POLAND US Lapdog        In an inteview with the Polish Newspaper Krytyka Polityczna Józef Pinior a member of the European Parliament stated in very clear terms what most of the world knew all along, namely that the U.S. is operating black sites all over the world. The newspaper cited a secret document signed by former Prime Minister Leszek Miller authorizing the establishment of secret CIA prisons in Poland and asked Mr. Pinior about it, he replied that he had learned about the document while working in the commission of the European Parliament which is investigating the CIA's secret interrogation centers. The document was very detailed and shocking, there was a paragraph describing what to do if anyone was killed or if corpses were discovered at the center.           Józef Pinior said that he was shocked by the fact that the Polish political elite allowed such a fundamental violation of the basic rule of law in the new and developing democracy, namely a violation of the principle of «habeas corpus». As if the "war on terrorism" is sufficient justification for violating the foundations of Polish democracy for habeas corpus is one of the building blocks on which any modern democracy must be built.         Mr. Pinior said that this is a good occasion to rethink Poland’s alliance with the United States, something he said was good but that Poland must maintain independence. Poland and the US are allies, but Poland is not the spy of America. This makes all the difference. A Euro-American or Polish-American alliance is valuable, but not when Poland or Europe are the puppets of the U.S. In the case of secret prisons, he said they are dealing with going beyond certain limits that do not stem directly from active participation in the fight against terrorism.         When asked if secret prisons and counterterrorism are connected he said they were not. He said we must ask principled questions as to what methods should be used to fight terrorism, since, for example, the United States has been holding prisoners at Guantanamo Bay without having the clear rights to under international or American law. These people are actually prisoners without recognition of the status of prisoners of war or criminal convictions! I believe that we should re-formulate the Geneva Conventions, taking into account the new technologies of war, globalization and its consequences.         Mr. Pinior believes that there is a need to re-formulate the Geneva Conventions, taking into account the new technologies of war, globalization and its consequences. He also mentioned “Targeted killing”, ie the use of unmanned aircraft, which he said leads to the fact that state sovereignty is now fiction. We need a new architecture of international relations. He concluded. Of course this will make the crimes committed retroactively legal, in great Neo-Con fashion.