Moscow CIA OC Officer Kyle Hatcher's Cover Blown by Johnson


08-18-2009 Kyle Hatcher first Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow and CIA OC officer, whose official responsibilities include liaising with members of the Russian religious community, including the highest levels of the Russian Orthodox Church and the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities, has been caught engaged in sex with various prostitutes by unknown individuals who filmed him in the act. CIA apologists claim that due to his legend he could not possibly be CIA but upon attempting to verify his legend it comes up hollow. Congratulations to the CIA on this one, once again it goes to show that when it comes to HUMIT operations and million dollar training, the CIA can't control their baser functions namely keeping their Johnsons under control. Kyle Hatcher and his little friend is our outed CIA agent of the month.   


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Postscript: The real issue here is not the fact that he was engaged in illicit sex during his free time but that he was apparently unaware for hours and perhaps days or months that he was being followed, video taped and his cell phone conversations were being recorded. As the official CIA resident he should have been aware and have taken counter measures. Such entrapment and "honey trap" operations are common and are usually used to blackmail individuals of interest. Apparently Mr. Hatcher was not blackmailable, or was of no interest to those who filmed him any longer.

Kyle Hatcher