Thanksgiving is a Day of Mourning for Native Americans 

by John Robles


Please check out my interview on the genocide of the Tainos and American Indians if you can find this magazine. It is a Serbian publication. The interview will be available on-line in May. http://www.geopolitika.rs/    PDF of interview in Serbian

GEOPOLITIKA You have recently published a number of articles on Kosovo. What motivated you to write on Kosovo, with so much candor and to take such an unpopular position by supporting the Serbian side?

Robles: First of all I am very happy that my some of my articles have caught the attention of your publication and many of the Serbian people, I am extremely humbled and at once pleased by that.

What motivates me is a very difficult question as my motivations are as multi-layered and complex as is the situation surrounding the Balkans and the machinations of the U.S. to take over and subjugate the world. On a personal level I feel a strong affinity for the Serbian people and deep sadness for what the arrogant American geopolitical architects have done to Serbia and the Serbian people.

The situation has many parallels to what happened to the country I was born in, Puerto Rico. The biggest difference is that Serbia and the Serbian people have not been extinguished and the Serbian people have not been as weak and easy to be bought off as Puerto Ricans.  

My support for the Serbian people however goes back to approximately 1995, when the U.S. invaded Yugoslavia. The NATO attack on Yugoslavia was an act of aggression and a war against humanity. Serbia, the former Yugoslavia, never attacked or threatened NATO or the United States.

The pretext for the attack was based on the supposed massacre of Bosnian-Muslims by Serbs at Srebrenica, which was a complete lie. Sure the Serbian Army attacked soldiers there, but it ignored the over 2,000 Serbian mostly women and children who were slaughtered at Srebrenica before the Serbian Army went in. The fabrication that went into portraying the Srebrenica massacre as Serb aggression was colossal in nature. NATO and the U.S. ignored this because they had other plans for the region and had already demonized Serbia for the sole reason that it was leaning towards Russia.

American author Edward Herman , who I had a chance to interview on the Voice of Russia, has done the best work I have seen in debunking the Srebrenica massacre lies. He exposed all of the lies at Srebrenica. Like the lie of 9-11 with its lack of airplane wreckage, Srebrenica had a lack of Muslim bodies. There was a proper military operation launched at Srebrenica after the execution of over 2,000 Serbian women and children against the Muslim butchers and aggressors.

It is mindboggling how the U.S. and NATO supported the Bosnian Muslim killers. At the time it was extremely strange for many people in the U.S. how the U.S. was supporting Muslims there while demonizing them everywhere else. That was the first odd thing.

When I was a kid and back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s white gangs would go around and beat up Muslims and anyone who had a Middle Eastern appearance, many times killing them, and the government would always push anti-Muslim propaganda and tell the nation how evil and dangerous these Muslims were. This was true of all minorities but Muslims in particular.

All of the military actions against Muslim countries were presented in this manner and they also turned out to be lies, and the lie that the U.S. government was against fanatical Muslim killers was made clear at Srebrenica, when the U.S. supported those very Muslims. Whether the entire Srebrenica massacre was organized from the beginning by the U.S. would not be surprising.

I think it is important to note when discussing U.S. usage of Islamic terrorists that the CIA in fact first created and then funded and armed Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden from their very inception, a fact that was well documented by a journalist named Orlin Grabbe who had to leave the U.S. and died a few years ago. He uncovered the fact that Osama Bin Laden had entered the U.S. and toured U.S. military installations as a guest of the CIA under the name of Tom Ossman. He was recruited to fight the USSR during the Soviet stabilization mission in Afghanistan. It is also important to note that the USSR was asked to intervene by the government of Afghanistan and actually built most of the infrastructure of the country and brought peace to Afghanistan.

Serbia was just an extension of this policy of using Muslims to fight friends of the USSR and Russia. That is the main reason why Serbia has been demonized by the U.S. and they attempted to destroy it, because Serbia is on Russia’s side of the geopolitical chess board. One day Muslims will realize how they have been used and they will fight back. Another good example of Western duplicity is the support for the Kosovo Liberation Army which was nothing but a terrorist group and its leaders who were involved in narcotics trafficking and the sale of organs.  

In reality, for Americans, Muslims are enemies and this could be seen as being true in Serbia. During WWII Bosnian Muslims helped the Nazis in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Christian Serbs whereas the Serbs saved and rescued possibly thousands of American and British airmen who had been shot down by the Nazis. One has to wonder if the U.S. is in fact continuing Nazi plans for the Serbian people. Another horrendous case which might support this argument is the murdering and harvesting of organs by U.S. backed Kosovans. Who would support and take part in such monstrosities other than Nazi and CIA doctors?     

After the unfortunate demise of the Soviet Union the United States took it upon themselves to use their military might to reengineer what they saw as problems areas and regions. This goes  for Yugoslavia. Despite the fact that border changes were forbidden after WWII, even when there was a minority wishing to secede, the US and it geopolitical engineers decided to redesign Yugoslavia.

In the spring of 1999, when NATO aggressors began bombing Serbia and while living in Russia, my students and I put together a fax of approximately 40 pages, which we faxed to then U.S. President Bill Clinton, pleading with him to stop what the students called “the madness”. We of course never received an answer but that event further damaged me with the U.S.

The 1999 bombing was also a slap in the face to Russia, a country I love, in that the U.S. promised Russia to give it a peacekeeping role in Serbia, namely in Kosovo. Russia was needed and used by the U.S. in Kosovo to mediate and agreement because NATO could not destroy the Serbs as easily as they had planned. Under the agreement Serbian Forces were to withdraw from Kosovo and a joint NATO Russian peacekeeping force was supposed to take control of the situation with the Russian side guaranteeing that Kosovo would remain a part of Serbia. Russia was never allowed to take part in the mission and the result is what we see today.  

Another way in which the U.S. and NATO and their allies have manipulated and demonized Serbia is through the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. It does live up to its name in that it is a criminal organization. The way it has done nothing but go after Serbs and let Albanian and Croats and the rest get away is criminal.

So those are all of the reasons why I support Serbia and the Serbian people. I have always believed in defending the weak and the exploited and have always fought to get the truth out, both in my personal work and in my journalistic work, speaking out for Serbia is a just a natural extension of that and if I can make any difference, and even if I can’t, it is just the right thing to do.

I have detailed some of the ways that the West has tried to destroy Serbia, and it is absolutely horrible, but the ways they have attempted to destroy Russia and other countries to advance their imperialist ambitions and subjugate the world are in many ways more horrible due to the scale and the absolute insidiousness of the United States.

I also speak out on Serbia because I still believe there is a chance for Serbia and a chance to return Kosovo to Serbia as it is, in fact, its own sovereign territory. 

GEOPOLITIKA 02 Why do you think that the West is so persistent in defending Albanians? How do you see the solution of this problem and what is your advice to Serbs in order to defend this historically important territory?

Robles: For the sole reason that Albanians are pliant, easy to manipulate, and bring in huge illicit money for the U.S. and the CIA and they assist the U.S. in attaining their goals in Serbia and Kosovo. Like all dirty and corrupt groups the U.S. is involved with all over the world, the Albanians are buyable and will do whatever the West wants. If the Serbs were as easy to manipulate they would just the same side with the Serbs. 

My advice to the Serbs? I may get into a lot of trouble if I give my advice because the only way to deal with force and brutal soulless evil is to annihilate it or force it into submission. The Serbian people are a strong proud and moral people, perhaps this is why they naively trusted the West and allowed themselves to be tricked by the West and its agents. The same mistake has been made by nation after nation and people after people. The same things happened all over Eastern Europe when the USSR collapsed. The good and hardworking Soviet people believed the lies and propaganda of the West. The did not believe that people like Zbignew Brezhinsky really wanted to annihilate Russia or break it up into 60 something autonomous regions. It is hard when you are good to contemplate pure evil, when people are good they tend to transpose their own goodness and world view on others.

So my advice for the Serbian people is fight fire with fire. If the West does not respect international law, tie them up in the courts until the end of time, gain international support and force them to obey the law and respect national sovereignty, which is enshrined in international law.

Expose them for the imperialist genocidal maniacs that they truly are. Fight fire with fire, arm to the teeth, engage in covert operations against anyone who would subvert the state and the sovereignty of Serbia. Organize and unite. Trust no one.

What is required are massive peaceful demonstrations in the day, and hit and retreat covert guerilla operations at night. Make the Albanians so uncomfortable they will give Kosovo up. Surround Kosovo physically and psychologically with such a tight wall of peaceful Serb resistance that they will be ashamed to look at Serbs.

Cut off their communications with the outside world, block their roads, tax everything they buy that passes through Serbia, use old fashioned propaganda, blast them at night with Serbian songs, Orthodox hymns and Serbian ballads, but do it peacefully and cleverly.

If NATO shows up film everything, stand in front of their tanks and personnel carriers and film it all. Make the world know that Kosovo is Serbia and Serbians are not a people to be messed with lightly, but always maintain the moral high ground. 

Most importantly repeat the fact over and over and over that the territorial integrity of Serbia is enshrined in international law, gain support on legal grounds, from countries such as Russia and hundreds of others who have suffered at imperialist hands. Gain UN support for the respect of Serbian borders under international law, call for investigation after investigation until something is finally done, but do not acquiesce and do not enter into deals with the devil.

GEOPOLITIKA 03 Can you tell us something about your origin? You are of Indian origin and our readers would be interested to learn more about your tribe the Taino and the Arawak?

Robles: That is a difficult question as it would require days to recount the entire history of the Indian Nations of the Americas. When Columbus discovered the Americas, if you can really discover lands where people had lived for centuries in peace, the Roman Catholic Church issued what they called the Doctrine of Discovery. This allowed the Europeans invaders to steal Indian lands, commit genocide and enslave those who could be made into slaves. The numbers are almost impossible to imagine but some say from 500 million to close to billion Indians were killed in the Americas.

The CIA conducted many experiments in Puerto Rico with the aim of destroying the indigenous population. They conducted sterilization programs on our people and made the country a U.S. territory.

When the U.S. left me stateless Nancy Pelosi and her office, told me I don’t deserve U.S. citizenship. That is the U.S. stance toward indigenous people.

GEOPOLITIKA 04 Since Americans give lessons to the whole world about ethnic cleansing and genocide, can you tell us more about the extermination of the Indians in America? How long did this process take and do you know how many tribes were destroyed, and if there is an approximate figure of the number of victims? How did that extinction process unfold and for how long it lasted?

Robles: It is the epitome of hypocrisy that the people of a nation built by slaves, on stolen lands gained by genocide would ever dictate to anyone on these matters. I believe that these policies continue to this day and that the genocide of the Indians by the “Americans” will not stop until all Indians are gone.

Again this is an very difficult question to answer in the brief format we have and a very emotional one for me personally but I can say that the process of extermination was one which began with the second tour of Columbus and you might say began with my people.

Legend has it that when Columbus left a garrison on what is now Puerto Rico and returned on a subsequent tour he found that all of his Spaniards had been killed. The Spaniards were insane with greed and did not bring women with them. They raped and killed the Taino women and engaged in practices such as forcing boys over the age of 14 to bring them gold on a regular basis and if they did not they cut off their hands and let them bleed to death. What they did to the women was even worse.

After he found his garrison destroyed and all of the soldiers and missionaries that were supposed to convert the Indians to Christianity dead, an order was given to kill all of the indigenous people. He returned with soldiers and the genocide began.     

When he first encountered the Taino people on October 12, 1492 Columbus and the crew of his ships were the first Europeans seen by the Taino. Columbus wrote: ”They traded with us and gave us everything they had, with good will...they took great delight in pleasing us..They are very gentle and without knowledge of what is evil; nor do they murder or steal...Your highness may believe that in all the world there can be no better people...They love their neighbors as themselves, and they have the sweetest talk in the world, and are gentle and always laughing.”

When Columbus arrived it is believed there may have been as many as a million Taino Indians on Hispaniola and about half a million on Puerto Rico and Jamaica. That was around 1492. There are estimates that have the Taino population as high as 8 million however. Bartolome de Las Casas wrote in 1508 that over 3 million Indians had perished between 1494 and 1508, other estimates show similar figures and it is agreed that by 1510 the number of Tainos was at approximately 50,000.  That means that Tainos died in the millions. Most of them died from the diseases that Europeans brought with them.

This is true for all Indians. The Indians were a clean and pure people who lived off the land and respected the Earth. When the Europeans came, they were for the most part dirty, did not wash, were murderous drunkards and carried many diseases that the Indians had no immunity to.

The Spaniards were a bit more merciful, they took Indian women as wives and the blood lines mixed leaving more South and Central American Indian DNA in existence even today. The English and French and other Europeans who travelled to North America engaged in a vicious campaign of annihilation.  

They found, as did the Spaniards, that Indians made bad slaves. They died too easily under subjugation and under the amount of work they were made to carry out. This is why the Europeans brought in African slaves. The Africans were much hardier and did not succumb to the European diseases the way the Indians did.    

While the Spaniards spared some of the women and children, the English French and Northern Europeans murdered women and children as if they were animals, either by infecting them with diseases, through starvation or by outright merciless murder.

It is difficult to say how many tribes there were some Indian scholars say approximately 100 main groupings or nations. The United States listed 566 recognized Tribes in 2012 and approximately 225 non-recognized tribes. This is just in what is now called the United States. Canada had about 34 different nations, and the number in South America is around 250 tribes left. The number that were exterminated by the Europeans in North and South America may be in the 1,000s.

The genocide of the Indians continues to this day I believe, only in much subtler ways. If you study the history of the Indians of North America one of the best examples of the genocidal nature of the Europeans is the fallacy of Thanksgiving. This was best told by a Mi’kmaq Elder, Dr. Daniel Paul who I have had the honor of interviewing. He described how the real first Thanksgiving was in reality a massacre of Indians who had brought food the starving settlers. They in turned murdered the men and raped and murdered the women and children and the real meaning of the American holiday Thanksgiving is that they gave thanks that they Indians were so easy to kill and that it was so easy to steal their lands.

GEOPOLITIKA 05 Can you tell us something about the present status of Indians and indigenous people in America? What is the status of the reservations and life in them?

Robles: Indians today live a very closed and cut off life. You are talking about nations and peoples that have been annihilated. The Indians that are left do not wish to be bothered and I do not want to give too much information about them because this is intrusive. In general Indians continue to try to win back some land rights, they try to save and guard what is left of their people and cultures and languages. All Indians love the mother Earth and treasure her and the Great Spirit which binds us all. The Americans Indians were the most peaceful and democratic people on Earth. In fact Democracy itself was learned from the Indians. The Europeans had no Democracy, they had Monarchies, they had greed, they sowed death and they destroyed everything in their path like a cancer.

For the Serbian people, like the Russian people, this is hard to understand. You have your land, Russians have their lands. The American Indians had their lands stolen and then were placed on small plots of the worst land there was to keep them isolated and contained. My people first lost their lands to the Spaniards then to the Americans, so there is nothing left.

When I was a child I was raised in white American schools and although we lived on reservations on and off my father attempted to blend us in with the white Americans. My brother and sister were taught to be ashamed of our race and to hide it. Yes I have some Spanish blood and that was supposed to be hidden, but the big secret in our family, something that I did not learn until I was 15, is that my grandmother was said to be the last full-blooded Taino Indian on Earth. A fact I was taught to hide and be ashamed of while I was growing up.

My uncle who was a communist Puerto Rican “Independentista” during the Cuban revolution made me read Mein Kompf so I could understand what we were fighting. Something I would recommend to all thinking people whose nations are under attack.

There is a sick part of humanity that has poisoned the world like a cancer, and unfortunately today they are controlling most of it. This is one reason I feel empathy for Russians. The Nazis classified Russians and Serbs and anyone they believed was inferior as mud people and Russia lost approximately 27 million people to defeat the Nazis. It is a shame Russia was not around to save the Indians like they saved the Jews.

One of the things I remember most that my father told was something along the lines of, “You have to hide who you are because it is a white man’s world now, and they will kill you because of what you are.”       

GEOPOLITIKA 06 It is particularly interesting is that you now live in Russia, what do you think about this unusual, vast country?

Robles: Russia has been very good to me and my children. Out of concern for my safety I cannot talk too much about Russia and my situation but I can say I have political asylum in Russia. Russia and President Putin have had the independence and courage to stand up to the U.S. and protect me and my family, for which I am truly grateful. I have lived here for 17 years, I speak Russian and my wife is Russian, one day I hope I will be honored by people saying I am Russian.  

The Voice of Russia is a wonderful organization that is not afraid to tell the truth. No matter how far the West would go to hide that truth. I applaud the Voice of Russia and its chairman for having the courage, morality and honesty to publish and broadcast the truth to the world.

GEOPOLITIKA 07 We would also like to ask you what you think about Texas demanding independence from the United States.

Robles: The United State is occupied by the descendants of genocidal squatters who are living on stolen Indian lands so the question has little meaning for me. Like the Serbian situation with Albanian squatters, it is a no-brainer.