Is Swine Flu A Synthetic Race-Targeting Biological Weapon?

By John Robles II


There seems to be evidence spreading on the internet questioning the nature of the latest epidemic which is serving US interests to distract the world from Spain’s opening of a probe into systematic torture at the illegal Guantanamo interrogation and holding facility, which is itself a smokescreen to deviate public attention from the fact that even worse war crimes were committed by the Bush administration; namely aggressive war and the extermination of up to three million Iraqis, which overshadowed the fact that 9-11, for all intents and purposes, was an inside job orchestrated by the Neo-Conservative faction in the US military industrial complex, an event which caused the world to forget an illegitimate US presidential election and serve as a pretext for a “War on Terror”.


As a member of an already almost completely exterminated race, the Taino Indians, one which was supposed to have been killed off at the end of the 1800s, but which managed to survive in secret on an island in the Caribbean this is particularly worrying for me.


I am not alone in having long suspected that the US began such forms of ethnic cleansing and biological warfare even at the beginning of the 20th century when there was the Spanish Flu, which reached pandemic levels in 1918 and was created in the US on a military installation in Kansas.


During the Reagan years we were introduced to the AIDS virus which for some reason seemed to affect mostly gays, blacks, and drug addicts, all of whom are segments of the American population that the “Conservatives” deemed we would all be better off without. They were even arrogant enough to have us believe, that it was actually a “God-sent” final solution.  


Since then we have had the avian-flu-virus, which affected an inordinately large number of Asian peoples and which Syria, amongst others, accused Israel of manufacturing as a test run in experiments to create a pandemic virus that would only attack genes possessed by Arabs and not the white race group.


Now we have the swine-flu virus which appears to be attacking Latin Americans of Mexican descent.


Over a week into the outbreak and so far the only deaths are among Hispanics of Mexican Descent.


It is widely known that U.S. interests and official U.S. governmental bodies and policy have promoted the development of ethnic targeting viruses and biological weapons that can target predetermined genotypes. Moreover it is not only the U.S. but Israel as well that has been very active in trying to find a final solution for the Arab problem.


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