11-26-2010  Since the year 2000 he US Government has been spying on the Norwegians, Germans, Swedes, the Dutch, and no doubt other European nationals in Europe and building up a data base of subjects. For what reason you may ask? Well of course for the reason that the US always gives for trampling on the rights of people the world over, for torture and even for acts of aggressive war: "Security". The be all catch all reason for doing whatever it wants wherever it wants. So what is the reason that innocent Swedes have had the "honor" of being placed under surveillance by the U.S. Government? For the sole reason that they hold "anti-American" views. Yes these people have been followed, watched and had their names and all of their personal data sent to the United States where they will be watched as enemies of the state. So any of you who doubt what happened to me read about it and weep. For years I said that George Bush must be tried for war crimes and that the US was behind the attacks of September 11, 2001. Lest you doubt what do you think has been done with my name? All for my anti-American views, and they were very vocally kept for the last ten years. OF course I have a problem, I call for the independence of Puerto Rico, for the architects of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to be tried before a  war crimes tribunal and for the real architects of 9-11 to be caught and finally prosecuted.  Will it ever happen? No. And you all doubt?