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 .: 9-11: An Inside Job :. jar2

"9/11 was not an inside job..." - Bill Clinton 03-04-08

"Give up your kids as collateral." - Nancy Pelosi 05-07

The truth about 9-11. 284 Mbs.

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"PNAC=9-11, Endless


MI6 Officer Christopher David Steele: 1990 Moscow. DOB 1964 Behind The 'Compromising' Trump Dossier Now in Hiding

MI6 Front Exposed: Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd

MI6 Christopher Parker Burrows: 1982 East Berlin, 1987 Bonn, 1993 Athens. DOB 1958

'learned from my partner (who was a whiz with computers) how MS Office could be used to manage and run a..." 

Steele was posted to the UK's Moscow embassy in 1990 with the title of 'second secretary'

Annual Report  2000

Annual Report  2003

 Richard Tomlinson’s Book The Big Breach

 The MI6 List

 The Truth Behind the MI6 Facade

 The Mitrokhin Report

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Mike Smith File

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Firing Range

Gordievsky's KGB Identification

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02-13-06 Mike Smith Espionage Case


British Spies Screw Up Again


Seems like the Queen's best have messed up again and gotten caught red handed.




Москва. 22 января. ИНТЕРФАКС

Russian Special Services Personnel Report Discovery of British Secret Service's Financing of Several Non-Governmental Foreign Entities in the Russian Federation

Moscow January 22 INTERFAX


Сотрудники российских спецслужб выявили факты разведдеятельности против России, осуществляющейся рядом сотрудников посольства Великобритании в Москве. Телеканал "Россия" 22 января в программе "Специальный корреспондент" показал кадры оперативной съемки, а также комментарий сотрудников ФСБ, которые доказывают факт разведдеятельности против России.


Russian special services personnel have uncovered espionage activities against Russia involving personnel from the British Embassy in Moscow. The TV station "Russia", on January 22 on the program "Special Reports", broadcast operational images as well as commentary by FSB personnel which prove the espionage activities against Russia. 


Всего интерес у российских спецслужб вызвали четыре британских дипломата - помощник официального представителя британской разведки в России Пол Кромптон, второй секретарь посольства Марк Доу, координировавший деятельность "Фонда глобальных возможностей" при МИД Великобритании и курировавший некоторые российские НПО, секретарь-архивист посольства Кристофер Пирс, который работает в России с 2002 года, и секретарь-архивист Эндрю Флемминг, который работает в России с 2004 года.


Of interest to Russian Special Services are four British diplomats; assistant to the official representative of the British secret service(s) in Russia, (Third Secretary for Political Affairs) Paul Crompton, Second Secretary for Political Affairs Marc Doe who were responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the "Global Possibilties Fund under the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs" and worked as couriers for several Russian NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). As well; Christopher Pirt, who has worked in Russia since 2002 and Andre Fleming, who has been working in Russia since 2004.

В программе утверждалось, что через М.Доу поступали деньги для некоторых НПО, в частности, для Московской Хельсинкской группы и фонда "Евразия". В эфире были показаны копии платежных документов с подписями М.Доу, согласно которым крупные суммы денег переводились данным НПО.

The program backed up claims that through Doe money was transferred to several NGOs, most frequently to The Moscow Helsinki Group and the Eurasia Fund. Copies of financial transfer documents signed by M Doe were broadcast on the program which point to large money transfers to the NGOs in question.

Как заявила в эфире пресс-секретарь ФСБ России Диана Шемякина, большинство НПО в России созданы, финансируются и существуют под патронажем правительств и общественных организаций США и их союзников по НАТО.

As was reported on the broadcast, FSB Press Secretary Diana Shemyakina stated that most NGOs in Russia were created, are financed, and exist under the patronage of governmental and public organizations in the US and by its NATO allies.

В телевизионной передаче также было отмечено, что контрразведчики обнаружили необычные технические средства, примененные британцами впервые в истории спецслужб. Осенью 2005 года К.Пирс привез в один из скверов на окраине Москвы камень со встроенным устройством, способным получать и передавать информацию. Оперативный сотрудник ФСБ России сообщил в телеэфире, что в определенное время в сквере появлялся российский гражданин, завербованный британской разведкой, который пересылал данные с переносного компьютера на аппаратуру, находящуюся в камне. Через некоторое время британский разведчик, проходя мимо камня, считывал информацию с помощью карманного компьютера. Российским контрразведчикам удалось задержать российского гражданина, который уже дал признательные показания.

During the program it was also noted that counter espionage agents discovered an unusual device used by the British for the first time. In the fall of 2005, Mr. Pirt placed a "rock", which housed electronic equipment capable of receiving and sending data, in one of the squares on the outskirts of Moscow. FSB operational personnel reported on the program that at pre-arranged times a Russian citizen recruited by British espionage, showed up on the square and transmitted data from a portable computer to the receiver in the "rock". A short while later his British controller would pass by the "rock" and upload the information onto a pocket PC. Russian counter-espionage agents were able to apprehend the Russian citizen, who has already provided incriminating information.  


Translation by JARII



Осенью 2005 года К.Пирс привез в один из скверов на окраине Москвы камень со встроенным устройством, способным получать и передавать информацию

In the fall of 2005 Mr. Pirt placed the "rock", capable of receiving and transmitting data, in one of the squares on the outskirts of Moscow

Чудо-камень изнутри The insides of the wonder rock.


moscow helsinki group More

eurasia foundation

Their Response

По внешнему виду - обыкновенный булыжник On the outside an ordinary cobblestone.

Но ренген говорит, что внутри сложная начинка X-rays show a "complicated" filling 

Посольство Великобритании и сотрудники посольства British Embassy and Embassy Personnel

 Марк Доу Marc Doe Кристофер Пирс Christopher Pirt Пол Кромптон Paul Crompton Флеминг, но не тот Fleming, "not that one!"(sic)



Princess Diana was assassinated. They were murdered.


A letter to the Guardian

Mohamed Al Fayed
Monday January 9, 2006
The Guardian

Dear Sir,
My attention has been drawn to an article by your columnist, Alexander Chancellor, that appeared in your edition of December 24 2005, under the heading: "You pays your money ...."

Rarely have I seen such a vile example of deliberate poisonous malice, thinly disguised as opinion. The Guardian has a fine reputation for scrupulously sticking to the facts. For never allowing the boundaries to blur between fact and comment.

Yet Alexander Chancellor deliberately disregarded the facts to write a hateful and venomous attack on my store and me. Chancellor is an odious creep who has become a disease on the face of the Guardian.

If he wished to make a fool of himself by demonstrating his lack of taste in describing Harrods, the world's most celebrated department store, as "tacky"and "depressing", then that was up to him. But when this journalist jackal poured scorn and derision upon the Book of Condolence, the real purpose of his disgraceful attack became all too clear.
The reason for the Book of Condolence is that, after Diana, Princess of Wales, and my beloved son, Dodi Fayed, were murdered, people who came to Harrods from all over the world asked me to create a place where they could go to remember those two wonderful young people and to record their tributes to them.

The book lies open at Harrods, every day. In it, visitors record their thoughts and prayers for the loving couple who died together, so tragically, eight years ago. So far, people of all races and creeds have filled 50 books with messages of love and kindness.

And that is exactly what Alexander Chancellor's attack on Harrods, and myself, was really all about. How dare this morally bankrupt swine sneer at the memory of a loving young couple whose lives were so cruelly snuffed out, and at ordinary decent people who feel so strongly about them?

The truth is that your columnist, Alexander Chancellor, is an establishment toady who is using his position on the Guardian for his own ends. He is a middle-class racist willing to sink to any depths to please his establishment masters. And he cannot bear the thought of the memory of the love of the Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed, being kept alive.

Before worming his way into the employ of your newspaper, which came as something of a surprise to most journalists, the poisonous Chancellor was the cringing lackey of Conrad Black, the disgraced owner of the Daily Telegraph.

As editor of the Guardian, I suspect that you will feel duty bound to defend your columnist and tell me that he is free to write whatever he wishes, so long as it is within the law. But I wonder if it has crossed your mind that there was yet another, darker reason why Chancellor abused the hospitality of your columns to attack me.

You will remember that I helped bring down the last Tory government. And that the Guardian was alone in supporting me. I regarded it then as my patriotic duty to help get rid of politicians that were rotten to the core. And I did so at no small risk to myself. But I never wavered. And neither did the Guardian. Can you imagine how angry Mr Chancellor, the Tories' champion, must have been? With both me and the Guardian?

Perhaps you should privately remind your double-dealing, sleazy, columnist that the Guardian is a newspaper, not a platform for his slimy establishment propaganda. And that if Chancellor wishes to deliberately grind his axe, by confusing fact with comment, he might be happier working for another, less scrupulous newspaper.

Though, having failed at so many jobs, it is difficult to imagine upon whom he might next inflict himself.

Yours faithfully,

M Al Fayed, chairman


 Letter to Richard Tomlinson ordering him to stop spreading MI-6 lists  source




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