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What We Know

Russia and Syria were winding down operations and had all but defeated Israel and the West’s “secret” terrorist army who have been tearing the country apart for over 7 years non-stop.


Russian Military Intelligence and Western sources obtained evidence that the CIA and MOSSAD were planning another false flag chemical weapons attack. This information was published and proven and not disputed whatsoever by the West.



MARCH 17 2018

Despite being exposed the West and Israel went ahead with the staged chemical attack anyway. Again I remind my readers Syria is a country that completely got rid of all its chemical weapons in 2014 under an international microscope which is important.



Trump and the usual media campaign begin demonizing Assad, showing fake pictures all done while evidence was being uncovered and exposed in real time. However this did not phase the lunatics running this operation and neither did the lack of a declaration of war, the lack of a UN mandate and the lack of definitive proof of the chemical attack they themselves staged.

Trump warns that he is going to bomb Syria. An uproar occurs but he does it anyway making billions of dollars for his MIIC masters. So basically they just bombed Syria because they wanted to and could.  What was the real reason? Given that Trump called a 70% failure rate a success perhaps just blasting away with 105 “NEW SMART ROCKETS” costing over $443,000,000.00 was the whole point all along? Of 103 71 were shot down and no one was killed and apparently the facility being targeted was seriously damaged. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that the very next morning OPCW Chemical Weapons Inspectors were due to arrive at the location that the US bombed and since they could not inspect rubble they could not then prove that the Israel and the US fabricated a chemical attack and Assad actually did NOT have any chemical weapons at all? 

UPDATE: 04-16-2018 US official says Russia could cover traces of chemical attack near Damascus 

The above story is absolutely stunning but it is once again the war criminals accusing the victims or their target of doing exactly what they have done. The US bombed Syria and destroyed a facility was to be inspected by the OPCW and that inspection would have shown that there were no chemical weapons of any kind there. Now the lunatics in the West have begun blaming no Assad or Syria but blaming Russia fir attempting to hid something and most unbelievably after they bombed the facility and there is nothing left to inspect, the west has actually said faulted Russia and Syria for "not giving them access". These outright lies and fabrications are at the same level as those the West was pushing when they destroyed Ukraine and overturned the government of that country. They are the same types of lies that the liars used to start the Iraq war and the same murderous black lies that they have used to cover up 911 since that even. 

These murderous black war lies by the west should be seen as crimes and the spreading of them as well but media outlets continue with impunity and neither the media nor the Western audience have any interest whatsoever in the truth. They are war criminals protecting war criminals. Monsters and demons who will burn in hell for all of eternity and who will soon pay a huge price.

The USA is in Syria ILLEGALLY as an invader with no UN mandate and no declaration of war. They just want to because Israel told them to! During their illegal operations they have bragged publicly about killing “a couple hundred” Russians.


President Putin knew in advance and called and warned not Trump but Netanyahu. Proving Israel is behind the fakery and President Putin is well aware of it.

The Drive is on for the Long-Planned World War III

What can I say after I have already said everything there is to be said and have been repeating everything for the last 20 years. They have done what we have been trying to stop for over 20 years and have directly attempted to pull Russia into World War III.


The West is completely and totally under the control of the darkest evil that has ever walked the face of the Earth and they have their blood soaked claws into absolutely everything. Their friendly term for it Full Spectrum Dominance but it is in fact complete and total nefarious illegal control. They have installed a computerized information, surveillance and control grid to manipulate, target and control the population. Now the criminal cabal using Intelligence Agencies and the Military of the United States has gone completely insane with their own impunity and their lies and they are desperate to carry out their long-planned World War III.

They were not stopped and forced to answer for their war crimes when they attacked Yugoslavia and have since been on a rampage of epic proportions, all the while using the media to brainwash and obfuscate for their crimes and the horrors they have brought the entire planet.

The true horrendous murderous blood crazed insane ugliness of the West and the imperialist United States, the head chopping Wahhabi Saudi lunatics, the criminal protection racket that is NATO and the genocidally insane Israelis is now visible and undeniable for the entire world to see. All of their lies are now as transparent and visible as the noses on our faces and their attempts to hide their crimes even more obvious with the telling of every new self-justifying lie they tell.

These demons can not be bargained with nor can they be reasoned with, they have an agenda and no one with the power to stop the madness has the fortitude, the courage nor the ability to stand up and end the blood crazed insanity.

Rule of Law

I have been writing and writing for years about the need for the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, all indigenous peoples and all countries who want to pursue and independent foreign policy that is not controlled by the West and the City of London Corporation to stand up and create an international judicial body which will truly and honestly and fairly enforce international law and prosecute international crimes being committed by the United States, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia and their imperialist elitist block but no one has listened!

I can tell you from my own personal experiences with the United Nations that the United Nations is merely the International arm of the United States and there is nothing that they will ever do against the United States or Israel for that matter. The same can be said for NATO and the European Union. They are military and political arms of the New World Order that the United States as a colony and registered corporation of the City of London and what are commonly referred to as the “Globalists” completely and totally control. The same can be said for all trans-national bodies and they want more. They want it all, their greed in insatiable. Organizations such as the TPP which we stopped dead in its tracks and was to be the coup de grace of global control is just one shining example and now it is being revived again!

The US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex (MIIC) and its international arms NATO and FVEY have grown into nothing more than rabid frothing-at-the-mouth blood crazed genocidal lunatics who are rampaging around the world bringing bloodshed and misery everywhere they touch down.

The crimes of the US MIIC are beyond historic and even words like epic and unprecedented do not even begin to describe them. How can one describe genocide and killing millions of innocent human beings, but nothing has been done to them, nothing whatsoever, and even here in Russia they control the media and politicians to a degree where there is nothing ever seriously done against them.

The problem is not even one that is merely international, Trump just violated his own country’s laws (no Congressional approval), as did May and Macron (all Rothschild Puppets) and nothing is even done to them back home. They all grossly violated international law by trilaterally launching an aggressive war (a Crime Against Peace) without a UN or any other mandate, and as I have been endlessly complaining about for years, nothing, as usual is ever done. 

The list of the international crimes of the US are epic, I have written about almost every one of them at one time or another http://www.jar2.com/Topics/US_International_Crimes.html and in fact the country based on genocide and slavery by murderous outcasts and scum from Europe has done nothing but commit international crimes and wage wars since its creation, being at war almost non-stop since 1776.

A Strategic Shift: The West is in Denial


The desperation the West is behaving with could be due to desperation coming from the recent strategic shift which occurred with the cutting edge weaponry that Russia has developed that makes anything the US tries to create or has completely useless. Factually speaking the US and NATO no longer have military superiority and are in fact at the mercy of the Russian Federation, but like the sick insane rabid dogs that they are, the ignorant, self-absorbed, self-righteous cowboys in the US, who actually think bombing poorer countries into oblivion to steal whatever wealth they might posses, or to change a leader who will not sell out his country or people, are honorable acts, they have to be shown. They will not back down until they are physically forced to.

In my last article I stated that there will be no World War III because Russia can now bring the hell and destruction of war on a massive scale right to the suburbs of DC. I was mistaken, they do not believe. They actually have become to primitive and savage that they can not comprehend that another country or leader would refrain from using weapons or going to war. They are insane! They do not understand that what they do is wrong and in fact have no concept of right or wrong let alone rule of law.

The US MAD DOG Generals and NeoCon war criminals like Bolton are so convinced of their own invincibility that they can not think or act in any other way. These savages only understand force and if Russia and the International Community want to finally make the US follow international law, they are going to have to be FORCED to do so.

As an American Indian I understand their insanity completely. They are on my land illegally and have been committing genocide on my people non-stop for 500 years, and now Russia and the rest of the world are finally waking up to the reality of what the United States is and what they want.

The Never Ending Crimes of the West

Aggressive War    

The attack on Syria was another act of Aggressive War. Aggressive War is classified under international law as a Crime Against Peace. This is a fact.

Support of Terrorists

Israel, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and France have been proven to be supporters and state sponsors of terrorism and fabricators of false flags and users of chemical weapons to blame other parties. These are horrendous crimes.

The United States of America along with Israel and Saudi Arabia, was guilty in carrying out the events of 911 on its own people and has brutalized and enslaved the population since.


I do not know how many times I have called for countries in the world to sanction the United States but if the countries simply boycotted all USA connected products and forbid the US from using countries as slave labor and cheap resource donors the USA would shape up real fast.

The oldest tool of political manipulation the USA has is the implementation of sanctions. This is basically just targeted theft. The come up with a reason and then just take your property. It is criminal. It needs to be done to them.  

Theft of Diplomatic Properties

The theft of and violation of the integrity of diplomatic missions is another international crime that the USA has simply gotten away with.

Murder of Diplomats and Russian Personnel

We know who killed Vitaly Churkin and the other diplomats in a mad killing spree about a year ago. They must pay as they must pay for the over 11,000 Russians killed in Ukraine and the “couple hundred Russians” Pompeo bragged about in an off-hand way.

Destabilization, Psychological and Regime Change  Operations

For every country that the US has meddled in and killed or deposed the leader they must pay a heavy price.

The Targeting and Killing of Truthers and Journalists

This is another endless list of crimes for which the USA must pay.

Humanitarian Intervention

The repression of the populace who have become slaves to the MIIC, the plutocratic false democracy that installs leaders useful to Rothschild and the MIIC, the hyper-security surveillance state which represses the populace, the constant creation of illegal false flag terror events to keep the population in a state of fear and to strip the populace of their rights, the ongoing genocide of the few remaining indigenous peoples, the brutal extra-judicial daily police executions averaging about 100 a months for the last few years, the stealing of children from their families and the selling of them for use as sacrifices and pedophilic practices, the repression of the black population and their disproportionate imprisonment, the military grade MKULTRA MOCKINGBIRD brainwashing and inhumane torture and mind control of the population, the arrest and decimation of the poor and homeless, the endless chemtrailing and poisoning of the people, the illegal human experimentation which continues to this day, the dumbing down and sexual perversion of children and the populace through media and other manipulation, the illegal torture dungeon still operating at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the 900 people who were secretly arrested and disappeared without a trace on 911 and 9-12-2001 and finally the genocide of the Palestinian people which is completely and totally made possible by the United States for Israel are all horrendous international crimes and crimes against all humanity. All of these things are screaming reasons why the world community has the right, NO! THE OBLIGATION!!!! To stage a humanitarian intervention on the United States.

Air strike could start first and foremost on the Pentagon, then McClean Virginia, Fort Meade, Washington DC and on down the list. Every home address of the NeoCons and the war criminals is well known and every location of every think tank, command center and black site is also know and must be destroyed to save the American people. You see the word has a real reason to carry out a humanitarian intervention on the USA. The world does not need to pay some mercenary lunatics pumped up on Captagon to stage an event. They USA has enough events without even looking for them.   

 The Globalist Conspiracy

The best words to describe what is happening in our world come from the grave and from an American President who was brutally murdered by the people who he warned about and who have all but taken over the world. They have one goal and one goal only and use all secret societies religions, non-government organizations, international bodies, infiltrated governments  and  every kind of trans-national organization or structure that you can imagine.


“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.”

“It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

“Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed-- and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First (emphasized) Amendment-- the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution-- not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants"--but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.” - JFK

It is a criminal network spanning the globe run by “elites” who hide behind the Global Jewry to obtain impunity and hide their actions and is in fact not religious in any way shape or form and has time and again brought shame and disgrace on religious Jews.

It has one goal, global domination and the enslavement of ALL mankind. This is not a “Conspiracy Theory” (a term created by the CIA to discredit anyone who threatens to expose them) but a “Conspiracy Fact” and you see it every day when you turn on the TV or access the Internet and it just bombed an innocent country once again.  

The Globalist Monolith controls all Western Intelligence Agencies, Military Bodies, the Mass Media, the Internet, Banking, Manufacturing and now even through the use of GMOS they seek to control the entire planet’s food supply. If they could they would control the air we breathe. This is not an exaggeration but in fact is only part of the bigger picture. 

Who are the Globalists? What is the New World Order? What do they REALLY want?

What they really want is to enslave the world, eliminate unwanted races and make every country and government a completely controlled and owned resource donor.

Information Warfare

JAR2 the Forbidden Messenger: No One, Anywhere Must Expose Israel, 911 or the NWO

The Globalists completely control the global media with the help of the CIA, MOSSAD and MI6. Even I, who thought I was safe in Moscow was poisoned and was almost heart attacked right in my own workplace three blocks from Red Square. Then they tried to drive me to suicide. These same tactics they have used on thousands of my colleagues around the world. My mistake was that I thought I was safe in Moscow working for the Russian Government.

The Gatekeepers: Jones and the Truthers Are Not Giving You the Whole Story

Watching Alex Jones, whose rating have skyrocketed in the last two days, and the rest of the few “Truthers” that are left attempting to explain the nefarious nature of the illegal attack on Syria, the lead up to the long-planned World War III and their endless versions of what Russia’s response should be is like watching the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil monkeys, trying to grandstand and see who is the biggest cock in the henhouse.

I respect Alex Jones to a certain degree because he does try to get truth out despite the literal gun to his head and has even lost his children for truth, but his limitations and the censorship he has to operate in are affecting his message, like those of all the “gatekeepers” (whether willing in that role or not) and only serving to distract from the real cause of what is occurring.

Anyone who pretends or strives or attempts to be a “Truther” and ignores the unholy Satanic state of Israel has no business attempting to inform the public because without real debate on Israel’s role any information being put out is merely a distraction and for all intents and purposes collusion with the genocidal apartheid false state of Israel and the global Zionism that is destroying our planet.

I made myself watch over two hours of Jones as he and Info Wars are the only Truthers who continue to host my work exposing the Boston Bombing and Jones’ multiple statements that “we have nothing against Israel” and his refusal to confront the demon that is Kushner is a clear indication as to who Jones really serves, either willingly or as he tries to say about Trump, through blackmail.


Rather than practicing real journalism and asking serious questions about who Drumpf really serves, as the American racist right had no problem delving into every minutiae regarding Obama, although he served the same exact masters, Jones blames Drumpf’s betrayal to the American people on some abstract Globalists who are manipulating and forcing him to do what he is doing. Watching Jones, who is supposed to be a journalist, melting down from hard core Cognitive Dissonance, even driven to tears (whether real or acted), encompasses what has happened to the entire Right Wing in the US who brought Trump to power on promises of making America Great and building walls and the fulfillment of other crypto racist dreams of the racist right. Jones cannot accept that the entire problem lies with the fact that Drumpf is a Rothschild puppet and a slave to Israeli Jewish Mafia interests. This is clear and obvious and he has been groomed for this role for over 35 years by the Rothschilds. Please see my extensive files and research here:       

Jones has been Neo-Conned as have all Americans who supported Trump and the MAGA-lie, which is just a mega-lie, and might add as I have said a million times, anyone who talks about wanting truth and justice and “draining the swamp” and all of the other nice sounding talking points, who fails to address the inside job that was 911, is nothing more than a shill or in the worst case as with Assange and Snowden, a disinformation operation.

The JAR2 Litmus Test for any Truther (and almost all have failed it), including QAnon, who I will get into later, is whether they question 911. The list of journalists and media outlets who do is very very small.

At this juncture, when the West is hell bent for leather to start the long-planned World War III against Russia and China, there should be no room in the Truth Community for anyone who fails to address the real issues here.  Up to now I have attempted to be sympathetic to Jones but he must be truthful if he is to maintain credibility, ignoring Israel is not the way to do that.

CIA Control of Media and Internet

It is not a coincidence that the after the CIA/NSA installed a shadow interface on Twitter, as they did on Facebook that I was banned from life from Twitter. It is also not a coincidence that as soon as the aggression started an account belonging to a supporter of JAR2 which I was given was limited with the block being removed when they were done.


This is evidence that US Intelligence is specifically using Twitter for military and war related reasons. This is unacceptable and Twitter must be banned from every country in the world.

Media Operations in Russia and the World

Media outlets in Russia not reporting on this story or not giving correct information are 5th columns and must be dealt with, this includes so-called blogger Navalny and a host of others who have made statements saying Assad was not our friend and the like.

As with Twitter and Facebook we have enough evidence to state beyond a doubt that WIKILEAKS, SNOWDEN, ASSANGE, THE INTERCEPT, MIROTVORETS and the QANON figure are all Psychological Influence and Distraction Operations being run by the CIA and Western Intelligence to manipulate and attempt to control public opinion  and to provide information support for criminal military and intelligence operations and to distract from and hide real information that exposes the criminality of the entire US and Western MIIC and their illegal aggressive wars and incursions into, and manipulations of, sovereign foreign nations.

President Putin Formulated a Foundation for Action in an Official Statement


Unlike the blood thirsty, power crazed, war mad, gun happy demons in the West President Putin takes going to war very seriously and has tried everything possible to avoid going to war. Also unlike the lunatics in the US Government who do whatever they like and are never punished, President Putin obeys Russian Laws and international norms and has taken the very important step of laying the foundation for military action “BEFORE” taking it. Unlike the lunatics who just bombed Syria with no Congressional or UN mandate and no definitive proof of a chemical weapons attack that they know never happened to support their “secret” terrorist army and to hide their crimes in Syria.


The Foundation of an Independent Non-US Controlled International War Crimes Tribunal

For making the claim to killing “a couple hundred Russians” and for this gross violation of all international laws and norms, it is long past time for Russia and the World to found a “Tribunal on the Crimes of NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America”. Again I remind the readers that there is no crime in the world worse than a Crime Against Peace and the USA has been guilty of this ultimate crime on dozens of occasions since 911 and going back to the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia.

Symmetrical Military Response

The USA and Israel must be made to realize that their actions have serious consequences and if they slaughter “a couple hundred Russians” or illegally bomb a country again and again and stage fake false flag chemical attacks they will have to pay a price.

Russia could very easily star sinking US warships and destroying Israeli Aircraft. This could be done covertly and could continue until the USA ceases all of its aggressions and illegal activities round the world.

Unfortunately with its commission of endless Crimes Against Humanity and the slaughter of innocent civilians all over the world with no end in sight, the US has proven with a shadow of a doubt that the only thing it will respond to is force. Not the threat of force, not the possibility of force, but brutal in their face massive force that will finally make them comply.

There is no other way to deal with a pathological war criminal than to take it out.

Targeting Those Responsible

We know the Rothschilds and Israel are the chief architects and driving force behind all of the bloodshed and destruction in the Middle East, therefore they must be made to pay a price or the must be brought before an International Tribunal.

No one is above the law and that includes individuals who believe they belong to a Master Race tha humankind is supposed to serve.

Those responsible for these war crimes could be eliminated covertly very easily. For example it would be very easy to pay the hired mercenaries of the CIA and Israel double the money to go back and attack their previous paymasters. This could be done covertly and Russian involvement would never be known. Since these mercenaries are obviously only interested in money this would be a very interesting usage and fairly easy to carry out.  

Sanctions on Israel for Supporting and Creating ISIS and Destabilizing the Middle East and Russia

For causing over $400 billion in damages to a country either directly or through their proxies they must pay the price. It would be easy to regain $400 billion by placing sanctions on Israel which is the main architect of the Syrian conflict, and seizing Israeli assets in Russia.

It would also be prudent if in fact several hundred Russians were killed due to Israel’s actions and their proxy the USA, that Israeli activities in Russia be restricted, including control of the media, judicial bodies, NGOs, companies and the like and that dual Israeli Russian citizens be forced to give up one or the other citizenship. The evidence of Israeli involvement in the Ukraine where over 11,000 Russians have been killed is also a another reason why there must be a serious look at the role of dual Israeli citizens into Russian affairs, in the media, in government and in the banking sector.

The overwhelming involvement of dual Israeli citizens in the events of 911 is also another reason the international community must crack down on this specific group of citizens who allegiance is never to their host country but to the Zionist entity. This is a widely proven fact and clear worldwide.

Forcing Return of Stolen Russian Billions

It is common knowledge that it is by far the dual Israeli Russian elites have been responsible for expatriating the largest sum of stolen Russian wealth, thus initiating such sanctions would also help to facilitate a return of stole Russian assets and state wealth back to the Russian Federation.

OF course as these are the majority of the Russian elite this will probably never happen but it is an idea to help the Russian State and any other States such as even the USA where stolen trillions have found their way “by magic” to Tel Aviv.

We know who is behind the War in Syria and why. They must be stopped! We hope they are!


Last Update: 06/21/2023 15:50 +0300



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