСБ России во взаимодействии с МВД России и Росгвардией пресечена противоправная деятельность лиц, связанная с незаконным изготовлением, переделкой и сбытом средств поражения

ФСБ России задержана гражданка Республики Польша

О вступлении в законную силу приговора Южного окружного военного суда в отношении полковника нелегальной разведки Главного управления разведки Минобороны Украины


ФСБ России вскрыта и пресечена деятельность диверсионно-разведывательной группы СБУ на территории

ФСБ России задержаны члены бандформирований Ш. Басаева и Хаттаба

SO ZOV Day 275 - Denazification

Z Brief 62

Z Brief 62


Air raid sirens heard in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine’s Khmelnitskaya NPP connected to the grid — regional chief

Air raid alert in Kharkov lifted

Ukraine’s nuclear facilities, Zaporozhye NPP lost external power on Nov 23 — IAEA chief

Shortage of power, water remains critical in most Ukrainian regions — Zelensky

Ukraine pounds liberated territories of Zaporozhye with HIMARS rockets — politician

At least 130 LPR civilians killed by Ukrainian strikes since February

Belarusian minister doubts detentions will follow after Ukrainian missiles kill two Poles

Minsk identifies about 160 Belarusians involved in conflict in Ukraine — interior minister

More than 20 LPR servicemen returned home in recent prisoner swaps - official

More than 14,000 Ukrainian troops underwent training abroad - Ukraine’s General Staff

IAEA chief says external power restored to Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

Ukrainian army suffering major casualties trying to break through defenses in LPR

Ukrainian law enforcement executes at least 100 civilians in Kherson

Ukrainian law enforcement executes at least 100 civilians in Kherson — regional official

Ukrainian authorities forming purge brigades in Kherson, regional official says

LPR forces, Akhmat special operations unit set up layered defenses near Svatovo

Ukraine detains hundreds of civilians in Kherson for POW swap

Ukraine detains hundreds of civilians in Kherson for POW swap — official

Lukashenko urges Ukraine to end conflict, its "total destruction" is sole alternative

FSB foils terror plot hatched by Ukrainian spies against key Russian gas pipeline

Russia points to evidence exposing Kiev’s intentions to use biological weapons

Facts point to Russia-NATO confrontation in Ukraine, diplomat says

Russia to present materials on US biolabs in Ukraine at BWC conference — senior diplomat

LPR militia reports over 80 Ukrainian militants wiped out in Donbass in past day

Ukrainian nationalists practicing mass repressions on Dnieper right bank — diplomat

Ukrainian troops were shelling Donetsk while Zelensky was speaking online to the UNSC

Russian and International News

Beijing authorities urge people to stay at home due to coronavirus outbreak

BRICS is trailblazer in environmental approach to antitrust regulation — analyst

Russia to send more satellites to space — Putin

Terrorists plan UAV attacks on Syrian government forces — Russian military

H&M to close flagship store in Russia at end of month — retailer

Two Tu-160 bombers conduct flight over neutral waters of Barents, Norwegian Seas

Russian envoy blames anti-Russian resolution on poor education of EP members

Putin instructs Cabinet to support development of domestic cloud technologies in Russia

Russia Has Suffered/Degraded Enough with Internet. Now AI? Not Everything Technological is a Good Thing.... Who's Gonna Control It?

Russia’s future largely depends on success in AI sphere — Putin

US military biological activities near Russia involve third countries — senior diplomat

Duma passes law prohibiting LGBT propaganda in Russia

Moscow Court arrests three Ukrainians suspected of plotting terrorist attack

Russia to oppose US attempts to conceal Pentagon activities in Ukraine — senior diplomat

Russia gets no answers regarding US biological activity in Ukraine — MFA

State Duma approves law on fines for LGBT, pedophilia, gender reassignment propaganda

Republika Srpska against BiH integration into NATO — official

State Duma passes law to combat foreign interference in Russia’s affairs

Russia’s envoy to UNESCO quitting his post — agency

Russian diplomat calls West main enemy of market economy

Empire of Sodom Lies (No CIA MOCKINGBIRD)

Zelensky calls for stripping Russia of right to vote in UNSC

FBI, Air Force Agents Mysteriously Raid House of Guy Who Runs Area 51 Blog

DAILY NEWS Wednesday November 23, 2022 (274)

Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Церемония спуска на воду ледокола «Якутия» и подъёма государственного флага на ледоколе «Урал»

Ceremony for launching nuclear-powered icebreaker Yakutia and flag-raising ceremony on nuclear-powered

FSB News Directly from the FSB

ФСБ России во взаимодействии с МВД России и Росгвардией пресечена противоправная деятельность лиц, связанная с незаконным изготовлением, переделкой и сбытом средств поражения

ФСБ России задержана гражданка Республики Польша

О вступлении в законную силу приговора Южного окружного военного суда в отношении полковника нелегальной разведки Главного управления разведки Минобороны Украины


ФСБ России вскрыта и пресечена деятельность диверсионно-разведывательной группы СБУ на территории

ФСБ России задержаны члены бандформирований Ш. Басаева и Хаттаба

SO ZOV Day 274 - Denazification


Ukrainian troops were shelling Donetsk while Zelensky was speaking at UNSC

UN slams shelling attack on Zaporozhye NPP as reckless and deplorable

New assistance to Kiev includes HARM missiles, munitions for NASAMS, HIMARS — Pentagon

US to provide air defense weapons to Ukraine as part of new $400 mln aid package — Blinken

U.S. Announces Another $4.5B for Ukraine, Days After Zelensky Caught Trying to Con NATO Into WW3

FACTBOX: New blackouts across Ukraine, all nuclear power stations disconnected from system

Chief of Ukrainian presidential office says power cuts could last weeks

UNSC emergency session on Ukraine scheduled for Nov 23 — Russia’s UN mission

All three operating Ukrainian NPPs disconnected from power grid

Novaya Kakhovka is under Ukraine’s daily artillery, machinegun fire — authorities

Three districts of Lvov Region lost power as substation suffers damage — officials

Two dozen drones shot down over past month near Belgorod Region — governor

FSB foils subversive act by Ukrainian Neo-Nazis’ supporters near Voronezh

Putin informs his CSTO colleagues about special military operation — Kremlin

Russian troops wipe out US-made counter-battery radar in Ukraine operation — top brass

Measures for ZNPP’s protection will not call into question Russia’s control — envoy

Russian Air Defense downed five drones near gas fields and Sevastopol — Defense Ministry

Russian artillery units hit Ukrainian positions in three areas of Zaporozhye Region

Ukraine building up troops along line of contact in Zaporozhye Region, politician says

Ukrainian army suffers over 60 casualties in battles with DPR forces in past day

LPR militia reports over 50 Ukrainian militants wiped out in Donbass in past day

Diplomat presses UN to clearly assess execution of Russian POWs

Allied artillery hits Ukrainian hardware that shelled Energodar, ZNPP — politician

Distillate tanks damaged in Ukrainian attacks on Zaporozhye NPP, operator says

Ukrainians abandon offensive plans amid bad weather, lack of munition — LPR militia

Military aid to Ukraine seriously depleted Western arsenals – French paper

Moscow, Kiev not engaged in informal talks – diplomat

Russian and International News

State Duma Passes Bill Banning LGBT, Pedophilia Propaganda

State Duma passes bill banning LGBT, pedophilia propaganda

McDonald’s partner in Kazakhstan remains under arrest

NATO’s military buildup around Belarus provokes arms race — foreign minister

Europe to Rob Russia as ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’

European Parliament passes resolution recognizing Russia as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Investigation into MH17 crash in Ukraine continues, says prosecutor's office

Russia calling on Israel to stop airstrikes on Syria — envoy

Kurds may have been given go-ahead to commit terror attack in Istanbul — Russian envoy

Russian tech firm looks into creating robotic multiple rocket launchers

CSTO chief sees risks of broadening conflict amid NATO’s support for Ukraine

Russia, Iran, Turkey condemn Israel’s ongoing attacks in Syria — statement

Not Even the Chinese Talk About the Annual NATO GDP Payments

US uses NATO as trap to exhaust EU, control Europe — Chinese daily

Fire breaks out at Moscow residence of Algerian ambassador to Russia

NATO membership supported by record 78% of Finns, survey reveals

They Lie and Lie It's 2022 & Technologically Advanced Japan Can't Land a Probe on the Moon. Do you still believe the USA was there?

Japan's space agency fails to land probe on Moon due to communication issues

Russian-German Petersburg Dialogue confirms it will be disbanded in early 2023

The Pentagon has no idea how much military equipment it actually left behind in Afghanistan

Empire of Tyranny (No CIA MOCKINGBIRD)

Pedophilia, Cannibalism & The Occult: Balenciaga Saga Gets Even More Twisted

Robots to KILL SUSPECTS [sic] - Not Criminals but Suspects

Robots authorized to kill in San Francisco police draft policy -

A policy proposal that is heading for Board of Supervisors approval next week would explicitly authorize San Francisco police to kill suspects using robots.

Robots authorized to kill in San Francisco police draft policy

DAILY NEWS Tuesday November 22, 2022 (273)

Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Greetings on Tax Authority Worker’s Day

Встреча с руководителем ФНС Даниилом Егоровым

Запуск племенного центра по воспроизводству индейки в Тюменской области

В законодательство внесены изменения, касающиеся преимущественного права приёма на обучение п

Установлена административная ответственность за нарушение предоставления данных в систему контроля

Продлён срок действия лицензии на осуществление предпринимательской деятельности по управлению

Расширен перечень бюджетных полномочий, осуществляемых Федеральным казначейством в области

Подписан закон, ограничивающий зоны с регулируемыми ценами в электроэнергетике

Установлена обязанность атамана Всероссийского казачьего общества и претендента на эту должность

Подписан закон, направленный на совершенствование законодательства РФ в сфере организации т

В Воздушный кодекс внесены изменения

В перечень лиц, имеющих право на дополнительное материальное обеспечение, включены граждане,  

Внесены изменения в отдельные законодательные акты, касающиеся пенсионных накоплений

В единую систему государственных пособий семьям с детьми введено новое ежемесячное пособие в связи

Подписан закон, позволяющий российским портам не принимать иностранные суда, занятые незаконным

Установлены особенности оценки соответствия космической техники различного назначения, а также п

Подписан закон, направленный на совершенствование процессуального статуса контролирующих должника

23 ноября Владимир Путин в Ереване примет участие в сессии Совета коллективной безопасности ОДКБ

Подписан закон о сроках регистрации юрлиц из новых субъектов Российской Федерации

22 ноября состоятся переговоры Президента России и Президента Кубы

22 ноября Владимир Путин примет участие в церемонии поднятия российского флага на атомном ледоколе

Подписан закон о статусе ветерана боевых действий для членов добровольческих формирований,

Подписан закон о создании учебно-производственных комплексов в техникумах и колледжах

Подписан закон о смягчении бюджетного правила на 2023–2024 годы

В статью 432 Уголовно-процессуального кодекса внесены изменения

Подписан закон о признании утратившими силу частей третьей и четвёртой статьи 92 Уголовного кодекса

Подписан закон, направленный на совершенствование правового регулирования рассмотрения суд

Подписан закон, индексирующий ставки сбора за пользование объектами водных биологических ресурсов

Внесены изменения в статью 4 части первой и в часть вторую Налогового кодекса, а также в отдельные

В законодательство внесены изменения, касающиеся применения единых пониженных тарифов страховых

Подписан закон, устанавливающий специальный налоговый режим для профессиональных доходов

В статью 217 части второй Налогового кодекса внесено изменение

В законодательство внесены изменения, устанавливающие право волонтёров на получение поддержки

FSB News Directly from the FSB

ФСБ России во взаимодействии с МВД России и Росгвардией пресечена противоправная деятельность лиц, связанная с незаконным изготовлением, переделкой и сбытом средств поражения

ФСБ России задержана гражданка Республики Польша

О вступлении в законную силу приговора Южного окружного военного суда в отношении полковника нелегальной разведки Главного управления разведки Минобороны Украины


ФСБ России вскрыта и пресечена деятельность диверсионно-разведывательной группы СБУ на территории

ФСБ России задержаны члены бандформирований Ш. Басаева и Хаттаба

SO ZOV Day 273 - Denazification

US/Ukronazis files charges against executed Russian POWs [sic]

Ukrainian prosecutor’s office files charges against executed Russian POWs

Lawmaker says Kiev seeks to evade responsibility by accusing Russian servicemen

Air raid alert in Ukrainian regions lifted

Air raid alert issued in two Ukrainian regions

UN spokesman calls for thorough investigation of shooting of captured Russian soldiers

Three more drone attacks repelled over Sevastopol’s waters — authorities

Ukraine seeking to legitimize execution of POWs to preserve US’ support — opinion

Raids at Kiev-Pechersk Lavra point to Kiev regime’s moral degradation — HRC

Air defenses are engaging targets over Sevastopol, shot down two drones — governor

Fired police officer goes to jail for 13 years for spying for Ukraine

Over ten Ukrainian spies nabbed at Zaporozhye nuke plant since June

Politician explains why Ukraine resumed its bombardment of Zaporozhye nuke plant


Ukrainian artillery is focused on residential areas in DPR — legislator

Emergency power outages begin in Odessa — authorities

Regular contact with IAEA over ZNPP fruitless, leads nowhere — Rosenergoatom

Ukrainian units in Kherson using civilians as human shields, says advisor

Ukrainian attacks on Zaporozhye NPP pose nuclear threat — Kremlin spokesman

‘Military act against Russian Orthodox Church’: Kremlin on raids at Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Crimean leader debunks evacuation rumors

Ukraine engages in fighting on Donetsk front mobilized servicemen, says DPR head

Kiev does not give up attempts to attack ZNPP — adviser to Roseneregoatom’s CEO

Ukraine should be told to stop endangering Europe by shelling Zaporozhye NPP — Kremlin

Ukraine plotting to blow up former premises of its Security Council in Kherson, says aide

DPR head reports successes by units advancing on Maryinka

Ukraine’s military suffers over 50 casualties in Donbass in past day — DPR militia

Over 4.8 mln refugees from Ukraine, Donbass arrive on Russian territory since February

Polish president admits he would not want ‘war with Russia’

Russian senator hits out at ‘contradictory’ peace demands, as Kiev flooded with weapons

DPR leader reports advance by allied forces toward Pavlovka, Ugledar

US promotes impunity for neo-Nazis in Ukraine — Russian embassy

Over 9,400 households remain without electricity in DPR, authorities say

Little Tiny UK Keeps Attacking Russia By Proxy - Now Brimestones

Украина получила ракеты Brimstone с большей дальностью действия

Ukrainian troops shell Zaitsevo settlement in DPR with Grad multiple rocket launcher


Russian and International News

West to set price cap for Russian oil after ‘technical exercise’ – US Treasury Department

Russia’s state-run nuclear corporation offers floating NPPs to Indonesia

Iran to continue strikes in Iraqi Kurdistan – IRGC ground force commander

Power outages to push up food prices in Ukraine — portal

IAEA to step up oversight at Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility

Turkey’s Russia-supplied S-400 air defense system ready to engage targets — minister

Czech Republic bans visa-free transit for Russian nationals via its airports

Russian pharma companies halt drug marketing in EU — expert

Kurdish militants shell northern Syrian city, killing three people, wounding eight — TV

Delegates from more than 10 countries participate in Berlin’s Russian Language Week

Belarusian top diplomat calls for achieving solidarity within CSTO to ensure security

Russia’s Binnopharm to open representative office in China — CEO

Cuban President meets with Patriarch Kirill

Putin, Cuban president unveil monument to Fidel Castro in Moscow

Energy operator reports damage to all Ukrainian power plants except three nuclear sites

‘Reliable partners’: Russian intel chief on Russian, Tajik intelligence services

Russia has dozens of technological solutions for small nuclear power plants, says Rosatom

Europe destabilized global LNG market — Gazprom

Turkish president announces possibility of cross-border ground operation

Rosatom is successfully implementing 23 international projects — First Deputy CEO

Expert: Project to promote languages of North's indigenous peoples will be Arctic-wide

Chinese armed forces capable of ensuring country’s unification, says defense chief

Minsk, Tehran facing sanctions bordering on economic terrorism — Belarusian PM

Development of the North to support Russia’s future, Putin says

Rosatom eyes use of small nuclear power plants with certain African nations

Putin, Cuban president to focus on bilateral relations — Kremlin spokesman

Diplomat hits out at Poland for refusing to let Lavrov attend OSCE meeting

Russia urging all parties to refrain from destabilizing steps in Syria — Kremlin

Ukraine should be told to stop endangering Europe by shelling Zaporozhye NPP — Kremlin

Cuban parliament chief to visit Russia in a week, Russian senate speaker says

China to give resolute response to any US steps on Taiwan, defense chief vows

US must respect China’s key interests — Chinese defense minister

Russian lower house urges world parliaments to condemn Kiev’s slaughter of Russian POWs

Taiwan is red line in Sino-US relations — Chinese defense minister

Russian envoy slams transborder mechanism for assisting Syria as no longer relevant

Cuba condemns Western sanctions against Russia, says president

Russia calls on Turkey to show restraint to prevent escalation in Syria — envoy

Rosatom Eyes Nuclear Cooperation with Latin America

Rosatom eyes nuclear cooperation with Latin America — head of representative office

New launcher for Tsirkon missiles will also be able to employ Oniks missiles — source

Russian and Cuban Presidents to hold talks in Moscow on Tuesday

Turkish armed forces kill 184 terrorists during operation ‘Claw-Sword’ in Syria and Iraq

Russian, Vietnamese security chiefs discuss world situation, including Ukraine

Turkish forces shell Amuda border sector in Syria, killing several civilians — agency

DAILY NEWS Monday November 21, 2022 (272)

Today is Federal Tax Service Employee's Day in Russia

Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

21 ноября Президент в режиме видеоконференции примет участие в запуске племенного центра по воспроизведению индейки в Тюменской области

FSB News Directly from the FSB

ФСБ России во взаимодействии с МВД России и Росгвардией пресечена противоправная деятельность лиц, связанная с незаконным изготовлением, переделкой и сбытом средств поражения

ФСБ России задержана гражданка Республики Польша

О вступлении в законную силу приговора Южного окружного военного суда в отношении полковника нелегальной разведки Главного управления разведки Минобороны Украины


ФСБ России вскрыта и пресечена деятельность диверсионно-разведывательной группы СБУ на территории

ФСБ России задержаны члены бандформирований Ш. Басаева и Хаттаба

SO ZOV Day 272 - Denazification

IAEA expert team to Zaporozhye NPP says ‘no immediate nuclear safety concerns’

UN cannot determine those responsible to attacks on ZNPP

Grossi intensifies consultations on protection zone at Zaporozhye NPP — IAEA

NATO Seeks to Push Russia Deeper into Conflict with Ukraine

NATO chief seeks to push Russia deeper into conflict with Ukraine — MP

NATO Wants to Expand Military Assistance to Kiev

NATO wants to expand military assistance to Kiev without being involved in conflict

Duma to call on countries to condemn shooting of prisoners in Ukraine — lawmaker

IAEA experts are provided with evidence ZNPP was shelled from Kiev-controlled area

Facilities under construction to protect nuclear waste from artillery strikes at ZNPP

Polish Prosecutor’s Office to bar Ukraine from taking part in missile strike probe — media

Emergencies Ministry reveals number of humanitarian convoys sent to Donbass and Ukraine

Russian troops wipe out four command posts in Ukraine operation — top brass

Rosatom CEO warns of nuclear disaster risk at Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

Kherson regional district urges residents to evacuate immediately

Ukrainian army suffering huge losses near Artyomovsk, Soledar — LPR militia officer

Missile incident in Poland was provocation against Minsk, Moscow — Lukashenko

Russia’s special operation not aiming for regime change in Kiev, Kremlin assures

Russia implores other countries to help stop Ukraine shelling nuke plant — Kremlin

Emergency blackouts begin in Kiev — power company

LPR intel points to growing resentment among Ukrainian army officers near Svatovo

Russia to track down, punish those who shot Russian POWs — Kremlin spokesman

Kiev regime wants to use Zaporozhye residents as human shields, says politician

Ukraine’s military uses new kamikaze drones in Zaporozhye, regional official says

Top brass: New Russian armor enables installation of extra protection in field conditions

Kiev lacks resources for offensive on Crimea, West will be of no help — Russian legislator

Two civilians killed in Ukrainian military’s shelling of Alchevsk in LPR

LPR militia reports roughly 30 Ukrainian militants wiped out in Donbass in past day

Ukrainian army shifts from attack mode to defensive crouch near Artyomovsk, Soledar — LPR


Ukrainian forces lose 30 men over past 24 hours — DPR militia

Ukrainian shelling damages two homes, power line in LPR’s Kremennaya

Sweden Finds "Foreign Objects" & Explosive Residue On Nord Stream Pipelines

USA/NATO Will Say They Forced Ukronazis to Peace and Won War

Ex-CIA analyst expects Ukraine to agree to talks with Russia to get US aid

Belgorod Region to remain on heightened terror alert until December 6

NATO chief urges Sweden, Finland to expand cooperation in fight against terrorism

Russian and International News

Turkish warplanes attack US center for training Kurdish fighters in Syria — TV

West trying to destabilize Turkey by supporting terrorists — presidential administration

Belgrade has done its utmost to reach agreement with Pristina, President Vucic vows

Vucic says Pristina has deployed special police force to northern Kosovo

Situation in Kosovo, Metohija tense, on brink of violence — Serbian president

Situation at ZNPP was on brink of catastrophe due to shelling attacks — diplomat

Court in Poland overturns fine for Nord Stream 2 construction participants

Western policy on Syria failed, says Turkish presidential administration

DPRK’s missile tests are reaction to wargames by US, its allies — Russia’s UN mission

Portuguese Prime Minister says EU cannot accept new members, including Ukraine

IAEA under West’s thumb, Russia continues cooperation — Rosenergoatom

Monument to Russian peacekeepers to be erected in Transnistria

Russian, Bangladeshi top diplomats okay Lavrov’s visit to Bangladesh

No agreement reached at Belgrade-Pristina talks in Brussels, says Vucic

Defense contractor delivers new batch of Su-30SM2 fighter jets to Russian troops

Russia is helping and will continue helping countries facing food deficit — Putin

Festival of Russian culture meets with success in two Egyptian cities

Media watchdog blocks LGBT propaganda on over 5,500 websites

Tajikistan knows key Russian military base ensures Central Asian security, says envoy

Russia, Tajikistan creating joint air defenses amid growing regional tension — ambassador

Cuba, Russia dialogues hold merit amid Western sanctions — Cuban leader

Putin to host talks with visiting Cuban president on November 22 — Kremlin

New Zealand blacklists 22 Russian, Belarusian individuals, number of entities

Putin to attend CSTO session devoted to regional problems Nov 23 — Kremlin

EU traders buying Russian diesel fuel before embargo — Reuters

Russian scientists to analyze permafrost's input in greenhouse gas emissions

Argentina eyes cooperation with Russia in seed production, says official

Rosatom plans to build four power units in Egypt at a time in 2023 — CEO

Norway’s Bergen Engines resumes deliveries of turbine parts to Russia — newspaper

No discussion of second mobilization wave in Russia, says Kremlin

Минюст обновил списки иноагентов

В реестр СМИ-иноагентов включены правозащитник, главный редактор «Татарской газеты» Ирек Биккинин и уральский журналист, главный редактор Republic (признано СМИ-иноагентом) и It’s My City Дмитрий Колезев (после начала СВО объявил, что уехал за границу).

В реестр физлиц-иноагентов попали Иван Алексеев (музыкант Noize MC), журналистка Ирина Шихман (YouTube-канал «А поговорить?»), блогеры Руслан Карпук и Михаил Светов, политик Вячеслав Мальцев, сооснователь «Диссернета», физик Андрей Заякин (включен в перечень террористов и экстремистов) и юрист Олимпиада Усанова.

Что произошло за день: понедельник, 21 ноября

State Duma committee upholds huge fines for LGBT propaganda ahead of bill’s second reading

Putin congratulates Tokayev on reelection as Kazakhstan’s president

Russian senator favors taking population size into account in UN General Assembly voting

Russia Keeps Pumping Gas to Europe

Gazprom supplies gas for Europe through Ukraine equaling 42.9 mln cubic meters via Sudzha

North Korean foreign minister calls UN chief `puppet of US’ after ICBM launch — KCNA

Пожар на Комсомольской площади в Москве полностью потушен


DAILY NEWS Weekend July 16/17, 2022 (143/144)

Special Operation ZOV - Days 143/144

Инструкторы НАТО и наводчики РСЗО уже руководят действиями ВСУ и нацбатальонов на Украине — глава МИД РФ Лавров

Что еще важного сказал Сергей Лавров:

ВС РФ совместно с ополченцами ДНР и ЛНР продолжают уверенно решать задачи спецоперации на Украине;

Предоставление Украине и Молдавии статуса «вечного кандидата в ЕС» — часть геополитического гамбита против России;

Канцлер ФРГ Шольц напрасно требует от России нового соглашения о гарантиях суверенитета Украины после провала минских договоренностей;

Киев на фоне своих военных неудач устраивает инсценировки «на крови» для демонизации России в глазах мировой общественности

Day 133 July 06, 2022

Z: BOOM!!! Official Russia Officially Exposes COVID Bio-Op!

Bio-Weapon? COVID-19 Created in US Biotech Laboratories - USA Must Pay the Price! "US owes world community compensation for COVID losses" says Russian Duma speaker - VOLODIN

US owes world community compensation for COVID losses, says Russian Duma speaker
It is stated that according to Sachs, COVID-19 had been created in US biotechnological laboratories after two years of intensive research

MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. The United States owes the global community compensation for the losses incurred by the coronavirus pandemic because Washington is responsible for the spread of the virus, Russian State Duma (the lower house of parliament) Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said on Wednesday.

"Millions of cases and fatalities, a global economic crisis, and plummeting living standards are the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic that Washington must be held accountable for," he wrote on Telegram, commenting on American researcher Jeffrey Sachs’s remarks blaming the US for the spread of the coronavirus. "The US must compensate the losses of all countries who suffered from the pandemic," Volodin insisted.

He pointed out that according to Sachs, COVID-19 had been created in US biotechnological laboratories after two years of intensive research.

"Today, when such accusations are made, [US President Joe] Biden is silent. He fears that the world will find out the truth about the real culprit behind the pandemic," Volodin maintained.

The State Duma speaker added that "US military biological research that they conduct around the world must be stopped and made public."

Day 69 Operation Z/V - US/UK Proxy War

Lavrov Drops Truth Bombs - Hitler's Jewish Roots (Rothschild), Zelensky Jewish Supports Nazis, Worst Anti-Semites Jews

Palestian Was Given to a Rothschild + Hitler a Rothschild = LULZ

(We are Not Anti-Semitic We Lovrov and Palestinians)

Israel Summons Russian Ambassador over Lavrov’s Comments on Hitler, Antisemitism (VIDEO)


Not a Zionist Occupation Victory

Russian Ministry of Defense

Зам Мин об РФ Т Шевцова

Spokesman Igor Konashenkov

Ген. Сергей Суровикин

#ГероиZ  Source MODRF

Officers  of Russia

Instagram Blocked



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RoblesTiny We Stopped the TPP

Vladimir Putin



07-22-2020 NOW A FREE DOWNLOAD Nuland's Nazis - Free Book by JAR2


  2-14-22 Donbass is Russia - Self-Determination

Donbass is Russia - Self-Determination

Support the DPR and LPR and Share These Graphics and Article

USA/UK Offensive Weapons Used on Civilians


Kiev: Military Intelligence Liquidated - Ракетный удар по зданию ГУР - Главного управления разведки Минобороны Украины в Киеве - 02-24-2022

Operation Z - Day One

911/ASTEROIDS Chief Architect and Inter-Agency Puppet Master Dead

‘Merciless War Criminal’ and Ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Dead at 88


  05-23-2022: Nuremburg 2 and the Second

Victory Over "Western"/Zionist Sponsored Nazis - Only on JAR2

Nuremburg 2 and the Second Victory Over "Western"/Zionist Sponsored Nazis

  02-28-2022 The Truest Truth on Ukraine

09-24-2022 Ukraine FAQ for the "West"


The Ukraine: 12 Facts the West Needs to Know
1. 911 was a terrorist event stage by USA/NATO/Israel
2. 911 was never properly investigated nor the guilty ever “found”.
3. After 911 the USA/NATO decided to take over the world by destroying countries.
4. USA/NATO began their endless expansion and “War of Terror.”
5. In 2013 USA/NATO attempted to expand into the Ukraine using an EU integration agreement and a color revolution. They then deposed the democratically elected president and then installed a nazi junta using endemic racist hate to destroy society.
6. The nazi junta then banned the Russian language spoken by 99% of “Ukrainians”, labelled anyone against them “separatists” and started killing them.
7. In 2014 autonomous Crimea held a referendum and rejoined the Russian Federation ending any possibility of USA/NATO bases in Crimea.
8. In 2014 the Donbass also attempted to leave the Ukraine however as it was not autonomous legally it was not possible. So for 8 years the nazi junta attempted to bomb and kill everyone who was against it.
9. In 2022 the nazi junta attempted to become a nuclear power with USA/NATO nuclear weapons pointed in Moscow’s face and threatened to use them against Russia.
10. After 8 years of Russian speaking civilians being killed by the USA/NATO nazi junta in February 2022 Russia finally intervened launching a Special Operation to denazify. and demilitarize the Ukraine.
11. During the Russian Special Operation the nazi junta attempted to cause a nuclear event by bombing a nuclear power plant using USA/NATO supplied and controlled weapons.
12. In September 2022 the Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhe Regions held referendums to rejoin the Russian Federation

Часто задаваемые вопросы
Украина: 12 фактов, которые нужно знать Западу
1. 911 — теракт, организованный США/НАТО/Израилем.
2. Дело 911 так и не было должным образом расследовано, и виновные так и не были «найдены».
3. После 11 сентября США/НАТО решили захватить мир, уничтожив страны.
4. США/НАТО начали свою бесконечную экспансию и «террористическую войну».
5. В 2013 году США/НАТО попытались расшириться на Украину, используя соглашение об интеграции с ЕС и цветную революцию. Затем они свергли демократически избранного президента, а затем установили нацистскую хунту, используя местную расистскую ненависть для разрушения общества.
6. Затем нацистская хунта запретила русский язык, на котором говорят 99% «украинцев», всех, кто выступает против них, заклеймила «сепаратистами» и начала их убивать.
7. В 2014 году автономный Крым провел референдум и присоединился к Российской Федерации, что положило конец любой возможности баз США/НАТО в Крыму.
8. В 2014 г. Донбасс также пытался выйти из состава Украины, но поскольку он не был автономен юридически, это было невозможно. Так на протяжении 8 лет нацистская хунта пыталась бомбить и убивать всех, кто был против.
9. В 2022 году нацистская хунта попыталась стать ядерной державой, направив ядерное оружие США/НАТО в лицо Москве и пригрозив применить его против России.
10. После 8 лет убийств русскоязычных мирных жителей нацистской хунтой США/НАТО в феврале 2022 года Россия, наконец, вмешалась, запустив Спецоперацию по денацификации. и демилитаризовать Украину.
11. Во время российской спецоперации нацистская хунта попыталась спровоцировать ядерную аварию, взорвав атомную электростанцию с использованием оружия, поставленного и контролируемого США/НАТО.
12. В сентябре 2022 года в Донбассе, Херсонской и Запорожской областях прошли референдумы о присоединении к Российской Федерации.

VIDEO25 ZOV JAR2 - Z Report 08-26-2022 4.5 Gbs


Operation Z

Days Two, Three and Four of Russian Special Operation in Ukraine

SO UA Days Two, Three and Four

02-24 Day One of Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine

Day One

02-17-22 Letter to a Friend in the Ukraine


06-30-2021 Liberalism & Asylum in Russia

Asylum in Russia

06-19-2021- Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

04-06-2021 Quantum Destabilization

03-16-2021 The Cabal: What’s Really Going On

The Cabal: What's Really Going On...

02-09-2021 John Robles Specifically Targetted and

 Deleted From WikiPedia for Racial and Pro-Russian Reasons

John Robles Deleted From WikiPedia

01-21-2021 Interfax Feed Killed by MiM Block

01-19-2021 Post Trump - Pre-Biden Analysis

Post Trump Analysis Expose: Big Tech as a Dangerous New "State"

You can now comment on our work through TEMPORAL

VIDEO25 01-01-21 WikiPedia: CIA Front - Trojan Horse

John Robles Deleted From WikiPedia


R12-29-20 Russia Report Seventh Edition


12-22-20 Erased from History

Sanctioned. Tell WikiPedia Not to Delete John Robles: See the Blog

Update: I understand now.... I have been cancelled... The new style of pendosti censorship... I am a native American, I hate NATO and the USA, I support Russia, Putin, Palestine and the Orthodox Church and am against the NWO, LGBT and CIA.... So they cancelled me.... Oh and I am an American Indian who does not exist.

VIDEO25 Biden and the Satanic Globalists on Steroids


VIDEO25 One Year Ago I Warned Russians About Genocide


VIDEO25 Message for the RATS at WIKILEKAS 4 teh LULZ


12-16 Sanctions, Russia and the New World Order

Sanctions, Russia and the New World Order

12-15-20 The Corporation and WWIII

12-14-20 New Article from JAR2

Russia and the Phony Human Rights Defenders

Russia and the Phony Human Rights Defenders

12-11-20 New Article from JAR2

The End is Near: Causality and the Destruction of Timelines

The End is Near, for Whom the Bell Tolls

Complaint Against the CIA and USA Government


09-11-2020 DICHOTOMY Russia Report 7th Edition



Vladimir Putin - 75th Anniversary of Great Victory Shared Responsibility to History and Our Future


75th Anniversary: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future President of Russia


The Real History of the Great Patriotic War - World War II

Always Remember, Never Forget Russia's Victory Over the Nazi Scourge

Operation Archive and the Disposal of hitler's Remains


Nulands Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition

The Most Important Event in Russia in 25 Years

08-15-2018 Nuclear Biological False Flags

Donbass_Nuclear_Attack    Strategic_Shift


Lavrov castigates US for reluctance to speak openly about bioweapons

Патрушев сравнил генетику с оружием массового уничтожения

Coronavirus Research: Stay Calm, Find a Cure & PATENT it. Total: 5,373 Research Papers - 5.97 Gbs 6,414,258,239 bytes Many files behind paywalls or not in the public domain Sources blocked in many countries that need this information


11-28-2022 NATO/CIA Crimes Against

Humanity: Illegal Biological Warfare and Weapons Development. The

Russian MOD Has Finally Woken Up to the PNAC and the NeoCons


11-21-2022 NATO/CIA/UA War Criminals

RYBAR - Executioners of POWs Identified - Wait 4 teh LULZ

Пресс-Секретарь президента России заявил что в Москве самостоятельно будут расследовать казнь пленных военнослужащих ВС РФ в Макеевке в ЛНР.

И российским уполномоченным органам уже точно есть, с чего начать: на прошлой неделе мы рассказывали о трех вероятных исполнителях убийства.

А недавно нашей команде стали известны имена еще двух преступников — Богдана Ковгана и Никиты Мальцева.

Оба являются выходцами из Харьковской области. Ковган живет на улице Валентиновской в Северной Салтовке в Харькове, а Мальцев — на улице Подгорная в Черкасских Тишках.

В Сети появилось видео казни российских военнопленных в Макеевке. И если первый ролик с лежащими трупами ещё можно было попытаться списать на жертвы миномётного обстрела, то оригинальное видео от украинской стороны проливает свет на случившееся.

Судя по всему, кто-то из взятых в плен российских военнослужащих попытался дорого продать свою жизнь — отсюда и раненый «Андрюха» с украинской стороны. А ВСУшники решили за это отыграться на всех военнопленных, убив их на месте.

Вероятные исполнители убийства — пограничники Бортничук Артур и Михайловский Назар, выпускники университета МВД в Харькове. Раненый «Андрюха» — вероятнее всего, Андрей Сокол (

Оба ещё играли в команде КВН «Следствие ведут» из Харькова.


USA "Defense" Department Records Reveal U.S. Funding of Illegal Military Anthrax Laboratory Activities in the Former Ukraine


11-05-2022 Cryptocomb CIA Officers, Bases

Mirror of Cryptocomb Names of CIA Officers, Stations, Bases, October 29, 2022 (42MB)

11-16-22 Illegal Foreign Explosives in the Ukraine

11-14-2022 Meet the Fake "History Project"

11-05-2022 SBU Officers/Operatives and Trash

1. Яшин Ярослав Старший оперуполномоченный СБУ

2. Пронин Станислав несуществующего УСБУ по Крым


MODRF Ukraine Nuclear Dirty Bomb: Plans/Infrastructure/Threats


10-24-2022 NATO's Ukraine Dump - Beregini

NATO Dumps the Ukraine. Never Meant to Be. Territorial Conflict.

Only Option Complete and Total Liquidation.


Maybe Russians Are Finally Ready for the Truth of the 911 Empire?

Целенаправленное, беспардонное и хамское вмешательство британского правительства в государственную политику других стран – многовековая история колонизаторских замашек Лондона. Сейчас для России как никогда актуально изучить «темную» сторону английской политики, чтобы действовать на опережение.

Нет ничего стремительного, сиюминутного и скоропалительного. Задачи оттачиваются десятилетиями, отслеживаются, корректируются и пошагово достигаются цели. Поэтому версия о том, что взрыв на Крымском мосту - тщательно продуманный план британской разведки, несомненно, правдоподобна.

И не случайно ключевыми «сценаристами» называются акулы прокси-войн, прошедшие «горячие точки» на Ближнем Востоке и Балканах – старший оперативный сотрудник британской разведки Крис Доннелли, который также является одним из советников НАТО, и ветеран британской разведки Хью Уорд.

О «подвигах» Доннели я неоднократно рассказывал в своем документальном проекте «Личный враг королевы». Как бывший директор The Institute for Statecraft, Доннели связан с проектом Integrity Initiative, который финансировался напрямую правительством Великобритании и, как и сеть EXPOSE, была проектом CDMD (подразделение по борьбе с дезинформацией и медиаразвитию). Все эти организации входят в антироссийский консорциум EXPOSE Network – обширная сеть, которая занимается разжиганием протестных настроений внутри России через информационную активность. В партнерах – Британский Совет, Фонд Thomson Reuters и интернет-издание Bellingcat (иноагент).

Глубина проникновения западных спецслужб и иностранное влияние на госполитику достигли максимальной концентрации. Теракты на территории России и убийства мирных жителей, ломка сознания в угоду западным диверсантам – итог планомерного разрушения и подрыва страны гибридной армией захватчиков.

10-11 MI6 Plans to Blow Up Crimean Bridge


Source and analysis:

Day 9 Operation Z and NATO Sanctions Mania

Минобороны РФ заявило о попытке "чудовищной провокации" Киева у Запорожской АЭС

Российские военные взяли под контроль город Энергодар, Запорожскую АЭС и прилегающую территорию


Real News: UA Army Fires Missile at Nuclear Power Plant


Fire Next to Zaporozhi NPP at Training Center Localized and Under Control and There is NO Threat NOR was there to Reactors

Пожар около Запорожской АЭС локализовали

ГСЧС Украины: Пожар в учебном корпусе Запорожской АЭС ликвидирован

DAILY NEWS Saturday/Sunday August 27/28, 2022 (186/187)

UA Army Threw american nazi Dog's Body on Battlefield and Ran

Товарищи из ВСУ бросили тело убитого американского наёмника Джошуа на поле боя и сбежали

Омбудсмен ДНР сообщила о гибели американского наемника в боях в Донбассе

USA Admits UA Just an Expendable Pawn in Geopolitical "Football"

"Плевать, сколько украинцев умрёт": Завирусилось видео с признанием экс-сенатора США

«Нам плевать, сколько украинцев умрет: гражданских, женщин, детей - все равно» Экс-сенатор США Ричард Блэк лишний раз подтвердил методы, которыми американцы цепляются за мировое господство. Он назвал ситуацию на Украине «великой игрой в футбол, где не важны потери, пока мяч на нашей стороне»

08-25-2022 New Files - Exposing Evil



Glendale_Police_Department_Hacked_Anonymous.txt Anonymous_Ukraine_CCTV_hacked_by_AnonOCSec_Off_Circuit_Sec_Hackergroup_Free_Donbass.txt

J Sends

8-23-20 FSB Identifies SBU/AZOV/GLADIO Terrorists


See August 24th below for updates.

Natalia Vovk - Вовк Наталья Павловна 1979 (and her family)

Tsiganenko Bogdan Petrovich - Цыганенко Богдан Петрович 1978

ФСБ России установлен соучастник по делу об убийстве российской журналистки Д. Дугиной


Убийство Дугиной в Подмосковье вместе с Вовк готовил гражданин Украины Цыганенко

▪Цыганенко Богдан Петрович 1978 года рождения приехал в РФ через Эстонию 30 июля и уехал за день до убийства;

▪Цыганенко обеспечил Вовк поддельными автомобильными номерами и документами на имя реально существующей гражданки Казахстана Юлии Зайко;

▪Сообщники собрали самодельную бомбу в арендованном гараже на юго-западе Москвы;

▪Вовк лично следила за Дугиной на парковке для гостей фестиваля "Традиция", следовала за ее машиной на Mini Cooper и привела бомбу в действие, сообщает ФСБ.

ФСБ опубликовала кадры со вторым участником украинской диверсионно-террористической группы, готовившим убийство Дарьи Дугиной

Спецслужбам удалось установить момент въезда Цыганенко в Россию и сотрудничество с Вовк. Также на видео попал момент преследования Вовк автомобиля Дарьи Дугиной после фестиваля «Традиция».

Наталья Вовк попала на камеры наблюдения фестивальной площадки «Традиция» перед убийством Дугиной

На кадрах, опубликованных ФСБ, женщина движется вдоль парковки чтобы удостовериться, что Дугина покинула фестиваль и последовать за ней на автомобиле.


ФСБ России раскрыто убийство российской журналистки Дарьи Дугино


Федеральной службой безопасности Российской Федерации в результате проведения комплекса неотложных оперативно-разыскных мероприятий раскрыто убийство российской журналистки Дугиной Дарьи, 1992 года рождения.

Установлено, что преступление подготовлено и совершено украинскими спецслужбами. Исполнителем является гражданка Украины Вовк Наталья Павловна, 1979 г.р., которая прибыла в Россию 23 июля 2022 года вместе с дочерью Шабан Софией Михайловной, 2010 г.р.

В целях организации убийства Д. Дугиной и получения информации об ее образе жизни они арендовали квартиру в Москве в доме, где проживала погибшая.

Для наблюдения за журналисткой преступники использовали автомашину «Mini Cooper», при чем, при въезде в Россию использовались номера Донецкой Народной Республики - Е982ХН DPR, в Москве - казахстанские номера - 172AJD02, а при выезде - украинские - AH7771IP.

В день убийства Н. Вовк и С. Шабан находились на литературно-музыкальном фестивале «Традиция», где Д. Дугина присутствовала в качестве почетного гостя.

После совершения управляемого подрыва автомашины «Toyota Land Cruiser Prado», за рулем которой находилась Д. Дугина, 21 августа 2022 года Н. Вовк вместе с дочерью выехала через Псковскую область в Эстонию.

Материалы расследования переданы в Следственный комитет Российской Федерации.

If you have any information regarding this individual send to:

Rules of War and Russian Law on Military Service

07-05-2022 Z - Закон - A Public Service from JAR2




05-18-22 Hunter Biden E-Mails on LULZSEC ORG

MODRF UA Nationalists Archives 03-27-2022


3-17-22 MODRF UA/US Biliogical Labs Documents 

Files/Ukraine/Biological_Warfare/БРИФИНГ - КИРИЛЛОВ - 17.03.2022.pptx


UA Chain of Custody Bio Materials Proof

"Перед вами официальные документы, подтверждающие передачу пяти тысяч образцов сыворотки крови украинских граждан в аффилированный с Пентагоном Центр им. Лугара в Тбилиси, 773 биопробы переданы в референс-лабораторию Великобритании. Подписано соглашение на вывоз неограниченных количеств инфекционных материалов в Институт Леффлера в Германии", — сказал начальник войск.

Nolan Peterson-Brent Renaud CIA - UA Whacked

LULZ to WA-USA/DARPA/CIA Bio Labs in the Ukraine





New CIA Fronts (Major Updates in Progress)

Last Update 02-15-2022 (Manual Entry - Currently on the As)

Lee Harvey Oswald was working for the CIA through a CIA Front/Partner. After the failed Castro assassination attempt using cancer pathogens which thawed out in flight (Mary's Monkey) and returning from the USSR, Oswald was worried about his position. He knew they were planning something. The CIA under the directives of a plan by George Bush decided to get rid of Oswald as he knew too much. So now you know Oswald did not kill Kennedy. He was shot by Secret Service and a Cop under the direction of George Bush who was in town on the day on "oil company business". The CIA (George Bush and HL Hunt) killed Kennedy because the Israelis wanted Nukes and there was no way Kennedy was going to give them nukes. - JAR2 Research


Remember Mirotovrets? We Do

Russian Traitors - Предатели

"Мы, патриотические силы России, считаем, что сегодня как никогда нам важно быть сплочёнными вокруг общих вызовов и угроз. Тем не менее мы замечаем активность некоторых лиц, выступающих против процветания и безопасности нашей Родины. Эти предатели в своей риторике доходят до прямых заявлений о поддержке антироссийских санкций, а также о готовности воевать против неё в интересах других стран. Мы приложим все усилия, чтобы они ответили за свои поступки", — говорится на сайте комитета

Комитет по защите национальных интересов начал вести список "предателей Родины"



911 - CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Terror

Doha Station Burned

CTU Security - CIA Front

CIA Controller/Agent Burned



COVID Op - Burned

Pfizer Maims and Murders

Belarus CIA/CR Exposed


In January We Posted the Statement Below. Today Lukashenko Says the Same

Pedo Joe Inauguration







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Англо-саксонский каким-то образом попадает в рай.
Бог спрашивает его: Что ты сделал, чтобы помочь жителям Донбасса, Палестинцам и Американским Индейцам?
Англо-саксонец говорит: I don't speak Russian.
Спокойной ночи всем

Vladimir Putin - 75th Anniversary of Great Victory Shared Responsibility to History and Our Future


75th Anniversary: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future President of Russia


The Real History of the Great Patriotic War - World War II

Always Remember, Never Forget Russia's Victory Over the Nazi Scourge

Operation Archive and the Disposal of hitler's Remains


Nulands Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition

The Most Important Event in Russia in 25 Years

Z for Truth, Denazification and God - Z - За Победа

ПОБЕДА БУДЕТ ЗА НАМИ - Военные РФ одни из лучших в мире, а США могут сражаться только с пастухами в Ираке и Афганистане — Скотт Риттер рассказал, как Байден «окончательно похоронит» Америку

У США не осталось армии, которая могла бы вести полномасштабную войну в Европе. Если президент Джо Байден приведет страну к прямому столкновению с русскими, американская армия проиграет, уверен американский военный аналитик, бывший инспектор ООН по вооружению Скотт Риттер.

«Российская армия состоит на 70% из контрактников и они знают свое дело. Россияне вернули соединения времен «холодной войны». Они готовы не только к бою, но и к победе», — заявил Риттер во время выступления в Ron Paul Institute («Институт Рона Пола»).

Он подчеркнул, что командиры батальонов ВС РФ, принимающие участие в спецоперации на Украине, — лучшие, которых когда-либо видел мир.

«Пока Америка двадцать лет воевала против пастухов и повстанцев в Ираке и Афганистане, российские военные накапливали мощь и не тратили силы впустую, готовились к сражению», — заключил Риттер.

Personal Experience With Covid


This is not medical advice nor propaganda promoting smoking.

Smokers Immune to Covid? - Survive as if Common Cold (at Worst)

After over two years of observation and communicating with people who have suffered from Covid or know someone who has, we have concluded that smoking (regular cigarettes) armours your lungs against Covid. Plus the preventive measure below. It happened to me and I survived Covid with no symptoms and (Omicron) like a two day cold or flu without the fever.

My real world experience has shown that dozens of unvaccinated smokers whose partners contracted COVID 2019 and who did not take any counter measures or isolate themselves from their second half did not suffer any symptoms whatsoever, with the worst being a common cold. Their partners (passive smokers) all survived with mild symptoms.

I smoke and take a cocktail of Hydroxychloroquine, vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc once a month (only) and was fine all these years until the Omicron variant came along despite being in contact with people (non-smokers) who had contracted Covid 2019 and suffered tremendously requiring hospitalization and even having serious blood and heart problems. I also do not wear medical masks as I am paranoid about (smallpox blankets) however among the smokers mentioned above several are Doctors who do so regularly.

Adding to our conclusion is the fact that everyone we have known who has contracted Covid were all non-smokers. Everyone we know about has suffered differently with fever and body pains being the only unifying factor and it appears that those with the healthiest lungs (athletes and youth) suffered the worst.   

We could not exclude the fact that if Covid is a DARPA engineered biological weapon and the variants introduced into Russia target Russian/Slavic DNA that my Taino DNA is what gives me immunity until we saw the correlation between smoking and immunity. 

As we do not have access to massive databases it would be useful (we believe) if a real scientific study were conducted which might support or deny our observations.     

I would like to share this post I put on my social media: Я не хочу, чтобы ты УМЕР - I don't want you to DIE ! When Fort Detrick develops a biological weapon they always develop the cure (the ready vaccines)... - John Robles II

Swedish Prevention: One fl. oz. (34g) Schweppes Tonic contains 82 mg quinine (it gives 0.25%) and you mix in half a spice measure of chlorine (about 3-4 drops). You can take it as the colonizers did, with a little gin in it. Note that the Hydroxychloroquine only open the cells for zinc to pass in. Zinc then does the real work so you need to make sure that you give your body enough zinc.

For Russia Day Russia Sets Aerial Acrobatic Loop Record

of 15 at Airfield Near Serpukhov (More Photos on the Blog) 06-12-22

New Article: Nuremburg 2 and the Second Victory Over "Western"/Zionist Sponsored Nazis - Only on JAR2


Nuremburg 2 and the Second Victory Over "Western"/Zionist Sponsored Nazis

“It is an Honor for Me to be a Russian Indian” - JAR2

“It is an Honor for Me to be a Russian Indian” - JAR2

Для меня честь называться русским индейцем

Для меня честь называться русским индейцем

ВГТРК - Джон Роблес привез в Курск лекарства для Донбасса

Джон Роблес привез в Курск лекарства для Донбасса

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5 14/15 80/81 Operation Z - US/UK Proxy War

Opening of 2022 Russian Moto Season Went Off Without a Hitch

VIDEO25 02-15-2022New Drone Videos on JAR2.ORG

Complete Annihilation: What Will Happen if US/NATO Attacks Russia

LULZSEC Video Message to the World - STOP NATO

Revived Dead YouTube Account - Waiting for Ban

02-17-2022 Global Cabal Network Analysis Results


Dozens of New Drones Videos Being Released - On VK then ORG

02-11-2022 Amnesty International Report on Israeli Apartheid

Amnesty International Report on Israeli Apartheid

01-26-2022 US Chemical Warfare Questions


01-31-2022 Israel Killed 78 Palestinian Children in 2021 - Video


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112121 SITE NEWS - JAR2 is Now on DUAL IPs

25 Years of Hell - 11-26-2021

25 Years of Hell - 11-26-2021



For the racists who continue to believe it is okay to kill me.

The genocide of the Indigenous population of the United States of America and their "territories" has never stopped. Today that genocide is being carried out with Covid, through digitization and subversive methods manipulating everything from economic instruments to the provision of electricity. As with the more visible Arab and African genocides where the Corporation has literally bombed their countries in the Middle Ages, the USA keeps the Indigenous populations isolated and deprived of the most basic needs in the modern world. With me it is a document, at the beginning it was my salary to support my children. We can not forget that it was in fact IBM whose original plan of a database of unwanted Jews who refused to move to Palestine exposed their real working, so it is no coincidence the Eugenicist Bill Gates is now on the forefront of the modern vaccine genocide of non-white peoples, including and most importantly of course Indigenous populations which the Queen of England and the same Nazi freaks who gave the planet Hitler want wiped from the Earth.

The history with Dr. Cornelius Rhodes in Puerto Rico should have been investigated further but of course with the investigative bodies under the control of the Corporation this never happened as all other investigations have never happened, 911, the Russia Project, Ukraine etc. The takeaway from the Rhodes letters for the majority was that a US army doctor was a racist bent on exterminating Puerto Ricans. Yes on the surface this was true. However the real takeaway should have been that it was the CIA behind Rhodes and that he was just obeying the orders in his chain of command fulfilling the plan of the genocide of the Indigenous population of Boriken in order to keep it in line with the fabricated reality that the US Government put forward that the Taino were extinct and it is an obvious take away that perhaps only an Indigenous person can see, that it is the CIA (sharp end of the stick) responsible for the current genocides in the Middles East and Eastern Europe and the genocide of Russians that was hidden by the 1990s "Date with America" that Russians are very well aware of.

Thus we come to the final real hardcore and true hidden reason for the existence of JAR2 and why some little Puerto Rican kid has been exposing the CIA for decades in the Russian Federation on an "unknown" site and why it is a resource that must be protected. Did you miss the point? Am I being too cryptic? Sorry. The Russia Project (and we could generalize this as "Westernization" in general) is a project to carry out the genocide of the Russian people ala "thinkers" like "Aryan" Rand, as are all of the genocides in the Middle East and in Palestine, all a continuation of the American Indian genocides. These "projects" are handled by the CIA and the "Intelligence" agencies of the FVEY countries. Yes an Anglo-Saxon takeover of the world for the Queen sans the Vatican whose cut they want to take. And what my dear reader is the best way to protect yourselves (be you an individual, an organization, a state or a country) from a secret genocide? That's easy. By exposing the genociders, in other words the agents and instruments of the genociders. In other words exposing the CIA. Now, had I come out 20 years ago and said "the USA/NATO/CIA wants to kill all Russians like they killed all Indians, no one would have listened! Now with the Covid (DNA virus) GENOcide and the obvious ongoing genocide in the Donbass, for that is what it is in reality, perhaps people will understand the real reason I have posted things like CIA Agent lists on my site. To identify and thus protect the world from genocidal lunatics.

Linguistically Russia has a loopback language (like those of the Indigenous people of the Americas) and thus Russians are programmatically more fit to survive in harmony with nature and the world as are the Chinese and Arabs, whereas the Anglo Saxon rigid linear linguistic programming does not interact with the future (or the past) or the reality of the world in the same way but makes the Anglo thinker rigid in their programmatically contrived views of the world where truth and the future not important and which makes them unconsciously attempt to force their contrived reality on nature and the world we ALL live in. (more on this later)

25 Years of Hell - 11-26-2021

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12-10-21 Secret Pfizer Report: 90 Days 1,233 Dead


VIDEO25 New Expedition, Photos + Drone Footage

Yaisk, Rostov, Azov, Novaya Shakhtinsk, The Sea of Azov

Murmansk, Kirovsk, Teriburka, Revda, Lovozero, Barents Sea

New Drone Videos on JAR2.ORG -

VIDEO25 Murmansk, Russia - Eternal Flame Monument

VIDEO25 Teriberka, Russia (Teaser)

VIDEO25 Proliv, Russia

VIDEO25 Yaisk, Russia


JAR2 Continues to Be Censored on

Completely Inactive YouTube Channel - Unbelievable

Murmansk Expedition - Photo Gallery Number One Published

VIDEO25 Drone Videos on JAR2 Org

Video 2: Lovozero - In the Clouds - 360 Degree Aerial View

Near Lovozero Murmansk Region, Russian Federation  Video near Lovozero

Direct Link:

FULL HD Download:

Video 1: Kirovsk - Storm Level Gusting Winds 21ms (Extreme Flying)

Mount Aikuaivenchorr 1,075 meters

Mount Aikuaivenchorr Kirovsk, Murmansk Region, Russian Federation - Video of from top of Mount Aikuaivenchorr

Direct Link:

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New Expeditions Page on JAR2 - The Jackals Are Circling

New Expeditions Page on JAR2

New Expedition: Into the Polar Zone and Beyond

14, 2020 Abandonded ABM Site Re-Visited (Published 082021)

April 14, 2020 Abandonded ABM Site Re-Visited

New Video: Eternal Flame Monument

Crimean Bridge Film Making Expedition Photo Gallery +

Crimean Bridge Photo Gallery Published in August 2021

Crimean Bridge Film Making Expedition Photo Gallery

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

VIDEO25 Art Park Nikola Lenivits - New Drone Footage

Running Blackouts to FVEY/USA/UK/AU/SW/CA

Permanent Blackouts to Israel, the Ukraine and Others


JAR2 Expeditions

JAR2 Expeditions

Art Park Nikola Lenivits - Photographs and Drone Footage

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

JAR2.ORG is Now Drone Central

VIDEO25 GOPRO Video M2 Tulskaya Oblast

VIDEO25 First Released Drone Video

Expedition - The Ghost Town of Glubokovsky


2014 - Direct Confrontation by McFaul

The Ukraine: The End of America))) FP is ALL Neocon


Nuremburg 2 and the Second Victory Over "Western"/Zionist Sponsored Nazis

Days Two Three and Four the CIA Nazis the Coming Tribunals

Day One Nulands Nazis the Coming Tribunals Petition 2022

Request for Photographs of CIA/MI6 Mercenaries in the Ukraine


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Notes: The Free WW Internet is Dead R.I.P. Exists Only in Russia - No Honest English Sources

This is what happens in a sick and twisted LGBTQP Neo-Con destroyed post-911 Zionist racist created hell world in which no one is trustworthy anymore, integrity, honesty and morality are treated as obsolete concepts, both information and legacy media have become weaponized to such an extent that what passes for official reality becomes just a funhouse hall of mirrors, and the experience, intellect and maturity of those entrusted to manage these matters is just not up to the task. Fat disgusting looking Victoria Nuland whose Exxon Oil nazis overthrew the Ukraine actually had the face to say the Russia always blames others for what they are planning, which is the psychotic transference that I wrote about years ago that is exactly what the USA and NATO do, which makes them as predictable as an old toothless whore like Nuland. It is amazing how intellectually degraded the West has become. I guess when you are forced to believe that there are multiple sexes when in fact there are only two this would do it I guess, oh and living on someone else's land and claiming it is yours will also do that. The only thing useful from the USA is... NOTHING

Posting Stories Only from Tried and Trusted Sources

Mission: All of the JAR2 sites are charity projects and not funded by any body, person or entity. Our mission is to bring banned and silenced truth to the masses by curation, leaks, releases, articles and the publishing of evidence and documents showing violations of international law, war crimes, crimes against humanity and at the core exposing the state sponsored terrorist attacks of 911 by the terrorists of the New World Order. We attempt to expose the lies against Russia and the Russian World and bring you truth that those in the West find inconvenient about Russia. We exist only for the truth and operate only through very small donations and gifts from our readers. We fight for peace and the sovereignty of nations and oppressed peoples around the world and are against the New World Order and the attempt by NATO to take over the world and force nations into their GDP protection racket..

If you notice an inaccuracy, mistake or have inside information on any subject or story we cover please write to submissions. Our mission: to uncover the truth and expose the NWO!!

Thank you..

Dear Fake Anonymous, We Regret to Inform You That You Suck ))) USGOV Has Turned Interent Into War Tool 


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If you are having problems reaching JAR2 use a proxy. Block due to US/NATO/UA aggression on Donbass

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If you are new to JAR2 this is where all the action is. Thank you for your visits. I see those searching for truth visiting the site every day, from every corner of the world so I am maintaining this for you.

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VIDEO25 Documentary Film from JAR2: The Crimean Bridge

NOTE: The Crimean Bridge and the Historic Creation of a Reunifying Terra Link. An Open Road and Unlimited Possibilities for the Future. We Have Completed Our 18th Crimean Expedition. In the film you will find history, facts and more. Low Resolution Release - Full HD Broadcast Quality Copy Available 25 Gbs The Full Span of the Crimean Bridge in Super HD Filmed from Outside of Vehicle. Free Download - Super HD Version Available to Supporters and Media. 

A Film By JAR2 - Release Date December 22, 2019

First Film Release


VIDEO25 Video on Moscow Protests

RoblesTiny The Voice of Russia Files: Once Upon a Time There Was Truth!

The Only Partial VOR Archive in the World + JAR2's Articles, Research and Files

RoblesTiny 1995 and New Encrypted Insurance File - Updates to 25 Year Anniversary Expose (Notes/Letter) - For Friends and Readers of JAR2 and My Stalkers

CIA  Policy for Investigative Journalists and Independent Media

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The JAR2 Spy Lists: The Most Dangerous Files in the World

We have exposed more Spies and Agents than any other site in the world.


 The NSA Lists

NSA Officials Home Addresses


Home of Original Undisputed

 MI6 List

  World's Most Complete CIA Lists

The CIA List  The CIA Fronts List   Gina Haspel DOX
CIA Clandestine Service Officials Home Addresses


The NSA, MOSSAD, Illuminati, FBI, DHS, SBU/Right Sector, PSIA and INSA

    The MOSSAD Lists     The Illuminati List     The FBI_List     The DHS List

Ukraine ATO Rights Sector and SBU Lists     The PSIA List     The INSA Spies List


02.28.2020 Operation RUBICON-THESARUS: CIA/NSA/BND/Swiss

Op Snow Den and Omidyar: the Mass Murderer of Donbass

 10.10.19 Nuland's Nazis feeling the Steele of their trap - Ivona et al

09.28.19 NSA Goes from FVEY (5 Eyes) to 14 EYES (YanDecks)

09.19.19 The Russia Report 5th Edition - Trump Dossier

Fusion GPS/MI6/MOSSAD/CIA/NSA Applebaum/Steele Completely Exposed

A Deep State Asset Describes How a Burned MI6 Agent Tried to Get Even With Russia

Exposing the CIA/MI6 5th Column in Russia: Navalny/Kisilev et al

Exposing Nuclear/Biological Genocide Projects Against Russia


Exposing Secret US/UK Military Installations

WORLDWIDE_US_Military_Installations          SECRET_UK_MILITARY_SPY_LOCATIONS          UK_Secret_Bases_Docs

GRU Indictment a Fake WikiLeaks/DNC/ASIS/CIA/Cabal Exposed



CIA/MI6 Cambridge Analytica Global Election Meddling Exposed

New NSA/MOSSAD Cyber Operations and Infrastructure Exposed

AS53667/PONYNET, Level(3) LLC, CenturyLink uCommand and More

NSA FILES ON JAR2The 2nd Genocide Based Construct

Books and More 07-22-2020 FREE DOWNLOAD Nuland's Nazis - Free Book by JAR2




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"AJI AYA BOMBE!" (Better dead than a slave) - Old Taino Indian Saying

If I did not fight against the Corporation of the USA I would be a traitor

to my people. The indigenous people of Turtle Island - John Robles II




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