'All-Knowing' Oleg Gordievsky: MI-5/MI-6 Disinformation Spokestool, Wheeled Out to Comment On Something He Could Not Possibly Know Anything About (Again and Again and Again)

MI-5's Spokes-Monkey Michael Evans clears Sir Roger Hollis of being a Soviet mole. Sir Hollis was under investigation beginning in 1961 until 1981. Gordievsky who was KGB resident from 1982 to 1985, seems to come out of the woodwork every time MI-5 or MI-6 has any housekeeping to do. I guess Gordievsky has to make a living somehow but please give us a break already. Gordievsky, now 24 years out of the loop, seems to retroactively know about everything and every operation that the KGB was involved in. One might wonder then why did he know nothing about Michael Smith, the convicted Super-Spy whom even Stella Rimington refuses to say anything about. If you ask me Gordievsky is nothing more than a tool, and a rubber stamp for the British Special Services and Michael Smith was wrongly convicted.     

   What happens to MI-5’s agents if they blow cover, blow the whistle, and get arrested for violations of the official secret’s act?    In the case of David Shayler, now better known as Dolores Kane, they snap. Sad really.